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Conference smurf::ase

Created:Thu Jul 29 1993
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2114
Total number of notes:7347
Number with bodies:1056
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1.0SMURF::SHIDERLYTue Aug 10 1993Conference Introduction
2.05SMURF::SHIDERLYTue Aug 10 1993Resources
3.0+80SMURF::SHIDERLYTue Aug 10 1993Participant Introductions
4.01SMURF::SHIDERLYTue Aug 10 1993Kit Announcements
5.06SMURF::SHIDERLYTue Aug 10 1993Feature/Enhancement Requests
6.0+14SMURF::SHIDERLYTue Aug 10 1993Customer References
7.01--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 21 1995ASE & TruCluster Status
8.0SMURF::SHIDERLYTue Aug 10 1993Reserved
9.0SMURF::SHIDERLYTue Aug 10 1993Reserved
10.0SMURF::SHIDERLYTue Aug 10 1993Reserved
11.0WARNUT::GALLACHERMTue Aug 17 1993Comments on Encore ???
12.03MEOCWed Aug 25 1993release date?
13.01MEOCMon Aug 30 1993ASE-a bit of detail
14.04RIXRAX::jptMon Aug 30 1993DECwatchdog/Autopilot & ASE - message ???
15.02LARVAE::TIMMIS_JTue Sep 14 1993ASE on UNIX File System (UFS)?
16.04STKHLM::HALLINThu Sep 16 19934 ethernt cards ??
17.010GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Sep 17 1993cable?
18.010KETJE::BEYENSMon Sep 20 1993monitor multiple ethernet interfaces?
19.02WARNUT::GALLACHERMMon Sep 20 1993PID & DOCS ???
20.03SMURF::LONGOMon Sep 20 1993Availability Requirements
21.02WARNUT::GALLACHERMWed Sep 22 1993Memory Channel Stretch ?
22.05CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Sep 22 1993multiple internet addresses?
23.01--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 22 1993Trying to understand AES
24.01QCAVThu Sep 23 1993Where are the kits ?
25.03PRSSUD::DIGNEThu Sep 23 1993Will FDDI based configuration be supported ?
26.07MEOCTue Sep 28 1993service interruption, FWD for >2 nodes ?
27.06ROMWed Sep 29 1993Reliable PC file servers
28.03NVSD6::DAMOULAKISWed Sep 29 1993ASE and RAID??
29.08MSE1::PCOTEFri Oct 01 1993ASE / Clusters
30.02VELENO::ZAGOMon Oct 04 19933 nodes ASE
31.05TAVTue Oct 05 1993fail-detection time
32.08BIGUN::WATSONMon Oct 11 1993ASE Support for DEC 7
33.07PRSSUD::PELIKSThu Oct 14 19933 ASE NFS servers, and only 1 ASE slave ?
34.02SMURF::YELGINThu Oct 14 1993SPD - Preliminary Draft
35.01ANNECY::CHABORD_DTue Oct 19 1993How to use the backup system ?
36.020THEBAY::CHABANEDWed Oct 20 1993High Availability Mail system
37.05LAPO::CERVINIThu Oct 21 1993Help on a configuration
38.010THEBAY::CHABANEDThu Oct 21 1993Performance overhead?
39.02STKHLM::HALLINFri Oct 22 1993Third party controller ??
40.03EURHEP::BROWNFri Oct 22 19936 questions on HSM, HSZ, SZ2
41.03SMURF::LARRYFri Oct 22 1993Need help about ASE assertion ...
42.02HGOVC::JOELBERMANSun Oct 24 1993Shared SCSI problem?
43.02BIGUN::WATSONSun Oct 24 1993Ethernet Failover ?
44.01ZPOVC::MUICHOOTue Oct 26 1993Optical device supported ?
45.06LARVAE::GRAYTue Oct 26 1993UK Met Office Requirement
46.01ANNECY::MAIGRET_YTue Oct 26 1993Error Alert Script
47.02LARVAE::WYLIE_HTue Oct 26 1993AFS info
48.01LARVAE::GRAYTue Oct 26 1993ASE and power failure?
49.03LARVAE::GRAYThu Nov 04 1993Watchdog vs ASE?
50.05HAMSUP::MEIERMon Nov 08 1993ASE kernel can't probe SCSI on boot and crashes!
51.01QCAVThu Nov 11 1993Help required on ASE user docs!!!
52.09PRIME8::VAUGHNSat Nov 13 1993More RAID help...
53.0ERFARE::SDTue Nov 16 1993ASE How flexible???
54.01MDCRAB::RICHMONDTue Nov 16 1993Some Comments on User Guide
55.04OSLACT::BJORNAUThu Nov 18 1993Why is not DEC 3
56.01FROCKY::LUDWIGFri Nov 19 1993how to get max. % avail.?
57.07RT95::CASAGRANDEFri Nov 19 1993Failaover response time: better or worse than a VMS Cluster
58.01FIRMon Nov 22 1993Physical disks access
59.01ZPOVC::HANTIONGWed Nov 24 1993DECsave available server and RAID for DEC2
60.04ESSB::BREEWed Nov 24 1993prices/part numbers for osf/1 axp
61.05DELSWed Nov 24 1993Parallel Server & ASE?
62.05SAC::MAGUIRE_GThu Nov 25 1993OSF/1 V2.
63.01GOYA::JULIANRMon Nov 29 19934
64.01ARRODS::NADERMon Nov 29 1993Before ULTRIX dies...
65.06ORO5Tue Nov 30 1993What does a customer need ???
66.03ZPOVC::COLINTONGWed Dec 01 1993Revisit DEC 3
67.0MERIDN::BERNIERWed Dec 01 1993Mixing Alpha AXP systems in a DECsafe ASE environment
68.01SMARIO::DAVIDSONWed Dec 08 1993real time & ase?
69.04KETJE::SYBERTZThu Dec 09 1993ASE V1.
70.02KETJE::SYBERTZThu Dec 09 1993ASE V1.
71.01GUCCI::JCONNORSThu Dec 09 1993Diskless
72.02CHOVAX::POALETTIFri Dec 10 1993can one mix systems?
73.014KETJE::SYBERTZWed Dec 15 1993ASE V1.
74.05MLNORO::CAROSIWed Dec 15 1993OSF/1, DECsafe ASE, SZ2
75.02KETJE::SYBERTZWed Dec 15 1993ASE V1.
76.01KETJE::SYBERTZWed Dec 15 1993ASE V1.
77.02KETJE::SYBERTZWed Dec 15 1993ASE V1.
78.02KETJE::SYBERTZWed Dec 15 1993ASE V1.
79.02KETJE::SYBERTZWed Dec 15 1993ASE V1.
80.07CHOVAX::POALETTIWed Dec 15 1993MTA system & ASE - please help
81.03KETJE::SYBERTZTue Dec 21 1993ASE V1.
82.0SMURF::LARRYTue Dec 21 1993FT2 kit is now available
83.0KETJE::SYBERTZWed Dec 22 1993ASE V1.
84.02KETJE::SYBERTZWed Dec 22 1993ASE V1.
85.0QCAVThu Dec 23 1993Any info on FUSION?
86.0KETJE::SYBERTZThu Dec 23 1993ASE V1.
87.02KETJE::SYBERTZThu Dec 23 1993ASE V1.
88.03KETJE::SYBERTZThu Dec 23 1993ASE V1.
89.07KETJE::SYBERTZThu Dec 23 1993ASE and LSM mirroring and hot swapping on a BA35
90.03QCAVTue Dec 28 1993Internal BA35
91.04TAEC::BOSSARDThu Dec 30 1993How can I use ASE ?
92.02KETJE::SYBERTZThu Dec 30 1993Success Story
93.02CSOA1::ECKThu Dec 30 1993Pricing?
94.0SMURF::YELGINMon Jan 03 1994Laser EFT Sites
95.01SCAACT::COTTRELLTue Jan 04 1994ASE in a TP Environment (TANDEM Guardian)
96.04KENT::KENTWed Jan 05 1994Preliminary SOC entry. Ignore ## signs.
97.01BPSOF::BPPC5Fri Jan 07 1994DEC 7
98.01ODIXIE::MURDOCKMon Jan 10 1994FRS & $$... when...?!!?
99.03BLGTue Jan 11 1994SZ2
100.01GUIDUK::KANGTue Jan 11 1994StorageWorks RW5
101.01NWDThu Jan 13 1994Does the Oracle Lock Manager Work
102.01TPOVC::ALLENCHENFri Jan 14 1994Integrated test of LSM, DECsafe ASE & POLYCENTER AFS
103.04ODIXIE::MURDOCKMon Jan 17 1994ASE+DSO
104.01FROCKY::TEICHERTTue Jan 18 1994ASE multi-node environment >=3 ?
105.04ZPOVC::DAIVWed Jan 19 1994ASE Support for DEC 3
106.01TAEC::BOSSARDWed Jan 19 1994Data replication ?
107.09TAEC::BOSSARDWed Jan 19 1994DECsafe over the WAN ?
108.01DELSThu Jan 20 19944
109.01KETJE::BEYENSThu Jan 20 1994LSM mirror sets and failover in ASE
110.03KETJE::BEYENSFri Jan 21 1994Multiple networks and ASE
111.02BPSOF::VITYIFri Jan 21 1994Network bridge failure
112.02NANTES::PAYNEMon Jan 24 1994X.25 network service
113.02MIMS::PORTER_PTue Jan 25 1994SW license failover??
114.06EVOCDG::MHAMDITue Jan 25 1994Reboot & I/O Rates ?
115.04TAEC::BOSSARDWed Jan 26 1994How to use DWZZA in an ASE configuration ?
116.06KETJE::SYBERTZWed Jan 26 1994ASE V1.
117.01GLDOA::BSTEVENSSat Jan 29 1994Services for DECsafe
118.0SMURF::YELGINSat Jan 29 1994V1.
119.04SMAC1Thu Feb 03 1994SABLE support?
120.04SMARIO::DAVIDSONThu Feb 03 1994nfs locks
121.02KAAKAA::SEPPIThu Feb 03 1994Packaged ASE systems?
122.01RAISSA::CERIOLIFri Feb 04 1994Any plan to support IPI onf future releases?
123.04KETJE::SYBERTZFri Feb 04 1994ASE & long distance : any plan for the future ...
124.01ANNECY::BULTETue Feb 08 1994Use of the two PMAZC bus ?
125.07MR4DEC::JZEMCIKWed Feb 09 1994reboot question
126.02POCUS::HUSTONFri Feb 11 1994SUN developer wants to help
127.01LARVAE::GRAYTue Feb 15 1994ASE fail over mecahisms?
128.02OTOUWed Feb 16 1994failover estimates with a D.B....?
129.05KETJE::HAESAERTSWed Feb 16 1994UPS & DECsafe ??
130.01STKAI2::SWE249::aandrenFri Feb 18 1994Looking for DECsafe/LSM training
131.012KETJE::SYBERTZTue Feb 22 1994Pathworks V5.
132.02ANNECY::CHALANDTue Feb 22 1994Use DECsafe with a dual ethernet configuration
133.04AMCCXN::VOSSTue Feb 22 1994Latest kit?
134.03ROMEOS::SMALE_JOWed Feb 23 1994decsafe w/client server app.
135.01CRONIC::ANTROBUSThu Feb 24 1994Can't access documentation
136.02TRUCKS::DAVENPORT_DThu Feb 24 1994High Availability X4
137.01ALFAM7::STREPPELFri Feb 25 1994mirroring on different controllers?
138.01TLSESun Feb 27 1994ASE and Logical Storage Manager license
139.05MEOCMon Feb 28 1994Can DWZZA-VA version be used for disks?
140.01WASHDC::SARASINWed Mar 02 1994ASE and LSM-ADVFS interaction
141.05HGOVC::STEPHENLUIWed Mar 02 1994ASE support DEC 4
142.01BROUGH::DAVIESWed Mar 02 1994ASE+Token Ring & Futures
143.02STKHLM::SWE366::HALLINWed Mar 02 1994JUKEBOX and ASE ??
144.01RT95::TEDESCOWed Mar 02 1994KZTSA support with ASE?
145.04AMCCXN::VOSSMon Mar 07 1994PMAZB supported?
146.01NEWPRT::MOREH_JAWed Mar 09 1994"Basic questions"
147.01NEWPRT::MOREH_JAThu Mar 10 1994"Configuration sanity"
148.05PRSSUD::PELIKSFri Mar 11 1994What happens if the connection is broken here ?
149.02SUOIS2::RGRAFFri Mar 11 19943 nodes, 2 SCSI busses, 2 storage boxes
150.0KETJE::SYBERTZMon Mar 14 1994FYI: Customer feedback on HP failover solution ...
151.02PRSSUD::PELIKSMon Mar 14 1994ASE NFS Failover using the prestoserve ?
152.01PRSSUD::PELIKSMon Mar 14 1994NFS stateless, but lockd and mountd ???
153.02SMARIO::DAVIDSONTue Mar 15 1994disk, scsi, cluster, lock manager?
154.02NEWPRT::MOREH_JATue Mar 15 1994"KZSMA vs. SHZ4
155.01AEOENG::CORNU_BWed Mar 16 1994Hardware maintenance and KZMSA questions
156.010KETJE::SYBERTZThu Mar 17 1994ASE + Pathwork : first test is negative
157.0SMURF::YELGINThu Mar 17 1994Pelican Servers - How to do it
158.02ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROThu Mar 17 1994More tech info on reflective memory
159.01BREAKR::HAMon Mar 21 1994failover or mirroring for Alpha PCs?
160.04DELSMon Mar 21 1994I need help (ASE kit's)
161.03WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Mar 22 1994scsi cam errors ?
162.02SUOSWS::HARDTThu Mar 24 1994Sable vs. 7
163.01GLDOA::GSORENSENFri Mar 25 1994Support for DFS?
164.01RCOCER::SALEHIFri Mar 25 1994Are disks sharable by 3 cpus?
165.01RCOCER::SALEHISun Mar 27 1994ase on a pci based system
166.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERSun Mar 27 1994SPD doesn't list DEC 7
167.01BIGUN::COLNAG::watsonSun Mar 27 1994DECnet/OSI support in ASE ?
168.02UPROAR::MURNAGHANTMon Mar 28 1994DECsafe and DECathena ?
170.01NANTES::PAYNEThu Mar 31 1994Application failover ?
171.02POCUS::MADDUXThu Mar 31 1994alias causes problems
172.05ATHINA::KANATASFri Apr 01 1994Concurrently Active Servers (ASE)
173.02MQOSWS::M_HUELMon Apr 04 1994DECsafe ASE for OSF/1 and Realtime Kernel
174.03STKHLM::SWE366::HALLINTue Apr 12 1994ASE for 7
175.01COLTue Apr 12 1994will 7
176.03KETJE::SYBERTZThu Apr 14 1994System disks on a shared SCSI bus ?
177.01KETJE::SYBERTZMon Apr 18 1994Tri-links connectors questions
178.01MQOSWS::CHOLMSKYTue Apr 19 1994where is ASE User Guide?
179.04COPCLU::GREGWed Apr 20 1994ASE/NFS Question
180.07ANNECY::ADAMThu Apr 21 1994Removing ethernet with DISK service
181.02ANNECY::ADAMThu Apr 21 1994behaviour with SCSI cable removed
182.01MXOVThu Apr 21 1994Will ASE support HSC's?
183.01AEOENG::CHALANDFri Apr 22 1994How to avoid a service to be temporary activated ?
184.01AEOENG::CHALANDFri Apr 22 1994Questions on scripts
185.02TKTVFS::HASEGAWASun Apr 24 1994DEC3
186.01LABC::RUWed Apr 27 1994Hardware question.
187.01MDCRAB::RICHMONDWed Apr 27 1994tuxedo, sybase, ase, advfs, lsm ?
188.03VNABRW::ZBORAY_FThu Apr 28 1994ASE vs. Informix Client/Server
189.01MIMS::PORTER_PFri Apr 29 1994HSZ4
190.01DELSMon May 02 1994DEC 4
191.01CALVIN::FOXWELLTue May 03 1994SUN/FUSION configurations?
192.09SMURF::YELGINTue May 03 1994Sable Configuration Example
193.08WASHDC::SARASINTue May 03 1994Deleting a ADVFS service on a logical Volume.
194.0SUOIS4::RGRAFWed May 04 1994How to configure second ASE server ???
195.02VELENO::MICHIELIThu May 05 1994Three SCSI tapes. Question.
196.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODThu May 05 1994Manual switching with ASE hardware?
197.04WASHDC::SARASINFri May 06 1994automounter and ASE
198.06ISTWI1::OZILMon May 09 1994SABLE + SAFE + RAID
199.01BIGUN::COLNAG::watsonWed May 11 19947
200.0SMURF::YELGINFri May 13 1994DEC 7
201.01SNOCSat May 14 1994A valid config?
202.01SMARIO::DAVIDSONMon May 23 1994DEC 2
203.04LUXTue May 24 1994ASE working without hostname ?
204.01ESSB::BREEThu May 26 1994support for SCSI in Sable
205.01TKOV51::INMARUFri May 27 1994Support Bridge/Router connection?
206.03DECLNE::PEACOCKFri May 27 1994Raid Array 21
207.01WARS::JERZYNSKITue May 31 1994Net split - What happens then?
208.01BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVEWed Jun 01 1994Campus ASE ?
209.05MSAMThu Jun 02 1994Sable 21
210.02AMCCXN::VOSSThu Jun 02 1994Help with "database"??
211.01POBOX::SACHSFri Jun 03 1994Consistent passwd files for login service?
212.01SSUPD::SIMONATOTue Jun 07 1994HW questions
213.01MIMS::POWERS_PTue Jun 07 1994KZASA/DECSAFE/DEC46xx/47xx??
214.01PRSSUD::PELIKSWed Jun 08 1994Ca What happens when the slave NFS server goes down ?
215.0BRUMMY::CARTERRWed Jun 08 1994Dive, dive, dive...
216.0KETJE::SYBERTZThu Jun 09 1994ASE & LSM : some integration problems ...
217.04SMURF::YELGINThu Jun 09 1994RZ28B Rev
218.04PRIME8::VAUGHNThu Jun 09 1994Sable, HSZ4
219.02WARS::JERZYNSKIFri Jun 10 1994Licences - problem
220.01WARS::JERZYNSKIFri Jun 10 1994Coming back online problem
221.01WARS::JERZYNSKIFri Jun 10 1994Back-door access problem
222.04PRIME8::VAUGHNFri Jun 10 1994Fail-detection time revisited
223.0WARS::JERZYNSKIMon Jun 13 1994THX !
224.01RCOCER::ROLANDRMon Jun 13 1994HA Feature Questions...
225.05ATHINA::KANATASThu Jun 16 1994Mirroring with ASE & LSM
226.02BPSOF::VITYIThu Jun 16 1994DEC 7
227.04TKOVOA::OHKI_YMon Jun 20 1994ASE's version up
228.011RCOCER::ROLANDRTue Jun 21 1994KZPSA Delayed?!
229.01ISTWI1::OZILTue Jun 21 1994SABLE and ASE with 4
230.0TROOA::MSCHNEIDERTue Jun 21 1994ASE demo site?
231.07STKHLM::SWE366::HALLINWed Jun 22 1994reference sites ??
232.01RHETT::JOHNSONWed Jun 22 1994/sbin/rc3.d/..aseam hangs
233.02KETJE::SYBERTZThu Jun 23 1994Ethernet terminator unplugged -> ASE crash ...
234.01HGODCS::DONWONGFri Jun 24 1994RAID Array 11
235.05CERN::BOTHNERFri Jun 24 1994Support for 3
236.01IJSAPL::ESSERTue Jun 28 1994Linkworks (lnx) and ASE
237.03SUOSWS::HARDTTue Jun 28 1994ORACLE vs. Rdb
238.02SMURF::YELGINTue Jun 28 1994ASE V1.
239.01SMURF::YELGINTue Jun 28 1994ASE V1.1 Draft SPD
240.0SMURF::YELGINTue Jun 28 1994ASE Rollout Info
241.01DECLNE::PEACOCKWed Jun 29 1994Customer Hkit?
242.05COPCLU::GREGThu Jun 30 1994Available server vs. Switchover-UX
243.01AMCMKO::BEAUThu Jun 30 1994Beginner's questions on ASE/LSM : visibility of resources, shutdown hangs
244.02LAIDBK::MATTHEWS_TIThu Jun 30 1994DECsafe and Shadowing: Data Loss?
246.0SMURF::LARRYFri Jul 01 1994Important DWZZA restriction with 7
247.04BACHUS::DEVOSTue Jul 05 1994YP and BIND not supported for naming a service.
248.01WARS::JERZYNSKIWed Jul 06 1994Terminator bus length >
249.02WARS::JERZYNSKIThu Jul 07 1994SCSI stub ?
250.01OTOUFri Jul 08 1994Disk question...system?
251.01HGODCS::DONWONGMon Jul 11 1994AdvantageCluster Available Server config?
252.012EVTISA::ES_DEGELASWed Jul 13 1994DECsafe, advfs and quotas
253.01BAHTAT::SCATTERGOODWed Jul 13 1994Tri-Link hardware and warm swap questions
254.02ATHINA::KARVOUNIS_AFri Jul 15 1994Micropolis Drive Compatibility with ASE
255.03CRLVMS::WOJCIKMon Jul 18 1994PMAZC - what is it, really?
256.04ISIDRO::MAMORENOFri Jul 22 1994High Availab. with DWX
257.0AEOENG::CHALANDFri Jul 22 1994Recover pb with mirrored LSM volumes ( note cross-posted in LSM notesfile)
258.01OTOUTue Jul 26 1994What makes sense now to move into next year...?
259.09COPCLU::GREGTue Jul 26 1994ASE documentation?
260.02SUOIS3::RGRAFTue Jul 26 1994ASE & SCSI bus problems
261.02SUOIS3::RGRAFTue Jul 26 1994How to relocate .....???
262.0MUTTON::LAMBTue Jul 26 1994problems restarting named and connect request
263.0FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Jul 27 1994Configuring ASE database from a script?
264.02FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Jul 27 1994Database startup order
265.0KETJE::SYBERTZWed Jul 27 1994Additional ASE support within Europe through the Watchdog Engineering group
266.01YUPPY::DDT3::CHAPMANAWed Jul 27 1994ASE Pre-requisite ?
267.07YUPPY::DDT3::CHAPMANAWed Jul 27 1994ASE/LSM config help please
268.06ATHINA::KANATASWed Jul 27 1994Unix NFS & ASE NFS
269.0MUTTON::LAMBWed Jul 27 1994Problems matching PMAZC's of different revision level
270.0FLYWAY::DUCRETFri Jul 29 1994asemgr in a script
271.07UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTMon Aug 01 1994synchronisation on shutdown ?
272.06MINNY::DOLDERTue Aug 02 1994ASE & HSZ4
273.0MXOCTue Aug 02 1994DECsafe + RAID-5 ??
274.01EEMELI::SONKERIThu Aug 04 1994AdvantageCluster configs for Sable..
275.01PRIME8::VAUGHNThu Aug 04 1994DFS again
276.08UTRTSC::SCHOLLAERTFri Aug 05 1994***Critical ASE error after install
277.05MUTTON::LAMBFri Aug 05 1994Customer would like to know how to backup shared service
278.01DEKVC::HYEONKYUPARKMon Aug 08 1994sable
279.04VAOUMon Aug 08 1994ifconfig fta
280.011SUOIS2::RGRAFTue Aug 09 1994database support under ASE ??
281.0BEJVC::JANELIThu Aug 11 1994How to do configure DEC7
283.02ANNECY::ADAMThu Aug 11 1994Attempt to remove an advfs FS
284.0KETJE::SYBERTZFri Aug 12 1994U: ASE on 7
285.0SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRMon Aug 15 1994KZTSA support?
