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Conference specxn::edex

Title:Edex, UNIX Error Dectection EXpert
Notice:Edex WWW homepage http://pinkft.cxo.dec.com/edex/edex.html
Created:Thu Jul 27 1995
Last Modified:Mon Sep 16 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:23
Total number of notes:61
Number with bodies:0
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1.01SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Jul 27 1995Welcome!
2.0SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Jul 27 1995Edex V1.
3.07SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Jul 27 1995Introductions / interest list
4.0SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Jul 27 1995Edex WWW homepage
5.0SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Jul 27 1995Keywords
6.03SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Jul 27 1995Requirements
7.01SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Jul 27 1995Kits and documentation
8.01STAR::FENSTERThu Aug 03 1995Two questions
9.01KYOSS1::GREENWed Aug 09 1995EDEX and DECEVENT
10.01KYOSS1::GREENWed Aug 09 1995PERL and EDEX
11.05KYOSS1::GREENFri Aug 11 1995install bombs
12.03GIDDAY::ROMANISun Aug 13 1995revision control patches
13.0SPECXN::ELLISONFri Sep 01 1995DECevent conference is at ...
14.04GLRMAI::B_KENNEDYTue Oct 31 1995Trying to get it to work
15.03KYOSS1::GREENWed Apr 03 1996rev control???
16.02EVTAI1::POUSSARDFri Apr 19 1996Edex and DSNlink
17.01EVTAI1::POUSSARDMon Apr 22 1996 find which patchs are installed
18.01SUPER::WERTHTue May 07 1996tar files with FTP binary?
19.01SUPER::WERTHFri May 10 1996user repair?
20.01EVTAI1::POUSSARDTue May 21 1996edex questions
21.01EVTISA::ES_DEGELASMon Jul 01 1996Customizing Edex
22.01MANIOK::WINKLERMon Jul 08 1996Where is Perl?
23.0MUCCS1::MSIMONMon Sep 16 1996is Edex V2.