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Conference rocks::pan

Title:Peb'n'Andys Notes
Notice:Please read topic 207
Created:Tue Oct 31 1989
Last Modified:Fri Feb 28 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:236
Total number of notes:2469
Number with bodies:3
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.010LESLIE::LESLIETue Oct 31 1989Intro
2.05LESLIE::LESLIETue Oct 31 1989Where is it?
3.065LESLIE::LESLIETue Oct 31 1989Who has it?
4.01LESLIE::LESLIETue Oct 31 1989What is it?
5.014LESLIE::LESLIETue Oct 31 1989MAIL <-> Notes
8.027LESLIE::LESLIETue Oct 31 1989DELETE
9.038LESLIE::LESLIETue Oct 31 1989Old wishlist, please use #22
11.038LESLIE::LESLIEWed Nov 01 1989Old buglist, please use #21
12.04LESLIE::LESLIESat Nov 04 1989KEYWORD function
13.010LESLIE::LESLIEWed Nov 01 1989Documentation
14.048LESLIE::LESLIETue Nov 07 1989COPY conference (was SHADOW)
16.02RHETT::MITCHAMThu Nov 09 1989How do you use PAN?
17.016PRAVDA::JACKSONThu Nov 09 1989Repairing corrupted conferences
18.05BURYST::EDMUNDSFri Nov 10 1989Different shadowing function
19.011VANISH::BAILEYSat Nov 11 1989CREATE
20.012LESLIE::LESLIESun Nov 12 1989Do we really need to superimpose the need for CMKRNL?
21.061LESLIE::LESLIEFri Nov 17 1989X1.
22.041LESLIE::LESLIEFri Nov 17 1989V1.
23.05LESLIE::LESLIEFri Nov 17 1989SHOW
24.021VANISH::BAILEYSun Nov 19 1989SEEN
25.012VANISH::BAILEYSat Nov 25 1989DIRectory
26.07SHALOT::LAMPSONMon Dec 11 1989online help
28.015VANISH::BAILEYSun Dec 17 1989Following unseen notes with PAN
29.063BURYST::EDMUNDSWed Jan 10 1990SPAN: Shadow with PAN
31.015LESLIE::LESLIEThu Feb 01 1990Copy members
32.07STAR::SZETOFri Feb 02 1990failed to understand the file structure
33.015SEAPEN::PHIPPSFri Feb 02 1990COPY MAIL (Was MAIL <=> NOTES)
34.09VANDAL::BAILEYSun Feb 04 1990Copy Next UID ?
36.02HANDVC::SIMONSZETOFri Feb 16 1990SET NOTE/CONTENTS doesn't work as documented
37.02LESLIE::LESLIESat Feb 17 1990PAN is almost at code-freeze
38.09LESLIE::LESLIETue Feb 27 1990V1 commands
39.04LESLIE::LESLIETue Feb 27 1990V1 Comments
40.096LESLIE::LESLIETue Feb 27 1990Post V1 enhancements
41.0167LESLIE::LESLIETue Feb 27 1990V1 Bugs
42.01LESLIE::LESLIEWed Feb 28 19902 more SET NOTE commands
43.01LESLIE::LESLIEWed Feb 28 1990UPDATE
45.02TOOK::MICHAUDFri Mar 02 1990ULTRIX Version in the PAN's future?
47.011LESLIE::LESLIEWed Mar 07 1990BNOTES
50.06LESLIE::LESLIEWed Mar 21 1990PAN$GRAHAM new product announcement
51.06IOSG::ROBERTSNWed Mar 28 1990Shadow notebooks with PAN??
52.01LESLIE::LESLIEWed Mar 28 1990Suggested additional functionality around UPDATE
53.04LESLIE::LESLIEWed Mar 28 1990PAN / TPU / VMS compatability problem...
54.05UKCSSE::HOBBSFri Mar 30 1990Spawned MAIL_TO_NOTES waits for terminal input
55.02SEAPEN::PHIPPSWed Apr 11 1990Problems with command interface...
