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Conference smurf::ultrix_mls_plus

Title:CMW Ultrix MLS+ notesfile
Created:Tue Dec 04 1990
Last Modified:Thu May 29 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:780
Total number of notes:3034
Number with bodies:27
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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2.034GUCCI::SCUDAMOREMon Dec 10 1990CMW ULTRIX_MLS + Conference sign in please
3.0GUCCI::SCUDAMOREMon Dec 10 1990latest CMW sales information
4.03GUCCI::SCUDAMOREMon Dec 10 1990CMW PID information
5.03GUCCI::SCUDAMOREMon Dec 10 1990CMW/B1 applications
6.03GUCCI::SCUDAMOREMon Dec 10 1990Trusted Network Issues
7.05GUCCI::SCUDAMOREMon Dec 10 1990new cmw B1 Ultrix requiremnts
8.01GUCCI::SCUDAMOREWed Dec 26 1990Secureware in "FORMAL"
9.01GUCCI::SCUDAMOREWed Dec 26 1990cmw competition update
10.02WAGON::ALLENTue Jan 08 1991Documentation sources?
11.04WAGON::ALLENWed Jan 16 1991Transition from unlabeled filesystems?
13.0NEWOA::NEALEFri Feb 01 1991DECwrite demo capability on ULTRIX MLS+
14.0STEREO::BRANDWEINWed Mar 06 1991Field Test Information
15.02NEWOA::NEALEMon Mar 25 1991CMW and DSSA
17.03BREAKR::ZELLERTue Apr 16 1991Does CMW have a future??
18.01MAIL::GORDONWed Apr 17 1991Installation problem...RZ23 SYS disk?
19.07NEGD::TRIBEMon Apr 22 1991Can MLS use /usr/bin/Xtm2d framebuffer ?
20.04LARVAE::SUGDENWed Apr 24 1991Install prob VAXstation 31
21.03HARDY::BICKFORDWed Apr 24 1991fsck privs problem
22.02TUNER::BRANDWEINWed Apr 24 1991Suggestions, Interleaf
23.08TUNER::BRANDWEINWed Apr 24 1991Inactivity timeout/smart card access features
24.01NEGD::TRIBEThu Apr 25 1991missing /tcb/files files
25.03NEGD::TRIBEFri Apr 26 1991socket bind errors -> crash
26.02LARVAE::SUGDENWed May 01 1991X clients question
27.03LARVAE::SUGDENFri May 03 1991VAXSTation 31
28.07BREAKR::ZELLERTue May 07 1991maximum classifications,{categories/compartments},markings
29.02WIDGIT::ALLESWed May 08 1991SYBASE 4.
30.01STEREO::BRANDWEINThu May 09 1991Help with Application Test Form
32.0STEREO::BRANDWEINThu May 09 1991Uniplex
33.01STEREO::BRANDWEINThu May 09 1991Sybase
36.01STEREO::BRANDWEINThu May 09 1991DECinspect
39.02STEREO::BRANDWEINThu May 09 1991ULTRIX Encryption Software
42.0STEREO::BRANDWEINThu May 09 1991Verity Topic
43.0STEREO::BRANDWEINThu May 09 1991Framemaker
45.0STEREO::BRANDWEINThu May 09 1991Open Desktop
46.0STEREO::BRANDWEINThu May 09 1991Market Focus
47.0STEREO::BRANDWEINThu May 09 1991PostE
56.02OTOOThu May 09 1991vt12
57.05OTOOThu May 09 1991UNIPLEX
58.02BREAKR::ZELLERMon May 13 1991setld: Device not in database...???
59.05TUNER::SCHIRALDIWed May 15 1991TRW: locked out of root account
60.01NEGD::TRIBEFri May 17 1991MLS+ and 3min
61.04LARVAE::SUGDENMon May 20 1991Terminal control entry problem
62.07MAIL::GORDONTue May 21 1991tnetd not coming up
63.04MAIL::GORDONTue May 21 1991How to do Sys Disk Backup?
64.02MAIL::GORDONTue May 21 1991SA role pgm bad usr dir
65.07MAIL::GORDONTue May 21 1991Autolock...nice to have
66.09MAIL::GORDONTue May 21 1991Terminal hookup through asych port possible?
67.02MAIL::GORDONTue May 21 1991Decterm security policy for input correct?
68.01MAIL::GORDONTue May 21 1991Color Coded Label Bar not setup
69.04PHDVAX::DLEWISThu May 23 1991X BadAccess Error (X_MapWindow)
70.03PHDVAX::DLEWISTue May 28 1991When will FDDI be here?
71.03PHDVAX::DLEWISThu May 30 1991Pathworks compatibility?
72.01MAIL::GORDONMon Jun 03 1991FYI - DecWindows client appl results
73.01NEGD::TRIBEMon Jun 03 1991MLS+ and secure images
74.06PHDVAX::DLEWISWed Jun 05 1991X.desktop V3.
75.02MAIL::GORDONWed Jun 05 1991Date for Secure Boot ROM install
76.01HARDY::BICKFORDThu Jun 06 1991Screen captures in .ddif
77.0OTOOThu Jun 06 1991OSI Protocol support?
78.0LARVAE::SUGDENMon Jun 10 1991SVID compliance? Other B1 Unixes
79.01MAIL::GORDONMon Jun 10 1991Autstart DECterms at different levels
80.03OTOOMon Jun 10 1991X-terminal support within CMW???
81.01MAIL::GORDONMon Jun 10 1991Relevance of screen label
82.01DPDMAI::WEINBERGERMon Jun 10 1991Cut and Paste questions
83.0DPDMAI::WEINBERGERMon Jun 10 1991CMW-SEVMS interconnect
84.04DPDMAI::WEINBERGERMon Jun 10 1991Information labels - friend or foe
85.01LITTL2::MIERLEYMon Jun 10 1991EFT Documentation Incomplete??
86.03OTOOTue Jun 11 1991Can B1 be separated from CMW?
87.05OTOOWed Jun 12 1991Multi-user support now....
88.01LITTL2::MIERLEYFri Jun 14 1991Is this evidence of an misbehaving application?
89.03USWRSL::RENFRORAMon Jun 17 1991CMW & Ultrix/SQL?
90.012PHDVAX::DLEWISTue Jun 18 1991Where are Motif libs?
91.05HARDY::BICKFORDTue Jun 18 1991MLS and MAIL
92.011OTOOWed Jun 19 1991NCSC Evaluation Process
93.02MAIL::GORDONMon Jun 24 1991SET vs DFLT options usage of TP role pgms
94.01MAIL::GORDONMon Jun 24 1991Pause & Logout -> Use TP or Sess Mgr
95.02OTOOTue Jun 25 1991HP Laserjet III Support?
96.02LITTL2::MIERLEYTue Jun 25 1991newfs problems with RZ56
97.01MAIL::GORDONWed Jun 26 1991MACSIX protocol supported for CMW?
98.01BREAKR::ZELLERWed Jun 26 1991CMW + Multi-Media = DIA w/CNN in a window
99.01LARVAE::SUGDENFri Jun 28 1991Info required for $2
100.0LITTL2::MIERLEYWed Jul 10 1991Interoperability problems with SunOS 4.1.1
102.0SMURF::JJGWed Jul 24 1991workaround for VAX color screen corruption
103.03TUNER::THOMSONWed Jul 31 1991Ada anyone?
104.02MAIL::GORDONWed Jul 31 1991Need CMW requirements DOC MTR9992
106.02MAIL::GORDONTue Aug 13 1991tar command not working
107.03LARVAE::SUGDENFri Aug 16 1991C and Pascal compilers
108.0LARVAE::SUGDENFri Aug 16 1991Diskless Management Services
109.01MAIL::GORDONTue Aug 20 1991Can't mount RRD4
110.06MAIL::GORDONTue Aug 20 1991Disappearing window icons - TP icon placement
111.01MAIL::GORDONTue Aug 20 1991CD on line Documentation for CMW?
