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Conference 501clb::flight

Title:Welcome to FLIGHT
Notice:For the FLIGHT V3.1 kit, see note 507
Created:Tue Jun 24 1986
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1431
Total number of notes:12344
Number with bodies:43
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1.013ENGINE::BUEHLERTue Jun 24 1986Welcome to FLIGHT
2.01ENGINE::BUEHLERTue Jun 24 1986UIS FLIGHT kit location
3.04ENGINE::MCKINLEYTue Jun 24 1986Click "World View" before starting
4.0KIRK::LUNGERTue Jun 24 1986Scientific American article
5.030LATOUR::VOBATue Jun 24 1986DECnet required?
6.074POTARU::QUODLINGWed Jun 25 1986Some possible enhancements...
7.09ADVAX::C_YOSTWed Jun 25 1986Instrument Panel Interface
8.04JOEL::BERMANWed Jun 25 1986V Speeds?
9.01PRAGMA::GRIFFINWed Jun 25 1986Support files
10.07NONAME::CERNESEWed Jun 25 1986Can't do multi-node
11.019POTARU::QUODLINGWed Jun 25 1986Hardware Mods...
12.0141Wed Jun 25 1986Control Feedback & Touch
13.09MAASSG::WICKERTWed Jun 25 1986Radar and map function
14.011MAASSG::WICKERTThu Jun 26 1986Multi-nodal startup timing
15.01DSSDEV::ALDENThu Jun 26 1986Bug in viewing
16.010DSSDEV::ALDENThu Jun 26 1986Synchronous vs. Asynchronous
17.09VNAPC2::DAVIDFri Jun 27 1986The Tower is in another dimension!
18.04THORBY::MARRAFri Jun 27 1986gotta get back to my game...
19.01KALKIN::BUTENHOFFri Jun 27 1986Multi-player bugs/suggestions...
20.03VNAPC2::DAVIDFri Jun 27 1986Hidden Line elimination for the airplane?
21.01WHYNOT::WYMANFri Jun 27 1986Bouncing through Mach 1?
22.05RHETT::SELBYSat Jun 28 1986My simulator is ignoring me!
23.02PAMPAM::CLEOVOULOUSun Jun 29 1986Heading Indicator still has problems
24.0+24ENGINE::BUEHLERSun Jun 29 1986One topic per aircraft?
25.011ENGINE::BUEHLERSun Jun 29 1986Harriers
26.0+3AMBER::JONESMon Jun 30 1986Cub Simulator
27.01VNAPC2::DAVIDMon Jun 30 1986Multinode Problem
28.01VNAPC2::DAVIDMon Jun 30 1986Multinode Connect Problem
29.020OSLTue Jul 01 1986Anybody involved with normal air traffic ?
30.034MARY::CAMPANELLATue Jul 01 1986Beginner help
31.02DSSDEV::ALDENWed Jul 02 1986Landing Gear.
32.010REGINA::LOMICKAJWed Jul 02 1986Sometimes it just gets s l o w
33.03TLE::KNOWLESWed Jul 02 1986Armaments
34.04ITSBIG::HUNTERThu Jul 03 1986A delayed Blow Up ?
35.01MARVIN::DEWARMon Jul 07 1986The Universe is bounded....
36.01WHYNOT::CLEOVOULOUWed Jul 09 1986It flies without any fuel!
37.011JOYTOY::BENNETTFri Jul 11 1986FLIGHT/VWS Bug???
38.01TLE::KNOWLESMon Jul 14 1986Wake up!!
39.023TLE::KNOWLESMon Jul 14 1986Look ma, NO HANDS!!
40.010ENGINE::BUEHLERWed Jul 16 1986G Forces
41.06THORBY::MARRATue Jul 22 1986FLTNETSHR.EXE open for write by another user?
42.017SARAH::DAHLFri Jul 25 1986Experiencing Turn Problems
43.06CGOOMon Jul 28 1986A Tank spin-off of FLIGHT?
44.01VNATue Jul 29 1986Vienna ATC calling JB5
45.05TLE::KNOWLESWed Jul 30 1986Helicopter landings
46.03ARAGON::TYCASTWed Jul 30 1986DUAL-CONTROLLED aircraft
47.015ARAGON::TYCASTWed Jul 30 1986How about Landing Practice
48.013SARAH::DAHLWed Jul 30 1986Altitude Records
49.07ARAGON::TYCASTTue Aug 05 1986What about a SIMPLE map of the area?
50.04TLE::MOREAUWed Aug 06 1986Putting FLIGHT on a UIS menu
51.03ENGINE::BUEHLERFri Aug 08 1986V1.1 'Field Test'
52.0UFP::WICKERTTue Aug 12 1986Neat picture books for adults!
53.05TLE::HARRISThu Aug 21 1986Language?
54.01KAOFS::CARSWELLFri Aug 22 1986Flight on VS55
55.03CUJO::MEIERSun Aug 24 1986Can a EX-AIR FORCE help out?
56.0XYZZY::BSALES1Wed Aug 27 1986Others?
57.07TLE::KNOWLESWed Aug 27 1986Rules for dog-fighting
58.03ENGINE::BUEHLERThu Aug 28 1986Aircraft Design Postings
59.0TLE::KNOWLESThu Sep 04 1986How I land on the stinking runway
60.01MARVIN::DEWARTue Sep 09 1986"Zooming" in on a V1.
61.0944Wed Sep 10 1986Glider simulator
62.0244Fri Sep 12 1986Joystick control
63.013SARAH::DAHLFri Sep 19 1986V1.1-
64.020BARNUM::CHENETZMon Sep 22 1986help on intalling flight
65.07SARAH::DAHLWed Sep 24 1986Boeing 737 For Sale
66.039SARAH::DAHLThu Sep 25 1986Ideas for New Features
67.04SWAMI::LAMIAThu Sep 25 1986V1.
68.010UFP::WICKERTThu Sep 25 1986Running out of fuel is a noop
69.04MYCRFT::PARODIThu Sep 25 1986Radar questions
70.02DSSDEV::ALDENFri Sep 26 1986Network connection feedback wanted
71.01SHIRE::TAYLORFri Sep 26 1986LIFT/DRAG definitions
72.0VNAFCC::APPELMon Sep 29 1986Simulation of a Dogfight Simulation ...
73.06SLDA::DUNAISKYTue Sep 30 1986Non-EASYNET VAXstation
75.02COOKIE::REUTERMon Oct 06 1986-
76.010TLE::BRETTMon Oct 06 1986What's needed is wraparound screens!
77.020COGITO::STODDARDThu Oct 09 1986BD5 for sale...
78.02TLE::BRETTSun Oct 12 1986Instruments and Knobs
79.06SARAH::DAHLTue Oct 14 1986Ultralight
80.01COOKIE::D_BERRYTue Oct 14 1986Blank menu items
81.025CONEJO::SANDERSWed Oct 15 1986Plane Design 1
82.03SSDEVO::OAKEYWed Oct 15 1986Wanted: cheap plane. Dime a dozen...
83.01SARAH::DAHLMon Oct 20 1986Boeing 747
84.014SARAH::DAHLTue Oct 21 1986Horsepower to Thrust
85.04516Wed Oct 22 1986Funny things?
86.017SARAH::DAHLMon Oct 27 1986DC-3 (Gooney Bird)
87.01SSDEVO::OAKEYMon Oct 27 1986Tours, anyone?
88.01ASIA::MCLEMANTue Oct 28 1986Matter to energy to matter
89.013SARAH::DAHLWed Oct 29 1986Cruise Missle
90.019516Thu Oct 30 1986Wanted: A lot of things...
91.05UFP::WICKERTFri Oct 31 1986Circles in the geometry?
92.01SARAH::DAHLFri Oct 31 1986Some Quirks with V1.1-
94.03KGB::TAYLORFri Nov 07 1986Alternative communication initiation request
95.010SARAH::DAHLFri Nov 07 1986B-1B
96.05JUNIOR::STJEANMon Nov 10 1986Simulator for the PRO
97.0TLE::CARRELLMon Nov 10 1986Drone target for sale
98.01BUGSY::BECKERTue Nov 11 1986VR1
99.05APOLLO::GOODWINWed Nov 12 1986how do I install flight simulator
100.04MYCRFT::PARODIThu Nov 13 1986What happened?
101.011SARAH::DAHLThu Nov 13 1986How do FLIGHT's Brakes Work?
102.04COOKIE::FONTANAFri Nov 14 1986Menu-Exceeded Quota
103.014ENGINE::BUEHLERSat Nov 15 1986Immelman maneuver
104.02ENGINE::BUEHLERMon Nov 17 1986Level of detail in V1.2
105.025THEBAY::WAKEMANLAMon Nov 17 1986F19 Stealth
106.07RHETT::BRYSONWed Nov 19 1986pseudo-Corsair available
107.04COOKIE::D_BERRYWed Nov 19 1986change mouse button functions
108.03TLE::BRETTWed Nov 19 1986Just a another *little* window, please????
109.01SARAH::DAHLThu Nov 20 1986B-17G Flying Fortress
110.01DEBET::FOLEYFri Nov 21 1986KEYWORDS
111.07DSSDEV::COMEFORDFri Nov 21 1986F15 Eagle
112.03CASEE::CLEOVOULOUSun Nov 23 1986%FLIGHT-W-HANGAR-OVERFLOW, not enough space!
113.04MARVIN::DEWARMon Nov 24 1986Aircraft Designer's Manual Wanted
114.02EFVAX::FEATHERSTONTue Nov 25 1986Unexplained stalling in multi-node games
115.02LEELA::MYEEMon Dec 01 1986ENGINE::FLIGHT not available
116.02MYCRFT::PARODIWed Dec 03 1986Laser Weaponry
117.05SARAH::DAHLWed Dec 03 1986Spitfire
118.03SARAH::DAHLWed Dec 03 1986Instrument Panel Problems & Wishes
119.08SARAH::DAHLWed Dec 03 1986Rudder Mania
120.01SARAH::DAHLWed Dec 03 1986P-38L Lightning
121.07DSSDEV::CHALTASThu Dec 04 1986accvio in compile
122.04ENGINE::BUEHLERThu Dec 04 1986Anyone got lots of bit planes?
123.04THEBAY::WAKEMANLAThu Dec 04 1986The force of Friction
124.03SQM::ANDREThu Dec 04 1986Inaccurate "Test Flight Distance"?
125.01RANCHO::RAHFri Dec 05 1986X port?
126.01APOLLO::TATOSIANSat Dec 06 198612 O'CLOCK HIGH
127.04TLE::BRETTSat Dec 06 1986Hints at improving realism
128.03SARAH::DAHLMon Dec 08 1986F-4E Phantom II
130.04MELODY::BRITTThu Dec 11 1986which keys do what?
131.019DSSDEV::CHALTASMon Dec 15 1986V1.2 Bugs
132.01TLE::BRETTMon Dec 15 1986Stealth Bi-planes?
133.037APOLLO::DIMASCIOTue Dec 16 1986The F14 is a Dog!!
134.025HOT::FONTANATue Dec 16 1986Aircraft Editor?
135.04CADLAC::CERNESEWed Dec 17 1986Did pressing that key do anything?
136.010REGENT::LEVFri Dec 19 1986FLIGHT Keypad in PostScript
137.07SARAH::DAHLFri Dec 19 1986Taxiing and Turning
138.01APOLLO::TATOSIANSat Dec 20 1986Peaceful Coexistence?
139.01SARAH::DAHLTue Dec 23 1986FLIGHT/EDIT and GEOMETRY LOD Problem
140.03TLE::BRETTMon Jan 05 1987Another source of network jerkiness?