56.039VANDAL::BAILEYThu Apr 12 1990Copying a Topic using PAN
58.05IOSG::ROBERTSNFri Apr 27 1990COPY MAIL and mail received from gateways
59.04CITZEN::GENETFri May 04 1990QAR (or PTT) extract
60.06EVETPU::FRIDAYThu May 10 1990Please improve /DATE capabilities
61.02ATLV5::YOST_PTue May 15 1990Will PAN ever be part of VAXnotes?
62.01PEACHS::MITCHAMTue May 22 1990Suggestion: Please don't lower PAN's file version between kits
63.04ATEWed May 23 1990Conference Directory/Key comfile
64.021BURYST::EDMUNDSFri Jul 06 1990V1+ wishlist
65.02MUSKIE::SHAUGHNESSYThu Jul 19 1990Delete/All ?????
66.0UKCSSE::HOBBSSat Jul 21 1990DCL short cuts
67.015VANDAL::BAILEYTue Jul 24 1990COPY NOTES /replace
68.019AMRETO::ERREDEThu Jul 26 1990DDIF Inclusion
69.013SANFAN::GRANT_JOTue Jul 31 1990PAN for the tyro
70.064VANDAL::BAILEYSun Aug 12 1990/BATCH
71.06COGITO::ZIKAWed Aug 22 1990Sorting by Titles in a shadow may lose date stamp
72.01SHARE::DEVISat Aug 25 1990KP7 Question
73.08LESLIE::LESLIESun Sep 02 1990A UID idea I had whilst out running today...
74.08NIPSFri Sep 14 1990ALL-IN-1 Group Conferencing and PAN
75.09MOMCAT::SYSTEMSun Sep 16 1990vmsinstal complains
76.025LESLIE::LESLIEMon Sep 17 1990Enhancement requests for PAN V2
77.0OXNARD::HAYNESThu Sep 20 1990Conference lost Restricted status!?
78.04RTL::CLARKFri Sep 21 1990Bogus unseen count after copying notes from one conference to another
79.011WRASSE::FRIEDRICHSWed Oct 17 1990NOTES> SET SEEN not working after PAN COPY
80.07CSC32::B_MACKENZIEFri Oct 19 1990how to mass-change ENTRIES
81.04RDGENG::HAYWARDThu Oct 25 1990Copy Mail /NoHeader ?
82.03RDGENG::HAYWARDFri Oct 26 1990Copy From with mail from local user ?
83.04RTL::CLARKFri Nov 02 1990Can't write new notes after PAN COPY failure
84.02LESLIE::LESLIEMon Nov 05 1990Debug file should be /Write/Share
85.01STAR::CANTORTue Nov 06 1990Request feature: find member from access name
86.02STAR::SZETOWed Nov 07 1990Enhancement request: purge membership
89.010AULTPK::BROOMEThu Nov 15 1990How about-Pre 5.4 ?
91.01LESLIE::LESLIEMon Nov 26 1990Synonyms
92.011XANADU::FLEISCHERTue Nov 27 1990Changing / setting the note author field
93.05COGITO::ZIKAWed Nov 28 1990Notes question about odd error replying w file.ext
94.020UPWARD::HEISERFri Nov 30 1990ENOTES features resident in PAN
95.096NEWOA::BAILEYFri Nov 30 1990"SYNC" command
97.01UPWARD::HEISERWed Dec 05 1990TPU Section files for PAN
98.0+27RIPPLE::KOTTERRIThu Dec 06 1990GET_NOTES Utility
100.01RIPPLE::KOTTERRIThu Dec 06 1990SKIP_NOTES Utility
102.09LESLIE::LESLIEMon Dec 10 1990PAN V1.2 cometh
103.04PEACHS::MITCHAMWed Dec 12 1990Procedure to search for directory info
104.021JAC::COFFLERFri Dec 14 1990Request for bug fix/new feature in PAN
105.03STAR::SZETOSun Dec 16 1990Command syntax
106.025MOMCAT::TARBETWed Dec 19 1990EXTRACT won't get hidden notes
107.01LESLIE::LESLIEMon Dec 31 1990Symbols
108.03QUARK::LIONELTue Jan 01 1991Replace text of deleted base note
109.02STAR::CANTORWed Jan 02 1991Can PAN *delete* the text of a note?
