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Conference spezko::desktop-vms

Title:Desktop-VMS(tm) Software
Created:Fri Jan 27 1989
Last Modified:Wed Oct 23 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:275
Total number of notes:1326
Number with bodies:0
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1.04CSSE32::DUTKOFri Jan 27 1989Welcome
2.05CSSE32::DUTKOFri Jan 27 1989Desktop-VMS "Marketing" brochure...
3.010NAAD::BATESSun Jan 29 1989Portions of System Kept on CD?
4.05STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989New security features
5.04STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989Why Desktop-VMS "can't" join traditional VAXclusters
6.02STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989What should the service strategy be?
7.06STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989What's our market? Help, PLEASE
8.014STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989What new hardware do we need ?
9.028STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989Nits, annoyances, and other important trivia
10.02ANTPOL::PRUSSSun Jan 29 1989What is the support plan?
11.05ANTPOL::PRUSSSun Jan 29 1989Order numbers?
12.0STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989Platform terminlogy and definitions
13.033STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989ConDist --- Digital has it Now!
14.04STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989SBT --- The Software Business Technologies Program
15.02STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989Who is VMS/BSPE?
16.05ANTPOL::PRUSSSun Jan 29 1989Documentation on Network?
17.05STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989Desktop-VMS [tm] isn't necessarily just one product
18.04STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989Wait and CD?
19.02STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989Moderator actions
20.0101STAR::ROBERTSun Jan 29 1989What should we publish on CD?
21.01KYOA::MIANOMon Jan 30 1989What is the current Direction for Desktop VMS?
22.010A6INTR::SOCHATue Jan 31 1989Is system manager interface available?
23.02AXEL::FOLEYWed Feb 01 1989The step after we figure out what to sell. How to sell!
24.04PRAGMA::GRIFFINFri Feb 03 1989Synergy with Desktop-VMS and RSM?
25.06KYOA::KOCHFri Feb 03 1989Can I use Desktop-VMS for data collection?
26.0STAR::ROBERTSat Feb 04 1989Examples of interest, case studies, etc.
27.011CSC32::F_BLANDOSun Feb 05 1989Is "Desk-top VMS" VMS?
28.0DR::BLINNTue Feb 07 1989Desktop-VMS fact sheet to ship with VS 31
29.03ANTPOL::PRUSSTue Feb 07 1989What Documentattion
30.010LARVAE::JEFFERYWed Feb 08 1989VMS running on Read only Media
31.07OPG::CHRISWed Feb 08 1989VAXpc
32.02TOHOKU::TAYLORMon Feb 13 1989walk away environment
33.01KAOFS::S_HYNDMANMon Feb 13 1989Async decnet on Com port?
34.0STAR::MARCHESANOTue Mar 07 1989VAXpc will NOT ship with V1.
35.03RTOISB::TINIUSWed Mar 08 1989Desktop-VMS and Easynet
36.08ROXXY::AKIWed Mar 08 1989Desktop-VMS Documentation now available
37.02STAR::ZALEWSKIThu Mar 09 1989Desktop-VMS FT2 software kit availability
38.02BLUMON::WEISENFELDThu Mar 09 1989VMS Online Doc. Library CDROM !!!
39.02VINO::VOBAFri Mar 10 1989Stand-Alone Backup from CDROM?
40.04EXOTIC::VEZINAWed Mar 15 1989Desktop VMS or Clusters ?
41.010CSSE32::DUTKOFri Mar 24 1989Desktop-VMS(tm) Software Installation Registration
42.03AUNTB::MASSENGILLSat Mar 25 198915
43.09ORAN::ORANThu Mar 30 1989DECwindows-based system management tools
44.0STAR::MARCHESANOThu Mar 30 1989Desktop-VMS Version 1.
45.014PEKKA::PEURAMon Apr 03 1989Unlimited PAK for internal use?
