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Conference dssdev::decforms

Notice:This is not an official software support channel. Kit info: 4.L
Created:Thu Mar 23 1989
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:4004
Total number of notes:16520
Number with bodies:123
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1.03DSSDEV::FORMSThu Mar 23 1989Introduction
2.0DSSDEV::FORMSThu Mar 23 1989DECforms Interest Mail Distribution List
3.02--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 27 1989DECforms Contacts
4.0+25--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 27 1989The DECforms Kit
5.01DSSDEV::FORMSMon Mar 27 1989DECforms QARs (Problem Reporting)
6.05DSSDEV::FORMSMon Mar 27 1989DECforms Documentation
7.081DSSDEV::FORMSMon Mar 27 1989DECforms Documentation Comments and Problems
8.05DSSDEV::FORMSMon Mar 27 1989DECforms Phase Review Information
9.013HQBIC::DCARRMon Mar 27 1989Need fancy report viewer (drill-down HOT SPOTS)
10.03DR::BLINNTue Mar 28 1989Can DECforms display forms on a printer?
11.07WAR75Tue Mar 28 1989Activation list query
12.024ATSE::URBANTue Mar 28 1989form quits on EI
13.09DFLAT::DICKSONTue Mar 28 1989Change in Function Declaration processing
14.025DGOSWTue Mar 28 1989HARDware list and SPD wanted !
15.02NEWVAX::PHARMONWed Mar 29 1989Special graphics tool for panel images
16.01AUDIO::MCGREALWed Mar 29 1989Move one GROUP to another???
17.03SRFSUP::EGGERTWed Mar 29 1989LAYOUT Error Introduced in V1.
18.04WAR75Thu Mar 30 1989Text of Form Manager messages
19.09SAC::ENGLANDThu Mar 30 1989CDD/Plus pathnames versus CDD$TOP
20.07SAC::ENGLANDFri Mar 31 1989Validation vs. Exit response?
22.05VNAACT::EDERFri Mar 31 1989Scrolled area, a line ata a time
23.04DSSDEV::EPPESFri Mar 31 1989There is No Such Thing as a PEU
24.011SFCPMO::MILLERFri Mar 31 1989Asynchronous input and DECforms
25.05SRFSUP::PEPIMon Apr 03 1989I need FIMS help - pretty-please!?
26.01CIMAMT::NARAHARIMon Apr 03 1989Does KIT instal create environment file?
27.01CAADC::PMWVESTUTOMon Apr 03 1989block mode support
28.01SYSTEM::POADTue Apr 04 1989Signal with No Data Input
29.01STRASB::ROEMERTue Apr 04 1989who knows PANEL+ sofware ?
30.033FDCV1Tue Apr 04 1989Multiple cdd data names
31.03TWIN3::MCBLANETue Apr 04 1989toggle between DECForms and VMS?
32.09TOXMAN::PETERSWed Apr 05 1989Can I do this in DECforms?
33.010VNAACT::GEROLDWed Apr 05 1989Duplicate activation item
34.01WAR75Wed Apr 05 1989LIB$DT and Default Date Pictures
35.02GENERC::ALLENWed Apr 05 1989Character data type documentation?
36.04PCCAD7::MCBLANEThu Apr 06 1989printing multiple panels problems
37.0SPLUNG::CHESTNUTTThu Apr 06 1989DECforms and SQL
38.02VNAACT::GEROLDFri Apr 07 1989CSO incentive program
39.013GENERC::ALLENTue Apr 11 1989Help..Scrolling regions and cursor position.
40.05GENERC::ALLENTue Apr 11 1989Help...Scrolling regions
41.02PCCAD7::MCBLANETue Apr 11 1989C Preprocessor speeds forms development
42.05NZOVWed Apr 12 1989Multi-vendor FIMS ?
43.09KETJE::VANDEVYVERWed Apr 12 1989Insert 'record' in scrolled region ?
44.01KONO::BERUBEWed Apr 12 1989Clear last error message?
45.01WEA::HEGLIEWed Apr 12 1989Two forms in one application?
46.09ATSE::URBANWed Apr 12 1989Blank or Zero dates, How to?
47.02GENERC::ALLENThu Apr 13 1989Help..scrolling regions again
48.08CHOVAX::RASKISFri Apr 14 1989"OCCURS clause in Form Record section" question
50.04MINOS::DIANESat Apr 15 1989Where's the PAK
51.010TAVSun Apr 16 1989Copy response step again...
52.06GENERC::ALLENTue Apr 18 1989Question about escape routines..
53.01WAR75Tue Apr 18 1989Scrolling two groups together ?
54.03CHOVAX::RASKISTue Apr 18 1989Positioning array fields on a panel
55.04USRCV1::SHOWALTERWed Apr 19 1989Proposed FIMS Standard
56.05DDE::POVEYWed Apr 19 1989The problem of comments moving in your IFDL
57.03ACESMK::SILVAWed Apr 19 1989DTR and DECforms
58.017HPSRAD::FRIEDRICHWed Apr 19 1989Will DECforms support DECwindows (not DECterm) windows?
60.08GVAADG::PERINOThu Apr 20 1989One or many viewports?
62.05MINDER::DENBYFri Apr 21 1989TDMS conversion info. required
63.07ZEBDEE::BABERFri Apr 21 1989Training...where, when?
64.02STRASB::HONOREFri Apr 21 1989Icon and input field???
66.06STRASB::HONOREFri Apr 21 1989exit response
67.011JITMon Apr 24 1989Can forms contain escape sequences?
68.010ACESPS::MENCYMon Apr 24 1989DECforms, ACMS and Rdb/VMS
69.03GVAADG::PERINOTue Apr 25 1989Error while converting datatype
70.010GOTA1::TOGRENWed Apr 26 1989How do I clear the field when enter new data?
71.012TENERE::GARCIAWed Apr 26 1989Videotex (MINITEL) ?
72.04WAR75Wed Apr 26 1989Sharing form data/memory reductions
73.03STUDIO::JPETERSWed Apr 26 1989Setting the default field value?
74.04PARITY::GORMANThu Apr 27 1989Run-time vs. Full Development
75.03DRNKME::PICKOWICZThu Apr 27 1989FIELDVALUE questions
76.04ASD::STRAIGHTFri Apr 28 1989Horizontal Scrolling
77.018USRCV1::SHOWALTERFri Apr 28 1989More on Block Mode Terminals
78.01SRFSUP::EGGERTMon May 01 1989Merging IFDL/FORM Definitions
79.01TAVMon May 01 1989Record List problem
80.03WEA::HEGLIEMon May 01 1989Forms and CLI?
81.02DDE::POVEYMon May 01 1989INPUT and OUTPUT pictures
82.02GRANMA::NNICOLLMon May 01 1989Graphics support?
83.04TAVTue May 02 1989Check Date field value problem...
84.02EN::FELDMANTue May 02 1989escape routine to C
85.01STUDIO::JPETERSTue May 02 1989Two question on the receive statement
86.05TAVWed May 03 1989Why using /SHOW=COPY in the FDE ?
87.03TAVWed May 03 1989Needs Panelname Builtin data item...
88.01SLSTRN::WILCZYNSKIWed May 03 1989Multiple Range Checks?
89.010PANIC::JACOBWed May 03 1989DECforms <--> DECwindows <--> CDA
90.05SLSTRN::WILCZYNSKIWed May 03 1989icon panels to choose field values
91.01CECVWed May 03 1989Training schedule change
93.04ATSE::URBANWed May 03 1989Build a 'string' in DECforms?
94.05NZOVWed May 03 1989IFDL industry standard?
95.05TAVThu May 04 1989Link with Object library problem.
96.09SLSTRN::WILCZYNSKIThu May 04 1989testing form functionality
97.08CHOVAX::FRYLANDThu May 04 1989IFDL Arithmetic??
98.03CHOVAX::RASKISThu May 04 1989Copy from CDD error
99.011MVCAD3::MCBLANEThu May 04 1989receive from escape routine?
100.03VANILA::LINCOLNFri May 05 1989conceal conceals an overlay too!
101.01GLOMER::ALLENFri May 05 1989Wildcard Assignments ??
102.04NYFDIN::NAEGELYFri May 05 1989Function key problem
103.012TAVSun May 07 1989Needs of Forms Merger Utility
104.02TAVSun May 07 1989The Panel editor & Scroll groups
105.02TAVSun May 07 1989Include Form & Panel names on the print file
106.01SLSTRN::WILCZYNSKIMon May 08 1989"No data input;" message on an Icon
107.03POBOX::METSADMon May 08 1989What Version of CDD for FT1.1?
108.01STUDIO::JPETERSTue May 09 1989Panel editor Errors
109.01POBOX::METSADTue May 09 1989Problems with Quadword from CDD
110.03MAIL::STGERMAINTue May 09 1989Calling a Word Processor from DECforms?
111.05POBOX::METSADWed May 10 1989Problem Copying a Group Field from CDD
112.02AKOV11::WADEWed May 10 1989LMF strikes a blow
113.08VANILA::FRYWed May 10 1989 V1.1 PAK problem?
114.02SRFSUP::EGGERTWed May 10 1989DECforms Return Values for VAX Ada
115.03ROMThu May 11 1989Help...How to use the FIELDVALUE builtin data ite
116.07TAVThu May 11 1989Some problems with Vertical Group...
117.05POBOX::FAIERThu May 11 1989Multiple passes to paint screen?
118.0PRSUD1::MORANDThu May 11 1989New FM msg codes required
119.02SYSTEM::HELLIARThu May 11 1989FORMS and VMS
120.06SCRUZ::KUEHNIS_JAThu May 11 1989DECforms part number?
121.04SAILBT::HEARNSThu May 11 1989PASCAL -> DEC Forms -> TPU
123.017VANILA::FRYFri May 12 1989 Multi-session minimal update?
124.06IIMHUB::ALLENFri May 12 1989Performance Question..
125.03TAVMon May 15 1989Skip some PEU's needed
126.01VANILA::FRYMon May 15 1989 DECforms generator?
127.05VANILA::SPRIGGSMon May 15 1989Problems with upgrade to V1.1
128.06TAVMon May 15 1989EMPTY FIELD problems...
129.03WAR75Tue May 16 1989Performance CONCEALED vs OUTPUT
131.02KYOA::JASTREBSKITue May 16 1989Line spacing for vertical groups?
132.04CIMAMT::NARAHARITue May 16 1989Problem in passing Varying Character variables
133.05STKHLM::WAHLQVISTWed May 17 1989VT1
134.022AKOV11::ROWEWed May 17 1989Switching from 132 col to 8
135.05TAVThu May 18 1989Passing Arrays as arguments to PEU
136.04CSC32::MOLLERThu May 18 1989Long Character Strings
137.07YUPPY::GREENAFri May 19 1989Have a laugh
138.03HQBIC::DCARRFri May 19 1989FMS/DECforms co-existence?
139.02LAIDBK::RESKEFri May 19 1989Support for Color Terminals?
140.03TAVSun May 21 1989Needs examples in DECforms & ACMS
141.05ROMMon May 22 1989Horizontal scrolling
142.05ROMMon May 22 1989OCCURS clause for scrolling groups
144.03IND::NAEGELYMon May 22 1989Floating Dollar Sign
145.02NEWVAX::POISSONMon May 22 1989customer questions
146.012STUDIO::JPETERSMon May 22 1989Help with a receive
147.04EVOAI2::DIDOUTue May 23 1989applications using decforms ?
148.02PANIC::AGREENTue May 23 1989Goodbye
149.04VANILA::FRYTue May 23 1989-F-INTDATCOR
151.04--UnknownUser--Wed May 24 1989Multiple color panels and display of colors...
152.018CHOVAX::RASKISWed May 24 1989PEU's in a shareable image
154.06EIGER::TAPPYThu May 25 1989Actual Cursor Position
155.013ROMThu May 25 1989Blank when Zero Picture
156.08LAMBOG::PAPPASThu May 25 1989Floating Decimal Point
157.05CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu May 25 1989Can they get it cheaper??
158.014DFLAT::DICKSONThu May 25 1989Translator ignores my picture
159.029AZTECH::BDOUGLASThu May 25 1989phase
160.010AZTECH::BDOUGLASThu May 25 1989Panel Editor - comments
161.06DIEGO::GASSNERThu May 25 1989Can a terminal be NL:?
162.01LAMBOG::PAPPASFri May 26 1989Form Error Recovery
163.05CSSE::HGARDNERFri May 26 1989Output picture 99999S.9
164.08AIRG::REEDFri May 26 1989Data shifting Position When Scrolling
165.02CHOVAX::RASKISFri May 26 1989Message still flashes on panel
166.05AZTECH::BDOUGLASFri May 26 1989sys$library:forms$pas_definitions.pen out of synch?
167.06STP::ANDERSONFri May 26 1989Old FORMS Dental form
168.0252445::ARIESun May 28 1989Shadow record length problem
169.0352445::ARIESun May 28 1989Shadow record and PEU's problem
170.015PRSEAE::SOENENMon May 29 1989Validation by using a group
172.05VANISH::LINCOLNWed May 31 1989Machine Readable Print Formats
173.0ACESPS::WETTYWed May 31 1989CULLINET ADS/O & On-line Mapping to DECFORMS ?
174.05CSOA1::BALISHWed May 31 1989presentation material needed?
175.09SFCPMO::MILLERWed May 31 1989SQL, DECwindows, DECforms integration
176.012PRSEAE::SOENENThu Jun 01 1989One Form or several/application
177.06PCCAD7::MCBLANEThu Jun 01 1989run DECforms application from .com file?
178.012LOWLIF::COBBThu Jun 01 1989CDD/Plus and RDB relations
179.02VANILA::FRYFri Jun 02 1989 DATE strings truncate?
180.06ROMFri Jun 02 1989Problem passing FIELDVALUE by descriptor
181.013SRFSUP::EGGERTFri Jun 02 1989TRANSCEIVE Performance Problem
182.03DLOACT::SMITHERMANSun Jun 04 1989Need Help for Pilot - San Antonio
183.06HITOPS::PITZIMon Jun 05 1989FORMS$RECEIVE problem
184.09STATLR::BAGLEYMon Jun 05 1989async screen update
185.04VNAACT::GEROLDTue Jun 06 1989DECforms futures for customers
186.01VANILA::LINCOLNTue Jun 06 1989LAST ITEM on PANEL required
187.02IND::NAEGELYTue Jun 06 1989Blank if zero
188.06TAVThu Jun 08 1989Needs VMS Message file support
189.03TAVThu Jun 08 1989Need Entry/Exit/Validation Occurrence
190.01WAR75Fri Jun 09 1989Does PRINT operate asynchronously ?
191.03VANILA::LINCOLNFri Jun 09 1989Restoring Copy statements to IFDL
192.011SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Jun 09 1989Language Bindings Supported
193.06EIGER::TAPPYMon Jun 12 1989forms$pas_definitions.pas
194.01EVOAI2::BRUNET_FMon Jun 12 1989DF graphic mode ?
195.010YUPPY::MELVILLEMMon Jun 12 1989porting help
196.03STKAI1::LISSTue Jun 13 1989Form Record name as Response id, Why?
197.01TBEARS::JOHNSONTue Jun 13 1989DATA INPUT REQUIRED is the default
198.02CUJO::LEBLANCTue Jun 13 1989display panel, no field
199.03LASCPM::EGGERTTue Jun 13 1989Problems with CDD/PLUS
200.013MEO78B::LOCHWed Jun 14 1989DECforms under ULTRIX ??
201.05EVOAI2::BRUNET_FWed Jun 14 1989activate receive corresponding all ??
202.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 14 1989Runtime question regarding max # of bytes for form/scrolled region...
203.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERWed Jun 14 1989V2.
204.01EVOAI2::BRUNET_FThu Jun 15 1989no run-time messages
205.02EEMELI::TOUKKARIThu Jun 15 1989Help..arrow keys
206.02FACTThu Jun 15 1989SPD for V1.1
207.010EVOAI2::BRUNET_FThu Jun 15 1989help panel, automatic 'continue'
208.02TRCAThu Jun 15 1989VT52s and DECforms?
209.07STATLR::BAGLEYFri Jun 16 1989shareable image problem
210.05NORDIX::BRUNETFri Jun 16 1989Customer's pilot
211.05CAPO::GONZALEZ_LUFri Jun 16 1989TRANSCEIVE Performance PRBLM (181 again!)
212.04AZUR::LEROYMon Jun 19 1989form convert tdms error
213.04ODIHAM::MUTCHMon Jun 19 1989Erasing the current field
214.07CSOA1::BALISHTue Jun 20 1989MAX colors at 1 time?
215.03CSOA1::BALISHTue Jun 20 1989video attribute problem?
216.02SOS6::FRANBERTue Jun 20 1989Use SYS$RADIX_POINT to set decimal point in DECforms?
217.02EVOAI2::BRUNET_FTue Jun 20 1989a timeout is not an error !
218.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 20 1989FORM object/vector symbol names at link time??
219.02LARVAE::MCCARTNEY_JTue Jun 20 1989Problems - Conversion and terminal compatability
220.06LASCPM::EGGERTTue Jun 20 1989Linking with an ESCAPE ROUTINE
221.05VAXRIO::GUIMARAESWed Jun 21 1989Translating the demonstration application
223.02SKIWVA::MAYNARDWed Jun 21 1989Signed Numeric Question...
224.02STP::ANDERSONWed Jun 21 1989LSE failure not trapped by V1.1-21 installation
225.03VANILA::LINCOLNWed Jun 21 1989Changing language in Date fields
226.05TROAWed Jun 21 1989Porting to VMS & DECforms
227.0DSSDEV::EPPESWed Jun 21 1989Can FORMS EXTRACT APPEARANCES print underlines?
228.01ROMThu Jun 22 1989Trapping a Control-C
229.01TROAThu Jun 22 1989COBOL <=> DECforms Passing info
230.01WAR75Thu Jun 22 1989POSITION to GROUP query
231.09ATSE::URBANThu Jun 22 1989Foreign Language support; quick education
232.02DPDMAI::GREERWThu Jun 22 19893 naive questions
233.06KETJE::ROBBENSFri Jun 23 1989Define a "
234.08COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDFri Jun 23 1989Questions on CDD/PLUS support
235.02HOCUS::TORPPEDERSONFri Jun 23 1989DECForms and Telenet Public Access Network
236.04LISVAX::VIDEIRAFri Jun 23 1989Demo Calculator
237.03CHEST::GREEN_KMon Jun 26 1989Existing Applications
238.01PANIC::JACOBMon Jun 26 1989AST SENDs for Monitoring Program
239.03TEACH::ELLENMon Jun 26 1989Leftover items in my scrolled region
240.012BNCHMK::BMGUESTTue Jun 27 1989Form Data<==>Form Record translation
241.05PANIC::JACOBTue Jun 27 1989Too Glossy?
242.01SUOSW3::APPENZELLERTue Jun 27 1989Copy appearance attributes from CDD ?
243.02CRATE::JANJUATue Jun 27 1989Can you build a report writer using DECForms
244.07AZTECH::BDOUGLASWed Jun 28 1989Pascal with DECforms
245.02LBDUCK::LOTHESWed Jun 28 1989quick question - modifying fields
246.07--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 28 1989DECforms FORMS$ENABLE/IFDL-input thru filename(card dec file?)
247.08HQBIC::DCARRWed Jun 28 1989Live, Production Applications Using DECforms NOW??
248.09SAUTER::SAUTERThu Jun 29 1989Data Conversion trace message
249.01HAMCL3::PLEWKAFri Jun 30 1989CDD+ ARRAY/OCCURS not translated ?
250.07EEMELI::TOUKKARIFri Jun 30 1989Problem with Display Size
251.07--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 30 1989PEU-escape routines-->legal actions
252.02DIEGO::GASSNERSun Jul 02 1989include directive requested
253.016GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Jul 03 1989Problem with DATE pictures
254.09EIGER::TAPPYMon Jul 03 1989Disable Interrupt Key (F6)
256.01SYSTEM::HELLIARTue Jul 04 1989Left justified integer output
257.02THAMWed Jul 05 1989DECforms and GKS
258.01USRCV1::SHOWALTERWed Jul 05 1989DECforms/FMS Comparison
259.01DPDMAI::GREERWWed Jul 05 1989PEU's utilizing DATATRIEVE
260.06CIMAMT::NARAHARIWed Jul 05 1989Directing VMS messages to Message panel
261.07WAR75Thu Jul 06 1989DECforms AST-level example
262.02TROAThu Jul 06 1989Default Value Problem
263.03DIEGO::GASSNERThu Jul 06 1989FORM CONVERT FMS problem
265.03THAMFri Jul 07 1989DECstart
266.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERFri Jul 07 1989Announcement Seminar Results
267.01LBDUCK::LOTHESFri Jul 07 1989re. pascal checking example re. pascal checking example
268.02TAVPRO::ARIEHMon Jul 10 1989Mixed option problem
270.04VANILA::FRYMon Jul 10 1989 Global message line update?
271.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Jul 10 1989CDD/Plus -- Does DECforms interface with DMU?
272.03WEA::PURMALMon Jul 10 1989Can DECforms be used to implement a spreadsheet?
273.03SKYLRK::KURATAMon Jul 10 1989Can DECforms do Mac file menu?
274.05STATLR::BAGLEYTue Jul 11 1989MESSAGEPANEL problem
275.06EDCS::KITATue Jul 11 1989Compiler performance
276.01VAXRIO::MENDONCAWed Jul 12 1989Troubles in Programming
278.05DIEGO::GASSNERWed Jul 12 1989FORMS Design methodology
279.06LBDUCK::LOTHESWed Jul 12 1989calling panels
280.09USRCV1::SHOWALTERThu Jul 13 1989Converted FMS Sample Application
281.01TRCAThu Jul 13 1989Bilingual DECforms applications and other Q's
282.04POBOX::CORDONFri Jul 14 1989%ALL Wish List
283.03STATLR::BAGLEYFri Jul 14 1989Copying array from CDD+
284.01REGPRO::LAWFri Jul 14 1989Decforms data type equivalencies
285.01TAVMon Jul 17 1989Error when trying to Enable a Form with warning
286.08TAVMon Jul 17 1989DECforms Develop DCL Menus interface
287.03VANILA::LINCOLNMon Jul 17 1989Getting the Record Length
289.01TAVMon Jul 17 1989A Non Scroll Panel demonstartion
290.01TAVMon Jul 17 1989A full Vertical Scroll demonstration
291.02MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPMon Jul 17 1989FIELDVALUE usage
292.03BRSDVP::LEENTue Jul 18 1989Enter a character on a function key response.
293.01STP::ANDERSONTue Jul 18 1989VT33
294.05DIEGO::GASSNERTue Jul 18 1989Highlighting rows of a scrolling region
295.0USRCV1::SHOWALTERTue Jul 18 1989Wishlist - Printing and Panel Editor
296.01USRCV1::SHOWALTERTue Jul 18 1989Strip Menu - Single Character Selection
297.01GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Jul 19 1989unknown error from RECEIVE on invalid mapping
298.03WAR75Wed Jul 19 1989FORMS$IMAGE needs to be /SYSTEM ?
299.01FDCV1Wed Jul 19 1989DECforms &VAXstation 2
300.02CSSE::HGARDNERWed Jul 19 1989Help on Help
302.03NZOVWed Jul 19 1989LSE and Access Violation
303.03AZUR::LEROYThu Jul 20 1989%FORMS-E-CDDEXTRACT error
304.05VANILA::FRYThu Jul 20 1989 SEARCH + CALL response?
305.01STKAI1::LISSThu Jul 20 1989ES
306.05SYSTEM::HELLIARThu Jul 20 1989Highlighting a Group LINE
307.02GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Jul 20 1989autoskip fields/redef keys/last field action???
308.01MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPThu Jul 20 1989copy...transfer & $ LSE
309.01USRCV1::SHOWALTERThu Jul 20 1989Panel Editor and CDD/Plus
310.04ISTG::MCGREALThu Jul 20 1989AST forms$send problem
311.03HOGAN::KIMMELThu Jul 20 1989Other vendors?
312.03IND::NAEGELYThu Jul 20 1989quadword problem
313.04MINDER::TAYLORMFri Jul 21 1989Announcement seminar
314.05VANILA::FRYFri Jul 21 1989 TDMS --> DECFORMS problem
315.06DNEAST::COMBAR_CURTFri Jul 21 1989REMOVE postdisplay clause isn't working...
316.011VANILA::FRYSun Jul 23 1989 AST FORMS$SEND fails
317.012VANILA::FRYSun Jul 23 1989 Broadcast Messages?
318.02TAOVMon Jul 24 1989please help CALL escape routine, we are new hands!!
319.02NEWVAX::PHARMONMon Jul 24 1989Longevity of messages
320.02NEWVAX::PHARMONMon Jul 24 1989FIELDIMAGE conversion error
321.01YUPPIE::LOFTINMon Jul 24 1989DECforms overheads?
322.08LBDUCK::LOTHESMon Jul 24 1989form application data transfer forms application data transfer
323.09PANIC::JACOBTue Jul 25 1989One Process, One Form, Two (Or More) Terminals
324.06USRCV1::SHOWALTERTue Jul 25 1989It is all a matter of "style"
326.010VANILA::FRYTue Jul 25 1989 Needless cursor positioning?
327.04VANILA::FRYTue Jul 25 1989 multi-session refresh
328.02DEMOAX::HODNETTTue Jul 25 1989Forms tools for Ultrix?
329.02DIEGO::GASSNERTue Jul 25 1989Wish performance guidelines
330.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 26 1989? on CURRENTITEM built-in form data use
332.04WTHRDS::RUNDELLThu Jul 27 1989FORMS Re-entrant ?
333.02AZUR::LEROYThu Jul 27 1989problem on a Transceive response
334.04AZUR::LEROYFri Jul 28 1989confused with RETURN IMMEDIATE
335.01HGOVC::MULLARWANTue Aug 01 1989Videotaped presentation on DECforms?
336.01EEMELI::TOUKKARITue Aug 01 1989FORMS$RECEIVE calls
337.03KETJE::DIERICKTue Aug 01 1989asynchronous receive ?
338.09CHOVAX::RASKISWed Aug 02 1989Returning a negative # using the GIVING clause
339.01STP::ANDERSONWed Aug 02 1989CDD/Plus files opened and closed
340.06STP::ANDERSONWed Aug 02 1989FDE ACCVIO
341.01LBDUCK::LOTHESWed Aug 02 1989commenting procedures
342.05FSBIC4::ETARTAGLIAWed Aug 02 1989Access Violation using PEU's
343.05CHOVAX::RASKISWed Aug 02 1989Calling system services as escape routines
344.06SWSCHZ::EZZELLThu Aug 03 1989Problem with numeric minimum length field
345.06UTRUST::IJBENThu Aug 03 1989Problems with PEU in Forms/Acms
346.05BTOVT::ISBOSNIACKThu Aug 03 1989CONVERR on Unsigned Int
347.03HQBIC::DCARRThu Aug 03 1989Panel bigger than Viewport needed
348.02GIDDAY::LAWLERFri Aug 04 1989Problem passing PARENTREQUESTID using record-name to PEU
350.01LBDUCK::LOTHESFri Aug 04 1989Default message panels
351.02CHOTI::AVALLONEFri Aug 04 1989A Project Management Problem
352.02SYSTEM::RUNDELLMon Aug 07 1989Refresh Screen ?
353.01VAXRIO::GUIMARAESMon Aug 07 1989Questions...
354.05SNOCTue Aug 08 1989Async FORMS$SEND gives FORMS$_NORECORD
355.02NEWVAX::PHARMONTue Aug 08 1989Display-only panels and waits
356.04TAOVTue Aug 08 1989DECforms with application programs
358.03CAPL::DARRYLWed Aug 09 1989Who's in charge - form or program??
359.02TOPGUN::LEIDENWed Aug 09 1989LMF problems again
360.04HAM::PLEWKAThu Aug 10 1989Back Translator kills COPY statement?
361.01STKHLM::BERGGRENFri Aug 11 1989Scrolling regions cause problems
362.02DNEAST::COMBAR_CURTFri Aug 11 1989Non-DECforms I/O to screen screws up display...
363.04VANILA::LINCOLNMon Aug 14 1989Dynamic change of Keypad mode
364.011CHOVAX::RASKISMon Aug 14 1989EXIT response question
365.01VAX4::PETERSMon Aug 14 1989DECforms and DBMS
366.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERTue Aug 15 1989Final V1.1 SPD and SSA
367.02DSSDEV::WEBSTERTue Aug 15 1989Slide Set Now in Corporate Photo Library
368.0GIDDAY::LAWLERTue Aug 15 1989Refresh after returning from a PEU
369.08STRASB::HONOREWed Aug 16 1989LET statement
371.04TROAWed Aug 16 1989Presentations on NET
372.02CHOTI::AVALLONEWed Aug 16 1989Simulating Horizontal Scrolling
373.011--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 16 1989%F1 - %F5 key names?
374.02YENREF::DUQUESNEThu Aug 17 1989What is "next-event simulation" ?
375.01TEXAS::DOOLITTLEThu Aug 17 1989DECwindows/DECform(?) Design Question
376.03PENDER::LASZLO_REThu Aug 17 1989ALL-IN-1 compatibility?
377.03CSOA1::SCHWARTZ_FFri Aug 18 1989Picture clause overflow problem
378.01SKYWAY::BICHSELFri Aug 18 1989DECform and AST in BASIC
379.014CSOA1::SCHWARTZ_FFri Aug 18 1989Return Status Value Symbols
380.03FRAGLE::WIEGLEBFri Aug 18 1989V1.1 kit installation questions
381.01VANILA::FRYMon Aug 21 1989 N-keystroke defs?
382.05HERON::HEUTEMon Aug 21 1989scroll by page AND by line?
383.03HERON::HEUTEMon Aug 21 1989user defined messages?
384.013HERON::HEUTEMon Aug 21 1989DECforms and C
385.03HERON::HEUTEMon Aug 21 1989Partial compiles?
386.011HERON::WAHLQVISTMon Aug 21 1989DECforms/ACMS eating all our memory
387.07FRAMon Aug 21 1989DECforms/ACMS - when are fields displayed?
388.01STRASB::HONOREMon Aug 21 1989Future devices
389.02ATSE::URBANMon Aug 21 1989Passing groups to PEU's
390.05VANILA::FRYTue Aug 22 1989 Field Visit Order?
391.013POBOX::CORDONTue Aug 22 1989Error converting datatype, reserved operand
392.09MARVIN::STHOMASTue Aug 22 1989How can I get forms on VMS, Ultrix, MS-DOS?
393.08HAM::PLEWKAWed Aug 23 1989displaying groups without scrolling
394.01ULYSSE::LEFOLWed Aug 23 1989help panel and text editing
395.07SKYWAY::BICHSELWed Aug 23 1989FORMS$SEND fails at AST level
396.08TAVWed Aug 23 1989Missing subjects in the course material
397.01STRASB::HONOREWed Aug 23 1989Receive - send - receive
398.09STRASB::HONOREWed Aug 23 1989Output picture smaller than form data
399.02CHOVAX::HORNUNGWed Aug 23 1989Problem running DECforms app from ALL-IN-1
401.01AISG::HOOVERWed Aug 23 1989Using Groups in functions
402.03VANILA::FRYWed Aug 23 1989 TDMS Converter
403.06PARVAX::CROWLEYWed Aug 23 1989DECforms vs.SQL forms productivity
404.01POBOX::CORDONWed Aug 23 1989Video attributes in PED modify menu
405.01STRASB::HONOREThu Aug 24 1989current version
406.05SLSTRN::WILCZYNSKIThu Aug 24 1989problem with PREVIOUS ITEM
407.01STRASB::HONOREThu Aug 24 1989Array definition with BASIC???
408.03SLSTRN::WILCZYNSKIThu Aug 24 1989linking a COBOL escape routine
409.010POBOX::CORDONThu Aug 24 1989How to trace with ACMS/DECforms
410.06VANILA::LINCOLNFri Aug 25 1989Output Picture with ,
411.07SLSTRN::WILCZYNSKIFri Aug 25 1989Right Justify, Zero Fill
412.05AV8OR::BARRETTFri Aug 25 1989Pascal record format for forms$send and Forms$recieve ... Help
413.06DIEGO::GASSNERFri Aug 25 1989Unexplained %FORMS-F-CONVERR during input phase
414.01VANILA::FRYSun Aug 27 1989 Translate Messages?
415.014UILA::MATTINISun Aug 27 1989Can the Form manager and the Application be in two separate hosts
416.06GLASS::CDBMon Aug 28 1989selecting items from a scroll region
417.0AZUR::VANDENHEUVELMon Aug 28 1989Small problem installing V1.1. No QAR access today.
418.02STATLR::BAGLEYMon Aug 28 1989Position to CURRENTPANEL?
419.02AZUR::VANDENHEUVELMon Aug 28 1989Which panel is which in appearances listing?
420.01--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 29 1989DECforms/FIMS and the BLIND
421.02STRASB::HONOREWed Aug 30 1989FIMS summary???
422.02TAVWed Aug 30 1989Dynamic border lines moving in scroll group ?
423.03TAVWed Aug 30 1989DECforms Syntax summary pocket guide order ?
424.03TAVWed Aug 30 1989No error when CURRENT data item is missing
425.04TAVWed Aug 30 1989What happens to the ACMS notes file ?
426.02MINDER::DENBYWed Aug 30 1989Script for 35mm slides ?
427.01TRNAF1::MANISSEROWed Aug 30 1989Using FIELD like a parameter
428.04GLORY::CDBThu Aug 31 1989application data = form data
429.02CIMAMT::STOREYThu Aug 31 1989long Char strings on multiple lines?
430.010SLSTRN::WILCZYNSKISat Sep 02 1989Qualified names of data items after COPY
431.04VANILA::FRYMon Sep 04 1989 Redefine Ops Msg Response?
432.07IISPIE::MCCRILLISTue Sep 05 1989Time fields in FMS conversion
433.010SHALDU::MCBLANETue Sep 05 1989Editing fields using Control Keys
434.06HAM::WITTWed Sep 06 1989CDD/+ structures containing substructures
435.01WAR75Wed Sep 06 1989How are timouts implemented ?
436.05WAR75Wed Sep 06 1989Calling PEU's from programs
437.01MLNWed Sep 06 1989Problem linking Oracle and DECforms
438.02NZOVFri Sep 08 1989Shareable Image Form (No PE)?
439.05WLW::SHREVEFri Sep 08 1989Can DECforms replace a data entry system?
440.04DLOACT::SMITHERMANSat Sep 09 1989HELP- Address of PER not found
441.02TAVSun Sep 10 1989Wish : Select field name from a list
442.04ACESMK::GASSMon Sep 11 1989DIBOL and DECforms
443.02GLORY::CDBMon Sep 11 1989BUG in receive shadow rec?
444.012CHOVAX::RASKISTue Sep 12 1989Multiple records for SEND/RECEIVE
445.02TRCATue Sep 12 1989Validation LIST declared outside FORM?
446.07POBOX::CORDONTue Sep 12 1989Copy CDD/Plus descriptions?
447.02HLYCOW::DUMASTue Sep 12 1989Multiple IFDL files?
448.02DIEGO::GASSNERTue Sep 12 1989Quirky scrolling region
449.04TAVWed Sep 13 1989Position to ignored on Request Exit
450.013TAVWed Sep 13 1989Needs support for names in Variables
451.04STKAI1::LISSWed Sep 13 1989Scroll without inputfield?
452.01POBOX::CORDONWed Sep 13 1989Conceal a literal?
453.01CESARE::BARBERAThu Sep 14 1989Bar Code Input
454.06AZUR::VANDENHEUVELThu Sep 14 1989Can you beat 15 Million Pagefaults for a translate? Workingset problem?
455.02USRCV1::SHOWALTERThu Sep 14 1989Restrictions of Response Steps
456.01EIGER::TAPPYFri Sep 15 1989nonpositional parameter passing
457.0NZOVFri Sep 15 1989Integrated graph plotting
459.02GLORY::CDBFri Sep 15 1989another shadow record question
460.01ACESMK::GASSSat Sep 16 1989DECforms Support Course
461.0WAR75Sat Sep 16 1989Minimum Length request
462.0TAVSun Sep 17 1989FORMS_MERGER - a tool to merge IFDL files
463.0ATSE::URBANTue Sep 19 1989Ex Post Facto messages
464.02STKAI1::LISSWed Sep 20 1989Current variable and CDD
465.02STKAI1::LISSWed Sep 20 1989Copy CDD --> List?
466.01DSSDEV::WEBSTERWed Sep 20 1989User Survey
467.02STATLR::BAGLEYWed Sep 20 1989panel first item ???
468.06MLNCSC::BIFFIGNANDIThu Sep 21 1989Data conversion
469.06CARTUN::JONESThu Sep 21 1989scrolling and activation lists
470.03TAVSun Sep 24 1989Problems when using two Panels on the screen
471.02WUMBCK::KEROUACMon Sep 25 1989Common Subroutine for DECforms calls?
472.09BACHUS::DECLERCKMon Sep 25 1989Undefined status codes?
473.01MQOUTue Sep 26 1989FMS, TDMS and DECFORMS
474.04DIEGO::GASSNERTue Sep 26 1989Wide help panel amidst Normal width panels
475.03NZOVWed Sep 27 1989Unsigned Numbers from CDD
476.03FSCORE::KAYEWed Sep 27 1989KANJI support for DECforms?
477.01CIMAMT::NARAHARIWed Sep 27 1989File destination utility available..
478.05CCIIS1::SOENENWed Sep 27 1989How to avoid reentry of mandatory fields ?
479.02CAPL::DARRYLWed Sep 27 1989 Group fields scrambled
480.02VANILA::LINCOLNThu Sep 28 1989"Unknown" Terminals
481.04PTOVAX::HERRINGTONThu Sep 28 1989Printing Scrolled Regions and Positioning
482.01FSBIC4::ETARTAGLIAThu Sep 28 1989return last key pressed ?
483.02POBOX::LACEYThu Sep 28 1989DECforms .vs. TDMS performance
484.04STKHLM::LINDGREN_PFri Sep 29 1989Asynchronous example wanted
485.02SCAM::HENRYFri Sep 29 1989Product Manager?
486.02DNEAST::RAMSEY_CHUCKMon Oct 02 1989Returning formatting characters in a field
487.01SKYLRK::KURATAMon Oct 02 1989How do I get the subscript of a group element
488.07NZOVMon Oct 02 1989SET TERM/UPPER and line graphics problem
489.02CAADC::USSDAVIAMon Oct 02 1989Extra Bytes in the IFDL/INTEGERs????
491.013FERNEY::HURSTELTue Oct 03 1989Dymanic position for ViewPort ??
492.03TPS::STAMMTue Oct 03 1989%FORMS-E-PROCESC-NOT-FOU running ACMS app.
493.01NZOVWed Oct 04 1989STRUCTURE field mapping to avoid default setting?
494.02TAVWed Oct 04 1989COMPILE/REVIEW in Lse generates error message
495.04TAVWed Oct 04 1989How to remove a line in Panel Editor?
496.05DUNDEE::GILMOURWed Oct 04 1989Function response before field validation problem
497.04TAVWed Oct 04 1989How to reduce Viewport size ?
498.01SUBWAY::LEEWed Oct 04 1989DECforms manuals
499.01--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 04 1989decforms and sql datatypes
500.01HLYCOW::DUMASWed Oct 04 1989Can field appear multiple times?
501.05TAVThu Oct 05 1989Validate the Last item problem
502.02TAVThu Oct 05 1989Menus management
503.01CAFEIN::HYSONThu Oct 05 1989AST's disabled/issue form$send?
506.09SWSCHZ::EZZELLFri Oct 06 1989Can field contents be output within IFDL?
508.01STKHLM::ARENDIMon Oct 09 1989Item code FORMS$K_EFN????
509.05KETJE::VANGRIEKENMon Oct 09 1989Both BY LINE and BY PAGE scrolling?...
510.08NZOVWed Oct 11 1989More customer concerns,wishes,gripes
511.07HOMBAS::THOMPSONWed Oct 11 1989PDF with DECforms?
512.03MUNEDI::WEIGLThu Oct 12 1989Positioning of viewports relative to each other
513.04HGOVC::RAMACHANDRANFri Oct 13 1989INVNUMTXT error on COPY from CDD
514.02WMOIS::D_WHITEFri Oct 13 1989Returning Error Conditions
515.02HANDVA::JOSEPHWUMon Oct 16 1989Pop-up subforms
516.01FERNEY::POTTSMon Oct 16 1989List validation
517.02STKHLM::ARENDIMon Oct 16 1989Help me with "groupfield" validation please
518.05CAPLCC::KAYGEEMon Oct 16 1989Scroll 2 Groups with same current?
