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Conference npss::gigaswitch

Notice:GIGAswitch/FDDI Jan 97 BL3.1 914.0 documentation 412.1ion 412.1
Created:Wed Jul 29 1992
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:995
Total number of notes:4519
Number with bodies:423
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1.06SCHOOL::WERTHThu Dec 03 1992Welcome to GIGAswitch Notes Conference
2.05SCHOOL::WERTHFri Oct 02 1992GIGAswitch White Paper
3.0SCHOOL::WERTHFri Oct 02 1992GIGAswitch Functional Description
4.020SCHOOL::WERTHFri Oct 02 1992ATM and GIGAswitch
5.012SCHOOL::WERTHFri Oct 02 1992Rate Limiting White Papaer
6.08MUDDY::WATERSTue Dec 15 1992GIGAswitch Q & A from Internet newsgroups
7.077SCHOOL::WERTHFri Dec 04 1992Please let us know who you are
8.06EURHEP::BROWNFri Dec 11 1992Full Duplex FDDI
9.02DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Jan 05 1993DL3
10.04SOS6::BERNARDWed Jan 13 1993Gigaswitch management ?
11.03F1Fri Jan 15 1993Why were "S" chosen for SAS connections to the GIGAswitch?
12.0+10SCHOOL::CASADAYMon Jan 25 1993Sales Update article
13.04F1Wed Jan 27 1993Feedback from customers
14.02SCHOOL::CARRMon Feb 08 1993GIGAswitch Performance paper
15.08DV78Tue Feb 09 1993DL3
16.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Feb 10 1993FDDI PORT connector, ST or MIC?
17.05SCHOOL::WERTHMon Feb 15 1993GIGAswitch rack mounting
18.0HERON::ERBESTue Feb 16 1993Conference on Local Computer Networks
19.02SCHOOL::CARRWed Feb 17 1993GIGAswitch System Spec
20.03TENNIS::KAMThu Feb 18 1993What's the status of shippable products?
21.06GUIDUK::KANGTue Feb 23 1993Request: a "public" directory for "public" materials?
22.07JAYJAY::KORNSThu Feb 25 1993Need help positioning aganst IBM FiberChannel
23.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJFri Feb 26 1993Alpha in gigaswitch, possible?
24.01JEDI::CAUDILLWed Mar 03 1993QAR system?
26.0ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Mar 08 1993What's IBM's Planet/orbit?
27.02HGOVC::LILLIANTANGWed Mar 10 1993switching PMDs
28.03HGOVC::LILLIANTANGWed Mar 10 1993thinwire/stp availability dates
29.06JULIET::HATTRUP_JAWed Mar 10 1993Multiple Switches/FDDI config rules?
30.014JUMP4::JOYTue Mar 16 1993Mutlicast messages can be GOOD!
31.04JUMP4::JOYFri Mar 19 1993GIGAswitch Announcement Press Release
32.02QCAVTue Mar 23 1993Names?
33.03HGOVC::LILLIANTANGWed Mar 24 1993parallel DLS3
34.01HGOVC::LILLIANTANGWed Mar 24 1993customer presentation materials
36.012ECCGY4::PARETIThu Mar 25 1993gigaswitch latency
37.01QCAVMon Mar 29 1993standards support?
38.03GUIDUK::KANGTue Mar 30 1993RFI Requirements
39.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Apr 07 1993GUI for Gigaswitch management?
40.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Apr 07 1993Management DOCS, on net?
41.01SCHOOL::CARRMon Apr 12 1993GIGAswitch Managers Guide Available
42.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Apr 14 1993ATM line card/fiber cable type, confusion?
43.02GUCCI::DMCCLOUDThu Apr 15 1993Dual Home and Spanning Tree Dual Connect?
44.01GUCCI::DMCCLOUDThu Apr 15 1993Traffic Classification - User Controllable?
45.0SCHOOL::CASADAYWed Apr 21 1993GIGAswitch schedule
46.03STKHLM::WEBJORNMon Apr 26 1993A few questions...
47.01GRANPA::BSPECTORTue Apr 27 1993Gigaswith for IBM Network?
48.04TRNWed Apr 28 1993What is Ultranet??
49.03GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Apr 30 1993Where is gigaswitch mib?
50.01GUIDUK::KANGMon May 03 1993DL3
51.02GUCCI::DMCCLOUDTue May 04 1993How much buffer space?
52.02GUCCI::DMCCLOUDTue May 04 1993FDDI Token Parameters (T_req...) settable?
53.03HGOVC::LILLIANTANGSun May 09 1993virtual LAN
54.04LTLKNG::ZIGLERMon May 10 1993GIGAswitch System Planning Guide?
55.02HGOVC::LILLIANTANGTue May 11 1993filtering database
56.0JEDI::CAUDILLTue May 11 1993GIGAswitch icon for MCC
57.05JEDI::CAUDILLTue May 11 1993GIGAswitch and Spanning Tree Autotopology maps?
58.03LARVAE::AITKINS_TWed May 12 1993Gigaswitch into a DECnis ?
59.01PRSSUD::CARRAYROUThu May 13 1993Packet rate ???
60.01SWAM2::CHMURA_STFri May 14 1993DL3
61.04SAHQ::TROTTERWed May 19 1993Gigaswitch at DECUS???
62.05STOHUB::KARKAR::RICHARDSONFri May 21 1993Configuring Virtual LANs
63.06RIPPLE::GIBSON_TEMon May 24 1993Gigaswitch Training???
64.01RIPPLE::KOPEC_STMon May 24 1993power supply STD:LIST pricing issue
65.05RIPPLE::KOPEC_STMon May 24 1993Battery backup availability/price?
66.0RIPPLE::KOPEC_STFri May 28 1993Max # net addresses supported in V1.
67.03TKOVOA::YASUDA_KTue Jun 01 1993Bench-Mark
68.09TKOV51::K_ICHIKAWAFri Jun 11 1993when will 4-port FDDI be released?
69.01TKOVOA::YASUDA_KMon Jun 14 1993Cluster system/Disaster torerant
70.03ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Jun 14 1993Hunting feature, when?
71.01ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Jun 14 1993Mgmt GUI FT, update?
72.0TKOVOA::YASUDA_KWed Jun 23 1993Digital's Advantage for UlstaNET
73.0STAR::PARRISThu Jun 24 1993GIGAswitch makes even IBMs run faster
74.06EURHEP::BROWNThu Jun 24 1993Hunt Groups standardized ?
75.06HGOVC::LILLIANTANGSat Jun 26 1993ethernet?
76.02DAGWST::SITZTue Jul 06 1993Beta Testing at Sandia National Lab, Livermore California
77.07ARRODS::GILLJThu Jul 08 1993GIGAswitch queries?
78.02GSGLXT::CHMURATue Jul 13 1993Ping Supported / Redundant Gigaswitch's
79.0SCHOOL::LOSHBAUGHTue Jul 13 1993Physical/Electrical Specification for GIGAswitch
80.08ARRODS::GILLJWed Jul 14 1993PID, Reference site, Test facilities?
81.0SCHOOL::CASADAYThu Jul 15 1993Where to get GIGAswitch photos
82.02ARRODS::COOMBESATue Jul 20 1993Filtering combinations
83.02TKOV51::AOKI_HWed Jul 21 1993Where's Owner's Manual ??
85.05TKOV51::K_ICHIKAWATue Jul 27 1993Congestion Control of GIGAswitch???
86.01TKOV51::HAYAKAWAWed Jul 28 1993FCS and Price of ATM linecard?
87.06TKOVOA::YASUDA_KMon Aug 02 1993PMD for SMF
88.03SCHOOL::LOSHBAUGHMon Aug 02 1993Location of Service Documentation Files
89.02SOLVIT::SILVATue Aug 03 1993SONET support?
90.02TKOV51::AOKI_HFri Aug 06 1993Cut-Through mechanism??
91.01TKOV51::AOKI_HFri Aug 06 1993Interoperability FDDI ??
92.03BSS::JSALEFri Aug 06 1993wattage rating / interpacket delay
93.013TKOV51::AOKI_HWed Aug 11 1993Why Fwd is SELECTable?
94.07TKOV51::AOKI_HWed Aug 11 1993Delay of GIGA ?
96.02GRANMA::LHELLINGSFri Aug 13 1993Singlemode Loss Budget
97.03SCHOOL::BOBBITTTue Aug 17 1993Customer Release Notes now available!
98.04ULYSSE::BARRIERThu Aug 19 1993Dual-homing configuration.
99.06POBOX::BARCROFTMon Aug 23 1993ATM & Design
100.05UFP::LARUEMon Aug 23 1993Gigaswitch and the phone companies?
101.04DENISE::CARRWed Aug 25 1993FGL hot swap deferred to V2
102.0DENISE::CARRWed Aug 25 1993GIGAswitch FRS
103.03NWDWed Aug 25 1993HPPI for Gigaswitch ?
104.01ODIXIE::APEREIRAThu Aug 26 1993GIGAswitch support for disk-farms?
105.04GUIDUK::KANGTue Aug 31 1993FDDI <-> ATM: would it work?
106.03GUCCI::DMCCLOUDThu Sep 09 1993Spanning Tree(s) Across Virtual LANs?
107.04GIDDAY::KULHALLISun Sep 12 1993GIGAswitc+MDF+STP
108.01SCHOOL::LOSHBAUGHWed Sep 15 1993Manual Updates
109.02TINKER::WALSHFri Sep 17 1993How much multicast/broadcast is enough
110.04DV78Fri Sep 17 1993U:switch management ?
111.02SMPVAX::SIMPSONFri Sep 17 1993Quad FDDI card availability
112.01KETJE::ADANSTue Sep 21 1993UTP PMD's ?
113.02DV78Tue Sep 21 1993Positioning - Gigaswitch and DEChub 9
114.01OTOU28::T_ROSSTue Sep 21 1993Looking for FDDI specs online...
115.02CUJO::HILLThu Sep 23 1993DECmcc syntax for matrix & filter sets
116.0CELTIC::MDLYONSFri Sep 24 1993DECmcc V1.3 problem with variable length string indices
117.02TKOV51::SHIBUYA_MWed Sep 29 1993Warmbackup GIGAswitch
118.0+6GUCCI::DMCCLOUDThu Sep 30 1993SNMP (cabinetTemperature) temperatures for values?
119.02DV78Sat Oct 02 1993SNMP MIB Invalid Value
120.08CSC32::J_HODGESMon Oct 04 1993Decnet performance problems?
121.0NPSS::MDLYONSThu Oct 07 1993Management memory problem - repeated crashes or SNMP hangs
122.015LIE495::CITRONFri Oct 08 1993 A few Customer Q's from presentation. Any Takers?
123.0NYOSFri Oct 08 1993customer-to-customer help wanted
124.03GUCCI::DMCCLOUDFri Oct 08 1993Creating filter matrices and filters - examples
125.02GUCCI::DMCCLOUDFri Oct 08 1993PING fails from subnet without route defined
126.04LISVAX::ALVESWed Oct 13 1993GIGAswitch versus Competition
127.03POBOX::DCARROLLFri Oct 15 1993Gswitch Install/notes ?s arise
128.01TRNOI2::TESTAMon Oct 18 1993GigaSW on DS3 (E3) ?!?
129.03HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Oct 26 1993Dual-Homing Support?
130.03ANGLIN::MILLERTue Oct 26 1993Two SCP's supported?
