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Conference pamsrc::objectbroker_development

Title:ObjectBroker Development - BEA Systems' CORBA
Notice:See note 2 for kit locations; note 4 for training
Created:Thu Dec 27 1990
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:2482
Total number of notes:13057
Number with bodies:366
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1.01VIA::EWALDThu Dec 27 1990Welcome to ACAS_PROGRAMMER
2.0+121VIA::EWALDThu Dec 27 1990Kit Locations
3.01SEND::PATRICKFri Apr 15 1994Draft of COM Spec Available
4.06MALLOC::PRINCIPIOFri Jul 22 1994Training
5.051VIA::EWALDThu Dec 27 1990Introductions
6.0VIA::EWALDThu Dec 27 1990QAR Database
7.02LATE::SLAVINThu Jan 03 1991ACA Services EFT1 training tapes available
8.0ADTSHR::DIAZThu Jan 03 1991Customized event notification, dispatching (how to use?)
9.04SQM::KOZIKOWSKIFri Jan 04 1991Problems accessing kits
10.06SQM::KOZIKOWSKITue Jan 08 1991Installing on ULTRIX
11.09VIA::RENZULLOWed Jan 09 1991Error in the client.c sample program
12.01TOOLS::DIAZThu Jan 10 1991Controlling user preferences (Context Object)
13.03CADSE::CARBREYThu Jan 10 1991Looking For Examples.
14.03TLE::HAMSONFri Jan 11 1991Synchronization Question using My_Dispatcher
15.04CADSE::CHABOTThu Jan 17 1991Is this possible?
16.09KUNG::HAMSONTue Jan 22 1991ACAS not installed
17.0VIA::RENZULLOTue Jan 22 1991Problem with ACAS_DOUBLE datatype
18.0CLOVEN::ROYWed Jan 23 1991Ultrix kit updated to work in mixed-dms environment
19.0DRRUTH::PATRICKSat Jan 26 1991Suggestion for new feature in CMD
20.0DRRUTH::PATRICKSun Jan 27 1991Automatic trace code is dispatcher
21.02KUNG::HAMSONSun Jan 27 1991Method Server Definitions UUID'ing themselves
22.021ESGWST::SRINIMon Jan 28 1991Edit/Browser/Client example programs
23.01BLGVS3::STRATOSTue Jan 29 1991ACAS System I ACAS System Integration and Programmer's Manual
24.01ADTSHR::DIAZWed Jan 30 1991API description for Ada
25.011TLE::FINLAYSONThu Jan 31 1991Some suggestions for improvements
26.04TLE::FINLAYSONMon Feb 04 1991Problems defining methods and classes
27.01TOOLS::DIAZThu Feb 07 1991ACAS_CreateInstanceHandle parameters
28.02TLE::FINLAYSONFri Feb 08 1991Should ACAS files be world-unreadable?
29.01TLE::FINLAYSONSun Feb 10 1991How about function prototypes for ACAS functions?
30.06ANVIL::BUEHLERThu Feb 14 1991Message@Class references
31.05KUNG::HAMSONWed Feb 20 1991Is there any debugging help you can provide?
32.011TLE::FINLAYSONWed Feb 20 1991What does "Operation failed" mean?
33.02GOLLY::ZAREMBAMon Feb 25 1991ACAS and threads?
36.02XNOGOV::SAMIAWed Feb 27 1991ULTRIX KIT AGAIN......
37.03PAVONE::BLASIThu Mar 07 1991Questions on DCL interface
38.02TOOLS::DIAZFri Mar 08 1991Where are: ACAS_WindowEventDispatcher and ACAS_WindowEventNotifier
39.06KUNG::HAMSONTue Mar 12 1991Signal Processing Hang
40.04RECURS::WAHLFri Mar 15 1991ref data and instance handles
41.01KUNG::HAMSONSun Mar 17 1991Which arguments are optional in the ACAS_ calls?
42.07KUNG::HAMSONMon Mar 18 1991Register Server Delay...
43.04KUNG::HAMSONThu Mar 21 1991Argument Lists containing optional parameters
44.04CIMFIE::TRAGESERFri Mar 22 1991Sample client - wrong # arguments to InvokeMethod?
45.02KUNG::HAMSONFri Mar 29 1991Ultrix woes during RegisterServer... FT1
46.01KUNG::HAMSONMon Apr 01 1991Question on ACAS INVOKE Command
47.03TOOLS::DIAZTue Apr 02 1991Losing (?) x event dispatching
48.01SRINI::sriniWed Apr 03 1991-G
49.02KUNG::HAMSONFri Apr 05 1991Versioned Class Definitions, etc.
50.01KUNG::HAMSONSun Apr 07 1991FT2 Documentation <> ACASAPI.H
51.05KUNG::HAMSONTue Apr 09 1991Unalligned access crash on Ultrix
53.01TLE::HAMSONSun Apr 14 1991ACAS_DeallocateList (&errorlist)
54.0TLE::CONNELLYTue Apr 16 1991Callback Routine parameter profile
55.04VIA::ANDERSONThu Apr 18 1991EFT2 Kits Available.
56.0KUNG::HAMSONFri Apr 19 1991RegisterServer Flags?
58.04TLE::FINLAYSONFri Apr 19 1991Problems installing ACAS EFT2 on VMS
59.01TLE::CONNELLYFri Apr 19 1991Structure of list header
60.03TLE::FINLAYSONSun Apr 21 1991What does "Can't get local node name" mean?
61.01TLE::FINLAYSONSun Apr 21 1991Release notes are not legible on Ultrix (EFT2)
62.0RAB::EWALDMon Apr 22 1991Installing EFT2 over EFT1
63.0CLOVEN::ROYMon Apr 22 1991EFT2 Release Notes
64.03TOOK::DMCLUREWed Apr 24 1991Can ACAS function without DECnet?
65.02KUNG::HAMSONThu Apr 25 1991Type Consolidation Points
66.01DRRUTH::PATRICKFri May 03 1991Proper location for product ODL and CTX files
67.07TOOK::DMCLUREFri May 03 1991Control Server out of control
68.02TRNPRC::GAJNAKTue May 07 1991Problems with build_sample.com
69.01BITBKT::FORBESTue May 14 1991Location broker down - can't get to control server
70.01BITBKT::FORBESWed May 15 1991Can't find method server
71.01VLOMIS::GALVANThu May 16 1991Where's the help library
72.06PAVONE::GIANNIFri May 17 1991Authentication problems
73.05OED::BEYERMon May 20 1991Problems receiving messages
74.08RAB::EWALDMon May 20 1991performance
75.04TLE::FINLAYSONWed May 22 1991Does autostart work?
76.05TLE::D_SMITHFri May 31 1991Installation Problem
77.09TOOK::DMCLUREFri May 31 1991Authentication Disabling Question[s]
78.01FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSMon Jun 03 1991Problem with running sample demo programs
79.08TLE::DIETERMon Jun 03 1991Termination Callback Routine
80.04EPIK::DAHLThu Jun 06 1991How To Rebuild ACA_SYSTEM_REPOSITORY.LDB?
81.06CIMFIE::RAMESHFri Jun 07 1991ACAS tags
82.04TRNPRC::GAJNAKFri Jun 07 1991Why did the server procedure die?
83.06DECWET::TENGMon Jun 10 1991ACAS without DECnet?
84.01DRRUTH::PATRICKWed Jun 12 1991Draft of Troubleshooting tips for Communication problems
85.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONThu Jun 13 1991Descriptions need to be more than one line long
86.04VOGON::WONGThu Jun 13 1991Any information to setup the labs?
87.01VOGON::WONGThu Jun 13 1991Example CLIENT error
89.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONThu Jun 13 1991Wishlist: Enhanced message argument type-checking
90.04TLE::D_SMITHFri Jun 14 1991Will EFT3 be ACRBASE2
91.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONFri Jun 14 1991Conventions for the definition of constructors
92.02WADA::DAWSONMon Jun 17 1991Directing requests to server on a different node.
94.010CALS::MACKINTue Jun 18 1991how to create a new storage class
95.016CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Jun 18 1991Help !!!!
96.05CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Jun 18 1991Documentation needs improvement
97.01CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Jun 18 1991Error messages lisitng
98.04TLE::D_SMITHWed Jun 19 1991How to resolve UCX problems
99.08CALS::MACKINWed Jun 19 1991accvio in invokeMethod
100.01NAVIER::LONGThu Jun 20 1991Where are the correct RPC subsets?
101.08CIMNET::MCCANCEThu Jun 20 1991problem with ivp after install
102.01CIMFIE::RAMESHThu Jun 20 1991Multiple G location Brkers on same LAN
103.02PAVONE::BLASIFri Jun 21 1991Can I decompose the ACAS_main_loop?
104.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONMon Jun 24 1991Graphical Front-End
105.04PAVONE::BLASIMon Jun 24 1991Script server selection is very strange
106.03CIMFIE::RAMESHMon Jun 24 1991acasmsho broken ?
107.05CIMFIE::RAMESHMon Jun 24 1991build does not work without context loadingf
108.01CIMFIE::RAMESHMon Jun 24 1991"location" parameter is misleading
109.02CALS::MACKINMon Jun 24 1991list copy semantics
110.02CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Jun 25 1991Authentication disabled lies
111.02NDEVOR::SERAWed Jun 26 1991IVP failing on VMS
112.05MIPSBX::thomasFri Jun 28 1991ACAS doesn't work with DECnet-ULTRIX Phase V
113.04GOLLY::ZAREMBAMon Jul 01 1991Can't create an instance handle without reference data.
114.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Jul 02 1991UCX V1.3a -- Is it really required?
115.03CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Jul 02 1991Is the [DYNAMIC] keyword really necessary?
116.07COUNTTue Jul 02 1991All I wanted was the latest and greatest version of LSE (sob)
117.04RAB::ROYTue Jul 02 1991Some performance numbers for EFT3
118.04IOSG::FREERWed Jul 03 1991Is there a tutorial about ACAS??
119.01GOLLY::ARSENAULTWed Jul 03 1991ACAS_WindowEventDispatcher in EFT3
120.03GOLLY::ARSENAULTMon Jul 08 1991LOAD OBJECTS /REPOSITORY_LIST=(comma list) Problem
121.02TOOK::DMCLUREMon Jul 08 1991Missing sample.col file in build_sample script (on VAX ULTRIX)
122.0KUNG::HAMSONTue Jul 09 1991Suggestion for startup of UCX, RPC, and ACAS
123.01GOLLY::ZAREMBAWed Jul 10 1991Can't get a server started
124.03TLE::D_SMITHWed Jul 10 1991UCX 1.3A that is in EFT3 area
125.03KUNG::HAMSONWed Jul 10 1991ACAS_SetDispatchEventFlag MIA
126.05TAGART::GMENNIEThu Jul 11 1991problem with sample demo between two ULTRIX nodes
127.03CIMNET::MCCANCEThu Jul 11 1991is eft3 necessary for DTM?
128.03TLE::FINLAYSONThu Jul 11 1991ACAS not finding existing servers?
130.022TOOK::DMCLUREFri Jul 12 1991Problems getting examples running for EFT3
133.04FCOIS::LEGRANDMon Jul 15 1991Integrate Existing Applications
134.05GUNG::hoMon Jul 15 1991problem with invoke method
135.03CIMNET::MJOHNSONMon Jul 15 1991Preventing unauthorized implementations of ACAS classes
136.01CIMFIE::RAMESHMon Jul 15 1991RPC error
137.02CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Jul 16 1991no more context handles
139.01CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Jul 16 1991Stopping a running client abruptly
140.023YIPPEE::GURLEWed Jul 17 1991problem with installing on UTLRIX RISC
141.04OED::BEYERWed Jul 17 1991Indirect item lists on arg lists
142.07TLE::WIENERWed Jul 17 1991Problem for PCA going from IFT2 to IFT3.
143.02TLE::DIETERWed Jul 17 1991problem with itemlist with > 1 item
144.0CIMNET::MJOHNSONWed Jul 17 1991Method Server UUID vs. ACAS_METHOD_SERVER_UUID attr
145.0CIMNET::MJOHNSONWed Jul 17 1991C++ dispatcher hints?
146.02YIPPEE::GURLEThu Jul 18 1991problem in examples
147.07GOLLY::ZAREMBAThu Jul 18 1991Problem getting the server started.
148.0VIA::REILLYThu Jul 18 1991Work arounds for Bugs since EFT3
149.05TLE::FINLAYSONThu Jul 18 1991What does transport level communications failure mean
150.01STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Jul 19 1991Can't get attributes from USER context
151.01YIPPEE::GURLEFri Jul 19 1991Does EFT_3 support DECrpc V2.
152.03GOLLY::ZAREMBAFri Jul 19 1991Not all logicals are being defined during server startup
153.02STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Jul 19 1991How to use GetCtxAttributes in FT3
154.017FCOIS::LEGRANDFri Jul 19 1991Trying to write classes and methods
155.09CIMFIE::RAMESHSun Jul 21 1991RPC undefines
156.01XNOGOV::WESTERNMon Jul 22 1991Unknown Built-in Error
158.01GOLLY::ARSENAULTMon Jul 22 1991Need to have UUIDs in SuperClasses ?
159.01GOLLY::ARSENAULTMon Jul 22 1991Correct way to name Objects?
160.07KETJE::DIERICKTue Jul 23 1991Very Simple example wanted
161.011KETJE::DIERICKTue Jul 23 1991Another beginners question : authentication
162.01CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Jul 23 1991acas_no_authorize
163.0CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Jul 23 1991Server/Client communication hang
164.010CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Jul 23 1991invoking in parallel the same server
165.015KETJE::DIERICKWed Jul 24 1991Some apps work, others don't . Why ?
166.012KETJE::DIERICKWed Jul 24 1991acasscrs doesn't go away
167.02AERO::FREERWed Jul 24 1991Another ACAS-E-SCR_BADARGNAME problem.
168.01SAVED::TURNERWed Jul 24 1991Grammatical C Grammatical Confusion
169.01KETJE::DIERICKThu Jul 25 1991Finally, working example, with OSF/Motif or shell menu
170.03KETJE::DIERICKThu Jul 25 1991Problem using colocate
171.0ATOI::ANDERSONThu Jul 25 1991API change for next kit...
172.01TPSYS::GAJNAKFri Jul 26 1991Script Server Startup
173.02TPSYS::GAJNAKFri Jul 26 1991Suggestions for Improving the Ref Manual
175.01YIPPEE::GURLEMon Jul 29 1991product avaibility
177.030KETJE::DIERICKMon Jul 29 1991Parameter passing client - server
179.03KETJE::DIERICKTue Jul 30 1991Exception handler kills client
180.0TLE::FINLAYSONThu Aug 01 1991ACCVIO due to bogus method server id
182.01TLE::DIETERFri Aug 02 1991ACAS_AddErrorToList documentation error
183.0VIA::ANDERSONMon Aug 05 1991Request for Processor/software info.
184.01GOLLY::ARSENAULTTue Aug 06 1991Application exit handler & ACAS?
185.015YIPPEE::GURLEWed Aug 07 1991I need help on Script Server
186.0IDE::STORMWed Aug 07 1991ACA Services for MS-Windows,SUN - PH 1 Close Minutes
187.04CIMFIE::RAMESHThu Aug 08 1991ACAS with Ultrix 4.2
188.0RAB::ROYFri Aug 09 1991Important UCX installation note
189.013YIPPEE::GURLETue Aug 13 1991RPC error
191.014OSLACT::OLAVWed Aug 14 1991ACAS_INV_NOCTRLSRV (e), No control server is running on node 'oslada'.
192.05OSLACT::OLAVFri Aug 16 1991Shutting down the control server... Why?
193.03STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Aug 16 1991Control server dies when trying remote access
196.01KETJE::DIERICKFri Aug 23 1991Design question
197.02BRSIS6::BUTTIENSFri Aug 23 1991Recursive use of a Server : question
198.0RAB::ROYFri Aug 23 1991ACAS Positioning Draft
199.04YIPPEE::GURLEMon Aug 26 1991Error : ACAS_INV_COMMFAIL (e), Transport level communication failed.
201.04BRSIS6::MERVEILLE_BTue Aug 27 1991Server exiting after asynchronous method resolution.
202.07AIDIVE::HIMBAUTWed Aug 28 1991VMS Install problem
203.08FCOIS::LEGRANDFri Aug 30 1991INOUT arguments
204.01OSLFri Aug 30 1991Problem installing ACA EFT2.
205.013FCOIS::LEGRANDFri Aug 30 19912 methods on the same platform
206.015FCOIS::LEGRANDFri Aug 30 1991DYNAMIC methods
207.07YIPPEE::GURLEMon Sep 02 1991ACAS and DEC C++
208.013MEO78B::TINKLERMon Sep 02 1991NIce idea, but ...
209.04GOLLY::ARSENAULTWed Sep 04 1991Passing XtAppContext to ACAS
210.05YIPPEE::GURLETue Sep 10 1991Building a Super Method Server
211.04GOLLY::ARSENAULTWed Sep 11 1991acassho -O *
212.02VIA::ROYThu Sep 12 1991V2.
213.02TLE::WIENERThu Sep 12 1991RPC Error: 1c
214.0KUNG::HAMSONThu Sep 12 1991Request for Dispatcher Callback Option
215.04YIPPEE::GURLEFri Sep 13 1991ACAS and the Client/Server Model: is it the real one?
216.06YIPPEE::GURLEMon Sep 16 1991Error in building an ACAS application
217.029YIPPEE::GURLETue Sep 17 1991passing parameter Client/Server doesn't work, why ? ( very strange !)
218.03PAVONE::BLASIWed Sep 18 1991Sharing repositories across platforms with NFS
219.01PAVONE::BLASIWed Sep 18 1991Wishlist: Queries on remote repositories
220.03GOLLY::ARSENAULTWed Sep 18 1991Ultrix ACAS management.
221.01PAVONE::BLASIWed Sep 18 1991Whishlist: user-level proxies
222.011TLE::DIMINOThu Sep 19 1991NOTAUTHENTIC, Client user is not authenticated
223.05PAVONE::BLASIThu Sep 19 1991Specify startup node at server level
224.03YIPPEE::GURLEMon Sep 23 1991Even passing simple out parametre doesn't work !
225.02TLE::FINLAYSONWed Sep 25 1991Authentication server unreachable error
226.0OED::BEYERThu Sep 26 1991Creating terminal applications
228.02OED::BEYERThu Sep 26 1991Asynchronous script methods?
229.01OED::BEYERThu Sep 26 1991Can't send item list with multiple items on it
230.02OSLACT::OLAVFri Sep 27 1991Motif user interface to ACAS management programs?
231.04GOLLY::ARSENAULTFri Sep 27 1991Wishlist: Transparent ACAS distribution
232.03GOLLY::ARSENAULTFri Sep 27 1991Where to install col and crl files
233.0GOLLY::ARSENAULTMon Sep 30 1991Tip: Application Startup on Ultrix
234.0GOLLY::ARSENAULTMon Sep 30 1991Wishlist: Handle file versions on Ultrix
235.04GUNG::hoTue Oct 01 1991How to get attributes in an ACAS table from the command line?
236.04CFSCTC::MACKINTue Oct 01 1991how are float values stored in ACAArg instance?
237.07GOLLY::ARSENAULTThu Oct 03 1991Not checking system context object?
238.05PAVONE::ARGENTOThu Oct 03 1991ACASInvocationContext structure
239.09TLE::HOFri Oct 04 1991invocation string problem
240.04CFSCTC::MACKINFri Oct 04 1991optional args in message lists
241.019CFSCTC::MACKINMon Oct 07 1991request for more details on error lists
242.08EPIK::DAHLMon Oct 07 1991How to Suppress ACAS_*.TMP, .TMP_NEW Files?
243.01OSLACT::OLAVTue Oct 08 1991PAK?
244.01KOBAL::DILLBERGERTue Oct 08 1991UN*X file descriptors preserved across method invocations?
245.0GOLLY::ARSENAULTTue Oct 08 1991Managing ACAS in a Ultrix clump
247.01CFSCTC::MACKINSun Oct 13 1991questions on instance and application handles
248.014PAVONE::BLASIWed Oct 16 1991How does ACAS_METHOD_SRV_ATTRS works?
250.01CFSCTC::MACKINWed Oct 16 1991standard application-classes for ACAS?
251.02PAVONE::ARGENTOWed Oct 16 1991GetClass parameters
252.0194GL::BERGERThu Oct 17 1991Questions about invoking ExecuteShellCommand message
253.014GL::BERGERThu Oct 17 1991Questions on count argument on ACAS_AllocateList
254.03PAVONE::BLASIFri Oct 18 1991Max size of ACAS_STRING?
255.0ATOI::ANDERSONTue Oct 22 1991Pricing information on ACAS
256.03IOOSRV::STREITFri Oct 25 1991Is VWS really needed?
257.01TLE::D_SMITHFri Oct 25 1991Installation of Application Question
258.02TLE::WIENERMon Oct 28 1991HIDEUI with script on VMS and non-script on MIPS.
259.01KUNG::HAMSONTue Oct 29 1991Compound data types from the command line
260.03GUNG::hoTue Oct 29 1991Questions on debugging script methods
261.08OUINON::DERRThu Oct 31 1991Problem installing ACA RT on Ultrix 4.2 (ACRBASERT2
262.031YIPPEE::GURLEMon Nov 04 1991Help for using dynamic ItemList
263.03CFSCTC::MACKINMon Nov 04 1991how to force ACAS to go to a specific remote node
264.0KUNG::HAMSONMon Nov 04 1991Request for Broadcast Message
265.0154GL::BERGERMon Nov 04 1991Why does ACAS think that /STARTUP_ONLY has been specified for the node?
266.01STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Nov 05 1991Long lived and async does not work together
267.0VIA::RENZULLOTue Nov 05 1991ACA Services selected by OMG
268.01YIPPEE::GURLEWed Nov 06 1991How to read The items from a dynamic ACASItemList ?
269.01EMC2::MORANDFri Nov 08 1991RPC Error 12
270.02KETJE::DIERICKFri Nov 08 1991ACAS and TCP/IP not working ?
271.0104GL::BERGERFri Nov 08 1991Transport error RPC Error: 1c
272.01GOLLY::ARSENAULTFri Nov 08 1991Sample CRL file which can be loaded, reloaded,...
273.03TLE::WIENERTue Nov 12 1991Object 'ACAS_CONTEXT_OBJECT' not found.
274.07CFSCTC::MACKINTue Nov 12 1991ACA C++ Class Library available
275.07TLE::FINLAYSONWed Nov 13 1991%SYSTEM-F-NOSUCHNODE using T2.1
276.01PTOVAX::DLUGOSZWed Nov 13 1991Can't create system context?
277.02TLE::WIENERThu Nov 14 1991"acas invoke analyzer" keeps waiting.
278.03YIPPEE::GURLEFri Nov 15 1991ACAS_INV_TRANSERR (e),Transport error 'RPC Error: 12
279.02GOLLY::ARSENAULTFri Nov 15 1991Sample exit handler for VMS and MIPS
280.014GL::BERGERWed Nov 20 1991RPC errors
281.01KOBAL::BERGERThu Nov 21 1991A few questions on Callback routine to asynch send of message
282.013YIPPEE::GURLEFri Nov 22 1991ACAS_INV_CANTGETAUTH (e), Could not get an authentication key from node HELDOG
283.0GYPSC1::EBRANDLMon Nov 25 1991fast remote db access
284.06PECAN::VOGLMon Nov 25 1991Question on Asynchronous InvokeMethod to circumvent timeout
285.0TLE::HAMSONTue Nov 26 1991Optional Args and ItemLists in 2.1
286.01VNAACT::GEROLDThu Nov 28 1991No privs to start server
287.03PAVONE::BLASIFri Nov 29 1991Server-side builtin storage class
288.0YIPPEE::GURLEMon Dec 02 1991Need some clarifications on PC platforms
289.01YIPPEE::GURLEMon Dec 02 1991%ACAS-E-INV_TRANSERR, Transport error '%SYSTEM-F-NOPRIV, no privilege for attempted operation
290.03ALICAT::MACKAYMon Dec 02 1991Help starting UCX - LO
291.02TLE::HOWed Dec 04 1991What happens when a asynchronous method is completed?
292.03TLE::HAMSONFri Dec 06 1991ContextHandle from the InvocationContext
293.05PECAN::VOGLFri Dec 06 1991Bad Block Address error returning from a callback
294.03CFSCTC::SANCLEMENTEMon Dec 09 1991ACA and Network disconnects
295.010CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Dec 10 1991Namespace Naming Conventions for ACAS Classes
296.05CIMFIE::TRAGESERThu Dec 12 1991T2.1 link problem - G_FLOAT conflict
297.01CIMFIE::TRAGESERThu Dec 12 1991Server registry and ACAS_ANY
298.01CIMFIE::TRAGESERThu Dec 12 1991What extent MS-Window server support in FT2?
299.07HERON::BOSSARDFri Dec 13 1991Installation: repository filling in file systems.
300.04OS2PS2::TaberFri Dec 13 1991Windows client memory allocation question
301.01PECAN::VOGLMon Dec 16 1991Strange error from GetCtxHandle
302.0GOLLY::ARSENAULTThu Dec 19 1991Wishlist: acasgett change
303.05OS2PS2::TaberTue Dec 31 1991What is MSWindows class repository search list?
304.025HERCUL::MOSERTue Dec 31 1991ACAS Installation trouble on ULTRIX from DECSET Kit...
305.03LJOHUB::GIBIANThu Jan 02 1992A few unrelated questions...
306.01KAMYEE::KLEEFri Jan 03 1992Method Server dies... Why ?
307.010GOLLY::ARSENAULTMon Jan 06 1992When are .TMP and .TMP_NEW files created
308.03ESSB2::DMCWEENEYTue Jan 07 1992request for intro/overview docs
309.0IDE::STORMTue Jan 07 1992Announcing ACA Services course
310.02LJOHUB::GIBIANWed Jan 08 1992How do I use returned status?
311.0LJOHUB::GIBIANWed Jan 08 1992Problems with man pages
312.03PSYCHD::MICHAELSWed Jan 08 1992why are session ids reused?
313.01LJOHUB::GIBIANThu Jan 09 1992Location of ACA-S object repository(s)
314.08PSYCHD::MICHAELSFri Jan 10 1992Are table names in the context object case sensitive in T2.1?
315.04PTOVAX::DLUGOSZMon Jan 13 1992Server Transmission Interruptus
316.05ESSB2::EMCGUINNESSWed Jan 15 1992Will ACAS help out !!
317.01CIMFIE::TRAGESERWed Jan 15 1992Can a server cancel its own sessions?
318.015PSYCHD::MICHAELSWed Jan 15 1992Exceeding network links using ACAS T2.1 FT1
319.03CIMFIE::TRAGESERWed Jan 15 1992Length of timeout in 2.1?
320.05CIMFIE::TRAGESERThu Jan 16 1992When to free lists?
321.015LJOHUB::GIBIANMon Jan 20 1992Digital standard practices in using ACA Services
322.017TAGART::GMENNIETue Jan 21 1992Use of ACAS control server
323.08CIMNET::JONESTue Jan 21 1992acasinv CommandStatus 256 error
324.04WARNUT::GUPTATue Jan 21 1992ivp failed asac_inv_noctrlsrv?
325.011GYUPCC::BALTESKONISWed Jan 22 1992ACAS_RegisterServer error
326.04ESSB::CGREGGThu Jan 23 1992Acas_FindElementByName Query
327.05PTOVAX::DLUGOSZThu Jan 23 1992Inconsistent results launching server?
