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Conference specxn::decevent

Title:DECevent -- keywords KIT* and PAK are available
Notice:DECevent V2.2 available - SHOW KEY/FULL to find note numbers
Created:Fri Jan 07 1994
Last Modified:Thu Jun 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:307
Total number of notes:1463
Number with bodies:192
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.03SPECXN::GROSSMANFri Jan 07 1994Welcome!
2.02SPECXN::WILMESFri Jan 07 1994Problem reporting
3.04SPECXN::WILMESFri Jan 07 1994Related conferences
4.01SPECXN::WILMESFri Jan 07 1994Announcements
5.0SPECXN::WILMESFri Jan 07 1994Keywords
6.02SPECXN::WILMESFri Jan 07 1994DECevent management / product support
7.0+26SPECXN::WILMESFri Jan 07 1994OpenVMS AXP kit / PAK information
8.0+37SPECXN::WILMESFri Jan 07 1994DEC OSF/1 AXP kit / PAK information
9.0+16SPECXN::WILMESFri Jan 07 1994VAX VMS kit/PAK information
10.0+4SPECXN::WILMESFri Jan 07 1994Reserved
11.01SPECXN::WILMESFri Jan 07 1994Requirements submission
12.0+51SPECXN::WILMESFri Jan 07 1994Registration / interest list
14.06CSC32::GAULKETue Jan 18 1994Documentation
15.07EVTIS5::ES_MENGUYWed Jan 19 1994What about OpenVMS VAX ??
16.01EEMELI::HELMINENFri Jan 21 1994SDD$MANAGER account instead of DIA$MANAGER??
18.010ICS::CROUCHWed Feb 09 1994SICL PROFILE
20.01KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINFri Feb 11 1994DIA SET PHONE ...Broken
21.04KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINFri Feb 11 1994Can I simulate a disk failure
23.05CSC32::GAULKEMon Feb 14 1994Installation fails with PAK already loaded
24.03EEMELI::HELMINENWed Feb 23 1994T1.1 OpenVMS AXP EFT Installation feedback
25.0SPECXN::WILMESThu Feb 24 1994Request for T1.1 users
26.0GUMBIE::NOLDThu Feb 24 1994Looking for feedback on OSF keywords
27.04EEMELI::HELMINENFri Feb 25 1994Kit naming
28.010LANDO::MUZZIThu Mar 10 1994RTL call failed...?
29.09KERNEL::MCGAUGHRINThu Mar 17 1994T1.1 dia sho threashold
30.0RAGS::MADDENWed Mar 30 1994Futures in Device Analysis
31.011ICS::CROUCHTue May 10 1994T1.2 OSF/1 INSTALL PROBLEM
32.05BACHUS::PETRIOLIFri May 20 1994Can DIA
33.03BACHUS::PETRIOLIWed May 25 1994Spear Extended and Decoder versions needed?
34.05BACHUS::PETRIOLIWed May 25 1994Threshold =
35.04TKTV3Thu Jun 23 1994What is DIA_ACTIVITY.LOG ?
36.02GIDDAY::MARSHALLThu Jun 30 1994Questions - DECevent Analysis?
37.04MLSSP1::PENAZZITue Jul 05 1994Training Courses?
38.04UTOPIE::WIESMUELLERTue Jul 05 1994Autocopy and Analysis for RZ disk drives ?
39.02GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERWed Jul 06 1994DECEVENT in a cluster environment
40.05COLA1::RINKEMon Jul 11 1994Clone function failed
41.01EEMELI::HELMINENTue Jul 19 1994SET PHONE_NUMBER fails to set new phone number
42.05DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Jul 22 1994OSF/1 Status?
43.02MUCCS1::WINKLERTue Aug 02 1994decevent on vms machines up to openvms 6.1
44.014GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERTue Aug 02 1994DECEVENT Performance is slow
45.01GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERTue Aug 09 1994DECevent GUI (Graphical User Interface) ?