110.020JAC::COFFLERFri Jan 04 1991Extraction of notes isn't quite what I ask for ...
111.06HUMAN::AVERYTue Jan 08 1991Merging two Notebooks?
112.07QUARK::LIONELThu Jan 10 1991DELETE/AUTHOR request
113.06RIPPLE::KOTTERRIMon Jan 14 1991NOTES_EXTRACT Utility
114.01STAR::CANTORTue Jan 15 1991Installation kit problem.
115.04STAR::CANTORTue Jan 22 1991Need comments in mail field suppressed
116.0NEWOA::BAILEYSat Jan 26 1991The fat lady must sing
117.08NEWOA::BAILEYMon Jan 28 1991USENET ?
118.02BMW32Mon Jan 28 1991PROBLEM with ADD MEMBER/FILE
119.01WHEEL::SIGLERSat Feb 16 1991DIRECTORY CONFERENCE problem -- enable moderator?
120.02DSSDEV::KRISTYTue Feb 19 1991PAN .NOT-WORK. VMS V5.4-1A?
121.012PLAYER::VANAVERMAETFri Feb 22 1991
122.04LESLIE::LESLIETue Feb 26 1991FOREIGN mail doesn't get posted
123.08UKCSSE::HOBBSFri Mar 01 1991Merging conferences using COPY - how?
124.04HIGEAR::AVERYFri Mar 08 1991Quirk of DIR [notes-range]/UNSEEN?
125.0RIPPLE::KOTTERRISun Mar 10 1991Show Entry Error
126.01RIPPLE::KOTTERRISun Mar 10 1991PAN exit error
127.03RIPPLE::KOTTERRIWed Apr 10 1991WATCH_NOTE Utility
128.04RIPPLE::KOTTERRIWed Apr 17 1991Directory Notebook Bug
129.05INFACT::NORTHERNFri Apr 19 1991Update "feature"
130.05WLW::BROOMEMon Apr 22 1991Request for Feature, KEYWORD Search
131.01CRLVMS::HALBERTSat Apr 27 1991EXTRACTing notes that can be machine-parsed
132.01STAR::CANTORWed May 08 1991Help text error
134.03STAR::CANTORThu May 16 1991Missing feature DIRE/ENTRY
135.03LESLIE::LESLIESat May 25 1991Bugfix for SET NOTE/NOHIDDEN
136.03STAR::CANTORMon May 27 1991Request for feature SET NOTE /SELECT=KEYWORD=keyword
137.06HIGEAR::AVERYWed Jun 19 1991EXTRACT/UNSEEN--does it update the seen date?
138.02PEACHS::MITCHAMMon Jun 24 1991PAN acts as if I don't have RMS access
139.01AUSSIE::TONGTue Jul 09 1991"set entry /class=" not working
140.05HLYCOW::ORZECHSat Aug 17 1991PAN vs. ENOTES
141.02HABS11::MASONMon Aug 19 1991Deleting members from a restricted conference
142.03HABS11::MASONWed Aug 28 1991SHO MEM problems...
143.012MISFIT::SPMTESTThu Sep 05 1991ADD MEMBER /MODER problem
144.06RICKS::RICKS::PHIPPSFri Sep 06 1991COPY MAIL/BY_AUTHOR - Or the Killer Cs
145.09DDIF::FRIDAYTue Sep 17 1991Can PAN developers provide implementation help?
146.0OXNARD::HAYNESFri Sep 27 1991Recovering a conference from backup/Setting max uid
147.08RIPPLE::KOTTERRITue Oct 01 1991Command problems
149.05STAR::KAPLANThu Oct 03 1991PAN DELETE -- deletes notes outside of specified range
150.04STAR::KAPLANTue Oct 08 1991Increasing the width of the REPORT fields?
