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Conference ricks::formal_verification

Title:Formal Specification and Verification
Created:Wed Dec 30 1987
Last Modified:Wed May 14 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:50
Total number of notes:214
Number with bodies:6
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1.03EAGLE1::LEONARDWed Dec 30 1987Purpose
2.01DEC::LEONARDWed Dec 30 1987What are formal methods?
3.06DEC::LEONARDWed Dec 30 1987Bibliography
4.026DEC::LEONARDWed Dec 30 1987Participants
6.02PBSVAX::COOPERTue Jan 26 1988Why use formal methods?
7.0+74DEC::LEONARDMon Mar 28 1988Workshops, seminars, conferences
8.02STKHLM::MPERSSONTue Apr 19 1988When is a method "formal"?
9.01HPSRAD::HARTERFri May 20 1988Projects at DEC
12.01FORTY2::WATKINSTue Oct 25 1988UK News
13.0CIRCUS::HORNINGThu Nov 03 1988Miracles
14.014RICKS::LEONARDFri Oct 30 1992Mailing lists and notes conferences
15.05RICKS::LEONARDFri Oct 30 1992Formal verification of Alpha AXP
16.02RICKS::LEONARDFri Oct 30 1992Tools for formal methods
18.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The 2OBJ theorem prover
19.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Beologic theorem prover
20.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Clio theorem prover
21.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Coq theorem prover
22.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Elf theorem prover
23.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The FDR theorem prover
24.03RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The HOL88 theorem prover
25.08RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The HOL9
26.01RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The IMPS theorem prover
27.04RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The LP theorem prover
28.01RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Lprolog theorem prover
29.01RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Mural theorem prover
30.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Nuprl theorem prover
31.01RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The nqthm (Boyer-Moore) theorem prover
32.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Nuprl theorem prover
33.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Paris theorem prover
34.05RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The ProofPower theorem prover
35.02RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The PVS theorem prover
36.01RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Reveal theorem prover
37.01--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 17 1992The SMV theorem prover
38.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Spectrum specification language
39.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The TLA logic
40.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The uUTRL theorem prover
41.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Esterel language
42.01RICKS::LEONARDTue Nov 17 1992The Lambda CAD tool
43.0RICKS::LEONARDWed Nov 18 1992The ITP theorem prover
44.01MOVIES::HANCOCKTue Nov 24 1992Real examples
45.0RICKS::LEONARDWed Dec 23 1992Formal verification work at ISV
46.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Apr 27 1993The SETHEO theorem prover
47.02MOVIES::HANCOCKThu Aug 26 1993report available
48.0RICKS::LEONARDTue Feb 08 1994Constraint-Handling Rules
49.0STAR::PRAETORIUSWed Jun 29 1994Knowledge based software process automation at Kestrel
50.0NETRIX::"pan@ip118153.Eng.PKO.DEC.Com"Fri Jul 19 1996Hardware Engineer