141.02TLE::BRETTMon Jan 05 1987Better "did A hit B" calculation
142.02SUVThu Jan 08 1987Simulators for Rainbow ???
143.01SARAH::DAHLThu Jan 08 1987New User Definable World Feature Ideas
144.0SARAH::DAHLFri Jan 09 1987New Bomb Weapon for FLIGHT V1.2
145.0BETHE::LICEA_KANEFri Jan 09 1987For rookies like me, a new world....
146.0DSSDEV::CHALTASMon Jan 12 1987New Biplane and Triplane
147.07VNAFCC::APPELTue Jan 13 1987Radar Class Definition Rules ?
148.02SARAH::DAHLThu Jan 15 1987Minor User Definable World Angle Problem
149.030SARAH::DAHLFri Jan 16 1987Brave New Worlds: South Pacific
151.03MOTHRA::DUTKOFri Jan 16 1987Artificial Horizon?
152.03MOTHRA::DUTKOFri Jan 16 1987Error compiling world
153.09TLE::BRETTMon Jan 19 1987Non-natural stalls?
154.018ENGINE::BUEHLERFri Jan 30 1987The Sopwith Camel
155.011AGNT99::HAYSThu Feb 12 1987Wings sails and the ultra-light
156.03TLE::KNOWLESThu Feb 12 1987Does V1.3 have networking?
157.0UFP::WICKERTFri Feb 13 1987Problems with a 4-plane GPX and v1.3
158.02UFP::WICKERTFri Feb 13 1987Where's the Corsair?
159.03MOTHRA::DUTKOFri Feb 13 1987Crash in a dive?
161.09SAWDST::PAQUETTEMon Feb 16 1987DAZZLing Display!!!
162.02AGNT99::HAYSTue Feb 17 1987Help
163.02ARAGON::TYCASTFri Feb 27 1987Crash During Sharp Turn
164.039TALLIS::DEROSASat Feb 28 1987Bugs in V1.3
165.05TALLIS::DEROSASat Feb 28 1987What's a flap?
166.024ENGINE::BUEHLERSun Mar 01 1987World previewer
167.03TLE::BRETTWed Mar 04 1987Missiles don't hit what they hit the ground near
168.01ARAGON::TYCASTThu Mar 05 1987Aerial Photography -- With Flight
169.04LEDS::ZAYASThu Mar 05 1987Some questions
170.01GOTA1::MCHUGHFri Mar 06 1987Problem installing 1.3
171.05TALLIS::DEROSASat Mar 07 1987Weapon Characteristics?
172.06STAR::KAPLANMon Mar 09 1987How to get started?
173.01--UnknownUser--Wed Mar 11 1987Torch 'em...
174.05NUTMEG::RYANThu Mar 12 1987PRO33
175.03--UnknownUser--Thu Mar 12 1987? on a uVAX I w/VMS 4.4
176.02STATOS::DELANNOYFri Mar 13 1987Giving ideas is simpler than implementing them...
177.06FOLES::FOLEYMon Mar 23 1987More planes for V1.1
178.06MYCRFT::PARODIThu Mar 26 1987Multiple versions on a system?
179.02SARAH::DAHLMon Mar 30 1987Topo Map Request
180.08APEHUB::LABICHTue Mar 31 1987what, no more multi-node?
181.031SARAH::DAHLThu Apr 02 1987Another World: Eastern Massachussetts
182.05KGB::TAYLORFri Apr 03 1987Collision detection
183.013945Fri Apr 03 1987Few questions
184.01P51D::EYREWed Apr 08 1987(how about a visual clue ?)
185.05CUJO::MEIERWed Apr 08 1987(Space, The final frontier)
186.0ENGINE::BUEHLERThu Apr 09 1987Build-A-Bridge
187.01VIDEO::TASSINARIMon Apr 13 1987Interested...
188.04CLOSET::PELTZMon Apr 13 1987V1.3 No dogfights?
189.01MARTY::FRIEDMANWed Apr 15 1987Stack Dump
190.01RHETT::HOCH_DWed Apr 15 1987How do you activate the weapons in vers. 1.3
191.05AYOV18::DSHARPThu Apr 16 1987I want to build my own world
192.017COGITO::BUEHLERTue Apr 21 1987One-umph Camel?
193.04MARTY::FRIEDMANTue Apr 21 1987Stick Movement
194.05COPPER::D_BERRYWed Apr 22 1987arithmatic faults
195.01EUCLID::BUEHLERThu Apr 23 1987V1.4 'Field Test'
196.08MYCRFT::PARODIFri Apr 24 198754% Brain dead
197.04SARAH::DAHLFri Apr 24 1987Simple Airport Encoding Aids
198.04GOTA1::MCHUGHTue Apr 28 1987Lonely in the Sky?
200.0KGB::TAYLORSat May 02 1987KEYPAD LAYOUT window available
201.07ENGINE::BUEHLERSun May 03 1987Heads Up Displays?
202.04UFP::WICKERTWed May 06 1987Can't make out that attitude, can you?
203.03UFP::WICKERTFri May 08 1987Book mentioned in note 2
204.06KGB::TAYLORTue May 12 1987Gun-sight
205.08KGB::TAYLORWed May 13 1987Altimeter settings (QFE)
206.013COVERT::COVERTThu May 14 1987Worldwide World Registry
207.028TALLIS::DEROSASat May 16 1987Hidden-surface (line) removal
208.05KGB::TAYLORSun May 17 1987WORLD design help?
209.07F1Mon May 18 1987User Documentation?
210.01P51D::EYREMon May 18 1987(any news onf FT3 release?)
211.02CADSYS::SLATERTue May 19 1987USS Carl Vinson steams into Cape Cod Bay
212.037BLADE::ANDREThu May 21 1987v1.4 bugs / questions
214.056HOT::FONTANAFri May 22 1987SR-71 Blackbird for sale
215.010ENGINE::BUEHLERTue May 26 1987Chase plane
216.02CADSE::CERNESETue May 26 1987V1.4 installation question
217.04SARAH::DAHLTue May 26 1987Simulated Trip Report
218.016JECKLE::SYSTEMWed May 27 1987Fly with me....
219.018COOKIE::FONTANAThu May 28 1987Air Traffic Controller
220.02COOKIE::FONTANAFri May 29 1987FLIGHT/PREVIEW=(No Toner in LN
221.03COOKIE::FONTANAFri May 29 1987FLIGHT/EDIT Wishlist
222.01TLE::BRETTMon Jun 01 1987Documentary on Becoming a Fighter Pilot
223.0BANDIT::MARSHALLMon Jun 01 1987skeletons in the air
224.01STKHLM::LITBYTue Jun 02 1987No logical name match ???
225.04ENGINE::BUEHLERTue Jun 02 1987Radio frequencies
226.01MARTY::FRIEDMANWed Jun 03 1987AWACS Alert Feature
227.01MYCRFT::PARODIThu Jun 04 1987New Approach to IFR
228.013COOKIE::FONTANAThu Jun 04 1987Missile Lock
229.03COOKIE::FONTANAFri Jun 05 1987Flakey Flight
230.01PUPPIS::LENGYELFri Jun 05 1987Is V1.4 available for the 'world'?
231.03COOKIE::FONTANATue Jun 09 1987Digital Instrument Problem
232.02STKHLM::LITBYWed Jun 10 1987Helicopters?
233.018OLDNO7::LUCIERThu Jun 11 1987MKII Island Hopper
234.05FNYFS::LOVELLSun Jun 14 1987%SYSTEM-F-NOLOGNAM error on non-DECnet GPX
235.08LUXTue Jun 16 1987How daoes radar and ADF work ?
236.06COGITO::BUEHLERThu Jun 18 1987Non-DIGITAL access to Flight
237.01APEHUB::LABICHThu Jun 18 1987No more shooting?
238.06COOKIE::FONTANAThu Jun 18 1987Hangar Limitations
239.011CRAIG::YANKESThu Jun 18 1987color radar?
240.03RIPPER::PETTERSENFri Jun 19 1987Announcing NAV a FLIGHT nav aid
241.01UFP::WICKERTFri Jun 19 1987Boardgames about air-to-air combat
242.030HOT::FONTANAMon Jun 22 1987MiG-25 Foxbat for sale
243.011KGB::TAYLORWed Jun 24 1987Map required
244.012ZEPPO::LAMBERTMon Jun 29 1987Flying School Wanted!
245.0HECKLE::CUNNIFFTue Jun 30 1987Separate hangars...
246.04CRAIG::YANKESThu Jul 02 1987B1s are much more fun when flying...
247.01PUPPIS::LENGYELThu Jul 02 1987Internal Consistency Failure
248.026STKHLM::LITBYFri Jul 03 1987Flight Server Directory
249.0157634::LAMBERTMon Jul 06 1987How do you design planes?
250.0557634::LAMBERTMon Jul 06 1987What colors can planes be?
251.0ENGINE::BUEHLERMon Jul 06 1987Conference move
252.067ZEPPO::LAMBERTWed Jul 08 1987WWI Dogfighter Construction Co.
253.01COOKIE::REUTERTue Jul 14 1987GEOMETRY affects handling?
254.0257634::LAMBERTWed Jul 15 1987Rockets on sky hooks?
255.01JACOB::FAZIOWed Jul 15 1987Where is V1.4 of Flight?
256.0457634::LAMBERTWed Jul 15 1987Network partner exited - problem
257.02--UnknownUser--Thu Jul 16 1987access to the Eur. kit please
258.03FDCV18::CHOAThu Jul 16 1987Fly without install
259.08COPPER::D_BERRYFri Jul 17 1987connection never completes
260.04SARAH::BUEHLERFri Jul 17 1987Loss of network connection
262.0757634::LAMBERTMon Jul 20 1987SWITZERLAND - A New World!!!
263.0257634::LAMBERTMon Jul 20 1987weapons questions
264.03TALLIS::ZANZERKIAWed Jul 22 1987How to connect ??
265.0657634::LAMBERTWed Jul 22 1987point of view?
267.015HERON::DELANNOYFri Jul 24 1987How to make real spins ?
268.0357634::LAMBERTMon Jul 27 1987divide by zero bug
269.0857634::LAMBERTTue Jul 28 1987P51 Mustang Specs Needed
270.06NYSSA::DALEYWed Jul 29 1987Shoot back yes, but with what?
272.04TAVMTS::DORONSun Aug 02 1987Full manual any one?
273.05CURIUM::MBROWNThu Aug 06 1987Lanuage, Parallel, Vector ???
274.018AXEL::FOLEYThu Aug 06 1987DECworld meets Flight?
275.015SARAH::BUEHLERSun Aug 09 1987LAMP instrument for V1.5
276.03FURILO::MASONMon Aug 10 1987HELP(HELP)...
277.02PION::COSHILLTue Aug 11 1987INSTRUMENT command ?
278.040ISOLA::NISTue Aug 11 1987Wishes, Dreams & *THANKS*
279.014LEROUF::MICKYFri Aug 14 1987CARRIERS
280.0357634::LAMBERTFri Aug 14 1987worlds apart...
281.01HYDRA::ECKERTSat Aug 15 1987Piper Cub?
282.0SARAH::BUEHLERSat Aug 15 1987Flight V1.4 kit removed from SARAH
283.01BANDIT::MARSHALLSun Aug 16 1987installing v1.5 from tape
284.07TAVMTS::DORONSun Aug 16 1987Helicopter wanted.
285.06RENKO::MASONMon Aug 17 1987Failed 1.5 on VS2
286.01COOKIE::FONTANAMon Aug 17 1987Simulating Landing Gear
287.08CRAIG::YANKESMon Aug 17 1987congrats!