151.024STAR::KAPLANTue Oct 08 1991Undesired wildcarding of conference names
152.02ASICS::EDMUNDSTue Oct 22 1991/NOSYMBOLS not honoured for SHOW CONFERENCE
153.01ARRODS::HARDINGTue Nov 05 1991Option on DIR NOTE to give filename
154.09REFINE::MCDONALDTue Nov 05 1991HELP! Modify basenote title!!
155.07GIDDAY::AMESWed Nov 13 1991Prob with set note/contents, tries to open dummy??
157.01GIDDAY::CASEYTue Nov 26 1991Trouble with COPY NOTES /UNSEEN /SEEN
158.014PLAYER::VANAVERMAETWed Nov 27 1991markers
159.07DEBUG::GALLOWed Dec 04 1991SHOW ENTRY using wildcards
160.01HERON::KAISERMon Jan 06 1992Update: unexpected wildcarding?
161.01XAPPL::CLARKMon Jan 06 1992COPY NOTES loops unless /NEW specified
162.02XAPPL::CLARKMon Jan 06 1992Creating a 1-note "pointer" conference
163.02BUBBLY::LEIGHThu Jan 09 1992PAN DIR CONF listing is incomplete
164.01MINNY::WALDISPUEHLTue Jan 14 1992strange behaviour of dir/unseen
165.010ZPOVC::KUMTONGThu Jan 16 1992Mail to Note problem
166.06HIGEAR::AVERYThu Jan 30 1992Directories of MAIL folders
167.03QUABBI::"gibian@talent.ljo.dec.com"Fri Jan 31 1992PAN installation when not system administrator
168.06MINNY::WALDISPUEHLThu Feb 06 1992My personal PAN application
169.01LGP3Fri Feb 07 1992help finding number of replies and detecting "holes"
171.05DAVE::MITTONFri Feb 28 1992What can't I do without write access
172.05HIGEAR::AVERYWed Mar 18 1992Proper creation of author & title (mail-->notes)
173.04RANGER::BACKSTROMThu Mar 26 1992COPY NOTES problems... Is +2
174.013NECSC::LEVYWed Apr 01 1992RMS-F-DUP errors doing SET NOTE/CONTENTS
175.03RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Apr 08 1992Topic rearrange/compress/collapse/sort feature requested
176.07EINSTN::HEYNNEMANFri Apr 10 1992UNSEEN problem, KIT location
177.04TINCUP::MOEFri May 01 1992Help needed with PAN COPY ...
178.02SEFIFri May 08 1992COPY NOTES enhancement request
179.06SEFISat May 09 1992Duplicate key problem (-RMS-F-DUP)
180.06CURRNT::POWELLMon May 11 1992Access to code?
181.02COPCLU::THUSINGThu May 14 1992Change members Nodename ?
182.01QUABBI::"gibian@ljohub.enet.dec.com"Mon May 18 1992How to use PAN to mark only notes I don't want to see as read?
183.0PACKED::LINAGE::ALLENTue Jun 02 1992on install, "SKIP_NOTES.TPU does not exist."
184.01SEFIMon Jun 15 1992How to restart an aborted COPY NOTES command?
185.04MINNY::WALDISPUEHLThu Jun 25 1992incomplete directory listing
186.02STAR::CANTORWed Jul 22 1992Cannot SET NOTE/CONTENTS to replace
187.06FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Sep 11 1992no priv error ? hangs pan / span
188.03PEACHS::MITCHAMThu Oct 01 1992Is there a "proper" way of shadowing a conference?
189.03HERON::KAISERThu Oct 22 1992Can't delete an entry. Can PAN help?
190.06NEWOA::BAILEYTue Nov 03 1992Alpha PAN (cheers!)
192.02FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Nov 27 1992NOTES says more topics in the shadow, than original
193.02FUNYET::ANDERSONSun Dec 06 1992Make a note SEEN by everyone?