519.01CBOSWS::FRYLANDMon Oct 16 1989DECforms with RDB Demo
520.02WMOIS::D_WHITEMon Oct 16 1989Screen Repainting during input problem
521.06CAADC::PMWVESTUTOMon Oct 16 1989DECwindows used internally to DECforms?
522.04SKYLRK::KURATATue Oct 17 1989Panel A won't activate Panel B, why ?
523.08STKHLM::KNORNTue Oct 17 1989Message code translation
524.01YAHEY::BOSETue Oct 17 1989Problems with Hierarchical Help menus
525.07DIEGO::GASSNERTue Oct 17 1989PED keypad undocumented?
526.0NZOVTue Oct 17 1989Example Maintenance Facility: COBOL/RMS
527.04CSC32::FASANOTue Oct 17 1989FORMS-E-PROCESC_NOT_FOU error call Escape Routine
528.011NZOVTue Oct 17 1989CPU usage performance questions
529.05NZOVTue Oct 17 1989Fields, QARs and SPRs
530.01YUPPY::FISKEAWed Oct 18 1989Sizing info please ?
531.03CURRNT::BADMANWed Oct 18 1989LSE template for IFDL ?
533.0DSSDEV::FRANTZWed Oct 18 1989DECintact V2.
534.07LUTECE::JACOBThu Oct 19 1989Problems with colors CYAN and MAGENTA ?
535.013JENEVR::GORDONThu Oct 19 1989New DECforms Courses
536.02KETJE::ROBBENSThu Oct 19 1989Array-presentation problem.
537.09SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Oct 19 1989Automatically update time on screen
538.03EVOIS6::TEBOULThu Oct 19 1989Date assignation...
539.01ESCROW::KILGOREThu Oct 19 1989Please explain FORMS$K_ASTADR et al
540.01NHASAD::LUSTMANThu Oct 19 1989Does DECforms use CDD/Plus VALID_IF?
541.06SYSTEM::ROGGENSTEINFri Oct 20 1989No Forms license?
542.01TWOBOB::GILMOURTue Oct 24 1989Corresponding subscripts in arrays
543.02BRSDVTue Oct 24 1989DECforms elementary conditions
544.02KETJE::ROBBENSTue Oct 24 1989Record-length error. But why ?????
545.01VANILA::LINCOLNTue Oct 24 1989The Integer() Data type
546.03--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 24 1989Picture Strings and the ifdl to form translation...
547.04KETJE::ROBBENSWed Oct 25 1989Determine last activated field ?
548.02--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 25 1989SCROLLing VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL groups with ICONS?@$#%^
549.04CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Oct 25 1989REALTIME AST SENDs to update data currently processed by a RECEIVE? Restab context?
550.01WMOIS::D_WHITEWed Oct 25 1989Calling LSE initialization file
551.05CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Oct 26 1989ADT form data and the 12 hour picture string?
552.02STKAI1::LISSThu Oct 26 1989Shrinking textfields
554.02COMICS::BEECRAFTThu Oct 26 1989Copy from dictionary using Searchlist ?
555.014POBOX::METSADThu Oct 26 1989Problem passing Date and Time to a PEU
556.02CAPL::DARRYLThu Oct 26 1989"Protected When..." terminates input?
557.01SNOCThu Oct 26 1989problems with LIB$SIGNAL
558.06CAPL::KAYGEEFri Oct 27 1989Refresh and GKS
559.02HLYCOW::DUMASFri Oct 27 1989Passing Parameters to COBOL PEUs
560.06YENREF::ZWARTFri Oct 27 1989More problems copying from the cdd
561.04VANILA::LINCOLNFri Oct 27 1989"Current" in group used for Protection
562.04HLYCOW::DUMASFri Oct 27 1989Panel size info missing from FDE MODIFY PANEL
563.05DSSDEV::WEBSTERSat Oct 28 1989DECforms V1.2
564.03DSSDEV::WEBSTERSat Oct 28 1989Performance and Productivity Testimonial
565.01SVULLO::ARENDIMon Oct 30 1989Proc. escapes and object libraries?
566.04CCIIS1::SOENENTue Oct 31 1989Variable length for field
567.01DUBTue Oct 31 1989Customer Site - To Visit??
568.02NOBHIL::BODINE_CHTue Oct 31 1989Passing element of array to PEU
569.03PENDER::LASZLO_RETue Oct 31 1989Minimum Length not working consistently?
570.07HLYCOW::DUMASTue Oct 31 1989FORMS$requests inside PEU'S
571.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERTue Oct 31 1989Performance Information
572.03WR1FOR::LEZAMA_ROWed Nov 01 1989DECforms ON A MACINTOSH
573.02PENDER::LASZLO_REWed Nov 01 1989Is Less More? Or define more forms?
574.05PENDER::LASZLO_REWed Nov 01 1989IFDL changes reflected at runtime
577.05SKYLRK::CASSAROThu Nov 02 1989Cursor Positioning within a field???
578.02DPDMAI::GREERWThu Nov 02 1989Why not implicit sign in form data?
579.01EVOIS6::TEBOULFri Nov 03 1989Transfer clause
580.010ZURFri Nov 03 1989Limited send record size?
582.04MLCSSE::ROSATIFri Nov 03 1989Double message problem
583.01USRCV1::SHOWALTERTue Nov 07 1989DECforms and TDMS in the same application?
585.08DSSDEV::YEETue Nov 07 1989new QAR system
586.05MEO78B::VARLEYWed Nov 08 1989Printed 'FORM' Product
587.03RUTILE::HURSTELWed Nov 08 1989Icon to validate Panel ?
589.07BIS::VANDENEYNDEHWed Nov 08 1989remote CDD copy - network problem
590.01SHALDU::MCBLANEWed Nov 08 1989forms$ar_form_table on installed system
591.05HXOUThu Nov 09 1989Learning Curve?
592.04FSCORE::KAYEThu Nov 09 1989DECforms & SCA
593.05VFORMS::FRANTZThu Nov 09 1989AST and asynchronous send tutorial
594.06WAR75Fri Nov 10 1989VT42
595.013SYSTEM::RUNDELLMon Nov 13 1989%FORMS-E-PARAMOVRFLOW error ?
596.02ISTG::BHAVNANITue Nov 14 1989Activate group (1:N) bug?
597.0BERNWed Nov 15 1989Distinguish between field and request validation?
598.02TAVWed Nov 15 1989FORMS$AR_FORM_TABLE is missing ?
599.05STRASB::HONOREWed Nov 15 1989Character(9)=Integer(9)???
600.04SOTT::NAULTWed Nov 15 1989DECforms on the PC
601.03WARNUT::JACKSONWed Nov 15 1989Strange shared image behaviour
602.09ROULET::GAUTHIERWed Nov 15 1989Problem getting form via "C"
603.05MLCSSE::ROSATIWed Nov 15 1989string data conversion error
604.01BERNThu Nov 16 1989replacing "Message" by VMS message handler?
605.05STATLR::BAGLEYThu Nov 16 1989EXIT HELP processing
606.01MUNEDI::WEIGLFri Nov 17 1989No record descriptors in FORTRAN
607.05FERNEY::ZWARTFri Nov 17 1989TDMS conversion problem
608.012SYSTEM::POADFri Nov 17 1989Crash when press F6 key
609.05TOWNS::PETFri Nov 17 1989DECforms and Application Programming
610.06TOWNS::PETFri Nov 17 1989Color on GPXs
611.03TAVSun Nov 19 1989Overlap objects in the same panel ?
612.01TAOVSun Nov 19 1989DECforms support CDD/PLUS varying string ?
613.03TOWNS::ROBERTSMon Nov 20 1989FMS/DECforms and large text fields?
615.04HYEND::STONEHAMMon Nov 20 1989DECFORMS and RDB with CDD or CDD/Plus ?
618.01PANIC::JACOBWed Nov 22 1989Two lice ? (separate Development & Runtime licenses?)
619.04TAVThu Nov 23 1989Problem with OUTPUT PICTURE
620.01UNWIND::LEAVERThu Nov 23 1989Function responses after validation fails
621.05TAVThu Nov 23 1989When FUNCTIONNAME is reset ?
622.0VAOUThu Nov 23 1989Maximum DECforms users with ACMS (on front-end)
623.012TROUThu Nov 23 1989DECforms (PDP) ==> DECforms (VAX) Conversion?
624.04VAXWRK::CUMMINGSMon Nov 27 1989Generic Panels with Variable detail?
625.02ROULET::GAUTHIERMon Nov 27 1989Advice request, FM <-> C control transfer
626.03HANDVA::JOSEPHWUTue Nov 28 1989PED Key Bindings
627.09TAVTue Nov 28 1989Reset the screen set-up ?
628.01SANFAN::HILL_GRTue Nov 28 1989Multiple scrolling panels-help needed
629.03CEDSWS::RELYEAWed Nov 29 1989FORMS CONVERT TDMS infinitely loops
630.01DOD2::PETWed Nov 29 1989Disable F6
632.01WMOIS::D_WHITEThu Nov 30 1989Sending Multiple Messages to Form
633.0--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 30 1989EMPTY FIELD/FIELD FULL conditions and the IF statement??
634.05WR2FOR::KURATA_GEFri Dec 01 1989style guides for DECForms ?
635.02--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 01 1989display reverse of LITERAL effects apply FIELD default clause?
636.010STRATA::GAUTHIERFri Dec 01 1989More Help in scrolling
637.06EDCS::WRIGHTMon Dec 04 1989Forms$Cioshr, is it put into imagelib??
638.04GOONS::MAUDETue Dec 05 1989Shareable libraries and VMS 5.2?
639.05TAVTue Dec 05 1989question - when message will apper
640.01WMOIS::D_WHITETue Dec 05 1989Create Search List from record
641.01AISG::YLEEWed Dec 06 1989Corresponding Subscripts
642.01AISG::YLEEWed Dec 06 1989Vertical scrolling and horizontal scrolling
643.03VANILA::LINCOLNThu Dec 07 1989Non Numeric Keypad Keys
644.03SUOSW4::APPENZELLERThu Dec 07 1989PRINT does not print message panel
645.02CIMAMT::STOREYThu Dec 07 1989Help with Disappearing Data
646.08STRATA::GAUTHIERThu Dec 07 1989CURRENT pointer in Scrolling Region?
647.07STKAI1::LISSFri Dec 08 1989Use transfervector to build PEU image?
649.011RUTILE::HURSTELFri Dec 08 1989%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO when quitting help panel ?
650.01PANIC::JACOBFri Dec 08 1989Demo dolly requires script...
651.03EVTIS1::SZLAMKAFri Dec 08 1989leading zeros=>no first '[' in output '['999R9']'
653.010PANIC::BEVANMon Dec 11 1989DECforms and DTM ?
654.01LUDWIG::GAUTHIERMon Dec 11 1989Can TIMEOUT response be modified?
655.04WFOVX9::WFOFFIMon Dec 11 1989Double array search list
656.02TAVTue Dec 12 1989Forget to specify Group name problem...
657.01491Tue Dec 12 1989Where are the symbols of the return value
659.07LAIDBK::VICTORTue Dec 12 1989CALS compliant?
660.02EVTIS1::SZLAMKATue Dec 12 1989How scroll the whole screen?
661.01TOWNS::PETTue Dec 12 1989Disabling the Break key (F5)
662.02COMICS::BEECRAFTWed Dec 13 1989forms$send from AST routine and 2 sessions problem
663.04STKHLM::ARENDIWed Dec 13 1989Activation order for response steps?!
664.05CIMAMT::STOREYWed Dec 13 1989Value of null fields
665.01CHOTI::AVALLONEWed Dec 13 1989DECForms and Color Terminals
666.01AIDA::LAVELLIThu Dec 14 1989Decforms on PC
667.01CLO::MOLLEYThu Dec 14 1989FMS+DECforms?
668.03LISVAX::VIDEIRAFri Dec 15 1989Debugging DECforms
669.05STKHLM::ARENDIFri Dec 15 1989Scrolling from non-ast in a "ast"group?
670.02SHAPES::DANIALIFri Dec 15 1989DECforms interface with 4GL
671.01CAADC::CBISMETSAFri Dec 15 1989Translator has problems with search lists
672.02--UnknownUser--Mon Dec 18 1989USE HELP FORM within a HELP PANEL???
674.04FACTMon Dec 18 1989IFDL Library? Re-using Panels...
675.09WARNUT::JACKSONTue Dec 19 1989Incorrect cursor positioning ?
676.03ACESMK::RUDNICKTue Dec 19 1989Offering of DECforms Des. and Opt Seminar
677.04DGOSWTue Dec 19 1989Multilines field
678.01DGOSWTue Dec 19 1989Status return code references
679.01DGOSWTue Dec 19 1989Special scrolling area?
680.03IJSAPL::CAMPENHOUTWed Dec 20 1989Please Verify??
681.03MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPWed Dec 20 1989distrib. appl without ACMS?
682.04SHALDU::MCBLANEThu Dec 21 1989function keys not responding
683.03SWSCHZ::EZZELLThu Dec 21 1989Numeric fields and COBOL
684.01HOBBLE::PETThu Dec 21 1989DECforms vs. FMS Performance
685.02DGOSWFri Dec 22 1989BUG with FFloating?
686.010VAXWRK::CUMMINGSFri Dec 22 1989Calling editors from DECForms
687.01--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 22 1989Problem with copy, cdd and searchlists
688.0SAUTER::SAUTERFri Dec 22 1989Packed decimal literals in LET (C8912
689.01AISG::YLEEFri Dec 22 1989converting datatype warning message
690.01TAVMon Dec 25 1989Multi process using the same form - Y/N ?
691.03CSSE32::KIPNESWed Dec 27 1989Toggle DECforms versions possible?
692.01AISG::YLEEWed Dec 27 1989record length does not match error
694.01--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 28 1989Scrolling-vert group up/down in funct resp in field outside of group?
695.01WMOIS::D_WHITEThu Dec 28 1989Termination check
696.01CPDW::BROOKSFri Dec 29 1989ACMS, Messagepanel definition Problem with Decform
697.03FORTSC::KRANTZFri Dec 29 1989INTDATCOR occurs, but dissappears when stepping with DEBUG
698.01ACESMK::SILVAFri Dec 29 1989Use DECforms for menus, etc.?
699.02491Tue Jan 02 1990Using colors with decterm ??
700.03STKHLM::ARENDITue Jan 02 1990Runtime alarms about decforms license
701.03HGOVC::DEANGELISTue Jan 02 1990Single character vertical line
702.03GLDOA::HOLBELTue Jan 02 1990release notes/specs - next version
703.01ALLVAX::DCHOITue Jan 02 1990Is automatic rectangle drawing possible?
705.02CSOA1::HRIADILWed Jan 03 1990Max record size?
706.01USWAV1::LOEWWed Jan 03 1990Field Access security?
707.02NOSNOW::DUNNWed Jan 03 1990terminal to terminal messaging
708.03SUBWAY::NAEGELYWed Jan 03 1990Transcieve timeout
709.03SCADMN::DISMUKEWed Jan 03 1990Another CDD Error
710.03ALICAT::BUDILOVThu Jan 04 1990two-dimensional transfer/activate/reset ?
711.02491Thu Jan 04 1990timeout and asynchronous send
712.01STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu Jan 04 1990Transparent panels?
713.02SUBWAY::INGUAGGIATOThu Jan 04 1990Two questions: field terminator and color
715.07HLYCOW::DUMASFri Jan 05 1990IFDL auto-reformatting
716.019CRATE::LEVELLFri Jan 05 1990CONVERR, decimal overflow
717.04SANFAN::HILL_GRFri Jan 05 1990LSE COM/REV problems w/ big form
718.05BRSDVMon Jan 08 1990Clear out Receive Control Text
719.04FSCORE::KAYEMon Jan 08 1990problem with Scrolling & FIRST
720.01LUTECE::JACOBMon Jan 08 1990testing next item
721.08TAOVTue Jan 09 1990How can I pass a date field by calling escape unit t
722.02MAIL::HENSONTue Jan 09 1990Third Party Competition
723.08POBOX::METSADTue Jan 09 1990Merging IFDL Files
724.04ECADSW::CHOINIEREWed Jan 10 1990Access Violations with DECforms
725.06--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 10 1990NEXT COLUMN + n in horiz group w/out previous field?
726.0ILO::LERNIHANThu Jan 11 1990Records,array and scroll problem, help!
727.01HGOVC::RAMACHANDRANThu Jan 11 1990CTRL_W and Concealed When
728.04EVOIS6::TEBOULFri Jan 12 1990Control text behavior ??
729.01FSCORE::KAYEFri Jan 12 1990using CLI$DCL_PARSE with ACMS/DECforms
730.01NOPROB::RSHIELDSFri Jan 12 1990A Question on Shareable Form Images
731.02TAVMon Jan 15 1990Adding attributes to CDD/PLUS field
732.03TAVMon Jan 15 1990LSE bug on the Print template
733.0DGOSWMon Jan 15 1990FFloating Bug
734.0EVOAI2::TEBOULMon Jan 15 1990Asynchronous Example in PASCAL !
735.02CIMNET::GUAYMon Jan 15 1990Passing dynamic structures in forms$send
736.02ISTG::MCGREALMon Jan 15 1990Check terminal type in IF statement
737.09WUMBCK::PELLERINMon Jan 15 1990Help with Help Panels
740.0WUMBCK::MOULIMon Jan 15 1990Arrays and termination checks
741.09ALICAT::GILMOURMon Jan 15 1990data transfer in 2 dimensional array
742.01CLUSTA::CHENGTue Jan 16 1990Length checking in CHARACTER(x)Varying field
743.03MALMWed Jan 17 1990TDMS to DECforms converter problem
744.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERWed Jan 17 1990Ease of Use Testimonial - in spades
745.02TAVThu Jan 18 1990Does the Form Manager is checking dates ?
747.010EDCS::WRIGHTThu Jan 18 1990File Protection problem with forms images...
748.02VAOAThu Jan 18 1990Single definition of 'prompt text'?
749.01TAVThu Jan 18 1990COPY causes strange compile errors
750.02SHEILA::HERRINGEFri Jan 19 1990scroll protected field?
751.05HANFri Jan 19 1990Stepping from left to right through a Scrolled region
752.01MINDER::TAYLORMFri Jan 19 1990DECforms & CDD/Plus
753.01LARVAE::BURGESSFri Jan 19 1990Full support on DECwindows - when?
754.02LUDWIG::GAUTHIERFri Jan 19 1990Nedd to PRINT entire SCROLL region
755.05A12::LINCOLNFri Jan 19 1990branch in logic based on field?
756.04TAVSun Jan 21 1990Why Attach/Detach CDD/PLUS for each Copy ?
757.02HANZI::CWLAISun Jan 21 1990Replace trailing character moves !
758.06BERNMon Jan 22 1990problem with output picture for date
759.03STKHLM::ARENDIMon Jan 22 1990Display from ast disappears into bin-space
761.01SHEILA::HERRINGEMon Jan 22 1990increment size for FIRST clause
762.01SKELTN::KAYETue Jan 23 1990HELP! Sys just crashed! I was using FDE.........
763.03RUTLND::NEWMAX_DEMOTue Jan 23 1990%forms-e-cddextract/-cdd-e-syntax
764.02--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 23 1990Virtual scrolling question-big is bad?
765.05SAILBT::HEARNSWed Jan 24 1990Deactive Group problem with Field Test DECforms
766.01HOGAN::COOLEYWed Jan 24 1990How to Disable Built-In Function Keys?
767.04FSDBWed Jan 24 1990message problem
768.01DIEGO::GASSNERWed Jan 24 1990Condition Codes
769.02GLOBI::HOONHOUTThu Jan 25 1990Quadword to PIC X(8) assignment.
770.03HAMCL3::WITTThu Jan 25 1990Output Picture for char-field
771.02WUMBCK::PELLERINThu Jan 25 1990Position To Down Occurance???
772.0ACESMK::GORDONThu Jan 25 1990Advanced TP Training in Irvine, CA
773.04KERF::ICENOGLEFri Jan 26 1990Horizontal Scrolling for Long Fields?
776.03GLOBI::HOONHOUTFri Jan 26 1990Pictures between array elements.
777.02TAVFri Jan 26 1990FORM$ENABLE clearing the screen
778.02TAVFri Jan 26 1990Clearing Viewports?
779.03TAVFri Jan 26 1990Input PART of a field?
780.02TAVFri Jan 26 1990Problems with 'Protected When'
781.02TOWNS::PETFri Jan 26 1990DECforms Performance
782.05TOWNS::PETFri Jan 26 1990DECforms and Rdb Dates
783.01GLOBI::HOONHOUTTue Jan 30 1990return status code >
784.01GOONS::MAUDETue Jan 30 1990Wrong Activation of Help fields/icons
785.08HGOVC::RAMACHANDRANTue Jan 30 1990COPY from CDD+, Date with Initial Value
786.01NWGEDU::JANSETue Jan 30 1990Copy CDD records sharing fieldnames in Form Data
787.01UTRTSC::WILLEMSTue Jan 30 1990Info CDD information used in DECFORMS
788.03FORTSC::LORENZTue Jan 30 1990'Anything but' function response
789.05PANIC::BEVANWed Jan 31 1990Pop-up windows
790.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jan 31 1990NONE keycode-how to change built in funct response
791.01CASEE::MCDONALDWed Jan 31 1990Virtual Terminal Interface
792.05SWEEP::JANJUAWed Jan 31 1990How to only display part of scrolling group on screen
793.01POBOX::DANSONWed Jan 31 1990Using array subscripts between groups
794.02DPDMAI::RUBSAMENWed Jan 31 1990IBM ISPF to DECforms
795.04AUDIO::MCGREALThu Feb 01 1990%LIB-E-KEYNOTFOU, key not found in tree WHEN DOING A TRANSLATE
796.01STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu Feb 01 1990CALL to subroutine in FORTRAN
797.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERThu Feb 01 1990DECforms Applications
798.0KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWThu Feb 01 1990Traceback information - where?
799.01STRATA::GAUTHIERThu Feb 01 1990Problem printing per Private_Rule
800.02--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 01 1990Horizontal scrolling (ticker-tape) example...
801.03GIDDAY::HADDADThu Feb 01 1990Development vs Runtime Forms!
802.05STRATA::GAUTHIERFri Feb 02 1990FORMS$PRINT_FILE usage problem
803.06GLOBI::HOONHOUTFri Feb 02 1990escape unit params by reference?
804.01FSCORE::KAYEFri Feb 02 1990can't get range or validation response to work
805.02COMICS::LEWISMon Feb 05 1990Activate all and postion to not working as I expect
806.07STKHLM::ARENDIMon Feb 05 1990Still problem with audit/alarm on wrong license!
807.07LUTECE::JACOBMon Feb 05 1990retrieving numerics with leading
808.03HANMon Feb 05 1990Field Validation without RETURN???
812.01FSDBTue Feb 06 1990Standards for screens
813.01SAC::JENKINS_TTue Feb 06 1990'concealed when' performance problems
814.07MSDSWS::FLINNTue Feb 06 1990Full Field Validation ??
815.04CHOVAX::HORNUNGTue Feb 06 1990Question re: CDD/Plus&DECforms sytax
816.02DSSDEV::ROSENBERGTue Feb 06 1990Style Guide - Request for Input
817.0PANIC::CLARKWed Feb 07 1990Mixing forms and field sizes...
818.03EMILE::EICLIERWed Feb 07 1990ACMS_MENU.IFDL customization
819.05KCBBQ::TERRYWed Feb 07 1990Help With Function Responses
821.04ODIXIE::WBYRDWed Feb 07 1990Is Anything to be common to multiple IFDLs?
822.04MINDER::TAYLORMThu Feb 08 1990Graphic data items
823.01COMICS::HIGMANThu Feb 08 1990Copy from CDD giving FORMS-W-CDDDIMFIE
825.01FSCORE::KAYEThu Feb 08 1990data distribution bug?
827.05WMOIS::PRZYBYSZEWSKThu Feb 08 1990nonsearch item accepted ??
828.05UNTADI::HILLKFri Feb 09 1990General Questions
829.01PANIC::CLARKFri Feb 09 1990Linking and field validation
830.04CAADC::USSDAVIAFri Feb 09 1990Validation response - Access Violation
832.03SUBWAY::ZAMORAFri Feb 09 1990Novice questions
833.02DWOVAX::EROSFri Feb 09 1990Real (not theoretical) conversion info
834.0TAVMon Feb 12 1990Is it possible to debug PEU's under ACMS ?
835.02AUDIO::MCGREALMon Feb 12 1990Generic Control U
836.01SAILBT::HEARNSMon Feb 12 1990HELP bug???
837.0MANT::SMITHMon Feb 12 1990Help : LOGICAL_NAMES online documentation
838.02STATLR::GOLDMANTue Feb 13 1990Trim trailing blanks from a field value?
839.0COMICS::BEECRAFTTue Feb 13 1990DECForms and ACMS appln development - how
840.01CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Feb 13 1990TPU$SECTION file from FDE Edit IFDL
841.02CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Feb 13 1990VT42
842.06STKHLM::ANDERSSON_PWed Feb 14 1990Numeric control, left just., no zero fill.
843.08CRATE::LEVELLWed Feb 14 1990position cursor on exit
844.05HLYCOW::DUMASWed Feb 14 1990Suppress Background Text?
846.02ODIXIE::WBYRDWed Feb 14 1990Use Help Message on First Field problem
847.011FORTSC::KRANTZWed Feb 14 1990How is FORMS$AR_FORM_TABLE actually used
849.03ROMThu Feb 15 1990DECforms and LISP
850.03CRATE::LEVELLThu Feb 15 1990customise message panel
851.04--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 15 1990OBJECT LIBs for FORM OBJs and the LINK statement?
852.03IRONMT::KEROUACThu Feb 15 1990DECFORMS and Rainbows
853.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERThu Feb 15 1990Using DECforms with DECintact
854.03COMICS::BEECRAFTThu Feb 15 1990display-device-specification other than sys$input
856.02SORGEN::SIGIFri Feb 16 1990Show the INSERT/OVERSTRIKE mode - change default key for it
857.01SORGEN::SIGIFri Feb 16 1990REVERSE video attribute for a whole line on screen
858.01HOTAIR::WENDERLICHFri Feb 16 1990Help Desk Application
859.04SWSCHZ::EZZELLSun Feb 18 1990Use of F6 thru F14
860.07SWSCHZ::EZZELLSun Feb 18 1990Numeric field on right edge of panel
861.09STKHLM::LINDGREN_PMon Feb 19 1990CHARACTER (X) VARYING and Pascal
862.05STRATA::GAUTHIERMon Feb 19 1990%FORMS-F-INTDATCOR triggered during invalid input
863.01ZPOVMon Feb 19 1990DECforms V1.
865.03STATLR::GOLDMANTue Feb 20 1990Matching CDD records, form data for forms$receive call
866.03CHOTI::AVALLONETue Feb 20 1990Question about DECforms Versions
867.09CRATE::YOUNGTue Feb 20 1990More Date validation problems
868.01VAOUTue Feb 20 1990DECforms/ACMS sizing for large # of users
869.03NRADM::PMICHAUDTue Feb 20 1990Date Formatting/Conversion
870.01--UnknownUser--Wed Feb 21 1990DECforms 1.1 documentation update???
871.01DEMOAX::KENNARDWed Feb 21 1990FRS date for V1.1?
872.011CRATE::LEVELLThu Feb 22 1990position cursor within read only field
873.02EMILE::EICLIERThu Feb 22 1990Getting value from a List control
874.01EMILE::EICLIERThu Feb 22 1990Relative POSITION TO Clause
875.01STKHLM::ARENDIThu Feb 22 1990txa* devices as display_device_spec..??
876.07REFORM::RAITTOThu Feb 22 1990Questions from CMP MPCS
877.02FORTSC::LORENZFri Feb 23 1990Down Item?
878.02STKHLM::ARENDIFri Feb 23 1990Dot entered in LONGWORD INTEGER causes bugcheck!
879.03TPLAB::SAEYSFri Feb 23 1990Decforms broadcastmailboxes and LIB$SPAWN
880.02MALLET::TARZEYFri Feb 23 1990More then 24 lines per screen ??
881.09HAMCL3::PLEWKAMon Feb 26 1990multiple CDD accesses ?
882.01HAMCL3::PLEWKAMon Feb 26 1990set overstrike-mode from ifdl
883.05KERNEL::MAUFEMon Feb 26 1990currentitem and PEU's
884.01MALLET::TARZEYMon Feb 26 1990Script for 35ml slide set
885.01HAMCL3::PLEWKAMon Feb 26 1990scale-clause not translated ?
886.02MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPMon Feb 26 1990scrolling/nested groups
887.07AKOFIN::MACMILLANMon Feb 26 1990help with a search problem needed!
888.03BERNTue Feb 27 1990need a strategy for multi panel data entries
889.08ATLV5::WOODALLTue Feb 27 1990Assign value to CURRENTITEM?
890.01COMICS::BEECRAFTTue Feb 27 1990empty field - forms-e-converr on an ICON
892.0FSCORE::KAYETue Feb 27 1990EI
893.03AKOVTue Feb 27 1990BASIC/arrays/DECforms
894.02BRULA::LAMAREWed Feb 28 1990SYS$SETAST, DECForms and PEU
895.08AKOVWed Feb 28 1990Having problem with DO key
896.03MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPWed Feb 28 1990'bold' on VT33
897.04TROAWed Feb 28 1990Write-Through Capability + Large Lines
898.05TROAWed Feb 28 1990Panel Larger than Viewport
899.02MAIL::HAYDENWed Feb 28 1990RPG with DECforms?
900.02HGOVC::RAMACHANDRANWed Feb 28 1990COPY Variants from DMU, CDD+
901.05GOBUCS::COOLEYThu Mar 01 1990ADT Field Questions
902.04GOBUCS::COOLEYThu Mar 01 1990Display messages in reverse video?
903.02WARNUT::BEARDSLEYJThu Mar 01 1990Type-ahead off
904.07PANIC::WHITEHEADThu Mar 01 1990Form Translate Performance V1.2
905.01PCOJCT::LEEGThu Mar 01 1990Form tools for Ultrix
906.02SWSCHZ::EZZELLThu Mar 01 1990Blinking of blank fields
907.010NYSBU::CHURCHEFri Mar 02 1990Help with activate . . .
908.011KAOOFri Mar 02 1990Mailbox too small/invalid Wildcard
909.04TAVSun Mar 04 1990Initial value of DATE field in CDD ?
910.02ODIXIE::BUJOLDSun Mar 04 1990DAY-OF-WEEK in DATE?
911.03TRNAF1::MANISSEROMon Mar 05 1990DECforms on PC, 327
912.05COMICS::LEWISMon Mar 05 1990DECFORMS crashes after list all panels
913.08ATLV5::WOODALLMon Mar 05 1990CDD+ locked with /dependency???
915.08AUNTB::KULVETETue Mar 06 1990first display is very slow
916.0SAUTER::SAUTERTue Mar 06 1990DECforms...The Video
917.02AKOVTue Mar 06 1990Large Form,large Records,won't work
918.02CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Mar 06 1990Constant definitions for IFDL
919.06HGOVC::RAMACHANDRANWed Mar 07 1990SCROLL & FIRST re-visited
920.05GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Mar 07 1990problem specifying messagepanel length
921.05UTRTSC::BUIJSWed Mar 07 1990AST/timer example with icons in non-ast panel
922.03FRUST::HAGEMANNWed Mar 07 1990signed INTEGER fields ??
923.06AKOVWed Mar 07 1990white background, black foreground sometimes
924.05PANIC::LILBURNThu Mar 08 1990Down ocurrence unseen when seen
925.06HOTAIR::WENDERLICHThu Mar 08 1990Don't understand flow...
926.03SUBWAY::LEEThu Mar 08 1990Updating fields in DECform
929.01ODIXIE::WBYRDThu Mar 08 1990One timeout coded per IFDL?
930.02STKHLM::ARENDIFri Mar 09 1990Range clause on dates! Binary or literal?
931.02AYOV18::DCHALMERSFri Mar 09 1990Help with OBJECT form being memory resident?
932.03SHALDU::MCBLANEFri Mar 09 1990INVRANGE, invalid subscript range
933.01HGOSPS::LIWAICHUNGSun Mar 11 1990error extracting object
934.03DOOZER::DAVIDSONMon Mar 12 1990Cobol escape rtn example?
935.04AKOVMon Mar 12 1990procedural escape link error
936.03SWTHOM::JACOBMon Mar 12 1990UPPERCASE clause of CDD 4.1 copied to DECFORMS?
938.04AZUR::VANDENHEUVELMon Mar 12 1990Development environment choices?
939.02NEWVAX::SHEINBERGMon Mar 12 1990PEU's Access Violation (CALL "FORMS$TRANSCEIVE")
940.03KIMR::HEMPHILLMon Mar 12 1990Will DECFORMS run on a VT xxx series terminal
941.02NANOOK::LEBELMon Mar 12 1990Does 1.2 have full editor?
942.01CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Mar 12 1990ASTs and VIEWPORTS
943.05AKOVMon Mar 12 1990Proc. escapes to BASIC revisited again
944.04YENREF::HUDELOTTue Mar 13 1990Menu driven applications design problem...
945.08EVOIS6::TEBOULTue Mar 13 1990Tranfert setting...
946.03WEIN::SIGITue Mar 13 1990Drawing only the 1st line of a rectangular ?
947.05GLASS::TRANTue Mar 13 1990Diamonds in Scrool Bar
948.03--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 13 1990FM and FATAL errors in PEUs what happens???
949.0DAVIDS::KUBELKAWed Mar 14 1990DECforms interface package for Ada, also posted in the Ada Toolshed
950.02RAID::HILDEBRANDWed Mar 14 1990Application design question
952.04GIDDAY::CULLENThu Mar 15 1990Decimal data input/Multi-terminal forms
953.02SORGEN::SIGIThu Mar 15 1990INTDATCOR when using RANGE x(**).y in field description entry
954.016SUBWAY::LEEThu Mar 15 1990DECforms VMS and Ultrix
955.02EEMELI::TOUKKARIThu Mar 15 1990Urgent..Rdb & DECforms
957.05CAADC::DECTPLOVIKThu Mar 15 1990Output Picture 9,999,999.99 for Integers
958.01JRDVFri Mar 16 1990Record definition in VAX Basic
959.01TPLAB::VANDENEYNDEFri Mar 16 1990Input Required
960.01NEWVAX::SHEINBERGFri Mar 16 1990Function Response/POSITION problem
961.04AKOVFri Mar 16 1990help message erase
962.04RAID::HILDEBRANDFri Mar 16 1990Help with PEU and FORMS$SEND
963.04THEWAV::CREIGHANFri Mar 16 1990DECFORM or DECforms?
964.08MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPMon Mar 19 1990problems/whishes
965.08ACESMK::SILVAMon Mar 19 1990Electronic forms?
966.04DOOZER::DAVIDSONMon Mar 19 1990Purpose of PARENTREQUESTID?
967.02SNOCMon Mar 19 1990Asynchronous behaviour guaranteed?
968.01MQOAMon Mar 19 1990Word wrapping
969.06SOS6::FRANBERTue Mar 20 1990procedure escape unit not found
970.01DOOZER::DAVIDSONTue Mar 20 1990How to INFORM user of TIMEOUT?
971.02BOOZER::MASSARITue Mar 20 1990Help required with software ITT queries
972.01MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPTue Mar 20 1990questions...
974.06STKHLM::ARENDIWed Mar 21 1990copy form cdd with record and substructures wont work!!!
975.04MINDER::DENBYWed Mar 21 1990Forms and a mailbox ...
976.01DSSDEV::WEBSTERWed Mar 21 1990DECforms Coexistence with DECwindows
977.02ACESMK::RUDNICKWed Mar 21 1990Leading character on DATE field?
978.05RNDPIN::NUCKLESWed Mar 21 1990a couple of quick questions
979.02FORTSC::LORENZThu Mar 22 1990Be Carefull with Form Record group names
980.02EVTIS2::COUPEAUThu Mar 22 1990color problem again
981.02FCOIS1::LAFFAYThu Mar 22 1990ELN and DECFORMS???
982.01MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPThu Mar 22 1990wrong .OBJ generated
983.03DOOZER::DAVIDSONThu Mar 22 1990DECforms & 3rd party prod'?
984.05MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPThu Mar 22 1990decimal point not displayed
985.06MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPThu Mar 22 1990need OVERSTRIKE in numeric fields!
986.013DOOZER::DAVIDSONThu Mar 22 1990Large scale DECforms development...
988.04ACESMK::RUDNICKThu Mar 22 1990YY-MM-DD - leading YY
989.02RAISSA::PASSAQUINDICThu Mar 22 1990Problem with Scroll Regions
990.03--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 22 1990DECforms TRACKED clause and CDDL/CDO records?
991.03AUDIO::MCGREALThu Mar 22 1990Installed shareable forms image
992.0SORGEN::SIGIFri Mar 23 1990INSERT/OVERSTRIKE edit mode again !
993.01KAZAN::SOENENFri Mar 23 1990FDE's design specification
994.01--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 23 1990DECforms IFDL code management system?
995.07VISA::BIJAOUIFri Mar 23 1990FORMS$SEND doesn't want to schedule my AST
996.02MALLET::TARZEYFri Mar 23 1990Array limits and disk requirements
997.01AKOVFri Mar 23 1990Ranges in scroll regions
998.02COMICS::HIGMANMon Mar 26 1990How to print a form with all its characteristics
999.01MINDER::DENBYMon Mar 26 1990"turning" windows ???
1000.02AUNTB::KULVETEMon Mar 26 1990two misc Qs
1001.06KCBBQ::TERRYTue Mar 27 1990PC Emulator Problem
1002.09MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPTue Mar 27 1990FT1.2 big problems!
1003.01MALLET::TARZEYTue Mar 27 1990Overhead version of DECforms slide set
1004.06MLNWed Mar 28 1990Calling an Editor from PEU under ACMS
1005.05RULA::LAMAREWed Mar 28 1990DECForms and SMG
1007.03STRASB::HONOREWed Mar 28 1990VT42
1008.02DREAMN::SANTOSWed Mar 28 1990Search Validation in Large Scrolling Area
1009.01UTRTSC::BUIJSThu Mar 29 1990print a panel causes remove in tracefile?
1010.02PANIC::WHITEHEADFri Mar 30 1990Ctrl_W when 2 different forms displayed
1011.03DEOWSS::WALSHFri Mar 30 1990Forms Design for Paper Forms
1012.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERFri Mar 30 1990Official PID Now Available
1013.010DSSDEV::WEBSTERFri Mar 30 1990Multi-line Field Demo Now Available
1014.01NWDSun Apr 01 1990how do you send screens directly to printer?
1015.01FUNYET::ANDERSONSun Apr 01 1990Invalid date or time returned on ADT field
1016.04CSC32::D_MACKENZIEMon Apr 02 1990Internal data corrupted at !UL in !AC
1017.03PEOVAX::VANPROOYENMon Apr 02 1990Need help with syntax
1018.03KETJE::ROBBENSTue Apr 03 1990Dynamic change of video-attributes ?
1019.01STKHLM::WAHLQVISTTue Apr 03 1990V1.2 and Ascync requests
1020.01BRSDVTue Apr 03 1990Scrolling by page - V1.2
1021.04BACHUS::DECLERCKTue Apr 03 1990-FORMS-E-ASSIGNERR, Error assigning a channel to the mailbox.
1022.01ZPOVWed Apr 04 1990Use DECforms to enter data row-wise
1023.03TRNAF1::MANISSEROWed Apr 04 1990Conversion from cics to DECforms
1024.06ACESMK::RUDNICKWed Apr 04 1990DECforms and VAX BASIC.
1026.01DYNAST::MOORHOUSEThu Apr 05 1990Losing part of display in 132 character mode
1027.02EVTIS2::COUPEAUThu Apr 05 1990validation response with scrolling
1028.05CSC32::D_MACKENZIEThu Apr 05 1990Backtranslator Copy Problem: Workaround Anyone?
1029.03CAADC::USSDAVIAThu Apr 05 1990Delta time picture field
1030.01MAIL::DUNCANGFri Apr 06 1990TTY devices & conversational mode
1031.03MAIL::DUNCANGFri Apr 06 1990Support for DIBOL ?
1032.03SX4GTO::BERNARDFri Apr 06 1990space allocation for N items in a group
1033.03AUDIO::MCGREALMon Apr 09 1990Panel display at 12
1034.04USRCV1::BRACKLEYNMon Apr 09 1990? Asynchronous Escape Routines ?