112.01MAIL::GORDONWed Aug 21 1991Can't get Cron to wake from its slumber
113.0LARVAE::SUGDENTue Aug 27 1991Multiple concurrent sessions for 1 user
114.01LARVAE::SUGDENTue Aug 27 1991Inactivity timeout zzzzz
115.02DPDMAI::WEINBERGERTue Aug 27 1991CMW Service Delivery deadline
116.014DPDMAI::WEINBERGERWed Aug 28 1991Network help
117.07MAIL::GORDONWed Sep 04 1991Trusted Distribution assurance procedures
118.02MAIL::GORDONThu Sep 05 1991Audit Report logins/logoffs
119.03MAIL::GORDONThu Sep 05 1991X-Windows Security from remote node
120.02MAIL::GORDONFri Sep 06 1991/tmp directory not cleared on boot?
121.05MAIL::GORDONTue Sep 10 1991Hardcopy sensitivity labels
122.0MAIL::GORDONWed Sep 11 1991Existence of Operator Role Program
123.01LARVAE::SUGDENThu Sep 12 1991Info required for another bid
124.01LARVAE::SUGDENThu Sep 12 1991DECSystems 51
125.016OTOOA::UNDERHILLTue Sep 17 1991SUN Demo questions...
126.03TEACH::DANWed Sep 18 1991Online documentation
127.01MAIL::GORDONTue Sep 24 1991Username/Passwd single->multi user mode
128.02MAIL::GORDONThu Sep 26 1991Reboot hangs with fatal error
129.04LARVAE::SUGDENFri Sep 27 1991DECsystem 55
130.01LARVAE::SUGDENTue Oct 01 1991Oracle help needed
131.03MAIL::GORDONTue Oct 01 1991System Managememnt Issues Raised
132.02MAIL::GORDONWed Oct 02 1991Some Trusted Network questions
133.0LARVAE::BEALEMon Oct 07 1991Print Audit/Accounting
134.01MAIL::GORDONTue Oct 08 1991Trusted Socket Questions
135.03MAIL::GORDONTue Oct 08 1991Session Clearance & Login Level usage
136.05LARVAE::SUGDENWed Oct 09 1991Building a new machine from dump restore
137.01MAIL::GORDONWed Oct 09 1991Start Application for X Window apps only?
138.01MAIL::GORDONWed Oct 09 1991Writing records to the Audit File
139.02USWRSL::RENFRORAWed Oct 09 1991COTS Products on MLS+
140.01MAIL::GORDONThu Oct 10 1991What CMW training courses available?
141.01MAIL::GORDONFri Oct 11 1991What/Why are Supplementary Groups?
142.01MAIL::GORDONMon Oct 14 1991When is PIL a factor for info labels?
143.0NEWOA::NEALETue Oct 15 1991Layered products and installation subset dependencies
144.02MAIL::GORDONTue Oct 15 1991Any more CMW manuals in the offing?
145.04LARVAE::SUGDENWed Oct 16 1991Crash by DECServer
146.03LARVAE::SUGDENWed Oct 16 1991Printer problems
147.03DYOSW8::WILDERThu Oct 17 1991Disable account after failed logins?
148.04PHDVAX::DLEWISThu Oct 17 1991MLS+ POSIX-Compliant?
149.0DYOSW8::WILDERSun Oct 20 1991Inactive account notification?
150.03BREAKR::ZELLERTue Oct 22 1991Questions from GTE
151.01WIDGIT::ALLESSun Oct 27 1991Xserver not started on EFT2
152.01LARVAE::SUGDENMon Oct 28 1991Tape units supported?
153.04SUPER::BICKFORDMon Oct 28 1991MLS+ and Kerberos
154.03DPDMAI::WEINBERGERTue Oct 29 1991Help on Rev. 69
155.03MAIL::GORDONWed Oct 30 1991Setting passwords on accounts expired
156.06STEREO::THOMSONWed Oct 30 1991LAT lines >16: MAKEDEV doesn't
157.06MAIL::GORDONFri Nov 01 1991Future Network Plans for CMW
158.0MAIL::GORDONFri Nov 01 1991Clustered Ultrix MLS+ supported (DMS)?
159.01MAIL::GORDONFri Nov 01 1991Scaling up MLS+ installations
160.02BIGUN::TANNERSat Nov 02 1991MAC/ILB policy config file....
161.011NEWOA::NEALEWed Nov 06 1991problems with setld under rev 69
162.01STEREO::BOKHANMon Nov 11 1991Is your DECstation 5
163.02BIGUN::TANNERTue Nov 12 19915
165.02THEWAV::KRUEGERMon Nov 18 1991Performance Data Needed
166.04THEWAV::KRUEGERMon Nov 18 1991SGI and B-1 ???
167.04THEWAV::KRUEGERMon Nov 18 1991B-1 server and STD clients ?
168.09HOBBLE::GARNERTue Nov 19 1991MLS & X-Terminals
170.03STEREO::THOMSONFri Nov 22 1991no DECnet on a DEC operating system?
171.0TUNER::THOMSONWed Nov 27 1991NOTICE: New Encodings File coming
172.03PRMSThu Dec 05 1991mltape confusion
173.02NEWOA::NEALEFri Dec 06 1991Help! I'm locked out!
174.0PRMSFri Dec 06 1991.cshrc problem? maybe
175.03WIDGIT::ALLESFri Dec 06 1991Customer can't login with telnet or rlogin
176.0USWRSL::RENFRORAMon Dec 09 1991POSIX development for MLS+?
177.01LARVAE::SUGDENTue Dec 10 1991Audit streams and alarms
178.03PRMSMon Dec 16 1991pax? here or not
179.01PRMSTue Dec 17 199155
180.05PRMSWed Dec 18 1991telnet sessions got no tty, sort of
181.02PRMSFri Dec 20 1991utmp weirdness/logname?
182.0PRMSFri Dec 27 1991Answer to QAR 1
183.02PRMSFri Dec 27 1991multdirs ownership problems
184.05PRMSFri Dec 27 1991QAR 1
185.04PRMSMon Dec 30 1991ACL checking
186.0PRMSMon Dec 30 1991X.4
187.03PRMSTue Dec 31 1991QAR 1
188.01PRMSThu Jan 02 1992unsupported X stuff, xwd, xpr, xlsfont, etc
189.02PRMSMon Jan 06 1992MLS+ host as router? more than one ethernet interface
190.07PRMSTue Jan 07 1992SCO CMW's & MLS+
191.06STEREO::THOMSONWed Jan 08 1992TNETDB: rebuild or reboot?
193.02PRMSThu Jan 23 1992Modification of the Encodings file
194.02BIGUN::TANNERTue Jan 28 1992presentation of ULTRIX MLS+??
195.02KAOU14::UNDERHILLFri Feb 07 1992APL Interactive Environment...
197.0GUCCI::SCUDAMOREMon Feb 10 1992ULTRIX MLS+ Press release
198.010TUNER::BOKHANWed Feb 12 1992Secure Mail: Wish List
199.01NEWOA::NEALEThu Feb 13 1992ULTRIX MLS+ availability in Europe
201.04TUNER::BOKHANThu Feb 20 1992Mail on ULTRIX MLS+ V1.
202.05STEREO::THOMSONThu Feb 20 1992Internal license: PAK for LMF available?
203.04STEREO::THOMSONThu Feb 20 1992Labelling within documents: what should we do?
204.02PHDVAX::DLEWISFri Feb 21 1992LMF Woes
205.0PRMSThu Feb 27 1992Network Authentication
206.04PRMSThu Feb 27 1992trec and spdcontrol
207.04TEACH::DANFri Feb 28 1992Hardware support question
208.05DPDMAI::WEINBERGERMon Mar 02 1992QAR's for V1.