288.018CADSE::CERNESEMon Aug 17 1987Now that CHANGE HANGAR works, its difficult to use
289.01UFP::WICKERTMon Aug 17 1987V1.5 and collision detection?
290.074COOKIE::REUTERMon Aug 17 1987V1.5 bugs, etc.
291.041SARAH::DAHLTue Aug 18 1987VOR and ILS Tutorial
292.09CADSYS::SLATERWed Aug 19 1987Digital Font Problem - Can I help?
293.0GVAADG::PERTOSOWed Aug 19 1987having fun with SUSPEND.FLIGHT
294.015957634::LAMBERTFri Aug 21 1987World War II Fighter Construction Co.
295.04COERCE::MAIEWSKIMon Aug 24 1987Palm Tree
296.02P51D::EYREFri Aug 28 1987My turn to say thanks.
297.03TAVENG::SHAISun Aug 30 1987Newuser help
298.02RENKO::MASONMon Aug 31 1987Compile problem...
299.011DELNI::MICHAUDWed Sep 02 1987Initial Execution Problem
300.01PRSOIS::NAGLEThu Sep 03 1987Is it me or am I stupid?
301.04SSDEVO::MOZEYThu Sep 03 1987Can anyone HELP ???
302.03DELNI::MICHAUDWed Sep 09 1987Missing font...
303.04HERON::DELANNOYThu Sep 10 1987Space Shuttle ????
304.014APEHUB::LABICHThu Sep 10 1987Taxiing and Stopping?
305.01VLNVAX::DMCLUREThu Sep 10 1987Any active server nodes near MR
306.0TLE::KNOWLESSun Sep 13 1987Sub-orbital navigation
307.07TLE::KNOWLESSun Sep 13 1987NDB fun
308.02TLE::KNOWLESSun Sep 13 1987Ground effect
309.04GCANYN::CONNELLYTue Sep 15 1987Catch me now I'm falling
310.010NUTMEG::RYANThu Sep 17 1987BIG VAX FLIGHT???
311.04PRSOIS::MERCIERFri Sep 18 1987simulator on a rainbow
312.012ALBANY::MULLERSat Sep 19 1987Suggestions
313.05MANILA::DEEREMon Sep 21 1987How do I compile???
314.05APEHUB::FITZPATRICKTue Sep 22 1987How to use the Instruments?
315.03MARX::LAMBERTTue Sep 22 1987Geometry problem for geometry guru's
316.01TALLIS::DEROSAWed Sep 23 1987Now that VS-III's are out of the barn...
317.0357634::LAMBERTFri Sep 25 1987New civilian "Birds"
318.019COPPER::D_BERRYMon Sep 28 1987status of collision detection
319.012HECKLE::CUNNIFFTue Sep 29 1987Fly in?
320.025KGB::TAYLORTue Sep 29 1987GROUND_LEVEL doubts
321.03TAVMTS::DORONFri Oct 02 1987Modified world problems
322.0TLE::CARRELLFri Oct 02 1987WWI Angles fighter for sale.
323.08SARAH::BUEHLERTue Oct 06 1987User-defined key mappings in V1.6
324.0157634::LAMBERTTue Oct 06 1987FLIGHT Instrumentation Catalog
325.02HERON::DELANNOYFri Oct 09 1987Gliding in switzerland
326.03APEHUB::FITZPATRICKMon Oct 12 1987FLIGHT on a cluster?
327.05MJG::GRIERMon Oct 12 1987Distributed processing to speed up simulation?
328.02DFLAT::DICKSONThu Oct 22 1987Server unpriviledged
329.0143668::GOODENOUGHTue Nov 17 1987DECwindows version?
330.06RACER::DAVETue Nov 17 1987FLIGHT from UISBG menu
331.0143668::GOODENOUGHTue Nov 17 1987Server CPU usage?
332.03TFH::MARSHALLWed Nov 18 1987Give me v1.6 or I shoot this dog.
333.02STARCH::HAGERMANWed Nov 18 1987airplane physics article
334.037GOTA1::MCHUGHThu Nov 19 1987Where is Planedraw?
335.01OSLFri Nov 27 1987Help! I Have no Decnet!
336.012ELLE::KNOWLESWed Dec 02 1987Mouse torque
337.0443668::GOODENOUGHThu Dec 03 1987Useful command procedure
338.04CADSE::CERNESEThu Dec 10 1987What would you like for Christmas?
339.04DFLAT::DICKSONMon Dec 14 1987Falcon-16
340.07AYOUWed Dec 16 1987Aircraft Design help required
341.05APEHUB::LABICHWed Dec 16 1987something to think about.....
342.01TALLIS::YARDTue Dec 22 1987Problem starting up
343.01SAGE::PARNELLTue Dec 22 1987Simulator for Rainbow
344.01QRTRS::HENRYTue Dec 22 1987I'm new and its GREAT!!
345.04ELLE::KNOWLESSat Dec 26 1987GPX problems
346.04RUTLND::MCKINLEYMon Dec 28 1987Flight keypad diagram (std. printers)
347.02QRTRS::HENRYTue Dec 29 1987Anyone know how to land <ON> the runways?
348.0CASEE::PAVANELLOWed Dec 30 1987Flight Simulators
349.01BLADE::ANDREThu Dec 31 1987Reference speeds?
350.04DCC::LANEThu Jan 07 1988AFTERBURNER - The Video Game
351.01UHURU::LAMBERTFri Jan 08 1988WWI Movie, "Aces High"
352.01SARAH::BUEHLERFri Jan 08 1988A few comments about the V1.6 kit
353.07VISA::BIJAOUISat Jan 09 1988V1.6 installed on VMS X5.
354.010COOKIE::FONTANAMon Jan 11 1988V1.6 Comments/Bugs
355.010UHURU::LAMBERTMon Jan 11 1988Unrecognized server
356.01ALIZES::MICKYMon Jan 11 1988DELETE_SUBELEMENT crashes.
357.08COOKIE::REUTERMon Jan 11 1988another traceback, other weirdness
358.05COOKIE::FONTANATue Jan 12 1988V1.6 Protocol Error?
359.05GVAADG::PERTOSOWed Jan 13 1988Accvio when more than one user ?
360.07COPPER::D_BERRYWed Jan 13 1988V1.6 bugs...
361.0HARDY::JKMARTINWed Jan 13 1988Anyone Care to Demo FLIGHT at ZK?
362.06VAILSE::MOZEYWed Jan 13 1988FOR SALE: High-Tech F14B
363.0GVAADG::PERTOSOThu Jan 14 1988Ndb,Vor & Ils in Massachusetts.
364.09VAILSE::MOZEYThu Jan 14 1988FLAPS ==> STALL
365.017BELKER::MASONFri Jan 15 1988Elementary problem...
366.01TFH::MARSHALLFri Jan 15 1988FLTERR.LOG
367.06UHURU::LAMBERTFri Jan 15 1988FLT$STARTUP suggestion
368.0549778::KIRKMon Jan 18 1988problems with SUISSE?
369.02SKETCH::HFLABMon Jan 18 1988GEnie Air Warrior...
370.09AYOUTue Jan 19 1988Sopwith needs revision?
371.01KGB::TAYLORTue Jan 19 1988Collision detection
372.01UHURU::LAMBERTTue Jan 19 1988Figuring the GLOAD
373.06ESDWed Jan 20 1988Nova
374.02UHURU::LAMBERTWed Jan 20 1988User definable access hours
375.06MSD27::FITZPATRICKWed Jan 20 1988Carrier Collision-detection Question
376.02SRFSUP::LONGOWed Jan 20 1988V1.6 Kit?
377.03CRAIG::YANKESThu Jan 21 1988Call-out procedures?
378.01GVAADG::PERTOSOFri Jan 22 1988keys settings
379.01KGB::TAYLORFri Jan 22 1988"CHARACTERISTICS" question
380.011KGB::TAYLORFri Jan 22 1988GLIDEPATH range
381.01COPPER::D_BERRYFri Jan 22 1988How to aim missiles?????
382.04KGB::TAYLORFri Jan 22 1988V1.6 full keypad display
383.01VICKI::LEKASFri Jan 22 1988ACCVIO During Connect
384.05STEELG::KIRKMon Jan 25 1988Exploding mountains in 1.6?
385.010TANNAY::TAYLORMon Jan 25 1988Clock instrument wish
386.01UHURU::LAMBERTMon Jan 25 1988more destroyable data please
387.01LEDS::WITTMERTue Jan 26 1988Latest BULLETS.DAT & TRACERS.DAT ?
388.02MSD27::FITZPATRICKWed Jan 27 1988Question about changing worlds
389.025UHURU::LAMBERTThu Jan 28 1988Wishlist item #234.987-H
390.06UHURU::LAMBERTThu Jan 28 1988Lift curves revisited
391.03COPPER::D_BERRYThu Jan 28 1988Slow update with subobject aircraft
392.07TALLIS::WADEFri Jan 29 1988V1.6 question
393.05KGB::TAYLORSat Jan 30 1988/PREVIEW request
394.03ANVIL::BUEHLERSat Jan 30 1988Volcano
395.012DCC::LANEMon Feb 01 1988F-4E PHANTOM II
398.09KAOFS::F_KANNEMANNWed Feb 03 1988Ultrix version? MS-DOS? DecWindows?
399.01WACHU2::GOLDBERGWed Feb 03 1988Debugged 1.6 Works Much Smoother than Buggy version
400.02DCC::ALDENThu Feb 04 1988V1.6 Manual Update
401.01VAILSE::MOZEYThu Feb 04 1988Broke Brakes
402.02LATNCY::MORGANThu Feb 04 1988Install sources option broken
403.03CRAIG::YANKESFri Feb 05 1988Carrier woes.
404.06SARAH::BUEHLERFri Feb 05 1988Late arriving bug in V1.6
405.01VISA::BIJAOUIMon Feb 08 1988More tracers !
406.01HERON::DELANNOYMon Feb 08 1988Cirrus Gliding ratio.
408.02CVG::CAMPANELLAMon Feb 08 1988Aircraft Documentation?
409.09SARAH::BUEHLERTue Feb 09 1988Weapon Stores for V1.6 Aircraft
410.03WACHU2::GOLDBERGTue Feb 09 1988Plane hanging in the sky, 1.6-1, VWS 3.1
411.01BRDWLK::VEALEKTue Feb 09 1988Blinking instruments?
412.09CVG::CAMPANELLAWed Feb 10 1988Flight V1.6-1 Error
413.08WACHU2::GOLDBERGWed Feb 10 1988Fuel dumping in Zero
414.03COPPER::D_BERRYWed Feb 10 1988Quota exceeded from FLIGHT/COMPILE=WORLD
415.02HSKWed Feb 10 1988WORLD is against me
416.09GIBSON::DICKENSWed Feb 10 1988flight tries to connect to server on local system
417.01COPPER::D_BERRYThu Feb 11 1988Cumulative VOLUMEs for objects wanted...
418.08SOFFIT::FARRELLThu Feb 11 1988F15 - MayDay
419.01DIVER::CVIJETICThu Feb 11 1988Cannot install 1.6
420.01DELNI::FACHONTue Feb 16 1988Afterburner
422.02DODO::SYSTEMThu Feb 18 1988Error on Flight/Preview
423.01ONOIS1::CARUSOFri Feb 19 1988a need to flight simulator
424.010COPPER::D_BERRYFri Feb 19 1988World Editor Wishlist Item
425.03UHURU::LAMBERTMon Feb 22 1988Circular object definition
426.020COOKIE::FONTANATue Feb 23 1988A1
427.03CADM::BEERMANFri Feb 26 1988Partially amphibious F-4??