1035.07FEATHR::BLUEJAYTue Apr 10 1990Select menu icon with keywords
1036.011TAVTue Apr 10 1990Insufficient virtual memory translating BIG form
1037.02--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 10 1990156REVISIT-numeric w/floating varying dec point...
1038.06CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Apr 10 1990Shareable image link problem
1040.04STKHLM::LINDGREN_PWed Apr 11 1990VAXC-examples wanted
1041.03AUNTB1::FRYLANDWed Apr 11 1990Color questions?
1042.04RAID::HILDEBRANDWed Apr 11 1990Qestion about picture strings
1043.05TAVThu Apr 12 1990Problem on using Group Entry response...
1044.03TAVThu Apr 12 1990Why <> is not treated the same as NOT= ?
1045.03ARIANE::WARBURTONThu Apr 12 1990Function Key not Defined.
1046.03TAVThu Apr 12 1990Problem with IF and truncated field picture
1047.05BER::MOENCHThu Apr 12 1990Converting SQL*forms to DECforms ?
1048.0CONTRA::PMCVAYThu Apr 12 1990DEC standard internal forms?
1049.02GNOCLU::SOEHLFri Apr 13 1990SPI?
1050.03BUDDRY::MCCRACKENFri Apr 13 1990Panel Editor problem
1051.014ACESMK::MCKIMFri Apr 13 1990Rally/IFDL generator - input wanted
1052.013VISA::CHURCHFri Apr 13 1990Problem with an application built on a T5.4 system
1053.02SCAACT::HARRISONMon Apr 16 1990DECforms and touch-screen terminals?
1054.06ZPOVTue Apr 17 1990DECforms application questions
1055.02SRFSUP::TANTue Apr 17 1990SLOW in Translating...
1056.04SORGEN::SIGIWed Apr 18 1990do NOT suppress leading zeros in char fields ?
1057.02AKOFIN::ANDERSSONWed Apr 18 1990Problem displaying rest of file
1058.04DGOSWThu Apr 19 1990Next functionnalities planning
1059.02SIOG::DALYThu Apr 19 1990function key control_x problem
1060.01MUSKIE::WALSHThu Apr 19 1990Downloading DECFORMS to Remote Sites
1061.02CSC32::D_MACKENZIEThu Apr 19 1990LSE & Decforms: IFDL language not known
1062.02FSCORE::KAYEFri Apr 20 199048x8
1063.02ECADMon Apr 23 1990Internal data corrupted in Run Time library
1064.03STRASB::HONOREMon Apr 23 1990decimal point is comma,....?
1065.04STRASB::HONOREMon Apr 23 1990"UNIVERSAL=" ???
1066.01BERNTue Apr 24 1990which part of group currently displayed?
1067.01AKOVTue Apr 24 1990Concealing in a scroll region
1068.01ISTG::MCGREALTue Apr 24 1990Keystroke journaling at customer sites
1069.02ZPOVWed Apr 25 1990odd panel display behaviour
1070.04SORGEN::SIGIWed Apr 25 1990Position fields (def w. OCCURS) touching column 8
1071.01EISWFS::SOMMERFELDWed Apr 25 1990Likely release date for next version?
1072.03TYFYS::GAVINThu Apr 26 1990Variable Len Scroll Area Breaks
1073.09USWAV1::BRAMHALLThu Apr 26 1990Only Two Colors on VS31
1075.03HGOVC::DEANGELISFri Apr 27 1990Moving several selected items from 1 panel to another
1076.03TPS::RLEEMon Apr 30 1990Distributed DECforms/ACMS application problem
1077.03USWAV1::BRAMHALLMon Apr 30 1990DECforms on RISC?
1078.01RNDPIN::NUCKLESMon Apr 30 1990copying from dictionary - validation rules
1079.05KERNEL::MAUFEMon Apr 30 1990Linking PEU's with my main program
1080.04CRATE::LEVELLTue May 01 1990referencing icon array from within icon array
1081.06HAMPS::MANSFIELD_STue May 01 1990Help needed with numeric datatypes
1082.02MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPWed May 02 1990other FIMS implementations?
1083.03CRATE::RUSSELLWed May 02 1990Justify Decimal overstrike mode?
1084.04ALFTP::HENNESSYThu May 03 1990Asynchronous send w/ no data input
1085.02NITTY::MISIULISThu May 03 1990why back_slash doesn't work
1086.03ATLV5::WOODALLThu May 03 1990Will Translator merge enable responses??
1087.06NITTY::MISIULISThu May 03 1990I am trying to link with my form
1088.03KERNEL::MAUFEFri May 04 1990Use BUILTIN functions?
1089.03COPCLU::RAHBEKSat May 05 1990non-printables as keys in funct. decl.
1090.02ZURFCC::KENELMon May 07 1990how to distinguish
1091.02ATLV5::WOODALLMon May 07 1990Well...mine did it.
1092.0FSCORE::KAYEMon May 07 1990scroll bars & multi-line scroll entity
1093.05FROCKY::BOFFOTue May 08 1990Escape sequences
1094.05SSGVAX::FREGEAUTue May 08 1990PARENTREQUESTID and request-options
1095.01RIPPLE::COLESJOTue May 08 1990Interrupt Processing
1096.01HGOVC::DEANGELISWed May 09 1990Message buffer implementation?
1097.05HGOVC::DEANGELISWed May 09 1990V1.2 translator problem
1098.04WILARD::MATTHEWSWed May 09 1990Vermont Views?
1099.01DGOSWWed May 09 1990Forms$language with ACMS?
1100.02DGOSWWed May 09 1990Use of Messages library?
1101.07ZPOVThu May 10 1990SET PASSWORD VIA DECforms
1102.04BRSDVThu May 10 1990Multiple scrolling regions.
1103.05NRPUR::MAGNIThu May 10 1990How to restore video attributes on exit
1104.03VISA::CHURCHThu May 10 1990QAR entered, but how long should we wait?
1105.04AKOVThu May 10 1990IF within Next Item
1106.03MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPFri May 11 1990clear msg on next key stroke
1107.05MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPFri May 11 1990mult. forms problem
1108.017TOOK::ICENOGLEFri May 11 1990"Concealed" isn't concealed with SETHOST
1109.02KERNEL::MAUFEMon May 14 1990and its not even a Friday.....
1110.03MILPND::VERANTHMon May 14 1990Problem displaying a Panel from a field before entering data
1111.03HOTAIR::WENDERLICHMon May 14 1990DCL proc screwing up terminal type?
1112.01MLNADTue May 15 1990HELP!! Form hannging when exiting 2nd time
1114.04NEWVAX::SHEINBERGWed May 16 1990Error when install LSEDIT support
1115.05TAVIS::NITSANWed May 16 1990No panel displayed when all fields protected?
1116.010BACK::haycoxWed May 16 1990Help system
1117.03STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu May 17 1990DECforms and disk usage
1118.03TAVThu May 17 1990DECforms and CDD/PLUS ...
1119.02FDCVThu May 17 1990Blank dates while scrolling!
1120.011KERNEL::MAUFEThu May 17 1990redirecting output
1121.05HGOVC::DEANGELISFri May 18 1990Including DECforms screens into DOCUMENT?
1122.02CSC32::C_BENNETTFri May 18 1990DECforms Bookreader documentation question...
1123.01HEIN::VANDENHEUVELMon May 21 1990Using CURRENT indicator in group to highlight scrolled field fails.
1125.09CSC32::MCCRACKENMon May 21 1990Must Viewports Clear The Screen?
1126.05FSCORE::KAYETue May 22 1990send current array field to PEU - how?
1128.02STKHLM::ANDERSSON_PTue May 22 1990Wanted, differens between Return and Enter
1129.05TPOVC::JACKOUYANGWed May 23 1990Auto Wrap ?
1130.02BIGUN::DICKINSONWed May 23 1990Activation on wrong panel
1131.05PADIS1::PAPILLONWed May 23 1990Logic inside or outside IFDL?
1132.02STKHLM::ARENDIWed May 23 1990Disable/enable smg broadcast trap causes screen scroll
1133.02SORGEN::SIGIWed May 23 1990FORMS EDIT_STRING with CDD-fields not working
1134.0WARNUT::JACKSONWed May 23 1990Multi-lingual IFDL required
1135.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERWed May 23 1990Using DECforms to Front-End Mainframes
1137.03MAIL::PICKETTWed May 23 1990DECforms Questions
1138.02AKOVThu May 24 1990Moving Problems to a new machine.
1139.07FORTSC::LORENZThu May 24 1990Batch Input to DECform Program?
1140.01ESSB::VMURPHYThu May 24 1990Scrolling Fields in DECforms
1141.04TRNAF1::MANISSEROThu May 24 1990DECforms philosophy for large applications.
1142.02VAXRIO::EZEQUIELThu May 24 1990Looking for translated DECforms messages (Portuguese, French,...)
1143.09OVAL::WHIPPJThu May 24 1990Left Justified Number Fields
1144.03CSC32::C_BENNETTThu May 24 1990cursor visibility and icon questions...
1146.02KERNEL::MAUFEFri May 25 1990PEU and data question
1147.05AUDIO::MCGREALFri May 25 1990No Data Input WHEN ????
1149.05HGOVC::DEANGELISSat May 26 1990?Bug in FFloating field
1150.014HGOVC::DEANGELISTue May 29 1990SQLGEN - an Rdb table maintenance code generator
1151.05STKHLM::ARENDITue May 29 1990Assigning strings to F17-F2
1152.01SAUTER::SAUTERTue May 29 1990initial value of varying strings from CDD
1153.01LEMAN::BOURAKOFFTue May 29 1990Bold and version 1.1
1154.04MAIL::PICKETTTue May 29 1990Scrollable error messages
1155.01AISG::YLEETue May 29 1990Bad argument or incorrect argument format for request
1156.08SKYLRK::KURATAWed May 30 1990mutiple forms enabled problem
1157.04CSC32::MCCRACKENWed May 30 1990Problems with message panel
1158.02GIDDAY::CHANMWed May 30 1990Transparent panel -Reuters VT241 Emulation.
1159.03PANNE::SIGIWed May 30 1990Passing form data values to PEU and modify them in PASCAL
1160.06DSSDEV::WEBSTERWed May 30 1990DECforms V1.3/2.
1161.03DSSDEV::WEBSTERWed May 30 1990Announcing FRS of DECforms V1.2
1162.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 31 1990Unsolicited input/out-of-band AST questions...
1163.0ARIANE::DUQUESNEMon Jun 04 1990French CURSOR LEFT/RIGHT built-in functions ?
1164.04PRSIS7::ALETONTue Jun 05 1990DECforms , CMS and MMS
1165.06MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPTue Jun 05 1990bug on COPY <file>
1166.011KETJE::VANGRIEKENTue Jun 05 1990Dynamic switching 8
1167.05BRSDVTue Jun 05 1990Returning from DECforms to FMS
1168.010SKULLY::COPELANDTue Jun 05 1990PC Terminal Emulators
1169.03TOOK::ICENOGLETue Jun 05 1990Abstractions for Screen Objects
1171.03EXCENT::KELLYWed Jun 06 1990DISPLAY not displaying entire record
1172.0CGOOWed Jun 06 1990DECForms/CDD+/RDB
1173.02BARYON::WOOD_JThu Jun 07 1990Control of messages to user routine ?
1174.04ALOSWS::SCHICKEDANZThu Jun 07 1990validity of CURRENTITEM after a PEU?
1178.01CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Jun 08 1990Multiple form question
1179.0--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 11 1990
1180.02BUOVAX::ARONSONMon Jun 11 1990Scrolled area repaint on Down Occurrence
1181.01LYCRA::KURATATue Jun 12 1990Recommendations for working with multiple forms
1182.07FNYTC6::GOLDINGTue Jun 12 1990Prob with Colour/WORKSTATION
1183.07AMETHS::XFCTue Jun 12 1990Concealing an empty field
1184.03RICARD::ROWLANDSWed Jun 13 1990Refresh after PEU, again
1185.03KETJE::VERVAENENWed Jun 13 1990How to implement an editor with a DECforms interface ?
1186.01ODIXIE::KWOODSWed Jun 13 1990CDD definition doesn't match DECforms
1187.01KAOFS::M_ROYWed Jun 13 1990Application hangs when increasing system load
1188.02CSC32::JAGGERWed Jun 13 1990DIBOL PEUs with ZONED numeric arguments how sad
1189.04DCVAX::PENNINGTONWed Jun 13 1990HELP!!!!
1190.07CAADC::DECTPLOVIKThu Jun 14 1990Character input on function keys
1191.04ELDA::LOGANFri Jun 15 1990TDMS converter gives SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO
1192.03OVAL::WHIPPJMon Jun 18 1990Helpful Hint...
1193.06FDCVMon Jun 18 1990%FORMS-F-LOADFORM
1194.06BERNTue Jun 19 1990DECforms Style Guide - Where ?
1195.03CGOOTue Jun 19 1990BATCH for DECFORMS
1197.014ALOSWS::SCHICKEDANZTue Jun 19 1990Termination check & Validation Responses
1198.02KAOFS::M_ROYWed Jun 20 1990Resetting a CURRENT variable
1199.01KERNEL::HIGMANWed Jun 20 1990PDP FMS-11 TO DECforms query.
1200.01FSCORE::KAYEWed Jun 20 1990RESET doesn't work properly
1201.03CLO::MOLLEYWed Jun 20 1990Color Changes Problem.
1202.01MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPThu Jun 21 1990link error after VMS Upgrade
1203.01FSCORE::KAYEThu Jun 21 1990shadow character confused?
1204.02CURRNT::HUNDALFri Jun 22 1990father son relationship
1205.05TOOK::ICENOGLEFri Jun 22 1990Dynamic Toggle of Tracing?
1206.011CAADC::DECTPLOVIKFri Jun 22 1990Need help for BASIC/ASTs/DECforms
1207.01MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPMon Jun 25 1990multiple enable of same form
1208.03CHEST::BURRELLMon Jun 25 1990Licence not Active?!
1209.01KERNEL::HIGMANMon Jun 25 1990Overlapping Viewports query
1210.01DOOZER::DAVIDSONMon Jun 25 1990F-INTDATCOR on test ICON
1211.08TOOK::ICENOGLEMon Jun 25 1990Search List Validation Response
1212.01HAM::PLEWKATue Jun 26 1990PSI and DECforms ?
1213.02DSSDEV::PIEKOSTue Jun 26 1990Some Multi-Session and Asynch Send Guidelines
1214.06SHALDU::MCBLANETue Jun 26 1990Passing strings back from PEU
1215.02HGOVC::DEANGELISWed Jun 27 1990Wish - to be able to enable form from IFDL
1216.01MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPWed Jun 27 1990Fatal Errors in PEU's
1217.04KERNEL::HIGMANWed Jun 27 1990DECforms + DMU condition for COBOL statement.
1218.01DOOZER::DAVIDSONWed Jun 27 1990scroll/file/buffer example?
1219.03DCVAX::PENNINGTONWed Jun 27 1990anchor dictionary and Decforms
1220.01CSC32::JAGGERThu Jun 28 1990?FORMS-E-NO_WRITE_ACCESS, V1.2 DECforms, VAX c, debugger
1221.03VAXWRK::REALMUTOThu Jun 28 1990Multiple Field Copy From Dictionary
1222.02MAIL::PICKETTThu Jun 28 1990DECforms image activation
1223.01SUBWAY::TJIONASFri Jun 29 1990Data Compression
1224.03BOSTP2::BEAUMon Jul 02 1990DECforms and COBOL Generator??
1225.07SIOG::DALYMon Jul 02 1990ERASE date field problem...
1226.01JULIET::BLINCOE_CATue Jul 03 1990Spawn a process from DECforms?
1228.011AYOU42::MCKELLGTue Jul 03 1990CDD/Plus and DECForms
1229.05GIDDAY::HERRINGEWed Jul 04 1990mult panels & colours
1230.01KERNEL::JACKSONWed Jul 04 1990CDD and the panel editor
1231.04MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPWed Jul 04 1990urgent: dependency info wanted!
1232.03KETJE::VANGRIEKENThu Jul 05 1990Selecting corresponding values
1233.0SAUTER::SAUTERThu Jul 05 1990CDD/Plus Indexed By relationship
1234.01SIOG::ODRISCOLLThu Jul 05 1990About to Upgrade
1235.05TAVMon Jul 09 1990Problem with current_item on SELECT
1236.0GNPIKE::GUAYMon Jul 09 1990Position to previous item
1237.02JULIET::BLINCOE_CAMon Jul 09 1990Panel Processing Question...
1238.03TAVTue Jul 10 1990Computed by field causes an error
1239.04ANNECY::BIALKA_STue Jul 10 1990Need Help in AST call written in C
1240.01THAMWed Jul 11 1990poly-com/24
1241.05SAC::EXTON_MWed Jul 11 1990$getjpi in DECforms?
1242.01BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHWed Jul 11 1990char(n) and char(n) varying to pascal problem ??
1243.08ALLVAX::ROBERUCWed Jul 11 1990Noecho for a Field
1244.04KAOFS::M_ROYWed Jul 11 1990Forms objects in Object libraries
1245.03TOOHOT::PUCHIWed Jul 11 1990Extracting and Linking
1246.01CHEST::HAYCOXThu Jul 12 1990file-spec type ? enhancement
1247.08NRMACK::ULSMBThu Jul 12 1990Translating quoted spaces at end of line
1248.01MAIL::PICKETTThu Jul 12 1990Link multiple form files?
1249.05FNYHUB::POTTSThu Jul 12 1990DECFORMS/TDMS comparison
1250.03MPH1Thu Jul 12 1990Electronic Signature
1251.02LEHIGH::GANZFri Jul 13 1990Pascal and PEU's
1252.011PANIC::PAUFri Jul 13 1990ANSI COLOR
1253.01JULIET::BLINCOE_CAFri Jul 13 1990Question on processes aharing a form
1254.02BERNTue Jul 17 1990Pascal type BOOLEAN: what in Ifdl?
1255.03TAVTue Jul 17 1990question using validation
1256.05TOOK::ICENOGLEWed Jul 18 1990Can PEU do forms$send to a different session?
1257.08SIOG::DALYWed Jul 18 1990Scanned images used with DECforms...
1258.03RULA::LAMAREThu Jul 19 1990quadword and protected when clause
1259.03AYOU42::MCKELLGThu Jul 19 1990Using Groups as a workaround
1260.01FNYTC6::GOLDINGFri Jul 20 1990PEU's with ACMS
1261.02CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Jul 20 1990Translator moves comments?
1262.0PADIS2::PAPILLONMon Jul 23 1990PC IFDL generator ?
1263.01TAVMon Jul 23 1990What cause this to happen in my IFDL ?
1264.04MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPMon Jul 23 1990concealed when ..(**) problem
1265.0IO::MCCARTNEYMon Jul 23 1990Ultrix/Unix specific keyboard work from VIPS.
1266.01CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Jul 24 1990Dynamic Lists for search criteria (simplify?)
1268.05CSC32::L_GANGITue Jul 24 1990Define PF1 key = Erase Field??
1269.03TAVWed Jul 25 1990Move the content of one group to another one
1270.06STRATA::GAUTHIERWed Jul 25 1990Need primitive edit capability
1271.02TPOVC::NANCYLIOUWed Jul 25 1990Group with variable occurrence
1272.06WAGONS::BAGLEYWed Jul 25 1990SCA and DECforms?
1273.02BOSTP2::BEAUWed Jul 25 1990DECforms and word processing??
1276.01FNYTC6::GOLDINGThu Jul 26 1990PEU / system services
1277.02RULA::LAMAREThu Jul 26 1990vt42
1278.04MPO::LONGOThu Jul 26 1990Dates in Message Clause
1279.04VISA::CHURCHThu Jul 26 1990Trying to understand more as to what is happening
1280.06CSC32::MOLLERThu Jul 26 1990BADRECLEN error - CHARACTER VARYING data type & C
1281.04ACESMK::DANCYThu Jul 26 1990Multiple Form Problem
1282.01CCADThu Jul 26 1990(1) "C" strings (2) context
1283.05MAIL::PICKETTThu Jul 26 1990Highlight all fields on activiation list?
1284.03ODIXIE::WBYRDThu Jul 26 1990Listen to Your Users
1285.05VAXWRK::CUMMINGSThu Jul 26 1990problem with displaying Group data
1287.07BERNFri Jul 27 1990rollback when validation fails?
1288.01CIMAMT::NARAHARIFri Jul 27 1990Problem with form spec in ENABLE
1289.011CHEST::GILROYMon Jul 30 1990lock conflict on freeze
1290.01ALFTP::HENNESSYMon Jul 30 1990Control Text Response
1291.02EIGER::CAMILLERITue Jul 31 1990V1.1-
1292.02ROMTue Jul 31 1990Cursor positioning
1294.0156Thu Aug 02 1990KIT FOR DECFORMS 1.3 ?
1295.07ROULET::GAUTHIERThu Aug 02 1990Print Immediate won't print a blank
1296.05HAMPS::MUTCHFri Aug 03 1990DECforms on 327
1297.01VAXWRK::REALMUTOFri Aug 03 1990Passing strings by reference problem
1298.02SLSTRN::GAGNONMon Aug 06 1990Forms data types VS COBOL data types?
1299.09HGOSPS::JOHNKWANTue Aug 07 1990CDDEXTRACT & CDDLOST errors during form translate
1300.01MUNICH::BLAKETue Aug 07 1990CODASYL FIMS Standard
1301.02AUDIO::MCGREALTue Aug 07 1990%FORMS-E-DEVERR, device I/O error
1302.02NZOVWed Aug 08 1990No zero in 19
1303.05TAVThu Aug 09 1990invalid i/o channel - fatal internal error. HELP !
1304.02COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Aug 09 1990Yet another Multiple Forms question.
1305.05COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDThu Aug 09 1990Questions about field pictures
1307.01SLSTRN::GAGNONThu Aug 09 1990linking a simple call escape routine?
1308.07CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Aug 09 1990DBMS and IFDL COPY statement?
1309.01KETJE::ROBBENSFri Aug 10 1990124 function keys in IFDL ?
1310.05BERNFri Aug 10 1990dynamic display attributes?
1311.01AUNTB::FRYLANDFri Aug 10 1990Enabling multiple forms problems??
1312.02CHEST::GILROYMon Aug 13 1990date validation
1313.03VAXWRK::REALMUTOTue Aug 14 1990LIB$SIGNAL w/ FAO-argument gives garbage
1314.03ACESMK::DANCYTue Aug 14 1990User def. keys?
1315.06SLSTRN::GAGNONTue Aug 14 1990incompatible lengths
1316.01IJSAPL::BEERSWed Aug 15 1990variable scrolled regions, varying fields displayed
1317.01AUNTB::FRYLANDWed Aug 15 1990Questions from a customer???
1318.02ALLVAX::ROBERUCWed Aug 15 1990Insert Overstrike toggling sticking
1319.07MAIL::PICKETTWed Aug 15 1990DECforms is rounding off decimal values
1320.0SAUTER::SAUTERThu Aug 16 1990packed decimal from CDD and PED
1321.03HAMSWS::STREMICKThu Aug 16 1990DECforms Preprocessor - Multiple Include Levels
1322.01PHDVAX::CLAWSONThu Aug 16 1990Questions from the Customer
1323.09MAIL::PICKETTThu Aug 16 1990Help with DECforms scrolling needed
1324.02FSTTOO::GATTERMANThu Aug 16 1990Maximum Array Size for Form Data
1325.08COMICS::LEWISFri Aug 17 1990quadwords from CDO field rounding on translate
1326.01FSTTOO::GATTERMANFri Aug 17 1990More Customer Questions
1327.02CHEST::GILROYMon Aug 20 1990Cursor left/right messages
1328.03SIOG::DALYTue Aug 21 1990C example needed with...
1330.04CHEST::GILROYWed Aug 22 1990autoskip if not last item
1331.03WARNUT::JACKSONWed Aug 22 1990CALL performance
1334.02SKYLRK::KURATAThu Aug 23 1990DECforms presentation ?
1335.02STKHLM::ARENDIThu Aug 23 1990Boolean on previous item decl. leads to error.
1336.04ACESMK::GASSThu Aug 23 1990Calling DECforms from within DECforms
1337.05TOWNS::LEVINEFri Aug 24 1990Reseting large # of form data elements in enable call
1338.02TOWNS::LEVINEFri Aug 24 1990Redefine KP_ENTER as TRANSMIT is glitchy
1339.02MINDER::MCCAMBRIDGEFri Aug 24 1990Term. char. ESCAPE/HOSTSYN getting reset
1340.0MINDER::MCCAMBRIDGEFri Aug 24 1990VALIDATED condition def. needed
1341.02IJSAPL::BEERSFri Aug 24 1990displaying upward, downward arrows
1342.01NBOSWS::REITHFri Aug 24 1990INGRES with DECforms ?
1343.01SUBWAY::JANKOWITZFri Aug 24 1990Will async interface become public?
1344.03TAVSun Aug 26 1990CURRENT field def. in CDD
1345.01EEMELI::KARPPINENMon Aug 27 1990System services as escape routines in ACMS enviroment
1347.03DPDMAI::STACKJMon Aug 27 19901 large IFDL or many small IFDLs?
1349.02MAIL::PICKETTMon Aug 27 1990Does DECforms debugging facility exist?
1350.03HGOVC::MICHAELWANTue Aug 28 1990Asynchonous I/O in PEU?
1351.02RUTILE::POTTSTue Aug 28 1990Forms License required on ACMS backend?
1353.02MAIL::PICKETTTue Aug 28 1990Input options for numeric fields?
1355.05RDOVAX::HAYDONWed Aug 29 1990Common User Interface Standards
1356.01IMADV8::LAWLERThu Aug 30 1990%FORMS-F-INTDATCOR using TIMEOUT clause.
1357.02TAVThu Aug 30 1990Why isn't the message text displayed?
1358.016MQOAThu Aug 30 1990Performance problem V1.2??
1359.02MAIL::PICKETTThu Aug 30 1990Positioning to First Field In Error?
1360.012MAIL::PICKETTThu Aug 30 1990CDD/Plus DECforms integration problem?
1361.018HGOVC::DEANGELISFri Aug 31 1990Error using C but not COBOL?
1362.05MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPMon Sep 03 1990customer problems!
1363.0IJSAPL::VANWOLFERENMon Sep 03 1990ACMS/Decforms and message file
1364.03COPCLU::BRUNSGAARDTue Sep 04 1990Can't get COPY from dictionary work properly
1365.07ISTG::MULLERTue Sep 04 1990How do I display a panel and return to the field I came from?
1366.01CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Sep 04 1990PRINT->RMS-E-DAC error
1367.05CUTIE::KELLYTue Sep 04 19902 layout sections
1368.01FERNEY::HUDELOTWed Sep 05 1990Using the Compose Character key in DECforms
1369.04FERNEY::HUDELOTWed Sep 05 1990Standard for keystrokes
1370.01NRCP::MAGNIWed Sep 05 1990array subscript out of range
1371.01BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHThu Sep 06 1990FORMS-F-INDATCOR & ttdriver patch CSCPAT_
1374.02MEO78B::MARSHALLPFri Sep 07 1990Business Justification for DECforms - 3rd attempt
1375.0DRAGN::BOURQUARDFri Sep 07 1990Employment opportunity in the DECforms group
1376.05SYSTEM::ZENTNERMon Sep 10 1990Space Utilisation
1377.01TAVMon Sep 10 1990Another problem with OUTPUT PICTURE
1378.03AKOVMon Sep 10 1990Another EMPTY FIELD question
1379.07GLDOA::BASSMon Sep 10 1990Multiple PED error messages. Scrollable ?
1380.05JERRY2::SALMONMon Sep 10 1990NON-Digital Terminal Support for DECforms
1381.04PHDVAX::FEENYMon Sep 10 1990nested HELP session causes problem
1382.012FNYTC6::GOLDINGTue Sep 11 1990%forms-e-devier on VT42
1383.06FRSTSC::AURANDWed Sep 12 1990ASYNC. I/O under ADA with DECFORMS routines ?
1384.04ELIS::BECKERHOFWed Sep 12 1990Vertical Group Positioning Problem
1385.01MGOIThu Sep 13 1990Searching for FORMS-DEMO
1386.02CSSE::HGARDNERFri Sep 14 1990Switching 132 to 8
1387.01ZPOVFri Sep 14 1990bad argument or incorrect argument for request
1388.02CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Sep 14 1990Comments in OBJ?
1389.02KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWMon Sep 17 1990How much VM for a translation?
1390.0EMASS::COHENMon Sep 17 1990Decforms emulator packages
1391.02TPOVC::ANDYLAITue Sep 18 1990DECforms on RISC
1392.02JURA::HUDELOTTue Sep 18 1990ESC Seq, chng display attributes within a field, menus...
1393.05BRULA::LAMARETue Sep 18 1990Protected when clause
1394.0FRAMBO::BOFFOWed Sep 19 1990by reference --> C problem
1397.01CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Sep 19 1990AST FORMS$SEND and Send Control Text?
1398.01UKEDU::HUTCHINSONThu Sep 20 1990Copy text
1399.03GOONS::MAUDEThu Sep 20 1990Autoskip not Next Item !!!
1400.0BALZAC::BAHOUThu Sep 20 1990Conversion from DECwindows interface?
1401.08ELIS::BECKERHOFThu Sep 20 1990Shadow problem with groups?!
1402.02REDBRD::PICKETTThu Sep 20 1990When will DECforms support "nested" copies?
1403.01BACHUS::DEKEYSERThu Sep 20 1990Cdd/Plus & Decforms (FILLER)
1405.06WMOIS::DCOLLINSThu Sep 20 1990display size does not match terminal???
1406.0DPDMAI::EORDOGHThu Sep 20 1990Server Routines and DECforms.
1407.01ACESMK::MCKIMThu Sep 20 1990Proposal for your consideration
1408.02HSSWS1::GREGFri Sep 21 1990Performance Tweaking
1410.02TOOK::ICENOGLEFri Sep 21 1990Restoring Terminal Characteristics
1411.01VNASWS::EDERMon Sep 24 1990VT42
1412.01BACK::haycoxMon Sep 24 1990control text problems
1413.03BUBI::RACKYMon Sep 24 1990DECforms V1.1 and VMS V5.* ???
1414.02MAIL::PICKETTMon Sep 24 1990Field value validation options
1415.05SNOCTue Sep 25 1990DECforms on X.25 ?
1416.02SORGEN::SIGITue Sep 25 1990Receive_control_text not returned to program by FORMS$RECEIVE
1417.0FNYTC6::GOLDINGTue Sep 25 1990Review of DECform usage!
1418.02AKOVTue Sep 25 1990NO_READ_ACCESS on forms$enable within IFDL
1419.03JURA::LAROCHETue Sep 25 1990All fields on a panel validated ?
1420.03CSC32::MCCRACKENTue Sep 25 1990CDDLOST On Record Structre
1421.03TAOVWed Sep 26 1990Help - Enable forms in escape routines
1422.01GOBUCS::COOLEYWed Sep 26 1990Problem with /OUTPUT for FORMS TRANSLATE
1423.01PENUTS::LDODGEWed Sep 26 1990DECforms & CDD/Plus?
1424.01JURA::HUDELOTWed Sep 26 1990Do error/warn. message really cancel an ACMS task ?
1425.03QCAVThu Sep 27 1990help a novice
1426.03MAIL::PICKETTThu Sep 27 1990Release notes for DECforms V1.3?
1428.02TINCUP::BILLINGSLEAFri Sep 28 1990UI PROTO-TYPING (with DECforms?)
1429.01HAMPS::MUTCHMon Oct 01 1990Problem with PARENTREQUESTID
1430.0PANIC::CLARKMon Oct 01 19908
1431.02MCDONL::GONSALVESMon Oct 01 1990Links and DECform objects
1432.01EIGER::CAMILLERITue Oct 02 1990Modular development ?
1433.02BRULA::LAMARETue Oct 02 1990VALIDATED elementary condition
1434.04TAVTue Oct 02 1990FORMS-F-BADFORM during FORMS$ENABLE
1435.019BERNWed Oct 03 1990need 'examine formdata' functionality
1437.03CSC32::M_VALENZAFri Oct 05 1990RETURN response step ignored in CONTROL TEXT RESPONSE
1438.01SKID::LALIBERTEMon Oct 08 1990user documentation for any DECForms application...??
1439.05KERNEL::JACKSONMon Oct 08 1990Supressed messages from panel editor
1440.03RUTILE::QUELENNECMon Oct 08 1990Generic Data Entry
1441.01DPDMAI::STACKJMon Oct 08 1990BASIC and FORMS$DEMO_TEXTLIB Program
1442.04MUNLEG::WALTERTue Oct 09 1990I'd like to have a kept editor ...
1443.05COPCLU::TCLAUSENTue Oct 09 19907 bit char become 8 bit
1444.02KBOMFG::BRANDTTue Oct 09 1990 POSITION ( NEXT ITEM + 1), how ?
1446.01NEWOA::HOLDCROFTWed Oct 10 1990Corruption - passing varying string to PEU by reference
1447.01BRULA::LAMAREWed Oct 10 1990VALIDATED elementary condition
1448.04PANIC::PAUWed Oct 10 1990DECforms Questions
1449.03KBOMFG::BRANDTWed Oct 10 1990EXIT RESP of nested Grp performed when ?
1450.01WILARD::SLIWINSKIWed Oct 10 1990WANTED: detailed design example using Decforms
1451.05MUNLEG::WALTERThu Oct 11 1990Anchored Line and Column statements wanted
1452.04EVTIS2::JACOBThu Oct 11 1990request validation response no longer executed ?
1453.04OTOAFri Oct 12 1990Touchy Situation - DECforms Problems?
1454.04HAMCL3::WITTMon Oct 15 1990Date-Valid. stronger Fct-Resp.?
1456.032555Mon Oct 15 1990Zeroed or empty?
1457.01FNYTC6::GOLDINGTue Oct 16 1990COPY with FORMS DEVELOP
1458.01AUNTB::KULVETETue Oct 16 1990PC running Smarterm
1459.010GIDDAY::HADDADWed Oct 17 1990BADRECLEN error? What else should I look at?
1460.01STKHLM::MALMBERGWed Oct 17 1990Release date for DeCforms 1.3?
1461.01JURA::LAROCHEWed Oct 17 1990Advice for "critical message" panel needed
1462.04CSC32::MCCRACKENWed Oct 17 1990Invalid date/time
1463.01STKHLM::ARENDIThu Oct 18 1990Remove means also from activation list??
1464.03HGOVC::MICHAELWANFri Oct 19 1990modify data type in PED
1465.03SORGEN::SIGIFri Oct 19 1990SYSTEM-W-UNWIND, error message when doing EDIT AGAIN
1466.01VANLOO::FRYFri Oct 19 1990Possible BUG under DEBUG.
1467.05HEIN::VANDENHEUVELFri Oct 19 1990The year 2
1468.01BREAKR::MADDENFri Oct 19 1990V1.1 Release Notes
1469.04TAVSun Oct 21 1990copy field from cdd with "help text"
1470.02TAVSun Oct 21 1990change in behavior for v1.2 ???
1471.01TAVSun Oct 21 1990invalid clause - usage ?
1472.06TAVSun Oct 21 1990question using icon.
1473.06FNYTC6::GOLDINGMon Oct 22 1990DISPLAY RESPONSE does nothing?
1474.05CLUSTA::VONMon Oct 22 1990DECtp Demo available
1475.02USRCV1::TSOISMon Oct 22 1990DECforms and scanned input?
1476.04CHEST::BURRELLTue Oct 23 1990Corruption of first two characters
1477.0--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 23 1990Brdcast Msg/SETWRATT question?
1478.03STKHLM::ARENDIWed Oct 24 1990Currentitem within groups and validation?
1479.0FSTVAX::GATTERMANWed Oct 24 1990Capturing Validation Failures
1480.011VAXWRK::CUMMINGSWed Oct 24 1990disabling function keys
1481.07FSCORE::KAYEThu Oct 25 1990problem with time input
1482.05TOOK::ICENOGLEFri Oct 26 1990Initialize Array with 'Value' Clause?
1483.01SORGEN::SIGIFri Oct 26 1990Downloading a foreign character set possible ?
1484.01CSC32::JAGGERFri Oct 26 1990Any problems using FUNCTIONNAME Builtin Form Data?
1486.03GIDDAY::PRIESTMon Oct 29 1990varying and form records.
1487.02ZURMon Oct 29 1990Form Data in Global Sections ?
1488.01KAOFS::M_ROYMon Oct 29 1990Screen flashes in 132 mode before displaying panels
1489.03AUNTB::KULVETEMon Oct 29 19908
1490.05ZURTue Oct 30 1990Multisession Refresh again
1491.03EVOAI2::TEBOULTue Oct 30 1990'RETURN' Response Step
1492.06KBOMFG::BRANDTTue Oct 30 1990LSE : Overview broken for IFDL
1493.03KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWTue Oct 30 1990INTDATCOR and ACMS 1.2/3.1
1494.01TAVTue Oct 30 1990More on leftovers with smooth vertical scroll
1495.02NEMAIL::BEJARTue Oct 30 1990trouble invoking DECForms??? help needed.
1496.02BREAKR::MADDENTue Oct 30 1990Delete current char- function key?
1497.0STRASB::HONOREWed Oct 31 1990Compress / manage a list
1498.03TAVWed Oct 31 1990Request Validation problem.
1499.02STRASB::HONOREWed Oct 31 1990Groups and PEU???
1500.01MSDSWS::WADEWed Oct 31 1990DECforms/ACMS LOV dilemma
1501.01STKHLM::ARENDIThu Nov 01 1990NONast forms$send hanging waiting for ev.flag zero
1502.04NEMAIL::BEJARThu Nov 01 1990Conceptual Design Question? - Comments Wanted.
1503.04HGOVC::MICHAELWANFri Nov 02 1990Input and Output pictures
1504.04NEWOA::HOLDCROFTFri Nov 02 1990Problem passing PARENTREQUESTID in a form record
1505.04CENSUS::BOLLINGERFri Nov 02 1990DECforms and Imaging...Yes you can.
1506.02SORGEN::INGRIDMon Nov 05 1990picture string and sign
1507.03NRCP1::MAGNIMon Nov 05 1990losing data in a transceive ?
1508.04PLAYER::DEVALCKWed Nov 07 1990DECwindows File and Print widget
1509.03UTRTSC::VDRIELWed Nov 07 1990TIMEOUT clause & update TIME
1510.07MEIS::ARVINDWed Nov 07 1990Clarifications needed in DECforms
1511.04WFOV12::MONAHAN_MWed Nov 07 1990DEC Std. 12 (DECforms PARSER ?)
1512.03WFOVX8::MONAHAN_MThu Nov 08 1990What is the 3GL best supported by DECforms ?
1513.01ALFTP::HENNESSYSun Nov 11 1990FIRST ITEM/LAST ITEM scroll problem
1514.03GIDDAY::PRIESTSun Nov 11 1990vt42
1515.02HGOSPS::STEVENLAUMon Nov 12 1990/PRINTFILE causes RMS-E-DAC
1516.02VAXWRK::CUMMINGSMon Nov 12 1990Reset during FORMS$ENABLE ...
1517.01NZOVMon Nov 12 1990Overstrike & right just.
1518.01KEIKI::STARRTue Nov 13 1990Help needed w/ questions for a customer
1519.03NEWVAX::PENNINGTONTue Nov 13 1990512 character text field
1520.01GUIDUK::TREMBLAYTue Nov 13 1990Degree of CDD & DECFORMS interoperability?
1521.06MEIS::ARVINDTue Nov 13 1990"FORMS$K_ASTADR problem"
1522.0--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 13 1990Calling LSE from a PEU
1523.0SNOCWed Nov 14 1990DECformburger demo
1524.03TAVWed Nov 14 1990need some help !! (message, structure)
1525.02TAVWed Nov 14 1990delete a line form scroll area - how ?
1527.02MSDSWS::NADAMSWed Nov 14 1990Unable to save Form?????
1528.01TAVThu Nov 15 1990Programming example needed
1529.02PENUTS::LDODGEThu Nov 15 1990Panel width, 8
1531.01CHEFS::HANSONNFri Nov 16 1990Current field test ?
1532.06HGORS6::CULLENMon Nov 19 1990INVFHDSIZ error on *first* access only
1533.06LYO11::NEJJARMon Nov 19 1990TIME field problem
1534.01SAC::EXTON_MTue Nov 20 1990Slower on a VT42
1535.03ZURWed Nov 21 1990SEND RESPONSE after AST execution how?