131.01CAATS::MURRAYThu Oct 28 1993Time value being overwritten?
132.01CAATS::MURRAYThu Oct 28 1993Possible problem with Gigaswitch?
133.04--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 28 1993GIGAswitch Reliability MTBF Numbers
134.03TKOV51::AOKI_HMon Nov 01 1993On line pointer of ATM doc.?
135.01TKOV51::HAYAKAWATue Nov 02 1993Q:FGL-4,UTP-PMD and Battery Info.
136.05TLSETue Nov 02 1993dual-gigaswitch configuration questions
137.03COPCLU::GREGTue Nov 02 1993Technical description...
138.02ANDRIS::putninsThu Nov 18 1993SNMP management scripts?
139.01GLDOA::PINTOThu Nov 18 1993User's Guide
140.01STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Nov 19 1993Customers wants to minimize site to site traffic
141.02MUDDY::WATERSMon Nov 22 1993GigaCompetition topic
142.0288Tue Nov 23 1993# of patch panel allowed smf/mmf
143.03CAATS::MURRAYWed Nov 24 1993Problem with Gigaswitch MIB ?
144.01FRUST::FUKSTue Nov 30 19934 PORT FDDI
145.03497Mon Dec 06 1993DEC spanning tree?
146.01TKOV51::HAYAKAWAMon Dec 06 1993Q>DEChub9
147.03CSC32::ORTIZWed Dec 08 1993BAD MOP error during image load
148.0CSC32::R_RHODESWed Dec 08 1993Handling of void frames?
149.0SNOFS1::BELLMIKEWed Dec 08 1993Bridge/ Router on Gigaswich T3 port
150.02SSDEVO::PARRISMon Dec 13 1993GIGAswitch in the news
151.02DVOPAS::SQRONE::HOOVERMon Dec 20 1993Customer Configuration Question
152.03NYOSThu Dec 23 1993Dual SCP modules vs two GIGAswitches?
153.02ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Jan 05 1994Max DAS? Max SAS with 4 port cards?
154.01TKOV51::AOKI_HThu Jan 06 1994Filter Reflect without Reboot??
155.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Jan 06 1994Latest MIB for GIGASWITCH
156.07GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Jan 06 1994Gigaswitch and diagnostic hang
157.01SAHQ::TROTTERFri Jan 07 1994Full Duplex between Gigaswitchs
158.01TKOV51::AOKI_HThu Jan 13 1994ATM card config rule ?
159.0PRSSOS::GROSSETETETue Jan 18 1994Hubwatch & OBM port ?
160.01TKOV51::SHIBUYA_MThu Jan 20 1994Does ATM line work as backup line?
161.02KERNEL::LLOYDAThu Jan 20 1994SCP led stuck in "F"
162.02GUCCI::DMCCLOUDFri Jan 21 1994SUNNet Manager - Help needed with SNMP SET
163.0JEDI::CAUDILLFri Jan 21 1994Not enough info in ifDescr
164.08KERNEL::LLOYDAFri Jan 21 1994FXA
165.03TPOVC::TONYCHENGWed Jan 26 1994giga configuration
166.01TKOV51::AOKI_HThu Feb 03 1994FDDI-CBS-ATM mechanism ?
167.0TKOV51::AOKI_HThu Feb 03 1994Specific set when ATM I/F is in?
168.03TKOV51::AOKI_HThu Feb 03 1994Any test results of perf.?
169.02CGOSFri Feb 04 1994GIGAswitch ATM time frames and redundancy
170.02CSOA1::SEITZSun Feb 06 1994Subnet mask problem to bridging
171.02ANDRIS::putninsMon Feb 07 1994Do all SNMP traps work?
172.0SCHOOL::MAJIKASTue Feb 08 1994EC-F2676-42 "glossy" brochure available on-line
173.02CGOSTue Feb 08 1994DECbridge 9
174.03SCHOOL::MAJIKASTue Feb 08 1994GIGAswitch paper to appear in DTJ is now available
175.022JEDI::CAUDILLThu Feb 10 1994Why would I want to turn off spanning tree?
176.01GUIDUK::KANGMon Feb 14 1994WAN and ATM support clarification
177.02CGOOA::DURNINMon Feb 14 1994DL3
178.01CTOAVX::BEAULIEUFri Feb 18 1994Farming with Gigaswitch
179.05VNABRW::EHRLICH_KMon Feb 21 1994GIGAswitch and LANbrigde 1
180.03VNABRW::EHRLICH_KMon Feb 21 1994Management under MS-WINDOWS
181.03ANOHAC::BDWYERWed Feb 23 1994any OBM messages?
182.03NWDFri Feb 25 1994need reference sites asap
183.06GIDDAY::KINGSMILLTue Mar 01 1994linking gigaswitches
184.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Mar 03 1994Stuck "F" on SCP module.
185.0SCHOOL::MAJIKASMon Mar 07 1994BBU development suspended - use UPS or 48v instead
186.01CHUKKA::SPEERTue Mar 08 1994ION back to back with T3
187.02FRAMBO::HAIMERLTue Mar 08 1994New Highspeed Switch from IBM ??
188.01JEDI::CAUDILLTue Mar 08 1994Where is the NDUplus kit/notesfile?
189.0NPSS::WADETue Mar 08 1994VCS scan profile for GIGAswitch?
190.01XFORMR::FEINSTEINThu Mar 10 1994Multiple DAS Links Between Gigaswitches
191.01314Mon Mar 14 1994Gigaswitch config guide online?
192.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Mar 16 1994Latest MIB for Gigaswitch
193.01CGOOA::CRICKThu Mar 17 1994Backup path questions
194.03SCHOOL::MAJIKASTue Mar 22 1994Press release - NASA Chief endorses GIGAswitch!
195.01CGOOA::CRICKTue Mar 22 1994Physical size and power requirements
196.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Mar 24 1994Gigaswitch and IEE spanning Tree
197.0HERON::KAISERWed Mar 30 1994CERN SAGA: Gigaswitch & Fullsail
198.03TKTVFS::IDOThu Apr 07 1994V2.
199.0QCAVThu Apr 07 1994Some details of new Vulcan switch from IBM
200.03NYOSThu Apr 07 1994Trap List?
201.03GLDOA::LOPEZFri Apr 08 1994how do I get latest microcode?
202.0CELTIC::MDLYONSFri Apr 08 1994DECmcc problems which may be encountered by GIGAswitch customers
203.0SCHOOL::MAJIKASFri Apr 08 1994FGL-4 Passes Acceptance Test at NASA!
204.0GUCCI::DMCCLOUDFri Apr 08 1994Mib-Viewer responds with "Response is too darn big
205.04VNASWS::HONISCHWed Apr 13 1994dual homing details ?
206.02VNASWS::HONISCHWed Apr 13 1994Gigaswitch & MDF/BRS Cluster ?
207.01TKOV51::AOKI_HThu Apr 14 1994ATM bord has ST or FC??
208.01SCHOOL::RENDAThu Apr 14 1994GIGAswitch Version 2.
209.01ZPOVFri Apr 15 1994SCP NO LIGHTS, OBM IS CLK>
210.01ZPOVTue Apr 19 1994V2 manuals pointer, please
211.01LIE495::CITRONThu Apr 21 1994Does the novell MSL support GIGAswitch configurations
212.0CELTIC::MDLYONSThu Apr 21 1994PSC firmware upgrades fail with BL2.
213.0TOOIS1::MIRGHANETue Apr 26 1994Looking for GIGAswitch references
214.02LFOIS1::MOUSSUWed Apr 27 1994Gigaswitch / FDDI config rules
215.02F1Thu Apr 28 1994ARP Server
216.03SCHOOL::MAJIKASThu Apr 28 1994Proper way to refer to GIGAswitch
217.02BOSNET::COLUMBUSFri Apr 29 1994Hunt groups, virtual LANs between switches
218.02TROOA::LEONGSun May 01 1994High Availability Solution
219.01F1Mon May 02 1994Rmon Probe for the GIGAswitch
220.02CGOOA::CRICKThu May 05 1994hubwatch available yet?
221.03BIGUN::WULFFFri May 06 1994 GIGASWITCH reduces routers?
222.06GIDDAY::KULHALLIMon May 09 1994LAVC Filters
223.01KAOFS::S_HYNDMANMon May 16 1994Configuration help requested
224.06BLOFLY::RABAHYTue May 17 1994disjoint T3 ports
225.01BIGUN::WULFFWed May 18 1994Four Port Dual Homing?
226.015GIDDAY::KULHALLIWed May 18 1994eauthtrapuseraddr
227.02OTOOA::NEVINSWed May 18 1994Cust questions
228.0NPSS::MDLYONSThu May 19 1994Do not turn arp serving on in V2.
229.01MARVIN::WATERSFri May 20 1994Gigaswitch ATM questions
230.02DECPRG::PAVLUPFri May 20 1994Could you possibly comment...?
231.03GUCCI::DMCCLOUDFri May 27 1994SNMP Counters Errors (ifInUcastPkts) and timewarp
232.03GUCCI::DMCCLOUDFri May 27 1994Multiple SNMP Sets Hangs GIGAswitch
233.04GIDDAY::KULHALLIWed Jun 01 1994AGL2 Troubleshooting
234.01OURGNG::RIGGENWed Jun 01 1994Help with a DS3 config ?
235.05BIGUN::WULFFThu Jun 02 1994When will E3 be available?
236.01PHDVAX::FEENYFri Jun 03 1994FAST ETHERNET, anyone?
237.09OPCO::NET_JPMMon Jun 06 1994GIGAswitch no traps for dead card
238.06NZOMIS::HOWARDTue Jun 07 1994FDDI vs DSSI - or even GIGAswitch?
239.01HOO78C::TURHANWed Jun 08 1994Where is the SPD for v2 software
240.01ANGLIN::STOCKHOWEThu Jun 09 1994Availability of Optical Bypass Rings
241.01GIDDAY::KULHALLIFri Jun 10 1994SLIP for OBM port
242.01SCHOOL::MAJIKASTue Jun 14 1994On-line location of GIGAswitch V2.1 documentation
243.03DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Jun 15 1994Mesh Topology support?
244.02DUNDEE::CLEARYFri Jun 17 1994Multicast questions...
245.02SCHOOL::MAJIKASTue Jun 21 1994GIGAswitch endorsements from Internet
246.012DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Jun 22 1994multiple subnets and no routers...
247.04GIDDAY::KULHALLISun Jun 26 1994GATEKEEPER location for 2.1
248.06CGOSMon Jun 27 1994Multiple GIGAswitch configuration.
249.02TPOVC::FREDTSENGFri Jul 01 1994how to test performance between gigaswitch and concentrator
250.0SCHOOL::MAJIKASFri Jul 01 1994DEFGA-CA priced below our cost?! ... Yes!
252.01JAYJAY::KORNSWed Jul 06 1994FDDI service over STS-1
253.02STROP::LAYLANDFri Jul 08 1994Performance ??
254.0NPSS::RENDAMon Jul 11 1994GIGAswitch Version 2.1 Firmware Available
255.03MIMS::LOKIETZ_SThu Jul 14 1994dual homing of clustered VAXen
256.02CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Jul 19 1994Problem with 2.1 upgrade
257.017CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Jul 20 1994Gigaswitch Error codes
258.03GIDDAY::KULHALLIThu Jul 21 1994PSC Upgrade
259.0243GMC::KEITHFri Jul 22 1994How big it this thing?