286.01SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRMon Aug 15 1994CSS configs for 7
287.01SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRMon Aug 15 1994When will 1.
288.03SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRMon Aug 15 1994Rackmounts, DWZZA, BA35
289.01SWAM1::VELIJANIA_FRMon Aug 15 1994Versions and future of ASE
290.05BACHUS::LECLERCQThu Aug 18 1994Annoying stop script problem
291.05AEOENG::MOUTHONFri Aug 19 1994Process "aseagent" not running on the second machine
292.02IJSAPL::KRANENBURGMon Aug 22 19943-node configuration
293.03NZOMIS::ROBBINSTue Aug 23 1994Redundant HSZ4
294.02WARS::JERZYNSKIWed Aug 24 1994asekit doesn't load
295.02TRNWed Aug 24 1994PS copy of ASE 1.1 GUIDE ?
296.04TAEC::SAVYWed Aug 24 1994Automatic Service Placement
297.04WELTM1::CRIDDLEWed Aug 24 1994Can failover be triggered by an X.25 failure?
298.09ANGLIN::HITTENMILLERThu Aug 25 1994Checking valid configuration!
299.01KETJE::HAESAERTSThu Aug 25 1994DUAL QUESTION : Token Ring supported yet ? / is the ba353 supported
300.07AEOENG::CHALANDFri Aug 26 1994SCSI disconnection - failover and LSM volumes recovery problems
301.02KETJE::SYBERTZSat Aug 27 1994DEC 7
302.012OFOSSat Aug 27 1994ASE service with nopriv LSM disks
303.04SNOCMon Aug 29 1994ASE causing system crashes.
304.07AEOENG::CORNU_BMon Aug 29 1994DWZZA config with two DEC7
305.01MIMS::POWERS_PMon Aug 29 1994advantageclusters
306.0AEOENG::CORNU_BMon Aug 29 1994Request for scripts
307.0GNPIKE::ASCHERTue Aug 30 1994event_register()???
308.01WARS::KATERZAWATue Aug 30 1994How many HSZ4
309.04GNPIKE::ASCHERTue Aug 30 1994ASE and LSM mirrored disk failure
310.01COPCLU::FABRICIUSWed Aug 31 1994DECsafe for SUN???
311.0SUOIS4::RGRAFWed Aug 31 1994How to monitor ASE disks .... ?
312.02ATHINA::TSAKALOSWed Aug 31 1994RPC and GOST service
313.04EEMELI::SYVANENThu Sep 01 1994ADVfs+LSM+ASE => panic !
314.0VAXRIO::OCTAVIOThu Sep 01 1994DEC 77
315.08EEMELI::TAVIThu Sep 01 1994More HSZ4
317.01DV78Fri Sep 02 1994Help checking my understanding on ASE NFS service requested
318.0DV78Fri Sep 02 1994RAID 11
319.03KETJE::HAESAERTSMon Sep 05 1994KZPSA again, please give a rough estimation of when to expect...
320.01TAEC::SAVYMon Sep 05 1994pb with stop scripts and network failure
321.02KETJE::SYBERTZTue Sep 06 19941/7/
322.0ANNECY::CHABORD_DTue Sep 06 1994AT&T competitive info ?
323.03ZPOVC::SONGHUATTue Sep 06 1994sybase with LSM raw device ?
324.01WBCVS1::GOODENTue Sep 06 1994Need KZMSA boot rom rev F
325.01TAEC::SAVYWed Sep 07 1994stop script syntax error
326.02AEOENG::CORNU_BWed Sep 07 1994DEC7
327.04SNOCThu Sep 08 1994Innappropriate stop script.
328.0SNOCThu Sep 08 1994Script Parameter Files
329.02AEOENG::MOUTHONThu Sep 08 1994more than one service
330.02KETJE::SYBERTZThu Sep 08 1994DEC7
331.01TRNFri Sep 09 1994nfs_ifconfig from user script?
332.08AEOENG::CORNU_BFri Sep 09 1994RZ28b update
333.03SNOCFri Sep 09 1994Multiple Network Interfaces
334.0SAWA::JERZYNSKIMon Sep 12 1994RPC portmap error ?
335.0SAWA::JERZYNSKIMon Sep 12 1994rlogin stuck on client ...
336.02SAWA::JERZYNSKIMon Sep 12 1994Pull the SCSI -> member reboots ?!
337.07WBC::STASSEMon Sep 12 1994Tips on failing over an Oracle Database
338.01TRNTue Sep 13 1994ASE & oracle with raw-device
339.0SNOCWed Sep 14 19942 things: LSM & ifconfig alias
340.0TKOVOA::TANAKA_TOSWed Sep 14 1994Multiple Network I/F Switching?
341.01BRADEC::MRAVCAKWed Sep 14 1994UU: RAID set in ASE
342.04WARS::JERZYNSKIThu Sep 15 1994ASE + Pathworks ?
343.0WARS::JERZYNSKIThu Sep 15 1994ASE + 2km SCSI ?
344.0SNOCThu Sep 15 1994Strange Crashes
345.0TAEC::SAVYMon Sep 19 1994ASE, AdvFs, LSM, panic when pull SCSI
346.01SNOCMon Sep 19 1994Wishes..
347.0WOTVAX::SKIDAW::aldertonmTue Sep 20 1994Ingres considerations??
348.01BAHTAT::NIELD_DTue Sep 20 1994cpu failure ??
349.015COPCLU::GREGWed Sep 21 1994ASE node distance...
350.05DV78Thu Sep 22 1994HSM and ASE yet?
351.0FLYWAY::WALKERNFri Sep 23 1994Plex stays disabled after reboot
352.01AEOENG::CHALANDFri Sep 23 1994Pull SCSI - I/O hang and LSM plexes can't be recovered
353.01WELTM1::CRIDDLEFri Sep 23 1994Problem when 'create NFS service' fails.
354.0SNOCSun Sep 25 1994Cross Post - AdvFS Panic
355.0KETJE::BEYENSMon Sep 26 1994Number of active inodes in ASE service?
356.01KETJE::BEYENSMon Sep 26 1994duplicate node when removing advfs dmn
357.02MANTue Sep 27 1994NSR start by an ASE script fails (RPC error) !URGENT!
358.02WELTM1::CRIDDLETue Sep 27 1994What are NFS Loopback Mounts?
359.06BACHUS::DEVOSTue Sep 27 19947
360.0STUThu Sep 29 1994problems with /etc/exports.ase
361.01MINNY::DOLDERThu Sep 29 1994DECsafe ASE support for DEC7
362.01MUTTON::LAMBThu Sep 29 1994Customer wants to upgrade to OSF V3.
363.03TRNMon Oct 03 1994TKZ1
364.01FLYWAY::WALKERNMon Oct 03 1994ASE v1.1 ?
365.01TRNOIS::POLETTIMon Oct 03 1994How many (PMAZC/38
366.05TAEC::BOSSARDTue Oct 04 1994Pull SCSI -> Problems : why this silence ?
367.0SNOCTue Oct 04 1994DAISY Requirement
368.03ZURWed Oct 05 1994Still 6m SE SCSI in FAST Mode?
369.01ADO75A::SHARPEWed Oct 05 1994Fail over RAID?
370.01ROWDY::PAINTERThu Oct 06 1994ASE 1.1 - asemgr: memory fault - core dump
371.08DEKVC::HYEONKYUPARKThu Oct 06 1994ASE V1.
372.02PAPERS::CORNEThu Oct 06 1994What exactli us Target Mode addressing?
373.0PAPERS::CORNEFri Oct 07 1994Warning: HSZ1
374.06AMCCXN::VOSSMon Oct 10 1994SNA LU6.2 failover?
375.01EVOCDG::MHAMDITue Oct 11 1994OSF Clusters and Oracle // Server
376.04BAHTAT::HILTONWed Oct 12 1994Diagnostics/Data loss
377.04NAMIX::jptWed Oct 12 1994Competitive info (IBM/HACMP)
378.0ZURThu Oct 13 1994What SCSI-CAM errors are good, what are bad?
379.04ANNECY::ADAMThu Oct 13 19947
380.05VELENO::MICHIELIThu Oct 13 1994Server without shared disks?
381.03VELENO::MICHIELIThu Oct 13 1994Tapes shared like disks?
382.01AUSSIE::PARKERThu Oct 13 1994QAR database info ?
383.03KYOSS1::BOYLEFri Oct 14 1994One 1 system comes up after boot
384.01FAILTE::HUNKY::mackinnonpTue Oct 18 1994
385.01VAXSPO::MARCELOThu Oct 20 1994Decsafe with Raid
386.01BAHTAT::HILTONFri Oct 21 1994TCP/IP from failed system to 2nd controller?
387.05NLAFri Oct 21 1994Sable/ASE/HSM/TZ877/HSZ4
388.04BACHUS::DEVOSMon Oct 24 1994LSM-ADVFS-ASE-7
389.03SAC::KERRISON_GTue Oct 25 1994network fail on both systems = reboot of both?
390.01BACHUS::DEVOSTue Oct 25 1994ASE and XNTP: time synchronization
391.0BACHUS::DEVOSTue Oct 25 1994How to failover Line printer spool jobs
393.03TRNTue Oct 25 1994YAHQ: Yet Another HSZ Question
394.05KENT::KENTWed Oct 26 1994Finally, a configuration guide
395.0TRNWed Oct 26 1994DECnet OSI & DECsafe
397.01HGOVC::JOSEPHKWOKThu Oct 27 1994need help on PCI configuration
398.01AUSSIE::PARKERSun Oct 30 1994ADVFS err on /usr with ASE failover
399.01ZURMon Oct 31 1994TIMA Article about DWZZA Rev's valid for ASE V1.
400.03STKHLM::JOHANSSON_TMon Oct 31 1994How, change network interface between IP and FDDI within DECSafe and OSF/1?
401.02FIREBL::LEEDSMon Oct 31 1994Config Docs ???
402.0TKTVFS::NAGAI_KTue Nov 01 1994LSM volume name limitation ?
404.0ZPOVC::HINSIONGFri Nov 04 1994Power off disk rack-failover behavavior
405.02RHETT::JOHNSONMon Nov 07 1994LSM and ASE plex re-sync
406.02TKTVFS::NAGAI_KMon Nov 07 1994"ase_find_mapping"
407.01BACHUS::DEVOSTue Nov 08 1994How to stop pinging the network ?
408.02AUSSIE::HOODTue Nov 08 1994DCE and ASE ?
409.01DGOIS1::GUESDONTue Nov 08 1994Crash on relocation...
410.03DECIDE::MOFFITTTue Nov 08 1994Is KZASA support planned?
411.02TAKEOF::FOWLERWed Nov 09 1994Urgently seeking DECsafe experts....
412.02AUSSIE::PARKERThu Nov 10 1994relocate fails - why ?
413.02AUSSIE::GARSONThu Nov 10 1994ASE config sanity check requested
414.08OSANPO::FUJIMOTOFri Nov 11 1994State Transition?
415.04TKTVFS::NAGAI_KSat Nov 12 1994How many NFS SERVICES can i make?
416.01SALEM::HARRIS_MMon Nov 14 1994ADVfs/LSM/ASE configuration, help needed!
417.0SMURF::YELGINMon Nov 14 1994HACMP Selling Strategy
418.05BAHTAT::NIELD_DMon Nov 14 1994ASE and PC-NFS and NFS
419.02AEOENG::CHALANDTue Nov 15 1994DEC 7
420.05SALEM::HARRIS_MTue Nov 15 1994ASEmgr ADD member problem.
421.02OSLACT::BJORNAUTue Nov 15 1994Informix and DECsafe???
422.01SALEM::HARRIS_MWed Nov 16 1994ASE IP routing problem..
423.03HAMVS1::JPOSTERTThu Nov 17 1994DWZZA and Terminators
424.01FAME::MONIERThu Nov 17 1994CRITICAL - SCSI hangining on ASE due to DWZZA hw rev levels - get out the word !
425.02FLYWAY::WALKERNThu Nov 17 1994Continuous failover
426.01HGOVC::STEPHENLUIFri Nov 18 1994How's the KZPSA going ?
427.02COPCLU::GREGFri Nov 18 19943-node configuration?
428.01COMICS::PARRYMon Nov 21 1994NFS service, device busy
429.04GIDDAY::STRAHORNMon Nov 21 1994I need > 12 disks
430.03HGOM11::ALEXCHUTue Nov 22 1994EZ5x solid state disk?
431.02TAVIS::ALTERTue Nov 22 1994Network Availability
432.01BEET::GONZALEZTue Nov 22 1994Network Aliasing
433.04BBIVTue Nov 22 1994decsafe ase and RDBMS
434.0AUSSIE::PARKERWed Nov 23 1994script fails in ASE not outside
435.01ROMWed Nov 23 1994ASE and Alphastations?
436.01DELDPN::FABIOWed Nov 30 1994asking about response time
437.03NZOVWed Nov 30 1994How do you extend the timeout ?
438.02ZPOVC::COLINTONGWed Nov 30 1994No share disk
439.01UTRTSC::VELDMANThu Dec 01 1994ASE problem - size exports.ase.service file
440.01ATH853::KANATASThu Dec 01 1994DWZZA & High Availability
441.02CGOOA::BONTJEThu Dec 01 1994Can we buuild a KZPAA based manual failover for now?
442.0HAN::FISCHER_HEFri Dec 02 1994DECnet/OSI service name handling in ASE?
443.01HAN::KUNTZEMon Dec 05 1994gated with ASE members, help
444.01COPCLU::GREGTue Dec 06 1994Trilink connectors on HSZ4
445.01CSC32::COLTERTue Dec 06 1994OSF configuration problem with DEC764
446.03DECLNE::WEILERWed Dec 07 1994RAID-5/KZMSA question.
448.02WELCLU::GLEDHILLSFri Dec 09 1994Config Sanity Check Please
449.01RHETT::JOHNSONFri Dec 09 1994Need help, suspect root priv problem
450.03NZOVSat Dec 10 1994Constraint on # of disks?
451.05AUSSIE::PARKERMon Dec 12 1994fddi - unable to zero counters
452.01NBOSWS::HESSELMANNMon Dec 12 1994Is KZPSA supported in V1.2?
453.0ZURMon Dec 12 1994LSM Disks mounted on both members if network partitions with NFS service?
454.01SALEM::HARRIS_MTue Dec 13 1994771
455.02ZPOVC::DAIVWed Dec 14 1994KZPSA 2 channels/controller ?
456.03WELTM1::CRIDDLEThu Dec 15 1994What happens when a coaxial cable is broken?
457.02MUNICH::SPICKERThu Dec 15 1994Upgrade from V1.
458.01FAME::MONIERMon Dec 19 1994Prestoserve and ASE
459.0TAVTue Dec 20 1994nfs service is moved to another host even though mountd doesn't run on that host
460.01OSLACT::BJORNAUWed Dec 21 1994SW3
461.02MSDOA::HICKSTWed Dec 21 1994How does IP host address failover work?
462.0ZPOVC::DAIVWed Dec 21 1994KZPSA/ASE for AlphaServer 1
463.01NBOSWS::HESSELMANNThu Dec 22 1994how to troubleshoot user defined scripts?
464.02FIREBL::LEEDSThu Dec 22 1994ASE, HSZ4
465.03SALEM::HARRIS_MThu Dec 29 1994ASE configuration check.
466.0EWBV51::OKAMThu Dec 29 1994ase state change old =
467.01TAVThu Dec 29 1994URGENT rpc.lockd (with patch) crashes when decsafe nfs service exists
468.02QCAVMon Jan 02 1995where is ASE 1.1 Kit
469.03AEOENG::CHALANDWed Jan 04 1995How to prevent recovering from a not up-to-date LSM plex
471.01ZUREDU::MISERRAWed Jan 04 1995Standard DEC SW not 'suitable' for DECsafe ?
472.02SALEM::HARRIS_MThu Jan 05 1995ASE Failover question.
473.01ZPOVC::DAIVFri Jan 06 1995Again, KZPSA 2 channels/controller
474.01SALEM::HARRIS_MSat Jan 07 1995MFA
475.02RHETT::JOHNSONMon Jan 09 1995advice on service setup
476.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSMon Jan 09 1995No turbo channel slots available?
477.01ROMTue Jan 10 1995ASTRO and PLUTO supported?
478.0OSLACT::BJORNAUTue Jan 10 1995Draft SPD of DECSafe v1.2?
479.07IJSAPL::ESSERTue Jan 10 1995HSZ4
480.0IJSAPL::ESSERTue Jan 10 1995TurboLaser support ??
481.01WELLIN::GRAHAMWed Jan 11 1995Is the MAC address failed over ?
482.01QCAVThu Jan 12 1995Major TurboLaser+ASE win in India
483.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Jan 13 1995reflective memory channel, PCI, Oracle...
484.011QCAVFri Jan 13 1995AdvFS+LSM+ASE: comments, please?
485.03SUBURB::FABRICIUSFri Jan 13 1995Dual Alpha1
486.05TAVMon Jan 16 1995DECsafe & AXPVME SBC
487.03SAC::MACIVERMon Jan 16 1995Help !! DECsafe and C/S applications specifically LinkWorks
488.03SOLVIT::BURKEMon Jan 16 1995decsafe config questions
489.0TROOA::JADAMSTue Jan 17 1995Plans to qualify third party hardware
490.01SWETSC::HAGLUNDWed Jan 18 1995Upgrade questions
491.01RHETT::JOHNSONWed Jan 18 1995help with start/stop issue
492.02DRAC::DSMAILThu Jan 19 1995re-reigister for dev
493.0EEMELI::PATARIFri Jan 20 1995UNIX Clusters In GOLDEN EGGS
494.05NCMAIL::MACKINFri Jan 20 1995Configuration help needed.
495.02EEMELI::PATARIMon Jan 23 1995Visualize! and you get the business!
496.01CHGVMon Jan 23 1995Handling ASE Disk Failures
497.0CHGVTue Jan 24 1995DECsafe Technical Training
498.05KETJE::SYBERTZTue Jan 24 1995Power Point slide show based on an existing environment in production since 14-nov-1994
499.01ISTWI1::OZILTue Jan 24 19953host config
500.02LARVAE::BROWN_DTue Jan 24 1995AlphaServer 4
501.0NBOSWS::HESSELMANNWed Jan 25 1995Managing ase
502.01NETRIX::"lindivat@pao.mts.dec.com"Wed Jan 25 1995Competing against SPARCcenter 2
503.04DECLNE::WEILERThu Jan 26 1995DECsafe config w/out DECsafe?
504.0HOWICK::PCDEM1::howardThu Jan 26 199521
505.06TRNFri Jan 27 1995Ase/Lsm/Advfs PANIC !!
508.01EEMELI::SYVANENFri Jan 27 1995Critical LSM/ADVfs/ASE/Oracle customer concern, p
509.01TKOV51::TAKIGAWAMon Jan 30 1995support shell script?
510.04SALEM::HARRIS_MMon Jan 30 1995DEMFA supported in DECsafe?
511.03SALEM::HARRIS_MMon Jan 30 1995Futurebus+ FDDI controller and ASE.
512.01MSDOA::POULSENThu Feb 02 1995multiple oracle db on members
513.0XIRTLU::schottFri Feb 03 1995
514.02CERN::THIBONNIERSun Feb 05 1995ASE 1.2 kit
515.07LSNCSC::MARTINMon Feb 06 1995HSZ4
516.01JOBURG::FOLLYMon Feb 06 19953 DEC 7
517.02TKOV51::EGAWAMon Feb 06 1995Compatibility of DECsafe and ProductionServer
518.02ZURTue Feb 07 1995Minimum downtime upgrade from ASE V1.
519.0MUNICH::SPICKERTue Feb 07 1995how to delete a domain from a service???
520.0+6TKOV51::EGAWAWed Feb 08 1995Memory Channel for ProductionServer
521.01SALEM::HARRIS_MWed Feb 08 1995Futurebus+ in DECsafe envir. causing 761
522.0QCAVThu Feb 09 1995help on LSM/Advfs/LSE recovery
523.01STKHLM::L_SUNDQVISTThu Feb 09 1995SCSI bus hangs on DEC7
524.05QCAVThu Feb 09 1995help on lsm/advfs/ase recovery
525.0SEIC::WEIFri Feb 10 1995Looking for benchmark ideas
526.05STKAI1::EROSENMon Feb 13 1995Critical problem involving ASE and LSM
527.09NETRIX::"frank@flintlock.zk3.dec.com"Tue Feb 14 1995An example of an Oracle/SAP installation
528.02NCMAIL::SCHOLZTue Feb 14 1995General failover questions
529.01GRANPA::JCONNORSTue Feb 14 1995AlphaServer 1
530.05CHGVWed Feb 15 1995DECsafe V1.2 SPD
531.02WELLIN::GRAHAMWed Feb 15 1995will this work ?
532.04NETRIX::"richard@tmcunx.bbp.dec.com"Thu Feb 16 1995Config? PMAZ-C -> DWZZA -> HSZ4
533.02SMURF::SHIDERLYThu Feb 16 1995ASE 1.2, KZPSA, KZTSA Sales Update Article
534.01BACHUS::648Fri Feb 17 1995/MUSTSHARE option from PCNFS and alias hostname.
535.04LISVAX::FOLGADOWed Feb 22 1995# of Devices/Ports in KZPSA
536.03ZURZI::WITZIGWed Feb 22 1995ASE /etc/exports.ase.node and the NIS netgroup
537.0ANNECY::MAIGRET_YWed Feb 22 1995How to diagnose DEFEA failure ????
538.01ZURWed Feb 22 1995can't open channel to my agent !
539.03TKOVOA::NARUSHIMAWed Feb 22 1995DECsafe 28
540.01COPCLU::GREGThu Feb 23 1995KZPAA in OpenVMS SCSI-cluster?
541.03NETRIX::"richrd@tmcunx.bbp.dec.com"Fri Feb 24 1995Do I need LSM??
542.0NETRIX::"richard@tmcunx.bbp.dec.com"Fri Feb 24 1995T3.2A-4 patch needed with Osf1 V3.2SSB??
543.01UFHIS::JPARETIFri Feb 24 1995i/o performance
544.0ZURFri Feb 24 1995aseagent dying away in V1.1 ...
545.03ZURFri Feb 24 1995Why should an ASE Member NOT have an AdvFS root FS?
546.04DECLNE::PEACOCKFri Feb 24 1995Network failover - again... :^)
547.0KETJE::SYBERTZMon Feb 27 1995Some feedback on Digital Cluster Solution : a big concern about system management
548.0TKOV51::TAKIGAWAMon Feb 27 1995if deamons exit, what will DECsafe do?
549.0PEACHS::TRENTAMon Feb 27 1995ASE Customer's Running Oracle
550.04FUJISI::ENGLANDMon Feb 27 1995where is V1.2?
551.0TKOV51::EGAWATue Feb 28 1995OPS and XA
552.02ATHINA::KANATASTue Feb 28 1995Configure 3 21
553.02MPGS::LAVINWed Mar 01 1995how should I modify these parameters
554.0NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Thu Mar 02 1995Change hostname and IP
555.0ZENA::ASTRUAFri Mar 03 1995DECsafe and DECmessageQ ?
