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Conference smurf::notes$archive:ultrix_v1

Title:Ultrix V1 (Archived - use NAC::ULTRIX instead)
Notice:Read note 2038.0 ASAP, questions to NETRIX::THOMAS
Created:Sun Mar 09 1986
Last Modified:Thu Mar 23 1989
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2038
Total number of notes:8141
Number with bodies:0
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1.019SMURF::BISMUTHMon Nov 26 1984Purpose of this notes file...
2.011EKLVMon Nov 26 1984Futures.
3.014JAWS::KAISERTue Nov 27 1984Performance: problems?
4.03HOLST::DARCYThu Nov 29 1984Ultrix Documentation
5.01OBIWAN::KARCZEWSKIThu Nov 29 1984ULTRIX in the office
6.06LATOUR::YOUNGMon Dec 03 1984Strange messages from mail
7.01JAWS::KAISERTue Dec 04 1984QVSS (VS1) support
8.01BEANO::BEEPINTue Dec 04 1984Formatting RA81
9.02TKOV6Wed Dec 05 1984ULTRIX 8 bit support
10.0GYCSC1::ACHIMWed Dec 05 1984tip BUG fix
11.02FIG::REUTERWed Dec 12 1984Miscellaneous Utilities
12.05ERLANG::CAMPBELLThu Dec 27 1984What is ULTRIX-11?
13.03LATOUR::VOBAFri Dec 28 1984ULTRIX DECnet
14.03OCKER::GRAYMon Jan 07 1985RSX => PRO/VENIX transfer?
15.09BASSET::BASSETTMon Jan 07 1985Ultrix Sources
16.0SILVER::BENSONMon Jan 14 1985ULTRIX and Ethernet ?
17.01LATOUR::YOUNGTue Jan 15 1985Problem with sendmail
18.03FIG::REUTERMon Jan 21 1985Problem with setitimer?
19.03NY1MM::SWEENEYMon Jan 21 1985What about conversion?
20.01CYGNUS::BOUCHERWed Jan 23 1985uucp ("g" protocol)
21.01MEO78B::BUTLERFri Jan 25 1985BYTE mag benchmarks
22.02BASSET::BASSETTFri Jan 25 1985Ultrix on 75
23.0NERSW5::ADAMSMon Jan 28 1985ADA on Ultrix ?
24.07VAXUUM::DYERFri Feb 01 1985ULTRIX for MicroVAX?
25.06SANFAN::DOMANJEWed Feb 06 1985TSV
26.0THESUN::MERRILLThu Feb 07 1985Rl
27.01WR1FOR::JENSENPAFri Feb 08 1985DMF-32 DMA output?
28.03WER521::STRIEPEFri Feb 08 1985Ultrix 32m Backup
29.01WER521::STRIEPEFri Feb 08 1985DEC/SHELL Notes File ?
30.03THESUN::MERRILLWed Feb 13 1985Mr Bill and The Grepper
31.0SANFAN::BROTHERGEWed Feb 20 1985ULTRIX-11 Reference Site(s)
32.01TKOVWed Feb 20 1985Problem --- URGENT !!
33.01NANOOK::ALPERTTue Feb 26 1985Need Ultrix futures info
34.01LOGIC::PUDERTue Feb 26 1985multi-free inode bug
35.02BEANO::BEEPINTue Mar 05 1985curses.h under ULTRIX-11
36.0CEOThu Mar 07 1985Need Ultrix Langs. on RX5
37.0WER521::BASSETTFri Mar 08 1985256K Data Area under Ultrix-11?
38.01THESUN::MERRILLFri Mar 08 1985Dec Standard 166 and Rabad
39.03ELMER::FARICELLIWed Mar 13 1985MFB info
40.01CASHEW::EKOKERNAKFri Mar 22 1985Programmers doc
41.08CUJO::JORDANFri Mar 22 1985f77 under ULTRIX-11
42.06SANFAN::DOMANJETue Mar 26 1985Tuning Ultrix
43.0JAWS::KAISERTue Mar 26 1985The GNU Manifesto
44.02FURILO::SMITHWed Mar 27 1985Installing V1.1 FT
45.01OVDVAX::MACKLINWed Mar 27 1985Need Bootable ULTRIX-32 Tape
47.03ELMER::FARICELLIFri Mar 29 1985Trouble increasing data size
48.07LATOUR::MELOHNWed Apr 03 1985ENET node updates
49.01BEANO::DINGWALLWed Apr 03 1985User device drivers for Ultrix-
50.05GROFE::MISHRAFri Apr 05 1985Need V1.1 FT
52.03WR1FOR::HASTINGEDThu Apr 11 1985Physical Memory on Ultrix 32
53.0CYGNUS::DAVISThu Apr 18 1985I.S.W.S. Sneak Preview
54.05OPUS1::BASSETTThu Apr 18 1985Ultrix-32m Windowing SW?
55.03NY1MM::SWEENEYThu Apr 25 1985Wide Area Nets for ULTRIX
57.02TKOVThu May 02 1985IDC DRIVER --- HELP ME !
58.01NERSW5::BEELERThu May 02 1985ULTRIX vs. UNIX support
59.08LSMVAX::BLINNSun May 05 1985ULTRIX Strategy
60.01ATOMon May 13 1985ULTRIX and DDN (Arpa)
61.0VAXWRK::DBDAVISWed May 15 1985Help on DEUNA programming
62.0OBIWAN::KARCZEWSKIWed May 15 1985dd
63.09EXIT26::STRATTONMon May 20 1985TPU under Ultrix?
64.08TKOV6Thu May 23 1985Japanese UNIX Standard
65.01JRDVThu May 23 1985AT&T Japanese UNIX draft
66.05TAHOE::JENSENFri May 24 1985floating point inquiry
67.03EXIT26::STRATTONWed May 29 19858-bit support on Ultrix??
68.0BEANO::BEEPINFri May 31 1985Vaxmba Device drivers
69.02KIRK::BOYERMon Jun 03 1985MAP on ULTRIX??
70.01FOREST::SPONTue Jun 04 1985RL
71.01MUTT::KARSTENTue Jun 04 1985answer
72.03VAXWRK::DBDAVISTue Jun 04 1985compiler question
73.09ELMER::FARICELLIWed Jun 05 1985MH mailer on Ultrix?
75.01PRSTSC::MORINThu Jun 06 1985DH11 DRIVER
76.0SERPNT::LORADITCHFri Jun 07 1985CAI courses
77.01WER521::JAEGERWed Jun 12 1985consoles on VAXstations
80.07ZPOVFri Jun 21 1985HELP - SYSTEM V vs ULTRIX-32
82.03NANOOK::ALPERTWed Jun 26 1985restore problem on 4.2
84.03NERSW5::BEELERWed Jul 03 1985printf problem
86.06TMCUK2::WARINGMon Jul 08 1985Help rqrd vs Z8
87.02CHOPIN::MISHRAThu Jul 11 1985YACC help
88.01CHOPIN::MISHRAThu Jul 11 1985V1.1 Availability?
89.09GYCSC1::ACHIMFri Jul 12 1985improved login security
90.02PHDVAX::SAMKINGMon Jul 22 1985Networking & ULTRIX
91.02CAMLOT::CHMIELEWSKIMon Jul 22 1985ULTRIX/UN*X courses from DEC
93.01OCKER::GRAYTue Jul 23 1985Ultrix-32 Maint. Advis. Guide?
94.01PEANO::HSUWed Jul 24 1985idc: lost interrupt on 73
95.02ATOWed Jul 24 1985ultrix 1.2 and system v
96.012YOGI::REILLYWed Jul 24 1985UNIX for the PRO38
97.0FOREST::SPONThu Jul 25 1985T1.1 -> RK
98.03SEENA1::LUGRINThu Jul 25 1985X.25 PSI access from ULTRIX
99.09CAMLOT::CHMIELEWSKIThu Jul 25 1985ULTRIX Support Kits
101.0WELSWS::GRAHAMFri Jul 26 1985Ultrix-32 backups
102.01PHDVAX::SAMKINGThu Aug 01 1985DUMP Utility
103.07IJSAPL::PINARDTue Aug 06 1985LAT-11 support ?
104.03USHSWed Aug 07 1985communications?
105.0TKOVFri Aug 09 1985How to make bin.-ULTRIX32m
106.04ATOFri Aug 09 1985Informix/progress on Ultrix
107.04LSMVAX::SANDERFri Aug 09 1985UNIX (tm) Review AD
108.02WATNEY::ROLLOWSun Aug 11 1985Any UEG folks out there?
109.03YOGI::REILLYWed Aug 14 1985Bad Ultrix-11 kits
110.03BEANO::HJONESSun Aug 18 1985I need some help!!!!!
111.03SPRITE::BROWNMon Aug 19 1985File transfers twixt ultrix and
112.05TRUTH::FALEKTue Aug 20 1985Newest Version of ULTRIX-11 ?
113.02PHDVAX::SAMKINGTue Aug 20 1985Newest Version of ULTRIX-32???
114.0FURILO::KAISERThu Aug 22 1985And Consumer Reports says...
115.01ATOThu Aug 22 1985ibm comm for ultrix
116.06REX::MINOWFri Aug 23 1985Microvax II problems
117.02KLOVMon Aug 26 1985ULTRIX on 73
118.03STUTue Aug 27 1985ultrix-32 tu81 support
119.01TROATue Aug 27 1985writers workbench -at&t sysV
120.0YOGI::REILLYWed Aug 28 1985Using TIP on Ultrix-11
121.01BOOLE::FLEISCHMANNThu Aug 29 1985Ultrix and LAT
122.0YOGI::REILLYMon Sep 02 1985Does Ultrix-11 support dialins?
123.0MUTT::KEILTYThu Sep 05 1985"Ultrix**/Unix* Newsletter"
124.01--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 06 1985YACC and LEX
125.02CHOVAX::ALPERTTue Sep 10 1985Ultrix TTY speed
126.07TRUTH::FALEKTue Sep 10 1985EMACS ?
127.0TMCUK2::WARINGWed Sep 11 1985Software Lead Times ?
129.0FOREST::SPONThu Sep 12 1985on-line manuals on uVAX
130.02GVASA::NGUYENFri Sep 13 1985ULTRIX-32v1.1 and RC25?
131.01TAHOE::JENSENMon Sep 16 1985TCP/IP inquiry
132.02SARAH::D_SCHULLMANTue Sep 17 1985ULTRIX magtape in Maynard
133.01BAGELS::BRANNONTue Sep 17 1985DECnet to TCP/IP Gateway?
134.02VAXWRK::DBDAVISThu Sep 19 1985Status of DECnet-ULTRIX?
136.02ZPOVFri Sep 27 1985help - vnx
137.01NULL::KHORRAMMon Sep 30 1985ULTRIX mismarketing
139.0MUDIS3::SPOIDAWed Oct 02 1985IBM 278
140.0THESUN::MERRILLWed Oct 02 1985Dec standard 166 and Bsd 4.3
141.03ZPOVFri Oct 04 1985ULTRIX-32 VS. UCB BSD 4.2
143.03PHDVAX::SAMKINGFri Oct 04 1985copying tu58 media
144.04ATOWed Oct 09 1985HELP! Performance/configuration
145.05YOGI::REILLYThu Oct 10 1985Venix <-> Ultrix file transfer
146.03LAUSAN::NGUYENThu Oct 10 1985X Window on VS-II
147.011MILES::JONESSun Oct 13 1985Cust. queries on net.unix ?
148.03SANFAN::WALKERKEMon Oct 14 1985USENET Sign-up?
149.01PHDVAX::SAMKINGMon Oct 14 1985MMDF Site?????
150.07MILES::JONESTue Oct 15 1985Dumping many file systems?
151.01SPYDER::BRIGGSThu Oct 17 1985CTRL/C trapping on ULTRIX-32m
152.03EDISON::SPEEDFri Oct 18 1985DECnet-ULTRIX notes file
153.0NANDI::KONINGMon Oct 21 1985vnotes server?
154.0SPYDER::BRIGGSTue Oct 22 1985Databases on Ultrix-11...
155.02KIWI::MAKOTOMon Oct 28 1985ULTRIX/86
156.02THUNDR::SOUZATue Oct 29 1985sendmail.cf for DEC ARPA gatewa
157.02PEANO::HSUTue Oct 29 1985approving mod.* articles
158.01PEANO::HSUTue Oct 29 1985>= 2 deuna's on ultrix
159.01STKSWS::LINNELLMon Nov 04 1985Ultrix support for LN
160.0STKSWS::LINNELLWed Nov 06 1985Minor troubleshooting in Ultrix
161.01ZPOVWed Nov 06 1985ULTRIX-32M I/O & COMMS SUPPORT
162.01STKThu Nov 07 1985Device drivers in Ultrix
163.0STKSWS::LINNELLFri Nov 08 1985Minibench VMS-C versus Unix-C
164.02ERLANG::HSUMon Nov 11 1985mail11 question
165.06THUNDR::SOUZATue Nov 12 1985DECnet problem
166.04STEVEN::MESSINOTue Nov 12 1985UDA5
167.05JOCK::MASINICKWed Nov 13 1985DECnet/ULTRIX problems?
168.01USHSThu Nov 14 1985VT24
169.01USHSFri Nov 15 1985re 168.x VT24
170.0FURILO::SMITHMon Nov 18 1985TK5
171.0JRDVMon Nov 18 1985H9642 uVAX II support?
172.01SMURF::FREBURGERTue Nov 19 1985ULTRIX Roadshow
173.01JAWS::MANNASWed Nov 20 1985Need Internals Doc
174.02CAMLOT::CHMIELEWSKIWed Nov 20 1985ULTRIX-11 V3.
175.0CAMLOT::CHMIELEWSKIWed Nov 20 1985BAD MEDIA - What to do...
176.0MILES::JONESWed Nov 20 1985X-windows/Vs1
177.0THESUN::MERRILLFri Nov 22 1985Uda transfer rates..
178.02MILES::JONESFri Nov 22 1985minor problems with xterm?
179.03SMURF::FREBURGERFri Nov 22 1985DECmail addresses on ULTRIX
180.01SANFAN::THOMASMAMon Nov 25 1985384
181.08REX::MINOWMon Nov 25 1985System V and Dec Equipment
182.0TKOVFri Nov 29 1985pic & ditroff ?
183.01TAVMon Dec 02 1985C.C.I.'s 6/32 (TAHOE)
184.0VAXWRK::DBDAVISThu Dec 05 1985TCP Bridging Question
185.0VAXWRK::DBDAVISThu Dec 05 1985AUTOBAUD patch available
186.0HSKMon Dec 09 1985DZ11 & LN
187.05REX::MINOWWed Dec 11 1985SET HOST vms4.2->Ultrix bugs?
188.01LA78Thu Dec 12 1985DEC answer to Locus?
189.01SPYDER::BRIGGSFri Dec 13 1985TK5
190.0OSLSat Dec 14 1985PHIGS for Ultrix?
191.02MILES::JONESMon Dec 16 1985Jim G. announces new "X"
192.0PRSSUD::EGEAThu Dec 19 1985DMF32 Synchronous Driver
193.0FOREST::SPONSat Dec 21 1985Drivers for CSS options?
195.03CAMLOT::CHMIELEWSKIMon Dec 23 1985ULTRIX DISPATCH publication
196.05TAVTue Dec 31 1985No "MAN" command ?
197.03THUNDR::SOUZAThu Jan 02 1986tip for df221
198.0MILES::JONESFri Jan 03 1986/etc/rdump to disk file?
199.02CRVAX1::POLICHFri Jan 03 1986TK25
200.03MILES::JONESMon Jan 06 1986man utility -- missing files?
201.01SOUSA::MISHRAMon Jan 06 1986LAT help needed
202.02MILES::JONESFri Jan 10 1986Floating accuracy --opportunity
203.05STKSWS::LINNELLMon Jan 13 1986Booting Ultrix from tape.
204.07NUHAVN::SCANLANDMon Jan 13 1986need kermit C on tape
205.01PD75Mon Jan 13 198632M - 16 USER LIMITATION
206.02DYO78Mon Jan 13 1986ULTRIX TUNING
207.02SWIFT::HJONESTue Jan 14 1986How about a server.
208.02NANOOK::PARKETue Jan 14 1986Documentation info request
209.01TAVTue Jan 14 1986ULTRIX 32m sources.
210.01DYO78Wed Jan 15 1986625
211.0SCFAC::HASTINGSWed Jan 15 1986Looking for IEQ-11 IEEE-488 Dri
212.03SPYDER::BRIGGSThu Jan 16 1986Ultrix-32 vs System V !!
213.0SWIFT::HJONESThu Jan 16 1986Printcap & Tab expansion.
214.02JOEL::BERMANThu Jan 16 1986Good Job
215.012LITTL::LEEDSThu Jan 16 1986DECnet/Ultrix hardware...
216.0PHDVAX::SAMKINGFri Jan 17 1986X.25 Board Support?
218.09THESUN::MERRILLMon Jan 20 1986Ultrix v1.2 and 625
219.0SCOTCH::STUARTMon Jan 20 1986French Dict. for Spell
220.03UTROP1::VERLEETue Jan 21 1986SMC-Basic for Ultrix-32(m)
221.04BORDX1::MALAISEWed Jan 22 1986Ultrix system connected to Big
222.0USWAV1::LASHERWed Jan 22 1986PRO 35
223.04LAUSAN::NGUYENWed Jan 22 1986Modula-2 and Ultrix-32m?
224.0SMURF::CLINEWed Jan 22 1986Good Press for Caylith Workstati
226.0NULL::KHORRAMFri Jan 24 1986Need X or Ultrix-32w
227.0LOUIE::SANBORNFri Jan 24 1986Text formatters
228.01TKOVSun Jan 26 1986Comparison of Windowing systems
229.01THEBAY::MTHOMASMon Jan 27 1986Freeware mailing list
230.0THEBAY::MTHOMASMon Jan 27 1986dlogin: don't escape, suspend
231.0TPOVTue Jan 28 1986TROFF & EQN on Ultrix-32m???
232.09BOOLE::ANKERWed Jan 29 1986Any interest in SEDT for ULTRIX
233.01REX::MINOWThu Jan 30 19868-bit char's and Ultrix
234.03PENNSY::SCANLANDFri Jan 31 1986MVII as UN*X Bridge
235.0SMURF::FREBURGERFri Jan 31 1986New ULTRIX Applications Source B
237.0OBIWAN::PASTERMon Feb 03 1986IEEE Interfaces
238.08WINERY::JENSENMon Feb 03 1986Flame: no servers!
239.0SPYDER::BRIGGSFri Feb 07 1986Upgrading from V1.
240.04AMBER::JONESSun Feb 09 1986System V IPC -- Help?
241.02ELMER::FARICELLITue Feb 11 1986Odd 75
242.01SPYDER::BRIGGSWed Feb 12 1986PRO/ULTRIX term. emul.
243.01JOEL::BERMANWed Feb 12 1986IEEE P1
244.04STKSWS::LINNELLFri Feb 14 1986Virtual address space in V1.2
245.05ELMER::FARICELLIFri Feb 14 19868 bits (again!)
246.0SMURF::FREBURGERMon Feb 17 1986ULTRIX Press Releases
247.0CGVAX2::BOIKOWed Feb 19 1986Customer Request.....
248.02LASSIE::PETTENGILLWed Feb 19 1986Convert to VAXnotes!
255.010MILES::JONESThu Mar 06 1986Using VMS printers from Ultrix
256.04THEBAY::MTHOMASFri Mar 07 1986What to do a 11/23+?
257.01HARE::BRADLEYFri Mar 07 1986ultrix-11 + p/os on pro rd52?
258.0METOO::TALCOTTSat Mar 08 1986Need updated Ultrix-32 code
259.04METOO::TALCOTTSat Mar 08 1986yacc: >127 terminal tokens?
260.01MILES::JONESSun Mar 09 1986Problem with /etc/adduser script
261.07LASSIE::PETTENGILLTue Mar 11 1986Flame on: UEG - an independent company?
262.0BACH::FOSTERWed Mar 12 1986vax lisp/ultrix available
263.04MILES::JONESThu Mar 13 1986Way to go, UEG!
264.010LOUIE::SANBORNThu Mar 13 1986Deleting weird files
265.0JRDVFri Mar 14 1986removeuser and umask?
266.07LASSIE::PETTENGILLSat Mar 15 1986Is it possible to port applications like VAX Notes?
267.03SPYDER::BRIGGSMon Mar 17 1986Standalone backup on Ultrix-32m
268.013FXENG1::DEANMon Mar 17 1986Help needed for new ULTRIX user
269.02JRDVMon Mar 17 1986spellhist problem?