328.04POOLFri Jan 24 1992Problems installing ACA services --- extract of note in ACAS services
329.013PTOVAX::DLUGOSZTue Jan 28 1992Problems with ACASTOOL
330.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Jan 28 1992Long-lived application handles and storage classes
331.07KAMYEE::KLEETue Jan 28 1992"Control server is not running" status!!!
332.07KASINO::NEIDECKERThu Jan 30 1992ACAS locks volatile database indefinitely
333.06EPS::BERGERThu Jan 30 1992error registering Control Server
334.02GUIDUK::EVANSFri Jan 31 1992acasseta Convenience Command
335.01LJOHUB::SPOONERFri Jan 31 1992Documentation for application developers
336.02GUIDUK::EVANSFri Jan 31 1992script method indirect invocation
337.01SAAVAK::CHANDLERMon Feb 10 1992RPC vs DECnet as transport layer
338.01SAAVAK::CHANDLERMon Feb 10 1992syntax suggestion for "show context" command
339.010PTOVAX::DLUGOSZTue Feb 11 1992MS-Windows Client crashes on data transfer?
340.07SAAVAK::CHANDLERTue Feb 11 1992how does ACA integrate with DDE/OLE?
341.019TLE::BEYERWed Feb 12 1992Do I need ACAS_MainLoop?
342.02EPS::WONGWed Feb 12 1992Problems with setting up a PC client
343.02IDE::STORMWed Feb 12 1992Announcing an ACA Services course - 3/23 to 3/27
344.011ESSB::CGREGGTue Feb 18 1992Can't reg as server repeatedly
345.0CSSE32::MERMELLTue Feb 18 1992TEP IV announcement: DCE, Pathworks, NAS, ACAS
346.01KETJE::DIERICKWed Feb 19 1992Transport mechanisms for ACAS 2.1
347.08SAAVAK::CHANDLERWed Feb 19 1992long-lived dialog with script servers?
348.08SAAVAK::CHANDLERThu Feb 20 1992what causes ACAS_MainLoop to return control?
349.01SAAVAK::CHANDLERSun Feb 23 1992multiply defined symbols in link with MOTIF
350.01MAJORS::HANSONMon Feb 24 1992Is ACAS for me or should I stick to DECmessageQ and Jabberwocky??
351.09LJOHUB::COLLINSMon Feb 24 1992ladbx and signals question
352.09SOS6::VASILACHETue Feb 25 1992logical name for client TIMEOUT ?
353.02MAJORS::HANSONWed Feb 26 1992Using ACA to integrate with existing applications
354.07EPIK::GRIEPFri Feb 28 1992Availability on other platforms?
355.01OS2PS2::TaberFri Feb 28 1992MS-Windows client mysterious memory problems
356.024LJOHUB::SPOONERMon Mar 02 1992arrays
357.0VOGON::WONGTue Mar 03 1992Some comments from customer on doc
358.03LJOHUB::COLLINSTue Mar 03 1992Hidden node question
359.08CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Mar 03 1992Context object questions
360.02EPIK::COLONMon Mar 09 1992Has the way NULL and missing arguments are handled changed in EFT2?
361.022ESSB::CGREGGTue Mar 10 1992TOO Slow!!!!
362.06RAB::ROYWed Mar 11 1992ACA Services compared to DECmessageQ
363.07CIMNET::MJOHNSONWed Mar 11 1992Setting Context Attributes without creating new files
364.04SNOCWed Mar 11 1992Some rogue files in c:\acas
365.013SAAVAK::CHANDLERThu Mar 12 1992Passing *large* chunks of data
366.020CFSCTC::CTCThu Mar 12 1992Transparent location of instances of data objects?
367.01SNOCThu Mar 12 1992How to delete on MS
368.03SNOCFri Mar 13 1992Example with scripts
369.013JITWed Mar 18 1992Help needed in Cross Node Communication
370.05KOBAL::BERGERWed Mar 18 1992Is client notified of server termination?
371.024LJOHUB::SPOONERWed Mar 18 1992Adding an item list to an item list
372.02SNOCWed Mar 18 1992ACAS commands from DOS prompt?
373.09FIZBUZ::SAUNDERSThu Mar 19 1992Generating UUID's
374.02LJOHUB::SPOONERThu Mar 19 1992doc error
375.0VIA::EWALDMon Mar 23 1992Next ACA Services course - wk of 4/6
376.03IE::BARTLETTFri Mar 27 1992Info on the Sample Demo
377.03LJOHUB::SPOONERFri Mar 27 1992DR DOS supported?
378.03LJOHUB::SPOONERFri Mar 27 1992Troubles installing ACAS on DOS
379.01SUBWAY::COMASTue Mar 31 1992Is there a real CMS & ACAS product?
380.04CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Mar 31 1992Overloading only the SetInstance Storage Class MeMethod
381.03CIMNET::MJOHNSONWed Apr 01 1992Class Repository Management: Wishlist Items
382.01BIGUN::ANDERSONThu Apr 02 1992Demos?
383.04AUSSIE::NGTue Apr 07 1992Marshalling of Arg - how does ACAS do it?
385.01XSTACY::PATTISONTue Apr 07 1992Problems getting started
386.05TONKA::MADERTue Apr 07 1992Install fails on Sun ...
387.05CIMFIE::TRAGESERWed Apr 08 1992Slow memory leak for hidden servers?
388.04ASDS::SEGERWed Apr 08 1992arg mismatch on ULTRIX but not VMS
389.09OS2PS2::TaberThu Apr 09 1992So have you tried MS-Windows 3.1 yet?
390.012ASDS::SEGERThu Apr 09 1992how to end long lived applications?
391.03CREATV::GIBIANThu Apr 09 1992IVP for DEC ACA Services for Ultrix, T2.1 - EFT2 fills root filesystem
392.017ASDS::SEGERFri Apr 10 1992trouble with dos install
393.05ROMCSA::RAMPATue Apr 14 1992ACAS -> Image processing
394.07ESSB::CGREGGTue Apr 14 1992RMS Services and ACAS services
395.0ASDS::SEGERTue Apr 14 1992How do you determine FT version?
396.04ASDS::SEGERTue Apr 14 1992Problems with unknown error code on WINDOWS
397.08CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Apr 14 1992Remote Queries via ACA Services Item Lists
398.04ASDS::SEGERTue Apr 14 1992Proxy setup confusing on ULTRIX
399.01JITWed Apr 15 1992Access to multiple servers?
400.011ASDS::SEGERWed Apr 15 1992Problems installing on a SUN
401.013XSTACY::JOCONNORWed Apr 15 1992ACAS V2.1 FT VMS install problem
402.01ASDS::SEGERThu Apr 16 1992will a server ever support multiple protocols?
403.01ASDS::SEGERThu Apr 16 1992server ran on VMS(dnet) but not ULTRIX (tcp)
404.01ASDS::SEGERThu Apr 16 1992getting context for ULTRIX daemons...
405.05JITFri Apr 17 1992ACAS_INV_TRANSERR 'Connection refused'
406.013ASDS::SEGERFri Apr 17 1992Debugging on DOS
407.02MR4MI2::CORMIERFri Apr 17 1992Unable to invoke method
408.03SUBWAY::COMASMon Apr 20 1992Writing 'agents' help.
409.05CIMNET::MJOHNSONMon Apr 20 1992No buffer space available (PC running TCP/IP)
410.01TLE::BEYERMon Apr 20 1992Description of ACAS Issues in Support of Integrated Environments
411.013QUILLA::STINSONTue Apr 21 1992Passing Structured Types
412.09CFSCTC::SANCLEMENTETue Apr 21 1992extracting arguments through convenience commands
413.01ASDS::SEGERTue Apr 21 1992changing authentiction in control server
414.020XSTACY::PATTISONTue Apr 21 1992Trying to get CMS example working on VMS
415.06ASDS::SEGERWed Apr 22 1992transportable FAR pointers
416.01ASDS::SEGERWed Apr 22 1992need better messages for authentication failures
417.04XSTACY::PATTISONThu Apr 23 1992Client must register as server for callbacks?
418.04JITFri Apr 24 1992Many person use same PC
419.06XSTACY::PATTISONFri Apr 24 1992Event Notifier Example?
420.03KETJE::DIERICKFri Apr 24 1992Feedback asked for architecture for CASE we can create for customer
421.07ASDS::SEGERMon Apr 27 1992tripped up over WINDOWS installation
422.0VIA::TOWNSENDMon Apr 27 1992WANTED: Suggestions for courseware update
423.014ASDS::SEGERMon Apr 27 1992'object not found' - but it's there!
424.08OS2PS2::TaberWed Apr 29 1992Does the MSC kit inter-operate with the last EFT?
425.05SAAVAK::CHANDLERWed Apr 29 1992Suggestions on improving installation/IVP?
426.09CHEFS::BRIGGSRWed Apr 29 1992DDE Information
427.03CIMFIE::TRAGESERWed Apr 29 1992Generating dispatcher on MS Windows
428.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Apr 30 1992Client code for poulation server
429.01CPDW::RROGERSFri May 01 1992mutiple inheritance from ACA fundemental classes?
430.04TROOA::NAISHSun May 03 1992DNS Support?
431.03PTOVAX::DLUGOSZTue May 05 1992ACAS MSC and PCSA not playing nice?
432.04ASDS::SEGERThu May 07 1992how to purge out ^C'd method servers on VMS
433.03PTOVAX::DLUGOSZFri May 15 1992Differences between MSC and SSB?
434.07EPS::MEGAThu May 21 1992SAKOPNFAIL error
435.03JITFri May 22 1992Anyone try samples with MS C?
436.06RAB::ANDERSONFri May 22 1992Request for Macintosh input
437.0JITWed May 27 1992client won't start server selection
438.0CPDW::RROGERSWed May 27 1992Is an <update> possible or reload required?
439.09GUFFAW::GRANSEWICZThu May 28 1992V2.1 Installation Errors
440.01EPS::MEGAMon Jun 01 1992Windows equivalent of ACAS_TRACE_FLAGS??
441.017EPS::MEGAMon Jun 01 1992Marshalling error
442.03CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Jun 02 1992ACAS / ORB API Compatibility
443.0HOTSPT::BARTELLWed Jun 03 1992When there isn't enough memory to allocate...
444.07CIMFIE::PSTJTT::TaberMon Jun 08 1992Does ACAS do character map translation?
445.03CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Jun 08 1992ACA on DOS Problem
446.09EPS::MEGAMon Jun 08 1992CMD_DBERROR and BD_DBFILEERR???
448.02EPS::MEGATue Jun 09 1992SSB 2.1 problems with Windows 3.1
449.06CIMNET::MJOHNSONWed Jun 10 1992Using colocation with an abstract server name
450.04LJOHUB::SPOONERWed Jun 10 1992ACASWin crashes when loading CRL files
451.01BYENGThu Jun 11 1992ULTRIX/PHASE V /ACAS V2.1 ivp problems
452.04LJOHUB::OWENSThu Jun 11 1992Need help with ACAS_USE_SERVER_REGISTRY
453.02KETJE::DIERICKFri Jun 12 1992Demo PC/Ultrix someone ?
454.03CIMNET::MJOHNSONFri Jun 12 1992Wishlist: List Catenation Function
456.01CIMNET::LUONGTue Jun 16 1992AUIDDNE.DLL required MS-WINDOWS client with TCP transport
457.02IJSAPL::ASSCHERWed Jun 17 1992Script server Method execution failed
458.0CPDW::RROGERSWed Jun 17 1992client-side built-in
459.09GUFFAW::GRANSEWICZWed Jun 17 1992Cannot start script server
460.08CHEFS::BRIGGSRWed Jun 17 1992INVOKE Problem on 2.1/VMS
461.011IJSAPL::ASSCHERThu Jun 18 1992Calculator example
462.010MUNEDI::WDRESPLINGMon Jun 22 1992empty ContextObjectHandle !!??
463.01EPS::MEGAMon Jun 22 1992Multiple instance handles?
464.01GUFFAW::GRANSEWICZMon Jun 22 1992Scripts, parameters & continuation
465.04MLNTue Jun 23 1992WSOCKETS.DLL under MS-WINDOWS?
466.04IJSAPL::ASSCHERTue Jun 23 1992CAS_INV_NOSTRTNODES (e), A host could not be found to start a method
467.030KADOR::KAMDARWed Jun 24 1992European Trainings
468.02PINCK::GREENWed Jun 24 1992multiple invokes
469.07EPS::MEGAWed Jun 24 1992More SetCtxAttribute questions
470.02EPS::MEGAFri Jun 26 1992How to install a product which uses ACA
471.06ASDS::SEGERTue Jun 30 1992C compiler error on VMS?
472.0CPDW::RROGERSTue Jun 30 1992Libriarian and image tehcnology classes
473.08LJOHUB::SPOONERTue Jun 30 1992Problem updating a class
474.01IJSAPL::ASSCHERWed Jul 01 1992PC MS-Windows C-Compiler
476.05ASDS::SEGERThu Jul 02 1992curious behavior for async operations
477.01EICMFG::FKRAMERFri Jul 03 1992WSOCKETS.DLL ......
478.01JITMon Jul 06 1992Send a user name from a PC
479.07ASDS::SEGERTue Jul 07 1992infinite loop, but only during trace
480.02CFSCTC::CTCWed Jul 08 1992Does ACA Services support hidden nodes?
481.04VINO::BEYHThu Jul 09 1992Problems executing a remote script
482.04STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANFri Jul 10 1992UDX base and internet requirements
483.03PINCK::GREENSun Jul 12 1992Proxy with an underscore
484.02ALLVAX::KIRKWOODMon Jul 13 1992Command Line Parser
485.05SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Jul 13 1992SHOW SERVERS shows old servers
486.01QUILLA::STINSONMon Jul 13 1992Specifying attributes for the invocation
487.05CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Jul 14 1992Class Repository Interface Programming Examples wanted
488.010CLOUZO::GALVANWed Jul 15 1992Volume data extraction
489.06ASDS::SEGERWed Jul 15 1992what minimal privs are required to do development?
490.07TOOK::SWISTWed Jul 15 1992Server startup failures won't log. Why?
491.04ASDS::TOWNSENDThu Jul 16 1992?Strategy for automated PC app installation?
492.04VLOMIS::GALVANFri Jul 17 1992Saving the context objects under acaswin
493.04CIMNET::MJOHNSONFri Jul 17 1992"Optional" Typecode Field in Argument Struct?
494.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONFri Jul 17 1992Design issues for storage class servers
495.016XSTACY::GORMANFri Jul 17 1992in_out dynamic item lists
496.01SNOCSun Jul 19 1992Class browser with 2 repositories in acas_repositoiry_list
497.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Jul 20 1992Instance handle id and UUID
498.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Jul 20 1992Method Selection
499.02ASDS::TOWNSENDTue Jul 21 1992What causes ACAS_COM_INSUFVM?
500.05EPS::MEGATue Jul 21 1992Building an itemlist vs. using OCTETSTRING
501.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONWed Jul 22 1992Checking whether one class is a subclass of another
502.010CIMNET::MJOHNSONThu Jul 23 1992Questions about Data Objects and Instance Reference Data
503.029CREATV::OWENSFri Jul 24 1992ACAS_PROXY table question
504.02SNOCMon Jul 27 1992Simpler (?) InvokeMethod routine?
505.01TOOK::SWISTMon Jul 27 1992Modeling problem, same messages, different methods
506.02CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Jul 28 1992How to concatenate ACAS Error Lists?
507.08TOOK::SWISTTue Jul 28 1992acasgen blows up making dispatch table
508.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Jul 28 1992Unnecessary restriction in ACAS_AddxxxToList() functions
509.05CIMNET::MJOHNSONTue Jul 28 1992Multivalued string attributes
510.0MUDIS3::SWOBODAWed Jul 29 1992....request for onsite support in Germany/Austria
511.01CIMNET::MJOHNSONWed Jul 29 1992Saving selected MEMBER values from ACAS Lists
512.07AWECIM::KLEEWed Jul 29 1992Should the transport layer for the client/server be the same ?
513.03XSTACY::GORMANThu Jul 30 1992How to specify abstract server location
514.01PINCK::GREENThu Jul 30 1992Performance question
515.01ALLVAX::KIRKWOODMon Aug 03 1992Dispatcher ignores arg names?
516.02QUILLA::STINSONMon Aug 03 1992Invoke failing after message arguments modified
517.04QUILLA::STINSONMon Aug 03 1992foreign command as application name
518.02CIMNET::ASCHERTue Aug 04 1992Documentation error? in ACAS for MSWindows
519.011SIMP1::GieseTue Aug 04 1992Globals destroyed by ACAS_InvokeMethod
520.04UNTADH::MACLIESHWed Aug 05 1992ACA2.1SSB + MSWin 3.1 + TCP2.
521.02UNTADI::LEWISWed Aug 05 1992Superclasses not found ?
522.014CFSCTC::SANCLEMENTEWed Aug 05 1992Generating Dispatcher, ACAS-E-CMD_NOMTHDFND
523.02XSTACY::PJMEALYThu Aug 06 1992Where are the field test notes?
524.04XSTACY::PJMEALYMon Aug 10 1992DECforms , DECwindows dispatchers.
525.03XSTACY::PJMEALYTue Aug 11 1992DECforms or not ?????????????
526.05MXOVTue Aug 11 1992Would ACA services help me do a link to a graph on a PC?
527.02CIMNET::MJOHNSONWed Aug 12 1992Documentation/QAR system whoes
528.04PEACHS::FORDThu Aug 13 1992installation on diskless sun failed: acassho -S command failed
529.0ASDS::SEGERFri Aug 14 1992any way to do a remote login to a server?
530.04MUDIS3::SWOBODATue Aug 18 1992...WORDPERFECT-Integration done?
531.09KETJE::VENLETTue Aug 18 1992Problems with ACAS DDE client/server
532.01ASDS::SEGERTue Aug 18 1992problems with auto-started servers
533.02CFSCTC::SANCLEMENTETue Aug 18 1992Modifying Class Repository at Runtime
534.09CIMNET::ASCHERWed Aug 19 1992Sharing the context object on a file server
535.01DELSThu Aug 20 1992Performance, high volume
536.03KETJE::VANDEVYVERThu Aug 20 1992Ultrix kit installation fails
537.09CHEFS::BRIGGSRThu Aug 20 1992ACA on DOS Crashes PC
538.03KETJE::VENLETFri Aug 21 1992Calling ACAS_DDE_SendData from AST level
539.013COOKIE::MUNSONSun Aug 23 1992Simple steady-state performance comparison of RPC and ACAS
540.0KETJE::VENLETMon Aug 24 1992Examples of user written event Dispatcher/Notifier pair?
541.03ALLVAX::KIRKWOODMon Aug 24 1992Classes not visible in heirarchy?
542.012KETJE::VENLETTue Aug 25 1992Is this a ACAS DDE client & server deadlock situation?
543.05JITTue Aug 25 1992sample MS-C with STREAM.DLL?
544.01CHEFS::BRIGGSRWed Aug 26 1992Can only use ULTRIX commands in Windows 3.1
545.05ASDS::SEGERThu Aug 27 1992Trying to run a server under the VMS debugger
546.019NSDC::DONALDSONFri Aug 28 1992Servers and Sessions - how? And how to choose?
547.022EPS::MEGAMon Aug 31 1992Asynch Windows example anyone???
548.01NMGDV4::DOEVETue Sep 01 1992Status passing example !
549.0XSTACY::GORMANWed Sep 02 1992Loading overrun problem ?
550.01XSTACY::GORMANFri Sep 04 1992Problem with more than one client
551.09CALS::HEALEYFri Sep 04 1992acasmset must be done by root!
552.02KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Sep 08 1992Avoid repository redundancy?
553.03RUMOR::THOMPSONTue Sep 08 1992Problem starting server from ACAS_InvokeMethod
554.01NSDC::DONALDSONWed Sep 09 1992orb.h contains includes which don't work
555.01VIA::TOWNSENDWed Sep 09 1992Announcing next 2 ACAS Training Courses
556.01CIMNET::ASCHERFri Sep 11 1992ACAS_DEFAULT_NODES environment variable format?
557.01STKHLM::MNILSSONSun Sep 13 1992Purpose of ACAS_CreateCtcChild ?
558.03NMGDV4::DOEVEMon Sep 14 1992Can't use servers !
559.01STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Sep 15 1992Problem adding values to context attributes
560.01STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Sep 15 1992Attributes created by program doesn't work
561.04EPS::MEGATue Sep 15 1992Server won't terminate?
562.08CREATV::GIBIANThu Sep 17 1992Repository implementation strategy
563.015XSTACY::PJMEALYFri Sep 18 1992Multi-Platform Applications
564.07CFSCTC::HOMon Sep 21 1992How to terminate script server
565.06ASDS::SEGERMon Sep 21 1992how do you bypass checking the server's proxy table?
566.03VINO::BEYHTue Sep 22 1992Disk space
567.02VIA::SLAVINFri Sep 25 1992ACA Training - When do you want next one?
568.02ASDS::SEGERMon Sep 28 1992Client in hidden area, server not!
569.02MLNMon Sep 28 1992Problem: ACAS_INV_CNTGETHOSTID
570.012EPS::MEGATue Sep 29 1992END_SESSION vs. TERMINATE
571.01STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Sep 30 1992ACAS & Pascal
573.05KETJE::VANDEVYVERThu Oct 01 1992ACAS and VisualBasic?
574.0PEACHS::BURQUESTFri Oct 02 1992Request for MSC 7.
575.02CALS::HEALEYThu Oct 08 1992Memory corruption with ACAS_DeallocateList
576.0NMGDV4::DOEVETue Oct 13 1992Storage class example !?
577.0CALS::CHOITue Oct 13 1992How to check validity of values in ItemList
578.05LJOHUB::SPOONERTue Oct 13 1992NCP problem linked to ACAS
579.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Oct 15 1992ACAS_ParseInstanceHandle returns garbage
580.03SAC::EXTON_MThu Oct 15 1992Integrating Interactive applications in a server
581.0CIMNET::MJOHNSONThu Oct 15 1992DCE IDL now to support C++? The mass confusion/overlap continues
582.04VIA::ANDERSONFri Oct 16 1992Use the GENERATE UNI/CRL_FILE command
583.01IJSAPL::ASSCHERTue Oct 20 1992ORB Interface
584.01XSTACY::GORMANTue Oct 20 1992Platforms supported?
585.0QUILLA::STINSONTue Oct 20 1992Propogating symbols / client-server on same node
586.06KC1TD::TaberTue Oct 20 1992Is MS-Window restriction on TEMP still valid?
587.07AIRG::MERSEREAUTue Oct 20 1992EZ-Install message file missing from MSWindows kit?
588.02KC1TD::TaberThu Oct 22 1992Suggestion for future ACAS on Windows
589.03CPCOD::VINELEAFMon Oct 26 1992Problem with instance handles and lists
590.02ALLVAX::KIRKWOODTue Oct 27 1992Error lists as local variables with Borland C++, problem
591.08CFSCTC::SANCLEMENTEWed Oct 28 1992Script Server Startup Environment
592.01LJOHUB::SPOONERWed Oct 28 1992Allocation in the ACAS DLL
593.02SPESHR::ROCKWELLFri Oct 30 1992ACAS$SCRATCH suggestion
594.02ASDS::SEGERMon Nov 02 1992SSB Installation failed on RISC workstation
596.02--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 03 1992Requesting Assistance
597.07MLNThu Nov 05 1992EY-L2
598.01TRUCKS::MOIRThu Nov 05 1992Help getting going with ACAS on MS WINDOWS 3.1
599.03CALS::CHOIMon Nov 09 1992Question on ACAS_IN_OUT of ArgList
600.026VIA::PATRICKMon Nov 09 1992ACA Services support for Visual Basic
601.03SPESHR::ROCKWELLMon Nov 09 1992Location of DECWINDOWS interface?
602.01SPESHR::ROCKWELLMon Nov 09 1992GPF on a PC with #include "foobar.crl"
603.010CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Nov 10 1992Trouble doing a DCE/CDS call inside a method server
604.0CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Nov 10 1992Strangest error and strange solution
605.05CALS::CHOIWed Nov 11 1992Question on the dynamic ItemList
606.06STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Nov 13 1992Problem with ACAS_CompareInstanceHandles
607.0CPDW::RROGERSMon Nov 16 1992creating an instance handle in MS-Windows
608.0MLNMon Nov 16 1992Sharing Class Repository
609.06PEACHS::FORDTue Nov 17 1992ACAS_INV_METHODFAIL (e), Method execution failed -- please help
610.09STKHLM::BACKSTROMThu Nov 19 1992Porting CMS example to DOS client?
611.019PAOIS::GUILLOTThu Nov 19 1992interaction type error
612.01STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Nov 20 1992ACAS & MS/DOS
613.04EPS::MEGAFri Nov 20 1992Slow method invocation and bad ItemList.Value?
614.0NSDC::DONALDSONMon Nov 23 1992Desperately seeking Ada envelope to C bindings
615.05LJOHUB::SPOONERMon Nov 23 1992DOUBLE problem when VMS to Ultrix
616.01AIAG::CARIFIOTue Nov 24 1992CORBA spec on net?
617.02NSDC::DONALDSONThu Nov 26 1992Mystery sub-classes in the LSE environment for CRL
619.03JITMon Nov 30 1992File Transfer using Stream Common Class
620.02287Mon Nov 30 1992Problems with ORB calls. ORB_Context_get_values
621.01AIAG::CARIFIOTue Dec 01 1992installation questions
622.03GLDOA::ESLINGERTue Dec 01 1992ACAS with NIS/YP
623.03TOOK::GUERTINWed Dec 02 1992ACAS_CMD_SYNTAXERROR (f), Fatal syntax error.
624.04CFSCTC::SANCLEMENTEWed Dec 02 1992ACAS_CreateInstanceHandle & ACAS_COM_BADLIST
625.01GYUPCC::BALTESKONISWed Dec 09 1992Method Generation for ORB
626.01GYUPCC::BALTESKONISWed Dec 09 1992T2.1 ACAS on Alpha VMS
628.03MTVIEW::SIMONWed Dec 09 1992Stuck on authentication setup
629.02PEACHS::SELBYFri Dec 11 1992ORB_Request_invoke questions on method server specification
630.02TOOK::BIRNBAUMMon Dec 14 1992ORB versus ACAS Event Notifiers and Dispatchers
631.03VIA::TOWNSENDTue Dec 15 1992Upcoming ACAS Training Courses
632.05GLDOA::ESLINGERTue Dec 15 1992Recreating the ACAS_SYSTEM_REPOSITORY
633.03MTVIEW::SIMONTue Dec 15 1992How to add a new class?
634.0521792::JOHNSONWed Dec 16 1992OMG ORB Standard API -- Portability Issues
635.06PAOIS::GUILLOTMon Dec 21 1992SCOPE ???
636.0THIRD::HERRTue Dec 22 1992Job Posting
637.011PAOIS::GUILLOTMon Dec 28 1992asynchronous invocation and callback
638.0VIA::SLAVINMon Dec 28 1992Developer Positions on ACA Svcs/Tools
639.010CPDW::RROGERSThu Dec 31 1992ACAS and threads
640.01CTHQ::COLLOPYWed Jan 06 1993Trying to load messages without loading method definitions
641.01COPCLU::GRYNNERUPThu Jan 07 1993Problems with ACASCLT.MAK and CALCC.C,CALCS.C
642.01COPCLU::GRYNNERUPThu Jan 07 1993Problem locating c
643.02KAMPUS::STAUDENMAIERMon Jan 11 1993GetObjectSubclass across repositories
644.03KCOHUB::DAZOFF::DUNCANMon Jan 11 1993OSF1/AXP Yet ?
646.01GYUPCC::BALTESKONISThu Jan 14 1993Ctrl Server logging?
