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Conference rocks::euro_motoring

Title:Driving in Europe
Notice:Host node changing 29th feb 1992, to ROCKS::EURO_MOTORING
Created:Mon Sep 14 1987
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:398
Total number of notes:3900
Number with bodies:39
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2.015ANNECY::ROBERTSMon Sep 14 1987Moderators Bulletin Board
3.0101ANNECY::ROBERTSMon Sep 14 1987The Nominal Roll
4.0IOSG::GARDNERTue May 09 1989Conference improvements
5.011ANNECY::ROBERTSMon Sep 14 1987Related Conference Pointers
6.07IOSG::GARDNERTue May 09 1989For Sale & Wanted
7.01IOSG::GARDNERTue May 09 1989Directoty listings
8.019IOSG::GARDNERTue May 09 1989European Reference Topic
9.0169PANIC::LOWEMon Jan 11 1988European Reference Section
11.030RDGENG::KEDMUNDSTue Sep 15 1987Seat belts
12.019ANNECY::ROBERTSTue Sep 15 1987Frontiers
13.019BRSADG::BROWNMon Sep 21 1987Euro Plod
14.01NIGEL::ROBERTSTue Sep 22 1987Stories
15.06NIGEL::ROBERTSTue Sep 22 1987Best drivers in Europe title
16.09IOSG::STRIJCKERTue Sep 22 1987Renting Cars
17.012LISVAX::FONTAINHASWed Sep 23 1987Night travellers
18.05ANNECY::BATTYWed Sep 23 1987Collector's Items and Dogs
19.08IOSG::LANEFri Sep 25 1987Golden Oldies ???
20.05IOSG::LANEFri Sep 25 1987The Car you Drive...
21.09RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Sep 28 1987Unleaded petrol in Europe
22.019HERON::GASCOIGNETue Sep 29 1987The Great IAM
23.06ECCGY2::JAERVINENTue Sep 29 1987Which side of the road?
24.057NIGEL::ROBERTSWed Sep 30 1987Drunken driving is criminal negligence
25.01DCC::JAERVINENMon Oct 05 1987On the lighter side
26.018HERON::GASCOIGNEMon Oct 05 1987Sticking to Speed Limits
27.05RDGENG::KEDMUNDSTue Oct 06 1987How wide is your motorway?
28.07BALZAC::ROGGEBANDWed Oct 07 1987Topless motoring, anyone ?
29.087HERON::GASCOIGNEWed Oct 07 1987Pet Hates ?
30.012LEROUF::MATTHEWSFri Oct 23 1987Tax Free or not Tax Free...that is the question.
31.014FNYFS::SMITHMon Oct 26 1987The Diesel-versus-Petrol Debate.
32.01FNYHUB::PELLATTMon Oct 26 1987Touring Picnics anybody ?
33.07HERON::GASCOIGNETue Oct 27 1987What is the min visibilty for Fog Lamps ?
34.021CHEFS::GROOMThu Oct 29 1987Additional Brake Lights
35.08IOSG::LANEMon Nov 02 1987On a serious note ...
36.021FNYHUB::PELLATTMon Nov 02 1987European Petrol Quality
37.01IOSG::LANEMon Nov 02 1987On the lighter side ...
38.028FNYHUB::PELLATTWed Nov 11 1987Motorway / AutoRoute Tolls / RipOffs
39.05DCC::JAERVINENThu Nov 12 1987Unfallflucht
40.043NIGEL::ROBERTSSun Nov 15 1987Accident in France
41.08KERNEL::FOXMon Nov 16 1987Advice please!
42.033RDGENG::RDAVIESWed Nov 18 1987Rear wipers: who uses them?
43.035Mon Nov 23 1987I hope this is not an omen...
45.04NIGEL::ROBERTSWed Nov 25 1987Driving in the Netherlands
46.012NIGEL::ROBERTSWed Nov 25 1987No more two-star
47.023IOSG::LANEWed Nov 25 1987Tell me...
