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Conference smurf::ultrix_tools

Title:_ULTRIX tools_
Notice:Welcome to ULTRIX_tools now located on SMURF::
Created:Thu Jun 29 1989
Last Modified:Thu Feb 20 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:425
Total number of notes:1769
Number with bodies:7
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1.0WORDS::BEIKMANThu Jun 29 1989"digital internal use only"
2.0WORDS::BEIKMANThu Jun 29 1989reserved for future use
3.0WORDS::BEIKMANThu Jun 29 1989reserved for future use
4.0WORDS::BEIKMANThu Jun 29 1989reserved for future use
6.070OVRDRV::BEIKMANFri Jun 30 1989introductions
7.05VOGON::DRUMGOOLEFri Jun 30 1989Some Tools a cross posting
8.01RTL::GRAYFri Jun 30 1989vi macros
9.01WORDS::BEIKMANSat Jul 01 1989kits & tools location note
10.0OZROCK::NASHSun Jul 02 1989SAM
11.06NABETH::ALANTue Jul 04 1989Fly by Night Software
12.09DYFED::jchWed Jul 05 1989Handy make rules Handy Make Rules
13.02PAWPAW::SPRINGERMon Jul 10 1989Maintaining hosts file
14.02SMURF::LINDNERTue Jul 11 1989ULTRIX Source maintenance tools...
15.05VOGON::DRUMGOOLEThu Jul 13 1989Makfile Utility
16.0SMURF::WENDYThu Jul 13 1989NLS utilities anyone ?
17.05CARTUN::ROSEThu Jul 13 1989Help! Need info on EDCS, SCCS, MAKE
18.03OLDTMR::LATTERYFri Jul 14 1989Need info on ULTRIX/UNIX performance monitoring tools.
19.013BLASTue Jul 18 1989Backup scripts
20.03BISTRO::LAFORGUEThu Jul 20 1989a good book about "awk"
21.06BISTRO::LAFORGUEThu Jul 20 1989Postscript display of the df command
22.04CURIE::URBANFri Jul 28 1989Pointers to supp. BIND docs?
23.06KIPPIS::LEHTINENMon Jul 31 1989Right justification filter anyone?
24.04FSEDU::HARRYTue Aug 01 1989VAX DOCUMENT to Nroff or Troff Converter ?
25.07AIAG::SURESHWed Aug 02 1989Expert System shells and Databases in Ultrix
26.02AITG::DERAMOThu Aug 03 1989need tool to process man file "source"
27.05EEMELI::LEHTINENSat Aug 05 1989privme
28.015JULIET::GRANT_GATue Aug 08 1989Looking for TARREAD
29.03NEWVAX::PHARMONFri Aug 25 1989scr.h - screen management tool
30.08LDP::GAUTHIERFri Aug 25 1989Graphical Directory Display?
32.012LASHAM::HEERJEE_KWed Aug 30 1989SPED: A SPelling EDitor for ULTRIX
33.04SMURF::EVANSFri Sep 01 1989Multiple architecture executor shell script
34.02SX4GTO::HOLTTue Sep 05 1989Looking for 'tic'...
35.01AMIGO::mullenWed Sep 06 1989Source code metrics (count comments, blanks, etc.)
36.03W::carloWed Sep 20 1989NETUPDATE
37.0SMURF::FRIEDMANThu Sep 21 1989New ULTRIX/SQL Conference
38.03ASG3::STEWARTTue Oct 03 1989Demos, anyone?
39.0NZOVWed Nov 08 1989nexpert
40.024VOGON::DRUMGOOLEFri Nov 10 1989xdbx
42.0SUBWAY::MARGOLIESTue Nov 28 1989Sys Admin
43.04DIXIE1::DUNNTue Nov 28 1989Document Management System?
44.010COMICS::TREVENNORTue Nov 28 1989unvms - a script to convert filenames.
45.0LEDS::KAZOGLESFri Dec 01 1989Dump/Restore,Tar test tools
46.06SPYSPY::HUNTERTue Dec 05 1989Search for a string in a dir tree
47.01EPSDEV::WILLIAMSMon Dec 18 1989how to modify terminal characteristics on the fly
48.02ARTY::gauthierWed Dec 20 1989Encryption tool
49.06FSEDU::HARRYWed Dec 20 1989Assistance for NFS Environments
50.07FSEDU::HARRYWed Dec 20 1989Ultrix Security Assistance
51.02FSEDU::HARRYWed Dec 20 1989Lookup a real name from a login name
52.0SMURF::EVANSFri Dec 29 1989mhmail frontend script for reading mail fron stdin
53.02SDEVAX::ALBOROUGHMon Jan 08 1990Any DTM-like capability out there that runs on UNIX/ULTRIX?