260.0MSBCS::FRAZIER_JFri Jul 22 1994GIGAswitch MIB question..
261.0SCHOOL::MAJIKASTue Jul 26 1994GIGAswitch wins R&D 1
262.03ODIXIE::RICHARDSONWed Jul 27 1994GIGASWITCH configuration with DECconcentratro 9
263.0YUPPY::GAYFri Jul 29 1994Change Spanning Tree Params with HUBwatch ?
264.02SWAM1::SACHARSKE_LOFri Jul 29 1994T-3's & Load balancing
265.017MORLEY::SEGETFri Aug 05 1994unpingable gigaswitch
266.0TROOA::SCHAFFNERMon Aug 08 1994Other vendor Interoperability
267.0SCHOOL::MAJIKASMon Aug 08 1994GIGAswitch Patents - fyi (132 columns)
268.02SNOFS1::BELLMIKEWed Aug 10 1994who is using PLCP?
269.03TPOVC::TONYCHENGWed Aug 10 1994fail to bridge netware sap query protocol
270.0NPSS::MDLYONSWed Aug 10 1994How to use the OBM SNMP GET command
271.0NPSS::MDLYONSWed Aug 10 1994GIGAswitch is now GIGAswitch/FDDI
272.01SAC::KINDER_NFri Aug 12 1994ATM Conferences
273.02OPCO::NET_PJDSun Aug 14 1994MIB for DECmcc V1.3.......
274.0MSBCS::FRAZIER_JMon Aug 15 1994No training?
275.01BONNET::GUINEA::BALLETTATue Aug 16 1994Hunts group as a solution to high availability and hot stand-by issues?
276.0BONNET::GUINEA::BALLETTATue Aug 16 1994Hunts-group as a solution to high availability and hot stand-by issues?
277.01FLYWAY::BICHSELWed Aug 17 1994IP problem
278.04ZPOVC::KOKLEKWed Aug 17 1994PSC Upgrading Problem
279.01YUPPY::CURRYWed Aug 17 1994Problem setting eauthTrapUserAddress
280.02YUPPY::GAYThu Aug 18 1994Rate Limiting Definition.
281.02ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAFri Aug 19 1994Upper layer filtering?, Routing card?
282.05ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAFri Aug 19 1994What do you think of ROUTING on the GIGAswitch.
283.06GIDDAY::CHONGMon Aug 22 1994is reboot required to be ROOT ?
284.0SCHOOL::MAJIKASMon Aug 22 1994FDDI - ATM latency with ATM linecard in GIGAswitch
285.0SCHOOL::MAJIKASMon Aug 22 1994How many GIGAswitch/FDDI units have shipped?
286.06NWDMon Aug 22 1994How to connect protocol analyzer ?
287.01NPSS::MDLYONSWed Aug 24 1994Spanning tree Forward Delay problem - being worked on...
288.07CUJO::HILLThu Aug 25 1994GIGAswitch to GIGAswitch configurations
289.01BD31Fri Aug 26 1994Gigaswitch to DEC 21
290.03UTRTSC::UTRTSC::DEKKERMon Aug 29 1994Difference between fddi-mib and bridge-mib in Giga/fddi ??
291.02HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEThu Sep 01 1994How to use OBM set the IP add. ?
292.06GUCCI::DMCCLOUDThu Sep 01 1994GIGAswitch Spanning Tree Broken?
293.04SCHOOL::MAJIKASFri Sep 02 1994Low cost, Entry level GIGAswitch interest?
294.04HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEESun Sep 04 1994Upgrade problem in SCP & PSC ?
295.02GIDDAY::KULHALLIMon Sep 05 1994DS3/E3 Error counters
296.05CGOOA::MASLIUKTue Sep 06 1994Gigaswitch and Xyplex
297.02NWDTue Sep 06 1994Store & Forward vs. Cut-Through
298.0CGOSWed Sep 07 1994Acceptance test plans out there?
299.03CGOSMon Sep 12 1994Leakage tests for hospital.
300.04LARVAE::WILKINS_NTue Sep 13 1994switch illegal size frames?
301.02MPGS::RICHESSONTue Sep 13 1994Documentation for AGL-2 T3 Line Buildout
302.01GIDDAY::KULHALLIThu Sep 15 1994ATM/DS3 Tools
303.03NWDThu Sep 15 1994Multiple VCIs
304.08F1Wed Sep 21 1994Performance mesurements through the AGL-2
305.02F1Wed Sep 21 1994Doamins accross two GIGAswitches?
308.01SCHOOL::MAJIKASMon Sep 26 1994Positioning Paper on Switching - from INTEROP
309.06PTOJJD::DANZAKTue Sep 27 1994NFS Timeouts on Gigaswitch/but Concentrator ok
310.02UFP::LARUETue Sep 27 1994FGL-4 = 4 separate FDDI rings?
311.03ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAWed Sep 28 1994Preferred managemnet platform?
312.08UFP::LARUEWed Sep 28 1994How can "LAN emulation" be done today?
313.07BUDDIE::KORNSSun Oct 02 1994SCP failover time, etc
314.01PTOJJD::DANZAKMon Oct 03 1994Port rekey - how to??
315.03UTOPIE::PAYERHUBERMon Oct 03 1994FW 1.
316.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue Oct 04 1994HUBwatch and FGL-4 ?
317.08TPSC1Wed Oct 05 1994config and order number of UTP PMD?
318.03DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Oct 05 1994Initial Power-up functionality
319.02OSLWed Oct 05 1994FDX support on Futurebus Adapter (DEFAA) ?
320.02FLYWAY::BICHSELThu Oct 06 1994Failed to communicate (ping) switch?
321.04HGOVC::BURANCELEUNGFri Oct 07 1994Course Instructor
322.03DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Oct 07 1994Forwarding table questions
323.02DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Oct 10 1994Artel switch info needed
324.01NPSS::MDLYONSMon Oct 10 1994Spanning tree bug - GIGAswitch/Vitalink (others possible)
325.02UTRTSC::VDCRUIJSENTue Oct 11 1994GIGAswitch Silicon Graphics Interoperability problem ??????
326.04CTSNRG::MONSIEGNEURTue Oct 11 1994ATM Interoperability in GIGAswitch Products
327.01MXOCTue Oct 11 1994SynOptics 3
328.01GIDDAY::KINGSMILLWed Oct 12 1994How do you know your in FDX mode?
329.02GRANPA::DMCCLOUDWed Oct 12 1994GIGAswitch Dual 48V Power Supplies?
330.02TPOVC::ALLENCHENWed Oct 12 1994GIGAswitch, Ethernet Hub + PVM,LSF
331.0SCHOOL::MAJIKASThu Oct 13 1994DEFGB-BA - 48v DC FEU specs and configuration
332.01SNOFS1::BELLMIKEMon Oct 17 1994E4 on the AGL Card?
333.01ANGLIN::BERNDTMon Oct 17 1994GIGAswitch/FDDI -many subnets????
334.04STKHLM::DUFVATue Oct 18 1994SCP insertion problem
335.014JAHMAN::ELLISThu Oct 20 1994Questions, questions,...
336.0TROOA::LEONGThu Oct 20 1994Competing with Alantec
337.01OSLSat Oct 22 1994Competing with Synoptics 1
338.04ZPOVC::RAMARAJMon Oct 24 1994DL3
339.019KAOFS::R_RYANMon Oct 24 1994SCP failure-help in analysis
340.02VAXRIO::ROLFTue Oct 25 1994SMF/MMF converter for ATM
341.05JAHMAN::ELLISTue Oct 25 1994TroubleMaker...
342.01PFSVAX::WUENSCHELLWed Oct 26 1994Where is firmware 2.14 or later?
343.04ALFETA::MAURICIOThu Oct 27 1994FDDI/ATM interoperability issues?
344.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGFri Oct 28 1994FGL4 supported in HW OSF 3.1?
345.02LUPO::SIMINOThu Nov 03 1994SCSI devices connected to GIGAswitch
346.04UFP::LARUEThu Nov 03 1994Is Full-duplex + Dual-homing possible?
347.02DECPRG::PAVLUPThu Nov 03 1994SMF PMDs (DEFXS) vawelength ???
348.01COPCLU::GREGFri Nov 04 19943Com comp. info needed
349.010DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Nov 07 1994DECNIS 5
350.03KAOFS::S_HYNDMANMon Nov 07 1994Change FGL-2 port to type M with HUBwatch?
351.02CGOOA::CRICKTue Nov 08 1994IP addresses for SNMP management
352.011TKOV51::KOBAYASHI_AKWed Nov 09 1994GIGAswitch arp
353.02CSOA1::SMITHWed Nov 09 1994HELP -Gigaswitch/FDDI Throughput
354.07FRSIT::MAYERMon Nov 14 1994Hunt Groups, Multipath, Mesh Topologies ?
355.01MUDDY::WATERSMon Nov 14 1994Cisco ATM brouters
356.02MUDDY::WATERSMon Nov 14 1994NetEdge (& Fore) ATM brouters
357.0MUDDY::WATERSMon Nov 14 19943Com ATM brouters
358.0MUDDY::WATERSMon Nov 14 1994future ATM brouter
359.0MUDDY::WATERSMon Nov 14 1994future ATM brouter
360.0MUDDY::WATERSMon Nov 14 1994future ATM brouter
361.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Nov 17 1994FDDI training material ????
362.02KAOFS::S_HYNDMANFri Nov 18 1994Fan fault light on
363.022QCAVMon Nov 21 1994DualHoming- Gigaswitch and FDDI Concentrator ?
364.0+8KAOFS::S_HYNDMANMon Nov 21 1994Help changing FGL-2 DAS-port M-port
365.02HGOM11::PRESTONMEITue Nov 22 1994synoptic 28
366.08CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONWed Nov 23 1994Where does a customer get a CBS-
367.02PRSPSU::JACQUOTThu Nov 24 1994part for fgl4
368.03HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEFri Nov 25 1994FGL4 on Slot 13-14 ?
369.0KAOFS::S_HYNDMANFri Nov 25 1994GIGAswitch MCS support - fan assembly not a FRU
370.04ZURMon Nov 28 1994GIGAswitch/ATM powersupply question
371.03NPSS::RENDATue Nov 29 1994Looking for Field Test Sites for GIGAswitch 2.2
372.0NPSS::MDLYONSTue Nov 29 1994FGL-4 performance problem - inbound cut through forwarding is not enabled
373.02GOFER::edkpcl.shr.dec.com::kaufmannWed Nov 30 1994Firmware SCP V2.1 CheckSum Error
374.01WARFUT::NAEEMThu Dec 01 1994FGL-4 & firmware version?
375.04CX3PST::EMAWIZ::T_MILTONThu Dec 01 1994Bursty Control Packets and FloodHogs?
376.03CERN::JRSFri Dec 02 19944-port FGL and mono-mode PMDs?
377.01FRSTI::CHRISTOPHFri Dec 02 1994Dual Homing on diff. GIGAswitch
378.0STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Dec 02 1994Are $1
379.05HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Dec 06 1994Dual-homing Failover question
380.06PRSSOS::PEYRACHEThu Dec 08 1994Dual GIGAswitch configuration questions.
