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Conference rocks::diy

Title:The DIY box
Notice:The way to spend your weekend
Created:Fri Jun 09 1989
Last Modified:Mon Jun 02 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:540
Total number of notes:6092
Number with bodies:41
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1.01BURYST::EDMUNDSThu Jan 25 1990Introduction
2.03BURYST::EDMUNDSFri Jun 01 1990The DIY box
3.04IOSG::PYETue Mar 21 1995Related Conferences
9.05IOSG::CARLINThu Nov 09 1989... FOR SALE ...
10.0BURYST::EDMUNDSFri Jun 09 1989Host availability
11.0LASHAM::PHILPOTT_IFri Jun 09 1989workshop seeking a home (from Reading.Note)
12.06BURYST::EDMUNDSFri Jun 09 1989Lawn edgers / strimmers?
13.020CHEST::CLIFFEFri Jun 09 1989Breaking up concrete
14.07SHAPES::GROOMNFri Jun 09 1989Tools/Equipment to loan
15.028SUBURB::LAWSONMMon Jun 12 1989Moving meter box from inside to outside of the house.
16.04ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_IMon Jun 12 1989Protective clothing etc...
17.056KERNEL::ABELLMon Jun 12 1989Attic/loft conversion.
18.013TRUCKS::DERRICK_KMon Jun 12 1989Smooth as a baby's ....
19.05UKCSSE::HUNTThu Jun 15 1989green fingers
20.037YUPPY::JOSIEThu Jun 15 1989Which DIY for you???
21.03ODIHAM::PHILPOTT_IFri Jun 16 1989Carrying it home...
22.0+13THATIS::LINDLEYFri Jun 16 1989Good builders - recommendations
23.02SHAPES::GROOMNMon Jun 19 1989Plastic roof lining ?
24.06ODIHAM::WILSON_DMon Jun 19 1989Air Rifle ?
25.06VESTA::BAILEYTue Jun 20 1989Hole for outside tap
26.027BELLY::WILLIAMSTue Jun 20 1989The pros and cons of paints
27.043AYOV27::ISMITHTue Jun 27 1989Laying floor tiles?
28.017SUBURB::PARKERWed Jun 28 1989Seed or Turf?
29.014VOGON::MORGANFri Jun 30 1989It Ain't a Huge Frisby !!
30.04LASHAM::WILSON_DFri Jun 30 1989coping with coping stones
31.019AYOV27::ISMITHMon Jul 03 1989Drill bits/attachments
32.06KERNEL::ADAMSWed Jul 05 1989Garage Floors.
33.02JUMBLY::DAYWed Jul 05 1989Tarmac
34.09STAR::ILESThu Jul 06 1989Propane gas cylinders
35.03JUMBLY::DEARMon Jul 10 1989Woodworm!
36.07VOGON::KAPPLERTue Jul 11 1989Replacement Staircase ....
37.08AYOV28::PDAGLEISHWed Jul 12 1989Any 'marble' masons out there ?
38.03JANUS::MIDDLETONFri Jul 14 1989Looking for corrugated asbestos
39.011UKCSSE::HUNTMon Jul 17 1989Climbing wall shrubs
40.011VOGON::KITETue Jul 18 1989ANTS
41.06IOSG::CARLINTue Aug 01 1989Rebate in a tight corner?
42.022IOSG::CARLINTue Aug 01 1989Unvented HW systems?
43.039MARVIN::JUBBThu Aug 03 1989The tail end of a paint stripping job
44.012MARVIN::JUBBThu Aug 03 1989Gloves for DIY
45.031CHEST::BARKERTue Aug 08 1989Imitation gas fires
46.015BIGHUN::HARVEYFri Aug 11 1989Guttering for a garage
47.02VOGON::KCAMPBELLMon Aug 14 1989Buying/Making a Rose Arbor
48.03SUBURB::ARJUNAMon Aug 14 1989Bleaching Clothes
49.05VESTA::BAILEYFri Aug 18 1989Paint (Outside)
50.09CHEST::CLIFFEFri Aug 18 1989The humorous side !
51.011KERNEL::ABELLMon Aug 21 1989wall effect; without the wall?
52.0VANILA::LINCOLNMon Aug 21 1989Improvised Furniture
53.06UKCSSE::HUNTThu Aug 24 1989MDF
54.012SHAPES::HICKSRFri Aug 25 1989Roofing Felt
55.02UKCSSE::HUNTTue Aug 29 1989no felt either
56.024DR::HAIGHThu Aug 31 1989Power Screw-drivers Brands and Prices?
57.08UKCSSE::HUNTMon Sep 04 1989hair line cracks
58.09SUBURB::LAWSONMMon Sep 04 1989Painting Chipboard
59.0442BURYST::EDMUNDSMon Sep 04 1989Central heating questions
60.013VANILA::LINCOLNTue Sep 05 1989Liquid Detergents
61.06SUBURB::LAWSONMWed Sep 06 1989Tar on your carpet !!
62.07UKCSSE::HUNTThu Sep 07 1989Scrap iron
63.0BUSY::DKHANFri Sep 08 1989Dull Disposal Blades?
64.058CUCKOO::BRUNNOCKMon Sep 11 1989Self-Fitted Kitchens
65.07CRATE::CLIFFEWed Sep 13 1989Cracks in outside wall
66.03SUBURB::LAWSONMThu Sep 14 1989what to do with un-drinkable wine ??
67.03UKCSSE::HUNTFri Sep 15 1989window cills
68.02AYOV27::ISMITHFri Sep 22 1989Damp patches on bedroom wall.