428.019DCC::LANEFri Feb 26 1988Looks great...
429.05ISTG::MAIEWSKIFri Feb 26 1988Flameout
430.01ISTG::MAIEWSKIFri Feb 26 1988Up is backwards
431.05IDUNNO::ERVINMon Feb 29 1988Real radios are better!
433.06COPPER::D_BERRYWed Mar 02 1988G load calculation during flight
434.02AYOUThu Mar 03 1988Citation II available
435.01SNOCThu Mar 03 1988FLIGHT widget needs DNS guru.
436.02CIM6::WALKERMon Mar 07 1988stick trigger?
437.03COPPER::D_BERRYMon Mar 07 1988indestructable quonset huts...
438.01COPPER::D_BERRYThu Mar 10 1988planes with sub objects aren't compatible
439.04COOKIE::REUTERMon Mar 14 1988Another V1.6-1 bug
440.03COPPER::D_BERRYTue Mar 15 1988Entry points on top of buildings
441.04COPPER::D_BERRYTue Mar 15 1988Description of GEOMETRY LOD
442.05VISA::BIJAOUITue Mar 15 1988I wanna be a movie star
443.02KGB::TAYLORWed Mar 16 1988Same frequencies in one world
444.023SRFSUP::LONGOWed Mar 23 1988I always crash. Do you?
445.015LEDS::FEUERSTEINMon Mar 28 1988v1.7 problems...
446.0NYMPH::ZACHWIEJAMon Mar 28 1988VWSY
447.014LEDS::WITTMERTue Mar 29 1988Some V1.7 Comments...
448.08SARAH::DAHLThu Mar 31 1988Sample Flight Recording Tapes
449.02CUBFAN::LABICHFri Apr 01 1988Trouble with remote server.
450.01627958::MARSHALLMon Apr 04 1988X-15 anyone?
451.010COOKIE::FONTANAMon Apr 04 1988Tanks for Sale!
452.046VIATWO::ROYWed Apr 06 1988BEGINNER'S QUESTIONS. . . .
453.010NYMPH::ZACHWIEJAThu Apr 07 1988Object Visibility Optimizations
454.017SPORTS::ELLISFri Apr 08 1988Guided Weapons
455.0727958::MARSHALLSat Apr 09 1988UIS$DISPLAYMGR stuck in LEF state
456.08LEDS::WITTMERTue Apr 12 1988A Biplane for Dogfighting
457.02UHURU::LAMBERTTue Apr 12 1988ME1
458.01ISDN::BENDECKTue Apr 12 1988Documentation ?
460.05CSMSRE::HANNONTue Apr 19 1988Plane values and syntax
461.04CIM6::WALKERTue Apr 19 1988V1.7 arithmatic fault
462.03CIM6::WALKERWed Apr 20 1988weapons volumes
463.01TALLIS::ZANZERKIAWed Apr 20 1988F.S KIT FOR PRO-3**
464.0627958::MARSHALLWed Apr 20 1988New Compass Wanted
465.07CIM6::WALKERThu Apr 21 1988CPU crashes
466.06UHURU::LAMBERTFri Apr 22 1988Using radio forces netlink loss
467.03CUBFAN::LABICHMon Apr 25 1988Looking for a /COMPILE primer
468.01ADVAX::MCMULLENMon Apr 25 1988Color my world
469.06NYMPH::ZACHWIEJAMon Apr 25 1988Geographic Realism
470.04SARAH::DAHLMon May 02 1988For Fun: Shaded Image of Aircraft
471.03HECKLE::YANAGIWed May 18 1988Help on digital instruments?
472.04CSC32::J_LAWSONFri May 20 1988ACCESS_POINT for the FLIGHT files?
473.01CSC32::J_LAWSONSat May 21 1988Privileged Proxies?
474.09TFH::MARSHALLMon May 23 1988Voyager
475.03UHURU::LAMBERTTue May 24 1988Making objects (in)visible
476.022DECSIM::AKHIANIMon May 30 1988Symbolic Stack Dump
478.08AUNTB::WARNOCKMon Jun 06 1988Help - can't get started with Flight
479.0SARAH::DAHLWed Jun 15 1988AIM-7F Sparrow
480.076SARAH::DAHLWed Jun 15 1988F/A-18 Hornet
481.01NCVAX1::ALLENMon Jun 20 1988Microsoft Flt Sim Version 3.
482.06TFH::MARSHALLTue Jun 21 1988Can't Compile F18 into FLT$MODERN_JET
483.0RBW::WICKERTThu Jun 23 1988INTERCEPTOR for the Amiga
484.04VICKI::MOOREThu Jun 23 1988Some random questions...
485.01VICKI::MOOREThu Jun 23 1988Smart Drones????
486.06TALLIS::WESTGATEThu Jun 23 1988Guns that shoot out the back
487.02UHURU::LAMBERTFri Jun 24 1988Climb rate tweaking?
488.029DEALIN::LAMBERTWed Jun 29 1988Western Europe - A new world
489.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Jun 30 1988What if we could sell FLIGHT?
490.01TOPHAT::LAMBERTThu Jun 30 1988Code Customizations Anyone?
492.04CSC32::S_HALLMon Jul 18 1988Where / When do folks fly ?
493.03WANTON::DEVIOUSThu Jul 21 1988Novice TankBuster.
494.011VLOVThu Jul 21 1988Running on VAXMATE?
495.01UHURU::LAMBERTThu Jul 21 1988Invulnerable drone weapon/targets
496.01TAVThu Jul 28 1988RECORD FILE FORMAT
498.08BERNFri Jul 29 1988who has hangar-source example?
499.01WR1FOR::YIP_MIFri Jul 29 1988Need beginner's help
500.03DEMO::THELLENMon Aug 01 1988F-5E Instrument layout wanted
501.01DECWET::SHUSTERWed Aug 10 1988Replaying a dogfight
502.02BISTRO::GEERDESMon Aug 15 1988can't get server to work
503.05SARAH::BUEHLERWed Aug 17 1988DECwindows FLIGHT imminent, so...
504.02CTCADM::METHOTWed Aug 17 1988The elusive "BLUE" key
505.03CTCADM::METHOTWed Aug 17 1988Slow speed characterics of jets.
506.013DEMO::THELLENThu Aug 18 1988F-5E available
507.04SARAH::BUEHLERSun Aug 21 1988DECwindows FLIGHT kit location
508.04TAVMon Aug 22 1988Can I continue filying in VMS 5.
509.020SARAH::DAHLMon Aug 22 1988AV-8B Harrier II
510.0162427::CHADMon Aug 22 1988problem -- cannot connect to server
511.02ODIUM::DOUGMon Aug 22 1988DECWindows IFT2 =,<,> BL9?
512.018MECAD::METHOTTue Aug 23 1988Flight 2.
513.010INFACT::HACKERTue Aug 23 1988Version 2.
514.04SARAH::DAHLTue Aug 23 1988Variable Aerodynamics
515.02DEALIN::LAMBERTTue Aug 23 1988V2.
516.01LDP::MCCARTHYWed Aug 24 1988Defining Server lists in V2.
518.010INFACT::HACKERWed Aug 24 1988F4 stuff
519.05NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Aug 24 1988Hard copy world maps
520.02UHURU::LAMBERTWed Aug 24 1988ACCESS VIOLATION!!!! Oh no Mr. Bill!!!!
521.01915Thu Aug 25 1988Flight at DECworld
522.06MJG::GRIERThu Aug 25 1988Both V1.7 and V2.
523.019NEARLY::GOODENOUGHSat Aug 27 1988World limits
524.04CTCADM::METHOTSun Aug 28 1988Fly (sort of) from home?
525.05CVG::CAMPANELLAMon Aug 29 1988Pilot's View Occlusion in V2.
527.03NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Aug 31 1988Bug in V2.
528.04HSKFri Sep 02 1988New world: South of Finland
529.01DRAFTY::SHAFFERTue Sep 06 1988FLIGHT Schedules/Hours?
530.06UBOHUB::READINGWed Sep 07 1988FT2 or IFT2 that is the question!
531.01KGB::SYSTEMWed Sep 07 1988runway heights
532.07NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Sep 08 1988Navaid positions, anyone?
533.03LEDS::FEUERSTEINFri Sep 09 1988v1.7 problem or mine?
534.017SARAH::BUEHLERThu Sep 15 1988Network object missing?
535.010RDGENG::PATILMon Sep 19 1988Cluster problem
536.0HSKWed Sep 21 1988City generator
537.016NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Sep 22 1988Problem with V2 Flight previewer
538.07WILLEE::SARENTue Sep 27 1988How to install w/o DECNET?
539.017NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Sep 28 1988Rotation / Exploding Mountains
541.04DCC::ALDENFri Sep 30 1988X errors when crashing the Harrier
542.024DCC::ALDENMon Oct 10 1988Bug report for V2.1
543.01KGB::TAYLORMon Oct 10 1988Airfield boundries
544.0KGB::TAYLORTue Oct 11 1988FLIGHT on DECWIN BL11
545.02MTA::WATSONTue Oct 11 1988Flight, Decwindows and FPS
546.01MTA::WATSONWed Oct 12 1988Installation Problem
547.016UHURU::LAMBERTThu Oct 13 1988V2.x Server Registry
548.04NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Oct 14 1988Flight Installation wishlist
549.02POBOX::OSBURNFri Oct 14 1988Where is VS2
550.01UHURU::LAMBERTFri Oct 14 1988Hangar Compiler Bug?
551.01ZPOSWS::HWCHOYMon Oct 17 1988See-through aircraft - Wonder Woman?
552.043NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Oct 17 1988Flying Saucer, anyone?
553.01KGB::TAYLORMon Oct 17 1988Line thickness
554.04KGB::TAYLORMon Oct 17 1988V2.1 Previewer request
555.01KGB::TAYLORMon Oct 17 1988Line drawing order?
556.01DCC::ALDENTue Oct 18 1988Warning bell volume
557.016KGB::TAYLORTue Oct 18 1988Formation takeoffs
558.01KGB::TAYLORWed Oct 19 1988Long term radar request
559.01NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Oct 25 1988DECwindows Flight Exit time
560.07SARAH::BUEHLERWed Oct 26 1988Sources of the SUISSE world?
561.07KGB::TAYLORWed Oct 26 1988ATC-unit for sale
562.06DCC::ALDENThu Oct 27 1988Stick region hot spot discussion
563.01QUASER::MCDEVITTMon Oct 31 1988need software
564.020DWOVAX::BONINIWed Nov 02 1988quick questions
565.013DWOVAX::BONINIMon Nov 07 1988Bug? It sure was fun to find!
566.020KGB::TAYLORWed Nov 09 1988DECWINDOWS IFT2.1 & VMS V5.1
567.01MLCSSE::PICCICUTOThu Nov 10 1988Trouble connecting for multi-node!
568.04SARAH::BUEHLERThu Nov 10 1988Where did you get confused?
569.07BALZAC::DESVIGNESMon Nov 14 1988Nit-picking again...
570.07SARAH::BUEHLERMon Nov 14 1988On dynamic worlds
571.04SARAH::BUEHLERWed Nov 16 1988Weather
572.01CSC32::S_HALLThu Nov 17 1988Install FLIGHT on non-system disk ?
573.08NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Nov 22 1988Free tools for world generation
574.06DEMO::THELLENWed Nov 23 1988B-52H available
575.02TLE::BRETTSat Nov 26 1988Control Sticks break, wings don't...
