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Conference rocks::uk_tv

Title:Television and Films in the UK
Created:Wed Apr 13 1988
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:841
Total number of notes:13840
Number with bodies:199
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1.05FORTY2::ETHERIDGEWed Apr 13 1988Introduction
2.04FORTY2::ETHERIDGEWed Apr 13 1988Host Availability
3.063FORTY2::ETHERIDGEWed Apr 13 1988The Sack For You Potatoes
4.0UKCSSE::RDAVIESFri Nov 02 1990Moderators comment
5.0FORTY2::ETHERIDGEWed Apr 13 1988Reserved
6.0FORTY2::ETHERIDGEWed Apr 13 1988Reserved
7.0FORTY2::ETHERIDGEWed Apr 13 1988Reserved
8.0FORTY2::ETHERIDGEWed Apr 13 1988Reserved
9.0FORTY2::ETHERIDGEWed Apr 13 1988Reserved
10.0FORTY2::ETHERIDGEWed Apr 13 1988Reserved
11.08ILLUSN::SORNSONWed Apr 13 1988Pointers to related conferences
12.015FORTY2::ETHERIDGEThu Apr 14 1988DALLAS
13.06FORTY2::WATKINSThu Apr 14 1988Not the Conference Rules
14.0180RDGENG::KEDMUNDSThu Apr 14 1988Do you remember...
15.016RDGENG::KEDMUNDSThu Apr 14 1988Hill Street Blues
18.06GIDDAY::GILLARDMon Apr 18 1988Randall & Hopkirk (deceased)
19.09RDGENG::RDAVIESMon Apr 18 1988Bad program planning
20.038AYOV27::ISMITHMon Apr 18 1988Cheers!
22.010CSSE::BAIRD_2Tue Apr 19 1988THREADS
23.0170ZENO::SHELHAMERTue Apr 19 1988Black Adder
24.011RITZ::RKEWed Apr 20 1988TV, The Future.
25.012DECWIN::NISHIMOTOFri Apr 22 1988"All Creatures" theme search
26.02842376::POLLARDMon Apr 25 1988Violent TV = Violent Society
27.036MALLET::JEFFERYFri Apr 29 1988A bit of Fry and Laurie.
29.07TALLIS::ILESTue May 03 1988MAGIC!
30.012142457::HARVEYMon May 09 1988Eastenders...An update please?
31.02MALLET::JEFFERYWed May 11 1988Mystery Band
32.05GIDDAY::GILLARDThu May 19 1988Big Breadwinner Hogg
33.03AYOV1Fri May 20 1988Auf Wiedersehen Pet
34.011RDGENG::RDAVIESFri May 20 1988Poor Reception
35.0COMICS::BAKERFri May 20 1988Ticket Office addresses required.
36.034KERNEL::WOODTue May 24 1988The Prisoner
37.01COMICS::LANGWed May 25 1988who dares wins
38.018CHEFS::PRYCEJTue May 31 1988The Survivors
39.011MALLET::JEFFERYThu Jun 02 1988Dem Bones!
40.05PANIC::DEMBINAThu Jun 02 1988Tumbledown
41.07EAYVFri Jun 17 1988BREAD
42.014CHEST::BARKERWed Jun 22 1988Sports coverage (Quality not Quantity)
43.026RDGCSS::POLLARDWed Jun 22 1988Sports Coverage - Quantity
44.08FORTY2::ETHERIDGEMon Jun 27 1988A Very British Coup
45.045LIBRAE::BAILEYMon Jul 04 1988Miami Vice
46.0133FORTY2::RANDALLWed Jul 13 1988Star Trek Question
47.022MALLET::JEFFERYWed Jul 20 1988Ripping Yarns
48.01RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Aug 08 1988Jacobsen: faster than sheep!
49.0944Mon Aug 08 1988When is variety not variety?
50.03THATIS::LINDLEYFri Aug 19 1988Did anyone tape "V" on 17/8 ?
51.044TRUCKS::WINWOODFri Aug 19 1988Blues Brothers
52.01GAO::CMPENGGAOMon Aug 22 1988any Network 7 fans??.
53.0CHEFS::ASHENDENJTue Aug 23 1988Neighbours an update please
55.07SUBURB::MCSHANEGThu Sep 15 1988Edward Earl Johnson
56.01AYOV12::ASCOTTThu Sep 15 198863 - 88
57.062AYOV1Mon Sep 19 1988Stereo TV
58.06EAYVTue Sep 20 1988Act of Betrayal
59.0148EAYVWed Sep 21 1988TAGGART the Dunnerheid!!
61.012IPG::JAGOTAThu Sep 22 1988Character swapping in soaps
62.012AYOV12::ASCOTTFri Sep 23 1988Lightning, then snow
63.0TRUCKS::WINWOODTue Sep 27 1988I'm sorry I'll read that again!
64.01AYOV12::ASCOTTThu Sep 29 1988Tanner '88
65.011SMOOT::ROTHFri Sep 30 1988License required for TV rcvrs in the UK?
66.08EAYVWed Oct 12 1988Jack The Ripper
67.01GENRAL::NAUGHTONSat Oct 22 1988Colorado to the UK. Come in please.
68.0AYOV12::ASCOTTMon Oct 24 1988"Piece of Cake"
69.0AYOV12::ASCOTTMon Oct 24 1988Ireland: On the Road to God Knows Where
70.0+29945416::SAXBYWed Oct 26 1988RED DWARF
71.04IPG::MORGANWed Oct 26 1988JFK - Can u remember what you were doing ??
72.013D::NISHIMOTOSun Oct 30 1988Film+Tape in same production
73.020RDGENG::MOXLEYMon Oct 31 1988First Born
74.036RDGENG::LEWISMon Oct 31 1988Spitting Image
75.02RDGE28::SAXBYMon Oct 31 1988Howards Way - WHY ?
76.017AYOV1Tue Nov 01 1988This is David Lander
77.013KERNEL::IMBIERSKIWed Nov 02 1988BOON!!
78.0152MINDER::GRAHAMThu Nov 03 1988Doctor Who
79.05MINNIE::EY2525U11Tue Nov 08 1988New "Super" de-regulated TV.
81.013SUBURB::POLLARDVWed Nov 09 1988Shelley
82.02KERNEL::PEWTERFri Nov 25 1988<BLUE Peter?>
83.022WELMTS::GREENBMon Nov 28 1988The Beiderbecke Connection
84.06AYOV28::MDONNELLYThu Dec 01 1988Christabell
85.034EAYVThu Dec 01 1988Christmas Television?
86.045MALLET::MOXLEYTue Dec 20 1988The Comic Strip Presents
87.04RDGENG::KEDMUNDSTue Jan 03 1989The Trouble with Michael Caine
88.0186RDGENG::KEDMUNDSWed Jan 11 1989TV censorship
89.08AYOV28::MDONNELLYWed Jan 18 1989Help
90.041AYOV28::MDONNELLYFri Jan 20 1989Thirtysomething
91.06ODIHAM::NICHOLLSMon Jan 23 1989A Bit of a Do
92.030BIGHUN::HARVEYMon Jan 23 1989The New Statesman
93.012RDGENG::RDAVIESWed Jan 25 1989Allo, Allo.
94.01SUBURB::DALLISONThu Jan 26 1989Tittle unknown
95.012HAMPS::NICHOLLSFri Jan 27 19894
96.020FOOT::BADMANFri Jan 27 1989Campion
97.064GENRAL::NAUGHTONSat Jan 28 1989Fawlty Towers?
98.013HAMPS::PHILPOTT_IMon Jan 30 19892
99.016AYOV28::MDONNELLYMon Jan 30 1989Vauxhall Senator Ad - Help
100.01HAMPS::PHILPOTT_IMon Jan 30 1989Madhur Jaffrey's Far Eastern Cookery
101.059THATIS::LINDLEYTue Jan 31 1989Satellite TV - good or bad?
102.023RDGENG::KEDMUNDSWed Feb 01 1989QED
103.032AYOV28::MDONNELLYFri Feb 03 1989Naked Video
104.07HLDGTue Feb 07 1989Grey squirrels
105.0166KERNEL::IMBIERSKIThu Feb 09 1989Transatlantic TV
106.016GALLOP::BURNMMon Feb 13 1989Only Fools and Horses
107.06STAR::ILESMon Feb 13 1989Looking for the name of a cartoon series
109.01ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_IMon Feb 20 1989Lonsome Dove
110.02INCH::BADMANTue Feb 21 1989Anyone record Elvis Costello?