54.0VOGON::DRUMGOOLEWed Jan 17 1990New conference dealing with RISC fortran 77
55.06VOGON::DRUMGOOLEWed Jan 17 1990TEX sources/MIPS binary.
56.02RTL::MULLENWed Jan 17 1990COPYRIGHT Update
57.01LISVAX::PMPEREIRAThu Jan 18 1990ypadduser
58.03SMURF::EVANSTue Jan 23 1990Script to recursively make new directories
59.02SMURF::EVANSTue Jan 23 1990Script to make a shadow directory heirarchy of an existing directory tree
60.04SMURF::LINDNERWed Jan 31 1990A script for installing fonts
61.03ZENBOX::ARGENTATIThu Feb 01 1990lex & yacc course?
62.03DAVIS::peterThu Feb 08 1990Bold prompts with tcsh?
63.04GBIFri Feb 09 1990software needed
64.010HPSRAD::KOMARTue Feb 13 1990Whither less?
65.07COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Feb 14 1990Fly by Night Software.
66.0STKHLM::LINNELLThu Feb 15 19908-bit tcsh
67.02JRDVMon Feb 26 1990rsetld (use tape drive on remote node for install)
68.0WASTED::jmartinWed Feb 28 1990Date of Easter (Gregorian Calendar)
69.01BALZAC::MARKOWSKIFri Mar 02 1990ULTRIX -> VMS time conversion
70.04STKHLM::STKHLM::HALLINWed Mar 07 1990ftp in a pipe ??
71.01GBIWed Mar 07 1990Patch ?!
72.03ANARKY::MIKEWed Mar 07 1990How to determine DEVICE #'s from C
73.0SMURF::LINDNERMon Mar 12 1990For all you shell scripters...
74.02MSAMWed Mar 14 1990nec cobol to ultrix cobol
75.05GBIWed Mar 14 1990ZMODEM installation
76.01HANDVC::WILLIAMLIThu Mar 15 1990Don't log me out
77.01CHOVAX::FINKELSTEINThu Mar 22 1990Autologout daemon request
78.01EIGER::FREYMon Mar 26 1990top.c
79.06OLDTMR::WIRYAMANWed Mar 28 1990how to apply patches given in context diff ?
80.0TRNSAM::HOLTTue Apr 10 1990UID from PID..?
81.01STKHLM::LINNELLWed Apr 11 1990timelocal
82.0SUBWAY::WORTNERThu Apr 12 1990"mount -p" Comes to ULTRIX
83.02AZUR::BONETTOFri Apr 13 1990gethostname
84.01AZUR::BONETTOFri Apr 13 1990flexibility in data location
85.01SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTWed Apr 18 1990TPU on ULTRIX?
86.04JIT535::YAMAKIThu Apr 19 1990Lex with 8 bit code question!?
87.01VAOUThu Apr 19 1990UNIX BBS/Notes Tool??
88.01SQM::BARRYFri Apr 20 1990Snapshot Program/Utlility availability
89.0SMAC1Wed Apr 25 1990RISC/ULTRIX Monitoring tools & C Maths library
90.04PEARL::JAQUESWed Apr 25 1990imake ????
91.03BOXTOP::DSMITHSun Apr 29 1990Tool to convert VMS mail to MH?
92.03SALSA::PARKSTue May 01 1990VI - Return to command line
93.0HGABSS::CLCHEUNGWed May 02 1990Where is gcore
94.05FSEDU::HARRYThu May 03 1990Finding Alternate SUPERBLOCK Backups
95.011GOLLY::JAMISONThu May 03 1990Need a C interpreter...
96.01TAVIS::LANDSBERGWed May 09 1990A tool for RISC/PASCAL
97.01RHETT::CASPERThu May 10 1990Gethostbyname Usage Question
98.08AZUR::BONETTOMon May 21 1990set date and time
99.02GUESS::DERAMOTue May 22 1990one large file --> many smaller files?
100.02YRDARM::finneganWed May 23 1990Some questions about xnotes
101.01SMAC1Fri May 25 1990Menu Driven user/system manager Interface ?
102.0KASINO::ALTENHOFENTue Jun 05 1990Share your X Applications!
103.049DCC::URBANWed Jun 13 1990xperfmon or monitor for V4?
104.03PEARL::JAQUESThu Jun 14 1990xload ??
105.08TOOK::TALLMANFri Jun 15 1990looking for portable job scheduling routines
106.02SUNKEY::ROWELLMon Jun 18 1990project management tool for Ultrix?