46.0STAR::ROBERTFri Apr 14 1989VMS Listings now available on CD
47.01CIVAGE::PRUSSThu Apr 27 1989Which CD for VS31
48.02TOHOKU::TAYLORThu Apr 27 1989Zero Footprint VAXstation
49.08KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed May 10 1989rx23 formatting
50.06CSSE32::DUTKOThu May 25 1989Desktop-VMS Version 1.
51.01FSEDU::HUGHMon May 29 1989VS31
52.07HANDVC::SIMONSZETOThu Jun 01 1989Desktop-VMS in other languages?
53.07YOSMTE::LAMB_PEFri Jun 09 1989Install problems with Desktop-VMS (tm)
54.04CSOA1::HRIADILMon Jun 12 1989Changing GBL pages and sections?
55.05VSNARY::HARROWTue Jun 13 1989On-line Documentation License problem
56.04CSOA1::HRIADILTue Jun 13 1989backup question
57.01YOSMTE::LAMB_PETue Jun 13 1989DECwindowsft3 install errors
58.08YOSMTE::LAMB_PEWed Jun 14 1989CD reader uses tons of disk space for Cache??
59.06CSOA1::HRIADILThu Jun 15 1989what do you think?
60.0CSC32::L_HERZLICHSun Jun 18 1989Desktop-VMS does a good job tuning DECwindows
61.08BRSDVP::SIMONISThu Jun 22 1989PAK and desktop-vms softw.
62.0JULIET::BOHAN_VIFri Jun 23 1989VAXserver 33
63.04KERNEL::AUSTINMon Jul 03 1989Dt-VMS & VWS
64.01CSCOA5::HOOD_DOWed Jul 05 1989Decwindows Notesfile?
65.013ZPOCSC::SINSPSFri Jul 07 1989Satelliteconfig is queer in DESKTOP-VMS LAVC
66.01BRSSWS::VANDENBERGENFri Jul 07 1989Cluster_config >< SatelliteConfig
67.010BRSSWS::VANDENBERGENFri Jul 07 1989OPCOM on VAX 31
68.03CGOOTue Jul 11 1989Re-install message is confusing
69.04VMSNET::BATESTue Jul 11 1989Desktop Shutdown Problems
70.01CSC32::L_HERZLICHTue Jul 11 1989Configure printer menu - can you configure LAT printers?
71.02GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Jul 12 1989layered products & SYS$COMMON: searchlist problem
72.0CGOOThu Jul 13 1989Desktop-VMS & CDD/Plus
73.0CGOAMon Jul 17 1989System slow downs look bad
74.05CSCOA5::HOOD_DOMon Jul 17 1989Multiple boot servers?
75.06GLORY::DOWBENKOTue Jul 18 1989DFS & Default Login Device
76.04UTRTSC::JONKERTue Jul 18 1989Shutdown crashes, SSRVEXCEPT Bugcheck
77.02CGOATue Jul 18 1989Page file gets used up
78.05MLNCSC::BELLENCHIAWed Jul 19 1989Desktop-VMS to VMS v5.1-1 ?
79.01CSCOA3::HOOD_DOThu Jul 20 1989Startnet.com from Startup.com?
80.01CIVAGE::PRUSSFri Jul 21 1989Install leaves no free space RZ23
81.02BRSSWS::VANDENBERGENWed Jul 26 1989How to split a volume set of 2 RZ23
82.01ZPOVSat Jul 29 1989Documentation on NET - help
83.03CGOAThu Aug 03 1989Dissapearing Session Manager
84.02MSSLAV::BATESWed Aug 09 1989 Disk Space, moving page and swapfiles ?
85.01VMSNET::JCOOPERFri Aug 18 1989Adding Printer on Desktop
86.09IW::WARINGFri Aug 18 1989Desktop-VMS and the CD Drive
87.01CVMS::DOTENSun Aug 20 1989Looking for info. about the CD-ROM files
88.03DORIS::WARINGTue Aug 22 1989Houdini Help Needed!
