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Conference solvit::modems

Title:Questions and Discussions on Digital's MODEMS
Notice:Need Help ? See Note 2.0 for template ! New ? Read Note !
Created:Wed Feb 19 1986
Last Modified:Mon Apr 28 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1426
Total number of notes:5667
Number with bodies:19
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1.03AHIKER::EARLYWed Jun 01 1983>>>>> WELCOME <<<<<<<<
2.0SOLVIT::EARLYMon Nov 11 1991Need Help ? Pls provide essential data.
8.0324BETA::EARLYFri Aug 14 1987INDEXES Of Topics by KEYWORDS
11.08VORTEX::GASSMANFri Jul 20 1984Encrypted modems
12.02MIGHTY::WILLIAMSThu Aug 16 1984DF
13.01FRSBEE::MICKOLMon Sep 17 1984DF112 Info
14.09KB1GP::BOWKERThu Sep 20 1984Async Modems in Europe?
15.03CYGNUS::RUSSESSat Sep 29 1984DF
16.02PNEUMA::MICHAUDMon Oct 15 1984Modem Glossary Terms
17.025MIGHTY::WILLIAMSThu Jun 07 1984DF
18.01BEAGLE::HEYERFri Oct 19 198412
19.023JAWS::JACKSONWed Oct 24 1984Phone company follies
20.02BELKER::BLESSLEYMon Jun 11 1984DF
21.09VORTEX::GASSMANFri Jun 15 1984DF129 Modems
22.02NERMAL::COUNSILFri Jun 15 1984DF
25.04SANFAN::MCMICKIPAThu Feb 21 1985DN11 communication ??
26.03EVE::D_THULINTue Mar 05 1985DF126 Documentation
27.02VAXWRK::FARNHAMFri Mar 08 1985DF112 Problems
29.09CURIE::CASSONEMon Mar 11 1985DF126 on switched lines
31.02MIGHTY::WILLIAMSWed Mar 20 1985DF126 Tech Tip
32.0MIGHTY::WILLIAMSWed Mar 20 1985DF124/DF224 Announcement
37.01JUNIOR::HOLLANDTue Apr 30 1985How to set DF
38.09MYVAX::FLEISCHMANNThu May 09 1985HELP with a DF224
39.02MIGHTY::WILLIAMSWed May 15 1985Known DF224 GOTCHAs
40.01PSGMKG::DWYERTue May 21 1985Block Mode (i.e.TYPESET App.)
44.02PANIC::GAYTue Jun 11 1985Auto-Dialer Control
46.04PSGMKG::DWYERFri Jun 14 1985DF112/
48.06SARAH::D_SCHULLMANSat Jun 29 1985DF224 -- FX lines, DTR
49.01FUJIMO::GASSMANSun Jun 30 1985First Reaction to DF224
50.04FUJIMO::GASSMANSun Jun 30 1985VMS -> DF224 Setup Problem
51.03CEOMon Jul 01 1985DF224 autodial problem
52.08ULTRA::KARGERWed Jul 17 1985noise problems on DF112
54.01BOOLE::CASSONETue Jul 30 1985DF124 question
55.03SARAH::D_SCHULLMANThu Aug 01 1985V.22BIS vs. VA44
58.04KAFSV2::READMon Aug 19 1985DF112, DZ11, VMS V4.x ??
59.04PICA::HIDERWed Aug 21 1985DF112 - auto answer
60.05NETWRK::SANDERMon Aug 26 1985DF
61.03NETWRK::SANDERWed Sep 04 1985DF224 no answer
62.05CACHE::KOTOKWed Sep 11 1985"A Leads" for key telephones
63.03MARRHQ::RMURPHYWed Sep 18 1985DF112 won't drop line? , ( DF
64.01PHOBOS::PDTWed Sep 18 1985df112 autodial @ 3
66.02MIGHTY::WILLIAMSThu Sep 19 1985DF224 Fix Status and FCO EQ-
67.04NSSG::KELLYTue Sep 24 1985VAX DECnet support of autodialer
70.04DLOWed Oct 02 1985DF126's and DECnet
71.05JEDI::GASSMANTue Oct 08 1985DF112 SYNC Mode Problem?
72.04ARUBA::DUNBARMon Oct 14 1985DF224-AA autodial usually does not work
75.011MIGHTY::WILLIAMSMon Oct 21 1985What Modem Features would you like on new Modems ?
76.01CHET::NILSENWed Oct 23 1985Help with DF124
77.01HERMES::LOWEThu Oct 31 1985DF112 No Dial Tone
78.06SWATT::BAUMGARTFri Nov 08 1985DF224 EDT problems
81.01RAPTOR::DIBOLQAFri Dec 20 1985Help Installing VT2
83.05CACHE::KOTOKThu Jan 02 1986DF224s which don't answer
84.02CACHE::JACKSONThu Jan 02 1986Where are the new DF224s?
85.06TROPPO::RICKARDSun Jan 12 1986Timeout problem ??
86.02UTROP1::BEEKMANMon Jan 13 1986DF 1
87.07FAMOUS::ELLISONMon Jan 13 1986How to get by until March
88.04GLORY::SHIVESSun Jan 19 1986DF modems and Amiga
89.01OCKER::GIFFORDThu Jan 30 1986Clearing house for DTE_****
92.01MIGHTY::WILLIAMSThu Feb 20 1986Modems and PBX's
93.01CLT::MAILMANTue Feb 25 1986DF112 & 6
94.02BISON::BATESWed Mar 05 1986Do yoUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU have problems too?
96.02CRVAX1::SZEMPLINSKIMon Mar 31 1986DF224/Modem program/autodial
98.05SWATCH::GRIERWed Apr 16 1986No carrier on DF224s off a DMZ32
99.03MILVAX::BACCARITue Apr 22 1986DFM - PRO problem
100.07EUCLID::PAULHUSThu Apr 24 1986Hayes AT commands - Help!
101.01AVOID::PAPPASFri May 02 1986Can my MicroVax call me at home?
102.02FURILO::KAISERMon May 05 1986DF224: problems dialing
103.01NY1MM::TEDESCOWed May 07 1986DF126 and VAX/278
104.06JEDI::GASSMANThu May 08 1986CDS V.32 Trellis Modem
105.010EKLVThu May 08 1986DF124 MODEM
107.0JUNIOR::HOLLANDWed May 14 1986New DFM User Manual
108.0JUNIOR::HOLLANDWed May 14 1986Codex 268
112.04JRDVMon May 19 1986Using VAX by phone
113.05PMRV7Mon May 19 1986DF124 problems; VAX/VMS [ DZ11_jumper ]
114.0--UnknownUser--Wed May 21 1986DFM at 56kbps?
115.07NCCSB::DPARKERFri May 30 1986VADIC 96
119.04BOEHM::REILLYMon Jun 09 1986DF224 force dial - how?
124.031NYMGR::BARRISIWed Jun 25 1986DF224 Flames.....
125.011Fri Jun 27 1986DF124 Dumb Terminal setting?
126.03BAGELS::NEWMANTue Jul 08 1986line noise & protocols
130.03KRYPTN::CROWELLWed Jul 23 1986Which DEC Modem to buy (most trouble free) ?
131.010HAYNES::REILLYThu Jul 24 1986Another DF224 bug?
132.04TKTVTue Aug 05 1986Automatic (phone) Call Back Program
133.03MERIDN::WILLIAMSTue Aug 05 1986Source for XMODEM
135.03MERIDN::WILLIAMSThu Aug 07 1986HAYES modems and result codes
136.01METOO::TALCOTTThu Aug 14 1986Looking to borrow a DF
137.03JAKE::INSGSat Aug 16 1986DF-1
140.05RHEA::JOHNSSONWed Aug 20 1986DF1
141.08ARNOLD::ROTHThu Aug 21 1986DF112 and DF124 - No DTR when in DF1
142.03BRAT::SHEPARDFri Aug 22 1986Quick DCL call-back routine?
143.02SPUD::GAYFMon Aug 25 1986DF224 Autoanswer at any of 3 Speeds?
144.03TRCOTue Aug 26 1986SET HOST/DTE
149.08DSSDEV::REINIGFri Sep 12 1986Using a DF112 on opa
150.07CURIE::GUESTMon Sep 15 198696
151.02AIWEST::MATTHEWSMon Sep 15 1986df224 with MODEM prog
153.0522579::MIKEFri Sep 19 1986SET HOST/DTE on DF112
156.05QBUS::FINKWed Sep 24 1986Disable fallback on DF224??
159.01ODIXIE::TRENTAMon Oct 06 1986DFM
160.09UFP::MURPHYFri Oct 17 1986Scholar can't hear dial tone?
161.01KRAKEN::FAULKNERMon Oct 20 1986VAXPAC - VAX Public Access Communications
162.01DEMOAX::MCCARTHYTue Oct 21 1986Were can I get DTE_DF124.EXE ?
163.01DSSDEV::REINIGTue Oct 21 1986How can I tell if Dumb Terminal Mode works
164.01NEDVAX::MCCARTHYVFri Oct 24 1986DTE_DF224.exe ? Where can it be obtained?
166.02HAVEN::CHIANGTue Oct 28 1986df126 and bad pad characters in bisync
167.05MIGHTY::WILLIAMSWed Oct 29 1986DF224 changes to DF
168.01CLOVAX::POLITZERThu Nov 06 1986Modem on DHU11 problem
170.01MMOThu Nov 13 1986SET HOST/DTE - DMF32 bug
173.0113D::ELLENBERGERWed Nov 19 1986DF224/Scholar FX Autodial?
175.01USSCSL::BOWETue Nov 25 1986Need Help with DF124 connecting at 24
176.02HAVEN::CHIANGTue Dec 02 1986fallback to 12
177.02ACE::BREWERTue Dec 02 1986autocallback file for new modems
178.02AMUSED::MOEFri Dec 05 1986DF224 <===> VT22
180.03MAY2Tue Dec 16 1986Force DF224 originate @ 3
182.03GUIDUK::HUEFri Dec 19 1986Hayes autodial program
185.02VINO::JMAHONTue Dec 30 1986Toll calls
186.03GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue Jan 06 1987DF124 --> Courier 24
187.02NY1MM::WATSONWed Jan 07 1987Autodialing a Bell 212A?
188.03REGENT::BURLINGWed Jan 07 1987what is "crosstalk or termulator"
189.05NCVAX1::BERNDTFri Jan 09 1987Switching from dialup to leased?
193.06GUIDUK::LEWISThu Feb 05 1987Modem Control- need help
194.01KRYPTN::CROWELLWed Feb 11 1987DF224 in a funny state
195.012HAYNES::REILLYMon Feb 16 1987DF224 won't dial or manually connect
197.07CHFVWed Feb 25 1987FCO DF112-I-
198.05STKTSC::LIDENThu Mar 05 1987looping LOGIN's on DHU11 from modem
199.02AKOV75::SHEPROFri Mar 13 1987SET HOST/DTE Problem
201.01HGOVWed Mar 18 1987Need HELP(DMF32<->modem comm.)
202.03STRIPA::PELLERINThu Mar 19 1987Rack Mountable DF224 ?
204.0125172::JOHNSONWed Mar 25 1987Where is DEC's 2
206.015NUTMEG::RYANThu Mar 26 1987autodial with credit card
207.01GALAGR::MOODYFri Mar 27 1987Need HELP on IBM modem...
208.01URSA::DOTENFri Mar 27 1987Problem autodialing a DF124 from a PRO-38
209.09ARGUS::SCHOLWINMon Mar 30 1987DF224 Problem with DECSERVER 2
210.010GRUNT::MOORTHYMon Mar 30 1987Problem: My modem answers my calls
211.02HARRY::RUBINSTEINTue Apr 07 1987Rainbow-DFM-LA5
212.01SAHQ::DOYLERATue Apr 07 1987chipcom modems
213.01ZPOVWed Apr 08 1987DF MODEMS SPEC?
214.02SOFBAS::ANTHONYWed Apr 08 1987Dial a pager.
215.02MDVAX3::CLAYTONWed Apr 08 1987DF112 Switch Settings??
216.02DELNI::GOLDSTEINTue Apr 21 1987can Vadic 3451 autoanswer be disabled?
218.03CADSYS::CHAIThu Apr 23 1987Full/Half Duplex
220.011MSDSWS::HORTONTue Apr 28 1987DTE_DF224.EXE??
221.03PARITY::GALLAGHERTue May 05 1987Help setting up a Scholar and VT1
222.03COMICS::CRIDDLEThu May 07 1987Carrier on DMZ32
223.01CSC32::DY_MARTINTue May 19 1987BLIND DIALING FOR DF124??
225.011DARTH::SACHSThu May 28 1987VT22
226.01FNYFS::LOVELLFri May 29 1987V21-V23/Full Duplex-Half Duplex/DMF32 Function?
229.04VINO::PUCHRIKThu Jun 04 1987V.22 protocols
230.02AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Jun 05 1987DF224 to DF224 Problem
231.03VAXINE::THILBERTSun Jun 07 1987Home Terminal with
233.01TSE::MILLERFri Jun 12 1987Dial out on a DF
234.01MARRHQ::BREWTONMon Jun 15 1987DF124 - DECSERVER 2
236.019HOW::MECHLINGTue Jun 23 1987DF224 Putting out }'s?
237.02KIRK::WEBSTERWed Jul 01 1987Racal Vadic 3
239.07SYOMV::DANZAKFri Jul 03 1987AUTOBAUD and VAX and DF224
240.09CHUCKL::LEMONSMon Jul 06 1987Error checking/correcting modems?