381.02GRANPA::DFEHLEISENSat Dec 10 1994Packet/sec info sought
382.01YUPPY::KENNEDYEMon Dec 12 1994GIGASwitch causing FDDI messages
383.02CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONTue Dec 13 1994Giga Switch FDDI mib and OSI Net Expert problem
384.08MSDOA::REEDThu Dec 15 1994Wrong Card in FGL-4 Boxes from Anixter.
385.05QCAVFri Dec 16 1994.tftp and PSC slot no questions.
386.01HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEFri Dec 16 1994After CBS (-
387.07MSAMMon Dec 19 1994ATM/FDDI Config For Customer
388.0ZURTue Dec 20 1994broken Clock module, minimum Hardware Revisions?
389.01NETCAD::SLAWRENCETue Dec 20 1994Need lots of MAC addresses
390.01ZURWed Dec 21 1994Bridge Path Cost 1
391.08CGOSWed Dec 21 1994M Ports on FGL-4?
392.01CGOSThu Dec 22 1994MIB questions.
393.02QCAVMon Dec 26 1994HPOpenView command to change to Mports ?
394.04MAASUP::MUDGETTTue Dec 27 1994Gigaswitch chokes on Sable running OSF
395.03ANGLIN::MILLERTue Dec 27 1994DEMFA "receive format err"
396.09GHOST1::SMALLThu Dec 29 1994Node on gigaswitch has slow response
397.02TLAVThu Dec 29 1994Document P/N need for GIGAswitch and DECbridge528
398.01CSC32::B_GOODWINThu Jan 05 1995Part # for ATM fiber cables...
399.02GIDDAY::KULHALLIFri Jan 06 1995HUBWATCH and AGL2
400.020PADNOM::PEYRACHETue Jan 10 1995M ports questions again
401.02ODIXIE::CAPOZZITue Jan 10 1995Amber Led on PSC stays on
402.02MEOCFri Jan 13 1995Load sharing yet?
403.01OSLLAV::TORTue Jan 17 1995"hot-addition" of linecards possible ?
404.01CGOOA::CRICKWed Jan 18 1995Ring Purge proprietary?
405.01CGOOA::CRICKWed Jan 18 1995Can't access the MIB file
406.01STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Jan 20 1995Comments welcome on response to quasi-RFP!
407.02SDOGUS::DUTTAThu Jan 26 1995BB:
408.01TOPTEN::LEONARDTue Jan 31 1995Single ring vs Gigaswitch config questions....
409.04UTOPIE::PAYERHUBERThu Feb 02 1995Hubwatch/Multicastrate?
410.04DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Feb 02 1995ATM-FDDI-Ethernet and TCP/IP
411.03UFP::LARUEThu Feb 09 1995Sink port for *all* packets?
412.04SCHOOL::MAJIKASThu Feb 09 1995GIGAswitch/FDDI documents: all on-line files
413.02TAVIS::ALTERMon Feb 13 1995Clock module an Croos Bar Switch module backup
414.03CSC32::D_PERRINMon Feb 13 1995scp 2.1 firmware upg hangs
415.02ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAMon Feb 13 1995Can't transfer V2.1 firmware files to switch
416.05TAVIS::ALTERTue Feb 14 1995how many stations can be connected to the GS/FDDI?
417.07GUIDUK::STROMSETHWed Feb 15 1995Hunt group for multi-circuit end system?
418.02GUIDUK::STROMSETHWed Feb 15 1995Classified GigaSwitch - purge procedures?
419.02STRWRS::KOCH_PWed Feb 22 1995Defense Contractor needs more answers...
420.06KAOFS::S_HYNDMANWed Feb 22 1995Filtering questions
421.02VMSNET::WSAWed Feb 22 1995General GIGAswitch Info.
422.02MSE1::TOBINThu Feb 23 1995Single mode fiber OC-3 max distance for the AGL-2 card
423.04TBB2::MOKBELFri Feb 24 1995PMD in B port and M port
424.0UFP::LARUEMon Feb 27 1995Private Virtual Networks in ATM?
425.01ISIDRO::LMGONZALEZThu Mar 02 19952 Rings linked by GIGA
426.02DAGWST::PIAZZAThu Mar 02 1995Problem connecting to console via Term Server from OSF/1 or ULTRIX
427.01BERNFri Mar 03 1995Working configuration ?
428.02CSC32::L_MORSEMon Mar 06 1995rundt packets not filtered
429.0+7PTOJJD::DANZAKMon Mar 06 1995Full duplex support, to...?
430.01CGOOA::SPICERTue Mar 07 1995Alantec Competition
431.02HAN::JCARSTENSWed Mar 08 1995Cray, FDDI and GIGAswitch
432.01JULIET::WENGER_GEThu Mar 09 19952nd SCP failure
433.02OSLLAV::TORMon Mar 13 1995Creating port filters using HP OpenView
434.02EEMELI::RUOTILAWed Mar 15 1995Virtual LANs? How to configure?
435.03DEKVC::JINOHKWAKWed Mar 15 1995Dual Homing in GIGAswitch
436.09KAOFS::S_HYNDMANFri Mar 15 1996failing Gigaswitch - Power/PCS problem?
437.0SNOFS1::BELLMIKEFri Mar 17 1995MIL-SPEC are there any?
438.04ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAFri Mar 17 1995Syntax error with SET command in MCC
439.01DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Mar 20 1995Xyplex FDDI switch product
440.05JULIET::WENGER_GEMon Mar 20 1995cable part numbers needed
441.03ANOHAC::COMFORTTue Mar 21 1995Dual homed configuration review?
442.02OSLLAV::NILSS_PTue Mar 21 1995Gigaswitch with 3X 4Ports and SAS
443.02DV78Thu Mar 23 1995When OC-12 Support?
444.0DV78Fri Mar 24 199548v power supply question
445.04DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Mar 24 1995Addr Table Structure
446.01FRSIT::MAYERMon Mar 27 1995Version 2.2 availability
448.01STRWRS::KOCH_PTue Mar 28 1995Can a concentrator M-port go to a GIGAswitch M-port?
449.03WELSWS::MCANDREWTue Mar 28 1995Data fetch/store bus error
450.01CGOOA::DANYLUKWed Mar 29 1995Pinging the Gigaswitch ?
451.05VMSNET::WSAMon Apr 03 1995FDDI vs. Fiber
452.01TKOV51::TAGUCHITue Apr 04 1995SMT & Firmware
453.014CX3PST::EMAWIZ::T_MILTONThu Apr 06 1995SCP timed out messages
454.01FRSIT::MAYERFri Apr 07 1995GIGAswitch as RMON Probe ?
455.014NPSS::RENDAFri Apr 07 1995GIGAswitch Version 2.2 Availability
456.06NCMAIL::GADSDENPMon Apr 10 1995GIG Performance as Storage Server?
457.01DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Apr 17 1995Cables for GIGAswitch
458.07DECLNE::LICKMon Apr 17 1995gigaswitch and dechub configuration
459.07FRSIT::MAYERTue Apr 18 1995FGL-4 problem if used in Slot 1
460.02BERNTue Apr 18 1995Spare CBS / clock module
461.03DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Apr 18 1995Power up state: Plug and play?
462.03FRSIT::MAYERWed Apr 19 1995Installation Problems of GIGAsw/FDDI
463.0+7NPSS::MDLYONSFri Apr 21 1995Common problems encountered during firmware upgrades
464.02STRWRS::KOCH_PTue Apr 25 1995Will 4 port cards work in 2 port slots?
465.014OURGNG::RIGGENTue Apr 25 1995Cisco Lightstream/2
466.02DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Apr 26 1995Filtering via HUBwatch
468.04DELBOY::pcFri Apr 28 1995sharing population across paired gigaswitches?
469.01JOBURG::LUCOTTEWed May 03 1995
470.04MEOCFri May 05 1995Hubwatch & a New Community
471.02OSLFri May 05 1995Port "mirroring"
472.02CSC32::J_SOBECKIFri May 05 1995aging/learning time?
473.01CSC32::J_SOBECKITue May 09 1995errorLog_panic/errorLog_SCPbooted
474.06CSLALL::GORMLEY_TJThu May 11 1995Support bracket for fiber optics??
475.02STAR::JFRAZIERFri May 12 1995RFC1695 ??
476.0CSC32::L_MORSEFri May 12 1995
477.05BERNMon May 15 1995configuration guidelines huntgroups
478.03DPDMAI::DAVIESTue May 16 1995GIGA/FDDI Testimonials
479.01ODIF11::LICATATue May 16 1995Basic Token question
480.02TKOV51::KATSUBEThu May 18 1995GIGAswitch AC current question
481.043GMC::KEITHThu May 18 1995Interest in Gigaswitch door?
482.05WELSWS::MCANDREWThu May 18 1995Ring Purge enable SET fails
483.01CSC32::J_WIELANDFri May 19 1995help on non-dec unix firmware upgrade of giga?
484.02STAR::FDOLLFri May 19 1995Peak ATM Traffic Rate
485.03COMICS::PRICECTue May 23 1995Did we develop these or just buy them
486.01MPGS::STANLEYTue May 23 1995In Search of FDDI Line Card Spec
487.0SCHOOL::MAJIKASTue May 23 1995GIGAswitch/FDDI customer references & testimonials
488.04FRSIT::MAYERWed May 24 1995Wrong MIB Value for PortState on FGL-4
489.05FRSIT::MAYERWed May 24 1995LED State for Dual Homed Stations
490.0NPSS::MDLYONSWed May 24 1995BL2.2 upgrade problem
491.02FILTON::PACK_JThu May 25 1995Is this how it works ?
492.01SWAM2::NEELY_ALFri May 26 1995Can more the six 4-prot line cards be used
493.03SWAM2::PORT_CHFri May 26 1995Question about DAC's and GIGA/Fddi [configuration]
494.01GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDMon May 29 1995setting filters from netview, how?
495.02EEMELI::HUTTUNENMon May 29 1995Problem with arp-server
496.01DRAC::63795::LLUISMon May 29 1995Gigaswitch/ATM and DECswitch4
497.06ANOHAC::COMFORTTue May 30 1995FGL leds status question
498.03CUJO::BROWNTue May 30 1995CounterCreationTime Inconsistency?
499.02GOYA::JOSEFWed May 31 1995Configuration help...
500.02NETRIX::"roling@uto.mts.dec.com"Wed May 31 199512 GIGAswitch mesh and spanningtree
501.01GOYA::JOSEFWed May 31 1995Help in configuration
502.03CGOOA::DANYLUKWed May 31 1995SCP Error
503.01TKOV51::KATSUBEFri Jun 02 1995GIGAswitch/FDDI DC power supply
504.04WARFUT::NAEEMFri Jun 02 1995How to modify MIB OBJECTS ?
505.02ATYISA::ESTKOWSKIFri Jun 02 1995GIGAswitch/ATM with RS6
506.04COMICS::PRICECMon Jun 05 1995Cisco, Gigaswitch, Duual rail decnet
507.02WARABI::CHIUANDREWThu Jun 08 1995Hubwatch V3.1 to manage Gigaswitch V2.2?
508.03DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Jun 12 1995SUpport for Type 9 STP cable
509.01KAOFS::S_HYNDMANMon Jun 12 1995How to achieve module redundancy?