556.05FAILTE::HALLETTKMon Mar 06 1995Resilience/recovery/re-configuration/LAN interface failure
557.03ANNECY::MAIGRET_YMon Mar 06 1995ASE/HSZ4
558.01HGOVC::BVISHWASTue Mar 07 1995DECsafe on AS21
561.02QCAVThu Mar 09 1995Rebooting while failover
562.02TKOV6Thu Mar 09 1995Q: Logger Daemon and Logging Mechanism
563.0NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Thu Mar 09 1995Failover Time
564.04ISIDRO::MAMORENOThu Mar 09 1995DWZZB converter
565.010ISIDRO::MAMORENOThu Mar 09 1995Ethernet & SCSI buses
566.02WASHDC::SARASINFri Mar 10 1995ASE and wide device support
567.01RHETT::ELLISFri Mar 10 1995ASE member hangs during failover
568.011DREUL1::robFri Mar 10 1995SCSI timeouts and resets
569.01QCAVMon Mar 13 1995demo of ASE capabilities ?
570.08MEDINA::BEELENMon Mar 13 1995Support of KFTIA ?
571.0QCAVTue Mar 14 1995ASE on osf T3.2-1 fails.
572.05MANMMon Mar 20 1995Progress on DECsafe: any dates? confirmation?
573.01IJSAPL::KUPPENSMon Mar 20 1995HSZ1
574.01TAEC::JARDINMon Mar 20 1995N+1 Configurations on a LAN. Does it make sense?
575.03BRUMMY::CARTERRTue Mar 21 1995ASE 1.1 with 1.2 Error: `V1.2` is an invalid CDB version
576.01ZURTue Mar 21 1995am_lock_user: vm_map_pageable failed
577.09AUSSIE::PARKERWed Mar 22 1995SCSI ping & net partition errors
578.04CMOTEC::JASPERWed Mar 22 1995DECsafe & Pathworks
579.02EEMELI::SYVANENThu Mar 23 1995ASE+LSM+ADVFS config blues
581.01ZPOVC::HINSIONGSun Mar 26 1995Quota for ASE
582.08TAKEOF::FOWLERMon Mar 27 1995ADVFS Panic
583.01OTOOA::PONDMon Mar 27 1995Memory Channel - programming documentation?
584.0TKOV51::EGAWATue Mar 28 1995Cluster enablers
585.01DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Mar 28 1995ASE and ORACLE Parallel Server?
586.06OSLLAV::KJELLNI_PThu Mar 30 1995pcnfs and ASE
587.05LEMAN::AGASSISFri Mar 31 1995A service on FDDI AND Ethernet...
588.01RTOEU::EGAUTHIERFri Mar 31 1995KZPSA driver and target mode
589.0DEKVC::HYEONKYUPARKMon Apr 03 1995OPS and AlphaServer1
590.08BACHUS::DEVOSMon Apr 03 1995Memory channel API ?
591.01KETJE::DELAMPERWed Apr 05 1995ASE and 8x
592.0TKOV6Fri Apr 07 1995What case can I use User-Defined Service ?
593.0BAHTAT::NIELD_DFri Apr 07 1995ASE 1.2 & 1
594.0AUSSIE::PARKERMon Apr 10 1995appli development guidelines
595.07TAKEOF::FOWLERMon Apr 10 1995How to determine process/fileset usage?
596.04ZPOVC::COLINTONGTue Apr 11 1995AlphaServer 4
597.02NETRIX::"guglielmo.briatore@trn.mts.dec.com"Tue Apr 11 1995xirtlu: Insufficient resources ...
598.0KERNEL::BARTHURTue Apr 11 1995URGENT ccmn_errlogpdrv_device struct
599.08NETRIX::"richard@tmcunx.bbp.dec.com"Wed Apr 12 1995Well hung Flamingo..with ASE1.2
600.01MIMS::ZURIK_EWed Apr 12 1995Support for 21
601.01ISTWI1::OZILThu Apr 13 1995Common storage
602.01TRNThu Apr 13 1995How to get the Sable FW 3.1
603.03TPOVC::MOBBYLINThu Apr 13 1995nfs service for TWO nodes access the same time
604.02SUOSWS::FLOEGELThu Apr 13 1995ASE V1.2 & FDDI/PCI (DEFPA-xy) Support ?
605.03TRNFri Apr 14 1995help for an offer
606.02TKOV51::TAKIGAWAMon Apr 17 1995How do i set the fail detection params?
607.04QCAVTue Apr 18 1995network failure
608.06TKOV6Tue Apr 18 1995CPU Board Failure on Multi-Processer System
609.02FUJISI::ENGLANDTue Apr 18 1995questions on restrictions
610.01VNASWS::HAUSBTue Apr 18 1995Basic STOP script question
611.03ANNECY::CHABORD_DWed Apr 19 1995FibreChannel ?
612.01NETRIX::"richard@tmcunx.bbp.dec.com"Wed Apr 19 1995loopback..nfs_domore-ufs
613.02INDYX::ramWed Apr 19 1995Member visibility on shared SCSI bus
614.01GRNCHZ::ESCHENBACHWed Apr 19 1995What happens when the machine with the ASEmgr deamons fails
615.04EEMELI::SYVANENWed Apr 19 1995ASE+LSM+ raw device + SYBASE ?
616.01NETRIX::"rgraf@suobz1.suo.dec.com"Thu Apr 20 1995ASE V1.
617.02DECIDE::MOFFITTThu Apr 20 19954 node support with HSZ4
618.01WRKSYS::BAUMThu Apr 20 1995nfsd not started
619.0TKOV6Fri Apr 21 1995Restriction to the Number of Service and Disk
620.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Apr 21 1995Reference Sites DECSafe ASE - UNIX
621.0AEOENG::CHALANDMon Apr 24 1995DEC7
622.01BEET::GONZALEZTue Apr 25 1995Root and Swap mirror in rootdg and BA356 SCSI Questions
623.02FLYWAY::DUCRETTue Apr 25 1995tape on shared SCSI
624.03BLOFLY::SMITHPWed Apr 26 1995Is this staged ASE implementation valid ??
625.0TAEC::SAVYThu Apr 27 1995ASE V1.2 kit location ?
626.05RHETT::ELLISThu Apr 27 1995ASE and a AdvFS root FS is a no no...why?
627.04SUOSWS::SUOPC7::WagenblastThu Apr 27 19953
629.02AMCCXN::VOSSThu Apr 27 1995ASE and Realtime Doc?
630.0TKOV6Fri Apr 28 1995Difference of 'SYSTEM REBOOT' and 'SYSTEM RESET'
631.01TAEC::SAVYFri Apr 28 1995ASE V1.1 and OSF/1 V3.
632.02EEMELI::SYVANENFri Apr 28 1995Some MAJOR problems in adding nfs-service
633.0LARVAE::BROWN_DMon May 01 1995Processor Loading Impact
634.01OFOSS1::GINGERMon May 01 1995RZ28, firmware REv D41C?
635.04ODIXIE::WORTHINGTONMon May 01 1995decsafe API?
636.0WELCLU::CRIDDLETue May 02 1995Documentation Question
637.01BUDDIE::KENWORTHYTue May 02 1995panic "rtfree 2"
638.01SMURF::SHIDERLYWed May 03 1995Reference Help Requested
639.02OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DWed May 03 1995pzaintr misc interrupts.
640.03ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu May 04 1995Multi-purpose cluster node
641.03BRUMMY::CARTERRThu May 04 1995Aliases and YP. service name vs. hostname
642.02BRUMMY::CARTERRThu May 04 1995How to do proper shutdown - Director Deadlock
643.08UKARC1::WOOD_JFri May 05 1995HSZ4
644.01QCAVFri May 05 1995ASE Ver 1.2 & ASE Ver 1.1
645.013NETRIX::"longo@zk3.dec.com"Fri May 05 1995Input to engineering...
646.01TAVMon May 08 1995mountd doesn't read changes in netgroup
647.01NAMIX::jptMon May 08 1995V1.2 SPD not in VTX IR
648.05GLDOA::BOELEMAMon May 08 1995any ASE customer training / classes
649.01EEMELI::WIKMon May 08 1995ASE services not moving from system to another!
650.01CHISPA::MCNAMARATue May 09 1995DWZZA out of rev problems?
651.01SUOIS3::MGOLDWASSERTue May 09 1995trilink-Y cable: differences?
652.011AUSSIE::PARKERWed May 10 1995amconfig: am special file
653.02OINOH::KOSTASWed May 10 1995ASE issues and questions.
654.04LARVAE::TIMMIS_JWed May 10 1995ASE/HSZ4
655.01INDYX::ramWed May 10 1995Multiple interfaces on a net -> nfs_ifconfig fails
656.03MLNCSC::VOCIThu May 11 1995configuration supported?
657.04ATHINA::KANATASThu May 11 1995Competitive Info NCR/IBM
658.02FAME::MONIERThu May 11 1995HSZ4
659.02FAME::MONIERThu May 11 1995Will this config. work ?
660.03KETJE::BEYENSFri May 12 1995different subnets for members?
661.03ANNECY::ACHINOFri May 12 1995ase/sybase ?
662.01DREUL1::robFri May 12 1995ASE NFS Service and LINUX NFS client
663.03HGOM11::HELENZHOUMon May 15 1995DECsafe ASE with FDDI?
664.012DECLNE::PEACOCKMon May 15 1995Turbolaser - DECsafe support?
665.01HGOM11::HELENZHOUTue May 16 1995DECSAFE ASE V1.2 SPD!!!
666.02NAMIX::jptTue May 16 1995lead and reference
667.01ANNECY::MAIGRET_YTue May 16 1995RZ29B-VW, BA36R-Ax and DECsafe
668.04AMCCXN::VOSSTue May 16 1995Distributed Raw Disk?
669.0KERNEL::SMITHSWed May 17 1995RZ29 question.
670.06ZPOVC::HANTIONGWed May 17 1995Jukebox and disk with ASE
671.02WMGEN1::absThu May 18 1995Maximum limits / size restraints to configuration
672.03WELCLU::CRIDDLEFri May 19 1995Can SCSI bus problems cause both systems to hang?
673.05STKHLM::L_SUNDQVISTFri May 19 1995Modify asecdb?
674.0MIMS::POWERS_PFri May 19 1995dec2
675.04OFOSS1::MACOMBERFri May 19 1995A plethora of SCSI bus resets. Bad config?
676.01CERN::THIBONNIERMon May 22 1995VMS revokes support from KZPSA because of ongoing hardware problems
677.01ANNECY::NEYROUD_NMon May 22 1995RZ28-VW and BA356 support?
678.06SAC::MAGUIRE_GMon May 22 1995Will Digital UNIX V3.2B require DECsafe V1.2A?
679.02RHETT::ELLISMon May 22 1995Conf Pb w/ ASE and HSZ4
680.03HGOM11::HELENZHOUTue May 23 1995HSZ4
681.02EEMELI::PVILJANENTue May 23 1995Why NFS service does NOT move to other system ?
682.01AUSSIE::PARKERWed May 24 1995KZTSA firmware update locn
683.03VNASWS::THOMASWWed May 24 1995BASEstar Open on top of DECsafe
684.02SIOG::JORDANWed May 24 1995Problems with ASE 1.2
685.02TROOA::GILLAMWed May 24 1995Need to Source BN21W-
686.01BAHTAT::HILTONWed May 24 1995Disaster Tolerance?
687.06TPOVC::MOBBYLINThu May 25 1995Budging the Memory Channels for SABLE?
688.03ROMOIS::FARRAUTOThu May 25 1995KZPSA Corporate HOLD ??
689.0PTOSS1::MEYERSThu May 25 1995Production Server Questions
690.04SNOCFri May 26 1995HSZ4
691.02BEET::GONZALEZFri May 26 1995Very Large DECsafe Configurations (VLDC's -- :-) )
692.02SMURF::AMENTOLAFri May 26 1995ASE V1.3 IFT
693.04ITRC::kddTue May 30 1995KZTSA and RAID Aray 11
694.04NCMAIL::MACKINTue May 30 1995Help with customer config.
695.01GIDDAY::STRAHORNTue May 30 1995disconnecting scsi's
696.03EEMELI::SYVANENWed May 31 1995Services on diff nodes depending on each other?
697.04GALVIA::GDUFFYThu Jun 01 1995Firmware upgrade for RZ28 for ASE
699.05VAOUFri Jun 02 1995support for lowend AlphaServer/Stations PLEASE!
700.01ZURFri Jun 02 1995LSM Block change logging supported for ASE service?
701.02NETRIX::"juan luis escudero @sqo"Mon Jun 05 1995TCP/IP over MC
702.01MIMS::POWERS_PMon Jun 05 1995MC questions
703.0FAME::MONIERMon Jun 05 1995ASE, ADVFS, and Objectivity
704.03UKARC1::WOOD_JMon Jun 05 1995RAID-5 and hot-swapping of disks
705.02AUSSIE::PARKERMon Jun 05 1995MUMPS failover ?
706.02TROOA::GILLAMTue Jun 06 1995Shared SCSI Bus & Concurrently Active Servers
707.03BAHTAT::HILTONTue Jun 06 1995History of ASE?
708.01ANNECY::CHABORD_DWed Jun 07 1995DECcampus ?
709.01SSDEVO::T_GONZALESWed Jun 07 1995Maximum Number of Shared Busses?
710.012SPACE2::HABERLANDWed Jun 07 1995scsi cam error bus hang pmazc
711.01ADOVThu Jun 08 1995HSZ4
712.02HAMIS3::DIERKSThu Jun 08 1995U: RZ29, HSZ4
714.05VAOUThu Jun 08 1995ASE 1.2A kit anywhere? (or 1.3)
715.04ATYISA::LAMONTAGNEMon Jun 12 1995Q: Prestoserve/NFS & ASE
716.04NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Mon Jun 12 1995Any recommandation for passwd control
717.01SMURF::AMENTOLAMon Jun 12 1995EFT Sites Needed for Clusters and ASE
718.01CHISPA::MCNAMARATue Jun 13 1995RZ28M... supported?
719.04SUOIS2::RGRAFTue Jun 13 1995Dual redundant HSZ4
720.011MANMTue Jun 13 1995Can't add a second member ...
721.01LEMAN::AGASSISWed Jun 14 1995local HSM Error:get_cntrs: intf fta
722.02WELCLU::CRIDDLEWed Jun 14 1995ASE and the 21
723.04EEMELI::SYVANENWed Jun 14 1995ASP not working during bootstrap time
724.03NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Wed Jun 14 1995DEFPA-da (fddi) supported?
726.01RHETT::ELLISWed Jun 14 1995can't open "AM" device: no such file or directory
728.01KYOSS1::GREENThu Jun 15 1995lsm boot recovery?
729.03GALVIA::GDUFFYThu Jun 15 1995DIsk limitation when using DWZZA-VA within BA35
730.02GALVIA::GDUFFYFri Jun 16 1995ASE Failure DEC7
731.03LEMAN::BOTHNERFri Jun 16 1995Is RZ29B-VW & DWZZB-VW supported?
732.02TKOV51::EGAWASun Jun 18 1995Sable45 and Ethernet options
733.04ASABET::absMon Jun 19 1995HSZ4
734.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSMon Jun 19 1995maximum HSZ4
735.0NYOSS1::SARAMon Jun 19 1995Configuring HSZ4
736.03MXOCMon Jun 19 1995During failure tests with KZPSA and DWZZA the system crashed
737.05GRANPA::JCONNORSTue Jun 20 1995> 4 nodes ?
738.014ZPOVC::DAIVC::SYAIFULWed Jun 21 1995Cluster wave 3 & OPS w/o Memory Channel
739.02UFHIS::JPARETIWed Jun 21 1995rz29b/vw support
740.03SOLVIT::BARNUMWed Jun 21 1995HSZ4
741.06ASABET::absThu Jun 22 199521
742.01LEMAN::ZOFKAFri Jun 23 1995Do you have a customer manual ASE-ORACLE?
743.02CSC32::COLTERFri Jun 23 1995network problem causes hangs and crashes on ASE served disks
744.0AUSSIE::PARKERMon Jun 26 1995SCSI/MC failure detection algorithm
745.01LARVAE::BROWN_DMon Jun 26 19953-Node References Please
746.0ODIXIE::WORTHINGTONMon Jun 26 1995more detail on failure detection
747.0EEMELI::SYVANENTue Jun 27 1995SYBASE + raw device + volrecover problem in ASE enviro
748.0TAEC::SAVYTue Jun 27 1995pb with AdvFS and sync
749.0SALEM::HARRIS_MTue Jun 27 1995RZ28M support issue with Digital Unix/ASE
750.03SKYSOX::lengyelWed Jun 28 1995Customer config question
751.02RHETT::WALTERWed Jun 28 1995Failover doesn't occur when ethernet cable breaks
752.0NAMIX::jptThu Jun 29 1995MUST: KZPSA Customers (minimum revision)
753.01HERON::LAFORGUEThu Jun 29 1995TCP/IP Memory Channel is slower than FDDI
754.01NETRIX::"rgraf@suobz1.suo.dec.com"Thu Jun 29 1995ASE & ORACLE ????
755.03AOSF1::krasThu Jun 29 1995Competitors no SPOF with HW Raid?
756.0SALEM::HARRIS_MFri Jun 30 1995Problem modifying KZPSA on a 84
757.0TRNFri Jun 30 1995asemgr core dump during delete
758.04PEACHS::TRENTAFri Jun 30 1995'unable to get db' in daemon.log
759.01ZPOVC::DAIVC::SYAIFULSat Jul 01 1995Doc. cluster - dynamic load balancing
760.01SIOG::JORDANMon Jul 03 19953
761.01TRNMon Jul 03 1995Why stop action runs during reboot?
762.02AUSSIE::CARMODYMon Jul 03 1995LAT Failover
763.03QCAVTue Jul 04 1995Confusion abounds...
764.04MFRFMS::RINGWed Jul 05 1995AlphaServer 4
765.04SAC::MAGUIRE_GWed Jul 05 1995Can we use more than two non-shared buses using a SWXCR controller.
766.01VIRGIN::SUTTERThu Jul 06 1995SCSI/CAM errors with KZTSA & RZ29B-VA's on V3.2A ASE config
767.02GALVIA::GDUFFYThu Jul 06 1995bootpd daemon pathological in ASE environment
768.03GUIDUK::DUDAThu Jul 06 1995How do you change the network heartbeat?
769.02HGOVC::BVISHWASFri Jul 07 1995RZ28 -VA revision support
770.0MUNICH::SPICKERFri Jul 07 1995Are 2 seperat ASE clusters in 1 FDDI net supported???
771.08XIRTLU::schottFri Jul 07 1995ASE and WAVE 3 (Production Server) Status
772.01AOSF1::krasSat Jul 08 1995Fast Ethernet and ATM?
773.05AOSF1::krasMon Jul 10 1995False failovers? Ping/pong? multi-servers?
774.01NAMIX::jptTue Jul 11 1995HSZ4
775.03NAMIX::jptWed Jul 12 1995I: visibilty from News
776.01SAC::MAGUIRE_GWed Jul 12 1995Firmware Revision updates for RZ28's under ASE control
777.0ASABET::tso_ken.tso.dec.com::SteinerWed Jul 12 1995ASE and dual attach FDDI(EISA) problems:
778.03CHGVWed Jul 12 1995Script Writing Help Needed
779.04ECFAThu Jul 13 1995NFS configuration help.
780.04NAMIX::jptThu Jul 13 1995Tape (TZ877 etc) in shared SCSI revisited?
781.07--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 13 1995Questionnaire - Disaster Tolerance reqt's
782.02ISTWI1::OZILFri Jul 14 1995Progress & ASE
783.08VNABRW::WINTERSPERGETue Jul 18 19951 DWZ OK, 2 DWZ fails ??
785.02RHETT::ELLISWed Jul 19 1995ASE: How to convert from Ethernet to FDDI?
786.01KENT::KENTWed Jul 19 1995Competition for Memory Channel
787.06CHISPA::MCNAMARAThu Jul 20 1995Oracle failover speed?
788.01ANNECY::MAIGRET_YFri Jul 21 1995Does it work ???
789.01NAMIX::jptMon Jul 24 1995Competitive info (databases)
790.0AUSSIE::PARKERMon Jul 24 1995V1.2 + DEMFA + NO error zeroing cntrs
791.02SUOSWS::FLOEGELMon Jul 24 19952 LSM-Volumes on 1 phys. Disk ?
792.01SALEM::HARRIS_MTue Jul 25 1995DECSAFE and the DEFPA PCI/FDDI adapter.
793.02BEET::GONZALEZTue Jul 25 1995A
794.01ROMOIS::CIARAMELLAThu Jul 27 1995ASE system with 4 servers
795.0NAMIX::jptThu Jul 27 1995Patch compatibility with ASE?
796.01GALVIA::GDUFFYThu Jul 27 1995Direct Access to ASE file-systems on Cluster Member
797.02QDOVFri Jul 28 1995decsafe on turbolasers
798.02IJSAPL::HEHEMANNFri Jul 28 1995training about ase internally or for customers?
799.01TRNMon Jul 31 1995script timeout limits?
800.01MUCCS2::CARLIMon Jul 31 1995LUN problems (HSZ4
801.0ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROMon Jul 31 1995Update on Note 771
802.0ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROMon Jul 31 1995automount /telnet problems
803.01RTOIC::GSTALPTue Aug 01 1995HSM & DECsafe (ASE) together?
804.0TRLIAN::BENDECKTue Aug 01 1995Downtime for Upgrades?
805.02AUSSIE::PARKERTue Aug 01 199521
806.01ODIXIE::CJOHNSONTue Aug 01 1995KZPSA firmware A
807.05ZPOVC::COLINTONGWed Aug 02 19953 nodes Configuration
808.0RDGENG::COBBWed Aug 02 1995How do TCP/IP source address work?
809.0HGOVC::JAMBUThu Aug 03 1995more info on wave 3 & beyond.
810.01ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGThu Aug 03 1995A few questions
811.03OPENED::ST_ROMAIN_DThu Aug 03 1995A 'check' script for a disk service?
812.011TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YFri Aug 04 1995help!
813.02SALEM::HARRIS_MTue Aug 08 1995Solid State support?
814.02HGOVC::MANJREKARWed Aug 09 1995Disaster Fault Tolerance Requirements.
815.08ROUTES::TEDESCOWed Aug 09 1995Updated Competitive Document? HP's H/A with UX V1
816.0DRAC::DSMAILWed Aug 09 1995asemgr core dumps trying to modify a service
817.0GUIDUK::DUDAWed Aug 09 1995A few status questions re: rcp, tcp when DECsafe fails over
818.06WPOPTH::WPODAM::mcclementsThu Aug 10 1995AlphaServer 1
819.05AUSSIE::CARMODYThu Aug 10 1995CAM errors - Urgent assistance required
820.01MAASUP::GULDANFri Aug 11 1995HSZ4
821.02CHEFS::DAVIDSONSFri Aug 11 1995vms comparison
822.0+10TPOVC::THOMASYANGTue Aug 15 1995KZPSC support?
823.01TKOV6Tue Aug 15 1995Limitation of multiple networks for ASE V1.3
824.01GALVIA::GDUFFYTue Aug 15 1995Long term support plans for TurboChannel
825.06VNASWS::THOMASWWed Aug 16 19952 1/2 node ASE ?
826.01BELFST::DOGGARTWed Aug 16 1995Help with Customer Questions
827.01ANNECY::CHABORD_DWed Aug 16 1995private to shared mirror ??
828.02BACHUS::DEVOSThu Aug 17 1995Mumps or Intersystems M/SQL on ASE ?
829.0ANNECY::HAVARD_PThu Aug 17 1995ase_find_mapping failed
830.01BBIVThu Aug 17 1995decsafe support for alpha 2
831.01TKOV6Thu Aug 17 1995Failover mechanism for NFS service on ASE V1.3
832.01MSDOA::JDICKERSONFri Aug 18 1995rz28 upgrade question w/decsafe
833.02ASABET::absSun Aug 20 199521
834.02ASABET::absMon Aug 21 1995Load balancing?