48.09ANNECY::ROBERTSThu Nov 26 1987Automatic Radio Information
49.06ANNECY::ROBERTSThu Nov 26 1987
50.019RDGENG::KEDMUNDSThu Nov 26 1987Driving tests and driving standards
51.010IOSG::LANEThu Nov 26 1987Marking inexperienced/bad drivers!
52.03IOSG::LANEThu Nov 26 1987seats, belts, and cages (no I am not a sadist!)
53.018NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Nov 27 1987ABS questions
54.06IOSG::LANEFri Nov 27 1987Irrelevant (almost)
55.045LEROUF::MATTHEWSMon Nov 30 1987UK...LHD ???
56.07FNYFS::SMITHWed Dec 02 1987"Share-a-car" anybody?
57.012STOPIT::IBLThu Dec 03 1987Beastlie Behaviour.
59.017IOSG::LANEFri Dec 04 1987I.A.M. anybody
62.0240NIGEL::ROBERTSWed Dec 09 1987Registration systems
63.054KERNEL::FOXThu Dec 10 1987Headlights
65.06ESDVFri Dec 11 1987Got a GB road atlas ? Ta !
66.02DCC::JAERVINENFri Dec 11 1987Belgian driver's licences?
67.010JANUS::BARKERMon Dec 14 1987What the "i" in a model number means...
68.014NIGEL::ROBERTSMon Dec 14 1987Drivers in Hats
69.01IOSG::LANETue Dec 15 1987POLLY TICS ????
70.07FLOCON::WYNFORDTue Dec 15 1987Traffic lights
71.032DCC::JAERVINENTue Dec 15 1987Front or rear wheel drive??
72.09FNYFS::SMITHTue Dec 15 1987Winter Driving.
73.05HERON::GASCOIGNETue Dec 15 1987Best route thro' France in MAY ?
74.011IOSG::LANEMon Dec 21 1987Automatics
75.054LEROUF::MATTHEWSMon Jan 04 1988British Drivers...
76.04IPG::DAWSONTue Jan 05 1988Any Formula 1 buffs out there??
77.014GVASA::CHEVAUXWed Jan 06 1988PORSCHE
78.01IOSG::ROBERTSMon Jan 11 1988Car Theft
84.07DCC::JAERVINENWed Jan 13 1988Murder by car?
85.019PANIC::LOWEWed Jan 20 1988Advice Requested : St Gothard Tunnel.
86.045IOSG::ROBERTSThu Jan 21 1988Unleaded
87.09DCC::JAERVINENThu Jan 21 1988How much tax for a company car?
88.015ESDC2::SOBOTFri Jan 22 1988Using cars in "foreign" countries (legally)
89.02IOSG::GARDNERMon Jan 25 1988
90.031FLOCON::ENTWISTLEMon Feb 01 1988Carnage and Safety
91.04IOSG::GARDNERWed Feb 03 1988Motorcycling - new Government proposals
92.07RDGCSS::WINWOODMon Feb 08 1988Spot weld strength
93.011SHIRE::GOLDBLATTFri Feb 19 1988what are the odds?
94.01IPG::MORGANThu Feb 25 1988Mulhouse Car Museum
95.0IOSG::GARDNERMon Feb 29 1988Second hand car phones
97.02--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 02 1988Got a UK car to sell ?
98.08RDGENG::RDAVIESFri Mar 11 1988Euromotoring R.I.P.
99.010FNYFS::SMITHFri Mar 11 1988
100.024CHEFS::LAWSONMFri Mar 11 19881
102.05SUBURB::WILSONThu Mar 17 1988
103.04DRONGO::MATTHEWSMon Mar 21 1988Germany 'en vacance' ???
104.06DRONGO::MATTHEWSMon Mar 21 1988Could someone explain...
105.026FLOCON::SMITHWed Mar 23 1988Sea Crossing(s) Availability
106.035HLDGWed Mar 23 1988Autobahn myths
108.08ERIC::SALLITTThu Mar 24 1988New GM Ascona/Cavalier query
109.010NMGVWed Apr 06 1988Interesting Roads
110.010CLARID::WYNFORDThu Apr 07 1988Right to left
111.02SHIRE::MBOWMANTue Apr 12 1988Catalyser anyone?
