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Conference smurf::oskits

Title:Open System Kits
Notice: see note 2.* for announcement messages
Created:Wed Aug 12 1992
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:390
Total number of notes:1550
Number with bodies:64
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1.0SMURF::BEIKMANWed Aug 12 1992 Welcome to Open Systems KITS
2.0118SMURF::BEIKMANWed Aug 12 1992USG Announcements Note
3.01SMURF::BEIKMANWed Aug 12 1992Kit Access Instructions
4.0SMURF::BEIKMANWed Aug 12 1992reserved
5.0SMURF::BEIKMANWed Aug 12 1992reserved
6.0SMURF::BEIKMANWed Aug 12 1992DEC OSF/1 for ALPHA X2.
7.011MVSXThu Aug 13 1992Connect failed, no response from object
8.029AOSG::TAPPANThu Aug 13 1992requested discussion move to this conf.
9.02PAISLY::awkFri Aug 14 1992Performance !
10.011PEACHS::THOMASFri Aug 14 1992Whats the time table for sending out BL8
11.01DECWET::GILLMANThu Aug 20 1992C89 ANSI Standard Compiler???
12.04TENAYA::JYUENMon Aug 24 1992Where is 4.3???
13.01CLADA::HANCOCKFri Aug 28 1992MIPS OSF kits?
14.020SMURF::BEIKMANFri Aug 28 1992ULTRIX V4.3 now on ORDS, yea
16.05ERLANG::DICKENSMon Aug 31 1992ORDS software
17.02GUESS::ENGHOLMTue Sep 01 1992Where is DECnet for V4.3 ULTRIX?
18.08TENAYA::HEINEYTue Sep 01 1992Copying from ORDS directly to disk
19.01HKOVC::TERENCEWed Sep 02 1992OSF/1 2.
20.0DPDMAI::HODANThu Sep 03 1992UDTUUCP43
21.01SUOSW3::WAGENBLASTFri Sep 04 1992copy bldultrixkit from hidden area doesn't work
22.06VISA::ZAAFFri Sep 04 1992DAP checksum error building BOOT/UPGRADE
23.01MIMS::PORTER_PFri Sep 04 1992Motif Kit -- where?
24.01AMCDCO::ROBLESTue Sep 08 1992My patience has ran out...
25.01CRIME::ZAAFWed Sep 09 1992my patience has ran out too
26.01CRONIC::ANTROBUSFri Sep 18 1992Access to CAM 425 software ?
27.03ARTLIB::GOETZEMon Sep 21 1992ORDS makes bootable tapes?
28.08ZSAZSA::READINGSTue Sep 22 1992Upgrade Ultrix V4.2A to V4.3?
29.01MSAMWed Sep 23 1992Demo for DEC OSF/1 on ALPHA?
30.01HKOVC::TERENCEWed Sep 23 1992DECNET-OSF1 available?
31.06SMURF::BEIKMANFri Sep 25 1992FTCODE
32.03SMURF::BEIKMANFri Sep 25 1992FIJI1
33.0+5SMURF::BEIKMANFri Sep 25 1992EEJIT
34.01SMURF::BEIKMANFri Sep 25 1992FATHOM
35.01SMURF::BEIKMANFri Sep 25 1992OVRCST
36.04SMURF::BEIKMANFri Sep 25 1992NAPA
37.01SMURF::BEIKMANFri Sep 25 1992JRDVAX
38.01SMURF::BEIKMANFri Sep 25 1992SNAILS
39.07SMURF::BEIKMANFri Oct 09 1992Notice to European ORDS/blkits users
40.0JRDVMon Oct 19 1992J-ULTRIX/J-UWS V4.3 Online Kit Available
41.01SMURF::BEIKMANWed Oct 21 1992Ag Bl1
42.017SMURF::BEIKMANWed Oct 21 1992DEC OSF/1 T1.2-1 Rev. 12/11 (Alpha/OSF Baselevel 9)
43.07SMURF::BEIKMANThu Oct 22 1992Help for ftp users
44.011SMURF::BEIKMANFri Oct 23 1992JANIX
45.02XNOGOV::SOULMon Oct 26 1992sys_admin_gd.ps.Z is truncated
46.01GOLF::WHALENTue Oct 27 1992How does one use ORDS?