510.016WARABI::CHIUANDREWTue Jun 13 1995DECswitch9
511.06--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 13 1995undefined crash on fgl4 module insertion
512.0SHAND::shandFri Jun 16 1995Feedback on highly resilient installations requested
513.01CSC32::T_MILTONFri Jun 16 1995Where's the thermistor
514.01STRWRS::KOCH_PMon Jun 19 1995Can a V2.1 FGL-4 accept an A/B connection?
515.01CTSNRG::SCHEIDThu Jun 22 1995Gigaswitch causes 9
516.04WARABI::CHIUANDREWMon Jun 26 1995Bridg port status on M-port of FGL-4?
517.04SHAND::shandMon Jun 26 1995Multihoming concentrators?
518.01HGOM2Wed Jun 28 1995DECswitch4
519.01FRSIT::MAYERThu Jun 29 1995LCT test failures
520.03ZPOVC::SHINYAWThu Jun 29 1995E3 on DS3 Daughter card
521.04DPDMAI::BUENSUCESOSun Jul 02 1995token ring concepts
522.0SCHOOL::RLEBLANCWed Jul 05 1995optical power budgets - Thx Dick!
523.02NCMAIL::SCHEIDWed Jul 05 1995CI Clusters and Gigaswitches
524.02PRSSOS::HOFFMANNTue Jul 11 1995Gigaswitch and IP adresses
525.02QDOVTue Jul 11 1995CHIPCOM ATM Chassis v/s GIGASwitch/ATM
526.05DPDMAI::BUENSUCESOWed Jul 12 1995FGL-4 LED's
527.011PRSSOS::PEYRACHEWed Jul 12 1995hunt group more questions
528.016NPSS::MDLYONSThu Jul 13 1995GIGAswitch/FDDI field test sites requested
529.01CSC32::B_HORNEThu Jul 13 1995DEFCN-EA to DEFXS-AA?
530.03SWETSC::ALBINSSONFri Jul 14 1995Want a IP address of a GIGAswitch near Swden inside Digital
531.02BIGUN::wulff.cao.dec.com::wulffMon Jul 17 1995622 Mb/s module support single mode or multi-mode
532.01SCHOOL::MAJIKASMon Jul 17 1995"Competitive Selling" and product positioning
533.01STAR::FDOLLMon Jul 17 1995Management question
534.01VNABRW::BROOKS_JTue Jul 18 1995FGL-2 HW-Revision
535.02HGCSTue Jul 18 1995Way to clean up errorlog entries?
536.07HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Jul 19 1995errorLog_panic -- address error exception
537.0SCHOOL::MAJIKASWed Jul 19 1995Interoperability of UTP - "ANSI TP-PMD" (not) CDDI
538.02STROP::LAYLANDFri Jul 21 1995Some config questions
539.01TAMPA::FEINSTEINSat Jul 22 1995Optical Budget loss for PMDs
540.010SHAND::shandMon Jul 24 1995detailed failure recovery times
541.03BIGUN::wulff.cao.dec.com::wulffWed Jul 26 1995Arp Server behavior to changed address
542.01TKOV51::TAGUCHIThu Jul 27 1995Netview with GIGA/FDDI
543.04DPDMAI::BUENSUCESOFri Jul 28 1995dual power supply questions
544.06ANOHAC::COMFORTMon Jul 31 1995IP problems w/ giga/fddi
545.06MKOTS3::tcc145.mko.dec.com::laverdureMon Jul 31 1995pin-outs for OBM port?
547.01BERNFri Aug 04 1995snmp management with Manageworks ?
548.01XROADS::BREINHOLTMon Aug 07 1995ARP table problems for attached routers?
549.03CSC32::L_MORSEMon Aug 07 1995Novell forward of IPX server traffic
550.06NPSS::MDLYONSTue Aug 08 1995Don't set DA filters for the GIGAswitch/FDDI box addresses
551.014SOS6::PEYRACHEMon Aug 14 1995HUNT Group Protocols Supported
552.05DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Aug 15 1995Firmware upgrade via VMS/Alpha load host??
553.01SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWTue Aug 15 1995DS9
554.04BERNWed Aug 16 1995dead SCP ?
555.03GIDDAY::KULHALLIWed Aug 16 1995SCP crash
556.06NPSS::MDLYONSThu Aug 17 1995Documentation errors
557.010PRSSOS::PEYRACHEFri Aug 18 1995Packets Buffering Question
558.01SNOFS1::KHOOJEANNIEMon Aug 21 1995Details of Next Version???
559.06CLPRTue Aug 22 1995FDX and Hunt
560.08ZURFri Aug 25 1995Hubwatch max Address Filter limit = 62 ?
561.01RDMCS3::STUARTMon Aug 28 1995trouble setting trap address using HP/OV
562.02COMICS::BUTTTue Aug 29 1995Are you running Full duplex ?
563.05YOOV31::MIKAMIWed Aug 30 1995When SMT v7.3 released
564.05SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWWed Aug 30 1995One IP address, will GS send traps when port is down?
566.0UTRTSC::DENIJSThu Aug 31 1995U.B. GeoRim via FDDI to Gigaswitch FDDI ???
567.05LEMAN::BRUNNERMon Sep 04 1995Supported config ?
568.01SEOSS1::mosTue Sep 05 1995Cant remove old IP address
569.01ANOHAC::COMFORTTue Sep 05 1995Question on ARP and addressing
570.09DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Sep 05 1995Port - Port filtering needs
571.01BERNMon Sep 11 1995Which SCP is E or B ?
572.01CGOOA::KUNDRIKMon Sep 11 1995Switch answers twice to ping
573.05ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAMon Sep 11 1995What are those counters?
574.04GRANPA::DFAUSTWed Sep 13 1995GIGAswitch Certification
575.01SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWFri Sep 15 1995ARP server, subnetting and IP routing?
576.0DPDMAI::DAVIESTue Sep 19 1995Performance Monitoring of a GIGAswitch
577.06GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Sep 21 1995Weird Hubwatch Filter Setup Behaviour
578.09GIDDAY::KULHALLIFri Sep 22 1995Default Filter and ARP server
579.09BIS5::RUTTENSWed Sep 27 1995Spanning Tree parameters
580.011RDGENG::GREIDThu Sep 28 1995Configuration Question ?
581.07STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Sep 28 1995What are the extra characters in GIGAswitch version?
582.03UTRTSC::UTRTSC::DEKKERFri Sep 29 1995Supported Config?
583.02NPSS::MDLYONSFri Sep 29 1995WWW pages for GIGAswitch products
584.02CX3PST::EMAWIZ::T_MILTONFri Sep 29 1995Gigaswitch arp request slowdowns
585.06NETRIX::"beebe@slo.mts.dec.com"Mon Oct 02 1995Network Consultant
586.01GIDDAY::CHONGTue Oct 03 1995atNetAddress query
587.03SHAND::shandWed Oct 04 1995Maximum port configuration?
589.01SOUPER::COOPERFri Oct 06 1995FDDT & Network General Sniffer
590.01GENIE::FUCHSMon Oct 09 1995 Version 3.
591.012NPSS::MDLYONSWed Oct 11 1995Hubloader issues related to GIGAswitch/xxx support
592.01TPOVC::JERRYYEHWed Oct 11 1995FGL-4 frame size and protocol type
593.01RDMCS3::STUARTTue Oct 17 1995filter on vendor portion of address?
594.04MKOTS3::LAVERDURETue Oct 17 1995ATM-AGL2 card connector types?
595.02SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWTue Oct 17 1995filtering questions in V2.2 with HWV4.1.1
596.06SCASWed Oct 18 1995WAN Hunt Groups Supported?
597.07ODIF11::LICATAFri Oct 20 1995Cisco Wan Clusters
598.01UNITED::ppp3.olo.dec.com::davetTue Oct 24 1995hunt groups - availability and tutorial??
599.01BEJVC::TYRONELINWed Oct 25 1995Urgently need your help
600.04PTOJJD::DANZAKThu Oct 26 1995T3/Full Duplex & groping for hunt groups
601.01SCASThu Oct 26 1995green on yellow blinking
602.03PRSSOS::PEYRACHEFri Oct 27 1995Hunts Group and Spanning Tree
603.08TBB2::MOKBELFri Oct 27 1995GIGAswitch and cluster performance
604.05BRAT::BUKOWSKIWed Nov 01 1995ARP serving causing TCP/IP problems?
605.02QCAVThu Nov 02 1995some urgent help required on gigaswitch
607.03HLFSFri Nov 03 1995GIGAswitch/FDDI card guide - too small
608.06PRSSOS::PEYRACHEMon Nov 06 1995ARP Server and HSRP compatibility
609.01HGOVC::RICHARDLAMWed Nov 08 1995second SCP, redundancy only ?
610.02STKHLM::DUFVAMon Nov 13 1995Default IP Route, non-zero subnet mask?
611.01LYOISA::GAUDIEZTue Nov 14 1995dual homing on two Gigaswitch ?
612.02CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMThu Nov 16 1995Configuration and Planning Guide ?
613.04HGOVC::STEVENCHEUNGTue Nov 21 1995SAS Connection Config.
614.02SWETSC::ALBINSSONTue Nov 21 1995Topology Changes on Gigaswitch and DECbridge 9
615.03SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWTue Nov 21 1995gigaswitch goes through default gateway ?
616.01ZPOVC::SENGMENGMon Dec 04 1995Gigaswitch/ATM with Fore Systems
617.07ZPOVC::SENGMENGMon Dec 04 1995GigasW/FDDI SAS to DECSwitch9
618.01SCASS1::DAVIESTue Dec 05 1995ENtering Static addresses
619.01PTOJJD::DANZAKWed Dec 06 1995Only want to change community? Need to SNMP it?
620.04SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWWed Dec 06 1995spanning tree question on Gigaswitch M-S via S-S?
621.02HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Dec 07 1995Unsupported GS/FDDI features with HUBwatch?
622.01BRADEC::LIPTAKMFri Dec 08 1995DECswitch 4
624.06GIDDAY::KULHALLIFri Dec 08 1995IP address DEASSIGN Not working
625.0454764::YMMon Dec 11 1995Gigaswitch/FDDI PID
626.015GNOMO::JOSEFTue Dec 12 1995Document about ATM weakness?
627.01CHEFS::HARVEYWed Dec 13 1995Dual-Homing clarification please
628.08RDMCS3::STUARTWed Dec 13 1995dual GIGAswitch to DEChub w/ dual DECswitch 9
629.07DEKVC::YOUNGCHANKIMThu Dec 14 1995card changed for spped up !
630.03CSC32::L_MORSEThu Dec 14 199515 adn 2
632.03ODIF11::LICATAThu Dec 14 1995simple arp server question
633.01CX3PST::NOTAMI::A_ANDERSONFri Dec 15 1995Does a FGL4 card switch from M to S
634.01NETRIX::"trewitt@pa.dec.com"Fri Dec 15 1995Packet forwarding statistics matrix?
635.05NPSS::RENDAMon Dec 18 1995Need your input - TFTP only DLL?
636.05STKHLM::WEBJORNMon Dec 18 1995Community networks anyone?
637.013COMICS::BUTTTue Dec 19 1995Gigaswitch direct ARPs
638.01STRWRS::KOCH_PTue Dec 19 1995Does a card get its setting from the card or the SCP?
639.03DECPRG::KUPKAThu Dec 21 1995Firmware question.
