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Conference royal::nh_soccer

Title:DEC New Hampshire Soccer League
Notice:There is a 1995 season!!!!
Created:Wed Feb 02 1994
Last Modified:Fri Jan 10 1997
Last Successful Update:Thu Mar 27 1997
Number of topics:35
Total number of notes:146
Number with bodies:0
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2.0VMSSPT::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994Reserve
3.0VMSSPT::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994Reserve
4.02VMSSPT::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994Rules of the game
5.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994Reserve
6.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994Reserve
7.017VMSSPT::FUERTESThu Feb 03 19941993 Standings
8.010VMSSPT::FUERTESFri May 27 19941994 Standings
9.020VMSSPT::FUERTESFri May 27 1994League Scorers for 1994 Season
10.014VMSSPT::FUERTESFri May 27 1994Comments
11.02VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 19941994 DEC 5on5 League Schedule
12.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994reserve
13.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994reserve
14.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994reserve
15.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994reserve
16.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994reserve
17.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994reserve
18.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994reserve
19.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994reserve
20.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994reserve
21.06VMSSPT::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994Frairy Field maintenance
22.09VMSSPT::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994Any suggestions to help us cut down the cost
23.07VMSSPT::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994Field near Amherst/Merrimack border.
24.08VMSSPT::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994Suggestions on how to make the teams more even.
25.01VMSSPT::FUERTESThu Feb 03 1994Captains ONLY
27.0VMSSPT::SLEEFri Jun 10 1994Foxboro World Cup tickets available
28.0VMSSG::FUERTESThu Jul 28 1994Need League President. Any volunteers??
29.04VMSSPT::SLEEFri Aug 05 1994Roster for the tournament season
30.02DOFOOD::JCHENMon Aug 22 19941994 tournament standings
31.02VMSSG::FUERTESThu Sep 01 1994Need suggestions for next week's playoffs.
32.04HOTLNE::BRIANThu Mar 02 19951995 season?
33.01DECWIN::DPARTRIDGEWed Mar 29 1995A Proposal, Joining the Southern DEC+ League
34.0VMSSPT::FUERTESFri Apr 21 19951995 NH 5on5 Soccer league
35.01DESCNT::HOAGThu Jun 22 1995Change for the Tourney?