270.01SPYDER::BRIGGSTue Mar 18 1986More users on 32m needed
271.02SPYDER::BRIGGSTue Mar 18 1986Ultrix-32 C compiler Std.
272.04PD75Tue Mar 18 1986ULTRIX-32m DECServer 1
273.0ENGGSG::GROLLMANWed Mar 19 1986Fault tolerant offering at NORDEN
274.07BLOTT::SEATONThu Mar 20 1986
275.02STKSWS::LINNELLThu Mar 20 1986Questions on TCP/IP
276.01PD75Fri Mar 21 1986ULTRIX-32M vs Synchronous Controller
277.03WATNEY::R_MARSHALLFri Mar 21 1986Calling Fortran from Pascal?
278.0TLE::WINALSKIMon Mar 24 1986conference on porting VMS stuff to Ultrix
279.04USHSTue Mar 25 1986Ultrix-Decnet installation
280.03TLE::WINALSKIWed Mar 26 1986Announcing VAX FORTRAN/ULTRIX network kit
281.01STUSWS::KENNTNERThu Mar 27 1986dbx and pascal ?
282.01SWIFT::HOULDINGThu Mar 27 1986ETHERNET problems
283.04OLORIN::HARBOThu Mar 27 1986C++ programming language?
284.07FOREST::SPONFri Mar 28 1986
285.0CLTCAD::BRADLEYMon Mar 31 1986ULTRIX-11/Pro lpr command
286.010CANYON::MOELLERWed Apr 02 1986X.25,TCP/IP under 32M ????
287.04FUDGE::KITTELLThu Apr 03 1986Signals to Background Jobs?
289.03SWIFT::HJONESWed Apr 09 1986File locking...again!
290.01WINERY::JENSENWed Apr 09 1986dump s 46
291.0SWIFT::MERRILLThu Apr 10 1986Beware.. Rl pack batch problem
292.0BISTRO::HARRINGTONFri Apr 11 1986DELUA testimonials requested
293.02SWIFT::HJONESFri Apr 11 1986Any courses coming up?
294.0RDVAX::GETTYSMon Apr 14 1986X Window System Notes File
295.06BISTRO::JEANMon Apr 14 1986The European Technical Center wants YOU!!
296.01WELSWS::GRAHAMWed Apr 16 1986X.25 board for VMS/ULTRIX
297.01ARGUS::RUSSESThu Apr 17 1986Trailer Encapsulation Problem
298.02STKSWS::LINNELLTue Apr 22 1986Device support in Ultrix-32
299.05RAYNA::BRENNANWed Apr 23 1986no DECnet after Ultrix32m V1.2
300.01SWIFT::HJONESThu Apr 24 1986Files going corrupt?
301.04MILES::JONESFri Apr 25 1986uucp, tip, acucap, Scholar DF224 modems?
302.04FUDGE::KITTELLSun Apr 27 1986Can lcp set groups?
303.05ECCGY4::HEINWed Apr 30 1986ULTRIX-32 / X.25
304.03BERNWed Apr 30 1986Request for indexing tool
305.011THEBAY::MTHOMASWed Apr 30 1986wanted: suggestions for new mail11d
306.05TMCUK2::WARINGWed Apr 30 1986TK5
307.03COOKIE::KITTELLFri May 02 1986Should workstations keep time?
308.02PBSVAX::KILIANFri May 02 1986TROFF anyone?
310.01STKSWS::LINNELLSat May 03 1986Updating V1.1 to V1.2
311.03HAM::WAGNERWed May 07 1986LATservice?
312.01PD75Wed May 07 1986V1.2 on 865
313.01LOUIE::JONESMon May 12 1986sendmail...$ signs in address fields ??
314.01BOEHM::PARKEMon May 12 1986Part no for DECnet doc
316.01GUIDUK::STEBBINSTue May 13 1986Other C Compilers?
317.03CAD::FARICELLITue May 13 1986Ordering hassles
318.0SKYLRK::ENDTERWed May 14 1986stty
320.012COOKIE::KITTELLMon May 19 1986not getting biffed
321.0HAM::WAGNERTue May 20 1986Just some Questions
322.04HAM::WAGNERTue May 20 1986Install over EasyNet
323.02TKTVThu May 22 1986uda5
324.03PD75Thu May 22 1986TCP/IP TYPE Field 1
325.07COOKIE::KITTELLFri May 23 1986WET time
326.05MUNICH::ACHIMMon May 26 1986ULTRIX TeX KIT
328.01THEBAY::WAKEMANLATue May 27 1986IEQ11 Driver
329.016LASSIE::PETTENGILLTue May 27 1986ARPA protocol suite specifications
330.08SANFAN::WOODRITue May 27 1986U32 & 32M diffs & copying tapes
331.05UTRTSC::VERKADEFri May 30 1986LAT-troubles on ULTRIX-32
332.013BELKER::KULLFri May 30 1986uVAX II Performance KDA5
333.05KIRK::AGUENTHERFri May 30 1986Remote print questions
334.03ROYCE::DAVIESMon Jun 02 1986Getting S/W from NETRIX ???
335.01TMCUK2::WARINGTue Jun 03 1986C-ISAM on /GPX FT1.2?
336.03THEBAY::WAKEMANLAWed Jun 04 1986TCP/IP Throughput Numbers?
337.012METOO::TALCOTTThu Jun 05 1986Wanted: nroff filter files for underlining
339.01PD75Fri Jun 06 1986DECnet Ultrix V1.1--Fix 1.
340.0SPYDER::SARFASMon Jun 09 1986Ultrix-32 SPD for V2?
341.07ANTARE::CHUNGMon Jun 09 1986File copy in Decnet-Ultrix
342.01SANFAN::WOODRIMon Jun 09 1986unix/Ultrix workstations
343.02SPYDER::BRIGGSThu Jun 12 1986V1.2 Docs on the net?
344.0MMOFri Jun 13 1986HSC5
345.01COOKIE::CHESNEYFri Jun 13 1986rdump on ULTRIX-32m V1.2
346.01MKT75Fri Jun 13 1986Allocating / Locking pages?
347.01ROCOCO::BENTOFri Jun 13 1986What do I need to get ULTRIX on my machine?
348.06ROYCE::DAVIESSat Jun 14 1986LAT Problems yet again ...
349.03PD75Mon Jun 16 1986Backing up to TK5
350.04LUXMon Jun 16 1986Does Ultrix 32m support 3 RD 53s ?????
351.08LUXMon Jun 16 1986Experiences porting C code between VMS & Ultrix
352.0STKSWS::LINNELLMon Jun 16 1986Software support for LVP16 Plotter
353.06SANFAN::WOODRIMon Jun 16 1986Port VAXnotes to Ultrix?
354.0OSAVWed Jun 18 1986what is poof ?
355.06OSAVWed Jun 18 1986I want newcsh
356.01TKTVWed Jun 18 1986UDA5
357.03HGOVThu Jun 19 1986RCS and ingres
358.01VOGON::HAXBYThu Jun 19 1986disgusting tty driver bug
359.03STKThu Jun 19 1986X.4
360.02ULTRA::ELLISThu Jun 19 1986Boot Failure on TK5
361.02YOUNG::YOUNGThu Jun 19 1986Problem with 11/785 boot floppy
362.0COOKIE::CHESNEYFri Jun 20 1986Getting "permission denied" with rsh
363.03THEBAY::MTHOMASFri Jun 20 1986ULTRIX as load host?
364.0PD75Sat Jun 21 1986Ultrix Flames on the Usenet
365.02THEBAY::MTHOMASMon Jun 23 1986TeX82 for Ultrix available on THEBAY
366.02SPYDER::BRIGGSTue Jun 24 1986DHV-11 - DMA under ULTRIX-32m?
367.01BOEHM::PEDERSONWed Jun 25 1986Socket Sorrows
368.0SYSENG::VANSICLENWed Jun 25 1986Hardware Product Description Questioniare
369.0SYSENG::STALZERThu Jun 26 1986system exercisers??
370.05NY1MM::MARGOLIESThu Jun 26 1986TU81 hard errors
371.04ULTRA::ELLISFri Jun 27 1986DECnet Guest Account
372.0RAYNA::BRENNANMon Jun 30 1986LAT access problem
373.03VESPER::ANDYVMon Jun 30 1986Problems with dbx
374.05COPTue Jul 01 1986File transfer VMS-Ultrix using TK5
375.02STKWed Jul 02 1986system exercisers on micros ??
376.03EN::KEANEWed Jul 02 19862nd RQDX & TK5
377.06NEWVAX::SHAPIROWed Jul 02 1986NFS / RFS query
378.01NEWVAX::SHAPIROWed Jul 02 1986where's more info
379.010USHSThu Jul 03 1986Ultrx language calling standard?
380.01MLNMon Jul 07 1986RM-Cobol? Microfocus?
382.05HSKTue Jul 08 1986BUILT-IN LIMITATIONS...?
383.01HOTAIR::BOYLESTue Jul 08 1986DRV11-WA for 32m???
384.010MERIDN::TUSIATue Jul 08 1986Q-products and WHERE ARE ALL THE ULTRIX SITES
385.06USHSWed Jul 09 1986Software development extensions
386.02UTRTSC::VERKADEThu Jul 10 1986DECnet V1.2 ???
387.09TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 11 1986TCP/IP - network numbers > 126
388.033SARAH::TODDFri Jul 11 1986Probably a dumb file system question
389.0SMURF::FREBURGERFri Jul 11 1986List of software/compilers/applications for ULTRIX
390.0SMURF::FREBURGERFri Jul 11 1986New Directions for Ordering ULTRIX Support Kits
391.01MUNICH::STEVEMon Jul 14 1986realtime with ultrix??? /benchmarks???
392.06SANFAN::HEANEYMIMon Jul 14 1986Installation "??error??"
393.08ULTRA::ELLISTue Jul 15 1986Copy/dump bootable disk?
394.05WINERY::JENSENTue Jul 15 1986curses!
396.02STKSWS::LINNELLWed Jul 16 1986DECnet-DOS <---> DECnet-Ultrix
397.04SWIFT::KELSEYThu Jul 17 1986Dear Moderator, DECNET-Ultrix Notesfile??
398.06VOGON::HAXBYThu Jul 17 1986select breaks on OPEN_MAX?
399.04OVDVAX::SHUCKTISFri Jul 18 1986On-line documentation for ULTRIX-32m
400.03BISTRO::HARRINGTONFri Jul 18 198682
401.02HAYNES::REILLYMon Jul 21 1986help with fopen for append
402.05PHDVAX::SAMKINGTue Jul 22 1986Book Store
403.05BOEHM::SEALYTue Jul 22 1986symbols in /vmunix
404.04STUSWS::KENNTNERTue Jul 22 1986TU58-PLUS,VAX82
405.01SANFAN::WOODRITue Jul 22 1986V75
406.06THEBAY::MTHOMASTue Jul 22 1986De-mystifying LAT for Ultrix Systems
407.02NY1MM::WOLFEWed Jul 23 1986bisync 327
408.02CAD::FARICELLIWed Jul 23 1986Interpreting /usr/adm/messages...
409.01OCKER::KINGThu Jul 24 1986su user # breaks sometimes
410.021NY1MM::MARGOLIESThu Jul 24 1986disk access hangs sys
411.02CSC32::UNIXThu Jul 24 1986System activity monitor...
412.01NZOVThu Jul 24 1986lpq +n bug?
413.07OBIWAN::SARIAHMEDSat Jul 26 1986Sticky bit and Byte order
414.08CQ::REHBERGSun Jul 27 1986How to report bugs?
415.0VNX::TALCOTTSun Jul 27 1986TIME: Maybe now but not last May
416.03LUXMon Jul 28 1986AIM benchmark results wanted URGENTLY
417.01STKSWS::LINNELLTue Jul 29 1986Problems with nroff (in U V1.2)
418.02OSAVTue Jul 29 1986NFS status on ULTRIX ?
419.01BIRMVX::FULTONTue Jul 29 1986System V Terminology?
420.06HOTAIR::BOYLESTue Jul 29 1986Bootable TK5
421.0POTARU::QUODLINGTue Jul 29 1986Documentation Updates...
422.05TMCUK2::WARINGWed Jul 30 1986Ultrix-11/Xenix/TK5
423.06USHSWed Jul 30 1986ULTRIX machine with CI interface
424.02SANFAN::HEANEYMIWed Jul 30 1986ULTRIX "Right To Copy" == How to Copy
425.05SANFAN::HEANEYMIWed Jul 30 1986Their Actually Writing Drivers, Now
426.01SANFAN::HEANEYMIWed Jul 30 1986Can We Talk? {to a TM11}
427.011669::KARSTENThu Jul 31 1986Support person wanted
428.02SLOVAX::THOMSONThu Jul 31 1986Modula-2 Support?
429.01ZPOVThu Jul 31 1986STABCK IN ULTRIX?
430.02WELSWS::GRAHAMFri Aug 01 1986< info on HP-UX anyone ? >
431.02WELSWS::GRAHAMFri Aug 01 1986< Better late than never ? >
432.01WELSWS::GRAHAMFri Aug 01 1986licence key on 1.2
433.04LUXFri Aug 01 1986Q-office experience wanted
434.06COOKIE::KITTELLFri Aug 01 1986dlogin timeout?
435.0LASSIE::PETTENGILLFri Aug 01 1986Can Unix and COBOL and RPG and FORTRAN coexist ?
436.04LASSIE::PETTENGILLFri Aug 01 1986Open Phase
437.02SPYDER::SARFASMon Aug 04 1986Licence Restrictions
438.015THEBAY::MTHOMASTue Aug 05 1986VAX/VMS vs Ultrix: The Note
439.019VOGON::HAXBYTue Aug 05 1986Bugatti
440.0VOGON::CABLEWed Aug 06 1986Novice Shell Product for Ultrix
441.0RDVAX::GETTYSWed Aug 06 1986X Version 11 Design documents available.
442.01BERNWed Aug 06 1986need another tape archiver
443.01BERNWed Aug 06 1986why overlapping partitions?
444.0MMOFri Aug 08 1986 Needing Advice
445.05STKTSC::KAGEBECKTue Aug 12 1986How does Ultrix boot on uVAX-II ?
446.012NY1MM::MARGOLIESThu Aug 14 1986a secure connection to VMS needed
447.03NY1MM::MARGOLIESThu Aug 14 1986let's go public with BUG info
448.01STUSWS::WALKERFri Aug 15 1986ultrix --> sna ??
449.01NY1MM::MARGOLIESFri Aug 15 1986password aging requested
450.0122537::JIMMYCHANSun Aug 17 1986MEDIA COPIED
451.01KIRK::BOYERMon Aug 18 1986Device driver info needed
452.01WKRP::ZIGLERMon Aug 18 1986Ultrix on a VAXcluster?
453.02LASSIE::PETTENGILLWed Aug 20 1986Help on forwarding mail?
454.03LASSIE::PETTENGILLWed Aug 20 1986R utility implementation questions ?
455.073D::JONESWed Aug 20 1986hangup signal to orphan process?
456.04OCKER::KINGThu Aug 21 1986DECSERVER(mux) only allows one user ?!
457.02OSAVThu Aug 21 1986Device driver for AXV11-C real time I/O module ?
458.014HAYNES::REILLYThu Aug 21 1986tar piped to dcp hangs
459.010GLORY::VAN_HEUSENMon Aug 25 1986LN
460.0TMCUK2::WARINGWed Aug 27 1986IBM make a good Decision
461.0SPYDER::SARFASThu Aug 28 1986Plock(2) : Guaranteed not to Swap?
462.013D::JONESThu Aug 28 1986DECnet Ultrix won't push what it pulls.
463.0FURILO::KENTFri Aug 29 1986Job opportunity
464.03MERIDN::TUSIAFri Aug 29 1986TCP/IP Transfer Rates
465.0CHEUNG::CHEUNGTue Sep 02 1986DECnet installation problem?
466.01CAD::FARICELLITue Sep 02 1986Are we having fun yet?
467.08SWAPS::WALDOWed Sep 03 198686
469.08LASSIE::PETTENGILLThu Sep 04 1986What's wrong with my name ?
470.06HENRY8::GRAYThu Sep 04 1986rm what?
471.03JRDVThu Sep 04 1986SIGMA OS product name
472.0HAYNES::SEALYFri Sep 05 1986Security violations under Ultrix
473.04TPOVSat Sep 06 1986which BSD support our 85
474.03SWIFT::HARRISMon Sep 08 1986idc lost interupts?
475.07RHEA::APSMon Sep 08 1986Wanted: VMS notes for Ultrix/unix
476.03SAHQ::HEINTue Sep 09 1986console for 82
477.02VOGON::ROACHTue Sep 09 1986dd | rsh failures
478.08CAD::FARICELLIWed Sep 10 1986Break-in at Berkeley
479.04VIKING::RUWed Sep 10 1986Order Information needed!
480.01STONED::CASTALDIWed Sep 10 1986Ultrix-11 RK
481.05WILLEY::PHILLIPSThu Sep 11 1986UNIX Application Software
482.01SANFAN::WOODRIThu Sep 11 1986Drivers 'tween Ultrix and BSD?
483.08WELSWS::GRAHAMFri Sep 12 1986can I use DECserver ?
484.02FOREST::SPONTue Sep 16 1986How many Ultrix users?
485.0PARVAX::LASSITERTue Sep 16 1986Ln
486.010MOSAIC::RUTue Sep 16 1986I can't use my RX5
487.02SYRAH::JENSENTue Sep 16 1986setld questions
488.01FSTVAX::FOSTERWed Sep 17 1986live free || die
489.03THEBAY::MTHOMASWed Sep 17 1986TCP/IP bugs?
490.08CSC32::D_COHNWed Sep 17 1986What ever happened to "having"??
491.04CHEUNG::CHEUNGWed Sep 17 1986tar / df question
492.0TKOV51::TANIMURAThu Sep 18 1986dnet_conn needs printf?
493.01MERIDN::TUSIAThu Sep 18 19864.1BSD -> ULTRIX
494.09BISTRO::JEANThu Sep 18 1986ULTRIX Mail Interface Project (EUEG)
495.05GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Sep 19 1986misc. questions
496.0BOEHM::CBRADLEYMon Sep 22 1986rd5
497.02SWIFT::HOULDINGMon Sep 22 1986LN
498.01HAYNES::PEDERSONMon Sep 22 1986Btree routines
499.01PBSVAX::MAHERMon Sep 22 1986Mapping Pages into Memory
500.04WELSWS::GRAHAMWed Sep 24 1986can I build 75
501.02TAVWed Sep 24 1986Troff ----> LN
502.05ANCHOR::LEVESQUEWed Sep 24 1986Copying ULTRIX software???
503.05GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Sep 25 1986Ultrix Disk Speed
504.09SYRAH::JENSENThu Sep 25 1986getting ethernet addresses
505.01ANCHOR::LEVESQUEThu Sep 25 1986Software for a Micro II??
506.02OCKER::CHEUNGFri Sep 26 1986log write /dev/console error 9
508.0STKTSC::LINNELLSun Sep 28 1986Adding full Ultrix-32 to Ultrix-32m
509.01STKTSC::LINNELLSun Sep 28 1986csh, $term and $TERM
510.04EDISON::KENYONMon Sep 29 1986VMS <--> Ultrix Non-ASCII file transfer
511.015TAVTue Sep 30 19868 bit to terminal - Hebrew...
512.01VNX::TALCOTTTue Sep 30 1986Different Net address for IPRs?
513.03THEBAY::WOODRITue Sep 30 1986Help? LQP
514.03SANFAN::WOODRIWed Oct 01 1986Bad press for SWS on the USENET
515.02HGOVWed Oct 01 1986Converting mpx?
516.02BRSAQS::DEWANDREThu Oct 02 1986ULTRIX/UNIX --> X.4
517.08FOREST::SPONThu Oct 02 1986Erasing Ultrix
518.03MERIDN::TUSIAFri Oct 03 1986TROFF for ULTRIX32m
519.01SWIFT::HARRISFri Oct 03 1986SYSTEM_FIVE environment problem!
520.02HOTAIR::BOYLESFri Oct 03 1986DSV-1
521.02LASSIE::PETTENGILLFri Oct 03 1986rcp versus ftp questionaire (Phase
522.02SCFAC::LIEBFri Oct 03 1986system(3[cf]) bug from large processes
523.01SANFAN::WOODRIFri Oct 03 1986TK5
524.04COOKIE::ROLLOWSat Oct 04 1986DEQNA input errors.