111.01AYOV28::MDONNELLYTue Feb 28 1989Behaving Badly
113.011WELMTS::GREENBWed Mar 01 1989Catch-22
114.07AYOV28::MDONNELLYMon Mar 06 1989The South Bank Show
115.028AYOV27::MBONEFri Mar 31 1989Neighbours
116.07--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 04 1989Home And Away
117.08--UnknownUser--Thu Apr 06 1989Hit Man & Her
118.03WOTVAX::GILLILANDPFri Apr 07 19894
119.06KEITH::EDMUNDSMon Apr 10 1989Rory Bremner
120.03AYOV27::MBONETue Apr 11 1989Hereos
121.02YUPPY::MUNROTue Apr 11 1989Midnight Caller
122.015AYOV28::MDONNELLYWed Apr 19 1989The Justice Game
123.02FOOT::EVANSCThu Apr 20 1989Shadow Of The Noose
124.011AYOV18::MBONETue Apr 25 1989The BBC Strike!
125.012KERNEL::PEWTERTue Apr 25 1989HORIZON
126.020AYOV24::TADAIRWed Apr 26 1989....late football
127.05AYOV28::MDONNELLYThu Apr 27 1989Club X
128.02SUBURB::TUDORKFri Apr 28 1989Unexplained Laughter
129.08AYOV24::TADAIRWed May 03 1989TAKE ME HOME (Play on One)
130.011CHEST::BOWMANWed May 10 1989Pirelli Advert
131.018AYOV27::MBONEMon May 15 1989Prisoner Cell Block 'H'
132.016SAC::HOBBSTue May 16 1989St Elsewhere
133.050AYOV27::MBONEThu May 18 1989The Bill
134.015CURRNT::EVANSCFri May 19 1989Roseanne
135.07AYOV18::MBONEMon May 22 1989The Cosby Show
136.010AYOV18::OAVAX_167499Wed May 24 1989...and change from a pound...
137.06AYOV24::TADAIRTue May 30 1989 Television Spin Offs
138.04AYOV24::TADAIRWed May 31 1989....RA PATTER
139.02CHEST::BURRELLWed May 31 1989Moonlighting Continued
140.032COLA1::GOETZFri Jun 02 1989The Hitchhiker Guides to the Galaxy
141.01VOGON::MORGANFri Jun 02 1989Tar In Advance
142.022CHEST::BURRELLSun Jun 04 1989MacGuyver
143.08SUBURB::SCREENERMon Jun 12 1989Dune
144.08SAC::HOBBSTue Jun 13 1989Falcon Crest - Retired
145.028TLE::LEGERLOTZMon Jun 19 1989Reginald Perrin
146.02CURRNT::PREECETue Jun 20 1989Rules of Engagement
147.01TRUCKS::WINWOODWed Jun 21 1989Bellman & True
150.05AYOV28::MDONNELLYTue Jul 04 1989Traffik
151.0+687TRUCKS::DERRICK_KThu Jul 06 1989Adverts - better than the stuff in between?
152.012TLE::LEGERLOTZMon Jul 17 1989Canned *ha ha ha* Laughter
153.03WOTVAX::GILLILANDPFri Jul 21 1989For All Mankind
154.010MDRLEG::GONZALEZMon Jul 24 1989ALF
156.016WELMTS::GREENBMon Jul 31 1989John Sessions
157.021SUBURB::IN_HOUSEWed Aug 02 1989!?!? POLICE SQUAD !?!?
158.021VESTA::BAILEYThu Aug 03 1989ClockWork Orange.. On TV
159.02WLDWST::DRAKEWed Aug 09 1989Looking for Music Videos
160.015PEKING::DUNDONPThu Aug 10 1989Laugh with the Girls
161.043SUBURB::BUCKLEYMFri Aug 11 1989Interceptor
162.027PANIC::COXTue Aug 15 1989Captain Pugwash
163.04PEKING::BUSHNELLJWed Aug 16 1989The best thing since sliced bread.
164.05NOVA::IYENGARThu Aug 17 1989Asian Entertainment on Network East
165.09AYOV28::MDONNELLYThu Aug 17 1989Anything More Would Be Greedy
166.03SUBURB::BUCKLEYMFri Aug 18 1989Thumbs up to Selwyn
167.019AYOV1Fri Aug 18 1989Wogan (My name's Ben Elton)
168.0SUBURB::GLOVERPWed Aug 23 1989?
169.010RC3Thu Aug 31 1989Beauty and The Beast
170.02CHEFS::NICKOLLSMMon Sep 04 1989'Howards Way' has sailed home!!
171.02YUPPY::HOYLEWed Sep 06 1989Lynda/Angie 4/9/89
172.03SHIPS::RKEThu Sep 07 1989Moderator interference, please adjust your language
173.025CURRNT::PREECEThu Sep 07 1989The Young Ones.
174.04BIGHUN::HARVEYThu Sep 07 19891939
175.012SHIPS::GKESun Sep 10 1989The SAINT
176.022YUPPY::MUNROMon Sep 11 1989War & Remembrance
177.010SSDEVO::GOLDSTEINTue Sep 12 1989Yanking an English story
178.025AYOU46::D_HUNTERFri Sep 15 1989Disappointment of the Week.
179.012CSCMA::BALDWINFri Sep 15 1989Remember "METAL MICKY" anybody?
180.07WAR75Sat Sep 16 1989The Generation Game Note
181.097WAR75Sat Sep 16 1989Challenge Anneka ? Not really !
182.05VESTA::BAILEYMon Sep 18 19891996
183.0YUPPY::MUNROMon Sep 18 1989One Way Out
184.01BURYST::EDMUNDSMon Sep 18 1989How did it end?
185.042CURRNT::SAXBYMon Sep 18 1989Blind Date - or am I Blind drunk?
186.012SUBURB::BUCKLEYMThu Sep 28 1989Incredibly Strange
187.021PANIC::COXThu Oct 05 1989Capital City
189.07LARVAE::NISBET_DFri Oct 06 1989Does the panel think?
190.011PEKING::DUNDONPMon Oct 09 1989TV Discrimination
191.032TRUCKS::DERRICK_KWed Oct 11 1989ANIMAL TRAFFIC - What a programme!!
192.011PEKING::TAYLORGWed Oct 18 1989Looking for the name of a film
193.0AYOU46::D_HUNTERWed Oct 18 1989What was it called?
194.06CURRNT::SAXBYWed Oct 18 1989The Paradise Club
195.016CURRNT::ALFORDThu Oct 19 1989Confessional (ITV)
196.033GALLOP::MACLUREAFri Oct 20 1989Stuff
197.023COMICS::WEGGTue Oct 24 1989WOGAN
198.015AYOV1Tue Oct 24 1989Nice Work
199.0AYOV1Tue Oct 24 1989American Power
200.03VANISH::BAILEYTue Oct 24 1989Sledge Hammer !
201.07CSCMA::BALDWINWed Oct 25 1989Remembering "THE ROCK FOLLIES"
202.06PEKING::GLYNNPFri Oct 27 1989The Best of Something for the Weekend?
203.019AYOV1Mon Oct 30 1989Best/Worst Sports Commentators.
204.010YUPPY::WHITEHEADWed Nov 01 1989Sticky Moments
205.024CURRNT::EVANSCWed Nov 01 1989Around the world in 8
206.010COMICS::WEGGThu Nov 02 1989A Day in the Life of Television
207.05SHAPES::KINGSTONDMon Nov 06 1989Come back STAVROS - all is forgiven!
208.03LARVAE::NISBET_DMon Nov 06 1989Probably TVS only - TTT
209.027COMICS::WEGGTue Nov 07 1989Telly Addicts
210.014YUPPY::WHITEHEADFri Nov 10 1989Birds of a Feather/Pauline Quirke
211.05GIDDAY::GILLINGSWed Nov 15 1989Chance in a Million
212.013TSE::MAGENHEIMWed Nov 15 1989From the US: Late Night w. David Letterman
213.01THATIS::LINDLEYFri Nov 17 1989Ferdinand de Barcos
214.03PEKING::AMANNPMon Nov 20 1989An hour with Jonathan Ross
215.03WARBLY::ROANETue Nov 21 1989"Mother Love"
216.09YUPPY::AMERRTue Nov 21 1989"Edge of Darkness" video???