69.053THATIS::LINDLEYTue Sep 26 1989Fence posts
70.019FNYFS::DIXONWed Sep 27 1989Removing Glue from Tiles.
71.08CHEFS::CLEMENTSDTue Oct 03 1989Painting galvanised steel
72.016VOGON::MORGANTue Oct 03 1989Light the good light
73.014JUMBLY::MACFADYENMon Oct 09 1989Fitting a door
74.06CHEFS::CLEMENTSDTue Oct 10 1989 ... any sand-blasters out there? ...
75.010BIGIST::XTINEWed Oct 11 1989Mixing paint
76.08UKCSSE::HUNTWed Oct 11 1989old paint tins
77.0155UKCSSE::RDAVIESThu Oct 12 1989WANTED
78.017VOGON::MORGANFri Oct 13 1989Tree Removal - Conifers
79.04TRUCKS::DERRICK_KMon Oct 16 1989A good thing if you can abuse it
80.07ODIHAM::WILSON_DTue Oct 17 1989Too much brasso
81.015BAHTAT::ACHESONTue Oct 17 1989Pain or No Pain? that is the Question
82.03WARDER::OWENMThu Oct 19 1989Damp Proof problem.?????
83.02LASHAM::WILSON_DMon Oct 23 1989Toasters
84.016AYOV27::ISMITHWed Oct 25 1989Telephone Extension Cable
85.01THATIS::LINDLEYWed Oct 25 1989Greenhouse heater questions
86.06VOGON::MORGANThu Oct 26 1989Garden Terracing - Railway Sleepers
87.03AYOV27::ISMITHWed Nov 01 1989Skip Hire Questions
88.05CHEFS::BAGGOTTCMon Nov 06 1989Pewter
89.04LASHAM::WILSON_DTue Nov 07 1989Vive la Diffrance !
90.08TMCUK2::MOXLEYTue Nov 07 1989Exterior power and light
91.02BAHTAT::FINLAYThu Nov 09 1989WANTED.. Night Storage Heater
92.012CHEFS::HONANKMon Nov 20 1989Drilling into tiles
93.08VANILA::LINCOLNThu Nov 23 1989DIY disasters
94.019AYOV27::ISMITHFri Nov 24 1989Plastic vs Copper Pipes
95.02TLE::CHENGTue Nov 28 1989DIY -US node needed
96.051TMCUK2::MOXLEYThu Nov 30 1989Power Showers
97.07SUBURB::SMITHBTue Dec 05 1989"Lining" a chimney
98.0190KLO::EDMUNDSTue Dec 05 1989GPQ (General Plumbing Questions)
99.01ODIHAM::WILSON_DTue Dec 12 1989Degreasing
100.01UKCSSE::HUNTWed Dec 13 1989centenary!!!!
101.07VULCAN::WILLIAMSMon Dec 18 1989Precision cut
102.04IOSG::CARLINTue Jan 02 19901st floor washing machine / peace of mind
103.010VOGON::KAPPLERThu Jan 04 1990Summerhouses
104.04MARVIN::WARWICKMon Jan 08 1990Dry out inside of car ?
105.011LOGRUS::KELSEYThu Jan 11 1990Consulting an Architect?
106.0NAC::GODDARDThu Jan 11 1990E Garlick & Son LTD
107.0242AYOV27::ISMITHMon Jan 15 1990GEQ (General Electric Questions)
108.05LASHAM::WILSON_DMon Jan 15 1990old iron
109.014QBUS::MULLINSFri Jan 19 1990septic system problem
110.01ODIHAM::WILSON_DFri Jan 19 1990Reading material
111.012VOGON::KAPPLERFri Jan 19 1990Septic Tanks (again!)
112.04CHEFS::CLEMENTSDMon Jan 22 1990..a salutory lesson for us all ...
113.01IOSG::LEVYMon Jan 22 1990class 1 type flue?
114.027PAB::CARTERTue Jan 23 1990Artex strips
115.02SHAPES::KINGHORNJWed Jan 24 1990Demolition
116.022UKCSSE::BUDDThu Jan 25 1990Timber merchants?
117.02VOGON::GILLAMon Jan 29 1990New parquet floor
118.010BURYST::EDMUNDSWed Jan 31 1990The house that Bob built
119.02UKCSSE::ROBINSONFri Feb 02 1990Exterior ply
120.020VOGON::KAPPLERMon Feb 05 1990Bricklaying Questions
121.07VOGON::HAYWARDMon Feb 12 1990Washing machine seal
122.015TAGART::SOMERVILLETue Feb 13 1990cement rendering problem
123.07AYOV18::EDFIN_132974Wed Feb 14 1990TIPS ON MFI/HYGENA UNITS
124.052WOTVAX::OWENMThu Feb 15 1990sheds
125.01HAMPS::WILSON_DMon Feb 19 1990Vented taps
126.09HAMPS::WILSON_DMon Feb 19 1990pine table
127.07STRIKR::LINDLEYWed Feb 21 1990Bath time
128.03LOGRUS::KELSEYThu Feb 22 1990Hearth surround?
129.019UKCSSE::HUNTTue Feb 27 1990beware roofers
130.02CSSD::LOWETue Feb 27 1990Building costs comming down ?
131.06VOGON::MORGANWed Feb 28 1990Shingle
132.09HAMPS::WILSON_DWed Feb 28 1990Bathroom heaters
133.09--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 06 1990Cavity filling.
134.0101Wed Mar 07 1990Handling fibre glass
135.051MARVIN::WARWICKWed Mar 14 1990Bathroom., Tiles, Paint
136.011HAMPS::WILSON_DFri Mar 16 1990Mon jardin
137.029BIGIST::XTINETue Mar 27 1990Fancy paint techniques?