107.06BIGRED::PARKERThu Jun 21 1990Looking for SEDT
108.0DECK::SMILEYMon Jun 25 1990Source Code Conversion Estimators Available
109.022GUESS::DERAMOFri Jun 29 1990What is perl?
110.07NEWVAX::HAYNESTue Jul 03 1990Lex, Yacc on VMS??
111.07MUNLEG::WALTERFri Jul 06 1990ditroff - where is it ?
112.02AZUR::BONETTOThu Jul 12 1990VAX or RISC
113.0TAVIS::ORNAThu Jul 12 1990Other "ptoc"
114.04MAYFri Jul 13 1990ULTRIX ELF 2.1
115.03NZOVSun Jul 15 1990Programming Function Keys
116.0TPOVC::JOHNNYHOWed Jul 18 1990order number for ULTRIX V4.
117.013XNOGOV::MAXWELLSun Jul 22 1990maintainer of top(1)?
118.03HANDVA::FREDLIMon Jul 23 1990Does Ultrix(RISC) read TK5
119.03KETJE::VANDENBROECKTue Jul 24 1990Looking for ADA compiler
120.03KAOFS::G_STOFKOFri Jul 27 1990looking for printer port program
121.01CRATE::HUNDALWed Aug 01 1990yacc ERROR
122.03OSLACT::DAGFRAFri Aug 03 1990unknown: script to look up and set unknown DECnet node names
123.0VINO::STEVENSMon Aug 06 1990R/CMP - Resource/Configuration Management Program
124.0KETJE::DELAMPERTue Aug 14 1990xprintscreen pointer ?
126.04WAGON::HARRISTue Aug 21 1990ULTRIX software list?
127.02AZUR::NGUYENThu Aug 23 1990Share your experience !
128.0DECWET::JAFFYThu Aug 23 1990pointer listing to tools - UN*X
129.09TINGAU::HEFELEFri Aug 24 1990tcsh for RISC?
130.0SDOGUS::HOOKERThu Aug 30 1990Request for porting tools.
131.08LOGRUS::KELSEYThu Sep 06 1990Ethernet config "listener"?
132.06WARABI::KOTWALMon Sep 10 1990Mail auto answer machine
134.02TEASE::WEAVERThu Sep 13 1990how bout emacs location
135.01MOGNET::gerhardTue Sep 18 1990fstat for V4?
136.0CGOATue Sep 18 1990VMS Pascal to ULTRIX conversion
137.04SUFIX::robMon Sep 24 1990Input for background process from shell
139.01WEODGE::TOMBLINThu Sep 27 1990"SCREEN" utility available?
140.02CRIME::ZAAFTue Oct 09 1990running an Ultrix Shell Script from VMS
141.02STKHLM::LINNELLThu Oct 11 1990Creating a call tree or a x-reference list Creating a call tree or an X-reference list
142.07VARESE::BAGATINFri Oct 12 1990Where is FUSE ?
143.01TRUCKS::EVANS_MAWed Oct 17 1990Shutdown when UPS state changes?
144.0VOGON::REEVEThu Oct 25 1990compression software available?
145.02CRIME::ZAAFTue Oct 30 1990simple setld question
146.07HDLITE::BHINDARWALAThu Nov 01 1990Getting username from ultrix kernel
147.01SEURAT::NEWMANThu Nov 01 1990Can I find out if I have a queue of stuff waiting to get out on the Ethernet?
148.02STRIKE::LENGYELFri Nov 02 1990lex question - new user
149.02HPSRAD::KOMARTue Nov 06 1990dcptryhard basenote
150.03SETPRV::jaquesWed Nov 07 1990xbiff or xwatch
151.09TOOK::A_FERRISFri Nov 09 1990sh5 question
152.02BAHTAT::BAHTAT::HILTONWed Nov 14 1990Unix(r) tool to collect system events?
153.02USWS1::GRANTThu Nov 15 1990awk script to generate postscript
154.05HESIRI::WHARTONThu Nov 15 1990ULTRIX version of VPA?
155.01SKID::PULLEYTue Nov 20 1990NFSWATCH.. The LAT KILLER..
156.03FORTSC::SHOMOMon Nov 26 1990Tools for examing process memory usage?
157.09PEARL::JAQUESMon Nov 26 1990rn , rr trn nntp !HELP!!!!!!
159.01JRDVAX::DOISun Dec 02 1990icanon mode history tty
160.0JTRBUG::HABIBMon Dec 03 1990Creating the Digital "folklore"
161.04CRIME::ZAAFMon Dec 03 1990How do I change my mail personal name
162.017TLE::KELLERMANThu Dec 06 1990dxmerge - window oriented text merge tool
163.01SUFIX::robFri Dec 07 1990How to alias the "soft" keys in the ksh?