218.019CURRNT::SAXBYWed Nov 22 1989Yesterday in Parliament.
219.05HEAD::BOPS_RICHThu Nov 23 1989Satellite Dish for USA?
220.04CURRNT::SAXBYMon Nov 27 1989Psycho - but where was Alf?
221.05VOGON::WALTHERMon Nov 27 1989The Graduate
222.0UTROP1::BOSMAN_PTue Nov 28 1989Wildlife Magazine about BFF
223.047JUMBLY::MACFADYENWed Nov 29 1989Blackeyes
224.08PANIC::COXWed Nov 29 1989Itssssss...
225.08BURYST::EDMUNDSMon Dec 04 1989Frederick Forsyth writes for TV
226.033COMICS::WEGGThu Dec 14 1989Christmas 1989
227.016AYOV1Fri Dec 15 1989Victoria Wood
228.016BURYST::EDMUNDSMon Dec 18 1989Ruth Rendell Mysteries
229.017AYOV28::MDONNELLYWed Dec 20 1989VAXnotes Awards for 1989
230.07AKOV13::BARTONFri Dec 29 1989Tapes of Coronation Street - Help!
231.07UBOHUB::SHELDON_RThu Jan 04 1990Robin Of Sherwood
232.0VOGON::KAPPLERFri Jan 05 1990Hollywood Uncensored
233.02YUPPY::WHITEHEADMon Jan 08 1990Michael Caine - Jekyll & Hyde
234.02IOSG::THOMPSONRMon Jan 08 1990What did the Queen say?
235.07AYOV1Tue Jan 09 1990Chelmsford 123
236.01UTROP1::BOSMAN_PTue Jan 09 1990Protected wolves slaughtered.
237.0VOGON::KAPPLERMon Jan 15 1990Little Train to Lynton
238.06TLE::LEGERLOTZMon Jan 15 1990Rumpole of the Bailey
239.0SWEEP::ALFORDWed Jan 17 1990Stolen
240.015BAHTAT::BLYTHEThu Jan 18 1990Mid 7
241.0+39BURYST::EDMUNDSThu Jan 18 1990One foot in the grave
242.04SUBURB::PULLANRMon Jan 22 1990Radio (TV without a tube) questions.
243.0AYOV24::TADAIRMon Jan 22 1990The Man From The PRU
244.01PANIC::COXMon Jan 22 1990Oranges
245.07YUPPY::HOYLEWed Jan 24 1990Bergerac
246.0+166AYOV28::MDONNELLYThu Jan 25 1990Inspector Morse
247.01PEKING::DUNDONPFri Jan 26 1990Cheers
248.03YUPPY::WHITEHEADTue Jan 30 1990Desmond's
249.01SAC::PHILPOTT_IThu Feb 01 1990Multi-system disc player in the UK
250.010COMICS::WEGGThu Feb 01 1990Real life TV/Film experiences
251.012SHAPES::CAMPBELLSMon Feb 05 1990You rang M'lord?
252.0YUPPY::OHAGANBMon Feb 05 1990MEANTIME......
253.03AYOV1Thu Feb 08 1990el CID
254.08HEAD::GATESFri Feb 09 1990Comic Strip
255.04143Mon Feb 12 1990*** The Midas Touch ***
256.0149UKCSSE::RDAVIESWed Feb 14 1990Quantum Leap
257.0CURRNT::PREECEFri Feb 16 1990Green and Pleasant Land
258.015UBOHUB::SHELDON_RMon Feb 19 1990The Crystal Maze
259.01AYOV1Fri Feb 23 1990Voices!
260.017FASDER::CRUSSELLFri Feb 23 1990Name that Series
261.0CHEFS::BEALEKWed Feb 28 1990Nightingales
262.05WOTVAX::CSRSUPWed Feb 28 1990Help Film Title
264.040ARRODS::WHITEHEADJTue Mar 06 1990Making Out
266.06VOGON::KAPPLERTue Mar 13 1990Brush Strokes
267.05PEKING::AMANNPFri Mar 16 1990French and Saunders
268.0ARRODS::WHITEHEADJMon Mar 19 1990The BAFTA Awards
269.08YUPPY::MUNROTue Mar 20 1990Chancer
270.0AYOV1Wed Mar 28 1990Stalin
271.022BURYST::EDMUNDSWed Mar 28 1990The Troubleshooter
272.08SHAPES::GROOMNThu Mar 29 1990Reincarnation
273.0342349::PHILPOTTFri Apr 06 1990Yellowthread Street
274.050VULCAN::SMITHP1Tue Apr 17 1990Trailers...luv 'em or hate 'em !?!
275.02CHEST::BURRELLTue Apr 17 1990You've Been Framed
276.0229TOILET::FIDDLERTue Apr 17 1990Twin Peaks
277.034ARRODS::WHITEHEADJMon Apr 23 1990Jeeves and Wooster
278.08HAMPS::WILLIAMS_LMon Apr 23 1990Comic Strip Present
279.0245926::ROBERTSMon Apr 23 1990Some Mothers Do Ave Em?
280.07SMELLY::NEWBURYMon Apr 30 1990The Bankok Hilton
281.03CHEST::BURRELLThu May 03 1990Style Trial
282.01TOILET::FIDDLERThu May 03 1990Up The Garden Path
283.012VANDAL::BAILEYSun May 06 1990Paramount City
284.09PEKING::SERVICEDESKTue May 08 1990Married with children
285.0AYOV1Wed May 09 1990Hypotheticals
286.042349::PHILPOTTWed May 09 1990English clone of "Who's the Boss?"
287.03CSCMA::BALDWINWed May 16 1990Sammy Davis---finally will rest in peace
288.05CSCMA::BALDWINWed May 16 1990Jim Henson---rest in peace
289.058JUNO::FRANKSTue May 22 1990Trivia
290.06TRUCKS::GKEThu May 24 1990The Brotherhood of The Rose
291.02FIELD::FIDDLERThu Jun 07 1990Paris Texas
292.030FORTY2::BOYESThu Jun 07 1990Vic Reeve's Big Night Out
293.08VOGON::ODONNELLTue Jun 19 1990Help needed!
294.020ARRODS::WHITEHEADJWed Jun 27 1990World Cup '9
295.0345347::JOANNEThu Jun 28 1990Paul Mc Cartney world tour thingie
296.01WARNUT::LATHAMThu Jul 12 1990Gravy Train
297.017ARRODS::WHITEHEADJMon Jul 23 1990Agatha Christie: Miss Marple/Hercule Poirot
298.03PEKING::AMANNPWed Jul 25 1990I think my first name is Stephen
299.0WARNUT::LATHAMThu Jul 26 1990Bingo !
300.022ARRODS::WHITEHEADJMon Jul 30 1990Cluedo
301.04CHEST::BURRELLWed Aug 01 1990TV Dante
302.03COMICS::LANGMon Aug 06 1990Ch4 Play for Today
303.059ARRODS::WHITEHEADJWed Aug 15 1990The Simpsons
304.0AYOV1Thu Aug 16 1990Keeping Tom Nice (Play on One)
305.0152TASTY::JEFFERYFri Aug 17 1990Drop the Dead Donkey
306.0AYOV18::GHERMANMon Aug 27 1990Separation (Play on 1)
307.03SIEVAX::JAMIEMon Sep 03 1990Gutter Press Play...
308.03ARRODS::WHITEHEADJWed Sep 05 1990Trivial Pursuit
309.0MACNAS::CMPENGGAOFri Sep 07 1990The Thatcher Audit - on tape?
310.02ESDC2::MUDANFri Sep 07 1990Who'll Love My Children ?
311.015AYOV1Wed Sep 12 1990What's happening to this conference?
312.01CURRNT::GREEN_KWed Sep 12 1990Pandoras Lunch Box
313.019AYOV1Thu Sep 13 1990Sex Talk
314.0EACTSI::SYMSThu Sep 13 1990ROCK+ROLL YEARS 1967
315.04AYOV1Thu Sep 27 1990The Cook, the Thief, the Wife and her Lover
316.0EVOAI1::KITTOFri Sep 28 1990The Hallelujah Trail
317.04AYOV1Fri Sep 28 1990Postcard from......Clive James
318.044AYOV1Mon Oct 01 1990New Video Releases
319.028AYOV1Thu Oct 04 1990The Mary Whitehouse Experience
320.0SUBURB::SAXBYMFri Oct 05 1990Portrait of a Marriage.