1536.04MAIL::DUNCANGWed Nov 21 1990Comments still move in v1.2 ?
1537.04TAVWed Nov 21 1990use help panel in field default in the layout
1538.01BREAKR::MADDENWed Nov 21 1990End of Field BEEP
1539.02BEAGLE::MONTIThu Nov 22 1990PASCAL and asynchronous FORMS$SEND
1540.02TRNAF1::MANISSEROFri Nov 23 1990INTDATCOR and Escape Routine
1541.01SIOG::DALYMon Nov 26 1990Date field causes access violation
1542.02SELECT::QUIGLEYMon Nov 26 1990Character Fonts? Display Only? DECWindows...
1543.01NUTMEG::HOOVERMon Nov 26 1990V1.1 runtime w V1.2 forms?
1544.01WFOV1Mon Nov 26 1990RTL calls from DECForms. Some help needed please
1545.09CSC32::MCCRACKENMon Nov 26 1990Translate->FORMS-E-FATINTERR
1546.02CSOA1::REARICKMon Nov 26 1990PEU hangs when interrupted by AST?
1547.01MCDONL::BTHOMPSONTue Nov 27 1990Conditional Pop_up Panels
1548.01CSC32::J_HENSONTue Nov 27 1990DECforms/ ACMS/ PRCLM
1549.01ALICAT::GILMOURWed Nov 28 1990To flag or not to flag
1550.03BREAKR::MADDENWed Nov 28 1990Reverse Viewport?
1551.01CHEFS::JONESKThu Nov 29 1990Group Occurs with CDD+
1552.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Nov 29 1990LSE help for FORMS$ENTRY_POINTS
1553.02YUPPY::PAUFri Nov 30 1990 Response Step Positioning
1554.01SORGEN::MICHAELFri Nov 30 1990Asynchronous example in C needed
1555.07HGOVC::DEANGELISFri Nov 30 1990Help with Transfer please
1557.0CLUSTA::VONSat Dec 01 1990DECtp demo V1.1 available
1558.04IJSAPL::HOOSEMANSMon Dec 03 1990Viewport at bottom of the screen
1560.01HLDGMon Dec 03 1990Escape routines,system service calls and shareable images
1561.0SIOG::DALYTue Dec 04 1990ACMS/DECforms error...
1562.02STKHLM::LINDGREN_PTue Dec 04 1990How to set keypad mode when exiting a form?
1563.03SASE::HILLMANTue Dec 04 1990Is anything different when using CDD+ ?
1564.01--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 04 1990no next item
1565.02AUNTB::KULVETETue Dec 04 1990DECwindows LSE with DECforms
1566.04UTRTSC::WILLEMSWed Dec 05 1990INVRANGE error and number 35
1567.01HANWed Dec 05 1990Printing multiple pages
1568.04DSSDEV::WEBSTERWed Dec 05 1990DECforms V1.3 Maintenance Release for VMS
1569.06CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Dec 05 1990Need timeout on field under a second
1570.01LUXWed Dec 05 1990VT34
1571.06CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Dec 05 1990DECforms and ALL-IN-1 Questions (mod: corrected title)
1572.03WARNUT::JACKSONWed Dec 05 1990Using AST's in escape routines
1573.04CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Dec 05 1990DECforms 1.2 %EQUAL_SIGN key name???
1574.04HSOMAI::EDWARDSSWed Dec 05 1990Colors on a VAXstation
1575.02IJSAPL::VANWOLFERENThu Dec 06 1990Signed longword in decforms??
1576.03KERNEL::WILESLThu Dec 06 1990Mixed licenses on a cluster?
1577.03UNTADA::DELANEYThu Dec 06 1990Month-only in date field, problem ?
1578.03UNTADA::WILCOCKSONFri Dec 07 1990More DATE picture problems.
1579.01AUNTB::KULVETEFri Dec 07 1990LSE doesn't know about IFDL
1580.01YUPPY::PAUFri Dec 07 1990Problem with 132 columns
1581.06KERNEL::JACKSONMon Dec 10 1990Calling PEU from test enable
1582.01VAXRIO::EZEQUIELMon Dec 10 1990POSSIBLE BUG !!!
1583.0JURA::DUQUESNETue Dec 11 1990LOV -List_Of_Values- saga with ACMS
1584.02TAVTue Dec 11 1990DECforms optimizing re-displaying same panel?
1585.04MUCTEC::DREHERWed Dec 12 1990multi-session cursor pos.
1586.01MUNICH::WENIGThu Dec 13 1990compare of two arrays
1587.04HANFri Dec 14 1990FORMS$SEND performance problem
1588.03STKHLM::ARENDIFri Dec 14 1990Data is lost when sending to Records and groups with occurs clause
1589.02MPO::WHITTALLFri Dec 14 1990Dates and MAXCIM
1590.06HANMon Dec 17 1990output picture 999R9S not valid
1591.0HANMon Dec 17 1990output picture 999R9S
1593.02HOBBLE::LEVINEMon Dec 17 1990Scale factors, quadwords, and V1.2 - feature or bug?
1595.01MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPTue Dec 18 1990blank fill DRD ???
1596.017AZTECH::WAGNERTue Dec 18 1990Is there any way to highlight a portion of a field?
1597.02IJSAPL::BEERSWed Dec 19 1990forms$send in escape routines
1599.04SASE::HILLMANThu Dec 20 1990VAX C, CDD+ problem with data conversion & control text
1600.03STKHLM::ARENDIFri Dec 21 1990Disable all DECforms messages. How?
1601.02SUBWAY::LEEFri Dec 21 1990DECforms questions
1602.04GIDDAY::PRIESTSun Dec 23 1990search list and IFDL edit crash
1603.0323478::GSGIRIWed Dec 26 1990Terminal hang on unsolicited input
1604.02BRULA::LAMAREWed Dec 26 1990Cross-fields validation
1605.02TAVWed Dec 26 1990search list usage within ENABLE (.exe form file)
1606.02HANDVA::JOSEPHWUFri Dec 28 1990Form File Compatibility
1607.01SWTHOM::PERMALLFri Dec 28 1990The FORMS$AR_FORM_TABLE mystery...
1608.05FSCORE::KAYEFri Dec 28 1990SEND SHADOW records - mismatch
1609.03HAMPS::LEGG_AWed Jan 02 1991DECforms Reference Sites Required
1610.0POBOX::FALLAHEEWed Jan 02 1991choice processing within IFDL
1611.04BRSDVThu Jan 03 1991Prevent scrolling when leaving DCL.
1613.03MEIS::ARVINDThu Jan 03 1991"Use of buffer length in request_options ?"
1614.04DPDMAI::WOODSLThu Jan 03 1991Any way to lock the keyboard or clear typeahead buffer?
1615.01SASE::HILLMANTue Jan 08 1991escape routines & entry response
1616.0NEWOA::HOLDCROFTWed Jan 09 1991CURRENTPANELHELPED Builtin becomes incorrect sometimes.
1617.01ELBERT::THANKU::MOEWed Jan 09 1991Scroll Region With External Control Field
1618.02AZTECH::WAGNERWed Jan 09 1991Help using Parent Request Id
1619.04EVTIS2::PERMALLThu Jan 10 1991POSITION problem when using 2 panels....
1620.03DEMOIN::GRULKEThu Jan 10 1991Trapping&displaying broadcast messages in DECforms
1621.03LYOIS1::NEJJARFri Jan 11 1991problem with function keys
1622.06PANIC::WHITEHEADFri Jan 11 1991decforms error SYSTEM-F_VECFULL
1625.02PERFCT::ANTONELLITue Jan 15 1991On-line Tutorial
1626.03BREAKR::MADDENTue Jan 15 1991GROUP questions
1627.02NANOOK::CHICOWed Jan 16 1991c programs samples
1628.014STRATA::GAUTHIERWed Jan 16 1991Need simple direction in calling an Escape Routine
1629.02PANIC::WHITEHEADThu Jan 17 1991CPU/user estimate for proposal level sizing
1630.06EEMELI::KARPPINENThu Jan 17 1991Some nice features, does DECforms make it possible
1631.02MINDER::MCCAMBRIDGEThu Jan 17 1991FMS to DECforms conversion real experience of estimating
1632.05BREAKR::MADDENThu Jan 17 1991Internals Doc?
1633.01STRASB::HONOREFri Jan 18 1991Test enable & PEU
1634.02SIOG::DALYFri Jan 18 1991Some DECforms questions from a customer...
1635.01DUBSWS::DALYFri Jan 18 1991SyS$brkthru and DECforms problem ??
1636.02SASE::HILLMANFri Jan 18 1991storing & displaying tabs
1637.03MLNFri Jan 18 1991Insert/UPDATE/DELETE in a scroll region
1638.03AISG::PELLEGRINIFri Jan 18 1991Return values: system- vs. user-generated
1639.02GIDDAY::PRIESTSun Jan 20 1991differences on f1
1640.03STKHLM::ARENDIMon Jan 21 1991Copy cdd$default.* from dictionary????
1641.0NEWOA::HOLDCROFTMon Jan 21 1991Receive Shadow Record Bug
1642.02ALFAI::HENNESSYMon Jan 21 1991Condition Fields?
1643.03WCSM::TURNERMon Jan 21 1991condition handling
1644.01NANOOK::CHICOTue Jan 22 1991help with scanner
1645.0IJSAPL::DDEVRIESTue Jan 22 1991Using PEU's and security
1646.05CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Jan 22 1991message-clause and %Signal Bell Response Step?
1647.02HELIO::PELLEGRINITue Jan 22 1991Formatting floating field types
1648.06CHEFS::HANSONNWed Jan 23 1991'MOUSE' support ?
1649.03MEALA::MOLONEYWed Jan 23 1991Receive Control Text Value Problem
1650.04NEWOA::HOLDCROFTThu Jan 24 1991Elementary conditions during request exit response
1651.03BEAGLE::ROWLANDSThu Jan 24 1991wishlist
1653.01ACESMK::GASSFri Jan 25 1991SEARCH LIST using a group
1654.02KYOA::SILVERMANFri Jan 25 1991DECforms for Ultrix!
1655.02EEMELI::KARPPINENSun Jan 27 1991The field did't displaed in right place
1656.04HGOVC::MICHAELWANMon Jan 28 1991variable length field
1658.01STKHLM::ARENDIMon Jan 28 1991Input required depending on index in a group??
1659.01NANOOK::CHICOMon Jan 28 1991menu help
1661.03STRASB::HONORETue Jan 29 1991Copy variants.....
1662.01BOSTP2::BEAUTue Jan 29 1991Questions about help panels
1663.0STRASB::HONORETue Jan 29 1991Customize FORMS$MSG_RUN_TIME.MSG
1664.01STRASB::HONORETue Jan 29 1991How to debug a PEU with ACMS???
1665.0NANOOK::CHICOTue Jan 29 1991position on field
1666.03STKHLM::ARENDIWed Jan 30 1991Forms$cancel retains panel, forms$disable doesn't. Why?
1667.0CSC32::L_GANGIWed Jan 30 1991DECforms User Group for Customers?
1668.02ALLVAX::BRUSSEAUWed Jan 30 1991Calling TPU from a PEU - Error NOANSICRT
1669.05ALLVAX::BRUSSEAUThu Jan 31 1991DECForms hanging on call to $GETJPIW
1671.03ACESMK::RLEESat Feb 02 1991Wishlist Item: SYS$LIBRARY:FORMS$C_MSGS.H
1672.0MUDIS3::EHEUTEMon Feb 04 1991Go back to data distribution?
1673.0FOOSW6::ZIPPMon Feb 04 1991Coding example needed, C,RDB,ACMS,DEDForms
1674.02SHALOT::YOMMERMon Feb 04 1991Accvio with VAXTPU coming back from IFDL
1675.02--UnknownUser--Mon Feb 04 1991%CONTROL_C %CONTROL_Y key name use?
1676.01FSCORE::KAYETue Feb 05 1991problems with data entry in scrolled region
1677.01KERNEL::JACKSONTue Feb 05 1991BIG numbers produce EXPREVALERR
1679.02WEIN::SIGIWed Feb 06 1991ACTIVE HIGHLIGHT UNDERLINED doesn't working
1680.01KAZAN::SOENENWed Feb 06 1991Decforms - Transceive - BAsic language
1681.04TAVThu Feb 07 1991Inconsistent on Entry Response of a Field
1682.01TAVThu Feb 07 1991Why no error message on Next/Prev page ?
1683.04ROMThu Feb 07 1991TDMS-->DECForms converter. Some advice please!
1684.04CANOVA::RUSSOThu Feb 07 1991What level of X-Windows support ?
1685.03AKQJ1Thu Feb 07 1991Need some scrolling hints
1686.01MOMO::ANTETOMASOThu Feb 07 1991Length of keyed input? (ADA)
1687.01TRNAF1::MANISSEROFri Feb 08 1991Color DECforms on VT13
1688.09DELCHZ::THOMPSONMon Feb 11 1991V1.3 PAKS?
1689.015CSC32::FASANOMon Feb 11 1991DECforms Style Guide
1690.011FSCORE::KAYEMon Feb 11 1991problems with scrolling/PEU's
1691.01COPCLU::TCLAUSENTue Feb 12 1991copy cdd prblm, valid if
1692.03JURA::HUDELOTTue Feb 12 19919th episode of the VT42
1694.02KAOFS::M_ROYTue Feb 12 1991Scrolling problems using PREV, NEXT SCREEN & ARROW
1695.02AKQJ1Wed Feb 13 1991Trouble with trace file
1696.02HAMPS::JONES_SThu Feb 14 1991NTT/MIA Waht do they do for charater cell ?
1697.02ZURThu Feb 14 1991PEUs and Traceback
1698.03FSCORE::KAYEThu Feb 14 1991rcv shadow with "N" problems
1699.0TYSON::KURATAFri Feb 15 1991Distributed ACMS and printing
1700.07UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RFri Feb 15 1991When is EI
1701.04266Fri Feb 15 1991Form with 8
1702.01COLMon Feb 18 1991state of fims and projects
1703.07BEEZER::HIGMANMon Feb 18 1991Large no. of DECFORMS IFDL editor changes causes UNWIIND & NO CHANGES MADE err.
1704.02HGOVC::KENBERKUNMon Feb 18 1991Need general Info.
1706.02AKQJ1Tue Feb 19 1991A couple of problems
1707.06ZGOVWed Feb 20 1991$FORMS TRANS ERROR
1708.03BUBI::RACKYWed Feb 20 1991hanging cursor position
1709.01VOGON::FRYWed Feb 20 1991ACMS and FORMS
1710.036Thu Feb 21 1991Multi-line field wraps on words
1711.03CHOVAX::HORNUNGThu Feb 21 1991Rounding Problem/Question
1712.03CHOSRV::KURTZThu Feb 21 1991User defined data formats
1713.04IJSAPL::BEERSFri Feb 22 1991Scrolling problem with last screen
1714.05VOGON::FRYSat Feb 23 1991Multi-user sizing?
1715.05OSTVMon Feb 25 1991One Character Get Using DECforms
1716.0352445::ARIEMon Feb 25 1991problems with SCROLL BY PAGE & Next unseeen
1717.02PRSIS7::ALETONMon Feb 25 1991multiple IFDL files ?
1718.02CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Feb 25 1991IFDL Display Viewport BACK/FOR behavior???
1719.0238827::STEVENSMon Feb 25 1991scrolling a concealed field
1720.036674::BAKERMon Feb 25 1991INDENT to DECforms conversion
1721.02MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPTue Feb 26 1991placement of comment on V1.3?
1722.013819Tue Feb 26 1991Future releases of DECforms?
1723.02ECGLD2::CDBTue Feb 26 1991Would like to display top of group upon exit from group
1724.05266Tue Feb 26 1991ACCVIO on return from PEU
1725.01VOGON::FRYWed Feb 27 1991distributed forms?
1726.02AZTECH::WAGNERWed Feb 27 1991Trying to mimic DECwindows
1727.04SAHQ::TURNERThu Feb 28 1991large decforms, acms, rdb development
1728.02338Thu Feb 28 1991print-screen key
1729.03KITS::NARAHARIThu Feb 28 1991Quota problem? or something else?
1730.0142151::HIGMANFri Mar 01 1991OUTPUT PICTURE STRING 99R9S does not work.
1731.01CSC32::MCCRACKENFri Mar 01 1991FORMS$RECEIVE from a PEU?
1732.033472Sat Mar 02 1991DECforms w/ ACMS and TCP/IP???
1733.012AZTECH::WAGNERMon Mar 04 1991Does FORMS support include files and constants?
1734.02JURA::LAROCHETue Mar 05 1991Activation List emptied between two transceive responses.
1735.04AZTECH::WAGNERTue Mar 05 1991Multiple Input pictures
1736.01NANOOK::CHICOTue Mar 05 1991menu choice
1737.03SHALOT::CLARKTue Mar 05 1991Question of Field Validation and Procedural Escapes
1738.08CHEFS::HANSONNWed Mar 06 1991dynamic icons ?
1739.06KAZAN::SOENENWed Mar 06 1991Decforms and VT42
1740.010AZTECH::WAGNERWed Mar 06 1991DATE Picture Strings and Character Fields
1741.02MEIS::YOUNGThu Mar 07 1991VMS Message Facility and the MESSAGE panel
1742.02KAZAN::SOENENThu Mar 07 1991Datatype DATE CURRENT Datatype DATE CURRENT
1744.04MOMAX1::PERRYFri Mar 08 1991-E-BADARG, Problem with menu screen
1745.07AZTECH::WAGNERFri Mar 08 1991GROUPS with variable(dynamic) number of occrrences.
1746.07HSOMAI::KISERSun Mar 10 1991%LIB-E-OPENIN error on FORMS$ENABLE
1747.02EMASS::GANZSun Mar 10 1991After a RETURN is executed
1748.01TAVMon Mar 11 1991VT42
1749.0637Tue Mar 12 1991Optional use of PARENTREQUESTID (when not calling from PER)
1750.01CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Mar 13 1991Form manager and first form data item control ???
1751.0134597::KELLYWed Mar 13 1991TEST ENABLE and NEXT PANEL
1752.02WYNDE::DRENASThu Mar 14 1991Multi session forms hanging...
1753.06TOOHOT::BENNETTThu Mar 14 1991procedural escape not working
1754.03POBOX::GAJOWNIKFri Mar 15 1991FMS -> DECforms error?
1755.02TYFYS::DAVIDSONFri Mar 15 1991TELEVIDEO 955 terminal and DECforms
1756.03THEWAV::GASSNERFri Mar 15 1991Realtime Forms Feasible?
1757.01TAVMon Mar 18 1991Templates for DECforms style guide implementation
1758.03HOBBLE::LEVINEMon Mar 18 1991Printing standard U.S. Govt. Forms?
1759.05AKOCOA::JOHNSONPMon Mar 18 1991Group pointer info request
1760.01JURA::LAROCHETue Mar 19 1991PREVIOUS ITEM and scrolled area
1761.04HAMPS::POORETue Mar 19 1991Hide data until user input
1762.01UTRTSC::VDRIELTue Mar 19 1991cddplus V4.2A & decforms V1.1
1763.02AZTECH::WAGNERTue Mar 19 1991Automatically drawing a box around text.
1764.04TAVWed Mar 20 1991AST quetions
1765.08TROAWed Mar 20 1991DECforms Emulation of FileView?
1766.07HAMPS::POOREWed Mar 20 1991Patches for V1.2 ?
1767.02UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RWed Mar 20 1991F2 as Print-key
1768.02GIDDAY::CHANMWed Mar 20 1991Field Default include Boundary Cursor ..-Crash.
1769.06SWTHOM::GIRARDThu Mar 21 1991Problems copying CDDPLUS records
1770.01NRCP::MAGNIThu Mar 21 1991Reset All - 'Except' - Possible Global data
1771.02RUTILE::LAVAUREFri Mar 22 1991Messages on workstations pb
1772.01UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RFri Mar 22 1991F6 in ACMS/Decforms and Decforms/Cobol?
1773.0326661::CORTISFri Mar 22 1991DECForms and Record Length
1774.0248726::LAMAREMon Mar 25 1991VT2
1775.0CUTIE::KELLYMon Mar 25 1991Entry Response/Message Help (on first field)
1776.054GL::WALLERTMon Mar 25 1991Style Questions
1777.0152445::NITSANTue Mar 26 1991SYS$BRKTHRU to DECforms causes problems
1778.01GIDDAY::CHANMWed Mar 27 1991CDDPlus datatype POINTER not copied into forms.
1779.0335847::TSOISWed Mar 27 1991DECforms and data graphing
1780.02QUIPU::KULVETEMon Apr 01 1991trade-in of FMS and TDMS
1781.01LYOIS1::BRUNETTue Apr 02 1991
1782.04EXCENT::KELLYTue Apr 02 1991Position Immediate to a WAIT field
1783.0532738::HOOVERWed Apr 03 1991DECforms with DTM in Batch?
1784.0349287::VISSIO_RWed Apr 03 1991CONVERR after C escape routine.
1785.02CHLIDG::VANKLEYWed Apr 03 1991Overhead slide/training material?
1786.01351383::WOLFEREN_RThu Apr 04 1991Problem with scrolling
1787.02STKHLM::ARENDIThu Apr 04 1991Same Form 1.1 ok!, 1.2 Device I/O + accvio??
1788.01REDRCK::AGUEThu Apr 04 1991
1789.05STKHLM::ARENDIFri Apr 05 1991General performance questions.
1790.04AISG::PELLEGRINIFri Apr 05 1991Changing Literals at Run-time
1792.02ODIXIE::PACEFri Apr 05 1991Undefined Symbols
1793.01AISG::PELLEGRINIFri Apr 05 1991Integer data type errors
1794.01MSDSWS::WADEFri Apr 05 1991tracefile
1795.02GIDDAY::CHANMSun Apr 07 1991Scale not copied from dictionary
1796.01LYOIS2::CHAUMATTue Apr 09 1991FIMS and others vendors ?
1797.04CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Apr 09 1991FORMS$PRINT_FILE and file creation/spooled device?
1798.01TWISTD::SULLIVANTue Apr 09 1991New user question - VASX BASIC subscript out of range (called from DECforms)
1799.03HANZI::CWLAIWed Apr 10 1991Compatibility questions
1800.01POBOX::DANSONWed Apr 10 1991Border and Double-Wide Heading?
1801.01SPLUNG::CHESTNUTTWed Apr 10 1991DECforms V1.4 /Ultrix Early Internal Field Test
1802.01VOGON::FRYThu Apr 11 1991configurable terminal support
1803.02MUDIS3::EHEUTEThu Apr 11 1991CDD/Plus FORMS EDIT_STRING and DECforms
1804.010RIVAGE::ZANONIThu Apr 11 1991ACMS/DECForms limitations
1805.04POBOX::GAJOWNIKThu Apr 11 1991EMPTY FIELD is not empty?
1806.03FSCORE::KAYEThu Apr 11 1991can we use the Printer Port?
1807.01SWTHOM::COUPEAUFri Apr 12 1991tracked field with cdd
1808.05ARRODS::FOWLERKFri Apr 12 1991VT42
1809.05KYOA::SILVERMANSat Apr 13 1991Productivity Studies?
1810.02BULLI::KISSMon Apr 15 1991DECforms RT in Chinese??
1811.02LISVAX::PASANTOSMon Apr 15 1991Decforms cookbook?
1812.05PLAYER::DEVALCKMon Apr 15 1991Where are my FAO parameters ?
1813.01STKHLM::ARENDIMon Apr 15 1991Vaxc and output pic 9(--) on character strings
1814.01LYOIS2::NEJJARMon Apr 15 1991form data with escape routines...
1815.04LYOIS1::NEJJARMon Apr 15 1991REVERSE with backgound color ?
1816.0WOODBX::WARDMon Apr 15 1991forms$V13 missing some bookreader formated documents?
1817.05DSGN6::DEANGELISMon Apr 15 1991any equivalent of extended selection as in decwindows
1818.09EMASS::GANZMon Apr 15 1991Transfer (
1819.0CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Apr 16 1991Embeded ESCs to better control terminal?
1820.01GIDDAY::PRIESTTue Apr 16 1991Vax C and blank fields not overwriting fileds with data
1821.03STKHLM::LETTERSTALWed Apr 17 1991Arabic characters?
1823.04PRSIS4::VEISBLATWed Apr 17 1991Pascal-->Decforms: Record size problem
1825.07STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu Apr 18 1991ACCVIO when exiting TPU
1826.01TPS::SHAHThu Apr 18 1991Splitting long field over multiple lines.
1827.04AKOCOA::JOHNSONPThu Apr 18 1991remote execution w/o decforms installed?
1828.04COOKIE::POTEETThu Apr 18 1991Functions don't appear to work
1829.03BOSBEN::LASHERThu Apr 18 1991Spaces turning into zero fill problem
1830.03RUDDLS::HARRISONCFri Apr 19 1991Form hangs on forms$disable after second session.
1831.02DYNAST::BRUNNOCKFri Apr 19 1991Anyone seen this before?
1832.02FSCORE::KAYEFri Apr 19 1991record too large for user's buffer
1833.01YOSMTE::BLINCOE_CASat Apr 20 1991Help with long forms
1834.0BGOMon Apr 22 1991F6 force crash VMS54&DECforms12
1835.02HAMCL3::WITTMon Apr 22 1991displ. onedimensional group in 2 columns
1836.01KBOMFG::BLUMERMon Apr 22 1991Field Validation=>Access Violation
1837.02MISERY::BLUM_JOMon Apr 22 1991Choosing EDT
1838.05LYOIS2::NEJJARTue Apr 23 1991PERFORMANCE problems...
1839.06BUBI::MCCRILLISTue Apr 23 1991INPUT PICTURE Clause
1840.05EXCENT::KELLYTue Apr 23 1991Output Picture.... "when"?
1841.04AZUR::DESOZATue Apr 23 1991a problem with F13
1842.02CUTIE::KELLYTue Apr 23 1991The value of "zero"
1843.03DACT6::SEAYWed Apr 24 1991Timeout error though no timeout requested
1844.07SEDWed Apr 24 1991Field validation not being executed!
1845.01FLIPPR::LIGHTSTONEWed Apr 24 1991Scrn Attributes and Procom-Plus Terminal Emulator
1847.025DUBSWS::MCGINN_BFMon Apr 29 1991Field Validation - it must be easier
1848.09AWECIM::SEGALMon Apr 29 1991Where does control belong? Form or Application?
1849.01HERON::ROBINSONMon Apr 29 1991Any easy way to know when data's been modified?
1850.04HERON::ROBINSONMon Apr 29 1991Escape routine parameters have to be atomic variables?
1851.01HERON::ROBINSONMon Apr 29 1991Moving comments fixed?
1852.01HERON::ROBINSONMon Apr 29 1991Function key redefinition
1853.02HERON::ROBINSONMon Apr 29 1991Position to <variable> possible?
1854.01HERON::ROBINSONMon Apr 29 1991Call interface and Fortran
1855.0HERON::ROBINSONMon Apr 29 1991When is a cancelled request cancelled?
1856.06KERNEL::BEECRAFTTue Apr 30 1991forms convert tdms gives a stack dump
1857.02SORGEN::INGRIDTue Apr 30 1991AST and INSERT/OVERSTRIKE mode
1858.01HGOVC::DEANGELISTue Apr 30 1991How do you do pop-ups?
1859.01DORIE::COMPTONTue Apr 30 1991DECforms Useage on 327
1860.03CUTIE::KELLYTue Apr 30 1991Can I change the field is full message?
1861.0LEDS::MUNIZWed May 01 1991Installation fails IVP
1862.01AUNTB::FRYLANDThu May 02 1991Use of EXECUTABLE as EDITOR in FDE?
1863.01THEBAY::DEVINECHThu May 02 1991DATE Picture Problem with FDE
1864.04SWTHOM::GIRARDFri May 03 1991Termination check and group validation
1865.0JURA::HUDELOTFri May 03 1991Multi-session vs Single-form applications
1866.05HOBBLE::LEVINEFri May 03 1991Trace output doesn't match REFRESH observed results
1867.01CSC32::C_BENNETTMon May 06 1991DECforms & multiple dim PANEL groups?
1868.04SIEVAX::LAWMon May 06 1991Using `Function Response User Function'
1869.03CSC32::MCCRACKENMon May 06 1991INTDATCOR error when using date literals in a Range statement
1870.02NEWOA::HOLDCROFTTue May 07 1991Order of Termination Check Validation Response execution in groups
1871.03VOGON::HYATTATue May 07 1991Help needed with multi currency handling
1873.0AKOCOA::JOHNSONPTue May 07 1991help on next help/terminate help
1874.06MKODEV::OSBORNEWed May 08 1991Text editor panel?
1876.011WELSWS::WALKERBFri May 10 1991Running DECforms in a Detached Process?
1877.03UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RMon May 13 1991Problem with group ands current item
1878.010PLAYER::GWYNNETue May 14 1991scrolling large arrays
1879.01TAVIS::LANDAUTue May 14 1991forms-e-proc_escape_err /
1880.01COLWed May 15 1991projects with decforms
1881.03TAVWed May 15 1991IF & Position To are not equivalent
1882.017GYPSC::MCCRILLISWed May 15 1991Copy
1883.06SIEVAX::LAWWed May 15 1991forms$enable with optional form file
1884.07AKOCOA::JOHNSONPWed May 15 1991Remote enable response time?
1885.01TOOHOT::BENNETTWed May 15 1991install question
1886.01FDCVWed May 15 1991FMS to DECforms migration
1887.03LYOIS1::CHAUMATThu May 16 1991run-time or full development ?
1888.01KERNEL::JACKSONThu May 16 1991Escape sequence causing extra function reponses
1889.04CSC32::C_BENNETTThu May 16 1991EXIT HELP&REMOVE Postdisplay Clause?
1891.02WAYOUT::LEWISMon May 20 1991DECforms and pasthru - strange behaviour of time
1892.01--UnknownUser--Mon May 20 1991BLINKING CURSOR IN SCROLL AREA
1893.05SKELTN::BELLEROSEMon May 20 1991Figuring out which row of a group you're on...
1894.03NOTTue May 21 1991Japanese version
1895.03UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RTue May 21 1991Problem with printing message using defauylts
1896.06HOBBLE::LEVINETue May 21 1991Groups display column major or row major?
1897.02HGOVC::DEANGELISWed May 22 1991Group validation questions
1898.04HGOVC::MICHAELWANWed May 22 1991returning receive control text and INVALID
1899.01TPS::SHAHWed May 22 1991Date field picture requirement.
1900.0CSC32::C_BENNETTThu May 23 19911.3 FDE causes FATINTERR/IMGMISMAT/VERSINFO errors???
1901.05RUMOR::MOOREFri May 24 1991Looking for updated information
1902.05TAOVMon May 27 1991ex
1903.02HGOVC::DEANGELISTue May 28 1991Transfer all fields in an array?
1904.04UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RTue May 28 1991elementary condition examples?
1905.03HAMPS::CHANDARANATue May 28 1991Key Board Mapping Problem
1906.020AWECIM::SEGALTue May 28 1991String truncation error
1907.01HOTBX::MILLERThu May 30 1991Limit on number of sessions
1908.08AKOCOA::JOHNSONPThu May 30 1991"Down Occurrence Unseen" request
1910.03HGOSPS::STEVENLAUFri May 31 1991How to trouble shoot FORMS-F-INTDATCOR?
1911.05NODEX::MCGREALFri May 31 1991Exit handlers in the forms manager
1912.01BERNTue Jun 04 1991forms overrides debugger in case of error
1913.01USDEV1::MANNINGTue Jun 04 1991DECforms/PAMS
1914.03DANKE::LAROUCHEWed Jun 05 1991Extensive help screens with DECFORMS and ACMS
1915.02NANOOK::ABRAMSWed Jun 05 1991Position Cursor to end of Field?
1917.06YUPPIE::GAMA_RWed Jun 05 1991QIO question
1918.03TAVWed Jun 05 1991WYTIWYG, or "erase to end-of-field"?
1919.03HGOVC::DEANGELISThu Jun 06 19912 dim array -> display 1
1920.01KERNEL::BEECRAFTThu Jun 06 1991ast forms$send and receive control text ?
1921.0BSLOPE::BOURQUARDFri Jun 07 1991DECforms Generator prototype available
1922.03TAOVTue Jun 11 1991Enable in C, Transceive in BASIC ?
1923.013BRSSWS::ALLEMEERSCHTue Jun 11 1991v1.3 infinite loop after forms$cancel from ast ??
1924.01NZOMIS::GODFREYWed Jun 12 1991Screen Width 132 to 8
1925.06STKHLM::ARENDIWed Jun 12 1991Ast panel pasted above panel???
1926.03MINDER::TAYLORMThu Jun 13 1991Free Format Decimal Fields
1927.0MINDER::TAYLORMThu Jun 13 1991FORMS$TEXT_EDITOR not being evaluated
1929.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERThu Jun 13 1991FMS/TDMS-to-DECforms Half-Price Migration Program Extended
1930.01EICMFG::MACDONALDFri Jun 14 1991*RGB* Colour for literals ?
1931.01AKO588::EPSFri Jun 14 1991%LIB-E-KEYNOTFOU, FORMS$AR_FORM_TABLE, installed image
1932.02TROPPO::KISSMon Jun 17 1991Type-ahead and skip screens?
1933.04HOBBLE::LEVINETue Jun 18 1991Do shared images with just FORMS need transfer vectors?
1934.06KETJE::TRIGAUXWed Jun 19 1991date handling workaround + 1 question
1935.02KERNEL::BEECRAFTWed Jun 19 1991channels to forms left open after forms$disable
1936.01TRUCKS::GREENWed Jun 19 1991Different language variants for application?
1937.03CTOAVX::LFORRESTWed Jun 19 1991*SOS* input field format - *SOS*
1938.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERWed Jun 19 1991Pricing Differential between DECforms and FMS/TDMS Reduced
1939.02AWECIM::SEGALWed Jun 19 1991? about ADT datatype and output pictures
1940.09YUPPIE::GAMA_RThu Jun 20 1991Is possible to control deactivation?
1941.01COLFri Jun 21 1991FORMS$ENABLE and mouse button function keys
1942.014GL::DEANGELISFri Jun 21 1991linker problems
1943.05ZPOVC::YEECHINFri Jun 21 1991 > 1 parameter from Escape Routines ...
1944.0NEWOA::HOLDCROFTMon Jun 24 1991Concealing an Icon which surrounds a literal makes literal disappear too
1945.01DROPIT::BENHAMMon Jun 24 1991Testing for non valid entry
1946.02SORGEN::SIGIMon Jun 24 1991RANGE is doing something wrong
1947.05CSC32::S_ROSCIOMon Jun 24 1991Unable to install v1.3
1948.02THEPGA::LEBLANCMon Jun 24 1991Help with Copy from Dictionary
1949.02TPOVC::KCFUWed Jun 26 1991DATE NNDDYY real*8 how to translate to characterformat
1950.01KBOMFG::BRANDTWed Jun 26 1991Why not elem. cond. in panel field ?
1951.01RUTILE::ADNETWed Jun 26 1991problem with function declaration
1952.05NYFSWed Jun 26 1991simple COBOL example please???????
1953.01PLAYER::DEVALCKThu Jun 27 1991How do you pass an empty record from an ACMS task to a DECforms form ?
1954.03CSC32::MCCRACKENThu Jun 27 1991Panel group painting method
1955.0COPCLU::RAHBEKFri Jun 28 1991"position to" and "protected when"
1956.04COLFri Jun 28 1991long help text
1957.02CASDEV::DANIELSONFri Jun 28 1991Equivalent Data Types ???
1958.01CSAVAX::LEBLANCFri Jun 28 1991Help with MESSAGES
1959.01AKOCOA::JOHNSONPFri Jun 28 1991Is DECforms available on Ultrix?
1960.01XLIB::SCHAFERMon Jul 01 1991Portable API
1961.02GIDDAY::CHANMTue Jul 02 1991Static Invalid D/T error msg & Right justif problem
1962.01CASDEV::DANIELSONTue Jul 02 1991Send group name to an escape routine???
1963.0NZOMIS::HARRISTue Jul 02 1991no array occurrence on up occurrence
1964.01SNOCWed Jul 03 1991FORMS_F_INTDATCOR
1965.07REDBRD::KHOURYWed Jul 03 1991Protected fields and Right Justification problems
1966.03SAC::BURNS_KWed Jul 03 1991Add bell to default messages?
1967.04BIGTOY::PRIESTFri Jul 05 1991AUTOSKIP probs with leading zeros
1968.01REDBRD::WALTONTue Jul 09 1991Returning multiple control text to application
1969.01WELSWS::WALKERBTue Jul 09 1991How do you hide the cursor on an Icon?
1970.06WFOV11::LATATue Jul 09 1991Need help on Check_form_status with Fortran
1971.02GUIDUK::KEROUACTue Jul 09 1991Substring manipulation & calculations??
1972.0145Wed Jul 10 1991FORMS 1.3 Compiler Access Violations
1973.01KBOMFG::BRANDTFri Jul 12 1991Did I broke 'INPUT REQUIRED' ?
1974.075Fri Jul 12 1991Memory alignment of DECforms data structures?
1975.015PLAYER::DEVALCKMon Jul 15 1991Resetting CURRENT field between requests
1976.02CASDEV::DANIELSONMon Jul 15 1991Problem with concealed icons
1977.02FSCORE::J_WUMon Jul 15 1991ACCVIO error when TPU is called from PEU
1978.04BIGRED::KISERMon Jul 15 1991Screen width not as expected.
1979.01VAXRIO::ABREUTue Jul 16 1991PROCESC-NOT-FOU error message
1980.02ZPOVC::YEECHINThu Jul 18 1991Need help on Record size with C ...
1981.01CASDEV::DANIELSONThu Jul 18 1991Validation question
1982.01COLFri Jul 19 1991asynchronous design
1983.06MAJORS::REVELLMon Jul 22 1991Reassigning output to a file.
1984.01SPLUNG::CHESTNUTTMon Jul 22 1991DECforms V1.4 for RISC/ULTRIX is here
1985.02WFOV12::LATATue Jul 23 1991Session ID and Subroutines
1986.03HEAVY::LAWWed Jul 24 1991Does DECforms need Regis???
1987.06XNOGOV::WESTERNWed Jul 24 1991License Problem
1988.04CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Jul 24 1991VMS/ULTRIX which is it?
1989.0TRCOA::AHMEDWed Jul 24 1991sending error messages back to the form
1990.03MINDER::TAYLORMWed Jul 24 1991Problems with Pictures
1991.03AWECIM::SEGALWed Jul 24 1991??? - How ro Left Justify Numeric Fields
1992.03CHOWDA::DSULLIVANWed Jul 24 1991UFO-to-DECforms ....
1993.02PASMThu Jul 25 1991Some questions from the beginner
1994.03TPS::TAOThu Jul 25 1991Help Needed on ACMS/DECforms PEU's and Shadow Record
1995.06JAC::COFFLERFri Jul 26 1991Validation questions against a database
1996.01HEARNS::KURATAFri Jul 26 1991What does FMS provide with LN
1997.01CSC32::J_KEHRERFri Jul 26 1991An easy way to scroll a group????
1998.01PASMTue Jul 30 1991Position to a particular field again ???
1999.07HTSCTue Jul 30 1991Field validation OK in v1.1,fail in v1.2
2000.04CHEFS::HANSONNTue Jul 30 1991Tektronix support ?
2001.02AIDEV::PELLEGRINITue Jul 30 1991Different width panels: 8
2002.03REDBRD::ORTHTue Jul 30 1991%Space invalid as first key
2003.01CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Jul 30 1991DEC MCS key name documentation???
2004.01COPCLU::TCLAUSENWed Jul 31 1991Icon -> PEU call new forms image,help
2005.02DROPIT::BENHAMWed Jul 31 1991DATE PICTURE =
2007.06KERNEL::BEECRAFTWed Jul 31 1991Symbol FORMS$$BACK_TRANSLATE not found - exit edit
2008.084GL::WALLERTThu Aug 01 1991wrap problem; 2 line message panel
2009.02MELEE::SANTOSThu Aug 01 1991Disappearing panel with position down occurance
2010.04WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Aug 01 1991Form file not found error
2012.03SNOCFri Aug 02 1991Question
2013.01AYOV29::JMCINNESFri Aug 02 1991UlLTRIX version available?????