241.02DRUID::MEANEYFri Jul 17 1987Need help on DF
242.03NANUCK::OWENSMon Jul 20 1987Security REDIAL Software
243.01WATNEY::ROARKTue Jul 21 1987df124 AND A DSV2
245.01LEZAH::BOBBITTMon Jul 27 1987can DF112 answer a call from a computer?
246.021CASPRO::BARRETT_TWed Jul 29 1987DF224...ONE MORE TIME
247.082993Fri Jul 31 1987Questions/Problems using a DF224
249.04WKRP::LENNIGTue Aug 04 1987High speed asynch?
250.02SHEILA::GILLARDFri Aug 07 1987MODEM crashes the system
251.01SRFSUP::LONGOSat Aug 08 1987DF224 to DF242 upgrade for employees?
252.05SNDBOX::SMITHTue Aug 11 1987DF224 pinout?
255.01SRFSUP::LONGOSat Aug 15 1987Ring Indicate different on a 212A and DF224?
256.01DLO15::SCHLICHTINGTue Aug 18 1987Problem using Dialout progam with DF112
258.01NEWVAX::WILDYWed Sep 02 1987Anyone for RS-366 Questions
259.04CSC32::GROSSMANThu Sep 03 1987DF112 on a private line.
260.04MAY2Mon Sep 07 1987DF224 lockup problem. fixed yet?
261.01CGOSTue Sep 08 1987Hayes going out (SET HOST/DTE) problems?
262.01CANYON::LEEDSThu Sep 10 1987modem requirments in Switzerland
263.017DELNI::BELLUSCIThu Sep 10 198712
265.04ISTG::WISNERMon Sep 14 1987DF224 and DHV11
266.04CSC32::GROSSMANWed Sep 16 1987DMCL, what is it?
267.0BETA::EARLYThu Sep 17 1987Percieved problem with DFM and Synchronous inputs
268.07DIODE::CROWELLSun Sep 20 1987Why don't we use the AT commands
269.08CSC32::WATERSMon Sep 21 1987Hayes SmartModem 24
270.08BOXTOP::HURLEYTue Oct 06 1987problems dialout on df124
271.010CSMADM::YEETue Oct 06 1987Hayes Smartmodem 96
274.02KANE::POTUCEKMon Oct 19 1987DFM
275.01STLSEE::STALZERMon Oct 19 1987Modem approval/testing??
276.02GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue Oct 20 1987DF124 answers when it shouldn't
278.04QBUS::FINKThu Oct 22 1987Modems for use in Sweden??
279.01MORGON::CALDERFri Oct 23 1987info. DEC STD 52
280.02MAY2Mon Oct 26 1987Need Autodialing Algorithm
283.03NATASH::KETTFri Oct 30 1987USING SCHOLAR 24
285.08ULTRA::HERBISONThu Nov 05 1987Nothing after Scholar says `Attached'
287.0RDGENG::MACKAYWed Nov 11 1987Synchronous Drivers Conference
291.02CACTTue Nov 17 1987how do I get DF124 to run synch?
292.01WINERY::RAINSThu Nov 19 1987DF1
293.06USAVAX::REDICKSat Nov 21 1987vt22
294.02USHSMon Nov 23 1987SET HOST/DTE for HAYES?
295.07GRANMA::DTURNERWed Nov 25 1987Async 96
296.08CGFSV2::CALENGFri Nov 27 1987Df224 / 12
297.01CURIE::DECARTERETSun Nov 29 1987DF224 / LINKING /REDIALING Why are some linkages forbidden ?
298.02SPUD::GAYFWed Dec 02 1987DF242 CD forced high?
299.06BELKER::MASONSat Dec 05 1987Bursty interference...
300.05CSMSRE::VARGASThu Dec 10 1987Looking for: ACB (Auto Callback Software) !
301.04CSMADM::SCHWABEMon Dec 14 1987and yet another DF224 problem
304.02QRTRS::HENRYFri Jan 01 1988VT22
305.03NUTMEG::RYANTue Jan 05 1988???DF224/PRO SETUP???
306.01BETA::EARLYThu Jan 07 1988Installation Safety Alert: Data Closets !
307.06WINERY::THOMASThu Jan 07 1988DF242 feedback and questions
308.03DIEGO::FANGMon Jan 11 1988Does Hayes by default recognize DTR ??
309.03LANDO::CONNEWed Jan 20 1988DF224 Noise Control via RJ45S program(resistor)
310.04VENI::SKWIRUTWed Jan 20 1988MULTITECH 224E
311.03SOFCAD::KNIGHTFri Jan 22 1988DF242 callback
312.0329566::LASTOVICAFri Jan 29 1988DF242 ECC & buffering questions
313.014JENEVR::BUDAFri Jan 29 1988DF242
317.014DIEHRD::JAQUESWed Feb 03 1988HELP!! scholar wont talk to me
318.02CSMADM::YEEWed Feb 03 198896
319.03VOYAGE::DHOLMANSat Feb 06 1988DF242 Dial-in Problem
320.011DYO78Thu Feb 11 1988Help Needed With TELEBIT Modem Commands
321.043D::HAKKARAINENThu Feb 11 1988Data Overrun Error - SCHOLAR modem
322.01GUIDUK::MCCANTAFri Feb 12 1988Terminal Emulator, DF224, and Fallback
324.04DIEHRD::JAQUESWed Feb 17 1988connecting the df224 to a taped download
325.01CSMADM::SCHWABEWed Feb 17 1988telephone credit card with Scholar
326.013MAKER::LASTOVICAThu Feb 18 1988Is the DF112-CA like a DF242 Scholar Plus ?
327.03DUCATI::LASTOVICAFri Feb 26 1988DF242 experiences
328.03CSSE::COLMANSun Feb 28 1988NOTES makes my screen go blank
329.04CSSE::COLMANTue Mar 01 1988ASCII file T'fer APPLE II to XT
330.01CAMLOT::BOEHMFri Mar 04 1988VAXPAC available
331.01JSOV1Tue Mar 08 1988DF242 Synchoronous Format
333.01CANYON::LEEDSFri Mar 11 1988DS2
334.01JETSAM::PILLITTERIFri Mar 11 1988Dialins for TSN
336.01DELNI::MHARRISTue Mar 15 1988DF242 question.
338.04USHSTue Mar 22 1988CODEX 674
339.03CSC32::R_SOMBERGThu Mar 24 1988DF242 at 3
340.03JENEVR::BUDAFri Mar 25 1988SPR Procedure
341.016MAKER::LASTOVICAMon Mar 28 1988DF242 hang problem
342.02MANDAN::CSENCSITSTue Mar 29 1988df126 and 5
343.03ECADSR::FINNERTYWed Mar 30 1988Sending an ID message automatically
345.011SLDA::DUNAISKYFri Apr 01 1988PRO AUTODIAL with DF224?
346.013CIM6::WALKERFri Apr 08 1988DF242 won't autoanswer without telephone - PBX
349.013D::ELLENBERGERMon Apr 11 1988DF242 Dialer don't like dial tone!
351.03MSDOA1::EDYERThu Apr 14 1988DFM's at 19.2 with integral modems?
353.03PARVAX::KAUFMANMon Apr 18 1988DF242 and MODEM program
354.05PLDVAX::SMCAFEEWed Apr 20 1988@#$#$% DF224 Fallback!
355.01CSC32::R_SOMBERGWed Apr 20 1988DF224 in DF
356.03PIWKIT::JAQUESThu Apr 21 1988DF
357.021PFLOYD::ROTHBERGThu Apr 21 1988DF224 and TSN
360.05PARVAX::KAUFMANThu Apr 28 19882 more DF242 problems.
361.03HJUXB::LEGAThu Apr 28 1988Modem cable for Scholar (DF224) Modem
362.01METMV2::SYSTEMSun May 01 1988Microcom 24
363.02AKOV12::MILLIOSWed May 04 1988FOUND: DF126 Modem
364.04NANOOK::FOXFri May 06 1988Need Info on new DF124-Cx; Question on old DF124-Ax
366.01NWDTue May 10 1988V.35 Fiber Optic Modem?
367.01LUTECE::MAGENCWed May 11 1988DSR pb on DMB32 modem line
368.02BLITZ::BARRYTue May 17 1988SCOLAR DF242
369.01MUNCSS::BALTESThu May 19 1988Automatic dialup by the computer
370.03CSC32::J_ALBANESEThu May 19 1988Is there any way to turn session logging on and off?
371.04GLORY::GRAEFFFri May 20 1988DF124 vs. Scholar
372.02PH4VAX::MCBRIDEFri May 20 1988fill = x-off?????
373.06OASS::AYALLAHSun May 22 1988DF124 24
374.05KYOA::DAVISPWed May 25 1988DF124 and DS2
375.02BLITZ::BARRYWed May 25 1988lqp
377.02BOLT::MINOWThu Jun 02 1988Last number redialed -- why?
378.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Jun 02 1988v.32 application questions
379.05HSKFri Jun 03 1988Any opinions about MultiModem?
380.02CACTFri Jun 03 1988DF124-AM with DECserver_2
382.04TRCTTue Jun 07 1988DF242 autoanswer on VAX - how?
383.09CSC32::J_ALBANESEMon Jun 13 1988Will autobauding work when dialing out on a DF224?
384.05NANOOK::FOXTue Jun 14 1988DF224 ECO Revisions... the plot thickens!?
385.04STUD::DOTENSun Jun 19 1988DECconnect 25-pin-to-6-pin (DEC423) male adapters?
386.01CAFEIN::KAUFMANWed Jun 22 1988Hi speed modems and Asynch DECnet?
387.015MYVAX::ANDERSONThu Jun 23 1988DF242 autodialler problem
388.06MYVAX::ANDERSONThu Jun 23 1988DF242 misfeature
389.013UFP::MURPHYFri Jun 24 1988DF242's and DECservers supposed to work?
391.010GIBSON::DICKENSThu Jun 30 1988DF224 hassles
392.07GUIDUK::BURKESun Jul 10 1988Radio Programming Option
393.02DSSDEV::MUNYANFri Jul 22 1988DF242 Power supply hum problems
394.01QBUS::MAULUCCIFri Jul 22 1988DF127 usage question
395.04NEWVAX::SNEADThu Jul 28 1988Scholar impedes establishing Asynchronous Decnet circuit
397.02NETMAN::ZEITZMon Aug 08 1988Wraparound outside U.S.?
398.06PFLOYD::ROTHBERGTue Aug 09 1988Can't drop DSR on Hayes Smartmodem 12
399.01UTRUST::VMUNSTERMon Aug 15 1988DF127 - also async support?
400.011GLASS::GRAEFFWed Aug 17 1988HELP-URGENT-DF124+
401.04DLNVAX::HENLEYThu Aug 18 1988DF242--speaker?
402.04SLDA5::DUNAISKYTue Aug 30 1988df242 abbrev. response?
403.023D::ELLENBERGERMon Sep 05 1988DF242 Power Switch
405.010PERFCT::ENSLEYTue Sep 06 1988DF224 vs DF242
406.07PERFCT::ENSLEYThu Sep 08 1988Dialing in from a Macintosh
409.045THEBAY::BOSWELLBRFri Sep 09 1988Help with Call Waiting
410.04COGMK::GUROSMon Sep 12 1988DF224, no 24
411.04KYOA::DAVISPTue Sep 13 1988dialing out using df124-cm
412.01MURPHY::ENSLEYWed Sep 14 1988DF224 autobaud config.
413.04MURPHY::ENSLEYThu Sep 15 1988DF224 to DS2
414.01WOODRO::DHALLFri Sep 16 1988Anyone have a U.S. Robotics 24
415.05KYOA::SACHSMon Sep 19 1988Scholar(ly) questions?
417.05BOEHM::REILLYSun Sep 25 1988Can't disable flow control on a df242
418.05HPSTEK::SIMONMon Sep 26 1988DF242 in AT, How to get NO ANSWER?
419.01PARVAX::KAUFMANTue Sep 27 1988DF124+ question
421.03PENDER::HORMAN_CRThu Oct 06 1988Hayes to DF224 problem
423.09ARGUS::HOLLANDFri Oct 14 1988DFM Pin 11???
424.07USATFri Oct 14 1988DF242 playing Music!
427.03MURPHY::ENSLEYWed Oct 26 1988DF212 "bell"
428.02IAMOK::CHARBONNEAUMon Oct 31 1988DF224/ busy when autodialing
430.01HILLST::KAISERSun Nov 06 1988DF242 always disconnects on first dial at power-up
432.02CGHUB::LATMGRTue Nov 08 1988firmware versions
434.01CAFEIN::NAMon Nov 14 1988Dynamic DECnet/DF242 problems
435.04EAGLE1::DANTOWITZTue Nov 15 1988Scholar in bad state
436.05HALIBT::MCCANTATue Nov 15 1988DF242 won't disconnect and sends back ATZ
437.01AUNTB::REEDFri Nov 18 1988DF242 MNP Class Question
438.01KYOA::SACHSFri Nov 18 1988Sick DF224-AA ?
439.03PERFCT::ENSLEYMon Nov 21 1988"Attached" - no response
440.04JULIET::MALONE_PATue Nov 22 1988DF224&VT32
442.043D::HAKKARAINENWed Nov 30 1988How can I dialout from the LAT?
443.05DIEHRD::JAQUESWed Dec 07 1988HELP Modem disconnects from uVAX
444.05MTA::VPCSWed Dec 07 1988DF224 Dial Problem ?