321.023BURYST::EDMUNDSSun Oct 07 1990Casualty
322.026KERNEL::SHELLEYRMon Oct 08 1990Bad language on TV
323.01COMICS::HWILLIAMSWed Oct 10 1990A Vous La France
324.07UTROP2::BORRIAS_EWed Oct 10 1990Eastenders set in London?
325.09AYOV1Fri Oct 12 1990Your Cheatin' Heart
326.0CHEST::ROWELLMon Oct 15 1990GOING LOCO anyone ??
327.02FIELD::FIDDLERTue Oct 16 1990Raging Bull
328.05CHEST::ROWELLMon Oct 22 1990Signature Tunes
329.09BURYST::EDMUNDSMon Nov 05 1990Hale and Pace
330.09AYOV1Mon Nov 05 1990The Green Man
331.087YUPPY::MUNROMon Nov 12 1990Have I Got News For You?
332.08JUMBLY::MACFADYENThu Nov 15 1990The Trials of Life
333.027AYOV1Mon Nov 19 1990House Of Cards
334.029AYOV1Mon Nov 19 1990Harry Enfield on Television
335.0AYOV1Wed Nov 21 1990This is David Harper
336.011WELMT2::WOODSFri Nov 23 1990Hoseasons Here I Come...
337.03WELPUT::WOODSTue Nov 27 1990Vidal Sassoon????
338.018FIELD::FIDDLERThu Nov 29 1990FILM 9
339.013SIEVAX::JAMIEThu Dec 06 1990Madonna's New Vid ?
340.0114SIEVAX::JAMIEThu Dec 06 1990Star Trek New Generation ?
341.06KERNEL::PARRYThu Dec 06 1990Die Kinder
342.04AYOV1Thu Dec 13 1990Best of 199
343.028CHEST::BURRELLTue Dec 18 1990Christmas 199
344.02JUMBLY::DUNNWed Dec 19 1990Nomination for "candid shot of the Year"
345.09LESLIE::LESLIESat Dec 29 1990Daisychaining SCART cables?
346.0LESLIE::LESLIESat Dec 29 1990NICAM decoder?
347.01HAMPS::LINCOLN_JThu Jan 03 1991The Hangover Show
348.021BAHTAT::DODDTue Jan 08 1991May to December
349.014AYOV1Thu Jan 10 1991Spender
350.03WELMTS::GREENBMon Jan 14 1991Crimewave
351.06ARRODS::WHITEHEADJTue Jan 15 1991Mapp and Lucia
352.05COMICS::WEGGThu Jan 17 1991Van Der Valk
353.011LESLIE::LESLIEThu Jan 17 1991Here is the (old) news
355.0OVAL::FOULDS_JWed Jan 23 1991FILM ??
356.043COMICS::HWILLIAMSTue Jan 29 1991You've been framed
357.032VOGON::KAPPLERMon Feb 04 1991Lovejoy!
358.01BAHTAT::DODDMon Feb 04 1991The Money Programme
359.02WELMTS::GREENBWed Feb 13 1991Lazarus and Dingwall
360.08COMICS::LANGTue Feb 19 1991CINEMA\
361.01CHEST::BURRELLTue Feb 19 1991New Globe
362.02SHIPS::FOULDS_JTue Feb 19 1991Brush Strokes
363.04VOGON::KAPPLERWed Feb 20 1991The Archers.....
364.014TRUCKS::RICHARDS_PWed Feb 20 1991Sherlock Holmes series
365.04JUMBLY::DUNNWed Feb 27 1991UK TV and the Geneva convention
366.012ARRODS::WHITEHEADJFri Mar 01 1991The Herbs
367.03VOGON::ATWALMon Mar 04 1991the laughter of god
368.04LESLIE::EDMUNDSMon Mar 04 1991The Hotel New Hampshire
369.0284SHIPS::SAXBY_MMon Mar 18 1991Video Reviews
370.01NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Mar 18 1991The Orchid House
371.07WELCLU::GREENBTue Mar 19 1991Jamie and the Magic Torch......??
372.01344Wed Mar 20 1991For the Greater Good
373.014YUPPY::PANESFri Apr 05 1991True Stories
374.031KERNEL::SHELLEYRMon Apr 08 1991Prime Suspect
375.035ARRODS::WHITEHEADJMon Apr 08 1991The Darling Buds of May
376.04COMICS::HWILLIAMSTue Apr 09 1991BANNED season on 4
377.028NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Apr 09 1991Subtitles and Voice-overs
378.017HAMPS::PATTISON_MThu Apr 11 1991Sleepers
379.06AYOV1Fri Apr 12 1991Help....
380.01GOONS::MCGUIREFri Apr 19 1991Super Car !
381.010AYOV1Tue Apr 23 1991Dealers
382.020VULCAN::SMITHP1Wed Apr 24 1991The Chancer
383.07NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Apr 30 1991The American Civil War
384.06AYOV1Tue Apr 30 1991E.N.G.
385.03KERNEL::WILLIAMSJWed May 08 1991Kinsey
386.026NEWOA::BAILEYWed May 08 199135 UP
387.01LESLIE::LESLIEThu May 09 1991The Paper Man
388.01CRATE::BURRELLFri May 10 1991Scarfe On ....
389.011XSTACY::PATTISONFri May 10 1991Eurosport
390.016CERRIN::PHILPOTTSat May 11 1991Bob's Your Uncle
391.010SNOFS1::LARKEYFri May 17 1991"The Champions"
392.02ARRODS::WHITEHEADJTue Jun 04 1991Yootha Joyce
393.010NEWOA::SAXBYTue Jun 04 1991VHS head cleaning tapes. Any good?
394.071YUPPY::PANESFri Jun 07 1991G.B.H
395.02NEWOA::SAXBYMon Jun 10 1991C. Cookson trilogy.
396.019KERNEL::WILLIAMSJWed Jun 12 1991Stars in their Eyes
397.05SYSTEM::REIDThu Jun 13 1991manhattan cable - bizarre!
398.064CHEST::RAWSONFri Jun 14 1991LA Law
399.09FTCVAX::SMITHSMon Jun 17 1991Tinker,Tailor,Soldier,Spy
400.05MARVIN::WARWICKWed Jun 19 1991Selling Hitler
401.013CHEST::RAWSONWed Jun 19 1991From Wimps to Warriors
402.01SYSTEM::COCKBURNThu Jun 20 1991Checkout
403.01GOONS::MCGUIRETue Jun 25 1991Voyage to the bottom of the sea
404.01SUBURB::RYLANDHWed Jun 26 1991A Perfect Hero
405.02SIEVAX::JAMIETue Jul 02 1991Travel Prog ?
406.030ASICS::LESLIETue Jul 02 1991If you have this on video....let me know.
407.096ARRODS::OHAGANBWed Jul 03 1991the 7
408.08ASICS::LESLIESat Jul 06 1991Wimbledon
409.040TIMMII::RDAVIESMon Jul 08 1991Chimera
410.013FORTY2::BOYESWed Jul 10 1991Blake's Seven
412.04ARRODS::WHITEHEADJTue Jul 23 1991Radio Times Video Cassette Offer
413.021YUPPY::PANESWed Jul 24 1991Golden moments on British T.V
414.033AYOV24::TADAIRWed Jul 24 1991Just like that ........
415.06YUPPY::PANESThu Jul 25 1991OUT
416.03ARRODS::WHITEHEADJTue Jul 30 1991Beat the Cheat
417.014NEWOA::SAXBYTue Jul 30 1991Streets of Fire - Film
418.04AYOV1Fri Aug 02 1991Prick Up Your Ears (film)
419.08FORTY2::NAYLERFri Aug 02 19911992 is comming but what about Video Recordeds
420.01AYOV1Tue Aug 06 1991To Each His Own
421.0RTOEU::DREUTHERThu Aug 08 1991BBC report about JAPAN on video wanted
422.0+168423Sun Aug 11 1991Coronation Street.
