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Conference spezko::services_doc_specs

Created:Tue Nov 10 1992
Last Modified:Tue May 10 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:18
Total number of notes:31
Number with bodies:0
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1.0SPEZKO::DICKINSONTue Nov 10 1992Wellcome
2.06SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMTue Nov 10 1992introductions
3.02SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMTue Nov 10 1992Specification announcements
4.0SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMTue Nov 10 1992Conference news and information
5.02SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMTue Nov 10 1992specificaton format requirements
6.0SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMTue Nov 10 1992Doc spec security issues
7.0SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMTue Nov 10 1992reserved for future use
8.0SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMTue Nov 10 1992reserved for future use
9.0SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMTue Nov 10 1992reserved for future use
10.0SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMTue Nov 10 1992reserved for future use
11.0TENAYA::DMILLERTue Nov 17 1992Layered Product Service Survey **INPUT NEEDED**
12.0--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 20 1992Software Engineering Communications
12.0SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMThu Dec 03 1992contextual inquiry report for andover (DAS) visit
13.0SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMThu Dec 03 1992contextual inquiry report from Andover (DAS)visit
14.0SPEZKO::DESCHENESTue Jan 26 1993Operating System Documentation Survey
15.0SPEZKO::EIKELBOOMTue Feb 23 1993results of survey (see note 14) - this is a long note
16.01SPEZKO::DESCHENESWed Apr 07 1993Minutes of Packaging and Delivery meetings.
17.0SPECXN::HIMESMon Apr 12 1993Delivery vs. Useage terminology
18.01SPECXN::HIMESThu Apr 22 1993Copyright Statements