647.04VIA::PATRICKSun Jan 17 1993Requirements for Multiple Simultaneous Transports
648.01STIMPY::QUODLINGMon Jan 18 1993Sharing violation errors...
649.04ORION::SIGMONWed Jan 20 1993Usefulness of the Quick Reference Card
651.03CALS::HEALEYThu Jan 21 1993PC client and ULTRIX server will not communicate
652.08CALS::HEALEYFri Jan 22 1993Context Object Attribute and Table Questions
653.01JALOPY::OWENTue Jan 26 1993*-GM/EDS environment manager launch ? -*
654.05TKOV51::K_MORITAFri Jan 29 1993"Startup only" method server
655.01STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Jan 29 1993How to get NOVELL TCP/IP ?
656.07OSLACT::OLAVMon Feb 01 1993ACAS on Windows NT?
657.02TKOV51::K_MORITAMon Feb 01 1993ACAS1 sample on ULTRIX problem
658.03ASD::ROSSIMon Feb 01 1993Example application hangs PC
659.0321792::JOHNSONMon Feb 01 1993.CRL syntax for generating ORB-std list parameters?
660.08NSDC::DONALDSONTue Feb 02 1993In-course Questions
661.05NSDC::DONALDSONTue Feb 02 1993FORTE
662.03OSLACT::OLAVWed Feb 03 1993ACAS Management GUI?
663.0221793::CLAIRMONTFri Feb 05 1993Random failures w many servers
664.06CIMFIE::RAMESHTue Feb 09 1993ACAS crashes on a PC
666.0VIA::TIBBITTSWed Feb 10 1993ACAS moving
667.0221792::JOHNSONThu Feb 11 1993Adding an object reference to an NVList
668.04MLNFri Feb 12 1993How control server works
669.02STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Feb 15 1993How do I save/restore InstanceHandles ?
670.03NSDC::DONALDSONTue Feb 16 1993Visual Basic and long lived application handle
671.01AZTECH::ROBBINSTue Feb 16 1993ACASItemList question
672.01DEKTOL::ROBBINSFri Feb 19 1993ultrix server won't stop
673.02JALOPY::OWENFri Feb 19 1993C4 Environment Manager
674.01CALS::CHOIFri Feb 19 1993Buffer size limit between client and server
675.01CALS::CHOIFri Feb 19 1993Platform Type for Alpha VMS?
676.02GNPIKE::CLAIRMONTSun Feb 21 1993Server starts up in wrong account w local client
677.011CALS::WCARRMon Feb 22 1993ACAS-E-CTX_INTERROR error exit
678.03CALS::HEALEYMon Feb 22 1993what are all those acas$last_uuid.dat files?
679.010CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Feb 23 1993LOGNAME environment variable (ULTRIX)
681.04CALS::HEALEYTue Feb 23 1993Is this a bug? Should I QAR this?
682.02MMODNS::TNKJLN::NESTERWed Feb 24 1993Visual Basic Problems
683.04NEBR::HARRISONWed Feb 24 1993Which HP 9
684.04CALS::WCARRWed Feb 24 1993MS-WINDOWS .COL => .CO OK API => .CO BOOM!
685.05KC1TD::TaberThu Feb 25 1993How does ACAS.DLL decide to unload its satellite DLL's?
686.02CALS::WCARRFri Feb 26 1993MS-WINDOWS Switch between TCP/DNET.
687.03PAOIS::GUILLOTMon Mar 01 1993Event notification
688.0RDGENG::WONGTue Mar 02 1993Next European ACAS course
689.01PEACHS::SELBYWed Mar 03 1993How to get a method to run on a specific remote node
690.04JALOPY::OWENWed Mar 03 1993C4 environment ?s
691.0112138::CARIFIOThu Mar 04 1993one 1 protocol on a server at any given time...
692.01SUBWAY::COMASFri Mar 05 1993ORB Examples?
693.04GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Mar 05 1993DDE Broker - Unexpected Termination??
694.0112138::SHAHANIFri Mar 05 1993VMS <--> Ultrix
695.02MATISE::CHOISun Mar 07 1993Limit on CRl for PC?
696.0812138::SHAHANIMon Mar 08 1993Script Server died ?
697.02MONTOR::CLAIRMONTMon Mar 08 1993*-lived app handles: a case study
698.011SEND::PATRICKWed Mar 10 1993ACA Services V2.5 BL
699.06GLDOA::ZAMMITWed Mar 10 1993DDELISTN caused General Protection Fault
700.02ROMFri Mar 12 1993Method resolution question
701.05GNPIKE::JOHNSONMon Mar 15 1993OMG ORB IDL Compiler Comments/Questions
702.04NAPIER::VERMAMon Mar 15 1993.crl Loading Problem on MIPS/ULTRIX
703.01DATABS::HETRICKTue Mar 16 1993Built-in Servers and the CORBA interface
704.010NAPIER::VERMATue Mar 16 1993Authentication problem
705.0112138::SHAHANITue Mar 16 1993Problems adding integers to itemlists
707.02COPCLU::GRYNNERUPWed Mar 17 1993Help linking DDEPOP under windows
708.06JITThu Mar 18 1993Troble with NOVELL TCP/IP
709.01NAPIER::VERMAFri Mar 19 1993How to resolve server method?
710.0STUDIO::FINGERTue Mar 23 1993Update system .CO and .CR without privs?
711.01TKOV5Wed Mar 24 1993DDE listner could not be started
714.0812138::PRAKASHFri Mar 26 1993Client-server communication
715.01KETJE::VANDEVYVERMon Mar 29 1993v2.5 and Visual Basic?
716.0512138::PRAKASHMon Mar 29 1993Server selection under client control?
718.04SEND::ANDERSONMon Mar 29 1993QAR system available.
719.01PAOIS::GUILLOTTue Mar 30 1993Demonstration ?
720.04NSDC::DONALDSONTue Mar 30 1993TCP/IP stack - is it a factor?
721.01IJSAPL::ASSCHERWed Mar 31 1993CMS example image for the PC
722.0212138::CARIFIOWed Mar 31 1993moving object instances
723.01RDGENG::HAYWARDThu Apr 01 1993Where is the client's X display ?
724.04XSTACY::GORMANThu Apr 01 1993add_item_to_list takes a lot of memory?
725.07GLDOA::ZAMMITThu Apr 01 1993DDE listener appears to be unreliable
726.01STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Apr 02 1993Need fast ACAS_CreateInstanceHandle !
727.04ASDS::SEGERFri Apr 02 1993I've been DECInspected!
728.01DPDMAI::OVERTURFMon Apr 05 1993A1/IOS frontend
729.03SEGUR::BELLOWed Apr 07 1993<<ACAS_CONTEXT_OBJECT not foud>>
730.0PARMAX::ROCHEWed Apr 07 1993PowerBuilder?
731.01TAEC::BOSSARDWed Apr 07 1993Trying to launch an apllication
732.03ASDS::SEGERWed Apr 07 1993can't get Visual Basic timer function to work correctly
733.05MSDSWS::62978::NESTERThu Apr 08 1993512 limit with ACAS VB DLL
734.02CPDW::RROGERSThu Apr 08 1993how to identify local ctrl server
735.04ASDS::SEGERFri Apr 09 1993Visual Basic, Item Lists and memory requirements
737.02PTOVAX::MEYERSTue Apr 13 1993Beginner...CNTGETHOSTID error
738.06JITThu Apr 15 1993Excel <-> DDE server
739.02PTOVAX::MEYERSThu Apr 15 1993Script Server Question
740.01GLDOA::ZAMMITThu Apr 15 1993Dead entry deletion for broker handle?
741.0ASDS::SEGERThu Apr 15 1993Post your tools here...
742.04ASDS::SEGERFri Apr 16 1993not always able to exit windows on a PC
743.05NSDC::DONALDSONMon Apr 19 1993method server could be responsible for ending dead long-lived sessions
744.03PAVONE::ZOCCOLAMon Apr 19 1993"acassho" in v2.5 bl
745.012ASDS::SEGERThu Apr 22 1993ACASWIN not operating properly on a particular PC
746.01PTOVAX::MEYERSTue Apr 27 1993Script implementation question
747.05TEACH::SHAFERTue Apr 27 1993Context Object Modification using ORB
748.0NSDC::DONALDSONWed Apr 28 1993ACAS checks all nodes - even if the same
749.01NSDC::DONALDSONWed Apr 28 1993More detail on the content of transport tracing
750.01NSDC::DONALDSONWed Apr 28 1993Wishlist: Browser - ACAS$WIN
751.05ASDS::SEGERWed Apr 28 1993getting user context in Visual Basic
752.04NAPIER::VERMAWed Apr 28 1993Error passing between client and server
753.02NSDC::DONALDSONThu Apr 29 1993login/acas$login.com/server startup
755.01NODEX::BRASSFri Apr 30 1993Beginner getting started
756.06BARD::mcafeeFri Apr 30 1993UUID Questions
757.01GNPIKE::LUONGMon May 03 1993Decnet Event type 2.1, Access control reject on ACASSTRT
758.0GLDOA::ZAMMITMon May 03 1993Visual Basic & Streams?
759.01BARD::mcafeeMon May 03 1993ORB Argument Types
760.04BARD::mcafeeMon May 03 1993ACA Server example for the PC?
761.02AMCSAD::SCHWARTZTue May 04 1993problem with OpenVMS FT4 install
762.01KETJE::PUTMANSWed May 05 1993DDE connection controlled by the Server ?
763.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu May 06 1993ACA needs obsolete X semantic
764.04BARD::mcafeeThu May 06 1993Privileged Servers
765.0GLDOA::ESLINGERThu May 06 1993Proxies across routers at C4
766.04CALS::CHOIThu May 06 1993%ACAS-E-INV_TRANSERR, Transport error '$TransportError$
767.01CCEIFri May 07 1993Crash dump when installation.
768.03BARD::mcafeeFri May 07 1993ASYNCH from the PC
769.07CUSTOM::SHIVESFri May 07 1993Beginners Script question ...
770.02NAPIER::RAJFri May 07 1993Control Server won't start
771.08JARETH::OLSONMon May 10 1993Your Input Please: V2.5 Docset Survey
772.0CPDW::RROGERSMon May 10 1993remote repository access
773.0NSDC::DONALDSONTue May 11 1993Wishlist: Application handles, store on disk
774.04JITTue May 11 1993How to get PC client node name
775.03CLARID::BELLTue May 11 1993How do I tell who is on the PC ?
776.01STKHLM::MNILSSONWed May 12 1993IBM Mainframes and OS/2
777.010NSDC::DONALDSONWed May 12 1993CRL versus IDL - two views of the same interface
778.011IDNTCR::RHOTONWed May 12 1993CMS example from QuickC, Visual Basic
779.04ESGWST::DUONGWed May 12 1993Platform differences?
780.0CHENG6::STADELMANNThu May 13 1993problems with dsdbx i/o
781.02IDNTCR::RHOTONThu May 13 1993Disk space for the ADK
782.05ZCARS::HUGHThu May 13 1993HELP Beginner cannot get examples etc started !!@$
783.04BARD::mcafeeFri May 14 1993ACAS_NAMED_APPLICATION
784.02SEND::BOWERFri May 14 1993BL1 notes and problems
785.01BARD::mcafeeFri May 14 1993Instance handle time-outs
786.09IRNBRU::MENNIEMon May 17 1993problem running ORB examples between two platforms
787.0NSDC::DONALDSONMon May 17 1993What limits on async invokes and subsequent callbacks
788.04LEVEL4::LOHNERMon May 17 1993Can't run VB example from the ADK
789.03SEGUR::BELLOTue May 18 1993<< Repository not found >>
790.02BARD::mcafeeWed May 19 1993Error in acasdef.h on alpha/vms
791.05TOOIS1::MIRGHANEWed May 19 1993Availability of ACA on DECOSF/1
792.03ESGWST::DUONGThu May 20 1993Do we support MAC
793.07NODEX::BRASSFri May 21 1993How do you modify a context object?
794.03CCEIMon May 24 1993Problem with ex. 368
795.0TPOVC::JOHNNYHOTue May 25 1993need introductory for ACA
796.01MLNTue May 25 1993Can't register DDE server under Ultrix
797.015NODEX::BRASSTue May 25 1993Can't find server and cant start server.
798.01TAEC::BOSSARDWed May 26 1993IDL examples ?
799.01SEGUR::BELLOWed May 26 1993<< Sample ACAS client code on MS_WINDOWS>>
800.03ESGWST::DUONGWed May 26 1993Server on PC or MAC ?
801.015TAEC::BOSSARDThu May 27 1993Object reference
802.03TAEC::BOSSARDThu May 27 1993Writing an application with V2.5 BL1
803.04TEACH::SHAFERFri May 28 1993Storage Classes with ORB
804.07KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Jun 01 1993Integrate terminal oriented applications?
805.02SEND::ANDERSONTue Jun 01 1993Troubleshooting list
806.01STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Jun 02 1993ACASDouble VMS <-> ULTRIX ?
807.0SUBWAY::COMASWed Jun 02 1993Any User-Friendly ACAS API routines out there?
808.0FLYWAY::WINTERBERGFri Jun 04 1993Help on Windows server
809.015CLOUZO::GALVANFri Jun 04 1993Usage of a trader
810.03TAEC::BOSSARDTue Jun 08 1993ORB equivalent for Acas_AllocateList ?
811.04NSDC::DONALDSONTue Jun 08 1993One CR or two, for communicating servers?
812.03TAEC::BOSSARDTue Jun 08 1993ACAS_ITEMLIST with BL1
813.08GNPIKE::LUONGWed Jun 09 1993ACAS with DECnet: not recognize server on local node, cannot start new one
814.01TAEC::BOSSARDWed Jun 09 1993User_exception
815.02GLDOA::ZAMMITWed Jun 09 1993Getting 'uid' of user invoking a method server?
816.02CFSCTC::HUSTONThu Jun 10 1993What's different when Debug Server Startup is on?
817.02GNPIKE::KYZIVATThu Jun 10 1993question on ACAS_Dispatch(ACAS_DISPATCH_ONE)
818.02ESGWST::TRUONGThu Jun 10 1993'_ACAS_BuildArgList' : unresolved external
819.01SEGUR::BELLOFri Jun 11 1993<How to define class and method for a sample test ? >
820.01HLDEFri Jun 11 1993Install guide says I need ADK I for Ultrix
821.07GNPIKE::KYZIVATFri Jun 11 1993V2.5/2.6 Questions (and Answers)
823.06TAEC::BOSSARDFri Jun 11 1993_invoke_flags with client stubs ?
824.0RDGENG::HAYWARDMon Jun 14 1993How to open System Mgr Guide with Bookreader ?
826.01RDGENG::HAYWARDMon Jun 14 1993How to send a message over the network ?
827.01BARD::mcafeeMon Jun 14 1993Signals confused?
828.017BARD::mcafeeMon Jun 14 1993Asynch problem on mips/ultrix
829.01GNPIKE::LUONGMon Jun 14 1993/usr/bin/acasctrl hangs DECnet ncp's "set command"
830.03CALS::TAYLORMon Jun 14 1993Trying to do some pre dispatcher code
831.01ESGWST::YUENMon Jun 14 1993Overload or virtual function in ACA?
832.011SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Jun 15 1993Client blocks in ACAS_InvokeMethod
833.0NSDC::DONALDSONWed Jun 16 1993DIfficult problem to find - enqueue quota
834.03ALLVAX::BEERMANWed Jun 16 1993libxxx.a for OSF/1 AXP ??
835.02CHEFS::BRIGGSRThu Jun 17 1993Install problem - V2.1
836.02CTHQ::BUDMANThu Jun 17 1993V2.5 questions
837.010RECV::SLAVINFri Jun 18 1993question on ACA/trellis
838.05NSDC::DONALDSONFri Jun 18 1993Lots of very long/slow methods - how to?
839.0TAEC::BOSSARDMon Jun 21 1993List of lists example ?
840.03GLDOA::ZAMMITMon Jun 21 1993API to get list of Tables from Context Object?
841.0NSDC::DONALDSONTue Jun 22 1993Method resolution and server selection - keep trying
842.0NSDC::DONALDSONTue Jun 22 1993Server selection - could look further on failure
843.08CHENG6::STADELMANNTue Jun 22 1993steps to robustness!?
844.01ALLVAX::BEERMANTue Jun 22 1993Unresolved symbol at runtime on HP
845.01TAEC::BOSSARDTue Jun 22 1993NVList on server side when using BL1 libraries
846.024ZPOAC8::SYSTEMWed Jun 23 1993Problem running ORB "Calculator" example
847.06PEACHS::LAMPERTThu Jun 24 1993How to get session id?
848.01GNPIKE::JONESThu Jun 24 1993DLL and C arg list
849.07ESGWST::TRUONGThu Jun 24 1993How to interpret error codes.
850.0RECV::SLAVINThu Jun 24 1993ACA DECUS slide locations
851.0RECV::SLAVINThu Jun 24 1993ACA Development Plan location
852.01OTOOA::OTP1Fri Jun 25 1993CASE CRL valid for ACAS v2.1??
853.01LANCHZ::MAXFIELDFri Jun 25 1993ACAS vs Tooltalk
854.05NAPIER::MCAFEEFri Jun 25 1993Method server invocation args...
855.05GOZOLI::BERTINOFri Jun 25 1993install trouble on Alpha/OSF1
856.02PUXGPX::LHERAULTFri Jun 25 1993is "minor" a reserved word for SUNOS C compiler ?
857.02GLDOA::ESLINGERFri Jun 25 1993Queueing Question
858.04JALOPY::OWENMon Jun 28 1993unable to format message <blah blah>hex
859.02PEACHS::SELBYWed Jun 30 1993Dynamic Argument Lists...
860.05PUXGPX::LHERAULTThu Jul 01 1993ORB API problems (V2.1, SUNOS)
861.03MUNICH::WWERNERFri Jul 02 1993IML/MML docu problem
862.02CHEFS::BRIGGSRFri Jul 02 1993Help! Lost my ACASSYS.COL!
863.01TAEC::BOSSARDMon Jul 05 1993BL2 documentation
864.02CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Jul 05 1993Converting to Named Application?
865.03ESGWST::YUENTue Jul 06 1993Passing a struct in ACAS?
866.012ZPOAC8::SYSTEMTue Jul 06 1993Problems invoking ORB "Calculator" from MS-Windows 3.1
867.01PAVONE::ZOCCOLAWed Jul 07 1993CORBA Event Notifier & Dispatcher in ACAS V2.5 ?
868.01TAEC::BOSSARDWed Jul 07 1993PB with BL2 passing list
869.07HOPOFF::WILLIAMSWed Jul 07 1993can't find my methodservers INV-HOSTNOTFND
870.04ESGWST::YUENWed Jul 07 1993passing void, char **, and function pointer ?
871.04TAEC::BOSSARDThu Jul 08 1993ORB_USER_EXCEPTION from server standpoint
872.04PEACHS::SELBYThu Jul 08 1993Use of the flag ACAS_EXACT_ARG_ORDER
873.01TAOVFri Jul 09 1993Beginner on script method problem
874.07CHEFS::BRIGGSRFri Jul 09 1993Client fails - No virtual memory on Server.
875.05HLDEFri Jul 09 1993Windows Server Questions
876.01PEACHS::SELBYFri Jul 09 1993Must you free the invocation context and error list in the method server?
877.05SEGUR::BELLOTue Jul 13 1993<acas.dll problem on MS_WINDOWS client !>
878.02HOPOFF::WILLIAMSTue Jul 13 1993debug vs nodebug on server startup strangeness
879.0NSDC::BIANCHIWed Jul 14 1993ACAS_GetObjectSubclasses
880.04PEACHS::SELBYWed Jul 14 1993Is there an asynchronous invoke in ORB?
881.03HLDEThu Jul 15 1993Problem with Calculator server on OSF1
882.03ESGWST::YUENThu Jul 15 1993how to unpack an itemlist?
883.02TAEC::BOSSARDFri Jul 16 1993Session hanging
884.06PEACHS::SELBYFri Jul 16 1993Limit to the amount of data that can be return from method server?
885.02MLNTue Jul 20 1993EXCEL + DDE : unpacking strings
886.05ALLVAX::BEERMANWed Jul 21 1993Problem searching class repository list
887.02HOPOFF::WILLIAMSThu Jul 22 1993ultrix doesn't know RS6
888.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jul 22 1993V2.5 CONVERT
889.01TROPPO::QUODLINGFri Jul 23 1993Control server not starting...
890.01SICVAX::TIMMINSWed Jul 28 1993Sun, TCPIP & Proxies
891.05SICVAX::TIMMINSWed Jul 28 1993CDS naming and Sun
892.01BARD::mcafeeWed Jul 28 1993DECNET default user problem
893.04NAPIER::RAJWed Jul 28 1993Problem connecting to Server (REVISITED)
894.0SICVAX::TIMMINSThu Jul 29 1993Trial: Moving CRL to CORBA & styl estudy
895.06SICVAX::TIMMINSThu Jul 29 1993Docs = Sales Deterent!
896.03CHEFS::BRIGGSRThu Jul 29 1993System Co -> User Co?
897.02ZPOAC8::SYSTEMSat Jul 31 1993Invoking CalculatorServer from PC (Windows) to VMS
898.06WREKIT::LAWRENCEMon Aug 02 1993Startup Only.
899.03UHUH::MICHAELSTue Aug 03 1993ordering of messages
900.0ZPOAC8::SYSTEMThu Aug 05 1993ORB Calculator examples in PC windows using VB
901.096SEND::BOWERMon Aug 09 1993BL3 notes and problems
902.03PEACHS::SELBYMon Aug 09 1993Client memory leaks with multiple invokes...
903.0JARETH::OLSONMon Aug 09 1993Updated Master Documentation Plan
904.02NAPIER::RAJTue Aug 10 1993Automatic Server Startup
905.08SUBWAY::COMASTue Aug 10 1993BL3 Documentation
906.02TRADE::CONWAYWed Aug 11 1993TRANSERR - network subsystem not started
907.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Aug 11 1993double float ACASDouble
908.0RUSAVD::RAJThu Aug 12 1993Multiple clients
909.02HLDEFri Aug 13 1993Can't get windows client to work
910.04SEGUR::BELLOMon Aug 16 1993< Who knows ?>
911.09SEND::SLAVINTue Aug 17 1993DECnet transport questions
912.013GNPIKE::SMITHTue Aug 17 1993V2.5 Object Reference Binding States
913.02PUXGPX::LHERAULTWed Aug 18 1993Acasmsho failure (OSF/1 - ACAS 2.1)
914.07RUSAVD::RAJWed Aug 18 1993Proble mwith running server on ALPHA_AXP.VMS
915.03RUSAVD::RAJWed Aug 18 1993Trouble starting server
916.01GNPIKE::SMITHWed Aug 18 1993orbgeta's status return
917.01GNPIKE::SMITHWed Aug 18 1993docques: SHOW SERVERS vs. orbmsho?
918.01GNPIKE::SMITHWed Aug 18 1993APPL/BROKER : U*X Command Equivalents from Ref. Manual
919.03GNPIKE::SMITHThu Aug 19 1993Graphical, scripting client?
920.01HELIX::CHANGThu Aug 19 1993corba-compilant tool
921.03GNPIKE::SMITHFri Aug 20 1993Is the ORB_ prefix standard?
922.04NSDC::DONALDSONMon Aug 23 1993In-class questions - August 1993
923.018ZPOAC8::SYSTEMTue Aug 24 1993Host id not found error ?
924.02SEGUR::BELLOTue Aug 24 1993< ACAS_INV_SRVNOTREG ! >
925.013GNPIKE::SMITHThu Aug 26 1993DECfbe/ObjectBroker Usage Scenarios
926.09BLUFSH::MCCROREYFri Aug 27 1993Is DDE Listener suitable for demanding applications
927.0CIMFIE::ASCHERMon Aug 30 1993Error Calling ACASFormatACASErrors on Alpha/OSF1
928.03UHUH::DILLBERGERMon Aug 30 1993Several questions about context objects
929.05STKHLM::STENSTROMTue Aug 31 1993Strange installation errors
930.03NAPIER::VERMATue Aug 31 1993Passing ulong in ITEMLIST
931.03KETJE::LEFEVERWed Sep 01 1993could not access server registry
932.03IRNBRU::CARTYWed Sep 01 1993BL3 on OSF1 AXP Dynamic load component error !!
933.03BLUFSH::NIKOPOULOSWed Sep 01 1993Custom Event Notification/Dispatcher
934.014SUBWAY::COMASWed Sep 01 1993C++ .h file to .CRL file?
935.04AZTECH::WAGNERWed Sep 01 1993Help with Strings, for a novice.
936.01BERNThu Sep 02 1993Dynamic strings and strings vs. octet strings
937.05STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Sep 02 1993Need sources for motif notifier and dispather
938.01TPSYS::CARPENTERThu Sep 02 1993%SYSTEM-F-REJECT, connect to network object rejected
939.04JITMon Sep 06 1993Question about DDE Listener behavior
940.03TAEC::BOSSARDTue Sep 07 1993BL3 for Ultrix RISC ?
941.02RECV::REILLYTue Sep 07 1993ObjectBroker V2.5 input request - does anyone use the undocumented flag ACAS_DISPATCH_ONE
942.035854::LAWRENCEWed Sep 08 1993How to get server to start or change to the C-Shell (instead of Bourne) on Ultrix.
943.01BERNThu Sep 09 1993Help with crash when creating an instance handle
944.03RANGER::BARATHAMThu Sep 09 1993Multi-threaded method servers
945.0PUXGPX::LHERAULTFri Sep 10 1993IVP Failure - maybe DECnet ?
946.0CAIMAN::MAYFri Sep 10 1993Contention when too many clients?
947.01GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Sep 10 1993Dynamically set Context Object Environment Variable?
948.01GRILLA::ROGERSMon Sep 13 1993generation of inherited message interfaces
949.0BERNMon Sep 13 1993"Class repository error occurred" error on invoke method
950.0MONTOR::KYZIVATMon Sep 13 1993Questions on Implementations
951.0MONTOR::KYZIVATMon Sep 13 1993"Object Location" - how is it determined?
952.05CECEHV::VREMAN_PTue Sep 14 1993request for examples on V2.5
954.07SEGUR::BELLOFri Sep 17 1993< ACAS_COM_BADSTOP on client side!>
955.01ZPOAC8::SYSTEMFri Sep 17 1993Undo the Calculator Server in VMS & PC
956.01ZPOAC8::SYSTEMSun Sep 19 1993ACAS on Windows NT available ? (URGENT)
958.05GLDOA::ZAMMITMon Sep 20 1993acasld on HP results in segmentation fault.
959.02NSDC::DONALDSONTue Sep 21 1993DDE and problems with POKE
960.04CALS::PFLUMTue Sep 21 1993API call to get server node name
961.01PBANK::POLLAKWed Sep 22 1993ACAS and Visual C++
962.02RECV::MELOWed Sep 22 1993ACAS V2.1 <--> ObjectBroker V2.5 terminology mapping
963.04RECV::MELOWed Sep 22 1993ACAS V2.1 API --> ObjectBroker V2.5 API mapping
964.03RECV::MELOWed Sep 22 1993ObjectBroker V2.5 API --> ACAS V2.1 API mapping
965.06RECV::MELOWed Sep 22 1993ObjectBroker V2.5 client/server call flow
966.02ZPOAC8::SYSTEMWed Sep 22 1993Using ACA ORB interface using Visual Basic.
967.05PRIM18::SAUNDERSThu Sep 23 1993Need info on plan/status of ACA V2.1 on OSF/1 V2.