209.01WIDGIT::ALLESTue Mar 03 1992Window Manager dies and doesn't restart with V1.
210.02WIDGIT::ALLESTue Mar 03 1992DECpresent and the StaticColor map
211.01WIDGIT::ALLESTue Mar 03 1992DECterm problems
212.04HOBBLE::RUFFIEUXMon Mar 09 1992problem with rlogin
213.03TUNER::THOMSONTue Mar 10 1992Trusted networking setup (TNET netsetup) problems
214.010BIGUN::TANNERThu Mar 12 1992SoftPC+ MAXINE+ ULTRIX MLS+ = winner?
215.04IMOKAY::jjgMon Mar 16 1992Asterix
216.03DPDMAI::WOODWARDTue Mar 17 19925
217.01BREAKR::HERGOTWed Mar 18 1992VMS PORT TO MLS+?
218.05DPDMAI::WOODWARDWed Mar 18 1992IEEE P1
219.04PRMSWed Mar 25 1992trusted ftp/rlogin fails on TCP connection
220.01LARVAE::SUGDENWed Mar 25 1992Documentation problem ?possibly
221.0LARVAE::SUGDENTue Mar 31 1992Performance data?
222.01LARVAE::SUGDENTue Mar 31 1992HSCs and RA discs
223.01KAOU14::UNDERHILLThu Apr 02 1992Terminal is locked, account disabled
224.01ARGUS::DONMOYERThu Apr 02 1992Disk scrubber/eraser
225.0PHDVAX::DLEWISWed Apr 08 1992Distributed Management Needed
226.02KAOU14::UNDERHILLMon Apr 13 1992Ease of Use of Audit Facility - NOT...
227.05SCAM::ORENGOWed Apr 29 1992ULTRIX MLS+ for DECsystems?
228.06PEACHS::GINGHERFri May 01 1992Help !!! No Xprompter !!!
229.01STEREO::THOMSONFri May 01 1992X security protocols library
230.01STEREO::THOMSONFri May 01 1992X: writeable colormap code sample
231.01LARVAE::SUGDENWed May 06 1992RZ58:Runnable? Official support?
232.01LARVAE::SUGDENThu May 07 1992Trusted Path operations
233.03MANWRK::PORTEOUSFri May 08 1992Problems newfs on an rz56
234.02LARVAE::SUGDENWed May 13 1992Retirement? Of accounts,not you
235.013NEWOA::NEALEThu May 14 1992MLS+ as a network gateway/routing
236.06SAC::MAGUIRE_GThu May 14 1992Unable to ftp or rlogin between MLS+ nodes
237.03LARVAE::SUGDENWed May 20 1992Locked and unlocked account admin
238.02LARVAE::SUGDENWed May 20 1992Password admin. features
239.01LARVAE::SUGDENTue May 26 1992Help with Motif needed
240.04BREAKR::HERGOTWed May 27 1992TZ3
241.03BREAKR::HERGOTWed May 27 1992User Upgrades on MLS+?
242.01DPDMAI::WEINBERGERThu May 28 1992Nfs help
243.0LARVAE::SUGDENFri May 29 1992JOTS II port to MLS+
244.01SAC::MAGUIRE_GThu Jun 04 1992Problems restoring the root partition on V1.
245.013DPDMAI::WEINBERGERThu Jun 04 1992DECnet is not for CMW
246.03BREAKR::STARKGRAFThu Jun 04 1992Problem with V1.
247.03PRMSFri Jun 05 1992problems capturing dumps on 5
248.07TEACH::DANMon Jun 08 1992TNET customer questions
249.0PRMSWed Jun 10 1992info on prom routines
250.0BREAKR::HERGOTFri Jun 12 1992Why one tape per SCSI?
251.01PEACHS::GINGHERMon Jun 15 1992Boeing Delivery Project !!! Help !!!
252.0PRMSMon Jun 15 1992Warning: 5
253.02RHETT::BATESThu Jun 18 1992Mls patches?
254.02PRMSFri Jun 19 1992Login and Pause bugs - help!
255.0PRMSFri Jun 19 1992XDM service on MLS+ machine
256.02BREAKR::HERGOTFri Jun 19 1992LMF and Layered Products Problems!
257.01MFRFMS::SFISCHERMon Jun 22 1992DECInspect running on MLS+ ?
258.03MFRFMS::SFISCHERMon Jun 22 1992MLS+ Documentation Location
259.013KAOU93::HOPKINSONTue Jun 23 1992Alternate Policy Models
260.03PHDVAX::DLEWISTue Jun 23 1992VT42
261.01BREAKR::HERGOTTue Jun 23 1992DEC/ADA and MLS+
262.02RHETT::BATESTue Jun 23 1992 Help - porting Oracle to MLS+ from ISV.
264.04RHETT::BATESTue Jun 30 1992 error 24 using cpio
265.0PRMSWed Jul 01 1992Secure Networking Future
266.0PRMSThu Jul 02 1992MLS+ and OSI puurfect together!
268.010MFRFMS::SFISCHERTue Jul 07 1992Delete/erase feature ?
269.05STEREO::THOMSONTue Jul 07 1992Panic, crash dump, filing a QAR/SPR
270.0+4MFRFMS::SFISCHERWed Jul 08 1992limits on number of class,{categories,compartments},acl
271.01BREAKR::HERGOTWed Jul 08 1992TKZ
272.02MFRFMS::SFISCHERThu Jul 09 1992Line-/Matrix-printer
273.04DYPSS1::TROXELLThu Jul 09 1992Detecting ULTRIX MLS+ vrs ULTRIX
274.03NEWOA::NEALEThu Jul 09 1992MLS+ and US Govt networking stds
275.01NEWOA::NEALEFri Jul 10 1992Paragon Imaging ELT/2
276.02MFRFMS::SFISCHERFri Jul 10 19925
277.04NEWOA::NEALEFri Jul 10 1992Lobotomised MLS+ = C2?
278.04NEWOA::NEALEWed Jul 15 1992shared auth. db in MLS+ LAN
279.03NEWOA::NEALEWed Jul 15 1992Possible changes to printed output labelling
280.07NEWOA::NEALEWed Jul 15 1992Password encryption and generation algorithms
281.04NEWOA::NEALEWed Jul 15 1992Realtime auditting
282.01NEWOA::NEALEWed Jul 15 1992ACLs on printers and workstations
283.013PHDVAX::DLEWISThu Jul 16 1992IXI X.desktop, FDDI Questions
284.0PHDVAX::DLEWISThu Jul 16 1992Awk script converts passwd
285.06RHETT::AMANMon Jul 20 1992Problems installing Wingz V1.1a on MLS+ V1.
286.0BREAKR::HERGOTTue Jul 21 1992DEC C support for MLS+????
287.08WASHDC::RICHARDSTue Jul 21 1992setld of Mandatory Upgrade fails.
288.0TUNER::BRANDWEINFri Jul 24 1992MLS+ V1.
289.0SHAKEY::SENGUPTATue Jul 28 1992Installation upgrades requested
290.05RHETT::BATESWed Jul 29 1992newfs error revisited
291.0NEWOA::NEALEFri Jul 31 1992DECmcc on MLS+
292.01STEREO::THOMSONFri Jul 31 1992tar and single level devices
293.04TEACH::DANMon Aug 03 1992Tested Applications?
294.010TEACH::DANMon Aug 03 1992TNETD problem
295.06TEACH::DANWed Aug 05 1992Using ULTRIX MLS+ course
296.01PHDVAX::DLEWISThu Aug 06 1992ipclevel eqivalent for sockets?
297.02PHDVAX::DLEWISFri Aug 07 1992POSIX behavior on sys calls? How??
298.0PRMSFri Aug 07 1992bootp & tftp?
299.01RHETT::FISHERSun Aug 09 1992compartments and dxmail???