89.08CVMS::DOTENMon Aug 28 1989Can't get SPD through VTX
90.06CSCOA5::HOOD_DOWed Aug 30 1989temporarily mount another cd?
91.04CSC32::L_CHUMBLEYFri Sep 01 1989Upgrade V5.1B to V5.2??
92.0SANFAN::BATESON_MAFri Sep 01 1989layered products abort?
93.04VMSNET::BATESThu Sep 14 1989Access Violation - Fileview - Account Screen
94.02CSOA1::DICKERTue Sep 26 1989Support for other VAXstations!
95.09AYOV18::MACNEILLTue Oct 10 1989Loop de Loop
96.025SANFAN::BATESON_MASat Oct 14 1989Backup not working???
97.02TARN::RICHWed Oct 18 1989Backup suggestion
98.03BREAKR::UDICKThu Oct 26 1989What files used from CD reader
99.01BREAKR::UDICKFri Oct 27 1989Changing the CD$common logical. Where set ?
100.01AMANT::SYKESThu Nov 02 1989Does the VAXstaion 31
101.05NZOVFri Nov 03 1989Desktop-VMS V1.
102.013STAR::MARCHESANOWed Nov 08 1989User Survey -- Desktop-VMS
103.01CSC32::M_BLESSINGWed Nov 08 1989Crash during reboot
104.03TARN::RICHWed Nov 15 1989Printer woes!
105.09SUBWAY::KABELFri Nov 17 1989backup...do customers really use it?
106.07COOKIE::BSIMMMon Nov 20 1989Process goes into RWMBX whenever UAF is touched.
107.04HESIRI::REHORTue Nov 21 1989Desktop License, Bookreader, & VMS 5.3
108.02BREAKR::UDICKMon Nov 27 1989FCS for DT VMS 2.
109.08BREAKR::UDICKMon Nov 27 1989PRINT SERVER 2
110.03BDYSRF::SYSTEMWed Nov 29 1989Ambigous File Names
111.03MLNCSC::FIORENTINOThu Nov 30 1989Using CD instead of system disk?
112.03QUARK::LIONELThu Nov 30 1989How should layered products refer to Desktop-VMS?
113.01BDYSRF::SYSTEMThu Nov 30 1989Why not supported - Don't we think that printing is important
114.01BDYSRF::SYSTEMWed Dec 06 1989Logicals * not recognized by File View
115.0BREAKR::UDICKSun Dec 10 1989What enhancements V2.
116.01WOTVAX::ELLISMWed Dec 13 1989
118.04STKHLM::ARENDIThu Dec 14 1989Backup/Dismount with DESKTOP_VMS 1.
119.03STAR::DUTKOTue Dec 19 1989Calling for Desktop-VMS V1.1 Internal field test sites.
120.01IW::WARINGWed Dec 20 1989Field Test V1.1 Concern
121.07SANFAN::BATESON_MAWed Dec 20 1989versions behind VMS????
122.01ENUF::GASSMANWed Dec 27 1989PAK from VTX doesn't work?
124.08SUBWAY::RAYMONDFri Jan 05 1990help for VS31
125.02CSSE32::GREENFIELDSat Jan 06 1990VS31
126.01GUMPER::VANSICLENTue Jan 09 1990Online documentation problem with BL7A
127.02CSC32::WATERSTue Jan 09 1990RZ23'S under DESKTOP and ANALYZE/MEDIA
128.01USCTR2::SGRONOWSKIWed Jan 10 1990Printer Problems! ...Not a Guru!
129.03GYPSC::KRIEGLMon Jan 15 1990VMS V5.2 for VAXstation 31
130.03USCTR2::SGRONOWSKIMon Jan 15 1990More Printer Troubles
131.03ELWOOD::ROCKWELLTue Jan 16 1990PAK for V1.