525.01TKTVMon Oct 06 1986message file problem
526.04COOKIE::ROLLOWMon Oct 06 1986Bad Crazyness...
527.01NANOOK::LANGONEMon Oct 06 1986SEDT for Ultrix ?
528.04TMCUK2::MODMon Oct 06 1986LAT 5.1 in ULTRIX?
529.01WOWBAG::MARSHTue Oct 07 1986Ultrix installation problems
530.06HAYNES::SEALYTue Oct 07 1986Quadword divide under Ultrix.
531.01KIM::HAMMELTue Oct 07 1986ACC X.25 hardware
532.04COPWed Oct 08 1986System V / Ultrix-32 compatibility ?
533.04GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Oct 08 1986changing blocking on restore
534.01MERIDN::TUSIAWed Oct 08 1986NFS TO SHOW
535.03JRDVWed Oct 08 1986How to check ULTRIX version?
536.01COOKIE::KITTELLThu Oct 09 1986Bug in access(2) ?
537.010HAYNES::SEALYThu Oct 09 1986Timeouts using DECnet-ULTRIX
538.017ODIXIE::GILPATRICKFri Oct 10 1986ULTRIX Support for BI Machines
539.02THEBAY::MTHOMASSat Oct 11 1986sendmail and %s.ARPA
540.012KIRK::BOYERMon Oct 13 1986DECnet/ULTRIX-32m Kit?
541.02HSKTue Oct 14 1986Ultrix 32 vs. 32m
542.013D::JONESTue Oct 14 1986?Keep the date on a decnet copy vms->ultrix
544.02HSKWed Oct 15 1986VMS/UNIX comparisons?
545.0DYO78Wed Oct 15 1986Diablo 63
546.01OCKER::CHEUNGWed Oct 15 1986adb/dbx
547.03WELSWS::GRAHAMThu Oct 16 1986is DELUA support in V2
548.01SPYDER::SARFASThu Oct 16 1986C Compiler Standards
549.06MARVIN::WOODLEYThu Oct 16 1986Problem Redirecting Pipeline !!!
550.0ULTRA::ELLISFri Oct 17 1986VT2xx and vi
551.02--UnknownUser--Fri Oct 17 1986Problem with proxy access to VMS
552.02HOMBRE::CONLIFFEFri Oct 17 1986dlogin to VMS
553.01SNOV17::BRIFFASun Oct 19 1986ULTRIX-11 and Terminal Servers
554.01PRSNRD::PELIKSMon Oct 20 1986Is the Kernel's size limited ?
555.08SWIFT::HARRISTue Oct 21 1986sendmail problem/file cable is full message
556.0BUSONI::FOSTERTue Oct 21 1986panic: dup biodone
557.04NIEMAN::DONOVANWed Oct 22 1986Help on Ultrix/VMS task to task in Fortran
558.01TKTVThu Oct 23 1986What's termcap ?
559.02HANThu Oct 23 1986Ultrix on a VAXcluster?
560.09TENNIS::KAMSat Oct 25 1986DECnet-ULTRIX functionality ?
561.0751599::LINNELLSun Oct 26 1986Avoid Disaster
562.0451599::LINNELLSun Oct 26 1986Efficient Cobol code generation for KA63
564.02SWIFT::HOULDINGMon Oct 27 1986DMF + DHU = 'panic:'
565.09HOTAIR::BOYLESMon Oct 27 1986ULTRIX (vs) UNIX 4.3
566.03HOTAIR::BOYLESMon Oct 27 1986Missing On 32m?
567.03TAVTue Oct 28 1986System Console killed when others login/logout
569.05PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANTue Oct 28 1986owner of /usr/users
570.04SPYDER::BRIGGSTue Oct 28 1986LAT, DECnet and ULTRIX (again!)
571.03OVDVAX::WERNETTue Oct 28 1986Terminal server sessions --- raise limit from 128
572.01HGOVWed Oct 29 1986Slave terminal
573.01DUBSWS::OCONNORWed Oct 29 1986Provenix to Ultrix
574.05COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Oct 29 1986Ultrix performance monitor.
575.04WELSWS::MCCALLUMThu Oct 30 1986DZQ vs. DHV
577.01CAD::FARICELLIThu Oct 30 1986Why must dump be run in single-user mode?
578.01LA78Thu Oct 30 1986ULTRIX BI/VME Interface?
579.0SANFAN::WOODRIThu Oct 30 1986R1
580.03SANFAN::WOODRIThu Oct 30 1986Technical Publishing under Ultrix
581.01WELSWS::GRAHAMFri Oct 31 1986725/73
582.05SANFAN::WOODRIFri Oct 31 1986MegaBenchmarking Session suggestion
583.01MADMAC::LILLEMORMon Nov 03 1986Documentation
584.05ULTRA::ELLISTue Nov 04 1986VT2
585.010SHEILA::CHEUNGTue Nov 04 1986Time Zone problems
586.02EIGER::HOURIETWed Nov 05 1986Ultrix-32m V_1.2 RX5
587.05GVASA::PISSOTThu Nov 06 1986Printers supported on DECserver with V 2.
588.01DYO78Thu Nov 06 1986Ultrix:BACKUP, VMS:tar
589.03JOCK::MASINICKThu Nov 06 1986UUCP generic dialer & DF224
590.04STUSWS::KENNTNERFri Nov 07 1986TCP/IP-DECnet Gateway
591.01UMPIRE::WSDEGFri Nov 07 1986How to restore?
592.02ZHORA::BRENNANFri Nov 07 1986dcp: Record to large for users' buffer
593.05ZHORA::BRENNANFri Nov 07 1986% whereis Rdb
594.01MOZART::DRAPERFri Nov 07 1986looking for jove from the 4.3bsd kit
595.01TKTVSun Nov 09 1986What does timezone mean ?
596.04KIRK::BOYERMon Nov 10 1986ULTRIX-32m and uVMS on same uVAX problem
597.03THEBAY::WAKEMANLAMon Nov 10 1986Secure UNIX
598.04NIEMAN::DONOVANTue Nov 11 1986?? Enet HW Address from Ultrix
599.01SWIFT::HARRISTue Nov 11 1986error message with signal(3c)
600.01KIM::HAMMELTue Nov 11 1986links to /dev entries under 1.2
601.02THEBAY::WOODRITue Nov 11 1986"uqsst
602.06PCASSO::DONOVANWed Nov 12 1986SID from Ultrix ??
603.03MERLOT::JENSENWed Nov 12 198682
604.04TKTVSun Nov 16 1986Does Sys.messages list exist?
605.017SNOV13::LEITHSun Nov 16 1986YAUQ (Yet another Ultrix Question)
606.013CURIE::RESKERMon Nov 17 1986ULTRIX and VMS, again
607.01SHEILA::CHEUNGMon Nov 17 1986change tab space for printer
609.03KIM::HAMMELWed Nov 19 1986TCP FIN-WAIT-2 problem
610.04MADMAC::LILLEMORWed Nov 19 1986sysline(1)
611.0PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANWed Nov 19 1986system rebooted by itself and process killed problem
612.03HAYNES::SEALYThu Nov 20 1986Bug in dnet_conn(3).
613.03TIPPLE::MAUROFri Nov 21 1986Ultrix32 and large memory
614.04NYJDEV::KEVINFri Nov 21 1986bsd4.2 uda driver bug
615.08SANFAN::WOODRIFri Nov 21 1986DOCs for DECnet-Ultrix V2.
616.01PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANMon Nov 24 198685
617.01TIPPLE::MAUROTue Nov 25 1986fixed in ultrix
618.010BLGWed Nov 26 1986DECnet-ULTRIX--->DDCMP ?
619.06516Wed Nov 26 1986Docs for device driver writing
620.04MADMAC::LILLEMORThu Nov 27 1986VMS Diag on Ultrix ?
621.03HAYNES::SEALYMon Dec 01 1986How do I build layered product kits?
622.0KIM::HAMMELMon Dec 01 1986panic vstodb
623.05ZURFCC::RITTERTue Dec 02 1986YAUQ, max.addr.space per process
624.018LASSIE::PETTENGILLWed Dec 03 1986Can Unix approach the integration of VMS ?
625.02MUNDIS::EHRENFELSWed Dec 03 1986LN
626.01PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANWed Dec 03 1986V1.2 support TU81 ?
627.0TKTVWed Dec 03 1986The messages file problem
628.04OCKER::STRAUSSWed Dec 03 1986HOLD BAD BLOCK in fsck
629.01GYPC::ROBThu Dec 04 1986A cute little bug in cc
630.02OCKER::STRAUSSThu Dec 04 1986RD53 -> TK5
631.03USWAV1::KOPECThu Dec 04 1986ultrix--->tops2
632.0RANCHO::RAHThu Dec 04 1986Ada kills innocent Ultrix
633.01BRSADV::DELAMPERFri Dec 05 1986Installation problem uvaxI
634.01CURIE::KENYONFri Dec 05 1986Help with FEM vs Gould needed
635.010SANFAN::WOODRIFri Dec 05 1986Can VMS approach the flexibility of unix?
636.01COPMon Dec 08 1986327
637.04WATNEY::MONTIJOMon Dec 08 1986Dnet_spawner dies!
638.01VNADC1::HAUSBTue Dec 09 1986LPV11 on 32m ??!!
639.0351484::SONKERITue Dec 09 1986Accounting sw wanted !
640.09HOUSE::HERGTTue Dec 09 1986Do DCL as a Shell?
641.03OCKER::STRAUSSTue Dec 09 1986init infinitely replicates in 1.2
642.01THEBAY::WOODRIWed Dec 10 1986Where's _dhvrint and _dhvxint?
643.02IPG::CABLEWed Dec 10 1986occasional 86
644.02CELLAR::JENSENWed Dec 10 1986.rhosts for dlogin?
645.03PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANWed Dec 10 1986doconfig does MAKEDEV ?
646.0THEBAY::MTHOMASWed Dec 10 1986RRD5
647.06SANFAN::WOODRIWed Dec 10 1986Bug w/setting date back from epoch?
648.04SHEILA::CHEUNGWed Dec 10 1986How to tell max num of users
649.02TPOVThu Dec 11 1986In-line INDEXed file open, Is it possible?
650.02COMICS::HARRISThu Dec 11 1986script command query
651.01DEMOAX::MCCANNThu Dec 11 1986DECnet-Ultrix V2.
652.04PSW::WINALSKIThu Dec 11 1986Memory Error Machine Checks
653.0TKTVThu Dec 11 1986Error-log file problem !
654.02SHEILA::CHEUNGThu Dec 11 1986V1.2 support TC
655.0MMOFri Dec 12 1986Documentation for 32m T2.
656.04GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Dec 12 1986FORTRAN from C
657.01COOKIE::ROLLOWSat Dec 13 1986Line noise imitates reality...
658.05PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANMon Dec 15 1986Tu81 on V1.2
660.01HSKSW5::SONKERIMon Dec 15 1986Mail questions
661.08HAYNES::GUENTHERMon Dec 15 1986ULTRIX DQS anyone?
662.09THEBAY::WOODRIMon Dec 15 1986Prob with uucp over statmux and synch lines
663.0TAVTue Dec 16 19862 users licence & scanf bug & others...
664.02COMICS::HOULDINGTue Dec 16 1986865
665.04EIGER::HOURIETTue Dec 16 1986Do you know Ultrix-32m V_1.2A ?
666.05ZUDEMO::RITTERTue Dec 16 1986UNIFORM/USENIX: where to register
667.01--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 16 1986FP emulator problem in uvaxII
668.03TKOV51::TANIMURAWed Dec 17 1986DECserver 1
669.06COPWed Dec 17 1986TCP/IP question
670.013COPWed Dec 17 1986Performance analysis: vmstat ?
671.03TAINO::IGLESIASWed Dec 17 1986Fortran print filter problem.
672.07MMOWed Dec 17 1986Postscript Support?
673.06RANCHO::RAHThu Dec 18 1986How 'bout that Ultrix Pascal?
674.03KIRK::BOYERThu Dec 18 1986Need help with Realtime ap
675.01MERIDN::TUSIAFri Dec 19 1986DECNET TCP/IP ?'s
676.015THEBAY::WOODRIFri Dec 19 1986One more time: LN
677.03OCKER::STRAUSSSun Dec 21 1986how can i ship Ultrix from a 75
678.01SHEILA::CHEUNGSun Dec 21 1986Are manuals reliable??
679.02COPMon Dec 22 1986Fatal cache error - Cache is disabled
680.02LUCY::BEAUMONTMon Dec 22 1986DHU 8bit with parity?
681.03BUSONI::FOSTERMon Dec 22 1986T2.
682.09TRNTue Dec 23 1986ULTRIX-32 and GFS info wanted
683.02SHEILA::PUCKETTTue Dec 23 1986Anyone got uncompact?
684.01UTRTSC::BOSMAWed Dec 24 1986installation on non-system disk
685.02COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Dec 24 1986Waking a process with a big stick...
686.02PRSNRD::PELIKSFri Dec 26 1986Vax/Ultrix Services for Msdos ???
687.0NY1MM::MARGOLIESMon Dec 29 1986any gurus available for capacity planning?
688.02ULTRA::ELLISWed Dec 31 1986Help! DECnet-Ultrix eats control characters
689.0THEBAY::WOODRIWed Dec 31 1986From the good folks at UCB - For your amusement
691.03WATNEY::MONTIJOWed Jan 07 1987Qna-
692.02ZHORA::BRENNANWed Jan 07 1987Ultrix itroff -mm for LN
693.01DECWET::SWEENEYWed Jan 07 1987Synchronous Communication with Ultrix or BSD 4.*
694.04OCKER::STRAUSSWed Jan 07 1987how to disable ^S ^Q across the network?
695.03BRIVAX::HEATHThu Jan 08 1987ULTRIX to X25 network connection ?
696.0MERIDN::TUSIAThu Jan 08 19873M DL3
697.01HAZEL::MOOREThu Jan 08 1987ULTRIX-11 Data Space Limit
698.03RANCHO::RAHThu Jan 08 1987Towards maximum process size...
699.02HAYNES::SEALYThu Jan 08 1987Who controls shared memory keys?
700.02LUCY::BEAUMONTFri Jan 09 1987dbx/enum problem ?
701.02DLOFri Jan 09 1987Field Test v2.
702.08TAVSun Jan 11 1987Tower-NCR Competition or Slow CPU Problem
703.02CLOVAX::BERNARDMon Jan 12 1987Ultrix-->VMS conversion?
704.02DPDMAI::DAVISDMon Jan 12 1987Booting off second disk??
705.03SPYDER::BRIGGSTue Jan 13 1987ULTRIX-32 and the BI
706.05BIZET::MAHONEYTue Jan 13 1987vi change screen size
707.03TKOV58::TANIMURAWed Jan 14 1987iostat mystery?
708.01OBIWAN::MAUROWed Jan 14 198786XX/uda's and performance
709.07DLOWed Jan 14 1987Ultrix/ARPAnet Security
711.01USWAV1::BJACKSONWed Jan 14 1987Third Edition Software Source Book Available?
712.04HAYNES::SEALYWed Jan 14 1987How to find ethernet devices?
713.01BARTOK::MAHONEYThu Jan 15 1987Help with a Script File
714.05TAVSun Jan 18 1987Unix on 82
715.02LA78Mon Jan 19 1987Device name for installing on Q5 RA81
716.03MERIDN::TUSIATue Jan 20 198782
717.0PEANO::BLACKTue Jan 20 1987Wanted: *roff for LN
718.01COOKIE::ROLLOWTue Jan 20 1987These are few of my favorite bugs...
719.0WATNEY::MONTIJOTue Jan 20 1987Decnet Install: error in socket, no buffer space
720.01OCKER::STRAUSSTue Jan 20 1987if filter parameters in printcap
721.06TKTV2Wed Jan 21 1987DECnet-ULTRIX dlogin trouble
722.01HSKSW5::SONKERIWed Jan 21 1987Availlability of progres?
723.014SHEILA::CHEUNGWed Jan 21 1987Garbage in login prompt
724.03VNADC1::HAUSBThu Jan 22 1987APL wanted !!
725.023D::JONESThu Jan 22 1987System V shared memory and semaphores--an article
726.02DLOThu Jan 22 1987NFS Version Number?
727.02TKTVFri Jan 23 1987Error-log file problem
728.01COOKIE::KITTELLFri Jan 23 1987LOGO?
729.05Fri Jan 23 1987foreign hardware
731.01WIMPEY::MELLORFri Jan 23 1987X.25?
732.01TAVSun Jan 25 1987Upgrade / users via the net
733.02TAVSun Jan 25 1987Comm. bugs (decnet, uucp)
734.01UTRTSC::BOSMAMon Jan 26 1987little vi problem...
735.09WATNEY::REEDMon Jan 26 1987Proxy login disabled inbound? Can we...
736.0SHEILA::CHEUNGMon Jan 26 1987Need Autobauding to run
737.01BIZET::MAHONEYTue Jan 27 1987Help with Setld
738.02ARGUS::RUSSESWed Jan 28 198773
739.0THEBAY::WOODRIWed Jan 28 1987NAC Competitive Notes Conference
740.02TAVWed Jan 28 1987memory disable & enable or ram disk
741.06TAVThu Jan 29 1987Eagle disk,Hack board,3rd party hardware
742.03LUCY::BEAUMONTFri Jan 30 1987Help on IBM comms
743.0231771::TIMFri Jan 30 1987Info on KERMIT
744.05CHEVFri Jan 30 1987TCP/IP kit on the net?
745.06THEBAY::WOODRIFri Jan 30 1987Help with machine naming in WAN'd LANs
746.02PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANSun Feb 01 1987RD31 on VENIX
747.09STKTSC::LINNELLMon Feb 02 1987Comm support in V2.
748.0217745::COLLITONMon Feb 02 1987NO response to login
749.0STKTue Feb 03 1987lockf
750.02THEBAY::WOODRITue Feb 03 1987Installing Ultrix-11?!?
751.05CTOAVX::WACHTENHEIMWed Feb 04 1987IEEE-488 Interface/Drivers??
752.01CHEVWed Feb 04 1987Ultrix-32w kit?
753.01WELSWS::GRAHAMThu Feb 05 1987DPV support
754.04GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Feb 05 1987Need Ultrix 1.2a
755.01POTARU::COUPALThu Feb 05 1987Multisoft accounting on ULTRIX
756.05OCKER::CHEUNGThu Feb 05 1987Printer accounting
757.02TAVMon Feb 09 1987Dbx/Sdb problems, new pascal?
758.01WATNEY::MONTIJOMon Feb 09 1987Decserver 2
759.01PEANO::BLACKMon Feb 09 1987Graphics: Printing and drawing
760.07PEANO::BLACKMon Feb 09 1987NOTES and ELF from Ultrix
761.02THEBAY::WOODRIWed Feb 11 1987Any way to allocate contguous disk space?
762.02DECWET::SWEENEYThu Feb 12 1987Internet mail vs. ISO 'standards'
763.0MEO78B::KLAVINSEFri Feb 13 1987get status on TU81+ hangs
764.02KIM::HAMMELFri Feb 13 1987ULTRIX source systems
765.02ZUDEMO::DEROSAFri Feb 13 1987Multicast under ULTRIX
766.05CLOVAX::SHORTFri Feb 13 1987unix to ultrix to vms gateway
767.02TKOV58::KISOSun Feb 15 1987emacs on ultrix v2.
768.08CLOVAX::SHORTMon Feb 16 1987decnet-ultrix V2.
769.0TSCTue Feb 17 1987Need help on sa(8) output field
770.018WATNEY::MONTIJOTue Feb 17 1987VMS-ULTRIX TASK Flow Control?
771.04HAYNES::SEALYTue Feb 17 1987Need info on setld(8)
772.013853Tue Feb 17 1987cant read
773.05HSKWed Feb 18 1987Load device needed?
774.04VIDEO::KOVNERWed Feb 18 1987more devices for DECnet?
775.01WOWBAG::MARSHFri Feb 20 1987Down-line loading with V1.1 DECnet
776.01WATNEY::MONTIJOSun Feb 22 1987VMS-ULTRIX Task Case Sensitivity
777.02POTARU::COUPALSun Feb 22 1987(Di)troff on 2.
778.01TKOV51::TANIMURAMon Feb 23 1987probe roles on T2.
779.03853Mon Feb 23 1987compiler error
780.02THEBAY::WOODRITue Feb 24 1987Primitive load balancing idea?