835.0TROOA::GILLAMMon Aug 21 1995ASE + OSMS ?
836.0HDLITE::MODIMon Aug 21 1995Garbage in SPD postscript document
837.0HDLITE::MODIMon Aug 21 1995Junk(nonviewable) postscript document on >vtx ir
838.03SAPEC3::HERRMANNTue Aug 22 1995ase <-> oracle par.server
839.02TKOV6Tue Aug 22 1995Questions about timeout value
840.0SMURF::AMENTOLATue Aug 22 1995ASE Field Test
841.01SUPER::MCDOWELLTue Aug 22 1995Public area for SCSI adapter firmware
842.01VIRGIN::GABATHULERWed Aug 23 1995LSM + ASE + RAW Devices ???
843.01CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Aug 23 1995remote shadowing, mdf, drd over fddi?
844.01HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGThu Aug 24 1995Whitepaper for ASE available?
845.03WPOPTH::WPODAM::MCCLEMENTSThu Aug 24 1995Mixed Cluster support
846.01AEOENG::SALOMONThu Aug 24 1995Rereserving LSM devices without stopping service
847.02ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKThu Aug 24 1995how to change my stop action script
848.01MIMS::POWERS_PFri Aug 25 1995wide drive config
849.05MBALDY::LANGSTONMon Aug 28 1995two DWZZA-AAs between KZPSAs?
850.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGMon Aug 28 1995KZPSA and Network and Panic
851.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSTue Aug 29 1995Console Manager and DECsafe ASE?
852.01NETRIX::"andy.bays@uvo.dec.com"Tue Aug 29 1995NFS locking continued
853.01OSLLAV::BJORNAUTue Aug 29 1995Software Development Environment required sw?
854.01BBIVWed Aug 30 1995decsafe,RAID,storageworks ...
855.01KETJE::BUGGENHOUTWed Aug 30 1995alpha station 6
856.0KENT::KENTThu Aug 31 1995Cables -- copied from the ASK_SSAG notesfile
857.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROThu Aug 31 1995What logic is used with relocate service
858.01VFOVAX::CASOLAFri Sep 01 1995Unix Clustering (ASE) and Netsite Web Servers?
860.01MKTCRV::DLENNONFri Sep 01 1995DECsafe V1.2A & POLYCENTER Networker
861.01MANMFri Sep 01 1995ASE V1.3, OPS 7.2.2, MC hardware for bchmark test?
862.01BBIVFri Sep 01 1995high-availability with no single-point failure
863.04ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROFri Sep 01 1995More questions on shared busses and NFS service
864.02EEMELI::SYVANENSat Sep 02 1995How does HW addons affect existing ASE config
865.04NYOSS1::SARATue Sep 05 1995Critical ASE Error
866.04ISIDRO::MAMORENOWed Sep 06 1995KZPSA's with TurboLaser
867.05BACHUS::DEVOSWed Sep 06 1995UNSUPPORTED RZ28 disks impact on ASE.
868.0PRSPSU::CONDEWed Sep 06 1995q
869.05TRLIAN::BENDECKThu Sep 07 1995Best High Availability Approach?
870.02KERNEL::BAYSAThu Sep 07 1995Concurrency again ... KZPSA related question
871.06LABC::RUFri Sep 08 1995Help please on my ASE!
872.03XIRTLU::schottSat Sep 09 1995Paper on configuration and setup
873.01XFMVSat Sep 09 1995DEC safe config and thumb rule
874.03EEMELI::SYVANENSat Sep 09 1995ASE+LSM system disk failure recovery?
875.01BBIVMon Sep 11 1995DECsafe Hot Stand-By configuration
876.02TMAWKO::NASHMon Sep 11 1995Turbolaser Decsafe Configuration
877.01SALEM::ARNOLDMon Sep 11 199521
878.01HGOVC::BVISHWASTue Sep 12 1995three node AS82
879.02GIDDAY::STRAHORNTue Sep 12 1995ASE mounts same disks on both boxes
880.05VNABRW::WINTERSPERGEWed Sep 13 1995asedirector placement policy and failure ?
881.01ISIDRO::GUILLENWed Sep 13 1995Turbolaser & KZPSA
882.05LYOISA::GAUDIEZThu Sep 14 1995service restart after application scratch?
883.01WMGEN1::absFri Sep 15 1995Wdie SCIS driver support?
884.02PERFOM::NARAHARIFri Sep 15 1995unable to configure cluster
885.01BOUNCR::GLEAVESun Sep 17 1995Failing over dropped plexes for on-line backups ?
886.01BACHUS::FRATERSMon Sep 18 1995replace RZ28 by RZ28M ?
887.0TAVTue Sep 19 1995Decsafe and routing
888.0LEXSS1::GINGERTue Sep 19 1995Manual failover ?
889.02NETRIX::"richard@tmcunx.bbp.dec.com"Wed Sep 20 1995mcHUB and failure
890.02ANNECY::NEYROUD_NWed Sep 20 1995RZ29B-VW support?
891.06VAOUThu Sep 21 1995kzpsa scsi id prob on 82
892.03TPOVC::MIKELIThu Sep 21 1995Scsi disk link under optic or fddi
893.03MLNORO::REBECCHIThu Sep 21 1995Netview in a DEcsafe environment
894.05BBIVFri Sep 22 1995Unix licensing for DECsafe env
895.04NETRIX::"andy.bays@uvo.dec.com"Fri Sep 22 19951.2A upgrade woes
896.04BACHUS::DEVOSMon Sep 25 1995ADVFS / LSM configuration considerations.
898.01NOBALL::jgTue Sep 26 1995Public and private networks ?
899.01CGOOA::SMALLTue Sep 26 1995scsi id's for disk service?
900.01EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Sep 27 1995rolling upgrade 1.2-->1.2A ???
901.02TRNWed Sep 27 1995CAM errors setting up for 1.3 EFT
902.03VNZVWed Sep 27 1995BA356 support?
903.01FUJISI::ENGLANDWed Sep 27 1995dual-redundant HSZ4
904.03EEMELI::SYVANENThu Sep 28 1995Potential problem with RZ29B-VA termination
905.02LABC::RUThu Sep 28 1995Help needed!
906.01VAOUThu Sep 28 1995DEFPA config in 82
907.0TKOV6Fri Sep 29 1995Same mount point for different disks
908.01CHEFS::BLATCH_GFri Sep 29 1995DECsafe & C2 Security
909.01IOSG::KALUSFri Sep 29 1995I/O errors on shared disk
910.01ISTWI1::OZILFri Sep 29 1995Memory Channel Clusters
911.01VRUBEL::VRUBELFri Sep 29 1995OSF32
912.01SKYSOX::lengyelFri Sep 29 1995Need to perform a SCSI ping
913.03NETRIX::"ellis@alf.dec.com"Fri Sep 29 19953.2c/ASE/LSM/asemgr errors "Could not find parent name `6
914.02CGOOA::SMALLSun Oct 01 1995Oracle Local or Shared??
915.03GOVTSun Oct 01 1995HP Open View, COI Ensign, EcoTOOLS
916.02TRLIAN::LAILMon Oct 02 1995Can multiple HSZ4
917.03GRANPA::JCONNORSMon Oct 02 1995V1.3 SPD ??
918.02CGOOA::SMALLMon Oct 02 1995rz29 firmware where??
919.06XIRTLU::schottTue Oct 03 1995Training - November classes
920.01MSAMWed Oct 04 1995ASE on two different systems configuration
921.02NETRIX::"hancock@mightydog.alf.dec.com"Wed Oct 04 1995Failover during LSM volrecover in progress
922.01UTRTSC::VISSERWed Oct 04 1995corrupt host ping?
923.01FUJISI::ENGLANDWed Oct 04 1995parallel fscks
924.01LKPDEE::BRAGEThu Oct 05 1995ASE 1.3 release/ship dat?
925.04COPCLU::KARSTENFri Oct 06 1995AdvFS on root ??
926.010COPCLU::KARSTENFri Oct 06 1995Tape-device on a shared SCSI-bus ??
927.02TRNMon Oct 09 1995What happen if FS is busy?
928.03CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Oct 09 1995ASE, NIS, and C2 security, DO THEY WORK TOGETHER?
929.0SUPER::MCDOWELLMon Oct 09 1995TruCluster Course being Developed
930.05OTOP89::tsueMon Oct 09 1995Error on one system only during self test?
931.03USPS::FPRUSSMon Oct 09 1995SCI -what, whose?
932.011NAMIX::jptTue Oct 10 1995ASE/HSZ4
933.0COMICS::CORNEJWed Oct 11 1995Upgrade process from ASE to TruClusters
934.01BBIVWed Oct 11 1995ORACLE licensing in DECsafe ASE env
935.04SUPER::MCDOWELLWed Oct 11 1995Looking for ORACLE help/hints!
936.02VAXRIO::MIRIAMWed Oct 11 1995Errors on console mode
937.03TRNThu Oct 12 1995do any SCSI Test tools exists?
938.02ANNECY::NEYROUD_NThu Oct 12 1995AlphaServer2
939.0ANNECY::NEYROUD_NThu Oct 12 1995AlphaServer 1
940.01SMURF::CANSLERThu Oct 12 1995starting ASE raw disk
941.09CSC32::PITTThu Oct 12 1995alias ip address configuration questino
942.02BBIVFri Oct 13 1995automatic service relocation in ASE
943.04NETRIX::"dickens@ljo.dec.com"Fri Oct 13 1995convert root partition back to ufs from advfs ?
944.03NETRIX::"dickens@ljo.dec.com"Fri Oct 13 1995Just added my first member system, and...Assuming my note in 943 is unrelated....
945.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGSun Oct 15 1995Ethernet and CRASH
946.03NETRIX::"dickens@ljo.dec.com"Tue Oct 17 1995problems adding nfs service - incorrect ifconfig generated
947.0LEMAN::BEZENCONTue Oct 17 1995FDDI up and down -> system crash ?
948.03ECFAWed Oct 18 1995Help with this config ?
949.03GENIE::BERGERAWed Oct 18 1995DECsafe on AS82
950.03KETJE::HAESAERTSWed Oct 18 1995What is the typical failover time when using OPS as a service ? (clarified in body)
951.010BACHUS::DEVOSWed Oct 18 1995Is SAP now ASE-READY ?
952.0BACHUS::DEVOSWed Oct 18 1995ARe they patches for ASE V1.
953.06CGOOA::SMALLWed Oct 18 1995Scsi ping Problem
954.02NETRIX::"dickens@ljo.dec.com"Wed Oct 18 1995ASE and NSR - definitive information
955.04CGOOA::SMALLWed Oct 18 1995DWZZB=>Slot
956.02GRANPA::JCONNORSThu Oct 19 1995Mix TC wf PCI ?
957.03BBIVFri Oct 20 1995SCSI bus/controller failure in DECsafe
958.02CHEFS::CAULFIELD_MFri Oct 20 1995When ASE > 4 nodes?
959.06TRNFri Oct 20 1995KZPSA A
960.09ACISFri Oct 20 1995TruCluster SPD
961.05CGOOA::SMALLFri Oct 20 1995Modify LSM disk service fails
962.03LEMAN::AGASSISTue Oct 24 1995Upgrade from 1.1 to 1.3...
963.0NAMIX::jptTue Oct 24 1995Competitive rumour from customer (HP)
965.03CGOOA::SMALLTue Oct 24 1995Config failure, scsi ping problem, daemon madness.
966.03BBIVWed Oct 25 1995DECsafe and OPS
967.01NETRIX::"marik@"Wed Oct 25 1995DW3
968.04HGOVC::JAMBUThu Oct 26 1995Mem. Channel/Trucluster Ordering/Pricing
969.01BACHUS::DEVOSThu Oct 26 199582
970.02NETRIX::"rob@dreul1.beo.dec.com"Thu Oct 26 19953 node ASE cluster and Console Manager
971.01PLTFRM::STEVIEFri Oct 27 1995Help required with UNIX Cluster
972.01UTURBO::HOORNWEGFri Oct 27 1995strange cam errors on system disk in ASE configuration
973.05FIREBL::LEEDSMon Oct 30 1995super large configuration ???
974.04NETRIX::"richard.cartet@gmt.mts.dec.com"Wed Nov 01 1995ASE 1.3 and Network Adapter failure.
975.01SALEM::HARRIS_MWed Nov 01 1995CPU variation questions.
976.0RHETT::ELLISWed Nov 01 1995ASE/NFS automount delays
977.02GBIThu Nov 02 1995decsafe/lsm crash: help to locate the problem
978.06JOBURG::BERETTAThu Nov 02 1995DECSAFE Catastrophe?
979.04EEMELI::SYVANENThu Nov 02 199582
980.0SKYSOX::lengyelFri Nov 03 1995Request for services printout
981.0SMURF::SHIDERLYMon Nov 06 1995HA Mail Query
982.02NETRIX::"richard.carter@gmt.mts.dec.com"Mon Nov 06 1995X25 and DECsafe.
983.03HGOVC::MANJREKARTue Nov 07 1995Pricing details ?????
984.01BACHUS::DEVOSTue Nov 07 1995LSM volume staying in SYNC.
985.08DECLNE::WEILERThu Nov 09 1995TruCluster and other than OPS at FRS?
986.01CGOOA::SMALLThu Nov 09 1995System Timeout on BUSY cpu
987.01UFHIS::JPARETIFri Nov 10 1995sw package to run ORACLE PARALLEl server
988.02COWBOY::MIRGHANEFri Nov 10 1995Cluster configuration and licences?
989.01FIREBL::LEEDSFri Nov 10 1995sharing HSZ disks between systems ??
990.06STKHLM::BACKSTROMSun Nov 12 1995Why asemgr only on one node?
991.02CHEFS::gjcpc.hhl.dec.com::criddleMon Nov 13 1995.nfs files created in ASE/NFS environment
992.03BACHUS::DEVOSTue Nov 14 1995LSM supported on TruCluster ???
993.06BACHUS::DEVOSTue Nov 14 1995MC failure and OPS behaviour ?
994.0TIMABC::COMELLASTue Nov 14 1995modifying a adfvs service
995.04DYOSW5::WILDERTue Nov 14 1995dxlsm through ase??
996.01CHEFS::ast171.olo.dec.com::BIDDULPHMTue Nov 14 1995One database?
997.01TRNTue Nov 14 1995Is a shared bus with no disk supported?
998.05RDMCS3::STUARTWed Nov 15 1995Can I setup dual ethernets on one subnet?
999.01WONDER::REILLYThu Nov 16 1995"Leftover" SCSI reservations after TCR de-install
1000.01ADOVFri Nov 17 1995Fail over apps and stop less important apps?
1001.01ANNECY::HAVARD_PFri Nov 17 1995ASE 1.3 release date and Quotas ...
1002.08NETRIX::"alpha@fubar.zk3.dec.com"Fri Nov 17 1995Rolling upgrade
1004.03CHEFS::absip9.reo.dec.com::ScattergoodMon Nov 20 1995Seagate disk support status
1005.04NETRIX::"amb@uvo.dec.com"Mon Nov 20 1995Log File Corruption in AdvFS disk service
1006.02LEXSMon Nov 20 1995delete ASE from a system
1007.01ADOVMon Nov 20 1995NetScape and ASE?
1008.04DAIVC::PATRAPTue Nov 21 1995TRUCLUSTER not support shared SCSI
1009.04QCAVTue Nov 21 1995Oracle scripts executed before disk srv.
1010.0NEWVAX::MELTONTue Nov 21 1995Changing the network interface on an existing ASE cluster
1011.02CHEFS::TIMMIS_JWed Nov 22 1995ASE 3 node configuration Question
1012.01DYOSW5::WILDERWed Nov 22 1995Status on planned support for...
1013.03ADOVWed Nov 22 1995What does ASE put into the kernel and how?.
1014.06ADOVThu Nov 23 1995Terminators in FWD side of DWZZB-VA?
1015.05MLNORO::DONZELLIThu Nov 23 1995check script not working for user-defined service
1016.03ATYISA::SULOCHAThu Nov 23 1995ase 1.3 When ?
1017.02GBIFri Nov 24 1995Help to requalify ASE !
1018.01WARFUT::BARROWCLOUGHMon Nov 27 1995Problems with ASE and NIS
1019.05SMURF::GAOMon Nov 27 1995Cluster notes conference?
1020.0NETRIX::"pk@moonbase.uvo.dec.com"Tue Nov 28 1995Kzpsa/Console Parameters
1021.01CHEFS::DECARLO_KWed Nov 29 1995disk firmware not important?
1022.02ANNECY::HAVARD_PWed Nov 29 1995how to simulate a crash disk ?
1023.01CSC32::M_LAWRENCEWed Nov 29 1995what does PING_NOT_OK_INTERFACE_UNKNOWN mean?
1024.01BACHUS::DEVOSFri Dec 01 1995When will AXP7
1025.0VNABRW::WINTERSPERGETue Dec 05 1995network failure questions
1026.01BBIVTue Dec 05 1995Application for near Fault-tolerence
1027.0CSC32::KIRKWed Dec 06 1995
1028.04EEMELI::SYVANENWed Dec 06 1995How many LSM volumes under NFS service??
1029.02RHETT::ELLISWed Dec 06 1995ASE/NFS to Irix & Solaris client problems
1030.03HGOVC::SRIDHARWed Dec 06 1995Alphastation with ASE - Available now ?
1031.03NETRIX::"trent.brennan@sno.mts.dec.com"Wed Dec 06 1995Mixed 8
1032.01HGOM2Thu Dec 07 1995BRS like Disaster Tolerant System?
1033.03CHEFS::BLATCH_GThu Dec 07 1995ASE & Internet AlphaServer ????
1034.03ANNECY::NEYROUD_NThu Dec 07 1995TruCluster in High Availability config
1035.01AUBER::MEYERThu Dec 07 1995Advices for addvol and rmvol in ASE/ADVFS environment
1036.0AOSG::SNOWDONThu Dec 07 1995Request for Product Requirements
1037.02ANNECY::HAVARD_PMon Dec 11 1995how to put ASE in a "quiet" state
1038.01OTOUTue Dec 12 1995Realtime and ASE...gotcha's
1039.02STKAI1::64322::BohlinWed Dec 13 1995DECsafe and BSCS from LHS
1040.07ATYISA::LAMONTAGNEThu Dec 14 1995ASE on DE5
1041.03STOWKS::PBROUWERFri Dec 15 1995DUAL HSZ4
1042.0CHEFS::EARLEFri Dec 15 1995Severe SCSI errors on boot
1043.01TPOVC::THOMASYANGSun Dec 17 1995calc service in textbook's usage?
1044.05TPOVC::THOMASYANGMon Dec 18 1995Distinguish Trucluster and DECsafe?
1045.03BACHUS::FRATERSMon Dec 18 1995/u2 as exported mount point for NFS serv.
1046.01ROMMon Dec 18 1995ASE and token ring?
1047.012MUGGER::WHITHAMMon Dec 18 1995V1.3 - SSB or what ?
1048.03ECFATue Dec 19 1995How to failover the NFS Service like this ?
1049.06IOSG::KALUSWed Dec 20 1995SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 signals ignored
1050.03STOSS1::SCHIMPFWed Dec 20 1995How many disks in a service?
1051.08MXOCWed Dec 20 1995Trying to add filesets to a disk service, asemgr hangs, asecdb inaccuracy.
1052.01OTOUWed Dec 20 1995ATM and DECsafe or could MC work?
1053.02MSAMFri Dec 22 1995Spliting 2 services between 2 Systems
1054.01TKOV51::EGAWAFri Dec 22 1995DEFPA and 1.2A
1055.01SALEM::ARNOLDTue Dec 26 199584
1056.02MSAMWed Dec 27 1995NFS services for cross mounting
1057.01VNZVThu Dec 28 1995Estimated uptime for a DECsafe cluster?
1058.01MSE1::MACLEANThu Dec 28 1995SCSI ping errors timer variable?
1059.03ROMOIS::FARRAUTOFri Dec 29 1995HSOF V2.7 & DECsafe scenario
1060.0147611::BUDINO::GADALETAFri Dec 29 1995Wave 3 conference?
1061.01JULIET::SHOMO_ROFri Dec 29 1995DRAFT SPD for DECsafe ASE V1.3
1062.0HGOVC::JAMBUTue Jan 02 1996IPI-2 FC support in DECsafe.
1063.03KETJE::BEYENSTue Jan 02 1996rdb startup in ASE environment
1064.01TOLKIN::CRSUPPORTTue Jan 02 1996Does DECsafe support DMS ?
1065.02VAOUWed Jan 03 1996please explain network failover
1066.06HGOVC::SRIDHARThu Jan 04 1996TruCluster Questions
1067.05SALEM::HARRIS_MThu Jan 04 1996Linkworks and NETscape under DECsafe.
1068.02TKOV6Fri Jan 05 1996disk service -> nfs service
1069.07MANMFri Jan 05 1996needs DECsafe V1.3 kit desperately...
1070.01MSE1::HOWESFri Jan 05 1996SCSI ping documentation?
1071.04NETRIX::"jm@uvo.dec.com"Fri Jan 05 1996How does SCSI ping work?
1072.06PEACHS::TRENTATue Jan 09 1996Shutdown and an ASE 'unassigned' Service
1073.02DEKVC::JEONGGONSONWed Jan 10 1996memory size in TruCluster
1074.04AUSSIE::KIMPTONWed Jan 10 1996Problems with cmon in V1.3 kit
1076.06CSC32::SCHLABSWed Jan 10 19962
1077.07ZURWed Jan 10 1996Where is the HSZ4
1078.01LISVAX::MSOUSAFri Jan 12 1996TruCluster support for multinetworking
1079.07CHEFS::CRIDDLEFri Jan 12 1996What happens if the SCSI bus is unterminated
1080.05TRLIAN::MARZOMon Jan 15 1996Accessing disk status...
1081.01NAMIX::jptMon Jan 15 1996HP EPS: competition is here.
1082.07CGOOA::SMALLMon Jan 15 1996Large LSM disk groups revisited
1083.01TJOVMon Jan 15 1996ASE configuration database failed.
1084.04ANNECY::NEYROUD_NTue Jan 16 1996rz29 wide and ASE 1.3
1085.03NCMAIL::MACKINTue Jan 16 1996ASE with mixed UNIX versions?
1086.01TRLIAN::MARZOTue Jan 16 1996Determining primary system...
1087.01GIDDAY::OMELEYWed Jan 17 1996Questions on MemoryChannel and Cluster
1088.02COMICS::CORNEJWed Jan 17 1996Who is ASE product manager?
1089.04NETRIX::"rgraf@suounix.suo.dec.com"Wed Jan 17 1996AM can't reseverve device
1090.01BEJVC::ROBINZHANGThu Jan 18 1996add new disk into service
1091.01CPDEV::HURLEYThu Jan 18 1996Need performance data collected from a Unix Cluster
1092.04DAIVC::PATRAPThu Jan 18 1996Migrate from DECsafe to TruCluster
1093.02NEWVAX::CGARMANThu Jan 18 1996cannot find am special file
1094.01DAIVC::PATRAPFri Jan 19 1996TruCluster Doesn't Support More than 1GB Memory ?
1095.05SMURF::GROSSOFri Jan 19 1996Collecting TruCluster and ASE product requirements
1096.06ZPOVC::HINSIONGSun Jan 21 1996Stale file handle for NFS mail service
1097.02SNOFS1::ZAMBOTTIWMon Jan 22 1996Adding mounted advfs services can delete the filesets
1098.01RHETT::ELLISMon Jan 22 1996ASE forces a member reboot
1099.01CSC32::HODGETue Jan 23 1996NFS Stale File Handles
1100.04AMCCXN::VOSSWed Jan 24 1996EZ69 support?