112.09CLARID::WYNFORDSat Apr 16 1988Road deaths (FR)
113.07SPGOPS::BERLOFFTue Apr 19 1988Help Needed
114.012IOSG::ROBERTSTue Apr 19 1988U.K. Government Consultation Paper
115.08IOSG::ROBERTSTue Apr 19 1988Discussion of consultation paper - text in 114.*
117.015DRONGO::MATTHEWSWed Apr 27 1988Importing a car to France....
118.0LISVAX::BRITOFri Apr 29 1988Where's my yelow car?
119.010CANDY::MAISTROSKYTue May 03 1988Renting an auto in France
120.08DCC::JAERVINENWed May 04 1988The new Passat
121.040JANUS::BARKERThu May 05 1988Going to France? - have the proper documents...
122.06NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed May 11 1988Blockade
123.02CLARID::WYNFORDMon May 16 1988US coast-to-coast
124.03PIECES::STEGMANNTue May 17 1988Geneva and points east
125.02VANISH::ROBERTSMon May 23 1988Motoring Accident Claims
126.033VANISH::ROBERTSThu May 26 1988Euro_Motoring get-together
127.06VANISH::ROBERTSFri May 27 1988Burning boats
128.026VANISH::ROBERTSFri May 27 1988Italian translation of GB licence
130.013DCC::JAERVINENTue May 31 1988Petrol prices in Europe
131.013SHIRE::GOLDBLATTTue May 31 1988parlez-vous franglais ?
132.034ELISTue May 31 1988Problems with Customs regulations
133.03IOSG::GARDNERTue May 31 1988XR2 servicing help please
134.04CLARID::WYNFORDWed Jun 01 1988Watch out for your insurance....
135.09MOVIES::ROBERTSThu Jun 02 1988Stau alert
136.07TOWER::FOXFri Jun 03 1988Motoring Organisations
137.018EVOIS::BLONDEAUXTue Jun 07 1988French way of driving
138.09ANNECY::LEHYTue Jun 07 1988EURO_MOTORING is moving from ANNECY
139.0CHEFS::OSBORNECWed Jun 08 1988Motorcycling leftovers wanted
140.0VANISH::ROBERTSTue Jun 14 1988Open for business again after alterations
141.01JGO::EVANSWed Jun 15 1988WHAT A PRIZE?!
142.02MARVIN::VERKADEWed Jun 15 1988Dutch car for sale
143.01THATIS::SIMPSONWed Jun 15 1988New model Ford?
144.05IOSG::GARDNERFri Jun 17 1988The reducing consciousness problem
145.06SUBURB::WILSONMon Jun 20 1988Bastille Day
146.02CLARID::WYNFORDMon Jun 20 1988Worst car
147.0CLARID::WYNFORDTue Jun 21 1988Formula 1 racing
148.0SUBURB::WILSONThu Jun 23 1988thank you
149.02RDGCSS::WINWOODWed Jul 06 1988Square metal studs - Why?
150.06HERON::GASCOIGNEMon Jul 11 1988Police Procedure -- stopping cars
151.02ESDC2::GALLAGHERThu Jul 14 1988Info Required
152.011IOSG::GARDNERMon Jul 18 1988Random breath tests
153.07ELISFri Jul 22 1988Party invitation
154.011MUNICH::JAERVINENMon Jul 25 1988New speed limits in Italy!!!
155.027TRUCKS::GUEST_NTue Jul 26 1988Ferney, France and general info
156.014MEMORY::BERNSTEINWed Jul 27 1988Mercedes Benz - Following in Audi's shoes??
157.010KERNEL::MENDELSOHNWed Jul 27 1988Where is the Le Mans Circuit
158.013JANUS::BARKERWed Jul 27 1988In the UK you can now get tickets in the mail
159.01JANUS::BARKERThu Jul 28 1988Automatic cameras now in the UK
160.04BIRKA::LITBYMon Aug 01 1988Swedish unmarked speed-trap police cars
161.06BIRKA::LITBYMon Aug 01 1988Need tips for drive to Cannes
162.018BIRKA::LITBYMon Aug 01 1988Generic Car Telephone Note
163.02TRUCKS::GUEST_NMon Aug 01 1988Geneva Via Portsmouth/Caen
164.09KAOFS::S_HYNDMANWed Aug 03 1988European rentals,whats what
165.02YUPPY::FOXMon Aug 08 1988How to get to Digital Cologne?