46.01BACHUS::PETRIOLIFri Sep 02 1994Thresholds questions
47.01BACHUS::PETRIOLIFri Sep 02 1994DIAG SHOW SUMMARY questions ?
48.0YYYYY1::KALINOWSKIMon Sep 12 1994GUI demo for DECevent available
49.08GUCCI::MMARKHAMWed Sep 21 1994DECEVENT For Sables ???
50.02AZUR::GEERDESWed Oct 19 1994need info about tst -e
51.07ZURMon Oct 24 1994DECevent's BUGCHECK message decode ?
52.01CXDOCS::NICKLESSMon Nov 07 1994DECevent Analysis Job Aid
53.06SCOVAX::MORTONWed Nov 09 1994DecEvent PAK?
54.05NWDTue Nov 15 1994With out GUI customer does not want it.
55.05VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYWed Nov 16 1994DECevent for VAX (again...)
56.04GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERSun Dec 04 1994Help card URL can not be accessed
57.02GRANPA::MMARKHAMThu Dec 22 1994DECevent Check List
58.04KERNEL::SCOTTMon Jan 16 1995DIAG and memory errors on DEC7
60.04TROOA::GUBBELSTue Jan 24 1995Analysis delete fails
61.05CGOOA::DANYLUKThu Jan 26 1995Cluster, fail install
62.08OLD1S::SYSTEMMon Jan 30 1995V2.
63.03VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYWed Feb 01 1995Thoughts re: DECevent platforms....
64.01GLDOA::STOUGHTONTue Feb 21 1995Will the systems unite??
65.05ALBANY::HESSTue Feb 21 1995diag/fsterr ?
66.04MUCCS1::WINKLERWed Feb 22 1995diag register sicl does not result in an csc answer
67.0CX3PST::WSC264::M_CUSHINGThu Feb 23 1995DECEVENT 1.1A, problem staying running
68.02GRANPA::MMARKHAMFri Mar 03 1995Where is V1.3A ??
69.04TKTV3Sun Mar 05 1995customer releasable ?
70.0OLD1S::SYSTEMTue Mar 07 1995external notifications fails
71.03VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYWed Mar 15 1995V2.? for OpenVMS AXP?
72.04KERNEL::ODONNELLRMon Apr 03 1995Error during CTR processing (EVT seg)
73.05TKTV3Tue Apr 04 1995System information lost
74.02TKTV3Tue Apr 04 1995error message in DECEVENT_START.LOG
75.03TKTV3Tue Apr 11 1995DECevent cannot hold system information
76.02VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYTue Apr 18 1995Status of VMS VAX T1.3d?
77.01SPEZKO::OWENSMon May 01 1995KNL Distribution Question?
78.06ICS::CROUCHMon May 01 1995DEC 21
79.02SIOG::PKIRKFri May 05 1995OpenVMS VAX Kit Please..
80.02HAN::HALLETue May 09 1995DECevent V1.1A doesnt' start on AXP V6.1-1H2/DNVOSI V6.1
81.0+4KYOSS1::GREENFri May 12 1995how do I get a PAK
82.03KYOSS1::GREENWed May 17 1995UNIX 3.2a problems
83.09UTRTSC::LUBBERSFri May 19 1995DECevent not working with NICE (Europe)
85.02APACHE::KOLANSKYWed Jun 14 1995VET / OSF/1 internal erros
86.03CSC32::BLACKMERThu Jun 15 1995_DIAGNOSE-FAT: malloc RTL call failed.
87.09SALEM::HARRIS_MFri Jun 16 1995Turbolaser 84
88.02GRANPA::MMARKHAMFri Jun 30 1995How Do I Get DECEVENT ??
89.01SIOG::PKIRKMon Jul 03 1995Cannot obtain New PAK
90.09TKTV3Wed Jul 05 1995SICL message send fail
91.05WELCLU::RJOHNSONMon Jul 10 1995mixed cluster installation
92.06SWTHOM::DEGAGEThu Jul 13 1995DEC Event version 1.3 ???