449.01SKYWAY::NAEGELIFri Dec 16 198822
450.02PATOIS::TOLANDWed Dec 28 1988BC22Y cable
451.03CADSYS::GALLAGHERFri Dec 30 1988Autodialing problems from a DF112
453.02MARMAT::JERRYWed Jan 04 1989DMII & DF
454.011MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Jan 10 198924
456.06WILKIE::LAILFri Jan 13 1989DF242-CA, DF124-CM, DF212-CA Issues list
457.01MSBIS2::BICKFORDFri Jan 13 1989DF242 NOVICE
458.0WILKIE::EARLYThu Jan 19 1989MNP Class definitions (Class 1 to class 9)
459.01MSBIS1::BICKFORDThu Jan 19 1989DF242 problems still
460.01DPDMAI::MCCLELLANDMon Jan 23 1989DF242-CA not answering, Issue #31.
461.05HPSRAD::MOTTWed Feb 01 1989Help - DF242 Manual Answer question
462.04EGAVWed Feb 01 1989Data Compression
463.09BAGELS::SCHIECKTue Feb 07 1989High speed asynch, Hayes or Telebit address please
464.01LVOVAX::WAITSThu Feb 09 1989Multiple DFM Configuration
465.01MURPHY::ENSLEYFri Feb 10 1989RJ41S to Modem
466.01SICKO::LEONARDTue Feb 14 1989DF
467.03TRCAWed Feb 15 1989Unknown Error Message.
468.02BOSTON::COOMBSWed Feb 15 1989autodial in batch
469.01PERFCT::ENSLEYMon Feb 20 1989DF242 "noise"
471.04LEVERS::ANDELLAWed Feb 22 1989Can't run DF124(+) at 24
472.011EST::ALFREDThu Feb 23 1989Phone Line Problem & Scholar
474.01HGOVC::GILBERTTANGSat Feb 25 1989Install a modem in Ultrix environment ??
475.02ASHOK::NADKARNIMon Feb 27 1989Scholar SMI,DSRS signal use?
477.01BOSTON::COOMBSFri Mar 03 1989file transfer question
478.025RICKS::PEKKALAThu Mar 09 1989Scholar Plus Won't Pickup the Phone
481.02MASADA::MARGULISThu Mar 16 1989vt1
482.07CSSE32::THOMASFri Mar 17 1989More 24
484.04SPIDER::HOPKINSWed Mar 22 1989Autodialer software needed.
489.01LARVAE::BRIGGSMon Apr 03 1989DEC423 and MODEMS
490.01BMT::COMAROWMon Apr 03 1989US Robotics Courier HST to Scholar
491.01TROAThu Apr 06 1989Dialup DECnetDOS ???
492.03MAIL::BAILEYDFri Apr 07 1989Yet another 24
493.08BLASFri Apr 07 1989Data set hang-up at regular intervals
494.02JESPY::LANEFri Apr 07 1989fax your vax?
496.02OZROCK::MCGINTYSun Apr 09 1989Automatic calling using HDLC format frames
497.03BSS::BOYERMon Apr 10 1989speed buffering and MDS
498.02CGOFS::GIBBMon Apr 10 1989Modem Problems
499.01SKYLRK::KURATAWed Apr 19 1989Will the DF126 work ?
500.05USWAV9::ROCHWed Apr 19 1989Carrier detect switch for modem
502.03NANOOK::BRALEYThu Apr 20 1989DF242 answer in originate mode
505.01BACKSD::MEIERTue Apr 25 1989KERMIT
506.04IAMOK::CHARBONNEAUMon May 01 1989DF124's don't pick up double rings
507.02TRCATue May 02 1989DF124 and Callback question
508.01SX4GTO::POMERANTZWed May 03 1989CD and DECconnect
509.03EN::VARDAROThu May 04 1989credit card with internal vt24
510.02DELNI::S_ALUNNIFri May 05 1989Scholar Plus (DF242) Autodial Problem
511.07PHILEM::LEWISMon May 08 1989DEC Systems OK, CompuServe NO
512.03DELNI::RCRILEYMon May 08 1989Need help to ReSet DF224 to Factory Defaults
513.02MURPHY::ENSLEYTue May 09 1989rack-mount Scholar +
514.01STAR::GILLIAMTue May 09 1989Autodialling - DMCL and AT mode
515.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODFri May 12 1989Async dial-up decnet Hayes Compatible hang up
520.01MURPHY::ENSLEYTue May 23 1989DF124-CM "OH" LED
523.03THEBAY::BOSWELLBRFri Jun 09 1989DF242 to autobaud or not to autobaud
524.013MTA::VPCSTue Jun 13 1989Dial-Out LAT/24
525.06SLDA5::DUNAISKYThu Jun 15 1989file-transfers w/error-correction = bad?
526.03CAADC::WDBOUCHAThu Jun 22 1989dialing out. Scholar on MVAX2
527.01NAZARD::WHITEFri Jun 23 1989Null Modem problem
528.01TRCAMon Jun 26 1989DF242 in Half Duplex?
530.02FSCORE::READWed Jun 28 1989DF1
531.04SNDCSL::SMITHWed Jun 28 1989What cable Scholar+ to DHV11?
533.01MSAMWed Jul 05 1989Logged incoming msg via modem
534.08DSSDEV::MUNYANThu Jul 06 1989A few questions about the Scholar Plus
535.04ORCAS::TIMMERMJAThu Jul 06 1989DF1
538.03CSC32::J_PARSONSTue Jul 11 1989Can't dialin to DF124+ modem
539.03USACSB::DAVIDSONWed Jul 12 1989TR light on/off?
540.07SWAPIT::SMITHJTue Jul 18 1989DF124 power up baud rate
541.02SENIOR::CHAMBERSTue Jul 18 1989Scholar Power Supply Cord?
542.02CSC32::R_SOMBERGTue Jul 18 1989DF126 and 278
543.06MINGFU::ELLENFri Jul 21 1989no username prompt after successful callback, compatible modems
544.01TRNEDU::IRATOTue Jul 25 1989DEC modems vs. V25 std.
545.01HERON::WENGERWed Jul 26 1989Europe trying to call the US
547.03WAV14::DENTONThu Jul 27 1989Scholar<===>MCI Mail comm. problems
548.03IAMOK::BAXTERThu Aug 03 1989Software called Modem
549.017KAOFS::S_MACDONALDThu Aug 03 1989How to reset a Scholar's s DF224 soft select options
550.0WOODRO::EARLYMon Aug 07 1989Switch Settings for DF
551.05RTL::RICOTue Aug 08 1989Scholar plus: can't autodial; can manual dial
552.06PTOMV4::FULTONSun Aug 13 1989Help with DF224 basic operation.
553.02RIPPLE::HOFFMAN_DOMon Aug 14 1989File Transfer with MNP?
554.02WILKIE::EARLYMon Aug 21 1989DF242 Issue in Callback Mode
555.06AKOV11::KALINOWSKITue Aug 22 1989Hayes compatible modems for AT type PCs
556.02NITMOI::TURNERThu Aug 24 1989DF242 hangs refusing to send (XOFF'd by line noise?)
557.01MSDOA::KNIGHTLYFri Aug 25 1989DF224 24
563.03MUTTON::LAMBSat Sep 30 198948
564.02BACHUS::DELVAUXMon Oct 02 1989Looking for TMS99534A info
566.01RIPPLE::DAVIS_PUWed Oct 04 1989DIS224EI MODEMS
567.01BAGELS::CHANDLERFri Oct 06 1989Scholar/Sync/DMB32? Quest?
568.04SYOMV::DAVIDSONFri Oct 13 1989Modem keeps on logging in
569.017EXIT26::STRATTONMon Oct 16 1989DFM
570.03SR71::GMAROTTAThu Oct 19 1989problem w/ READ & WRITE on DF-124s in comp. mode
571.01CSC32::K_DALTONThu Oct 19 1989DF242+ Bit mapped options register.
572.01ZPOVMon Oct 23 1989Looking for DTE_HAYES.MAR by Jake VanNoy
574.01USRCV1::SHOWALTERWed Oct 25 1989Modem Support for High-Speed Parallel Printers
576.01TPOVMon Nov 06 1989DF224 ---XX--- DF224 ?
577.01FSHQA2::MLEVINEMon Nov 06 1989MODEM OR RADIO?????
583.03MOOVFri Dec 08 1989DF212 Help Needed
584.01REBOK::COLEFri Dec 08 1989V.25 bis autodial - what is it ?
585.03CSC32::D_RODRIGUEZWed Dec 13 1989DF124+ list of AT info
587.03DEMOAX::BRAVERSun Dec 17 1989DF242 Commands/Manual
589.05DELNI::MHARRISTue Jan 02 1990DECserver 2
590.05CSC32::M_KORENMon Jan 08 1990Dial-in to a VAXStation 2
592.01PARVAX::LASSITERFri Jan 12 19908
593.02DUBMon Jan 15 1990ALLIN1-"YOU CANNOT USE "" ""AT THIS TIME"
594.01AHIKER::EARLYTue Jan 16 1990DECstations and DEC Modems ...
595.01WOODRO::JCALVETTITue Jan 16 1990df112=>df124 switch settings
597.012CSSE32::THOMASTue Jan 23 1990Scholar + in AT mode.
599.01LEAF::D_DAVISThu Jan 25 1990AT CLONE +DF242 =NO WORK
600.06MDM::ROZETTSun Jan 28 1990No response to CTL/B until local loop, VAXMATE, DF224
601.01CVG::CAMPANELLATue Jan 30 1990Hayes Modem Register Description?
602.09DWOVAX::ERSEKWed Jan 31 1990DF242+MNP problems with TYMNET
603.01SDEVAX::BONNEAUWed Jan 31 1990DF242 and LCTERM program!
604.0136577::HEBERTMon Feb 05 1990SET HOST /DTE from .COM procedure?
605.02BOOKIE::LAUKAITISTue Feb 06 1990VT24
606.05AIMT::SANDHUThu Feb 08 1990DF224 connection to TYMNET ??
608.026CVMS::DOTENTue Feb 13 1990DF296 - DECmodem V32 - asynch DECnet ?
609.01TENNIS::KAMWed Feb 21 1990Supplying power to a DF124-CM
610.01BSS::R_SCHMITTThu Feb 22 1990Codex/DEC Compatiblity
611.01CSC32::B_BEARDWed Feb 28 1990DF124 No Dial Tone
612.03LANDO::DUNAISKYSun Mar 04 1990DF242 won't error correct!
613.02KURTZ::HARGRAVEMon Mar 05 1990White Knight with Scholar
616.01SKYLRK::KURATAWed Mar 14 1990Scholar Plus won't connect to TS
617.012STARCH::JSLOVEThu Mar 15 1990TELCOR Modems and Asynch DECNET (DDCMP Issues)
618.0STATE::LAILMon Mar 19 1990DECmodem V32 Announcement Article
619.01MTDEW::WATKINSWed Mar 28 1990Security Features on ScholarPLUS Modems
620.02SPIRIT::JAKOBSCHETue Apr 03 1990Scholar supports "A" leads?
621.02BRAT::MELENDEZTue Apr 10 1990Busy-out DF124-CM modems????
622.02WILKIE::CHENTue Apr 10 1990SCHOLAR with KERMIT - How to make it work?
623.05KAOHMon Apr 16 1990Switch settings for Hayes 96
625.01AZUR::DEBONNIEREWed Apr 25 1990Help needed with TCP 2225 AD modem
627.07LDYBUG::FULLERTONSat Apr 28 1990Fried DF296 ?
628.05UHFMAN::LUDWIGSun Apr 29 1990How to connect VaxStation 35
631.011MIZZOU::SHERMANTue May 15 1990VAXstar (VS2
632.04CSC32::K_DALTONTue May 15 1990df124+ mnp level ?
634.02USWAV9::ROCHThu May 17 1990DF296 and noisy lines
635.062RBW::WICKERTFri May 18 1990Disconnects when using the DF296 modem
636.02NANOOK::FOXThu May 24 1990Please... DF242-CA ROM Part number?
637.020STAR::BUDAThu May 24 1990DF296: Speed Buffering
638.09RBW::WICKERTFri May 25 1990Predefined profiles that aren't, on DF296
639.03TRCOFri May 25 1990DF124 break parameter setting/listing
640.03SKYLRK::KURATAFri May 25 1990Connecting VT22
641.01HKOVC::WARRENTue May 29 1990DF126 Modem Auto-dialing Question
642.01CTOAVX::MACKINTue May 29 1990MICROCOM . SET HOST/DTE functionality ??
643.07POLAR::BOWIEWed May 30 1990PC-scholar-vax
644.04SRFSUP::SALOGUBThu May 31 1990application pgms for modems ??
645.02JSOCSS::NISHITSUKAMon Jun 04 1990How to print on remote printers
646.017NANOOK::FOXTue Jun 05 1990CD won't come on on Scholar-Plus!
648.02CSC32::J_ALBANESEThu Jun 07 1990No "Attached" message returned from DF242 when dialing TELENET.
649.02CANYON::GURALNIKMon Jun 11 1990USR HST Baud Modulation?
650.03MUDDIN::DEBARROSWed Jun 13 1990DF242 Password w/no callback.
651.01HAMSC3::CHRISTIANThu Jun 14 1990Modem "FURY 24
653.04DOPEY::DICKENSTue Jun 19 1990DECmodem V.32's and async decnet with dialback from DECrouter-2
654.01TENERE::SILVAFri Jun 22 1990Pulse detection?
655.03TYFYS::ALTHERFri Jun 22 1990DTE_DMCL.MAR available?