166.03STOPIT::SAXBYMon Aug 22 1988Hotels In Belgium?
167.01IOSG::GARDNERMon Aug 22 1988BHP definition
168.07KAOFS::S_HYNDMANTue Aug 23 1988Gas prices in Europe?
169.012CHEFS::OSBORNECFri Aug 26 1988French towing speed limits rqd
170.042KAOFS::S_HYNDMANTue Aug 30 1988Traffic light sequences
171.013FNYMV1::PERRYFri Sep 02 1988Green/grey/big/small photo booths....
172.019MUNICH::JAERVINENMon Sep 05 1988Motorways and speed limits..
173.0VIA::GLANTZThu Sep 08 1988Oil additive with copper particles?
174.01STOPIT::SAXBYWed Sep 14 1988HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
175.03PUGH::ANDYFri Sep 16 1988Essential Extras....
176.06UNTADH::ROBERTSMon Sep 19 1988Headlamp converters for sale
177.06FNYFS::GUESTTue Sep 20 1988A Mile Too Far ...
178.043MUNICH::JAERVINENWed Sep 21 1988Does speed kill?
179.01FNYFS::GUESTWed Sep 21 1988A Room with a View ??
180.02YUPPY::FRANCHIThu Sep 22 1988Importing a Car Into Italy
181.07YUPPY::FRANCHIThu Sep 22 1988Wanted: Routes to Tuscany
182.03IPG::KAPPLERThu Sep 22 1988Beautiful Cars
183.019THATIS::LINDLEYWed Sep 28 1988Accident black spots
184.0BONNET::HEYERThu Sep 29 1988PISTE des Cretes, south of France
185.05RDGENG::RDAVIESMon Oct 10 1988Running diesel engines on sunflower oil ?
186.028THATIS::LINDLEYTue Oct 11 1988Catalytic converters
187.01IPG::WALTERSTue Oct 11 1988Driving Licence numbers?
188.07FNYFS::GUESTMon Oct 24 1988Calais ?? or Bust
189.09FNYFS::GUESTWed Nov 02 1988MOT's in France ?? Whatever Next !
190.01DRONGO::MATTHEWSThu Nov 03 1988What does "Ab hier gilt rechts vor links" mean?
191.055RDGENG::RDAVIESThu Nov 10 1988Nigel Guest involved in a car accident
192.09THATIS::LINDLEYMon Nov 21 1988Info wanted: Pyrenees in June
193.02IJSAPL::BROWNMon Nov 28 1988******* Tea Leaf alert *******
194.02IJSAPL::PCAS_PETERWed Dec 07 1988Daihatsu Feroza
195.03SIEVAX::RWATSONMon Dec 12 1988European BMW prices
197.05UNTADH::ROBERTSWed Dec 14 1988Season's Greetings
198.0IJSAPL::BROWNWed Dec 21 1988FORD dealer recommendation wanted
199.012BMW32Thu Jan 05 1989Radar detectors in Europe
200.05BMW32Thu Jan 05 1989Nebelunfalle (Accidents in fog)
201.08SUBURB::WILSONWed Jan 11 1989Colours for 1992
202.01VOGON::MORGANTue Jan 17 1989U.K./Frankfurt Route Offers Please
203.01DRONGO::MATTHEWSFri Jan 20 1989Driverless towing...
204.01CHEFS::KARVEMon Jan 23 1989Allergic to Peugot 2
207.01AMIS::HOLSTENSONMon Jan 30 1989Mini convertible
208.0BONNET::HEYERMon Feb 06 1989Tunisia maps..?
209.01OVAL::THORPEJTue Feb 07 1989Imported Renault
210.0PANIC::LOWEWed Feb 08 1989Friend of yours perhaps...seen in passing.