93.01LOW8::AHOMon Jul 24 1995DECevent V1.34 doesn't finish install
94.03OFOSS1::GINGERFri Jul 28 1995dia | more hangs
95.01ALBANY::HESSTue Aug 01 1995Which version to use for ALPHA VMS
96.05GIDDAY::LUSTENHOUWERTue Aug 08 1995Is analysis support installed only for target
97.02DPDMAI::BUENSUCESOTue Aug 15 1995ver 2.
98.01KERNEL::BARTLETTDWed Aug 16 1995PAK for DECevent on more than one node in a cluster.
99.01KERNEL::BARTLETTDMon Aug 21 1995DECevent & Clusterwide error logging!!
100.05HAN::HALLEMon Aug 21 1995DECevent NOT AVAILABLE from TIMA ?!
101.011KYOSS1::SHELBYTue Aug 22 1995Exceptions &status codes could not be iniatilized
102.03BACHUS::PETRIOLIThu Aug 24 1995error messages in DIA_ACTIVITY.LOG
103.01TKTV3Mon Aug 28 1995DIA for OpenVMS startup fail
104.014SIOG::PKIRKWed Aug 30 1995DIA_VAXVMS_2
105.01SALEM::GEORGE_NWed Sep 13 1995missing sys
106.02LEXSS1::GINGERTue Sep 19 1995DECevent on 84
107.01KAOFS::CTHP45::R_HIGGINSThu Sep 21 1995DECEVENT on NT??
108.02BACHUS::PETRIOLIMon Sep 25 1995Contradictions in V2.
109.04HLFSFri Sep 29 1995DECevent Alpha SICL viar a VAX AES/DCN node
110.01CARECL::CASTIENTue Oct 03 1995Some questions
111.01CRONIC::ANTROBUSTue Oct 03 1995Future DECevent functionailty?
112.01MUCCS1::WINKLERThu Oct 05 1995dia 2
113.01HOLST::ERICSun Oct 08 1995Undecoded Hard ECC Errors on Sable
114.01DRAC::COMELLASTue Oct 10 1995decwindows
115.011TKTV3Tue Oct 10 1995DIA for UNIX startup fail
116.05ZURFri Oct 13 19952 versions of DECevent in OSF kit !?
117.04CGOOA::SMALLWed Oct 18 1995what about rz disks??
118.05CSC32::COLTERWed Oct 18 1995DECevent and Machine Check Decoder Program
119.0SPECXN::BERRYMon Oct 23 1995DECevent V2.1 and startup errors
120.02COMICS::MILLSSMon Oct 30 1995RMS-F-FNM problem with V2.
121.02DECPRG::LUFTWed Nov 01 1995SWEAT supported ?
122.09HLFSMon Nov 06 1995Analyze problem graphical interface DIA2
123.01HAN::HALLEMon Nov 06 1995TEST SICL failure on DECevent/OpenVMS
124.01TKTV3Wed Nov 15 1995dia21
125.02TKTV3Wed Nov 15 1995error in enable_sicl
126.01BACHUS::PETRIOLIThu Nov 16 1995DECevent Unix, system or process hang ?
127.02GEM::NORTHAMTue Nov 21 1995Query on output for backup cache error
128.01CHEFS::MASON_AWed Nov 22 1995Re: Note 37 and Training ?
129.04AEOENG::JACQUEMIN_NThu Nov 23 1995SPD, QL-xxx part number for DECevent ?
130.07HGOVC::HTSCMon Dec 04 1995Problem starting DECevent 2.1 for Digital UNIX from Session Manager
131.09SPECXN::ELLISONMon Dec 04 1995V2.1 SIMM callout problem on TurboLaser
132.0712GAGE::DERIEWed Dec 06 1995Unrecoverable errors on Unix system
133.09CSC32::M_LAWRENCEWed Dec 06 1995DECevent 2.1 errors HELP!!
134.02LEXSFri Dec 08 1995Shared Instalation
135.02LEXSFri Dec 08 19952.1 Unix install
136.02HLFSWed Dec 20 1995Phone Number again????