1101.03EEMELI::SYVANENWed Jan 24 1996DECsafe ASE + DECnet-OSI config blues
1102.02NETRIX::"prk@viis.shr.dec.com"Wed Jan 24 1996DECsafe floating IP routing problem
1103.04RHETT::ELLISThu Jan 25 1996ASE cam message "tmv2_notify_cbf"
1104.01IOSG::KALUSFri Jan 26 1996what happens when 'start' script times out?
1105.02DV78Mon Jan 29 1996Power up race, only one machine gets disks
1106.01ASABET::nqsrv123.nqo.dec.com::Zitelman.JeffMon Jan 29 1996HSZ Battery
1107.03BBIVTue Jan 30 1996SCSI Cable pullout causes AdvFS panic
1108.04LEMAN::AGASSISTue Jan 30 1996Procedure to remove an AdvFS disk ?
1109.02ANNECY::FARABETTue Jan 30 1996TRUCLUSTER: Viable configuration ?
1110.05SYOMV::KRASTue Jan 30 1996failover without ASE?
1111.01LYOIS1::GAUDIEZWed Jan 31 1996EISA ethernet interface support ?
1112.04MLNCSC::VOCIWed Jan 31 1996info on v1.3 installation
1113.03TRNWed Jan 31 19964
1114.06GOVTWed Jan 31 1996ALternative to xntpd for time synchronisation
1115.03ANNECY::NEYROUD_NWed Jan 31 1996Nb of wide drives on Wide SCSI with ASE
1116.02TRNWed Jan 31 1996strange ASE 1.3 behaviour
1117.03SEVERN::BREWTONWed Jan 31 1996SCSI CAM errors again
1118.02NETRIX::"rgraf@suonix.suo.dec.com"Wed Jan 31 1996ASE V1.3 & multiple networks
1119.0MLNCSC::VOCIThu Feb 01 1996prob. UFs + ASE 1.3
1120.05BOUNCR::GLEAVEThu Feb 01 1996cluster_map_create fails to generate cluster map
1121.0NETRIX::"frank@zk3.dec.com"Thu Feb 01 1996Getting quota reports
1122.0CGOOA::MASONThu Feb 01 1996ASE_INQ_SERVICES messages in daemon.log
1123.01AUSSIE::PARKERFri Feb 02 1996platinum ?
1124.01UNITED::RENCONTREFri Feb 02 1996TZ87 with HSOF V2.7
1125.01NETRIX::"rgraf@suonix.suo.dec.com"Fri Feb 02 1996ULTRIX V4.4 supported ??
1126.03VAXRIO::MIRIAMFri Feb 02 1996Problems using asemgr...
1127.01namix.fno.dec.com::jptFri Feb 02 1996MPP vs. TruCluster & SMP - Best of Both Worlds
1128.0JULIET::SHOMO_ROFri Feb 02 1996Datagram priority support in UNIX/ASE
1129.03MXOCFri Feb 02 1996Disk service ip alias --> unable to unalias
1130.01BBIVMon Feb 05 1996ASE,LSM mirror ,Block change logging..?
1131.01NYOSS1::MONASCHMon Feb 05 1996Restore from failure
1132.03VIRGIN::SUTTERMon Feb 05 1996Cluster partition with ASE1.3, 2 Bus KZPSA & HSZ4
1133.01NETRIX::"deb@nell.cop.dec.com"Tue Feb 06 1996SBU Tech Support
1134.01NETRIX::"deb@nell.cop.dec.com"Tue Feb 06 1996Application Failover
1137.011EEMELI::SYVANENWed Feb 07 1996Strange ASE system hangs V1.2A
1138.04JOBURG::BERETTAWed Feb 07 1996DECSAFE/LSM/ADVFS 2 node - disk service - crashes
1140.013VELENO::MICHIELIWed Feb 07 1996Y Cable, KZPSA and SCSI integrity.
1142.02GRANPA::CHOWed Feb 07 19962 machines-each backup for other?
1143.06SEVERN::BREWTONWed Feb 07 1996Network failure blows away ASE
1144.011MXOCWed Feb 07 1996Change member failure trying to define a second network interface
1145.03SLOSS1::THOMSON_MAThu Feb 08 1996Rebuilding an ASE 1.3 Member System
1146.02MPGS::AGGARWALThu Feb 08 1996Start actions differ from Restart actions
1147.010EEMELI::SYVANENThu Feb 08 1996About mount's pathname length etc.
1148.02IOSG::KALUSFri Feb 09 1996does OPS use DRD partitions?
1149.04RTP4ME::FLACKFri Feb 09 1996Disk service aliases for V1.3
1150.03RTP4ME::FLACKFri Feb 09 1996Any ASE clusterwide limits on storage
1151.05DREUL1::robFri Feb 09 1996Cluster alias address
1152.0JULIET::SHOMO_ROFri Feb 09 1996NetView and IP-aliasing
1153.01MANMSun Feb 11 1996Need Help, Urgent.
1154.02ANNECY::HAGENMULLERMon Feb 12 1996system disk on shared SCSI
1155.0NETRIX::"frank@zk3.dec.com"Mon Feb 12 1996QAR HOWTO -- log a QAR via email!
1156.05DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGMon Feb 12 1996Ths ASE configuration
1157.07YEENOT::LAWRENCEPTue Feb 13 1996our_data_function: Error from write data ioctl
1160.02SWTHOM::MEYERTue Feb 13 1996Problem cluster_map_create and ifconfig flags
1161.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGTue Feb 13 1996AM and failed disk
1162.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGTue Feb 13 1996BA35
1163.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGTue Feb 13 1996CAM error and SCSI
1164.01JULIET::SHOMO_ROTue Feb 13 1996ASE Capabilities...hopefully easy
1165.02RTP4ME::FLACKWed Feb 14 1996Calling asemgr from ASE script??
1166.01IOSG::KALUSWed Feb 14 1996OPS kit we can access?
1167.05NETRIX::"orna@tavis.iso.dec.com"Wed Feb 14 1996HA - Copetetion
1168.01CHEFS::CARTERRWed Feb 14 1996TRACT. A cluster/ASE message Queue?
1169.0CSC32::SCHLABSWed Feb 14 1996nfs/portmap problems (ENOBUFS) after running asemgr??
1170.04GRANPA::JCONNORSWed Feb 14 19964/266 & 5/25
1171.01MSAMThu Feb 15 1996can ASE 1.2a handle multiple mount point
1172.0TRUCKS::BURKETTJThu Feb 15 1996Help with Starter Package & disk layout
1173.0BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVEThu Feb 15 1996dli socket
1174.05CUESTA::NATXOThu Feb 15 1996two hsz but one in each scsi ?
1175.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSThu Feb 15 1996DCE, Netview, DECsafe ASE
1176.02DYOSW5::WILDERThu Feb 15 1996ASE with no shared disks??
1177.04PRCFS1::SOCHUNWAHFri Feb 16 1996OSF 3.2a, ASE 1.2 power-fail failover not working
1178.01MPGS::AGGARWALSun Feb 18 1996V1.2A documentation and license questions
1179.01RHETT::HEBERTSun Feb 18 1996Do Nfs and Disk Services Function The Same?
1180.06AEOENG::SALOMONMon Feb 19 1996LSM volumes SYNC after a crash
1181.02BBIVMon Feb 19 1996Failover of volumes and domains
1182.01NETRIX::"prk@viis.shr.dec.com"Mon Feb 19 1996SNMP traps and floating IP
1183.01NETRIX::"prk@viis.shr.dec.com"Tue Feb 20 1996ASEMGR: ONLINE vs RESTART?
1184.01namix.fno.dec.com::jptTue Feb 20 1996Competitive info (Sun)
1185.01AOSG::TAPPANTue Feb 20 1996future cluster release info/USG product calendar
1186.01GBIWed Feb 21 1996Urgent: help to understand network failover
1187.05DUKBIL::VaughnWed Feb 21 1996Dual SCSI to same HSZ4
1188.01SALEM::HARRIS_MWed Feb 21 1996RZ28D-VW firmware (
1189.04HGOVC::KIMPTONThu Feb 22 1996HSZ4
1190.01IOSG::KALUSThu Feb 22 1996ownership of files in /dev/rdrd
1192.06CGOOA::MASONThu Feb 22 1996Service fails to start
1193.04BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVEFri Feb 23 1996Memory Channel breaks DCE DTS
1194.0SCASS1::GROVEFri Feb 23 1996Alternative RAID Implementations
1195.02ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKFri Feb 23 1996ethernet on 21
1196.02NETRIX::"hancock@alf.dec.com"Sat Feb 24 1996Unable to stop service with force?!?
1197.01ROUTES::TEDESCOMon Feb 26 1996ASE to Trucluster License costs
1198.0ANNECY::HAGENMULLERTue Feb 27 1996new high_availability conference
1199.03LEMAN::BEZENCONTue Feb 27 1996Lost connection to the HSM...Exiting
1200.03TIMAMD::COMELLASTue Feb 27 1996lost domains and links
1201.01AUSSIE::PARKERWed Feb 28 1996pmazc ports & cmon warning
1202.03CHEFS::CRIDDLEWed Feb 28 1996TruCluster systems providing VMS backup
1203.01WASHDC::SARASINWed Feb 28 1996RZ29B-vw ( or rz29 again )
1204.04LEMAN::BEZENCONThu Feb 29 1996ASE/PACER fork() error: : No such device or address
1205.02LEMAN::BEZENCONThu Feb 29 1996ASE 1.3 / Advfs / quotas supported ?
1206.03EEMELI::TRASANENFri Mar 01 1996LSM/DRD deport/import problem
1207.01BBIVSat Mar 02 1996ethernet channel for ASE messages
1208.02RULLE::BRINGHSun Mar 03 1996DEMFA HW/SW probl? on dUNIXv3.2c / ASE v1.2a
1209.01JULIET::HATTRUP_JASun Mar 03 1996Distributed Lock Mgr.(DLM), CFS, DRD, ASE
1210.05DYOSW5::WILDERMon Mar 04 1996HSZ4
1211.04IOSG::KALUSMon Mar 04 1996clnt_create failed
1212.02CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Mar 04 1996Help with new config? What to expect...
1213.04LEMAN::AGASSISTue Mar 05 1996Rolling 1.2 to 1.3 possible ?
1214.0CUESTA::NATXOTue Mar 05 1996Two ether boards but one as backup?
1215.03LNZALI::WATZKOTue Mar 05 1996Can't run cmon
1216.01IOSG::KALUSTue Mar 05 1996MC shut the system down?
1217.07COMICS::CORNEJWed Mar 06 1996Anyone tried installing DECsafe ASE on MLS+ ?
1218.02IOSG::KALUSWed Mar 06 1996can't re-add member after reboot
1219.03MPGS::AGGARWALWed Mar 06 1996Disks mounted at service creation time?
1220.09VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Mar 06 1996More "ASE_INQ_SERVICES failed or channel hung up" errors ...
1221.01AMCUCS::KKDASWed Mar 06 1996Problem mounting NFS Service...
1222.02TKTU21::hasegawaThu Mar 07 1996reset HSZ4
1223.06AEOENG::SALOMONThu Mar 07 1996Service not restartted after network problem
1224.06NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Fri Mar 08 1996link on /usr/var/ase/mnt
1225.0+6FRUST::STEINMETZFri Mar 08 1996When shared SCSI tapes supported?
1226.016NETRIX::"frank@zk3.dec.com"Fri Mar 08 1996still soliciting your dreams...
1227.01BEJVC::ARTHURWANGSun Mar 10 1996where are decsafe's Document?
1228.01NETRIX::"frank@zk3.dec.com"Mon Mar 11 1996any DCE users?
1229.01NQOSMon Mar 11 1996MC & DLM in TruCluster
1230.03AMCUCS::KKDASMon Mar 11 1996DRDs looses ownership...
1231.0NQOSTue Mar 12 1996Building Cluster Apps
1232.02IBWed Mar 13 1996'fsck' in ASE 1.3
1233.0HGOVC::MICHAELPOONThu Mar 14 1996Request for D H Brown HA solutions paper
1234.014RTP4ME::FLACKThu Mar 14 1996Can you umount an AdvFS fileset which is part of service?
1235.07ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGThu Mar 14 1996Weird problem w ASE1.3, multiple network
1236.0CHEFS::HERBERTWed Mar 20 1996IP Alias and UDP Services
1237.05SPANIX::JULIANRWed Mar 20 1996Dual HSZ4
1238.01DV78Wed Mar 20 1996management GUI?
1239.06DAGWST::PIAZZAWed Mar 20 1996NFS service configuration question
1240.04BBIVFri Mar 22 1996Hangs while deleteing service...
1241.01LVFREE::TURKINGTONFri Mar 22 1996Question about ASE and LSM
1242.01KETJE::BEYENSMon Mar 25 1996Why can't we use token ring?
1243.02NETRIX::"richard.carter@gmt.mts.dec.com"Mon Mar 25 1996Internet Server - Product Description.
1244.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEMon Mar 25 1996FDDI failover problem ?
1245.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEMon Mar 25 1996One more question on ASE
1246.03ASABET::tso_ken.tso.dec.com::steinerMon Mar 25 1996Load balance across ethernet adapters?
1247.01TRNTue Mar 26 1996Agent Errotr: soft error on dev ?
1248.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue Mar 26 1996Ver 1.3 on Unix 3.2c ?
1249.02NETRIX::"heinz@suo.dec.com"Tue Mar 26 1996When to use add, delete, check action scripts ?
1250.0MSE1::PCOTETue Mar 26 1996bus-reset enabled on powerup
1251.022AXPBIZ::SIVATue Mar 26 1996Unresponsive MC nodes...Error
1252.01DAIVC::ADETue Mar 26 1996Please help, lsm problem in cluster machine
1253.0AUSSIE::PARKERWed Mar 27 1996cluster_map_create again
1254.01ATYISA::SULOCHAWed Mar 27 19961
1255.03AEOENG::SALOMONWed Mar 27 1996cmon problem when one system down
1256.0CGOOA::SMALLWed Mar 27 19963 node placement question
1257.03CSC32::SCHLABSWed Mar 27 1996ase version required for digital unix 4.
1258.01GIDDAY::SCHWARZThu Mar 28 1996mailbus crashing system
1259.0UFHIS::JKRAFTThu Mar 28 1996Digital NIS + Solaris 2.x
1260.01MBALDY::LANGSTONThu Mar 28 1996Network interconnect required for DECsafe, TruCluster?
1261.0ANNECY::POULAINThu Mar 28 1996MC and locks and failures
1262.03VFOVAX::STOWERSThu Mar 28 1996ATM Support, and EMC storage...
1263.0FBEDEV::ASCHERThu Mar 28 19963.2D patch available for this?
1264.0MPGS::KOSINSKIFri Mar 29 1996AdvFS panic with DECsafe and LSM
1265.01COPCLU::KARSTENMon Apr 01 1996NFS-service on top of a disk-service ?
1266.02BBIVMon Apr 01 1996Installing ORACLE products on internal storage
1267.0HOBBLE::YOUNGMon Apr 01 1996Rolling Upgrade from 1.2a to 1.3
1268.01ZPOVC::COLINTONGMon Apr 01 1996TruCluster Question
1270.01ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Apr 02 1996NFS Portmap: RPC:Program not registered
1272.02WOTVAX::HILTONWed Apr 03 1996What is QL-XYXAC-3B?
1273.01ANNECY::FARABETWed Apr 03 1996Trucluster: memory required per lock .
1274.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Apr 03 1996ASE and member
1275.0+6TLAVThu Apr 04 1996Does TruCluster support Informix XPS
1276.01VELENO::MICHIELIThu Apr 04 1996Files too big. AdvFS, LSM, UNIX
1277.0ULTOE::browderThu Apr 04 1996Installation Services for DECsafe ASE
1278.012MQOU18::A_YASSIRThu Apr 04 1996DecSafe & Disaster Recovery ?
1279.01NCMAIL::MACKINFri Apr 05 1996NFS,ASE and v3.2-d
1280.01MPGS::YANGFri Apr 05 1996Does DECsafe run on a multi-CPU system ?
1281.01DEKVC::SANGHYUNLEESat Apr 06 1996LSM raw device on ASE disk service???
1282.0TKOV51::EGAWASat Apr 06 1996Select recovering interface of nfs service
1283.0BBIVMon Apr 08 1996I recreated the database
1284.0TKOV51::EGAWAMon Apr 08 1996AdvFS panic and UFS no panic
1285.0BACHUS::DIDDENWed Apr 10 1996ase disk service deletion fails
1286.01BACHUS::BIS1Wed Apr 10 1996Till when MEMBER_STATE = BOOTING
1287.01BACHUS::BIS1Wed Apr 10 1996"Warning: state 8 was note set"
1288.01IBWed Apr 10 1996Service file system mounted on BOTH members
1289.01LISVAX::MSOUSAWed Apr 10 1996"ASE ready" configuration with manual failover
1290.01MANMThu Apr 11 1996weird ase problem encountered
1291.01ANNECY::NEYROUD_NThu Apr 11 1996TruCluster betwwen 82
1292.01KETJE::BEYENSThu Apr 11 1996init
1293.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGFri Apr 12 1996Change IP address on ASE master member
1294.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGFri Apr 12 1996login service and one system
1295.01COPCLU::GREGMon Apr 15 1996Competing against HP MC/LockManager
1296.0NETRIX::"roger.harvey@gmt.dec.com"Mon Apr 15 1996Help wanted with this UNIX stuff !
1297.02BACHUS::ROELANDTSTue Apr 16 1996kernel build fails - TrueCluster V1.
1298.03TLAVTue Apr 16 1996AdvFs v4 & DECsafe v1.3
1299.08TKOV51::OIKAWATue Apr 16 199617
1300.0TRLIAN::baudr8.mko.dec.com::LAILTue Apr 16 1996High Availability Clusters Competency Center
1301.02NETRIX::"deb@nell.cop.dec.com"Tue Apr 16 1996Clarion Disks
1302.03NETRIX::"cristina.moarsi@xip.mts.dec.com"Tue Apr 16 1996Manual failover using shared scsi buses
1303.03AMCUCS::KKDASTue Apr 16 1996Cluster wide shared memory?
1304.01NETRIX::"bachmann@epaWed Apr 17 1996DLM standalone ?
1305.03HGOVC::JAMBUWed Apr 17 1996cmon/submon patch please ??
1306.01CHEFS::JAMESHWed Apr 17 1996TruCluster Documentation
1307.02COMICS::CORNEJThu Apr 18 1996V4 and TruCluster
1308.01DYOSW5::WILDERThu Apr 18 1996lockf and DLM??
1309.06CHEFS::WILLS_AFri Apr 19 1996Systems hang at boot with ASE
1310.02BACHUS::BACHUS::BRUSCHEFri Apr 19 1996MAX values in hsm.conf ??
1311.02NQOSFri Apr 19 1996Does v1.3 fix bug adding disks to large config?
1312.0BACHUS::DEVOSMon Apr 22 1996Korn shell script for network monitoring.
1313.02VNASWS::HAUSBMon Apr 22 1996tie-breaker-disk question
1315.01NETRIX::"frank@zk3.dec.com"Mon Apr 22 1996New Theory-of-Operations for 1.3
1316.01DEKVC::HYEONKYUPARKMon Apr 22 1996from ASE to TruCluster
1317.01SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUTue Apr 23 1996ASEMGR State UnKnown (both Systems)
1318.04BBIVTue Apr 23 1996Trucluster config documentation
1319.02BACHUS::DEVOSTue Apr 23 1996Crashing ASE with monitored interfaces.
1320.01TKTVFS::KOZASATue Apr 23 1996can't add a service after DECsafe reconfig
1321.02LISVAX::MSOUSATue Apr 23 1996What happens when Memory Channel breaks?
1322.02STOSS1::KASEFANGTue Apr 23 1996The foot you save may be mine
1323.03BBIVWed Apr 24 1996decsafe-like functionality in Trucluster
1324.03SUOSWS::KENNTNERWed Apr 24 1996Cannot change asp onV1.3
1325.0+2BACHUS::DEVOSThu Apr 25 1996Tool to mount an ASE offline service.
1326.02FREDOM::MCCARTHYGFri Apr 26 1996Tuning failovers
1327.02VNASWS::HAUSBFri Apr 26 1996TCR 1.
1328.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEFri Apr 26 1996URGENT! Need help on HSZ4
1329.04BBIVSat Apr 27 1996TruCluster/OPS and XA support
1330.03BBIVMon Apr 29 1996migrating from non-OPS to OPS
1331.04ROMMon Apr 29 1996ASE and MC?
1332.03TMCUKA::ROWELLMon Apr 29 1996CCMAA MC revision upgrade
1333.03TMCUKA::ROWELLMon Apr 29 1996Memory Channel hardware requirement ERROR #1
1334.02LATINA::CALVINOMon Apr 29 1996Whitch service execute in what order?
1335.010TRNMon Apr 29 1996Question about large LSM disk service
1336.03PTOSS1::BROWN_MMon Apr 29 1996Documentation ?? and passwd file ?? (TruClusters)
1337.0HGOVC::JOSEPHKWOKTue Apr 30 1996starting ASEmember will blow out the network
1338.01COPCLU::GREGTue Apr 30 1996Slides from TruCluster Announcement?
1339.03VAXRIO::DJOHUB::DECATRONTue Apr 30 1996EISA Ctrl - Any news?
1340.04MQOOA::LEDOUXTue Apr 30 1996Low Message Passing Latency for Memory Channel Trucluster
1341.03CHEFS::BLATCH_GWed May 01 1996Segmentation fault ( core dumped )
1342.0+6AIMTEC::HESS_SWed May 01 1996Why MC requires own subnet?
1343.07AOSF1::krasThu May 02 1996Trucluster for 1
1344.0KETJE::BEYENSThu May 02 1996if it takes too long to stop services...
1345.0SALEM::ARNOLDThu May 02 19961
1346.05VNASWS::HAUSBFri May 03 1996cmon: ".. have not received any ASE reportings..."
1347.02ZPOVC::HINSIONGFri May 03 1996cluster_map_create -full command fail
1348.0STKHLM::L_SUNDQVISTSun May 05 1996How to tune DLM?
1349.01GRANPA::JCONNORSSun May 05 1996Adding Service Problem
1350.01TPOVC::MOBBYLINMon May 06 1996VHS scripts for TruCluster announced?
1351.01MAIL2::GHAHRAMANIMon May 06 1996netview 4.1 + ase 1.3 + dunix 3.2D-1
1352.02BEJVC::HELENZHOUTue May 07 1996SGI competition!!
1353.0DYOSW5::WILDERTue May 07 1996HP and dual mirroring
1354.07ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue May 07 1996Client not responding after failover of the NFS Services
1355.01NETRIX::"trenta@csc32.enet.dec.com"Wed May 08 1996Interface Doc for ASE?
1356.01STOSS1::KASEFANGWed May 08 1996Delete Member Question
1357.05BEJVC::HELENZHOUThu May 09 1996more about TCR automatic failover
1358.01ANNECY::HUGUENIN_JMThu May 09 1996Rawhide (41
1359.05LNZALI::WATZKOThu May 09 1996aseagent dies
1360.06HANSIX::hanscThu May 09 1996RAID Array 31
1361.0SMURF::TIMThu May 09 1996DRD supports LSM/BCL in TCR V1.
1362.05MRKTNG::VICKERSThu May 09 1996UNIX/ASE/Oracle Versions
1363.01REGENT::LEEThu May 09 1996Queue name in digital unix clusters
1365.01STKAI1::BRAGEFri May 10 1996Mount options for NFS-service...
1366.01LEMAN::AGASSISSat May 11 1996Mail service without NFS...