132.01TRUCKS::CHANTWed Jan 17 1990Tailoring Desktop-VMS to exlcude CD usage
133.01MUNICH::BENDERWed Jan 17 1990license problem, desktop-vms on VS 315
134.0GYPSC::KRIEGLWed Jan 24 1990How can I access one half of a volume set?
135.07GUMPER::VANSICLENWed Jan 24 1990Inspect
136.07TOOK::DUSOMon Jan 29 1990How to cluster 31
137.02CSC32::L_HERZLICHWed Feb 07 1990Always taking the "poison pill"
138.01KYOA::KOCHThu Feb 08 1990Who decides what goes where?
139.01DC1Mon Feb 12 1990License change DTVMS -> REAL VMS
140.08RUMOR::COCKSWed Feb 14 1990VAXstation 31
141.03PENGWN::MURPHYFri Feb 16 1990Netupdate w/ DTVMS
142.07FRSTSC::SATTLERMon Feb 19 1990License not load & v5.3
143.02LOMBRD::BOND_RUTue Feb 20 1990Tektronics replacement
144.05CSC32::FORSMANWed Feb 21 1990How to use the 1
145.02CSSE32::GREENFIELDSat Feb 24 1990V1.1 Field Test info
146.018CSSE32::GREENFIELDSat Feb 24 1990V1.1 F.T. installations
147.03GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Feb 27 1990looking for v1.1 desktop-vms license.
148.04STEPH::AUSTINWed Feb 28 1990But what version of VMS ?
150.01TOOK::FINANFri Mar 02 1990DEVCwindows v2.
152.01PVX::VANSICLENSun Mar 04 1990Tuning a system
153.06ROSBUD::VANSICLENSun Mar 04 1990Update on DECwrite crashing when "Print..." is selected.
154.02DODO::MARTINMon Mar 05 1990System problem after installation of IFT1.1
155.0WHAHOO::VANSICLENMon Mar 05 1990FileView problems after V1.
156.06WHAHOO::VANSICLENMon Mar 05 1990One user can not get DECterm or FileView going
157.04PVX::VANSICLENWed Mar 07 1990DECdecision errors (FT1.1)
158.02DODO::MARTINFri Mar 09 1990DQS installation problems/questions
159.02CMOTEC::AUSTINFri Mar 09 1990Can we sell it ?
160.02EEMELI::VALTONENMon Mar 12 1990Problems in customizing keyboard
162.0351384::CAHILLTue Mar 13 1990VMSINSTAL write errors with CD.
163.016Tue Mar 13 1990shutdown hangs, shutdown + ^F2 works (31
164.03CGOAThu Mar 15 1990FileView can not see its own files.
165.02AKOV12::SHANMon Mar 19 1990Wrong file name for the Postscript manual
168.01OSLACT::OLAVFri Mar 23 1990DECwindows user interface on VMS?
169.0ENGINE::WEBBERFri Mar 23 1990Help -- Can't Install V1.1!
170.0335186::WILKINSMon Mar 26 1990lots of questions
171.01TOOK::FINANMon Mar 26 1990PAK for DECwrite speller
173.03CSC32::FORSMANTue Mar 27 1990Can we add a disk to a Satellite Desktop system?
174.05SOS6::PRONIERMon Apr 02 1990VERSION 1.1, WHEN ?
175.04TARN::RICHWed Apr 04 1990Warning. Desktop-VMS is not for you!
176.04GARIT::VANSICLENThu Apr 05 1990Keep it simple - but enhance it
177.0CLARID::HOFSTEEThu Apr 05 199035
178.015UTRTSC::CAHILLMon Apr 09 1990DESKTOP-VMS license error.
179.0GARIT::VANSICLENTue Apr 24 1990Ziff Communications selects Sony as CD vendor of choice.
180.04DUNURE::LAWRENCEWed Apr 25 1990Audit Server Problem
181.02BACHUS::DEBEYSFri May 11 1990desktop-vms package for vms 5.3 ??