576.0352986::BEAUFri Dec 02 1988FLIGHT/PREVIEW documentation?
577.024SARAH::BUEHLERFri Dec 02 1988Source incompatibilities in V2.2
578.0TLE::BRETTMon Dec 05 1988Book: Modern Combat Aircraft Design
579.01KGB::TAYLORThu Dec 08 1988Push-button/lamp required
580.06DWOVAX::BONINITue Dec 13 1988VWS and DECwindows sharing the same server?
581.03HSKFri Dec 16 1988Hello....operator?...
582.01KGB::TAYLORSat Dec 31 1988V2.2 multiple view question
583.0645825::GOODENOUGHTue Jan 03 1989NDB problem
584.07AXEL::FOLEYFri Jan 06 1989Libyan shoot down and Top Gun on ESPN
585.011ASD::MINTZFri Jan 06 1989V2.1 mismatch with V5.1 SDC?
587.03EXOCET::ATTWOOLTue Jan 10 1989No VTOL with Re-built Harrier
588.01SUBURB::PEAKESWed Jan 11 1989What's happening?
589.016KGB::TAYLORWed Jan 11 1989Decreasing thrust problem
590.03CHEOPE::BELLONIThu Jan 12 1989Carrier catapult takeoff
591.0945825::GOODENOUGHFri Jan 13 1989Info needed on world colour allocation
592.01KGB::TAYLORFri Jan 13 1989startup defaults
593.01BLADE::ANDREMon Jan 16 1989FLIGHT V2.2 installation problem
594.05BLADE::ANDRETue Jan 17 1989No rudder indicator for V2.2?
595.06TAVWed Jan 18 1989Problem with SDC DECwindows
596.01KGB::TAYLORWed Jan 18 1989V2.2 startup bug
597.014583Wed Jan 18 1989V2.2 documentation?
598.0645825::GOODENOUGHThu Jan 19 1989Problem with Flight V2.2 World compiler
599.012NUMBR6::DALEYThu Jan 19 1989Server connection strangeness
600.04MLCSSE::PICCICUTOThu Jan 19 1989Login info invalid???
601.020GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDThu Jan 19 1989pmax/decstation 31
603.016EPIK::SZYMCZAKFri Jan 20 1989FLIGHT Documentation
604.0345825::GOODENOUGHFri Jan 20 1989What planes to fly in V2.2?
605.0345825::GOODENOUGHFri Jan 20 1989V2.2 World Previewer
606.01KGB::TAYLORSat Jan 21 1989V2.2 kit has V2.1 instruments
607.08MJG::GRIERSat Jan 21 1989Hacking flight and beginner flyer questions
608.0545825::GOODENOUGHTue Jan 24 1989Supersonic Cherokee
609.020EXOCET::ATTWOOLWed Jan 25 1989Super Sports Car...
610.012UHURU::LAMBERTWed Jan 25 1989Tweaking Performance
611.04CXCAD::FONTANAThu Jan 26 1989Can I have V1.7 and V2.2 both?
612.011LENSMN::boniniThu Jan 26 1989Flying indestructible lorry!
613.012GIBSON::DICKENSSat Jan 28 1989Why won't my engine start ?
614.014UHURU::LAMBERTSat Jan 28 1989Documentation Kudo's
615.02CVG::CAMPANELLAWed Feb 01 1989Freezing up problem...
616.05KGB::TAYLORWed Feb 01 1989Strange effects on multi-panels
617.01KGB::TAYLORWed Feb 01 1989VIEWPORT/ROTATIONS question
618.010KGB::TAYLORWed Feb 01 1989MULTIPLE POSITIONING request
619.0245825::GOODENOUGHWed Feb 01 1989Problems with Lamps (and Toggles)
620.02WHELIN::LAMBERTWed Feb 01 1989Help
621.01VLOMFG::BEAUThu Feb 02 1989Full Doc set Location?
622.02UHURU::LAMBERTThu Feb 02 1989Problem with slider label
623.029UHURU::LAMBERTThu Feb 02 1989V2.2+ Wishlist
624.0345825::GOODENOUGHMon Feb 06 1989Terrain triangles - falling through the cracks
625.01KGB::TAYLORTue Feb 07 1989Dynamic keymapping
626.019KGB::TAYLORTue Feb 07 1989Creeping aircraft problem
627.08COMPLX::THELLENTue Feb 07 1989Great Planes on Discovery channel
628.01LEDS::ZAYASWed Feb 08 1989Question about real planes...
629.01UHURU::LAMBERTWed Feb 08 1989Rotating View & Machine Guns
630.07KGB::TAYLORWed Feb 08 1989V2.2 Simulator crash
631.0245825::GOODENOUGHWed Feb 08 1989Access violation on V2.2 server
632.01CSC32::J_LAWSONSun Feb 12 1989Flight Server V2.2 on V5.
633.06HUMPTY::DOLINSKIThu Feb 16 1989Flight documentation..
634.02045825::GOODENOUGHThu Feb 16 1989GB-South world available
635.01CESARE::BELLONIThu Feb 16 1989UP/DOWN toggle design problems
636.03KGB::TAYLORThu Feb 16 1989HANGAR maintenance
637.01TFH::MARSHALLFri Feb 17 1989Whiteout!
638.010SARAH::DAHLFri Feb 17 1989Solid Modelling
639.024EPIK::BUEHLERSat Feb 18 1989CONCORDE SST available
640.04TRCASun Feb 19 1989Flight Simulation Bibliography
641.0945825::GOODENOUGHTue Feb 21 1989Underground hangar and hole in horizon
642.010CESARE::TROMBOTTOThu Feb 23 1989Calculating Mach numbers
643.0545825::GOODENOUGHThu Feb 23 1989How to optimize a world?
644.02TRCASat Feb 25 1989Problem obtaining FLIGHT v2.2 (grumble)
645.01MLCSSE::PICCICUTOMon Feb 27 1989V2.2 Rudders don't work?
646.0545825::GOODENOUGHTue Feb 28 1989VOR help, please
647.06LEG::GURRANThu Mar 02 1989Help...Its night & my mouse is asleep
648.026BLADE::ANDREFri Mar 03 1989What's your frame rate?
649.09CHEST::LEESun Mar 05 1989More worlds for v1.7 ???
650.0545825::GOODENOUGHMon Mar 06 1989So, what is a VOR really like?
651.05WHELIN::LAMBERTMon Mar 06 1989Flying Events Mailing List
652.029WHELIN::LAMBERTMon Mar 06 1989Access Violation(s)
653.01STAR::MFOLEYWed Mar 08 1989Great Planes 9pm EST On the Discovery Channel
654.0945825::GOODENOUGHWed Mar 08 1989Flat versus Spherical worlds
655.0429Wed Mar 08 1989Night Flight; Feature???
656.02NEBULA::DUANEThu Mar 09 1989Out-ta this world!
657.02CSC32::S_HALLFri Mar 10 1989Beware "Boston Triangle" Near LOGAN !
658.07ELRIC::MARSHALLMon Mar 13 1989FLIGHT/EDIT: Geometry Viewer
659.0345825::GOODENOUGHMon Mar 13 1989How sharp are triangle edges?
660.043LENSMN::boniniTue Mar 14 1989FlightStick
661.03LEVERS::PICKETTWed Mar 15 1989Server Connect Error with different FLT$WORLD
662.01TRCOFri Mar 17 1989DECwindows won't share with me (pout)
663.015CRAIG::YANKESTue Mar 21 1989B-52 question -- Save the Mill!
664.018CESARE::BELLONIWed Mar 22 1989LTV A7D Corsair II for sale
665.03BLADE::ANDREThu Mar 23 1989Unasked-for simulator termination
666.02ASD::LOWMon Mar 27 1989Tuning your system for proper FLIGHT performance
667.06COUNTY::WATSONTue Mar 28 1989Tail wheel aircraft on the runway.
668.09TRCOTue Mar 28 1989Starfighter on yer 6
669.011EEMELI::PLEINOThu Mar 30 1989Firefox
670.01EXIT1::FLEMINGThu Mar 30 1989wants fonts
671.04NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Apr 03 1989Radio
672.02CIM6::WALKERMon Apr 03 1989V2.2 server under VMS 4.7?
673.04--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 03 1989Multiple Viewports with different bindings
674.04STAR::CDUNNTue Apr 04 1989UIS mixed with DECwindows?
675.011SSGBPM::SHIDERLYThu Apr 06 1989R/C Model Plane?
676.013CADSYS::BAYThu Apr 06 1989747s: They can do everything but read!
677.02COUNTY::ATTWOOLThu Apr 06 1989World Generation - one easy way
678.03EXIT1::FLEMINGFri Apr 07 1989V2.
679.04UHURU::LAMBERTFri Apr 07 1989Weapons bound to subobjects
680.010STAR::CDUNNFri Apr 07 1989AA gun was very nice!
681.08STAR::CDUNNFri Apr 07 1989Novice pilot info?
682.09SARAH::DAHLFri Apr 07 1989Williams FW-
683.020CSC32::S_ROSCIOMon Apr 10 1989Hosting nodes
684.086EPIK::BUEHLERMon Apr 10 1989Laying down the law on SARAH
685.04CADSYS::BAYMon Apr 10 1989WISHLIST: Zoom for observers?
686.03STAR::CDUNNTue Apr 11 1989New error or bad network?
687.01OSLMGR::DAGHTue Apr 11 1989Mass definition.
688.01UHURU::LAMBERTTue Apr 11 1989I wanna shoot myself in the foot, and feel it!
689.01WHELIN::LAMBERTTue Apr 11 1989Bug in FLIGHT/EDIT
690.013HAGGIS::IRVINEWed Apr 12 1989Help Needed!
691.03UHURU::LAMBERTWed Apr 12 1989Same color limitations still apply?
692.0UHURU::LAMBERTWed Apr 12 1989Personal WWI Plane Registry
693.09COUNTY::WATSONThu Apr 13 1989TOP GUN
694.03NORGE::CHADThu Apr 13 1989ACCVIO (I replyed instead of created :-)
695.08TOOK::VONRHEEThu Apr 13 1989X Toolkit Error: Can't Open display
696.0SARAH::BUEHLERThu Apr 13 1989SARAH server under construction - use at your own risk
697.02DRAFTY::SHAFFERSat Apr 15 1989Express elevator going up!
698.029WHELIN::LAMBERTSat Apr 15 1989WHELIN is now WW-I World
699.08WHELIN::LAMBERTSat Apr 15 1989Triangles, Volumes & Subobjects
700.012CESARE::BELLONISun Apr 16 1989FAA Rules for Simulators
701.06WHELIN::LAMBERTSun Apr 16 1989How fast do things fall?
702.0WD8EHB::M_HYDEMon Apr 17 1989Recordings to help beginners get a feel for the plane?
703.05GIDDAY::ASHLEYMTue Apr 18 1989Plane,'copters and automobiles!
704.04BLADE::ANDRETue Apr 18 1989Sidewinders, Sparrows and Aim missles
705.061BLADE::ANDRETue Apr 18 1989B1B, B52 and SR71 problems
706.01163974::DICKEYWed Apr 19 1989Help in view and weapon definition
708.04CSC32::S_ROSCIOFri Apr 21 1989Recorder indication
709.011STAR::CDUNNFri Apr 21 1989Seomthing off on SARAH!
710.01STEREO::REEDMon Apr 24 1989Strange problems with 2.2
711.02WHELIN::LAMBERTMon Apr 24 1989Invalid Argument to Math Lib
712.02COUNTY::WATSONMon Apr 24 1989Help on creating a DIAL type instrument
713.01CIM1NI::WALKERTue Apr 25 1989tracer subobject/localdestruct?