138.07HAMPS::WILSON_DThu Mar 29 1990a frig in a coffin
139.07LARVAE::MARTINMon Apr 02 1990Removing Floor Tiles
140.017WIKKIT::WARWICKTue Apr 03 1990How to remove skirting boards ?
141.02TAGART::SOMERVILLEWed Apr 04 1990render your recipies
142.04UKCSSE::HUNTSun Apr 08 1990protecting edges
143.03CSSD::LOWEMon Apr 09 1990Mahogany threshold strips ?
144.06JUMBLY::DUNNTue Apr 10 1990Removing scratches in glass ?
146.011CHEST::CLIFFEThu Apr 19 1990Removing a chimney breast
147.02YUPPY::AMERRThu Apr 26 1990Where to get Hard-core from?
148.03CSSD::LOWEMon Apr 30 1990Bargains...
149.07UKCSSE::HUNTMon Apr 30 1990paste junkie?
150.01PEKING::KITEJTue May 01 1990Calculating quantity of ballast
151.01YUPPY::MINDHAMRTue May 08 1990Ball Bearings
152.011JUMBLY::WRIGHTWed May 09 1990Penetrating damp?
153.012CHEFS::BAGGOTTCThu May 17 1990Dolls House DIY
154.09SHAPES::STREETRTue May 22 1990TV problem.
155.06FORTY2::TATHAMTue May 29 1990A peeling ceiling feeling..
156.03UKCSSE::BUDDTue May 29 1990Electrical IP Classes
157.04LARVAE::SUGDENFri Jun 01 1990Cement rendering - a cracker
158.011UKCSSE::HUNTMon Jun 04 1990water saving
159.0+29VANILA::LINCOLNMon Jun 04 1990Tricky Cleaning Problems
160.01MALLET::BEALEWed Jun 06 1990What's in a name
161.09UKCSSE::HUNTMon Jul 02 1990my fence
162.03UKCSSE::BUDDMon Jul 02 1990paint removal from copper?
163.08UKCSSE::DAVIDSONTue Jul 03 1990Repairing garden chairs
164.06UKCSSE::BEECHERWed Jul 04 1990Source for Wood Mouldings?
165.07VANDAL::TALBOYSWed Jul 04 1990Replacing Louvred windows
166.02VANDAL::KINGSTONDTue Jul 10 1990Wood Carving Chisels
167.07CHEFS::CLEMENTSDWed Jul 11 1990Planning rules require translation.......
168.015YUPPY::MINDHAMRFri Jul 13 1990Plasterboard
169.01STRIKR::LINDLEYTue Jul 17 1990Skirting board
170.01PEKING::GERRYTTue Jul 17 1990Sylvanian Families Lighting?
171.04VOGON::KAPPLERWed Jul 18 1990Cutting Turf
172.06AYOV18::EMORRISONThu Jul 19 1990Window seals - getting it right first time.
173.010CHEFS::CLEMENTSDFri Jul 20 1990Boys from the blackstuff needed......
174.05VANDAL::LOVELLMon Jul 23 1990Euro Roof-Racks (pre-1992)
175.04UKCSSE::ARBISERTue Jul 24 1990Scaffolding anyone?
176.017IOSG::HUNTDWed Jul 25 1990thin walls
177.03TRUCKS::GROBINSONWed Jul 25 1990Textured coating
178.04UKCSSE::ROBINSONThu Jul 26 1990Woodblock floor problem
179.03VANDAL::BAILEYMon Jul 30 1990 creaking steps
180.07UKCSSE::BEECHERTue Jul 31 1990Soundproofing sash windows
181.05IOSG::WESTERNThu Aug 02 1990Listed Property
182.04STRIKR::LINDLEYTue Aug 07 1990Who'se heard of OILED HARDBOARD??
183.015HAMPS::JORDANThu Aug 09 1990Re-wiring costs?
184.05AYOV18::EMORRISONThu Aug 16 1990Surfacing the front door step
185.05HAMPS::WILSON_DMon Aug 20 1990Papering Ceilings
186.010IOSG::HUNTDThu Aug 23 1990NASTY JOBS
187.04PEKING::GERRYTFri Aug 24 1990PVC Gutter Boards!
188.07KERNEL::ROEThu Aug 30 1990bath repairs?
189.09STRIKR::LINDLEYTue Sep 04 1990Polyacryllamide
190.012SUBURB::LAWSONMMon Sep 10 1990Power to a Hob and Oven.. seperate like !
191.09VOGON::KAPPLERMon Sep 17 1990Picture hanging - extraordinaire
192.045MINDER::GILBERTWed Sep 19 1990TV/video distribution/cabling
193.05DOWNBE::LOWEFri Sep 21 1990How do you qualify builders
194.018FORTY2::TATHAMSat Sep 22 1990Steam cleaning a house full of carpets
195.02NEWOA::BAILEYMon Sep 24 1990neighbors?
196.011SUPER7::BROWNWed Sep 26 1990Solar Panels, hints and tips.
197.03UKCSSE::BUDDFri Sep 28 1990House subsidence
198.0AYOV18::ISMITHMon Oct 01 1990B&Q Card Tip
199.0FORTY2::BETTSMon Oct 22 1990Chippies, recommendations and costs.
200.02VULCAN::BELLINGERTue Oct 23 1990Problems with neighbors and the boundary
201.019YUPPY::JOSIEWed Oct 24 1990Thatched Roof and Squirrels
202.023SIOG::FITZPATRICKTue Oct 30 1990Removing plaster/paint from ceiling
203.013NEWOA::BAILEYWed Nov 14 1990overflow!