47.0RTHERB::MAEHNERTue Oct 27 1992documentation for OSF/1 Mips (X1.2-1
48.02VICKI::SIMARDMon Nov 02 1992console media for an 87
50.01SUPER::MCDOWELLTue Nov 03 1992Couldn't build ULTRIX V4.3 TK5
51.01HARDY::KALTENBACHWed Nov 04 1992How long does it take to get the BL9 CD?
52.02SYOMV::KRASThu Nov 05 1992ADS?
53.08EVETPU::MCCARTHYWed Nov 11 1992Need a 4.2 version (I think?)
54.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMTue Nov 17 1992SCSI/CAM Installatio Guide - Where to find?
55.09GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDWed Dec 09 1992BL1
56.0VINO::RAMANWed Dec 16 1992unable to reach install prompt on 31
57.0JUDYL::SWARTZWed Dec 30 1992Programming Subsets: ALPHA OSF
58.01MRKTNG::SETTYMon Jan 04 1993Need OSF/1 for DS5
59.01KYOA::GASIOROWSKIMon Jan 04 1993can't create DXM-V1.1.3-OB
60.01MANANA::GANAPATHITue Jan 05 1993Clarification sought -- Kit media vs Console media
62.01BASTAR::KAIRYSMon Jan 11 1993Help! 4.3 upgrade died with "tclear: cannot install"
63.01ANNECY::TCHIJAKOFF_STue Jan 12 1993where is DECsafe Failover ?
64.03GTDANE::GOYETTEMon Jan 18 1993tcopy error ?
65.07CHGVMon Jan 18 1993release notes needed
66.03SUPER::BICKFORDTue Jan 19 199354
67.01SUBWAY::CHANGTue Jan 19 1993ULTRIX/SQL Development Kit
68.0QUABBI::"vixie@pa.dec.com"Wed Jan 20 1993latest VMS and ULTRIX kits are online in palo alto
69.01GTDANE::GOYETTEMon Jan 25 1993DECthreads/CMA
70.01SUOSW4::RIEDRICHTue Jan 26 1993osf/1: Documentation?
71.03EVOAI2::BRUSSOLOThu Feb 11 1993Newer version of OSF/1 MIPS ?
72.03KOALA::ARMSTEADFri Feb 12 1993bldultrixkit can't copy kits/kitcap
73.0MIDIOT::POWERSMon Feb 15 1993error building osf/1 X1.2-1
74.05CAMONE::ZIOMEKMon Feb 22 19934.3 upgrade problem...
75.03JOCKEY::63993::Andy-BushTue Feb 23 1993OSF/1 on MIPS canned?
76.05GLDOA::BOELEMAFri Feb 26 1993Need help registering
77.01MINNY::DOLDERMon Mar 01 1993COBRA Firmware File Names ?
78.01MYOTT::HETTICHMon Mar 01 1993Problems building ULT-T4.3A-R-BW from FTCODE
79.08OPG::SIMONFri Mar 05 1993Cant copy DECOSF1-V1.2
81.02CFSCTC::STRASENTue Mar 09 1993Firmware upgrade question
82.02XLIB::MODITue Mar 09 1993Which firmware rev for SSB DEC OSF/1 ?
83.07SHIPS::WILLS_AFri Mar 12 1993Problems with V1.
84.0JEDI::DEMPSTERThu Mar 18 1993Release notes for OSF/1 V1.2 (rev 1
85.07JEDI::DEMPSTERThu Mar 18 1993If docs not on the CD, how do we get them?
86.01ROMFri Mar 19 1993Help: MX/MXR version/releases problem
87.03PAOIS::DUPASFri Mar 26 1993IP address for ftcode???
88.03CFSCTC::STRASENFri Mar 26 1993Layered Product CD question
89.07SMURF::BEIKMANSat Mar 27 1993let's devise a new system
90.0POBOX::GHAHRAMANIWed Apr 14 1993access to T1.3-2
91.08JGODCL::JHENDRIKSFri Apr 16 1993OSF/1 T1.3-2 has a corupt vmunix.sas and netload
92.04CUESTA::ARRUZAThu Apr 22 1993Trying to copy docs from ORDS node
93.03AMCCXN::VOSSTue May 11 1993Upgrade from 1.3-2 to 1.3-3?
94.01ANNECY::ALLEGUEDEWed May 12 1993cam driver for ultrix 4.2a
95.09VARESE::FRANZONIMon May 17 1993where is FT1.3-3 ???
96.01ASIMOV::CHEROMCHAThu May 20 1993T1.3-3 release notes location
97.07WHATSA::MATTAFri May 28 1993OSF MIPS kits...