781.0PRSNRD::PELIKSTue Feb 24 1987GFS informations wanted
782.06JANET::LORDWed Feb 25 1987HELP -- ULTRIX ??s
783.02TOOK::BRIGGSWed Feb 25 1987ARPAnet Protocols on Terminal Servers
784.02POTARU::QUODLINGThu Feb 26 1987Socket help?
785.01ARGUS::RUSSESThu Feb 26 1987where can I find it now?
786.01TAVThu Feb 26 1987Duplicate ip address from ethernet!
787.01TAVThu Feb 26 1987NFS - performance & prerequisites
788.08LA78Thu Feb 26 1987SLIP for ULTRIX-32?
789.010THEBAY::WOODRIThu Feb 26 1987frequent and sporadic qerestarts, and crashes
790.02THEBAY::WOODRIThu Feb 26 1987Perf stats for multi cpus?
791.02PRSNRD::PELIKSFri Feb 27 1987How to generate a customized Ultrix ?
792.02JOCKEY::SSMITHFri Feb 27 1987Mixed Language Calls Under ULTRIX
793.022PEANO::BLACKFri Feb 27 1987Problem with mail11
794.01226Fri Feb 27 1987DMF+DHU+DECNET=DECNET-DMF-DHU
795.0159738::MORINAKASun Mar 01 1987Shared memory problem ?
797.038784::LOVEJOYMon Mar 02 1987Supported FORMS management Product
798.0CURIE::CHASEYMon Mar 02 1987Printcap Entries for VAXstations
799.0CHEVMon Mar 02 1987Informal Job Posting
800.02HSKTue Mar 03 1987NRC on Ultrix_WS:s?
801.04PEANO::BLACKTue Mar 03 1987help wanted with X
802.05GVADEV::LUGRINWed Mar 04 19874.2 to Ultrix disk porting
804.01MISFIT::EPSTEINJWed Mar 04 1987VMS & ULTRIX on 1 microVAX
805.03GVADEV::LUGRINWed Mar 04 1987DECserver-2
806.0GLIND1::MYERSWed Mar 04 1987Ultrix 2.
807.02IMBIBE::MAUROWed Mar 04 1987de
808.06LA78Wed Mar 04 1987POSIX and what it means to Digital
809.01COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Mar 04 1987Automatic unattended backups.
810.01UTRTSC::BOSMAThu Mar 05 1987rdt(8) & unix
811.03LA78Thu Mar 05 1987Secure ULTRIX - again
812.05CSSE32::MERMELLFri Mar 06 1987need disk space; are there rarely-used files?
813.0CSSE32::MERMELLFri Mar 06 1987robust dcp?
814.02TAVSun Mar 08 1987Only 12
815.01POTARU::QUODLINGSun Mar 08 1987mt returns...
816.04COMICS::HARRISMon Mar 09 1987system messages documentation
817.04TAVTue Mar 10 1987Date gets lost every boot - 82
818.03TAVTue Mar 10 1987bad value in ifconfig de
819.02TAVTue Mar 10 1987Read Unix Tape on VMS, DecShell???
820.01CHOVAX::LICAUSETue Mar 10 19878
821.0KAFSV1::F_KANNEMANNTue Mar 10 198732m on RA6
822.04STKTSC::LINNELLTue Mar 10 1987Ultrix comm testing
823.02THE78Tue Mar 10 1987Less tolerant print spooler needed
824.06SHEILA::CHEUNGTue Mar 10 1987want shared mode line in /etc/ttys
825.05WATNEY::MONTIJOWed Mar 11 1987Duplicate IP Address Message
826.0OCKER::CHEUNGWed Mar 11 1987Panic UIPC 3 on console
827.0SYRAH::THOMASWed Mar 11 1987grading UUCP
828.02226Thu Mar 12 1987IS NETRIX:: UP?????
829.01PRSPSU::PASCALThu Mar 12 1987Does DELUA works with 1.2 ?
830.02COMICS::CROSBIEThu Mar 12 1987limit on shmat???
831.01OSLThu Mar 12 1987MACH - the ultimate OS?
832.01SMAUG::JONESFri Mar 13 1987LAT connections
833.02EIGER::HOURIETFri Mar 13 1987Altering partition a of single disk
834.01EIGER::HOURIETFri Mar 13 1987Declaring bad block without reformatting
835.01TROAFri Mar 13 1987ultrix 32 v2.
836.0416514::MOELLERFri Mar 13 1987Ultrix-*11* LAT traffic?
837.03TAVTue Mar 17 1987rcp - where are you?
838.01TAVTue Mar 17 1987something like VMS-mount volume set for 2 disks
839.04THEBAY::WOODRITue Mar 17 1987Ultrix online QAR/SPR's?
840.02TAVTue Mar 17 1987Device driver-function for mapping the hardware
841.0NGOV2Tue Mar 17 1987Ultrix-32 - 4.2BSD = ?
842.07NANUCK::REHORTue Mar 17 1987PUP Networking Protocol?
843.023853Tue Mar 17 1987BI and Ultrix
844.0857783::ZAJBERTTue Mar 17 1987dump levels
845.01STKTSC::LINNELLWed Mar 18 1987Posix
846.06HADRON::KIDDIERWed Mar 18 1987Ultrix & Office
847.01NEWVAX::CORDREYWed Mar 18 1987RAM disk driver?
848.04COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Mar 18 1987CXO/Ultrix Problem of the Month.
849.02THEBAY::WOODRIWed Mar 18 1987Standards in the world of Unix
850.02PEANO::BLACKThu Mar 19 1987Where is TELL.COM
851.012STUSWS::WALKERFri Mar 20 1987Arpanet --> TCP/IP Ultrix V2.
852.04KIM::NICHOLSONFri Mar 20 1987278
853.02NEDVAX::RJACKSONFri Mar 20 1987Help! Convert from NCR Tower to VAX
854.02HGOVSun Mar 22 1987PANIC ERROR ON "COMPAT" HELP!!!
855.04STUMon Mar 23 1987modula2 compiler support ...?
856.02LUCY::BEAUMONTMon Mar 23 1987qd
857.03SMURF::HOFFMANMon Mar 23 1987ln
858.01CTOAVX::TUSIAMon Mar 23 1987AS<full output listings>
859.03THEBAY::WOODRIMon Mar 23 1987Q: DECnet Ultrix gateway service?
860.0ROYCE::MERIGOTTue Mar 24 1987VS COBOL
862.03GVADEV::LUGRINTue Mar 24 1987memory usage on Ultrix ?
863.05OCKER::CHEUNGTue Mar 24 1987Make kermit work with shared mode line
864.02WATNEY::MONTIJOWed Mar 25 1987Decnet-Insufficient Network Resources
865.01KIM::NICHOLSONThu Mar 26 1987versus S5
866.02NCCSB::VANDEUSENThu Mar 26 1987V2.
868.02BOURIK::PELIKSThu Mar 26 1987GFS ? Buffer cache ?
869.01POTARU::COUPALThu Mar 26 1987SA482 support ?
870.02HSTSSC::LEHTINENFri Mar 27 1987VMS --> tape --> Ultrix
871.03WINERY::JENSENFri Mar 27 1987F & L in ULTRIXland
872.01THEBAY::WOODRIFri Mar 27 1987"b/2
873.03STKTSC::LINNELLMon Mar 30 1987options EMULFLT
875.06CTOAVX::TUSIAMon Mar 30 1987DECnet/DOS -> DECnet/ULTRIX PROBLEM.
876.02SPYDER::SARFASMon Mar 30 1987Source Kit Contents?
877.0638611::SUNGMon Mar 30 1987LEX does not like DEC MCS
878.04CSSE32::MERMELLMon Mar 30 1987need an IP network number
879.05GVADEV::LUGRINTue Mar 31 1987Ultrix 2.
880.0STKTSC::LINNELLTue Mar 31 1987How to examine the buffer pool?
881.04DLOWed Apr 01 1987Are VMZ-32's supported in 2.
882.0POTARU::COUPALWed Apr 01 1987Components for V2.
883.01LA78Thu Apr 02 1987ULTRIX 3274 emulation?
885.01STUSWS::KENNTNERFri Apr 03 1987Personal Inquiry
886.0251336::LINNELLFri Apr 03 1987No buffers.
887.0351336::LINNELLTue Apr 07 1987Problems with X2.
888.011THEBAY::WOODRITue Apr 07 1987University of California Systemwide Network
889.02MYKENE::SARFASWed Apr 08 1987Secure UNIX?
890.03RHETT::BRYSONWed Apr 08 1987DRV11-WA support on Ultrix?
891.05TEACH::DANWed Apr 08 1987Standalone restore in FTV2.
892.03COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Apr 08 1987License transfer cost.
893.02TOOK::BUXTONThu Apr 09 1987Patch for DECnet-Ultrix V1.1
894.03SHEILA::CHEUNGTue Apr 14 1987inconsistency/newfs/restore
895.03VIDEO::FORSBERGTue Apr 14 1987invisible tape drive?
896.0637223::STEVICKTue Apr 14 1987EGP support under Ultrix
897.02CTOAVX::TUSIATue Apr 14 198732W on a 825
898.02CTOAVX::TUSIATue Apr 14 1987diff between SVID and ULTRIX calls
899.037215::STEVICKTue Apr 14 1987Building vmunix from sources
900.05KILLIE::COLLITONWed Apr 15 1987Decnet/NCP question
901.04WATNEY::MONTIJOWed Apr 15 1987Ultrix-VMS Task Object Connection from User?
902.01DVINCI::DONOVANWed Apr 15 1987Q: dbx - keyboard ignored
904.03TPOVThu Apr 16 1987RD54's kit?
905.01KIM::ARNETTThu Apr 16 1987Long Password File
906.0SMURF::TIMThu Apr 16 1987Padding in termcap strings
907.06THEBAY::WOODRIFri Apr 17 1987/etc/mop_mom refuses to stay alive...
908.0MDVAX3::MANNFri Apr 17 1987help with uucp on ultrix
909.09POTARU::COUPALMon Apr 20 1987Tape question
910.04POTARU::COUPALTue Apr 21 1987RJE multi-user access
911.07POTARU::COUPALWed Apr 22 1987GNA format in FP
912.02CEDSWS::BOOTHWed Apr 22 1987TCP/IP on ULTRIX
913.0NAC::MITTONWed Apr 22 1987VMS file support to stream systems
914.01MLNTSC::BRUNEROThu Apr 23 1987Syncronous write ...
915.013NERDS::SARENThu Apr 23 1987Is it System 5 compatible?
916.04LISVAX::JSILVAThu Apr 23 1987cad/cam in ultrix
917.02OBIWAN::WARSHAWThu Apr 23 1987Versatec plot?
918.01LISVAX::JSILVAFri Apr 24 1987eight bit support
919.01BUSONI::FOSTERFri Apr 24 1987libdnet.a
920.04MILO::DONAHUEFri Apr 24 1987Printer Problems
921.06CLOVAX::BERNARDFri Apr 24 1987Any Ultrix 4GL or rel. db's?
922.02WINERY::JENSENFri Apr 24 1987possible ris bug
923.01WINERY::JENSENFri Apr 24 1987console port prolems?
924.0IRT::ZENZEROVICHTue Apr 28 1987Documentors Workbench?
925.05DYO78Wed Apr 29 1987DECnet/Ultrix as a Gateway
926.02WATNEY::REEDWed Apr 29 1987/etc/convert_nodedb?????
927.01VIKING::B_BROWNWed Apr 29 1987How to install man (online docs)?
928.05GVADEV::LUGRINThu Apr 30 1987RIS of SETLD via TCP/IP on VS2
929.02GVADEV::LUGRINThu Apr 30 1987X Window on VS -1
930.01WATNEY::REEDFri May 01 1987Mysterious service showing up...
932.01LISVAX::JSILVASun May 03 1987tcp/ip description
933.0LISVAX::JSILVASun May 03 1987electrostatic plotters
934.05KCDEMO::MULLINMon May 04 1987Backup Ultrix???
935.01MDRA1::EDUARDOTue May 05 1987Driver for KMV1A (mVAX II)
936.07BOEHM::REILLYWed May 06 1987tip can't dial with a hayes modem
937.03WATNEY::RYERWed May 06 1987Ethernet Terminal Servers loaded from Ultrix?
938.01COMICS::HOULDINGThu May 07 1987VAXC insufficient virtual memory
939.02MLNTSC::BRUNEROThu May 07 1987Pipeline Dist. List ?
940.0MLNTSC::BRUNEROThu May 07 1987AT&T 327
941.01MLNTSC::BRUNEROThu May 07 1987Printer on Terminal Server
942.04SYRAH::THOMASThu May 07 1987changing the size of the root partition?
943.06SRFSUP::CHANGThu May 07 1987"HELP!" On DMB32/Utrix V2.
944.04BOEHM::REILLYThu May 07 1987uucp fails when run via crontab
945.0DLOFri May 08 1987Ultrix-32 and VCS??
946.0THE78Mon May 11 1987John Donovan Consultant, Who is he???
947.03STKHLM::LINNELLWed May 13 1987csh time
948.08DECSIM::FARICELLIWed May 13 1987Confused about ordering Ultrix-32 V2.
949.02PRIMES::NICHOLSONWed May 13 1987limit on rlogins?
950.014COOKIE::ROLLOWWed May 13 1987Here a math library, there a math library...
951.0PRSNRD::PELIKSThu May 14 1987Sort files with records not ended by new_lines ?
952.09KIM::WURZBERGERThu May 14 1987RCS?
953.02DWOVAX::MANUSZAKFri May 15 1987DEQNA Gateway
954.014SHEILA::CHEUNGMon May 18 1987Any improvement of TK5
955.02SHEILA::CHEUNGMon May 18 1987DHU
956.03TAVMon May 18 1987LN
957.0WATNEY::MONTIJOMon May 18 1987Xerox rlogin kills VMS set host
958.05ULTRA::KARGERTue May 19 1987problem copying with decnet-ultrix
959.06HSKWed May 20 1987V2.
960.08TEACH::DANWed May 20 1987Fortran logical units
961.0BOEHM::REILLYThu May 21 1987Can VAXstar handle 12
962.01CGOSThu May 21 1987Performance Monitoring Software?
963.04VNACSC::ASCHAUERFri May 22 1987Release notes for V2.
964.03VNACSC::ASCHAUERFri May 22 1987TPU for Ultrix?
965.02CUJO::CARLBFri May 22 1987Decnet-Ultrix & DDCMP
966.02SMURF::CRANSTONFri May 22 1987V2.
967.0ODIXIE::BAUDRYFri May 22 1987ditroff,pic,macsyma & maple
968.02SYRAH::THOMASFri May 22 1987LAT pgramming questions
969.05ODIXIE::BAUDRYFri May 22 1987troff, ditroff, macsyma & maple
970.04IPG::CABLETue May 26 198786
971.04OCKER::CHEUNGWed May 27 1987Mount a RA6
972.0OCKER::CHEUNGWed May 27 1987dcp command corrupts ascii file?
973.0MANWed May 27 1987PPS MRPS on U***X
974.0SYRAH::THOMASWed May 27 1987dnet_spawner sometimes fails to clean its children
976.02RANCHO::HOLTWed May 27 1987rlogind: lack of ptys...
977.01IMBIBE::DAVISPFri May 29 1987rlogin tcp/ip
978.02TAVMon Jun 01 1987Network Installation kit on Vaxstation 2
979.01TAVMon Jun 01 1987Tektronics Emulation & Grafic packages
981.07ASIMOV::KENYONMon Jun 01 1987Compiler performance??
982.03COLORS::B_BROWNMon Jun 01 1987MicroVAX console ports
983.0TOOK::BUXTONMon Jun 01 1987Potential Support Problem
984.010SANFAN::WOODRITue Jun 02 1987Responding to an RFP: A Tragicomedy
985.06TIPPLE::DAVISPTue Jun 02 1987copy unixsv to vms
986.01EIGER::HOURIETTue Jun 02 1987talk waiting for invitation ?
987.06CEDSWS::BOOTHTue Jun 02 1987Two Questions
988.01CURIE::RESKERTue Jun 02 1987Question about P1
989.0SYRAH::THOMASTue Jun 02 1987NNTP over DECnet available
990.01OCKER::CHEUNGWed Jun 03 1987KDB hard error on 82
991.0SMURF::CRANSTONWed Jun 03 1987DECnet Ultrix V2 Compatibility
992.01CAFEIN::KANOUSEWed Jun 03 1987getty source?
993.02NEPTUN::CHISVINThu Jun 04 1987order roff pkg?
994.0OTOUFri Jun 05 1987Filter for 8 bits ????
995.03SIBYL::ANDREWSFri Jun 05 1987An easy question
996.04PIXEL::KRUPINSKIFri Jun 05 19872 <CR>s needed to terminate commands
997.06GUND::RUSSESFri Jun 05 1987Massbus tape drives on a BI system?
998.02TKOV51::MANAKASat Jun 06 1987?Performance Data Anywhere?
999.05COMICS::HARRISMon Jun 08 1987TU8
1000.03GVASA::DYSLIMon Jun 08 1987RIS failure : network parameter file not loaded ?!
1001.03POTARU::COUPALMon Jun 08 1987RA82 and VT3x
1002.02AITG::FOSTERTue Jun 09 1987ULTRIX Interrupts
1003.01GVASA::LUGRINWed Jun 10 1987installing on 853
1004.01COPWed Jun 10 1987DECnet and TCP/IP at the same time
1005.03BELKER::KAMWed Jun 10 1987tar command to read tape
1006.02TAVThu Jun 11 1987GPX- function 'malloc' results in segmentation errr
1007.03NYSBU::RUFINOThu Jun 11 1987Ultrix 2.
1008.01OCKER::CHEUNGFri Jun 12 1987Stack size for C-compiler
1009.0LISVAX::JSILVAFri Jun 12 1987ln
1010.05UTRTSC::MARIONFri Jun 12 198732m, yacc, c problem
1013.04MYKENE::SARFASMon Jun 15 1987ULTRIX <-> CRAY
1016.0259738::MARUYAMA_FWed Jun 17 1987Looking for DEC/Shell conference !!
1017.04DYO78Wed Jun 17 1987V2.
1018.02SMURF::DIBBLEWed Jun 17 1987How to order Ultrix!
1019.01SMURF::DIBBLEWed Jun 17 1987rx5
1020.07COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Jun 17 1987Credits and $114,
1021.02GVASA::LUGRINThu Jun 18 1987Trying to copy from Ultrix
1023.01ODIXIE::BAUDRYFri Jun 19 1987ULTRIX VAX as NJE Node ?
1024.02TAVMTS::NEORASun Jun 21 1987Mail solution for several systems
1025.083432Sun Jun 21 1987Need Real-Time Extensions for ULTRIX
1026.02OTOUMon Jun 22 1987Printcaps for foreign printers
1027.03NAC::J_MICHAUDMon Jun 22 1987trap type 9, bugs in tape driver?
1029.03USIVTue Jun 23 1987ULTRIX shared memory
1030.05COOKIE::ROLLOWTue Jun 23 1987Oh where, oh where has my V2 gone...
1031.01PRSUD1::NEYERSWed Jun 24 1987TIC / ULTRIX ?
1032.02MYKENE::MARTYNWed Jun 24 1987Detect loss of carrier
1033.02AIAG::CARIFIOWed Jun 24 1987ultrix v2 doc.
1035.05DYO78Thu Jun 25 1987ULTRIX/UNIX Comparisons Needed
1037.04WELSWS::TREVENNORFri Jun 26 1987Can anyone give me ULTRIX access? Please.
1038.03BOEHM::REILLYFri Jun 26 1987can uucp work over LAT lines?
1039.05LIBRT3::REEDFri Jun 26 1987Problems with Printer on LAT
1040.0SHEILA::CHEUNGMon Jun 29 1987Ultrix System Dispatch Qs
1041.0RANCHO::HOLTMon Jun 29 19872.
1043.02JOCKEY::SSMITHTue Jun 30 1987TCP/IP
1044.01MYKENE::MARTYNTue Jun 30 19872 windows 2 languages
1045.05KILLIE::COLLITONTue Jun 30 1987where is the output
1046.02THE78Tue Jun 30 1987Mixing object files with lk
1047.03CORRIB::JIMMYWed Jul 01 1987HELP: editing pathnames.
1048.03DYO78Wed Jul 01 1987Dump to multi drives?
1049.01ARGUS::RUSSESWed Jul 01 1987disk performance problem
1050.03DECSIM::FARICELLIThu Jul 02 1987Change partition sizes during V2.