164.02SALSA::MOELLERTue Dec 11 1990X Load Simulator ?
165.01HPSRAD::ABIDIFri Dec 14 1990IO Exerciser program for ULTRIX ?
167.01WELWEL::GRAHAMWed Jan 02 1991nfswatch & disk useage tools please ?
168.07IFDEF::ricoFri Jan 04 1991A quicker `ls -rt file1 file2 | tail -1` ?
169.06HDLITE::BHINDARWALAThu Jan 10 1991CPU usage by ultrix monitor
170.030BAHTAT::ALDERTONMTue Jan 15 1991DISKMAP location anyone??
171.02MLNTue Jan 15 1991where is copytape??
172.036KERNEL::CARPENTERSWed Jan 16 1991New command: pads
173.03TAVIS::ORNATue Jan 22 1991GNU's 'make'
174.0JESDP5::ITOHTue Jan 29 1991auto call back program needed.
175.03CANSLR::PALMERThu Jan 31 1991help new user/system manager
176.02NEGD::TRIBEThu Jan 31 1991Pixel color analyzer
177.04TMCUK2::STEVENSTue Feb 05 1991CPU exerciser ...
178.06TOOHOT::YOSHIIFri Feb 08 1991DEC Backup & Restore for ULTRIX
179.03RANGER::DURSOTue Feb 12 1991Need a Scripting Tool
180.02EVOIS6::DICKOTue Feb 12 1991bind & kerberos
181.0RIPPLE::KOPEC_STTue Feb 12 1991TIP through a DECserver 2
182.01KYOA::SILVERMANThu Feb 14 1991XPG3 Compliance....
183.08TOOHOT::YOSHIITue Feb 19 1991HSC access available?
184.03GUESS::DERAMOTue Feb 19 1991ed(1) source?
185.01HXOUTue Feb 26 1991ASSETS for ULTRIX, do they exist?
186.04HDLITE::ALJAARThu Feb 28 1991IPS-2: Performance Measurement System for Parallel Programs
187.0AZUR::NGUYENFri Mar 01 1991CHOX 1.
188.04TOPTEN::GREENThu Mar 07 1991disk utility wanted
189.0DEDUCE::HARTFri Mar 08 1991Interoperability and Migration Technical Exchange - Need your Ideas
190.0VISA::ANDREASSONMon Mar 11 1991FTSV on ULTRIX notes conference: VISA::FTSX_NEWS
191.0DEDUCE::HARTMon Mar 25 1991Call for Papers -Interop./Migration Conf.
192.02FORTSC::MOKTue Mar 26 1991Tools running over uerf error logging program?
193.01TAVMon Apr 01 1991where is *dbx* being discusses?
194.06BHAJEE::MAYRTue Apr 02 1991How to "LEX" case independent tokens?
196.0THEWAV::KRUEGERTue Apr 09 1991IBM Tape Reading Tool?
197.04ROYALT::FOURNIERWed Apr 10 1991GNU
198.01SYOMV::KRASFri Apr 12 1991Mailing list handler?
199.02JGODCL::MJANSSENWed Apr 17 1991new-awk "system"-command
200.05TADSKI::BAILEYWed Apr 17 1991Using dump on nfs file systems
201.01ROYALT::FOURNIERThu Apr 18 1991where is it.
202.02AIAG::SWARTSun Apr 21 1991Information on XRSA needed
204.01DOPEY::DICKENSWed Apr 24 1991xloadimage with "pause window" option ?
205.07MANMon Apr 29 1991monitoring tools?
206.0WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Apr 30 1991Anything for a price !!!
207.0MANTue Apr 30 1991some more tools required
208.0--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 30 1991ULTRIX_tools conf move.
209.0CTHQ1::DIEHRD::JAQUESTue May 07 1991Network Latency tool
210.0DEDUCE::HARTTue May 07 1991Registration Info -Interop./Migration Conf.
211.0THEWAV::KRUEGERWed May 08 1991More info on crash(8) needed.
212.01XNOGOV::PROSSERThu May 09 1991Motif version of dxdiff visual file comparator
213.01IFDEF::ricoThu May 09 1991unexplained pclose behavior
214.02HNTSVL::GREGThu May 09 1991Pathworks for Ultrix kit location??
216.011GLIND1::RAOSat May 11 1991Binary editor needed
217.02KERNEL::MCNULTYSun May 12 1991monitor: filter problems
218.02ISIDRO::FSSOP2Mon May 13 1991NOTES on ULTRIX?
219.015NABETH::alanTue May 21 1991The Monitor Note.