98.01FORTY2::MILLSONThu Jun 03 1993Cannot get hold of OSF/1 T1.3-3
99.03KAMPUS::NEIDECKERMon Jun 07 1993Is T1.3-4 soup yet ?
100.0FORTY2::LAM_NETFri Jun 11 1993System hang when booting T1.3-3
101.01SX4GTO::LIEBMon Jun 14 1993C++ runtime is missing on T1.3-4 kit dir
102.02HDLITE::HUANGWed Jun 16 1993Looking for DEC OSF/1 V1.2A Release Notes
103.01BACHUS::MANISETue Jun 22 1993Timed out with dcp to ftcode
104.01CFSCTC::PAULINThu Jun 24 1993Where is T1.3-4 online kit???
105.02CFSCTC::STRASENThu Jun 24 1993Firmware upgrade on TAPE? How can this be?
106.03CALDEC::JYUENSun Jun 27 1993Can't access 4.3A kit
107.01HLDEMon Jun 28 1993where to get the improved libm.a for OSF/1 AXP?
108.01BEGIN::WILLIAMSMon Jun 28 1993Expanding swap partition on Pelican - need V1.2a kit?
109.01HANNAH::BUGSBY::COBBWed Jun 30 1993V1.3 CD ordering
110.01FMNIST::dougoThu Jul 01 1993doc version still FT
111.04VAXRIO::NASCIMENTOFri Jul 02 1993CD-ROM LP on the net?
112.02KAOFS::J_TRIMBLETue Jul 06 1993Create RA6
113.0PRSSOS::HERSCOVICIWed Jul 21 1993DEC OSF/1 bootable on DAT ?
114.02HGRDMon Jul 26 1993New processor support in V1.3?
115.02AMCCXN::VOSSWed Jul 28 1993V1.3 need new firmware ?
116.05CALDEC::HEINEYWed Jul 28 1993OSF Kit Copying Script
117.06MIACT::CARTERRThu Jul 29 1993Can't copy OSF1 V1.3
118.07HAMSUP::MEIERFri Jul 30 1993problems related to latest OSF/1 releases...
119.02AMCCXN::VOSSFri Jul 30 1993Need current Migration Guide in .ps
121.02AMCCXN::VOSSMon Aug 02 1993CFW_V3
122.0SMURF::BEIKMANMon Aug 02 1993PABITS
123.02MINNY::DOLDERWed Aug 04 1993books.ps directory for V1.3 ?
124.03HDLITE::VWONGWed Aug 04 1993Realtime installation problem...
125.05SUPER::MCDOWELLThu Aug 12 1993Can not build DECwindows V4.3A for MOTIF V1.1.3 Kit
126.01NEWOA::PAVITT_AMon Aug 16 1993building kit on TLZ
127.01TRUCKS::YOUNGTue Aug 17 1993V4.2A Documentation Required
128.0TRUCKS::YOUNGTue Aug 17 1993ULTRIX 4.2 on TK5
129.05SMURF::BEIKMANTue Aug 17 1993ULTRIX and DEC OSF/1 Patches
130.01QUABBI::"rogers@alf.dec.com"Tue Aug 17 1993ULTRIX t4.4-5 release notes / installation guide
131.01HARDY::MCDOWELLThu Aug 26 1993Pointer to online version of AA-PW8YD?
132.01VNASWS::FLORFri Aug 27 1993V1.3 CD cannot be mounted on ULTRIX?
133.09DV78Wed Sep 01 1993T1.4-5
134.01AEGIS::WILLIAMSThu Sep 16 1993OSF/1 for Jensen and Morgan?
135.0AUSSIE::LISTERMon Sep 20 1993Do I need to re-register????
136.0BOOZER::CARTERRMon Sep 20 1993Ultrix 4.4-5. Access problems
137.02DLO15::FRANCEYMon Sep 20 1993subset holding stdio.h?
138.02XFMVThu Sep 23 1993where is ultrix 4.2Afor Vax
139.06LYOISA::JACQUINFri Oct 01 1993DEC OSF/1 1.3-B for Jensen ?
140.05QUIVER::DESMONDTue Oct 05 1993Is the Sterling EFT kit complete per note 2.35
141.03BELMNT::BEAZLEYWed Oct 20 1993Printserver LPS2
142.01QCAVThu Oct 21 1993HELP! require OSF/1 v1.3b CD (FT..)
143.03CGDTue Oct 26 1993Copy v1.3 docs to a VMS account?