300.01PHDVAX::DLEWISMon Aug 10 1992Help on epa; socket-based prog.
301.01STEREO::THOMSONTue Aug 11 1992printing audit reports from XIsso
302.01PEACHS::GINGHERThu Aug 13 1992ftp to/from labeled to/from unlabeled.
303.09SMURF::JJGMon Aug 17 1992xreflect
304.0GUCCI::SCUDAMORETue Aug 18 1992additional marketing req open for MLS+
305.04TEACH::DANWed Aug 19 1992RZ25 a system disk?
306.04KAOU14::UNDERHILLWed Aug 19 1992LOTUS 123 Startup Problem...
307.0SHAKEY::SENGUPTAThu Aug 20 1992Code example of a ufs mount
308.0TUNER::THOMSONThu Aug 20 1992LPS2
309.01KAOU14::UNDERHILLWed Aug 26 1992RFC Protocols Supported...
310.0KAOU14::UNDERHILLWed Aug 26 1992WordPerfect & LOTUS ...
311.01KAOU14::UNDERHILLWed Aug 26 1992Multimedia Capabilities...
312.04LARVAE::SUGDENWed Aug 26 1992Remote authentication data?
313.05STEREO::THOMSONThu Aug 27 1992V1.
314.04PHDVAX::DLEWISThu Aug 27 1992Eliminate dxsession? Logo?
315.01LARVAE::SUGDENFri Aug 28 1992X25 links?
316.02KAOU14::UNDERHILLFri Aug 28 1992CMW Network, X.25, X.4
317.0SMURF::JJGFri Aug 28 1992DEC FUSE for ULTRIX V1.1
318.01KAOU14::UNDERHILLMon Aug 31 1992MAGMA P1 Parallel Port..
319.06STEREO::THOMSONMon Aug 31 1992Sun's "network evaluation"
320.01KAOU14::UNDERHILLWed Sep 02 1992CMW Network....
321.02PHDVAX::DLEWISThu Sep 03 1992Widespread use of multdirs?
322.07NZOMIS::ROBBINSFri Sep 04 1992Novice needs help with Security issues
323.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Sep 09 1992Loan kit...
324.01PHDVAX::DLEWISWed Sep 09 1992LMF use by other vendors?
325.01KAOU14::UNDERHILLWed Sep 16 1992SCO CMW...
326.04MSBOS::BORSOMThu Sep 17 1992V1.
327.01BIGUN::TANNERFri Sep 18 1992ADDAMAX - any information??
328.01KAOU14::UNDERHILLFri Sep 18 1992Compliance to RFP requirements....
329.05STEREO::BRANDWEINSun Sep 20 1992SPD - MLS+ V1.
330.0LARVAE::SUGDENThu Sep 24 1992Goodbye everybody
331.02PRMSFri Sep 25 1992Trusted socket examples wanted
332.01KAOU14::UNDERHILLFri Sep 25 1992Who is DNSIX V2.
333.01PRMSWed Sep 30 1992MLS+ and the DCE Components
334.03WIDGIT::ALLESMon Oct 05 1992How do you run newfs from single user mode?
335.03NEWOA::NEALETue Oct 06 1992Reading ISO format cd's on MLS+
336.01PRMSWed Oct 07 1992NFS probs EFT1.
337.06BIGUN::TANNERMon Oct 12 1992Xterminals and multi-user license part number?
338.01PRMSTue Oct 20 1992SCSI CAM support?
339.04KAOU14::UNDERHILLFri Oct 23 1992Explanation of file name classification...
340.04STEREO::THOMSONFri Oct 23 1992LP label font; changing syshi encodings definition
341.01RHETT::BATESFri Oct 23 1992"sp_bitmap_alloc: null bitmap", ds55
342.0YUPPY::JOHNSONTMon Oct 26 1992Which Routers for MLS+ WAN?
343.05PRMSMon Oct 26 1992Two X Problems(?)
344.02PEACHS::GINGHERTue Oct 27 1992USCSC asks: Does 1.
345.09CSC32::CALLAGHANTue Oct 27 1992USCSC asks: Will Infoserver Software work with MLS+?
346.08PRMSTue Oct 27 1992FTP revisited again
347.01OTOUTue Oct 27 1992X.25 Connectivity???
348.03RHETT::GINGHERWed Oct 28 1992USCSC: MLS+ 1.
349.06KAOU14::UNDERHILLWed Oct 28 1992Encodings file change.... HELP
350.03STEREO::THOMSONThu Oct 29 1992YP, Bind, Mail
352.02BIGUN::TANNERThu Nov 05 1992FYI: HP evaluation status. Note, they have secureware software incorporated.
353.01SHAKEY::SENGUPTAThu Nov 05 1992Reading files with incompatible labels
354.0TUNER::BRANDWEINThu Nov 19 1992VERSION 1.
355.02SHAKEY::SENGUPTAFri Nov 20 1992poor nfs performance
356.0TUNER::BOKHANTue Dec 08 1992FAST disk-to-disk copy (cross-posted)
357.09SLBLUZ::DABLERTue Dec 01 1992Problem with Building a 5
358.01OSLFri Dec 04 1992Using VT1
359.01OSLFri Dec 04 1992Changing fonts in dxterm
360.010DPDMAI::WOODWARDFri Dec 04 1992What would it take to become B2?
361.02OSLMon Dec 07 1992Have anyone tested AVS, CorelDraw under MLS+ ?
362.0TUNER::BOKHANTue Dec 08 1992MLS+ Mail internal field test is coming soon!
364.06KAOU14::UNDERHILLFri Dec 11 1992Network questions.....
365.07KAOU14::UNDERHILLTue Dec 15 1992developer's privileges and authorizations?
366.02KAOU14::UNDERHILLTue Dec 15 1992rlogin and rsh between unlabelled and labelled systems
367.05STEREO::THOMSONFri Dec 18 1992Audit Requirements: layered products
368.01RHETT::BATESTue Jan 05 1993mls+ panic: trap ... lk_msgq..
369.04XDELTA::HOFFMANThu Jan 07 1993MLS Comments and Problems
370.02KAOU14::UNDERHILLFri Jan 08 1993Athena Widget Set...
371.01STEREO::THOMSONFri Jan 08 1993TLZ
372.09DPDMAI::WEINBERGERMon Jan 11 1993Back again, diskless support
373.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue Jan 12 1993MLS+ 1.
374.02EUCLPT::NORMANTue Jan 12 1993MLS+ on OSF/1 Alpha
375.08RHETT::COOPERWed Jan 13 1993Dump:Rejected file inode=####
376.05NEWOA::NEALEThu Jan 14 1993dxterm -display to SUN fails
377.03NEWOA::NEALEThu Jan 14 1993Must have UNCL=syslo?
378.03NEWOA::NEALEThu Jan 14 1993Unexplained "klm_reply proc(
379.05NEWOA::NEALEThu Jan 14 1993printing with MLS+ and "network printer"
380.01NEWOA::NEALEThu Jan 14 1993MLS+ training dates in '93?
381.01WIDGIT::ALLESMon Jan 18 1993Documentation Error - Section 8 - Boot for DS5
382.08WIDGIT::ALLESMon Jan 18 1993Netsetup questions
383.0WIDGIT::ALLESMon Jan 18 1993Where's Internal Support?
384.03STEREO::THOMSONThu Jan 21 1993GORGE -- the QAR/SPR system
385.01DPDMAI::WOODWARDThu Jan 21 1993TKZ
386.0STEREO::DAYFri Jan 22 1993Internet Access for Product Info
387.02WIDGIT::ALLESFri Jan 22 1993Trusted communication with Sun CMW?
388.03KAOU14::UNDERHILLMon Jan 25 1993Connection to Adamax....
389.08BIGUN::TANNERWed Jan 27 1993fault tolerance?? RAID technology
390.01NEWOA::NEALEWed Jan 27 1993Locally-connected TTYS on DS5
391.02BIGUN::TANNERThu Jan 28 1993PEX support in mls+??