423.0166REPAIR::TRIMMINGSMon Aug 12 1991Thunderbirds/Captain Scarlet
424.03SUBURB::RYLANDHThu Aug 15 1991Club Mysterioso
425.014YUPPY::DAVISSFri Aug 16 1991On The Buses
426.06COMICS::LANGThu Aug 22 1991Secret Life Of Edgar Briggs
427.07AYOV1Fri Aug 23 1991Out of the Blue (Play on One)
428.02AYOV1Fri Aug 23 1991Andy Garcia
429.07COMICS::WEGGThu Aug 29 1991Autumn Schedule 1991.
430.019SUBURB::CHAYTORLFri Aug 30 1991Grange Hill antiques..
431.017XSTACY::PATTISONMon Sep 02 1991The Waltons !!
432.02CURRNT::PAYNE_ATue Sep 03 1991Anybody tape 'Savage' doc ?
433.011VOGON::MORGANThu Sep 05 1991Minder
434.028ASICS::LESLIEThu Sep 05 1991Movies on tv
435.05VULCAN::SMITHP1Thu Sep 05 1991Something in the Air
436.0+9HAMPS::JOYCE_AMon Sep 09 1991London's Burning
437.016ASICS::LESLIEFri Sep 13 19912.4 kids
438.05CHEST::RAWSONFri Sep 13 1991Baghdad Cafe
439.01CRATE::LAVINFri Sep 13 1991Thatcher - Final days
440.043DEFOE::JAMIETue Sep 17 1991BOTTOM!
441.020UPROAR::WATSONRWed Sep 18 1991Ivor The Engine
442.038UPROAR::LATHAMMFri Sep 20 1991Missed a programme ? read on...
443.024BAHTAT::HILTONMon Sep 23 1991Toshiba Fast Text Con
444.0140WARHED::GILLILANDMon Sep 23 1991TV QUIZ (see .5 for rules)
445.021TASTY::NISBETWed Sep 25 1991Reception (Teletext)
446.017NEWOA::BAILEYSat Sep 28 1991Omnibus / Terminator
447.010COMICS::LANGTue Oct 01 1991Cop Rock %$^^^
448.021UPROAR::DARRALLDMon Oct 07 1991Lethal Weapon, ITV, 5-1
449.05MINDER::GRAHAMMon Oct 07 1991Dad's Army
450.06MICKY::SIMPSONThu Oct 10 19916.3
451.06ASICS::LESLIESat Oct 12 1991On the Up
452.08GOONS::MCGUIREMon Oct 14 1991English Gangster series (7
453.05CRISPY::SMITHS2Mon Oct 14 1991Alive & Kicking
454.036BURYST::edmundsWed Oct 16 1991Capital Radio
455.038VOGON::MORGANWed Oct 16 1991!!93 and all that
456.09ASICS::LESLIEWed Oct 16 1991Breakfast TV
457.01AYOV28::MDONNELLYWed Oct 16 1991The Southbank Show
458.04DEFOE::JAMIEWed Oct 23 1991Booker Prize Winner ?
459.0+21KERNEL::SHELLEYRMon Oct 28 1991Cutting Edge
460.01VIVIAN::D_HICKEYMon Oct 28 1991The Vanishing
461.015AYOV1Mon Oct 28 1991Jute City
462.022MICKY::SIMPSONWed Oct 30 1991Rugby TV coverage
463.05AYOV1Thu Oct 31 1991Alas Smith & Jones
464.04AYOV28::MDONNELLYThu Nov 07 1991Children of the North
465.07ASICS::EDMUNDSMon Nov 11 1991Cue the music
466.0ARRODS::WHITEHEADJFri Nov 15 1991Upstairs Downstairs
467.09ARRODS::WHITEHEADJMon Nov 18 1991The Trials of Oz
468.07ASICS::LESLIEMon Nov 18 1991Did you tape Real Genius last night?
469.017EIGG::DMURRAYTue Nov 19 1991TV's that are UK _ US compatible
470.024ASICS::LESLIETue Nov 26 1991Freddie Mercury tribute
471.07ASICS::LESLIETue Nov 26 1991Blockbuster take over Ritz
472.0ARRODS::WHITEHEADJThu Nov 28 1991Clarissa
473.0329COMICS::WEGGThu Nov 28 1991Did you see last night...?
474.073KERNEL::MOUNTFORDThu Nov 28 1991TV Choice in Britain today...
475.01NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Dec 06 1991An Actor's Life for Me
476.02AYOV1Fri Dec 06 1991Secret History
477.01BAHTAT::HILTONMon Dec 09 1991Surround Sound
478.01SUBURB::RYLANDHMon Dec 09 1991Lost Parcel!
479.03UPROAR::DARRALLDWed Dec 11 1991VCR's in the UK
480.04EXOCET::ATTWOOLTue Dec 17 1991wanted: Computer Animation programmes from C4
481.02ASICS::LESLIEWed Dec 18 1991Gorbachev in the Radio Times
482.023AYOV1Mon Dec 23 1991The British Comedy Awards
483.021COMICS::WEGGTue Dec 24 1991Noter Of The Year Award.
484.022ASICS::LESLIEMon Jan 06 1992Douglas Adams on TSBS
485.01COMICS::LANGMon Jan 06 1992No more extended Xmas shows please!
486.015UPROAR::GUNNSMon Jan 06 1992Surround Sound broadcasts
487.08LARVAE::DRSDTue Jan 07 1992Name this Poirot film/book.
488.010ARRODS::WHITEHEADJThu Jan 09 1992Dynasty: The Reunion
489.09ASICS::LESLIEFri Jan 10 1992Upcoming and interesting
490.03SAC::EDMUNDSSun Jan 12 1992The Good Guys
491.021COMICS::LANGTue Jan 14 1992Pall Bearers Revue
492.010AYOV1Thu Jan 16 1992A Time to Dance
493.023MICKY::SIMPSONMon Jan 20 1992Are You Being Served (oh-er)
494.06SAC::JOYCETue Jan 21 1992Night of the Fox
495.026ASICS::LESLIEMon Jan 27 1992The cloning of Joanna May
496.012NMSUV2::NAMTue Jan 28 1992Love Hurts
497.023ARRODS::OHAGANBWed Jan 29 1992Crossroads
498.02HEAVY::JAMIETue Feb 04 1992Those numbers in the Mail
499.06COMICS::WEGGTue Feb 04 1992TV Heaven
500.07SAC::JOYCEWed Feb 05 1992Murder Squad
501.022NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Feb 07 1992Her Indoors
502.06WELWIT::MANNIONMon Feb 10 1992Maigret, The Singing Detective
503.013MICKY::SIMPSONMon Feb 10 1992Kathy Beale
504.04ASICS::LESLIEWed Feb 12 1992Evening Shade
505.05VOGON::MORGANWed Feb 12 1992The Secret Cabaret
506.029SUBURB::TAYLORGThu Feb 13 1992The BRIT Awards 1992
507.04AYOV1Mon Feb 17 1992Screen 2 Series
508.08WELWIT::MANNIONTue Feb 18 1992Whose Line Is It Anyway?
510.024HEAVY::JAMIEWed Feb 19 1992Men Behaving Badly
511.07XSTACY::PATTISONThu Feb 20 1992Rides
513.016ASICS::LESLIEMon Feb 24 1992So haunt me
514.013ASICS::LESLIEMon Feb 24 1992UK TV sinks to yet another low
515.034VULCAN::SMITHP1Mon Feb 24 1992'The Word'
516.012VOGON::MORGANMon Feb 24 1992The Jack Dee Show..
517.0ASICS::LESLIEFri Feb 28 1992Access Changes
520.09KERNEL::SMITHERSJWed Mar 04 1992Underbelly
521.05NEWOA::SAXBYFri Mar 06 1992The Big One.
522.03ASICS::LESLIEFri Mar 06 1992Roseanne
523.0KERNEL::SHELLEYRMon Mar 09 1992Court TV/Peoples Court
524.011REPAIR::TRIMMINGSWed Mar 11 1992The Advocates
525.011ASICS::LESLIEWed Mar 11 1992what to do during the politicals
526.04COMICS::WEGGFri Mar 13 1992The Camomile Lawn
527.01WELLIN::NISBETFri Mar 13 1992The Magic Roundabout
528.019WELLIN::NISBETMon Mar 16 1992It's that Incredibly Funny Carla Lane again!