2014.04SORGEN::SIGIFri Aug 02 1991Can't get data back from PEU to form
2015.01ADO75A::SHARPEMon Aug 05 1991Problems creating form with DECforms V4.1 field test
2016.01ARRODS::CLARKNMon Aug 05 1991Distributed DECforms example
2017.01FROCKY::REHBERGMon Aug 05 1991DECforms Migration
2018.04THEPGA::LEBLANCTue Aug 06 1991Returning back to the From
2019.03JURA::RYDERWed Aug 07 1991Function Responses
2020.05JAC::COFFLERWed Aug 07 1991DECforms V1.3 netkit differs from CDROM version!
2021.03HAMCL3::WITTThu Aug 08 1991depending group-validation
2022.06YUPPIE::GAMA_RThu Aug 08 1991AUTOSKIP and scroll unseen questions
2023.02JAC::COFFLERFri Aug 09 1991DEC Technical Character Set: Can you get it?
2024.01TRCOA::MESICFri Aug 09 1991DECflow/EBD DOS client
2025.03WAYOUT::HISCOCKMon Aug 12 1991Need to exit form after error in pei
2026.06ALFAI::HENNESSYMon Aug 12 1991^D on exit (1.4 RISC)
2027.02SORGEN::SIGITue Aug 13 1991Passing form data DATE variable to PASCAL-PEU and back
2028.03SORGEN::SIGITue Aug 13 1991how to suppress leading zero's while input data ?
2029.02NYTPTue Aug 13 1991How to clean up DECforms when ACMS times out
2030.01SHIPS::ORCHARD_TFri Aug 16 1991Not clearing blank/null fields
2031.03NBOFS1::HAHNFri Aug 16 1991Dataset Hangup
2032.05STKHLM::LINDGREN_PTue Aug 20 1991 AST's and FORMS$CANCEL
2033.03VANGRD::ELLIOTTWed Aug 21 1991Using terminal's local printer with DECFORMS
2034.06UTRTSC::BUIJSWed Aug 21 1991How to use a remote .exe in FORMS$ENABLE?
2035.02NODEX::MCGREALWed Aug 21 1991DECforms and MOTIF
2036.0GRANPA::ALEVINEWed Aug 21 1991PRINT to an EXISTING file?
2037.01VAXSPO::ANDREThu Aug 22 1991COBOL 4.4 X Forms 1.3
2038.06KAOTThu Aug 22 1991A Decform date/time question
2039.02SBPEXE::CHAMBERSFri Aug 23 1991Currentitem builtin after help is blank
2040.01KERNEL::JACKSONFri Aug 23 1991Picture 9999' '
2041.010IMADV8::LAWLERMon Aug 26 1991Running decforms report in batch?? (no input)
2042.08OTOOA::MWALKERMon Aug 26 1991Horizontal Scrolling
2043.03HANMon Aug 26 1991error in date field after refresh of screen
2044.01HANMon Aug 26 1991error in date field processing when terminal characteristic is passthru
2045.03DVLPMon Aug 26 1991transceive behavior v1.2 vs. v1.3
2047.03KERNEL::JACKSONTue Aug 27 1991Application/Numeric Keypad
2048.05DNEAST::COMBAR_CURTTue Aug 27 1991Reverse Default Message Panel bug...
2049.01CECVTue Aug 27 1991TIMEOUTS - AST and DECforms
2050.03VAULT::CRAMERWed Aug 28 1991Dynamic sizing
2051.01WLDWST::TURNER_JWed Aug 28 1991How is a shadow record laid out if it has groups?
2052.04KETJE::SABLONThu Aug 29 1991But how to handle multiply refered fields in forms ?
2053.02WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Aug 29 1991How to implement INSERT and REMOVE on a scrolled group?
2054.05WLDWST::TURNER_JThu Aug 29 1991LSE template suggestion
2055.014JAYJAY::KORNSThu Aug 29 1991ANSI/IOS Status of FIMS?
2056.05HERON::ROWLANDSFri Aug 30 1991Tracked data & Arrays
2057.04ONE8Fri Aug 30 1991Naming of Panel Fields
2058.01CHEFS::HANSONNTue Sep 03 1991highlight before data input ?
2059.01MLNTue Sep 03 1991Adding to the activation list & positioning
2060.03RIVAGE::FLEURETTue Sep 03 1991Display problem in a scrolled area
2061.01KERNEL::BEECRAFTTue Sep 03 1991field defaults and activate wait on ...
2062.03VAULT::CRAMERTue Sep 03 1991Highlighting elements in a scrolled region
2063.02CRATE::PALKTue Sep 03 1991Generics,Decforms and CDD/plus
2064.01QUIPU::KULVETETue Sep 03 19913 miscellaneous questions
2065.05CCAD1Tue Sep 03 1991No message on activate wait
2066.01DURDUR::DA_SILVAWed Sep 04 1991Who to get Response time on ACMS/DECforms ? ACMS/DECforms response time
2067.02JURA::GERYWed Sep 04 1991Date Initialisation: blanks, NOT 17-nov-1858
2068.02CPDW::SMITHWed Sep 04 1991A Companion to the DECforms Style Guide
2069.0DVLPWed Sep 04 1991Async. I/O with DECForms
2070.02BIS1::DEJONGWed Sep 04 1991application-keypad versus Numeric keypad
2071.02NITTY::MISIULISWed Sep 04 1991any info on optimization???
2072.01IMADV8::LAWLERThu Sep 05 1991FORMS-F-BADFORM errors between 1.3 DEV and RT. different link date.
2073.0PUPPIE::GAMA_RThu Sep 05 1991MICR
2075.011TADSKI::USMFri Sep 06 1991Receiving mixed records from VAXC
2076.0WARNUT::JACKSONFri Sep 06 1991Russian DECforms ?
2077.02WAYOUT::LEWISFri Sep 06 1991message % code for undefined function key
2078.01SEDWS1::GAMA_RFri Sep 06 1991ESCAPE key
2083.02CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Sep 09 1991Validation Response and INVALID response step???
2084.01MAIL::HIRABAYASHITue Sep 10 1991Screen refresh in sub-process from parent process?
2085.01VAULT::CRAMERTue Sep 10 1991Externally defined Constants?
2086.01TRCOA::BROWNWed Sep 11 1991Support for AlphaWindow standard?
2087.01TRPLX::RAMESHWed Sep 11 1991Last Field's attribute is retained by the system ?
2088.05FSCORE::KAYEThu Sep 12 1991performance problems with scrolled regions
2089.05LYOIS1::NEJJARThu Sep 12 1991no privilege...
2090.01VINO::ALAMThu Sep 12 1991DECform pre-beginner's question
2091.06CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Sep 12 1991NN/DD -> Integer(4) invalid if < 11/17
2092.016NODEX::MCGREALThu Sep 12 1991%FORMS-F-FATINTERR, fatal internal error on VT42
2093.01--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 13 1991%FORMS-F-INTDATCOR, internal data corrupted error for VT42
2094.03AUDIO::MCGREALFri Sep 13 1991%FORMS-F-INTDATCOR, internal data corrupted (re 2
2095.04METSYS::ZENTNERSun Sep 15 1991peu and lib$find_image_symbol
2096.04TAVMon Sep 16 1991ACCVIO in a loop when calling FORMS$ENABLE
2097.02CSOA1::MAYNARDTue Sep 17 1991Two groups, same index display question
2098.055Tue Sep 17 1991Forms tracing help. Any out there?
2099.04REDRCK::AGUETue Sep 17 1991Output, Protected and Right Justification
2101.025Thu Sep 19 1991Debugging PEUs in ACMS using global sections.
2102.02REDRCK::TINCUP::MOEThu Sep 19 1991Insert/Overstrike and Numeric/Aplication
2103.06COPCLU::RAHBEKSun Sep 22 1991Literals as fields
2104.04DROPIT::BENHAMTue Sep 24 1991Problem trying to use between
2105.0358165::DANIELSONTue Sep 24 1991FORMS-W-CDDDIMFIE error
2106.01CGDEIS::LEVINETue Sep 24 1991forms/trans/dep --> %FORMS-E-CDDDEPREC
2107.03WAYOUT::HISCOCKWed Sep 25 1991accvio on "remove all"
2108.07AKOCOA::JOHNSONPWed Sep 25 1991V1.3 form enable on V1.2 node?
2109.03FURTHR::HANNANWed Sep 25 1991FORMS TRANSLATE takes hours
2110.013CSCMA::LABAKWed Sep 25 1991ALL-IN-ONE/SNATE problem.
2111.02KYOA::JACOWITZWed Sep 25 1991Why do 2 layouts more than double space required?
2112.0ARRODS::WHITEHEADThu Sep 26 1991Any CUA compliant forms out there ?
2113.01EEMELI::MALMIThu Sep 26 1991FIMS standard ?
2114.01NITTY::MISIULISThu Sep 26 1991How does %ESCAPE key work?
2115.02DRAC::FURIOFri Sep 27 1991More than 24 rows
2116.01UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RFri Sep 27 1991Metrics about Decforms vesrus TDMS needed
2117.02PASMFri Sep 27 1991Question from the layman
2118.02ONE8Fri Sep 27 1991Help with Date Formatting
2119.0WILARD::BTHOMPSONFri Sep 27 1991DECforms time estimates needed
2121.09ARRODS::CLARKNMon Sep 30 1991Numeric character fields
2122.05ARRODS::CLARKNMon Sep 30 1991Printing without the icons
2123.05ARRODS::CLARKNMon Sep 30 1991terminal not resetting
2124.0COPCLU::TCLAUSENTue Oct 01 1991output blank when noinput, how
2125.01CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Oct 01 1991DECforms documenation VMS&ULTRIX-hodgpodge?
2127.04CHOWDA::DSULLIVANTue Oct 01 1991Data Erosion possibilities ?
2128.09CSAVAX::WRIGHTTue Oct 01 1991ACMS/DECforms Problems
2129.01AUDIO::MCGREALWed Oct 02 1991IFDL language elements for the future???
2131.04AZTECH::WAGNERWed Oct 02 1991Problems installing V1.4 for VMS
2133.0132FAR::COCONNELLThu Oct 03 1991I entered this in note 1519... but afraid it wouldnt be seen
2134.02CPDW::LACAIREMon Oct 07 1991Resetting underlying fields after REMOVE
2135.02SIOG::CLARKEMon Oct 07 1991PEU
2136.06AZTECH::WAGNERMon Oct 07 1991FORMS_DEF.H is missing from the V1.4 IFT kit
2137.03PASMTue Oct 08 1991form application core dump ! HELP!!!
2138.06DEFOE::JAMIETue Oct 08 1991SMG from Decforms ?
2139.02UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RTue Oct 08 1991Termination checks for current field and table
2140.01JURA::SSCINFDEVTue Oct 08 1991A picture and spaces.
2141.04SHIPS::MURPHY_TTue Oct 08 1991help a novice!!
2142.03JURA::EHNU::CERETTue Oct 08 1991Entry numbers with zeros accepted in first position
2143.06FRIPP::HARRISTue Oct 08 1991New Pak on VTX
2144.02NOTWed Oct 09 1991error codes and C
2145.09DROPIT::BENHAMWed Oct 09 1991Looking for a debugger
2146.08ARRODS::CLARKNThu Oct 10 1991Support for color Pericm terminals
2148.02ZURThu Oct 10 1991FORMS with 2 asynch. sessions hanging
2149.03AZUR::DESOZAThu Oct 10 1991SET TERM/INQ prevents logins
2150.045Thu Oct 10 1991Conditional field validation example needed.
2151.02AZTECH::WAGNERThu Oct 10 1991Enhancement: Please prototype the C api routines.
2152.01AZTECH::WAGNERThu Oct 10 1991Form_File_Name is not required for linked-in forms... correct?
2153.03GIDDAY::CHANMFri Oct 11 1991DECforms & Powerhouse-Problem with Shareable images
2154.03KAOFS::B_ZINNFri Oct 11 1991Ref specific field within array?
2156.01COPCLU::TCLAUSENFri Oct 11 1991pos to current, perform exit and enter response
2157.01COPCLU::TCLAUSENMon Oct 14 1991release date V1.4
2158.0AKOCOA::JOHNSONPMon Oct 14 1991Single key, dual role complications?
2159.0105Wed Oct 16 1991How does DECforms search a search list?
2160.09EEMELI::KARPPINENWed Oct 16 1991DECforms for PC
2161.0CSC32::T_CHINWed Oct 16 1991Handling control characters
2162.04PASMThu Oct 17 1991ENABLE stack dump
2163.01GIDDAY::CHANMMon Oct 21 1991Insert group fields-field full message.
2164.011KBOMFG::JWAGNERMon Oct 21 1991Scrolled Textfile ?
2165.03KERNEL::WILESLMon Oct 21 1991
2166.025Tue Oct 22 1991Field validation with large data sets.
2167.04STKHLM::ARENDITue Oct 22 1991Forms-e-nosession from ast with synch.session_id
2168.03CRATE::PALKWed Oct 23 1991Just Scrolling Around
2169.02JURA::HUDELOTWed Oct 23 1991horiz scroll, cursor position pb.
2170.01CIGRBX::WARDThu Oct 24 1991Update release notes for PASCAL?
2171.0ISLNDS::KRONKFri Oct 25 1991LK4
2172.01AIDEV::CHANGSun Oct 27 1991help panels
2173.08ZPOVC::YEECHINTue Oct 29 1991Extra character after the last row ...
2174.01MQOOA::DOLANDTue Oct 29 1991Easy translation ???
2176.0AIDEV::CHANGTue Oct 29 1991scroll region
2177.08DEFOE::JAMIETue Oct 29 1991PROBLEM: no such device or address
2178.01TPOVC::ROGERTSAIWed Oct 30 1991decforms AP from ALL-IN-1
2179.02QCAVWed Oct 30 1991-E-CDDEXTRACT and -E-CDDLOST errors while translat
2180.02SEDSWS::BADRICKWed Oct 30 1991Group delete/create, panel editor hangs
2181.02MAIL::HEFFERNWed Oct 30 1991SEND,RECEIVE,TRANSCEIVE order problem
2183.02STKHLM::ARENDIThu Oct 31 1991Automatic update of an scroll area???
2184.06STKHLM::ARENDIThu Oct 31 1991Save context before exiting form?
2185.0ESMAIL::GATTERMANTue Nov 05 1991Context-Sensitive Characters
2186.01FILTON::KILBURNTue Nov 05 1991FMS and DECforms
2187.06ONE8Tue Nov 05 1991Minimum Lengths
2188.04HEAVY::JAMIEWed Nov 06 1991Positioning after forms$send
2189.04RUTILE::MACFADYENThu Nov 07 1991Online help text formatting
2190.01STKHLM::ARENDIThu Nov 07 1991VT1
2191.04SWTHOM::PERMALLThu Nov 07 1991Refresh not done with scrolling.
2192.01SHALDU::MULLURThu Nov 07 1991Search and Display a form record
2193.05STKHLM::ARENDIMon Nov 11 1991Problem with resetting terminal!
2194.01ASD::BARGOOTMon Nov 11 1991Porting a DECWindows application to char cell
2195.03REFDV1::DANIELSONMon Nov 11 1991Initial values question?
2196.06BOBA::ANDERSONTue Nov 12 1991Changing Positions of ASCii codes/Remapping Keyboard
2197.01ROCHE::GRAVEL::COBBTue Nov 12 1991Compute dynamic field values?
2198.01SHIPS::MURPHY_TTue Nov 12 1991moving cursor in a field
2199.0CSC32::J_KEHRERTue Nov 12 1991ACMS and DECforms again
2200.02--UnknownUser--Wed Nov 13 1991Escape routine from C pgm
2201.07WELLDN::KRISHNANThu Nov 14 1991Using External Values in IFDL
2202.0GOBUCS::COOLEYFri Nov 15 1991DECForms messages in ITALIAN needed
2203.07WELLDN::KRISHNANFri Nov 15 1991Fatal EVE error - kills me
2204.01SUBWAY::SIEGELFri Nov 15 1991DECforms Applications Documentation?
2205.02ROCHE::GRAVEL::COBBFri Nov 15 1991Reinitialize display fields
2206.03MELEE::SANTOSFri Nov 15 1991numeric input required, w/
2207.05TAVSun Nov 17 1991Problem with Decimal field and Minimum length 1
2208.01ROCHE::GRAVEL::COBBMon Nov 18 1991How to keep output when values?
2209.02SIOG::DOHENYTue Nov 19 1991sharable images problem
2210.034GL::WALLERTTue Nov 19 1991Upward compatibility of a DECforms Application
2211.01ATH853::TSILIRATue Nov 19 1991TPU/section in Decforms
2212.05BEAGLE::GODFRINDTue Nov 19 1991How to break a big application into pieces ?
2213.04MUNICH::RATSCHTue Nov 19 1991position to and print immediate/scrolled region
2214.02AIAG::LATHAMWed Nov 20 1991How to position out of a list
2215.07NYTPWed Nov 20 1991How to debug PEUs with DECintact
2216.02ONE8Wed Nov 20 1991Logic needed when validating last field on a panel
2217.05OTOOA::PONDThu Nov 21 1991FORMS$CHECKING_C.C doesn't seem to work.
2218.01GIDDAY::HADDADThu Nov 21 1991MacTerm and DECforms V1.3: FATAL INTERNAL ERROR.
2219.05RDVAX::SNYDERFri Nov 22 1991Problem with data not appearing on form
2220.03STRASB::HONOREFri Nov 22 1991Where is plib???
2221.02KAHALA::RAYFri Nov 22 1991Good form design courses/books
2222.01TIS::KORADAFri Nov 22 1991How to print entire group
2223.0EVOAI2::TEBOULMon Nov 25 1991Request Validation Response Question.
2224.01SHALDU::MULLURMon Nov 25 1991Display Mail and System notifications/messages
2225.03COMICS::BEECRAFTMon Nov 25 1991output " " stops valid times being accepted
2226.0DSSDEV::GALLAGHERMon Nov 25 1991Two Positions Open in DECforms Immediately
2227.03CSC32::B_LITTINMon Nov 25 199112:
2228.02QCAVTue Nov 26 1991DECForms with DECnet RSX??
2229.02STRASB::HONORETue Nov 26 1991Error code and trace file??
2230.04TKTV27::KOHARATue Nov 26 1991illeagal DECforms identifier
2231.01SOJU::GASSTue Nov 26 1991forms$examples:tdms_check_digit.obj
2232.01HAMPS::MANSFIELD_STue Nov 26 1991Field test for ULTRIX ?
2233.01PAOIS::DUROUXWed Nov 27 1991DOC.1.3 ? WHERE ?
2234.04CX3PT3::LAVETA::CBUTTERWORTHWed Nov 27 1991ACCVIO using callable LSE from DECForms.
2235.0WAYOUT::LEWISWed Nov 27 19912-d array, output pict and boundary cursor left
2236.09COLMon Dec 02 1991Forms input from mailbox?
2237.01AKO599::WARRENMon Dec 02 1991Message continuation
2238.04MUNICH::RATSCHMon Dec 02 1991INTOVF with fortran function - conversion error
2239.02TAVTue Dec 03 1991copy from dictionary - question ?
2240.08TAVTue Dec 03 1991two panels and exit group pervious
2241.01DUBSWS::JOYCE_AERTue Dec 03 1991shareable image problem
2242.01CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Dec 03 1991lib$find_image_symbol and LIBRTL image activation
2243.01MRKTNG::HOOVERTue Dec 03 1991Return Status when an escape routine accvios?
2244.01KBOENG::ASIEMENSWed Dec 04 1991DECforms specific status values - final name convention
2245.04VOGON::MILLSONWed Dec 04 1991Displaying panels that have no fields
2246.05KBOMFG::JWAGNERWed Dec 04 1991Linking to one File
2247.02SORGEN::SIGIWed Dec 04 1991DECforms return status codes for FORTRAN ?
2248.03SHOEBX::YUNWed Dec 04 1991Function response at layout level
2249.06AIDEV::CHANGWed Dec 04 1991range restriction
2250.0SHIPS::MURPHY_TThu Dec 05 1991supressing zeros in array
2251.02PLAYER::PELLEMANSThu Dec 05 1991Fatal Internal Error with debugger
2252.03PRMSThu Dec 05 1991POSIX compliance for DECforms?
2253.02MELEE::SANTOSFri Dec 06 1991%FORMS-E-TOOMANYARGS error in Escape call
2254.05KBOENG::ASIEMENSMon Dec 09 1991Big problem with DECforms - %FORMS-I-CONVERR
2255.012AIAG::LINDSEYMon Dec 09 1991Can two version run in the same cluster?
2256.02CESARE::QUAGLIAMon Dec 09 1991How to REVERSE the SELECTED field in a GROUP?
2257.0ARCHER::PRESTONMon Dec 09 1991Left justify integers w/o leading zeroes
2258.03ALOSWS::HEIGHTTue Dec 10 1991DECforms capability ....
2259.0FSDBTue Dec 10 1991Get 1st elmt in scroll wndw on deact/act of panel
2260.02MCDONL::BTHOMPSONTue Dec 10 1991Output pictures and COBOL Picture
2261.01AKOCOA::JOHNSONPTue Dec 10 1991DECforms/DECwindows coexistence update
2262.04WARNUT::JACKSONWed Dec 11 1991Performance of VT3
2263.05NOTWed Dec 11 1991LINK, escape routines and shareable images
2264.01AIDEV::POLIKOFFWed Dec 11 1991Can't delete *.TRACE.*
2265.01JURA::RADFORDWed Dec 11 1991Problem with TRANSFER and VARYING
2266.01AIDEV::POLIKOFFWed Dec 11 1991How do you change the value of the CURRENT pointer?
2267.02COPCLU::TCLAUSENThu Dec 12 1991activation and protected when
2268.01UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RThu Dec 12 1991Decforms and C and NULL
2269.02KBOMFG::BRANDTFri Dec 13 1991Xmas Wishlist
2270.05POLAR::THIELFri Dec 13 1991I Need Some Help
2271.01CSOA1::HALLIGANFri Dec 13 1991User license for DECforms ??
2272.01TADSKI::BAILEYMon Dec 16 1991Enable hangs second time around
2273.03AIDEV::POLIKOFFMon Dec 16 1991Skipping lines of dots.
2274.04USDEV1::MANNINGMon Dec 16 1991value won't pass to program....
2275.06CECVMon Dec 16 1991Infinite loop problem
2276.02NIKEZ::J_REIDMon Dec 16 1991Image Mismatch Error
2277.03TWYLA::LOEWMon Dec 16 1991DECforms sizing and porting!
2278.02ZPOVC::YEECHINTue Dec 17 1991FORMS-E-BADARG after upgrade to 1.3 from 1.2...
2279.02BERNTue Dec 17 1991Online help with VMS help libraries
2280.02RUTILE::QUELENNECWed Dec 18 1991FORMS$PRINT_FILE logical
2281.03WEIN::SIGIWed Dec 18 1991INPUT REQUIRED with OUTPUT PICTURE not working
2282.01CECVWed Dec 18 1991V1.3 backwards compatible with V1.2?
2283.05PLAYER::PUTMANSWed Dec 18 1991Ultrix PAK ? --> doesn't work ?
2284.08AUDIO::MCGREALWed Dec 18 1991Wrong logical being translated. Logical point to a shareable image with peus in it
2285.02MAIL::KOETTINGLWed Dec 18 1991Insert/Overstrike Futures?
2286.0RUTILE::GUILLOTThu Dec 19 1991Validation Response
2287.04ASD::LSMITHThu Dec 19 1991Select or Terminal problem...
2288.04JURA::BETENDFri Dec 20 1991Switching 8
2289.03KAOFS::M_ROYMon Dec 23 1991How to go back to previous field / activation list
2290.02DSSDEV::PIEKOSTue Dec 24 19912 DECforms/Motif Early Field Test Sites Wanted
2291.01CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Dec 27 1991The guts behind FORMS$AR_FORM_TABLE!?
2292.03TIMES2::ORNSTEINMon Dec 30 1991What is reasonable?
2293.01TPSYS::TAOTue Dec 31 1991Scientific Notation Display
2294.02UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RThu Jan 02 1992Problem with GIVING and LONGWORD INTEGER
2295.04IMTDEV::RINESMITHFri Jan 03 1992scrolled areas and protected fields
2296.01COASTL::MANNINGFri Jan 03 19922 different screen widths in the same form
2297.01SWAM2::ALLEN_DASat Jan 04 1992forms$send/parentrequestid/control text
2298.0AUDIO::MCGREALMon Jan 06 1992Should I QAR this (re: 2284)
2299.0JENEVR::KENDALLMon Jan 06 1992"floating" character field literals
2300.05SHIPS::MURPHY_TTue Jan 07 1992scroll question
2301.03AIDEV::POLIKOFFWed Jan 08 1992V1.4 broke my forms
2302.04RUATHA::WAGNERWed Jan 08 1992Figuring out if a space was entered in an Autoskip, 1 Character Field.
2303.01AIDEV::POLIKOFFWed Jan 08 1992Group within a group question
2304.06ZTOIS1::HONOREThu Jan 09 1992Compatibility VMS and ULTRIX versions???
2306.01HLDGFri Jan 10 1992How to create shadowed window borders
2307.03BERNMon Jan 13 1992current data item modified by escape routine
2308.02COLMon Jan 13 1992V1.
2309.08GIDDAY::HADDADWed Jan 15 1992HELP_TEXT, CDD and DECforms - again!
2310.02MLNWed Jan 15 1992Transceive while another one is still active?
2311.013STRASB::HONOREWed Jan 15 1992Keyboard problems
2312.01ODIXIE::BONEWed Jan 15 1992DECforms to access Rdb correct?
2313.07ASD::LSMITHWed Jan 15 1992Problem with linking in an escape routine...
2314.03STRIKE::LENGYELWed Jan 15 1992Need help passing status from 'C' to Forms
2315.05ALFAI::HENNESSYWed Jan 15 1992Group FOO Horizontal Displays N ??
2317.03ASD::LSMITHThu Jan 16 1992Confused about receive...
2318.03STRASB::HONOREFri Jan 17 1992DECforms RISC/ULTRIX PAK????
2319.09MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPMon Jan 20 1992multi-session in V1.4
2320.01HDLITE::LIBKINDMon Jan 20 1992FORMS$SAMPLE_PROGRAM_TV.EXE help needed
2321.02RNDPIN::NUCKLESTue Jan 21 1992Can you translate with the run time license?
2322.04DECWET::SHELBYTue Jan 21 1992unix/ultrix terminal problem
2324.03AIDEV::POLIKOFFWed Jan 22 1992Can IFDL do division
2325.01CRUISE::MANNINGWed Jan 22 1992add/delete/multiply/divide in V1.3?
2326.04TIS::KORADAWed Jan 22 1992Built-in Functions : Codasyl Standards
2327.04SHIPS::MURPHY_TWed Jan 22 1992validation response
2328.03ISLNDS::KRONKWed Jan 22 1992VAXC/DECforms error
2329.03AZTECH::WAGNERWed Jan 22 1992Output Picture X( nnn ) doesn't work.
2330.0MELEE::SANTOSThu Jan 23 1992Form redisplay problem
2331.04REDRCK::AGUEThu Jan 23 1992COPY from file, T1.4, Unexpected Char
2332.010REDRCK::AGUEThu Jan 23 1992ACMS 3.2 and DECforms T1.4 compatible?
2333.03BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHFri Jan 24 1992forms$cancel fortran item list -FORMS-E-ERRARGLIST
2334.04UNTADA::YANDLEFri Jan 24 1992String Picture validation
2336.01ESMAIL::GATTERMANMon Jan 27 1992An Assortment of Questions
2337.01GIDDAY::HADDADMon Jan 27 1992exit
2338.01UTRTSC::SOBCZAKTue Jan 28 1992Supressing all run-time messages
2339.035TIMES2::ORNSTEINTue Jan 28 1992Learning DECForms
2340.01NOOKIE::JLYNCHWed Jan 29 1992TDMS convert in V1.4?
2341.01TAVWed Jan 29 1992Highlight text path when problem
2342.01METZWed Jan 29 1992Print response step in multi-session
2343.01TRCOA::MCMULLENWed Jan 29 1992ANSI escape sequences
2344.02TAOVThu Jan 30 1992REFRESH and Screen Shifting
2345.03DELNI::WRIDEThu Jan 30 1992Customer problem - any ideas?
2346.06KERNEL::BEECRAFTThu Jan 30 1992print immediate - Order of the panels ?
2347.0HAMCL3::PLEWKAFri Jan 31 1992page fault monitor ??
2348.04CSC32::B_LITTINFri Jan 31 1992Conversoin Behavior
2349.01TYFYS::GAVINFri Jan 31 1992Testing for BIT settings in Integers
2350.05SHIPS::MURPHY_TMon Feb 03 1992Beginners subscript problem
2351.03USDEV1::MANNINGMon Feb 03 1992can i do this????
2352.01KERNEL::BEECRAFTMon Feb 03 1992forms$enable hanging in LEF state
2353.01ASD::LSMITHTue Feb 04 1992ANSI compliance question...
2354.02ESCROW::RAMSEYTue Feb 04 1992When is FORMS$K_PRINTFILE valid
2355.01FRUST::SCHAEFFERWed Feb 05 1992examples for pulling data out of database
2356.03SIOG::DOHENYWed Feb 05 1992Performance while using .FORM files
2357.08COPCLU::TCLAUSENWed Feb 05 1992need experince,tdms convert
2358.05KERNEL::BEECRAFTWed Feb 05 1992forms-f-intdatcor with all-in-1 agent
2359.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Feb 05 1992User quotas?
2360.01MELKOR::ZUHRWed Feb 05 1992Document the IFDL Syntax Hierarchy?
2361.01AZTECH::WAGNERThu Feb 06 1992How to specify an alternate Help Panel... when you can't use USE HELP PANEL.
2362.05COMET::REICHERTFri Feb 07 1992DELETE characters in Tracked form data items
2363.07VAXRIO::EZEQUIELFri Feb 07 1992DECforms default message
2364.0AIDEV::STEVENSFri Feb 07 1992ES
2365.010REFDV1::DANIELSONMon Feb 10 1992LOGOUT procedure
2366.02AKOCOA::JOHNSONPTue Feb 11 1992form record redefined?
2367.01BERNTue Feb 11 1992%FORMS-F-INTDATCOR within harmless form
2368.03AIDEV::POLIKOFFTue Feb 11 1992WISHLIST: I want a WHILE, FOR, UNTIL loop
2369.01EPAVAX::CARLOTTITue Feb 11 1992Help answering and RFP...
2370.09HANWed Feb 12 1992Record-Fields to PUEs
2371.02COMICS::JAMESMWed Feb 12 1992Problem with scrolling region
2372.08MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPWed Feb 12 1992varying string length question
2373.04STKHLM::ARENDIThu Feb 13 19924 colors becomes 3 on a vt34
2374.0DRAC::DSMAILFri Feb 14 1992LSE 3.1 patch break FDE edit IFDL with ACCVIO.
2375.03SQM::MALVIYAFri Feb 14 1992<Two scrolling groups at same time>
2376.02STRIKE::LENGYELFri Feb 14 1992Running an application on a system without DECforms installed
2377.03ISLNDS::YODERFri Feb 14 1992Input from command file?
2378.05TPOSG8::TONYHSUSun Feb 16 1992PAK help
2379.05SOUTHN::MULDOONMon Feb 17 1992%FORMS-F-LOADFORM, failure attempting to load a binary form
2380.03FUTURS::PALKMon Feb 17 1992Very Large Arrays
2381.01REFDV1::DANIELSONMon Feb 17 1992Quota Problem???
2382.03SWAM1::FLATMAN_DAMon Feb 17 1992CDD+ & WORD SCALE -1
2383.02USDEV1::MANNINGTue Feb 18 1992CDD+ record structures and the .IFDL
2384.04TYFYS::DAVIDSONTue Feb 18 1992Signed Fields revisited yet one more time
2385.04BERNWed Feb 19 1992print screen/multiple sessions
2386.02ESMAIL::GATTERMANWed Feb 19 1992Flow of Execution
2387.020AZTECH::WAGNERWed Feb 19 1992Creating a hierarchy of help panels.
2388.04KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWThu Feb 20 1992Packed integer - what is it?
2389.01UTRUST::SLAGBOOMThu Feb 20 1992cpu cost of remove viewport
2391.01SUBWAY::TDARCYFri Feb 21 1992Replacing SPACES with ZEROS in IFDL?
2392.05VAULT::CRAMERFri Feb 21 1992Range Validation when does it happen?
2394.01ASD::LSMITHFri Feb 21 1992State of Field test for V1.4....
2395.020TYFYS::DAVIDSONFri Feb 21 1992Backing up x number of fields
2396.04ASD::LSMITHMon Feb 24 1992Forms developement VMS vs. ULTRIX (vms bug...)
2397.03AIDEV::POLIKOFFMon Feb 24 1992Suttle problem in a CALL
2398.03FEATHR::BLUEJAYTue Feb 25 1992Right-justify/space fill a word/longword integer item
2399.03XLIB::CHANGTue Feb 25 1992V2 status update please
2400.03SNOCWed Feb 26 1992Supporting non VT ?
2401.07KERNEL::WILESLWed Feb 26 1992Strange message panel behaviour
2402.01HLDGFri Feb 28 1992Translation of end user messages into Dutch
2403.05AIDEV::POLIKOFFFri Feb 28 1992Scrolling by page problem
2404.02CTOAVX::LFORRESTMon Mar 02 1992Can you ck TRACK status while in the IFDL
2405.01USDEV1::MANNINGTue Mar 03 1992Displaying signed data on screen?
2406.03SHIPS::MURPHY_TTue Mar 03 1992scroll positioning
2407.01AIDEV::POLIKOFFTue Mar 03 1992Need to retain highlighting on previous panel
2408.03TAVWed Mar 04 1992fatinterr, intdatcor, mgrciobase - problem ?
2409.01--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 05 1992Help In CHECK_FORM_STATUS routine
2410.011--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 05 1992SPR for TRNINTERR
2411.01AIDEV::POLIKOFFThu Mar 05 1992QAR reporting system
2412.08GYPSC::MCCRILLISFri Mar 06 1992Input Required
2413.01AIMHI::ORNSTEINFri Mar 06 1992Looking for a Cross Reference
2414.03CSC32::B_LITTINFri Mar 06 1992Remove behavior??
2415.013TYFYS::DAVIDSONSat Mar 07 1992Emulating the IBM S/36 DUP-KEY
2416.01TAVSun Mar 08 1992logical names - available list somewhere ?
2417.01MINNY::PFISTERWMon Mar 09 1992New feature DECforms V. 1.4
2418.09AZUR::DESOZAMon Mar 09 1992How to check DECforms when installing a product ?
2419.01GYPSC::MCCRILLISTue Mar 10 1992Trim trailing blanks
2420.01UTRTSC::VDRIELTue Mar 10 1992term. attr. ESCAPE & HOSTSYNC and ACMS
2421.02WMOIS::NAIMARK_DWed Mar 11 1992Hide cursor?
2422.02KERNEL::JACKSONThu Mar 12 1992Variable format lines in group
2423.07INGOT::ROBERTSThu Mar 12 1992DECforms / RTE loadtest problem
2424.02CAPITN::DRUMMOND_ROFri Mar 13 1992DECforms for DOS/Macintosh?
2425.05ASD::LSMITHFri Mar 13 1992RTO Kit does not contain necessary images to run portable DECforms...
2428.01CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Mar 18 1992Viewport Scrolling?
2429.010CSC32::B_SHAWWed Mar 18 1992Calculating Form Record Lengths
2430.01NEWVAX::PENNINGTONThu Mar 19 1992rto and full dev on one cluster?
2431.01LYOISA::BRUNETFri Mar 20 1992DECforms vs FMS screens over the network
2432.02CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Mar 20 1992DECforms and DECthreads?
2433.0286Mon Mar 23 1992Arguement passing
2434.08TKOV51::YAMASHIGETue Mar 24 1992Partition between IFDL and AP
2435.02UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RTue Mar 24 1992Initial value for Date in CDD not supported?
2436.01HAMCL3::PLEWKAWed Mar 25 1992FDE internal error
2437.025Wed Mar 25 1992No common use of VMS MsgUtil and FORMS ?!?
2438.03CLO::FORNERWed Mar 25 1992autowrapping and boilerplates
2439.02ARSNAL::GRIFFINWed Mar 25 1992Development time using DECforms - does it take longer?
2441.01MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPThu Mar 26 1992problem clearing date field
2442.02TYFYS::DAVIDSONThu Mar 26 1992COBOL Field Definitions from DECFORMS?
2443.013MEO78B::TINKLERFri Mar 27 1992%LICENSE-F-NOAUTH, for the lastest V1.4 kit
2445.03VNABRW::NAGELMon Mar 30 1992Convert SMG to DECforms
2446.02BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHMon Mar 30 1992ast-level forms$cancel and ast chain forms$send ?
2447.03ASD::LSMITHMon Mar 30 1992Difference between 1.4 and T1.4...
2448.026THAVE::TEMINMon Mar 30 1992Text Merge into Postscript Form
2449.03ELIS::LENSENTue Mar 31 1992Control the UI from the application program!
2450.01HGOVC::DEANGELISTue Mar 31 1992Wish - DECforms version in trace
2451.01METZWed Apr 01 1992Input numeric field
2452.02SHIPS::MURPHY_TWed Apr 01 1992asynch example in C
2453.05MSTRED::MCCRAWWed Apr 01 1992How do you display the diamond?
2454.01MLNThu Apr 02 1992RETURN & INVALID statements
2455.01METZThu Apr 02 1992Shift TAB
2456.037448::MCAHILLThu Apr 02 1992TDMS to DECforms Reference
2457.01JIT4Mon Apr 06 1992Pointer to good experienced users
2458.01MUNICH::RATSCHMon Apr 06 1992forms manager and usage of AST
2459.01EEMELI::WOLFERMon Apr 06 1992DECforms in 7-bit environment
2460.0SOS6::VASILACHEMon Apr 06 1992DECforms 327
2461.05TPOVC::TONYHSUWed Apr 08 1992position to the form from another form
2462.03TAVThu Apr 09 1992Performance Question
2464.04SHIPS::MURPHY_TThu Apr 09 1992lib-f-badbloadr error mess
2465.0METZThu Apr 09 1992Double repaint on Position To
2466.02CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Apr 09 1992CONTROL [ keys not undefined...
2467.02SQM::SAXENAFri Apr 10 1992TPU bug while developing Forms
2468.0BBIVSat Apr 11 1992DECforms FATINTERR.....
2469.05MAJORS::POADMon Apr 13 1992How to quickly & neatly clear message panel
2470.01MAIL::VOGELMon Apr 13 1992Install-1 and DECforms performance
2471.01KAOFS::M_ROYTue Apr 14 1992Message Panel questions
2472.04POBOX::TSUCHIYAMATue Apr 14 1992Turkish character set support?
2474.01OSTVWed Apr 15 1992How to obtain process dump.
2475.01ISIDRO::OLMOWed Apr 15 1992Where I can get a FORMS T1.4 pak ?
2476.05DODO::GUILLERMOWed Apr 15 1992Display on Printer?
2477.0841174::OSHAUGHNESSYThu Apr 16 1992return values e.g. FORMS$_NORMAL
2478.01UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RThu Apr 16 1992Status of FIMS standard
2479.0AMAMA::MORENOThu Apr 16 1992Help with DECforms and ADA?
2480.05AUNTB::FRYLANDFri Apr 17 1992Scrollable fields revisited?
2481.014BODEGA::KRIMNTue Apr 21 1992Handling error messages from LIB$SIGNAL without disturbing screen.
2482.04CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Apr 21 19921.3/1.4 Display Clause does NOT!
2483.03WLDWST::TURNER_JWed Apr 22 1992Version Snafu
2484.05KETJE::DOMSWed Apr 22 1992Position cursor in scrolled region ?
2485.02SIOG::FARRELLWed Apr 22 1992General Performance Tips required
2486.04ATHINA::TSILIRAThu Apr 23 1992Decforms 1.
2487.02DSSDEV::WEBSTERFri Apr 24 1992Testimony on IFDL Generation by Mira Code Generator
2488.0DCOPST::RDOBCM::MCCARTYFri Apr 24 1992REAL Numbers
2489.02TPOVC::ROGERTSAITue Apr 28 1992Print screen error
2490.01MAIL::DESTERTue Apr 28 1992Apply Field Default ignored?
2491.04CPDW::FADDENWed Apr 29 1992Output Picture problem--error converting data type
2492.05DSSDEV::FRANTZWed Apr 29 1992Does anybody use FIELDIMAGE?
2494.01AIDEV::PUISHYSThu Apr 30 1992V1.2 Kit needed.
2495.01--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 30 1992Problem To Verify Scroll Region Input Field
2496.01SWAM2::MARTIN_KEThu Apr 30 1992DECforms ULTRIX and RMS?