1051.02WATNEY::MONTIJOThu Jul 02 1987DECnet: SDN_FLAGS variable
1052.04NULL::MURARIThu Jul 02 1987VI on VMS ?
1053.0SMAUG::SPENCERThu Jul 02 1987Seminar on TCP/IP...
1054.06VNAFCC::HAUSBFri Jul 03 1987COBOL for Ultrix wanted
1055.09THE78Mon Jul 06 1987How big is a BIG Ultrix program?
1056.06LIBRT1::REEDMon Jul 06 1987More LAT problems with V2.
1057.015WATNEY::MONTIJOMon Jul 06 1987CCR in Version 2.
1058.05JRDVTue Jul 07 1987Lint message?
1059.0352451::NEORATue Jul 07 1987df-only 12 characters for name-pls source code
1060.0152451::NEORATue Jul 07 1987GPX - tms
1061.06WELSWS::TREVENNORTue Jul 07 1987Does the DR driver do......
1062.052451::NEORAWed Jul 08 1987/dev/ttyp* device are not released-GPX
1063.02TOOK::IZBICKIWed Jul 08 1987DS2
1064.09SHEILA::CHEUNGThu Jul 09 1987Panic:out of swap space
1065.01GVASA::LUGRINThu Jul 09 1987ra5
1066.03THE78Mon Jul 13 1987How much does it cost to CALL...
1067.01RIPPLE::SEIFERTRATue Jul 14 1987ULTRIX-11 and Interlan
1068.02RIPPLE::SEIFERTRATue Jul 14 1987troff output to laser printer
1069.01MYTHOS::ASCHAUERWed Jul 15 1987panic: timeout table overflow?
1070.04MANWed Jul 15 1987LAN Performance
1071.02DYO78Wed Jul 15 1987HELP for HP Laserjet
1072.04MUNICH::MARSHALLWed Jul 15 1987Can't setsockopt after dnet_conn()
1073.04COMICS::HARRISWed Jul 15 1987rxformat problem
1074.01SUOSW2::KENNTNERWed Jul 15 1987config file on 83
1075.04LISVAX::JSILVAWed Jul 15 1987TCP/IP on top of DECnet
1076.01DWOVAX::MANUSZAKWed Jul 15 1987tar|dcp DAP error
1077.01SARAH::D_LATHAMWed Jul 15 19872-headed Ultrix on GPX
1078.01THE78Wed Jul 15 1987ptoc on Apollo PASCAL sources?
1079.06PRCSWS::JULIACHEONGWed Jul 15 1987DECnet-ULTRIX configuration ?
1080.08THEBAY::WOODRIWed Jul 15 1987realtime, revisited.
1081.04THEBAY::WOODRIThu Jul 16 1987Remote-login originating node?
1082.02MUNICH::MARSHALLThu Jul 16 1987Problems with files and RM/COBOL
1083.03FORT::JOHNSONThu Jul 16 1987Large DB UNIX Ref. Account
1084.03CANYON::BAUERThu Jul 16 1987Ultrix/NFS Performance Info!
1085.01USRCV1::HOLTJThu Jul 16 1987Ultrix <--> IBM 327
1086.01CURIE::DONOVANThu Jul 16 1987uq
1087.01VNASWS::HAUSBFri Jul 17 1987How do I make an inst.-kit ??
1088.05REGENT::DAILEYFri Jul 17 1987NETNEWS?
1089.02COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Jul 17 1987VAX FORTRAN/Ultrix.
1090.02ADVAX::RIPLEYFri Jul 17 1987Diskless (NON-ND) NFS
1091.0RAMSES::LILLEMORMon Jul 20 1987Load FCO I
1092.04SUBSYS::LYNCHMon Jul 20 1987Problems with DZQ11 on uVAX-II
1093.02DYO78Mon Jul 20 1987Bridge CS1
1094.0CYCLPS::PANGAKISTue Jul 21 1987Ultrix and Field Service Engineers
1095.03CURIE::RESKERTue Jul 21 1987Memory Mapped Files??
1096.03WATNEY::MONTIJOTue Jul 21 19872.
1097.01LABC::FRIEDMANTue Jul 21 1987HSC Backup?
1098.04SUOSW2::CYPRISTue Jul 21 1987problem with VAX-C on ULTRIX V2.
1099.01ULTRA::ELLISTue Jul 21 1987DECnet renumbering from Ultrix
1100.01ZPOVWed Jul 22 1987ultrix from 82
1101.04MYKENE::MARTYNWed Jul 22 1987Reading the hostname
1102.0MUNICH::MARSHALLWed Jul 22 1987Auto-dialing and CCITT V.25bis
1103.01SKYLRK::CROSWELLWed Jul 22 1987graphics printing revisited
1104.02DYO78Wed Jul 22 1987PL/1 HELP!
1105.05KIM::NICHOLSONThu Jul 23 1987need LN
1107.02RIPPLE::KOTTERRIFri Jul 24 1987MicroVAX backup to TU8
1108.02SKYLRK::ENDTERFri Jul 24 1987micro second clock in ultrix?
1109.0DECSIM::FARICELLIFri Jul 24 1987VAX FORTRAN/Ultrix V4.6 ENET kit
1110.02COMICS::HARRISMon Jul 27 1987crash..dump message
1111.02MANMon Jul 27 1987DNU GW question(s)
1112.08WATNEY::MONTIJOTue Jul 28 19872.
1113.0TIPPLE::MAUROTue Jul 28 1987V2.
1114.02JOCKEY::SSMITHWed Jul 29 1987ULTRIX LAVC?
1115.02COMICS::HOULDINGWed Jul 29 1987Optimize everything OUT!
1116.01BMT::TIMMINSWed Jul 29 1987TCP/IP -- Ultrix Net. Mgmt?
1117.04HSKThu Jul 30 1987Can Ultrix downline-load DECSA
1118.013MUNICH::MARSHALLThu Jul 30 1987dcp -i and > 512 byte blocks
1119.03JENEVR::LEEThu Jul 30 1987"Let's Get 'em Trained!"
1120.04WATNEY::MONTIJOThu Jul 30 1987DECnet-Ultrix invalid id format, node
1121.043D::ELLENBERGERThu Jul 30 1987Ultrix 2.
1122.03SUBARU::HARRISFri Jul 31 1987
1123.0NAC::J_MICHAUDFri Jul 31 1987dbm(3) blues...
1124.014ARGUS::RUSSESSun Aug 02 1987Mouse Problems
1125.01MUNICH::MARSHALLMon Aug 03 1987XOFF from printer near EOF gets lost
1126.04COMICS::KINDERMon Aug 03 1987Decnet socket stream sizes and allocation
1127.04MPGS::KELLYJTue Aug 04 1987DEQNA messages
1128.05MYKENE::MARTYNTue Aug 04 1987ULTRIX <-> IBM
1129.010THUNDR::SOUZATue Aug 04 1987is 2.
1130.01BRSDVP::CAERELSWed Aug 05 1987"Hangup signals..."
1131.02CURIE::ROSEWed Aug 05 1987Vi !}fmt command leaves subprocesses around
1132.02ERLANG::MILLERWed Aug 05 1987user area pages?
1133.01CHFVThu Aug 06 1987V2.
1134.08CERN::ARNOLDFri Aug 07 1987Problem With TU81+ and Ultrix V2.
1135.01WATNEY::MONTIJOFri Aug 07 1987Debnt system buffer unavail, 2.
1136.02COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Aug 07 1987FEED ME, FEED ME! or Games you can play with mop_mom
1137.03DUBMon Aug 10 1987need OA applications
1138.04CAFEIN::KANOUSETue Aug 11 1987ioctl problem
1140.03IPG::HAXBYThu Aug 13 1987Why? oh why?
1141.0JENEVR::LEEThu Aug 13 1987More Ultrix Worksystems Courses
1142.02TAVThu Aug 13 1987Dynamic assignment of LAT ports?
1143.0MYKENE::MARTYNThu Aug 13 1987HELP I need an 825
1144.01BISTRO::LAWSONThu Aug 13 1987MS-DOS For Ultrix
1145.02SMURF::CRANSTONFri Aug 14 1987NFS File Corruption
1146.0KIM::NICHOLSONFri Aug 14 1987help on TCP
1147.0TOWNS::CORDREYFri Aug 14 1987ORACLE / f77 problems
1149.02TAVSun Aug 16 1987rdump doesn't work with BSD machines
1150.07TAVSun Aug 16 1987Yellow Pages, '+' in hosts.equiv not functioning
1151.0SHEILA::CHEUNGSun Aug 16 1987Pro/venix spooling problem
1152.01MUNICH::MARSHALLMon Aug 17 1987Forms editor/generator for X-windows
1153.0TAVMTS::NEORAMon Aug 17 1987Ultrix/LAT server- or replace gettytab 2 with telenet
1154.01IPG::HAXBYMon Aug 17 1987Aussie/Pom bias?
1155.04RIPPLE::SEIFERTRAMon Aug 17 1987DEBNA Support
1156.0DIXIE1::HALLMIMon Aug 17 1987Need Three Reference Sites for ULTRIX 2.
1157.02TAVTue Aug 18 1987encryption or compressed files
1158.03MUNICH::MARSHALLTue Aug 18 1987DECnet to PSI mail
1159.04AUNTB::BOOTHTue Aug 18 1987CMS, MMS vs. SCCS, MAKE
1160.01MYKENE::MARTYNWed Aug 19 1987Connecting an HP plotter
1161.01WELSWS::TREVENNORWed Aug 19 1987Verified backups?
1162.01SUOSW2::KENNTNERWed Aug 19 1987What NFS daemons must be running
1163.09WATNEY::G_BURTONWed Aug 19 1987Lat and UNLTRIX
1164.03BOEHM::REILLYWed Aug 19 1987How to disable parity on output?
1165.01WATNEY::MONTIJOWed Aug 19 1987Decnet 2.
1166.03FOURGL::MCPHERSONWed Aug 19 1987?Loading an 11/73
1167.02MDRThu Aug 20 1987V2.
1168.06FURILO::KAISERThu Aug 20 1987Support for Ultrix-11?
1169.09ADVAX::RIPLEYThu Aug 20 1987Air Force Contract (An opening for POSIX?)
1170.0HPSVAX::MILLERThu Aug 20 1987Marketing with CMP's?
1171.04CAFEIN::KANOUSEThu Aug 20 1987interrupt read??
1172.01COMICS::HOULDINGFri Aug 21 1987tabln
1174.01HSKFri Aug 21 1987Graphics packages for Ultrix needed!
1175.04WELSWS::TREVENNORFri Aug 21 1987Swap area in partition A=Trouble.
1176.04SUOSW2::KENNTNERMon Aug 24 1987tftp doesn't work
1177.01MYKENE::SARFASMon Aug 24 19873B2 <-> VAX comms?
1178.01WATNEY::MONTIJOMon Aug 24 198773
1179.01WINERY::JAEGERMon Aug 24 1987Notes file for Ultrix requirements
1180.09KIM::ARNETTMon Aug 24 1987Would the real sources please come forward ?
1181.06JETSAM::NORRISTue Aug 25 1987UNIX Security Standard
1182.02NYSBU::RUFINOWed Aug 26 1987ultrix-1.2 via 2.
1183.06ACORN::BAILEYWed Aug 26 1987How do I use /dev/smscreen?
1184.05WINERY::JAEGERWed Aug 26 1987Dual-porting on Ultrix
1185.02WATNEY::MONTIJOWed Aug 26 1987Decnet 2.
1186.05DANNY::SYSTEMThu Aug 27 1987ISAM/ULTRIX
1187.0GVASA::LUGRINFri Aug 28 1987Cheers !
1188.03IND::MONASCHFri Aug 28 1987Number of Users
1189.0CHOVAX::BONINIFri Aug 28 1987ULTRIX network install from GPX?
1190.01TOWNS::CORDREYFri Aug 28 1987HELP: PCB Design/Ultrix
1191.01WATNEY::MONTIJOFri Aug 28 1987Decnet mail to two unknown users
1192.0COOKIE::KITTELLFri Aug 28 1987V2.
1193.04OPHION::JOHNSSONSat Aug 29 1987UUCP vs. DMB32: experiences?
1194.01TAVMon Aug 31 1987vmunix compiled on mVax/transfered to 73
1195.02TAVMon Aug 31 1987window size in remote login/ stty col,lin
1196.01NSSG::SMITHMon Aug 31 1987RPC differences between Sun & Ultrix?
1197.02CLOVAX::SHORTMon Aug 31 1987unix to ultrix to vms
1198.013MPGS::KELLYJMon Aug 31 1987DECNet 2.
1199.0THEBAY::WOODRIMon Aug 31 1987Research at UCB: (incl Sprite & DASH)
1200.0LISVAX::JSILVATue Sep 01 1987QVSS kit need urgently for VAXstation 2
1201.0PRSNRD::PELIKSTue Sep 01 1987Optical disk for MicroVax/Ultrix ?
1202.02CURIE::VANTREECKTue Sep 01 1987ULTRIX products locator?
1203.02WATNEY::L_ANDERSONTue Sep 01 1987VI after set host thru DECnet gateway
1204.0POTARU::COUPALThu Sep 03 1987NFS servers for 13
1205.02SKYLRK::ENDTERThu Sep 03 1987ULTRIX-32 2.
1206.01TOOK::MICHAUDThu Sep 03 1987DECnet-ULTRIX Conference
1207.02BUNYIP::QUODLINGFri Sep 04 1987V2.
1208.07DYO78Fri Sep 04 1987ULTRIX & NEW VAX36
1209.01DYO78Fri Sep 04 1987What is "genvmunix"?
1210.04TAVMTS::CORFASSun Sep 06 1987LAT/TELNET? Postscript?
1211.05PRSUD1::NEYERSMon Sep 07 1987Multiprocessing under ULTRIX !
1212.09EIGER::HOURIETMon Sep 07 1987VMS login w/o ident with proxy
1213.05SKYLRK::GERARDTue Sep 08 1987Diskless performance with ULTRIX
1214.08SHEILA::CHEUNGWed Sep 09 1987Increase root partition question
1216.05WINERY::JAEGERThu Sep 10 1987Size of source
1217.06DECSIM::FARICELLIThu Sep 10 1987Sharing LN
1218.03DECWET::SWEENEYThu Sep 10 1987Some explanations on sendmail.cf
1219.03SUBARU::HARRISFri Sep 11 1987DECnet/Internet Gateways and VMS4.5
1220.03OVDVAX::WILDERFri Sep 11 1987lpd output filter design?
1221.05OVDVAX::WILDERFri Sep 11 1987'newgrp' anyone?\
1222.02RIPPLE::SEIFERTRAFri Sep 11 1987ULTRIX sw not on ADS
1223.04PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANSun Sep 13 1987SERVER 1
1224.01TAVMon Sep 14 1987NFS bugs, YP problems
1225.01TAVMon Sep 14 1987X bugs on GPX and Pascal error
1226.0LISVAX::JSILVATue Sep 15 1987gks ULTRIX 32-w indice out of range
1227.07CSC32::C_SMITHTue Sep 15 1987Copy large records to ULTRIX via DECnet
1228.0NAVAJO::MRIPLEYTue Sep 15 1987Hayes 24
1229.02MUNICH::MARSHALLWed Sep 16 1987Documentation for Unsupported Software
1230.05JRDVThu Sep 17 1987Socket binding question
1231.0HSKThu Sep 17 1987Help for X-demo in multi-vendor environment!
1232.03OCKER::CHEUNGMon Sep 21 1987Capacity upgrade kit queries
1233.02TYNE::CORNWALLMon Sep 21 1987Ultrix V2.
1234.07HOTAIR::RIPLEYMon Sep 21 1987Ultrix 2.2 Diskless Questions
1235.0ERLANG::SUDAMAMon Sep 21 1987Network Utilization Monitoring
1236.01CIRCUS::JGMon Sep 21 1987Mayfair problems....
1237.0TOOK::MICHAUDMon Sep 21 1987"df" performance gone ka-puts!
1238.06OCKER::CHEUNGMon Sep 21 1987Streaming tape problem
1239.02LUCY::TONNISONTue Sep 22 1987DMF32/82
1240.02GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Sep 23 1987NFS problem w/file protection
1241.01GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Sep 23 1987wanted: Un*x Articles
1242.01GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Sep 23 1987Point of Sale
1243.04WELSWS::TREVENNORThu Sep 24 1987Maintenance advisory update for ULTRIX?
1244.02ODIXIE::RYLANDThu Sep 24 1987Guest Account?
1246.016YODA::BARANSKIThu Sep 24 1987tar'ing to someplace else...
1247.02COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Sep 25 1987Nice disk!
1248.0153D::ELLENBERGERSun Sep 27 1987CORN Shell
1249.01ZPOVMon Sep 28 1987help - ultrix v2.
1250.0MLNAD1::VALLEMon Sep 28 1987Need sw metric tools
1251.02DUBMon Sep 28 1987URGENT - REF SITES NEEDED
1252.01STEREO::REEDMon Sep 28 1987Disclosure of SVVS results
1253.02TOPHAT::SANDERSMon Sep 28 1987Reverse LAT to DECtalk?
1254.0TKTVTue Sep 29 1987Question about "nfsstat -cn"
1255.06MDVAX1::ZAMMITTue Sep 29 1987UNIX/VMS Union the Meta-Port Approach ?
1256.01WATNEY::REEDTue Sep 29 1987lpd error messages
1257.017DECSIM::FARICELLIWed Sep 30 1987Digital battles Air Force on contract terms
1258.0WATNEY::MONTIJOWed Sep 30 1987CCR operation unauthorized
1259.04TOOK::MICHAUDWed Sep 30 1987Active xterm(1X) Icons
1260.05UTOPIE::ASCHAUERThu Oct 01 1987No TPU anymore?
1261.01COMICS::HOULDINGThu Oct 01 1987kill() and euid bug?
1262.0PANIC::BURDENThu Oct 01 1987Security enhancements
1263.07TOOK::MICHAUDThu Oct 01 1987Catman
1264.05WINERY::JAEGERFri Oct 02 1987Direct access to qvss
1265.01COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Oct 02 1987Libmp man page?
1266.03THEBAY::WOODRIFri Oct 02 1987Next topic: Participant Registration
1267.025THEBAY::WOODRIFri Oct 02 1987Participant Registration / Autobiography
1268.04COOKIE::ROLLOWSun Oct 04 1987Console terminal hangs during dump.
1269.01PRSUD1::NEYERSMon Oct 05 1987ULTRIX software guidebook ?
1270.01ZURA3::IMHOLZTue Oct 06 1987Transfer Error with TK5
1271.02ZURA3::IMHOLZTue Oct 06 1987Additional protocol on Ultrix 2.
1272.04ODIXIE::RICHARDSONTue Oct 06 1987Micro Focus COBOL for Ultrix-32m
1273.03CURIE::DONOVANTue Oct 06 1987JBL examples for VAX FORTRAN to C
1274.083D::LONGOTue Oct 06 1987help: trouble with init?
1275.02THEBAY::WOODRITue Oct 06 1987USENET newsgroup: comp.unix.ultrix
1276.01MDRWed Oct 07 1987Publications & Informations
1277.01PRSUD1::DUVILLIERWed Oct 07 1987MV/VS 2
1278.07WINERY::THOMASWed Oct 07 1987How to make lpr ignore escape sequences...
1279.09RANCHO::JENSENThu Oct 08 1987a modest request
1280.02VNASWS::HAUSBThu Oct 08 1987XENIX TCP/IP ?? <--> Ultrix ??
1281.01THEBAY::WOODRIThu Oct 08 1987escape sequence in manpages hoses xterm
1282.04RENKO::KHALLFri Oct 09 1987Problems with GPX demo
1283.018SMURF::RPALMERFri Oct 09 1987More Stupid Pet Tricks...
1284.01LABC::FRIEDMANFri Oct 09 1987Standalone Floppies
1285.0ODIXIE::BAUDRYMon Oct 12 1987ULTRIX/LAT Load Balancing
1286.02HGOVMon Oct 12 1987Problem for installation on MV 35
1287.01WLDWST::PORTERMon Oct 12 1987Ultrix order numbers for internal use
1288.02PRSUD2::DUVILLIERTue Oct 13 1987Ultrix C/VMS VAXC differences
1289.01ULTRA::WITTENBERGTue Oct 13 1987Device numbers going to (
1290.04NAVAJO::MRIPLEYTue Oct 13 1987PC-NFS
1291.0OPHION::KIEFERTue Oct 13 1987Using fsync with NFS
1292.03RANCHO::HSUTue Oct 13 1987csh and pushd/popd and symbolic links
1293.04GIDDAY::CHEUNGTue Oct 13 19878 bit setting problem
1294.08THEBAY::WOODRITue Oct 13 1987Bad words on the USENET for U32v2.