656.01SIEVAX::JAMIETue Jun 26 1990MicroVAX 31
658.03TDCIS3::RENOUVELFri Jul 06 1990< MODEMS Connexions ....>
659.03THAMTue Jul 17 1990V.32, sync-async, DSV11 ?
660.01PHDVAX::REMSTERThu Jul 19 1990VADIC-VA831A/B & DMB32 & DSR
661.01TYFYS::ALTHERFri Jul 20 1990DF242 upgrades
662.01COGITO::HILLFri Jul 20 1990Scholar and DECmate question?
663.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERTue Jul 24 1990Network Management Capabilities of Modems/Multiplexers
664.01CSC32::MASIASTue Jul 24 1990df242 not saving stored settings...
665.01DC1Mon Aug 06 1990V.24 modem interface ?????
666.01SYSTMX::J_GRAMOLINITue Aug 14 1990Fax to a computer?
667.01FXNBS::HOWETue Aug 21 1990df296 disconnects and PBXs
669.02EPOCH::NELSONFri Aug 24 1990Need help with DF
670.05FRSBEE::POLLANThu Sep 06 1990Local call in lines
671.01ZEBPIK::ALTHERFri Sep 07 1990DF242 in AT mode at 3
672.06ODIXIE::APEREIRAMon Sep 10 1990DEC Hayes compatible modem?
673.02IAMOK::BAXTERTue Sep 11 1990Noise..in ALL-IN-1
674.01MQOSWS::D_DESMARAISThu Sep 13 1990DF126-AA DOC Registration Number ??
675.08OLDTMR::KEENERThu Sep 13 1990PBX - IBX? What is it?
676.02DASXPS::CONNORSThu Sep 13 1990Modem paper ...
677.07FASDER::RSEGRESTFri Sep 14 1990ASYNC_Decnet Autodial?
678.05GIDDAY::MORANMon Sep 17 1990Modem logs in by itself.
679.01SAHQ::ROSENKRANZWed Sep 19 1990Type 1
681.03TARKIN::ROSENFri Sep 28 1990HELP with DECmodem V32
682.01CSC32::MASIASWed Oct 03 1990need pinout for bc23h cable
683.01NOBHIL::SINGER_THFri Oct 05 1990IN-BAND Dialing (AT, V.25bis)
684.02SKID::LALIBERTEMon Oct 08 1990Dial in Problems with ScholarPlus DF242-CA
685.02ZURFCC::SCHWALMMon Oct 08 1990No dialtone with inernal modem - Hayes compatible
686.01KAOFS::LOCKYERThu Oct 11 1990Information Needed to Design Notebook-class Computer
687.02CRONIC::GAUDETTEMon Oct 15 1990DF124-AM TR/MR Lights keep going off
688.08EWIS::MURPHYWed Oct 17 1990DF224 setup with VS31
689.07MUTTON::LAMBWed Oct 17 1990DF296-DA - How to switch back from SYNC mode
690.02CSC32::S_ROSCIOMon Oct 22 1990DF124+ MNP Error Correction Problems
691.011SHIRE::MAIREWed Oct 24 1990DF296 Power Supply spec questions for Geneve
693.02FLDSVC::CARADONNAMon Oct 29 1990DF296-DA/ Sync appli/ Help!
694.03OTIGER::J_WALKERWed Oct 31 1990Differenc between 2 & 4 wire modems ? Why ?
695.03UPNRTH::CHURINThu Nov 15 1990Parallel modems?
696.01RTPSWS::ZIMMERMANFri Nov 16 1990How to hook a 31
697.03MARX::WALSHTue Nov 20 1990X-Windows Modems
698.03CSDNET::DICASTROWed Nov 21 1990Async DECnet/Scholar+ problems
701.03CRBOSS::LEMONSMon Nov 26 199024
702.01CSC32::M_HENDERSONMon Nov 26 1990DF129 and DBU ???
703.01NOMUNY::WSCThu Nov 29 1990DF224 in DF
704.03HPSPWR::SIMONTue Dec 04 1990DEC internal modem problem
705.04ULYSSE::ZITTAMon Dec 10 1990Last bits corrupt .
706.07AHIKER::EARLYMon Dec 10 1990DF242 Modem Hangs, No Rsponse, No wakeup, No Comm ...
707.04BOMBE::PETTINITue Dec 11 1990V.42
708.02CSC32::J_MANNINGTue Dec 18 1990DF296 and numeric result codes
710.03CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Dec 26 1990Another request for example programs
711.06SLSTRN::YOCOMThu Dec 27 1990^B to Scholar gives lowercase r
712.018DECSIM::PIERCEThu Dec 27 1990wait for dial tone problem with DECmodem V32
714.02CSC32::RAYMon Jan 07 1991DF296 and leased line set up
716.04MARX::WALSHTue Jan 15 1991Use modem for quick dial?
717.06CSDNET::DICASTROTue Jan 15 1991Hayes-to-DEC @96
718.02CSC32::MASIASWed Jan 16 1991Setup DF296 for DDCMP questions...
719.03ITASCA::CORRIGANThu Jan 17 1991Scholar MNP Tymenet Problems
720.01TRUCKS::PRICESun Jan 20 1991MicroVAX31
721.03HKOVC::WARRENMon Jan 21 1991DF126 request to send problem.
722.03KYOA::SMALLEYTue Jan 22 1991VT22X-AA Help Needed
723.01KNUT2::THIELFri Jan 25 1991CCITT guard tones, 55
724.01SDOGUS::BOYACKFri Jan 25 1991NEC N9631, 96
725.06SEDSWS::EVANSMon Jan 28 1991comms protocols
726.06ICS::REICHMon Jan 28 1991Product Managers ?
729.01BRSADV::ROBBENSFri Feb 01 1991US -> Europe modem compatibility ?
730.05CSC32::L_SERKMANFri Feb 01 1991Incompatibility Hayes 12
731.03PEACHS::BELDINTue Feb 05 1991How to set/save autodial memory location on Scholar(DF224)?
732.05BUSY::SWANEYWed Feb 06 1991VT24
733.05QUOIN::MEANEYFri Feb 08 1991Questions from new DF242 user
734.01XCUSME::SINGHSun Feb 10 1991Baud Rate Problems on Scholar Plus
735.013USCTR1::MPELHAMTue Feb 12 1991Switch Settings for Scholar Plus needed.....
736.08ROMWed Feb 13 1991X-Modem via X.25
737.03CSDNET::DICASTROThu Feb 14 1991V.32 and ELF/VTX via VT34
738.02ITASCA::CORRIGANThu Feb 14 1991MNP Problems What Level??
739.06BAGELS::MOLLICAMon Feb 18 1991Scholar modem inits???
740.05BAGELS::MOLLICAMon Feb 18 1991Z-modem send?
741.04CSC32::S_ROSCIOTue Feb 19 1991How to Clear Access Password
742.03CX3PST::WSCThu Feb 21 1991Cardinal Tech. 24
744.03NOATAK::TIMMERMANThu Feb 21 1991Nit-level DF196/296 fail-over questions....
746.01COMET::RADKEMon Feb 25 1991Kermit problem C-64
747.02ODIXIE::APEREIRATue Feb 26 1991DCA supplier
748.02MEXVSun Mar 03 1991Dial-UP Security
749.06TAINO::MELENDEZRTue Mar 05 1991Modems & MDS
750.04BUSY::SWANEYThu Mar 07 1991DF196's swapped from DF296's ???
751.04CFSCTC::ELLISThu Mar 07 1991How to get Apple work with FX lines
752.02ACESMK::HAGGETTFri Mar 08 1991Hayes on DS 31
753.01ACESMK::CLIFFORDTue Mar 12 1991DF296 and 278
754.05GLORY::JNL_UMTSTue Mar 12 1991Modem on a terminal server ?
755.02CSGWed Mar 13 1991Simple guide to Scholar+/VAX use?
756.07HGOVC::GILBERTYIPFri Mar 15 1991How to set up modem for VAX
757.02FRAMBO::DICKMon Mar 18 1991DS2
758.02TOOK::MCPHERSONMon Mar 18 1991Need Hayes AT set Documentation...
759.019JAWS::ENSLEYWed Mar 20 1991"Port data receive error"???
760.0SUOSW3::HAMANNThu Mar 21 1991Setup of MDG 24
761.04ASD::ROSSITue Mar 26 1991Configuring a Scholar Plus from a workstation.
762.01VIEW3D::WCARRTue Apr 02 1991df296 modem dropping line
763.04CSCOAC::VECERE_VWed Apr 03 1991modems won't go
764.02ZENA::PUGGELLIFri Apr 12 1991Non standard flow modem signlas manage on TS2
765.01XCUSME::SINGHSun Apr 14 1991Help with Rainbow 1
766.01DELNI::WETMOREMon Apr 22 1991COM1, Scholar+ fun
767.02MARX::MEHTAWed Apr 24 1991Switching DMCL & HAYES modes on DECmodem V32 and DF196
768.01GLOWS::MURIELWed Apr 24 1991DF
769.0MARX::WALSHThu Apr 25 1991Could someone give me a list of dialup 14.4 and 19.2 modems
770.0BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri Apr 26 1991Is it Up or Down....
771.03BENONI::FORBESSat Apr 27 1991Ds2
772.01DELNI::WETMOREWed May 01 1991Scholar+ Power Supply..risks?
773.08BROKE::LONGFELLOWThu May 02 1991Port receive error - modem hang
774.05BUSY::SWANEYThu May 02 1991Error Correction...?? Auto Fallback????
775.01TLAVC::WICHAIFri May 10 1991Dialup over mobile phone or CT2 ?
776.01MCIS2::MACKEYFri May 10 1991multi_tech V.32 problems
777.02IOCTL::zemonTue May 14 1991Definitions
778.011SOLVIT::EARLYFri May 24 1991Available NOW ! Firmware Upgrade Kits DECdirect.
779.02HAMSUP::MARXSENWed May 29 1991MDG19K2-31 with MDS
780.03DFACTO::NEWMANThu May 30 1991DECmodem V.32 <-> Microcom QX/3296c problems
781.01SIOG::DOOLEYThu Jun 06 1991modem -SMG-E-EOF
782.04CNAMON::FOXThu Jun 06 1991DF196 and DF296 Modems, and a DF1
783.04CSC32::C_OUIMETTESat Jun 08 1991Can't get 2 DF296's talking @96
784.05CGOSSun Jun 09 1991SCHOLAR and echo cancelling
785.02CGOSSun Jun 09 1991US ROBOTICS, speed buffering and DS2
786.03FZOVAX::FRANDSENSun Jun 09 1991DF296 on DS31
787.01MCIS2::MACKEYMon Jun 10 1991DF296 and Courier problem
788.01CRIME::BIJAOUITue Jun 11 1991Pb with DS5
789.01MR4DEC::FALSAFIThu Jun 20 1991Need DF
790.04SANFAN::WHITEBITue Jun 25 1991DF212 <> DF242 when DMCL Dialing
791.0ZPOVC::SONGHUATMon Jul 01 1991leased line with Hayes V.42 modems
792.09BERNMon Jul 01 1991decmodem v32 (296) doesn't drop CD
794.01DEKVC::KIYOUNGYOONWed Jul 10 1991BC22M cable pinout
795.0SUBWAY::DAVIDSONWed Jul 17 1991but why?
796.05HOBBLE::RUFFIEUXThu Jul 18 1991Codex-->MicroVAX
797.0TRCOA::MOKTue Jul 23 1991Asyn encrypted modem
798.01EWBV5Wed Jul 31 1991DF296 frequency range
799.0TDCIS3::RENOUVELWed Jul 31 199112
800.06BASEX::KAIRYSWed Jul 31 1991Disconnects with DF 296 version 1.22
801.05ANGLIN::CORRIGANWed Jul 31 1991DF242 & DF296 MNP fails
802.04TENNIS::KAMThu Aug 01 1991Scholar always drops to 3
803.02VAXRIO::MARCELOFri Aug 02 1991Help on internal IBM modem?
804.07CSDNET::DICASTROFri Aug 02 1991VS2
805.02MAIL::HAYDENFri Aug 02 1991modem not wired correctly on dial in
806.02SCCAT::DICKEYFri Aug 02 1991DF296 callback line drop?
807.08FENNEL::KNIGHTMon Aug 05 1991ENET access for a VS31
808.02HOBBLE::MCFARLANDTue Aug 06 1991Trouble with Scholar Plus...
809.0OSPREY::MCERLANEVThu Aug 08 1991Miracom miracle WS4
810.02MARX::ANDERSONWed Aug 14 1991Beepers
811.01SUBWAY::TEDESCOWed Aug 21 1991Help looking for a magic modem.
812.07CGOOA::KUHNENThu Sep 05 1991DF296 leased line
813.04BRAT::PAQUETTE_LFri Sep 06 1991VT22
814.03ODIXIE::RICHARDSONMon Sep 09 1991intermittent dial-in problems with DMB-32
815.04KAOFS::R_DOIRONWed Sep 11 1991DF196 acting strange on disconnects
816.01NEWPRT::CERVENKA_GAThu Sep 12 1991COMPAQ Hayes AT Int. Modem & Manual Dial
817.02KERNEL::BARSBYJFri Sep 13 1991RS232c ?!? RS232d ?!?
818.02BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri Sep 13 1991ECO for the DF296 ?
819.01KODAK::PRATTThu Sep 19 1991Need help re: one-way conversation
820.0RIPPLE::KOPEC_STThu Sep 19 1991DEC's plans for V.32bis support?