968.03BRSISD::CAEYMANFri Sep 24 1993confused about v2.5
969.06MONTOR::KYZIVATFri Sep 24 1993sync invokes should not block windows
971.05PWCUST::WOOTue Sep 28 1993Performance ???
972.013MONTOR::KYZIVATTue Sep 28 1993server storage mgmt
973.05ZPOAC8::SYSTEMWed Sep 29 1993Problem converting Calc Client as DLL (urgent)
974.03AZTECH::WAGNERWed Sep 29 1993Having problems passing data through a context object
975.05NAPIER::RAJThu Sep 30 1993SAK file problem?
976.03SEGUR::BELLOThu Sep 30 1993< ACAS_INV_MSGNOTFND !!!>
977.04AZTECH::WAGNERThu Sep 30 1993Using ORB, can a server be given an attribute at run time that ACAS uses to do server selection?
978.01RANGER::BARATHAMFri Oct 01 1993Server selection by node/location
979.06STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Oct 04 1993References for IBM and ACA
981.03MONTOR::KYZIVATTue Oct 05 1993CORBA clarification request
982.01PEACHS::LAMPERTWed Oct 06 1993Transport Buffer Size Again
983.011CFSCTC::HUSTONWed Oct 06 1993Begging for help with segmentation fault on SunOS, V2.1
984.0ZPOAC8::SYSTEMThu Oct 07 1993Method Server still need the .CRL file ?
985.08GNPIKE::SMITHThu Oct 07 1993Implementing "library objects" (local implementations)
986.01HOPOFF::TAKOSFri Oct 08 1993Problem compiling ACA Demo on SUNOS 4.1
987.06ZPOAC8::SYSTEMSun Oct 10 1993Problem with "Server is not registered"
989.02TAVMon Oct 11 1993Looking for training course
990.04OSLMon Oct 11 1993Object Broker for Windows NT?
991.02SFBAY::ROZYCKITue Oct 12 1993?Async from PC with Visual Basic?
992.0ZPOAC8::SYSTEMWed Oct 13 1993Passing Long CHARACTER string thro' ACA (ORB interface)
993.01MGOSWed Oct 13 1993Help! ACAS trainier needed.
994.01XSTACY::GORMANThu Oct 14 1993Server username on startup
995.04ZCARS::HUGHThu Oct 14 1993TCP enabled in ACASWIN utility for trans/authentication
998.01GLDOA::ZAMMITTue Oct 19 1993ACAS_DeleteFromClass problems
999.02OSLThu Oct 21 1993Course based on V2.5?
1000.01GNPIKE::SMITHThu Oct 21 1993OB 2.6+ request -- Comment Filtering
1001.025SEND::SLAVINMon Oct 25 1993new schedule
1002.03ZPOAC8::SYSTEMTue Oct 26 1993ACA networked DDE port it to Visual Basic too ! (for ObjectBroker V2.5) SUGGESTION
1003.01GLDOA::ZAMMITThu Oct 28 1993Method Resolution Problem
1004.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Oct 28 1993What exactly does STOP SESSION do ?
1005.01NYOSThu Oct 28 1993Class browsers?
1006.01RONAN::RONANFri Oct 29 1993vbwin_tcp - show ctrl server problem
1007.06RONAN::RONANFri Oct 29 1993dbx - w/ Methodserver
1008.01CFSCTC::HUSTONMon Nov 01 1993IVP for V2.1 on SunOS 4.1.3 fails
1010.01RONAN::RONANFri Nov 05 1993inv_commfail error
1011.04RONAN::RONANMon Nov 08 1993HOSTNOTFOUND error
1012.03CECEHV::VREMAN_PTue Nov 09 1993How does the process of server/method selection work?
1013.02EEMELI::HONKANENWed Nov 10 1993Install with DEnet Phase V?
1014.04METSYS::HELLIARWed Nov 10 1993V2.5 BL3 on VMS , ACAS-F-COM_INVSETUP
1015.08EEMELI::MOSERThu Nov 11 1993Can't get Server Selection to work
1016.02METSYS::HELLIARFri Nov 12 1993Missing Files and Objectbroker
1017.019AZTECH::WAGNERFri Nov 12 1993Problems with ACAS hanging.
1018.02EEMELI::MOSERMon Nov 15 1993Multiple Transport (DECnet and TCP/IP)
1019.03AZTECH::WAGNERMon Nov 15 1993%LIB-F-BADBLOADR, bad block address
1020.014SEGUR::BELLOTue Nov 16 1993Is ORB static or dynamic bindings?
1021.01PUXGPX::LHERAULTThu Nov 18 1993ACAS 2.1, DDE and VMS AST
1022.01UHUH::BEERMANThu Nov 18 199364-bit quantities on OSF/1 AXP vs. 32-bit longs
1023.07SSMPRD::AMCEWANFri Nov 19 1993IDL help
1024.05METSYS::HELLIARMon Nov 22 1993Call backs ?
1025.08JIT345::kubotaTue Nov 23 1993The limit of ACAS_MAX_NUM_SESSIONS
1026.01NSDC::DONALDSONWed Nov 24 1993Visual Basic and mainloop revisited
1027.011NSDC::DONALDSONWed Nov 24 1993Wishlist: Passthru code into body of method from MML
1028.0NSDC::DONALDSONWed Nov 24 1993 Advanced ObjectBroker Training Seminar
1029.01NSDC::DONALDSONWed Nov 24 1993Wishlist: generated 'test' method code
1030.018METSYS::HELLIARThu Nov 25 1993CORBA and bound objects
1031.01COMICS::TURPIEThu Nov 25 1993Lotus gives inv_objnotfnd
1032.03JITFri Nov 26 1993Searching DDE aware server is too slow
1033.01CHENG6::STADELMANNFri Nov 26 1993performance figures wanted !
1034.05AZTECH::WAGNERMon Nov 29 1993Default Context Object... can you only have one per image?
1036.02GNPIKE::SMITHWed Dec 01 1993out sequence<Object> : Call ORB_Object_release?
1037.02GNPIKE::SMITHWed Dec 01 1993One server for multiple implementations (interfaces)
1038.05TNKSYS::TNKJLN::NESTERFri Dec 03 1993Long-Live Hangs and Buffer length Problem (Customer in Serious Trouble)
1039.0GNPIKE::SMITHTue Dec 07 1993CORBA IDL: "the SDL of the nineties"?
1040.04NYOSTue Dec 07 1993DOS ACAS ADK I Install Errors?
1042.01GLDOA::ZAMMITWed Dec 08 1993acasinv problem on IBM
1043.0GNPIKE::SMITHWed Dec 08 1993ORB_exception_free() required or not?
1044.02GNPIKE::SMITHWed Dec 08 1993ACAS <-> ORB "gateways" under V2.5?
1045.0NYOSThu Dec 09 1993Q's Regarding Using ACA Services to talk to IBM?
1046.01SYSTEM::HELLIARFri Dec 10 19932.1 and OCTETSTRING
1047.02CIMFIE::ASCHERFri Dec 10 1993DECnet transport on ALPHA/OSF1 for ACAS V2.1
1048.09NSDC::DONALDSONFri Dec 10 1993DDE/VMS/session hanging - methodserver_id to zero
1049.01RHETT::CHOYFri Dec 10 1993docs & order number
1050.010SYSTEM::HELLIARTue Dec 14 1993NAMED_APPLICATION problem
1051.0SYSTEM::HELLIARThu Dec 16 1993WISHLIST: Portability include file
1052.05GNPIKE::SMITHFri Dec 17 1993ACAS V2.1: A way to find out my location?
1053.03SYSTEM::HELLIARFri Dec 17 19932.1 & ALpha/VMS : Server loops on STOP SERVER
1054.03SYSTEM::HELLIARTue Dec 21 1993INSEF error on AplhaVMS
1055.04CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Dec 21 1993Under what conditions is subset ACADDEDEV21
1056.03GRILLA::ROGERSThu Dec 23 1993invocation of indirect script server at 'aLocation'
1057.08GVPROD::TONINATOMon Jan 03 1994Ultrix Script convenience cmds problem
1058.05SYSTEM::HELLIARThu Jan 06 1994Alpha/OpenVMS performance degrades
1059.0FLYWAY::ARESThu Jan 06 1994missing .IML content when doing a convert & several blocks repeated for .IML
1060.01GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Jan 07 1994ObjectBroker V2.5 DDE Questions
1061.02SYSTEM::HELLIARMon Jan 10 1994WISHLIST: Make changing transports easier
1062.06LEMAN::FETE::BezenconMon Jan 10 1994Need ObjectBroker FT on NT/intel, When ?
1063.03PUXGPX::LHERAULTMon Jan 10 1994DDE warm link
1064.03RUSAVD::RAJWed Jan 12 1994Compiling and running on an HP....ACA V2.1
1065.01PEACHS::SELBYFri Jan 14 1994InvokeMethod fails with ACAS_INV_COMMFAIL
1066.0GNPIKE::SMITHFri Jan 14 1994FBE V1.
1067.01PUXGPX::LHERAULTFri Jan 14 1994DDE and power failure
1068.03GNPIKE::SMITHFri Jan 14 1994Any details on the BL4 UDT restrictions?
1069.04METSYS::GOODWINMon Jan 17 1994ACAS_CreateInstanceHandle on a PC
1070.01TPSYS::CARPENTERMon Jan 17 1994Looking for ObjectBroker V2.5
1071.05GLDOA::ZAMMITTue Jan 18 1994ObjectBroker V2.5 Attribute base Selection?
1072.04AKOCOA::ATANUTue Jan 18 1994production tp development under ACA
1073.012Thu Jan 20 1994Macintosh kit needed.
1074.0RECV::SLAVINMon Jan 24 1994Books on Client Server Computing
1075.03CECEHV::62964::BOEKHOLTTue Jan 25 1994DECNET -> TCP , authentication problem arises
1076.02TNKSYS::NESTERTue Jan 25 1994Windows view of the repository?
1077.02BLUFSH::NIKOPOULOSWed Jan 26 1994ACAS V2.1 on DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.1?
1078.01SNOCThu Jan 27 1994ObjectBroker in the IBM/MVS world
1079.01JITFri Jan 28 1994VB: ACASGetElementFromList
1080.08BACHUS::LEENFri Jan 28 1994Using the DDE example servers
1081.03NYOSTue Feb 01 1994PC Client not seeing a running VMS Method Server?
1082.03CECEHV::62964::DENNISWed Feb 02 1994wsockets, ddelistener
1083.01NASZKO::GILFIXThu Feb 03 1994Note posted for Cliff
1084.01JITFri Feb 04 1994limit of event stack
1085.01GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Feb 04 1994dde - "Could not send an acknowledge"??
1086.0RECV::BOWERFri Feb 04 1994IDL files wanted
1087.08THEBAY::ROZYCKITue Feb 08 1994ACAS_ unresolved external's in Visual C++
1088.01LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Feb 10 1994Training/Education/Course: ObjectBroker v2.5 in Europe
1089.01METSYS::GOODWINThu Feb 10 1994CRL's on a PC - problems reloading
1090.05GNPIKE::LUONGMon Feb 14 1994ACAS on AIX V3.1
1091.02ZURTue Feb 15 1994TCP/IP Socket specification ?
1093.02NYOSTue Feb 15 1994MC C++ Code GP Faults on ACAS_CreateInstanceHandle?
1094.01PEACHS::PICKETTTue Feb 15 1994Control server hangs vms system after 2
1095.06GNPIKE::JOHNSONThu Feb 17 1994Questions about BL4 Documentation
1096.01LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Feb 18 1994will ObjectBroker ever be a LAN aware service
1097.05STKHLM::MNILSSONSat Feb 19 1994How to return unbounded seq of obj's ?
1098.03STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Feb 23 1994orbrepos.h missing from BL4 kit
1099.043LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Feb 23 1994BL4 notes and problems
1100.01PEACHS::MACEACHERNWed Feb 23 1994Internet, subnet routing can ACAS handle it
1101.01NYOSWed Feb 23 1994Class/Method Server Design in ObjectBroker?
1102.07GNPIKE::SMITHThu Feb 24 1994Cleanup after method errors?
1103.01GLDOA::ZAMMITThu Feb 24 1994BL4 & ACAS 2.1 Compatibility Support ?
1104.01DEBET::DESIRAZUMon Feb 28 1994Problems running datatypes example
1105.01STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Mar 01 1994Returned Object sequence is empty
1106.03GNPIKE::SMITHTue Mar 01 1994Managing OB V2.5 header files
1107.03RUSAVD::MCAFEETue Mar 01 1994Automatic startup on alpha/osf
1108.01STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Mar 01 1994Does out sequences of structs containg Objects work?
1109.03DELNI::DESIRAZUTue Mar 01 1994Data transfer limitations ?
1110.05GNPIKE::SMITHWed Mar 02 1994Client use of inout sequences?
1112.06NSICWed Mar 02 1994Need advice on migration to BL4 v 2.5
1113.03DELNI::DESIRAZUWed Mar 02 1994How do clients find servers
1114.010STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Mar 03 1994ORB_string_to_object is slow
1115.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Mar 03 1994How to use ORBarg_set_objref with only Object parameter
1116.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Mar 03 1994Modif needed to generated .h files
1117.0GNPIKE::SMITHThu Mar 03 1994Completion status (ORB_{YES|NO|MAYBE} question
1118.01GNPIKE::JOHNSONThu Mar 03 1994New function wanted: ORBarg_set_memory()
1119.07GNPIKE::SMITHThu Mar 03 1994What identifiers are reserved?
1120.020MUNICH::HSTOECKLINFri Mar 04 1994How to start from scratch/example?
1121.01GNPIKE::SMITHSat Mar 05 1994Resources for help with RS/6
1122.02MINNY::PFISTERWMon Mar 07 1994Windows NT
1123.08STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Mar 07 1994TC_mytype should be placed in separate include file
1124.01GNPIKE::SMITHMon Mar 07 1994Client set_exception on uninitialized ev?
1125.01FRIDYS::MCCAINMon Mar 07 1994SUPPORT FOR SONOS 4.1.2 AND 4.1.3
1126.01DELNI::DESIRAZUMon Mar 07 1994API to get hostname or IP address
1127.0STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Mar 08 1994Sequence of struct containg string fails
1128.03STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Mar 08 1994MS/Windows ORB call gives general prot fault
1129.01PFM2::PERRYTue Mar 08 1994CustCall <--> SvcRep matching with ObB?
1130.02DTENG1::CARTYWed Mar 09 1994Is Authentication supported on TCP in 2.5?
1131.05RUNHOT::G_UPCHURCHWed Mar 09 1994problems installing ACASDEV v2.1
1132.03MUNICH::HSTOECKLINThu Mar 10 1994documentation on COL language?
1133.06GNPIKE::SMITHThu Mar 10 1994OSF/1 oct sequence _max/_len -- 32 or 64 bits?
1134.01DELNI::DESIRAZUThu Mar 10 1994Compiled method maps
1135.01DELNI::DESIRAZUThu Mar 10 1994Unresolved symbol on HP
1136.01STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Mar 11 1994Network Test gives general prot error on MS/Windows
1137.01EDABOT::LOUIEFri Mar 11 1994TypeCode interface
1138.01EDABOT::LOUIEMon Mar 14 1994Multi-octel string
1139.01MONTOR::KYZIVATMon Mar 14 1994use of ORBarg_malloc & ORBfree
1140.01MUNICH::HSTOECKLINTue Mar 15 1994from usenet news comp.object
1141.02PEACHS::PICKETTTue Mar 15 1994with run time kit, can I build an image from a development kit platform
1143.01CTHQ::COLLOPYWed Mar 16 1994client hangs when freeing instance handle
1144.02CFSCTC::HUSTONWed Mar 16 1994Can V2.5 do something like 'acasinv' in V2.1
1145.08GLDOA::ZAMMITWed Mar 16 1994Security
1146.01OSLWed Mar 16 1994Windows NT docmentation pointer?
1147.04OSLWed Mar 16 1994Objectbroker and WOSA/XRT?
1148.01OSLWed Mar 16 1994Windows NT as server, when?
1149.01FLYWAY::LEHMANNJThu Mar 17 1994NTAS AXP 1.528.2 OBB 2.5 BL4
1150.02NSICThu Mar 17 1994Problems installing ObjectBroker V2.5 VMS
1151.0PEACHS::SELBYThu Mar 17 1994Looking for working example of PC hidden server
1152.02GNPIKE::SMITHThu Mar 17 1994Optimizing session usage under V2.5?
1153.010NSICMon Mar 21 1994How to put DDE at work in OBB 2.5 via sysadm commands ?
1154.01STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Mar 21 1994Need ORB.OLB to use ORB with g_float
1155.0NYOSMon Mar 21 1994Contexts(Environments) Setup?
1156.05SAC::DUNNE_CMon Mar 21 1994Customer requirements for an ORB
1157.04GNPIKE::JOHNSONMon Mar 21 1994Distinguishing type names from attribute names
1158.03GNPIKE::SMITHMon Mar 21 1994Cleanup on return of exceptions? (may be a repeate)
1159.0ZUSE::FRASCHTue Mar 22 1994ORB Interface Definition
1160.03GLDOA::ZAMMITTue Mar 22 1994Stub Interface Problem (Result not returned)
1161.017EDABOT::LOUIETue Mar 22 1994CORBA object
1162.07EDABOT::LOUIEWed Mar 23 1994disconnected detection
1163.01EDABOT::LOUIEThu Mar 24 1994Internationalization
1164.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Mar 24 1994What does 1
1165.08STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Mar 24 1994Memory management of strings in structs
1166.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Mar 24 1994Bindings and method resolution
1167.05STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Mar 24 1994Information on Advertisment Registry needed
1168.04GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Mar 25 1994Trouble Compiling on Sun
1169.01GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Mar 25 1994orbcomp vs orbgen
1170.07NSICFri Mar 25 1994DDE listener problems
1171.04MONTOR::SMITHFri Mar 25 1994More storage management zero lengths and NULLs
1172.01GNPIKE::SMITHSun Mar 27 1994NamedValue.name or NamedValue.Name?
1173.01STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Mar 28 1994Method receives invalid "object" parameter
1174.01MUNICH::HSTOECKLINWed Mar 30 1994loading array definitions bug
1175.01ZUSE::FRASCHThu Mar 31 1994System Error 76259322
1176.02GLDOA::ZAMMITThu Mar 31 1994ACAS_INV_UNKNODE error in mixed dns & non-dns environment
1177.02STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Mar 31 1994Unbounded strings in struct mangled
1178.03STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Mar 31 1994INTERNAL exception on MS/Windows
1179.03ROMA::MILLARThu Mar 31 1994Administration GUI for V2.5-BL4 ?
1180.03EEMELI::LEHMUSSun Apr 03 1994Few problems: DDELIST General Protection Fault, TRANSERR, old session in DDE broker
1181.02STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Apr 04 1994Is ORB_float a float or a double ?
1182.07SEND::TANCILLMon Apr 04 1994OLE Network Portal - Overview
1183.03GLDOA::ZAMMITMon Apr 04 1994Bad argument type result in operation error?
1184.01ROMA::MILLARMon Apr 04 1994GENERATE vs. COMPILE
1185.04ZUSE::FRASCHTue Apr 05 1994Server Crash after successful method execution
1186.03MONTOR::KYZIVATTue Apr 05 1994server access from multiple uids
1187.08XSTACY::GORMANWed Apr 06 1994Phase IV Compatability mode.
1188.02PEACHS::SELBYThu Apr 07 1994Group and User repositories on a PC?
1189.05OK4ME::GHATTIThu Apr 07 1994VisualBasic stub interface for 2.5
1190.013STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Apr 08 1994Example of "select_server" clause needed
1191.01ROMA::MILLARFri Apr 08 1994How to make multiple ORBs aware of each other?
1192.0PODUNK::UGRINOWFri Apr 08 1994NEW Lect/Lab: Design OO w/ObjectBroker v2.5
1193.01CLOUZO::GALVANMon Apr 11 1994attributes have no methods ?
1194.02JITTue Apr 12 1994DDE aware server and Oracle problem
1195.01NSICTue Apr 12 1994API to fetch host name or IP address of DDE client
1196.09CCAD39::QUODLINGWed Apr 13 1994Visual Basic requirements
1197.016METSYS::GOODWINWed Apr 13 1994Multiple Server access with V2.1
1198.04NRSTA2::CARIFIOThu Apr 14 1994ob 2.5 installation shared by several pc's (how)?
1199.01STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Apr 15 1994BOA_get_id gives GPF on MS/Windows
1200.01STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Apr 15 1994Why must I initialize an OUT structure ?
1201.02WPOPTH::BEESONFri Apr 15 1994Any advanced examples available?
1202.0STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Apr 15 1994ORB_string_to_object dependent on network ?
1203.02CHENG6::STADELMANNFri Apr 15 1994ORB_Request__set_opinfo not documented for BL4!
1204.0OK4ME::GHATTIFri Apr 15 1994Issues in developing tp appln. using BL4
1205.0ZUSE::FRASCHFri Apr 15 1994ACAS V2.1 (ORB) on MS Windows Problem
1206.04RUSAVD::RAJFri Apr 15 1994
1207.01CFSCTC::HUSTONFri Apr 15 1994Reply to operation explicitly, instead of on return to disppatcher?
1208.02CFSCTC::DRURYFri Apr 15 1994ORB on HP-UX 9.
1209.07WPOPTH::BEESONTue Apr 19 1994Problem allocating list.
1210.02ZUSE::FRASCHTue Apr 19 1994ACAS and Dynamic Link Libraries
1211.03METSYS::BOOTHETue Apr 19 1994DBFILEERR using acasld on HP-UX
1212.01JITWed Apr 20 1994Transport error (using LAN WorkPlace)
1213.04NAPIER::CHOIWed Apr 20 1994Access violation on deallocating in_out dynamic item list
1214.02GOYA::ANAWed Apr 20 1994acas_inv_objdberr error in VB client example.
1215.02NSICThu Apr 21 1994DDEListener global memory allocation error
1216.02NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserThu Apr 21 1994ORB$GUI.EXE question and one other
1217.01GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Apr 22 1994idl compiler & CORBA literals problem
1218.02CFSCTC::HUSTONFri Apr 22 1994Interface inheritance from a repository?
1219.02XSTACY::GORMANMon Apr 25 1994No control server is running?
1220.012GLDOA::ZAMMITMon Apr 25 1994ObjectBroker V2.5 & Visual Basic
1221.01WPOPTH::BEESONTue Apr 26 1994Problem starting server process
1222.01ZUSE::FRASCHTue Apr 26 1994Hidden Server in ACAS V2.1 with ORB interface?
1223.06STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Apr 27 1994Unacceptable performance !
1224.01GLDOA::ZAMMITWed Apr 27 1994ACAS V2.1 Client/Server binding issue
1225.01NYOSThu Apr 28 1994Incorporating other transports into ObjectBroker?
1226.03CFSCTC::HUSTONThu Apr 28 1994Try to invoke operation - nothing happens
1227.01MLNFri Apr 29 1994MS C Compiler Problem
1228.05GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Apr 29 1994(de)activate_impl_routine & (de)activate_obj_routine
1229.01DEALIN::RBLABS::oestreicherTue May 03 1994Problem linking ACASIMP with CPP sources using BC++
1230.01GLDOA::ZAMMITTue May 03 1994fixed-size arrays???
1231.05DEVIL1::GHATTITue May 03 1994Marshalling error from VB client
1232.01OSLThu May 05 1994BL5 for Windows NT, when?
1233.01CFSCTC::HUSTONThu May 05 1994ORB_Object_create_request's obj argument
1234.0NYOSThu May 05 1994Can I Query repository for struct definitions?
1235.01NSICFri May 06 1994DDE Listener revisited: ORB_StExcep_INTERNAL
1236.03ZUSE::FRASCHFri May 06 1994Memory consumption by DDEListener
1237.04GLDOA::ZAMMITMon May 09 1994Both a Method Server & DCE Server?
1238.01LEMAN::DONALDSONWed May 11 1994Objects that create objects - BOA_create usage
1239.04SYSTEM::GOODWINThu May 12 1994PC EXECUTOR nodes
1240.01GLDOA::ZAMMITThu May 12 1994HP-UX V9.
1241.05METSYS::HELLIARFri May 13 1994Remote simulaneous request hang
1242.03GLDOA::ZAMMITFri May 13 1994sizeof(Object Reference String) ?
1243.01LEMAN::DONALDSONMon May 16 1994generate unique needs /include
1244.09MR3PST::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserMon May 16 1994ORB_COM_BADOBJTYPE ???
1245.04NAPIER::CHOITue May 17 1994Are 'user' and 'group' KEYWORD in Obj 2.5 BL 4?
1246.011STKHLM::STENSTROMWed May 18 1994DDE listener error / install error
1247.01MEOCThu May 19 1994ACAS links to itself?
1248.01LUXThu May 19 1994help for DCE security services project
1249.08CFSCTC::HUSTONThu May 19 1994Find out InterfaceDef from a BOA_create object?
1250.06MR3PST::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserThu May 19 1994Install problem on cluster (license related)
1251.0METSYS::REIDFri May 20 1994error opening captive command procedure - access denied
1252.02WELCLU::LOWRYBMon May 23 1994converting strings to ACASDouble?
1253.02GLDOA::ZAMMITMon May 23 1994Setting Binding Policy?
1254.01LEMAN::DONALDSONTue May 24 1994IBM MVS, AS/4
1255.01BIGUN::ANDERSONWed May 25 1994Initial object reference
1256.0MONTOR::HENNESSEYWed May 25 1994Definition of Cyclic Dependency
1257.01SCAACT::COTTRELLWed May 25 1994(?) COM/OB implementation questions
1259.01GNPIKE::SMITHWed May 25 1994ObjectBroker V2.5 vs. CORBA V1.1 Context Objects?
1260.0NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserThu May 26 1994Stale object references
1261.06LEMAN::DONALDSONThu May 26 1994How to get the repository object (or first container)
1262.01ZUSE::FRASCHThu May 26 1994Messages with ORB_NVList Parameter
1263.011CFSCTC::HUSTONThu May 26 1994Trouble looking up context properties - V2.5 BL4
1264.02SIOG::BATEMANSat May 28 1994ORB_DDE_SendData returning bad handle?
1265.01TAEC::AMADOUMon May 30 1994help needed to excute a shell command within an ACAS method routine!
1266.09CHENG6::STADELMANNTue May 31 1994Access to OBB$LAST_UUID.DAT for each request sent at the server ?
1267.03CHENG6::STADELMANNTue May 31 1994Notify server hangs
1268.06ZUSE::FRASCHTue May 31 1994Hidden Server with ORB Interface (ACAS V2.1)
1269.02STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Jun 01 1994Can the transport limit parameter size ?
1270.01CHENG6::STADELMANNThu Jun 02 1994%ACAS-I-CMD_LONGNAME, Name exceeds 31 characters:
1271.0CFSCTC::HUSTONMon Jun 06 1994ORBREP_Container_lookup_name to find multiples?
1272.01WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFTue Jun 07 1994orbivp output on SunOS?
1273.05PEACHS::PICKETTTue Jun 07 1994orb 2.5 ddepop example on vms doesn't compile
1274.06NUBABA::FRACCHIAWed Jun 08 1994Script Methods & error codes handling
1276.0PEACHS::PICKETTWed Jun 08 1994moved acas directory on pc and now application doesn't work
1277.03CHENG6::STADELMANNThu Jun 09 1994BOA_main_loop within Method ?
1278.01TAEC::AMADOUThu Jun 09 1994Invoking another server method within a given method?
1279.0PEACHS::BELDINThu Jun 09 1994More on: long-lived invokes and sessions
1280.01NSICFri Jun 10 1994BL5 DDE Listener + PC Installation updates
1281.01NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserFri Jun 10 1994Starting OB agent under OSF/1 ?