204.03THATIS::MOOREHEADWed Nov 14 1990Painter recommendations
205.05KERNEL::ARCHERSat Nov 17 1990How to remove moss from drive?
206.024OVAL::GROOMNTue Nov 20 1990Carpet Fitting
207.029AYOV18::BPARKWed Nov 21 1990Burglar Alarm?
208.06CLARID::HODSMANThu Nov 29 1990White Good problems
209.014IOSG::CHAPLINThu Nov 29 1990Painting new plaster
210.017OVAL::GROOMNMon Dec 03 1990Rodent Control
211.04OVAL::STAPLEYMMon Dec 03 1990Woodwork-working chipboard
212.021IOSG::HUNTDTue Dec 04 1990front door
213.012SUBURB::LAWSONM1Mon Dec 10 1990Acrylic Sheet Cutting
214.0AYOU86::ISMITHMon Dec 17 1990DIY Supplies in Ayr
215.04SUBURB::LAWSONM1Mon Dec 24 1990Condensation
216.013UKCSSE::ROBINSONWed Jan 02 1991New electric drill required
217.03CHEST::BARKERThu Jan 03 1991Knocking down the wall
218.02VOGON::KAPPLERMon Jan 07 1991Concrete Mixes
219.019IOSG::HUNTDTue Jan 08 1991busy beeswax
220.09UKCSSE::KEANEWed Jan 09 1991UPVC Windows and Doors
221.06OVAL::SAXBYMTue Jan 15 1991Air in the pipes?
222.021SPAWN::BRIGHTFri Jan 18 1991GWQ (General Woodwork Questions)
223.017SQGUK::LEVYMon Jan 21 1991imperial tap spanner?
224.013SYSTEM::KALUSThu Jan 24 1991lightbulbs blowing too quickly
225.06AYOV27::ISMITHMon Feb 18 1991SPQ: Joining pipes
226.02LARVAE::SUGDENThu Feb 21 1991Automatic controls for fluorescent lights
227.022WIKKIT::WARWICKThu Feb 21 1991Noisy water pipes, but no running water...
228.09XNOGOV::KARENThu Mar 14 199118mm "cliffhanger" brackets?
229.03CSC32::MASIASThu Mar 14 1991Popular Science book club...
230.0HAMPS::LONIE_AWed Mar 20 1991Concrete crumble?
231.05YUPPY::MINDHAMRSun Mar 24 1991On the Cadge
232.019DUCK::NASHDMon Mar 25 1991Gravel drives.
233.06HAMPS::GAUR_ATue Mar 26 1991Real fire without a chimney?
234.07YUPPY::MINDHAMRFri Mar 29 1991wind generator
235.03IOSG::HUNTDMon Apr 01 1991impossible paperhanging
236.02UKCSSE::BUDDWed Apr 03 1991Small section gutters
237.08NEWOA::CLIFFEThu Apr 04 1991Water Barrels.
238.06METSYS::GOODWINTue Apr 09 1991Damp bathrooms
239.04SBPUS4::BEAGLEWed Apr 10 1991to Screed or not to Screed ... and how ???
240.04VOGON::MORGANWed Apr 10 1991Dodgy Lawnmower
241.0YUPPY::JOSIEMon Apr 15 1991Storage Heaters on offer.
243.04AYOV27::DAGLEISHPTue Apr 30 1991Water stained teak units
244.06DECWET::JOHNSONWed May 01 1991The Traveling Woodworker
245.05WOTVAX::OWENMThu May 02 1991Problem Manholes
247.06DEBUG::GALLOMon May 06 1991Cross Dowel Joint Sets needed
248.06VOGON::KAPPLERWed May 08 1991Chrome from 'ome
249.07COMICS::PEWTERTue May 14 1991Stone fireplace
250.09HAMPS::LONIE_AWed May 22 1991Coving adhesives
251.02POWDML::SIMARDFri Jun 07 1991help to hold magnetic tape on plexi
252.05VOGON::KAPPLERMon Jun 10 1991A wall of books .....
253.09ASICS::EDMUNDSTue Jun 11 1991Patios
254.07LARVAE::MARTINWed Jun 19 1991Wood Treatments
255.018POWDML::SIMARDThu Jun 20 1991Help needed with Refridgerator/Freezer
256.011LOGRUS::KELSEYFri Jun 21 1991Do fascias need airgaps?
257.041FORTY2::NAYLERTue Jun 25 1991Gas
258.02SMURF::YELGINWed Jun 26 1991British Dovetail Gauge
259.09DOWNBE::LOWEThu Jun 27 1991waterproofing retaining walls ?
260.021UKCSSE::DAVIDSONMon Jul 08 1991Dripping Shower Controller
261.045JUMBLY::DAYWed Jul 10 1991Water Softeners
262.09METSYS::WINNETTThu Jul 11 1991Roof skylight...
263.012SUBURB::MCDONALDATue Jul 16 1991Scroll/fret/band saws?
264.05AYOV27::ISMITHTue Jul 16 1991DIY Priorities
265.02TRUCKS::BURYTue Jul 16 1991How to refresh cork tiles
266.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 17 1991TANDY shop address
267.07SQGUK::LEVYMon Jul 29 1991router?
268.08WIKKIT::WARWICKThu Aug 01 1991Sash window catches
269.05VOGON::KAPPLERThu Aug 01 1991Dado and Picture Rails
270.01AYOV27::ISMITHThu Aug 08 1991The Goodbye Note
271.07VOGON::KAPPLERTue Aug 13 1991TV Aerial sort out
272.014VAXCAT::RKESat Aug 24 1991Skimming/Plastering Rooms?