1367.01NETRIX::"bachmann@mfr.dec.com"Mon May 13 1996advantage vs. tru
1368.0HGOSPS::FEYNMANLOMon May 13 1996Abnormal Direct route entries in routing tables
1369.05BBIVMon May 13 1996ethernet redundancy in truecluster
1370.01MARIN::ARVINDMon May 13 1996DECSafe and layered products
1372.01CHEFS::MCMASTERETue May 14 1996Broken but resident KZPSA prevents reboot ?
1373.05GIDDAY::SCHWARZWed May 15 1996install probs with ASE and DCE
1374.01VNABRW::AUMAYR_WWed May 15 1996Difference of ASE and TRUCLUSTER
1375.02BBIVThu May 16 1996Digital unix , ASE crashing
1376.02VIRGIN::BILLFri May 17 1996Error in nfs_ifconfig - ASE13
1377.02LABC::RUMon May 20 199641
1378.01HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGTue May 21 1996New ASE V1.3 presentation available?
1379.01IOSG::KALUSTue May 21 1996TruCluster T1.
1380.02EVTISA::ES_VINCENTTue May 21 1996SCSI bus disconnection
1381.02FBEDEV::ASCHERWed May 22 1996URGENT - multiple net interfaces problem
1382.03STUThu May 23 1996PMAZB-A and PMAZC-AA under ASE V1.3
1383.03SNOFS1:: May 23 1996DECSafe on AS6
1384.03CSC32::J_WIELANDFri May 24 1996ASP policy, and expected behavior on favored policy
1385.03MEOCMon May 27 1996AS 1
1386.02HGOVC::DONWONGMon May 27 1996TruCluster Config Advice
1387.02TKTU42::asaraMon May 27 1996lsm mirror and manual relocation
1388.03COPCLU::GREGMon May 27 1996HP's cluster scaling?
1389.05ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKTue May 28 1996using disks after DECsafe install without services
1390.02DAIVC::BENNYWed May 29 1996KZPSA didn't appear
1391.02BRADEC::PODOLINSKYWed May 29 1996What is wrong with my TruCluster ?
1392.02PTOSS1::BROWN_MWed May 29 1996TruCluster DRD & LSM ???
1393.02PLTFRM::STEVIEThu May 30 1996Removing a node from a DECsafe configuration
1394.03CHEFS::MCMASTEREThu May 30 199621
1395.02ANNECY::HAVARD_PThu May 30 1996dual redundant memory channel problems
1396.0ATYISA::SULOCHAFri May 31 1996cluster_map_create fails
1397.03BIGCHZ::EZZELLFri May 31 1996ex
1398.0SOLVIT::EGHLIMAMon Jun 03 1996How to add action script for NFS service
1399.01TLAVMon Jun 03 1996TruCluster and Future bus (DEC 4
1400.08PTOSS1::BROWN_MMon Jun 03 1996DRD Device Naming Conventions
1401.01MBALDY::LANGSTONMon Jun 03 1996TruCluster versus DECsafe for NFS
1402.06AEOENG::SALOMONTue Jun 04 1996ATM and ASE again
1403.08ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Jun 04 1996Audited Report for Trucluster OPS
1404.01CHEFS::MCMASTERETue Jun 04 1996Support for 3 or 4 KZPSAs on 21
1405.015DECPRG::MARIKTue Jun 04 1996ASE V1.3(?) & DU v3.2e & HSZ4
1406.01DEKVC::SANGHYUNLEEWed Jun 05 1996Perfomance: Advfs and DRD device
1407.02ICS::nqsrv111.nqo.dec.com::Bob PellerinWed Jun 05 1996Total cluster-wide storage
1408.0+3HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed Jun 05 1996URGENT! Help on routing table.
1409.03SCASS1::DAVIS_RWed Jun 05 1996Dual FDDI Interfaces, Failover
1410.02VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Jun 05 1996ASE V1.3 ASEROUTING / multiple network question
1411.01CHGVWed Jun 05 1996Password File Synchronization
1412.03ICS::nqsrv2Wed Jun 05 1996Mem Chnl for VAX?
1413.01EWBUThu Jun 06 1996aseagent, priority and setuid
1414.03ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Jun 10 1996ASE & Trucluster Questions
1415.0SUPER::MCDOWELLMon Jun 10 1996How to determine B2111 backplane and Revision
1416.01KETJE::HAESAERTSMon Jun 10 19963 nodes in ASE cluster, 2 of which are also TRUCLUSTER config????
1417.03LYOISA::GAUDIEZMon Jun 10 1996ASE script for ASE ?
1418.07HGOVC::JAMBUTue Jun 11 1996memory channel questions ??
1419.05BACHUS::WAUTERSTue Jun 11 1996Multiple Network Interfaces (again but different)
1420.01ZPOVC::CSNAQSWed Jun 12 1996Fibre channel against memory channel
1421.05VFOVAX::STOWERSWed Jun 12 1996"HUB" SCSI cabling?
1422.03SALEM::ARNOLDWed Jun 12 1996Are DE5
1423.01BOUNCR::GLEAVEWed Jun 12 1996TruCluster Installation guide confusion - MC subnet rfor services ?
1424.02COWBOY::MIRGHANEWed Jun 12 1996ASE SCSI dual port using FDDI switch time?
1425.0ZPOVC::CSNAQSThu Jun 13 1996Trucluster Reference Sites
1426.0TKTVFS::HASEGAWAFri Jun 14 1996nice value of ASE user process
1427.01NETRIX::"hancock@alf.dec.com"Sat Jun 15 1996AM reports a lost reservation...
1428.01NETRIX::"eunkyolee@is.digital.co.kr"Sun Jun 16 1996Where can I get the Trucluster PAK on Internet or DECnet?
1429.02ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKSun Jun 16 1996KZPSA using SCSI ID
1430.01ROMMon Jun 17 1996Buffer cache, SGA and TRUcluster
1431.01LEXSS1::BUTTAFUOCOMon Jun 17 1996Service without disks
1432.04GIDDAY::SCHWARZTue Jun 18 1996cluster support for 4
1433.03MINNY::sbuTue Jun 18 1996Ingredients to make a 41
1434.02TLAVWed Jun 19 1996DECSafe to TruCluster
1435.0DAIVC::ADEWed Jun 19 1996Failover,kernel build ,performance problem on internet machine.
1436.02BIGRED::THOMPSONWed Jun 19 1996what have I missed??????
1437.02QCAVThu Jun 20 1996Machine reboots on its own ...
1438.0ASABET::tso_ken.tso.dec.com::SteinerThu Jun 20 1996Layered product software license question
1439.02NETRIX::"nanguang@zpovc.enet.dec.com"Fri Jun 21 1996unable to restart service, device busy
1440.05KTOV12::SHIMADAFri Jun 21 1996changing IP address
1441.02CHEFS::SMITH_JJFri Jun 21 1996Ethernet disconnect problem
1442.01ODIXIE::WORTHINGTONFri Jun 21 19961
1443.01TKOV51::MORIYAMAMon Jun 24 1996Fail detect time longer on ASE V1.3 ?
1444.01BALZAC::QUENIVETMon Jun 24 1996Spontaneous volrecover
1445.01ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Jun 25 1996Trucluster license
1446.07VAXRIO::VITORTue Jun 25 1996Modify Service Hung at "Deleting Service ..."
1447.02VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Jun 26 1996DECsafe/ASE on 1
1448.06SALEM::ARNOLDWed Jun 26 199682
1449.0SMURF::SHIDERLYWed Jun 26 1996Anecdotes Wanted
1450.02BBIVThu Jun 27 1996competitive inforamtion required
1451.01LEMAN::TAVERNONThu Jun 27 199621
1452.02ULTOE::browderThu Jun 27 1996ADVFS or UFS on top of LSM/DRD?
1453.01LEMAN::MARTIN_AFri Jun 28 1996Can't ping mail2 over the SCSI bus !!!
1454.01VIRGIN::SUTTERFri Jun 28 1996isp
1455.0LEMAN::MARTIN_AMon Jul 01 1996Rolling upgrade problem...Help !
1456.06SAPEC3::HERRMANNMon Jul 01 1996how to configure backup network in ase
1459.03TAVWed Jul 03 1996disconnect/reconnect leaves 2 directors and portmap problem
1460.09NETRIX::"ross.palmer@nzo.mts.dec.com"Thu Jul 04 1996Problem with ASP in ASE 1.3
1461.03NETRIX::"small@stl.dec.com"Thu Jul 04 1996Plex dissapears after catastrophic failure
1462.01JOBURG::BERETTAThu Jul 04 1996FDDI/ETHERNET - config problem
1463.01ALFAM7::STREPPELFri Jul 05 1996Network partition, director does not start, alert script question
1464.01ADCAMon Jul 08 1996DECsafe ..IP/SOCKETS...Please suggest
1466.02FRSCS::65366::STARKTue Jul 09 1996HOME and END key definitions
1467.04FRSCS::65366::STARKTue Jul 09 1996Commandline editing
1468.01FRSCS::65366::STARKTue Jul 09 1996ADDUSER problem
1469.01FRSCS::65366::STARKTue Jul 09 1996Process not die
1470.06TAVIS::ELIZURTue Jul 09 1996new director hasn't started up yet...
1471.02LEMAN::MARTIN_AWed Jul 10 1996ASE v1.3 and "fully qualified hostname " ???
1472.01CHEFS::MCMASTEREWed Jul 10 1996How to upgrade 1 of 2 21
1473.01VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Jul 10 1996TCR 1.
1475.02TAVThu Jul 11 1996Multiplie network - decsafe problem - add service
1476.0TLAVThu Jul 11 1996ASE v1.2a & network problem
1477.0DAIVC::ADEFri Jul 12 1996DF SHOWS MORE THAN 1
1478.03ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGFri Jul 12 19961 SCSI shared by 4 hosts?
1479.0DV78Sat Jul 13 1996Help on NFS performance (Cluster vs 3
1480.0+4DECALP::KLAVINSSun Jul 14 1996determining availability of DLM from application
1481.01MLNCSC::VOCIMon Jul 15 1996Timeout value for alert script
1482.01MOSCOW::GORDIENKOMon Jul 15 1996AltaVista Firewall for NT?
1483.01ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKMon Jul 15 1996Can I use BA35
1484.06ALFAM7::STREPPELTue Jul 16 1996Release number confusion with TCR1
1485.0TLAVThu Jul 18 1996Pathworks 5.
1486.02METMV3::COXThu Jul 18 1996Need help quick!
1487.02APACHE::KELLAMThu Jul 18 1996ASP not working as expected.
1488.01GIZARD::WETZELThu Jul 18 1996Force failover with dual FDDI and dual Ethernet...
1489.01GIDDAY::STRAUSSFri Jul 19 1996AdvFS panic during ASE failover
1490.0HARDY::MCDOWELLFri Jul 19 1996SPD and Release notes for ASE 1.3 don't match
1491.05ROMOIS::CIARAMELLAFri Jul 19 1996Problems creating large disk service
1492.02HARDY::MCDOWELLFri Jul 19 1996RZ26J, RZ28J, RZ28L firmware rev for 1.3?
1493.01DEKVC::HYEONKYUPARKMon Jul 22 1996Two oracle instances on cluster node in OPS
1494.03SPANIX::JULIANRMon Jul 22 19961.3a ASE kit for Rawhide (41
1495.03EWBUTue Jul 23 1996AS21
1496.03SPANIX::JULIANRTue Jul 23 1996ASE 1.3 dumps core on 21
1497.01MAIL2::GHAHRAMANITue Jul 23 1996alternative to NIS and NFS for ASE
1498.01ISTWI1::OZILTue Jul 23 1996ATM
1499.01AEOENG::SALOMONTue Jul 23 1996Unix version for 1
1500.03TAVTue Jul 23 1996scalability problems with OPS - HELP!!
1501.05RTP4ME::FLACKTue Jul 23 1996ASE_PARTIAL_MIRRORING questions...
1502.02GIDDAY::SCHWARZWed Jul 24 1996!volklog_dgfree and lost disks
1503.01KETJE::HAESAERTSWed Jul 24 1996UNIX Firewall and ASE failover ? ANY NEWS ??
1504.07MWBVAX::BROWNWed Jul 24 1996ASEMGR kills ASE in TruCluster!
1505.01HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGWed Jul 24 1996What's Mode 2 from IBM's HACMP?
1506.08ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKWed Jul 24 1996swap disk on a shared bus ???
1507.01NCMAIL::MACKINWed Jul 24 1996ASE and CA-UNICENTER anywhere?
1508.0BEJVC::DENNISXIEFri Jul 26 1996login service hangs up the machine
1509.04QCAVFri Jul 26 1996UDP in ASE environment (related to note# 1236)
1510.01MWBVAX::BROWNFri Jul 26 1996LSM problems w/ TruCluster
1511.02KETJE::BEYENSMon Jul 29 1996CAM errors on non shared busses
1512.02NETRIX::"walter@platin.lnz.dec.com"Mon Jul 29 1996Panic:"trap: invalid memory ifetch access from kernel mode "
1513.05ACISS1::THORNEMon Jul 29 1996What Versions for TruClustering 84
1514.02MANMTue Jul 30 1996IS THIS SUPPORTED?
1515.03DECBAH::PATROWed Jul 31 1996Tru-Cluster!
1516.04RHETT::MOOREWed Jul 31 1996? on upgrade 1.3 to 1.4
1517.03SSDEVO::RENNOLETWed Jul 31 1996Configuration advice for NFS Failover Please
1518.02NETRIX::"morawsky@decatl.alf.dec.com"Wed Jul 31 1996running asemgr in action script
1519.02NANTES::NGUYENFri Aug 02 1996dual path to storage ?
1520.01BBIVSat Aug 03 1996ase support on unix 3.2g
1521.03KERNEL::CARPENTERSMon Aug 05 1996rmerror_int panics
1522.0SOLVIT::EGHLIMATue Aug 06 1996How one can define check action script
1523.03WASHDC::RKLINGTue Aug 06 1996Does a process have a dedicated CPU or can it be woken up?
1524.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed Aug 07 19961.4 kit ?
1525.01GYRO::HOLOHANWed Aug 07 1996Customer mistakenly mailed me these DECsafe questions, can any of you help him?
1526.02ACISS1::THORNEWed Aug 07 1996TCR1
1527.04TKOV51::EGAWAWed Aug 07 1996Updating ASE service information
1528.02EPS::CONNORSWed Aug 07 1996MC Users Guide ??
1529.0KERNEL::NICHOLSONAFri Aug 09 1996changing nfs service gives cluster monitor problem
1530.06KERNEL::MOSSLFri Aug 09 1996ASE... adding a LSM volume to an AdvFS domain
1531.0+7QCAVMon Aug 12 1996Digital UNIX 4.
1532.0DONVAN::MCDOWELLTue Aug 13 1996ASE Installtion Memu options questions
1533.01DYOSW5::WILDERTue Aug 13 1996Configuration guide for TCR and OPS???
1534.06TLAVWed Aug 14 1996DECSafe with 4 shared SCSI bus
1535.05VNABRW::WINTERSPERGEWed Aug 14 1996shared RAW Device -> DRD question ?
1536.01CHEFS::ACBREO::carterrWed Aug 14 1996
1537.02DV78Wed Aug 14 1996ASE and disk cache?
1538.04EPS::CONNORSThu Aug 15 1996LSM & /dev/rdrd ownership
1539.02VAXRIO::LEOFri Aug 16 1996Brazil inputs and doubts
1540.03TLAVSat Aug 17 1996KZPSA adapter misc error ...
1541.01MEOCSun Aug 18 1996Which TCP/UDP ports does DECsafe use?
1542.06BIGUN::KEOGHMon Aug 19 1996AS4
1543.09HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEMon Aug 19 1996Where is 1.4 FT ?
1544.01HGOVC::EDMONDLEUNGMon Aug 19 1996Update FW for 41
1545.01ACISS1::THORNEMon Aug 19 1996Members and services on different subnets?
1546.06ANNECY::HAVARD_PTue Aug 20 1996Alphaserver 41
1547.03RHETT::LACORTITue Aug 20 1996problems with cmon
1548.0HGOVC::JOSEPHWUFri Aug 23 1996Configuration for OPS
1549.01MXOCSat Aug 24 1996Automatic relocation problem, possible netmask related
1550.01MXOCSat Aug 24 1996DE435 and ASE
1551.02MEOCSun Aug 25 1996Network Configuration Limitations.
1552.0MEOCSun Aug 25 1996Network security issues
1553.01MEOCSun Aug 25 1996entries in /etc/routes - why?
1554.02COLA1::BARENTZENMon Aug 26 1996Format of Documentation
1555.0NETRIX::"Meint@uto.dec.com"Mon Aug 26 1996How to let ASE work together with NIS and C2 security
1556.02UFHIS::SHUEBNERMon Aug 26 1996Hardware Question
1557.01SALEM::ARNOLDMon Aug 26 1996TCR1
1558.01ZPOVC::SONGHUATMon Aug 26 1996can't reach device and can't reserve disk ?
1559.01MBALDY::LANGSTONMon Aug 26 19961
1560.0NETRIX::"dennis.xie@bej.mts.dec.com"Tue Aug 27 1996asedirector can not be started after network patition
1561.01MEOCTue Aug 27 1996Automatic relocation does not work with 3 interfaces
1562.0MEOCTue Aug 27 1996user-defined check scripts - not implemented?
1563.0NETRIX::"ukarch@isar22.muc.dec.com"Tue Aug 27 1996Shorten Failover time
1564.01AOSF1::krasTue Aug 27 1996memory channel for NFS and IP performance?
1565.03HGOVC::JOSEPHWUWed Aug 28 1996How to set drd dev access mode
1566.02DECBAH::PATROWed Aug 28 1996DLM - TruCluster !!!
1567.01KYOSS1::GREENWed Aug 28 1996TCR expected behavior?
1568.0+10BACHUS::DEVOSWed Aug 28 1996DECsafe - DECnsr - Cloned ADVFS filesystem
1569.02HGOMC1::THOMASYANGThu Aug 29 1996Members crash!!!
1570.01VAXUUM::MCDOWELLThu Aug 29 1996Why can't I upgrade to 1.3, then to 1.4?
1571.04WASHDC::RKLINGThu Aug 29 1996Technical Specs on Mem Channel ASAP
1572.02HGOMC2::THOMASYANGFri Aug 30 1996Does ASE1.3 support AS41
1573.0namix.fno.dec.com::jptSat Aug 31 1996Competitive info (CA & Tandem)
1574.02namix.fno.dec.com::jptSat Aug 31 1996Cluster Wars - promises get hotter
1575.0+4namix.fno.dec.com::jptMon Sep 02 1996MEMORY CHANNEL & AlphaStation
1576.01SUPER::MCDOWELLMon Sep 02 1996ASE 1.3 (DUX 3.2D) --> 3.2G --> 1.4 (DUX 4.
1577.01NETRIX::"bachmann@rto.dec.com"Tue Sep 03 1996ASE and HSZ4
1578.0+9DEKITG::JUNGYOUNGNAMTue Sep 03 1996DRD service hang in TCR T1.4 rev 43.1
1579.02SALEM::HARRIS_MTue Sep 03 1996RZ29b rev.
1580.0TPOMC1::THOMASYANGWed Sep 04 1996ASE125 during modify service advfs/lsm disk is gone
1581.03HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed Sep 04 1996ASE 1.4 status and kit location ?
1582.02ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKWed Sep 04 1996question about dual-hsz, hsof v2.7 and hsz failover
1583.01AUSSIE::CARMODYThu Sep 05 1996Fix for cmon problem?
1584.01AUSSIE::CARMODYThu Sep 05 1996NSR server failover
1585.01MANMThu Sep 05 1996App checkpointing for HA/TC functionality?
1586.01SALEM::SIMMONSThu Sep 05 199621
1587.03SMURF::MARSHALLThu Sep 05 1996WARNING: LSM patch reinitializes disklabel
1588.02OSLThu Sep 05 1996ASE or TruCluster ???
1589.0TPOVC::BARRYCHANGThu Sep 05 1996IP Aliase for different subnet?
1590.012COPCLU::GREGFri Sep 06 1996Support for RAIDarray 31
1591.0IJSAPL::ESSERFri Sep 06 1996EDI / Objectbroker ??
1592.01MKOTS3::ONEALFri Sep 06 1996Mirrored local SCSI disks across MCI???
1593.0SIOG::JORDANFri Sep 06 1996ex
1593.02SIOG::JORDANMon Sep 09 1996List of all possible ASE output messages
1594.03COLMon Sep 09 1996Hardware Rev. Error with mem-chan.
1596.01NETRIX::"sarasin@yosemite.cop.dec.com"Mon Sep 09 1996Is the new storageworks 31
1597.02NETRIX::"bandeira@jhb.mts.dec.com"Tue Sep 10 1996ASE & root_domain
1598.02BROUGH::DAVIESWed Sep 11 1996Locating users of a service mount point ?
1599.02NETRIX::"manuel.sousa@xip.mts.dec.com"Wed Sep 11 1996SBU Tech Support
1600.010COMICS::CORNEJWed Sep 11 1996hsz5
1601.04CSC32::D_LOWRYWed Sep 11 1996need info on network "pings"
1602.04BROUGH::DAVIESThu Sep 12 1996Help Wanted, Albany/Troy NY !
1603.01NETRIX::"montaquila@mko.dec.com"Thu Sep 12 1996RAID31
1604.01KYOSS1::GREENThu Sep 12 1996which 3.2x is best
1605.0SEVERN::BREWTONFri Sep 13 1996Network Ping Problem?
1606.01HGOVC::JOSEPHWUSun Sep 15 1996Compatibility with Storage Computer disks?
1607.03SEVERN::BREWTONMon Sep 16 1996ASE and Name Servers?
1608.0BACHUS::WAUTERSMon Sep 16 1996sendto: No buffer space available
1609.0HGOVC::JOSEPHCHANTue Sep 17 1996ATP for DECsafe
1610.03TALER::GAISFORDTue Sep 17 1996MC: Hardware init failure??
1611.06C6BON::BLATTue Sep 17 1996asemgr : Initialize failed
1612.03GBITue Sep 17 1996Use of Memory Channel outside TruCluster?
1613.03ZPOVC::CSNAQSWed Sep 18 1996ASE+LSM+ADVFS failover errors!Urgent!!
1614.03BROUGH::DAVIESWed Sep 18 1996Service Placement on boot ?
1615.0APACHE::CARLTONThu Sep 19 1996Alias vs Interface address breaks LADDIS as well
1617.01NEOVThu Sep 19 1996ASE, LSM and internal BA36R?
1618.01VIRGIN::SUTTERFri Sep 20 1996Changing values in /etc/hsm.conf not possible?
1619.01BALZAC::QUENIVETMon Sep 23 1996Implement C2 as an NFS service ?
1620.02NETRIX::"scott@dwarf.wro.dec.com"Mon Sep 23 1996Oracle/SQLnet failover?
1621.01LABC::RUMon Sep 23 1996DECsafe between DEc 41
1622.03CHEFS::WILLS_ATue Sep 24 1996LSF information?
1623.011UTRUST::PILMEYERTue Sep 24 1996Informational "Unit Reserved" errors
1624.01ANNECY::HUGUENIN_JMWed Sep 25 19961
1625.0COMICS::CORNEJWed Sep 25 1996Cluster Monitor Blitz
1626.01CRONIC::ANTROBUSWed Sep 25 1996TRUcluster Support for A82
1627.02RTP4ME::FLACKThu Sep 26 1996Can you have an "asymmetric" (SCSI buses) ASE cluster?