182.01STKHLM::P_SUNDSTROMMon May 14 1990LN
183.0SKETCH::DORSEYTue May 15 1990seeking feedback on DTVMS
184.0SKETCH::DORSEYWed May 16 1990Are any customers using DTVMS?
185.02HOTAIR::BOYLESMon May 21 1990Desktop-VMS >> VMS?
186.0ACEHI::L_HERZLICHFri May 25 1990Is v1.1 a hybrid of VMS 5.3 and 5.3-%
187.03ROMTSS::SALVATIMon Jun 04 1990system management disappeared
188.02PEACHS::SCHULTZWed Jun 06 1990Glutton for punishment
189.02CSOA1::DICKERMon Jun 11 1990When version 1.1
190.04PEACHS::SCHULTZThu Jun 14 1990Hacking Again...
192.01GLOVES::ALLERTONWed Jun 20 1990ALL-IN-1 and DESKtop VMS
194.06DUNURE::LAWRENCETue Jun 26 1990BACKUP Problem - Other disks
196.04PEACHS::SCHULTZThu Jul 05 1990DESKTOP 1.1 Info..
198.02SUBURB::GALECTue Jul 17 1990Documentation as well as H-kit ?
199.08LARRYC::SYSTEMTue Jul 17 1990Need help installing LN
200.01LARRYC::SYSTEMTue Jul 17 1990CDROM_MOUNT.COM file needed
201.011TALLIS::QUIMBYWed Jul 25 1990SYSTARTUP_V5.COM before queue manager ???
202.03STKHLM::KOCHFri Jul 27 1990VMS 5.3 to large for RZ23
203.01CSOA1::PAYNETue Jul 31 1990VAXstation 31
204.01CSSE32::MICHAUDTue Aug 07 1990Desktop-VMS V1.1 Blitz
205.01F18::MCLANEFri Aug 17 1990help for DESKTOP needed
207.01AD::MEIERWed Sep 05 1990Desktop VMS requirements
208.06CLO::COBURNMon Sep 10 1990Bookreader accessing docs on CDROM
209.0SNOCWed Sep 12 1990Annoying System Crashes
210.03KHUFU::EVENSONWed Sep 12 1990DTVMS using VMS 5.4?
211.03ICOTOO::SYSTEMFri Sep 14 1990OPCOM/AUDITSERVER hangs display
212.01DAHLIA::CALLAHANTue Sep 18 1990Problems running DECpresent - any ideas
213.07SBUPTue Sep 18 1990DECwrite V1.1?
214.04VBVWed Sep 19 1990declan works on desktop vms
215.05FRSTSC::ERLEMANNThu Sep 20 1990CD drive / Bookreader / License & Co.
216.03RTOIC::UPELDAThu Sep 20 1990Again: Desktop-VMS --> VMS
217.0GARIT::VANSICLENFri Sep 21 1990What happened to the layered applications?
218.01FRSTSC::ERLEMANNTue Sep 25 1990New installation of LP's after upgrade of DVMS?
219.01RTOIC::UPELDAWed Sep 26 1990Additional questions to D-VMS : VMS relations
220.03CSC32::D_HOHMWed Sep 26 1990V1.1 install problem
221.05CSC32::D_HOHMWed Sep 26 1990FIS, DTVMS and V5.3-1 of VMS????
222.0LATINA::RAFAMon Oct 01 1990VMS 5.3 (DTVMS1.1) Keyboard customize problem.
223.01MTMRCY::POPPMon Oct 01 1990Kit distribution location?
224.01CSC32::D_HOHMMon Oct 01 1990How to shut down stand-alone DTVMS V1.1?
225.01GARIT::VANSICLENWed Oct 03 1990VAXnotes V2.1?
226.0GARIT::VANSICLENWed Oct 03 1990sys$manager:SMU$QUEUE_STARTUP.COM
227.01EICMFG::DASSTue Oct 09 1990Problem, when printing from an application
228.0STAR::MCQUAIDWed Oct 10 1990Calling for V1.2 field test sites.