1282.01JITSun Jun 12 1994VB ACASCopyList
1283.02PEACHS::PICKETTMon Jun 13 1994Dynamic lists - acas 2.1 - behavior difference between synch and asynch
1284.09NAPIER::HEALEYMon Jun 13 1994Memory Leak in client using ACAS
1285.02STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Jun 14 1994Client caching bypasses attribute based server selection
1286.0JITWed Jun 15 1994RegisterServer and SHOW CTRL_SERVER
1287.016NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserThu Jun 16 1994OB 2.5 "Compatibility mode" ???
1288.05DTENG1::CARTYMon Jun 20 1994Will it run on OSF/1 V3.
1289.06MONTOR::GLASERWed Jun 22 1994C language mappings for sequences
1290.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Jun 23 1994OBB-E-INV_UNKTRANSFAM error in BL5
1291.01STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Jun 23 1994%LIB-F-BADTAGVAL, bad boundary tag value
1292.07STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Jun 23 1994Problems with OBB_BOA_get/set_impl_binding
1293.05DTENG1::CARTYThu Jun 23 1994BL5 errors in bank.mem .. it's also running on OSF/1 X3.
1294.06DTENG1::CARTYThu Jun 23 1994FLAGS tell a lot.. ow a GUI on top of this as I saw one already
1295.018STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Jun 23 1994No API to create Advertisments ?
1296.08JITFri Jun 24 1994Problem with V2.5 BL5
1297.01DTENG1::CARTYFri Jun 24 1994What are you intending to do in these following areas !!
1298.01DTENG1::CARTYFri Jun 24 1994Dump of obbgui on X3.
1299.03NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserFri Jun 24 1994OBB_SYSTEM_CONTEXT.CO not a valid OB database ???
1300.03NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserFri Jun 24 1994OBB_SYSTEM_REGISTRY.REG not a valid database
1301.09DTENG1::CARTYSat Jun 25 1994cannot install the compatability bits on OSF1 X3.
1302.01DTENG1::CARTYSat Jun 25 1994obbgui, Impl Mgr displays Agent as VISUAL BASIC Authentication!!!
1303.01STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Jun 27 1994Documentation for MERGE command ?
1304.01STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Jun 27 1994How can we create a secure CORBA solution
1305.06STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Jun 27 1994Stack error in WINSOCK.DLL
1306.01GLDOA::ZAMMITMon Jun 27 1994Getting FTP's TCP to work?
1307.01CECEHV::PALOMon Jun 27 1994Client user is not authorized
1308.01CECEHV::PALOMon Jun 27 1994ACASDEV install problems
1309.0PEACHS::PICKETTMon Jun 27 1994Dynamic item list bugs in 2.1
1310.01JITTue Jun 28 1994SET AUTHENTICATION cannot be executed
1311.05NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserTue Jun 28 1994Install failure BL5 Windows kit
1312.01GLDOA::ZAMMITTue Jun 28 1994CORBA_BOA_create core dumps?
1313.07CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Jun 28 1994How to lookup in repository using failover search?
1314.07LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Jun 29 1994Using Script Server with BL5
1315.06LEMAN::SIMPSONWed Jun 29 1994BL5 questions and feedback
1316.07NAPIER::CHOIWed Jun 29 1994Question on coverting definition files for VMS
1317.01GNPIKE::SMITHWed Jun 29 1994Switching between ACAS V2.1 and OBB V2.5 ACAS Compat Bits?
1318.02JITThu Jun 30 1994What "Too many subsystems are loaded" mean?
1319.0NYOSS1::COMASThu Jun 30 1994Motif/Xt and ORB API in ACAS 2.1?
1320.017ODIXIE::CREACYThu Jun 30 1994BNK5 VB Error?
1321.03WHOSThu Jun 30 1994Which License PAK for Object Broker
1322.01RANGER::JLINFri Jul 01 1994How to run objectbroker on Windows?
1323.04LEMAN::SIMPSONSun Jul 03 1994_ORB__hInstance Windows 'C' linker problem
1324.03TRUCKS::WEBSTERMon Jul 04 1994OSF/1 ObjectBroker V2.5 BL5 Kit incomplete
1325.01NSICMon Jul 04 1994BL5 DDE Listener release notes
1326.04NSICMon Jul 04 1994New PAK for OBB 2.5 BL4 on VAX/VMS needed......
1327.03NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserTue Jul 05 1994Cannot find WINSOCK.DLL problem ???
1328.08RANGER::JLINTue Jul 05 1994network tester question
1329.09RUSAVD::HEALEYTue Jul 05 1994Already defined in this scope error
1330.09METSYS::GOODWINWed Jul 06 1994Problem setting up V2.1-4
1331.01RUSAVD::CHOIThu Jul 07 1994OB is not configured properly... after installed on PC
1332.01RANGER::JLINFri Jul 08 1994OB with PW TCP/IP?
1333.023955Fri Jul 08 1994Need Method Name from Method Server/Dispatcher
1334.02GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Jul 08 1994HP install problem (ivp fails)?
1335.02SCAHUB::WILSONFri Jul 08 1994Customer developed adapter?
1336.04ALFAXP::BELDINFri Jul 08 1994Servers using Xwindows and custom dispatch loops
1337.06JITMon Jul 11 1994POKE message corrupts Xltable format data
1338.07WHEN::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserMon Jul 11 1994CORBA_string_to_object failure ???
1339.04NODEX::MCGREALWed Jul 13 1994Very long symbol names generated by OB
1340.02JITThu Jul 14 1994Novell LAN Workplace problem T2.5
1341.03PAVONE::ARGENTOFri Jul 15 1994Selective Update of the Repository
1342.01GNPIKE::GANTYALAFri Jul 15 1994Automatic server startup using OBB V2.5
1343.024RANGER::JLINFri Jul 15 1994exception info?
1344.07PAVONE::ARGENTOMon Jul 18 1994Use of OBB_NAMES_REGISTRY and activation_context
1345.0STAR::PRAETORIUSMon Jul 18 1994ILU: interesting improper superset of IDL
1346.01STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Jul 19 1994Problem with generated iml/mml and inheritance
1347.010STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Jul 19 1994COMM_FAILURE when using many diffent objref on Windows
1348.03STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Jul 19 1994Problems with Implementation viewer/manager
1349.02TPSYS::TURNERTue Jul 19 1994Problems building BNK1 on MS Windows
1350.02STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Jul 20 1994Problem with string output argument
1351.04LALDIE::D_FORRESTERWed Jul 20 1994VC++ support
1352.05RANGER::DIFONZOWed Jul 20 1994Trouble running bnk1 example on OpenVMS
1353.07RANGER::JLINWed Jul 20 1994Question on running bnk5
1354.02RANGER::DIFONZOWed Jul 20 1994Looking for bnk5c.c
1356.01NODEX::CLBMUD::Conferencing-UserWed Jul 20 1994Init. Obj. Ref. and Advertisement Registry question
1357.01GNPIKE::SMITHWed Jul 20 1994What parts of CORBA::TypeCode aren't implemented in BL5?
1362.01GNPIKE::SMITHThu Jul 21 1994How to get type _name_ using CORBA V1.2 IR interfaces?
1363.012NSICThu Jul 21 1994Strange behavior of OBB_DDE_SendData
1364.01THEBAY::GOODMANThu Jul 21 1994Fatal error in application, V2.1/Win3.1/Novell
1365.02NODEX::CLBMUD::McGrealFri Jul 22 1994OBB_COM_TOOMANYLOAD error on obbmerge
1366.03RANGER::JLINFri Jul 22 1994Blocking operation in progress?
1367.01STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Jul 25 1994Problem with MS/Windows and output arg >51
1368.02NAPIER::CHOIMon Jul 25 1994Could not create file 'xxx.TCH' - OBB V2.5 BL5
1369.01GNPIKE::SMITHMon Jul 25 1994Where's the COMET database for the OBB QAR system?
1370.010ODIXIE::TBYRDMon Jul 25 1994out Marshaling error on struct
1372.01QCAVWed Jul 27 1994Problem in visual basic client
1373.01PAVONE::ARGENTOWed Jul 27 1994Making a copy of an NVList
1374.04ODAY4Wed Jul 27 1994OSF/1, TCP/IP, and nameservers
1375.05CHENG6::STADELMANNThu Jul 28 1994migration of prefixer/sufixes from BL4 to BL5
1376.04GNPIKE::SMITHThu Jul 28 1994ORBarg_reference? CORBA_copy_value/copy_typecode?
1377.01IRNBRU::MENNIEFri Jul 29 1994problem unmarshalling zero length sequences
1378.01ODIXIE::TBYRDFri Jul 29 1994Inheritance problem in default .IML file
1379.01PAVONE::ARGENTOFri Jul 29 1994CORBA_IN_COPY_VALUE never set ?
1380.05MINNY::WALDISPUEHLFri Jul 29 1994Can't start remote server
1381.02GNPIKE::KYZIVATFri Jul 29 1994Is CORBA_BOA_impl_is_ready redundant?
1382.01NYOSS1::YANNIOSFri Jul 29 1994VB, VC++, VMS, ACAS V2.1 and Access Violations?
1383.01GNPIKE::SMITHMon Aug 01 1994Stubs/Sequences on PC -- OBB_FAR needed?
1384.01DTENG1::SYSTEMTue Aug 02 1994Incorrections in the REF Manual 3-35
1385.02ACIHUB::YESYOU::MAYTue Aug 02 1994Developer Needed
1386.05GNPIKE::ATTERBERRYTue Aug 02 1994Interface inheritance and IML
1387.04ZUSE::FRASCHWed Aug 03 1994Error in Dispatcher? (BL 5)
1388.04RANGER::DIFONZOWed Aug 03 1994Bounded string question
1389.02RANGER::DIFONZOWed Aug 03 1994Memory allocation and initialization question
1390.01MONTOR::KYZIVATWed Aug 03 1994Wrong name for .IMH file (qar
1391.010TNKSYS::TNKJLN::NESTERWed Aug 03 1994Customer Question on V2.5
1392.03CTHQ::COLLOPYWed Aug 03 1994acas-e-com_sysldfail
1393.03AKOCOA::MOHANWed Aug 03 1994ACAS 2.1 InvocationContext structure
1394.0MONTOR::KYZIVATWed Aug 03 1994iml compiler accvio w/impl inheritance (qar
1395.02ZUSE::FRASCHThu Aug 04 1994ACCVIO in Dispatcher
1397.02GNPIKE::SMITHThu Aug 04 1994#include when compiling, but not when loading?
1398.01MJBOOT::STONESIFERThu Aug 04 1994Initial Object Reference Problem Again
1399.01KILARA::DEANGELISFri Aug 05 1994Problem with typedefs and dispatcher code
1400.01ZUSE::FRASCHFri Aug 05 1994Stubs in ObjectBroker BL 5
1401.03ZUSE::FRASCHFri Aug 05 1994Problem with OBB_BINDPOLICY_STATIC
1402.03NODEX::CLBMUD::McGrealFri Aug 05 1994Remote Advertisement registry ???
1403.02ZUSE::FRASCHFri Aug 05 1994Registration File Generation (BL 5)
1404.03LEMAN::SIMPSONFri Aug 05 1994Array size limit?
1405.02PEACHS::SELBYFri Aug 05 1994Method invocation returns corrupted arguments...
1406.03PAVONE::ARGENTOMon Aug 08 1994Memory allocation/deallocation policies
1407.04KILARA::DEANGELISMon Aug 08 1994CORBA_MARSHALL error - BL5
1408.01NODEX::CLBMUD::McGrealMon Aug 08 1994ACCVIO in CORBA_Request_invoke ???
1409.01PAVONE::ARGENTOMon Aug 08 1994Problem in passing and arglist to a request object
1410.05SYSTEM::HELLIARMon Aug 08 1994CONVERT from ACAS to OBB failures
1411.03LEMAN::SIMPSONTue Aug 09 1994Linking OBB with VC++ V1.1 on NT
1412.02GNPIKE::SMITHTue Aug 09 1994Who to contact for ACAS V2.1 support?
1413.01IRNBRU::CARTYWed Aug 10 1994Release Notes incorrect security commands on U*IX
1414.0KOLFAX::GOODMANWed Aug 10 1994Bogus ACAS_SUCCESS in app errorlist?
1415.05NODEX::CLBMUD::McGrealThu Aug 11 1994Problems with structs in BL5 ???
1416.05ZUSE::KOETHEThu Aug 11 1994IDL module CORBA not "well known" to compiler
1417.01MONTOR::GLASERFri Aug 12 1994Modules: How to use them
1418.09METSYS::HELLIARFri Aug 12 1994NamedValue : How to get it passed the compiler
1419.01GIDDAY::MILNEMon Aug 15 1994ObjectBroker Internals
1420.04METSYS::HELLIARMon Aug 15 19942.1 compatability mode problem
1421.02PARMAX::ROCHEMon Aug 15 1994screen scrapers? (cross-posted)
1422.02NSICMon Aug 15 1994pre-SSB windows installation problems
1423.032RECV::FERWERDAMon Aug 15 1994Ease-of-use Showstoppers?
1424.02RANGER::DIFONZOMon Aug 15 1994ACCVIO when upgrading ObjectBroker
1425.01GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Aug 16 1994Insufficient memory on Mac client V2.1????
1426.06METSYS::HELLIARTue Aug 16 1994Can you handle multiple implementations?
1427.013IRNBRU::MENNIETue Aug 16 1994problems with 'well known' server id's
1428.01CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Aug 16 1994V2.5 BL6 (pre-SSB) not working for me
1429.05GIDDAY::MILNETue Aug 16 1994Access Violation on Windows NT
1430.04TKOV51::NONAKA_HWed Aug 17 1994V2.5 (pre-SSB) kit instal fialed (ACCVIO)
1431.0DTENG1::CARTYWed Aug 17 1994Some COM questions.. perhaps ask in Pegasus
1432.05KETJE::VENLETWed Aug 17 1994OBB naming conventions?
1433.04RANGER::JLINWed Aug 17 1994At Windows how to gen stub file?
1434.09KHAN::SELBYWed Aug 17 1994Problem changing Ctx Attributes in a program - aca 2.1
1435.012METSYS::HELLIARThu Aug 18 1994How to convert ACAS_ITEMLIST
1436.013STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Aug 18 1994Priv & security questions
1437.02STKHLM::MNILSSONThu Aug 18 1994Bindings (again...)
1438.05SMAUG::RIAZThu Aug 18 1994pre-ssb kit on Windows NT 3.5??
1439.02RUMOR::CONSIDINEThu Aug 18 1994V2.5 BL6 (OSF AXP) IVP Failed
1440.06MONTOR::KYZIVATFri Aug 19 1994use of CORBA_BOA_{dispose | deactivate_obj}
1441.01TAOVSat Aug 20 1994BNK5 VB error ?
1442.0TAOVSun Aug 21 1994mass data transfer and manipulation
1443.03LEMAN::SIMPSONMon Aug 22 1994BL6 WinSock problem
1444.03ODAY4Mon Aug 22 1994Incorrect .H file generated QAR this ???
1445.01OTOUMon Aug 22 1994Performance info for OBB 2.5
1446.02TPSYS::TURNERMon Aug 22 1994BL6 doesn't like IDL that was OK in BL5
1447.06STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Aug 23 1994How to rundown a DLL with OBB
1448.04ODAY4Tue Aug 23 1994Server Startup and multiple nodes in OBB_DEFAULT_NODES
1449.015ODAY4Tue Aug 23 1994Attributes Ignored on Automatic Server Startup
1450.03GLDOA::ZAMMITTue Aug 23 1994Script Servers & Object References?
1451.012MONTOR::KYZIVATWed Aug 24 1994DII & OBBarg_malloc questions
1452.02SWETSC::EKLUNDThu Aug 25 1994V2.1 InCompatibilities AXP, VAX ?
1453.04CXCAD::HUCKThu Aug 25 1994need help: CORBA_InterfaceDef_describe_interface
1454.02MJBOOT::STONESIFERFri Aug 26 1994Where's the context?
1455.02STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Aug 29 1994Why does server access SYSUAF.DAT
1456.010MINNY::WALDISPUEHLMon Aug 29 1994What is an address family?
1457.02TAOVTue Aug 30 1994CORBA_Request_invoke() fails
1458.0MONTOR::KYZIVATTue Aug 30 1994problem with SHOW REPOSITORY (qar 1314)
1459.01MJBOOT::STONESIFERTue Aug 30 1994obbgen -u ; No multi-level inheritance?
1460.06MJBOOT::STONESIFERTue Aug 30 1994obbldrep - OBB_CMD_UNDEFINSCP QAR 1159 Prob #3?
1461.019STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Aug 31 1994Memory management in INOUT struct
1462.023MINNY::WALDISPUEHLWed Aug 31 1994Can't see advertisments on PC with Novell TCP/IP
1463.02PEACHS::PICKETTWed Aug 31 1994Can disconnecting generate a Method execution failure
1464.01IRNBRU::MENNIEThu Sep 01 1994problem with location and dynamic bp
1465.01IRNBRU::MENNIEThu Sep 01 1994Can two clients reuse a static, fully bound obj ref
1466.01PEACHS::PICKETTThu Sep 01 1994ACAS_MAX_NUM_SESSIONS and long lived handles
1467.07RANGER::JLINFri Sep 02 1994Network Tester cause GP fault in windows
1468.09RANGER::JLINFri Sep 02 1994INV_OBJREF error
1469.02PEACHS::PICKETTFri Sep 02 1994acas_ctx_nomorehdls undocumented error- what does it mean
1470.01IRNBRU::MENNIEMon Sep 05 1994Is implementation selection, in general, not required
1471.01JITMon Sep 05 1994V2.1 DDE listner never retern ACK.
1472.02JITTue Sep 06 1994Where is ACAS comptibility SSB kit?
1473.015MJBOOT::STONESIFERTue Sep 06 1994OBB_COM_BADLIST - It doesn't get any harder than this...
1474.02HAN::DOERINGWed Sep 07 1994ObjectBroker's TCP on Mac = V2.
1475.0NAPIER::CHOIWed Sep 07 1994Install problem on Ultrix - SSB Kits
1476.09KILARA::DEANGELISThu Sep 08 1994WINSOCK error with VB BNK5 sample/SSB
1477.05JITThu Sep 08 1994How to access OLE aware server?
1478.01PAVONE::BONFERINIThu Sep 08 1994CORBA_BOA_WinMainLoop ?
1479.05RECV::FERWERDAThu Sep 08 1994"ObjectWorld" OLE/ObjectBroker demo bits available
1480.07LEMAN::SIMPSONThu Sep 08 1994Correct way to declare arrays?
1481.04TAOVFri Sep 09 1994BNK5 link problem - on OSF1
1482.06STKHLM::MNILSSONFri Sep 09 1994Problem returning exception containing string !
1483.02LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Sep 09 1994method templates for attributes (get and set routines)
1484.07PARMAX::ROCHEFri Sep 09 1994cancel deferred synch?
1485.03MJBOOT::STONESIFERFri Sep 09 1994Server selection/startup Questions
1486.07MJBOOT::STONESIFERFri Sep 09 1994server startup problems
1487.01IRNBRU::CARTYMon Sep 12 1994This is a commendable product .. well done!!
1488.03LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Sep 12 1994PAK for OBB v2.5 VMS?
1489.01RANGER::JLINMon Sep 12 1994OBJ_ADAPTER?
1490.03137744::STONESIFERTue Sep 13 1994Server instance selection
1491.04RANGER::JLINTue Sep 13 1994How to get default nodes?
1492.09MONTOR::KYZIVATTue Sep 13 1994Interaction of binding policy & MML
1493.06LALDIE::D_FORRESTERWed Sep 14 1994client stubs in a DLL
1494.04PAVONE::ARGENTOWed Sep 14 1994Problem passing object references
1495.022PAVONE::ARGENTOThu Sep 15 1994OBB_BINDPOLICY_STATIC is not able to start the server ?
1496.02GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Sep 16 1994Stopping Impl started by BOA (Problem)
1497.03STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Sep 19 1994CORBA_OBJ_ADAPTER exception difficult to trace
1499.02251336::MNILSSONTue Sep 20 1994OLE/ObjectBroker demo problems/discussion
1500.0649575::SIMPSONTue Sep 20 1994VC++ linker cannot resolve CosNaming_NamingContext_resolve
1501.013SYSTEM::HELLIARWed Sep 21 1994Initial Object reference - again!
1502.02MJBOOT::STONESIFERThu Sep 22 1994Install problem on SunOS without symbolic links
1503.08PARMAX::ROCHEThu Sep 22 1994Network Tester and Novell
1504.03MJBOOT::STONESIFERThu Sep 22 1994OBB_BOA_dispatch error status 276848?
1505.02MJBOOT::STONESIFERThu Sep 22 1994CORBA_free incorrectly documented?
1506.04SYSTEM::GOODWINFri Sep 23 1994ACAS V2.1 Configuration
1507.03STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Sep 26 1994Memory leak ?
1508.05STKHLM::MNILSSONMon Sep 26 1994Some resource not released by rundown !
1509.08PEACHS::LAMPERTMon Sep 26 1994ACAS 2.1 and 3'rd party Motif 1.2 SunOS
1510.04MJBOOT::STONESIFERMon Sep 26 1994Server memory leak?
1511.02DV78Wed Sep 28 1994De-installation script for Sun OS?
1512.0256945::HUSTONWed Sep 28 1994What state am I in while in event_notifier_routine?
1513.02TOOHOT::ROCHAWed Sep 28 1994customer questions - help
1514.02GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Sep 30 1994OBB_BOA_main_loop core dumps on HP
1515.06KOLFAX::ROZYCKIMon Oct 03 1994CORBA_BOA_create Impl parm with __OBJ?
1516.08HELIX::CHANGTue Oct 04 1994Common Object Services Specification
1517.03ODAY4Thu Oct 06 1994OBB 2.5 on VMS Installation Fails
1518.05LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Oct 10 1994how to inherit from a type in a separate file?
1519.02PEACHS::SELBYMon Oct 10 1994Can a server send itself an ACAS event?
1520.01DV78Mon Oct 10 1994Deleting objects in a Class Repository
1521.017NSICTue Oct 11 1994Rundown causes GPF in BNK5 VB example
1522.05GLDOA::ZAMMITTue Oct 11 1994Visual C++ compile/link warnings/errors?
1523.01GLDOA::ZAMMITTue Oct 11 1994OBB_REPOSITORY list not searched?
1524.01NSICWed Oct 12 1994question about proxies
1525.06METSYS::GOODWINWed Oct 12 1994Startup problems on OpenVMS/VAX 6.1
1526.02BYEDAY::HUNZIKERWed Oct 12 1994FAQ for V2.5a: Your help is needed
1527.02DEKVC::KYEONGHWAKWOThu Oct 13 1994How to use sequence<string> datatype in Visual Basic
1528.06UKARC1::WONGFri Oct 14 1994Dynamic load of PathworksDECnet failed
1529.02STOWOA::VSRAVIFri Oct 14 1994ACASWIN crashes...
1530.04NOTAPC::DIOTALEVIFri Oct 14 1994problems installing ACABASEDEV21
1531.01DTENG1::CARTYMon Oct 17 1994Any comments on this usage. good or bad !!
1532.01GLDOA::ZAMMITMon Oct 17 1994File Transfers using ObjectBroker V2.5?
1533.08OTOUMon Oct 17 1994OBB v3.
1534.03XCUSME::DURKEEMon Oct 17 1994VMS V5.4-3 compatible kit?
1535.015DECWET::TEEGANMon Oct 17 1994OB newbie needs help..please!
1536.01KOLFAX::ROZYCKITue Oct 18 1994Client->Server->Server start problem
1537.01JITTue Oct 18 1994Is there attribute base server selection example.
1538.02LALDIE::D_FORRESTERWed Oct 19 1994Linker problems with V2.5A on Windows
1539.03WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFThu Oct 20 1994Is ORB_Request_send synchronous?
1540.07JITThu Oct 20 1994OBB_sequence_set_buffer causes GPF in Excel VBA
1541.02LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Oct 20 1994Hidden server on a PC
1542.01WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFThu Oct 20 1994ORB_main_loop vs ACAS_Dispatch
1543.03OSANPO::NOSEFri Oct 21 1994Link to agent
1544.04GNPIKE::SMITHSat Oct 22 1994Marshalling example (see 1544.4)
1545.02PTOSMon Oct 24 1994Two callbacks in same Windows app?
1546.014KISMIF::GOUVEIAMon Oct 24 1994Server DISPLAY environment question???
1547.01212161::KYZIVATTue Oct 25 1994transport decision for CORBA V2
1548.01NSICWed Oct 26 1994BNK1 server failes on OBB2.5-
1549.01NOTAPC::SEGERWed Oct 26 1994OS/2 Support?
1550.07ODIXIE::TBYRDFri Oct 28 1994DDE Listner over TCP/IP Problem.
1551.07GIDDAY::BRYDENSun Oct 30 1994V2.5A - ACAS$MANAGER ident needed for startup?
1552.07TKOV51::NONAKA_HMon Oct 31 1994I can't see the server (bnk2)
1553.03JITMon Oct 31 1994Cannot build DDE example server on OVMS AXP
1554.0+5OTOUMon Oct 31 1994SCO/UNIX & Windows for Workgroups
1555.06DTENG1::CARTYTue Nov 01 1994OBB should handle invocations back on oneself!!!!
1556.04GIDDAY::BRYDENTue Nov 01 19942.1 compatibility kit for 2.5A where & how?
1557.01STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Nov 02 1994Fill in "remote user" from Windows client ?
1559.0ENQUE::SLAVINWed Nov 02 1994ObjectBroker looking for Performance Engineers
1560.06PEACHS::SELBYWed Nov 02 1994Programmatically load a context object file?
1561.05AZUR::GALVANThu Nov 03 1994Any with struct typecode
1562.020CFSCTC::HUSTONThu Nov 03 1994A client's request to only that user's implementation?
1563.09LEMAN::SIMPSONTue Nov 08 1994OBBarg_malloc on CORBA_string []
1564.02NYOSS1::YANNIOSTue Nov 08 1994ACAS V2.1 Link Problem?
1565.02RUSAVD::HEALEYTue Nov 08 1994How can you tell if a client dies?
1566.023CFSCTC::CHABOTTue Nov 08 1994Problems passing a context attribute from the client to the server
1567.07CADM::HCWUTue Nov 08 1994OBB_COM_BADLIST problem
1568.09CADM::HCWUTue Nov 08 1994.login or not .login
1569.02--UnknownUser--Fri Nov 11 1994Unregister and List of Registered Objects
1570.08CADM::HCWUFri Nov 11 1994Accessing context object from server
1571.03CFSCTC::HUSTONFri Nov 11 1994Unexpected obbgen behavior with impl inheritance
1572.04ZUSE::FRASCHMon Nov 14 1994Scripts and Context Objects
1573.02STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Nov 15 1994Status of 64k bug
1574.01STKHLM::MNILSSONTue Nov 15 1994More memory management questions ...
1575.03ZUSE::FRASCHTue Nov 15 1994Persistent implementation / deactivation routine
1576.04STOWOA::VSRAVIWed Nov 16 1994String length in ACAS v2.1
1577.01STKHLM::MNILSSONWed Nov 16 1994How to advertise same impl on several nodes ?
1578.04REFDV1::BOURQUEThu Nov 17 1994Problem with BNK5 example on windows
1579.01NSICFri Nov 18 1994DDE disconnect question
1580.011FINLEY::FINLEYFri Nov 18 1994Double Datatype from Visual Basic?