137.06VOLKL::COOLIDGETue Dec 26 1995Can't find the PAK
138.02VOLKL::COOLIDGEThu Jan 04 1996DECevent V2.1 and X4.
139.07SSDEVO::THOMPSONWed Jan 10 1996Does SICL work with Digital UNIX 3.2C?
140.010SPECXN::BERRYWed Jan 17 1996DECevent Training Video
141.02OTOOA::LANGEFri Jan 19 1996hyphen in domainname (show stopper)
142.04TROOA::GUBBELSTue Jan 23 1996Version Confusion
143.01COMICS::RINGITue Jan 23 1996The Customer Profile (FmgProfile) and the UK
144.04ACISS2::STOUGHTONFri Jan 26 1996DECevent Questions
145.0+6SSDEVO::THOMPSONFri Jan 26 1996Can DECevent be licensed by a Customer?
146.0SPECXN::SCADDENMon Jan 29 1996UNIX 2.
147.0SPECXN::SCADDENTue Jan 30 1996UNIX V2.x 63
148.03XIRTLU::schottWed Jan 31 1996
149.01DPPSYS::WEBBWed Jan 31 1996
150.01ESBTST::SHARBAUGHThu Feb 01 1996insufficient virtual memory
151.09CLUSKI::COSTEUXMon Feb 05 1996Problem restarting DECEvent-V2.1
152.01VIRGIN::SUTTERMon Feb 05 1996Dia V2.1A: time range specification problem ...
154.04SIOG::PKIRKTue Feb 13 1996 ** Error during CTR processing of EVT seg
155.03KERNEL::BLANDMon Feb 19 1996TL 84
156.05KERNEL::BLANDTue Feb 20 1996is this fix-kit required
157.01WOTVAX::MELLINGATue Feb 20 1996RZxx support in DECEVENT ?????
158.02SPECXN::BARNESWed Feb 21 1996DECevent Survey for Users and Maintenance persons
159.02BACHUS::PIRLETThu Feb 22 1996correctables memory error on 2x
160.06BACHUS::PIRLETThu Feb 22 1996Theory 6
161.07CIVPR1::SCHMALFUSSFri Feb 23 1996KNL file is Internally Corrupted
162.01DEBUG::GALLOMon Feb 26 1996MTI drives and DECevent
163.01BOGUSS::PLEETue Feb 27 1996cd part #s
164.014LEMAN::SCHWEIZERWed Feb 28 1996DIA TEST SICL does not work ...
165.02HLFSMon Mar 04 1996decevent on VAXVMS and BRS-cluster
166.01CSC32::D_MAHDERWed Mar 06 1996PAK's for customers
167.0DCULTX::hanMon Mar 11 1996Running from
168.02UTRUST::PILMEYERMon Mar 11 1996dia from cron?
169.01MANIOK::WINKLERThu Mar 14 1996DIA not running
170.0SPECXN::SCADDENThu Mar 14 1996UNIX Installing DECevent 2.1 Fix
171.03JPNAES::MATSUIFri Mar 15 1996DIA cannot recognize some types of hostname
172.01BACHUS::MARCELFri Mar 15 1996Memory support by Decevent Analize
173.05GRANPA::MMARKHAMThu Mar 21 1996Where is Ver. 2.1 ???
174.01ACISMon Mar 25 1996Pre-Install Questions
175.01VAXRIO::GELSOThu Apr 04 1996correct DECevent version for UNIX
177.0SPECXN::SCADDENMon Apr 08 1996Including Machine Checks in Command Line
178.0SPECXN::GROSSMANTue Apr 09 1996V2.
179.02HLTIC4::GIELTJES_RTue Apr 09 1996Who install at a cluster with TWO system disks!
180.01EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Apr 10 1996pb with GUI fonts
181.04CSC32::J_BORDERSWed Apr 10 1996DIAGNOSE reports DSSIPORT instead of SECAUDERR bugchecks
182.03WASHDC::SARASINWed Apr 10 1996DECevent 2.1 fails on T4.
