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Conference rocks::finance-europe

Created:Wed Mar 22 1989
Last Modified:Sun Nov 08 1992
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:33
Total number of notes:91
Number with bodies:0
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1.0UKCSSE::CULLEYWed Mar 22 1989Introduction.
2.03UKCSSE::AYLINGThu Mar 23 1989UK - PEP Vs Endowment Mortgages.
3.04WAR75Thu Mar 23 1989ESPP and the Budget
4.01SHIRE::GOLDBLATTThu Mar 30 1989$
5.06VANILA::KOSKUBAMon Apr 10 1989Foreign Currency Mortgages
6.0UKCSSE::CULLEYMon Apr 24 1989Q3FY89 Results.
7.02UKCSSE::AYLINGTue Apr 25 1989HP seeks SE listings in Europe.
8.04UKCSSE::CULLEYThu Apr 27 1989Digital to sell Olivette.
9.0UKCSSE::BEECHERFri Apr 28 1989"Money Observer" anyone?
10.0UKCSSE::CULLEYTue Jun 06 1989
11.02UKCSSE::CULLEYMon Jul 03 1989PEPs, good bad or indifferent ?.
12.0UKCSSE::CULLEYWed Sep 20 1989Digital in the news.
13.0UKCSSE::CULLEYFri Oct 20 1989Digital Q1 FY9
14.0UKCSSE::AYLINGMon Oct 23 1989Free Tickets For MONEY SHOW
15.07UKCSSE::CULLEYWed Oct 25 1989Euro Disney ?
16.0UKCSSE::AYLINGWed Oct 25 1989Last Date For TAX FORM returns !
17.0AMIS::HOLSTENSONThu Oct 26 1989decwrite for financial reports?
18.0UKCSSE::AYLINGMon Nov 06 1989Did Ford Pay Too Much For Jaguar ?
19.01UKCSSE::AYLINGFri Nov 10 1989Classic Car Investments
20.01KERNEL::MAUFEThu Nov 16 1989tip sheets for UT's
21.05RUTILE::SMITHFri Nov 24 1989
22.05UKCSSE::AYLINGFri Nov 24 1989Separate Taxation For MR & MRS
23.0UKCSSE::CULLEYTue Jan 09 1990Astrological Influences.
24.01ROCK::AHOURFri Jan 12 1990info on Deutsche Bank ?
25.05MLNORO::GUIDOThu Jan 25 1990Eastern Europe and Finance
26.01UKCSSE::CULLEYMon Feb 05 1990Pay off mortgage ???.
27.0UKCSSE::CULLEYMon Feb 12 1990Capital Gains on Digital shares.
28.06KERNEL::MAUFEWed Feb 21 1990IR and Capital Gains %'s
29.0UKCSSE::PBROWNTue Nov 13 1990Eurotunnel Rights Issue
30.0UNTADI::IBRODIEWed Dec 19 1990Tax calculation on letting UK property
31.01BAZZER::CULLEYThu Jan 10 1991Stabilized Mortgages
32.02BAZZER::CULLEYTue Jan 22 1991Directors Dealings
33.01BAZZER::CULLEYFri Jun 21 1991Share Transfers?.