1581.07CADM::HCWUMon Nov 21 1994Questions on Adv. Reg.
1582.02CFSCTC::HUSTONMon Nov 21 1994What if the host name changes?
1583.01TAOVC::CWHUANGWed Nov 23 1994shared server and multiple instance
1584.04MJBOOT::STONESIFERWed Nov 23 1994Attribute inheritance/overload problem
1585.06KISMIF::GOUVEIAWed Nov 23 1994Can't start server from client node
1586.02ZUSE::FRASCHThu Nov 24 1994Implementation/Interface Definition
1587.02ZUSE::FRASCHFri Nov 25 1994CORBA_InterfaceDef constants in .imh
1588.0METSYS::GOODWINFri Nov 25 1994DEC ACA services V2.5A and NT 3.5
1589.03CADM::HCWUWed Nov 30 1994problem in registration file
1590.0CADM::HCWUWed Nov 30 1994problem on passing the env. var.
1591.010BEHORN::GASCHENThu Dec 01 1994Advertisement and attribute based server selection
1592.02BEHORN::GASCHENFri Dec 02 1994Missing include in type_code registration routine
1593.05BEHORN::GASCHENFri Dec 02 1994Temporary files not removed
1594.01MJBOOT::STONESIFERFri Dec 02 1994OBB_INV_INTERROR in server marshalling
1595.013KISMIF::GOUVEIAFri Dec 02 1994Script server example??
1596.01METSYS::GOODWINMon Dec 05 1994NT ObjectBroker: client or server?
1597.02BEHORN::GASCHENTue Dec 06 1994Can I use the notifier routine?
1598.04LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Dec 07 1994Problem with modules with multiple interfaces
1599.02NSICWed Dec 07 1994Any "unsollicited msg channel" (srv to cln) example available ?
1600.01CHENG6::ARESFri Dec 09 1994VAX/BNK6 to/from OLE2 Portal to/from VB/Apps
1601.02MLNORO::CATTOLICOMon Dec 12 1994ORB Windows client / SIMPLE
1602.0DELNI::WALSHMon Dec 12 1994FYI, KERBEROS V released
1603.07METSYS::GOODWINMon Dec 12 1994Problems installing ACAS
1604.03GNPIKE::ROGERSThu Dec 15 1994principle based architecture?
1606.06MLNORO::CATTOLICOMon Dec 19 1994ORB asynchronous calls from PC via DECnet
1607.09LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Dec 21 1994SHared server/load balancing/deactivate impl
1608.08LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Dec 21 1994when does 'show server' see servers?
1609.01LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Dec 21 1994Wishlist: more server info
1610.01LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Dec 21 1994CORBA standard API and Digital's OBB additions
1611.05JRDVTue Dec 27 1994Problem in using multi-servers from a client
1612.01GNPIKE::ROGERSThu Dec 29 1994Transport selection algorithm?
1613.02ZPOVC::EAPENGEORGEFri Dec 30 1994Error merging advertisements
1614.02BERNWed Jan 04 1995Sockets not freed for deferred synchronous
1615.02CFSCTC::HUSTONWed Jan 04 1995Run-time operation of inherited implementation
1616.04KISMIF::GOUVEIAWed Jan 04 1995Proxy access problem??
1617.02SYSTEM::HELLIARThu Jan 05 1995OBB V2.6 risk assessment help required
1618.02NASThu Jan 05 1995CORBA_INTF_REPOS -- likely causes?
1619.07UKARCX::WONGFri Jan 06 1995Can a server be both client and server?
1620.02NAPIER::CHOIFri Jan 06 1995V2.5A-
1622.03CFSCTC::SAITMon Jan 09 1995Searching the interface repository for a given operation name
1623.02OSANPO::NOSETue Jan 10 1995OBB with non-ansi-c
1624.05MLNORO::CATTOLICOTue Jan 10 19952.1 ORB asynch example !!!
1625.06METSYS::ALLENThu Jan 12 1995Problems installing OBB 2.5 with ACAS
1626.03GLDOA::ZAMMITThu Jan 12 1995Problem compiling dispatcher
1627.01MUGGER::BURKEPFri Jan 13 1995Code build and config control hints anyone?
1628.01GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Jan 13 1995Proplem unregistering an Implementation
1629.03MUGGER::ADRIANMon Jan 16 1995ACAS-2.1/OBB-2.5 Obj Creation
1630.01AZTECH::WAGNERMon Jan 16 1995Looking for an ObjectBroker expert
1631.02OSOEIC::NORIMATSUTue Jan 17 1995maximum size of string data
1632.07ZUSE::FRASCHTue Jan 17 1995WinSock not initialized
1633.06LALDIE::D_FORRESTERTue Jan 17 1995Hidden server on PC
1634.04JITWed Jan 18 1995How can I make DDE server nonselectable correctly?
1635.02MLNORO::CATTOLICOThu Jan 19 1995begging an ACAS_ async example
1636.02UTROP1::OLERUD_GThu Jan 19 1995Visual Basic using User Defined Types
1637.05AWECIM::HOWARDThu Jan 19 1995Problem loading user context
1638.01GRILLA::CONNOLLYThu Jan 19 1995OpenVMS and standardization of layered products in the Americas
1639.02TRACTR::DURKEEThu Jan 19 1995VMS installation problems
1640.03OSOEIC::NORIMATSUFri Jan 20 1995The agent goes into infinite loop
1641.01UTROP1::OLERUD_GFri Jan 20 1995Error in Repository Manager for Windows
1642.015TRACTR::DURKEEFri Jan 20 1995ACAS compatability IVP fails
1643.01BIS6::VANBLAEREMon Jan 23 1995script server , node selection
1644.05GLDOA::ZAMMITMon Jan 23 1995Issues with Context Object interface routines
1645.04PEACHS::SELBYMon Jan 23 1995Unresolved references building server program on WIN/NT using MSCV V2.
1646.04ZUSE::FRASCHTue Jan 24 1995implementation_identifier
1647.07UTROP1::OLERUD_GTue Jan 24 1995Call multiple instances of one implementation
1648.01ROMEOS::RIFKIN_DATue Jan 24 1995Network Tester Fails
1649.05LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Jan 25 1995Trouble with activation_context in mml
1650.02LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Jan 25 1995Debug server startup - a system-wide feature
1651.04LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Jan 25 1995OBB_COM_BADUSERNAME again and same group problems
1652.010UTROP1::NWGWed Jan 25 1995V25A DDE support on Windows NT ?
1653.03LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Jan 26 1995Wishlist: more info with SHOW IMPL
1654.02LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Jan 26 1995Unknown methods: GetInfo; Select; Stop.
1655.03OZROCK::KINGFri Jan 27 1995OBB problem - marshalling error at run-time
1656.03LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Jan 27 1995Potential problems with deletion of repository objects
1657.05METSYS::HELLIARFri Jan 27 1995Load context for PC gives Permission denied
1658.06KISMIF::GOUVEIAMon Jan 30 1995Agent can't be started!!
1659.03OGKPST::TKOV51::YOSHIMURATue Jan 31 1995Question about OBB V2.5 on Macintosh.
1660.01JITTue Jan 31 1995DDE_REQUEST problem with big data
1661.04KISMIF::GOUVEIAWed Feb 01 1995Can't access server after rebuild
1662.02ZUSE::FRASCHFri Feb 03 1995OBB on MS-Windows
1663.09KISMIF::GOUVEIAMon Feb 06 1995Running out of memory.
1664.016UTROP1::NWGTue Feb 07 1995Hidden PC server revisited: problems with obj refs?
1665.07NYOSS1::YANNIOSTue Feb 07 1995File Handle Limit with ACAS V2.1 DOS DLL?
1666.05MUGGER::ADRIANWed Feb 08 1995FBE-Nameserver,objrefs etc - many questions
1667.03RANGER::DIFONZOThu Feb 09 1995Need latest System Integrator's Guide
1668.015PTOSS1::DLUGOSZRThu Feb 09 1995BNK2, MS-Windows, OBB_DB_OBJNOTFND?
1669.02SYSTEM::HELLIARFri Feb 10 1995ACAS + OBB = How many contexts?
1670.02CFSCTC::HUSTONFri Feb 10 1995Method returning modified objref?
1671.01SYSTEM::HELLIARMon Feb 13 1995WHat replaces the invocation context in CORBA?
1672.05DIEHRD::ODONNELLMon Feb 13 1995obb-e-reg-keynotfnd
1673.03OSANPO::NOSEMon Feb 13 1995stub should not delete supplied ctx
1674.03SYSTEM::HELLIARTue Feb 14 1995What does the security model give you
1676.04NSICWed Feb 15 1995ObjectBroker and multi-threading
1677.02MUGGER::BURKEPMon Feb 20 1995Sequences, NamedValue Lists confusion.
1678.09METSYS::boldor.reo.dec.com::goodwinTue Feb 21 1995ObjectBroker V2.5 & ACAS V2.1-4
1680.05PTOSS1::DLUGOSZRTue Feb 21 1995Vanishing Act! ACASEXPORT and Several Files Missing
1681.06METSYS::GOODWINWed Feb 22 1995ObjectBroker Net tester broken
1683.03LEMAN::SIMPSONThu Feb 23 1995Returning strings in CORBA_USER_EXCEPTION
1684.06PEACHS::BURQUESTThu Feb 23 1995Stringified object reference length
1685.06NAPIER::CHOIThu Feb 23 1995How to install on HP-UX?
1686.011PEACHS::BURQUESTFri Feb 24 1995Inheritence question
1687.07OSANPO::NOSEMon Feb 27 1995How to make server fail safe/soft?
1688.05LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Feb 27 1995Internal software error with typedef
1689.05METSYS::boldor.reo.dec.com::goodwinMon Feb 27 1995GPF in OBBADMIN.EXE
1690.04SYSTEM::HELLIARMon Feb 27 1995OBB_COM_BADOBJTYPE on unshared server rundown
1691.03PEACHS::SELBYMon Feb 27 1995Attribute based server selection revisited...
1692.04SYSTEM::HELLIARMon Feb 27 1995unshared servers and debugging
1693.09METSYS::boldor.reo.dec.com::goodwinMon Feb 27 1995Setting up a PC client for ObjectBroker
1694.07LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Feb 28 1995CORBA implementations from other vendors
1695.06SYSTEM::HELLIARTue Feb 28 1995Two implementation_defs
1697.024SYSTEM::HELLIARTue Feb 28 1995Dynamic binding and unshared servers
1698.01ODIXIE::TBYRDTue Feb 28 1995Inheritence On WNT Server. Does it work?
1699.028CHENG6::CHENG6::STADELMANNWed Mar 01 1995VB and synchronous deferred blocks client for ever.
1700.02MUGGER::BURKEPWed Mar 01 1995Comments on this OBB design.
1701.01NYOSS1::YANNIOSWed Mar 01 19953rd Party DECnet support on HP-UX?
1702.02NAPIER::CHOIWed Mar 01 1995Link problem with ACAS 2.1 compatibiility on SunOS
1703.02JITWed Mar 01 1995VB: OBB_ORB_open_context
1704.01JITWed Mar 01 1995VB: how to get context attributes
1705.039RANGER::DIFONZOThu Mar 02 1995Script Server questions
1706.0CFSCTC::HUSTONThu Mar 02 1995CORBA_Container_lookup_name - what's right if obj not found?
1707.08DTENG1::CARTYFri Mar 03 1995IVP failure on 6.1 AXP and what it took to get installation to work
1708.07NAPIER::CHOIFri Mar 03 1995Problem - TCPIP on PC with Pathworks 5.
1709.07LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Mar 06 1995activation_type startup_only kills agent
1710.09OSANPO::NOSEMon Mar 06 1995When BOA_deactivate_obj
1711.01OSANPO::NOSEMon Mar 06 1995property OBB_REPOSITORY can't retrieved
1712.011ZUSE::FRASCHMon Mar 06 1995CORBA_float from Windows to AXP VMS
1713.04LARVAE::AKHTAR_WMon Mar 06 1995in and out string passing
1714.01MUGGER::ADRIANMon Mar 06 1995ImplementationDef's + bind-policy etc
1715.01OSANPO::NOSETue Mar 07 1995maximum length of uuid
1716.07CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Mar 07 1995How to figure out CORBA_INTERNAL exception?
1717.02PEACHS::BURQUESTTue Mar 07 1995VB: Example of string sequence object request needed
1718.03GIDDAY::MILNEWed Mar 08 1995'Structure' too large error
1719.02LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Mar 08 1995Wishlist: BNF of IML and MML
1720.01METSYS::GOODWINWed Mar 08 1995Why restart ObjectBroker?
1721.01OSANPO::NOSEWed Mar 08 1995distribute IR/CO in binary
1722.012PEACHS::SELBYWed Mar 08 1995Problems starting server if there are 15 currently running
1723.03IRNBRU::MENNIEThu Mar 09 1995Is it possible to block signals in a server?
1724.04ZUSE::FRASCHThu Mar 09 1995CORBA_BOA_create on OpenVMS
1725.03METSYS::boldor.reo.dec.com::goodwinFri Mar 10 1995ACAS thinks my VAX is an ALPHA???
1726.014UTROP1::OLERUD_GFri Mar 10 1995DDE Listener problem with MS TCP/IP
1727.09DEKVC::KYEONGHWAKWOSun Mar 12 1995OBB_BOA_dispatch sample program
1728.06GIDDAY::MILNETue Mar 14 1995Cos Name service
1729.07MUGGER::ADRIANTue Mar 14 1995OBB_BOA_create_impl_group problem ?
1730.08FBEDEV::KYZIVATTue Mar 14 1995context in default IML?
1731.05DTENG1::CARTYWed Mar 15 1995Is there a location for any patches
1732.01SYSTEM::HELLIARWed Mar 15 1995V2.5A CLD
1733.01LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Mar 16 1995Problem: arrays of UDTs; byte alignment
1734.04METSYS::boldor.reo.dec.com::goodwinThu Mar 16 1995GPF in OBB.DLL at
1735.02ZUSE::FRASCHThu Mar 16 1995Registry and Proxies
1736.05LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Mar 16 1995HELP! Script server mystery needs quick solution
1737.04CFSCTC::SAITThu Mar 16 1995obbcomp generating incorrect dispatcher code
1738.02WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFFri Mar 17 1995WinMainLoop problems
1739.01WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFFri Mar 17 1995Wishlist
1740.02CFSCTC::HUSTONMon Mar 20 1995Added table name in context transfer
1741.06STKAI1::ANDERSSONBMon Mar 20 1995Problem using unbound sequence of n objects
1742.02GUIDUK::MILLER_MAMon Mar 20 1995Change system name in system registry?
1743.01CQMIPS::CHOITue Mar 21 1995How are ACAS$DNET_ID and OBB$DNET_ID defined?
1745.08TUXEDO::NAC::NIELSENWed Mar 22 1995Some problems with #pragmas with inherited operations
1746.02STKHLM::KJELLBERGThu Mar 23 199532 servers suddenly inaccesible
1747.02STKHLM::KJELLBERGThu Mar 23 1995How change context attributes for stubs?
1748.01STOWOA::VSRAVIThu Mar 23 1995Can strings smaller than fixed 512 bytes be passed...
1749.04CFSCTC::HUSTONThu Mar 23 1995On CORBA_Request_send: OBB_DB_NOATTRSFND (e), No attributes found.
1750.01RYNGET::HASTINGSThu Mar 23 1995OSF client needs to move temporary files to another directory
1751.06CHENG6::CHENG6::STADELMANNFri Mar 24 1995Error MS ACCESS calling ORB-funct embedded in .DLL
1753.011IRNBRU::CARTYFri Mar 24 1995HELP !! Implementation Groups are BARFING !! at me!!!!
1754.015GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Mar 24 1995Problem returning unbounded sequence of bounded strings
1755.04WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFFri Mar 24 1995Implementation access restriction during development
1756.08PEACHS::SELBYFri Mar 24 1995Problem on SUN - using dlopen to open obb or obbcos
1757.02DTENG1::CARTYMon Mar 27 1995Where is the license for ObjectBroker to read my CD-ROM books!!!!!!
1758.07CFSCTC::HUSTONMon Mar 27 1995Trouble with CORBA_BOA_get_principal
1760.02GIDDAY::MILNETue Mar 28 1995DDE and ordinary server
1761.04PEACHS::RROGERSTue Mar 28 1995Various questions on OBB with a MAC Client
1762.05OSANPO::NOSEWed Mar 29 1995Wishlist: well known server id in IMH
1763.0+3ZUSE::FRASCHWed Mar 29 1995Capital/small letters in hostnames (obbadpxy)
1764.02GLDOA::ZAMMITThu Mar 30 1995implementation inheritance ?
1766.010RYNGET::HASTINGSThu Mar 30 1995Looking for Instance UUID
1767.03LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Mar 31 1995OBB_DEFAULT_NODES qualifiers
1768.05LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Apr 03 1995Implementation not found in group
1769.01MJBOOT::STONESIFERMon Apr 03 1995Auto server startup on UCX problem
1770.06SNOCTue Apr 04 1995Message delivery contigent on windows focus!
1771.01CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Apr 04 1995How to ask the agent about servers?
1772.07CQMIPS::CHOITue Apr 04 1995COLOCATE doesn't start a server for ACAS 2.1 compatibility with OBB 2.5
1773.01ZUSE::FRASCHWed Apr 05 1995CORBA_BOA_set_exception on Windows
1774.036Wed Apr 05 1995Compilation error with OBB V2.5A on HP/UX.
1775.04RANGER::DIFONZOThu Apr 06 1995Advertisement Registry: Could not find object
1776.02CFSCTC::HUSTONThu Apr 06 1995Please help - Missing some event notifications
1777.05LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Apr 07 1995Wishlist: script server improvements
1778.01LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Apr 07 1995European training courses
1779.09CFSCTC::HUSTONFri Apr 07 1995Any 3rd Degree users; static libs available?
1780.015MINNY::ROFFLERTue Apr 11 1995Problems with advertisement registry (Maybe)
1782.02FLYWAY::INDERBITZIWed Apr 12 1995Problem with OUT Sequence "BADTAGVAL"
1783.06JPS1::VIDYASHANKERWed Apr 12 1995Novice Question - Pass through errors
1784.08GIDDAY::MILNEThu Apr 13 1995Load Balancing again..
1785.02WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFThu Apr 13 1995Purging servers in Closed Model
1786.01MUGGER::BURKEPThu Apr 13 1995OBB indirect server startup?
1787.03RANGER::DIFONZOThu Apr 13 1995Interface naming conventions in IDL file
1788.01PEACHS::HAZZARDThu Apr 13 1995Does obbgen have any preprocessing features?
1789.05OSANPO::NOSEFri Apr 14 1995type code module is wrong on win?
1790.01WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFTue Apr 18 1995Improper function prototypes
1791.01JPS1::VIDYASHANKERThu Apr 20 1995Problem with unbounded sequence of structures - Ultrix
1792.04TUXEDO::NAC::NIELSENThu Apr 20 1995Questions about data marshalling
1793.04STKAI1::ANDERSSONBFri Apr 21 1995Deleting obj method
1794.01LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Apr 26 1995European Distributed Object Focus Team
1795.04SYSTEM::HELLIARWed Apr 26 1995Installation Instruction
1796.09CECAMO::NWGWed Apr 26 1995How does OBB_DDE_SendTerminate operate ?
1797.03GUIDUK::MILLER_MAWed Apr 26 1995Trouble merging advertisement registries.
1798.01OSANPO::NOSEThu Apr 27 1995how to get principal in notification routine?
1799.01DTENG1::CARTYThu Apr 27 1995Does this mean I need to re-install if things change!!!!
1800.01DTENG1::CARTYThu Apr 27 1995Is /Proxies/Default ALWAYS there by default
1801.02DTENG1::CARTYThu Apr 27 1995Is proxy required for Authentication when ENABLED
1802.03GIDDAY::MILNEFri Apr 28 1995Activation command
1804.07CFSCTC::SCHOONMAKERMon May 01 1995IDL Operation Indices
1805.05MEOCTue May 02 1995IVP failure on ACAS compatibility mode
1806.02ALFAXP::RETTERERTue May 02 1995.IML files via OBBGEN
1807.01STOWOA::ATANUTue May 02 1995ACA using PPP, SLIP, W-NT RAS over dial-out lines
1808.05GLDOA::ZAMMITWed May 03 1995idl compiler issues
1809.01ALFAXP::KENDRIXThu May 04 1995Stock Quote Examples OBB 2.5A
1810.03CFSCTC::CHABOTFri May 05 1995Name scope
1811.02GLDOA::ZAMMITFri May 05 1995Win32s issue
1812.03GIDDAY::MILNETue May 09 1995Novel TCPIP again
1813.06FBEDEV::ROGERSWed May 10 1995bugs in generated dispatcher, imh, h files
1814.05GLDOA::ZAMMITWed May 10 1995Unshared Servers
1815.01PEACHS::SELBYThu May 11 1995VB calling method with a return value?
1816.04BELFST::SPS33::M_DOHERTYFri May 12 1995creating a new .cr file
1817.0ATANU::ATANUSat May 13 1995ACAS clients running different Stacks..test resultt
1818.01WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFMon May 15 1995OBB installation using NFS?
1820.02CADSE::GOUVEIAMon May 15 1995OBB_DEFAULT_NODES in context object
1821.03WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFTue May 16 1995OBB file IO and timing
1822.06MUGGER::ADRIANWed May 17 1995UUIDs+Binding+ServerSelection
1823.06ZUSE::FRASCHWed May 17 1995OBB_REPOSITORY Attribute in Context Object
1824.013SYSTEM::HELLIARThu May 18 1995CORBA_Context_set_one_value returns OBB_DB_NOPRIV
1825.04ZUSE::FRASCHFri May 19 1995Core Dump in Client Stub
1826.09OSANPO::NOSESun May 21 1995exception defined in other module
1827.01LEMAN::DONALDSONMon May 22 1995Which is tried first: DECnet or TCP?
1828.04FBEDEV::KYZIVATMon May 22 1995Time to simplify addressing?
1829.01HAN::DOERINGMon May 22 1995References for V2.5/Corba wanted
1830.012ALLVAX::BRUSSEAUMon May 22 1995BAD boundary tag value error - ACAS V2.1
1831.01ZPOVC::EAPENGEORGETue May 23 1995Object Technology questions
1832.04ZUSE::FRASCHTue May 23 1995Free refData buffer when exception?
1833.02UKARC1::WONGWed May 24 1995Does WNT V3.5 supports OBB V2.5A?
1834.02STKAI1::JHALLDENMon May 29 1995VB: and CosNaming_NamingContext_resolve
1835.05JITMon May 29 1995How can we use zero length sequence from VB
1836.08ZUSE::FRASCHFri Jun 02 1995Empty method template file
1837.01METSYS::HELLIARFri Jun 02 1995obbmstp and wildcards
1838.0DTENG1::CARTYWed Jun 07 1995help with understanding your round-robin load balancing
1839.04DODGER::BELANGERThu Jun 08 1995Calling "OBBMERGE" from within Windows program
1840.014LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Jun 08 1995Problem with objects that invoke their own operations
1841.03DODGER::BELANGERThu Jun 08 1995Access to a specific server, is there any way?
1842.03GLDOA::ZAMMITFri Jun 09 1995A Generate Method Template Utility
1843.02OSANPO::NOSEFri Jun 09 1995obbgen/obbcomp: case insensitive
1844.09CFSCTC::CHABOTFri Jun 09 1995static method maps
1845.01DTENG1::CARTYFri Jun 09 1995Compiled IML/MML has a problem in this area
1846.01ZUSE::FRASCHMon Jun 12 1995Problems with obbadpxy
1847.02KOLFAX::ROZYCKIWed Jun 14 1995Bug? generating obj refs using impl defs from repository
1848.03LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Jun 15 1995Impl group containing different activation policies
1849.01CFSCTC::SCHOONMAKERThu Jun 15 1995replacing objects in a repository
1850.02DTENG1::CARTYFri Jun 16 1995GIOP,IIOP,IOP,ESIOP and DCE-CIOP.. what are we OP' for
1851.04DTENG1::CARTYMon Jun 19 1995Need to add this fix to the Multiple typecode fix..
1852.010JPS1::VIDYASHANKERMon Jun 19 1995Include file is overwritten
1853.07IRNBRU::CARTYWed Jun 21 1995Deferred sync invoke on TCP transport and error
1854.03LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Jun 23 1995PC-Network Server Questions
1855.03DODGER::BELANGERFri Jun 23 1995How does CORBA_Context_get_values REALLY work?
1856.01JITMon Jun 26 1995OBB_Request_get_arg display GPF.
1857.01FBEDEV::NOSSEMon Jun 26 1995stub with static default methodmap
1858.01LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Jun 27 1995Configuration Registry
1860.04LEMAN::NAUFFRAYWed Jun 28 1995PC clients instances with VC++ and strings transfer from VB to VMS
1861.02RANGER::DIFONZOWed Jun 28 1995Need Dynamic interface client example
1862.01EEMELI::MANNISTOMon Jul 03 1995obbgen -c -ps ???
1863.04EEMELI::MANNISTOMon Jul 03 1995CORBA_NVList_add_item
1864.02MUGGER::BURKEPTue Jul 04 1995agent core-dumps on a particular system.
1865.02LEMAN::NAUFFRAYTue Jul 04 1995Script server usage template.
1866.06OSANPO::NOSEWed Jul 05 1995V2.5B risk asessment: custom main loop
1867.02LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Jul 05 1995Context Object properties cant start obb...
1868.03CFSCTC::CHABOTThu Jul 06 1995ImplmentationName with spaces?
1869.018METSYS::GOODWINMon Jul 10 1995PC TCP and DEC ACAS V2.1-4
1870.02CFSCTC::CHABOTMon Jul 10 1995Server selection attribute set to TRUE confusion
1871.05COLTue Jul 11 1995ACAS 2.1 with LAN Workplace 4.2
1872.02IRNBRU::CARTYTue Jul 11 1995IMPL GROUP and get_impl_binding not working correctly
1873.02IRNBRU::CARTYTue Jul 11 1995Is this 'hack' supposed to work or could I do it annother suppp way
1874.04LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Jul 12 1995Authorising stop on the Agent
1875.04OSANPO::NOSEThu Jul 13 1995override SIGIO handler
1876.012WELCLU::BEETHAMMThu Jul 13 1995PC CORBA_Request_send fails
1877.0ENQUE::SLAVINFri Jul 14 1995OBB needs YOU!!!!
1878.01NAC::NIELSENFri Jul 14 1995Problem accessing remote server when a local server is available...
1879.04RUMOR:: Jul 17 1995ACAS 2.1 on Windows 95
1880.08IRNBRU::MENNIEWed Jul 19 1995more problems with hidden servers
1881.010ODIXIE::GARABOWed Jul 19 1995Problem running BNK6 demo from EXCEL with OLE portal
1882.07CFSCTC::CHABOTFri Jul 21 1995Deleting an interface woes
1883.03FBEDEV::ROGERSFri Jul 21 1995PC UUID generation problems
1884.01FBEDEV::ROGERSFri Jul 21 1995missing typedef for exceptions with no members
1885.03NAC::NIELSENMon Jul 24 1995Excessive Lingering Sockets on Solaris and HP-UX
1886.01ROMEOS::RIFKIN_DATue Jul 25 1995Memory Leaks
1887.09FBEDEV::KYZIVATTue Jul 25 1995what limitations are there on UUID values?
1888.012GLDOA::ZAMMITWed Jul 26 1995Client & Impl as one process
1889.02MUNICH::KRAUTNERThu Jul 27 1995Advertisment problem and obb.dll problems on PC
1890.03CFSCTC::CHABOTThu Jul 27 1995Any potential pitfals on this strategy for creating object references to persistent servers
1891.02LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Jul 28 1995Open files problem? Cant format error message...