821.02CNAMON::FOXThu Sep 26 1991DF112 Docs??
822.03CRONIC::LEMONSThu Sep 26 1991Error Correction between Scholar-PLUS (DF242) and DECmodem V32 (DF196)
823.03TRCOA::LEWMon Sep 30 1991Dialing in Batch
824.03TOOK::COBBMon Sep 30 1991VT42
825.02EARRTH::DLANDRYThu Oct 03 1991Vaxmate auto-answer?
826.0TENNIS::KAMFri Oct 04 1991V.29 lease-line modem question
827.0MARX::ANDERSONSun Oct 06 1991AT command set - iis it truly standard
828.01MARX::MEHTAWed Oct 09 1991Looking for a hayes standard modem having specific features
829.01SKIWI::EATONThu Oct 10 1991Central VAX Dialing-up remote VAXen ??
830.03ASABET::EHNSTROMThu Oct 10 1991here's a good problem.
831.01MILPND::GALLAGHERMon Oct 14 1991DF124 from AT mode to DCML mode?
832.01RANGER::NOURSEMon Oct 14 1991DF296 and other v.32 modems: compatability?
833.02MARX::ANDERSONMon Oct 14 1991full modem control - vaxes ?
834.03SIOG::ODONNELLWed Oct 16 199196
835.07RGNET8::BOUTHIETTEWed Oct 16 1991async decnet dialback with df296
836.06VICKI::SHELTONWed Oct 16 1991DF296 AT mode can't use 'W' qualifier on FX lines
837.02MR4DEC::JZEMCIKTue Oct 22 1991FAX for VAX853
839.08RANGER::COOKTue Oct 29 1991constant garbage after modem answers...
840.02RANGER::COOKTue Oct 29 1991Partial modem support on VaxStation 31
841.01TASTY::NISBETWed Oct 30 1991Non Digital Modems (AMSTRAD) and ACB
843.01SANFAN::TSENG_STThu Oct 31 1991Problem with adding USR HST Modem
845.03CSC32::J_SANDOVALWed Nov 06 1991DF124 Plus problems
846.02SIOG::ODONNELLWed Nov 06 1991modem upgrade
847.06CSC32::MASIASThu Nov 07 1991Enable MNP on df296 in AT mode
848.01TRCOA::TROTTIMon Nov 11 1991Scholar info needed
849.04FROGMN::GOGUENWed Nov 13 1991DF1
850.02MRCNET::BOISVERTWed Nov 13 1991DF296/Sync/Autodial Applications
851.01SKYLYT::JNELSONMon Nov 18 1991DF224/VS35
852.02MARCM3::HENNINGThu Nov 28 1991hayes compat. modem: online/command state
853.04FSDEV::HANAMMon Dec 02 1991answering machine not working
854.03TENNIS::KAMTue Dec 10 1991DF124 and default password
855.02MINDER::TURNERIWed Dec 11 1991Need Help with Modular Technology M4
856.03TENNIS::KAMWed Dec 11 1991Need help with SCHOLAR and DF124 in Synch
857.01SIOG::ODONNELLFri Dec 13 1991Dowty Quattro not down loading
858.02COMICS::LOTATue Dec 17 1991Modem taking line down?
859.02SAILR3::HANAMMon Dec 30 1991Recommendation when scholar plus not available?
860.05GOONS::BAKERTue Dec 31 1991VS2
861.0GMTNET::SYSTEMMon Jan 06 1992Problems using a Tricom Tornado 1
862.05MKODEV::CALVETTIWed Jan 08 1992Scholar Equivalent Needed
863.01CSDNET::DICASTROMon Jan 13 1992Recomendations for dial-in modem hardware please
864.0CSC32::VANDENBERGTue Jan 14 1992Baud rates (Incoming,Outgoing,Port)
865.04CSDNET::DICASTROTue Jan 14 1992DF196-DM,DF1
866.02LUNER::THIBAULTWed Jan 15 1992DF112-TR light won't go on with Rainbow
867.01CSC32::J_SANDOVALMon Jan 20 19929 -25 Pin modem cable???
868.01SALEM::LANGEVINThu Jan 23 1992DF296 --> AT&W not working
869.0DPDMAI::REINSCHFri Jan 24 1992FAX/Modems for Laptops
870.0ULTRA::BURGESSWed Jan 29 1992DF296, WATN and the AT command language.
871.01CSC32::P_HIROSSThu Jan 30 1992MNP error correction with DF242 modems
872.04DPDMAI::SIMMONSFri Jan 31 1992Customer modem questions
873.06GLDOA::MUNYANFri Jan 31 1992DECmodem V32 problems
874.012LANDO::ROSENSTEINMon Feb 03 1992Looking for international modem info.
875.02BUSY::SWANEYFri Feb 07 1992Hanging processes and mysterious modem noise?
876.017CTHQ1::ROSENBERGMon Feb 10 1992New DF296 User Questions
877.03CSOA1::FISHERMon Feb 10 19922 Port Dialup Modem?
878.02TROOA::GGOODFELLOWMon Feb 10 1992Dialing a SCHOLAR from a DCL Program
879.09CSOA1::LENNIGTue Feb 11 1992DF296 and call waiting
880.01AMUSE::QUIMBYWed Feb 19 1992DF296 and other devices on line
881.02KAOFS::D_PAWSEYWed Feb 19 1992Hayes V-Series result codes missing!
882.0SAHQ::HICEMon Feb 24 1992Suicidal Modem Problem
883.03CANOVA::MICHIELITue Feb 25 1992DATACONSYST specs needed
884.0HPSRAD::SIMONWed Feb 26 1992Modem for noisy lines
885.04HEAVY::JAMIEThu Feb 27 1992Zmodem protocol ?
886.07DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Feb 27 1992V.42bis modems
887.0LENO::MILANESIWed Mar 04 1992MDS
888.05DRAC::COLLThu Mar 05 1992v.35 2Mb modem
889.0816BITS::DELBALSOThu Mar 05 1992Scholar-plus difficulty - can anyone explain?
890.01JMPSRV::MICKOLThu Mar 05 1992DF296/DTR/Auto-Dial
891.05SOJU::QUINNTue Mar 10 1992Schol. + stops output or input gets slow
892.02AUNTB::BRILEYWed Mar 11 1992Problem connecting V.32 at 96
893.01VINO::HICKEYThu Mar 12 1992Dial out with TTDRIVER
895.0SIOG::ODONNELLSun Mar 15 1992Gateway-telepath modems advice sought
896.0SYSTEM::ROGGENSTEINThu Mar 19 1992do you have a RV 485
897.0SUPRThu Mar 19 1992 Connection with VAX9
898.05KERNEL::LOANESun Mar 22 1992Any MNP docs to help with yet another VAX9
899.02DIODE::CROWELLFri Mar 27 1992How to switch from AT mode back to DEC mode?
900.01BUSY::SWANEYMon Mar 30 1992VAXstation 31
901.0NEWOA::HARRISONTue Mar 31 1992Reccomendations on modems
902.01TDCAI1::FRANCARTWed Apr 01 1992Modem cables: BS19D / BS23V
903.03CGOOA::KUHNENThu Apr 02 1992df296 manuals online?
904.06FSOA::ATAYLORFri Apr 03 1992Problem with customer DEFENDER callback system
905.01TRUCKS::CHANTREY_STue Apr 07 1992Problem receiving ctrl chars
907.04EPIK::FINNERTYWed Apr 08 1992Scholar-Plus, "real" Hayes mode
908.01DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Apr 22 1992CMCL Phone Link?
909.0BAHTAT::HILTONThu Apr 23 1992British Telecom mc48
910.01KALI::SMITHSat Apr 25 1992way to hang-up using DMCL?
911.02MAASUP::PORAMBOMon May 04 1992DFD
913.02CSLALL::CDUBOISTue May 12 1992NOVICE needs help!!!
914.01VIVIAN::G_BRIDLEFri May 15 1992AT Commands in a script file
915.03F18::ROBERTFri May 15 1992Doc's for the DF292?
916.04HDLITE::MORINTue May 19 1992Weird problems dialing into DF296's from DF242's ..
917.0BUSY::SWANEYThu May 21 1992Trailblazer T-25
918.01ULTOE::browderMon Jun 01 1992cable for DS5
919.03BTOVT::JPETERSMon Jun 01 1992DF296 DECModem V32 speaker
920.04RANGER::PANDYATue Jun 02 1992Modem speeds Info Needed
921.01MANGWed Jun 03 1992PC4XD-CA Hayes compatible?
922.04MILKWY::SMCCORMICKTue Jun 09 1992Scholar loses stored number memory.
923.03CSC32::VISAGEFri Jun 12 1992Why 96
924.09ROYALT::AMCDONALDMon Jun 15 1992Forcing DTR on in the DECmodem V32 (how?)
925.04CADSYS::LEMONSThu Jun 18 1992Software needed for 'Rockwell RPI driver'?
926.01CGOOA::BOYCHUKThu Jun 18 1992DF196 Looses Parameters
927.01ATEAM::DEVANEYThu Jun 18 1992scholar plus attaches ok but then beeps
928.01CADSYS::LEMONSThu Jun 18 1992fax pages per minute?
929.04AD::MORRISSun Jun 21 1992"w" modifier in AT mode
930.0SEDSWS::SAMPAYOMon Jun 22 1992Dowty modems
931.04INFACT::BEVISMon Jun 22 1992Forcing 96
932.04CGOWGS::DREWMon Jun 22 1992DF196's incompatible with 24
934.01ANGLIN::CORRIGANWed Jun 24 1992df296 decmodem configuration problem
935.05PRESS1::WARSHAWWed Jun 24 1992sholar+ modem problems
936.04DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Jun 25 1992Write to Non-Volatile Memory
937.0CRIME::BONGARTZFri Jun 26 1992Smart One Traveler 9624FP Send/Receive Fax Pocket Modem
938.01DDIF::MUNYANMon Jun 29 1992DF296-DA getting ready to smoke???
939.01KAOOA::SOWREYMon Jun 29 1992VT24
940.01GNPIKE::GOGUENTue Jun 30 1992DF196 dial out problem - busy
941.02APACHE::PIERCEWed Jul 01 1992Asynch Modems/DECrouter 25
942.0KAOFS::E_LOKENWed Jul 08 1992V5.5 V.32 Modems Problem
943.0SAHQ::HICEThu Jul 09 1992CD mystery???
944.0ARRODS::BARRONDThu Jul 09 1992A question about carrier modes
945.01DEKVC::CHEONHYOUNGFri Jul 10 1992Can i use DF296-DA as a local modem
946.0ESSB2::GMCCLEANFri Jul 10 1992Data on British Telecom MM12
947.02GIDDAY::MAKThu Jul 16 1992"Susceptibility Test" for MODEM
949.06SYSTEM::ROGGENSTEINWed Jul 22 1992DSH32-->DF296 autodial ?
950.04BTOVT::JPETERSWed Jul 22 1992DF296, DSRVB callback problem
951.06RTPLThu Jul 23 1992Modems, DSU/CSU, MUX's who can be managed?
952.05RTL::LINDQUISTThu Jul 23 1992Operation over a cordless phone?
953.0FSOA::OGRADYMon Jul 27 1992Need a Courier Dual Standard to Test With
954.01WHELIN::DARUWALAMon Jul 27 1992Full modem control on VAXstation 36
955.03METSYS::ROGGENSTEINWed Jul 29 1992DF296 autodial problems?
956.0AKRON1::SMITHWed Aug 05 1992DF296/DSH32 DEC/EDI cable solution
957.02INFACT::BEVISWed Aug 05 1992"bis"-ness
958.01KYOA::KOCHMon Aug 10 1992DF296 running ASYNCH over 2-wire leased line
959.0BOGUSS::OLESONMon Aug 17 1992/etc/acucap config questions
960.043984::NELSONTue Aug 18 1992DF296, Bisync, and DUP11 Driver I/F
961.01CACIQE::BEZARESThu Aug 20 1992DF124 PROBLEM
962.03TPOVC::FRANKLINTue Aug 25 1992Need Autodialer Information !
963.01PNR1::ELLIOTTWed Aug 26 1992help with DF242
964.02TPOVThu Aug 27 1992Modem Problem With Decserver 9
965.0HURON::PIERCEThu Aug 27 1992Modems with command port and data ports
966.0DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Aug 31 1992SNMP Manageable Modems
967.03SMURF::KARPWed Sep 02 1992Directly connecting two modems
968.03NOFALT::LUDWIGFri Sep 04 1992Mircocom AX/9624c and DF296??
969.03PROMPT::MILLINGFri Sep 04 1992URGENT - DF296 DECmodem V32 setup question
970.0RESYNC::SHAThu Sep 10 1992Need a hayes PVA24V5 modem
971.01INFACT::BEVISThu Sep 10 1992How to obtain DAA's?
972.01HURON::MCKINNONMon Sep 14 1992ex
973.0RESYNC::SHAMon Sep 21 1992Need Hayes modem
974.02TENNIS::KAMMon Sep 21 1992DB25/MMJ adapter that connects to a modem?
975.06QUARK::LIONELTue Sep 22 1992LA75 Plus powered on interferes with DF296 modem
976.01WRKSYS::COHENWed Sep 23 1992send/recieve files
977.02HPSRAD::LUDWIGFri Sep 25 1992Scholar Plus and DF296 with MNP on?
979.01ESSB::KKELLYWed Sep 30 1992MORE HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
980.019PHONES::KOTOKWed Sep 30 1992Caller-ID now available on a modem...
