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Conference slink::clearcase

Created:Fri Apr 15 1994
Last Modified:Fri Mar 29 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:62
Total number of notes:153
Number with bodies:0
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1.02MARVIN::HAQUEFri Apr 15 1994Welcome!
2.05MARVIN::HAQUEFri Apr 15 1994How did we choose ClearCase?
3.08MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994The Rough Guide to ClearCase
4.0MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994ClearCase: mvfs, the Multi-Version FileSystem
5.0MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994ClearCase: Time and Space
6.01MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994ClearCase: Builds, incrementals, failure isolation
7.01MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994ClearCase: Maintenance and merges
8.01MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994ClearCase bug reports and status summary
9.0MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994xclearcase: Error: PFM_ASSERT:(FALSE) failed: '../a_appx.c':219
10.0MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994The selection in xlsvtree's main display should be pastable as a version extended path name
11.0MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994Incorrect display of mount points, and filesystem types
12.01MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994man page for "protect" is broken
13.0MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994Memory leak in idle xclearcase
14.0MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994Cannot "quit" from xclearcase viewtag browser when starting up.
15.01MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994No on-line help from GUI.
16.01MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994NFS getattr failed for server arthur.reo.dec.com: RPC: Authentication error
17.02MARVIN::HAQUEWed Apr 27 1994mvfs: ERROR: getfid: NFS access denied for non-VOB object in view test
18.01TLE::PERIQUETFri Apr 29 1994What is ClearCase?
19.01QUIVER::DESMONDMon May 02 1994Hardware Requirements for ClearCase?
20.01CFSCTC::HCWUTue May 03 1994xclearcase crash by selecting browser
21.01CFSCTC::HCWUTue May 03 1994on-line help accidently activate the operation.
22.0CFSCTC::HCWUTue May 03 1994wrong status on selected item in Viewtag browser
23.01CFSCTC::HCWUTue May 03 1994Enhancement on "remove view"
24.01GNPIKE::SMITHFri May 06 1994Network Partitions? Caching accross slow link?
25.0MARVIN::HAQUESat May 07 1994ClearCase talk?
26.01TALLIS::MURARIWed May 11 1994Security hole in V2 BL4 of clearcase
27.01MARVIN::HAQUEWed May 18 1994ClearCase MultiSite
28.01MARVIN::HAQUEWed May 18 1994mx'd MRI tools on Alpha OSF/1...
29.06MARVIN::HAQUEWed May 18 1994clearcvt_unix: cvt_script: test: argument expected
30.02MARVIN::HAQUEFri May 20 1994Thoughts on VOB and view organisation
31.0MARVIN::HAQUEFri May 20 1994Moving data from CMS to ClearCase
32.0MARVIN::HAQUEFri May 20 1994Working with non-ClearCase users across a WAN
33.01MARVIN::HAQUEFri May 20 1994How to use branches
34.06ZENDIA::SHANNONMon May 23 1994How much does it cost?
35.0PIECES::TUSSLE::SDAVIDSONWed May 25 1994ClearCase Communication/Education (IPEG Staff)
36.0PIECES::TUSSLE::SDAVIDSONWed May 25 1994Barriers to ClearCase Migration
37.01QUIVER::DESMONDWed May 25 1994albd_contact call failed
38.01MARVIN::HAQUEWed Jun 01 1994ClearCase V2.
39.01TKOV5Mon Jun 13 1994Ordering information of ClearCase?
40.0MARVIN::HAQUEThu Jun 16 1994Patches for OSF/1 V2.
42.0MR4DEC::DEVLINMon Jun 27 1994ClearCase MultiSite Info Sheet.
43.0NACAD::DESMONDMon Aug 08 1994ClearCase Training Licenses?
44.0MARVIN::HAQUETue Aug 16 1994Clearcase in production use in REO
45.0MARVIN::HAQUETue Aug 16 1994Remote building on Ultrix with ClearCase.
46.03RDGENG::HAQUEWed Oct 05 1994ClearCase and Multisite for Windows NT
47.06NETCAD::DESMONDTue Nov 15 1994Possible Show-stopper -- Incorrect builds with clearmake
48.05TAVTue Jan 03 1995ClearCase in COHESION Team/SEE
49.03MUNICH::HABENREICHFri Jan 20 1995creating files from Ultrix 4.4 to HP ClearCase
50.0NETCAD::TRINDADEWed Mar 01 1995Viewing/Editing a file from xclearcase
51.0RDGENG::impi.reo.dec.com::haqueFri Mar 03 1995Clearcase for NT - beta sites, anyone?
52.03UHUH::TALCOTTWed Mar 15 1995How does the licensing work?
53.04UHUH::ALEXANDERFri Apr 28 1995Trouble starting and stopping atria on OSF/1 3.2 - any clues?
54.03UHUH::ALEXANDERTue May 02 1995Confused about mounting file with mvfs
55.02UHUH::ALEXANDERThu May 04 1995Curiosity: why is the ClearCase server host's root directory owned by user '8887'
56.02UHUH::ALEXANDERThu May 04 1995mounting a public view on a non-ClearCase host crashes the host.
57.01UHUH::TALCOTTWed May 10 1995What happens when you change views while editing a file?
58.01UHUH::ALEXANDERTue May 23 1995A VOB within a VOB
59.07NETRIX::"schulter@ljo.dec.com"Wed Sep 06 1995Multiplatform Use
60.0NETCAD::DESMONDMon Mar 25 1996[cciug] Search Atria's Web
61.0NETCAD::DESMONDMon Mar 25 1996[cciug] Anyone having ClearCase/NT performance problems?
62.0NETCAD::DESMONDFri Mar 29 1996Stopping Views on NT