144.01FORC1Wed Oct 27 1993Vuit set disp/cre/node= ?
145.01AUSSIE::LISTERThu Oct 28 1993where is the CD for T2.
146.01LABC::RUThu Oct 28 1993DEC 4
147.01UNXA::LARSENThu Oct 28 1993OSF/1 V1.2 on mips
148.0SUPER::BICKFORDThu Nov 04 1993coding standards doc
149.01UPROAR::BURKETTJTue Nov 09 1993DECwindows V4.3A for MOTIF V1.1.3 broken again
150.02ODIXIE::MURDOCKWed Nov 10 1993Need OSF/1
151.01TOOK::FLETCHERFri Nov 12 1993Why??? is there no ftp access to alpha kits .. like anonymous ftp????
153.01HERON::LAFORGUETue Nov 16 1993where is OSF V1.3A ?
154.0ISIDRO::CALVINOThu Nov 18 1993osf/1 V1.3A docu
155.01PRSSOS::VINCENTFri Nov 19 1993KITS access from snails
156.05HLDETue Nov 23 1993DEC OSF/1 T2.
157.0HLDEWed Nov 24 1993Central source of info wanted for release info
158.04NACCEE::MCCABEWed Nov 24 1993Problems using ORDS for OSF/1 T2.
159.01DV78Wed Nov 24 1993ftcode::registrar help available.
160.01MOVIES::KAKATue Nov 30 1993Infoserver based installation.
161.01CEEHER::MCCABEFri Dec 03 1993Problems using RIS to serve DEC OSF/1 T2.
162.01COPCLU::PETERCTue Dec 07 1993List of Kit Designation ????
163.0XKOVFri Dec 10 1993Whre can I get Ultrix 4.3a online - What is ORDS?
164.01TAVENG::SHAIWed Dec 29 1993Can Motif 1.1.3 be installed on top of Ultrix/RISC 4.4?
165.02OPG::SIMONThu Jan 06 1994OSF V1.3B??
166.01HERON::LAFORGUEThu Jan 06 1994confused: is T2.
167.03OPG::SIMONMon Jan 10 1994RIS problem with V1.3B
168.03BOBSBX::NARBUTAMon Jan 10 1994DECnet/OSI for DEC OSF/1 2.
169.04SUPER::MCDOWELLTue Jan 11 1994Please make X2.
170.01AUSSIE::LISTERWed Jan 12 1994registration problems!!!!!!!!!!
171.04HLDEWed Jan 12 1994X2.
172.0ADO75A::MCSHANEThu Jan 13 1994Doco: Guide to Software Licensing (for Ultrix)
173.05ZURMon Jan 17 1994OSF/1 T2.
174.02TOSKI::HAYESTue Jan 18 1994Ingres SQL V6.4 on OSF/1 SW + PAK needed !
175.01ESBTST::PERRYThu Jan 27 1994Need a copy of X2.
176.01NOVA::ABBOTTWed Feb 02 1994/usr/ORDS full on FTCODE
177.0REGENT::ALEEWed Feb 02 1994 install ULTRIX /usr files only?
178.01BOBSBX::NARBUTAWed Feb 02 1994ULTRIX 4.4 subsets for XUI and MOTIF
179.02BOBSBX::NARBUTAWed Feb 02 1994X11R4 PXG Server (UDWWSTSER44
181.03BRUMMY::WALLACE_JThu Feb 03 1994V1 docs deleted?
182.02KOALA::ARMSTEADFri Feb 04 1994Tape read error: Unexpected EOF
184.01COMICS::WOODTue Feb 08 1994Error on copying ULTRIX build stuff
185.01GIDDAY::SMALLWed Feb 09 1994Cannot access DEC OSF/1 V2.
186.02MPGS::VIRGILFri Feb 11 1994Documentaion: Part # to what title?
187.013OPG::SIMONTue Feb 15 1994V2.
188.04KAOFS::BOIVINTue Feb 15 1994Using installupdate for V1.3 to V2.
189.04THEBAY::CHABANEDTue Feb 15 1994How do I install OSF/1 2.
190.04SMURF::BEIKMANWed Feb 16 1994www
191.03KAOFS::BOIVINWed Feb 16 1994Exactly *how* do I upgrade my firmware (without CD)
192.03HGRDThu Feb 17 1994Network pointer to OSF/1 V1.3B or V1.3C?
193.020PRMSMon Feb 21 1994Complete OSF1 Documentation
194.02TOOK::JSHEAMon Feb 21 1994OSF/1 2.