714.01TLE::BRETTWed Apr 26 1989They were all the fastest...
715.02PLATA::MARKEYThu Apr 27 1989Beginner's set host question
716.05CSC32::S_HALLFri Apr 28 1989How does one activate the recorder ?
717.04STAR::CDUNNFri Apr 28 1989Radar warning light for the P-51?
718.012CSC32::S_HALLTue May 02 1989Flight server exits when user exits menu...
719.07GALVIA::FLOODTue May 02 1989NEW GUN on SIEGEN:: ???
720.02CESARE::BELLONIWed May 03 1989Delay in remote connections
721.04NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed May 03 1989Of mice and aircraft
722.01WYVERN::COMEFORDWed May 03 1989Odd behavior on 4plane grayscale
723.012TLE::DANIELSMon May 08 1989Beginner's Questions
724.011961::LAMBERTTue May 09 1989Flight and the OSI Window Manager (HP)
725.0411961::LAMBERTWed May 10 1989More feature requests & ideas
726.011LENSMN::boniniFri May 12 1989How to get missle data
727.02DRAFTY::SHAFFERMon May 15 1989"Weather Vaning?"
728.02CADSYS::BAYTue May 16 1989BUG - mouse buttons inactive
729.04CSC32::S_HALLThu May 18 1989FLIGHT's a great effort - PC stuff is junk !
730.03STEREO::REEDThu May 18 1989Warthog Fodder!!!!
731.01COUNTY::WATSONFri May 19 1989Low Fuel warning light
732.09PLATA::MARKEYFri May 19 1989Strafing for stress
733.03COMPLX::THELLENMon May 22 1989Pilot entertainment!
734.03BELFST::MULLANMon May 22 1989Flying On SIEGEN
735.04COUNTY::ATTWOOLMon May 22 1989Viewpoint Problem (V2.2)
736.01KAOU49::T_ROSSTue May 23 19891.7 still available ?
737.06LASHAM::POOREThu May 25 1989Colours & my VAXStation II /GPX (Black on Black)
738.05STAR::CDUNNThu May 25 1989Radar signature change?
739.01XANADU::POSTThu May 25 1989Installation problem on VAXstation-II/GPX running VMS 5.2
740.0958431::FINNEYTue May 30 1989LOAD_CLOSEST_FONT_SIZE error ...
741.09QBUS::MITCHAMWed May 31 1989What must be done to get color screen output?
742.06MIPSBX::thomasFri Jun 02 1989US Geological Survey Maps available on the Internet via ftp
743.08--UnknownUser--Tue Jun 06 1989VWSdemo version of Flight
744.01DRAFTY::SHAFFERTue Jun 06 1989Inadvertantly-synchronized ailerons?
745.02WHELIN::LAMBERTWed Jun 07 1989Still only 6 concurrent fliers at a time?
746.01CREDIT::FINNEYThu Jun 08 1989Jet Ranger Roolz
747.02KOALA::BRINKLEYThu Jun 08 1989Key binding help
749.01WHELIN::LAMBERTMon Jun 12 1989How are multi-volumes & local destruct processed?
750.03ASABET::CUNNIFFThu Jun 15 1989PILOTVIEW - with a twist...
751.02STAR::CDUNNFri Jun 16 1989Missing Prop on P-51!
752.05STAR::CDUNNFri Jun 16 1989Counting Ammunition?
753.017TLE::DANIELSFri Jun 16 1989Stationary Observer wishees
754.016ISLAND::VELILLAWed Jun 21 1989Need guidance of a guru
755.014RTOEU::MAPPELFri Jun 23 1989Ejection Seats possible ?
756.02EPIK::BUEHLERMon Jun 26 1989FLIGHT V2.3 pre-release notices
757.02WHELIN::LAMBERTWed Jun 28 1989Flight school for new Caproni w/rear gunner
758.010WHELIN::LAMBERTWed Jun 28 1989Bomb's Away
759.06GALVIA::FLOODWed Jun 28 1989How do I use the rudder in flight?
760.03ANVIL::BUEHLERWed Jul 05 1989DECwindows resources for V2.3
761.068LHOTSE::DAHLWed Jul 05 1989Bell 2
762.07SKYLRK::BECKThu Jul 06 1989DECWINDOWS / FLIGHT problem
763.02GALVIA::FLOODThu Jul 13 1989World Previewer Error?
764.05WHELIN::LAMBERTThu Jul 13 1989Throwing out the law on DEALIN
765.01PEKING::GLYNNPFri Jul 14 1989Problems installing
766.03SWSCHZ::THOMPSONSat Jul 15 1989Submarines?
767.04QUARRY::TAYLORMon Jul 17 1989LANDING & SESTROYING buildings
768.03WHELIN::LAMBERTMon Jul 17 1989Offical Bizarro World Note
769.04MLCSSE::PICCICUTOWed Jul 19 1989Where are the MILL flyers?
770.01NYMPH::ZACHWIEJAWed Jul 19 1989QUEEN buckles under pressure ?
771.07CIM1NI::WALKERFri Jul 21 1989MB2 - weapons fire sequentially?
772.01WHELIN::LAMBERTFri Jul 21 1989Control instrument w/o a "middle"
773.01TRCOMon Jul 24 1989Inter-Simulator Communications Protocol
774.03SUBSYS::GUBBERTue Jul 25 1989Maps
775.02CHRCHL::GERMAINThu Jul 27 1989Any V1.7 users out there???
776.08WHELIN::LAMBERTMon Jul 31 1989bullets technical data requested
777.023AYOU35::ALLANTue Aug 01 1989Ultrix anyone ?
778.02WHELIN::LAMBERTTue Aug 01 1989Finding servers in your area
779.08RIPPLE::FARLEE_KETue Aug 01 1989Hardware horsepower question...
780.0126ELRIC::MARSHALLThu Aug 10 1989a peek at your drawing board?
781.01HPSCAD::LADEROUTEFri Aug 11 1989hungup on hangers
782.0644Mon Aug 14 1989Installation Problems
783.017GALVIA::FLOODTue Aug 22 1989Propellers fotr my Mustang please
784.05KAL::MCHUGHThu Aug 24 1989354
785.024EPIK::BUEHLERSat Aug 26 1989Private Installation of FLIGHT
786.07HOTAIR::OMALLEYMon Aug 28 1989Help for a green pilot
787.07CADSYS::BAYTue Aug 29 1989'Nuther scanner - BAYDAR!
788.01APEHUB::LABICHWed Aug 30 1989DECwindows editor to increase window size.
789.06DODO::MARTINThu Aug 31 1989DECwindows flight problem - mouse?
790.06CHEST::LEETue Sep 05 1989Hidden Node <> FLIGHT 2.2
791.025EXOCET::ATTWOOLFri Sep 08 1989Tornado GR1 version X1.
792.01GALVIA::FLOODMon Sep 11 1989More Questions:F18 and wings
793.04TRCAMon Sep 11 1989DECstation 316 or PC version requested
794.08UKAOS::OVERMEYERWed Sep 13 1989mouse and control panel same color
795.05IPA::WATSONWed Sep 13 1989Problems with rudder and angles
796.03MLCSSE::PICCICUTOFri Sep 15 1989Reverse video "pilot view"??
797.01GALVIA::FLOODThu Sep 21 1989The camera never lies (FLIGHT recordings)
798.062STAR::MFOLEYTue Sep 26 1989FLIGHT 2.3 discussion
799.028FULMER::ADAMSWed Sep 27 1989New Aircraft - De Havilland Venom
800.018DEALIN::LAMBERTWed Sep 27 1989V2.3 Server Registry
801.037GALVIA::FLOODWed Sep 27 1989Is this a first? ::ACCVIO
802.012FERVOR::LEZONWed Sep 27 1989could not connect to server; NETWORK CONNECT FAILED
803.013TALK::BONNETTThu Sep 28 1989Up in the air
804.02IPA::WATSONThu Sep 28 1989new missile guidance and displays
805.08IPA::WATSONThu Sep 28 1989Brakes and full power bug.
806.07IPA::WATSONThu Sep 28 1989Multiple crew views
807.01KOBAL::DICKSONThu Sep 28 1989hangs after server connection
808.060HSKAPL::PLEINOFri Sep 29 1989WORLD revisioning for V2.3
810.010AYOU35::ALLANMon Oct 02 1989Previous version anybody ?
811.012GALVIA::FLOODMon Oct 02 1989VMS V5.3 and Installation Procedure Error(?)
812.059EPIK::BUEHLERTue Oct 03 1989Official FLIGHT T-shirt
813.03TOOK::VONRHEETue Oct 03 1989Collision detection always enabled?
814.013GALVIA::FLOODTue Oct 03 1989Can you remove the tape????
815.023GALVIA::FLOODTue Oct 03 1989Maverick Questions
816.08DCC::ALDENWed Oct 04 1989Good FLIGHT playback tapes wanted
817.03HERON::ROBINSONWed Oct 04 1989Getting started
818.01CST3::BURSTALLWed Oct 04 1989VMS 5.1
819.05CSC32::S_HALLThu Oct 05 1989Changing object colors via resource files...
820.06COLLEX::SCARBOROFri Oct 06 1989BL2 of PCDECwindows
821.011CSC32::S_HALLFri Oct 06 1989Unsporting pilot on NACHO last night...
822.01ALBANY::MULLERSat Oct 07 1989RC Jocks?
823.0225724::BURKARTThu Oct 12 1989How do I begin?
824.035NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Oct 12 1989The World Editor
825.014WHELIN::LAMBERTThu Oct 12 1989How to use a HUD
826.05WYVERN::COMEFORDThu Oct 12 1989A question on the THREAT Lights
827.093ASD::LOWMon Oct 16 1989"TOP GUN" - Flight Dogfighting championship...
828.012SKYLRK::BECKMon Oct 16 1989help with poor performance
829.03WHELIN::LAMBERTWed Oct 18 1989Bug in Hangar Editor - additional displays are lost
830.03ASD::LOWWed Oct 18 1989Color problem under V2.3 (running on VMS T5.3)
831.048ALBANY::MULLERThu Oct 19 1989Bats in the Belfry?
832.025682::DIGILIOThu Oct 19 1989Where do I go from here?
833.065682::DIGILIOFri Oct 20 1989Got any old hangars?
834.044ALBANY::MULLERSat Oct 21 1989Productization?
835.016ALBANY::MULLERSat Oct 21 1989Nearer my ... to ....
836.017ALBANY::MULLERSat Oct 21 1989FLIGHT
837.0125GALVIA::FLOODTue Oct 24 1989plane designers help note
838.03NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Oct 27 1989Air Traffic Control
839.08PVCSSE::SYSTEMMon Oct 30 1989Moon Gazer!
840.03SAGE::VELIVISMon Oct 30 1989Who put my F18 in reverse?
841.05KETJE::VANDEVYVERTue Oct 31 1989An extra view ... how to get it
842.04NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Nov 01 1989V2.3 server object - defining
843.0NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Nov 01 1989Probing the network for active servers
844.01GPSDCC::TAYLORThu Nov 02 1989V2.3 World compiler bug
845.01WHELIN::LAMBERTThu Nov 02 1989V2.3 Control Instrument behavior
846.01239225::LAMBERTFri Nov 10 1989Hangar Editor Discussions
847.07RTOEU::MAPPELMon Nov 13 1989Advanced Instrumentation Discussion ?
848.02RUTLND::BERTOLINOMon Nov 13 1989help!!!!!!!