183.07EVTAI1::POUSSARDThu Apr 11 1996need binary.errlog samples
184.02EVTAI1::POUSSARDTue Apr 16 1996 binary.errlog samples please....
185.0EVTAI1::POUSSARDTue Apr 16 1996PCI read parity error on 2x
186.03JPNAES::MATSUIWed Apr 17 1996Copyright message
187.01EVTAI1::POUSSARDThu Apr 18 1996 SICL doesn't want to turn ON
188.01SUPER::WERTHTue Apr 30 1996core dump prob when xdia
190.05ZURThu May 09 1996Event to Text translation - where/how ?
192.02BACHUS::PIRLETFri May 10 1996DECevent corrupts its own .KNL files...HELP...
193.02HAMSC2::HKLIMMECKMon May 13 1996rz tlz thresholds
194.01AXPMCS::SCHWEIZERMon May 13 1996Is DEC notified if RZxx drives have problems ?
195.04KAOFS::H_GUBBELSWed May 29 1996VMS GUI doesn't start
196.01WRKSYS::BAUMThu May 30 1996decthreads address exception
197.03SALEM::GWCOOP::GWCOOPTue Jun 04 1996DECevent Hard ECC Error durning EUTP?
198.03JPNAES::MATSUIThu Jun 06 1996dia didn't detect mchks
199.03TROFS::R_CILIAThu Jun 06 1996Decevent version for OpenVMS V6.1
200.02TIMAMD::VAZQUEZMon Jun 10 1996DECevent in 82
201.04KERNEL::BLANDTue Jun 11 1996how do we get devices recognised by DECEVENT?
202.01SPECXN::SCADDENWed Jun 12 1996Rawhide DECevent Interium Kits and Critical Note
203.01EVTVThu Jun 13 1996mail not sent ??
204.04NWDMon Jun 17 1996corrupted knl file
205.01QCAVTue Jun 18 1996Decevent v2.1 for ovms Alpha,User's guide
206.014PRSSOS::LEROYERTue Jun 18 1996Decevent for AS21
207.04HLTIC4::GIELTJES_RThu Jun 20 1996When Decevent V2.2 released?
208.03KERNEL::ADAMSTue Jun 25 19962.1 Install problem.
209.04LATINA::OTEROMon Jul 01 1996Pointer to Decevent V2.1A
210.01EVTISA::ES_DEGELASMon Jul 01 1996how to proof that it work
211.01CSC32::REIGELMANThu Jul 04 1996problem with decevent or memory
212.01MANIOK::WINKLERMon Jul 08 199684
213.02MANIOK::WINKLERFri Jul 19 1996Decevent doesn't run on 41
214.04BOOTM1::BUSHMMon Jul 22 1996Decevent V1.
215.08CROWN::MARTINTue Jul 23 1996Is DECevent part of UNIX v4.
216.02SPANIX::JULIANRWed Jul 24 1996Serial number ?
217.04MUCCS1::MWINKLERFri Jul 26 1996compatiliby table ovms/DECevent
218.02ITBGWed Jul 31 1996Help to decode Theory number from DECevent
219.0SPECXN::POLICHThu Aug 15 1996Problem with DECevent V2.2 for Digital UNIX Bookreader Files
220.01HLFSTue Aug 20 1996Installation V2.2 and cluster
221.08HLFSThu Aug 22 1996DECevent V2.2 on Rawhide "DIAGNOSE-ERR"
222.0HLFSFri Aug 23 1996Decevent presentation
223.0IJSAPL::VENEMAFri Aug 30 1996on which CD's is DECevent located?
224.01TEXAS1::SOBECKYSat Aug 31 1996'Phantom 62
225.04KERNEL::LOANEMon Sep 02 1996Async Device Attention BTT help needed
226.01TEXAS1::SOBECKYThu Sep 05 1996Does DECEVENT run on all Alpha boxes?
