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Conference school::vaxcluster_phase_0

Title:VAXcluster Phase 0
Notice:VAXcluster Wish List and Suggestion Box
Created:Wed Jul 17 1991
Last Modified:Fri Jul 26 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:87
Total number of notes:220
Number with bodies:0
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1.0VLAB::PARRISWed Jul 17 1991Welcome and introduction
2.01VLAB::PARRISWed Jul 17 1991Conference Policies
3.02VLAB::PARRISWed Jul 17 1991Related Conferences
4.01VLAB::PARRISWed Jul 17 1991Product Managers
5.06VLAB::PARRISWed Jul 17 1991Announcements
6.0VLAB::PARRISWed Jul 17 1991Reserved
7.0VLAB::PARRISWed Jul 17 1991Reserved
8.0VLAB::PARRISWed Jul 17 1991Reserved
9.0VLAB::PARRISWed Jul 17 1991Reserved
10.0VLAB::PARRISWed Jul 17 1991Conference issues
11.02RBW::WICKERTThu Jul 18 1991"Features already planned" document...
12.05WIKKIT::WARWICKThu Jul 18 1991What will be the VAXcluster of the 199
13.0RBW::WICKERTThu Jul 18 1991Cluster-wide account, oper, errorlog, etc files
14.01AGOUTL::BELDINThu Jul 18 1991Consistency Testing
15.01RBW::WICKERTFri Jul 19 1991Print queue ideas
16.02FILTON::BIRCHFri Jul 19 1991Wide Area Clusters
18.08ZPOVC::MICHAELLEEFri Jul 19 1991Users should survive failure of cluster member
20.08SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991Node-specific quotas
21.0SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991FDDI Interfaces for non-XMI VAX systems
22.0SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991HSC on FDDI
23.01SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991Raise 96-node Limit
24.06SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991VMS TMSCP Server
25.01SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991Large-node-count VAXcluster issues
26.0SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991CI booting from roots SYS1
27.0SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991System roots off common system disk
28.01SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991Put dumpfiles off system disk
29.04SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991Paging file deinstallation improvements
30.0SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991Terminal Server Login
31.0SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991SET HOST with proxy to cluster nodes
32.0SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991Better batch/network load balancing
33.0SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991Tools to optimize/rebuild system files
34.02SYSAP::PARRISFri Jul 19 1991Cluster-wide File Caching
35.03VIVIAN::RANCESun Jul 21 1991Multiple clusters/systems on ONE CI (or DSSI)
36.08ZPOVC::MICHAELLEEThu Jul 25 1991DSSI 4
37.0ARIEL::WICKERTThu Jul 25 1991Keeping in-memory databases consistent
38.02ZPOVC::MICHAELLEETue Jul 30 1991auto-failover of execution queues?
39.06HAEXLI::PMAIERWed Jul 31 1991No quorumdisk if no CI
41.03MEO78B::MCKENZIESun Aug 04 1991VM for VAX
42.0SUBWAY::NICHOLSWed Aug 14 1991Suggestion re: memory consistency
43.01MEO78B::MCKENZIEThu Aug 29 1991Autogen include files for layered products
44.02ZPOVC::MICHAELLEETue Sep 10 1991HBVS enhancement?
45.01VIVIAN::RANCESun Sep 29 1991Shadowed CDROMs
46.02STAR::PARRISThu Oct 03 1991Long-distance clusters
47.0STAR::PARRISThu Oct 03 1991Lower-bandwidth, bridged interconnects
48.02STAR::PARRISMon Dec 23 1991Remove requirement for DECnet
49.01CSC32::T_SULLIVANFri Dec 27 1991Cluster_Config Enhancement
51.01MEO78B::MCKENZIEMon Jan 06 1992/noauth on alf login
52.0MEO78B::TINKLERTue Jan 07 1992F$GETDVI("xx:","MOUNTCNT")
53.0STAR::PARRISThu Jan 30 1992IBM Token Ring as a VAXcluster Interconnect
54.06STAR::PARRISFri Jan 31 1992SCSI multi-host configurations
55.02STAR::PARRISWed Feb 05 1992Online backup of active files
56.01STAR::PARRISMon Mar 16 1992Support LAN adapter booting on more CPUs
57.0STAR::PARRISFri Mar 20 1992MSCP server improvements
58.0VIVIAN::RANCEThu Apr 02 1992Make it easier to manage a cluster with Multiple System Disks
59.04ZPOVC::MICHAELLEESat May 02 1992More than 3 nodes in DSSI
60.01STAR::PARRISMon May 11 1992Provide remote shutdown/trigger boot for all satellites
61.0STAR::PARRISMon May 11 1992Control satellite boot without PSE turned on
62.02STAR::PARRISWed Jun 03 1992Extend VMS capabilities to work cluster-wide
63.06STAR::PARRISWed Jun 03 1992Cluster-wide, permanent logical names
64.0STAR::PARRISWed Jun 03 1992Cluster-wide Mailbox Devices
65.0STAR::PARRISWed Jun 03 1992Cluster-wide common event flags
66.0STAR::PARRISWed Jun 03 1992Cluster-wide global sections
67.01STAR::PARRISWed Jun 03 1992Cluster-wide Process Creation
68.01STAR::PARRISWed Jun 03 1992Support 32 VAX nodes per star coupler
69.0STAR::PARRISThu Jun 04 1992Allow page and swap files to be extended on-the-fly
70.01STAR::PARRISThu Jun 11 1992Better diagnostic info on cluster membership problems
71.0CSC32::VANDENBERGMon Jun 15 1992Dual-path boot specification for XMI disk controllers
72.03STAR::PARRISTue Jun 16 19921-to-2-node issues for entry-level systems
73.02STAR::PARRISTue Jun 16 1992LAVC is a non-routable protocol
74.0STAR::PARRISThu Jun 18 1992Use Prestoserve under VMS for non-volatile RAMdisks
75.0WARNUT::FOSSEY::FOSSEYFri Jun 19 1992How to work out the "optimal subcluster" on a system failure
76.01STAR::PARRISMon Jul 27 1992Boot through VMS MSCP server over CI or DSSI
77.0STAR::PARRISMon Jul 27 1992Change SCSNODE/SCSSYSTEMID/ALLOCLASS w/o total reboot
78.06FILTON::BIRCHTue Jul 28 1992Process reconnection
79.03STAR::PARRISTue Jul 28 1992Faster CI DECnet, and support CIXCD and DSSI
80.0STAR::PARRISTue Jul 28 1992Eliminate SYSGEN parameters using self-adjusting code
81.0STAR::PARRISWed Jul 29 1992VAXcluster technology on other platforms
82.0STAR::PARRISFri Jul 31 1992LAT failover can swamp one node
83.0STAR::PARRISFri Aug 21 1992Incoming network connections to a cluster alias
84.0STAR::PARRISMon Oct 12 1992Client-server orientation for servers/satellites
85.01FILTON::BIRCHFri Dec 11 1992Dual pathing via SCSI?
86.0STAR::PARRISTue Feb 02 1993Decompose applications across cluster
87.0VIVIAN::RANCEThu Feb 04 1993Mount a shadow set without specifying members