273.04MINDER::KEENTue Aug 27 1991Extending garage.
276.025DUCK::DEARJTue Aug 27 1991Disposing of asbestos?
277.02POWDML::SIMARDWed Aug 28 1991switch accessory for attic fan needed
278.06FORTY2::MOOREMon Sep 02 1991Cracked window
279.010SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Sep 05 1991Veneering: Hints, tips, sources, etc
280.021CHEFS::PEPALLIFri Sep 20 1991Tanks for the memory
281.037VOGON::KAPPLERTue Sep 24 1991Radiators
282.01SALEM::ORLOWSKITue Sep 24 1991Window Headers
283.01DUCK::NASHDWed Sep 25 1991Damp proof course for a path?
284.03SUBURB::LAWSONM1Fri Sep 27 1991Slugs and toes
285.020UKCSSE::BUDDWed Oct 02 1991Flat roof repairs
286.015HAMPS::JORDANThu Oct 03 1991Solvents ....
287.028SHIPS::DEADMAN_PFri Oct 04 1991Wickes conservatory
288.011VOGON::KAPPLERWed Oct 09 1991Light Switches
289.06SUBURB::LAWSONM1Fri Oct 11 1991Neighbours Rites
290.02VOGON::MORGANWed Oct 16 1991JCB
291.01POWDML::SIMARDWed Oct 16 1991thoughts on plexi for storm windows
292.07NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Oct 22 1991Painting skirting boards
293.05UKCSSE::ARBISERTue Oct 29 1991Pointing as a weekend filler
294.08IOSG::HUNTDTue Oct 29 1991Kitchen floor coverings
295.07NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Oct 30 1991Welding
296.013BASCAS::BOARDMAN_KWed Oct 30 1991Underneath the patio
297.019SHIPS::DEADMAN_PMon Nov 04 1991Dream (!) Cottage
298.020UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KTue Nov 05 1991Confession Time
299.042IOSG::PYEMon Nov 11 1991DIY Trivia Question
300.011UKCSSE::DAVIDSONFri Nov 22 1991Washing machine leaks
301.01MARVIN::CHOIWed Nov 27 1991Cracked Plaster Ceiling
302.010SAC::EDMUNDSTue Dec 03 1991Wall / shelf units
303.03AYOV2Wed Dec 04 1991Any good DIY mags and books out there ??
304.04MINDER::GRAVESGTue Dec 10 1991Murphyisms??
305.018IOSG::JONESKTue Dec 10 1991Grants for Renovations
306.05YOUWOT::BLACKThu Dec 12 1991Loft condensation?
308.0YOUWOT::BLACKTue Dec 31 1991ridge or ventilation tiles?
309.07LOGRUS::KELSEYWed Jan 08 1992Bench grinders?
310.06SBPUS4::MARKThu Jan 09 1992Life, the universe and water pressure
311.0UBOHUB::KINGSTON_DTue Jan 14 1992Where have all the coffee table legs gone?
312.014WELCLU::NISBETSun Jan 19 1992Bath Sealant
313.011KERNEL::HEANEYMTue Jan 28 1992Boiler Energy Managers???
315.0+49IOSG::PYEMon Feb 03 1992Any Home Builders out there?
316.018VULCAN::HERLIHYTue Feb 11 1992Getting the builders in
318.035FIELD::FIDDLERSun Feb 23 1992Insulation Question
319.01CHEFS::COWLEYAWed Feb 26 1992Elu Flip-Over Chop Saw
320.03HEAVY::THOMASWed Feb 26 1992Using an American tumble dryer in the UK
321.01NEWOA::SCORE_RMon Mar 02 1992Purveyor of 'Sterashield' Paint?
322.019PEKING::LEECHRTue Mar 03 1992Stairway to heaven?
323.05KERNEL::ANDERSONLThu Mar 05 1992bi-fold doors
324.09KERNEL::ANDERSONLThu Mar 05 1992TV Reception Problems
325.022FIELD::FIDDLERMon Mar 09 1992Smelly Bathroom
326.07SUBURB::GROOMNTue Mar 10 1992Paints & Quality
327.02FUTURS::ROWELLTue Mar 10 1992Sheets of Fabric ?
328.011VOGON::HAIGHATue Mar 10 1992Toilet humour - is no joke
329.024VOGON::KAPPLERWed Mar 11 1992Plan our Landing!!
330.0VOGON::KAPPLERThu Mar 12 1992Obtaining insecticide....
331.05RDGENG::SJONESMon Mar 16 1992Plastic discs for radiator pipe visual enhancement
332.01YOUWOT::BLACKSun Mar 22 1992Bleeding Towel Rail!
333.04DIBDIB::DBATESMon Mar 23 1992NHBC gurantee?
334.08--UnknownUser--Tue Mar 24 1992HQ
335.03NEWOA::SAXBYMon Mar 30 1992Ideal Home Exhibition Tips?
336.018IOSG::JONESKWed Apr 01 1992Plumbing from Scratch
337.011IOSG::HUNTDWed Apr 08 1992Fire walls
338.012VOGON::KAPPLERSun Apr 12 1992HELP
339.0VIVIAN::JD_WARDMon Apr 13 1992Rotivator NEEDED !
340.04NEWOA::SAXBYMon Apr 13 1992Services in the ... Area.
341.04ANNECY::AEOEN2::KENNEALY_RWed Apr 15 1992floor tiling the real way
342.04NEWOA::BAILEYFri Apr 24 1992Drain covers
343.012RENOIR::ORLOWSKIMon May 04 1992How would MacGuiver do it...