220.0STEREO::WAGONERWed May 22 1991filter/elm 2.3 PL11
221.05VINO::KOMARThu May 23 1991Need: doubly link list (queue) pkg in C
222.0ADVLSI::BLEAKNEYFri May 31 1991SUN<==>VMS, Bin. File Xfer
223.01CGOAWed Jun 05 1991Problem with PIXIE
224.03JANUS::JARVISFri Jun 07 1991Looking for a mixed-language source level debugger.
225.03STKHLM::STENSTROMMon Jun 10 1991RCS info needed
226.052MIPSBX::thomasWed Jun 12 1991cdp.c -- how to play audio CDs on a RRD42 (ULTRIX V4.2)
227.02CTHQ1::DIEHRD::JAQUESThu Jun 13 1991webster ??
228.07KERNEL::MCNULTYFri Jun 14 1991top on V4.2
229.01POBOX::VITESFri Jun 28 1991Wizzz Ultrix/C!!!
230.01DATABS::TENNYMon Jul 01 1991xmodem on unix?
231.0AZUR::NAVARROTue Jul 02 1991Uerf and Disk error/Process Looping
232.03ROYALT::RIESSWed Jul 03 1991Where can I find REMOTEX
233.06EICMFG::LANGEThu Jul 11 1991vi for VMS ?
234.02OLDTMR::PSMITHThu Jul 11 1991Looking for TIMEX ?
235.03AOXOA::STANLEYWed Jul 17 1991tcpdump users?
236.0TRNAF1::DELMONTEWed Jul 24 1991Dbase IV on RISC/ULTRIX?
237.02CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESThu Aug 01 1991telnet and ftp automatically ??
238.07KETJE::SYBERTZMon Aug 12 1991Atumatic reply : any solution yet ?
239.01VNAED2::ROLANDWed Aug 14 1991Terminal watch/master utility ?
240.0KTOV11::TATSUNOThu Aug 15 1991a batch facility for ULTRIX
241.01MANVC::ERICSUNTue Aug 20 1991cpio dist. tape copy?
242.020UTRTSC::VDBURGThu Aug 22 1991dxTopCPU utility available for Ultrix V4.2
243.04DATABS::TENNYFri Aug 23 1991VMS<->Ultrix : 'compress'ed files
244.02CTHQ1::PEARL::JAQUESFri Aug 23 1991dcl shell ?????
245.03TNPUBS::MICHAUDMon Aug 26 1991RIS loading problem!
247.01ABYSS::dikeMon Sep 09 1991The krash note
248.01LISVAX::RODRIGUESWed Sep 11 1991Sys V watchdog script
249.04BASEX::KAIRYSMon Sep 23 1991Anybody using UPS?
250.03TOOHOT::YOSHIIMon Sep 30 1991AUTOSITE?
251.02VINO::KOMARThu Oct 24 1991What is C scope?
252.03ODIXIE::KRAMERFri Nov 15 1991editor info please
253.02GLDOA::BOELEMAMon Nov 18 1991Setld through VMS?
254.01MFRFMS::LEIDINGERWed Nov 27 1991fast Backup utility (third Party product) available ??
255.04HAMBND::CHAVISWed Dec 04 1991Printing from Non-Utlrix Systems thru Utrix
257.02DMEICE::PAGETue Dec 17 1991cdecl for ULTRIX
258.01FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSWed Dec 18 1991Linguistic Aids pre field test for RISK
259.01SNAX::BURKETue Dec 31 1991Tool needed to monitor activity
260.05DECWIN::ROSENBLUMFri Jan 03 1992Windowing Spread Sheet for VAX Ultrix
261.01TRCOA::BBUTLERTue Jan 07 1992idle process killer Big Brother?
262.0SMURF::SMURF::BINDERThu Jan 09 1992Document builder - in case you didn't know
263.04SMURF::SMURF::BINDERWed Jan 15 1992DECNET kit installation script - the file is in 267.
264.0AZUR::NAVARROThu Jan 16 1992SunOS (SPARC) code needed
265.0AZUR::NAVARROMon Jan 20 1992DCMX 2.
266.02IFDEF::ricoMon Jan 20 1992get file name call?
267.0SMURF::SMURF::BINDERTue Jan 21 1992DECnet kit installation script file - discuss in 263.*
268.0QUABBI::"news"Mon Jan 27 1992need help on cache monitoring tools
269.07SMURF::SCHOTTWed Jan 29 1992Ram disk driver for ULTRIX RISC V4.2/V4.2A
270.01MANVC::ERICSUNThu Jan 30 1992Ultrix to IBM MVS magtape read/write?