211.05HPSTEK::BURTONThu Feb 09 1989Renault Club & Parts Wanted
212.010FNYFS::SMITHFri Feb 10 1989Car Pollution
213.05IJSAPL::BROWNFri Feb 10 1989Reciprocal Agreements.
214.014BIS::MACFADYENTue Feb 14 1989Driving in Brussels
215.026FNYFS::GUESTMon Mar 20 1989France : A26 Extends it's Reach
216.01WAR75Tue Mar 28 1989Calais to Nice ?
217.01UNTADH::ROBERTSTue Mar 28 1989Tips and tricks
218.012VOGON::KAPPLERThu Apr 06 1989Ferry Crossings .......
219.0+25MILLER::TURNBULLMon Apr 17 1989Long-Term UK Insurance for Europe?
220.011YARD::PREECETue Apr 25 1989Back rests
221.01HEWIE::RUSSELLTue Apr 25 1989Calais to Utrecht?
222.08FNYFS::LEWISWed Apr 26 1989Blue Thunder
223.01FERNEY::LEWISWed Apr 26 1989Le Mans ?
224.02FERNEY::SMITHFri Apr 28 1989Fun for all the family!
226.07JANUS::AMURRAYWed May 03 1989Help with routes etc in France please
227.06SPGBAS::BERLOFFWed May 03 1989Spain and Portugal Help Needed
229.05INCH::SAXBYTue May 09 1989In reply to 3.8
230.05FLOCON::LEWISWed May 10 1989Has anybody noticed ?
231.06FERNEY::LEWISWed May 10 1989Dijon anyone ?
232.04FRAFri May 19 1989In reply to 3.81, What's a 328 GTO '52 ?
233.01BONNET::HARDYTue May 23 19891936 FIAT Topolino info wanted.
234.01FERNEY::LEWISTue May 23 1989Dijon or Bust
235.05GIDDAY::CHEDRAThu May 25 1989Rent a Lambourghini ?????????
236.0VANTEN::MITCHELLDThu May 25 1989CVH fits inline box?
237.08FLOCON::LEWISThu Jun 01 1989S'A Record !
238.03FLOCON::GUESTThu Jun 01 1989Insuring MR2's in France...
239.0FRAIS3::LEHMANNFri Jun 02 1989motorsort-videos
240.01SHAPES::GROOMNFri Jun 02 1989Help needed - Calais/Monza
241.08ELISTue Jun 20 1989Parking offence???
242.03UNTADI::WHELANThu Jun 22 1989Driving with LANDROVER ???
243.010GALLOP::COOPERMFri Jun 23 1989car rental in spain
244.03THATIS::SIMPSONTue Jun 27 1989Importing into Switzerland
245.01IJSAPL::CAMERONTue Jun 27 1989***** Mainland Euro Weekend meeting ****
246.01LASHAM::WILSON_DFri Jun 30 1989Rouen ?
247.04CIMNET::FREEMANWed Jul 05 1989Any MB19
248.03COUNTY::WATSONThu Jul 06 1989Translation Service Required
249.03HPSCAD::CANFIELDFri Jul 07 1989Renting a Porsche in Germany
251.08EAYVMon Jul 10 1989Scotland to Lake Garda by car
252.05VOGON::KAPPLERTue Jul 11 1989Calais-Cannes Route Advice?
253.01FXADM::BONVINFri Jul 14 1989Car rental in CH
254.02CSSE32::MERMELLSun Jul 16 1989Fiat Panda?
256.02MARVIN::COCKBURNFri Aug 04 1989Driving around France - info required
257.01BRSSWS::MARCELWed Aug 09 1989Driving to Greece help needed
258.019WNPVThu Aug 10 1989Munich-Vienna-Budapest-Salzburg
259.02FORTY2::BEDOURATue Sep 05 1989Insurance overseas (English/French)
260.0SEDMTS::OCARROLLTue Sep 12 1989Railway/restaurant in Alps & camping in Chamonix
261.01BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Sep 15 1989Brenner warning
262.0GVAThu Sep 21 1989Audi 8
263.0ODIHAM::WILSON_DTue Sep 26 1989To the rock !