2497.01JUMBLY::AMOAHEFri May 01 1992Additional checks still failing re.12
2498.03AIDEV::PUISHYSFri May 01 1992Supported platforms
2499.01SIOG::ORRMon May 04 1992Not more on 132
2501.01VMPIRE::BACHELDERTue May 05 1992Form level Keys?
2504.01KAL::MLARSSONWed May 06 1992Can't copy kit from BTLNCK::
2505.02CSC32::C_BENNETTWed May 06 1992Terminal background/foreground RESET???
2506.01CSC32::B_LITTINWed May 06 1992BUG???
2507.04SLBLUZ::MCDOUGALLWed May 06 1992Q: Clearing Form Data Item after removing data from a Group
2508.01CSC32::C_BENNETTWed May 06 1992DECforms Ultrix PLBRTL?
2509.01CROWES::HULLEYThu May 07 1992v1.4 release notes
2510.06XSTACY::OSHAUGHNESSYFri May 08 1992Null Terminated + Descriptor
2511.04MAJORS::REVELLMon May 11 1992Running DECforms application as a DECnet object.
2512.04MAIL::DESTERMon May 11 1992Clearing Messages when moving to fields
2513.04BERNWed May 13 1992DATE, TIME, ADT, transfer
2514.01COPCLU::BENTERIKWed May 13 1992Trailing spaces in a CHARACTER VARYING type
2515.05XSTACY::OSHAUGHNESSYWed May 13 1992forms_send / send response
2516.01VNABRW::NAGELWed May 13 1992FMS and FORMS on one screen
2517.01HAGGS::BENWed May 13 1992ICON by Charater typed + condition handling in PE (again)
2518.01LARVAE::MUTCHThu May 14 1992Is form data memory dynamically allocated ?
2519.01SCAACT::AINSLEYThu May 14 1992Where do I put the ACTIVATE WAIT?
2520.02OSLAGE::EIVINDR_PFri May 15 1992How specify output picture string of 18
2521.03AIDEV::POLIKOFFFri May 15 1992LINK-I-DATMISMCH question
2522.05GIDDAY::HADDADMon May 18 1992Left/Right Arrow and switiching of terminal mode!
2523.02KERNEL::WILESLMon May 18 1992VMS help from DECforms
2524.04HLDGMon May 18 1992Terminal video pages and DECFORMS?
2525.01SUOSW3::APPENZELLERThu May 21 1992Field editing performance
2526.04AIDEV::POLIKOFFThu May 21 1992translator fatal internal error
2528.03JUMBLY::AMOAHEFri May 22 1992forms extract error
2529.02TAVSun May 24 1992BNF for DECforms ?
2531.02KAL::OGRENMon May 25 1992Problems with form in shareable image. I get INVFHDSIZ...
2532.01KAL::OGRENMon May 25 1992Problems with escape rutin, PEU, in shareable image. I can't find it...
2533.03GYPSC::MCCRILLISTue May 26 1992COPY nested
2534.015AIDEV::POLIKOFFTue May 26 1992Trouble with PROTECTED WHEN and CONCEALED WHEN
2535.04AIDEV::POLIKOFFWed May 27 1992Remove or Deactivate. Which is correct?
2536.014AIDEV::POLIKOFFThu May 28 1992How can I test for the existence of a non printable character?
2537.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 28 1992problem calling decform while inside escape routine
2538.02NEWOA::PRIDE_TFri May 29 1992CDD+,COPY - BASED ON
2539.02AWASH::GCLIFFORDSun May 31 1992Record lists...
2540.08TPOVC::MAYWUMon Jun 01 1992Some strange escape sequence <ESC>$+2
2541.0TAVMon Jun 01 1992badoffset, image header offset is invalid
2542.05PRMSTue Jun 02 1992Overide default key bindings outside IFDL?
2543.01BRSISD::PELLEMANSWed Jun 03 1992problem record length
2544.0OSLLAV::EIVINDR_PThu Jun 04 1992Responce Step Clause gives NOMULTSUB (v1.3)- bug or not? (ifdl code included)
2545.01WOTVAX::PAINTERPThu Jun 04 19927th occurrence is different
2546.04ZENDIA::PESENTIThu Jun 04 1992ACCVIO when using 1.4
2547.02AKOVThu Jun 04 1992Help needed with date displays
2548.01BREAKR::UDICKThu Jun 04 1992DEC is telling developers to use JETFORMS
2549.02CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Jun 04 1992DECforms 1.3/DTM&VT42
2550.01BVEUX::LAMAREFri Jun 05 1992What is the built-in function "INSERT PUSH"?
2551.02STKHLM::ARENDIFri Jun 05 1992Position to subgroups in nested groups?????
2552.02SONATA::TEST_SURVEYFri Jun 05 1992Form clears on RETURN to application ...
2553.03MELEE::BPHANEUFFri Jun 05 1992Unable to RETURN CDD Defined Constant in Control Text
2554.01PHOEBE::SOLOMONFri Jun 05 1992need resources for customer project - TDMS to DECforms
2555.03PRIMES::CONNORSFri Jun 05 1992DECforms on Ultrix
2556.03GUIDUK::FARLEEFri Jun 05 1992AUTOTAB on last field in activation list?
2557.02VAXRIO::ABREUMon Jun 08 1992date input picture
2558.02TINCUP::MOEMon Jun 08 1992When does DECforms re-display a field?
2559.02XLIB::CHANGMon Jun 08 1992Determine last key pressed
2560.0METZTue Jun 09 1992Problem with First clause and Position To
2562.02COMICS::HISCOCKWed Jun 10 1992forms-f-exprevalerr
2563.04MATE::GCLIFFORDWed Jun 10 1992No Message Displayed
2564.06PTOVAX::MUCCIThu Jun 11 1992Virtual Memeory Leaks
2567.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERFri Jun 12 1992Forms Products Achieve Major Sales Milestones
2568.01USCTR1::GCLIFFORDFri Jun 12 1992Scrolling by page
2569.02METZSat Jun 13 1992a VMS/UNIX date and time question
2570.03EPS::PETERSTue Jun 16 1992Linking problem with Basisplus and Decforms
2572.01TKTV27::KOHARAWed Jun 17 1992Can I use forms in VT emulator?
2573.04AIDEV::POLIKOFFWed Jun 17 1992PAnel does not display
2574.05MUNSBE::CHEQUERWed Jun 17 1992Simple Input question.
2575.08NCBOOT::PILLAIWed Jun 17 1992Problems with procedural escape?
2576.01JURA::HUDELOTThu Jun 18 1992EYA412 Students Labs
2578.0COPCLU::TCLAUSENMon Jun 22 1992Get channel number
2579.01CHEFS::DICKSONBMon Jun 22 1992detached DECforms program
2581.01SQM::MALVIYAMon Jun 22 1992Help text on Ultrix
2582.04HGOVA::WILSONWONGTue Jun 23 1992Look for V1.2 FORMS$MANAGER image
2583.03COMICS::JAMESMTue Jun 23 1992FORMS-E-BADPICTURE with character date
2584.03UTROP1::WOLFEREN_RTue Jun 23 1992problem with logical in Copy ... Diction.
2585.02HAMRAD::DONADTTue Jun 23 1992Using APEX scripts for DECforms
2586.01HAGGS::BENTue Jun 23 1992Unknown data SIZE and CNVERR handling
2587.02EASE::CAROLANWed Jun 24 1992SSB/ESSB ship dates
2588.01WR2FOR::SMALE_JOWed Jun 24 1992Macterminal,Decforms,Vertical Line
2589.01KERNEL::WILESLThu Jun 25 1992Assigning a value to a group
2590.01BRSTR1::LIESMONSThu Jun 25 1992Fields multiply displayed
2591.01SMAUG::GARRODFri Jun 26 1992327
2592.01SQM::MALVIYAFri Jun 26 1992Display in Scroll region
2594.01EISNOW::LAWTue Jun 30 1992how do I control the display placement of grp itm
2595.01METZ::PAWLOWSKITue Jun 30 1992DATETIME format and CDD
2596.05SWAM2::COHEN_ROTue Jun 30 1992Have you converted from TDMS?
2597.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERTue Jun 30 1992Do you Ship/Support a Product that Uses DECforms?
2598.06KERNEL::WILESLTue Jun 30 1992%FORMS-E-NOLAYOUT problem
2599.01IMADV8::LAWLERWed Jul 01 1992Timeout reset by BREAKTHRU messages ?
2600.01DELNI::BIROWed Jul 01 1992FORMS-f-loadform
2601.03CECVWed Jul 01 1992Access Violation w/IF then ELSE IF of 26 levels
2602.03COPCLU::RAHBEKWed Jul 01 1992underline a concealed field
2603.01EISNOW::WILLIAMSONWed Jul 01 1992Another C example request ...
2604.03VAULT::CRAMERWed Jul 01 1992Where is "PRIVATE RULE" defined?
2605.04KERNEL::JACKSONThu Jul 02 1992Colours ignored by privileged accounts
2606.08JURA::HUDELOTThu Jul 02 1992Teaching DECforms Programming Course
2607.01AIDEV::POLIKOFFThu Jul 02 1992Concatenating fields
2608.03STUMon Jul 06 1992REFRESH changes behaviour
2609.08WARNUT::JACKSONMon Jul 06 1992327
2610.04TAVMon Jul 06 1992entry/exit/validation response per line in group ?
2611.010MELEE::BPHANEUFWed Jul 08 1992transferring data from datatype Date to character fields
2612.05KAL::MLARSSONThu Jul 09 1992ULTRIX "forms object" command returns fatal Internal Error
2613.06TADSKI::BONNERThu Jul 09 1992Solid lines vs. dashes
2614.01SLBLUZ::MCDOUGALLFri Jul 10 1992Activation List Losing Items
2615.04EISNOW::WILLIAMSONFri Jul 10 1992Rookie Parsing question
2616.04UNTADC::KILADISMon Jul 13 1992Perfomance problems starting a DECforms program
2617.01BAAH::LAMBMon Jul 13 1992CSO having DEVERR problem
2618.02FUTURS::ORCHARDTue Jul 14 1992Scrolling in display-only window
2619.02ROADKL::INGALLSWed Jul 15 1992scrolling array field validation using PEU
2620.04SNOCWed Jul 15 1992Segmented Strings
2621.05SNOCWed Jul 15 1992Copy Statements
2622.04TYFYS::DAVIDSONWed Jul 15 1992Competitive Migration Services
2623.0ROADKL::INGALLSWed Jul 15 1992Scrolling - INSERT line, DELETE line, SORT array
2624.0COMICS::JAMESMThu Jul 16 1992 SQL DECforms VaxC Example
2625.02WARNUT::JACKSONThu Jul 16 1992PARENTREQUESTID request/error trapping
2626.02COLThu Jul 16 1992Ultrix: ADT trans to C
2627.03ISLNDS::AREANOThu Jul 16 1992no PF1 key - HELP!!!
2628.06DSSDEV::WEBSTERFri Jul 17 1992Announcing DECforms V1.4 for ULTRIX RISC and OpenVMS VAX
2629.04TAVTue Jul 21 1992copy from dictionary - another question
2630.02TKOV51::YAMASHIGEWed Jul 22 1992"RETURN" in Receive Response
2631.02NJYODA::SACHSWed Jul 22 1992Yet another VT42
2632.04SGOUTL::REYES_JWed Jul 22 1992Decforms student labs needed..
2633.0TPWHIT::ROWLANDSWed Jul 22 1992Bookreader v1.4 documentation?
2634.01KAHALA::MARSHWed Jul 22 1992Message displayed as Garbage
2635.0DSSDEV::FRANTZWed Jul 22 1992327
2636.04CSC32::D_MACKENZIEWed Jul 22 1992Character Date Validation - Override Default?
2637.03SHIPS::MURPHY_TThu Jul 23 1992different languages
2638.0--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 23 1992Installation Failure?
2639.0MRKTNG::ROGERS_RThu Jul 23 1992Checksum Error
2640.02COMICS::JAMESMFri Jul 24 1992next item on activation list is not next item
2641.02KERNEL::JACKSONFri Jul 24 1992Russian DECforms
2642.01GUIDUK::FARLEEMon Jul 27 1992New ship date for V1.4 - VMS?
2643.03QCAVTue Jul 28 1992Keystroke is it possible !
2644.07TAOVWed Jul 29 1992Duplication of Response Steps
2645.03HAMCL3::WITTWed Jul 29 1992problem: V1.4-CDD integration
2646.05EEMELI::EINAMOWed Jul 29 1992invalid date ?
2647.01BVEUX::LAMAREWed Jul 29 1992ACCVIO at translate time
2648.02HAMCL3::WITTThu Jul 30 1992V1.4 - CDD again
2649.0PENUTS::CLYNCHThu Jul 30 1992'Copy Value' in Group data
2650.01CSC32::J_KEHRERThu Jul 30 1992master index mistake
2651.0JURA::DUQUESNEFri Jul 31 1992DECtp Demo V2.2 available...
2652.09MELEE::SANTOSMon Aug 03 1992no array occurrence on up occurrence
2653.02STKHLM::HANSSON_MTue Aug 04 1992Change function respons.
2654.011SWTHOM::PERMALLTue Aug 04 1992Is the year 2
2655.0PLAYER::BRH387::ROSENWed Aug 05 1992Multiple Field Validation Prior To Database Commit
2656.03HAMCL3::PLEWKAWed Aug 05 1992portable API and send_ctl_cnt
2657.03STKHLM::HANSSON_MWed Aug 05 1992Menuselecting
2658.02STKHLM::HANSSON_MWed Aug 05 1992Variable-Field relations
2659.03CPDW::PRASADWed Aug 05 1992How to check data length in a field?
2660.02VAXRIO::CSANTOSWed Aug 05 1992Behavior changes after VMS upgrade
2661.03CSC32::J_KEHRERThu Aug 06 1992Is there a part detail example
2662.08IMTDEV::RINESMITHFri Aug 07 1992Return without Receive Record Update?
2663.09INBLUE::RODASFri Aug 07 1992Forms error -15: Fatal Internal Error.
2664.01SWTHOM::PERMALLFri Aug 07 1992REPLY messages not correctly displayed on the screen ...
2665.05GUIDUK::FOSTERFri Aug 07 1992Field Defaults and field overflow
2666.02CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Aug 07 1992DECforms 1.4/VT42
2667.01NOTMon Aug 10 1992LAT ports and Disable
2668.02PIRATE::RSMITHMon Aug 10 1992Positioning to Previous Field on other Panel
2669.07ESSB::TREDMONDTue Aug 11 1992VMS help problem
2670.01XSTACY::JLUNDONTue Aug 11 1992Problems mixing the portable API and the VMS API, Not a good idea?
2671.04WARNUT::BALMFORTHKWed Aug 12 1992Group navigation fails
2673.03ESCROW::RAMSEYMon Aug 17 1992V1.4 FRMINCMPL / Translation Warnings
2674.02NWOJH::EIVINDR_PMon Aug 17 1992How to remove decforms from systemdisk
2675.06HAMCL3::PLEWKAMon Aug 17 1992V1.4 translator
2676.02CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Aug 17 1992DECforms 1.4 FIELD IS FULL?
2677.01KAZAN::SAUNIERTue Aug 18 1992How to interpret the forms$eventlog.log report
2678.03COPCLU::RAHBEKTue Aug 18 1992Message line & print
2679.02MELEE::SANTOSTue Aug 18 1992dynamic string assignments
2680.04ZPOVC::YEECHINWed Aug 19 1992DECforms course Lab exercise solution ...
2681.013SORGEN::SIGIWed Aug 19 1992V1.4 does not a REFRESH to double high lines
2682.04XSTACY::OSHAUGHNESSYWed Aug 19 1992synchronous V's asynchronous
2683.01HLDGWed Aug 19 1992performance and parent request id
2684.01WARNUT::BALMFORTHKWed Aug 19 1992copy from dictionary problem
2685.02SWTHOM::JACOBWed Aug 19 1992FFLOATING in 999999R.99 ?
2686.0AMAMA::MORENOThu Aug 20 1992V1.4 / ANALYZE/IMAGE Issue To Be Aware Of
2687.0SORGEN::SIGIFri Aug 21 1992V1.4 does not recognize diff. terminal types
2688.02STKHLM::HANSSON_MMon Aug 24 1992Wait a second...
2689.08SWTHOM::JACOBMon Aug 24 1992VT42
2690.01KETJE::CORTEBEECKMon Aug 24 1992DECtrace ? to help a CP-persion ?
2691.01KAL::OGRENTue Aug 25 1992Any limitations in activation many child forms from a parent form?
2692.0KAL::OGRENTue Aug 25 1992Error handling in form
2693.02CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Aug 26 19921.4 FORMS EXTRACT OBJ defaults?
2694.02MINNY::PFISTERWThu Aug 27 1992Overview documentation DECforms?
2697.04MLNTSC::FAZZARIThu Aug 27 1992EXQUOTA & INTDATCOR on DECforms V 1.3
2698.01EMASS::GANZThu Aug 27 1992Shareable image with many forms
2699.05KERNEL::JACKSONFri Aug 28 1992Form hanging after external request phase
2700.03CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Aug 28 1992forms$object_tables change?
2701.06TALK::COTTAYMon Aug 31 1992Uppermost/lowermost occurence visible
2702.01COMICS::HISCOCKMon Aug 31 1992Linking forms objects on rt kit?
2703.01BOSTON::BOSTON::NOCELLAMon Aug 31 1992Function key problems dialing-in
2704.01BVEUX::LAMAREMon Aug 31 1992DECforms/ULTRIX et 7-bit terminal
2705.02CSC32::JAGGERMon Aug 31 1992Forms V1.4 and CDD DMU format data supported?
2706.02ACESPS::WETTYMon Aug 31 1992DECforms Multi-Lingual Example
2707.02LYOISA::LEFEBVRETue Sep 01 1992Compatibility VT1
2708.07BOHEME::LAVELLITue Sep 01 1992EXQUOTA & INTDATCOR some news!
2709.01KISMIF::COTETue Sep 01 1992Using forms$tranceive Procedural Escape
2710.05ROADKL::INGALLSTue Sep 01 1992%FORMS-E-NOLAYOUT, The display size does not match.
2711.01BERNWed Sep 02 1992ACCVIO after termination checks
2712.03WAYOUT::HISCOCKThu Sep 03 1992decforms -> SQLMOD insert data into varchar?
2713.07GIDDAY::CHANMFri Sep 04 1992Validations within scrolling lists ??
2714.03BERNFri Sep 04 1992Validation problems
2715.06FINE::COTEFri Sep 04 1992"product out of date" ??
2716.05MARVA1::POWELLFri Sep 04 1992Need assistance with message translation
2717.02BVEUX::LAMAREMon Sep 07 1992Video attributes in DECforms V1.4
2719.02TKTV27::KOHARATue Sep 08 1992about BOLD attribute
2720.01IMTDEV::RINESMITHTue Sep 08 1992Multiple HELP panels (HELP called from HELP)
2721.0LASSUP::MORENOWed Sep 09 1992Decforms Run-Time Messages in Spanish
2722.02KERNEL::WILESLWed Sep 09 1992Strange 8
2723.01EISNOW::LAWWed Sep 09 1992Selectable Message panels, is it possible.
2724.02STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANThu Sep 10 1992License invalid for product release date - PAK problems
2725.04JURA::HUDELOTFri Sep 11 1992PB with Return Immediate within a Internal Response
2726.02VAXRIO::CSANTOSFri Sep 11 1992Back translator and behavior changes
2727.02METZFri Sep 11 1992pb submitting a batch com file
2728.02SORGEN::SIGIMon Sep 14 1992FORMS_STATUS def as long int in the .H, decforms returns int
2729.08DGOSWMon Sep 14 1992PB reports in batch mode with decforms 1.4
2730.04WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Sep 14 19921.4 documentation anywhere ?
2731.01WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Sep 14 1992ES
2732.0AZUR::FONTAINETue Sep 15 1992File access terminated with no bits set on close
2733.01FSCORE::KAYETue Sep 15 1992wrong msg text (debug OK)
2734.03MUDIS3::OSSENKAMPThu Sep 17 1992invalid date msg
2735.01CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Sep 17 19921.4 FORMS$ENABLE and video bleeding question...
2736.01GLDOA::CUTLERThu Sep 17 1992DECFORMS and MOTIF?
2737.02STKHLM::ARENDIFri Sep 18 1992Displaying Reversed or Bold on a message panel???
2738.06WARNUT::BALMFORTHKFri Sep 18 1992ACCVIO during translate
2739.02MACNAS::GDOHERTYMon Sep 21 1992Scroll Two Groups in Sync ?
2741.02MAJORS::REVELLMon Sep 21 1992Copying CDD variants
2742.02WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Sep 21 1992ACCVIO in 1.3
2743.0KISMIF::COTEMon Sep 21 1992GROUP LAST/FIRST ITEM and activation question
2744.0AMAMA::MORENOMon Sep 21 19921.4 Shareable form image problem/workaround
2745.01ICS::GATTERMANMon Sep 21 1992DECforms DECnet Object
2746.01RT93::HENDERSONMon Sep 21 1992Passing Data
2747.03MACNAS::GDOHERTYTue Sep 22 1992Activate / Posn. Immed Problem.
2748.08ALICAT::HOPETue Sep 22 1992Asynchronous input
2749.04CSC32::J_KEHRERWed Sep 23 1992scale
2750.010HAMCL3::WITTWed Sep 23 1992How to set numeric keypad with DECForms V1.4 ?
2751.03MAJORS::SPENCEWed Sep 23 1992System Crash with DECforms T1.4-3
2752.07CSC32::J_KEHRERThu Sep 24 1992trace problem ACMS/DECforms 1.4
2753.0MAJORS::REVELLThu Sep 24 1992Form record not displayed
2754.012KERNEL::LIVESEYPFri Sep 25 1992Repeated display of last populated item in group through scrolled region!
2755.01MLNTSC::RESNATIFri Sep 25 1992DECforms and ALL-IN-1
2756.02GNPIKE::NICOLAZZOFri Sep 25 1992Linking with portable API?
2757.03AWARD::POOJAFri Sep 25 1992Decimal field and validation
2758.01MACNAS::GDOHERTYMon Sep 28 1992U: REMOVE doesn't Remove Viewport
2760.03ALICAT::MACKAYTue Sep 29 1992Translate ACCVIO from DECforms V1.4-5
2761.03SWTHOM::JACOBTue Sep 29 1992V1.4 file save error after LSE work
2762.01R2ME2::RICOTue Sep 29 1992project leader name
2763.02KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Oct 01 1992CTRL 2!!!!!!???? Ctrl 2!!!!???
2764.01FSCORE::KAYEThu Oct 01 1992can't run V1.3 form after upgrade to V1.4
2765.08LYOISA::NEJJARFri Oct 02 1992data set hangup
2766.07AWARD::POOJAFri Oct 02 1992Highlight and Select a row in scroll region
2767.02GUIDUK::FARLEEFri Oct 02 1992Syntax error causes tranlator to loop...
2768.03TKTV27::HONOBEMon Oct 05 1992Scrolling ICONs??
2770.02MAIL::WRIGHTBTue Oct 06 1992Need list of IFDL commands which modify data items.
2771.02CHEFS::HANSONNWed Oct 07 1992DECforms chinese ?
2772.05MAJORS::HANSONWed Oct 07 1992Shareable library of PEU's to be used by other DECforms applicattions - linker problem
2773.03PARLEE::PARLEEWed Oct 07 1992v1.4, AST's, & VAX BASIC problem
2774.02TPOSG8::RIMAThu Oct 08 1992calling a sub-program from decform failure
2775.02HAMCL3::PLEWKAThu Oct 08 1992Active Highlight and timeout ?
2777.03DPDMAI::TREVINOThu Oct 08 1992DECFORMS 1.4 broke my forms (%FORMS-F-BADFORM)
2778.02CSAVAX::KARTHIKThu Oct 08 1992Trace file problem
2779.02COPCLU::BENTERIKFri Oct 09 1992Trace-output in another DECTERM-window?
2780.01MRKTNG::HOOVERFri Oct 09 1992Carry over overstrike/insert mode between fields?
2781.04TPOSG8::RIMASun Oct 11 1992Bad Item List code
2782.04COPCLU::TCLAUSENMon Oct 12 1992Install/share
2783.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Oct 12 1992Test Enable Exit Responses? Test Enable Exit Responses
2784.04EMASS::GANZMon Oct 12 1992Handing the terminal to another image
2785.04BVEUX::LAMARETue Oct 13 1992How to suppress the run-time message?
2786.01BUFFER::FAULDSTue Oct 13 1992Automatic merge of text and form for fax
2787.04KERNEL::LIVESEYPWed Oct 14 1992French keypad works intermitantly!
2788.065Thu Oct 15 1992V1.4 needs more page file?
2789.07BACHUS::LEENMon Oct 19 1992DECforms <-> DECterm
2790.01STKHLM::ARENDIMon Oct 19 1992Display Panel and positioning??
2791.02WARNUT::BALMFORTHKTue Oct 20 1992Failure - invalid form header size
2792.03WARNUT::BALMFORTHKWed Oct 21 1992ES
2793.05WARNUT::BALMFORTHKWed Oct 21 1992user mode AST delivery ?
2794.02GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Oct 22 1992display corruption in scrolled regions V1.4
2795.03GIDDAY::BRYDENThu Oct 22 1992customer comments on V1.4
2796.03XFMVThu Oct 22 1992acms-rdb-forms problem again
2797.06ISIDRO::FMOYAThu Oct 22 1992DECforms/ULTRIX/MF-Cobol ?
2798.02MR4DEC::DDEANGELISThu Oct 22 1992variable output pictures
2799.012DSSDEV::WEBSTERThu Oct 22 1992DECforms for Alpha AXP
2800.05DSSDEV::WEBSTERThu Oct 22 1992Motif and MS Windows Support - A Preview
2802.01XSTACY::JLUNDONFri Oct 23 1992forms_def.h question
2803.02GIDDAY::BURKESun Oct 25 1992Problem with FIRST in GROUP, IFDL in reply .1
2804.0232FAR::COCONNELLMon Oct 26 1992FMS ... Decforms Please help !
2805.05LAVGOD::SARRACCOTue Oct 27 1992DECforms/327
2806.0SMAUG::GARRODWed Oct 28 1992'DECforms Use with 327
2807.02AIDA::LAVELLIThu Oct 29 1992decforms/327
2808.02CORNIS::COTEFri Oct 30 1992Positioning in GROUP
2809.03BBIVSat Oct 31 1992Refreshing Screen
2810.01TAVSun Nov 01 1992wgat is ISO date format ?
2811.03CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Nov 03 19921.4 FORMS-E-INVHIBOUND error w/ACTIVE HIGHLIGHT&Groups!
2812.05NAPCED::ALLOGGIWed Nov 04 1992Poscript printing from DECforms: is it possible?
2813.03KERNEL::JACKSONThu Nov 05 1992Typeahead before image activation
2814.01ESSB::MCKNIGHTThu Nov 05 1992Help on RALLY/DECforms
2815.01AMRETO::QUINNFri Nov 06 1992Need to provide a supervisor/monitor/spy facility for a DECforms-based application
2816.03TAVSun Nov 08 1992internal response with no name in trace - how ?
2817.01CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Nov 09 1992CDO DISPLAY_SCALE field property and DECforms?
2819.01BRSVMS::VANDENBERGENWed Nov 11 1992warning before TIMEOUT
2820.06KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Nov 12 1992Problems with New Forms$manager!
2821.06EPS::WILLIAMSThu Nov 12 1992Learning curve for DECforms: Data Conversion - Bad?
2822.01TAVThu Nov 12 1992Changing FIRST Implicitly
2823.03COLFri Nov 13 1992Forms 1.4, horizontal scrolling, VT42
2824.01BBIVMon Nov 16 1992Different DATA TYPES
2825.02KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Nov 16 1992Keyboard or DECForms Problem!
2826.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Nov 16 1992Problem going from 132 back to 8
2827.02DEVOTN::SDAMEM::IRRGANGWed Nov 18 1992What is latest kit available
2828.08TRLIAN::MAYThu Nov 19 1992Need HELP with lat lines and batch forms program.
2829.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Nov 19 1992TDMS To DECForms form!
2830.03BACHUS::DEKEYSERThu Nov 19 1992Refresh problem (supported or unsupported)
2831.02IMTDEV::RINESMITHFri Nov 20 1992Group Validation
2833.01CHOVAX::LEVINEFri Nov 20 1992Decforms V2
2834.01WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Nov 23 1992Hebrew FULL support ?
2835.02CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Nov 23 1992FORMS$ENABLE and EPC$SHR?
2836.01CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Nov 23 1992DECtrace what is an occurrence?
2837.02NWDMon Nov 23 1992Enable/disable typeahead buffer ?
2838.04KERNEL::LIVESEYPTue Nov 24 1992Linking a form into an executable!
2839.03BACHUS::DEKEYSERTue Nov 24 1992lbr-e-toomnylib, too many libraries open
2840.04GUIDUK::FARLEETue Nov 24 1992Problem LINK/SHARE with LOTS of forms
2841.01PIRATE::RSMITHTue Nov 24 1992Validation when using NEXT OCCURRENCE
2842.04ZPOVC::SINSPSWed Nov 25 1992Scrolling between different calls
2843.07SAC::WILLIAMS_CWed Nov 25 1992CONVERR problem on character field
2844.01NWGEDU::DINGEMANSThu Nov 26 1992Test Enable and LIBRTL?
2845.06METZMon Nov 30 1992Timeout and asynchronous send
2846.07FRUST::SAUERWEINMon Nov 30 1992DECforms & DEC C++ compatibility
2847.03MR4DEC::DDEANGELISMon Nov 30 1992search vs. validation response
2848.04WHODA5::GTRUTTTue Dec 01 1992Horizontal tab/scroll ?
2849.04KERNEL::LIVESEYPWed Dec 02 1992Two Problems in one : Current displayed Item Data Item!
2850.017KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Dec 03 1992Remove panel problem since upgrade!
2851.02TAVThu Dec 03 1992INVFHDSIZ. How's it related to EXTRACT qualifiers
2853.01SWAM1::RIEL_JOThu Dec 03 1992access violation w/ TRANS in MMS
2854.01METZFri Dec 04 1992F6 = INTERRUPT
2855.02KERNEL::LIVESEYPFri Dec 04 1992Is their a simple way of forcing a user to have entered values into a field!
2856.05STKHLM::ARENDIMon Dec 07 1992Exiting 1 terminal causing AST hang on several others!! (1.4)
2857.03GALVIA::PFEHINMon Dec 07 1992New Book on Usability Available
2858.03KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Dec 07 1992Tdms, DECForms Typeahead prob!
2859.07CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Dec 07 1992DECforms/LIB$SPAWN and DECalc?
2860.02XSTACY::PJMEALYTue Dec 08 1992The REMOVE postdisplay clause......
2861.02BALZAC::ROMNEYWed Dec 09 1992Install as sharable image !!!
2862.05RUTILE::WARBURTONWed Dec 09 1992Beep Mechanism
2863.06GIDDAY::BRYDENWed Dec 09 1992conflict between multiple sessions V1.4 = corruption
2864.01HAMCL3::PLEWKAThu Dec 10 1992Field Default applied on Icon ?
2865.02KERNEL::LIVESEYPFri Dec 11 1992Group,Tracked,CDD
2866.02STKHLM::LINDGREN_PFri Dec 11 1992Recursive form requests
2868.075Fri Dec 11 1992How to design 're-entrant' ifdl for ACMS applications?
2869.02BERNTue Dec 15 1992Problem Using Uppercase/F14/Passthru
2870.02GIDDAY::CHANMWed Dec 16 1992NODATITEM problem after upgraded DECforms V1.4
2871.01CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Dec 16 1992DECforms&ADA->VMS<>ULTRIX PORT?
2872.02TRNAF1::MANISSEROWed Dec 16 1992Problem using Object Library for PEU and Vector
2873.05KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Dec 17 1992Fatal internel error! V1.4
2874.06VAXRIO::AZEVEDOThu Dec 17 1992VT42
2875.03SIOG::FARRELLThu Dec 17 1992Another strange escape sequence
2876.03WARNUT::JACKSONFri Dec 18 1992List of Reserved Words Please
2878.01BALZAC::SIEFri Dec 18 1992DECforms V1.3 and CDD V5
2879.02ATHVS2::BRAUNSun Dec 20 1992Line 1, Column 1 (FORM V1.4,ACMS V3.3) does not sh
2880.04TAVTue Dec 22 1992HANG (process in LEF) while exit from peu ?
2881.08BVEUX::LAMAREWed Dec 23 1992Hangs with the new FORMS$MANAGER (V1.4-8)
2882.01IJSAPL::DIRKSWed Dec 23 1992Define keypad period as keypad comma, possible?
2883.04HGOVA::WILSONWONGThu Dec 24 1992Moving comments fixed again in V1.4 ?
2884.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Dec 24 1992HOw to do horozontal input panning
2885.03CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Dec 28 1992VT42
2886.04HGOVA::TONYLIUTue Dec 29 1992Print current display problem
2888.0UFHIS::MMCCREADYSat Jan 02 1993Kermit / DECforms interoperability problem
2889.04KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Jan 05 1993compatibility with Chinese versions ?
2890.07TINCUP::S_ROSCIOTue Jan 05 1993Images needed for forms work
2891.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPWed Jan 06 1993Problem with signed quadword scale -2!
2893.02AIMT::PETERSFri Jan 08 1993VT42
2894.02GIDDAY::CHANMMon Jan 11 1993Specify Insert/Overstrike in IFDL ?
2895.01XFMVMon Jan 11 1993FORMS Erratic Behaviour IN 1.4
2896.02ICS::GATTERMANMon Jan 11 1993Natural Languages?
2897.03CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Jan 11 1993DECforms 1.4 FORMS DEV file icon-Object of Form???
2898.02CORNIS::COTEMon Jan 11 1993Group Refresh?
2899.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOMon Jan 11 1993Active Highlight Whole Group
2900.01MQOSWS::G_FIORAMORETue Jan 12 1993Display problems
2901.05TAVTue Jan 12 1993CDO to IFDL translator
2902.02KETJE::ROBBENSWed Jan 13 1993CPU/Memory estimation ?
2904.055Thu Jan 14 1993DECforms AXP kit??
2905.04ARNIES::JULIANThu Jan 14 1993Unable to output .FORM file. Fatal Internal Erro
2907.0STKHLM::LINDGREN_PThu Jan 14 1993How to use a PEU to transfer 2 dim array from FORTRAN?
2908.03EPS::CHRISTENSENFri Jan 15 1993use of IF outside a response?
2909.02ESSB::MKEOHANESun Jan 17 1993Basic & Request-options argument of FORMS$SEND
2910.06SAC::EXTON_MMon Jan 18 1993DECforms and 327
2912.05ISLNDS::AREANOMon Jan 18 1993Advice Needed to Get Started
2913.01AIAG::DUROCHERTue Jan 19 1993failure attempting to load a binary form
2914.05CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Jan 19 1993V2.
2915.0TAINO::GONZALEZEFWed Jan 20 1993ACMS/DECforms on X.25
2916.03GIDDAY::CHANMThu Jan 21 1993call forms$transceive hang after upgrade.
2917.02KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Jan 21 1993Strange behaviour from protected when!
2918.05KERNEL::WILESLThu Jan 21 1993LINK-W-ILLSHRXPR shareable images
2919.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERThu Jan 21 1993Newly Updated Resource List is Available
2920.01BVEUX::LAMAREThu Jan 21 1993Return and multiple control text
2921.0MERCAN::HETHERINGTONFri Jan 22 1993accvio in FORMS$ENABLE call
2922.03MKOTS1::ESTRELLAFri Jan 22 1993undesired screen redisplay
2923.01HGOVC::QCAVSat Jan 23 1993Simulation Problem
2924.02MUNICH::SBECKERMon Jan 25 1993DECforms doesn't set colors if called from a detached process
2925.01IJSAPL::NIJENHUISMon Jan 25 1993Can't use language clause anymore
2926.02ARRODS::LEWISATue Jan 26 1993date arithmetic, string manipulation + panels
2927.02AIAG::HOWGATETue Jan 26 1993Can DECforms V1.2 and V1.4 coexist
2928.02SQM::SAXENATue Jan 26 1993Need help on Linking
2929.02KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Jan 28 1993
2930.03TAVThu Jan 28 1993Passing mechanism for FORMS$AR_FORM_TABLE
2931.01TAVThu Jan 28 1993EXTRACT and TRANSLATE or just EXTRACT
2932.01CALS::MCCLEARNThu Jan 28 1993Forms error 3
2933.01JOCKEY::MARSHALLJMon Feb 01 1993V1.4 changes or problems ??
2934.02EPS::WILLIAMSMon Feb 01 1993DECForms Forms develop fatal error
2935.01SNORF::NORMANMon Feb 01 1993proc_escape_error problem
2936.04ASDS::RIOPELLETue Feb 02 1993Problem with kit install ?
2937.01MFRFMS::SFISCHERWed Feb 03 1993License Problems with DECInspect
2938.06HDLITE::LIBKINDWed Feb 03 1993Workaround needed for FORMS EXTRACT OBJECT...
2940.03BVEUX::LAMAREThu Feb 04 1993Transceive and BADRECLEN
2941.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPFri Feb 05 1993Fatal Internal error after image extract!
2942.02WHODA2::GTRUTTFri Feb 05 1993WP functionality for Input Processor
2943.04WHODA2::GTRUTTFri Feb 05 1993Runaway Compilation
2944.05GENSIS::LAVEYFri Feb 05 1993Single user license, mult DECforms sessions/process
2945.01AMCUCS::SWIERKOWSKIMon Feb 08 1993"Conversion" consulting?
2946.02XSTACY::JLUNDONTue Feb 09 1993V1.2 to V1.4 upgrade problems with the FORMS$AR_FORM_TABLE
2947.03KERNEL::LIVESEYPTue Feb 09 1993Transceive responses!
2948.01STKHLM::ARENDITue Feb 09 1993Disconnect DECforms starts looping?????
2949.02MR4DEC::DDEANGELISTue Feb 09 1993source and destination data qualifiers
2950.0COPCLU::TCLAUSENWed Feb 10 1993full input on date question
2951.01WARNUT::BALMFORTHKWed Feb 10 1993VT42
2952.02VERGA::FRIEDMANWed Feb 10 1993GUI/Windows?
2953.01PRMSMon Feb 15 1993FIMS from other vendors?
2955.02DSSDEV::FRANTZTue Feb 16 1993DoD will probably require a FIMS Subset
2956.03AKOREA::KIMTue Feb 16 1993DECIMAL OVERFLOW while converting data type
2957.01CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Feb 16 1993FORMS$PORTABLE_API.EXE installed for C/FORTRAN on VMS?
2958.01OHMARY::HALLWed Feb 17 1993Estimate size of Form Data?
2959.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPWed Feb 17 19937 bit mode and 8 bit mode
2960.01KERNEL::WILESLThu Feb 18 1993Installation & VMS help
2961.01ARSNAL::GRIFFINFri Feb 19 1993ACMS task - Forms error - FORMS-F-INTDATCOR
2962.04KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Feb 22 19932 questions!
2963.03KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Feb 22 1993
2964.02ISIDRO::ITZIARMon Feb 22 1993CDDDEPREC error
2965.02MAIL::WRIGHTBMon Feb 22 1993Controlling the name of the form vector table.
2967.06KERNEL::JACKSONTue Feb 23 1993British character set
2968.04WMOIS::BREEN_YWed Feb 24 1993NEED EXAMPLE
2969.01CICCIO::DELMONTEThu Feb 25 1993moving between form records
2970.07TINCUP::S_ROSCIOThu Feb 25 1993Help running on AXP
2971.03CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Feb 26 1993DECforms/Windows utilities to ramp up on?
2972.01TAVMon Mar 01 1993qualified name - length restriction ?
2973.01TAVMon Mar 01 1993group nesting - how much ....
2974.03TAVMon Mar 01 1993transfer for group subscript - can we do it ?
2977.03WARNUT::BALMFORTHKTue Mar 02 1993a disabled form flashes on the screen
2978.03KERNEL::JACKSONWed Mar 03 1993Repeatedly enabling a form
2979.0ISIDRO::OLMOThu Mar 04 1993How DECFORMS works when collect data ?.
2980.02NITTY::MISIULISThu Mar 04 1993Questions on Decimal datatype, and other?
2981.02MERCAN::HAYCOCKSFri Mar 05 1993Color support - on What?