271.04RT95::BERRYSun Feb 02 1992Network Queuing System software?
272.07BROKE::HANCKELMon Feb 03 1992yacc limits
273.04SCAACT::SMITHGThu Feb 06 1992Scripts for running monitor
274.04CHESS::KAIKOWThu Feb 13 1992Intechange of ditroff files
275.01HERON::KAISERFri Feb 14 1992ULTRIX tools on UNIX freeware CDROM
276.06DECWET::BARLOWMon Feb 17 1992Motif from an interpreter script
277.01BEING::EDPWed Feb 19 1992SCCS Get of Old File
278.01DATABS::PALMERThu Feb 20 1992looking for xgraph
279.0UFRCS2::CARLIThu Mar 05 1992fkey - set User Defined Keys (UDKs)
280.0UFRCS2::CARLIThu Mar 05 1992vi learns about function-keys...
281.03TINGAU::HEFELEThu Mar 12 1992undelete??
282.01VINO::KOMARThu Mar 12 1992Need a text database tool (eg, for my mail archive)
284.0UFRCS1::CARLIMon Mar 16 1992dologin - create DECterm and login...
285.0MPGS::GIFFORDFri Mar 20 1992A little relief for Decwindow Noters
286.0SMURF::SULLIVANTue Mar 31 1992Announcing TERMCAP Notes Conference
287.0SMURF::SULLIVANTue Mar 31 1992Documentation Tools Update kit announcement
288.03WMOIS::JAMBU_SWed Apr 01 1992Bit for Bit comparsion
289.06MARVIN::HAQUETue Apr 07 1992Yacc does not recognise rule names which include the "-" character
290.0MARX::FLEMINGTue Apr 07 1992FlexeLint by Gimpel
291.0SMURF::SMURF::BINDERTue Apr 07 1992Help in rebuilding a mailing list!
292.05KAOOA::PINKERTONThu Apr 16 1992SCSI disks
293.04GL::TEEVENTue Apr 21 1992Dynamic LInking on RISC Ultrix
294.04STKHLM::LINNELLFri Apr 24 1992Include file dependencies
295.0ASIMOV::KENYONWed May 06 1992User Mode MMAP Facility.
296.04BONNET::DENISThu May 07 1992programming in Tcl or Tcl_motif
297.02KOBAL::FERWERDAThu May 14 1992Printing out the middle of a file
298.014XSTACY::JLUNDONWed May 20 1992Why would vi blow up?
299.01HELIX::HASBROUCKWed May 20 1992expect
300.03DECEAT::FLOWERThu May 21 1992location of NSF TCP/IP notes?
301.01BONNET::DENISMon May 25 1992Tcl and C language
302.02MPGS::BUTLERAWed May 27 1992Motif Sccs : Mxsccs
303.01WELLIN::GRAHAMThu May 28 1992menu (Vtxxx) creation s/w ?
304.01OZROCK::HUNTFri May 29 1992Inconsistency with gencat(1int) on V4.2
305.01OZROCK::HUNTFri May 29 1992Problems reading .cat files with catgets(3int) i18n routine.
306.01BIGUN::TANNERThu Jun 04 1992yesterday... all my troubles seemed so far away...
307.01DECEAT::FLOWERFri Jun 05 1992ucx development--where are they?
308.04TAVIS::LANDSBERGWed Jun 10 1992Need sources for xpr
309.01KEMER::DARUGERThu Jun 18 1992control background jobs?
310.03ODIXIE::CREACYTue Jun 23 1992Software to Create a Shell Archive?
311.04AIDEV::NITSCHKEWed Jul 08 1992Read VMS Tapes (TK5
312.06MLNThu Jul 09 1992What is Sabre-C ?
313.0GLDOA::BOELEMATue Jul 14 1992any screen "cloning" utilities?
314.02TAVIS::LANDSBERGWed Jul 15 1992Need network backup for VMS and UNIX
315.01HKGACT::SUSANCHANTue Jul 21 1992monitor compile problem
316.0BIGUN::MAYNEFri Jul 24 1992Auditing tools
317.0SHIPS::DAVIES_DFri Jul 24 1992tip not tipping!
318.05FASDER::JHOLPFri Jul 31 1992Want pwd prompt
319.01UNTADH::MACLIESHThu Aug 13 1992Metacard ... any info/feedback/policy
320.018CHEFS::GALLJTue Aug 18 1992awk for VMS
321.0TAEC::SABIANIThu Aug 27 1992"Malloc" packages (re)visited
322.02CFSCTC::PAGEThu Aug 27 1992McAbe Tools?