264.07BALZAC::DESVIGNESMon Oct 09 1989Dover - Rochdale at Xmas
266.03UKCSSE::YOUNGTue Nov 07 1989Can I avoid the Peripherique?
267.03Thu Nov 16 1989Can't find no Lada parts on the Autobahn...
268.0JANUS::AMURRAYWed Nov 29 1989Clermont-Ferand to Orleans - autoroute yet ??
269.010KBOMFG::KEYESTue Dec 05 1989exit
270.01DBO116::ODONNELLFri Dec 08 1989WHERE IS UK_CARS GONE TO????
271.05POLAR::ROGERFri Jan 05 1990buy or bring a car to France?
273.04FNYMV4::PELLATTTue Jan 23 1990London - Edinburgh ?
274.0HAMPS::LONIE_ATue Feb 13 1990Help on Royan (France)
276.04YUPPY::STANTONRMon Mar 05 1990Disasters in Europe
277.02USMFG::BBOGARDUSThu Mar 08 1990Help On Distances & Costs
278.03RUTILE::GUESTWed Apr 04 1990Import 2
279.011VANISH::LANEThu Apr 19 1990Motorail within UK
280.0551386::APPELSWed Apr 25 1990Utrecht/Ferney (Best route to take?)
281.01WOTVAX::MEAKINSThu May 03 1990When does August start?
282.05MEMIT::SHATARATue May 08 1990Michelin Map source in Mass
283.03YUPPY::STANTONRFri May 18 1990Cherbourg to Provence
284.09AHIKER::EARLYThu Jun 07 1990Question? Americans in France. Suggestions Pyrenees
285.04VANISH::BOSLEYWed Jun 27 1990Drive down to Malta.?!?
286.01VANDAL::BOSLEYFri Jun 29 1990New Euro Plates??!
287.02POLAR::ROGERTue Jul 03 1990Can I rent a Motorcycle?
288.0VANDAL::BOSLEYThu Jul 05 1990Fiat Club Specilaztion???
289.02MINDER::HESLOPBTue Jul 10 1990Dutch Orange Plastic Balls
291.05BHAJEE::JAERVINENFri Jul 13 1990Munich-Italy Autobahn kaputt
292.01EVOAI1::HULLAHFri Jul 20 1990A6-La Francilienne Link
293.06CURRNT::RUSSELLThu Aug 23 1990Calais to Geneva (F-V) directions?
294.01COLFri Aug 31 1990R21 Turbo - H.P.'s ??
295.07BMW32Thu Sep 06 1990Renting a car *and* driving through Switzerland
296.05PEKING::WILLIAMSJTue Sep 25 1990Wanted: Routes to Spain
297.05SCOTMN::TALBOYSWed Oct 03 1990Le Havre -> Strasbourg - > Heidelburg -> Vienna around Xmas - comments ??
298.02CRATE::SAXBYWed Oct 03 1990Renting a car in Germany.
299.03EVOAI1::HULLAHTue Oct 09 1990Breakdown Insurance?
300.013UKCSSE::RDAVIESMon Oct 29 1990Is this conference wanted?
301.05RUTILE::PERRYFri Nov 02 1990Zurich -> UK Route advice
302.05STRIKR::LINDLEYMon Nov 12 1990Auvergne driving info soght
303.07EVOAI1::HULLAHTue Nov 13 1990A6 Paris-Lyon topic
304.0EVOAI1::HULLAHFri Nov 16 1990Car-mounted radar finally reach France
305.02NEWOA::BOSLEYFri Jan 25 1991Going for a song...
306.07KERNEL::CHEWTERTue Jan 29 1991Calais to Italy
307.02VIVIAN::GOODWINThu Jan 31 1991Going to France with company car
308.05VOGON::KAPPLERMon Feb 04 1991Avoiding Paris by Autoroute N->S
309.06KERNEL::CHEWTERMon Feb 11 1991International Driving License
310.01JANUS::AMURRAYTue Feb 26 1991Routes in late MAY - France Italy Switzerland and Germany
311.05STRIKR::LINDLEYWed Apr 03 1991Shopping on X Channel ferries
312.03IOSG::BILSBOROUGHTue Apr 09 1991Hiring a camper in Europe?