1295.0THEBAY::WOODRITue Oct 13 1987Optical physiology experiment at UCB
1296.0PRSUD1::NEYERSWed Oct 14 1987DRV11 ?
1297.0MUNICH::MARSHALLWed Oct 14 1987LAT over the second ethernet controller
1298.04CLOSET::EROSSWed Oct 14 1987lost+found
1299.01THEBAY::BARNARDWed Oct 14 1987DecNet Dos and TCP/IP via Ultrix
1300.0WATNEY::MONTIJOThu Oct 15 1987Lat service rating, connect hangs
1301.08DYO78Thu Oct 15 1987Mass installations of Ultrix
1302.0THEBAY::WOODRIThu Oct 15 1987UNIX and WORKSTATIONS quotes needed
1303.01WATNEY::OLSENThu Oct 15 1987Lat Decserver 2
1304.0GVASA::LUGRINFri Oct 16 1987nfs bug
1305.08DYO78Fri Oct 16 1987Problems with "dls"
1306.02NECVAX::WALSHFri Oct 16 1987Opportunities In Benchmark Support
1308.0122731::PRCNOTESMon Oct 19 1987V1.2 installation problem
1309.06PRSUD1::NEYERSMon Oct 19 1987C under ULTRIX, with libraries !!!
1310.0DIXIE1::ODENWALDERMon Oct 19 1987Pyramid slayers!
1311.01DPDSAL::VETEIKISMon Oct 19 1987Ultrix & VS/GPX/RA81
1312.04RANCHO::HSUMon Oct 19 1987csh: if (-d /) question
1313.01USRCV1::HOLTJTue Oct 20 1987Help with 3rd party hardware
1314.02KIM::RICETue Oct 20 19871.2/2.
1315.01KIM::RICETue Oct 20 19871.2/2.
1316.02DYO78Tue Oct 20 1987Remote shell question?
1317.03THEBAY::BARNARDTue Oct 20 1987Internet printing
1318.03MDRTue Oct 20 1987CU/TIP CONNECTIONS
1319.06COOKIE::ROLLOWTue Oct 20 1987The Honor Roll
1320.010COOKIE::DOUCETTETue Oct 20 1987Using signals with sockets
1321.03BOEHM::ZEETue Oct 20 1987Controlling tty change from V2.
1322.03RIPPLE::SEIFERTRATue Oct 20 19872
1323.02TYNE::CORNWALLWed Oct 21 1987Urgent ! Ultrix v2.
1324.03POTARU::COUPALWed Oct 21 1987Use of 3 RA's for performance
1325.01STKHLM::ALINDBERGWed Oct 21 1987Any 8
1326.04RANCHO::HSUWed Oct 21 1987server management for diskless workstations
1327.04ZPOVThu Oct 22 1987ultrix on vs35
1328.01POTARU::COUPALThu Oct 22 1987File I/O performance through cache buffering
1329.02MDRThu Oct 22 1987Hardwire TIP
1330.01WELSWS::TREVENNORThu Oct 22 1987Common code?
1331.01RANCHO::HSUThu Oct 22 1987ifconfig and ncp
1332.01RANCHO::HSUThu Oct 22 1987csh variables and $#<name>
1333.02RANCHO::HSUThu Oct 22 1987expr question
1334.02RANCHO::JENSENThu Oct 22 1987wanted: QW-aligned alloc
1335.0ZPOVFri Oct 23 1987extended LAN support for NFS?
1336.02BOEHM::ZEEFri Oct 23 1987Why does newfs(8) use /etc/disktab?
1337.01DYO78Fri Oct 23 1987/etc/license?
1338.03VNX::SURTEESSun Oct 25 1987Where are the gurus?
1339.04OCKER::CHEUNGSun Oct 25 1987Memory error logged on errorlog file
1340.01WINERY::THOMASSun Oct 25 1987CONVERSATION( FAILED) - Ultrix V1.2 to V2.x
1341.01TAVMon Oct 26 1987cc doesn't compile like in BSD.simplify expression
1342.0TAVMon Oct 26 1987Lex sources- or-can't access constant "NACTION"
1343.0TAVMon Oct 26 1987Dbx can't deal with Pascal included files
1344.0TAVMon Oct 26 1987NFS - reliability problems and performance
1345.01PRSBUR::DUVILLIERMon Oct 26 1987porting X25 driver to v2.
1346.02MYKENE::MARTYNMon Oct 26 1987keyboard and window desc problem
1347.02REGENT::MERRILLMon Oct 26 1987Write VAX/VMS magtape?
1348.0KIM::ARNETTTue Oct 27 1987IDM 5
1349.05MUNICH::MARSHALLTue Oct 27 1987VAXstation-2
1350.03REGENT::MERRILLTue Oct 27 1987C language conversion
1351.01COGITO::REHMWed Oct 28 1987Part #'s for UWS and DECnet-ULTRIX?
1352.03GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Oct 28 1987You may alread have won!
1353.0KYOA::KARCZEWSKIThu Oct 29 1987V2.
1354.01GLIND1::WILSONThu Oct 29 1987Half-duplex ttdriver?
1355.05RANCHO::JENSENFri Oct 30 1987problems with lk
1356.01BMT::MARGOLIESFri Oct 30 1987tools for network mngmt and monitoring
1357.08OCKER::CHEUNGSun Nov 01 1987Streaming tape at 625
1358.016BMT::TIMMINSMon Nov 02 1987Ultrix VS2
1359.01WATNEY::MONTIJOMon Nov 02 1987Printers: Lpd runs amuk...
1360.02PRSUD1::NEYERSTue Nov 03 1987Crontab modification.
1363.013VAOATue Nov 03 1987Teeny-tiny Root Partitions
1364.06SRFSUP::UDICKTue Nov 03 1987BIND - Ver 2.2 ?
1366.03TOOK::MICHAUDTue Nov 03 1987/etc/syslog.pid Sometimes Empty
1367.02RANCHO::HSUTue Nov 03 1987ris parameter on rd52 b partition
1368.02PRSUD2::DUVILLIERWed Nov 04 1987SUN Unix System V compatibility vs Ultrix
1369.010MPGS::KELLYJWed Nov 04 1987File system too fat
1370.0BOEHM::REILLYWed Nov 04 1987A legal question
1371.01SARAH::VISWANATHWed Nov 04 1987qvss to qdss : boot trouble
1372.01CURIE::ROSEWed Nov 04 1987TU81 and TK5
1373.0BISTRO::LAWSONThu Nov 05 1987European Ultrix Notesfile
1374.0BREAKR::PACEThu Nov 05 1987REference SITE
1375.0MLNTSC::M_FRANZONIFri Nov 06 1987setrlimit of another process ?
1376.02PBSVAX::HALBERTFri Nov 06 1987Reading ANSI-labelled magtapes
1377.01DYO78Mon Nov 09 19878-bit output w/XON-XOFF?
1378.0DYO78Mon Nov 09 1987Bulletin Board with Binary copy?
1379.01OCKER::CHEUNGMon Nov 09 1987Panic: IO ERR IN PUSH
1380.02COPTue Nov 10 1987UWS v1.1 kit ?
1381.02BMT::TIMMINSTue Nov 10 1987Field Test Updates???
1383.0MMOWed Nov 11 1987Need 2.2 SPD for RFI response
1384.0416566::FRIEDMANWed Nov 11 1987MicroVAX 36
1385.01BRSDVP::CAERELSThu Nov 12 1987MS-DOS .. RX5
1386.010MUNICH::MARSHALLThu Nov 12 1987dump'ing to raw disk partition
1387.04DIXIE1::DIGNANThu Nov 12 1987Multiprocessing under ULTRIX
1388.01ULTRA::ELLISThu Nov 12 1987fix for sccs fix?
1389.011WINERY::JAEGERThu Nov 12 1987Diskless performance - NOW
1391.01POTARU::COUPALFri Nov 13 1987I'll never bench again against NCR Tower
1392.0THEBAY::WOODRIFri Nov 13 1987IBM's unix and wksys message
1393.04NEDVAX::GLICKMANSat Nov 14 1987Perf. for customers??
1394.0SKIVT::P_BOUCHERSat Nov 14 1987Ultrix release dates ?
1395.02WINERY::THOMASSat Nov 14 1987interpeting WCHANs (improving sps)
1396.02DSSDEV::MORMon Nov 16 1987MAKE macros
1398.035Tue Nov 17 1987ULTRIX-11 for home use.
1399.01MYKENE::MARTYNWed Nov 18 1987ULTRIX & Desk Top Publishing
1400.03GVASA::LUGRINWed Nov 18 1987DANGER: Ultrix Source Book
1401.022Wed Nov 18 1987X11 NOT included with UWS V1.1
1403.02HGOSPS::ANTONIOMAKThu Nov 19 1987"Stray interrupt" explaination need.
1404.04MUNICH::ROGERThu Nov 19 1987interrupts slows down the system
1405.01BOEHM::REILLYThu Nov 19 1987Can't have both qvss and qdss in T2.2-4
1406.02STKHLM::LINNELLFri Nov 20 1987diskpart vs chpt and doc set
1407.02STKHLM::LINNELLFri Nov 20 1987pseudo-dma interrupts?
1408.03VIDEO::OSMANFri Nov 20 1987how does parameter fetching work ?
1409.02COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Nov 20 1987Can you get here from there?
1410.09IRT::SANTIAGOFri Nov 20 1987YAUQ - how to taR(estore) file(s)?
1411.03THEBAY::BARNARDSat Nov 21 1987Unix Realtime Assistance
1412.05STKHLM::LINNELLSun Nov 22 1987NETLDISC obsolete or not
1413.02MALLET::SARFASMon Nov 23 1987Uniforum 88
1414.03DSSDEV::MORMon Nov 23 1987How do you keep a log file?
1415.0VNASWS::HAUSBMon Nov 23 1987Turbo Pascal --> Ultrix
1416.04THEBAY::WOODRIMon Nov 23 1987DMA Data acquisition needed
1417.04MUNICH::MARSHALLTue Nov 24 1987Changing shell environment variables from C
1418.0CAFEIN::KANOUSETue Nov 24 1987lat printer help needed
1419.01POTARU::COUPALTue Nov 24 1987Pick environment under Ultrix/Unix
1420.0CAADC::TRAINSINGHTue Nov 24 1987Getting data from POS device
1421.0RANCHO::HSUTue Nov 24 1987XOS: when will it be gone?
1423.0LISVAX::PRAMOSWed Nov 25 1987plotter and digitaliser device drivers
1424.0BISTRO::LAWSONWed Nov 25 1987Ultrix Opening In Valbonne
1425.04MXOVWed Nov 25 1987two questions
1426.03HSTSSC::LEHTINENWed Nov 25 1987
1428.0RANCHO::HSUWed Nov 25 1987manual pages named wrong?
1429.0LISVAX::PRAMOSThu Nov 26 1987ULTRIX 32 device drivers
1430.06LEROUF::DENISFri Nov 27 1987Ada on VAX/Unix S5
1431.010COOKIE::ROLLOWSun Nov 29 1987Dump(8) output hangs.
1432.03POTARU::COUPALSun Nov 29 1987Close-on-exec bug
1433.08TAVSun Nov 29 1987shared memory/ld & IEEE-754
1434.035Mon Nov 30 1987SUN <-> VAX ftp
1435.0KOKO::MULCAHYMon Nov 30 1987Restore and links
1436.03BELKER::KHALLMon Nov 30 1987Grepper?
1437.0GUIDUK::BERKUNMon Nov 30 1987System V from Cambridge Digital
1438.07CHEESE::WHITLOCKMon Nov 30 1987RTE Becnhmarks in Ultrix
1439.02GIDDAY::CHEUNGTue Dec 01 1987panic: freegnode
1440.02TAVWed Dec 02 1987RIS - FAIL 84 with 3 DELNIs onthe way/other problem
1441.03TAVWed Dec 02 1987panic messages in uerf?
1442.0TAVWed Dec 02 1987NFS error no. 7
1443.04TAVWed Dec 02 1987Oracle-raw partition writes-corrupted in V2.
1444.04ULTRA::ELLISWed Dec 02 1987Less?
1445.04OVDVAX::SHORTWed Dec 02 1987VMS and Ultrix together??????
1446.02SALSA::SCHENKERWed Dec 02 1987FORTRAN manuals - Bundled FORTRAN ULTRIX
1447.02TAVMTS::NEORAThu Dec 03 1987Bug in doscan.o in /lib/libc.a - look at pascal prog
1448.01TAVMTS::NEORAThu Dec 03 1987terminal hangs on mass 'cat'ing-connected via Bridge
1450.02HSTSSC::LEHTINENThu Dec 03 1987mail-11 mailer problem
1451.06DECSIM::FARICELLIThu Dec 03 1987Is it SDC time for V2.2 yet?
1452.03DIXIE1::DIGNANThu Dec 03 1987DIAGNOSTICS 1.2 VS 2.
1453.024POTARU::COUPALThu Dec 03 1987Tuning Ultrix for benchmarks
1454.0COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Dec 03 1987In the beginning...
1455.01ITSBIG::GAUTHIERFri Dec 04 1987Move boot disk from DUA2: to DUA
1456.02KIM::RICEFri Dec 04 1987Diskless Boot
1457.02KIM::RICEFri Dec 04 1987Compilable 2.
1458.05KIM::RICEFri Dec 04 1987See Ultrix Crash!
1459.01CAADC::TRAINVESTUTOFri Dec 04 1987Clarification on govt biased contract...
1460.04MGOSMon Dec 07 1987Ultrix <-> 4.3 bsd compatibility ?
1461.0TAVMon Dec 07 1987VT131 termcap wanted
1462.01STEREO::REEDMon Dec 07 1987The Aftermath of AFCAC 251
1463.04CIRCUS::KOLLINGMon Dec 07 1987Ultrix, VMS, display.
1464.02TOOK::MICHAUDMon Dec 07 1987Strange NFS Behaviour
1465.03STKHLM::LINNELLTue Dec 08 1987rpc for Ultrix
1466.01ZPOVTue Dec 08 1987ultrix version for vs32
1467.01THEBAY::MTHOMASWed Dec 09 1987Ultrix-32 V2.2 Relase Notes
1468.01THEBAY::MTHOMASWed Dec 09 1987UWS V1.1 Release Notes
1469.01GIDDAY::CHEUNGWed Dec 09 1987setld an unsupported s/w subset
1470.01MUNICH::MARSHALLThu Dec 10 1987Using named pipes crashes system
1471.06AIAG::BRENNANThu Dec 10 1987Ultrix Part Numbers?
1472.05ZPOVFri Dec 11 1987Urgent! where can I down load UWS V1.1 from?
1473.02KYOA::MAUROFri Dec 11 1987Large dump files
1474.04TOOK::MICHAUDFri Dec 11 1987Ultrix Humor in the Fast Lane
1475.02POTARU::COUPALSun Dec 13 1987Sperry 11
1476.03PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANMon Dec 14 1987transfer vms to ultrix
1477.04STKHLM::ALINDBERGMon Dec 14 1987SCO Multiview on Ultrix32 ?
1478.02AIAG::BRENNANMon Dec 14 1987Can't see ra8
1479.04GUIDUK::BERKUNMon Dec 14 1987A variety of questions
1480.02NCVAX1::DICKSMon Dec 14 1987A Sales Professional's Unix Strategy
1481.01RENKO::KHALLTue Dec 15 1987NFS Questions
1482.01TUNER::BURROUGHSTue Dec 15 1987TK5
1483.03SALSA::SCHENKERTue Dec 15 1987V1.2 still available?
1484.05TOOK::SIERRATue Dec 15 1987system management questions
1485.04SMURF::CRANSTONTue Dec 15 1987Ultrix-32 System Maintenance Guide
1486.05COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Dec 16 1987Rumor control...
1487.08REGENT::WOLFWed Dec 16 1987Root file system can't be on drive 1??????Oh no!
1488.02RHEA::JEANWed Dec 16 1987System Management of Large Configurations
1489.014SMURF::DELOREYFri Dec 18 1987dcsh available
1490.01RANCHO::HSUFri Dec 18 1987csh: cd paths and wildcards
1491.02PRSPSU::PASCALMon Dec 21 1987error limit uba1 : reset
1492.03TAVMTS::KENIGMon Dec 21 1987VAX Fortran/Ultrix: slow G-float performance
1493.02SDOGUS::SCALESMon Dec 21 1987"ULTRIX Services for MS-DOS?"
1495.01PRSPSU::PASCALWed Dec 23 1987/etc/uerf
1496.08TAVMTS::NEORAWed Dec 23 1987internet 'timeout'-or-deqna diagnostics with 'netx'?
1497.04NAVAJO::MRIPLEYWed Dec 23 1987Where is the NFS time daemon?
1499.02WINERY::ROSEWed Dec 23 1987Are suggestions for improving man pages useful?
1500.01COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Dec 23 1987Give restore(8) equal time!
1501.01TAVThu Dec 24 1987NFS error 6
1502.01NAVAJO::MRIPLEYThu Dec 24 1987Need Course Update
1503.01RANCHO::JENSENThu Dec 24 1987ELF on ULTRIX!
1504.0WATNEY::MONTIJOMon Dec 28 1987DECrouter 2
1505.04GIDDAY::CHEUNGMon Dec 28 1987'date' command hang the system
1506.09RANCHO::HSUMon Dec 28 1987vi :e ~<something>
1507.01WATNEY::REEDTue Dec 29 198775
1508.04ZURA1::IMHOLZWed Dec 30 1987swap causes bus error ??
1509.01KIM::RICEWed Dec 30 1987ptrace and the psl
1510.0GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Dec 30 1987Fund Accounting
1511.01TAVThu Dec 31 1987X demo, QIL demo don't work / setld -c x-window-ws???
1512.07TAVThu Dec 31 198782
1513.02TAVThu Dec 31 1987VAX C doesn't support re_comp & re_exec, does DEC-SHELL?
1514.09HJUXB::SCODAThu Dec 31 1987DECnet ULTRIX and MDM
1515.09WINERY::THOMASFri Jan 01 1988pcc don't like void *
1516.01CIRCUS::HISGENFri Jan 01 19888 bit terminal output and pty's and tty's
1517.01MUNICH::MARSHALLTue Jan 05 1988V2.
1518.0WINERY::THOMASTue Jan 05 1988netstat with DECnet support
1519.08LISVAX::PRAMOSTue Jan 05 1988Differ. between ULTRIX and UNIX
1520.03OVDVAX::SANDERSONTue Jan 05 198832 user key for v1.2?
1521.02GLIVET::FLORENTINETue Jan 05 1988using OOB messages
1522.010GIDDAY::CHEUNGTue Jan 05 1988URGENT - Parellel printer prob
1523.02MPGS::KELLYJWed Jan 06 1988Correct place for ULTRIX/C programming question?
1524.03BMT::LIEBERMANWed Jan 06 1988Porting from NCR UNIX V to ULTRIX-32
1525.0JENEVR::TUSIAThu Jan 07 1988RPG Compiler For ULTRIX
1526.02TOOK::MICHAUDThu Jan 07 1988Access Rights
1528.07CERN::BOGSTADFri Jan 08 1988LN
1529.04PRSUD1::NEYERSFri Jan 08 1988ULTRIX MAIL PLUS infos .
1530.03UTOPIE::ASCHAUERFri Jan 08 1988How to copy distr. kit?
1531.0MALLET::MARTYNFri Jan 08 1988ioctl Incompatibilities
1532.0PRSPSU::PASCALFri Jan 08 1988inet slower in V2.
1533.0KERNEL::BEAUMONTFri Jan 08 1988KMV1A Driver, anyone?
1534.03596Sun Jan 10 1988Network supported device?
1535.09COOKIE::ROLLOWSun Jan 10 1988Ultrix V2.6/UWS V2.2 Phase
1536.0PRSPSU::PASCALMon Jan 11 1988compiler error : wasted space
1537.06LISVAX::PRAMOSMon Jan 11 1988quota + tar(1) problems
1538.02CIMNET::BOYERMon Jan 11 1988Need help with emacs
1539.01LISVAX::PRAMOSMon Jan 11 1988Multi-dump to a single tape
1540.05ITSBIG::GAUTHIERMon Jan 11 1988Part number for V2.2 upgrade???