195.01BROUGH::DAVIESWed Feb 23 1994Kits on EEJIT ?
196.02JRDVFri Feb 25 1994ULTRIX V4.4 on ORDS?
197.01CALDEC::RAHFri Feb 25 1994registrar keeps bouncing registration request
198.024HAMSUP::MEIERSat Feb 26 1994OSF/1 V2.
199.06SMURF::BEIKMANTue Mar 01 1994*** KIT ACCESS CHANGE ***
200.07HDLITE::ONEALWed Mar 02 1994Problem building Ultrix on OSF/1???
201.03SX4GTO::MOOREFri Mar 04 1994flamingo II v3.2 firmware update fails on AMD eprom
202.03COPCLU::PETERCMon Mar 07 1994Ultrix 4.4 on snails or hollie ???
203.03RCOCER::SALEHIMon Mar 07 1994Pointer to the FT kits of OSF Gold
204.05HDLITE::ONEALMon Mar 07 1994Rev 239 ---> 24
205.01MEDINA::BEELENThu Mar 10 1994Update to V2.
206.0SEDSWS::SIAREYFri Mar 11 1994Problems updating V3.2 firmware code on DEC3
207.04DRAC::MARTOSWed Mar 16 1994kits for OSF. WHERE.
208.01BOBSBX::NARBUTAThu Mar 17 1994ULTRIX distribution list
209.02FAILTE::GILLESPIEFri Mar 18 1994Digitals IP Network - How?
210.01HDLITE::SESKEVICHTue Mar 29 1994V2.
211.01SUBSYS::TSOUWed Mar 30 1994Low throughput on COBRA running OSF/1
212.08BGSDEV::SRINIVASThu Mar 31 1994What/Where is the extended Kernel?
213.0SMURF::BEIKMANFri Apr 01 1994FTSV survey, please read this.
214.02ESBTRN::POPHAMMon Apr 04 1994OSF DOC CD: decw_book/bookbrowser - why is it in the state it is?
215.01OZROCK::BARTLEYThu Apr 14 1994Where is BL9/EFT1 kit?
216.01WARNUT::THOMASAFri Apr 15 1994Rev 25
217.01GALVIA::JLAWTONWed Apr 20 1994CP and LP CD numbers?
218.0SMURF::WALTERSTue Apr 26 1994Update Installation Reference Cards
219.01VAXRIO::MIRIAMWed Apr 27 1994Wich version needed for DEC21
220.02SSDEVO::HERZLICHThu Apr 28 1994KZMSA firmware v5
221.01EIGG::DMURRAYMon May 02 1994Problems with version 2.
222.03GENRAL::LUJANWed May 04 1994Looking for Users guide
223.04LABC::RUThu May 19 1994OSF V3.
224.01ROMEOS::SMALE_JOWed May 25 19942.
225.02ALFAI::HENNESSYThu May 26 1994Novice alert - install problem w/ 2.
226.01TKOV5Thu May 26 1994firmware v3.3 with 3
228.012TKOV5Fri May 27 1994Can't copy paks & patch from abyss::
229.0ADO75A::SHARPEThu Jun 02 1994DEC OSF/1 V2.
230.01STRASB::HONOREThu Jun 02 1994Open3D kit
231.03DECC::MULLENTue Jun 07 1994OSF/1 V2.
232.03HERON::LAFORGUEThu Jun 09 1994any news of V2.
233.02HERON::LAFORGUEMon Jun 13 1994what are hupdate and hvmunix in V2.
234.04FORTY2::HASSANWed Jun 15 1994Is there a new IFT2 baselevel ?
235.01FXODEV::ROBERGEFri Jun 17 1994v2.
236.04SMURF::BEIKMANMon Jun 20 1994Server Site mickie:: & ftp.sna.dec.com
237.02VSSTEG::CHENGThu Jun 23 1994T3.
238.02MINNY::DOLDERFri Jun 24 1994T3.
239.02PREAMP::CARNEYMon Jun 27 1994using ords from VMS problem
240.02TOOK::BUSCEMIMon Jun 27 1994DEC OSF/1 V2.
241.07SMURF::BEIKMANTue Jun 28 1994server OSKITS
242.04GQASRV::WALSHThu Jun 30 1994Where can I find this patch
243.0SMURF::BEIKMANTue Jul 05 1994EISA Configuration Kit Now Separately Orderable
244.02TROOA::BROWNThu Jul 07 1994? Confused about V2.1 patches
245.02LISTIM::ULTRIXMon Jul 18 199421
246.03FUJISI::ENGLANDThu Jul 21 1994Cobra/Fang firmware pointer typo?