640.08NETRIX::"dalyt@edowww.edo.dec.com"Wed Dec 27 1995Amber led on fan tray
641.03TAVThu Dec 28 1995High Availability GigaSwitch/ATM
642.01MXOCWed Jan 03 1996Performance issues & Tuning
643.01VAXSPO::ECASTROWed Jan 03 1996Netware SAP protocol filtering
644.04GIDDAY::KULHALLIMon Jan 08 1996CBS-
645.01NETRIX::"sf@uvo.dec.com"Tue Jan 09 1996What are the default options during a gigaswitch upgrade
646.04STRWRS::KOCH_PTue Jan 09 1996How far down into a packet can you filter?
647.02NETRIX::"sf@uvo.dec.com"Wed Jan 10 1996Any problems upgrading from v1 to V2.2
648.03TKOV51::KATSUBETue Jan 16 19962
649.01TKOV51::KATSUBETue Jan 16 1996DEFXS-BA is available ?
650.05UTROP1:: Jan 16 1996PIM (Protocol Independant Multicast) support?
651.01GRANPA::DFAUSTThu Jan 18 1996Longer AC cord needed
652.01UTROP1:: Jan 18 1996ARP Server flushing questions
653.03ODIF11::LICATAFri Jan 19 1996Non IP connections over ATM
654.02MARSThu Jan 25 1996GIGAswitch configuration questions
655.021CHEFS::sedess.hhl.dec.com::goodeThu Jan 25 1996Config with FOUR Gigaswitches - Full duplex
656.06GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Jan 31 1996Gigaswitch T3 or Sonet Microwave BRS solution ?
657.04CHICHZ::EDELMANNWed Jan 31 1996Giga/FDDI SCP firmware loc and upgrade procedure?
658.03SWTHOM::PEYRACHEThu Feb 01 1996Utilization and Performance Measurement ?
659.033SCHOOL::RLEBLANCFri Feb 02 1996Wish List items
660.06LYOISA::GAUDIEZMon Feb 05 1996diffusion and predictability ?
661.0HGOVC::ANTHONYCHIUMon Feb 05 1996GW/FDDI Evaluation Test
662.01TPOVC::MIKECHANGWed Feb 07 1996management about AGL-2
663.012BRUNEL::PADDICKWed Feb 07 1996Virtual LANs, Hunt groups?
664.06SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWThu Feb 08 1996HUNT group of links of different type?
665.015GIDDAY::KULHALLIThu Feb 08 1996mPortEnable and Hubwatch 4.1
666.03NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Tue Feb 13 1996URGENT - PSU needed
667.03HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGWed Feb 14 1996Non-zero VPI support?
668.08ZPOVC::RICHARDTANThu Feb 15 1996Fast Ethernet?
669.03KITVAX::METHOTTue Feb 20 1996> DEFPA BW NICs?
670.0IJSAPL::rtdThu Feb 22 1996ATM switches in high availability network.
671.0MKOTS3::tcc145.mko.dec.com::laverdureFri Feb 23 1996DAGGM - DAGGS use SC connectors?
672.02KERNEL::WARDJOTue Feb 27 1996duel power supply - load sharing or not?
673.01NPSS::MAJIKASThu Feb 29 1996The new GIGAswitch/FDDI product manager is...
674.025MXOCMon Mar 04 1996MIBs for Spectrum
675.03GIDDAY::KULHALLITue Mar 05 1996Duplicate Decnet address on Gigaswitch
676.06PHHSS1::DFAUSTTue Mar 05 1996GIGAswitch Configuration Questions
677.01XROADS::BREINHOLTWed Mar 06 1996Hunt Group Documentation?
678.01TKOV51::ASAKAWAFri Mar 08 1996Support ITU-T G.7
679.08TROOA::LEONGFri Mar 08 1996Limits on addresses for filters
680.04NETRIX::"ton.dekker@uto.mts.dec.com"Mon Mar 11 1996Unable to read status of AGL-2
681.05WMGEN2::nqsrv326.nqo.dec.com::Jacomb_scMon Mar 11 1996What happened to the ICONS
682.08CSC32::HEINZThu Mar 14 1996bootup delay
683.01OHFSMon Mar 18 1996..gigabox."linecard" object missing
684.01PHHSS1::DFAUSTThu Mar 20 1997Why a 2
685.09CHEFS::PADDICKThu Mar 21 1996LAT support for OBM?
686.01MSE1::RAOFri Mar 22 1996ifoperstatus
687.04SNOFS1::CHURCHILLJSun Mar 24 1996GIGAswitch/FDDI System vs the competition
688.06CGOOA::MASLIUKTue Mar 26 1996Crash after 235 days
689.08KCBBQ::HELTONWed Mar 27 1996SONET interface with PPP
690.0+5DECPRG::KUPKAThu Mar 28 1996E3 availability
691.02GIDDAY::STANISLAUSMon Apr 01 1996Gigaswitch ATM parts list
692.018DEKVC::BYUNGHOONKANTue Apr 02 1996GIGA Swich cause to inactive FNA protocol ?
693.0NPSS::MDLYONSWed Apr 03 1996DEFXM-AA MOD-PMD has new bezel (FDDI multimode PMD)
694.02SCASS1::GALVINWed Apr 03 1996how to manage a gigaswitch?
695.036NPSS::MDLYONSFri Apr 05 1996GIGAswitch/FDDI BL3.
696.04MFRNW1::SCHUSTERWed Apr 10 1996ARP processing and IP addresses ?
697.05DECPRG::KUPKAThu Apr 11 1996
698.05STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Apr 12 1996GIGAswitch SCPs failure meanings?
699.01SCASS1::GALVINMon Apr 15 1996gigaswitch guru needed!
700.05MKOTS3::LAVERDUREWed Apr 17 1996Max/min multicast pps ?
701.012WOTVAX::GAMETThu Apr 18 1996FGL4 V3.
702.01MXOCMon Apr 22 1996Cabletron MMAC+ FDDI switching
703.05HGOVC::RAYMONDPOONTue Apr 23 1996gigaswithch V3.
704.08CHEFS::PACK_JWed Apr 24 1996GS<=>GS 2
705.02STRWRS::KOCH_PWed Apr 24 1996GIGAswitch/FDDI, digital cross-connects & GIGAswitch/ATM
706.0+3NETRIX::"robert.schmoelzer@grt.mts.dec.com"Wed Apr 24 1996DEFXM-SC on GS/FDDI ?
707.01MXOCMon Apr 29 1996GIGAswitch/FW/hubWatch/clearVISN
708.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Apr 29 1996max MMF/SMF distance?
709.02DEKVC::YOUNGCHANKIMMon Apr 29 1996confused FNA protocol.
710.017HGOVC::RAYMONDPOONTue Apr 30 1996dual homing problem ??
711.07BRAT::BUKOWSKITue Apr 30 1996Gigaswitch dropping packets
712.02NETRIX::"sf@uvo.dec.com"Wed May 01 1996Fan trays on Gigaswitch.
713.01VIVIAN::F_MCANDREWThu May 02 1996line card reset to default settings?
714.03ZURFri May 03 1996non ARP Server cache size? ..does not respond
715.0--UnknownUser--Sun May 05 1996
716.02HGCSMon May 06 1996Difference between AGL-2 and AGL-2+ ?
717.05DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONTue May 07 1996how to check filtering state
718.09ODIF11::LICATAWed May 08 1996T3 outage problems
719.07TRIODE::SMOOTWed May 08 1996Need T3 - is DAGGT-AA still available?
720.04HGOSPS::IVANCHENGThu May 09 1996MIB-II problem/LineCardFailure trap
721.01VIVIAN::F_MCANDREWThu May 09 1996line card crc errorlog entries
722.05HGOVC::SHUMCFFri May 10 1996AGL2+ problem
723.04HTSC19::IVANCHENGFri May 10 1996How to set trap address ?
724.04MANMon May 13 1996FGL-2 probl with AS82
725.01STRWRS::KOCH_PMon May 13 1996Direct 155Mbps point-to-point between GIGAswitch/FDDI?
726.02HGOVC::SHUMCFMon May 13 1996Impacts on SCP/CLK failed
727.01BBIVTue May 14 1996ATMw35
728.02SNOFS1::KHOOJEANNIEWed May 15 1996Q's on Dual Homing
729.02HGOSPS::IVANCHENGFri May 17 1996Enterprise ID for Gigaswitch ...
730.02STKHLM::DUFVAFri May 17 1996Second SCP selftest behaviour?
731.03STRWRS::KOCH_PFri May 17 1996GIGAswitch physical mounting question
732.01QCAVMon May 20 1996gigaswitch BOOTING problem
733.01MLNOIS::BONAITIMon May 20 1996arp timeout problem
734.04CSC32::B_GOODWINTue May 21 1996Hunt Groups and failover...
735.05STRWRS::KOCH_PWed May 22 1996Using DS3 MUX to link GIGAswitch/FDDIs?
736.01KERNEL::GRIFFITHSJThu May 23 1996Errors logged in cut through mode
737.02SEOSS1::16.9Fri May 24 1996Virtual Lans and STP
739.08GIDDAY::KULHALLITue May 28 1996SCS/BRS OVER Gigaswitch/E3
740.01WOTVAX::GAMETTue May 28 1996Hunt group counters ?
741.016NPSS::MDLYONSWed May 29 1996BL3.1 Field test - Multiple spanning tree & Learning domains
742.06KERNEL::CHOPRAAThu May 30 1996SCP fails after a minute in slot 1 but works in slot 2? Help
743.027HGOVC::SHUMCFThu May 30 1996Dual homing failover
744.07PRSSOS::PEYRACHEFri May 31 1996Dual Homing Problems Again..
745.02DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONMon Jun 03 1996about firmware upgrade
746.05GIDDAY::STANISLAUSTue Jun 04 1996Funny SCP problem.
747.01NETRIX::"trewitt@pa.dec.com"Wed Jun 05 1996AGL+ firmware upgrade
748.02NCMAIL::SCHEIDThu Jun 06 1996FGL-4 Upgrade ... HUBloader problem ???
749.0+8PHHSS1::DFAUSTThu Jun 06 1996Power Cord Problems
750.0343GMC::KEITHFri Jun 07 1996Special features and config 3
751.02CHEFS::PADDICKMon Jun 10 1996Filtering SCS by Source address?
752.01CHEFS::PADDICKMon Jun 10 1996Power up time effected by H/W config?
753.03CHEFS::PADDICKMon Jun 10 1996Which SNMP managers will set up filter etc.?
754.02GIDDAY::STANISLAUSTue Jun 11 1996Sable 21
755.03CHEFS::BARKER_EWed Jun 12 1996Max Age Spanning Tree problem ?
756.02GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Jun 12 1996MSCP command timeout on shadow set members
757.015SCASS1::auodial1_port1.auo.dec.com::kornsWed Jun 12 1996ARP Sever and V3.
758.01SALEM::ELWARNERWed Jun 12 1996Dual homing bandwidth,
759.02KERNEL::ANSONRThu Jun 13 1996Gigaswicth v3.
760.01VAXSPO::ECASTROFri Jun 14 1996Number of ATM line cards in the GS/FDDI
761.02SIOG::B_OBRIENMon Jun 17 1996Switched/Fast Ethernet on Gigaswitch/FDDI?
762.05CHEFS::BARKER_EThu Jun 20 1996Dual-homing via dual rings to dual Gigaswitches ?
763.03PHHSS1::DFAUSTFri Jun 21 1996Spanning Tree Disable?