1541.01RENKO::KHALLMon Jan 11 1988Confused by MAKEDEV
1542.05GUIDUK::BERKUNMon Jan 11 1988Math Coprocessors
1543.01KYOA::DAVISPTue Jan 12 1988uucp berkely and System_V
1544.08BMT::LIEBERMANTue Jan 12 1988Remote System Manager?
1545.0DYO78Tue Jan 12 1988What/where is USS package?
1546.02MPGS::KELLYJTue Jan 12 1988Problem with 'at' command
1547.06GIDDAY::CHEUNGTue Jan 12 1988How to enable printer accounting
1548.03IND::LIEBERMANWed Jan 13 1988Does Ultrix-32 v2.2 support modem control?
1549.04TAVThu Jan 14 1988GPX graphics slowed down on ver 2.
1550.01TAVThu Jan 14 1988problem:VMS <--> Ultrix Gateway <--> IBM /CMS
1551.0STKHLM::ALINDBERGThu Jan 14 1988Old pascal on Ultrix ??
1552.01MALLET::MARTYNThu Jan 14 1988VAX-Link Products
1554.03REGENT::DAILEYThu Jan 14 1988Configuring a DHV11 and KDA-5
1555.01BMT::LIEBERMANThu Jan 14 1988Does 2.2 support Modem control?
1556.01DYO78Thu Jan 14 1988Anvil 5
1557.0CERN::BOGSTADFri Jan 15 1988ditroff?
1558.0DYO78Fri Jan 15 1988LP Driver & 8 bits?
1559.01RHETT::ASHMEADFri Jan 15 1988NFS problem with ps command
1560.04SKIVT::P_BOUCHERFri Jan 15 1988Air Force contract dropout
1561.03BMT::LIEBERMANFri Jan 15 1988Where's the BRIDGE? (VMS/ULTRIX-32)
1562.05WINERY::ROSEFri Jan 15 1988Effect of lpr -d
1563.01MUNICH::MARSHALLTue Jan 19 1988dump's normal exit status is '1' ???
1564.01DELNI::MCGREGORTue Jan 19 1988Field Test for Ultrix 327
1565.06POTARU::COUPALTue Jan 19 1988DECserver load balancing and failover in Ultrix ?
1566.04MUNICH::MARSHALLWed Jan 20 1988Improving Terminal I/O
1567.02MUNICH::MARSHALLWed Jan 20 1988Mixing pcc and VAX/Fortran-Ultrix
1568.04KYOA::JLEONARDWed Jan 20 1988A few questions please...
1569.06CRISIS::OCONNORWed Jan 20 1988make(1) question
1570.01TYRANT::SZEMPLINSKIWed Jan 20 1988RX33 support on MVAXII
1571.0STKHLM::LINNELLThu Jan 21 1988IP broadcasts
1572.06596Thu Jan 21 1988Twin DECnet Internet Gateway?
1573.04POTARU::COUPALThu Jan 21 1988Address space limits, v2.2
1574.02BOULDR::P_SCHMITTThu Jan 21 1988Is the VAX 11/73
1575.04SMOGGY::BAKHTIARIFri Jan 22 1988ultrix documentation online?
1576.07TAVSun Jan 24 1988Urgent! installation error on 785 +TU78 + RP
1577.06STEREO::REEDMon Jan 25 1988Stand-alone Ultrix
1578.08AIAG::BRENNANMon Jan 25 1988Super block trashed after fscarv
1580.04BMT::LIEBERMANTue Jan 26 1988Help! need an ULTRIX system with a Mag tape unit
1581.01BMT::BLACKWELLTue Jan 26 1988ULTRIX System Modelling!
1582.03TIPPLE::MAUROTue Jan 26 1988Async DECnet?
1583.04TKTV2Tue Jan 26 1988VAX FORTRAN/ULTRIX v4.7 installation
1584.07ERLANG::BLACKTue Jan 26 1988access permissions and suid files
1585.010BELKER::KHALLWed Jan 27 1988Notesfiles on/from ULTRIX?
1586.01MALLET::MARTYNWed Jan 27 1988DECServer1
1587.03AIAG::BRENNANWed Jan 27 1988tip: all ports busy?
1588.0628776::P_SCHMITTWed Jan 27 1988Where to get 2.2 distribution?
1591.05KERNEL::TBOOKERThu Jan 28 1988LAT Group codes
1592.03MUNICH::MARSHALLThu Jan 28 1988^C handling with /bin/sh5
1593.010RIPPLE::ERICKSODAThu Jan 28 1988MACRO for Ultrix?
1594.0POTARU::COUPALThu Jan 28 1988853
1595.01BREAKR::UDICKFri Jan 29 1988Gateway Performance - any figures
1596.01TOWNS::MILLSFri Jan 29 1988ULTRIX 2.
1597.0THEBAY::WOODRIFri Jan 29 1988serial speed on VS2
1598.02COOKIE::WAHLSat Jan 30 1988POSIX Call Interface independent of UNIX?
1599.02KERNEL::TBOOKERSun Jan 31 1988dgate: Permission denied.
1600.0GIDDAY::CHEUNGSun Jan 31 1988FTP access prob
1601.02KYOA::MAUROMon Feb 01 1988TU81+ hangs
1602.01THEBAY::WOODRIMon Feb 01 1988Time to Archive Ultrix Volume One?
1603.0GYPSC::SWOBODATue Feb 02 1988UNIX-based shopfloor systems
1604.010RUTLND::MCPHERSONTue Feb 02 198811/73
1605.03MERIDN::UKYTue Feb 02 1988NFS manual(s) Online??
1606.05MGOSWed Feb 03 1988problem with MAKE
1607.05TYRANT::SZEMPLINSKIWed Feb 03 1988x.25 support?
1608.04KERNEL::TBOOKERWed Feb 03 1988cu/tip without modem
1609.017IRT::GRAHAMWed Feb 03 1988V2.2 ULTCOMM
1610.02RHETT::ASHMEADWed Feb 03 1988V2.2 Install/Verify errors on 2
1611.06COOKIE::ROLLOWWed Feb 03 1988Fine tuning file system space.
1612.01MSAVThu Feb 04 1988ULTRIX V1.2 - NEWS UTILITY ?
1613.06REGENT::DAILEYThu Feb 04 1988Moving the root partition on the same disk.
1615.03--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 04 1988uVAX 2
1616.01POTARU::COUPALThu Feb 04 1988825
1617.02GIDDAY::CHEUNGThu Feb 04 1988Build RX
1618.0DIEHRD::MAHLERFri Feb 05 1988Telecom needs your help! ULTRIX time needed!
1619.04MUNICH::MARSHALLFri Feb 05 1988g-float conversions and make question
1620.08BISTRO::LAFORGUEFri Feb 05 1988"sccs create" problems
1621.04NANTES::PAYNEFri Feb 05 1988Ultrix to IBM38 ??
1622.0COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Feb 05 1988A VAX System V Conference.
1623.0MALLET::MARTYNMon Feb 08 1988Oracle and Ingres BM's
1624.01GIDDAY::CHEUNGMon Feb 08 1988Performance degradation in V2.
1625.010TAVTue Feb 09 198832 open files restriction on pascal (v2.
1626.06DYO78Tue Feb 09 1988TK5
1627.07WATNEY::PETETue Feb 09 1988lat printer problem after upgrade to 2.2
1628.09POTARU::COUPALTue Feb 09 1988BSD on uVAX server 35
1629.04DYO78Wed Feb 10 1988Ultrix and Uniforum????
1630.012OCKER::CHEUNGWed Feb 10 1988Panic: protection fault
1631.03TAVThu Feb 11 1988Ultrix Internals Course at Israel
1632.042721::WHITTINGHAMThu Feb 11 1988HELP! UK needs Montreal support.
1633.03KERNEL::TBOOKERThu Feb 11 1988NFS servers wanted!
1634.01RANCHO::HSUThu Feb 11 1988diskless and new broadcast address
1635.0COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Feb 11 1988Stupid System Manager Tricks.
1636.06KERNEL::TBOOKERFri Feb 12 1988Ultrix with WORMs !!
1637.02DECSIM::FARICELLIFri Feb 12 1988What does "server" kit provide?
1638.03KYOA::NGFri Feb 12 1988BSD 4.2 Support BI with RA Drives
1639.05POTARU::COUPALMon Feb 15 1988TCP/IP protocol questions
1640.02BRSADV::DELAMPERMon Feb 15 1988Unrecoverable network error from ris
1641.02KAOFS::F_KANNEMANNMon Feb 15 1988gnode table full?
1642.01TKTV2Tue Feb 16 1988Diskless server & RQDX controller.
1643.02PRSUD2::NEYERSWed Feb 17 1988Virtual memory/ ULTRIX /VMS
1645.04TAVThu Feb 18 1988Various GPX questions & bugs
1646.0MALLET::SARFASThu Feb 18 1988Support kit ordering
1647.01WATNEY::P_SCHMITTThu Feb 18 1988LTM for Ultrix??
1648.0THEBAY::WOODRIThu Feb 18 1988Once again: U32 driver for IEQ11?
1649.02BREAKR::YUENThu Feb 18 1988LJ25
1650.08GAOVFri Feb 19 1988GPX U*IX Compatible with Sun?
1651.07THEBAY::BARNARDFri Feb 19 1988Ultrix Serving Suns [USS]
1652.02OSKVSun Feb 21 1988Ethernet works with DLI program?
1653.02SUBSYS::JASRASARIAMon Feb 22 1988 Help!, Ultrix Disk Device Drivers
1654.0SMURF::CRANSTONTue Feb 23 1988V2.2 RA7
1655.01SMURF::CRANSTONTue Feb 23 1988V2.2 TZK5
1656.01STEREO::COUTURETue Feb 23 1988problems with GKS2b under UWS1.1 (ULTRIX2.2)
1657.0KETJE::DELAMPERWed Feb 24 1988Problem with xterm and WPS-PLUS
1658.01RHETT::ASHMEADWed Feb 24 1988 Small Disk Errors (SDA)
1659.02CRX::MCMASTERWed Feb 24 1988Help CSA
1660.07POTARU::COUPALWed Feb 24 1988Internet protocols in Unix
1662.06KIM::AVOLIOWed Feb 24 1988Error on write to talk daemon: Permission denied
1663.0SNOCWed Feb 24 1988The life wasn't meant to be easy.
1666.01TKTVThu Feb 25 1988fp->f_data ==
1667.02TYRANT::SZEMPLINSKIThu Feb 25 1988suns decnet offerings?
1668.01TKOV51::MIZUTAMAThu Feb 25 1988WHAT speed can we use by DMR with TCP/IP link ?
1669.02ERLANG::BLACKThu Feb 25 1988Problems with awk
1670.0GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Feb 26 1988Visit the Sunny Northwest
1671.02BMT::SMITHSun Feb 28 1988DLOGIN problem in V2.
1672.06COOKIE::ROLLOWSun Feb 28 1988Seperating system access and printer access.
1673.032Mon Feb 29 1988X/Open specification ??
1674.09POTARU::COUPALMon Feb 29 1988VAX/UNIX or Ultrix ?
1675.04PRSUD2::DUVILLIERMon Feb 29 1988CRAY & VAX8xxx/ULTRIX Connexions
1676.03DORIS::WARINGMon Feb 29 1988UWS -2
1677.05DYO78Mon Feb 29 1988Ultrix/BSD Application Portability?
1678.05KIPPIS::LEHTINENTue Mar 01 1988malloc() fails with over 8.3M on V2.
1679.01AIAG::BRENNANTue Mar 01 1988What to order for 78
1680.02AIAG::BRENNANTue Mar 01 1988NFS errors: rpc timed out, not registered
1681.01MALLET::SARFASTue Mar 01 1988Guide to DMS?
1682.06LABC::FRIEDMANTue Mar 01 1988RA6
1683.05CEDSWS::NELSONTue Mar 01 1988Mail address corrupted by gateway?
1684.0POTARU::COUPALWed Mar 02 1988Neal Nelson and AIM benchmark numbers
1685.01ERLANG::MILLERWed Mar 02 1988Grep bug (Ultrix 2.2 and previous)
1686.01POTARU::COUPALWed Mar 02 1988MUMPS under Ultrix/Unix ?
1687.01BMT::TIMMINSThu Mar 03 1988Ultrix/SunOS Compatibility - CRISIS!
1688.03BMT::TIMMINSThu Mar 03 1988SunTools -> Ultrix Port CRISIS!
1689.08XNOGOV::JCHThu Mar 03 1988Interesting snippet?
1690.01SUBSYS::LAWLERThu Mar 03 1988No Inbound set host?
1691.03MUNICH::MARSHALLFri Mar 04 1988Mixed output with LAT printer
1692.02DSSDEV::BROWNFri Mar 04 1988problem with MAKE
1693.03GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Mar 04 1988IOCTL question
1694.02RANCHO::HOLTFri Mar 04 1988dbx not finding source file
1695.03CURIE::FORBESFri Mar 04 1988need f77/vfu cpu/elapsed times
1696.0GRANMA::FPRUSSSat Mar 05 1988What makes an operating system 'modern'?
1697.03REGENT::DAILEYMon Mar 07 1988Can't login into our system
1698.02TAVTue Mar 08 1988'mount' sys call doesn't work on NFS file-system
1699.0SMURF::CRANSTONTue Mar 08 1988V2.2 UERF Problem
1700.05KIM::RICETue Mar 08 1988panic: freeing free inode
1701.01MUNICH::MARSHALLTue Mar 08 1988V2.
1702.02ISTG::NBENDERTue Mar 08 1988bug in cpp?
1703.0BOEHM::JCAMPBELLTue Mar 08 1988tar -p and superuser
1704.05TAVMTS::NEORAWed Mar 09 1988'rdump' works much slower than dump
1705.03TAVMTS::NEORAWed Mar 09 1988Calendar/Schedualing application sources
1706.02KERNEL::TBOOKERWed Mar 09 19882.2-1 & 1.1-1 WHY?
1707.01GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Mar 09 1988Cyber 855 VS 88
1708.02JULIET::PHILLIPS_ALWed Mar 09 1988whereis rdist?
1709.01LISVAX::PRAMOSThu Mar 10 1988Inter Proc.Comm.: UNIX-VMS
1710.04IND::GRAHAMThu Mar 10 1988An Ultrix/Decwindows/NCP Question?
1711.03TPOSFri Mar 11 1988panic:km_free
1712.02TPOVFri Mar 11 1988need_ultrix_doc
1713.0THAVFri Mar 11 1988V2.
1714.06DYO78Fri Mar 11 1988Do we sell COBOL for Ultrix??
1715.02KIM::AVOLIOSat Mar 12 1988AT&T-Sun Deal Concerns in UNIX World mag
1716.023PSW::WINALSKISat Mar 12 1988Why Partitions?
1717.02HSKMon Mar 14 1988Devices supported by GKS?
1718.0BISTRO::LAWSONMon Mar 14 1988REQUEST FOR 11/75
1719.01RHETT::ASHMEADMon Mar 14 1988Kermit transfer to ULTRIX
1720.0SNOCMon Mar 14 1988Sar capabilities
1721.02KIM::RICETue Mar 15 1988VT[23]4
1722.011MALLET::SARFASTue Mar 15 1988Diskless Questions?
1723.03ROLL::FARICELLITue Mar 15 1988V2.2 installation and system disk partitions
1724.0DYO78Tue Mar 15 1988Writers Workbench & Ultrix 2.2?
1725.0THEBAY::WOODRITue Mar 15 1988Question regarding UWS TK5
1726.03DYO78Tue Mar 15 1988UWS 1.1 Documentation set Question
1727.01DYO78Tue Mar 15 1988VAX 36
1728.05DPDTue Mar 15 1988Ultrix-11 retirement ques.
1729.0KERNEL::TBOOKERWed Mar 16 1988nfsstat(8nfs). What is it saying ?
1730.02DSSDEV::BROWNWed Mar 16 1988mail and ls questions
1731.0TKTVWed Mar 16 1988"diskpart -p" & "chpt -q".
1732.02TAVMTS::NEORAThu Mar 17 1988post ver 2.2 installation
1733.03MALLET::MARTYNThu Mar 17 1988Multiple file copy using TIP
1734.04COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Mar 17 1988World Class UNIX
1735.02LISVAX::PRAMOSThu Mar 17 1988Sperry 7
1736.0GIDDAY::KOTWALThu Mar 17 198882
1740.03WINERY::THOMASFri Mar 18 1988Inquiry on Ultrix public S/W, compilers,etc.
1741.06POTARU::COUPALFri Mar 18 1988Oracle on Ultrix bench help
1742.01POTARU::COUPALMon Mar 21 1988CPU = 1/2 for 825
1743.02POTARU::COUPALMon Mar 21 1988Does physmem really shrink avail phys. memory ?
1746.03ISTG::NBENDERMon Mar 21 1988ld 5 times faster than lk?
1747.01TOOK::MICHAUDMon Mar 21 1988sccs, Clock may be set wrong!
1748.0LISVAX::MMOREIRATue Mar 22 1988COBOL LEVEL II - Help wanted
1749.03LDYBUG::JONESTue Mar 22 1988disk services under ULTRIX
1750.03MPGS::KELLYJTue Mar 22 1988Unwanted <FF>'s when printing .LN3 files
1751.011BELKER::KHALLWed Mar 23 1988remote login to root/ ttys changes
1752.02GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Mar 23 1988Micro Focus Cobol
1753.01GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Mar 23 1988Publicity Opportunity
1754.07ULTRA::ELLISThu Mar 24 1988Advice wanted on crash
1755.0SMURF::CRANSTONThu Mar 24 1988VS3x
1756.01MTHOOD::WILLGINGPEThu Mar 24 1988nuisance DSR messages
1757.0STKHLM::LINNELLThu Mar 24 1988BUFHSZ
1758.01KYOA::VLACHOYANNISFri Mar 25 1988ULTRIX Redundancy ? Any ideas?
1759.03POBOX::BAILEYFri Mar 25 1988ULTRIX-MV2
1760.02AUNTB::DAVISSTFri Mar 25 1988SNA, 327
1761.05AIAG::BRENNANFri Mar 25 1988On-line docs for Unsupported s/w?
1762.010REGENT::DAILEYFri Mar 25 1988setld(8) questions
1763.03BOLT::WAREMon Mar 28 1988ultrix ssu?
1764.08TAVTue Mar 29 1988A Real Challenge! VS2
1765.02KERNEL::TBOOKERTue Mar 29 1988Is this a bug !!
1766.01SUBURB::SMITHDTue Mar 29 1988LAT software under ULTRIX
1767.02UTOPIE::ANDREASTue Mar 29 1988X.25 on MicroVAX ?
1768.09KETJE::MONTETue Mar 29 1988file copy from VMS to ULTRIX
1769.02WELSWS::TREVENNORTue Mar 29 1988DELQA's under V1.2?
1770.02VNASWS::HAUSBTue Mar 29 19888 lines on uVAX 2
1771.01RHETT::ASHMEADTue Mar 29 1988 Ultrix Load on Decserver
1772.01COOKIE::KITTELLTue Mar 29 1988process hangs on LAT disconnect
1773.01GENRAL::MERRILLTue Mar 29 1988-== VaxsimPlus ==-
1774.09WINERY::ROSETue Mar 29 1988Problem with stty in rc.local
1775.02BOLT::BAILEYTue Mar 29 1988TIOCREMOTE ioctl on pty device.
1776.01NEWVAX::FINNERTYTue Mar 29 1988V2.
1777.01NEWVAX::FINNERTYTue Mar 29 1988How install "SUPPRTD" & "UNSUPPRTD" on RA81 uVAX2 ?
1779.06MUNICH::MARSHALLWed Mar 30 1988VAX-Pascal and Ultrix Pascal
1780.01WORDS::BEIKMANWed Mar 30 1988yet another kit order question
1781.06TROAWed Mar 30 1988How to write drivers
1782.04KETJE::MONTEThu Mar 31 1988mail from Ultrix to ALLIN1
1783.04TKTVThu Mar 31 1988'pstat' on the diskless node.
1784.0TEASE::COLEThu Mar 31 1988promiscous mode ether ??
1785.01BELKER::KHALLThu Mar 31 1988ColorMaps Questions
1786.05RHETT::GRIFFINThu Mar 31 1988potential customer
1787.03COOKIE::ROLLOWFri Apr 01 1988Do you know what day it is?
1788.03IND::GRAHAMFri Apr 01 1988"MAKE" Problems?
1789.04THAVFri Apr 01 1988'S' for ULTRIX-32?