344.014BAHTAT::SUMMERFIELDCMon May 11 1992Stripping artex and other tough coatings
345.032XNOGOV::KARENFri May 15 1992wasps!!
346.012MINDER::KEENWed May 20 1992Jigsaws.
347.05RDGENG::LEARYWed May 20 1992Stencilling on Tiles
348.08ANNECY::AEOEN1::KENNEALY_RMon May 25 1992Chasing plumbing in a tiled wall
349.03WELLIN::NISBETTue May 26 1992Self-Watering Plant Pots
350.04KERNEL::ANDERSONLFri May 29 1992stone wanted for fireplace
351.025VOGON::KAPPLERFri May 29 1992The cutting topic
352.09SAC::EDMUNDSMon Jun 01 1992Ideal home
353.08SHIRE::DDIXONTue Jun 02 1992 Oil Cleaning Problem
354.03SQGUK::LEVYTue Jun 02 1992chipboard joints?
355.0LARVAE::BEALETue Jun 09 1992Employee Discounts??
356.05TIGEMS::ELKINSTue Jun 16 1992Water stains on the ceiling
357.04TIGEMS::ELKINSTue Jun 16 1992Leak in window frame?
358.05IOSG::HUNTDWed Jun 17 1992Dark paint on outside wood
359.07IOSG::HUNTDWed Jun 17 1992DULL SINKS
360.03IOSG::HUNTDFri Jun 19 1992celebration time!
361.04NEWOA::SUTTONMon Jun 29 1992Stripping wallpaper
362.06IOSG::HUNTDWed Jul 08 1992kitchen cabinet doors
363.06HEAVY::THOMASWed Jul 08 1992Strange sloping floor
364.03BAHTAT::LECTER::SUMMERFIELDFri Jul 10 1992Frying Tonight (I hope)
365.05FORTY2::TATHAMMon Jul 20 1992B&D Garden Shredder
366.027SHIPS::HERLIHY_JThu Jul 23 1992Plasterboard Ceilings
367.08MANWRK::KEENTue Jul 28 1992"Cleaning" brickwork.
368.02KERNEL::EVERESTATue Aug 18 1992Making an Archway...
370.0+26PASTIT::DERHAMWed Sep 02 1992Floor sanding / planing
371.012IOSG::HUNTDMon Sep 07 1992vacuum cleaner problem
372.06VOGON::KAPPLERTue Sep 08 1992Wood repair materials
373.01WRKSYS::ORLOWSKIWed Sep 09 1992Yard Sale Rookie
374.03451Thu Sep 10 1992Flexible moulds for casting fine cement/stone
375.0FORTY2::VELLAThu Sep 10 1992ROOFERS
377.04IOSG::CARLINMon Sep 14 1992Plants / seeds Exchange & Mart
378.011VOGON::KAPPLERMon Sep 21 1992Opening a window opening!
379.06VOGON::KAPPLERTue Sep 22 1992Light temperature
380.03NEWOA::ORCHARD_TWed Sep 30 1992Soakaways for the guttering downpipes
381.018WARNUT::TUMSHI::NISBETDThu Oct 22 1992Cat Flaps
382.02CLARID::HODSMANThu Oct 22 1992Creating lawns
383.06RDGENG::CHRISTIEMon Nov 02 1992bleaching wood?
384.05WARNUT::NISBETDMon Nov 02 1992Cable Insertion Tool (British Telecom)
385.08KERNEL::BALDOCKITue Nov 17 1992clear waste pipes!
386.028BAHTAT::BARTLEWed Nov 25 1992Pressure release valves
387.04FORTY2::MITCHELLThu Dec 17 1992Electric planes
388.09IOSG::CARLINFri Dec 18 1992Belt sander recommendations?
389.02TIGEMS::ELKINSTue Dec 29 19928"x8" Glass Cubes?!
390.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAMon Jan 25 1993Spray guns
391.06SIOG::FITZPATRICKThu Feb 04 1993Removing Waste Water Pipe
392.04RDGENG::EMARTINMon Feb 15 1993Heat Resistant Glue
393.012IOSG::PYEWed Feb 17 1993Rechargeable Batteries
394.06IOSG::PYEWed Feb 17 1993Fluoresecent vs Incandescent Lights
395.011FORTY2::NEWELLThu Feb 18 1993Cleaning quarry tiles
396.04VANGA::KERRELLFri Feb 19 1993Underlay on concrete floor
397.014SLOW1::LOWEMon Feb 22 1993Varnishing Light Oak
398.011ROCKS::DAVIDSONTue Mar 02 1993Shower curtain problem
399.02--UnknownUser--Mon Mar 22 1993CHAMPION PETROL MOWERS
400.0MUGGER::KEENMon Mar 22 1993Random orbit sanders.
401.01NEWOA::BAILEYMon Mar 22 1993Wallboard
403.015NEWOA::SAXBYThu Apr 01 1993Laying a Drive/Path.
404.06SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Apr 15 1993Mains hum?
405.0BAHTAT::SMITHPWed Apr 21 1993Painting a lead roof ?
406.01RIMMR::ACHESONFri Apr 23 1993Leaking garage roof - ideas?
407.0IOSG::REESAMon Apr 26 1993Bench Saws
408.01IOSG::CARLINThu Apr 29 1993Bandsaw? Tool auctions?
409.0ELBOW::BELLINGERTue May 04 1993Leveling a Workshop/Garage floor
410.03ESSB::PREISLERMon May 17 1993Laying maple flooring?
411.01ROCKS::SHARMATue May 25 1993Has anybody heard off Easy Stripper?