982.06MEMORY::SOVIEWed Sep 30 1992can't get rid of my hangups
984.02UNTADC::IBRODIEWed Oct 14 1992Phone jack to DB9/DB25 wiring
985.04NAPIER::MCAFEEWed Oct 14 1992s7 > 6
986.04EDWIN::OUYANGThu Oct 15 1992Scholar Plus 'trivial' ??
987.01HITEKS::DOTYWed Oct 21 1992DF129 modem questions
988.017HPSRAD::LUDWIGWed Oct 21 1992No Carrier after < 1 minute?
989.02HURLS::HURLEYWed Oct 21 1992scholar+ and df196dm
990.03KAOFS::LOCKYERThu Oct 22 1992Digital Modems & DSNlink
991.01CHOVAX::DANYLUKThu Oct 22 1992autobaud with modems under ULTRIX?
992.08TROOA::RITCHESun Oct 25 1992Problem getting MNP error correction to work
993.02BAYES::SAUBERMon Oct 26 1992How to un-jam a locked up modem connection?
994.0ISIDRO::MAMORENOWed Oct 28 1992modem signals
995.03BUSY::SWANEYMon Nov 02 1992how to pass a # in AT mode?
997.0MSBCS::HURLEYWed Nov 04 1992help on logout garbage
998.04VAXCAP::SIMONICHFri Nov 06 1992VT32
999.02CSC32::J_ALBANESEFri Nov 06 1992DF196 not working with DMCL and /DIAL at 19.2k.
1000.02EICMFG::DRECHSELTue Nov 10 199257.6
1001.05AOSG::NORDLINGERTue Nov 17 1992trouble getting DF242 to connect to line.
1002.01CURRNT::CARSONTue Nov 24 1992no carrier on supra
1003.01MIMS::QUINN_JTue Nov 24 1992Scholar worked fine Dallas not
1004.02VINO::QUANGTue Nov 24 1992Modem setup.
1005.01TUPPER::LWILLIAMSWed Nov 25 1992WHICH MODEM TO BUY ??????
1006.07BUSY::SWANEYFri Dec 04 1992DF196 setups
1007.0TRCOA::BRENNANTue Dec 08 1992DF296 in Europe
1008.0MISFIT::BLUMWed Dec 09 1992Scholar/plus modems "hanging"
1009.06CSC32::J_WHISONANTWed Dec 09 1992Callback security question
1010.05LGP3Thu Dec 10 1992Telebit QBlazer question
1011.01MAIL::CLAYTONThu Dec 10 1992Manageable Modems?
1012.01KAOFS::S_KEITHFri Dec 11 1992DF196/DF296 not answering call from 24
1013.06GYUPCC::URBANSat Dec 12 1992problems with ZOOM V32bis
1014.02WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon Dec 14 1992What is the difference between Class I and Class II Fax?
1015.01KAOFS::D_SCARFETue Dec 15 1992Need general info on 96
1016.01BUSY::SWANEYTue Dec 15 1992Error correction and MNP5 screws up the terminal?
1017.05MUTTON::LAMBWed Dec 16 1992DF296 Dial # on power up??
1018.01MUTTON::LAMBWed Dec 16 1992MNP and Syn
1019.0QCAVFri Dec 18 1992Help required regarding XON-XOFF protocol
1020.01NEWOA::SAXBYFri Dec 18 1992Hayes 24
1021.04VAXCAP::BONNEAUSun Dec 20 1992Best deal for 14.4K modem for BBS?
1022.02TROOA::STANFIELDTue Dec 22 1992PCXBF-AA/Hayes Smartmodem 24
1023.0CSC32::R_SOMBERGTue Dec 22 1992DF126 doesn't want to hangup...
1024.03KYOA::KOCHTue Dec 29 1992Cellular Modems?
1025.03CSC32::J_SANDOVALThu Dec 31 1992DF296 AT MODE Question
1026.01PTOECA::JOEWMon Jan 04 1993DF224 needs ringback to connect?
1027.04ALLVAX::ONEILLWed Jan 06 1993Need Help....
1028.02DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Jan 06 1993DFD
1029.01WECARE::TORTIMon Jan 11 1993Modem for VAXmate
1030.05SKYE::HYERTue Jan 12 1993PCXDF-AA 144
1031.02ABACUS::PAQUETTE_LWed Jan 13 1993Zoom External 144
1032.011BNGBNG::BOURGEOISThu Jan 14 1993int 96
1033.01WNPVThu Jan 14 1993DF296 generates uhf RFI
1034.02KAOFS::D_PAWSEYFri Jan 15 1993DF296 @24
1035.0BELFST::R_DOHERTYTue Jan 19 1993result codes for outgoing call
1037.031ANOSWS::COMFORTThu Jan 21 1993PCXDF-AA 14.4 modem discussions/problems
1038.03CSC32::K_DEITKETue Jan 26 1993DF296 modem buffer overflow problem?
1039.02VINO::QUANGTue Feb 02 1993Ring to Answer (DECmodem V32)
1040.02CARNTA::OKEEFEFri Feb 05 1993how to go online?? df296/sync/leased-line/PLTN/DMCL
1041.01OTOOA::LIZOTTETue Feb 09 1993getting no response on dial in
1042.01CARNTA::OKEEFEThu Feb 11 1993need UDS2
1043.01OTOOA::LIZOTTEThu Feb 11 1993ref note 1
1044.0FSOA::SWANEYFri Feb 12 1993help?
1045.01IAMOK::TRIPPSun Feb 14 1993Scholar Plus manual
1046.01DEMOAX::FAHEYMon Feb 15 1993DMB-32 dropping DTR while idle
1047.0PHAROS::NORMANThu Feb 25 1993Random characters-specific times ?
1048.04WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAThu Feb 25 1993Twincomm offers new Firmware for Rockwell chips. $2
1049.01PENUTS::PWTKVL::DREWNIAKFri Feb 26 1993Procomm + & Scholar Plus
1050.01VMSNET::M_HYDEThu Mar 04 1993Do all modems respond in English
1051.03VERGA::COLLINSFri Mar 05 1993PC to Scholar Plus HW Connect
1052.06WMOIS::BARTOLOMEO_VFri Mar 05 1993Call-waiting interrupts....
1053.01PAMSRC::635Mon Mar 08 1993Is TELEBIT T25SA V.32?
1054.013QUARK::LIONELTue Mar 09 1993DF296 goes up in smoke
1055.06POCUS::SIMMONSTue Mar 09 1993async decnet
1056.09ROWLET::ALBURYWed Mar 10 1993DF196 advise please.
1057.01NIKON::CHHATWALWed Mar 10 1993Problem with connecting DF296 with Hayes Ultra at 96
1058.01JEDI::CAUDILLWed Mar 10 1993modem control on VAXstation 4
1059.02NZOMIS::HOWARDSun Mar 14 1993Dialback security - into Digital. How?
1060.02MCIS2::MACKEYThu Mar 25 1993Problem with Fax modem and quick link
1061.02CSC32::J_SANDOVALFri Mar 26 1993DF296, Can you Access Autodialer while in Sychronous mode???
1062.05LMOPST::SOLVE::POLIKOFFMon Mar 29 1993PC modem does not call WATN but Scholar does.
1063.0KYOA::SLAGLEThu Apr 01 199331
1064.01TAMARA::HOVEYFri Apr 02 1993pc/pc modem connect question.
1065.0CADSYS::LEMONSFri Apr 02 1993Connecting home to work
1066.01VOYAGR::SITEMANMon Apr 05 1993Scholar modem won't connect to bulletin board
1067.0TROOA::RATTMANTue Apr 06 1993info needed
1068.01CADSYS::LEMONSTue Apr 06 1993UARTs
1069.01COPCLU::GREGWed Apr 07 1993DTR deassertion through modems?
1070.02HOTBED::YOSTWed Apr 07 1993Modem networking under Ultrix?
1071.02BSS::HOLLANDWed Apr 07 1993J3 Jumper in DF129
1072.03ORO5Fri Apr 16 1993Help with Vax/modem configuration.
1073.02FSOA::SWANEYThu Apr 22 1993New modme upgrade!
1074.01BLKPUD::WILLOUGHBYDThu Apr 22 1993Modem for home use in UK ?
1075.08USCTR1::MREICHWed Apr 28 1993shutoff V.42 ?
1076.05MVBLAB::ERVINWed Apr 28 1993Major problems in Stow MA with DF296
1077.04FSOA::SWANEYFri Apr 30 1993can we do this
1078.03FORTY2::FOWLERCMon May 03 1993Problems with MultiModem MT1432BLK and ACB
1079.03CSC32::J_SANDOVALMon May 03 1993PLTN parameter, Transmit LEVEL.
1080.04CX3PT2::DFLPRD::M_DIFABIOSun May 09 1993DF196 won't answer
1081.01ELYSEE::FUMSTue May 11 1993MultiModemII MT1432BLK
1082.04PULMAN::MARJOLLETMon May 17 1993VT32
1083.09FSOA::SWANEYTue May 18 1993What will DEC have in this 144
1084.03MARX::YINGThu May 20 1993Anyone knows Windows Telephony standard
1085.07CTHQ::ROSENBERGWed Jun 02 1993Dialin problem with DF96
1086.0WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAWed Jun 02 1993Using WINFAX and PROCOM together. Here's how.
1087.03SPEZKO::REICHERTThu Jun 03 1993Hayes to Us Robotics Courier
1088.0UBOHUB::BRAND_PMon Jun 07 1993FM service Network security
1089.01JEDI::CAUDILLThu Jun 10 1993DF296 modem dial out service creates major credit card risk
1090.01KYOA::LAZARUSMon Jun 14 199396
1091.01AIDEV::POLIKOFFWed Jun 16 1993Where do I get a DEC owned Scholar fixed
1092.0BAHTAT::FRANZMon Jun 28 1993Tricom Tempest Quin; Xon/Xoff
1093.0USCTR1::MREICHTue Jun 29 1993Quick Link II questions
1094.01BACHUS::RIJMENANTSTue Jul 06 1993multitech multimode v32 setup/login password
1095.02NIBLET::COBBTue Jul 06 1993Modem management and UI survey...
1096.02EMASS1::HEGGEThu Jul 08 1993Multiple Phone Line Jacks
1097.01NIBLET::COBBWed Jul 21 1993AT&T/Paradyne cellular modem announcement
1098.07METALX::SWANSONSun Jul 25 1993Boca 14.4K modem seems slow
1099.05TRLIAN::SMOLINSKIMon Jul 26 1993edi and df296 (e18 parity error)
1100.02RANGER::PITONIAKWed Jul 28 1993Data Bits/Parity question
1101.01NMS::KEOGHMon Aug 02 1993No Dial tone (BOCA)
1102.01KYOA::LAZARUSWed Aug 04 1993V32 not responding on TXA port
1103.0ARGYLE::LEMONSThu Aug 05 1993What modems should be bought for Digital internal use
1105.0ARGYLE::LEMONSFri Aug 06 1993Software Upgradable Modems
1106.09SEND::PRINCIPIOSun Aug 08 1993Can't access online service using DECmodem V32
1107.0COPCLU::GREGTue Aug 10 1993SYNC DDCMP/ MultiTech 1432
1108.01CSC32::YOUNGWIRTHFri Aug 13 1993DF126 and Access Security Password responses?
1109.02SOLVIT::ROHNERTThu Aug 19 1993Microcom Modem problem
1110.03CSC32::B_BEARDThu Aug 19 1993DMCL Computer mode on DF296
1111.03BIS1::BHP681::MAYEUR_XavierTue Aug 24 1993Enhanced AT and EIA-578 command set
1112.0ZPOVC::INDOTue Aug 24 1993Limited vs Full Modem Control
1114.05GLDOA::HACKThu Aug 26 1993Scholar Plus, DF242, power supply options needed.
1115.08TROOA::RITCHEFri Aug 27 1993GVC 144
1116.07ATLANT::SCHMIDTSat Aug 28 1993Looking for a Book on the Engineering Theory of Modems
1117.07SANBDO::GRANTTue Aug 31 1993Problem with 96
1118.09ASABET::QUINTALTue Aug 31 1993Scholar Plus Modem
1119.02ROYALT::PORCHERFri Sep 03 1993Is it really 14.4/96
1120.0ICS::RILEYFri Sep 10 1993HELP, Problem with DF296 in AT mode
1121.0NSTG::RBROWNMon Sep 13 1993Lotus Notes and DF296
1122.01CSC32::RAYTue Sep 14 1993Autodial DF296 on DMB32 Synchronous line
1123.02SCAPAS::RAWL::RAWLINSTue Sep 14 1993Problems with DF296 Synch Autodial?
1124.0POBOX::FEIGLEThu Sep 16 1993How do you know if it's error correcting
1125.06SUBURB::BRAYAMon Sep 20 1993US modems in Europe
1126.02CSDNET::DICASTROWed Sep 22 1993reset password on DF124-CM - how to
1127.012VINO::TLITTWed Sep 22 1993Problems with 96
1128.05MLNADFri Sep 24 1993Zmodem protol
1129.0METALX::SWANSONWed Sep 29 1993Bilf or any_to_fixed_512 for Alpha?
1130.01SICVAX::LIWed Sep 29 1993DECtse kit???
1131.0NAC::OFSEVITWed Sep 29 1993wanted: old modems
1132.0MKOTS1::LAWTONThu Sep 30 1993Problems with Special Phone Services
1133.09SMAUG::GARRODSat Oct 02 1993How do I diagnose "Error Correction" problems?