1790.01KETJE::MONTEFri Apr 01 1988RA7
1791.03EAGLE1::DANTOWITZFri Apr 01 1988Xterm Auto Repeat bug?
1792.0TIMO::LEHTINENFri Apr 01 1988tcsh
1793.0CIMAMT::WESTERVELTFri Apr 01 1988lex question
1794.02RHETT::GRIFFINFri Apr 01 1988fun with controlling terminals
1795.03SARAH::VISWANATHFri Apr 01 1988EPIC/Writer BL2
1796.03TOOK::MICHAUDFri Apr 01 1988Fun with pcc errors
1797.02TKTVSun Apr 03 1988about "stat" call & argv.
1798.05DYO78Mon Apr 04 1988855
1799.02KIM::AVOLIOMon Apr 04 1988UWS FT 2.
1800.012SICVAX::TIMMINSMon Apr 04 1988Xterm Esc sequence conflict?!?!
1801.04THEBAY::WOODRIMon Apr 04 1988What are all these lpdfilters?
1802.04KERNEL::TBOOKERTue Apr 05 1988local delivery of mail
1803.022CSOA1::SANDERSONTue Apr 05 1988release date? patches?
1804.013READ::FIELDHOUSETue Apr 05 1988Rearranging file systems?
1805.09WELSWS::TREVENNORTue Apr 05 1988ULTRIX Licences under specialised circumstances?
1806.01CHOVAX::BONINITue Apr 05 1988sendmail/mail11 address parsing
1807.0KERNEL::TBOOKERWed Apr 06 1988sys V lockf and 2.2
1808.05DECLNE::JSILLWed Apr 06 1988Server Kit documentation
1809.01POTARU::COUPALWed Apr 06 1988Where can I find DECserver 2
1810.06DECSIM::FARICELLIWed Apr 06 1988Possible to delete an open file?
1811.01DDMAIL::ANDERSONMWed Apr 06 1988Strange mop_dumpload message
1812.04TPOVWed Apr 06 1988855
1814.03KETJE::MONTEThu Apr 07 1988uppercase -> lowercase filenames
1815.04SMURF::PRINDLEThu Apr 07 1988Ultrix & High End Processing
1816.06POTARU::COUPALThu Apr 07 1988What's SMSEG in /usr/include/sys/proc.h ?
1817.01POTARU::COUPALThu Apr 07 1988Meaning of sm_info struct fields in param.c
1818.0COOKIE::ROLLOWThu Apr 07 1988Is rrestore broken?
1819.05WINDY::SHARONFri Apr 08 1988Mail on heterogeneous network
1820.02WINERY::THOMASFri Apr 08 1988release of updated network sources for 4.3BSD
1821.0MISFIT::KNIGHTTMon Apr 11 1988<pcnfs daemon - where is it??>
1822.04RANCHO::HOLTMon Apr 11 1988malloc problem with char arrays
1823.02TOOK::MICHAUDMon Apr 11 1988SCCS - SIGNAL: Memory fault (ut12)
1824.0PRSNRD::PELIKSTue Apr 12 1988Alis on *non* bitmap terminals ?
1825.01ERLANG::BLACKTue Apr 12 1988Unreadable dump(8) file
1826.05ISTG::NBENDERTue Apr 12 1988pcc choking on large file
1827.04EAGLE1::DANTOWITZTue Apr 12 1988command line editing
1828.01LABC::FRIEDMANTue Apr 12 1988Device Names
1829.08THEBAY::WOODRITue Apr 12 1988Unix "versions"
1830.0AUNTB::WARNOCKWed Apr 13 1988Looking for dev driver for Data Translation DT2851
1831.02WELSWS::TREVENNORWed Apr 13 1988Deep waters! Bysync conversational mode?
1832.015AIAG::BRENNANWed Apr 13 1988Memory tuning?
1833.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZWed Apr 13 1988LZDCMP
1834.08ISTG::NBENDERWed Apr 13 1988Running out of virtual memory.
1835.04ISTG::NBENDERWed Apr 13 1988dump(8)ing over DECnet to VMS
1836.05TAVThu Apr 14 1988two mail addresses for the same account
1837.01VNASWS::HAUSBThu Apr 14 1988VAXLink ??
1838.04NUKMAC::GLEAVEThu Apr 14 1988Ultrix Kernel Queries
1839.01SKYWAY::IMHOLZThu Apr 14 1988sh -ce "Do something"
1840.03CSOA1::SANDERSONThu Apr 14 1988Ultrix in Realtime?
1841.018SUPThu Apr 14 1988shell access over DECnet
1842.02LISVAX::PRAMOSThu Apr 14 1988IBM 4361/SNA - ULTRIX NETWORKING.....
1843.08EAGLE1::DANTOWITZThu Apr 14 1988chown of files and sub-directories
1844.04USHSThu Apr 14 1988ms-dos services
1845.012GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Apr 14 1988NAG me, Please!
1846.01TPOSFri Apr 15 1988panic:remrq
1847.01TPOSFri Apr 15 1988Mail can't send to UPPERCASE user ?
1848.04GRANMA::FPRUSSFri Apr 15 1988UNIX, Tapes, Disk Packs & Operators
1849.0KERNEL::TBOOKERFri Apr 15 1988Eee, when a wer a lad.
1850.03CUZCO::SANZFri Apr 15 1988dbx & fork
1851.09FSTVAX::GALLOFri Apr 15 1988Raw vs. Cooked
1852.01AIAG::BRENNANFri Apr 15 1988grep -l3 foo bar
1853.013RHETT::GRIFFINFri Apr 15 1988uerf vs. /usr/adm/messages
1854.03HSKMon Apr 18 1988Porting from SystemV (HP) ?
1855.01SUOSW2::THUMMMon Apr 18 1988How to order server kit?
1856.02TYRANT::SZEMPLINSKIMon Apr 18 1988Compliancy white paper.
1857.01NCVAX1::WEBSTERMon Apr 18 1988Ultrix and R/M Cobol ??!!
1858.02CHOVAX::BONINIMon Apr 18 1988Education ULTRIX/Worksystems opportunity.
1859.04KYOA::YUNGMon Apr 18 1988Sys V vs. Ultrix V2.2
1860.03POBOX::ANDERSONMTue Apr 19 1988DECnet-Ultrix as a routing node?
1861.02NEWVAX::WILDYTue Apr 19 1988MAC to VAX runninig ULTRIX
1862.01USHSTue Apr 19 1988differences
1863.0GUIDUK::BERKUNTue Apr 19 1988ARCNET and Banyon
1864.08SICVAX::TIMMINSWed Apr 20 1988Assembler Speedups in Ultrix?
1865.02AIAG::CARIFIOWed Apr 20 1988searching for indexed files on ultrix
1866.0SMURF::CRANSTONWed Apr 20 1988System Availability & Maintainability
1867.01KIM::AVOLIOWed Apr 20 1988LPV16 loosing data
1868.09THEBAY::WOODRIWed Apr 20 1988"Text table full" - not deallocating?
1869.01LABC::FRIEDMANWed Apr 20 1988Non-C Routines
1870.0MDVAX1::TATUMWed Apr 20 1988ULTRIX vs Cisco DDN Gateway
1871.0BRDWLK::KELLEYThu Apr 21 1988AT&T on "UNIX Standards"
1872.02THEBAY::WOODRIThu Apr 21 1988Ultrix networked into SNA Heirarchy?
1873.03TLSEFri Apr 22 1988GNU-Emacs,Scheme,Emacs-Lisp wanted
1874.03CUZCO::SANZFri Apr 22 1988How many locks?
1875.02GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Apr 22 1988ultrix-decnet notesfile?
1876.07RTOEU::AHEINMon Apr 25 1988multiprocessing systems with UNIX ?
1877.06CIMAMT::KELLYMon Apr 25 1988GPX with la5
1878.06RANCHO::HOLTMon Apr 25 1988J1 jumper on RD54 drives...?
1879.0TPOVWed Apr 27 1988Ultrix presentation ?
1880.05DSSDEV::CHANWed Apr 27 1988Question on pipes
1881.04CSSAUS::MOSSThu Apr 28 1988
1883.01GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Apr 28 1988S+ under Ultrix
1884.05PBSVAX::DOUCETTEThu Apr 28 1988SYS$CRETVA -> brk(2)?
1885.04PBSVAX::DOUCETTEThu Apr 28 1988SYS$CRMPSC -> mmap(2)?
1886.011PBSVAX::DOUCETTEThu Apr 28 1988LIB$FIND_IMAGE_SYMBOL -> "% ld -A ..."?
1887.02LABC::FRIEDMANFri Apr 29 1988tty numbering
1888.06CHOVAX::BONINIFri Apr 29 1988sources for unsupported csh?
1889.03LABC::FRIEDMANFri Apr 29 1988Deadlock
1890.0THEBAY::WOODRIFri Apr 29 1988Transaction Processing Performance
1891.04MDRA4::SANZTue May 03 1988Limit in msgsnd
1892.03RANCHO::JENSENTue May 03 1988Usenix Institutional Member?
1894.013PBSVAX::DOUCETTETue May 03 1988I/O & paging on Ultrix vs. VMS
1895.05CSOA1::SANDERSONTue May 03 1988VAX FORTRAN for ULTRIX kit
1896.01TOOK::MICHAUDTue May 03 1988stat(2) st_gennum - file generation number
1897.03WINERY::ROSETue May 03 1988Uucp on null modem cable in V2.2
1898.01TOOK::MICHAUDTue May 03 1988DEC Stock Quote
1899.04GUIDUK::BERKUNWed May 04 1988Console Port on GPX?
1900.011STKHLM::LINNELLThu May 05 1988Patching away inconsistencies in the file system
1901.01HGOM16::TONGHOMANThu May 05 1988Ultrix installation problem
1903.0SMURF::PRINDLEFri May 06 1988Polarstar 882
1904.04SMURF::PETERBAKERFri May 06 1988HELP: Customer Requirements for Quick Reference
1905.01ELWOOD::WARNERFri May 06 1988dd question
1906.01JULIET::HATTRUP_JAFri May 06 1988UWS, ULTRIX, and VMS License policy
1907.04CSOA1::HILLMon May 09 1988TN327
1908.06SKYLRK::GONZALESMon May 09 1988Large Virtual Address Space per User Process???
1910.09CUZCO::SANZTue May 10 1988"WHO" from C program
1911.01DIXIE1::WESTCLTue May 10 1988Outdial/Term Server problem
1912.01XNOGOV::JCHTue May 10 1988NFS and unix-domain sockets
1913.07KERNEL::TBOOKERTue May 10 1988With a link link here ...
1914.01RANCHO::JENSENTue May 10 1988CI inquiry
1915.05ULTRA::ELLISTue May 10 1988doconfig kills DECNET?
1916.01CUZCO::SANZWed May 11 1988Clone TK5
1917.06COOKIE::ROLLOWWed May 11 1988The Configuration File.
1918.0COOKIE::ROLLOWWed May 11 1988mkproto(8)
1919.0TPOVWed May 11 1988API ???
1920.01SMURF::TIMThu May 12 1988tty reference paper available
1921.0WATNEY::P_SCHMITTThu May 12 1988Help Wanted in Colorado Springs
1922.01MUNICH::MARSHALLFri May 13 1988Dimension table overflow with C
1923.013IMBUSY::KILLIANFri May 13 1988'SHARABLE IMAGE' equivalent under ULTRIX?
1924.02AIAG::BRENNANFri May 13 1988How do I find phys mem and cpu type?
1925.02VNASWS::HAUSBMon May 16 1988bk(4) ???
1926.02KYOA::NEWMANMon May 16 1988C2 security under Ultrix
1927.0MANTue May 17 1988Crash ! (named Pipes & NFS)
1928.0TAVTue May 17 1988pc3 problem; NFS curiosity... (ver 2.2)
1929.0AIAG::BRENNANTue May 17 1988lost mail & moving /usr/spool/mail
1930.01STEREO::COUTUREWed May 18 1988looking for images
1931.07CHOVAX::BONINIWed May 18 1988Confused over OSF support for AIX
1932.01DPDMAI::PARKERDCWed May 18 1988Porting System V to Ultr
1933.01KBOMFG::POSTWed May 18 1988Need help ... Please
1934.0KIM::YANCONEWed May 18 1988Security & Precedence Options in IP Header
1935.02LISVAX::MARQUESWed May 18 1988Nroff and escape sequences
1936.03POBOX::SINGHWed May 18 1988Is ULTRIX OSF compliant?
1937.02CHAPLN::ANDERSONWed May 18 1988LAT devices not created
1938.04PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANWed May 18 1988Crash on VS35
1939.01THEBAY::WOODRIWed May 18 1988Network Kits?
1940.02CUZCO::SANZThu May 19 1988fgets() does not work
1941.02COOKIE::WAHLThu May 19 1988Unix Patch Utility
1942.0ULTRA::WRAYThu May 19 1988LEX gives segmentation fault
1943.01WINERY::ROSEThu May 19 1988Performance of emacs shell buffers
1944.011GRANMA::FPRUSSThu May 19 1988ULTRIX 'clusters'?
1945.01GRANMA::FPRUSSThu May 19 1988Boot from remote tape? who does this?
1946.01TPOSFri May 20 1988A dbx problem/limitation ?
1947.04TPOSFri May 20 1988a pstat -s question
1948.01PRCSWS::JIMMYCHANFri May 20 1988Fortran 77 on WS V1.1?
1949.0WELSWS::TREVENNORFri May 20 1988Lets put it all together.
1950.02GLORY::GRAEFFFri May 20 1988ULTRIX,POSIX,VMS,OSF...where's it all leading?
1951.09GRANMA::FPRUSSFri May 20 1988'standard' UNIX commands?
1952.02NANUCK::KERNSFri May 20 1988Where is TELNET?
1953.05EDFVZFri May 20 1988Help, Disk Fragmentation
1954.02COOKIE::KITTELLSat May 21 1988dbx - where of alternate stacks
1955.03TAVMon May 23 1988GKS examples needed (init function, escape func...)
1956.02KERNEL::TBOOKERMon May 23 1988VCB
1957.03MALLET::MARTYNMon May 23 1988Shared Memory Values
1958.05CUZCO::SANZTue May 24 1988Announcing the system
1959.03CUZCO::SANZTue May 24 1988system crash in V2.2
1961.06DYO78Tue May 24 1988Do we support RDIST???
1962.05DYO78Tue May 24 1988dlogin problem to VMS
1963.012EDFVZTue May 24 1988Why, what, and where of Yellow Pages
1964.01KYOA::NEWMANTue May 24 1988RV2
1965.01STKHLM::LAJIWed May 25 1988Cobol Compiler?
1966.03MEO78B::LANDSBERGWed May 25 1988TCP/IP over sync and ethernet ?
1967.02KERNEL::TBOOKERWed May 25 1988telnet: connect: connection refused
1968.04FLYSQD::FERJULIANWed May 25 1988I don't have ultrix..
1969.02VNDC99::SYSTEMWed May 25 1988xterm errors?!!
1970.03LABC::FRIEDMANWed May 25 1988BBR
1971.022Thu May 26 1988Remote error logging
1972.012RANCHO::HACKThu May 26 1988Quotable Quote - All-in-1/ULTRIX
1973.03CHEESE::WHITLOCKFri May 27 1988UWS V1.1 Problem
1974.0MUNICH::MARSHALLFri May 27 1988Diskless client hangs when booting
1975.06KERNEL::TBOOKERFri May 27 1988rwho & Sun swamps
1976.0LDYBUG::JONESFri May 27 1988Device Driver for the KWV11-C
1977.0TOOK::MICHAUDSun May 29 1988Mixed options NFS Exporting
1978.05CUZCO::SANZMon May 30 1988URGENT! libGKS2b.a disappear!
1979.06KIRKWD::FRIEDMANMon May 30 1988wakeup
1980.01TPOVTue May 31 1988copies of kits
1981.01MANTue May 31 1988X11R2 / Xqdss hangs Ultrix V2.2
1982.09CUZCO::SANZTue May 31 1988Indexed access
1983.02KERNEL::TBOOKERTue May 31 1988V2.
1984.0CURIE::RUSSESTue May 31 1988switching from X1
1985.06CIMAMT::KELLYTue May 31 1988Shell variables in the csh()
1986.07GRANMA::FPRUSSTue May 31 1988Develope 87
1987.01KERNEL::TBOOKERWed Jun 01 1988qe: non existant mem interupt
1988.07KERNEL::TBOOKERWed Jun 01 19883
1989.04EDFVZWed Jun 01 1988DECnet Task to Task
1990.03CUJO::CARLBWed Jun 01 1988OLTP development experience
1991.0TPOSWed Jun 01 198883
1992.05GRANMA::FPRUSSWed Jun 01 1988Novice swap questions
1993.05TENNIS::KAMThu Jun 02 1988Kapukai Ultrix Product
1994.04CIMAMT::MILLIGANThu Jun 02 1988dump can't access /dev/rmt
1995.08TPOSMon Jun 06 1988Ultrix freezes cpu bound process ?
1996.04OSL1Tue Jun 07 1988VAXBI/Ultrix Performance data?
1997.0BOEHM::REILLYTue Jun 07 1988WARNING - disk corruption with Patches from PERNOD::
1998.016COOKIE::ROLLOWTue Jun 07 1988Sample monitor(8) program.
1999.02XNOGOV::JCHWed Jun 08 1988sendmsg, recvmsg and access rights
2000.01POTARU::COUPALThu Jun 09 1988Q-Office any good lately ?
2001.01CHOVAX::BONINIThu Jun 09 1988DECnet for 2.4?
2002.05OKYAH::ARDLEYThu Jun 09 1988ULTRIX Backup Methods
2003.01GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Jun 09 1988SHERPA on Ultrix?
2004.03GRANMA::FPRUSSThu Jun 09 1988NBI - ISI - TRFS v.s. NFS?
2005.03TPOVFri Jun 10 19881
2006.01HSKFri Jun 10 1988hosts.equiv & .rhosts problems
2007.03TPOVFri Jun 10 1988vs. System V in detail needed !
2008.07CHOVAX::BONINIFri Jun 10 1988tip on 2.4
2009.010AQUA::ADILETTAFri Jun 10 19882.2 modem control
2010.05KIM::AVOLIOFri Jun 10 1988Some questions re: LAT and HSC
2011.03KIM::AVOLIOFri Jun 10 1988PRINTCAP Help Sought
2012.02WATNEY::P_SCHMITTFri Jun 10 1988rebooting a 75
2013.0THEBAY::WOODRIFri Jun 10 1988New newspaper: "Unix Today!"
2014.04TPOVMon Jun 13 1988net_mgt_on_Vms&Ultrix
2015.02KERNEL::TBOOKERMon Jun 13 1988Disk thruput. Some no.s please.
2016.01DELNI::AUGUNMon Jun 13 1988Announcing DECnet/SNA ULTRIX 327
2017.05THEBAY::WOODRIMon Jun 13 1988Unix and Humor (is that redundant?)
2018.02MALLET::MARTYNTue Jun 14 1988DMS Error message
2019.02WELSWS::TREVENNORTue Jun 14 19882.4 details on line?
2021.01DOURO::PRAMOSTue Jun 14 1988PHILON FAST/BASIC-M compiler - URGENT...
2022.09DSSDEV::BROWNTue Jun 14 1988dbx: fatal error/internal error
2023.04DSSDEV::BROWNTue Jun 14 1988setenv/unsetenv questions
2024.02GRANMA::FPRUSSWed Jun 15 1988ULTRIX + VAXcluster, one SC
2026.0BOEHM::REILLYWed Jun 15 1988lock files or flock
2027.02THEBAY::WOODRIWed Jun 15 1988VMS/RSM (Remote System Manager) to Ultrix?
2028.0THEBAY::WOODRIWed Jun 15 1988Bad restore(8) from zap incrementals
2029.0GRANMA::FPRUSSWed Jun 15 1988_HOW_ many tapes?
2030.02CSCMA::ELKINSThu Jun 16 1988Resuming execution of core files?
2031.01TAVThu Jun 16 1988remote printing from VMS to ULTRIX
2032.0TAVThu Jun 16 1988serial ports not responding !!!
2033.0HILLST::KHALLThu Jun 16 1988Universal Viral Simulator
2034.0AHTOE::HEINEYThu Jun 16 1988Need LN
2035.0KERNEL::TBOOKERThu Jun 16 1988No xterm to log in to.
2036.0KIM::RICEThu Jun 16 1988virtual questions
2037.01SMURF::TIMThu Jun 16 1988Input from modem users
2038.0WINERY::THOMASFri Jun 17 1988This conference is now Archived!!!