412.01HEAVY::THOMASFri Jun 18 1993Any handyman recommendations?
413.06IOSG::DAVEYJFri Jun 18 1993Refinishing a bath
414.01NEWOA::LAWSON_MTue Jun 22 1993Paint Bubbles
415.03YOUWOT::BLACKThu Jul 01 1993Newbury Salvage Ltd?
416.02MACNAS::BOREILLYThu Jul 08 1993Info. for patio required
417.0SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Jul 16 1993Styrene fence posts, anyone?
418.015IOSG::CARLINMon Jul 19 1993Marble fireplace fixing
419.02YUPPY::GAURMon Jul 19 1993hardwearing Parquet floor cobering?
420.010PACUK::TAFF::WobWed Jul 28 1993Iron Angle Wanted
421.04IOSG::CARLINWed Aug 11 1993Lost a key, need one made
422.01CHEFS::IMMSAWed Aug 25 1993carpet cleaning
423.05CHEFS::IMMSAFri Sep 03 1993chasing into the wall
424.04CHEFS::BRIGGSRMon Sep 13 1993Central Heating Problem
425.018CEEHER::MCCABEMon Sep 13 1993Any reccomendations on sound insulating material
426.01CHEFS::BRIGGSRTue Sep 14 19932nd Hand Carpet Tiles?
427.01UKARC1::ILESThu Sep 16 1993Testimonies for flexible drives?
428.015FUTURS::SAXBYMon Sep 20 1993Plumbing for a dishwasher
429.08SIOG::FITZPATRICKFri Sep 24 1993Damp Proofing Floor Area
430.05BAHTAT::BARTLEWed Sep 29 1993Patio Doors.
431.02KERNEL::ANDERSONLWed Oct 13 1993No hot water :^(
432.07BELFST::G_DOWNEYMon Oct 25 1993Another central heating problem
433.01CMOTEC::HARWOODJTue Oct 26 1993Moisture Meters
434.020TENTO1::MCCAFFREYJFri Oct 29 1993Mould on shower curtain
435.04DIBDIB::BATESSun Nov 14 1993Washing machine not filling/spinning
436.08LARVAE::LINCOLN_JWed Nov 17 1993Oil v Calor Gas
437.07SSMPRD::BGARRYFri Nov 26 1993Mysterious Cracking Window Syndrome
438.03YOUWOT::BLACKTue Nov 30 1993Jobbing carpenter price?
439.06LARVAE::LINCOLN_JWed Dec 01 1993Styroboard
440.06LARVAE::LINCOLN_JMon Dec 06 1993Instant Water Heaters
441.03WELCLU::KINGIThu Jan 06 1994Warped Doors
442.018SIOG::FITZPATRICKFri Jan 07 1994Kitchen Worktop
443.0NEWOA::JEPSONMon Jan 10 1994Carpenter in Reading Area?
444.014LSSWed Jan 19 1994Arga/Rayburn/Stanley installation
445.02FUTURS::SAXBYTue Jan 25 1994Off our Rocker!
446.04WAYOUT::LOATWed Feb 09 1994Rustic tile removal? 8-[
447.03BELFST::G_DOWNEYMon Feb 14 1994Damp proof course.
448.0WAYOUT::LOATTue Feb 15 1994Know a man who can?
449.012SLPSTK::ILESTue Mar 08 1994Angle grinder attachment for drill?
450.07VAXCAT::RKEMon Mar 21 1994Suspended Floors and Sleeper walls
451.07WELCLU::SMITHMFri Apr 08 1994Roof Insulation
452.03YUPPY::MCINTYREMon Apr 11 1994Circular saw/router and table advice..??
453.06SUBURB::MCDONALDAFri Apr 15 1994Tanalised timber????
454.02IOSG::CARLINSun Apr 24 1994How to make decorative coving?
455.01BRUMMY::BRACEYMon Apr 25 1994Resins? marine ply?
456.03PEKING::WARBURTONJThu Apr 28 1994Loft Conversions.
457.03BAHTAT::MORLEY_KMon May 09 1994Cable to Consumer Unit.
458.05WELCLU::63854::lewisMon May 16 1994Replacing broken roof slates
459.06METSYS::GAMIThu May 26 1994Spray Bonding the Roof
460.062REDROK::BARRIEFri May 27 1994Central heating questions revisited
461.0RIOTTue Jun 07 1994Electricians and Damp-Proofers in Norfolk?
462.02METSYS::GILROYMon Jun 13 1994blocking eaves on a roof
464.02SHIPS::ABBOTT_KThu Jun 16 1994Refrigerator Thermostat Query
465.07IOSG::PYEMon Jun 20 1994Bosch 9.6V drill anyone?
466.0BRUMMY::BRACEYThu Jun 30 1994Skittle ally anyone?
467.08REPAIR::TRIMMINGSMon Jul 04 1994DIY double glazing windows.
468.03POLAR::ROBERTSONFri Jul 29 1994Well Problems
469.01MASALA::GDOUGALLTue Aug 02 1994Linoleum Probs!!
470.06NEWOA::SCORE_RFri Aug 12 1994Stop moss with a Copper Wire ???
471.02ESSB::SGREENFri Aug 12 1994Varnish from concrete ?
472.08LARVAE::LINCOLN_JThu Aug 18 1994Fixing to dry lined walls
473.01IOSG::PYEThu Sep 08 1994Have I got a deal for you...