2982.01XSTACY::PJMEALYFri Mar 05 1993Variable content Listboxes
2984.05KERNEL::LIVESEYPFri Mar 05 1993Form Validation!
2985.02EVOAI2::TEBOULMon Mar 08 1993DECforms and PC/Windows
2986.025Mon Mar 08 1993How would you handle different keyboards?
2988.04ZPOVC::PETERDINGTue Mar 09 1993patches for 1.3 and 1.4
2989.02EEMELI::LINNA_ALHOTue Mar 09 1993forms$manager v1.4-9 accvio
2990.02XSTACY::PJMEALYTue Mar 09 1993How do you hide the cursor?
2991.05SUBWAY::WANGTue Mar 09 1993Third Parties that uses DECform
2992.045Tue Mar 09 1993What do use to generate a report in a DECforms application?
2993.04RDGENG::POVEYWed Mar 10 1993IFDL to handle VMS printing anyone?
2994.01MYMOON::CASSINELLIWed Mar 10 1993Strange problem inside PEU
2995.04NWGEDU::HINDSThu Mar 11 1993DECforms debugger ??
2996.06XSTACY::PJMEALYThu Mar 11 1993Sending a nested group...or a subset of a group
2997.01CSC32::D_MACKENZIESun Mar 14 1993Detailed Explanation for FORMS$_PENDING?
2998.02SAC::WILLIAMS_CMon Mar 15 1993Fatal Translator Error
2999.0HALFDM::NUCKLESMon Mar 15 1993translation of data values
3000.04KERNEL::LIVESEYPTue Mar 16 1993Fatal Internel Error!
3002.08KERNEL::LIVESEYPWed Mar 17 1993Changing default insert mode!
3003.02VAXRIO::EZEQUIELWed Mar 17 1993AST and NON-AST panels
3004.03BERNThu Mar 18 1993Immediate condition <=> validation
3005.03LISVAX::MJMIGUELThu Mar 18 1993CDD lock problem
3007.02MACNAS::BATVAN::BATEMANMon Mar 22 1993IO$_SETMODE to change device type?
3008.01TENNIS::KAMMon Mar 22 1993DECforms vs. DECadmire for form prototyping/modelling?
3009.0UNTADI::HALSERTue Mar 23 1993Asynchronous broadcast trapping in PASCAL
3010.01DEVOTN::SDAMEM::IRRGANGTue Mar 23 1993Interaction between EDT and DECforms
3011.01VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue Mar 23 1993Which KEY was last used???
3012.08UTOPIE::PAUNTZENWed Mar 24 1993DECforms V1.4-9 and VT42
3013.02RDOVAX::RDOBCM::MCCARTYWed Mar 24 1993DECterm bold/reverese colors
3015.05YOYO::PUISHYSThu Mar 25 1993Is Version 1.4-9 backward compatable to v 1.3-29??
3016.01ARNIES::SIMSAFri Mar 26 1993Output Picture Problem
3017.02UNTADH::HALSERFri Mar 26 1993Asynchronous broadcast trapping in Pascal
3018.02UTRTSC::VDRIELMon Mar 29 1993Decforms V1.4 & vt1
3019.02KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Mar 29 1993Size of executables when linking forms!
3020.06ZPOVC::PETERDINGMon Mar 29 1993Scrolling to the next page.
3022.02MERCAN::CLIFTONTue Mar 30 1993Delete key in signed field
3023.04SAC::WILLIAMS_CTue Mar 30 1993Has a field been modified?
3024.02BBIVWed Mar 31 1993Multiple screens with different screen widths
3025.01CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Mar 31 1993forms-f-nolicense internal criteria?
3026.02USDEV::MANNINGThu Apr 01 1993blank out default date
3027.03BBIVMon Apr 05 19938
3028.03CORNIS::TURNERMon Apr 05 1993What [syscommon...]FORMS$*.* files can I do without?
3029.025Mon Apr 05 1993Blanking message area by default?
3030.02UNTADI::KINGWed Apr 07 1993Problem with scrolled regions
3031.0UTRTSC::BUIJSWed Apr 07 1993FORMS-F-TRNINTERR and DMU * fields
3032.03BUBI::MCCRILLISThu Apr 08 1993Null Terminated form data type
3033.02ICS::GATTERMANThu Apr 08 1993Escape Routine Question
3034.02YOOVFri Apr 09 1993PRINT with "Display Reverse"
3035.05COPCLU::RAHBEKTue Apr 13 1993Shareable - how much is shared ?
3036.09WARNUT::BALMFORTHKTue Apr 13 1993search list points to search list ?
3037.05STKHLM::ARENDITue Apr 13 1993LIB-F-INSEF from large forms shareable???
3039.02WMOIS::SPILLANE_MWed Apr 14 1993vmsinstal & decforms?
3040.075Thu Apr 15 1993Does string truncation terminate an exchange step?
3041.03WMOIS::BREEN_YThu Apr 15 1993declare icon as part of group
3042.01SOS6::MIROUXFri Apr 16 1993MAXBUF influence
3043.06ESSB2::TREDMONDTue Apr 20 1993Fixed length message problem
3044.06BVEUX::LAMARETue Apr 20 1993AST and NON-AST on the same session
3045.03ROMTue Apr 20 1993Moving from DECforms to Motif
3046.07NITTY::MISIULISTue Apr 20 1993can DECForms do screen modifications at run-time?
3047.03STRASB::GRAMPPWed Apr 21 1993DECforms Motif presentation
3048.03KERNEL::WILESLThu Apr 22 1993Scrolling large databases - records redisplaying
3049.01RAISSA::PASSAQUINDICThu Apr 22 1993Character set problem
3050.01QCAVThu Apr 22 1993Error converting from one data type to another???
3051.01TKTV27::IMAIDAFri Apr 23 1993Reverse Color is not changed
3053.03XSTACY::PJMEALYFri Apr 23 1993Accelerators/Mnemonics
3054.05HTSC19::ALEXLUIMon Apr 26 1993FORMS application form VT32
3055.03SUOSW3::SCHMITTMon Apr 26 1993Bad performance with 1.4
3056.04VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue Apr 27 1993FATINTERR - ident. b1.4-5-211-7
3057.03SAC::WILLIAMS_CTue Apr 27 1993Portable API - cannot find address of PEU
3058.03FSDEV::MPOTHIERWed Apr 28 1993Question about automatically updating a field in a form
3060.01CICCIO::DELMONTEFri Apr 30 1993DECforms and variant-clause in ACMS workspaces
3061.04KERNEL::JACKSONFri Apr 30 1993Internal Error from Panel Editor
3062.03STKHLM::ARENDIMon May 03 1993Scrolling controlled from outside group?
3064.01SWLAVC::ALTIERITue May 04 1993Patch for V1.4???
3065.01FUTURS::CHAMBERSWed Apr 28 1993Restrict characters enetered
3066.01KERNEL::JACKSONWed May 05 1993%FORMS-F-OPENFORM when using shareable image
3067.03BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHWed May 05 1993SEARCH success/failure elementary condition ?
3069.02UTRTSC::VDRIELThu May 06 1993ACMS DCL task & SET PASSWORD
3070.04CEVRIN::OSTOREROFri May 07 1993NO_READ_ACCESS in escape routine.
3071.018AMAMA::MORENOMon May 10 1993V1.4 ECOs/Updates Available
3072.08SWAM1::RIEL_JOTue May 11 1993Internal Error / internal data corrupted
3073.011WARNUT::BALMFORTHKWed May 12 1993FORMS-E-OPENFORM - urgent ********
3074.02SED75Wed May 12 1993Key Re-Definitions
3075.05XSTACY::PJMEALYWed May 12 1993Error Message Text
3076.01MILPND::D_DUMASThu May 13 1993FORMS-E-PROC-ESCAPE_ERR running DECforms and DECinspect
3077.01SWAM1::RIEL_JOThu May 13 1993how with ACMS?
3079.02RUTILE::GARUFIMon May 17 1993BEEP when Cursor outside of field
3080.02USDEV::RLEEMon May 17 1993validation question.
3082.05ROMTue May 18 1993Handling a 4
3083.02ESSB2::TREDMONDTue May 18 1993decforms error messages
3084.03BACHUS::DEKEYSERWed May 19 1993forms-f-invhibound error with latest forms$manager
3085.04HLDGWed May 19 1993link, escape routine peu and shareable images
3086.03BCSE::HOOVERFri May 21 1993IVP reports success when $forms unrecognized
3088.02VAXRIO::ABREUMon May 24 1993decforms 1.4 / 327
3089.03HAN::KUNTZEMon May 24 1993DECforms V2 (Motif/Windows), when available?
3090.07BIRMVX::KALLUMon May 24 1993String extraction in future release?
3091.02BBIVTue May 25 1993Translate problem with V1.4
3092.03NEWOA::SAVILLE_JTue May 25 1993Line-graphics in a scrolled region
3093.01CPDW::FADDENWed May 26 1993using identical field names in multiple records
3094.01KERNEL::WILESLThu May 27 1993FORMS-E-NORECORD when form in library
3095.04KAHALA::MARSHThu May 27 1993Problem with FONT display
3096.02HDLITE::MANJUNATHFri May 28 1993How to make date entry optional
3097.01TPSC1Tue Jun 01 1993sethost and DECforms
3098.02CPDW::LACAIRETue Jun 01 1993Bad image header offset
3099.06BERNWed Jun 02 1993Internal data corrupted, LIB-F-BADBLOADR
3100.03XSTACY::PJMEALYWed Jun 02 1993Null Terminated
3101.02KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Jun 03 1993Linked lists in DECForms!
3102.02BIS1::COLLEYEThu Jun 03 1993Question: %FORMS-E-RECVRECITEMS
3103.01HTSC19::ALEXLUIFri Jun 04 1993CDDVARIGN & BADEXPRESS during FORM compiling
3104.01KERNEL::WILESLFri Jun 04 1993FORMS-F-LOADFORM using .exe, ok with .form
3105.0YUPPIE::REEDMon Jun 07 1993Use of the Message Panel
3106.01HDLITE::MANJUNATHTue Jun 08 1993Calling AST routine from Decforms
3107.01NYSBU::LIGHTBURNTue Jun 08 1993To IFDL or not to IFDL
3108.03CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Jun 08 1993Multiple Level Help HANGS (DOCBUG?)
3109.05HDLITE::MANJUNATHTue Jun 08 1993Using AST from decforms to display time asynchronously
3111.01LARVAE::SINCLAIR_SWed Jun 09 1993Decforms and Natural 4GL
3112.05BACHUS::DECLERCKWed Jun 09 1993Background / Foreground
3113.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Jun 09 1993DECforms with a touch screen?
3114.01UTRTSC::VDRIELThu Jun 10 1993PEU & fuction keys
3115.04HDLITE::MANJUNATHThu Jun 10 1993Print panel questions
3116.01QCAVSat Jun 12 1993Address of procedural escape not found....
3117.02NYSBU::LIGHTBURNMon Jun 14 1993Any calendar display IFDL around????
3118.01CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Jun 14 1993FORMS-RT-USER license question???
3119.02RIPPLE::REID_PATue Jun 15 1993Help overlaying panels
3120.04RIPPLE::REID_PATue Jun 15 1993Fatal Internal Error - Internal data corrupted
3121.01FUTURS::MATTARTWed Jun 16 1993Problem with Group Display: wrong page flashing
3122.01ZPOVC::INDOThu Jun 17 1993Conversion to DECForms
3123.01VCOUThu Jun 17 1993MFS on IBM MVS/IMS replacement
3125.02KERNEL::JACKSONFri Jun 18 1993Files being deleted
3126.03EVOAI2::TEBOULFri Jun 18 1993Which Key ????
3127.03WARNUT::BALMFORTHKMon Jun 21 1993Dynamic refreshing screen and help panels
3128.0TAOVTue Jun 22 1993PRINT IMMEDIATE Question
3129.02KERNEL::LIVESEYPThu Jun 24 1993Wrong PEU being executed!
3130.01BALZAC::KUOCHThu Jun 24 1993FatalInterError & SetHost
3131.0BIS1::COLLEYEFri Jun 25 1993Q: ACMS/DECForm & FORMS$SEND within a form
3132.01STKHLM::LINDGREN_PMon Jun 28 1993Shared form more shared?
3133.02METZMon Jun 28 1993DECserver problem ?
3134.034743::REEVESTue Jun 29 1993FORMS-RT PAK QUESTION
3135.01NEWVAX::MURRAYThu Jul 01 1993DECform Input
3136.07HTSC19::SIMONLAUFri Jul 02 1993v.14/vms 5.5-2 panel width 132 -> 8
3137.05SX4GTO::CHENFri Jul 02 1993DECforms development kit for AXP?
3138.02BIS1::COLLEYEMon Jul 05 1993Q: Overwriting a bultin function for some fields only
3139.02DV78Tue Jul 06 1993Defining SHIFT/TAB to be BACKTAB?
3140.03TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Jul 07 1993Text constants in IFDL
3141.05XSTACY::PJMEALYThu Jul 08 1993Passing an adt in a CALL response step...
3142.02MGOSThu Jul 08 1993Editing within text fields
3143.04CSOA1::HOLLERANThu Jul 08 1993mouse control?
3144.02HTSC19::SIMONLAUWed Jul 14 1993Missing info in TRACE/repeated display of screen
3145.010GUIDUK::SOMERWed Jul 14 1993OSF1 ALpha AXP Release
3146.02RIPPLE::REID_PAThu Jul 15 1993Conditional display of a literal text/field group?
3147.04CPDW::FADDENSun Jul 18 1993Validation Response occurs after Function Response
3148.011STKHLM::ARENDIMon Jul 19 1993ACCVIO from forms with object extracted within FORMS DEV?
3149.0STKHLM::ARENDITue Jul 20 1993Shared module still not shared despite workaround!!
3150.0--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 20 1993Taking care of the escape routine return status.
3151.05THEMV1::EMMANUELTue Jul 20 1993fatal internal error.
3152.01MFOIS1::CHOQUETWed Jul 21 1993manuals forDECforms RT on ALPHA AXP openVMS ?
3153.03KERNEL::WILESLThu Jul 22 1993background/foreground support for decterms?
3154.01BVEUX::LAMAREFri Jul 23 1993Internal error with DECforms V1.4
3155.03LODGE::WVCFri Jul 23 1993Help with field recognition & completion
3156.05BBIVSat Jul 24 1993DEcoform Run-time problem on Alpha
3157.01WMOIS::UGURMon Jul 26 1993Progress bars using Decforms
3158.05KERNEL::WILESLTue Jul 27 1993Reserved words problem in V1.4
3159.03HGOVA::WILSONWONGWed Jul 28 1993132 col cannot change back to 8
3160.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERThu Jul 29 1993Is this problem and solution applicable to Motif?
3161.04NYSBU::LIGHTBURNThu Jul 29 1993mismatch record length doing receive
3162.06TAVMon Aug 02 1993Memory usage diff. from 1.3 to 1.4 - ????
3163.0KERNEL::WILESLTue Aug 03 1993gblsections/pages used by images
3164.01UFRCS1::MANITue Aug 03 1993Another 'fatal internal error'
3165.02ISIDRO::BRAVOWed Aug 04 1993FORMS in more than one shared image
3166.01CUESTA::ARRUZAThu Aug 05 1993LIBRAR-E-DUPGLOBAL error when inserting on library
3167.01KERNEL::WILESLThu Aug 05 1993rms-e-cre & ACCVIO on forms translate
3168.0LYOISA::NEJJARTue Aug 10 1993INTDATCOR, internal data corrupted ...
3169.01NYSBU::LIGHTBURNTue Aug 10 1993Question on protocol (flow) form to program
3170.01IJSAPL::DIRKSWed Aug 11 1993Using records rather than data items in peu calls
3171.0IJSAPL::DIRKSWed Aug 11 1993Problems with PROTECT WHEN and move to next item
3172.01UTRTSC::BUIJSThu Aug 12 1993decforms, decterm window and screen width
3173.01VAXRIO::EZEQUIELThu Aug 12 1993Layout definitions is always from line 1 col 1
3175.02MAJORS::CLIFFEFri Aug 13 1993SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO on entering DECforms
3176.04MKOTS1::ESTRELLAFri Aug 13 1993PARAMOVRFLOW error
3177.04VAXRIO::CSANTOSFri Aug 13 19932 FORMS at the same time
3178.02KILARA::DEANGELISSat Aug 14 1993NYET's address
3179.09LASSUP::MORENOMon Aug 16 1993ACCVIO on enabling a form after upgrade to VMS
3182.0ANGLIN::NITTELTue Aug 17 1993Fields not apprearing in panel
3183.01AIDEV::POLIKOFFTue Aug 17 1993Clear screen after broadcast message?
3184.0DEKVC::HYUKJAEKWONWed Aug 18 1993cancel in ast timing ?
3185.0TKTV27::KOHARAWed Aug 18 1993ACCVIO on PRINT response
3186.0STKHLM::LINDGREN_PWed Aug 18 1993CONCEALED WHEN and performance
3187.06UTRTSC::BUIJSWed Aug 18 1993decforms V1.4: disable response problem
3188.01RIPPLE::REID_PAThu Aug 19 1993Message not displaying to message panel
3189.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Aug 23 1993%FORMS-F-INUSE when Exiting on a VT382
3190.01KERNEL::LIVESEYPMon Aug 23 1993132 coloumns goes back to 8
3191.0SWLAVC::ALTIERIMon Aug 23 1993decforms patch/ ultrix workstations
3192.01WARNUT::BALMFORTHKTue Aug 24 1993badspec at installation time
3194.02XSTACY::PJMEALYFri Aug 27 1993How to do a Ctrl-W on a screen?
3195.0CEVRIN::OSTOREROFri Aug 27 1993Invalid date and left arrow
3196.0TAVMon Aug 30 1993MEMory usage - HELP !!!!!!!
3197.0DEKVC::JEONGGONSONTue Aug 31 1993Reverse color not change in VXT2
3198.01FOR26::BRAMBLETTTue Aug 31 1993Available on OSF?
3199.09HSKPRF::KOKKOWed Sep 01 1993DECForms/327
3200.02AMCFAC::DISHNEAUWed Sep 01 1993%forms-e-proc_escape_err on OpenVMS AXP 1.5
3201.01SWLAVC::ALTIERIWed Sep 01 19932nd try ** help **
3202.01EEMELI::MALMIThu Sep 02 1993Decforms 327
3203.01KERNEL::JACKSONFri Sep 03 1993BADEXPRESS error on translate
3204.06UPBEAT::DSULLIVANTue Sep 07 1993Field not displaying in correct place on screen
3205.0KERNEL::JACKSONTue Sep 07 1993Strange message display
3206.0KERNEL::WILESLTue Sep 07 1993forms trans, sys$scratch & resource identifiers
3207.01NOPROB::BRONSTEINTue Sep 07 1993Need help calling a BASIC function
3208.02ALICAT::GILMOURWed Sep 08 1993Re-extract form objects - why?
3209.02KERNEL::JACKSONWed Sep 08 1993EXIT SAVE doesn't work with EDT
3210.01CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Sep 10 1993V2.
3211.01KERNEL::WILESLMon Sep 13 1993VT42
3212.04STKHLM::ARENDIMon Sep 13 1993Procedural escapes both in main program and shareable leads to %LIB-E-KEYNOTFOU??!!
3213.02NYSBU::LIGHTBURNMon Sep 13 1993Validating Question ???
3214.02CSC32::A_FROSTMon Sep 13 1993Request to help locate V1.1 (?!) kit
3215.01NRSTA2::CARIFIOMon Sep 13 1993looking for form meta-data at run time. tx.
3216.01MUNICH::SBECKERTue Sep 14 1993IVP V1.4A: NOLAYOUT error on Alpha V1.5
3217.02MUNSBE::CHEQUERTue Sep 14 1993Single character response
3218.0LARVAE::LEGG_AWed Sep 15 1993Reference Site Needed
3219.01HDLITE::VANORDENWed Sep 15 1993vt42
3220.03BALZAC::KUOCHThu Sep 16 1993GROUP CURRENT index value.
3221.01TPOSG8::SYSTEMMon Sep 20 1993Access Violation
3222.01NODEX::GUPTAMon Sep 20 1993Minimum version for VMS V6.
3223.02KILARA::DEANGELISMon Sep 20 1993V2 and fonts
3224.01KILARA::DEANGELISTue Sep 21 1993V2/Motif/and pushbuttons
3225.02METZWed Sep 22 1993Timeout and multi-session
3226.0METZWed Sep 22 1993Hidden portion in date-format
3227.01NRSTA2::BACHELDERThu Sep 23 1993FORMS-E-NORECORD error ?
3228.02GIDDAY::CHANMFri Sep 24 1993Display and update on all the terminals ?
3229.015PAD39A::WEBSTERTue Sep 28 1993Significantly Improved TDMS to DECforms Converter Now Available
3230.02NITTY::MISIULISTue Sep 28 1993how to echo something for password letter
3231.012DPDMAI::TATUMWed Sep 29 1993Shared installed images supported for DECtrace?
3232.02RIPPLE::REID_PAWed Sep 29 1993Segmentation Fault: PEU -> Form
3233.0NYSBU::LIGHTBURNWed Sep 29 1993trasceive to update a file ???
3234.01--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 29 1993MS Word interface?
3235.03COPCLU::RAHBEKThu Sep 30 1993DEVICE declaration
3236.01STKHLM::ARENDIFri Oct 01 1993Windows/Motif behaviour when entering data????
3237.05STKHLM::ARENDIFri Oct 01 1993DECforms crashing when run from a PC
3238.07KERNEL::WILESLFri Oct 01 1993blanks in a date field
3239.02POBOX::OLEARYMon Oct 04 1993Graphics in Help Forms?
3240.0SMAUG::GARRODMon Oct 04 1993DECforms 327
3241.0XFMVTue Oct 05 1993DECforms APPL VAX to AXP
3242.01KERNEL::SMITHTue Oct 05 1993Blank Records in the scrolled region
3243.01CSOA1::MAYNARDWed Oct 06 1993can we maintain 132 col .ifdl files?
3244.03SWTHOM::JACOBWed Oct 06 1993COPY of FILLER gives BADEXPRESS in V1.4
3245.01MUNICH::SBECKERWed Oct 06 19932 FORMS$SENDs from 1 AST possible ?
3246.01VAXRIO::ABREUThu Oct 07 1993Debugging escape routines (not in shareable image)
3247.0235658::MARCHIONDOThu Oct 07 1993Forms .EXE and VMS V6.
3248.01ISIDRO::OLMOMon Oct 11 1993How to report V2.
3249.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon Oct 11 1993Fatal Internal Error with CDD Copy on Translate
3250.01BACHUS::ALLEMEERSCHMon Oct 11 1993%STR-F-ERRFREDYN after transceive distribution
3251.02NEWOA::SAVILLE_JTue Oct 12 1993placing form objects in libraries
3253.02HAMCL3::PLEWKAWed Oct 13 1993DMQ-message reception ?
3254.01EVOAI2::GRAMONDThu Oct 14 1993Is %Windows still in V2 ?
3255.0DSSDEV::WEBSTERThu Oct 14 1993Adding Windows to DECforms - A New Presentation
3256.07POBOX::BLAINEThu Oct 14 1993"send vs receive performance"
3258.09ELIS::ELIS::RUDOLPHTue Oct 19 1993%FORMS-F-FATINTERR on Utrix DECterminal
3259.02LISVAX::MJMIGUELWed Oct 20 1993TIMEOUT trap ?
3260.01DPDMAI::TATUMWed Oct 20 1993Help regarding large reset/data distribution phases
3261.0DPDMAI::TATUMWed Oct 20 1993Hints on analyzing DECtrace data?
3262.03GIDDAY::HADDADThu Oct 21 1993DECforms --------> DECwindows!
3263.03DV78Thu Oct 21 1993duplicate key sequence error
3264.01CSC32::J_KEHRERThu Oct 21 1993FATINTERR on double high/wide 1.4-1
3265.07NODEX::POLIKOFFMon Oct 25 1993%FORMS-I-LSTPANFMT1, Fatal Internal Error
3266.0BLOFLY::RABAHYWed Oct 27 1993FIMS terminal ala X terminal
3267.01TAVThu Oct 28 1993V2 Notes file ?
3268.05NOPROB::BRONSTEINThu Oct 28 1993Decforms Manuals
3269.04TAVSun Oct 31 1993V2 Performance
3270.01BUSY::MAXMIS9Mon Nov 01 1993%FORMS-E-CONVERR,error while converting from one data
3271.04EMC2::BERTUZZIWed Nov 03 1993A kind of FORM package on ALPHA/OSF1
3272.01FORGER::FRACCHIAWed Nov 03 1993Block mode terminal support
3273.0POBOX::BLAINEFri Nov 05 1993perf. on 41
3274.04PRMSTue Nov 09 1993system-f-vecfull revisited
3275.0NODEX::POLIKOFFTue Nov 09 1993Resetting a broadcast message panel
3276.01TAVSun Nov 14 1993forms$_pending while trying to CANCEL from AST
3277.01JURA::ROSSET::HOUZETue Nov 16 1993%F6 and INTERRUPT
3278.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Nov 17 1993VEST on ALPHA returns %VEST-F-BADEXE error
3279.0SWLAVC::ALTIERIWed Nov 17 1993ACCVIO
3280.01AYRPLN::KBRAOThu Nov 18 1993ACCVIO after modifying Viewport Coord. Pls Help
3281.01BUSY::MAXMIS9Thu Nov 18 1993DATA TYPE for field define as DATE in DECform
3282.02KERNEL::WILESLFri Nov 19 1993Change colour according to field value?
3283.04ZPOVC::DAIVFri Nov 19 1993Fatal internal error with ACMS
3284.01METSYS::REIDFri Nov 19 1993ACCVIO on forms$enable with DECforms V1.3
3285.01MBALDY::LANGSTONFri Nov 19 1993Presentation Management "Vision"?
3286.02BBIVWed Nov 24 1993kit location
3287.02TINCUP::S_ROSCIOWed Nov 24 1993Ship Forms Manager with Products?
3288.02KERNEL::WILESLMon Nov 29 1993FORMS-F-INVFHDSIZ after 35 forms
3289.08TPTEST::MOOKMon Nov 29 1993terminating a session
3290.0KERNEL::WILESLTue Nov 30 1993Can -FORMS-F-INTDATCOR happen with ACMS V3.3 too?
3291.06CLUSO::tomFri Dec 03 1993FORMS error - which quota?
3292.01CX3PST::WSC455::P_VANKLEYFri Dec 03 1993Inconsistencies in DECtrace data for DECforms V1.4
3293.0KERNEL::WILESLMon Dec 06 1993forms-e-deverr from forms$send in 1.4
3294.01CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Dec 06 1993DECforms V2.
3295.03ZPOVC::DAIVThu Dec 09 1993forms exe being open multiple times
3296.01CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Dec 16 1993DECforms V2.
3297.0UTRTSC::VDRIELFri Dec 17 1993ACMS & DECforms and 'user mode AST'
3298.03JURA::ROSSET::HOUZEMon Dec 20 1993FORMS$ENABLE Access violation
3299.02COPCLU::TCLAUSENTue Dec 21 1993fixes in 1.4-12
3300.0COLTue Dec 21 1993Need help on porting to AXP
3301.02MLNTSC::RESNATITue Dec 21 1993problem with overlaps panel
3302.03COPCLU::RAHBEKTue Dec 21 1993Date - conversion of nonvisible part.
3303.0GIDDAY::HADDADTue Dec 28 1993ACMS/DECFORMS/SI Query!
3304.01HACMAN::HACKFri Jan 07 1994DECforms on DECnet/OSI (Phase V)?
3305.03CHENG6::ARESFri Jan 07 1994Converter for DECforms ---> MS-Windows Look & Feel
3306.02UTRTSC::BARKFri Jan 07 1994How to catch CTRL W in FMS or DECForms
3307.01MSDOA::SECRISTMon Jan 10 1994VMS Debug & DECforms Bugs ?
3308.03VAXRIO::ABREUMon Jan 10 1994PARAMOVRFLOW error
3309.02DV78Mon Jan 10 1994What Version is installed?
3310.01ROMTue Jan 11 1994SSB kit 2.
3311.01SWAM2::COHEN_ROTue Jan 11 1994VMS Help froms DECforms Help?
3312.0NBOFS1::EISENMANNWed Jan 12 1994Cyrillic char. case conversion ?
3313.01CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Jan 13 1994DECforms V2.
3314.03VAXRIO::AZEVEDOTue Jan 18 1994Hints & workarounds on implementations
3315.01GENVA1::RIPOLLTue Jan 18 1994DECforms on OpenVMS AXP schedule ?
3316.02STKHLM::KNORNThu Jan 20 1994Updating screen without user input
3317.04VAXRIO::EZEQUIELFri Jan 21 1994Highlighting group line
3319.01GIDDAY::BRYDENMon Jan 24 1994problems with CTERM V24A?????
3320.01GRANPA::TIRWINTue Jan 25 1994How to get trace file to you?
3322.01KAOFS::M_ROYTue Jan 25 1994Character Set changes when exiting application
3323.02COPCLU::TCLAUSENWed Jan 26 1994Indexed for give access violation
3324.04SYSTEM::POADWed Jan 26 1994VESTed application gives TRANSCALLER error
3325.02AYRPLN::KBRAOThu Jan 27 1994Error RECVRECITEMS, while using DECforms/COBOL..help
3326.05KERNEL::MELVINDFri Jan 28 1994Arrow Keys Positioning Cursor Of The End Of a Field.
3327.03KERNEL::MELVINDFri Jan 28 1994DEC forms 1.4 and type ahead problems.
3328.01NWDTue Feb 01 1994Help Panel Problems
3329.02FUJISI::VERMETTEMon Feb 07 1994DECforms v1.4 ECO#2
3331.02BBIVTue Feb 15 1994BAL
3333.0SWETSC::LINDGRENTue Feb 15 1994Hung terminal with open channels
3334.02CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Feb 15 1994DECforms 1.4C - FORMS EXTRACT OBJECT!
3335.0154687::BUIJSWed Feb 16 1994DEcforms 1.3/1.4 extract objects usage
3337.0154687::WILLEMSFri Feb 18 1994Also FORMS$MANAGER for 327
3339.07DSSDEV::WEBSTERMon Feb 21 1994NATIVE V1.4B Runtime Kit Available for Alpha AXP
3340.05HGOVC::MONALITue Feb 22 1994-E-PROCESC_NOT_FOU runtime error
3341.01QCAVTue Feb 22 1994DECForms error...
3342.04STKHLM::KNORNTue Feb 22 1994Intermediate solutions for AXP translates/extracts
3343.04GOYA::ANAWed Feb 23 1994kit TDMS to DECforms converter???
3344.05KERNEL::SMITHThu Feb 24 1994copy forms executables ?
3345.04PASVC::ERICHOWFri Feb 25 1994Invalid form header size happen again!!!
3346.02DV78Fri Feb 25 1994Losing ASTLIM for each form displayed
3347.05STKHLM::KNORNTue Mar 01 1994Call stack mismatch on AXP,returns BADRECLEN
3348.02EEMELI::KOKKOTue Mar 01 1994MEP3.
3349.01CSC32::JAGGERTue Mar 01 1994Tell users the editing mode in message panel
3350.01547Thu Mar 03 1994Remove leading spaces
3351.0254687::WILLEMSFri Mar 04 1994Sometimes FATINTERR when link with object of form
3352.02KERNEL::WILESLFri Mar 04 1994FORMS-E-BADRECLEN on forms$send on Alpha
3353.0HERON::ROWLANDSSun Mar 06 1994A generic forms$send/transceive/receive...?
3354.01054638::SCHUURSMon Mar 07 1994Ident. mismatch
3355.0CSC32::JAGGERMon Mar 07 1994IFDL lanaguage support for LSE packagees?
3356.03TOSSUB::TOTATue Mar 08 1994V2.
3357.0254625::DEKEYSERTue Mar 08 1994%LIB-E-KEYNOTFOU, key not found in tree
3358.01USDEV::RLEEWed Mar 09 1994large arrays wasting time
3359.04TRLIAN::MARZOFri Mar 11 1994Cursor position after AST...
3360.02STKHLM::ARENDIFri Mar 11 1994Translate form .CDO to .IFDL on AXP???
3361.012MSDOA::SECRISTSun Mar 13 1994Specifics of MS-Windows Mouse Support ?
3362.03CAMONE::JOHNSONMon Mar 14 1994stack overflow calling into a shared image??
3363.05CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Mar 15 1994French/German FORMS$MSG_RUN_TIME.MSG???
3364.03HTSC19::SIMONLAUWed Mar 16 1994%FORMS-E-DEVERR, device I/O error
3365.01KERNEL::SMITHThu Mar 17 1994FORMS$DISABLE license units ?
3366.02STKHLM::KNORNThu Mar 17 1994Forms$_normal missing in FORMS$MANAGER V1.4B
3367.064BY4::LESLEMon Mar 21 1994Does V1.4b support AXP - OpenVMS 6.1?
3368.01COLTue Mar 22 1994Porting to AXP - Escape procedures?
3369.015469Wed Mar 23 1994DECforms utilization for UDK key definitions
3370.0SWLAVC::ALTIERIThu Mar 24 1994Decforms v1.4, Vms v6.1, Inspect v2.3
3371.08FRUST::BERNHARDTFri Mar 25 1994DECforms V2.
3372.01DSSDEV::FORMSFri Mar 25 1994Translated Message Files
3373.02HERON::ROWLANDSMon Mar 28 1994Bizarre receive control text?
3374.03COLTue Mar 29 1994PC frontend for existing ACMS appl.
3375.02KERNEL::WILESLTue Mar 29 1994Screen redisplaying itself on runtime only
3376.011CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Mar 29 1994Various ways ==> access violation
3377.03BVEUX::LAMAREWed Mar 30 1994Sharing form file in the same process
3379.01CLUSTA::DONATFri Apr 01 1994Clearing the message panel
3381.0354625::LEENTue Apr 05 1994LIB-F-FLTOVF, floating overflow
3382.0154625::LEENTue Apr 05 1994ACCVIO when device is VT42
3383.02NANTES::GAIRNSTue Apr 05 1994DECforms on a block mode terminal
3384.01TPSYS::CARPENTERThu Apr 07 1994Looking for DEV DECforms kit for OpenVMS AXP
3385.01APACHE::PETERSFri Apr 08 1994MMS and DECForms problem
3386.0331562::NICHOLSONMon Apr 11 1994DECUS DECforms presentations?
3387.01TPOVC::YUHLINGLEETue Apr 12 1994%FORMS-F-FATINTERR, fatal Internal Error.
3389.03EEMELI::KARPPINENFri Apr 15 1994The number is bigger then the picture
3390.01TAVSun Apr 17 1994Character field attributes
3391.02CHOVAX::LEVINEMon Apr 18 1994vax to alpha experiences?
3392.0TPOVC::YUHLINGLEEWed Apr 20 1994Internal remote request error
3393.01SLPPRS::SCHAFERThu Apr 21 1994Screen repaints twice!
3394.02KERNEL::WILESLThu Apr 21 1994Print dump of screen?
3395.0254625::ALLEMEERSCHThu Apr 21 1994axp rto v1.4B cannot handle NAS 25
3396.0POBOX::BLAINEThu Apr 21 1994screen flash when RESETing
3397.03CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Apr 25 1994request options argument / 1.4B?
3398.03GLDOA::CAMPBELLWed Apr 27 1994Performance
3399.01EICMFG::MMCCREADYFri Apr 29 1994Recommended forms product for VMS/AXP?
3400.01STKHLM::ARENDISat Apr 30 1994Linked-in forms combined with shareable fail!!
3401.03EVOCDG::LUCOTTEMon May 02 1994 DECFORM V1.4C KIT
3402.01TAVMon May 02 1994Is there a limit to the number of record per form?
3403.01TAVMon May 02 1994Function keys using Hebrew letter - can we do it ?
3404.0354687::VDRIELTue May 03 1994ACCVIO when DECtrace V2.1A installed
3405.03AIAG::LATHAMTue May 03 1994Deactivated Panel re-appearing behind a new viewport/panel
3406.02HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMWed May 04 1994horizontal scroll problem in VT42
3407.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed May 04 1994DMU side of CDD w/ DECforms?
3408.01RUTILE::VISSIOWed May 04 1994Forms quota problem (DME). What can I do ?
3409.01SAC::RYDER_PWed May 04 1994PGFLQUOTA problem with shared form in ACMS
3410.01TAVThu May 05 1994REMOVE ALL - behavior in v1.3
3411.03ROMVLC::SALVATIFri May 06 1994VMS AXP 6.1 + DECforms not installed
3412.04WOTVAX::DENBYMSat May 07 1994Development kit ??
3413.03GIDDAY::CHANMMon May 09 1994Problem with batch definition of a display device.
3414.05TAVMon May 09 1994Large IFDL cause ACCVIO trying to transtale ?
3415.06QCAVTue May 10 1994Some doubts in FORMS****
3416.01COPCLU::JEPPEWed May 11 1994tracking with cdd-records ?
3417.02KERNEL::MELVINDThu May 12 1994FORMS-E-PROCESC_NOT_FOU (please help)
3418.02QCAVFri May 13 1994Decforms Help required...
3419.01QCAVSun May 15 1994Problems again... :-<
3420.04FUNYET::ANDERSONMon May 16 1994No layout in this form fits the terminal type, language, and display size
3421.01METSYS::POADTue May 17 1994ACCVIO on Alpha with VESTed image giving device I/O error
3423.0154797::GOUWELOOSThu May 19 1994Occurs 5
3424.04VAXRIO::ABREUThu May 19 1994text of the error messages
3425.01HTSC19::SIMONLAUFri May 20 1994Problem after use of FORMS$MANAGER.EXE v1.4-12 ?
3426.01TRLIAN::MARZOFri May 20 1994Forms error TM_START_TRANSC
3427.0455153::BETGEM_RFri May 20 1994Error running Decforms under pathworks Telnet
3428.07MARX::QEMon May 23 19941.4C kits for AXP protected?
3429.03ZENA::PEDRIALITue May 24 1994.FORM from VAX to AXP
3430.02DSSDEV::MORENOTue May 24 1994Problem with V1.4C AXP and Groups
3431.04TAVIS::TAVWIZ::SHARFIWed May 25 1994DECforms V1.4C AXP - alignment
3432.03ALFETA::MAURICIOWed May 25 1994DECforms V1.4B & OVMS AXP V6.1 = ACCVIO
3433.0154797::GOUWELOOSThu May 26 1994Cursor blinking: Yuggh!
3434.01DSSDEV::RICEFri May 27 1994OpenVMS/AXP INSPECT (POLYCENTER Security Compliance Manager)
3435.04ZURTue May 31 1994Accvio when using INDEXED FOR COBOL BY clause in CDD
3436.03TOSSUB::SICBALDITue May 31 1994News on Forms PC/Windows??
3437.07STKHLM::KNORNWed Jun 01 1994Alignment default on AXP/VMS FORMS
3438.04DRAC::POTINWed Jun 01 1994ERRARGLIST , AXP (1.4C)
3439.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Jun 01 1994RGB and HLS with Reflections on PC
3440.01ZURFri Jun 03 1994FORMS-E-327
3441.02CLINTO::CAROSIFri Jun 03 1994Does DECforms fill form record to 4-byte boundaries on AXP (DECFomrs 1.4C)?
3442.01MUGGI::KARTHTue Jun 07 1994FORMSMUPC
3443.0154831::STAESWed Jun 08 1994FORMS-F-FORMMISMATCH with FORMSRTMUPC T1.4 on OpenVMS 6.1 for AXP
3444.02EEMELI::HARKONENFri Jun 10 1994DBMS COPY -> forms-e-intgtrzer
3445.05TPSYS::BECKFri Jun 10 1994%FORMS-E-OPENFORM, error open form file !AS
3446.01DEKVC::CHANGKYOOYITue Jun 14 1994Urgent..DECforms V1.4C (MUP)..Problem
3447.02SWTHOM::JACOBTue Jun 14 1994LET A=B+C-D gives BADEXPRESS & WRONGTYPE for Quadwords
3448.01BOLINA::GADALETAMThu Jun 16 1994DECForms/Hanzi
3449.01PADNOM::FRANBERFri Jun 17 1994Unknown escape sequence
3450.03SUOSWS::SUOMB8::SCHUMACHERFri Jun 17 1994Update on SPD?
3451.0PAD39A::WEBSTERFri Jun 17 1994V2.
3452.01CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Jun 21 1994forms14cmup and license (DEV and or RT?)