849.03TRUCKS::BARRONTue Nov 14 1989Flight for PRO35
850.06MUNCSS::FLOODTue Nov 14 1989Soviet Missile Data please.
851.06THEBAY::JENNINGSTue Nov 14 1989Still not connecting!
853.09NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Nov 22 1989Conversion to Motif
854.011ROMCSA::MICHIELIWed Nov 22 1989Unsupported WORLD version?
855.05STAR::WALLSThu Nov 23 1989A new ACCVIO in the server?
856.03BREW11::LUMMISThu Nov 23 1989Lost Helicopter help !
857.011ALOSSat Nov 25 1989Turbulence?}
858.01WHELIN::LAMBERTMon Nov 27 1989Exiting from multiple panel display
859.011Mon Nov 27 19892 head / monochrome troubles
860.0NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Nov 28 1989ACCVIO in World Compiler
861.033GALVIA::FLOODTue Nov 28 1989Soviet Hangar Announcements
862.011NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Nov 28 1989Runway touchdown zone markings
863.07GALVIA::FLOODWed Nov 29 1989FLIGHT Development Utilities/Tools
864.08ALOSFri Dec 01 1989Real civilian dog-fighting?
865.023RICARD::NISFri Dec 01 1989Real space flight, the SF of V2.3
866.0--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 05 1989
867.0133ALOSWed Dec 06 1989Depth Perception in FLIGHT?
868.02ALOSFri Dec 08 1989Suggestion?
869.01COPPER::D_BERRYFri Dec 08 1989aa gun moves...
870.07COPPER::D_BERRYFri Dec 08 1989like the song says, "where have all the data files gone... long time passing...."
871.05CIM1NI::WALKERMon Dec 11 1989night vision?
872.07NAC::ALBRIGHTTue Dec 12 1989Exceed quota problem
873.01COPPER::D_BERRYWed Dec 13 1989Flight failure.... Access violation...
874.059WV::BAYThu Dec 14 19892.4 discussions
875.017COOKIE::REUTERMon Dec 18 1989More color weirdness
876.03FIRWed Dec 20 1989help for a novice
877.0ALOSSun Dec 24 1989Dear Santa,
878.02CRAIGA::SCHOMPThu Dec 28 1989Fictional Fighter Plane
879.01CIM6::WALKERFri Dec 29 1989HEADING data basis not working?
880.01CIM1NI::WALKERFri Dec 29 1989second PILOTVIEW automatically for crew member?
881.020COPPER::D_BERRYTue Jan 02 1990HIigh Bank Oval...
882.02CRAIGA::SCHOMPTue Jan 02 1990Weather
883.011GALVIA::FLOODWed Jan 03 1990Barrel Rolls
884.01COOKIE::REUTERThu Jan 04 1990Another V2.3 traceback
885.08CIM1NI::WALKERThu Jan 04 1990subobject positioning help?
886.02GALVIA::FLOODFri Jan 05 1990FLIGHT Invitation Note
887.05GALVIA::FLOODSat Jan 06 1990radio problems, sunspots no doubt.
888.05ANVIL::BUEHLERSun Jan 07 1990DECflightdemo?
890.03COPPER::D_BERRYTue Jan 09 1990flying under the runway
891.01RBW::WICKERTTue Jan 09 1990Flying straight and level
892.065ADVLSI::FONTANAThu Jan 11 1990Lost In Space
893.0CADSYS::BAYMon Jan 15 1990Plane design resources
894.02CIM1NI::WALKERTue Jan 16 1990unstable helicopter
895.01CIM6::WALKERTue Jan 16 1990killing crewmembers
896.011GALVIA::FLOODThu Jan 18 1990Maverick missile emplacement...
897.021ELRIC::MARSHALLThu Jan 18 1990Jet tailpipes and afterburners
898.01CIM1NI::WALKERThu Jan 18 1990radar guidance problem?
899.03XCELL::WOODFri Jan 19 1990VMS V5.1 kit
900.012COMPLX::THELLENFri Jan 19 1990XB-7
901.010LENSMN::boniniMon Jan 22 1990HIDDEN: new hangars access violate
902.04GALVIA::FLOODTue Jan 23 1990Pictures anyone??? (now in PS too)
903.02TMISWed Jan 24 1990New world selection method.
905.08BUNYIP::QUODLINGThu Jan 25 1990THis will make joy sticks look weak...
906.01CIM1NI::WALKERMon Jan 29 1990control instrument borders
907.01419584::CDUNNTue Jan 30 1990That sinking feeling...
908.059CIM1NI::WALKERTue Jan 30 1990Apache AH-64 helicopter
909.08GALVIA::FLOODWed Jan 31 1990FLIGHT War stories
910.05GALVIA::FLOODWed Jan 31 1990Using Alternative Fonts???
911.02TBLIER::SYSTEMWed Jan 31 1990Help !
912.02ALOSSat Feb 03 1990%FLT-E-LOSSERVER
913.03COPPER::D_BERRYWed Feb 07 1990joystick / controls
914.015ANVIL::BUEHLERMon Feb 12 1990VAX9
915.03ALOSTue Feb 13 1990Proportional stick?
916.0KGB::TAYLORTue Feb 13 1990Cyrillic font cockpit labels
917.03HOO78C::RIDDERWed Feb 14 1990VOYAGER won't fly!!
918.06GALVIA::FLOODWed Feb 14 1990Destroying wings...
919.01CIM1NI::WALKERWed Feb 14 1990V2.3 slider instrument problem
920.023GALVIA::FLOODThu Feb 15 1990Jet tracer loads/damage effects
921.05ABLE::VIVERITOThu Feb 15 1990Problem on VAXstation 354
922.06KGB::TAYLORFri Feb 16 1990Values for /DESTROY qualifier?
923.04GOIVIT::ALDENFri Feb 16 1990See note 5
924.01MSD36::ERVINFri Feb 16 1990questions about V2.3- HELP!
925.02MSD36::ERVINFri Feb 16 1990dogfight with a recording?
926.01FSAESP::SEGRESTTue Feb 20 1990HELP !!! - Object Blown Away
927.01ABLE::VIVERITOTue Feb 20 1990Source code available?
928.017ELRIC::MARSHALLWed Feb 21 1990Definitions for "standard" colors
929.06ELRIC::MARSHALLWed Feb 21 1990V2.3 - DIAL/HAND problem
930.0533529::MULLERMon Feb 26 1990Halfway is never enuf!
931.0HSKAPL::PLEINOTue Feb 27 1990FlightPanel = FlightStickII
932.09FLASH4::ERVINTue Feb 27 1990Shoot the tunnel!!
933.04COLLEX::SCARBOROWed Feb 28 1990Multi Crew display device settings
934.07ANVIL::BUEHLERWed Feb 28 1990Supporting Hangar Models
935.012GALVIA::FLOODWed Feb 28 1990FLIGHT Aircraft Designers Society (FADS)
936.08CADSYS::BAYFri Mar 02 1990Other simulators
937.08RICARD::NISSat Mar 03 1990Access violation at weapon fire
938.0GALVIA::FLOODTue Mar 06 1990Cluster bombs.
939.025TLE::BRETTTue Mar 06 1990FCTM, F-4e, MiG-21, Alternative simulator
940.02ADVLSI::FONTANAWed Mar 07 1990ALT/Fooey
941.03RUTLND::POLCARIThu Mar 08 1990HIDDEN: Flight does not work?
942.017ANVIL::BUEHLERThu Mar 08 1990The original Desert world returns
943.01488Fri Mar 09 1990Missile design
944.02ADVLSI::FONTANAFri Mar 09 1990Hangar Editor Weirdness/Reverse Video
945.01GALVIA::FLOODSat Mar 10 1990Something wrong with the distance!!!
946.05ANVIL::BUEHLERSun Mar 11 1990Ghosting behavior revealed
947.0COMPLX::THELLENMon Mar 12 1990P-51D article in Road & Track!
948.05GALVIA::FLOODTue Mar 13 1990The latest in decoy technology (but it's expensive)
949.01KRISTY::LUDWIGTue Mar 13 1990Problem with starting FLIGHT, help!
950.010ADVLSI::FONTANAWed Mar 14 1990Hit Count, or is it Hit Points?
951.03RIPPLE::FARLEE_KETue Mar 20 1990Access violations in flight V2.3
952.0CRAIGA::SCHOMPWed Mar 21 1990A little flight data - Blackbird
953.09LARVAE::GRAYThu Mar 22 1990Installation Guide?
954.06RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEThu Mar 22 1990How about a hangar registry?
955.012SHTGUN::SCHRADERTue Mar 27 1990Starfighter hangar file
956.01LARVAE::NISBET_DWed Mar 28 1990Are there HOT KEYS (Brakes, Gear etc.)
957.0ACUTE::MCKINLEYWed Mar 28 1990Anyone need a job? Flight sim developers
958.035LYOIS1::CAMPSThu Mar 29 1990V2.4 Wish
959.05ANVIL::BUEHLERThu Mar 29 1990Flight Recorder crashing with Desert world
960.08TASTY::NISBETMon Apr 02 1990Flight Recording clarification needed
962.024BUNYIP::QUODLINGWed Apr 04 1990New? F117A
963.05TALLIS::WESTGATEFri Apr 06 1990Subobject Questions
964.017PVCSSE::SYSTEMMon Apr 09 1990Flight animation confusion?
965.041Tue Apr 10 1990How does FLIGHT work ?
966.03WALTHR::DCHAVEZTue Apr 10 1990FLIGHT Documentation
967.04LYOIS1::CAMPSTue Apr 10 1990BRAKES , HOOK and CARRIER
968.06LYOIS2::GAWRONThu Apr 12 1990Questions about CIRRUS.
969.013OLDNO7::LUCIERThu Apr 12 1990V2.3 Questions...
970.02CSOA1::WILKINSFri Apr 13 1990not enough disk space?
971.0133529::MULLERTue Apr 17 1990SPX?
972.02GRANPA::FBONINIThu Apr 19 1990V22 Osprey Sighting
973.09NEARLY::GOODENOUGHSat Apr 28 1990Stormy weatherrr ..
974.0333529::MULLERSun Apr 29 1990Commercial Simulators?
975.04BALZAC::DESVIGNESMon Apr 30 1990Pylon racing, anybody?
976.013KGB::TAYLORWed May 02 1990WORLD information service.
977.01KGB::TAYLORWed May 02 1990WORLD/HANGAR editor request
978.09BALZAC::DESVIGNESThu May 03 1990Smoke trails?
979.06ARGUS::PATENAUDEThu May 03 1990Who built "Dougie's P51 Mustang"?
980.016STEREO::REEDThu May 03 1990Torpedoes?
981.04ASABET::CUNNIFFFri May 04 1990VT1
982.0WHELIN::LAMBERTSat May 05 1990HIDDEN: Yard Sale Donations for the Homeless
983.01TLSEMon May 07 1990PB: SYSTEM-F-EXQUOTA, Exceeded Quota
985.01RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEWed May 16 1990new hangar freezes up
986.0GALVIA::FLOODThu May 17 1990World Object Volumes
987.01NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed May 23 1990Human Factors in Flight
988.03CADSYS::BAYThu May 24 1990Limited hours?
990.010BALZAC::DESVIGNESThu May 31 1990Chopper aerobatics
991.02833529::MULLERThu May 31 1990/LIFT or /DRAG or /AREA?