247.01ULYSSE::ALLAINTue Jul 26 1994Kernel build problem - OSFADVFS3
248.0CERN::THIBONNIERFri Jul 29 1994T3.
249.03TPSYS::WILKMon Aug 01 1994How to get T3.
250.02FORTY2::HASSANThu Aug 04 1994T3.
251.02BCFIMon Aug 08 1994Security documentation
252.04MPGS::LAVINTue Aug 09 1994need layered products
253.01HAMSUP::MEIERThu Aug 11 1994V3.
254.01GAUCHE::jnelsonMon Aug 15 1994Comments on Kit Access Instructions (note 3.x)
255.0TRLIAN::JAROMAMon Aug 15 1994problem RIS loading ULTRIX client
256.01RHETT::AMANMon Aug 15 1994OSF V2.1 spd?
257.08NYODSC::BEAZLEYTue Aug 16 1994Shells Please!!
258.02TAVENG::SHAPIRWed Aug 17 1994RIS Install of X3.
259.03GOVTThu Aug 18 1994Were is 2.1
260.01GALVIA::JLAWTONTue Aug 23 1994OSF-BASE PAK not available in Europe yet?
261.01ANNECY::LOTTEWed Aug 24 1994OSF V3.
262.02PAMSRC::XHOST::ZACHWIEJAThu Aug 25 1994No XLOAD_OSF1 in firmware directory
263.02HERON::LAFORGUEFri Aug 26 1994DECOSF1-V3.
264.03ANNECY::BULTEMon Sep 12 1994Where is OSF211 KZMSA support ?
265.01BOBSBX::NARBUTAThu Sep 15 1994Hooks for direct rendering
266.02CSCMA::OBRIENMon Sep 19 1994Is DECNET 3.
267.02HDLITE::PASHAPOURTue Sep 20 1994V2.
268.02ARRODS::PENDERGRASTTue Sep 20 1994v3.
269.01BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Sep 22 1994OSF/1 v3.
270.05CMOTEC::CHOIWed Sep 28 1994EDT and VMSmail on OSF/1?
271.01TOOK::MCCROSSANWed Sep 28 1994is OSF-BASE pak in vtx?
272.0DPDMAI::TURNERGWed Sep 28 1994Looking for SCSI CAM on V4.3 Ultrix
273.03STUDIO::KARTHIKThu Oct 06 1994C Kit, where can i get it
274.01OZROCK::MOOREFri Oct 07 1994OSF Documentation in PS form?
275.03WOTVAX::CLOWESCMon Oct 10 1994Network software not on v3 Layered product CD
276.0MUNICH::VASSIGHMon Oct 10 1994UWS-UI-Russkij for ULTRIX 4.4 available ?
277.01HGOVC::QCAVTue Oct 11 1994kits requirement...
278.01IMGONE::jimMon Oct 17 1994T3.2-1 relnotes?
279.03ODIXIE::WALLSMon Oct 31 1994Need Porting/Migration Guide HP/UX to Alpha OSF/1
280.05MIASYS::ENGLANDMon Oct 31 1994paks expired yesterday
281.01VNASWS::FLORWed Nov 09 1994Draft SPD for Gold.Minor available?
282.01TRNOIS::POLETTIMon Nov 14 1994I need CLD UVO1
283.05SMURF::BEIKMANThu Nov 17 1994GURU Patches now on OSKITS
284.0148649::ACHINOMon Dec 05 1994Patch for the KZPAA/Hsz4
285.0ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBMon Dec 05 1994OSF/1 V2.x on 7
286.01MIASYS::ENGLANDTue Dec 06 1994Jensen fw location?
287.07DEMAND::GALLAGHERThu Dec 08 1994ULTRIX or OSF ???
288.04DNEAST::DAVIS_BARRYFri Dec 09 1994retrieving OSF kits from OSKITS
289.014SEIC::KELLAMThu Dec 15 1994OSF SSB release dates
290.01UKARC1::CHAMBERLINFri Dec 16 1994OSF/1 V3.2 BL4?
291.02JULIET::THOMPSON_SAFri Dec 16 1994Printserver Software
292.0SPARGL::6369Wed Dec 21 1994Permission denied rcp and rsh
293.0ISIDRO::ISMAN1Fri Dec 30 1994SORLIB35x subset location ????