1892.021LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Jul 31 1995How to do split instances without really trying
1893.07LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Jul 31 1995Context clause provokes memory leaks?
1894.011CFSCTC::CHABOTMon Jul 31 1995Merging advertisement registries
1895.01EEMELI::MANNISTOTue Aug 01 1995new objects 'at runtime'?
1896.08RANGER::DIFONZOWed Aug 02 1995Problem removing impls from Advert Registry
1897.08LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Aug 04 1995Passing indefinitely large buffers
1898.04OSANPO::NOSESat Aug 05 1995attr based selection w/o property
1899.08MUNICH::KRAUTNERMon Aug 07 1995OBB_REG_NOREMOTE again, how to fix it ?
1900.05PRMSMon Aug 07 1995Client/Server Selection
1901.03CFSCTC::CHABOTTue Aug 08 1995Does client get properly notified after deferred synch call and server runsdown properly?
1902.02LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Aug 09 1995What to do about warnings?
1903.01OSANPO::NOSEWed Aug 09 1995ORB_MAKEPROC() isn't robust
1904.06UTROP1::OLERUD_GWed Aug 09 1995sequence of any
1905.06LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Aug 10 1995Problem with automatic startup of OBB on NT
1906.02LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Aug 10 1995Memeory management - out bounded sequence
1907.01LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Aug 10 1995OBB_Principal_get_info Flags
1908.014UKARC1::WONGThu Aug 10 1995CORBA_Objects and others
1910.03FBEDEV::ROGERSFri Aug 11 1995OBB_Server_Initialize() signature and requirements
1911.05SYSTEM::HELLIARMon Aug 14 1995Proxies, and how to confuse them
1912.02OSANPO::NOSETue Aug 15 1995OBBarg_malloc in client
1913.09UTROP1::OLERUD_GTue Aug 15 1995generation of include files
1914.05CHENG6::EMNTAL::STADELMANNTue Aug 15 1995OBBNETST crash on second test-run in Windows95
1915.01RULLE::KLASSONTue Aug 15 1995%LIB-F-BADBLOADR after config 2'nd cluster node
1916.018STKAI1::ANDERSSONBTue Aug 15 1995STATIC Implementation bound to a server ?
1917.010OSANPO::NOSETue Aug 15 1995how to parse ConstantDef
1918.02STKAI1::ANDERSSONBTue Aug 15 1995Memory leak doing object Create&Dispose !
1919.0JPS1::VIDYASHANKERThu Aug 17 1995Problem with BANK (BNK3) example on Windows NT
1920.04OSANPO::NOSEFri Aug 18 1995unmarshall error in stub DLL
1921.03OSANPO::NOSESat Aug 19 1995CORBA_string = NULL
1922.01LALDIE::D_FORRESTERMon Aug 21 1995bug in CORBA_BOA_change_implementation ?
1923.04LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Aug 22 1995Virtual memory ok. Pages leaking.
1924.01LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Aug 22 1995Problem starting lots of servers
1925.02LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Aug 23 1995Wishlist: IML not clear - lets have BNF
1927.03METSYS::THOMPSONThu Aug 24 1995ACAS OBB and RDB interaction
1928.08STOWOA::TALLURIThu Aug 24 1995Is Transport Buffer size problem in OBB 2.5?
1929.02METSYS::REIDThu Aug 24 1995ObjectBroker agent startup and environment variables
1930.010FBEDEV::KURIASThu Aug 24 1995# bytes in 1 invoke to PC (Windows 3.1)? Other platforms?
1931.04METSYS::THOMPSONFri Aug 25 1995Multiple copies of ACAS$LAST_UUID.DAT
1932.01OSANPO::NOSESun Aug 27 1995Does OBB really return CORBA_NO?
1933.02OSANPO::NOSESun Aug 27 1995Leaving trace file open?
1934.02IRNBRU::CARTYMon Aug 28 1995OBB_DB_DBFILEERRTXT (e), File error: `No locks available'.
1935.05UTROP1::OLERUD_GTue Aug 29 1995GPF in generated dispatch file, Hidden server
1937.01ODIXIE::GARABOThu Aug 31 1995Need example of a STRUCT as ARG_OUT
1938.09UKARC1::WONGFri Sep 01 1995Single client to invoke muiltiple servers
1939.01LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Sep 01 1995winmainloop doc problems
1940.03MLNORO::CATTOLICOTue Sep 05 1995Accessing OLE Servers from VB
1941.06LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Sep 05 1995MML startup_policy selection_policy advertisement
1942.010MLNORO::CATTOLICOTue Sep 05 1995Object (reference) Persistence
1943.012METSYS::GOODWINTue Sep 05 1995ObjectBroker for Windows, Pathworks for Windows 95
1944.0SEND::SLAVINTue Sep 05 1995Support and Maintenance TEAM LEADER position
1945.01AWECIM::NERGARARIANTue Sep 05 1995Client Blocking on Oneway Operations
1946.03KOLFAX::ROZYCKISun Sep 10 1995Too many lingering sockets on HP-UX
1947.01UTROP1::OLERUD_GMon Sep 11 1995ObjectBroker usage in multiple LANs
1948.06UTROP1::OLERUD_GMon Sep 11 1995Problem with hidden server & own type codes
1949.01HOUBA::BOUCHETMon Sep 11 1995Using the VB client program of the OLE/ObjectBroker on NT
1950.03DTENG1::CARTYTue Sep 12 1995SRVPROC DIED message is quite no-informative!!!
1951.02TKTVFS::SHIOZAKIWed Sep 13 1995DDEconversation could get IP-address
1952.02NODEX::CLBMUD::mcgrealWed Sep 13 1995%OBB-E-BOA_INVOPFORUNS, Invalid operation for an unshared implementation.
1953.01MUGGER::ADRIANThu Sep 14 1995Simple ObjRef questions
1954.02METSYS::HELLIARThu Sep 14 1995OpenVMS startup problems
1955.05MUGGER::ADRIANThu Sep 14 1995Ideas on OBB design ??
1956.05METSYS::HELLIARThu Sep 14 1995Do you supply shareable object libraries on AIX?
1957.04FUJISI::ENGLANDThu Sep 14 1995getting server into advertisement partition
1958.04METSYS::HELLIARFri Sep 15 1995IBM-AIX and CORBA - doesn't see my object
1959.06ENQUE::SEELEYFri Sep 15 1995INOUT obj refs and seq of obj refs
1960.02TAVSun Sep 17 1995Mapping opeartions to methods
1961.01UTROP1::OLERUD_GMon Sep 18 1995Type code operations
1962.02METSYS::HELLIARTue Sep 19 1995HP-UX link problem
1964.07METSYS::THOMPSONTue Sep 19 1995TCP/IP Links timing out?
1965.07MUGGER::ADRIANWed Sep 20 1995Multiple servers
1967.02FUJISI::ENGLANDThu Sep 21 1995PAKs & bookreader
1968.03FBEDEV::KURIASThu Sep 21 1995Returning sequence of structs as part of a user exception
1969.06HOUBA::BOUCHETFri Sep 22 1995Logging of agent's security activities
1970.07WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFFri Sep 22 1995Object hash tbl - internals question
1971.02WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFFri Sep 22 1995No new typecodes with new IML?
1972.02STKAI1::ANDERSSONBTue Sep 26 1995Add cluster node problem/error
1973.0ENQUE::ROLLMANTue Sep 26 1995How ObjectBroker works with deferred sync and sync
1974.06WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFTue Sep 26 1995obbmstp -p problem?
1975.05HOBBLE::POLSINTue Sep 26 1995Environment variables and automatic startup
1976.0+11LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Sep 27 1995MML, implementation adverts and selection_policy
1977.011STOWOA::TALLURIThu Sep 28 1995ACASFloat problem between MSWindows and AXP_VMS
1978.05NODEX::CLBMUD::mcgrealThu Sep 28 1995Auto server startup help Please
1979.011METSYS::GOODWINFri Sep 29 1995V2.5B for Windows 3.1 on Windows NT
1980.05STKAI1::ANDERSSONBFri Sep 29 1995VB and empty exceptions ?
1981.02IRNBRU::CARTYFri Sep 29 1995Autostarting bnk3s on NT brings down the OBB Agent
1982.02LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Oct 02 1995tranport error number translation
1983.04OSANPO::NOSEMon Oct 02 1995T2.5B impl group problem on win
1984.02OHFSTue Oct 03 1995Performance Improvements in V2.5B?
1985.011CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Oct 03 1995Problem with CORBA_ImplementationDef_describe
1986.04STKAI1::ANDERSSONBWed Oct 04 1995Setting a list of values on Context attribute ?
1988.03BERNWed Oct 04 1995Problem with OBB_BOA_impl_unregister on OpenVMS VAX
1989.03MLNORO::CATTOLICOWed Oct 04 1995Excel + OBB on WNT
1990.01FBEDEV::ROGERSThu Oct 05 1995c++ template
1991.05METSYS::gales.reo.dec.com::GOODWINFri Oct 06 1995ObjectBroker on Windows NT
1992.06METSYS::GOODWINMon Oct 09 1995Where's the System Repository on Windows NT?
1993.012METSYS::GOODWINMon Oct 09 1995ObjectBroker agent crashes on Windows NT
1994.0UTROP1::OLERUD_GTue Oct 10 1995Compiler options for Visual C++
1995.03CFSCTC::CHABOTTue Oct 10 1995obbcomp hanging on HP-UX when writing to an NFS-mounted drive
1996.01RULLE::KLASSONWed Oct 11 1995CORBA_Request_send, how receive user exceptions
1997.02MUGGER::ADRIANThu Oct 12 1995Disposing Objrefs
1998.01STOWOA::TALLURIThu Oct 12 1995ACAS_DB_OBJNOTFND error on MSWindows 3.1
1999.04JITFri Oct 13 1995How to use sleep function in method routine.
2000.03LEMAN::NAUFFRAYFri Oct 13 1995string affairs ...
2001.01RULLE::KLASSONMon Oct 16 1995How get a "fully bound object reference"?
2002.0LEMAN::NAUFFRAYMon Oct 16 1995
2003.034Mon Oct 16 1995obbgui hangs when remote node goes away
2004.06LEMAN::NAUFFRAYTue Oct 17 19952.5b c code portability from VMS to DIGITAL_UNIX
2005.02UTROP1::OLERUD_GTue Oct 17 1995OBBarg_malloc questions
2006.06LEMAN::NAUFFRAYTue Oct 17 1995Several problems reported for v2.5B on VAX/VMS system
2007.08RULLE::KLASSONThu Oct 19 1995OBB_DB_DBFILEERRTXT, file error: bad file number
2008.01OSANPO::NOSEFri Oct 20 1995T2.5B Agent crash on SunOS
2009.01IRNBRU::MENNIEMon Oct 23 1995problem modifyimg system context object
2010.09SAWA::STEFANOWICZMon Oct 23 1995context based method resolution
2011.01WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFTue Oct 24 1995Problem: activation_context with *
2012.010WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFThu Oct 26 1995limit on CORBA_string lentgh?
2013.05DTENG1::CARTYFri Oct 27 1995Some wishes to wish for
2014.05DTENG1::CARTYFri Oct 27 1995Is autostart going to be there in the Config reg sometime
2015.01DTENG1::CARTYFri Oct 27 1995Remove without having to dump/mod the regsirty
2016.01OSANPO::NOSETue Oct 31 1995Location of temporary ctx
2017.02FBEDEV::KURIASTue Oct 31 1995obbgen -ne and typdef names greater than 31 chars
2019.01HOBBLE::POLSINFri Nov 03 1995Activation context problems with automatic server startup
2020.01LEMAN::NAUFFRAYFri Nov 03 1995Objectbroker object recognition,pointer on method
2021.08WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFFri Nov 03 1995OBB_DEFAULT_NODES in context object
2022.03METSYS::GOODWINMon Nov 06 1995ACCVIO in OBB
2023.03RULLE::KLASSONMon Nov 06 1995Agent ACCVIO on VMS AXP
2024.02KERNEL::SMITHTue Nov 07 1995ACASRT
2025.012LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Nov 07 1995Windows 95 Win95 - Remarks
2026.03WRLDYD::OSBORNETue Nov 07 1995Cause of cannot find key?
2027.01KOLFAX::VASKASTue Nov 07 1995DLL implementation question
2028.01LALDIE::D_FORRESTERWed Nov 08 1995Objectbroker V2.5 version of ACA stream class ?
2029.05WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFWed Nov 08 1995Naming service and object refs
2030.07STKAI1::ANDERSSONBFri Nov 10 1995Memory leak in Create/Dispose ?
2032.01244126::CARTYMon Nov 13 1995Some questions wrt V2.6 security at this early juncture
2033.03METSYS::GOODWINMon Nov 13 1995Windows 95 and V2.6
2034.07FBEDEV::ROGERSMon Nov 13 1995memory management inout bounded seq of strings
2035.04DTENG1::CARTYTue Nov 14 1995Anyone know of a distributed debugger in the pipeline
2036.01JITWed Nov 15 1995cheking security only for first request
2037.09METSYS::GOODWINWed Nov 15 1995SoftWindows 2 and ObjectBroker
2038.01NETRIX::"peter.milne@sno.mts.dec.com"Thu Nov 16 1995Whete is OLESTOCK
2039.01GVPROD::TONINATOThu Nov 16 1995ACAS v2.1/OBB v2.5 compatibility and ACAS_SCRATCH
2040.06UTROP1::OLERUD_GFri Nov 17 1995PC hidden server problem.
2041.07XEDON::JENSENFri Nov 17 1995Need help with automatic startup of server.
2042.03OSANPO::NOSEMon Nov 20 19952.5B
2043.04DTENG1::CARTYTue Nov 21 1995Use different memory management and disk space growth
2044.03METSYS::REIDThu Nov 23 1995proxy and hostname case-sensitivity problems - OBB_INV_NOTAUTHORIZED (e), Client user is not authorized to access server.
2045.02EMNTAL::STADELMANNThu Nov 23 1995Windows 95 hung
2046.06JITWed Nov 29 1995Transport error
2047.03WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFThu Nov 30 1995Implementation registry question
2048.01OSANPO::NOSEFri Dec 01 1995How to manage OpIndex in #pragma?
2049.08ZPOVC::COLINTONGFri Dec 01 1995Distribute SmallTalk Object ?
2050.03VIRGIN::BILLFri Dec 01 1995Memory problem with crashing clients
2051.03IRNBRU::CARTYFri Dec 01 1995T2.6 questions
2052.01VIRGIN::BILLFri Dec 01 1995temp files -> repostiory locked error msg
2053.03SYSTEM::HELLIARFri Dec 01 1995How to update interfaces?
2054.02MUGGER::ADRIANMon Dec 04 1995Transport BUffer size (again)
2055.013JITTue Dec 05 1995Memory leak inout param on T2.5B-
2056.02STKAI1::ANDERSSONBWed Dec 06 1995OBB V25B VB typecode generation problem !
2057.01METSYS::THOMPSONWed Dec 06 1995ACAS Temporary Files
2058.01WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFWed Dec 06 1995Security problems with V2.5a
2059.03ZPOVC::EAPENGEORGEFri Dec 08 1995HP's DSM
2060.03UKARC1::WONGMon Dec 11 1995Passing object ref from one client to another and other
2061.02OOYES::RYEMon Dec 11 1995ANSI C verses NON_ANSI_C
2062.04KERNEL::SMITHMon Dec 11 1995OBB V2.1-21 to V2.5 ok ?
2063.010METSYS::GOODWINTue Dec 12 1995Development Issues (Windows 3.1, NT and Win95)
2064.03CFSCTC::CHABOTWed Dec 13 1995Any potential problems with mass loading a repository
2065.03JITThu Dec 14 1995How can I get profiling data?
2066.010DTENG1::CARTYFri Dec 15 1995Can I get this to work TypeCodes and anys
2067.02OSANPO::NOSEWed Dec 20 1995damaged objref?
2068.08MUGGER::ADRIANWed Dec 20 1995Object deactivation routine not called
2069.0+1RECV::SLAVINThu Dec 21 1995Help when writing RFPs
2070.0SEND::ALFREDFri Dec 22 1995V2.5B object reference changes
2071.07OSANPO::NOSEWed Dec 27 1995OBB on High Availability platform
2072.02MEOCThu Dec 28 1995ACASWIN V2.1-4
2073.06ATANU::EWALDFri Dec 29 1995Transport problem with V2.5B-
2074.09ATANU::EWALDTue Jan 02 1996Does "OWNER" include proxies?
2075.010MUGGER::ADRIANTue Jan 02 1996Can method call CORBA_free ?
2076.05OHFSTue Jan 02 1996CORBAServices Naming
2077.01WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFFri Jan 05 1996OBB_SCRATCH and peculiar behavior
2078.02WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFFri Jan 05 19962.5b-
2079.02WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFFri Jan 05 1996V2.5b-
2080.09BERNTue Jan 09 1996Memory leak after OBB_INV_HOSTNOTFND
2081.06ZUSE::FRASCHTue Jan 09 1996obb$shr.exe and floating type G
2082.014VARESE::ARGENTOThu Jan 11 1996Autostart on Alpha NT
2083.05VARESE::ARGENTOThu Jan 11 1996Files deleted during shutdown with Shell Preview
2084.01IRNBRU::CARTYThu Jan 11 1996V2.5B repository output is suspect..!!!
2085.010OSANPO::NOSEMon Jan 15 1996simultaneous OBB apps cause transport error
2086.01MEOCTue Jan 16 1996V2.5A ACAS Windows repository problems
2087.03NQOSTue Jan 16 1996Visual C++ Macintosh cross compile?
2088.014KERNEL::SMITHTue Jan 16 1996DNS resolve server names
2089.03NQOSTue Jan 16 1996OBB_INV_BADTRANSHND ???
2090.02IRNBRU::CARTYWed Jan 17 1996Is 94-9-14.ps the absolute latest C++ mapping from teh OMG
2091.05ATANU::EWALDMon Jan 22 1996Another 2.5B-
2092.03HOBBLE::POLSINTue Jan 23 1996Problems with dynamic libraries and agent startup
2093.04FBEDEV::ENGHOLMWed Jan 24 1996V2.5B repository not closed
2094.02PEACHS::HAZZARDThu Jan 25 1996Just looking for ideas... rule of thumb...
2095.04JITFri Jan 26 1996dde_request is collapsed when sent continuously
2096.08STKAI1::ANDERSSONBFri Jan 26 1996Transp Error, Datagram too large ... ?
2097.05PEACHS::SELBYFri Jan 26 1996VisualBasic - invoke generates Blocking Operation in Progress
2098.02STKAI1::ANDERSSONBMon Jan 29 1996OBB_BOA_impl_set_attributes question ?
2099.01FBEDEV::ROGERSMon Jan 29 1996implementation inheritance
2100.06EMNTAL::STADELMANNTue Jan 30 1996obbquick fails at obbcomp -lc -ipmc.iml pmc.udl
2101.011MUGGER::ADRIANWed Jan 31 1996PC transport + NetTest problems
2102.020LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Jan 31 1996Simple questions about the v2.6 kits
2103.048LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Jan 31 1996V2.6 Feedback
2104.014ZUSE::FRASCHWed Jan 31 1996OBB_BOA_initialize
2105.03CFSCTC::HUSTONWed Jan 31 1996OBB_CTX_INTERROR from CORBA_Context_create_child
2106.02BERNThu Feb 01 1996ORB_SHARED_READONLY officially supported?
2107.04EMNTAL::STADELMANNThu Feb 01 1996i386cxx.wnt missing in e:\win32app\obroker\lib\cxxsrc
2108.01LEMAN::NAUFFRAYMon Feb 05 1996OBB_INV_TRANSFER with v2.5B-
2109.02HOBBLE::POLSINMon Feb 05 1996Security problems during automatic startup
2110.05METSYS::GOODWINMon Feb 05 1996ObjectBroker and WIN32S
2111.08VARESE::ARGENTOTue Feb 06 1996Method Maping Problems
2112.07STKAI1::ANDERSSONBTue Feb 06 1996VAX/VMS installation failure !
2113.01CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Feb 06 1996Dynamic invoke of "oneway" and CORBA_Request_get_response
2114.014STKAI1::ANDERSSONBThu Feb 08 1996C server looping when started without PRIV !?
2115.0RECV::SLAVINFri Feb 09 1996competitive matrix
2116.06METSYS::GOODWINWed Feb 14 1996Configurations during Setup not obvious
2117.012LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Feb 16 1996Interoperability
2118.01NQOSTue Feb 20 1996Generated event notify routine error - V2.6FT
2119.03UNXA::ODONCAOATue Feb 20 1996Method invokation fails due to transport timeout?
2120.07ULYSSE::CATTOLICOFri Feb 23 1996security.reg problem (2.6 on WNT)
2121.04ULYSSE::CATTOLICOMon Feb 26 1996WNT AXP 3.51: trouble unmarshaling
2122.02LALDIE::D_FORRESTERWed Feb 28 1996Missing files in the NT V2.5B kit
2123.05METSYS::GOODWINWed Feb 28 1996ObjectBroker and Novell Netware TCP/IP
2124.01MUGGER::TAYLORMFri Mar 01 1996Warnings in generated .TCH files
2125.06JITMon Mar 04 1996XtAddTimeOut in OBB_BOA_WinMainLoop
2127.05METSYS::GOODWINTue Mar 05 1996Stop server causes clients to crash
2128.04LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Mar 05 1996all enum elements in same scope have to be unique?
2129.03LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Mar 05 1996union not yet implemented?
2130.015VARESE::ARGENTOWed Mar 06 1996Exception Definition from Repository
2131.01DTENG1::CARTYFri Mar 08 1996Load balancing amongst ALL implementation types
2132.013UTROP1::OLERUD_GTue Mar 12 1996Hidden server in an NT application
2133.03HOBBLE::POLSINTue Mar 12 1996Problems with activation_context and OBB_USER_CONTEXT
2134.03EMNTAL::STADELMANNWed Mar 13 1996PMC4.IDL and .FBE Modell file wanted running through OBB$QUICK
2135.010STKAI1::ANDERSSONBThu Mar 14 1996Problem getting Principal in autostarted servers !
2136.03IRNBRU::MENNIEThu Mar 14 1996Any chance of getting a g++ 2.6 kit
2137.0DTENG1::CARTYFri Mar 15 1996Obj refs holding instances to the c++ impl obj in 2.6
2138.01DTENG1::CARTYMon Mar 18 1996First carck at compiling on 2.6 cxx
2139.02IJSAPL::DONALDSON_JTue Mar 19 1996how to use CORBA things in IDL?
2140.01STKAI1::ANDERSSONBTue Mar 19 1996Using TCP/IP and VMS cluster questions
2141.05VARESE::ARGENTOTue Mar 19 1996Long Names
2142.05MARX::SEGERTue Mar 19 1996living with the past...
2143.02SML1DR::nqsrv425.nqo.dec.com::erosTue Mar 19 1996"Stub_<object>" classes in v2.6?
2144.014ZURThu Mar 21 1996dll never gets freed, OBB_ORB_rundown
2145.011ZURThu Mar 21 1996obbldrep and wrong hostfile
2146.02SML1DR::EROSThu Mar 21 1996T2.6, QuickStart and inheritance
2147.07FUJISI::ENGLANDFri Mar 22 1996invoke request timeout?
2148.05SYSTEM::HELLIARSat Mar 23 1996OBB_MSGFAIL - hints to what it could mean?
2149.08DTENG1::CARTYMon Mar 25 1996C++ imple obj and multiple instances of obj ref..
2150.04BERNMon Mar 25 1996TCP_NODELAY problem with UCX V3.3
2151.02UNXA::ODONCAOATue Mar 26 1996UNIX 26
2152.01LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Mar 27 1996problems with large sets of interfaces
2153.08UTROP1::mixWed Mar 27 1996Memory leak in OBB 2.5B-
2154.03UNXA::ODONCAOAWed Mar 27 1996kit 26
2155.04ZUSE::FRASCHThu Mar 28 1996OBB_ORB_rundown in OBBQUICK C++
2156.07ZUSE::FRASCHThu Mar 28 1996Cosnaming - C++ Binding
2157.010CFSCTC::CHABOTMon Apr 01 1996Problems selecting a closed implementation when more than one running
2158.04ZUSE::FRASCHTue Apr 02 1996Usage of _this() and ReferenceData (C++)
2159.09KERNEL::SMITHWed Apr 03 1996Decnet Phase V OSI query
2160.02ULYSSE::CATTOLICOWed Apr 03 1996REGNOTFND in 2.6 install on VMS
2161.02ZURWed Apr 03 1996Viusal Basic and NT
2162.07IRNBRU::CARTYWed Apr 03 1996Have you changed object_activate in V2.5B-
2163.02KERNEL::SMITHThu Apr 04 1996hidden server DECnet + TCP/IP
2164.01COLThu Apr 04 1996DDE vs. DLL, DDE's future
2165.05UNXA::ODONCAOAThu Apr 04 1996OBBDEMO/Excel
2167.02HOBBLE::POLSINThu Apr 11 1996Automatic startup and shared memory
2168.01OOYES::GILFIXFri Apr 12 1996Note from DEIL,Bangalore,India
2169.01PEACHS::HAZZARDMon Apr 15 1996Calling Standard??
2170.016CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Apr 16 1996Trouble with CORBA_InterfaceDef_describe_interface, T2.6, Solaris
2171.03LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Apr 17 1996dispatching anys on a PC
2172.01WABAN::VASKASWed Apr 17 19962.5/2.6 interoperability
2173.05OSAOS3::NUNOThu Apr 18 1996ACAS 2.1 TCP addr selection with 2 ethernet cards??
2174.02KOLFAX::VASKASThu Apr 18 1996Microsoft Visual C++ and 2.6
2175.03METSYS::GOODWINFri Apr 19 1996Getting knee deep in servers!
2176.01KOLFAX::VASKASFri Apr 19 1996HP Unix 1
2177.02PTOSS1::DLUGOSZRMon Apr 22 1996Exception in OBB32.LIB - MSVC4.
2178.019METSYS::GOODWINTue Apr 23 1996Exception in CORBA_Request_invoke
2179.01SML1DR::EROSTue Apr 23 19962.6 (c++): Server crash on 2nd 'get' of an object
2180.07TELEM::CARNEYTue Apr 23 1996runtime server selection
2181.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOWed Apr 24 1996LIB$SIGNAL and LIB$WAIT in a server hangs?
2182.01COPCLU::SCHOUBOWed Apr 24 1996Debugger hangs in terminal emulator?
2183.02FBEDEV::KURIASWed Apr 24 1996Limiting number of connections for a server
2184.01OSAOS3::INOGUCHIThu Apr 25 1996[Q]:is method invocated or not
2185.05ZUSE::FRASCHThu Apr 25 1996Communication Error - OBB V2.5B on VMS / TCP/IP
2186.01KERNEL::SMITHThu Apr 25 1996OBB on AXP running Windows NT.
2187.01UTROP1::mixThu Apr 25 1996What files should I back-up
2188.06KERNEL::SMITHThu Apr 25 1996OBB_DEFAULT_NODES query
2189.05PTOSS1::DLUGOSZRThu Apr 25 1996OBB_INV_INVOPFOROBJ on NT Server client?