313.0COPCLU::MATHIESENTue Apr 16 1991Lancia/Alfa-tyres,felloes and spare parts
314.0SUPER7::BROWNThu Apr 18 1991Cherbourg <-> Stuttgart
315.0KERNEL::ROETue Apr 30 1991Auto Bianchi / Insurance info required...
316.03MANIS1::WALLEWed May 15 1991Help wanted - adresses in London
317.014MELKOR::HENSLEYTue Jun 04 1991Trying to avoid a rental car nightmare!
318.01MEALA::B_WALSHTue Jun 11 1991Searching for a VW Golf GTD
319.01POLAR::ROGERThu Jun 20 1991FIAT PANDA 4x4 advice please
320.09EEMELI::RIDANPAAThu Jun 27 1991Renting a car in Nice?
321.010STRIKR::LINDLEYFri Jul 05 1991Calais <--> Brussels
322.0SUBURB::MCKENZIEKWed Jul 17 1991scenic route to Annecy ?
323.01ELIS::PEGGWed Jul 17 1991Help on Austria/Italy crossing!!
324.05PRSIS4::WILCOCKThu Jul 18 1991Evry - Calais
325.02KETJE::SYBERTZWed Jul 24 1991killer !
326.01FULMER::GRACIETue Aug 20 1991Caen to Marbella - info?
327.02FORTY2::NAYLERThu Sep 05 1991Tols how much?
328.01SUBURB::MCKENZIEKThu Sep 05 1991It's worth every franc !!
329.01NEWOA::SAXBYThu Sep 26 1991Ostend -> St. Anton.
330.016SUBURB::GROOMNMon Sep 30 1991French info sought
331.04OSI::HARPERThu Nov 14 1991A note from our sponsors...
332.01DANALI::BALINTWed Dec 04 1991Need driving info for Jan. in N. France
333.0+25NEWOA::SAXBYThu Jan 09 1992Off To Austria - Any tips?
334.01SUBURB::GROOMNMon Jan 13 1992French CB
335.04BLKPUD::WILLIAMSHThu Jan 30 1992Caravan Laws in Germany & Holland
336.02VIVIAN::GOODWINSat Feb 01 1992Nantes to Calais
337.05NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Feb 10 1992Watt current for halogen headlamp?
338.0CHEFS::COWLEYAWed Mar 18 1992Trip round Europe
339.06JURA::KEHILYTue Mar 24 1992Finland
340.013PEECH::DAVIDSONTue Apr 14 1992Requesting Advice for Vacation
341.0FROCKY::ROBERTSThu Apr 23 1992Free to a good home: XR2 headlights
342.06CSSE::TODONNELLThu Apr 23 1992Small car needed for Romania
343.03AOSG::BARCIAThu May 07 1992Buying a car in Europe and shipping it back to U.S.
344.08FXODEV::PONCEFri May 22 1992auto-tour help please
345.06EVTSG8::JACQUIEMon Jul 06 1992Background to French road blocks
346.09PLAYER::BROWNLMon Jul 13 1992Best route, Brussels <-> Valbonne
347.013HSOMAI::GUTHRIDGEMWed Jul 22 1992How much do things cost?
348.07KERNEL::ROEThu Jul 23 1992Truck journey from UK to Bari, Italy
349.0BERNWed Jul 29 1992European Auto Challenge
350.02HSOMAI::GUTHRIDGEMThu Jul 30 1992What's the weather like?
351.04PLAYER::BROWNLThu Jul 30 1992Buying direct from the factory for export.
352.02YUPPY::COPPINGPTue Sep 29 1992Cheap rental - Geneva area?
353.04COMICS::TRAYLERWed Oct 07 1992Caen to Dijon on a Saturday
354.02SUBURB::HOWELLJ1Tue Oct 20 1992Places to visit - nr Dunkirque
355.0SHIPS::ABBOTT_KTue Nov 24 1992Dunkerque to Austria - any advise?