323.01GTOWN::GLOCKWed Sep 02 1992Screen Based Print Command Program
324.02QUABBI::"dosser@src.dec.com"Thu Sep 03 1992garbage collection test applications
325.01MUDIS3::DSCHMIERFri Sep 04 1992dxmlpq
326.06TOOK::SWISTFri Sep 04 1992Trying to locate process CPU bottleneck with weird results
327.05DECWET::CARRUTHERSFri Sep 04 1992Test Suite Driver needed
328.04FORTY2::VELLAFri Sep 04 1992Problem with nl_types.h where do I report it ?
329.01TAVIS::LANDSBERGTue Sep 15 1992man for dsh ?
330.01PAMSRC::MILLERThu Sep 17 1992"getopt" needed in shell (sh5)
331.02GIDDAY::CHAPMANThu Sep 24 1992CDROM of freeware utilities
332.01HERON::KAISERFri Oct 02 1992A freeware CDROM for Alpha OSF/1
333.03ROCKT::MAThu Oct 08 1992Ultrix -> VMS -> Ultrix
334.03WR2FOR::LE_THFri Oct 16 1992Please HELP!!!!
335.02EVOAI2::BOIZIAUWed Oct 28 1992Development tools training...
336.03DECWET::VEZINAWed Nov 11 1992RCS Cookbook
337.03HIGHD::BRIDGESThu Nov 19 1992Read VMSbackup on Ultrix
338.01NZOMIS::HOWARDTue Dec 08 1992Formal performance review?
339.02LABC::RUMon Dec 14 1992Where is 'kvar'?
340.01MUDIS3::STEINMETZWed Dec 16 1992RCS questions
341.02MISFIT::SALEHIMFri Dec 18 1992Read unix dump tapes on VMS
342.0DSSDEV::ENXINGFri Dec 18 1992help on diff3 requested ...
343.01JUNO::WESTONTue Dec 22 1992Looking for info on dxue
344.02MYOTT::HETTICHWed Jan 06 1993man page for mpage?
345.03SFBAY::BARCLAYFri Jan 15 1993Anybody have or now where PERL is for VMS || MS-DOS?
346.0RPSTRY::KELLERMANTue Jan 19 1993xpbiff?
347.0QUABBI::"sastry@zpovc.enet.dec.com"Tue Jan 19 1993PRINT QUE MGMT TOOLS like in VMS?????
348.01QUABBI::"sastry@zpovc.enet.dec.com"Tue Jan 19 1993Print Que Mgmt tools ?????
349.02XKOVWed Jan 20 1993'cat' prints Garbage
350.03COPCLU::BENTERIKWed Jan 27 1993Pseudoterminal for Ultrix?
351.04PEKKA::peuraWed Feb 03 1993easypart-tool ?
352.01COPCLU::BENTERIKWed Feb 10 1993Seeking hypertext systems
353.01QUABBI::"mrr@chene.cxo.dec.com"Mon Feb 15 1993DDIF => SDML file format conversion routines sought
354.01MUDIS3::STEINMETZMon Feb 22 1993Docu for asc2ps?
355.0MUDIS3::STEINMETZTue Feb 23 1993Help needed for using pixie
356.0MINNY::CASAULTAFri Feb 26 1993Packaging from AT&T System V.4 available on ULTRIX or DEC OSF/1 AXP
357.05SYOMV::KRASFri Feb 26 1993crontab front end?
358.03LYOISA::JACQUINTue Mar 02 1993Automatic filesystem extension
359.01KOALA::LATHAMThu Mar 18 1993stack usage statistics
360.08ANNECY::BONNIERWed Mar 24 1993lex/yacc with NCL results
361.0MUDIS3::DSCHMIERMon Apr 05 1993announcing dxmmenu
362.01HTSC19::ANDYNGThu Apr 15 1993pixie, prof, pixstat problem on Ultrix...
363.02BIGUN::WATSONFri Apr 16 1993Ultrix Tools for monitoring process performance
364.01RHETT::KATZFri Apr 16 1993DEC Fortran Include Files Confuse dbx()
365.02MASALA::AKAMATWed Apr 21 1993Help for Imaging software
366.01RDVAX::BENSONFri May 07 1993xftp ?
367.0QUABBI::"bernhard@carlix.unt.dec.com"Tue Jun 15 1993Looking for Lucid Emacs
368.01TAVTue Jun 15 1993
369.0ATHINA::BOUZIANISMon Jun 21 1993Create BOOT/UPGRADE for ULTRIX4.3
371.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDSat Jun 26 1993cvs (Concurrent Versions System)
372.0MANSW1::MOENCHTue Jun 29 1993sz1
373.03SNAX::BURKEWed Jul 14 1993Can't restore from SUN TAR backup tapes
374.02MISERY::MACHADO_CAMon Jul 26 1993Revision control of binary files
375.014MR4DEC::SGENTILEWed Jul 28 1993I can't seem to get help with UNIX tools - mail, news, notes, etc
376.02MR4DEC::SGENTILEWed Jul 28 1993Problem posting mail with dxterm
377.01ZPOVC::SASTRYThu Aug 05 1993ULT-->VMS Backup over DECnet??