227.0SPECXN::CONLONMon Sep 09 1996DECevent Internal Web Pages
228.02BBPBV1::WALLACETue Sep 10 1996List of "Entry type" and "SWI Minor class" codes for DIAGNOSE
229.04IBMon Sep 16 1996V2.2 for AXP + VMS pointer needed.
230.07VIRGIN::GLAUSThu Sep 19 1996V2.2 still corrupts prm_state knl
231.02KERNEL::ODONNELLRFri Sep 27 1996no mail for failing hsz4
232.04WASHDC::nqsrv336.nqo.dec.com::MOOREKWed Oct 02 1996DECevent "events" listing?
233.06IBTue Oct 08 1996V2.2 in mixed clusters ??
234.03MUCCS1::MWINKLERWed Oct 16 1996dia 2.2 do not start
235.01KAOTWed Oct 16 199621
236.017LEMAN::SCHWEIZERMon Oct 21 1996error sending to user !as at !as
237.01MAIL2::GHAHRAMANIMon Oct 21 1996Can DecEvent page the system manager?
238.03CSC32::R_IVERSMon Oct 21 1996DECEVENT and VMS version compatibility!
239.02GRANPA::MMILESMon Oct 21 1996DECevent in non-clustered network
240.04GIDDAY::SHCHIUTue Oct 22 1996revisit of $DIAG/FSTERR issue for customer query.
241.06NWDMon Oct 28 1996DECEVENT Customer's Responsibility??
242.02STUThu Oct 31 1996SICL via DSNgateway , why not?
243.04OSLFri Nov 01 1996DIA and GUI Does it work???
244.03EVTAI1::POUSSARDTue Nov 05 1996 translating on a 21
245.03KAOFS::E_BELANGERTue Nov 05 1996Non-fatal bugcheck reported as Cbus error detected by Memory
246.03KERNEL::HANCOCKMThu Nov 07 1996Does DECevent understand RAIDsets please ?
247.04HAN::HALLEFri Nov 08 1996Install DECevent on FIS systems !
248.011OLD1S::SYSTEMMon Nov 11 1996V2.3 kit available for use
249.0+5OLD1S::SYSTEMWed Nov 13 1996Sable Machine check and Unix 3.2D and higher
250.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEMon Nov 18 1996How to setup NOTIFICATION under UNIX ?
252.03EVTVWed Nov 20 1996Problem with 2.3
253.02KNUT2::THIELFri Nov 22 199616 SICL calls logged in a row - !@#$%#^$@()^
254.07HLFSTue Nov 26 1996mixed architecture not supported??
255.03KERNEL::SMITHSWed Nov 27 1996Notification date problem
256.0+10KERNEL::NICHOLSONAWed Nov 27 1996Unix version 4.
257.0+17EWBVMon Dec 02 1996Support the alpha DECxxxx series ?
258.010LEXSS1::GINGERTue Dec 03 1996filter of error log events
259.02KERNEL::CLARKWed Dec 11 1996The hidden costs of DECEVENT
260.02MUCCS1::MSIMONThu Dec 12 1996DECevent V2.3 inst.error w DUNIX 3.2x
261.01UNIFIX::ANGThu Dec 12 1996corrupted records in binary.errlog file
262.011EVTVFri Dec 13 1996Mail problem Decevent 2.3
263.02CSC32::D_MAHDERTue Dec 17 1996theory 3
264.01SEAWLF::GUILESTue Dec 31 1996Any need for DECevent when using POLYCENTER Watchdog?
265.0+3JPNAES::MATSUIWed Jan 08 1997can't access knl kit for vms
266.03DSNENG::chains.cxo.dec.com::kolbeWed Jan 08 1997DECevent available for customer download
267.0+5JPNAES::MATSUIWed Jan 08 1997Support CPU of WNT
268.02ZPORDS::SONGHUATThu Jan 09 1997Can DECevent recover corrupted records ?
