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Conference rumor::information_architecture_ii

Title:IM&T Information Architecture II
Created:Thu Jul 16 1992
Last Modified:Tue Feb 21 1995
Last Successful Update:Thu May 08 1997
Number of topics:37
Total number of notes:127
Number with bodies:0
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1.06RUMOR::IA2Fri Jan 01 1993READ THIS FIRST
2.08RUMOR::IA2Fri Jan 01 1993Directory listings
3.022RUMOR::APFELBAUMThu Jul 16 1992Sign-in
4.03RUMOR::APFELBAUMThu Jul 16 1992Information Architecture Program overview
5.0RUMOR::APFELBAUMThu Jul 16 1992Notes conferences
6.03RUMOR::IA2Fri Jul 17 1992Books and Articles
7.0RUMOR::IA2Fri Jul 17 1992Courses and Training material
8.02RUMOR::IA2Fri Jul 17 1992Meeting notices
9.07RUMOR::IA2Fri Jul 17 1992Distribution lists
10.07RUMOR::IA2Fri Jul 17 1992Presentation material
11.01RUMOR::APFELBAUMThu Oct 22 1992FYI
12.01RUMOR::APFELBAUMWed Jan 06 1993Information Architecture Newsletter
13.0RUMOR::IA2Fri Jul 17 1992Reserved
14.0RUMOR::IA2Fri Jul 17 1992Reserved
15.0RUMOR::APFELBAUMTue Sep 15 1992Reserved
16.0RUMOR::IA2Fri Jul 17 1992Reserved
17.0RUMOR::IA2Fri Jul 17 1992Reserved
18.0RUMOR::IA2Fri Jul 17 1992Reserved
19.0RUMOR::IA2Fri Jul 17 1992Reserved
20.0RUMOR::IA2Fri Jul 17 1992Reserved
21.09RUMOR::APFELBAUMTue Sep 15 1992Prototyping
23.0FSCORE::READMon Nov 30 1992Book Review: Information in the Enterprise
24.01FSCORE::READMon Nov 30 1992IA Consulting Opportunity
25.010AZUR::SUTHERLANDThu Dec 03 1992Dealing with Note pollution
26.0AYRPLN::THEBERGEThu Dec 31 1992IA Project Plans
27.0MUSIK::ParkerWed Feb 03 1993INDEX: The New Information Infrastructure
28.01--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 11 1993
29.03RUMOR::WALKERMon Mar 08 1993DECfbe (Framework-Based Environment) Program Announcements
30.03RUMOR::PAGEFri Mar 12 1993Releases of 3rd party software buying guide
31.0RUMOR::PAGEFri Mar 12 1993Commentary on the 3rd party software buying guide
32.0PULMAN::ZABAVA::WILLIAMS_HMon Mar 15 1993Collaboration Svcs Team Woods Summary
33.01SAWORK::PageTue Mar 30 1993Releases of Legacy Application Migration Strategy
34.0SAWORK::PageFri Apr 09 1993Reserved For Commentary On The Leagacy Migration Strategy
35.0EOTAS::EASTFri Jul 02 1993IA Curriculum
36.01EVOAI2::TOMPKINSTue Jan 11 1994Platform choice/Posix
37.0ADOVTue Feb 21 1995System Ownership