378.0VAXRIO::MEYERFri Aug 20 1993Redirecting terminal associate to a process.
379.02DECUK::lesWed Aug 25 1993SPCsystem Backend: Automated patch pulling for CSCs
380.01SSUPD::SPANThu Sep 16 1993snmp tool need !!!
381.0MUDIS3::DSCHMIERFri Sep 17 1993yet another biff ...
382.02QUABBI::"richard@adomcc.enet.dec.com"Wed Sep 29 1993Reading native DOS filesystem
383.02LEZAH::COUGHLINWed Oct 06 1993GIF root and viewer
384.0BBIVThu Oct 21 1993MakeIndex??
385.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIThu Oct 28 1993Patch installation utility ...
386.03SAHQ::SNYDERDMon Nov 01 1993UNIX On-line Help From Within vi(1)
387.01SAHQ::SNYDERDTue Nov 02 1993Yet Another Archiver
388.02MR4DEC::SGENTILETue Nov 09 1993How do you use netrix files?
389.01DECWET::CARRUTHERSWed Nov 10 1993reservation tool needed
390.03PEKKA::peuraMon Nov 29 1993mh to elm conversion script
391.02BRUMMY::ELLISONWed Dec 15 1993Recovering a deleted directory off cd?
392.02ABACUS::PAQUETTE_LThu Dec 16 1993Rogue IP Node (Duplicate Address on LAN)
393.0HYLNDR::PRESTIDGEThu Dec 30 1993PC/UX-Metric tool from SET Laboratories
394.0MUDIS3::STEINMETZThu Jan 13 1994nawk: problem with patterns
395.02MUCCS1::VINZENZThu Jan 20 1994DOS <-> ULTRIX Filename Conversion
396.0HDLITE::TSOTue Jan 25 1994Billing Tool for ULTRIX
397.01BERNWed Feb 02 1994AWK problem
398.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneSun Feb 06 1994top for ULTRIX 4.3a?
399.05BOSMNP::PICARDTue Feb 22 1994Monitor Update for Version 4.3
400.05SPEZKO::PRAKASHTue Feb 22 1994Keeping distributed file systems in synch
401.03KYOSS1::GREENWed Mar 02 1994UNIX_TOOLS???
403.01MUDIS3::STEINMETZThu Apr 28 1994Problem with updating two RCS directory trees
404.01MARX::FLEMINGThu Apr 28 1994X windows man page reader
405.02VAXRIO::MANOELFri Apr 29 1994Is there a verify option when copying to a tape
406.0NACAD2::SHERMANWed May 04 1994MDQS pointer?
408.03ANNECY::BONNIERThu May 26 1994FTP interoperability with UNISYS ?
409.01TRUCKS::GAUKRODGER_DWed Jun 01 1994LEX and arbitrary ranges?
410.03TRUCKS::GAUKRODGER_DThu Jun 02 1994Supplementary Documents
411.01TROOA::ENGTue Jun 21 1994Can we automate ADDUSER command?
412.02NABETH::alanThu Jun 23 1994Dr. File System's File Recovery Program
413.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Jun 24 1994mtools description
414.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneMon Aug 22 1994ping -f for ULTRIX? Or spray?
415.02AZUR::AZUR::HUREZThu Aug 25 1994POLYCENTER System Watchdog V2.2 pre-announcement...
416.06REDHWK::DRISCOLLFri Sep 09 1994reading tar files on a vax?
417.0SOLVIT::PAGEFri Sep 23 1994ultrix pkunzip ?
418.01DPDMAI::GROVEFri Dec 09 1994sar and rstatd
419.0LANDO::CANSLERTue May 02 1995help on X86 utilities
420.0TROU1Tue May 23 1995tool to monitor /etc/passwd for terminations etc?
421.0SPECXN::GROSSMANThu Jul 27 1995Edex Announcement, UNIX Trouble Eliminator
422.01TAVThu Sep 28 1995Redirect stdout & stderr back to default in ULTRIX
423.0NETRIX::"feynmanlo@hgovc.enet.dec.com"Wed Oct 16 1996Software kit and documentation for Ultrix tunning
424.0+4QCAVWed Jan 22 1997top utility on v4.5 (mips)?... pls...