230.02GARIT::VANSICLENWed Oct 17 1990Printer configuration wish items
231.03GARIT::VANSICLENWed Oct 24 1990World readable public directories
232.01CSC32::FORSMANThu Oct 25 1990How can we do a supported image backup?
233.0STLACT::DONOVANThu Nov 01 1990V1.1A Kit on the Net?
234.01CDRAMA::DUPREZThu Nov 15 1990any advice for layered products?
235.01DUNURE::LAWRENCEFri Nov 16 1990How do I get SQL Development Kit?
236.03DUNURE::LAWRENCETue Nov 20 1990Inconsistency with BACKUP
237.07LEGLAS::MALKOWSKIWed Nov 21 1990Version 1.2 Installed
238.03TOOK::GISTTue Nov 27 1990How to change DECnet node name and address?
239.01OASS::NORRIS_RWed Dec 05 1990CPS printing problems in DESKtop VMS environment. Help wanted, improvements expected.
240.03HSOMAI::PALOWed Dec 12 1990cannot initialize a tape from Fileview INITIALIZE
242.01CSC32::FORSMANFri Dec 14 1990How to install DECwrite/DECdecision
243.06GARIT::VANSICLENWed Jan 02 1991Is it true?
244.06CHOWDA::HEARNSWed Jan 02 1991LAT under DTVMS
245.01XLIB::SCHAFERThu Jan 03 1991skip a version, cut your wrist
246.02XLIB::SCHAFERThu Jan 10 1991FASTBOOT
247.03WNPVThu Jan 17 1991Full-Function DECnet? MicroVAX?
248.03TARN::RICHTue Jan 22 1991Exceeded disk quota on the DECNET account???
249.01TRCATue Jan 29 19915 line display
250.01EWOSPT::PALOMon Feb 04 1991Backing off to a disk/cdrom configuration
251.01SWAM2::LYNCH_SEMon Feb 11 1991Vaxstation 31
252.01CSC32::FORSMANMon Feb 25 1991The 2 user disks don't appear to be BOUND
253.02PEACHS::SCHULTZMon Mar 11 19911.2 and CDROM
254.0GLDOA::COHENWed Apr 03 1991PATHWORKS 4.
255.06CLARID::PATELThu Apr 11 1991booting a CD (VMS) on a DSSI system -- supported?
256.01AISG::LANDINGHAMTue Apr 23 1991SYSMAN Utility Manual???
257.02MAIL::STGERMAINTue Apr 23 1991V1.1 & SECRUPAK, a problem?
258.04MINDER::GOODMANTue May 21 1991DTVMS Upgrade
259.03AIDEV::LANDINGHAMTue Jul 23 1991DTVMS won't boot with full DECnet db
260.04MLTVAX::OLEARYWed Jul 24 1991Network problem
261.0JESPY::MCCLURETue Aug 13 1991Why the limit of 1
262.0AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Aug 23 1991System disk question
263.0DENVER::FRASERMon Aug 26 1991How install DTVMS onto CD-less W/S?
264.02ALOSLS::RYANThu Sep 12 1991Kit not available on net???
265.0TARN::RICHWed Nov 13 1991Exceeding active licence limits!
266.02CSC32::WATERSTue Nov 26 1991Internal Fatal Library Error
267.0VAXRIO::ABREUWed Dec 04 1991system management .. desktop onluy ?
268.03GIDDAY::DUBBERTue Dec 10 19915.5 on Desktop
269.03AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri Jan 10 1992Novice sys management questions
270.01LJOHUB::STEERWed Jun 24 1992Is DESKTOP-VMS still alive ?
271.01RANGER::BOOTHWed Jul 22 1992Anyone still read this notes file ?
272.04BRSTR2::SYSMANThu Oct 01 1992reboot
273.02YOYO::PUISHYSMon Oct 26 1992High Version of VMS
274.01SANFAN::BATESON_MAFri May 07 1993Being retired???
275.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Oct 23 1996insufficient virtual memory