3453.01GOYA::ACTECWed Jun 22 1994FORMS DEVELOP command error
3455.01GOYA::ACTECWed Jun 22 1994INDOUTRNG error on AXP using a VAX FORM
3456.02KERNEL::WILESLWed Jun 22 1994De-highlight an element when cursor outside group?
3457.01JURA::SAPEY::LAROCHEFri Jun 24 1994Problem with field default
3458.0154687::VDRIELFri Jun 24 1994V1.4C MUP run-time messages translation??
3459.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Jun 29 1994Trapping Control_C using C with 327
3461.01MCITS1::BROSCHATFri Jul 01 1994DECforms available for OSF/1???
3462.01GLDOA::RBROWNFri Jul 01 1994LMF Problems ?
3463.03ISIDRO::MAMORENOMon Jul 04 1994Alternatives for OSF/1 version
3464.02547Mon Jul 04 1994FORMS$LOG_EVENTS????!
3466.03ANGLIN::FOSTERTue Jul 05 1994What exactly does PS printing mean?
3467.05TAVWed Jul 06 1994Memory usage by decforms (accvio ?)
3468.06BBIVFri Jul 08 1994porting from axp to vax openvms
3469.02LISPRO::HELENAMon Jul 11 1994downgrade V1.4C to V1.4A
3470.01ZURWed Jul 13 1994
3471.02GOYA::ACTECWed Jul 13 1994TRANSLATE error: TRNINTERR
3472.03REGNAR::WHEATERThu Jul 14 1994SUPPORT for TCP/IP access to remote forms files
3473.02CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Jul 14 1994v2.
3474.0154687::ZWINKELSFri Jul 15 1994ACMSCP looping and ACCVIO
3475.03KERNEL::WILESLMon Jul 18 1994Lack of FORMS$TRACE_CONVERSION output
3476.01NEMAIL::GODFREYWed Jul 20 1994form descriptors with C 4.1
3477.05CSC32::J_KEHRERWed Jul 20 1994what about vt51
3478.0SAWA::63594::sobolewskiThu Jul 21 1994...never ending compilation ...no EndIf in the source
3479.01CLINTO::CAROSIThu Jul 21 1994Another DECFORMS-COBOL AXP data alignment problem
3480.07BVEUX::LAMARETue Jul 26 1994%FORMS-F-OPENFORM when the 2 forms are not in the same image
3481.01KERNEL::JACKSONTue Jul 26 1994Uppercase default affects a date field
3482.07ZURWed Jul 27 1994Forms on PC ?
3483.02STKHLM::ARENDIWed Jul 27 1994Timeout not working. Fingertrouble?
3484.0CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Jul 28 1994V2.
3485.01CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Jul 28 1994V2/image processing/tuning client server I/O?
3486.0632FAR::JSTONEThu Jul 28 1994epc$shr and rally
3487.02GBIFri Jul 29 19942.
3488.03DNEAST::LARSEN_GARYFri Jul 29 1994Repainting problem
3489.013CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Aug 02 1994About ACMS & DECforms 1.4A (2.
3490.01ZURTue Aug 02 1994Field marks lost in DECforms 327
3491.01CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Aug 02 1994FORMSMUPC
3492.02DV78Wed Aug 03 1994Lines of source code counter needed
3493.0TAVThu Aug 04 1994DECforms & Rdb - strange relationship.
3494.01TAVThu Aug 04 1994Blinking panels - is there a reason /explatation
3495.02IAMOK::SEKURSKIThu Aug 04 1994Need Lic for V2.
3496.03HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMFri Aug 05 1994too much panels
3497.04METSYS::POADFri Aug 05 1994Forms accvio and fatal error on 'Begin input'
3498.02PAD39A::WEBSTERFri Aug 05 1994Farewell
3499.03HGOM11::HELENZHOUMon Aug 08 1994DECFORM for AXP with Hardcopy & Printing?
3500.01HBFDT1::PLEWKAMon Aug 08 1994long inactive period ...
3501.02547Mon Aug 08 1994Who know cursus-lib
3502.01QCAVTue Aug 09 1994Data mismatch on Alpha OVMS
3503.01KERNEL::MELVINDWed Aug 10 1994Message Pannel not clearing
3504.0BBIVWed Aug 10 1994axp/vax differences on openvms
3505.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Aug 10 19941
3506.013CCOFWed Aug 10 1994Linking problem
3507.05LSNCSC::BRUTTINThu Aug 11 1994FORMS$K_STACK_SIZE Documentation
3508.01KERNEL::MELVINDThu Aug 11 1994forms-i-converr, str-w-tru
3509.02BULEAN::MOTue Aug 16 1994entered in decinspect notes file also
3510.01HBFDT2::SCHMIDTThu Aug 18 1994FORMS V1.4 and CDD V5.3
3511.01POBOX::BLAINEThu Aug 18 1994Refresh causes garbage on screen
3512.0COPCLU::TCLAUSENTue Aug 23 1994FIELDIMAGE, when and how does it change
3513.0PRSSOS::MIROUXWed Aug 24 1994ACMS/DECFORMS compatibility
3514.01KAMPUS::STHOMASThu Aug 25 1994Microsoft Windows Kit to match documentation?
3515.04KERNEL::JACKSONThu Aug 25 1994Link order and PROC_ESCAPE_ERR
3516.0254687::WILLEMSMon Aug 29 1994DECFORMS 327
3517.0MUNICH::SBECKERTue Aug 30 1994ADA appl. on ALPHA returns DEVERR-ACCVIO
3518.02547Thu Sep 01 1994set mode single_char_validation off?
3519.04CEVRIN::OSTOREROThu Sep 01 1994IDXOUTRNG from FORMSC 1.4
3520.03BD31Fri Sep 02 1994ACMS & DECFORMS ON AXP
3521.04SOS6::MIROUXWed Sep 07 1994compatibility 1.4 => 2.
3522.06CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Sep 07 1994VT51
3523.01SAWA::STEFANOWICZThu Sep 08 1994VEST kit location
3524.012MUNICH::KLEINThu Sep 08 1994noauth when running dev and rt license parallel
3525.04CSC32::LONGRN::SHAWThu Sep 08 1994TEXTFIELD Clause behavior
3528.02TROOA::MCMULLENMon Sep 19 1994CDD locked
3529.03SNOCTue Sep 20 1994More help with scrolling ???
3530.0454687::VDRIELTue Sep 20 1994DECforms 327
3531.04CSC32::J_KEHRERTue Sep 20 1994problem with SET WATCH and DECforms
3533.01ALFAI::HENNESSYTue Sep 20 1994multiple DECforms message files?
3534.01SALES::CHATURVEDIWed Sep 21 1994'C', portable_api, forms$ar_form_table related
3536.0354323::ROOSELEERSWed Sep 21 1994The 'Invalid' response step
3538.0131335::DUDAWed Sep 21 1994Error with V1.4C-MUP on AXP
3539.04BVEUX::LAMAREMon Sep 26 1994Push Button and groups
3541.06GESSUB::BAGNASCOTue Sep 27 1994Access violation with FORMS 1.4
3542.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Sep 27 1994Install guide not with hard copy documentation
3543.0COPCLU::TCLAUSENWed Sep 28 1994corrupt fields in 327
3544.01EEMELI::KARPPINENWed Sep 28 1994from VAX to AXP
3545.01BVEUX::LAMAREThu Sep 29 1994Fatal internal error and BADBLOADR
3546.01CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Sep 29 1994DECforms V2/DECthreads and FORMS$K_STACK_SIZE...
3547.03FSOIS1::POUDRETFri Sep 30 1994Same PB Notes Number 3524
3548.03HGRDMon Oct 03 1994VAX
3549.01COPCLU::TCLAUSENTue Oct 04 1994Problem in 1.4-12 with 132/8
3550.012AMCFAC::RABAHYWed Oct 05 1994Alpha AXP, threads/AST
3551.04MSDOA::SCHMIDTWed Oct 05 1994HP MPE - VMS Decforms, conversion tools?
3553.03MUNICH::SBECKERFri Oct 07 1994Appl. crashes with %VTERM-F-BADTERMID with V2.
3555.02BBIVMon Oct 10 1994vax to alpha, using DECforms Dev subset
3556.01BVEUX::LAMARETue Oct 11 1994Bugcheck DECthread with DECforms
3557.0TPOVC::MIKELIWed Oct 12 1994DECforms porting from vax to Alpha (run-time)
3558.024BVEUX::LAMAREThu Oct 13 1994What is the good natural alignment?
3560.01BVEUX::LAMAREMon Oct 17 1994ACMS and DECforms on AXP
3561.02MSDOA::SECRISTTue Oct 18 1994Deploying to VAX *and* AXP with proper alignment
3562.0BBIVWed Oct 19 1994decforms 1.4 on AXP doc location ???
3563.02HGRDWed Oct 19 1994DECforms VAX V1.3 binary form with AXP V1.4C
3564.01BBIVWed Oct 19 1994DECforms 1.4D on Alpha AXP ?????
3565.04BBIVThu Oct 20 1994decforms on axp
3566.0547Fri Oct 21 1994Another fatal Internal Error with corrupted data structures
3567.03CSC32::J_KEHRERFri Oct 21 1994DECforms WORD in AXP
3568.01TROOA::WHALEYSat Oct 22 1994Front-Ending DecForms
3569.06ZPOVC::HINSIONGTANSat Oct 22 1994Decform 1.4D Form Dev Kit?
3570.03VAXRIO::ABREUMon Oct 24 1994LINK - Warning errs with shareable form and escape
3571.02EPS::VANDENHEUVELTue Oct 25 1994comp.os.vms posted decforms question.
3572.05VIVARA::ALLOGGITue Oct 25 1994DECFORMS ON VMS/AXP: unsupported kit and operations... and asks.
3573.0KERNEL::HISCOCKTue Oct 25 1994minus key different in 1.3 to 1.4????
3574.01REGNAR::WHEATERTue Oct 25 1994Determining version number of FORMS$MANAGER
3575.01BBIVThu Oct 27 1994decforms/cobol alignment !!!!!
3576.04KERNEL::JACKSONThu Oct 27 1994NOLAYOUT with V2.
3577.054687::VDRIELFri Oct 28 1994DECforms 327
3578.03CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Oct 28 1994V2 forms_sampe_common.f file?
3579.02547Mon Oct 31 1994Memory management violation error when using the PRAXA convertoer tool
3581.01VAXRIO::ABREUMon Oct 31 1994Escape Routine / Main program variables
3582.01KAOFS::M_ROYMon Oct 31 1994Highlight of current item in group
3583.01VAXRIO::IVANTue Nov 01 1994display device other than sys$input
3584.01KAOFS::M_ROYFri Nov 04 1994Displaying a Panel on a time basis
3585.01TAVIS::64986::COHENHMon Nov 07 1994Thai DECforms for AXP V1.4a Run-Time
3586.03SEDOAS::CLIFFE_SWed Nov 09 1994AXP 1.4C Development FORMS$FDESHR.EXE missing
3587.05MSDOA::SECRISTThu Nov 10 1994Escape routine problems in V2.
3588.04CSC32::J_KEHRERThu Nov 10 1994AST with DECforms 2.
3589.0ZURMon Nov 14 1994problem with HIGHLIGHT WHEN clause
3590.0519Mon Nov 14 1994Display Reverse acting strangly
3591.03NITTY::WRIGHTMon Nov 14 1994Demo Forms fail with %FORMS-E-NOLAYOUT
3592.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Nov 15 1994page scrolling of a TEXTFIELD?
3593.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Nov 15 1994FORTRAN/DECforms port to AXP, BADRECLEN
3594.04FORTY2::YUILLEWed Nov 16 1994Shy panel reappears on Prev Screen
3595.08--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 21 1994Key not defined. ??
3597.03CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Nov 23 1994DECforms 1.4D/DECCOBOL AXP and natural alignment?
3599.08MSDOA::SECRISTWed Nov 23 1994Best number for FORMS$K_STACK_SIZE ?
3600.02COPCLU::RAHBEKThu Nov 24 1994Translate on AXP - use on VAX ?
3601.02ESSB::JFOXFri Nov 25 1994Passing an array of structures to a scrolled screen
3603.03ESSB::JFOXMon Nov 28 1994$STRUCTURE_DESCRIPTOR - array structure record
3604.01QCAVFri Dec 02 1994DECforms V2.
3605.02VAXRIO::ABREUFri Dec 02 1994Validation and Function responses
3607.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Dec 05 1994Using DECforms (keys) across platforms
3608.05ALICAT::BUDILOVTue Dec 06 1994translator error, BADBLOADR
3609.02CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Dec 06 1994V2 Form Record Alignment clause?
3610.05NWDWed Dec 07 1994fatal Internal Error
3611.01DELDPN::P_SALFATTEMon Dec 12 1994forms$fdeshr.exe not exist
3612.05ESSB::JFOXMon Dec 12 1994No Display on screen
3613.04MUNICH::KLEINWed Dec 14 1994BADARG,NO_WRITE_ACCESS with decforms 2.
3614.0148649::GARUFI_DWed Dec 14 1994PRAXA problem ?Subscript out of range
3615.03TRLIAN::MARZOWed Dec 14 1994Defining PF4 key
3616.03MUGGER::LIVINGSTONEFri Dec 16 1994%FORMS-F-FATINTERR, fatal Internal Error
3617.04QCAVFri Dec 16 1994Problem while upgrading from V1.3 to V1.4
3618.06VAXSPO::MOREYMon Dec 19 1994Large Objects & SQL applic. as Shareable Image
3619.02TROOA::MCMULLENMon Dec 19 1994leading zeroes
3620.019Mon Dec 19 1994Pascal -> DECforms -> Output Picture clause
3621.0TAVTue Dec 20 1994translator - ACCVIO
3622.0CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Dec 20 1994Another DECforms LSE REV TPU-F-FREEMEM error
3623.01ESSB::JFOXWed Dec 21 1994General D/forms Applic. Questions
3624.04HGOCS::MASCOTTANGThu Dec 22 1994problem in F6 key
3625.01--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 22 1994Linking with /MAP on AXP fails with a lot of error messages
3626.02HGOCS::KENNETHThu Dec 22 1994Where can I find DEFORM RT V1.3-31?
3627.02BVEUX::LAMAREMon Dec 26 1994forms convert fms on Alpha
3628.05GIDDAY::CHANMWed Dec 28 1994Performance problem after upgrade.
3629.03VAXSPO::ROGERIOTue Jan 03 1995The Decforms kit to Alpha AXP
3630.02GIDDAY::IYERWed Jan 04 1995LINK-W-MULDEF error, clarification needed, please !
3631.05KERNEL::WILESLThu Jan 05 1995V2.
3632.03KERNEL::SMITHFri Jan 06 1995FORMS$UTLTSTSHR.EXE file not found
3633.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANFri Jan 06 1995runtime account quotas
3634.01TAVSun Jan 08 1995ACCVIO - big if-then-else clause ??????
3635.02BIS1::WATTINNEMon Jan 09 1995DECforms 2.
3636.03UNTADI::FARTHINGTue Jan 10 1995NOTRAVERSE Error In V2.
3637.05PASSES::PASSES::C_HEISLERWed Jan 11 1995Position to PREVIOUS ITEM problem
3638.01DGOIS1::HEDOUINThu Jan 12 1995DECFORM 2.1 planning
3639.07HAN::AUEThu Jan 12 1995DECforms 1.4D AXP / LSE support missing
3640.0ROMThu Jan 12 1995Block mode ISPF like editor anyone?
3642.03ZTODR1::63581::CAGNINFri Jan 13 1995Clearing the whole screen...
3643.01AIMHI::SHULERFri Jan 13 1995DECforms for Windows??
3644.0VNOTSC::KARASEKFri Jan 13 1995V2: TRNINTERR with Function Response the Field Default
3645.03BSS::A_SALEFri Jan 13 1995DECforms app ACCVIO after 2.
3646.01KERNEL::PULLEYMon Jan 16 1995Accvio forms$enable, (create form) & stack_size?
3647.04METSYS::POADTue Jan 17 1995TPU accvio with DECforms V2.
3650.03TAVThu Jan 19 1995badloadr in 1.4-13 with acms
3651.03UNTADI::FARTHINGFri Jan 20 1995Clicking on an item from a list under DECforms V2.
3652.02GIDDAY::CHANMMon Jan 23 1995DECforms V2 -badstack
3653.0554323::WASHINGTONMon Jan 23 1995Will V2.
3654.02SAWA::STEFANOWICZTue Jan 24 1995v1.4E kit location?
3656.02KAOU93::CARSONThu Jan 26 1995Help with V1.4D install
3658.02NBOIS::MARSINGFri Jan 27 1995Validation problem
3659.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Feb 01 1995Does DECforms 2.
3660.07CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Feb 02 199525th line of VT4
3661.06BVEUX::LAMAREFri Feb 03 1995ADA and DECforms V2.
3662.04STKHLM::WIDMANSun Feb 05 1995Looping disconnected process
3663.01ZTODR1::ALLIER::TOUSSAINT_CMon Feb 06 1995Access violation in a disable response
3664.03TBF15::SEAGRAVESTue Feb 07 1995TDMS to DECforms Migration experiance needed
3665.01NSICWed Feb 08 1995Flashing (redisplay) message
3666.01HGOCS::TONYLIUWed Feb 08 1995Upgrade from V1.4 to V1.4-12 ?
3667.04STKHLM::63492::P_NILSSONWed Feb 08 1995spooky function key conflict
3668.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu Feb 09 1995-26 error when using FORMS$TRACE in C app.
3669.04SHOSHI::MCDERMOTTThu Feb 09 1995v2.
3670.02TAVSun Feb 12 1995VT525 - Display Control Mode
3671.03TROOA::MCMULLENMon Feb 13 1995DECforms 1.4-5 scrolled regions
3672.02547Tue Feb 14 1995Autoskip on only enterable field of a panel
3673.04GSMAXP::SYSTEMTue Feb 14 1995FORMS$AR_FORM_TABLE and reserved addressing fault
3674.01XSTACY::JENNINGSWed Feb 15 1995current index and posiiton to with two scroll regions
3675.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Feb 15 1995January CD-ROM for AXP have 1.4DMUP on it?
3676.01LEROUX::GARUFI_DTue Feb 21 1995ACMS and DEC Forms compatible on Open VMS AXP
3677.03MARVA1::POWELLWed Feb 22 1995Suggestions for POSITION TO desired field
3678.01DSSDEV::RICEThu Feb 23 1995FORMS$K_STACK_SIZE use is no longer required in V2.1
3679.0DRAGN::BOURQUARDThu Feb 23 1995DECforms V2.1 Field Test
3680.01GVAFri Feb 24 1995Dynamic Memory Exhausted
3681.01STKHLM::LINDGREN_PMon Feb 27 1995DECforms - PL/I error handling looping process
3682.02KERNEL::PULLEYThu Mar 02 1995ADA enter_kernel, CMA_dump, upgrade, (stack_size)?
3683.01ISIDRO::OLMOThu Mar 02 1995Until reserved word / Assignment using GROUPS
3684.0TAVSun Mar 05 1995HANZI on Alpha ?
3686.02DEKVC::JINSUNPARKMon Mar 06 1995previous screen function key
3687.02BACHUS::LEENMon Mar 06 1995-FORMS-F-INVFHDSIZ, invalid form header size.
3688.06DEKVC::JINSUNPARKTue Mar 07 1995decforms version for axp
3689.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Mar 08 1995ACCVIO with DECforms 1.3 on Translate
3690.02STKHLM::LINDGREN_PWed Mar 08 1995How to stop a PEU?
3691.02EEMELI::KOKKOThu Mar 09 1995Messagepanel gets displayed after current input field
3692.03RIGI::SCHMIDMThu Mar 09 1995steps to think of for decforms 2.
3693.01SWTHOM::JACOBThu Mar 09 1995Bad performance with V2.
3694.06GALVIA::TRANDLESThu Mar 09 1995DECForms with PSCMv2.3A on OVMS VAX v6.2 FT2.
3695.01CSC32::D_SANFORDThu Mar 09 1995Protected When clause removed after FORMS EDIT
3696.0QCAVFri Mar 10 1995SOS - Pls help
3697.02ESSB::JFOXFri Mar 10 1995return_status NUMERIC for a changed FDI
3698.03TAVTue Mar 14 1995accvio in 2.
3699.01XSTACY::BRASMUSSENWed Mar 15 1995Cannot get HELP function key to work
3700.02MUNSBE::VJUELICHERWed Mar 15 1995Programming Course V1.4, labs searched
3702.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Mar 15 1995DECforms MS/WINDOWS runtime kit.
3705.01EPS::VANDENHEUVELSat Mar 18 1995TDMS Clear character in DECforms?
3706.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANTue Mar 21 1995Call DECforms from TDMS?
3707.02VIVARA::ALLOGGIWed Mar 22 1995FORMS-E-PREVITEM error in porting on AXP 1.4D. Help needed
3708.01CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Mar 24 1995DECforms V2 and images?
3709.02MARVA1::POWELLSat Mar 25 1995How are multiple Output When clauses handled?
3710.04BVEUX::LAMAREWed Apr 05 1995ADA and DECforms T2.1
3711.05MUNICH::SBECKERWed Apr 05 1995PROCESC_NOT_FOU error when linked with /NODEB
3712.02GRZTIA::ARCHThu Apr 06 1995CONVERTING TO TDMS Doku not on CONDIST(Jan) ?
3713.03TOSSUB::SABBADINTue Apr 11 1995VT51
3714.03CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Apr 11 1995DECforms V2/DECthreads questions
3715.02SIBILO::BARBERISWed Apr 19 1995DecForm 1.4 : Is it supported for VAX and AXP OVMS 6.1 ?
3716.03MUNICH::SBECKERWed Apr 19 1995How to use Cyrillic character set within DECforms on a station
3717.03RTOEU::RDELANEYWed Apr 19 1995Tommorrows date ?
3718.02BACHUS::LEENThu Apr 20 1995ACCVIO during forms$enable
3719.03GIDDAY::CHANMWed Apr 26 1995DECforms V2 upgrade problem:FORMS-F-FATINERR
3720.01CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Apr 26 1995V2.
3721.0SAWA::63594::SOBOLEWSKIWed Apr 26 1995ACMCP eats 5
3723.03CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Apr 26 1995DECforms/DTR Pixel Layout Display
3724.0BSS::RINESMITHThu Apr 27 1995Message Line text truncated
3725.05LISVAX::ANSELMOThu Apr 27 1995%FORMS-F-FATINTERR with term/device=VT4
3726.02PERENS::STODDARTFri Apr 28 1995Lookign for 1.4D (1.4-5) Kit
3727.01HTSC12::MICKWIDLAMMon May 01 1995DECforms 2.
3728.01DAIVC::RUDYThu May 04 1995DECform called by RPG II
3729.04TPSPS1::TSC1MGRFri May 05 1995control_y gets accvio after setting nocontrol=y
3730.01DSSDEV::FERGUSONFri May 05 1995ACMS and DECforms now work together on OpenVMS Alpha
3731.01TAVWed May 10 1995V2.* - Motif - More details pls.
3732.01CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed May 10 1995DECforms 2.1 and FORMS$_TIMEOUT
3733.0TRANTR::FRANTZThu May 11 1995Published information on FIMS
3734.02VAXRIO::CSANTOSFri May 12 1995VAX 1.4 ---> AXP 1.4C via VEST
3735.02DEBUG::GALLOFri May 12 1995V2.1 capabilities on V1.4D?
3736.02CSC32::B_ALDERMANMon May 15 1995Stack Overflow, Insufficent Virtual Memory
3737.02PASSES::SPONGE::C_HEISLERMon May 15 1995CDD array bounds
3738.0VAXRIO::CSANTOSTue May 16 1995PAGOWNVIO when running VESTED images
3739.02BVEUX::LAMAREWed May 17 1995Hang-up on a DECterm
3740.0CSC32::B_ALDERMANThu May 18 1995AXP runtime error
3741.03TEKAPO::WELLSWed May 24 1995Meaning of FORMS-F-FATINTERR please ?
3742.06CSC32::A_GEORGEWed May 24 1995DECforms application hangs in HIB state
3743.05GIDDAY::REINHOLDThu May 25 1995FMS V2.4 No display Help?
3744.06TOLKIN::ROCCER::METHERALLThu May 25 1995Need help with post-upgrade for (VAX OVMS 6.1 and DECforms v1.4
3745.01CSC32::C_BENNETTFri May 26 1995 V2.
3746.01SAWA::STEFANOWICZMon May 29 1995RT & Dev lic together
3747.03EEMELI::MALMIWed May 31 1995Invalid form header size - ACMS V4.
3748.02TROOA::MCMULLENWed May 31 1995Which kit?
3749.01SMAUG::BOURDEAUThu Jun 01 1995Insufficient privilege to copy DSSDEV::FORMS$V14C_AXP:FORMSC
3750.08VIVARA::ALLOGGIFri Jun 02 1995Is it supported DecForms with Decmigrate usage?
3751.02DRAGN::BOURQUARDMon Jun 05 1995DECforms V2.1 FRS - 5-Jun-1995
3752.01HTSC19::MASCOTTANGTue Jun 06 1995Can it support under VMS V6.1
3753.05TAVWed Jun 07 1995DECforms v2.* - Motif - DECthread ????
3754.03HTSC19::TONYLIUFri Jun 09 1995FORMS-F-TRNINTERR,V1.4-5
3755.01ATYISA::LERICHETue Jun 13 1995Windows Motif vs FMS network performance
3757.03LISVAX::ANSELMOFri Jun 16 1995DECforms 2.1 and RT license ?
3758.04ISIDRO::ANAMARIAFri Jun 16 1995FORMS$PEDSHR.EXE not found in 1.4D (AXP)
3759.01VAXRIO::ABREUTue Jun 20 1995/MEMBER_ALIGNMENT questions
3760.02CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Jun 21 1995%WINDOWS revisited...
3761.0TOSSUC::TOTAFri Jun 23 1995How to customize ACMS_MENU ? DOC/EXAMPLES
3762.02KERNEL::SMITHTue Jun 27 1995are examples DECC / ansi compliant ?
3763.02TAVTue Jun 27 1995accvio on forms/dev: forms$fde_dump_file ?
3764.02MUNICH::SBECKERTue Jun 27 1995v2.
3765.01PRSSOS::MISTLERThu Jun 29 1995Problem activating image FORMS$MGR_OBJECT_TABLE
3767.04PRSSOS::MISTLERFri Jun 30 1995DEVERR when the objet is link with tha application
3768.02TPSPS1::TSC1MGRSat Jul 01 1995ACCVIO on 2nd forms$enable
3769.02ATYISA::LERICHEMon Jul 03 1995DECforms V2.1 Motif Activated Fields "look"
3771.03UFHIS::TMCCRILLISWed Jul 05 1995DECforms on unix (axp)
3772.02ATYISA::LERICHEWed Jul 05 1995Client PC Motif Memory Requirements
3773.05VAXRIO::CSANTOSThu Jul 06 1995Temporary file - where???
3774.03DEKVC::CHANGHOANNFri Jul 07 1995Integer field input on V2.1
3775.01KERNEL::SMITHFri Jul 07 1995runtime error ES
3776.0TPSYS::VIFQUAINFri Jul 07 1995Update: People and Products
3777.01HGOVC::WILLIAMNGMon Jul 10 1995V1.3 running on VMS 6.1 ?
3778.02ILOV1Mon Jul 10 1995Go to a partic. record on screen?
3779.01CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Jul 11 1995DECforms 327
3780.04CSC32::B_ALDERMANWed Jul 12 19951.4 - 2.1 upgrade caused ENABLE infinite loop.
3781.05KERNEL::SMITHWed Jul 12 1995another century default query
3783.01DRAGN::BOURQUARDThu Jul 13 1995More Alpha alignment info ( DECforms & CDD date datatypes)
3784.03CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Jul 13 1995V2.1 VT525 and PED unsupported...
3786.01CSC32::J_KEHRERTue Jul 18 1995CDD edit_string available?
3787.02ATYISA::KUOCHWed Jul 19 1995Crash with FORMS 2.
3788.02ATYISA::KUOCHThu Jul 20 1995NULL character in a field
3789.01GIDDAY::REINHOLDFri Jul 21 1995INVFHDSIZ in mixed architecture env with ACMS& DECf
3791.01CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Jul 26 1995forms-e-fenablefail error in error?
3794.02FUTURS::CROSSLEYWed Aug 02 1995pre-process IFDL to remove COPY command
3796.01CCOFThu Aug 03 1995DECforms between VAX and Alpha
3797.01PENUTS::BRONSTEINTue Aug 08 1995Screen size problem with multiple sessions.
3798.03CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Aug 09 1995V2.1AXP FORMS DEVELOP and ALIGNMENT???
3799.01SEDSWS::BRODIEThu Aug 10 1995Workability. with V6.1
3800.02GUIDUK::HEALYThu Aug 10 1995HELP! FormsV2 won't accept PAK
3801.07COLTue Aug 15 1995another FORMS$AR_FORM_TABLE on AXP
3802.0DSSDEV::FERGUSONThu Aug 17 1995Feedback requested for DECforms future directions
3803.03CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Aug 18 1995V2.1 font family/font size questions
3804.01DAIVC::WIDIATITue Aug 22 1995Array Transfer problem
3805.03HDLITE::SCHAFERTue Aug 22 1995Array problem
3806.01IMTDEV::COGANTue Aug 22 1995Trailing spaces = NoRecord error
3807.011CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Aug 24 1995DECforms, callable mail & frwd to PMDF Internet??
3808.0DSSDEV::INGRAHAMThu Aug 24 1995System Notes for the DECforms development cluster
3809.04CX3PST::WSC5Mon Aug 28 1995Hang with V2.1
3811.02CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Sep 01 1995DECforms and SYS$SETAST(
3812.02HGOVC::MICHAELWANMon Sep 04 1995Wrong display with OpenVMS6.1 and Forms 2.
3813.03MLNCSC::BORGINIWed Sep 06 1995Colors management on Vaxstation.
3814.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGThu Sep 07 1995straight problem on run-time and development lic
3815.08UTRTSC::DORLANDThu Sep 07 1995Possible problem with FORMS$IMAGE (V2.1)
3816.02BACHUS::DEKEYSERFri Sep 08 1995Behaviour different between 1.4 and 2.1
3817.01ZURFri Sep 08 1995DECforms V1.4 and emulated IBM 327
3818.01KERNEL::PULLEYMon Sep 11 1995Print headers of scrolled region pages??
3819.0DSSDEV::RICEWed Sep 13 1995DECforms V2.* does not work with OpenVMS F7.
3821.01CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Sep 15 1995 V2 elementary image/printing capabilities...
3823.03SAWA::STEFANOWICZTue Sep 19 1995accvio on back-translation attempt
3825.07UTRTSC::ZWINKELSTue Sep 26 1995Necessity to relink DECforms V1.4 application
3826.01NSICFri Sep 29 1995DECforms V2.1 Translator going into infinite loop with 1.4 sources
3828.09DEKVC::CHANGHOANNWed Oct 04 1995DECforms performance
3830.04TAVThu Oct 05 1995LSE Installation problem
3831.023MUNICH::SBECKERMon Oct 09 1995FORMS$WMG_CLOSE_DISPLAY error with FORMS$RT_IVP on V1.4
3832.01PRSSOS::TEBOULTue Oct 10 1995No position performed when field is protected.
3833.07KERNEL::SMITHTue Oct 10 1995END-IF or END IF query
3834.02MUNICH::SBECKERWed Oct 11 1995Cant' get data from FORMS$TRANSCEIVE with C
3835.01HGOVC::EDDYWANGTue Oct 17 1995v2.1 IIF missing
3836.012WHOSThu Oct 19 1995Poor TELNET Performance.
3837.01CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Oct 19 1995V2.
3838.02TPSPS5::TSCMGRMon Oct 23 1995Check for special value. How to do this?
3839.01KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWTue Oct 24 1995Decforms and segmented strings
3840.02VAXRIO::CSANTOSWed Oct 25 1995Decforms ang WIN95
3841.08KERNEL::PULLEYThu Oct 26 1995Return immediate, rebuild/link, upgrade v2.1 vax??
3843.02VNABRW::KEINDLMon Nov 06 1995DECForms/327
3846.01SOS6::TEBOULWed Nov 22 1995Alignment...again
3847.02ANNECY::GARUFI_DThu Nov 23 1995Upgrade from V1.4 to V2.1 before AXP migration
3848.04BUMP::LEESat Nov 25 1995how to link cobol program with decforms obj
3849.01ATYISA::KUOCHMon Nov 27 1995But it works with /DEBUG
3850.02EEMELI::KARPPINENWed Nov 29 1995Conversion error from VAX to Alpha
3851.05CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Dec 04 1995Converting an old style form, %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO 2.1A
3852.01EEMELI::KARPPINENTue Dec 05 1995The best way come back to 8
3853.01SAWA::STEFANOWICZWed Dec 06 1995license problem fixed?
3854.01CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Dec 08 1995V2 MPED brief icon bleedover from 1 panel to another
3856.02COPCLU::TCLAUSENFri Dec 15 1995where is Df V1.4-13 Vax
3857.010CX3PST::WSC5Wed Dec 20 1995Memory leak with FORMS$SEND
3858.01CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Jan 02 1996Runaway process after window closed...image rundown?
3860.03FORAT::PONSThu Jan 04 1996Form in shareable image
3861.02WHOSThu Jan 04 1996DoubleWide FunnyStuff
3862.01SIOG::CLARKEMon Jan 08 1996/INTERFACE default ?
3863.03CSC32::C_BENNETTMon Jan 08 1996V2.1A Order Numbers from SSB?
3864.01ANNECY::CHABERTThu Jan 11 1996Upgrade DECforms V1.4 to V2.1 on VAX
3865.01HDLITE::SCHAFERThu Jan 11 1996DECForms Arrays problem
3866.011CSC32::D_CAREWWed Jan 17 1996-FORMS-I-ERRORID v2.1-3-21
3867.01PRSSOS::TEBOULFri Jan 26 1996Upgrading an application from 1.4 to 2.1 - different behavior.
3868.03HKOSMon Jan 29 1996DECforms V2.
3870.01KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWTue Jan 30 1996Nopriv error with detached process
3871.01BBIVFri Feb 02 1996migrating decforms/rdb to decforms/oracle rdb
3872.0+4SHRMSG::HOWARDFri Feb 02 1996%CMA-F-USE_ERROR after upgrade to VMS (VAX) V7.
3873.01GIDDAY::REINHOLDTue Feb 06 1996DECforms shareable image advice?
3874.06KERNEL::PULLEYTue Feb 06 1996Hang, type ahead, ACMS??
3875.01UTRTSC::DORLANDThu Feb 08 1996FORMS-E-BADPICTURE again, help needed
3876.02CSC32::D_CAREWThu Feb 15 1996%FORMS-W-CDDVARIGN warnings are fatal on Alpha
3877.02GIDDAY::REINHOLDFri Feb 23 1996floating point exception
3878.011SAWA::SMOLAKFri Feb 23 1996LANGUAGE TABLES in DECforms V2.1A ?
3879.06MUNICH::SBECKERTue Feb 27 1996sending data to 2 diff terminals from one application ?
3880.01NETRIX::"mattacchione@romtss.rio.dec.com"Mon Mar 11 1996FORMSMUPC
3881.02MKTCRV::DLENNONMon Mar 11 1996Reference Sites for TDMS to DECforms Migration
3882.01035Mon Mar 11 1996Escape routine not found - migrating VAX to Alpha
3883.01FIXER::PULLEYWed Mar 13 1996Numeric value application keypad function??
3885.02UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERMon Mar 18 1996Different behaviour with V2.1 and validation response clause
3886.05UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERTue Mar 19 1996Incorrect 'last occurence vertical' with V2.1?
3887.03KERNEL::PULLEYTue Mar 19 1996Disconnected terminal device exit??
3888.01ZPOVC::NWEWed Mar 20 1996DECforms v1.4 and VMS v6.1
3889.02UTRTSC::DORLANDMon Apr 01 1996ACCVIO when TRANSCEIVE interrupted by AST
3890.017KERNEL::SMITHMon Apr 01 1996badreclen when extending an array ?
3891.09VAXRIO::CSANTOSMon Apr 01 1996LOOP in 2.1
3892.02MINNY::BERGERWed Apr 10 1996DECforms V1.4 vs. V2.1
3893.03KERNEL::PULLEYThu Apr 11 1996Condition handler for multiple PEU's @ form level??
3894.03CHUECA::JMGUERRAMon Apr 15 1996Updating to 2.1 needs recompile???
3895.01KERNEL::SMITHMon Apr 15 1996screen flicker on panel display
3896.0135Thu Apr 18 1996Gotchas with downgrading to an ealier version of COBOL
3897.03GIDDAY::REINHOLDTue Apr 23 1996Problems with Date field
3898.02TNPUBS::SYSTEMTue Apr 23 1996V2.1A install fails on OpenVMS AXP
3900.06KERNEL::SMITHTue Apr 30 1996Accvio @ PC =
3901.02TROOA::MILLARWed May 01 1996FORMS-F-HANGUP in DECterm Window
3902.01CSC32::C_BENNETTWed May 15 1996V2.1A and beyond...
3903.05GIDDAY::VASSILTue May 21 1996DecForms Shareable Image Problem
3904.03GIDDAY::VASSILThu May 30 1996Control C handling
3905.03GIDDAY::VASSILFri May 31 1996Mixed 8
3906.02EEMELI::HELLMANFri May 31 1996%FORMS-F-FATINTERR, fatal Internal Error
3907.05CHEFS::HARWOODJFri May 31 1996V/V 5.5-2 to V/V 6.2 & DECforms 1.4-5 & V2.1a
3909.0SAWA::SOBOLEWSKIMon Jun 10 1996ACMS app (VAX-Alpha) porting report
3910.02KERNEL::PULLEYMon Jun 17 1996Messages flash/disappear after port to Alpha??
3911.07STKHLM::WIDMANThu Jun 20 1996Performance Problems Again
3912.05PRSSOS::TEBOULWed Jun 26 1996QIO and Decforms 2.1B
3914.02GIDDAY::REINHOLDMon Jul 01 1996FORMS initialisation and threads?
3915.0+5LYOISA::CHAUMATTue Jul 02 1996DECforms on UNIX
3916.03GIDDAY::REINHOLDFri Jul 05 1996Fatal internal error invalid I/O channel
3917.02MLNCSC::DOMANESCHIWed Jul 10 1996Info about RT license
3918.02HGOSPS::MICKWIDLAMThu Jul 11 1996Displaying data with /SCALE=6 in BASIC with FORMS
3919.04VNABRW::ARCH_RThu Jul 11 1996Copy Statement fails with %FORMS-F-OPENIN, error opening
3920.01PRSSOS::TEBOULFri Jul 12 1996Date picture
3921.01UTRTSC::WDEBAKKERFri Jul 12 1996Tempfile not charged against resource identifier
3922.09TOSSUB::SABBADINThu Jul 18 1996DECFORM 2.1B LINK-W-MULPSC error .....help...
3923.02CUJO::IMSCSat Jul 20 1996 cursor goes to last field on form DECform
3924.05CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Jul 23 1996DECforms/DECtrace FORMS$MANAGER ident change?
3925.0TENNIS::KAMFri Aug 09 1996What's the status of net access for decforms?
3925.01RULLE::WELINTue Aug 13 1996Decforms RT license
3926.01QUARK::LIONELThu Aug 15 1996Panel steals focus
3928.07FINDER::PULLEYTue Aug 20 1996Fieldsoverlap, translate on v2.1??
3929.01TAVTue Aug 20 1996cpu loop in 2.1B
3930.06MARIN::ARVINDWed Aug 21 1996DECForms runtime error
3931.04STKHLM::LUNDSTEDTThu Aug 22 19962.
3932.02EDDF1Fri Aug 23 1996Port form DECforms to MOTIF
3934.08HERON::ROWLANDSMon Aug 26 1996HTML - New life for DECforms?
3935.09HLFSTue Aug 27 1996PRINT response step problem
3936.02KERNEL::SMITHTue Aug 27 1996132 to 8
3937.07CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Aug 27 1996%STR-F-ERRFREDYN w/BASIC SESSION delcaration...
3938.06ILOVWed Aug 28 1996forms_status: -26 error
3939.01UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Sep 05 1996DECnet/OSI and DECforms/327
3940.02GESSUB::BAGNASCOFri Sep 06 1996Decforms V2.1 on Ovms Alpha V6.2 problem
3941.01TAVWed Sep 11 1996Change if field initial values from v1.4 to v2.1 ?
3942.01NETRIX::"morrisseyd@mail.dec.com"Thu Sep 19 1996