392.01NEWOA::NEALETue Feb 02 1993SGI Graphical Library
393.01BREAKR::HATue Feb 02 1993C2 document for Ultrix
394.04DYPSS1::TROXELLFri Feb 05 1993statpriv help needed
395.05PRMSMon Feb 08 1993Recovery after Encodings Change
396.05PRMSTue Feb 09 1993/etc/fstab: permission denied
397.01PRMSThu Feb 11 1993Hard limit on NFS mounts
398.01DPDMAI::WOODWARDThu Feb 11 1993ISSO 966
399.01BREAKR::HERGOTFri Feb 12 19933rd party drives and Mls+?
400.010OSLACT::OLAVTue Feb 16 1993Labeled printing?
401.02OSLACT::OLAVTue Feb 16 1993Distributed Secure Systems?
402.02GUCCI::JCONNORSThu Feb 18 1993C2 on OSF ?
404.0KAOU14::UNDERHILLFri Feb 19 1993Customers using SUN and Digital CMW's...
405.03VFOFS::GARNERMon Feb 22 1993sysadmin account in /etc/passwd
407.012BIGUN::TANNERMon Feb 22 1993trusted oracle 7 for OSF/MLS+
408.02BREAKR::HAWed Feb 24 1993DEC Ada 1.1
409.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Feb 24 1993Trusted path on a DECsystem
410.03BIGUN::TANNERTue Mar 02 1993local root/swap question?
411.03DPDMAI::WEINBERGERFri Mar 05 1993Ok, client/server question
412.04NEWOA::NEALEThu Mar 11 1993How do we get the CMW definition?
413.04BREAKR::HERGOTTue Mar 16 1993which_attr ????
415.0MKOTS3::BAILEYFri Mar 19 1993Call for Papers-MLS+ User Meeting
416.04DPDMAI::WOODWARDTue Mar 23 1993Full ipc queues
417.02VOLMAN::JCONNORSTue Mar 30 1993Help ! dxtp start app kills server
418.02GUCCI::JCONNORSTue Apr 06 1993Trusted Mail Doc ?
419.01BIGUN::TANNERThu Apr 08 1993DECnis??
420.04DPDMAI::WOODWARDThu Apr 08 1993With privs,noclass can I delete S file
421.01LARVAE::BEALEThu Apr 08 1993JANES => core dump, can't grow stack
422.03MKOTS3::BAILEYFri Apr 09 1993MLS+ Users Group Meeting Invitation
423.01MIMS::LIBOVEMon Apr 12 1993Does ULTRIX MLS+ provide "captive" accounts?
424.03PRMSWed Apr 14 1993setuid() call & privs
425.02GUCCI::JCONNORSWed Apr 14 1993rdump ?
426.01MKOTS3::THOMSONThu Apr 15 1993big disks
427.01KAOU93::UNDERHILLWed Apr 21 1993APL Supported?
428.0MKOTS3::HASKELLFri Apr 23 1993ULTRIX MLS+ Enters Formal - Dockmaster Announcement
429.08DPDMAI::WOODWARDWed Apr 28 1993epa -> dxterm -> gdb -> application
430.02PEACHS::GINGHERThu Apr 29 19931.
431.01PRMSTue May 04 1993UID_MAX a hard limit?
432.08RHETT::COOPERWed May 05 1993Help with audit
433.01RONAN::RONANWed May 05 1993DES support
434.02DPDMAI::WOODWARDThu May 06 1993R4
435.02DPDMAI::WOODWARDFri May 07 1993TKZ6
436.03CSC32::T_SANDEFURFri May 07 1993nfs hangs
437.02NEWOA::NEALEWed May 12 1993Use of epa with -l/-u options
438.05DYPSS1::TROXELLWed May 12 1993DECdetect for ULTRIX MLS+ Field Test
439.01GUCCI::JCONNORSThu May 13 1993Terminal Server Support ?
440.08NEWOA::NEALETue May 18 1993ObjectWorks
441.07PEACHS::GINGHERTue May 18 1993disable auditing for a given command?
442.05PEACHS::GINGHERTue May 18 1993McDonnell Douglas has a problem with MLS+ NFS
443.013PEACHS::GINGHERTue May 18 1993MLS+ and Sybase 4.2
444.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue May 18 1993can't telnet
446.01SXOSLS::BANKEYWed May 19 1993Bar Code on MLS workstation?
447.02RHETT::BATESFri May 21 1993 Isso and Audit/ Create/Mod Window question.
448.02LARVAE::BEALEWed May 26 1993dxterm startup slow.
449.01MKOTS3::SCANLONTue Jun 01 1993Connecting to MLS+ from a LAT
450.03RHETT::BATESTue Jun 01 1993panic: spd:out of message controlblks.
451.03DPDMAI::WOODWARDThu Jun 03 1993Tracing IMOKAY submits
452.03MKOTS3::THOMSONFri Jun 04 1993V2.
453.02VFOFS::GARNERMon Jun 07 1993/tcb/bin/setfiles and multileveldirs
454.04VFOFS::GARNERMon Jun 07 1993audit problems/questions
455.01VFOFS::GARNERMon Jun 07 1993MAKEDEV and tz tapedrives
456.01RHETT::BATESMon Jun 07 1993MLS+ X1.2-5
457.0VFOFS::GARNERTue Jun 08 1993XIsso and self modifying values
458.05VFOFS::GARNERTue Jun 08 1993Audit Report Problems/Questions
459.04BREAKR::HERGOTTue Jun 08 1993FORTRAN won't work!!
460.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri Jun 11 1993mltape blocksize
461.0LARVAE::BURGESSFri Jun 11 1993CTRL/ALT/Return halts MLS+ on DS5
462.05DPDMAI::WOODWARDTue Jun 15 1993prolem with popen / pipe mechanism
463.07PEACHS::GINGHERTue Jun 15 1993printing from MLS+ host ...
464.05VFOFS::GARNERTue Jun 15 1993TSIG Standards
465.06CLOUZO::GALVANWed Jun 16 1993OSF/DCE on MLS+ ?
466.03VFOFS::GARNERThu Jun 17 1993MOTIF 1.1.3
467.03DPDMAI::WOODWARDThu Jun 17 1993'lpd' - jobs stuck in spool area
468.02OTOOA::CREASERThu Jun 17 1993StorageWorks Suppport
469.01EUSACT::FRSD4::SteinmetzFri Jun 18 1993Problems of apps under MLS+?
470.01MKOTS3::BRANDWEINFri Jun 18 1993Demo for Defence - Questions
471.01SWAM2::CHMURA_STSat Jun 19 1993MLS+ WAN Links?
472.05VFOFS::GARNERWed Jun 23 1993TCB parts, peice, and other organs
473.05VFOFS::GARNERThu Jun 24 1993lpr and the lowly user
474.07OTOOA::CREASERThu Jun 24 1993Integrated Desktop?
475.03MR4DEC::DITOMMASOMon Jun 28 1993vendor needs help with MLS
476.010GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Jun 30 1993X.4
477.02SAC::KINDER_NMon Jul 05 1993DECnet/OSI on MLS+
478.0ATPS::BARRYWed Jul 07 1993book reader application failing - what am I doing wrong?
479.02BREAKR::HERGOTMon Jul 12 1993SQL problems with mls - requires su?
480.05GUCCI::JCONNORSTue Jul 13 1993MLS+ App's Help
481.0CSC32::T_SANDEFURTue Jul 13 1993<problems w/rlogin to server>
482.06GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Jul 14 1993Secure GOSIP X.4
483.07PEACHS::GINGHERWed Jul 14 1993Default Session Sensitivity Level... at login
484.08PEACHS::GINGHERWed Jul 14 1993Apple LaserWriter II PostScript printer ...