1628.01KYOSS1::GREENThu Sep 26 19967.3.2.2 and drd devices
1629.01TAEC::MAURIGEThu Sep 26 1996Problem to delete a service in TruCluster configuration Decserver41
1630.03SPANIX::JULIANRFri Sep 27 1996Limit higher than 4 nodes
1631.0123481::AJITKMon Sep 30 19964-node cluster and shared SCSI bus
1632.0TAEC::MAURIGEMon Sep 30 19961629 problem closure
1633.02MLNORO::DONZELLIMon Sep 30 1996Trucluster on AS1
1634.0NETRIX::"cherkus@buff.zk3.dec.com"Mon Sep 30 1996More re: TCR on 1
1635.01ANNECY::HAVARD_PTue Oct 01 1996tractd daemon patch (cmon pbs) for trucluster 1.
1636.09ADCATue Oct 01 1996Trucluster on 41
1637.01NETRIX::"duerksen@grumpy.mko.dec.com"Tue Oct 01 1996MEM CHANNEL and 21
1638.03NETRIX::"rgraf@suonix.suo.dec.com"Wed Oct 02 1996shutdown - ASE Problem ?
1639.01NETRIX::"rgraf@suonix.suo.dec.com"Wed Oct 02 1996Power off problem
1640.03CHEFS::ACBREO::carterrWed Oct 02 1996Host based Routing - Performance impact?
1641.01MOSCOW::STURUAThu Oct 03 1996TruCluster with Symmetrix 3
1642.0+2ACISS1::KINSLEYThu Oct 03 1996DECsafe: local AseLogger Error
1643.03COPCLU::GREGFri Oct 04 1996TCR v1.4 documentation?
1644.02QCAVFri Oct 04 1996ASE1.3 using 2no.s of BA356's ???
1645.01NETRIX::"duerksen@grumpy.mko.dec.com"Fri Oct 04 1996DRAS works w/U.S.Robotics
1646.01OSLSun Oct 06 1996tie-breaker disk
1648.01QCAVMon Oct 07 1996RAID disk visible from one system only on Power On
1649.02TRNMon Oct 07 1996question on disk failure checking
1650.0QCAVMon Oct 07 1996LSM & ASE ?
1651.01CGOOA::JBUTLERMon Oct 07 199684
1652.01CSC32::J_WIELANDMon Oct 07 1996can ASE members be configured as routers?
1653.09DEKVC::MOONSUCHOTue Oct 08 1996NFS svc on Trucluster
1654.0DEKVC::MINKIMTue Oct 08 1996A major thought provoker ..
1655.03DYOSW5::WILDERTue Oct 08 1996TruCluster Production config issue
1656.03NETRIX::"almondo@trn.mts.dec.com"Tue Oct 08 1996MC init error on 21
1657.01CHEFS::JAMESHThu Oct 10 1996Trucluster Standards
1658.03TAEC::MAURIGEFri Oct 11 1996tractd problem with trucluster on 41
1659.05TPSPS8::TSCMGRFri Oct 11 1996Can I setup the DRD services on many partition under a disk?
1660.04HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEFri Oct 11 1996How to disable stop script ?
1661.06CHEFS::CARTERRFri Oct 11 1996Concurrent SCSI I/O? New feature?
1662.09TRNFri Oct 11 1996LSM dg configuration lost!!!
1663.0+3NETRIX::"duerksen@grumpy.mko.dec.com"Fri Oct 11 1996ASE 1.3 -> TCR 1.
1664.01DAIVC::ADEMon Oct 14 1996Back up error rewind_tap, vdump_disk on ase
1665.06DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGMon Oct 14 1996V1.2 and Configuration
1666.0DAIVC::ADEMon Oct 14 1996crashdeb_query illegal argument, nsrd won't star up
1667.01BRSADV::HAESAERTSMon Oct 14 1996CMON version TCR 1.
1668.01ESTASI::FIORINIMOMon Oct 14 1996Cluster monitor malfunction
1669.01ANNECY::SALOMON_DMon Oct 14 1996Upgrade from TCR 1.
1670.03RDGENG::BURKETTJTue Oct 15 1996Start/Stop script problem with V1.3
1671.03ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Oct 15 1996Fail to add member in trucluster
1672.07ZPOVC::CSNAQSWed Oct 16 1996Urgent!Cluster_map_create failed!
1673.05DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Oct 16 1996Memory channel and NFS of DIgital UNIX
1674.03QCAVThu Oct 17 1996as21
1675.05MEOCThu Oct 17 1996Coping with NFS umount - will this work?
1676.01BERGEN::ARVIDThu Oct 17 1996is Alpha 3
1677.0GOONS::SWIGGThu Oct 17 1996cmon display update
1678.0MKOTS3::LONGLANDThu Oct 17 1996New Systems Support?
1679.0123481::AJITKFri Oct 18 1996"ASE ready" configuration
1680.0STOSS1::SCHIMPFFri Oct 18 1996NFS, Unexported server, automounts, and links
1681.0EDDF1Mon Oct 21 1996Deinstall CDEMIN35
1682.04BERGEN::ARVIDMon Oct 21 1996vquotacheck, asemgr hang,relocate doesn't work
1683.01BACHUS::DEVOSMon Oct 21 1996Showmount NFS service bug and workaround.
1684.01EPS::REEDMon Oct 21 1996M/C Hardware Error #1 on SABLES
1685.0SNOFS1::seanpc.pc.sno.dec.com::hardmanseanMon Oct 21 1996Information on Customer Configuration
1686.010COWBOY::MIRGHANETue Oct 22 1996must we connect all SCSI nodes to all nodes in an ASE cluster?
1687.01TKTVFS::UCHIKATAWed Oct 23 1996DE5
1688.01XKOVWed Oct 23 1996two instances on each server and ASE config..Help plea....
1689.0BARNA::DSMAILWed Oct 23 1996MSG_DONTROUTE in ASE environment
1690.01VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Oct 23 1996Info: Oracle version supported on what D. UNIX ver.
1691.02LYOIS3::BOIRINThu Oct 24 1996Config with MC driver only ?
1693.01BERGEN::ARVIDFri Oct 25 1996can't ping system, triggered crashes ??
1694.01NETRIX::"joachim.pfeifer@wdf.sap-ag.de"Fri Oct 25 1996Found disk /dev/rz9 on more than one service
1695.02DEKVC::JUNGYOUNGNAMSun Oct 27 1996TruCluster 1.4 DRD with OPS cause panic "map_RM_receive"
1696.0ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Oct 28 1996Slow failover in TCR
1697.01MSE1::PCOTEMon Oct 28 1996Multi-host compliance
1698.0NETRIX::"jeff.dickens@altavista.digital.com"Mon Oct 28 1996who's using ln
1699.02QCAVWed Oct 30 1996Decnet/osi,unix + ASE (21
1700.01NETRIX::"martin.roende.andersen@dma.mts.dec.com"Wed Oct 30 1996v3.2g + patches -> LSM looses disks when restarting service
1701.01VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Oct 30 1996"corrupt host ping buffer received" again!
1702.01KOOLIT::MCDOWELLWed Oct 30 1996What MC hdw/fw and KZPSA hdw rev levels required for V1.4?
1703.04CHEFS::16.19Thu Oct 31 1996Help competing against Sun
1704.02DAIVC::ADESun Nov 03 1996KZPSA fail, missing disk service
1705.01RHETT::MOOREMon Nov 04 1996ok to put system disk on shared bus?
1706.0+9SPANIX::JULIANRTue Nov 05 1996FWD fiber extenders ?
1707.01QCAVTue Nov 05 1996AXP 36
1708.01NETRIX::"rudqvist@gotjns.goo.dec.com"Tue Nov 05 1996ASE with double interfaces
1709.01MLNCSC::VOCIWed Nov 06 1996crash with ASE 1.3
1710.04AOSF1::krasWed Nov 06 1996AS21
1711.01KERNEL::NICHOLSONAWed Nov 06 1996mirror not moving over to remaining ase member
1712.04FLYWAY::WALKERNFri Nov 08 1996Delaying ASE service allocation at boot
1713.03FLYWAY::WALKERNFri Nov 08 1996Printer failovers?
1714.0BACHUS::DEVOSSat Nov 09 1996"Volume staying in SYNC state" patch not working
1716.01BBIVWed Nov 13 1996
1717.03BBIVWed Nov 13 1996MEMBER HANGS during SHUTDOWN
1718.03SAPEC3::HERRMANNWed Nov 13 1996quest. on network failover
1719.01SWTHOM::MEYERWed Nov 13 1996DU4.
1720.0SIOG::BR_MURPHYThu Nov 14 1996Install Of DECsafe1.3 on DU V3.2G
1721.0HGOM11::THOMASWANGFri Nov 15 1996ASE for DEC7
1722.01BNKSIA::DEGROOTFri Nov 15 1996TL812 on common SCSI?
1723.0WOTVAX::MCCORMICKFri Nov 15 1996DE5
1724.03NEOVFri Nov 15 1996DLM and UNIX applications
1725.01MEOCSat Nov 16 1996DECsafe hardware support matrix document?
1726.02QCAVMon Nov 18 1996(Turbochannel + PCI) ASE - urgent help reqd
1727.01SMURF::RODGERSMon Nov 18 1996Documentation Strategy for Version 1.5
1728.01WASHDC::blau1.cop.dec.com::BLAUCHMon Nov 18 1996TruCluster & Data General CLARiiON storage
1729.02MKOTS3::KSULLIVANMon Nov 18 1996What makes up the Production Server?
1730.01ADCATue Nov 19 1996to fight IBM SSA clusters
1731.02RHETT::MOORETue Nov 19 19963.2g and OPS
1732.0TAVTue Nov 19 1996interface UP even if really disconnected ?
1733.02SIOG::J_LONGTue Nov 19 1996CDE hang
1734.0HITIT::ELUMARWed Nov 20 1996TCR 1.4 questions
1735.0OSLBIR::SJOLSHAGEN_PWed Nov 20 1996Automounter stops mounting to non ASE nodes
1736.03EVTVWed Nov 20 1996 ASE killing
1737.010GIDDAY::SCHWARZWed Nov 20 1996shared bus without DECsafe
1738.03TKTV2Thu Nov 21 1996nfs_ifconfig script
1739.05BNKSIA::DEGROOTThu Nov 21 1996Version support matrix?
1740.0BPSOF::TOROKThu Nov 21 1996
1741.0TAVThu Nov 21 1996isa ethernet card problems
1742.01TROOA::JADAMSThu Nov 21 1996NFS and Memory Channel
1743.01NETRIX::"duerksen@grumpy.mko.dec.com"Fri Nov 22 1996How to "free" device busy???
1744.06NETRIX::"@atldsi1.alf.dec.com"Mon Nov 25 1996mount and start script
1745.03DYOSW5::WILDERMon Nov 25 1996RAID 41
1746.02IBMon Nov 25 1996ORDERLY SHUTDOWN OR NOT??
1747.01CSC32::PITTMon Nov 25 1996failover of route tables????
1748.01ACISS1::HAYES_JMon Nov 25 1996cmon: alloca failed for
1749.0NEOVMon Nov 25 1996Evaluating Clusters Matrix (?)
1750.0VNASWS::HAUSBTue Nov 26 1996Informix 7 Online anywhere ??
1751.02ZPOVC::YINGYONGTue Nov 26 1996Is Optical disks supported ?
1752.01BEJVC::HELENZHOUTue Nov 26 1996DE5
1753.01STOSS1::SCHIMPFWed Nov 27 1996Critical ASE error and portmapper
1754.03DYOSW5::WILDERWed Nov 27 1996Cluster wide filesystem - when??
1755.01CHEFS::THORP_AThu Nov 28 1996aseagent core dumps when attempting to delete service
1756.01EVTVThu Nov 28 1996can't ping SCSI hardware or software origin
1757.04SIOG::BR_MURPHYFri Nov 29 1996CAM errors & ASP policy setup
1758.01VAXSPO::HORTAFri Nov 29 1996 Problems with ASE 1.
1759.03QCAVMon Dec 02 1996trucluster, HSZ4
1760.0+7LVFREE::TURKINGTONMon Dec 02 1996API support for cluster transition notification?
1761.03CSC32::COLTERMon Dec 02 1996ASE and MC driver configuration questions
1762.02KOOLIT::MCDOWELLMon Dec 02 1996Could not upgrade KZPSA to A1
1763.04QCAVTue Dec 03 1996ASE with LSM...help reqd...
1764.02FRTOS::HFRENKINGTue Dec 03 1996AS4
1765.01MSBCS::GRADYTue Dec 03 1996Tractd daemon respawning.
1766.0ZPOVC::HINSIONGWed Dec 04 1996Any faster way to configure many storage volumes ?
1767.01MSBCS::GRADYWed Dec 04 1996Where is tractd patch??
1768.01ZIGLAR::CGARMANWed Dec 04 1996Add service from script?
1769.01SIOG::J_LONGThu Dec 05 19961.4 problem modifying or adding service
1770.01COPCLU::GREGThu Dec 05 1996How to calculate TCR/OPS 'transition' time?
1771.03MBALDY::LANGSTONThu Dec 05 1996versus and SP2 and 1
1772.01NETRIX::"frank@zk3.dec.com"Thu Dec 05 1996Many 'unit reserved' msgs in binary error log
1773.01TPOVC::SIMONLEEFri Dec 06 1996IP alias ass. within single host
1774.01DYOSW5::WILDERFri Dec 06 1996TCR whitepaper?
1775.0NETRIX::"meyer@aramix.evt.dec.com"Fri Dec 06 1996Possible rpc.lockd on DECsafe 1.3
1776.02NETRIX::"fernando@jhb.dec.com"Sun Dec 08 1996ase & dual redundant hsz4
1777.05HGOM11::HELENZHOUMon Dec 09 1996TCR with ATM?
1778.02QCAVMon Dec 09 1996tty restriction in ASE?
1779.04BNKSIA::DEGROOTTue Dec 10 1996Staged ASE??
1780.0BACHUS::DEVOSTue Dec 10 1996Failover on multiple interfaces on the same back bone
1781.01DAIVC::TANTRIWed Dec 11 1996DECsafe version 1.3a
1782.02SCASS1::FIFEWed Dec 11 1996Best of both, DISK/NFS question?
1783.02WONDER::TOUSERKANIWed Dec 11 1996ASE DB corruption TCR1.
1784.01VEGAS::GURALNIKWed Dec 11 1996Help w/ dual network adapters
1785.0VARESE::MUGGIAThu Dec 12 1996User error or real problem?
1786.0XKOVTue Dec 17 1996Urgent ? ASE1.3 and patch ASE13
1787.01LVFREE::TURKINGTONTue Dec 17 1996Can we use DLM services without buying TCR license
1788.01SALEM::ARNOLDWed Dec 18 1996Max # of shared busses.
1789.01NQOSWed Dec 18 1996login service & nfs_ifconfig question
1790.01MARVEL::NICHOLSONAWed Dec 18 1996lsm_dg_action script problem?
1791.01HGOM11::DENNISXIEThu Dec 19 1996How to upgrade ASE to TruCluster Production Server?
1792.01MANMFri Dec 20 1996using service mount point for other disk
1793.03NEOVFri Dec 20 1996Redundant Memory Channel Failover
1794.01MXOCMon Dec 23 1996Service still available after disk failure; is this correct?
1795.0+16TUXEDO::SWEENEYMon Dec 23 1996rmerror_int: Error_count = 1 unit =
1796.01EPS::NGUYENTue Dec 24 1996DECsafe 1.3 installing problem
1797.02ZPOVC::CSNAQSFri Dec 27 1996Reconnection to cluster required, why?
1798.01RHETT::LACORTIFri Dec 27 1996part numbers for ducumentation
1799.04HYDRA::LAVINTue Dec 31 1996MC 41
1800.03HGOVC::SUBBUThu Jan 02 1997Available server to Production server migration
1801.01MSBCS::GRADYThu Jan 02 1997Ase limit on raw devices
1802.01BALTMD::GLOCKThu Jan 02 1997Upgrade benefits??
1803.0BEJVC::THOMASWANGMon Jan 06 1997When TCR support ATM adapter?
1804.01TJOVMon Jan 06 1997HP competitive info. required
1805.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEMon Jan 06 1997Confusion on DWZZA.
1806.02DEKVC::SANGHYUNLEETue Jan 07 1997panic (cpu 3): rcv_crelk_req: illegal state
1807.03TPOVC::ALLENCHENTue Jan 07 1997EDI disk array in TruCluster solution ?
1808.02HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue Jan 07 1997Questions from customer.
1809.03NEWVAX::CGARMANTue Jan 07 1997OPS as an ASE service?
1810.01NETRIX::"?morawsky@decatl.alf.dec.com"Tue Jan 07 1997
1811.04HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed Jan 08 1997Can't define NFS local mount point.
1812.0EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Jan 08 1997can't reserve devices following a panic
1813.02TPOVC::ALLENCHENThu Jan 09 1997DNSES-AA, DE5
1814.0BEJVC::LEUNGWINGKINThu Jan 09 1997Host Redundance on ATM
1816.01ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKFri Jan 10 1997Oracle executables on shared disk? how?
1817.02NWDFri Jan 10 1997General Configuration Question
1818.0NETRIX::"eun-kyo.lee@dek.mts.dec.com"Mon Jan 13 1997ase daemon was down when I try add or delete ase service in TCR V1.4.
1819.0HGOVC::SUBBUMon Jan 13 1997Single server to Tru-cluster environment
1820.03HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEMon Jan 13 1997Need help on ALERT script.
1821.02NQOSMon Jan 13 1997Detecting service "health"
1822.03HGOVC::SUBBUTue Jan 14 1997CCM not initialised
1823.03HGOVC::NANDANTue Jan 14 1997DU4.
1824.0FIREBL::LEEDSTue Jan 14 1997migration experience from HACMP to ASE ??
1825.0+13USCTR1::ASCHERTue Jan 14 1997DECsafe v.13 Unix 3.2g
1826.0+4DAIVC::TEGUHTue Jan 14 1997/etc/passwd failover
1827.01SNOFS1::ELEFTHERIOUWed Jan 15 1997Unknown FSTYPE in CrashDump???
1828.08IBWed Jan 15 1997SCSI HUBs Configs ?
1829.04ZPOVC::HINSIONGWed Jan 15 1997Advfs domain panic and failover question
1830.04DYOSW5::WILDERThu Jan 16 1997Incorrectly cabled TCR system??
1831.0DEKVC::SANGHYUNLEEFri Jan 17 1997ASE error/information messages?
1832.02VAXSPO::TONYFri Jan 17 1997Trucluster and 1
1833.04ZPOVC::CSNAQSMon Jan 20 1997Could NTP crash Trucluster?
1834.04ZPOVC::CSNAQSTue Jan 21 1997writing cluster-aware applications
1835.03WASHDC::RKLINGTue Jan 21 1997bandwidth on memory channel?
1836.02HGOM11::HELENZHOUWed Jan 22 1997TruCluster Production server & DECsafe failover
1837.01GRIFUN::BENVIWed Jan 22 1997AlphaServer 3
1838.01CSC32::RUTSCHOWWed Jan 22 1997Allocated by Driver error?
1839.0+3BACHUS::ROETSThu Jan 23 1997ase hsz4
1840.0HGOM11::HELENZHOUThu Jan 23 1997Thanks a lot!
1841.0 *+6XFMVFri Jan 24 1997details on "Disaster Tolerant Unix Cluster"
1842.0 *+1NCMAIL::DOIRONFri Jan 24 1997AS1
1843.0 *+2NETRIX::"euan@hhl.dec.com"Fri Jan 24 1997API to Cluster Monitor ?
1844.0 *+3LABC::RUFri Jan 24 1997RDR on same disk
1845.0 *+2HGOM11::WILLIAMZHAOMon Jan 27 1997trucluster training schedule!
1846.0 *+1HGOM19::MARKWUMon Jan 27 1997script for ASE switch?
1847.0 *+2VAXRIO::63Tue Jan 28 1997RAID Array 31
1848.0 *+12ROMOIS::CIARAMELLATue Jan 28 1997Critical ASE error hard device error
1849.0 *+6NETRIX::"hancock@alf.dec.com"Wed Jan 29 1997Questions about SWXCR-
1850.0 *+8VAXRIO::63Thu Jan 30 1997Questions about TruCluster licensing
1851.0 *+6NETRIX::"tino@snails.evt.DEC.COM"Thu Jan 30 1997ASE V1.4 and Monitored interface ?
1852.0 *+1NCMAIL::DOIRONThu Jan 30 1997Cluster Monitor Not Working
1853.0 *+1YEENOT::STOCKMANSFri Jan 31 1997Problems building a new kernel
1854.0 *+1LABC::RUFri Jan 31 1997asemgr problem
1855.0 *HGOM19::MARKWUSat Feb 01 1997Network full Partition ?
1856.0 *+3COMICS::HAWLEYITue Feb 04 1997are these doti_tcp_open messages just informational?
1857.0 *CSC32::PITTTue Feb 04 1997changing exports adds bad route
1858.0 *+6DOOSJE::HERTATue Feb 04 1997Minimum number of disks in an LSM disk group?
1859.0 *MLNCSC::VOCIWed Feb 05 1997problem with name change of disk service
1860.0 *NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Wed Feb 05 19973.2g/1.3/hsz4
1861.0 *+7SALEM::HARRIS_MWed Feb 05 1997Memory Channel node name with underscores?
1862.0 *+1DYOSW5::WILDERWed Feb 05 1997Configuring ntp for TruCluster?
1863.0 *+6VIRGIN::SUTTERThu Feb 06 1997How to find the SCSI ID of a controller on a running system?
1864.0 *+2KERNEL::MORGANIThu Feb 06 1997Unable to Unmount ADVFS domain in order to fail over service
1865.0 *+1VAXRIO::ALCIDESThu Feb 06 1997Raid Array 45
1866.0 *+1VNZVThu Feb 06 1997URGENT: EMC support
1867.0 *+1SALEM::FORGUESThu Feb 06 1997Informix in a Trucluster Environment w/ 4.
1868.0 *+2NQOSThu Feb 06 1997Help with IP aliasing
1869.0 *+1XFMVFri Feb 07 1997urgent queries on supported config
1870.0 *+4RTOEU::KPLUSZYNSKIFri Feb 07 1997SCSI/Fibrechannel support (DWZGA) ...
1871.0 *+3NETRIX::"orendorf@alf.dec.com"Fri Feb 07 1997*Unique* subnet required for MC interface in TCR?
1872.0 *+2NQOSMon Feb 10 1997NIC failover?
1873.0 *+3HGOVC::XFMVTue Feb 11 1997dual redundant KZPSA possible ?
1874.0 *+2WONDER::BENTOTue Feb 11 1997Unable to write into NFS_Service filesystem...
1875.0 *+8DYOSW5::WILDERTue Feb 11 1997Several urgent questions about V1.4
1876.0 *MDRWed Feb 12 1997Continuos HSM Warning/Alert. Help needed!!
1877.0 *+2TRNWed Feb 12 1997Patches for ASE13
1878.0 *HGOVC::XFMVThu Feb 13 1997
1879.0 *+1HGOVC::XFMVThu Feb 13 19972 KZPSAs on AS3
1880.0 *+2HGOVC::DONWONGThu Feb 13 1997dual HSZ5
1881.0 *+1MSAMThu Feb 13 1997Same Hostname for 2 Member?
1882.0 *+2RDMCS3::STUARTThu Feb 13 1997Multicast rate for ASE?
1883.0 *+1GRIFUN::BENVIFri Feb 14 1997Again on ntp. what about high availability clock?
1884.0 *+1NQOSFri Feb 14 19979GB drive support?