474.07RIOTWed Sep 28 1994Oil Tank Installations
475.07KERNEL::SCOTTWed Oct 05 1994replacing banisters and spindles
476.08VANGA::KERRELLMon Nov 14 1994Bathrooms Locks
477.04YUPPY::MINDHAMRMon Nov 14 1994Glue guns
478.09WELCLU::MCCAFFREYJWed Nov 30 1994Staining Wood?
479.04UPROAR::HABERFIELDMWed Nov 30 1994Chimneys (pots, caps, sweeping etc.)
480.01BIRDIE::ORLOWSKIThu Dec 08 1994Removing SUPPORT WALL
481.02REOSV3::STRATFORDSTue Jan 03 1995Replacing Guttering
482.03LARVAE::LINCOLN_JThu Jan 19 1995PIR Detectors
483.05RDGENG::AFRYThu Jan 19 1995sealing external walls
484.02NEWOA::HANGER_MFri Feb 10 1995CINDER BRICK.......I THINK
485.04LARVAE::LINCOLN_JWed Feb 15 1995Satellite TV
486.04MIG25::BROWNINGMon Mar 06 1995Diverting downpipe flow into water butt?
487.06WELCLU::PALMERThu Mar 16 1995How to get rid of mice
488.06GRANPA::JARTIMMon Mar 20 1995Help needed to mend ditch
489.0NWDTue Apr 04 1995Witex or Pergo?
490.016RDGE44::ALEUC5Thu Apr 06 1995DRILLING in concrete
491.04KERNEL::ANDERSONLThu Apr 06 1995TV Volume control
493.016CMOTEC::THOMPSONWed May 17 1995Perfect Finish For Pine ?
494.05CHEFS::NASHDWed May 17 1995Removing artex
495.01BELFST::G_DOWNEYTue May 23 1995domestic earth
496.04LARVAE::63814::taylor_miMon Jun 05 1995Slippery foot-bridge
497.03SHIPS::SHADBOLT_SWed Jun 07 1995Type of screw to use in oak ?
498.02VYGER::BONEMMon Jun 12 1995Light and Fan
499.025PLAYER::BROWNLTue Jun 13 1995Wood burning stoves
500.04LARVAE::LINCOLN_JMon Jun 26 1995Garden Materials supplies
502.08CHEFS::GROOMNThu Jun 29 1995Fencing Legalities
504.05PASTIT::UWINSThu Jul 27 1995Removing Plaster Coving
505.09IOSG::PYEFri Jul 28 1995Choice of supplier for Domestic Electricity
506.08IE::MCCABEFri Jul 28 1995Bathroom water leaks
507.02YUPPY::MINDHAMRTue Aug 08 1995Thinners for Finnegan's Paint - Xylene sought
508.013PLAYER::BLUNDELLTue Aug 29 1995Fireplace proportions?
509.09IOSG::PYETue Sep 05 1995TV Circuit diagram?
510.06CHEFS::akela.new.dec.com::EASTON_HTue Sep 05 1995Water Meters - the Pros and Cons
511.01IOSG::PYEFri Oct 06 1995interbuild show at the National Exhibition Centre
512.09CHEFS::DAVIES_JMon Oct 09 1995Pressure jet Rayburns - how noisy?
513.012VANGA::KERRELLFri Nov 10 1995Water Filters
514.06CHEFS::LINCOLN_JWed Dec 06 1995Cordless Answerphones
515.07CHEFS::ABBOTT_KThu Jan 11 1996Gas Fires in FirePlace ?
516.0DIBDIB::BATESMon Jan 15 1996Fire retardant coverings
517.02CHEFS::UKARCHIVINGFri Feb 16 1996Renovated Properties.
518.015KERNEL::FIDDLERMTue Feb 20 1996Odd Noises
519.03IOSG::PYEWed May 01 1996How to make tidy frames round cut out plaster board?
520.09VYGER::BEVERIDGEGSun May 19 1996Perimeter security question
521.02WOTVAX::HILTONFri Jun 21 1996Fill a light switch/fitting?
522.02WOTVAX::BRACEYTue Jul 30 1996Topsoil???
523.03DIBDIB::DBATESThu Aug 01 1996Carpet tool?
524.014WOTVAX::BRACEYTue Aug 13 1996Petrol hedge trimmers??
525.04CHEFS::HANSONNThu Sep 05 1996Stencils ?
526.02WOTVAX::MCCAFFREYJMon Sep 30 1996Safety Deposit Box?
528.03WOTVAX::BRACEYThu Oct 10 1996Plastic windows.
529.0IOSG::PYEMon Oct 28 1996Free copy of October's Build It
529.0+6CHEFS::mikroe.reo.dec.com::roemWed Oct 30 1996Dry Rot advice needed
530.06CHEFS::pgsp.hhl.dec.com::hewittcMon Nov 11 1996Glue question!
531.02CHEFS::JEPSON_ATue Nov 12 1996CH: Bleeding Radiators !!
532.02CHEFS::BETTS_CMon Nov 18 1996Building Advice Sought
533.09COMICS::CORNEJMon Jan 06 1997Cooker Hoods?
534.0 *+1FORTY2::TATHAMMon Mar 24 1997Pine table needs a new surface
535.0 *+1WOTVAX::BRACEYWed Apr 16 1997CCTV surveliance/alarm??
536.0 *+4FORTY2::KALUSThu Apr 17 1997getting true edges on MDF shelving
537.0 *+6FLASK2::LOWEMon Apr 28 1997Wood for a deck ?
538.0 *+3KERNEL::ADAMSTue Apr 29 1997Moving Gas/Electricity meters ??
539.0 *+3PGREEN::BENTHAMWed Apr 30 1997DRIPS
540.0 *+5MARVIN::PATELTue May 06 1997Problemswith electric lawn mower