485.05VFOFS::GARNERFri Jul 16 1993deletion and filename SL's
486.09RHETT::BATESTue Jul 20 1993Questions on deleting audit trail..
487.07CHOVAX::POALETTIWed Jul 21 1993HELP:DL215
489.01OTOP95::BucklandWed Jul 28 1993NCD X-Terminal Specs
490.0MKOTS3::THOMSONWed Jul 28 1993internationalization
491.01WASHDC::RICHARDSTue Aug 03 1993Encodings file problems with compartments?
492.04VFOFS::GARNERTue Aug 03 1993Printing multiply files
493.01PRMSWed Aug 04 1993MLS 2.
494.04VFOFS::GARNERWed Aug 04 1993Help with an Old problem
495.02GUCCI::JCONNORSWed Aug 04 1993Install Help
496.05PRMSThu Aug 05 1993Errors dumping directly to screen
497.01PRMSThu Aug 05 1993Oracle problem with T1.2-
498.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu Aug 05 1993*Info Only* doconfig appears to hang
499.08PEACHS::GINGHERThu Aug 05 1993XTrap for DECset on MLS+ 1.
500.03GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri Aug 06 1993Reducing mandatory audit events
501.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDSat Aug 07 1993RZ74 and MLS+.
502.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Aug 11 1993dd behavior w/ SCSI TKZ
503.02PEACHS::GINGHERThu Aug 12 1993XIsso window label; QAR 1
504.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu Aug 19 1993MLS+ 1.
505.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSThu Aug 19 1993X25 options?
506.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Aug 23 1993Clocks and the year 2
507.03LARVAE::GRAYMon Aug 23 1993SUN vs Digital?
508.01LARVAE::WYLIE_HWed Aug 25 1993Configuring out ILs?
509.07LARVAE::WYLIE_HWed Aug 25 1993central audit processing
510.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu Aug 26 1993Attach to a running process?
511.02VFOFS::GARNERThu Aug 26 1993name for multileveldirs?
512.02VFOFS::GARNERFri Aug 27 1993rz74?
513.011GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue Aug 31 1993What is this TNET_LOG error?
514.06BIGUN::TANNERTue Aug 31 1993SGMLS+ and X.4
515.05LARVAE::TIMMIS_JWed Sep 01 1993Trusted NIS (YP) experience?
516.03RHETT::BATESWed Sep 01 1993 V1.
517.01LARVAE::MCCARTNEY_JThu Sep 02 1993Secure SYBASE support
518.0MKOTS3::THOMSONThu Sep 02 1993Wanted: Programmer's Guide input
519.02VFOFS::GARNERTue Sep 07 1993Future of the XIsso and XSysAmin apps
520.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Sep 08 1993Can't chlabel after a 'dd'
521.01CSC32::HEINZThu Sep 09 1993is fddi supported in v1.2-5?
522.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri Sep 10 1993multiuser trusted recovery
523.03MIMS::FINKELSTEINMon Sep 13 1993MH $MAILDROP variable not working
524.02LARVAE::WYLIE_HTue Sep 21 1993tlz
525.012GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue Sep 28 1993maxusers and performance
526.0MKOTS3::THOMSONMon Oct 04 1993Wanted: TNET Admin Guide suggestions
527.01BIGUN::TANNERMon Oct 04 1993Downgrade and networks labelling??
528.02LARVAE::WYLIE_HTue Oct 05 1993rpc support
529.01MKOTS3::THOMSONTue Oct 05 1993Harris CX/SX on EPL for B1
530.0MKOTS3::THOMSONTue Oct 05 1993XENIX on EPL for B2
531.02MKOTS3::THOMSONTue Oct 05 1993Informix EPL Entry for B1
532.05GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Oct 06 1993DNSIX 3.
533.01OTOOA::FARRELLWed Oct 06 1993dxmail v2.
534.01OTOOA::FARRELLWed Oct 06 1993ingres+mls
535.01OTOOA::FARRELLWed Oct 06 1993uniplex+mls
536.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Oct 06 1993multileves standard output?
537.02LARVAE::WYLIE_HTue Oct 12 1993Audit directories
538.03PRMSTue Oct 12 1993SCO, Adamax interop revisited
539.01ALFAXP::WALTERSWed Oct 13 1993interpreting error messages from auditd
540.01VFOFS::GARNERThu Oct 14 1993Changing filename SL/IL from apps.
541.01OTOOA::FARRELLSun Oct 17 1993privileges
542.07OTOOA::FARRELLSun Oct 17 1993Single level system; default SL at login
543.01BIGUN::TANNERMon Oct 18 1993v2.
544.01LARVAE::WYLIE_HTue Oct 26 1993xwd and xreflect
545.0LARVAE::WYLIE_HTue Oct 26 1993MLS Development environment
548.01MKOTS3::THOMSONWed Oct 27 1993TNET status check shell script
549.02MKOTS3::THOMSONMon Nov 01 1993Troubleshooting X clients and the network
550.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue Nov 02 1993ksh core dump
551.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue Nov 02 1993corrupted root partition
552.03SMARIO::DAVIDSONWed Nov 03 1993scanner, MD41
553.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu Nov 04 1993problems calling getlabel
554.01DECLNE::KENNYFri Nov 05 1993security questions for osf/1
555.04RHETT::BATESMon Nov 08 1993V2.
556.03ESPOThu Nov 11 1993TSIG TNFS and CIPSO Document locations?
557.03ESPOFri Nov 12 1993Additional DNSIX/TSIG docs reqd
558.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri Nov 12 1993filename IL float
559.04CHOVAX::POALETTIFri Nov 12 1993Porting C from Ultrix MLS+ -> Alpha OSF/1 (n, not MLS
560.06ATPS::BARRYMon Nov 15 1993Is DNSIX 3.
561.05MIMS::GINGHER_AWed Nov 17 1993FTP problems - Login incorrect ...
562.03GUCCI::JCONNORSWed Nov 17 1993ULT 4.3a & R4
563.0GUCCI::JCONNORSThu Nov 18 1993POLY PM works !!
564.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu Nov 18 1993CSC patch 4
565.03GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri Nov 19 1993'ps' changes a file's IL
566.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri Nov 19 1993tnetconfdb values
567.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue Nov 23 1993CSCPAT_4
568.01ESPOThu Nov 25 1993Trusted Device Drivers for MLS+
569.0LJSRV2::DANIELSMon Nov 29 19933 Questions on UCX
570.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue Nov 30 1993kernel binaries with security accesses
571.03GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Dec 01 1993analyze_crash outpu
572.02RHETT::HAZENWed Dec 01 1993?? Versions CIPSO & DOI numbers supported on MLS+
573.02RHETT::HAZENWed Dec 01 1993can't print proper trailer page
574.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Dec 02 1993ITSEC requirements
575.04CSC32::T_SANDEFURThu Dec 02 1993CIPSO & DLI driver
576.06RHETT::LOHFri Dec 03 1993motif 1.1.3 problem with keysym on MLS+ v1.
577.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue Dec 07 1993panicstr: unaligned access
580.09LARVAE::WYLIE_HFri Dec 10 1993Windows performance
581.0ESPOFri Dec 10 1993High-level audit reports
582.04VFOFS::GARNERFri Dec 10 1993more fun with setfiles
584.012LARVAE::BEALEThu Dec 16 1993Label formats
585.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri Dec 17 1993can't reboot
586.02LARVAE::WYLIE_HWed Dec 22 1993XTRAP support
587.0MKOTS3::BRANDWEINThu Dec 23 1993TOP 1
588.02BALTMD::GLOCKTue Dec 28 1993Restricted Shell??
589.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu Jan 13 1994mltape file extract error?
591.06BREAKR::HERGOTWed Jan 19 1994Secure env variables?
592.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri Jan 21 1994audit daemon priority decrease
593.05RHETT::HAZENFri Jan 21 1994restoring root: V2.