294.02SCHOOL::MORELTue Jan 03 1995NETview notes conference?
295.02SWAMPD::JLYNCHWed Jan 04 1995T3.2-4 labeled 1 of 2.
296.03ZURThu Jan 05 1995OSF/1 V3.
297.02SMURF::BEIKMANFri Jan 13 1995Good Bye, for now.
298.01SHAN42::ZABOLOTNYMon Jan 23 1995Upgrade questions for OSF1 3.
299.0TKOV51::TAKIGAWATue Jan 24 1995SVR4 to DEC OSF/1 migration guide
300.04ARRODS::BLACKThu Feb 02 1995Good OSF Intro?
301.0ZPOVC::SWAMINATHANFri Feb 03 1995Documentaion on Networking/NFS for OSF/1 v 1.3
302.02ARRODS::BLACKTue Feb 07 1995Installation manual available?
303.02CECAMO::JAGERMANFri Feb 10 1995Anonymous FTP does not work for nmgux1.jgo.dec.com
304.01UFHIS::JPARETIThu Feb 16 1995dec OSf/1 gold doc : where ??
305.04TOOK::DORIANThu Feb 16 1995Patches for 3.
306.02TRNFri Feb 17 1995OSF 3.
307.02VNASWS::FLORMon Feb 20 1995where are the *.scp files for V3.2 on OSKITS?
308.01SHOSHI::MCDERMOTTMon Feb 20 1995v4.
309.03NWGEDU::MACKNEYTue Feb 21 1995Pointer to BL18 firmware for Mustang?
310.01DV78Tue Feb 21 1995OSF/1 V3.2 release notes needed
311.03ZPORDS::SONGHUATThu Feb 23 1995OSF/1 V2.1 kit is gone ?
312.01TPTEST::MCDERMOTTMon Feb 27 1995link question on v3.2
313.01CECAMO::JAGERMANTue Feb 28 1995Problem setting up RIS area for OSF/1 V3.2
314.07GEMGRP::BEIKMANThu Mar 09 1995V3.2 CPCD SSB kit?
315.01SIOG::J_LONGThu Mar 09 1995osf 2.1 full kit ?
316.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGThu Mar 16 1995SNA Peer Server 1.2
317.01CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Mar 27 1995Pulling subsets from oskits.zk3.dec.com
318.0SMURF::OVERMANTue Apr 04 1995oskits has faulty memory
319.01TRNTue Apr 11 1995CPCD not delivered yet!
320.01SHIPS::SMITH_KTue Apr 11 1995Firmware Versons
321.02MUGGER::WHITHAMThu Apr 13 1995T3.2B full install only ??
322.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGMon Apr 17 1995part number for OSF/1 V3.2 CP cdrom
323.01STRASB::HONORETue May 23 1995dec ansi compliant documentation kit
324.04MUGGER::WHITHAMThu Jun 15 1995V3.2B proper release notes & install ?
325.0COWBOY::MIRGHANEMon Jun 19 1995Looking for ULTRIX network guides on the net
326.01CECAMO::JAGERMANMon Jul 10 1995Release notes for Platinum BL6?
327.02ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGWed Jul 19 1995Platinum ACL doc?
328.02ITBGWed Jul 19 1995Help on DIGITAL UNIX and OpenVMS kit..!!!
329.01SMURF::WOLKLINWed Jul 19 1995V3.2C CLD List
330.01LEDDEV::SOKARIWed Jul 26 1995Looking for doc on how to perform baselevel upgrades
331.02BELFST::HARTEThu Jul 27 1995Ultrix 4.4 System Management Manual
332.03RDGENG::HAQUEWed Aug 16 1995Don't installupdate from /usr/tmp!
333.01FORTY2::HASSANWed Sep 06 1995Does V3.2C require a firmware update ?
334.0MLNORO::PORROFri Sep 15 1995trying to build alpha_init.o
335.0COLFri Oct 20 1995Ultrix/Risc Pathworks needed
336.01HDLITE::COTEFri Oct 27 1995t4.
337.03VOLKL::COOLIDGEWed Nov 08 1995Trouble copying T4.
338.02FORTY2::HASSANThu Nov 16 1995Digital UNIX T4.
339.08MPGS::LAVINMon Dec 11 1995Is V3.2d available
340.04CHEFS::MATHEWS_CMon Dec 18 1995V3.2c patches to V3.2b system
341.03FBEDEV::ENGHOLMThu Dec 21 1995ULTRIX V4.5 due?