529.033NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Mar 17 1992Northern Exposure
530.03KERNEL::SMITHERSJTue Mar 17 1992Growing Rich
531.01KERNEL::SMITHERSJThu Mar 19 1992That's Love
532.017AYOV1Mon Mar 23 1992BAFTA Awards
533.02FILTON::NOBLEThu Mar 26 1992Desperately Seeking Toons
534.010IOSG::BUTTONThu Mar 26 1992KYTV
535.013MICKY::SIMPSONMon Mar 30 1992Treasure Hunt (swap H for C more like)
536.0+68MICKY::SIMPSONThu Apr 02 1992Harry Enfield
537.010XSTACY::PATTISONFri Apr 10 1992The Election 1992
538.06MICKY::SIMPSONMon Apr 13 1992Tango Advert
539.03ASICS::LESLIEMon Apr 13 1992Radio Radio
540.022ARRODS::WHITEHEADJTue Apr 14 1992BBC Select
541.07LARVAE::DRSDThu Apr 16 1992Sean Hughes' show
542.043TRUCKS::BUSSINKWed Apr 22 1992UK TV chart (what you watch)
543.04MICKY::SIMPSONTue Apr 28 1992Mini Chedders
544.043PEKING::DAVIESGWed Apr 29 1992Beverley Hills 9
545.048TRUCKS::BUSSINKThu May 07 1992TV series episode guides
546.021TRUCKS::BUSSINKThu May 07 1992TV series episode guides, Discussions.
547.012SUBURB::TAYLORGTue May 12 1992Location of a supplier of NTSC video tapes in the UK.
548.08ASICS::LESLIEWed May 13 1992Romancing the Stone, 13/May/92, ITV
549.07COMICS::WEGGMon May 18 1992Root Into Europe
550.01--UnknownUser--Mon May 18 1992Perfect Scoundrels.
551.015SUBURB::GROOMNThu May 21 1992Inside Story
552.047COMICS::LANGFri May 22 1992Rab C Nesbitt
553.01AYOV1Thu May 28 1992Boys from the Bush
554.023BAHTAT::HILTONFri May 29 1992Moviedrome
555.02ASICS::LESLIEWed Jun 03 1992Angels (2/6/92
558.016BAHTAT::HILTONThu Jun 11 1992Bunch of Fives
559.0COMICS::LUCKMANThu Jun 11 1992Victorian Kitchen Garden
560.08XSTACY::PATTISONTue Jun 16 1992A stab in the dark
561.07BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jun 17 1992High Definition TV
562.012XSTACY::PATTISONThu Jun 25 1992STUDS
563.03MAJORS::COCKBURNThu Jun 25 1992How to complain to the BBC
564.053COMICS::WEGGThu Jul 02 1992Eldorado
565.03ASICS::LESLIEFri Jul 03 1992Woegun
566.015PEKING::BARKERNThu Jul 09 1992Double Deckers
567.01PEKING::BARKERNThu Jul 09 1992Accidental Death
568.03SUBURB::EASTONWed Jul 15 1992Classic Adventure
569.0REPAIR::TRIMMINGSMon Jul 20 1992Did you record last night..
571.011PAPERS::PARRYWed Aug 05 1992What's that rectangle ?
572.08YOUWOT::BLACKWed Aug 05 1992World war 3 on TV?
573.0AYOV1Thu Aug 06 1992New Season
574.09FORTY2::BOYESFri Aug 07 1992Virtual Murder
575.0ASICS::LESLIEFri Aug 07 1992Sound problems
576.087FILTON::NOBLEThu Aug 13 1992Anyone got Laserdisc?
577.02ARNIES::SMITHP1Tue Aug 18 1992Premiere League on Sky Sport
579.0NEWOA::SAXBYWed Aug 19 1992Children of the Dragon.
580.026ARRODS::OHAGANBTue Sep 01 1992TV Hell
581.010FUTURS::BURRELLTue Sep 08 1992A Very Polish Practise
582.03KERNEL::MORRISWed Sep 09 1992Life on Earth - but only 12/13ths
583.01KRAKAR::WARWICKMon Sep 14 1992BBC1 Friday night police series. Can't remember the title
584.0NOTMon Sep 14 1992Hannah Hauxwell / Barry Cockcroft
585.020KERNEL::BLKPUD::WATTERSONPFri Sep 18 1992Wacky races
586.0KURMA::DRUDMANFri Sep 18 1992Looking for THE VERY EDGE
587.06WARHED::GILLILANDWed Sep 30 1992Keith Floyd
588.055WAYOUT::LOATThu Oct 01 1992The Big Breakfast
589.010HEAVY::JAMIEThu Oct 01 1992Inspector Morse : Anyone Record it ?
590.02TOPPER::LUCKMANTue Oct 06 1992A vous la France
591.0KERNEL::HOGGANDMon Oct 12 1992The Ring Cycle to lend?
592.09MOVIES::POTTERMon Oct 12 1992The Norman Conquests
593.011FUTURS::BURRELLMon Oct 19 1992The Gladiators
594.042SYSTEM::GOODWINMon Nov 02 1992Ghostwatchers?
595.0XNOGOV::LISAMon Nov 02 1992Doctors to be
596.05MOVIES::POTTERMon Nov 09 1992Captions from a video tape?
597.04KERNEL::TYLERCMon Nov 16 1992EQUINOX (Channel 4)
598.05FORTY2::BOYESMon Nov 16 1992The Tomorrow People
599.0AYOV1Fri Dec 04 1992This Week
600.030KRAKAR::WARWICKFri Dec 04 1992Absolutely Fabulous
601.0KERNEL::IMBIERSKIMon Dec 07 1992Video of BEHIND THE LINES from last Friday??
602.011BAHTAT::HILTONTue Dec 15 1992Cable TV
603.08AYOV11::RENNISONWed Dec 16 1992Prime Suspect II
604.016BAHTAT::HILTONThu Dec 17 1992Oracle going away
605.01WELCLU::BROWNIFri Dec 18 1992Witchcraft (BBC2)
606.01ISLNDS::SCHULTZMon Dec 28 1992Waiting for God
607.01MOVIES::POTTERMon Jan 04 1993Stereo TV, dynamic range moans
608.01BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jan 08 1993Golden Years
609.0+10KERNEL::MACLEANFri Jan 08 1993The Avengers
610.012BLKPUD::WILLIAMSHMon Jan 11 1993Anna Lee
611.06BARYON::LANG_HWed Jan 13 1993Gallowglass
612.07SUBURB::GROOMNWed Jan 13 1993The Cook Report
613.011XSTACY::PATTISONMon Feb 01 1993Clive Anderson Talks Back
614.015XSTACY::PATTISONTue Feb 02 1993Best/Worst nights viewing (poll)
615.03EBYGUM::WILLIAMSHWed Feb 10 1993Channel 4 diamond patterns
616.08WIZZER::MACLEANTue Feb 16 1993Oprah/Michael Jackson
617.010KERNEL::MACLEANThu Feb 18 1993The BRITS Awards
618.02ARRODS::WHITEHEADJThu Feb 18 1993Diana: Her True Story - on SKY
619.014WARHED::GILLILANDMon Feb 22 1993Lipstick On Your Collar
620.01KERNEL::SMITHERSJThu Feb 25 1993Life
622.0KERNEL::MORRISFri Mar 05 1993Mr Wroe's Virgins
623.06XSTACY::PATTISONTue Mar 09 1993Noel Edmunds House Party
624.02--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 10 1993A statement of affairs.
625.038WIZZER::WEGGThu Mar 11 1993Danny Baker after All
626.04AYOV1Fri Mar 19 1993Barrymore
627.01--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 24 1993Once in a lifetime
629.09LARVAE::DRSD12::PATTISON_MMon Apr 05 1993Outtakes & bloomers etc
630.03MENOW::PACENTue Apr 06 1993Old TV Charts (what you *used* to watch)
631.013VANGA::KERRELLMon Apr 19 1993Going Live gone forever...
632.04REDARO::AIRCONMon Apr 19 1993Mr Flibble is very cross....
633.014LARVAE::BALDOCK_IFri May 07 1993mystery series from the 7
634.06LARVAE::BALDOCK_IMon May 10 1993Heartbeat
635.025KERNEL::SMITHERSJMon May 10 1993John Shuttleworth appreciation note
636.03TASTY::JEFFERYMon May 10 1993Knowing me, Mark Jeffery, Knowing you, UK TV.
637.015BAHTAT::HILTONMon May 10 1993The BEST TV/Sat Mag?