764.024UTRTSC::UTRTSC::DEKKERSat Jun 22 1996No ICMP reply from the Switch
765.02NETRIX::"CLARK.WILLIAM@ALFSS2A1.SOAREA.ALF.MTS.dec.com"Wed Jun 26 1996Dual Homing SNMP Changes
766.01TBJVOA::OHTANIThu Jun 27 1996GIGAswitch/FDDI 24
767.02NETRIX::"jan.bjerring.aabyevester@dmo.mts.dec.com"Thu Jun 27 1996FG4 is resetting when 9
769.02WMGEN1::nqsrv146.nqo.dec.com::TurkingtonFri Jun 28 1996Need help configuring/tuning FDDI network
770.02STRWRS::KOCH_PFri Jun 28 1996GIGAswitch wants leftmost SCP to be Elected...
771.02GIDDAY::STANISLAUSSun Jun 30 1996Two port FDDI to FDDI switch - Any plans ?
772.01TKOV51::KATSUBEMon Jul 01 1996Hunt group traffic group assignment
773.02MSBCS::HURLEYMon Jul 01 1996upgrade and docs.
774.0PTOJJD::DANZAKTue Jul 02 1996Updated-Field SEs @LKG
775.06OPCO::NET_JPMTue Jul 02 1996firmware v2.2 Vs 3.
776.06CSC32::J_SOBECKIWed Jul 03 1996Can't ping w/Hunt groups enabled
777.09NETRIX::"roger.harvey@gmt.mts.dec.com"Thu Jul 04 1996Filtering assistance
778.010COMICS::BUTTFri Jul 05 1996Upgrade to 3.
779.0GIDDAY::KULHALLIMon Jul 08 1996Hubwatch System Error on Gigaswitch
780.0NPSS::MDLYONSMon Jul 08 1996How to clear GIGAswitch/FDDI management memory the hard way
781.04OPCO::NET_JPMTue Jul 09 1996V2.2 - V3 upgrade times
782.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Jul 10 1996Who pays for the newer type of CBS card
783.02WASHDC::RKLINGWed Jul 10 1996Legal config?
784.05MEOCThu Jul 11 1996ManageWorks eauthTrapUserTable error
785.01DECPRG::1Thu Jul 11 1996Monitor Messages
786.02MUGGER::WHITHAMTue Jul 16 1996advice on cheapest T3 / remote site
787.04SCASS1::DAVIESThu Jul 18 1996FDDI Thruput testing
788.02PHHSS1::DFAUSTThu Jul 18 1996IP Address Question
789.01HGOM11::JACKWUSat Jul 20 1996GIGAswitch reboot with unknown reason after filter
790.05PHHSS1::DFAUSTMon Jul 22 1996FGL4 in selftest loop
791.04PHHSS1::DFAUSTMon Jul 29 1996Hunt group Problems
792.02CSC32::J_SOBECKIMon Jul 29 1996ifInUcastPkts always at 4 billion
793.03CSC32::CULPThu Aug 01 1996Firmware Upgrade
794.01SCASS1::TERPENINGThu Aug 01 1996Intermittent problems
795.0+5NPSS::MDLYONSMon Aug 05 1996IP switching
796.03KEIKI::WHITETue Aug 06 1996GIGAswitch/FDDI rebooting HEX 7 displayed on SCP?
797.03MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOTue Aug 06 1996Can't access doc
798.01JOBURG::LUCOTTETue Aug 06 1996Default community string on Gigaswitch
799.01NETRIX::"roger.harvey@gmt.mts.dec.com"Wed Aug 07 1996Single node with multiple FDDI adapters to GIGAswitch ?
800.019VIVIAN::M_PATTENWed Aug 07 1996W&G tester with GIGAswitch FDDI
801.01DEKVC::YOUNGCHANKIMThu Aug 08 1996hunt group doc point.
802.01CHEFS::LAYLANDJFri Aug 09 1996Frontier probe and FDX
803.01CSC32::CULPFri Aug 09 1996LLC NO SNAP
804.0NCMAIL::SCHEIDFri Aug 09 1996UNK MIB value for Gigaswitch
805.01NETRIX::"ivan.sorano@dai.mts.dec.com"Mon Aug 12 1996GIGAswitch booting problem
806.01RDGENG::GREIDTue Aug 13 1996Making Gigaswitch Root Bridge
807.01SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWWed Aug 14 1996Hunt group support on E3 links?
808.05NQOSWed Aug 14 1996Dual Homing topology Q. (have I lost it?)
809.0ZPOVC::SENGMENGWed Aug 14 1996IP subnetting conversion
810.05CHEFS::bunnys.reo.dec.com::sheriffjThu Aug 15 1996GIGAswitch/FDDI & IEEE8
811.03ZURFri Aug 16 1996Topology Changes from Catalyst. Trace/Monitor/Logging Messages?
812.06PHHSS1::DFAUSTSun Aug 18 1996Ful Duplex: Who dosed it?
813.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSSun Aug 18 1996Gigaswitch with AGL+ cards and F/W version 3 - Any reference site please ?
814.01GIDDAY::KULHALLIMon Aug 19 1996GS_ELAN Mib on Mworks
816.02MEOCThu Aug 22 1996Counters & Queuing Size
817.01COMICS::BUTTTue Aug 27 1996Discard ordering.
818.06CHEFS::PADDICKThu Aug 29 1996UNI 3.1 on AGL-2?
819.01PHHSS1::DFAUSTThu Sep 05 1996Problem when Router Reboots
820.03CHEFS::PADDICKMon Sep 09 1996Default port cost for Hunt Groups?
821.07SEOSS1::16.9Mon Sep 09 1996
822.0SEOSS1::16.9Mon Sep 09 1996Gigaswitch port utilization shows bad data.
822.09MAASUP::PORAMBOTue Sep 10 1996Counters and Monitoring
823.0+4STKHLM::WEBJORNFri Sep 13 1996Loose PMD's brought network down...
824.01STKHLM::WEBJORNFri Sep 13 1996Smaller Giga/FDDI??
825.04SCASS1::DAVIESMon Sep 16 1996Locking down GIGA addresses to ports
826.01HGOM11::LEUNGWINGKINTue Sep 17 1996SDH Repeater in between?
827.02MSBCS::HURLEYTue Sep 17 1996transfer rate
828.05SUOBOS::VEITHWed Sep 18 1996ReadWriteCommunity on GigaSwitch/FDDI V3.
829.011TKTVFS::SHIMAWed Sep 18 1996ping trouble
830.02BERNThu Sep 19 1996Support of AGL-2 for STM-1
831.02SCASS1::DAVIESFri Sep 20 1996S/W set SAS or DAS ports
832.02SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWWed Sep 25 1996NETBEUI filter in Gigaswitch/MCM V5.
833.011BERFS4::NORDThu Sep 26 1996what is FGL4_OP_3
834.03STOSS1::KUTZThu Sep 26 1996OC-12
835.02CSC32::P_BRADYThu Sep 26 1996HighPowered Laser support
836.07APACHE::KEITHMon Sep 30 1996Dual Gigaswitch connections
837.0+5RDMCS3::STUARTTue Oct 01 1996Cisco to add FFDT to the 7
838.0CGOSWed Oct 02 1996AIX NFS has delays with V3.
839.01BACHUS::GONZALEZWed Oct 02 1996FGL4 add on causes G/S to crash
840.0+4CSC32::P_BRADYWed Oct 02 1996arp enable
841.02GIDDAY::JEFFERYFri Oct 04 1996Duplicate Token errors - FGL4
842.04COMICS::BUTTFri Oct 04 1996Receive and xmit discards.
843.02COMICS::BUTTFri Oct 04 1996DLS on G/S ?
844.01CHEFS::AST26Fri Oct 04 1996Max Address for switch
846.01DEKVC::YOUNGCHANKIMSun Oct 06 1996Hunt group + FDDI dual ring
847.0SCASS1::DAVIESThu Oct 10 1996Cisco and FFDT
848.02BERFS4::NORDFri Oct 11 1996error log, reason 21 ...
849.08CHEFS::PADDICKMon Oct 14 1996IP routing available?
850.03MARSWed Oct 16 1996Duplicate Ping Response from GIGAswith/FDDI ?
851.08RDMCS3::STUARTWed Oct 16 1996overhead effects of tranlation table size?
852.01SCASS1::GALVINThu Oct 17 1996I-PNNI Question???
853.02CHEFS::BARKER_EMon Oct 21 1996Interop issues between cisco 7
854.06TKOV51::HAYAKAWATue Oct 22 1996Reboot automatically ?
855.04TKTVFS::WASAKATue Oct 22 1996SCP Reset
856.01GIDDAY::CHONGWed Oct 23 1996monitoring interface traffic causes lat timeout
857.05GIDDAY::KULHALLIWed Oct 23 1996T_req Timer value on Gigaswitch
859.07NETRIX::"snofs1@boylebrendan"Fri Oct 25 1996Tree across dual GIGA/FDDI and Spanning Tree
860.03GIDDAY::KULHALLIFri Oct 25 1996FAn tray AMber indicator
861.02LATINA::SOENGASFri Oct 25 1996filter, novell 8
862.07VIVIAN::F_MCANDREWFri Oct 25 1996BPDU Topology Changes
863.06BERFS4::NORDMon Oct 28 1996GS/FDDI, IPX loose connections ...
864.01HGOM11::ERICGANMon Oct 28 1996ATM interconnect (URGENT)
865.04HGOM11::ERICGANMon Oct 28 1996FDDI in GS/ATM
866.03HGOM11::JACKWUWed Oct 30 1996AGL and SDH ATM network wrong connection
867.04SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWWed Oct 30 1996if E3 is certified, then E3 hunt group support?
868.010SWETSC::ALBINSSONThu Oct 31 1996Minimum Spaning tree time i a 4xSAS GigaSwitch ring ?
869.01SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWSun Nov 03 1996How to set mib objects in ebrNportSnapSvcTable?
870.02RDMCS3::STUARTMon Nov 04 1996MIB object for hunt group interface traffic?
871.010MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOTue Nov 05 1996FW version mismatch???
872.01--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 11 1996
873.03LUXMon Nov 11 1996Dual homing config
874.04PTOSS1::CYPHERThu Nov 14 1996White papers inaccessable
875.06GIDDAY::STANISLAUSMon Nov 18 1996Gigaswitch Hunt Group and Liveness Checking when connected via a FDDI career ?
876.02SWETSC::ALBINSSONTue Nov 19 1996Blocking port awnserin on ping ?
877.03USCTR1:: Nov 20 1996FDDI TO ATM with VN
878.06SCASS1::DAVIESThu Nov 21 1996AGL-2+ standard support
879.08TKOV51::HAYAKAWAFri Nov 22 1996Dual-homing and Hunt-group Configuration??
880.02SWETSC::ALBINSSONFri Nov 22 1996Cisco is doing a interface reset when a system reboots.
881.02SCASS1::FIFEMon Nov 25 1996Hunt Group Syntax
882.01NYOSS1::HERENDEENMon Nov 25 1996Reverse Upgrade
883.01NETRIX::"graham.mccall@edo.mts.dec.com"Thu Nov 28 1996NSIS Technical Support
884.02TLAVFri Nov 29 1996HOW TO UPGRAGE FGL-2 FW
885.03RIPPER::KULHALLISun Dec 01 1996MCM and HUNT Group
886.07USCTR1:: Dec 03 1996IP packet witching
887.05RDMCS3::STUARTTue Dec 03 1996controlling arp failover for high availability systems?