594.014GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Jan 26 1994a faster sp_init_subj_bits?
595.04ESPOThu Feb 03 1994Passwords in audit trail
596.03PRMSWed Feb 16 1994RT_SYSCALL Audit Record
597.03VFOFS::GARNERWed Feb 16 1994audit subsystem mods in v2.
598.01RHETT::COOPERThu Feb 17 1994Help with labelcomp command
599.03PRMSThu Feb 17 1994Ultrix 4.3 Performance Imp?
600.03GUCCI::JCONNORSThu Feb 17 1994Problem with BIND
601.03LARVAE::BEALEFri Feb 18 1994X11 'BadWindow' Errors
602.04RHETT::HAZENMon Feb 21 1994bad clearance or session security level
603.01GUCCI::JCONNORSMon Feb 21 1994DEChub9
604.02RHETT::HAZENTue Feb 22 1994kvar on MLS+ V2.
605.01OTOOA::FARRELLTue Feb 22 1994NCD terminals
606.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Feb 23 1994o/s freezes when /audit full and disablepriv called
607.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Feb 23 1994mltape restrictions make it undesirable
608.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Feb 23 1994change audit_parms from command line
609.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu Feb 24 1994sp_bitmap_alloc's behavior
610.0BIGUN::TANNERSun Feb 27 1994Anyone spoken to CelciusTech lately??
611.07GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Feb 28 1994the performance macro from hell
612.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Feb 28 1994How to reopen a QAR
613.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue Mar 01 1994pointer to release notes 1.
614.02OTOOA::FARRELLTue Mar 01 1994HOW TO QAR
615.07OTOOA::FARRELLTue Mar 01 1994modems and 5
616.03MKOTS3::THOMSONWed Mar 02 1994MLS+ support: the advantages of having no customers
617.02VFOFS::GARNERMon Mar 07 1994kernel limits
618.03GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu Mar 10 1994tnetd crashes
619.0PRMSThu Mar 10 1994dxterm,dxsessino large CPU %
620.01PRMSSat Mar 12 1994Mapping IDS with dnsix3.
622.012ESPOMon Mar 14 1994More networking questions
623.0RHETT::COOPERMon Mar 14 1994Presto and MLS 2.
624.01ARRODS::NADERTue Mar 15 1994List of COTS Applications on Alpha/MLS+
625.01IMOKAY::mdmTue Mar 15 1994MLS+ V3.
626.0OTOOA::PRIEURWed Mar 16 1994Secure Sybase Info???
627.0VFOFS::GARNERWed Mar 16 1994TSIG and IP application protocols
628.04GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu Mar 17 1994performance
629.01RHETT::LACORTIMon Mar 21 1994tipsod_log messages, what do they mean?\
630.01BIGUN::TANNERTue Mar 22 1994Customer contacts, please?
631.0VFOFS::GARNERWed Mar 23 1994accounting values look odd
632.02DELNI::S_ADAMSWed Mar 23 1994Installing Ingres V6.4 into MLS+ V2.
633.03CSC32::T_SANDEFURTue Mar 29 1994rdate
634.0CSC32::PITTWed Mar 30 1994rdist and can't open socket
635.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Apr 04 1994why is the o/s at "splhi"
636.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDWed Apr 06 1994IL inherited?
637.02BIGUN::TANNERThu Apr 07 1994Labelling and moving people.
638.04MKOTS3::THOMSONThu Apr 07 1994rsh unlabelled to labelled
640.01RHETT::BATESFri Apr 08 1994 Banner Pages(Label Problems) printing on V2.
641.07GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri Apr 08 1994possible stdout problem
642.04GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Apr 11 1994Getting rid of ILs
643.09IMOKAY::cummingsTue Apr 12 1994MLS+ Applications List needs your help
645.01GUCCI::JCONNORSThu Apr 21 1994NFSlocking - dnsix vs tnet ?
646.03GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu Apr 21 1994Tag/IR count clarification.
647.06GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Apr 25 1994rh_cache_const > 32
648.01MKOTS3::THOMSONMon Apr 25 1994trusted rlogin/telnet, untrusted ping
649.08RHETT::BATESTue Apr 26 1994 MLS 55
650.01BREAKR::HERGOTTue Apr 26 1994SNMP mgr for MLS?
651.02RHETT::LACORTIWed Apr 27 1994Strange 2.
652.01RHETT::BATESThu Apr 28 1994note 6
653.02VFOFS::GARNERMon May 02 1994audit reduce runs out of process slots?
654.01BREAKR::HERGOTWed May 04 1994TZ86 support?
655.010STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TThu May 05 1994MLS+ and D524
657.0MKOTS3::THOMSONMon May 09 1994data general evaluates AOS/VS II at C2
658.05CSC32::T_SANDEFURMon May 09 1994"mls 2
659.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDTue May 10 1994fsck/mount inconsistency
660.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu May 12 1994RCAS interface control document
661.03RHETT::LACORTIMon May 16 1994error when starting tnet
662.01RHETT::BATESTue May 17 1994 Pre-expiring passwords
663.04IMOKAY::cummingsTue May 17 1994problem at MITRE: rsh unlabelled->V1.
664.02RHETT::BATESThu May 19 1994Encryption Software(crypt) for Mls V2.
665.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri May 20 1994MLS+ 1.
666.01WIDGIT::ALLESFri May 20 1994Need Info about IBM's Top Secret
667.01MKOTS3::THOMSONThu Jun 02 1994fyi: NSA -- Security Profiling Conference
668.0EEMELI::TAVIMon Jun 06 1994MLS+ References ?
669.07OTOOA::CREASERMon Jun 06 1994S.E.A.L. On MLS+?
670.05BIGUN::TANNERTue Jun 07 1994OSF MLS+ sold in Australia.. ( the tip of the iceberg)
671.02MKOTS3::THOMSONWed Jun 08 1994How to install ULTRIX MLS+ on an unsupported disk
672.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDThu Jun 09 19941.
673.04PRMSThu Jun 09 1994OSF/1 Profiling tools
674.02GUCCI::CWOODWARDMon Jun 13 1994adding a windows extension?
675.01BREAKR::HERGOTTue Jun 14 1994DECsafe on V2.
676.02ARRODS::NADERThu Jun 16 1994Support for DEC 7
677.05CSC32::T_SANDEFURMon Jun 20 1994rsh and mltape question
678.02RHETT::LACORTIWed Jun 22 1994dumping filesystems to stdout
679.01GUCCI::JCONNORSWed Jun 29 1994Memory Req'mt
680.01PRMSWed Jun 29 1994Net prog examples wanted
681.01GUCCI::CWOODWARDFri Jul 08 1994sendmail unaligned access errors: why only on 5
682.02BIGUN::TANNERTue Jul 12 1994Encodings file.. the empire strikes back!
683.07GUCCI::JCONNORSTue Jul 12 1994C2 & MLS+
684.05CSC32::T_SANDEFURTue Jul 19 1994sysadm
685.07CSC32::T_SANDEFURTue Jul 19 1994dump and restoring root file system
686.04CSC32::T_SANDEFURTue Jul 19 1994deleting files: a file system "invariant"
687.03MIMS::HOOD_RWed Jul 20 1994"broken pipe", windows,hostname
688.03LARVAE::BEALEThu Jul 21 1994Encrypting network Device??
689.0GUCCI::CWOODWARDSun Jul 24 1994goodbye
690.03SMURF::JJGWed Jul 27 1994help on presentation
691.01MKOTS3::THOMSONWed Jul 27 1994V2.
692.03MKOTS3::THOMSONThu Jul 28 1994Announcing the DEC MLS+ (OSF MLS+) notes conference
693.04OTOOA::UNDERHILLFri Jul 29 1994Can I have 512 compartments?