194.0NEWOA::BAILEYMon Jan 04 1993SEARCH
195.010FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Jan 28 1993pan to rebuild conference after corruption in the original
196.07ADSERV::PW::WINALSKIMon Feb 08 1993Where's ASICS got to?
197.03CSOADM::ROTHTue Feb 09 1993Need help with SET NOTE/DATE qualifiers
198.0XSTACY::PUTNAMWed Feb 17 1993Request for feature SET NOTE/KEYWORD=...
199.08SNAX::MCGARGHANMon Mar 01 1993Advice wanted: Automating Notes Review by date?
200.09KERNEL::LOATThu Mar 04 1993Relink?
201.04BUMP::KADOWSat Apr 03 1993Current Installation Kit for Pan
202.06SEFIFri Apr 09 1993Program to find duplicate notes location?
203.01HLDGWed Apr 21 1993KEYWORD maintenance
204.02ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Jun 01 1993Changing author names
205.01JRDVWed Jun 02 1993notes not added?
206.01OASS::ADAMS_SWed Jun 16 1993Feature of PAN?
207.033NEWOA::BAILEYSat Jun 26 1993PAN futures
208.02RICKS::PHIPPSMon Jun 28 1993(Good) Old Software Never Dies
209.0A1VAX::BRAUNFri Oct 29 1993Invitation to try Conferencing FT2
210.06LNKUGL::BOWMANThu Nov 04 1993New DEC Notes 2.5 breaks PAN V1.2
211.03PLUGH::NEEDLEMon Dec 20 1993PAN SYNC yields %SYSTEM-F-IVTIME, invalid time error
212.06NEWOA::BAILEYWed Jan 05 1994PAN 1.3 (minor fix)
213.0RANGER::BACKSTROMWed Jan 12 1994'next unseen' problems & NOTED::IBMPC-94 in specific
214.038NEWOA::BAILEYThu Jan 20 1994News-Notes
215.03FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Jan 24 1994`compress' a notes file uid space?
216.07BLAZER::MIKELISThu Jan 27 1994PAN for OpenVMS Alpha?
217.020NECSC::LEVYTue Mar 01 1994PAN kit compatible with DEC Notes V2.5 ?
218.03PLAYER::BROWNLWed Mar 16 1994Bug in PAN DEL conf
219.0NEWOA::BAILEYTue Mar 22 1994test, please ignore
220.04DECWIN::HUSOVSKYMon Mar 28 1994disk quota
221.02WRAFLC::GILLEYThu Mar 31 1994Help me change the default moderator.
222.04WRAFLC::GILLEYWed Jun 15 1994More COPY trouble...
223.07FORTY2::YUILLEMon Jun 27 1994Can PAN correct keyword corruption?
224.01USOPS::KADOWWed Jul 27 1994Mail Folder not going to correct Note?
225.03STOWOA::DOTSWW::kurtaMon Aug 22 1994More current User documentation?
226.0VANGA::KERRELLWed Dec 07 1994Keys - a new tool
227.0FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Feb 17 1995Can a delete by uid be done with Pan?
228.04FIEVEL::FILGATETue Jul 11 1995PAN's delete note under VMS 6.2 is broken
229.0DEBUG::GALLOMon Jul 24 1995RMS-E-RNF, record not found
230.021CSSE::MEYERSTue Aug 15 1995PAN KIT
231.07MARVIN::CARLINIFri Aug 25 1995Problem moving folders with multiple word names ...
232.04UTRTSC::BOORSun Oct 15 1995Missing PAN source modules on Freeware CD ?
233.09TEGAN::LOWEWed Dec 06 1995Corrupted Notebook -> COPY_NOTEBOOK.EXE?
234.07AIMTEC::BURDEN_DWed Dec 13 1995Can it edit the notebook files?
235.03APSMME::LEELAMon Jan 08 1996still available?
236.0442333::LESLIEWed Jul 24 1996Thanks for the memories