888.06SCASS1::DAVIESTue Dec 03 1996VLAN SUpport coming???
889.01MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOThu Dec 05 1996No response from GS/FDDI after broadcast filter created
890.01RDMCS3::STUARTThu Dec 05 1996AGL-2+ with Fore ASX-1
891.02CSC32::bngpc.cxo.dec.com::GoodwinThu Dec 05 1996Need solution to extend FDDI to remote site
892.0+3STKHLM::WEBJORNFri Dec 13 1996FDDI MAN net in New York City?
893.0+5USCTR1:: Dec 17 1996DAS to SAS
894.02FRSTI::CHRISTOPHTue Dec 17 1996GIGAswitch error codes
895.02COMICS::BUTTWed Dec 18 1996Disconnecting G/S FDDI ports.
896.03USCTR1:: Dec 19 1996FDDI adapter support Multi addresses
897.01HGOM11::LEUNGWINGKINThu Dec 26 1996SDH Electrical Interface?
898.0NOTED::lkgdhcp-2Thu Jan 02 1997Looking for Field test sites for IP Packet Switching
899.01CHEFS::rasmodem2.reo.dec.com::WorkBenchUserFri Jan 03 1997Help with out-of-sync SCP
900.01CSC32::CULPFri Jan 03 1997RATE LIMIT vs SCP Overloaded
901.0+6COPCLU::EBCMon Jan 06 1997Firmware release status ?!
902.012CLPRWed Jan 08 1997How to Purge Inactive entries ?
903.0+5BERFS4::NORDThu Jan 09 1997DEFXS-BA and ST-type connectors
904.0+4SCASS1::DAVIESFri Jan 10 1997IPv6 Support
905.02USCTR1:: Jan 13 1997Same as Note.893, but for 9
906.04COMICS::BUTTMon Jan 13 1997 Topology changes = x + 2
907.05COMICS::BUTTMon Jan 13 1997TTRT
908.0CHEFS::PADDICKTue Jan 14 1997AGL config into British Telecom ATM?
909.02MOSCOW::FELIZHANKOWed Jan 15 1997IPsw and Filters on GS/FDDI?
910.01MSBCS::HURLEYThu Jan 16 1997snapshort of addresses??
911.01HGOM11::HUMPHREYTANFri Jan 17 1997ipstack for IP packet switching
912.01BERFS4::NORDMon Jan 20 1997Documents for DAGWG-in ...
914.0 *+7NPSS::MDLYONSFri Jan 24 1997GIGAswitch/FDDI System BL3.1 release
915.0 *+3VNABRW::WALDHERRMon Jan 27 1997Filter on DSAP or SSAP ?
916.0 *+11SCASS1::BUENSUCESOMon Jan 27 1997errorlog_panic/errorlog_SCPbooted
917.0 *+1KERNEL::FREKESMon Jan 27 1997How to interpret eFDXOp.9.9
918.0 *+6BERFS4::NORDWed Jan 29 1997Trap address setable via OBM port ...
919.0 *+4SCASS1::DAVIESWed Jan 29 1997Dual-homing failover to same GIGAswitch
920.0 *+3DEKVC::YOUNGCHANKIMWed Feb 05 1997change config for forever link please...
921.0 *+1NETRIX::"pricerc@mail.dec.com"Thu Feb 06 1997Performance / Spanning tree problem
922.0 *+1FRSIT::MAYERFri Feb 07 1997Any plan for mirror port on GS/FDDI ?
923.0 *+3SETIMC::FORSSTROM_RMon Feb 10 1997Redundancy FDDI-rings
924.0 *+4DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONWed Feb 12 1997AGL-2 problem?
925.0 *+1CHEFS:: Feb 13 1997IP packet switching
926.0 *+9ISAR5Thu Feb 13 1997ifInDiscards on FGL2 Linecard
927.0 *+1RDMCS3::STUARTThu Feb 13 1997mib variables to automatically monitor hunt group?
928.0 *+8MARVIN::RIGBYThu Feb 13 1997wierd hello contents
929.0 *+3NETRIX::"Youda.Kopel@meo.mts.dec.com"Sun Feb 16 1997VNswitch 9
930.0 *+2TKOV51::KATSUBEMon Feb 17 1997Dual Homing by FGL-2
931.0 *+12BERFS4::NORDMon Feb 17 1997Here are some errors for analyzing ...
932.0 *+1COMICS::BUTTMon Feb 17 1997FDX, Hunt groups, Failover
933.0 *+4TKTVFS::DENPOHTue Feb 18 1997GIGAswicth crashed
934.0 *+15RDGENG::GREIDTue Feb 18 19972.
935.0 *+1MSBCS::HURLEYWed Feb 19 19971 scp how many das/sas connections?
936.0 *GIDDAY::LEUNGMon Feb 24 1997Clearvisn V1.
937.0 *+5GIDDAY::KULHALLIMon Feb 24 1997Bridge Domain and Community strings
938.0 *+7GIDDAY::KULHALLIMon Feb 24 1997eFDXState and DEMFA
939.0 *+6TKOV51::KATSUBETue Feb 25 1997Reliability Group ?
940.0 *+2COMICS::BUTTWed Feb 26 1997Line card self tests.
941.0 *+2UTOPIE::BRAUN_RThu Feb 27 1997different SPT-prios with 3.1 ?
942.0 *+8SPANKY::DANIELSThu Feb 27 1997Disable Spanning Tree on Giga?
943.0 *+1USCTR1:: Mar 04 1997to product manager---beat Cabletron
944.0 *+2CSC32::R_STEWARTWed Mar 05 1997Tag Switching - IP Switching
945.0 *+4STKHLM::WEBJORNMon Mar 10 1997HOL blocking in Giga/FDDI
946.0 *+2NETRIX::"ton.dekker@uto.mts.dec.com"Mon Mar 10 1997Why reset of FGL cards
947.0 *+2KERNEL::FREKESTue Mar 11 1997errorLog_xac_txTimeout in error log
948.0 *+1PRSSOS::PEYRACHEThu Mar 13 1997IP Packet Switching Management
949.0 *+3CHEFS::rasmodem9.reo.dec.com::HarveyThu Mar 13 1997IP Frame Switching docs/info & Firmware revs ?
950.0 *+1NPSS::MDLYONSThu Mar 13 1997AGL-2/2+ upgrade problem - look for missing jumpers
951.0 *+3ZPOVC::SHINYAWThu Mar 13 1997Gigaswitch problem
952.0 *ODIF11::LICATAFri Mar 14 1997NEBS compliance
953.0 *+4NETRIX::"Youda.Kopel@meo.mts.dec.com"Fri Mar 21 1997Sniffer port for monitoring
954.0 *+3MSAMTue Mar 25 1997ipx problem on gigaswitch to switch...
955.0 *+6COMICS::BUTTWed Mar 26 1997DelayExceededDiscards - How much buffer ?
956.0 *+8NETRIX::"ton.dekker@uto.mts.dec.com"Wed Mar 26 1997meaning/cause of errorlog entries
957.0 *+4CSC32::bngpc.cxo.dec.com::goodwinWed Mar 26 1997ClearVISN V1.1a/MCM V6.
958.0 *+4RDGENG::GREIDThu Mar 27 1997FGL-4 won't upgrade from 3.
959.0 *+1FRSIT::MAYERThu Mar 27 1997Problem with Linecard DVT if 6 x FGL-4
961.0 *+12CSC32::OLMAIN::GoodwinFri Mar 28 1997Confused on filtering....
962.0 *+4KAONIS::HYNDMANMon Mar 31 1997Arp server and IPswitching in IP multihomed environment
963.0 *+2NETRIX::"vandenbergl@mail.dec.com"Mon Mar 31 1997delayed ports
964.0 *NETRIX::"vandenbergl@mail.dec.com"Tue Apr 01 1997Press fit connector problems
965.0 *+2RDMCS3::STUARTWed Apr 02 1997Learning Domains vs. Logical Bridge Domains
966.0 *+2OPCO::NET_JPMFri Apr 04 1997AGL-2+ E3 Clock mibs
967.0 *+5UTOPIE::BRAUN_RFri Apr 11 1997SNMP manager for PC ?
968.0 *+3MIPSBX::"dekkert@mail.dec.com"Mon Apr 14 1997ATM connection over SONET mux?
969.0 *+2UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue Apr 15 19972 independent LANs with 3.1
970.0 *+2ZURThu Apr 17 1997Q's & remarks to AGL2+ V3.1
971.0 *+3SALEM::ELWARNERThu Apr 17 1997Mac summary question
972.0 *+2ODIFThu Apr 17 1997IBM Nways ATM switches
973.0 *+2CSC32::CULPMon Apr 21 1997Reliability Groups
974.0 *+4KAOFS::R_RYANThu Apr 24 1997GIGAswitch version compatibilty problems
975.0 *+1UTOPIE::BRAUN_RSun Apr 27 1997IP addresses with multiple bridge domains ?
976.0 *+3CSC32::L_MORSETue Apr 29 1997sun flash loader issue for fgl-2
977.0 *+1CSC32::bngpc.cxo.dec.com::goodwinThu May 01 1997GS/FDDI IP Packet Switching Firmware
978.0 *+4TAVSun May 04 1997Cisco router and GIGAswitch configuration
979.0 *+9CSC32::J_SOBECKIMon May 05 1997IP switching V3.2 firmware shipping?
980.0 *+21COMICS::BUTTWed May 07 1997SNMP poll failures on V3.1
981.0 *+1SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWMon May 12 1997upgrade SCP Bootblock???
982.0 *+2TKOV51::KATSUBEMon May 12 1997What is RMC error counter ?
983.0 *+1ADOVWed May 14 1997SMT Compatibility questions
984.0 *+1LEMAN::HAUSHERRWed May 14 1997FLOODING COUNTERS questions
985.0 *+2KERNEL::FREKESThu May 15 1997FTP aging timer
986.0 *+1SNOFS1::63496::CHIUANDREWFri May 16 1997FGL4 h/w rev A
987.0 *+2UTOPIE::BRAUN_RWed May 21 1997Top. Changes only for Logical Bridge Group 1
988.0 *+1TKTVFS::WASAKAThu May 22 1997Link Confidence Test on DualHomed VNswitch
989.0 *+3UTOPIE::BRAUN_RTue May 27 1997Flooding destroys complete GIGAswitch ???????
990.0 *+1NNTPD::"empeigne@mail.dec.com"Wed May 28 1997DEFGT-AA v/s DEFGT-BA
991.0 *+14CSC32::L_MORSEWed May 28 1997PB Bus test 1
992.0 *+3COPCLU::EBCFri May 30 1997Decnis'es in parallel to Gigaswitch/FDDI ?
993.0 *+2SCASS1::auodial1_port7.auo.dec.com::kornsMon Jun 02 1997IP Packet Switching, Routing, ATM over AGL-2
994.0 *+2RDMCS3::STUARTMon Jun 02 1997rate limit unicast traffic?
995.0 *RDMCS3::STUARTMon Jun 02 1997DHCP server with IP Packet switching?
996.0 *+4NNTPD::"erez@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Thu Jun 05 1997SCP Diagnostic Hang