694.01RHETT::LACORTIWed Aug 10 1994Cannot get NCD Xterminal loaded
695.03MUTTON::LAMBThu Aug 11 1994Customer problems with X windows calls in Ultrix mls
696.01RHETT::BATESWed Aug 17 1994 Console Terminal Disabled..
697.06RHETT::LACORTIThu Aug 18 1994panic sp_bitmap_alloc: null bitmap returned
698.01RHETT::COOPERTue Aug 23 1994error bad login user id
699.01RHETT::COOPERTue Aug 23 1994mltape used to copy directory files
700.0+19CSC32::PITTWed Aug 24 1994bootpd and printservers; using tcpdump
701.02GRANPA::JMCFADDENWed Aug 24 1994"Firewall products"
702.04CSC32::T_SANDEFURTue Aug 30 1994mailq empty
703.05RHETT::BATESFri Sep 02 1994 V2.
704.06BREAKR::HERGOTTue Sep 06 1994HELP- cdrom /printserver problems
705.06RHETT::LOHFri Sep 23 1994MUP+NFS patch problem? statslabel problem?
706.03RHETT::LACORTIFri Sep 23 1994increasing markings and compartments in encodings file
707.01CSC32::T_SANDEFURMon Sep 26 1994sendmail not purging queue
708.016RHETT::LACORTIThu Sep 29 1994panic km_free bad address. cannot boot!
709.03CSC32::T_SANDEFURThu Sep 29 1994yp and auditing
710.01CSC32::T_SANDEFURMon Oct 03 1994automount
711.08RHETT::LOHWed Oct 05 1994MUP+NFS patch causing X resize problem?
712.011RHETT::LACORTIThu Oct 06 1994upgraded and now the system is running slow
713.03STAR::BARRYFri Oct 07 1994IPSO extended security options - are these defined anywhere?
714.01LJSRV2::DANIELSFri Oct 14 1994V2.
715.03JULIET::THOMPSON_SAFri Oct 14 1994MLS+ Layered Products?
716.0+4MKOTS3::THOMSONWed Oct 19 1994How to Support MLS+
717.01ALFAXP::WALTERSWed Oct 26 1994epa -u ok, epa -l shows epa: Warning: Cannot set login UID Reason: Not owner
718.04CSC32::PITTMon Oct 31 1994blacked out console error message
719.04RHETT::HAZENThu Nov 03 1994auditd dies intermittenly
720.03NETRIX::"womack@alf.dec.com"Mon Nov 07 1994Cannot print classified document on remote printer.
721.07NETRIX::"walters@decatl.alf.dec.com"Tue Nov 08 1994cannot disable X window audit event collection
722.01MKOTS3::THOMSONMon Nov 14 1994lpr -O{portrait,landscape} doesn't work
723.0MKOTS3::THOMSONWed Nov 30 1994V2.
724.03VMSNET::W_LATTATue Dec 13 1994epa mount command fails
725.0SMURF::BATThu Jan 05 1995Evaluation Doc Set Kit Info
726.04RHETT::LOHTue Jan 10 1995Xsysadmin dumps core when adding new user
727.0SMURF::BATThu Jan 19 1995MLS file system policy and invariants (156 in eft_mls)
728.0SMURF::BATThu Jan 19 1995printer banner/labelling info
729.01SMURF::BATFri Jan 20 1995/usr/YPUPDATE on V2.
730.017RHETT::LACORTITue Jan 31 1995dump problems
731.01ALFAXP::WALTERSThu Feb 02 1995console (vt) hangs when messages are recieved
732.02SMURF::BATThu Feb 09 1995better way to access TNETRHDB entry minsl?
733.0SMURF::BATThu Feb 16 1995troubleshooting yp quick ref from kris
734.04CSC32::T_SANDEFURThu Mar 09 1995remote printing
735.0SMURF::BATMon Mar 27 1995problem submission through electronic mail (QAR/SPR)
736.0SMURF::BATWed Mar 29 1995Oracle visit and TSIG trip report
737.08LJSRV2::DANIELSTue Apr 04 1995TRW: mltape to a file
738.05RHETT::LACORTITue Apr 11 1995trident crashing with cam pool empty!
739.06CSC32::T_SANDEFURThu Apr 13 1995Softpc & MLS
740.03RHETT::LACORTIThu Apr 13 1995audit trail files and XIsso
741.01RHETT::SHEPPARDFri Apr 21 1995TS dxterm from UNCLASS dxterm ?
742.01CSC32::T_SANDEFURMon Apr 24 1995error 25, dxwindow hangs
743.04CSC32::T_SANDEFURMon Apr 24 1995POP mail
744.06SMURF::BATTue May 02 1995TRW: allowUserXdefaults resource -- doesn't work?
745.02CSC32::T_SANDEFURThu May 11 1995audit questions
746.016CSC32::T_SANDEFURFri May 19 1995TRIDENT: cpu panic Unaligned Access
747.04SMURF::BATWed Jun 07 1995patches: on oskits
748.05SMURF::BATThu Jun 08 1995Trident: hit old 1K limit in mknetid
749.08CSC32::T_SANDEFURMon Jun 12 1995another audit question
750.08SMURF::BATMon Jun 19 1995ORACLE: km_free panic
751.07SMURF::BATMon Jun 19 1995TRIDENT: single-level NFS mount not MAC checked?
752.01SMURF::BATTue Jun 27 1995TRIDENT: CIPSO support for CISCO router problems
753.03RHETT::LACORTIThu Jul 06 1995C. need help with socket programming
754.0SMURF::BATWed Aug 02 1995dxsession non-syslo IL: /etc/utmp IL set
755.01SMURF::BATMon Aug 07 1995V2 bug customer support bug list
756.03SMURF::BATWed Aug 09 1995TNETRHDB setup problem
757.0SMURF::BATTue Oct 17 1995checklist for filing QARs, getting info from customers
758.09SMURF::BATWed Oct 25 1995TRW: ColorWriter 1
759.09SMURF::BATFri Oct 27 1995O TRIDENT: nfs/lockd and mail problems HPAQA611C
760.06SMURF::BATWed Nov 08 1995O TRW: unix and the year 2
761.01RHETT::LACORTITue Apr 09 1996/usr/bin/man -k and privs
762.08SMURF::BATThu Jul 11 1996V2.1 Shipped: V2.1 Patches
763.09RHETT::LACORTIWed Jul 17 1996problems with dxsession and motif
764.01SMURF::BATWed Jul 24 1996lprsetup, /etc/printcap and labels on printed files
765.01RHETT::LACORTIMon Aug 05 1996pixmap and dac
766.02RHETT::LACORTIWed Aug 14 1996shutdown destroys system disk??
767.014RHETT::MOORETue Sep 03 19962.1: unable to load site-specific encodings file
768.01RHETT::MOORETue Sep 10 19962.1: setld displays IL of subsets
769.01SMURF::BATFri Oct 25 1996dxpsview; corrupted subset OSF/Motif dev upgrade
770.02RHETT::AMANFri Nov 15 1996problems with NIS (yp) make
771.0+6SMURF::BATThu Dec 19 1996callback: file size larger than memory allocated
772.03RHETT::MOOREFri Jan 03 1997'bad clearanace or session sensitivity level'
773.0 *+1SMURF::BATMon Jan 27 1997dump in a command line?
774.0 *+1SMURF::BATTue Jan 28 1997corrupted MACILBDBASE
775.0 *+2SMURF::BATThu Jan 30 1997exporting mail from V2 to V3
776.0 *+1SMURF::BATFri Feb 28 1997non-root user running dump/restore via script?
777.0 *+3SMURF::BATTue Mar 04 1997TDS: year 2
778.0 *+3SMURF::BATTue Mar 04 1997tpdump and tprestore
779.0 *SMURF::BATFri May 02 1997How to PPP on ULTRIX MLS+
780.0 *+1RHETT::AMANThu May 29 1997Mail queue backing up - question about locks