1885.0 *+3MDRFri Feb 14 199741
1886.0 *+1ALFAM7::STREPPELFri Feb 14 1997Process Monitoring and ASE; and HP and SUN??
1887.0 *+6LEXSS1::GINGERMon Feb 17 1997net failures, affect on ASE
1888.0 *+3MSBCS::GRADYTue Feb 18 1997ASE database recovery PLEASE!!!
1889.0 *+2KYOSS1::GREENWed Feb 19 1997cluster failover questions
1890.0 *+1TLAVWed Feb 19 1997Does ASE support database mirroring?
1891.0 *+7DYOSW5::WILDERThu Feb 20 1997Why these SCSI CAM errors on one node?
1892.0 *+4USPS::FPRUSSThu Feb 20 19971
1893.0 *VNASWS::FLORMon Feb 24 1997Strange direct routes entries
1894.0 *NETRIX::"herrmann@frs.mts.dec.com"Tue Feb 25 1997ASE and hostid
1895.0 *+2EVTAI1::POUSSARDTue Feb 25 1997 LSM disks online from 2 members
1896.0 *NETRIX::"thomas.herrmann@frs.mts.dec.com"Tue Feb 25 1997ase changes hostid
1897.0 *GRIFUN::BENVITue Feb 25 1997gated doesn't work after a service relocation
1898.0 *HGOSPS::MICKWIDLAMWed Feb 26 1997owner can't write file after failed over
1899.0 *ATYISA::SAUNIERWed Feb 26 1997Which Port Map used in TCR14
1900.0 *+1NETRIX::"thomas.herrmann@frs.mts.dec.com"Wed Feb 26 1997scsi limitations ?
1901.0 *+5XFMVWed Feb 26 1997dual-SCSI host access to shared storage
1902.0 *+3RHETT::KILEYWed Feb 26 1997quota conmmand seeing 4
1903.0 *MANMWed Feb 26 1997ASE + Oracle Replication: compatible?
1904.0 *+5DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Feb 26 1997Trucluser and question
1905.0 *+2NETRIX::"richard.carter@gmt.mts.dec.com"Thu Feb 27 1997Wave3.5 - TCR1.5
1906.0 *+9KYOSS1::GREENFri Feb 28 1997failover question
1907.0 *+5NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Fri Feb 28 1997direcotor exit during net partition
1908.0 *+1GIDDAY::SCHWARZSun Mar 02 1997De5
1909.0 *+4HGOSPS::MICKWIDLAMMon Mar 03 1997how to read user input in start script
1910.0 *+7TKTVFS::NAGAI_KMon Mar 03 1997Cluster partitioning happend.TCR14
1911.0 *+4EVTAI1::POUSSARDMon Mar 03 1997 logging LSM commands from ASE internal scripts
1912.0 *DOOSJE::HERTAMon Mar 03 1997using NFS to set up single user domain in ASE
1913.0 *+2MAIL1::GHAHRAMANIMon Mar 03 1997/var on shared disk?
1914.0 *+3COMICS::CORNEJMon Mar 03 1997How to force a service to NOT relocate
1915.0 *+1KYOSS1::GREENMon Mar 03 199784
1916.0 *+1HYDRA::LAVINTue Mar 04 1997basic questions I hope
1917.0 *TKTV2Wed Mar 05 1997Prpblem of rpc.lockd and lockf()
1918.0 *+2HGOM22::DAVYSUNWed Mar 05 1997only decsafe on 4.
1919.0 *+3MANMWed Mar 05 1997Same ASEV1.3, different behavior on AXP models!
1920.0 *DOOSJE::HERTAWed Mar 05 1997AdvFS panic on init
1921.0 *+1SCASS1::FIFEWed Mar 05 1997Bourne Shell start script variable problem.
1922.0 *NETRIX::"buttafuoco@mail.dec.com"Wed Mar 05 1997rpc.statd/rpc.lockd out to lunch
1923.0 *+1TPOVC::ERICHUANGWed Mar 05 1997setup no idle oracle database in the ASE 1.3
1924.0 *+1DECALP::KLAVINSThu Mar 06 1997uniquely identify a cluster
1925.0 *+2MAIL1::GHAHRAMANIThu Mar 06 1997Altavista firewall and tunnel in ASE config
1926.0 *+4MLNCSC::VOCIFri Mar 07 1997again token ring
1927.0 *+1COPCLU::PETERCFri Mar 07 1997Q: NFS services, can you have RW to some and ROOT=
1928.0 *+7NETRIX::"johnson@alf.dec.com"Fri Mar 07 1997Director not exiting with NET PARTITION
1929.0 *+5NETRIX::"sravid@mars.iso.dec.com"Sun Mar 09 1997ni_status_awk is not running when disconnecting standby network cable
1930.0 *DEKVC::SOOHWAJEONGMon Mar 10 1997what's weakness of SUN's PDB?
1931.0 *UTOPIE::BRAUN_RMon Mar 10 1997redirect ARP requires router ?
1932.0 *NETRIX::"heinz@suo.dec.com"Mon Mar 10 1997Update Install from V3.2C/V1.2A to V3.2G/V1.3 ?
1933.0 *+3MSDOA::mko-ras-port-12.mko.dec.com::KLOPEZMon Mar 10 1997Root disks on shared bus
1934.0 *+2ANNECY::HUGUENIN_JMTue Mar 11 1997HSZ5
1935.0 *+2SIOG::BR_MURPHYTue Mar 11 1997Messages
1936.0 *+1NETRIX::"faidherb@tsc.bro.dec.com"Tue Mar 11 1997AdvFS panic on init
1937.0 *+8DEKVC::HUNJAELEETue Mar 11 1997Netscape Enterprise Server, Mail Server, Proxy Server ...
1938.0 *+4DOOSJE::HERTATue Mar 11 1997ASE_PARTIAL_MIRRORING only during startup?
1939.0 *+3XFMVTue Mar 11 1997Frequency of Can't Reserve message?
1940.0 *+2NETRIX::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Tue Mar 11 1997No such device on service failover
1941.0 *+1BERGEN::ARVIDWed Mar 12 1997reserving devices in failover cluster (ASE)
1942.0 *+1DYOSW5::WILDERWed Mar 12 1997ASE with MTI drives??
1943.0 *+1ROMWed Mar 12 1997MAP 1GB of memory space via memchan?
1944.0 *+1MSBCS::GRADYWed Mar 12 1997NFS,YP problem with ASE?
1945.0 *+1ADOVWed Mar 12 1997More NFS questions
1946.0 *+2ANNECY::NEYROUD_NThu Mar 13 1997DE45
1947.0 *+3DYOSW5::WILDERThu Mar 13 1997ase/nfs service errors
1948.0 *+1CHEFS::CARTERRFri Mar 14 1997all network reserved ports in use.
1949.0 *+1DECWET::FARLEEFri Mar 14 1997CCMAA-AA vs CCMAA-BA (memory-channel boards)
1950.0 *+1MEOCSat Mar 15 1997Modifying NFS exports
1951.0 *MDRMon Mar 17 1997ip strict source routing and ase members
1952.0 *+4DAIVC::TEGUHMon Mar 17 1997SCSI BUS PROBLEM
1953.0 *+1NETRIX::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Tue Mar 18 1997System crashes when booting with ASE enabled
1954.0 *+2NETRIX::"euan@hhl.dec.com"Tue Mar 18 1997asemgr from non-root account ??
1955.0 *+7GOONS::SWIGGTue Mar 18 19971
1956.0 *+3ANNECY::SALOMON_DTue Mar 18 1997ASE and MC diver (again)
1957.0 *+3ARAFAT::SANDGRENTue Mar 18 1997multiple networks w/o routing
1958.0 *TKOV51::TAKIGAWAWed Mar 19 1997max number of networks
1959.0 *+7ATZIS2::PUTZENLECHNEWed Mar 19 1997 Fred Knights assistence needed!
1960.0 *+2KYOSS1::GREENWed Mar 19 1997writing config to LSM disk
1961.0 *+2SIOG::JORDANWed Mar 19 1997RAW disk failover supported or not supported ?
1962.0 *+3GOYA::GALANWed Mar 19 1997ASE and HSZx
1963.0 *+4TRNThu Mar 20 1997suggestion for OPS startup required
1964.0 *+4namix.fno.dec.com::jptThu Mar 20 1997MEMORY CHANNEL programming Q's
1965.0 *+4FIREBL::LEEDSThu Mar 20 1997ASE functionality in Production Server ?
1966.0 *+1NETRIX::"snation@essc67.ilo.dec.com"Fri Mar 21 1997VAXcluster to TruCluster: Trade in possibilities ?
1967.0 *GRIFUN::BENVIMon Mar 24 1997Network configuration help
1968.0 *+2VAXRIO::MIRIAMMon Mar 24 1997Basic questions on DRD
1969.0 *+5BACHUS::DEVOSThu Mar 27 1997local HSM: Error: xid_send: write failed
1970.0 *+2BACHUS::DEVOSThu Mar 27 1997Network failover example
1971.0 *+1NETRIX::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Thu Mar 27 1997Hunting the elusive SCSI CAM offender...
1972.0 *GRIFUN::BENVIFri Mar 28 1997datales haigh availability and bootp: help
1973.0 *+2NETRIX::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Mon Mar 31 1997Unable to create ase in TCR
1974.0 *+1VIRGIN::BILLTue Apr 01 1997DECsafe and ObjectBroker/DMQ
1975.0 *+2MEOCTue Apr 01 1997Unable to remove a member.
1976.0 *+3SIOG::J_LONGTue Apr 01 1997network redundancy
1977.0 *+9ZPOVC::JUSTINWed Apr 02 1997Memory Channel Problems?
1978.0 *+1NETRIX::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Wed Apr 02 1997ase does not clean up exports.ase when nfs svc is deleted
1979.0 *DAIVC::TEGUHThu Apr 03 1997SCSI problem
1980.0 *+8MDRThu Apr 03 1997Urgent!!! asemgr ................ Help needed!!
1981.0 *+1MKTCRV::MANNERINGSThu Apr 03 1997Upgrade ASE 1.2 to 1.4, fw VA8->VA1
1982.0 *+9NETRIX::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Thu Apr 03 1997ASE not detecting simulated failure?
1983.0 *+5NETRIX::"garman@mail.dec.com"Thu Apr 03 1997filesystem for 2 services
1984.0 *+1KERNEL::CARPENTERSFri Apr 04 1997AseMgr Error: can't send to null director channel
1985.0 *+1VAXRIO::LEOSat Apr 05 1997Informix XPS doubts
1986.0 *+1PRCFS1::SOCHUNWAHSun Apr 06 1997LAT Failover Problem
1987.0 *+2DAIVC::RAMADONISun Apr 06 1997cam-error after installed DECSafe
1988.0 *+3MDRMon Apr 07 1997No buffer space available!!!!.
1989.0 *+1ROMMon Apr 07 1997Computergram: 8 and 16 nodes trucluster
1990.0 *+2WRKSYS::ALONGIMon Apr 07 1997Agent Status DOWN
1991.0 *+17VAXRIO::63Mon Apr 07 1997Data corruption with Oracle. Help !!
1992.0 *+4NETRIX::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Mon Apr 07 1997Can't modify a DRD service
1993.0 *VAXRIO::LEOTue Apr 08 1997NSR + DMO + EBU -> DRD backups
1994.0 *+2HERON::LAFORGUEWed Apr 09 1997Oracle and AdvFs failover problem
1995.0 *+4SPANIX::JULIANRThu Apr 10 1997UltraSCSI qual for TruCluster ?
1996.0 *+16ROMOIS::CIARAMELLAFri Apr 11 1997Distribuited Raw Disk performance
1997.0 *SPANIX::JULIANRFri Apr 11 1997Sybase on TC Production Srv ?
1998.0 *+1MIPSBX::"richard.carter@gmt.mts.dec.com"Mon Apr 14 1997EBU online backup
1999.0 *+3EPS::NGUYENMon Apr 14 1997No way around a bad disk???
2000.0 *+2MIPSBX::"pendergrast@mail.dec.com"Mon Apr 14 1997AS8
2001.0 *+4BRSDVP::DIDDENTue Apr 15 1997how can we test our DRD's without OPS ???
2002.0 *+2MSBCS::REEDTue Apr 15 1997ASE NFS service, file not found
2003.0 *+15NNTPD::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Wed Apr 16 1997Stop scripts
2004.0 *+2DYOSW5::WILDERThu Apr 17 1997directions on upgrading DUNIX?
2005.0 *+3NNTPD::"bertrand.lobstein@lvg.mts.dec.com"Fri Apr 18 1997ASE-LSM-HSZ4
2006.0 *+2NNTPD::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Fri Apr 18 1997Is the 41
2007.0 *+3SANITY::PCUMMINGSFri Apr 18 1997BC12N cables for Memory Channel Hubs
2008.0 *+3NQOSFri Apr 18 1997Support for Raid Arrey 31
2009.0 *+1COMICS::CORNEJMon Apr 21 1997Version of memory channel h/w / f/w ?
2010.0 *+2XFMVTue Apr 22 1997any document on cluster file system ???
2011.0 *DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGTue Apr 22 1997Trucluset V1.
2012.0 *+1BNKSIA::DEGROOTTue Apr 22 1997LSM v's ADVfs ???
2013.0 *+2NNTPD::"mcmaster@mail.dec.com"Tue Apr 22 1997Service Status
2014.0 *DEKVC::SUNDAEHONGTue Apr 22 1997relocate failed LSM(BCL),service ;-(
2015.0 *MDRTue Apr 22 1997How ase ping works?!!!!!!
2016.0 *+3COLTue Apr 22 1997Is shared access to file systems on shared SCSI possible ?
2017.0 *+1HGOM22::DAVYSUNTue Apr 22 1997load balancing possible for Trucluster 1.4 ?
2018.0 *+2NNTPD::"QuanRichard@mail.dec.com"Wed Apr 23 1997Is DNS a connection based service
2019.0 *+4MSAMWed Apr 23 1997DUnix4.
2020.0 *SWETSC::HAGLUNDWed Apr 23 1997No answer from master agent. ASE V1.3
2021.0 *+3EVTAI1::BROCHARDThu Apr 24 1997DEC7
2022.0 *+5SANITY::PCUMMINGSThu Apr 24 1997kzpsa and mc errors at console & boot time
2023.0 *+1HGOVC::PATRICKNGFri Apr 25 1997OPS on Data Warehouse
2024.0 *TKTV3Fri Apr 25 1997dlm_quecvt() question
2025.0 *+2DEKVC::YONGJOONCHOIMon Apr 28 1997MC for ONLY NFS?
2026.0 *DEKVC::YONGJOONCHOIMon Apr 28 1997balance of user login?
2027.0 *+1VAOUMon Apr 28 1997HSZ2
2028.0 *+4MEOCTue Apr 29 1997Is V1.4A available?
2029.0 *BERGEN::ARVIDTue Apr 29 1997vquota in ASE V1.3 and ASE reserving disks
2030.0 *+1MEOCTue Apr 29 1997ASE only on a system with TCR Prod. Server?
2031.0 *+5MEOCTue Apr 29 1997Why to build TCR Prod server on medium servers?
2032.0 *HGOVC::SOCHUNWAHTue Apr 29 1997How to write script to Manage DECserver ?
2033.0 *+1MEOCWed Apr 30 1997Does OPS use libimc.a?
2034.0 *+4NNTPD::"hoveys@zko.dec.com"Wed Apr 30 1997Can't relocate a disk service running Usenet News
2035.0 *+4SUBSYS::MSOUCYWed Apr 30 1997problem with NEWFS on ULTRASCSI disks
2036.0 *+1ANNECY::NEYROUD_NWed Apr 30 1997RZ4
2037.0 *+8NEWVAX::DSMITHWed Apr 30 1997Is this a valid 3 member ASE?
2038.0 *+2VAXSPO::SWM_WANDERWed Apr 30 1997RAID x LSM x Sybase
2039.0 *+1NNTPD::"hancock@alf.dec.com"Wed Apr 30 1997simport patch and ASE
2040.0 *+6DYOSW5::WILDERWed Apr 30 1997Sinmulate memory channel failure??
2041.0 *DEKVC::SOOHWAJEONGFri May 02 1997look for 3-node ASE site.
2042.0 *+3NNTPD::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Fri May 02 1997OPS startup failure on TCR
2043.0 *+1DYOSW5::WILDERSat May 03 1997Why genvmunix??
2044.0 *+19NNTPD::"lofeynman@mail.dec.com"Mon May 05 1997 Can ASE member act as a nfs service client?
2045.0 *+1NNTPD::"Chyan@alf.dec.com"Tue May 06 1997TruCluster with mixed version of ASE 13. and 1.4
2046.0 *+5NNTPD::"Mario.Almondo@trn.mts.dec.com"Tue May 06 1997Cant configure ASE in TCR14
2047.0 *+6WRKSYS::ALONGITue May 06 1997can't relocate service.. timeout error
2048.0 *+1BRSADV::BUGGENHOUTWed May 07 1997OPS and drd failover time
2049.0 *+5ROMTSS::MORRONEWed May 07 1997Double TruCuster configuration question
2050.0 *+1HGOVC::XFMVWed May 07 1997Storage Shelf support in Decsafe config.
2051.0 *UNXA::PARKERWed May 07 1997Firmware help needed for ASE V1.4, Digital UNIX V4.
2052.0 *+2MEOCThu May 08 1997Better way to laod balance OPS than just DNS.
2053.0 *+5OSLLAV::SVEINN_PFri May 09 1997check on servicename ?
2054.0 *+2DEKVC::SANGHYUNLEEFri May 09 1997panic: Deallocation of MC region with va mapped
2055.0 *+5NNTPD::"moonsucho@is.digital.co.kr"Tue May 13 1997ase_strategy()
2056.0 *+2VAXRIO::LEOTue May 13 1997SAP R/3 + Trucluster Available Server
2057.0 *+2CUESTA::VEIGAWed May 14 1997memory channel
2058.0 *+1HGOVWed May 14 1997Failover on CCMAA (MC Adapter)?
2059.0 *+2NNTPD::"kramer@pa.dec.com"Wed May 14 1997Single node ASE
2060.0 *+2NNTPD::"leitao@maildec.com"Thu May 15 1997Net partition
2061.0 *+2WONDER::TOUSERKANIThu May 15 1997Tie Breaker disk on (2) nide VH cluster
2062.0 *+6NNTPD::"carterrg@mail.dec.com"Thu May 15 1997AS84
2063.0 *+5DONVAN::HARRISThu May 15 1997More asemgr/cmon/tractd problems
2064.0 *CSC32::A_SHERLOCKThu May 15 1997host status monitor and de5
2065.0 *+6HGOVFri May 16 1997installation thro' remode node ?
2066.0 *+2DYOSW5::WILDERFri May 16 1997determine drd preferred service??
2067.0 *+1VAXRIO::LEOFri May 16 1997Trucluster + OPS -> ntp protocol problem
2068.0 *+11MEOCMon May 19 1997Member hang during shutdown
2069.0 *+11SALEM::ARNOLDMon May 19 1997ASE panics on reboot.
2070.0 *+6NNTPD::"nieldd@mail.dec.com"Mon May 19 1997customer's upgrade woes
2071.0 *+1HGOVTue May 20 1997ASE license upgrade to TruCluster Production Svr?
2072.0 *+1HGOVTue May 20 1997TruCluster & OPS recovery
2073.0 *HGOM22::JENNYCONGTue May 20 1997if mc card is damaged...
2074.0 *HGOM22::JENNYCONGTue May 20 1997if MC card is damaged,......
2075.0 *WASHDC::mccain.cop.dec.com::sarasinTue May 20 1997ftx_bfmeta_rec crash kill's three node cluster
2076.0 *VAXSPO::SWM_WANDERTue May 20 1997Big ASE Environment...
2077.0 *+1NNTPD::"Sowards@mail.dec.com"Tue May 20 1997rmerror_int Panic crashes cluster member
2078.0 *+12274Wed May 21 1997drd-data-compare=3 ???
2079.0 *HGOMC1::THOMASYANGThu May 22 1997Why/when need ASEROUTINE in multi-network?
2080.0 *+1HGOMC1::THOMASYANGThu May 22 1997cnxmgr: restart requested to resynchronize ...
2081.0 *+1NNTPD::"balajic@adcaThu May 22 1997Network Interface options...
2082.0 *+2VAXRIO::LEOThu May 22 1997TCR + OPS + Oracle 7.2.3
2083.0 *AUSSIE::MCNAMARAFri May 23 1997Basis on ASE?
2084.0 *+2VAXRIO::LEOFri May 23 1997BAAN aplications are Trucluster Production Server aware ?
2085.0 *+2HGOVMon May 26 1997Any advise from all TruCluster GURU?
2086.0 *+3HGOVMon May 26 1997X.25 with V4.
2087.0 *+2C6BON::BLATMon May 26 1997Segmentation fault (core dumped)
2088.0 *+2NNTPD::"babicek@brc.mts.dec.com"Tue May 27 1997Support for AS8
2089.0 *+1QCAVWed May 28 1997Can't reserve - SCSI reservation failure
2090.0 *+3NNTPD::"martin@dmaosf.dmo.dec.com"Wed May 28 1997submon causing problems for other port "users", ?? TeMIP Name Service
2091.0 *+2WRKSYS::ALONGIWed May 28 1997asemgr shows service on wrong node
2092.0 *+5MLNCSC::VOCIWed May 28 1997routed or gated - this is the question
2093.0 *+1CSCMA::HENNESSEYWed May 28 1997Latest version of ASE
2094.0 *NNTPD::"mcdonald@decatl.alf.dec.com"Wed May 28 1997TCR 1.4a CMON install problem
2095.0 *NNTPD::"mjuarez@ifin1.mxo.dec.com"Wed May 28 1997"rmerror_int: failed to call rmerror_get_errcnt_lk\n" panic adding a third node in a TCR environment
2096.0 *CSC32::K_INGHRAMWed May 28 1997tmv2_notify_cbf patch?
2097.0 *+4ROMThu May 29 1997Memory channel: how to copy a large table?
2098.0 *+2EVTAI1::POUSSARDThu May 29 1997Policy for ASE/TCR patches, please ...
2100.0 *+6SALEM::ARNOLDThu May 29 1997ADVFS and TruCluster
2101.0 *USPS::FPRUSSFri May 30 1997DRD's w/o a cluster?
2102.0 *+1NNTPD::"davenportjo@mail.dec.com"Sat May 31 1997Problems configuring ASE 1.4 on OSF 4.
2103.0 *+2HGOVMon Jun 02 1997Any TCR V1.4 Patch Kit ?
2104.0 *+1DOD2::PARKERMon Jun 02 19971
2105.0 *+3NNTPD::"joel.josol@man.mts.dec.com"Tue Jun 03 1997TruCluster PS & 9 GB/UltraSCSIs
2106.0 *+1GIDDAY::SCHWARZTue Jun 03 1997ase 1.3 and HSZ5
2107.0 *+3RTOMS::PARETIJTue Jun 03 1997sun vs. TruCluster
2108.0 *+2COLTue Jun 03 1997Hang when re-mounting NFS disks
2109.0 *+1COLTue Jun 03 1997Network ping YES, SCSI ping NO, what could be the reason ?
2110.0 *+1TIMAST::SCHIMPFWed Jun 04 1997Segmentation fault - revisited
2111.0 *+1TIMAST::SCHIMPFWed Jun 04 1997ASE - TCP/IP ports
2112.0 *BEJVC::VISITORBEJThu Jun 05 1997asemgr service relocation slower
2113.0 *cartun.mro.dec.com::lexser7.lex.dec.com::AscherThu Jun 05 1997ASEROUTING PRIMER?
2114.0 *XIRTLU::schottFri Jun 06 1997BLITZ string