638.02KERNEL::SHELLEYRWed May 19 1993Coltrane in a Cadillac
639.09BAHTAT::HILTONThu May 20 1993Rik Mayall Presents
640.05LARVAE::IVES_JMon May 24 19937
642.016BLKPUD::WILLIAMSHFri Jun 04 1993Pobl Y Cwm.
643.0SHIPS::COLWELL_DFri Jun 04 1993Anyone watch Duchess of Duke Street
645.06WAYOUT::CLARKEThu Jun 10 1993Lady Chatterley's Lover
646.011WARHED::PIATTThu Jun 17 1993No more Cheers - boohoo!
647.02RSNC::BRUILMon Jun 21 1993Super Channel ???
648.011SAC::RYDER_PMon Jul 12 1993quiz questions
649.05SUBURB::ABSOLOMTTue Jul 13 1993Frank Stubbs Promotes
650.022CLADA::JMURPHYThu Jul 15 1993Last of the Summer Wine....
651.06SMAUG::LEHMKUHLThu Jul 22 1993Prime Suspect III
652.04IMAPC::MURRAYSat Aug 07 1993will a UK VCR work in Switzerland
653.02KERNEL::SHELLEYRMon Aug 09 1993Wycliffe
654.0DBSUK1::HOBBSThu Aug 26 1993Families
655.03IJSAPL::KLERKSun Aug 29 1993Peyton Place
656.031SHIPS::SHADBOLT_SFri Sep 03 1993Brookside
657.02TASTY::JEFFERYWed Sep 08 1993World Chess Championship on Channel 4
658.04COMICS::MACLEANTue Sep 21 1993Newman and Baddiel in Pieces
659.02YUPPY::PANESThu Sep 23 1993The Ronson Mission
660.058BLKPUD::WILLIAMSHTue Sep 28 1993Cracker
661.08IJSAPL::KLERKTue Sep 28 1993Tales from the City
662.03SLPSTK::ILESWed Oct 13 1993EQUINOX recording
663.024BAHTAT::HILTONMon Oct 18 1993SeaQuest
664.01FILTON::KEARNS_RWed Nov 03 1993Help Wanted
665.06IJSAPL::KLERKFri Nov 05 1993Buddha of Suburbia
667.030KERNEL::BLKPUD::WATTERSONPThu Nov 11 1993Supermarket sweep
668.07WARNUT::FIDDLERMFri Nov 12 1993If you see God, tell him
669.013ESDENG::BOWENTue Nov 16 1993Wild Palms!
670.010LOAD::THOMASTue Nov 23 1993To Play The King
671.02KERNEL::LEYLANDSFri Dec 03 1993Hollywood Women
672.0METSYS::BOOTHEThu Dec 09 1993Travelog on 8/12/93
673.04GRANMA::MMARVILLEWed Dec 15 1993Callan ?
674.010COMICS::MACLEANThu Dec 16 1993The Wombles
675.017R2ME2::HINXMANThu Dec 16 1993Inspector Frost
676.0SMAUG::LEHMKUHLMon Dec 20 1993All or Nothing At All
677.08REPAIR::TRIMMINGSWed Dec 22 1993Between The Lines.
678.03XSTACY::PATTISONWed Jan 05 1994UK sit-coms index
679.03SUBURB::HEPBURNThu Jan 06 1994Hookers, Hustler, Pimps & Their Johns
680.02XSTACY::PATTISONMon Jan 17 1994Fantasy Football (Friday, Ch. 4)
681.011SLPSTK::ILESThu Jan 20 199499-1
682.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Jan 20 1994Convert composite to RHF?
683.0+27SAC::LANG_HFri Jan 21 1994The Day Today
684.01COMICS::MACLEANMon Jan 24 1994'Impulse'
685.04NSICFri Jan 28 1994New Adventures of Superman
686.010FUTURS::SAXBYWed Feb 02 1994All Quiet On The Preston Front.
687.05FUTURS::BURRELLThu Feb 03 1994Walk on the Wild Side
688.09GALVIA::HELSOMTue Feb 08 1994Middlemarch
689.014BLKPUD::WILLIAMSHMon Feb 14 1994Don't forget your toothbrush!
690.09REPAIR::TRIMMINGSMon Feb 21 1994NYPD Blues.
691.010COMICS::WEGGTue Mar 01 1994Talking Telephone Numbers
692.01BAHTAT::DODDFri Mar 04 1994Fred Dibnah
693.01GALVIA::HELSOMThu Mar 10 1994Beyond the Clouds (A town in China)
694.03REPAIR::TRIMMINGSFri Mar 11 1994Feature Films on Video.
695.0LARVAE::JEFFERYTue Mar 15 1994Screen 2 -- Skallagrig
696.0BAHTAT::DODDTue Mar 22 1994Ain't Misbehavin
697.0TOPPER::LUCKMANWed Mar 23 1994Lucitania
698.01SUBURB::GROOMNFri Mar 25 1994MIKE ?
699.05SAC::LANG_HFri Apr 08 1994Poptabulous Mate!
700.01LOOKIN::LUCKMANMon Apr 11 1994A Pinch of Snuff
701.01NSICTue Apr 12 1994Keeping Up Appearances
702.0STAR::B_LEAHYThu Apr 14 1994Elizabeth Garvey
703.09BAHTAT::DODDFri Apr 15 1994The Net - sorry to bring computers in here.
704.04XSTACY::PATTISONWed May 04 1994Family
705.03BAHTAT::DODDFri May 06 1994A Class Act
706.02XSTACY::KBOWENTue May 10 1994Wanted - Video of BBC Program
707.0+42ESBSMon May 16 1994Babylon 5
708.01WAYOUT::LOATWed May 18 1994Anyone taped "Let him have it"?
709.05ROBSON::ROBSON::PATTISON_MTue May 31 1994Who is this woman ?
710.012NEWOA::BAILEYTue May 31 1994God On The Rocks
711.07LOOKIN::LUCKMANWed Jun 01 1994Just Good Friends
712.01AUSSIE::PENNYThu Jun 02 1994Double-Deckers
713.0PEKING::ELFORDPFri Jun 10 1994The Windsors
714.03SUBURB::ABSOLOMTFri Jun 10 1994Moving Stories
715.04BAHTAT::DODDMon Jun 13 1994Love on a Branch Line
716.0REPAIR::TRIMMINGSWed Jun 15 1994Jimmy's.
717.05FILTON::NOBLEWed Jun 15 1994An Evening with Gary Lineker
718.05ROBSON::ROBSON::PATTISON_MWed Jun 29 1994Characters from Watch With Mother
719.01SUBURB::ABSOLOMTThu Jun 30 1994Starsky & Hutch
720.06SYSTEM::JOHNSONFri Jul 08 1994State of the Ark
721.0REPAIR::TRIMMINGSThu Aug 04 1994On Tonight..
723.03KIRKTN::GDOUGALLSat Aug 20 1994"IT"
724.03NEWOA::SMITHMRWed Aug 24 1994Country File Sunday 21st August
725.019COMICS::WEGGFri Aug 26 1994ATV Night
726.01--UnknownUser--Wed Aug 31 1994Scarlett - sequel to Gone With The Wind
727.04AYOV2Thu Sep 08 1994GRACE UNDER FIRE
728.08COMICS::SHELLEYMon Sep 19 1994Knowing Me, knowing you (nothing to do with Abba)
729.06CHEFS::GEORGEMWed Sep 21 1994The Healer
730.0+107KERNEL::DAVIDCWed Sep 21 1994X-Files
731.07CHEFS::GEORGEMThu Sep 22 1994TOP GEAR
732.01LOOKIN::LUCKMANThu Sep 29 1994World at War
733.010KIRKTN::GDOUGALLFri Sep 30 1994On the Bins!!
734.058AYOV2Wed Oct 05 1994Fast Show
735.01FUTURS::BURRELLWed Oct 12 1994Due South
736.03KIRKTN::SWRIGHTTue Oct 25 1994HR Puff 'N' Stuff
737.02KERNEL::HOGGANDTue Oct 25 1994"V" mini-series on video?
738.09--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 31 1994Beaver & Buttface: Are they funny ??? Discuss...
739.0UBOHUB::SNOWDENMWed Nov 02 1994We Are Loonies And We Are Prood!!