342.01WRKSYS::PRESTIAWed Dec 27 1995Creating a RIS area for Unix T4.
343.04BOBSEG::SEGRESTThu Jan 11 1996External field test update ???
344.03LEDDEV::MAYLOTTFri Jan 19 1996Can 3.2 be updated directly to 3.2d?
345.01WASHDC::nqsrv345.nqo.dec.com::kmooreTue Jan 30 1996V3.
346.01TROOA::rasSat Feb 03 1996Digital UNIX T4.
347.01MINNY::DOLDERTue Feb 06 1996DECOSF1-T4.
348.01MINNY::sbuTue Feb 06 1996T4.
349.02NETCAD::COOPERWed Feb 28 1996T4.
350.01DYOSW5::WILDERWed Mar 06 1996Where is the patest firmware on the net??
351.04HDLITE::MODIMon Mar 11 1996Digital UNIX T 4.
352.04KOZY::SARKOZYWed Apr 03 1996X4.
353.026TAEC::LESCAFri Apr 05 1996DECOSF1-V4.
354.03MOLAR::SIEGELThu Apr 11 1996amount of disk space needed for DU V4.
355.01DYOSW5::WILDERTue Apr 16 1996T4.
356.02BRSTR1::DEMOORWed Apr 17 1996Where can I find the OSF/1 v4 kit ?
357.01VOLKL::COOLIDGEWed Apr 17 1996Can't access kit area
358.0TAEC::BEATINIWed Apr 24 1996V3.2D patches applicable to V3.2E
359.0SSDEVO::T_GONZALESWed Apr 24 1996Where are the DECOSF1-V4-
360.03TUXEDO::CHUBBFri May 03 1996BL12 CD?
361.01SASSY::DGILBERTMon May 20 1996Availability of T3.2G
362.05VOLKL::COOLIDGEThu May 23 1996Digital Unix V4.
363.0VNASWS::FLORWed May 29 1996Cannot NFS-mount from oskits.zk3.dec.com
364.0BBIVWed May 29 1996Pointers for RCU
365.0WRKSYS::WALSHThu May 30 1996Can't bootp to unix 4.
366.01NESBIT::BGIRVANWed Jun 05 1996TruCluster Problem on V3.2F
367.0AEOENG::SYSTEMThu Jun 06 1996V3.2F RIS installation Problem
368.012SMURF::WALLACEThu Jun 06 1996OSKITS Usage Survey
369.0ZPOVC::PETERNGFri Jun 07 1996quit
370.04SMURF::WALLACEMon Jul 29 1996Mirror Sites Wanted
371.03SMURF::WALLACEFri Aug 16 1996ORDS WEBKIT: Non-Functional FT Version
372.02HYDRA::DONSBACHWed Sep 11 1996how to make V4.
373.03HYDRA::SEBEIKAThu Sep 12 1996problem installing 4.
374.0114Tue Oct 01 1996kernel build fails on AS 41
375.0HGOVC::NANDANThu Oct 03 1996DU3.2G Perf Manager Kit Location
376.01DEKVC::MOONSUCHOWed Oct 09 1996lockf() on DU 3.2 41 alpha
377.0SMURF::WALLACEMon Dec 16 1996WEBKITS DUOS Web Interface Officially Open
378.01NETCAD::COOPERFri Dec 20 1996V4.
379.02EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Jan 08 1997questions about UNIX patches
380.0 *+4CAMINO::MCDERMOTTWed Feb 12 19974.1 date?
381.0 *+3MINNY::rahel.zuo.dec.com::dolderThu Feb 20 19974.
382.0 *+12SMURF::WALLACEFri Mar 07 1997Official WEBKITS Server Note
383.0 *+7VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Mar 19 1997DECOSF1-V4.
384.0 *+2VNASWS::FLORThu Mar 20 1997X4.2-8 ???
385.0 *ACISS2::MILLERWed Mar 26 1997Looking for OSF V2.
386.0 *+4TRNFri Apr 04 1997No patch kit on webkits!
387.0 *+15PANTER::MARTINTue Apr 15 1997Unix doc not anymore on oskits, where ???
388.0 *OPCO::TSG_JCTue Apr 15 1997Looking for OSF v1.? for mips
389.0 *+1GUOVWed Apr 30 1997Documentation of Ultrix Where to get it?
390.0 *+4DECWET::TRESSELFri May 16 1997subset names for various flavors of Digital Unix?