2190.08JITFri Apr 26 1996Buff too small
2191.02DTENG1::CARTYFri Apr 26 1996Using the Mgmt API info
2192.08CFSCTC::CHABOTFri Apr 26 1996OBB_INV_SECAUTHNFAIL , DCE specific - but I'm not using DCE
2193.01STKAI1::LANKI_TMon Apr 29 1996Performance information for a customer
2194.03PTOSS1::DLUGOSZRMon Apr 29 1996Errors in Example programs - T2.6
2195.02FBEDEV::ENGHOLMMon Apr 29 1996obbldrep fails if 'repos'.new exists
2196.02CFSCTC::CHABOTWed May 01 1996Need some helpful hints on debugging remote startup problems
2197.05UNXA::ODONCAOAWed May 01 1996OLE Network Portal/OBBDEMO again
2198.03MARIN::ARVINDWed May 01 1996COSNaming services DLL runtime error
2199.03SNOFS1::RASMUSSENMon May 06 1996PC hangs V2.5A-
2200.0RECV::EIKENBERRYMon May 06 1996New Feature suggestions notesfile created
2201.010MUGGER::ADRIANTue May 07 1996Impl for > 1 interfaces gives bad objref.
2202.02SNOFS1::RASMUSSENWed May 08 1996OBB intercepting errors
2203.03SNOFS1::RASMUSSENWed May 08 1996VB4.
2204.02DTENG1::CARTYThu May 09 1996TypeCodes, IIOP, CDR, DII and Tcl glue
2205.04MUGGER::ADRIANThu May 09 1996Unsupported TCP/IP stack problem
2206.04IRNBRU::CARTYFri May 10 1996A rename of a DLL forces me to RELINK my APPS!!!!
2207.08DTENG1::CARTYTue May 14 1996DCE woes on V2.6-
2208.03METSYS::GOODWINWed May 15 1996ObjectBroker V2.6 warning
2209.03MUGGER::ADRIANThu May 16 1996Weird behaviour - please explain
2210.03VARESE::ARGENTOFri May 17 1996Installtion of V2.6 on Alpha NT 4.
2211.01KERNEL::SMITHFri May 17 1996asynchronous within synchronous query
2212.02KERNEL::SMITHMon May 20 1996Objectbroker V2.5A-
2213.03OHFSS1::ZAMMITMon May 20 1996Problem - Server dies when started from PolyCenter Scheduler
2214.05ADCATue May 21 1996Getting Transport Problem while using OBB V2.5-
2215.02JITTue May 21 1996deliver the environment variables
2216.02CFSCTC::CHABOTTue May 21 1996Two OBB Agent core dumps in the last week
2217.012STOWOA::TALLURITue May 21 1996Autostarting server on Windows NT 3.51
2218.01UNXA::ODONCAOATue May 21 1996obbole.h, functions and pointers
2219.0UNXA::ODONCAOATue May 21 1996obbole.h, functions and pointers
2220.04OHFSS1::ZAMMITTue May 21 1996obbquick generated c vs cpp problem
2221.02JITWed May 22 1996Sending large octet sequence fail on Win3.1
2222.06WASHDC::ASHERISACOFFWed May 22 1996syntax for OBB default node?
2223.02ULYSSE::CATTOLICOThu May 23 1996exceptions C++ can catch
2224.0SEND::SLAVINThu May 23 1996OBB V2.6 SPDs on line
2225.01LEMAN::DONALDSONThu May 23 1996ACAS and OBB are independent?
2226.06HPCGRP::DEGREGORYThu May 23 1996OBB 2.6 "Dynamic Load failed..."
2227.01QCAVMon May 27 1996How to get IPAK for ObjectBroker ?
2228.03IRNBRU::CARTYTue May 28 1996Read my CD-ROM and where are these dcoumented..
2229.0SEND::SLAVINThu May 30 1996OBB Windows 3.1 Restriction
2230.01STOWOA::TALLURIMon Jun 03 1996Environment Variable for Server exe path on NT
2231.06STOWOA::TALLURIMon Jun 03 1996GUI for autostartup server on Windows NT
2232.04VIRGIN::BILLTue Jun 04 1996OBB installation on Win 3.11
2233.06UNXA::ODONCAOAWed Jun 05 1996Another OLE Net portal error
2234.08FLYWAY::INDERBITZIWed Jun 05 1996OBB-E-INV_TIMEOUT Error on V2.5B
2235.08REQUE::BOWERFri Jun 07 1996Memory leak hints
2236.02QCAVMon Jun 10 1996IVP fails on OpenVMS 7.
2237.02OHFSS1::ZAMMITMon Jun 10 1996OBB_INV_SECAUTHFAIL error?
2238.011BERNWed Jun 12 1996Problems with CORBA_get_next_response in V2.6
2239.02JITThu Jun 13 1996automatic binding with the added operation
2240.01HGOVC::CECIAWONGThu Jun 13 1996Network test problem in Win95
2241.016METSYS::GOODWINThu Jun 13 1996Invalid page fault
2242.02STOWOA::TALLURIThu Jun 13 1996Exceptions Question?
2243.03QCAVMon Jun 17 1996Adding Proxy on Windows NT Server
2244.06SYSTEM::HELLIARMon Jun 17 1996OBB Implementation accessing Oracle 7 database NOT!
2245.02EMNTAL::STADELMANNMon Jun 17 1996typdef sequence<TypeCode> TypeCodeList
2246.09KERNEL::SMITHTue Jun 18 1996OBB$SCRATCH:OBB$AGENT accvio
2247.06DTENG1::CARTYWed Jun 19 1996C++ issues and opinions, please take on board
2248.02EMNTAL::STADELMANNWed Jun 19 1996Repository Cache Size
2250.05KERNEL::SMITHWed Jun 19 1996CORBA_BOA_impl_is_ready [AccountImpl]
2251.01SYSTEM::HELLIARFri Jun 21 1996Objects - which type are they
2252.02MUGGER::ADRIANMon Jun 24 1996OBB2.5B-
2253.01BIS6::VANBLAERETue Jun 25 1996%OBB-E-INV_COMMFAIL, in obb V2.5B-8
2254.07ADCATue Jun 25 1996Error in Request_invoke method
2255.02ALLVAX::PENNEYThu Jun 27 1996Looking for Sample (simple) Client/Server programs
2256.01QCAVFri Jun 28 1996V2.6-7 bank example
2257.01JITFri Jun 28 1996CORBA::string_alloc() allocate size?
2258.01KERNEL::SMITHFri Jun 28 1996unsigned long query ?
2259.08METSYS::HELLIARThu Jul 04 1996'system' calls interupted
2261.02METSYS::GOODWINTue Jul 09 1996OBB V2.5, SHARE.EXE and Windows 3.1
2262.04ALLVAX::PENNEYTue Jul 09 1996Network Tester Error across OBB V2.5 -> OBB V2.6 (or is it a DECnet issue!)
2263.04TAEC::SABIANIThu Jul 11 1996Problem with deferred synchronous and V2.6 on DUNIX
2264.03ALLVAX::PENNEYThu Jul 11 1996Problem with Bank1 example
2265.04RECV::SLAVINFri Jul 12 1996OBB QAR system broken
2266.03EEMELI::JTOUKKARIMon Jul 15 1996HELP! Getting OBB_INV_INTERROR in method call
2267.09CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Jul 16 1996Trouble with context object manipulation
2268.03LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Jul 16 1996_associated_object: clarification needed
2269.07SAWA::STEFANOWICZWed Jul 17 1996Merge problem in 2.6-7
2270.09LEMAN::NAUFFRAYWed Jul 17 1996General protection fault when running BANK1 examplle
2271.02PEACHS::SELBYWed Jul 17 1996Problem with 2.6 object reference
2273.02FBEDEV::ROGERSFri Jul 19 1996repository filename management problem
2274.01CFSCTC::CHABOTMon Jul 22 1996Confused about docs vs generated stub code
2275.08PEACHS::SELBYMon Jul 22 1996Impl Is Ready returns Bad Parameter - OBB_COM_BADSID
2276.01SEND::SLAVINTue Jul 23 1996Open positions in ObjectBroker Development
2277.05NQOSWed Jul 24 1996C++ Sequence Example?
2278.019ALLVAX::PENNEYThu Jul 25 1996DECnet solution in a TCP/IP OBB world...
2279.02TAEC::SABIANIFri Jul 26 1996Crash when invoking a method on NT from DUnix
2280.03JITMon Jul 29 199616bit emulation mode
2281.02OSAVTue Aug 06 1996max len of objref -> max num of operation
2282.08METSYS::GOODWINTue Aug 06 1996Problems with ObjectBroker
2283.04NQOSTue Aug 06 1996ObjectBroker V2.6 for OpenVMS & a Non-Supported TCP/IP stack
2284.041SYSTEM::HELLIARTue Aug 06 19962.6 and unshared servers
2285.026NQOSTue Aug 06 1996Implementation class inheritence?
2286.02LEMAN::NAUFFRAYWed Aug 07 1996Uncomplete Borland C++ library
2287.03MALMWed Aug 07 1996ODDDEMO/BNK6 - Bad DLL calling convention
2288.02MIASYS::ENGLANDWed Aug 07 1996atom -tool pixie on ATM35
2289.04CFSCTC::HUSTONWed Aug 07 1996Using a repository updated at run-time?
2290.07CFSCTC::CHABOTThu Aug 08 1996OBB_COM_BADOBJTYPE on OBB_BOA_initialize
2291.04SNOFS1::RASMUSSENFri Aug 09 1996QAR for the QAR system CAL911 - OBB_INTERNAL
2292.08STKAI1::LANKI_TFri Aug 09 1996servers and implementations
2293.05LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Aug 12 1996Access to a moudle called CORBA in IDL
2294.0SEND::SLAVINMon Aug 12 1996ObjectBroker BRYCE Requirements
2295.04NQOSTue Aug 13 1996Customer complaint's when mixing c & c++
2296.0SEND::SLAVINTue Aug 13 1996Copying Security Definitions between Computers
2297.02SEND::SLAVINTue Aug 13 1996Building Object Factories using a Brokering Interaction Model
2298.02STOWOA::TALLURIWed Aug 14 1996Multiple definitions in .imh files
2300.02KERNEL::SMITHFri Aug 16 1996OMG's IIOP and TCP-Ware questions
2301.01SAWA::STEFANOWICZFri Aug 16 1996Still merge problems...
2302.04KERNEL::SMITHFri Aug 16 1996OBBNETST caused GPF in module OBBTRWSK.DLL
2303.02ALLVAX::PENNEYTue Aug 20 1996ANYONE using TCP/IP between two VAX systems??
2304.06BERNThu Aug 22 1996Automatic binding looks like dynamic binding
2305.0+2LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Aug 23 1996W95 Windows 95 and Server startup (autostart)
2306.03STKAI1::ANDERSSONBMon Aug 26 1996Error compiling Server Dispatcher file from ObjectBroker
2307.01LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Aug 27 1996Dispatching implementations
2308.02JITWed Aug 28 1996V2.6 Win95 IR file name.
2309.03LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Aug 28 1996Problem compiling stubs
2310.03LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Aug 28 1996Problem with search list and method skeleton (VMS)?
2311.04COPCLU::SCHOUBOThu Aug 29 1996V2.6/NT3.51 problem with .LIB files bad?
2312.07BERNThu Aug 29 1996Client problem with DCE authentication on Digital Unix
2314.01LEMAN::NAUFFRAYMon Sep 02 1996Note 2286 .....additionnal infos.
2315.08LEMAN::NAUFFRAYTue Sep 03 1996OBB-E-COM_SYSLDFAIL when trying to start the OBB agent on VAX/VMS 6.1 OBB v2.5B-
2316.0+9THEBAY::VASKASTue Sep 03 1996OBB 2.6 on Windows - TCP Socket use
2317.02STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONMon Sep 09 1996Troubleshooting strategy when agent crashes
2318.01METSYS::HELLIARWed Sep 11 1996Object strings
2319.02LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Sep 12 1996Preserving code in re-generated files
2320.07LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Sep 16 1996Problem fielding user-defined exceptions on PC
2321.08BERNTue Sep 17 1996Authorisation & authentication on Digital Unix
2322.01LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Sep 18 1996Repository manager GUI - not friendly
2323.03LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Sep 18 1996Warnings from supplied and generated files - W95
2324.013METSYS::HELLIARWed Sep 18 19962.5B's timeout feature - need clarification
2325.0+3LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Sep 23 1996Associate Object questions. (associated_object)
2326.01GOTIOS::61511::jhalldenMon Sep 23 1996problems with float VAX C
2327.01RYNGET::WEISSMon Sep 23 1996OBB_COM_BADUSERNAME error question
2328.012LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Sep 24 1996how to delete associated object instances?
2329.02TAEC::SABIANITue Sep 24 1996Link problem on W95
2330.03PROFET::TAURIAINENTue Sep 24 1996Releasing objects
2331.09MUGGER::ADRIANThu Sep 26 1996Auto-start on NT not working
2332.0+3METSYS::THOMPSONThu Sep 26 1996How to Implement a Server Timeout?
2333.02BERNMon Sep 30 1996obbmerge and DCE authentication
2334.03LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Oct 01 1996generated notify code - how to alter it?
2335.01BRSISB::VANBLAERETue Oct 01 1996Script server hangs after a few invocations
2336.06BERNWed Oct 02 1996CORBA_BAD_PARAM error from CORBA_Request_send on V2.6 and T2.7
2337.0+4OHFSS1::ZAMMITThu Oct 03 1996The issue is threads!
2338.07MUGGER::ADRIANFri Oct 04 1996WNT OBB**.TMP files - location ??
2339.02LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Oct 07 1996Purging on systems that dont have *real* versions
2340.01SYSTEM::HELLIARTue Oct 08 1996V2.6 Proxies
2341.02LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Oct 08 1996Server, Implementation and Instance
2342.02CFSCTC::HUSTONTue Oct 08 1996Adding C++ binding usage to an existing C app?
2343.02ALLVAX::PENNEYTue Oct 08 1996Core dump error occuring at customer site!
2344.03ALLVAX::PENNEYTue Oct 08 1996How do you find/get Advertised Services??
2345.01ALLVAX::PENNEYWed Oct 09 1996Colocated processing
2346.03LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Oct 09 1996v2.6 C++ - too many objects created?
2347.01FBEDEV::GANTYALAWed Oct 09 1996C++ client and C server
2348.05ALLVAX::BRUSSEAUWed Oct 09 1996System crash while running Object Broker servers...(resource limits?)
2349.01SYSTEM::PARROTTThu Oct 10 1996ObjectBroker error : OBB_COM_SYSLDFAIL (e)
2350.013RYNGET::WEISSThu Oct 10 1996Marshal Error - 76263642
2351.015METSYS::HELLIARThu Oct 10 1996WNT: Unknown error
2352.01ALLVAX::PENNEYThu Oct 10 1996C client to C++ server/C++ client to C server problems
2353.02ALLVAX::PENNEYThu Oct 10 1996Nesting structures within an IDL
2354.0LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Oct 14 1996Foobar User's Group (FUG)
2355.09MUGGER::ADRIANTue Oct 15 1996NT auto-start problems
2356.06CFSCTC::HUSTONWed Oct 16 1996Problem with OBB_INV_NOTAUTHORIZED on same host
2357.02METSYS::HELLIARThu Oct 17 1996IML and program locations on Win/NT
2358.05SEND::PARODIMon Oct 21 1996OBB/WNT Problem
2359.015LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Oct 22 1996NT v4 and OBB
2361.012JITThu Oct 24 1996CORBA_BAD_TYPECODE on C++ cli and C srv.
2362.01TAVThu Oct 24 1996[un]register vs. [not]ready
2363.04NQOSFri Oct 25 1996System Administrator & Removing Object's from namespace
2364.06METSYS::GOODWINMon Oct 28 1996ObjectBroker V2.6 on Windows 95: where are the commands?
2365.07FBEDEV::GANTYALAWed Oct 30 19962.5/2.6 Interoperabilty
2366.08BIS6::VANBLAEREThu Oct 31 1996DB_OBJNOTFN on alpha/vms
2367.02PHHSS1::tunsrv2-tunnel.imc.das.dec.com::ErosFri Nov 01 1996"Buffer too small" error continues in V2.7
2368.01SYSTEM::HELLIARFri Nov 01 1996Object `1$Definitions' not found.
2369.03UTROP1::BRAITHWAITETue Nov 05 1996OBB v2.7-1
2370.01LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Nov 06 1996Help needed re-installing on HP.
2371.02ALLVAX::PENNEYWed Nov 06 1996Two questions from an EXTERNAL customer...
2372.02UTROP1::BRAITHWAITEWed Nov 06 1996Adding a proxy on OBB v2.7-1
2373.01OSEC::ADRIANFri Nov 08 19962.5b-
2374.010STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONFri Nov 08 1996Proxy problem: OBB_COM_BADUSERNAME (v2.5B)
2375.03ULYSSE::CATTOLICOFri Nov 08 1996old 2.5a kit / urgent
2376.04KERNEL::SMITHFri Nov 08 1996OBB$AGENT high memory usage
2377.01OSEC::ADRIANMon Nov 11 1996QAR database access problem
2378.04ALLVAX::PENNEYMon Nov 11 1996Access Violation trying to Add Proxy...?
2379.06PHHSS1::tunsrv2-tunnel.imc.das.dec.com::ErosTue Nov 12 1996OBBNAMSRV has to be run by hand
2380.0+7LEMAN::DONALDSONWed Nov 13 1996Port numbering - OBB and TCP
2381.04MARIN::ARVINDWed Nov 13 1996OBB_INV_NOMTHDSRVFND error with OBB2.7
2382.02METSYS::GOODWINFri Nov 15 1996Client hangs when server dies
2383.02SYSTEM::HELLIARFri Nov 15 1996OBB 2.7 and registering implementations
2384.02CFSCTC::CHABOTMon Nov 18 1996Approximate one minute delay when host is not accessible
2385.07LEMAN::DONALDSONTue Nov 19 1996deactivate_obj, insufficient dynamic memory
2386.08LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Nov 21 1996Setting OBB_TRACE_FLAGS in NT v4
2387.01LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Nov 21 1996string_to_object twice gives the *same* pointer
2388.04LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Nov 21 1996Def sync problems on fast PCs?
2389.0CFSCTC::HUSTONFri Nov 22 1996Type-safe linkage clash compiling on DUX w DEC C++
2390.03EMNTAL::STADELMANNWed Nov 27 1996SAP RFC to call OBBQUICK Client!
2391.02LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Dec 02 1996Purify points a finger...
2392.03LEMAN::NAUFFRAYThu Dec 05 1996Buffer structures sent through the wire
2393.0OHFSS1::ZAMMITMon Dec 09 1996A C++ CosNaming Implementation for NT
2394.03JITTue Dec 10 1996can't copy _value for any sequence.
2395.05LEMAN::NAUFFRAYTue Dec 10 1996ACAS and OBB on an heterogeneous VMS cluster
2396.07OHFSS1::ZAMMITWed Dec 11 1996ObjectBroker & Visual C++ V4.2
2397.0JITThu Dec 12 1996naming service and DII for c++ client
2398.0+21PROFET::TAURIAINENFri Dec 13 1996OBB$AGENT blocking access to method?
2399.0+22MIASYS::DLUGOSZFri Dec 13 1996CORBA_NO_IMPLEMENT on COS name lookup?
2400.0+2MIASYS::DLUGOSZFri Dec 13 1996GUI for Advertisement Registry still broke?
2401.017MIASYS::DLUGOSZSat Dec 14 1996Agent going on strike?
2402.08LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Dec 16 1996Access the Agent via an IDL interface
2403.02LEMAN::NAUFFRAYTue Dec 17 1996Converting ACAS applications to OBB applications ....
2404.03LEMAN::NAUFFRAYTue Dec 17 1996System date & time taken by OBB
2405.0+7JOBURG::LORENKWed Dec 18 1996Some questions on V2.7
2406.02LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Dec 19 1996Why no agent in the W95 task list?
2407.03MARIN::ARVINDFri Dec 20 1996External Identifier warnings
2408.0+19METSYS::THOMPSONMon Dec 23 1996OBB V2.7 and DECnet/OSI
2409.01CFSCTC::HUSTONFri Dec 27 1996Legit to delete a request that's probably done?
2410.03CFSCTC::HUSTONWed Jan 08 1997How to free memory from CORBA_InterfaceDef_describe_interface
2411.09JITThu Jan 09 1997deffered sync operation with complex argument
2412.02CFSCTC::HUSTONThu Jan 09 1997How to free impl returned from register function?
2413.08NODEX::ADEYMon Jan 13 1997Win95 stand-alone development
2414.0+29EMNTAL::STADELMANNWed Jan 15 1997Unable to debug using Windows 95 and VC++ 4.2
2415.02EMNTAL::STADELMANNWed Jan 15 1997major performance loss
2416.02UTROP1::UTROP1::SCHOUTEN_JThu Jan 16 1997Problems with OBB 2.5 and some OBB Tools
2417.02MIASYS::DLUGOSZThu Jan 16 1997Exception from CORBA_ORB_init
2418.02LEMAN::NAUFFRAYWed Jan 22 1997All useful ACAS
2419.03HOUBA::BOUCHETThu Jan 23 1997obb32.dll seems to be missing in WIN95 OBB V2.7-11 kit
2420.0+2HOUBA::BOUCHETThu Jan 23 1997Association of object references and server instances
2421.0 *+1MIASYS::DLUGOSZFri Jan 24 1997Management API references unresolved ....
2422.0 *+1MIASYS::DLUGOSZFri Jan 24 1997OBBMGT32.DLL causing collisions
2423.0 *+11PEACHS::SELBYFri Jan 24 1997Use of French characters in IDL file comments
2424.0 *+9KERNEL::SMITHFri Jan 24 1997auto invocation of NT server ?
2425.0 *+4ALLVAX::BRUSSEAUMon Jan 27 1997OBB Agent errors : OBB-F-COM_INSUFVM Insufficient memory
2426.0 *+3BIGBRD::ADEYTue Jan 28 1997Win95 client access problem...
2427.0 *+8LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Jan 30 1997Yet another TCP dead server socket build-up problem
2428.0 *+2EMNTAL::STADELMANNFri Jan 31 1997OBB$QUICK built Client crash using OBB 2.7-11
2429.0 *+1CFSCTC::HUSTONWed Feb 05 1997String_var(char *) - does it copy the memory?
2430.0 *+4STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONMon Feb 10 1997QuickStart C++ generator problem
2431.0 *+9MIASYS::DLUGOSZMon Feb 10 1997OBB_MGT_RIIterator fails after restarting agent...
2432.0 *+2MIASYS::DLUGOSZMon Feb 10 1997Does OBB know how to handle a dual-homed host?
2433.0 *+5MIASYS::DLUGOSZTue Feb 11 1997Is there an ActiveState attribute?
2434.0 *+2LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Feb 14 1997What are the constructors with 'Instance' args for?
2435.0 *LEMAN::DONALDSONFri Feb 14 1997Confused: Instance exists - is it 'active'?
2436.0 *+1UTROP1::OLERUD_GMon Feb 17 1997Why are destructors not virtual
2437.0 *+4STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONMon Feb 17 1997OBB_MGT_RIIterator_next_n failure
2438.0 *+1GVATue Feb 18 1997OBB_REG_NOREMOTE
2439.0 *+7A1VAX::GILFIXTue Feb 18 1997BEA OBB Press Release
2440.0 *+2STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONWed Feb 19 1997CORBA_Context_set_one_value on NT v3.51?
2441.0 *+5STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONMon Feb 24 1997QuickStart question
2442.0 *+2UTROP1::OLERUD_GTue Feb 25 1997OBB 2.5B on NT4.
2443.0 *+2UTROP1::OLERUD_GTue Feb 25 1997exceeded marshalling buffer
2444.0 *+14ALLVAX::BRUSSEAUTue Feb 25 1997KEYNOTFND
2445.0 *+7LEMAN::DONALDSONMon Mar 03 1997sequence of structure with bounded strings - problem
2446.0 *+3FOUNDR::COLLITONMon Mar 03 1997looking for point to OBB documentation
2447.0 *+2HYDRA::AMORELLIMon Mar 03 1997OBJECTBROKER V2.6 DII problem
2448.0 *+2HYDRA::AMORELLIMon Mar 03 1997Questions on ObjectBroker DSI & DII
2449.0 *+3SWETSC::EKLUNDThu Mar 06 1997obb$quick prblm on VAX V6.2, OBB V2.7
2450.0 *+2ULYSSE::CATTOLICOFri Mar 07 1997_CONTEXT problem on WNT alpha
2451.0 *+2COPCLU::FLADER_RMon Mar 10 1997Problems with installation the ObjectBroker V2.711 on MS Windows NT 4.
2452.0 *+1XSTACY::GORMANFri Mar 14 1997OBB_INV_SECAUTHNFAIL (e), DCE specific: Failed to authenticate requester
2453.0 *+1CSC32::R_GOLLEHONFri Mar 14 1997ivbuflen, who's fault?
2454.0 *+9JITMon Mar 17 1997NT crush problem
2455.0 *+9UTROP1::OLERUD_GTue Mar 18 1997Memory leak OBB 2.7-11!!!
2456.0 *+7STKAI1::LANKI_TTue Mar 18 1997return values and out arguments, memory management
2457.0 *SEND::SLAVINWed Mar 19 1997Linkvest distributes Fbe
2458.0 *+3LEMAN::NAUFFRAYThu Mar 20 1997C++ example dealing with CosNaming on OBB 2.7
2459.0 *+3STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONMon Mar 24 1997QuickStart: two problems
2460.0 *+6NETRIX::"kevin@osf6Wed Mar 26 1997proxy question
2461.0 *SEND::SLAVINWed Mar 26 1997 27-MAR-1997 OBB team becomes BEA employees
2462.0 *+5CAMPY::ADEYThu Mar 27 1997Ascii and Binary together using ANY
2463.0 *SEND::SLAVINMon Apr 07 1997BEA Systems JOB Opportunities
2464.0 *+2ALLVAX::BRUSSEAUTue Apr 08 1997INV_BADTRANSHND error
2465.0 *+3HLIS31::OLERUD_GMon Apr 14 1997Another memory leak!!
2467.0 *+1UTROP1::UTROP1::SCHOUTEN_JTue Apr 15 1997HP UNIX version 1
2468.0 *+6NNTPD::"pdoyle@anorax.ilo.dec.com"Tue Apr 15 1997Client/server colocation?
2469.0 *+5SNOFS1::RASMUSSENThu Apr 17 1997VC++ 4.2 Development Environment issue?
2470.0 *+9HOUBA::BOUCHETFThu Apr 17 1997Security problem, is it a bug ?
2471.0 *+1CAMPY::ADEYThu Apr 24 1997Naming Service Autostarting on Windows 95
2472.0 *+3NNTPD::"pdoyle@anorax.ilo.dec.com"Tue Apr 29 1997Inheritance: IDL, C++
2473.0 *+3NNTPD::"phealy@anorax.ilo.dec.com"Thu May 01 1997obbcomp bug
2474.0 *+1ECADSR::GOUVEIAFri May 02 1997Problem with running OB 2.71 script server
2475.0 *+3OHFSS1::ZAMMITTue May 06 1997C++ and NVList class?
2476.0 *+1ZURCLO::GUYFri May 09 1997KEYNOTFND with OBB2.7
2477.0 *+6LEMAN::NAUFFRAYWed May 28 1997object '$Register$' not found
2478.0 *+1STKAI1::T_ANDERSSONMon Jun 02 1997Minor problems with __resolve routines
2479.0 *REQUE::GUMBELMon Jun 02 1997Notesfile moving to PAMSRC::
2480.0 *TLE::PARODITue Jun 03 1997Contacting ObjectBroker Engineering
2481.0 *+8CAMPY::ADEYWed Jun 04 1997CORBA_COMM_FAILURE after server stop/restart
2482.0 *LEMAN::DONALDSONThu Jun 05 1997Too many ObjectBroker conferences