740.01COMICS::WEGGThu Nov 10 1994Flambards
741.03KERNEL::SMITHERSJTue Nov 15 1994Music from the film Platoon
742.01RDGE44::ALEUC8Mon Nov 28 1994Joanna's desert island
743.010PAKORA::GDOUGALLTue Jan 03 1995Xmas TV....
744.04FILTON::NOBLETue Jan 03 1995Surround Sound from NICAM source
745.03RDGE44::ALEUC8Thu Jan 05 1995The Blue Boy
746.06YUPPY::ASHLEYSMITHMon Jan 09 1995Outside Edge
747.03COMICS::SHELLEYMon Jan 09 1995Alias Smith and Jones
748.026COMICS::WEGGWed Jan 18 1995Classic Programme Alert.
749.014RDGE44::ALEUC8Wed Jan 25 1995Kavanagh QC
750.014FORTY2::WILKINSWed Feb 15 1995Horizon - Born Twice - 14-Feb-1995
751.015YUPPY::CONNELLAFri Mar 03 1995lets have a heated debate
752.09TUXEDO::WRAYMon Mar 06 1995Mail-order videos?
753.02KERNEL::SMITHERSJFri Mar 10 1995Hearts and Minds
754.01YUPPY::CONNELLAThu Mar 16 1995Brookside, dropping like flies
755.011YUPPY::PANESMon Mar 20 1995The Sunday Show
756.0--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 22 1995The Sooty and Sweep Show
757.06NSICThu Mar 23 1995Space Precinct
758.03YUPPY::CONNELLAThu Mar 23 1995Room 1
759.03PAKORA::SWRIGHTThu Mar 23 1995James Bond Films..
760.01FUTURS::BURRELLFri Mar 24 1995Jobs for the Girls
761.01AYOV1Wed Mar 29 1995A Very Open Prison
762.03BAHTAT::HILTONMon Apr 10 1995Remote TV transmitter/Rabbit/???
763.03KIRKTN::GDOUGALLSun Apr 16 1995Boiling Mad!!
764.01RDGE44::ALEUC8Wed Apr 19 1995A Village Affair
765.08CHEFS::ELKINLMon Apr 24 1995BUGS
766.05FORTY2::BOYESFri Apr 28 1995Hamish Macbeth
767.01CHEFS::ELKINLTue May 16 1995The Governor
768.0SUBURB::SMYTHIWed May 17 1995Peak Practice
769.03COMICS::SHELLEYMon May 22 1995Mastermind
770.05MUGGER::LIVINGSTONETue May 23 1995Outer Limits
771.0VANINE::SMITHMRWed May 31 1995The Politician's Wife (Final Episode)
772.0+12REPAIR::TRIMMINGSThu Jun 08 1995ER
773.021ARRODS::WHITEHEADJThu Jun 08 1995Programme Commissioner Gordon
774.04CHEFS::GEORGEMThu Jun 15 1995Invisible Wall
775.03CHEFS::SHERRATT_SMon Jun 26 1995the last tango
776.05YUPPY::PANESFri Jul 14 1995Saturday Night Armistice
777.02FUTURS::BURRELLThu Jul 27 1995HMS Brilliant
778.01GIDDAY::BURTMon Jul 31 1995The Vicar
779.0CHEFS::ELKINLWed Aug 02 1995Q.E.D. Breaking Horses
780.08YUPPY::CONNELLAWed Aug 30 1995The National Television Awards
781.09REOPC2::WHITEHEADJWed Sep 13 1995Soldier Soldier
782.05HIPS::WATSONTue Oct 17 1995The Nation's Favourite Poem
783.04CHEFS::ELKINLFri Nov 24 1995Redcaps
784.09NSICTue Jan 09 1996Space: Above and Beyond
785.017JGO::KPETERSTue Jan 16 1996PALplus Questions
786.038CHEFS::OHAGANBTue Jan 30 1996Father Ted
787.08KERNEL::IMBIERSKITTue Feb 20 1996The one that got away
788.05CHEFS::CONNELLAWed Feb 21 1996T.F.I. Friday
789.02COMICS::SHELLEYWed Feb 21 1996BRIT awards 1996
790.01CHEFS::ELKINLWed Feb 28 1996The Sculptress
791.010WOTVAX::HILTONThu Feb 29 1996Pay-per-view comes to the UK!
792.0CHEFS::BRADSHAWNMon Mar 11 1996Help! Trip Trap recording required
793.01CHEFS::MAYJWed Apr 03 1996Help: Last Nights Brittas Empire...
794.02COMICS::SHELLEYWed Apr 10 1996Over Here
795.02CHEFS::CROSSAWed Apr 10 1996Gullivers Travels.
796.012CHEFS::CONNELLAThu Apr 11 1996All you need is Toilet
797.0CHEFS::MAYJMon Apr 15 1996UFO Show, BBC2 Last Thursday, 11th April...
799.02CHEFS::MAYJFri Apr 19 1996Technophobes Guide To The Future...
800.04CHEFS::CROSSAFri Apr 19 1996Hollywood Pets (and their stupid owners!)
801.06VAXCAT::GOLDYWed Apr 24 1996Trumptonshire
802.02AUSSIE::PENNYThu May 02 1996They think it's all over
803.07WOTVAX::CARTER_AFri May 03 1996The Liver Birds
804.02WOTVAX::GILLILANDPTue May 07 1996Man O Man
805.02COMICS::SHELLEYFri May 24 1996The Mayor of Casterbridge
806.012CHEFS::CONNELLAThu Jun 06 1996American Gothic
807.01FUTURS::BURRELLTue Jul 02 1996Friends
808.04CHEFS::CROSSAThu Jul 25 1996Inside Story
809.0CHEFS::ELKINLMon Jul 29 1996The Writing on the Wall
810.0+74PASTIT::UWINSTue Jul 30 1996Channel 5 and VCR retuning
811.0CHEFS::MAYJTue Aug 06 1996SAVANNAH
812.02WOTVAX::STONEGFri Aug 09 1996DiscWorld
813.02WOTVAX::STONEGThu Aug 15 1996The Dweebs
814.02COMICS::MILLSSTue Sep 17 1996Where is SATELLITE_TV_EUROPE conference ?
815.011VAXCAT::GOLDYWed Sep 18 1996Granada Plus
816.01MARVEL::DAVIDCFri Sep 20 1996Never Mind the Horrocks
817.06FUTURS::BURRELLWed Sep 25 1996Pepsi Commercial
818.01MARVEL::DAVIDCWed Oct 09 1996Pie In The Sky
819.0+5TGRAPH::WEGGThu Oct 10 1996Two Fat Ladies.
820.04FORTY2::BOYESThu Oct 10 1996Neverwhere
821.0REPAIR::TRIMMINGSWed Oct 16 1996Goodbye
822.02COMICS::MILLSSMon Oct 21 1996Profit
823.013RIOTMon Nov 04 19966
824.015KERNEL::WYETHSWed Nov 13 1996What was that programme called???
826.0VYGER::TENNANTMTue Dec 31 1996724.7
827.0+2COMICS::MILLSSWed Jan 08 1997Millennium
828.0+4VAXCAT::GOLDYThu Jan 09 1997Common as Muck
829.0+23MARVEL::DAVIDCTue Jan 14 1997Dark Skies
830.0KERNEL::LUCKMANWed Jan 22 1997Children's Hospital Tape Wanted
831.0 *+3MARVEL::DAVIDCTue Jan 28 1997Nash Bridges
832.0 *+3VAXCAT::GOLDYWed Mar 05 1997Children's TV from the 7
833.0 *+20MARVEL::DAVIDCFri Mar 21 1997Crime Traveller
835.0 *+23VYGER::TENNANTMMon Apr 14 1997This Life
836.0 *+1MARVEL::DAVIDCTue Apr 15 1997The Chest.
837.0 *+2WOTVAX::claire.lzo.dec.com::CarterAndWed Apr 16 1997Teletubbies
838.0 *+3MILE::JENKINSWed Apr 30 1997Cold Feet
839.0 *+1WOTVAX::lzodhcp-182-48-148.lzo.dec.com::hiltongTue May 06 1997The Heart Surgeon
840.0 *+7NNTPD::"C-Summers@mqop62.mqo.dec.com"Mon May 12 1997Is this new?
841.0 *COMICS::SUMNERCMon May 19 1997Anyone tape "Inside The Internet" ?