1134.02JARETH::GILLIAMWed Oct 06 1993DF-296-DA: Problem storing dial strings
1135.04CSOA1::LENNIGThu Oct 07 1993How to force 48
1136.0SOFBAS::SHERMANFri Oct 08 1993how to get dialout/OMODEM?
1137.0CSC32::M_VEGAThu Oct 14 1993DF296 won't resync after line loss
1138.0GIDDAY::PACKHAMThu Oct 21 1993Modems and SLIP?
1139.01CSC32::JJONESThu Oct 21 1993USRobotics modem on a 423 port?
1140.0BACHUS::WAUTERSWed Oct 27 1993What is going on via the modem ?
1141.011BAUDR8::LAILThu Oct 28 1993Phase "
1142.01TENNIS::KAMThu Oct 28 1993European equivalent for the DF296-DA?
1143.0SATRN::STEWARTFri Oct 29 1993ATS time service
1144.01CTHQ::CTHQ::FRERETue Nov 02 1993AT Commands and Async DECnet - Help needed.
1145.03MISFIT::KINNEYDWed Nov 03 1993How many modems will be enough
1146.0KYOSS1::SLAGLETue Nov 09 1993DF296 Receiver Sensitivity?
1147.01BOGUSS::SHAWTue Nov 09 1993HELP ! setting up codex modem on uVaxII/DECrouter 25
1148.04CTHQ::LANGLOISWed Nov 10 1993seeing control characters in NOTES
1149.05SKIP::MORRISWed Nov 10 1993NO CARRIER with DECpc LAPtop internal modem
1150.0ERLANG::TARDOFri Nov 12 1993Documentation discrepancy for Cardinal Internal Modem?
1151.01IJSAPL::DOOLAARDSat Nov 13 1993PCMCIA MC216 S7 nochange
1152.03ISLNDS::HEIERSat Nov 13 1993Scholar+ install on ds333c
1154.03LISTIM::MATTOSMon Nov 29 1993Help with the 'S' registers
1155.05CSOA1::LENNIGTue Nov 30 1993Software modems?
1156.02DEMOAX::FAHEYThu Dec 02 1993Async DECnet Dialup
1157.06MR1MI1::SWANEYTue Dec 07 1993what about call waiting?
1158.03CGOOA::CHASEThu Dec 09 1993help with "extended AT commands"
1159.02SALEM::TAYLOR_JWed Dec 15 1993Rip Graphics ???
1160.0SIOG::ODONNELLSun Dec 19 1993Fahrenheit + Modem = no boot on pc.
1161.09SUBPAC::SAUBERTue Dec 21 1993SLIP/DF296/auto-callback/speed buffering
1162.0POBOX::KONEILTue Dec 21 1993Cardinal/Fax Modem
1163.02RANGER::CRAWFORDWed Jan 05 1994is the V32 Hayes compatible by default?
1164.08OSLACT::TORKILD_PMon Jan 10 1994Zmodem
1165.03MR1MI1::SWANEYMon Jan 10 1994DF196 connection problems
1166.02BRAT::BUKOWSKIWed Jan 12 1994Cardinal vrs. Intel which should I buy?
1167.03BREAKR::HAFri Jan 14 1994CHIPCOM terminal server and Scholar Plus modems
1168.03KAOFS::J_DALYMon Jan 17 1994RACAL-VADIC 485
1169.05CNTROL::HUGHESFri Jan 21 1994NEW USER !!! Needing advice.
1170.01SUPRWed Feb 02 1994Software to monitor modems plugged on DECserver?
1171.0BASLG1::GORDONTue Feb 08 1994USR Sportster / DS2
1172.011BASLG1::GORDONTue Feb 08 1994USR Sportster / DS2
1174.02BBIVFri Feb 11 1994Using modems to dial ordinary telephone numbers
1175.01DEKASun Feb 13 1994zmodem file transfer problem
1176.0GIAMEM::CHARRIERMon Feb 14 1994Running Keyboard Under COMit Software?
1177.0ISLNDS::HEIERWed Feb 16 1994CARDINAL modem problems
1178.0KALI::NR1E::HORSEFIELDMon Feb 21 1994Help with 96
1179.02ATLANT::SCHMIDTTue Feb 22 1994DF196/DF296 Versions and ROM Firmware Revision Levels
1180.07ATLANT::SCHMIDTWed Feb 23 1994Global Village Communications "PowerPort" and "TelePort"
1181.03MSBCS::HURLEYFri Feb 25 1994faster modems
1182.02ROMEOS::IVINS_TOTue Mar 01 1994df242 component ipb needed
1183.0DELNI::P_COLETue Mar 01 1994DF296 and PC problems
1184.0RDGENG::FRYThu Mar 03 1994US modem in UK ?
1185.0STAR::BUDASat Mar 05 1994New USR Modem
1186.02ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu Mar 10 1994how to get DF224 to autodial
1187.01CSLALL::SWARTZFri Mar 11 1994Scholar Plus - Problem changing settings
1188.01KELVIN::LONGMon Mar 21 1994How do I contact the telecom people?
1189.05DCEIDL::TRIOUMon Mar 21 1994What about 28.8 modems?
1190.0WRAFLC::GILLEYTue Mar 22 1994Hair loss trying to configure a modem.
1191.0ATHINA::KARVOUNIS_ATue Mar 22 1994MDS
1192.05TINCUP::S_ROSCIOFri Mar 25 1994Q's on Dialback
1193.05TENNIS::KAMWed Mar 30 1994DF296 & BBS xfrs slow & no connects @ 24
1194.04ULYSSE::ZITTAThu Mar 31 1994Voice modems: Hayes commands?
1195.0125534::BLESSLEYWed Apr 06 1994Any experience w/Zoom V.Fast modems?
1196.0TROOA::MSCHNEIDERFri Apr 08 1994US Robotics on MV31
1197.0MR1MI1::SWANEYWed Apr 13 1994DF126?/DF127?/DF129? any ideas
1198.04STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Apr 14 1994Autodialing set number when DTR is raised?
1199.01WELSWS::NUTKINSMSat Apr 16 1994MultiTech MTI1432BLK and Postscript printers
1200.01VAXRIO::MANOELWed Apr 20 1994Problems with US Robotics in a server.
1201.0NAPIER::BARRETTTue May 10 199414.4 Hayes ACCURA - DecServer 2
1202.02CSC32::B_HARRISONTue May 10 1994What are Digital's Modem Plans?
1203.0KELVIN::MARCHL::BLISSWed May 18 1994PCXDF-AA (again) in an LPx ??
1205.01MOEUR8::PHOWed May 25 1994DEC BBS ?
1206.01KAOAThu May 26 1994What make is this??
1207.0NERSW5::BURCHAMFri Jun 03 1994DF296 2-wire sync. mode
1208.0BUSY::MENDOZASun Jun 05 1994Zmodem hung up
1209.02CSC32::S_BROOKMon Jun 06 1994Dialback hangs up before complete
1210.0USDEV::RSTREETERTue Jun 07 1994Notebook pulse dialing help needed
1211.0CSC32::S_BROOKThu Jun 09 1994DF124+ "Not wired correctly" errors
1212.01NEWVAX::MURRAYSun Jun 12 1994DF296-DA and 14.4 on Compuserve setup?
1213.01STAR::RJONESTue Jun 14 1994Testing Loop???
1214.02SWAM2::HICE_HEFri Jun 17 1994connection problems DF196/296
1215.05TELFON::MAILMANTue Jun 21 1994V32 modem and America On-Line (AOL)
1216.02MOLAR::DELBALSOTue Jun 21 1994How do you teach a Scholar+ to be patient?
1217.07KAOFS::W_GILROYSat Jun 25 1994Scholar+ manual
1218.07LISTIM::MATTOSSat Jun 25 1994Keaterm 42
1219.02PENUTS::COSTAWed Jul 06 1994DF296 in Synch Mode @ 96
1220.0VMSSPT::PAGLIARULOMon Jul 25 1994Best Data of Complete PC Modems
1221.014VMSSPT::PAGLIARULOMon Jul 25 1994Help in Buying New Modem
1222.02OZZZ::QUINTALThu Jul 28 1994Scholar with VT34
1223.0VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOTue Aug 02 199464Kbits/sec modem ?
1225.03REGNAR::WHEATERWed Aug 03 1994Practical Peripherals Modems
1226.02WHRAMI::BITTERWed Aug 10 1994Introductory Modem info
1227.01NOVA::BOIKOThu Aug 11 1994DECmodem V32 - Turn on ECC - How?
1228.02HLFSTue Aug 16 1994Internal modem - Break
1229.02MILKWY::JSIEGELThu Aug 18 1994ZOOM 14.4 modem at Lechemere for $99!
1230.02DCEIDL::CLARKSat Aug 20 1994Still get errors w/ error correction enabled
1231.05WARNUT::FORSHAWJThu Aug 25 1994RJ11 Socket Pin-Out
1232.01CSLALL::GASPAROLAMon Aug 29 1994Need modem data for setup
1233.01ROSCO::FREDATue Aug 30 1994Scholar Plus, DECpc42
1234.02PRSPSU::TASSETThu Sep 08 1994multitech v32 passwords reset
1235.06TPSYS::BONNEAUThu Sep 22 1994Using ":" in a dialing number?
1236.01LISTIM::MATTOSThu Sep 22 1994Connecting two modems. How?
1237.05RESTRT::REDDYWed Sep 28 1994Even parity gives me Odd on DF196-DM
1238.0MAASUP::PORAMBOThu Sep 29 1994Need some advice!
1239.01ROMCSA::SYSTEMThu Sep 29 1994C sources
1240.02CSC32::J_SANDOVALThu Sep 29 1994v.32 Potential Havoc
1241.03PTOJJD::DANZAKSat Oct 01 1994DF196+Hayes14.4 = how to set-up Hayes for 96
1242.01GUIDUK::SOMERTue Oct 04 1994CE certification for modems
1243.06TALLIS::KOCHTue Oct 04 1994What comes after 28.8?
1244.01SCCAT::JONESTue Oct 04 1994Controlling a modem from a terminal port?
1245.03KERNEL::JONESGThu Oct 06 1994Escape characters while editing?
1246.0ASABET::ELGINThu Oct 13 1994DECmodem V32 Stalling
1247.01CSSE::FAHERTYMon Oct 17 1994Right cable for hooking DECmode V32 to PC parallel port
1248.04EDISTO::greeneFri Oct 28 1994US modem in Australia & Japan
1249.05AXEL::FOLEYTue Nov 01 1994Official init string topic for DF296/DECmodem V32
1250.01DPDMAI::HAGENWed Nov 02 1994FR-PCXHF-AA DEC 28.8
1251.03ANGLIN::BERNDTWed Nov 02 1994V.FAST with Network Access Server
1252.01ZURTue Nov 08 1994Noise Filter ?
1254.0ATLANT::SCHMIDTTue Nov 08 1994Apropos Absolutely Nothing but I Couldn't Resist
1255.04PAKORA::CMACDONALDThu Nov 10 1994Problem with US Robotics Sportster and DS7
1256.04ELIS::PIETERSFri Nov 11 1994MultiModem says: NUMBER BLACKLISTED
1257.04ZURMon Nov 14 1994v42,v42.bis,Lapm ??
1258.02CADSYS::LEMONSTue Nov 15 1994DECmodem V32 remote access password
1259.01ICS::MCLAUGHLINTue Nov 15 1994Is cellular worth it
1260.02KERNEL::PETTETWed Nov 23 1994help using Tricom 12/42 with MDS
1261.01ATLANT::SCHMIDTMon Nov 28 1994Hayes Micrcomputer: "AT" its End.
1262.02SOFGEN::APICCOLOTue Nov 29 1994Hayes Accura 144 EXT Connector to DECserver
1263.01RSNC::KRELEKAMPWed Nov 30 1994Help with MultiTech 224E7
1264.01RANGLY::CROCKETT_PAUWed Nov 30 1994VAXstation , Alphastation w/ v.34
1265.02MQOOA::YDAIGNEAULTThu Dec 01 1994df296 & gardadge characters
1266.04DCEIDL::CLARKSun Dec 04 1994DECmodem V32 (DF296) does not Hang Up (ATH)
1267.0CSOADM::DANIELSMon Dec 05 1994pcxdf-aa 14.4 internal DECPOS
1268.02NEWVAX::MURRAYWed Dec 07 1994Reset and Resume after hang?
1269.01CADSYS::LEMONSTue Dec 13 1994V.34 modem order numbers
1270.03HDLITE::MORINThu Dec 15 1994Help on modem order (V.34, V.FAST, V.FC, *&^%@)
1271.03CSOA1::BEJCEKMon Dec 19 1994Loose data @ 96
1272.01OSLTue Jan 03 1995DECserver 9
1273.0ROMTSS::SCALELLAWed Jan 04 1995'NO DIALTONE' with AT&T KeepInTouch Modem Card
1274.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu Jan 05 1995Diagnosing CRC errors
1275.05HDLITE::MORINTue Jan 10 1995Need help with V.34 Bocamodem and DS2
1276.01HDLITE::MORINWed Jan 11 1995Bad experiences with V.34 BOCAmodem (external)..
1277.02LGP3Wed Jan 11 1995BocaModem internal: how to keep from hanging up between applications?
1278.02STOWOA::TALLURIThu Jan 12 1995Scholar call waiting problem
1280.02SEAWLF::COLEFri Jan 13 1995DFD
1281.0TROOA::TAYLORFri Jan 13 1995USR 288
1282.01HDLITE::MORINWed Jan 18 1995Modem data compression throughput questions ...