356.010EEMELI::HAUTALAFri Jan 15 1993by car to Scotland
357.03UBOHUB::FRANKLIN_CThu Jan 28 1993Le Harve to S.Italy
358.08LARVAE::JORDANMon Feb 15 1993Utrecht
359.03HEWIE::RUSSELLThu Mar 11 1993Geneva to Stuttgart in early April?
360.017SAC::BETTS_WMon Mar 15 1993Fuel costs and availability in Italy
361.02PLAYER::BROWNLThu Mar 18 1993Routes into Ireland.
362.04SHAWB1::PAGETSSun Apr 04 1993Unleaded Petrol in Spain.
363.02PEKING::GERRYTWed May 05 1993France at end of May
364.02PEKING::GERRYTWed May 05 1993Diesel in France
365.04NZOMIS::HODDERTue May 11 1993Petrol (gas) prices in Europe/UK please
366.03BATVX1::JACQUIEFri Jul 02 1993Definitions
367.014SAC::JEPSONWed Jul 28 1993French Motorway Tolls - Information please
368.0HGOVA::RICHARDPANGThu Aug 05 1993OEM accessary of SAAB 9
369.011UFHIS::GVIPONDMon Sep 27 1993Return to UK without Road Tax or MOT
370.07HEWIE::RUSSELLFri Nov 19 1993Calais Hypermarket?
371.03NEWOA::FLEMING_JMon Jan 17 1994Getting to Dover from Newbury
372.014UFHIS::GVIPONDFri Mar 11 1994London - Paris and Paris - London
373.03KERNEL::OTHENJFri May 13 1994Bank holiday on May 23rd??
374.05KERNEL::OTHENJTue Jun 21 1994Dieppe -> South of France travel info
375.02BELFST::MCKEEThu Jul 28 1994Camping Company. Where?
376.01LEMAN::SCHWEIZERThu Aug 04 1994
377.01CSC32::R_SWANSONTue Aug 23 1994Any rally ideas out there???
378.03BLKPUD::BAILEYPWed Aug 31 1994Dunkerque -> St. Raphael Suggestions...
379.03AIMTEC::BURDEN_DThu Sep 08 1994Which city to rent a car from?
380.0IOSG::STANDAGETue Dec 06 1994Car prices in France - can anyone help ?
381.0VIVIAN::CHARLICKMon Apr 24 1995France -Brittany
382.03CHEFS::GERRYTThu May 04 1995Diesel prices in France
383.0CSC32::R_SWANSONWed Jul 26 1995Any ideas for a car club activity?
384.05AEOENG::WESTON_JTue Aug 01 1995French A6 closed in August?
385.0COVERT::COVERTWed Aug 02 1995The Channel Tunnel / Chunnel / Le Shuttle
386.01SIOG::KINGWed Sep 13 1995Holyhead to Junction 15 M6.
387.07CHEFS::POWELLMWed Jan 31 1996The new Normandy Bridge information please
388.02BATVXMon Feb 05 1996Driving Licenses
389.01WOTVAX::BARRETTRTue Apr 02 1996Driving to Disney !
390.03AYRMIS::TCRICHTONMon May 06 1996Advice on driving Munich to Milan
391.03CHEFS::BRIGGS_RWed May 08 1996France -> Spain - Jams?
392.01MOVIES::WIDDOWSONMon Jun 24 1996Mnt Cenis approach Autroute
393.02SUTRA::MOXLEYFri Sep 13 1996AA/RAC in France?
394.06COMICS::SHELLEYMon Sep 16 1996Overnight stops in France and Belgium
395.02COMICS::CORNEJThu Dec 05 1996Truck drivers dispute in France?
396.0LEMAN::SCHWEIZERTue Dec 17 1996DR65
397.0 *+9COMICS::CORNEJTue Apr 01 1997Calais -> Perpignan route?
398.0 *+6VARDAF::CHURCHWed Apr 02 1997looking for somewhere to stay in the Bath/Dorset area
399.0 *COVERT::COVERTMon May 12 1997Vielha to Seo (northern Spain)