269.0+2LEMAN::KALTENRIEDERFri Jan 17 1997V2.3 can't decode on A21
270.0+1OLD1S::SYSTEMTue Jan 21 1997help file error for vms
271.0OLD1S::SYSTEMThu Jan 23 1997Unix tlaser sysboot LSM entries
271.0 *+10ATZIS1::SCHIESSERFri Jan 31 1997Cann't find UNSUP_TAP & UNSUP_DSK
272.0 *+1EVTAI1::BONNIERWed Feb 05 1997DECEVENT PAK
273.0 *NETRIX::"dani@furka.zuo.dec.com"Fri Feb 07 1997Feedback of DECevent v2.3 GUI
274.0 *+2VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYFri Feb 07 1997DECevent VAX and VMS 7.1 ?
275.0 *+2ATZIS2::SCHIESSERTue Feb 11 1997set debug for unix-systems?
276.0 *+2VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYThu Feb 13 1997RZxx Analysis/SICL again.....
277.0 *+1JOBURG::BARNESTue Feb 18 1997V2.3,V1.3D _DIAGNOSE-FAT: No message probs
278.0 *+3BACHUS::PIRLETWed Feb 19 1997DECevent has still a few "problems"
279.0 *OLD1S::SYSTEMMon Feb 24 1997
280.0 *+2JPNAES::MATSUIWed Feb 26 1997DIAKNL V2.3-3 Installation problem
281.0 *+10KAOFS::H_GUBBELSMon Mar 03 1997dia/analy & dia test mail fail
282.0 *+6HLFSMon Mar 10 1997problems decoding SDD theory-codes
283.0 *+5MSBCS::GRADYMon Mar 24 1997New user needs help!!!!
284.0 *+3CSC32::M_BERNHARDTTue Mar 25 1997DIAGNOSE-FAT: Create Notification object failed
285.0 *+1BEOIT1::GHENNIGWed Apr 02 1997DECEvent for OpenVMS VAX 6.1 anywhere available ?
286.0 *+6MSE1::PCOTEFri Apr 04 1997Windows NT and HSZ events
287.0 *OLD1S::SYSTEMThu Apr 10 1997Auto Analysis and setting changes
288.0 *+10DSNENG::KOLBEFri Apr 18 1997DECevent V2.4 released
289.0 *OLD1S::SYSTEMTue Apr 29 1997DUnix setld does not remove all old knl file from /var/DIA
290.0 *+1KERNEL::ADAMSThu May 01 1997V2.4 Install Problem ?
291.0 *+17EVTAI1::POUSSARDFri May 02 1997external notification question
292.0 *+5XFMVSat May 03 1997predictive system health check
293.0 *+1MLNCSC::GROSSITue May 06 199721
294.0 *+1MLNCSC::GROSSITue May 06 1997pak june expiration
295.0 *+1BACHUS::PIRLETWed May 07 1997could DECevent give me more informations?
296.0 *+7KERNEL::SCOTTWed May 07 1997DIAG/ANAL V2.4 error - status code 1
297.0 *+2SCASS1::BUENSUCESOWed May 07 1997process hangs when started
298.0 *+1KAOFS::HXMPThu May 08 1997Where is the user guide ?
299.0 *+6VIVIAN::D_HICKEYFri May 09 1997V2.4 Supported versions of vms on VAXen.
300.0 *+1HAN::HALLETue May 13 1997DECevent & OpenVMS 1
301.0 *+1QBUS::E_BURKHALTERTue May 13 1997Need location of V1.3d DECevent
302.0 *+1EVTAI1::POUSSARDTue May 13 1997 8
303.0 *+1KAOFS::HXMPThu May 15 1997KNL and DECevent support questions
304.0 *+3BACHUS::PIRLETFri May 16 1997What machines are "analysable"??
305.0 *+1NNTPD::"stadler@decum.muh.dec.com"Thu May 22 1997Supported devices and a lot of other questions
306.0 *+1WARFUT::MELLINGTue Jun 03 1997DU PAK FOR UPTIL 1998
307.0 *+2MUCCS1::MWINKLERWed Jun 04 1997sicl test ends with unknown parameter