1283.0NEWOA::HUNT_NFri Jan 20 1995Modem, PW's and Decservers
1284.02GYPSC::ALBERTERThu Jan 26 1995Checksum calculations... ?
1285.02ULYSSE::ZITTAThu Jan 26 1995CONNECT 72
1286.03VMSNET::E_MAULUCCIFri Jan 27 1995suspect modem NOT terminal server
1287.03EEMELI::EKARJALAINENThu Feb 02 1995US Robotics Sportster 14,4
1288.015MIZZOU::WIEDEMANThu Feb 02 1995Can almost login...Cardinal 14.4
1289.03FROM::FERJULIANMon Feb 06 1995AT to DMCL...how...?
1290.04TOOK::MORRISONMon Feb 06 1995DEC part # for PC to modem cable?
1291.01CSC32::J_SANDOVALWed Feb 08 1995Really weird Problem
1292.01ROMSLS::FARRAUTOWed Feb 15 1995Absolute Beginner calling
1293.0GIDDAY::DOMSun Feb 19 1995Info req on Hayes Optima 288 V34
1294.0TENNIS::KAMWed Feb 22 1995Modem information need to initialize Wildcat BBS software?
1295.02MSBCS::HURLEYTue Feb 28 1995Hayes phone #
1296.03SALEM::ARNOLDWed Mar 01 1995Decserver and 28.8 Boca Modem
1297.0NETRIX::"cocchiaro@mosaic.lkg.dec.com"Wed Mar 01 1995
1298.03KERNEL::HAWLEYIFri Mar 03 1995Attaching modems to TTA ports on a 4
1299.02CSOA1::WELLSThu Mar 16 199514.4 or 28.8 coming from T&N
1300.01TOPTEN::PLEVAWed Mar 22 1995Need INIT sequences for Cardinal 96
1301.06WOTVAX::WARNUT::RENCONTRETue Mar 28 1995PBXDF 14.4K modem
1302.04SUBSYS::MCCULLERThu Apr 20 1995No luck in Asia
1303.02SHEILA::LOCHRINWed Apr 26 1995Is V.42bis proprietary ?
1305.01LISVAX::FILIPE_PTue May 02 1995Modem cofig. need - Decserver 9
1306.02PONDB::yusu.mso.dec.com::pbennettWed May 03 1995Megahertz XJ2288 problems connecting to DEC 96
1307.02MSDOA::LOVEFri May 05 1995New Modems and Async DECnet?
1308.0ANGLIN::KUTZMon May 08 1995manage modem pool on Digital UNIX
1309.01NOTAPC::PEACOCKFri May 12 1995Wireless Modems ?
1310.02NOTAPC::PEACOCKFri May 12 1995AVD [Alternate Voice/Data] Modems ?
1311.01BBIVMon May 15 1995dialler for sync modem
1312.011ATLANT::SCHMIDTWed May 17 1995Your Guide to the V.xx Standards (V.21, V.22, V.32, V.34, etc.)
1313.01SIOG::T_CUNNINGHAMMon May 22 1995set host/dte error
1314.02STOWOA::READWed May 24 1995Digital PCMCIA V.34 Modem Drivers for W95 ??
1315.01BLKES7::BLASINGAMEWed May 24 1995Maximum Bit ERROR Rates?
1316.04CGOOA::BARNABEWed May 31 1995Hayes Optima and DECserver 2
1318.0WELSWS::LEUNGFMon Jun 05 1995Tricom Tornado 12/42 problem
1319.04HDLITE::MORINThu Jun 08 1995help on AT dial string ....
1320.07HANNAH::BECKFri Jun 09 1995AT&T controllerless modem hangs with DECmodem 32 -- ideas?
1321.01BUDWSR::CUNNINGHAMTue Jun 13 1995Intel --> Trailblazer compatibility...
1322.04ABACUS::GODDARDWed Jun 14 1995Any ideas?????? help...
1323.027914::CRUZMon Jun 19 1995DF242 Switch Setup
1324.0PRSSOS::LEVYMon Jun 26 1995SET HOST/DTE/DIAL and modem connection status
1325.02ZPOVC::PARRYCHUAThu Jul 06 1995flow controland date rate question
1326.04BACHUS::EVENEPOELThu Jul 06 1995PCMCIA modem for WORLDWIDE use
1327.03BUDWSR::CUNNINGHAMTue Jul 11 1995Procomm --> Trailblazer problem...
1328.0LYOTue Jul 11 1995looking for vendor of 2 ports MODEM (Data+Command)
1329.03AKOCOA::BERNIERThu Jul 13 1995newbee needs help dialing in from home
1330.028ANGST::legoe.zko.dec.com::marshallTue Jul 18 1995Megahertz XJ2288 problems
1331.04TRLIAN::LAILWed Jul 19 1995ITU-T V.34 modem recomendation
1332.02FILTON::EDWARDS_JWed Jul 26 1995Multitech Modem commnands ?
1333.03DCEIDL::EVE_LIThu Jul 27 199514.4 or higher on workstation?
1334.02FSAEUR::ROEThu Jul 27 1995Dial Back Modem Info
1335.013WOTVAX::ROWEMFri Jul 28 1995Analogue Performance?
1336.01GRANPA::CULBERTSONFri Jul 28 1995modem help
1337.0OTOOA::PINKERTONMon Jul 31 1995DF296-DA user's guide?
1338.0TKTVFS::KAWANOTue Aug 01 1995part number of PL connector on DF129.
1339.0HOWICK::HOWARDTue Aug 01 1995Connect only on second attempt
1340.01GRANPA::CULBERTSONThu Aug 03 1995Comms/for DEC3
1341.07CFSCTC::SMITHSat Aug 05 19952 fried DF296 modems - Why?
1342.02FILTON::EDWARDS_JWed Aug 09 1995Oh I wish I had the crib sheet !
1343.02USCD::tisThu Aug 10 1995HiNotes & Hayes modems??
1344.02DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Aug 28 1995DF296 not recognizable
1345.08WOTVAX::nicey.olo.dec.com::Craig_HarrisTue Aug 29 1995Digital PCMCIA 14.4 modem with Hinote Ultra
1346.03CHEFS::CARTERCThu Aug 31 1995Buying a non-BABT modem?
1347.02NETRIX::"Gary Jennings@CEO"Wed Sep 06 1995POINTENABLE Problem on HiNote
1348.01BOUGY::LE_VIETSun Sep 10 1995MultiTech MT2834ZDX and Windows 95
1349.07POWDML::JAYMALONEYThu Sep 14 1995ZOOM 28.8 modem - need help
1351.01ANNECY::LEFORT_DFri Sep 29 1995help about modem osi8224
1353.04POWDML::JAYMALONEYTue Oct 17 1995Connection trouble (hanging system) ??
1354.01SUBPAC::SAUBERWed Oct 18 1995How to reset modem port in ULTRIX?
1355.02JHAXP::DECARTERETFri Oct 20 1995S. New Hampshire modem pool upgrade
1356.02GRANPA::APICCOLOThu Oct 26 1995Can Hayes Accura dorp DSR on Carrier Lost?
1357.02NQOPS::ROCHEMon Oct 30 1995dial-up prob df129/cxy
1358.0CSC32::R_BUCKThu Nov 02 1995Any information on Noteworthy Modems
1359.0BAROJA::LUISFri Nov 03 1995modem communication formats ?
1360.02UKARC1::WOOD_JFri Nov 10 1995Losing output: modem speed/flow-control problem
1361.01ALCALA::PALOMINOMon Nov 27 1995PCXDF-AA & OSF 3.
1362.02SCASS1::sca1Mon Nov 27 1995List of Digital Modem Products
1363.04BASEX::KAIRYSWed Nov 29 1995Help! Can't make DF296 autoanswer
1364.03NETRIX::"waldman@mkots4.mko.dec.com"Thu Dec 21 1995DEC 96
1365.02CRONIC::LEMONSTue Jan 02 19969 pin modem connectors, anyone?
1366.02HERON::KAISERFri Jan 05 1996What is this US Robotics internal modem?
1367.0DAVIDF::FOXFri Jan 05 1996DF296 and V.25bis
1369.03HELIX::WELLCOMEThu Jan 11 1996U.S. Robotics 14.4 never hangs up
1370.05JGODCL::MEULMAN_AFri Jan 12 1996Modem does not recognize incomming call...
1371.01PTOJJD::DANZAKTue Jan 23 1996Hayes<->Microcom = Garbage
1372.0MIMS::STILL_GMon Feb 12 1996Connecting a PCXDF modem card in a Alphaserver 2
1374.03HAGGLE::dorianMon Feb 19 1996PCMCIA USR courier cross posted in windows95..
1375.01HERON::KAISERWed Feb 21 1996MS-Kermit 3.14 can't initialize modem
1376.03NQOPS::ROCHEMon Feb 26 1996scholar/controller
1377.05ABBEDI::GRIFFITHSThu Feb 29 1996file transfer errors
1378.01MSDOA::REEDMon Mar 04 1996Suggestions for 1
1379.02CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMWed Mar 13 1996DF296 sends garbage on logout @96
1380.06HNDYMN::MCCARTHYThu Mar 14 1996Can't speed 28.8 from OpenVMS VAX V6.2
1381.04CRONIC::LEMONSMon Mar 18 1996Table of valid cable/connector combinations
1382.02NETRIX::"arnold@visds1.nio.dec.com"Mon Mar 25 1996DSVD Modems
1384.04MIZZOU::WIEDEMANFri Apr 05 1996Communication Software..what's the best?
1385.0STRWRS::KOCH_PWed May 01 1996Motorola modem deal?
1386.0+11USCD::tisras2.mko.dec.com::heussWed May 08 1996Digital mystery modem??
1387.01PONDA::pb.mso.dec.com::pbennettFri May 10 1996Traveling to other countries, modem connections for access back to U.S.?
1388.02ANNECY::quasar.aeo.dec.com::level_cThu May 23 1996Drivers for ACCEX modems ?
1389.01PTOSS1::BROWN_MWed May 29 1996FR-PCP78-AB problems!
1390.02MOSCOW::BOBEER::KurachyovTue Jun 04 1996FR-PCP79-A? for Russia
1391.02ACISS2::TRICASEWed Jun 05 1996USR 28.8 WON'T DISCONNECT
1392.03SLOAN::HOMThu Jun 06 1996PC Branch modem question
1393.0CECAMO::SALEM_HFri Jun 14 1996Problems with : "Ethernet+Modem28.8" CreditCard Xircom
1394.0VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Jun 18 1996Help setting up High-Speed Modem and DS9
1395.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 21 1996Xircom and Windows95 !!
1396.01CSC32::YOUNGWIRTHFri Jun 21 1996What is the difference between v.25 and v.25bis??
1397.01METALX::SWANSONSun Jun 23 1996Don't buy a USR Winmodem!
1398.02SLICER::RODTue Jun 25 1996Dig 14.4 modem, UltraHighnote II, Multimedia cd conflict
1399.0NETRIX::"dave.martino@wro.mts.dec.com"Tue Jun 25 1996Does Alpha support AT&T STU-III model 191
1400.01WONDER::WILLARDTue Jul 02 1996I bought a Woedom
1401.01MROA::byee.mro.dec.com::yeeThu Jul 18 1996Hayes Optima 28.8 and keaterm
1402.04SCAMP::HOULE_DTue Jul 23 1996String limit with 14.4 on HiNote?
1403.02OTOOA::YOUNGThu Aug 15 1996Dial up Modem on Alpha21
1404.01MUGGER::WHITHAMTue Aug 20 1996PNB RIO V34 manuals online ?
1405.0+11SLOAN::HOMWed Aug 21 1996USR Sportster 28.8 problems
1406.0STUWed Aug 28 1996Alphastation serial port and BAUDrate
1407.0WOTVAX::LEUNGFWed Sep 04 1996USR Sportster 14.4 problem
1408.01JGODCL::KOSTERMon Sep 23 1996DC-Voltage/Current used by USR Sporter?.
1409.07NETCAD::THAYERWed Sep 25 1996No Carrier...
1410.01LABC::HAFri Sep 27 1996USR Courier 33.6 external modem part number
1411.04KAOFS::P_LEFri Oct 04 1996Another problem with the USR 28.8 external modem
1412.011ACISS2::LENNIGWed Oct 16 199656K "modems"
1413.0CSC32::D_SHAVEYTue Oct 29 1996US ROBOTICS MP8 S58=1 ??
1414.01BIS5Thu Nov 14 1996MultiTech and USRobotics problem with RAS callback
1415.02USDEV::IRWINTue Nov 26 1996CPI 33.6 modem , init strings, RAS connections ?
1418.01CRLRFR::BLUNTThu Jan 02 1997DF296-DA powers on as "Off-Hook"
1419.01ACISS2::LENNIGSat Jan 04 1997.COM to get modem config
1420.01ALFSS2::MITCHAM_AMon Jan 06 1997External voice modem give higher quality output?
1421.01SCASS1::GALVINSat Jan 18 1997ppp link for Hayes Modem
1422.0SBPTMA::ABBOTT_KThu Jan 23 1997Tricom Tornado & W95 ?
1423.0 *+1FOUNDR::CRAIGTue Jan 28 1997Firmware-upgrade problems on USR Courier V.34
1424.0 *+1MSBCS::HURLEYFri Feb 28 1997cable part #
1425.0 *+2FREEBE::NEARYTue Mar 25 1997How can I disable autoanswer on W95 ?
1426.0 *NNTPD::"eric.gan@bej.mts.dec.com"Mon Apr 28 1997Modem direct connect