992.0531Fri Jun 01 1990Some V2.4 User Comments
993.0GPSDCC::TAYLORMon Jun 04 1990FLT$SUISSE.DECW$BOOK available
994.044STAR::GRIFFINWed Jun 06 1990P51D for flight V2.4
995.02133529::MULLERThu Jun 07 1990CIRRUS for V2.4
996.0833529::MULLERThu Jun 07 1990TRNR
997.011COPPER::D_BERRYThu Jun 07 1990hud and missles and radar
998.09PEACHS::MITCHAMThu Jun 07 1990Available network servers?
999.06RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEThu Jun 07 1990Hangar editor in V2.4?
1000.0GALVIA::FLOODThu Jun 07 1990Vought F4U-1D Corsair for FLIGHT V2.4
1001.0GALVIA::FLOODFri Jun 08 1990WW2 Aaircraft Combat capabilities
1002.07CHEST::WRIGHTPFri Jun 08 1990Having built the real thing ....
1003.02COPPER::D_BERRYFri Jun 08 1990F18 bug dump...
1004.016ANVIL::BUEHLERSat Jun 09 1990V2.4 bug applying to all weapon types
1005.01VAXUUM::PELTZMon Jun 11 1990Flight hangs after 1st simulation...
1006.02BEAGLE::NISTue Jun 12 1990V2.4 appreciation - SPRs
1007.0COPPER::D_BERRYTue Jun 12 1990another dump...
1008.06FSAESP::SEGRESTTue Jun 12 1990World Selection ???
1009.0233529::MULLERThu Jun 14 1990B&W V2.4 bug fix plea.
1010.051Thu Jun 14 1990How to fly with less than the required number of engines ?
1011.09SQM::ROYThu Jun 14 1990vax 9
1012.03COPPER::D_BERRYFri Jun 15 1990Dogfighting for the common person
1013.03GALVIA::FLOODFri Jun 15 1990Info on the Zero please!!!
1014.0TMISSun Jun 17 1990Hangars Location
1015.01EMILE::RONDEAUTue Jun 19 1990More than 2 connctions on server ?
1016.0633529::MULLERTue Jun 19 1990Health Considerations
1017.010RBW::WICKERTTue Jun 19 1990Leftover dots in Flight pilot view
1018.015UTRTSC::LUBBERSWed Jun 20 1990Previewer V2.4 functional restrictions?
1019.0411Wed Jun 20 1990HELP with DECNET/FLIGHT
1020.07ANVIL::BUEHLERWed Jun 20 1990V2.4 missile bug
1021.010CESARE::BELLONIThu Jun 21 1990DECville '9
1022.05WHELIN::LAMBERTThu Jun 21 1990V2.4 Nieuport Ni.17 C.1
1023.051ANVIL::BUEHLERFri Jun 22 1990World Designer Help Note
1024.05ANVIL::BUEHLERMon Jun 25 1990Iconifying viewports saves CPU?
1025.04ANVIL::BUEHLERMon Jun 25 1990Model Complexity Concerns
1026.0233529::MULLERWed Jun 27 1990Big capture?
1027.06PINBOT::ERVINTue Jul 03 1990Dogfighting with self in v2.4
1028.01COMPLX::THELLENTue Jul 03 1990FLT$KEYMAP.DAT questions
1029.09PINBOT::ERVINThu Jul 05 1990Flight recorder seems not to work properly
1030.05ARRODS::JACOBThu Jul 05 1990Flight Object Corruption
1031.011WOODRO::JSTOHLBERGMon Jul 09 1990Connect-to-server problem
1032.0633529::MULLERTue Jul 10 1990Ship speed?
1033.0533529::MULLERWed Jul 11 1990B&W night world workaround.
1034.033529::MULLERThu Jul 12 1990AC pics, $
1035.0OTOUThu Jul 12 1990Flight from Ottawa
1036.0833529::MULLERFri Jul 13 1990ADF problems?
1037.081Mon Jul 16 1990How to use ADF, ILS ?
1038.01KETJE::SYBERTZMon Jul 16 1990new user ... how to start with ...
1039.016PINBOT::ERVINMon Jul 16 1990how to use Tank in v2.4?
1040.01DEALIN::LAMBERTMon Jul 16 1990Fokker E-III
1042.05GALVIA::FLOODTue Jul 17 1990Cessna Citation II for FLIGHT V2.4
1043.06WHELIN::LAMBERTThu Jul 19 1990Albatross D-III
1044.03BERGEN::ARNEMFri Jul 20 1990exceeded quota crash?????????????
1045.015ANVIL::BUEHLERFri Jul 20 1990Virtual Reality
1046.011COMPLX::THELLENWed Jul 25 1990U-2B available
1047.02ARGUS::PATENAUDEWed Jul 25 1990just toss a hang full of roofing nails out you cockpit...
1048.012PEARS::IONESCUThu Jul 26 1990Western europe for 2.4 somewhere??
1049.0633529::MULLERThu Jul 26 1990High drag and HEAVY weight?
1050.02TLE::BRETTFri Jul 27 19902 MiG-21's v. 1 F/A-18
1051.02CRAIGA::SCHOMPFri Jul 27 1990Looking for source files
1052.0433529::MULLERSun Jul 29 1990How does boron get into the afterburners?
1053.03COMICS::LOATWed Aug 01 1990Connection lost with server. 8-[
1054.02GOTA1::MCHUGHThu Aug 02 1990ILS and ADF frequencies?
1055.018ARGUS::PATENAUDEThu Aug 02 1990How about an award for the best...
1056.031ELWOOD::PAVLAKThu Aug 02 1990Is there FLIGHT on Ultrix DECstations?
1057.01BGODMO::ARNEMFri Aug 03 1990HIDDEN: Request for new world
1058.04STAR::CDUNNFri Aug 03 1990The barn doors are safe, for now!
1059.03MAMIE::JSTOHLBERGTue Aug 07 1990Satellite problem
1060.03LARVAE::HARRISON_AFri Aug 10 1990V2.4 DOC
1061.0133529::MULLERSat Aug 11 1990Clients and servers.
1062.08ADVLSI::FONTANATue Aug 14 1990Bombsights?
1063.01MEO78B::MANTUANOThu Aug 16 1990Leg pad
1065.01PINBOT::ERVINTue Aug 21 1990Cannons at close range
1066.02CRATE::NARIAPARAFri Aug 24 1990Hangar unsupported
1067.05FUBSY::ELWARNERFri Aug 24 1990Help with controls
1068.03CRAIGA::SCHOMPFri Aug 24 1990Installing FLIGHT manually....
1069.026STAR::MFOLEYWed Aug 29 1990Motif and what it means for FLIGHT
1070.09CXCAD::SCHUBERTThu Aug 30 1990DECW$XLIBSHR errors with VMS 5.2
1071.0ANVIL::BUEHLERFri Aug 31 1990Workstation Specifications for Crew Displays
1072.03ALOSWS::MULLERWed Sep 05 1990VMS
1073.024BUNYIP::QUODLINGThu Sep 06 1990Strengths and Weaknesses of Combat Aircraft
1074.01ALOSWS::MULLERFri Sep 07 1990GULF.WORLD?
1075.045Mon Sep 10 1990MiL 24 Information Wanted
1076.0CRAIGA::SCHOMPTue Sep 11 1990HIDDEN: Just a little humor...
1077.03WCSM::WARFELThu Sep 13 1990Installation Problems
1078.033TLE::BRETTThu Sep 13 1990FCTM for MIPS/ULTRIX
1079.01WCSM::THEQYS::SYSTEMThu Sep 13 1990more Installation Probs!
1080.0ALOSWS::MULLERMon Sep 17 1990Carrier series on USA/TV.
1082.055COOKIE::MCDANIELTue Sep 18 1990Submarine (Red October)...
1083.01BGODMO::ARNEMThu Sep 20 1990AWAC-long range radar plane
1084.04MAONSE::GILLEYThu Sep 20 1990Missile lethality and views
1085.015ALOSWS::MULLERWed Sep 26 1990WORLD compiler question.
1086.04ZPOVC::HWCHOYFri Sep 28 1990VAX 9
1088.010COOKIE::MCDANIELWed Oct 03 1990A funny thing happened on the way to the *MOON*...
1089.04FORTY2::AMOSFri Oct 05 1990Wishlist items re "security" and X transports
1090.0BHUNA::GAITKENHEADSat Oct 06 1990any UK flyers out there ?????
1091.01BIGIST::SYSTEMWed Oct 10 1990Dogfight at Enterprise anyone?
1092.03037825::MADERThu Oct 11 1990X aerial combat simulation (acm)
1093.0ARGUS::PATENAUDEFri Oct 12 1990Remote Access to Hangars Through FLIGHT
1094.08ODIXIE::KIMBELMon Oct 15 1990Faster and faster - til the wings fall off!!
1095.01GALVIA::FLOODTue Oct 16 1990Who requested sov. missile info??
1096.018GALVIA::FLOODTue Oct 16 1990Messerschmitt me 262 Schwalbe
1097.01GALVIA::FLOODThu Oct 18 1990Strange FLIGHT Behaviour
1098.01ODIXIE::KIMBELMon Oct 22 1990V2.4 is Great!, But WHERE'S THE BLACKBIRD?
1099.01PEACHS::MITCHAMTue Oct 23 1990Can a v2.3 simulator use a v2.4 FLIGHT server?
1100.05SKIWI::EATONMon Oct 29 1990Structural Failure (Loss of Wing)
1102.0128282::WALKERWed Oct 31 1990any Shrewsbury flyers?
1103.09ALOSWS::MULLERWed Oct 31 1990TRNRdog.HANGAR
1104.01DELCHZ::THOMPSONWed Nov 07 1990FLIGHT to DS5
1105.02PEACHS::MITCHAMWed Nov 07 1990ACCVIO running FLIGHT from non-SYSTEM account...
1106.0GALVIA::FLOODThu Nov 08 1990Erroneous Error Message
1107.01GALVIA::FLOODThu Nov 08 1990Volume Conundrum (Wishlist??)
1108.04ASDS::AIKENThu Nov 08 1990application interference ??
1109.02IDEFIX::GEOFFFri Nov 09 1990Wishlist: Synchronized LOD transition for subobjects
1110.02DELCHZ::THOMPSONTue Nov 13 1990Multiple-worlds?? Performance quest?
1111.01DELCHZ::THOMPSONThu Nov 15 1990"High Level Internals Manual"???
1112.019DELCHZ::THOMPSONTue Nov 20 1990How do you edit a hangar?
1113.09EEMELI::PLEINOTue Nov 20 1990MS-Flight V4.
1114.0MEO78B::MANTUANOMon Nov 26 1990slow frame rate
1115.056LYOIS1::CAMPSTue Nov 27 1990NEW WORLD : FLT$MIDWAY
1116.02COPPER::D_BERRYTue Nov 27 1990error saving source for le prieur rocket
1117.0LHOTSE::DAHLWed Nov 28 1990The Heavens Above
1118.01MEO78B::MANTUANOWed Nov 28 1990connect fail... again.
1120.03LYOIS1::CAMPSTue Dec 04 1990Color or BW : that is the question
1121.08COPPER::D_BERRYTue Dec 04 1990Occasional flickering in pilot view
1122.03COPPER::D_BERRYTue Dec 04 1990Extracting source for ultralight won't build
1123.01COMPLX::THELLENThu Dec 06 1990AOA instrument problem on F-4E, F-5E, and X-29A
1124.040MKFSA::PATENAUDEThu Dec 06 1990Announcing ICE WORLD OF HOTH and acompanying hangar
1125.02IDEFIX::GEOFFFri Dec 07 1990Getting snapshots from FLIGHT
1126.02928282::WALKERTue Dec 11 1990B25J Mitchell
1127.02MARVIN::COCKBURNThu Dec 13 1990Cannot connect - 'device is active' error
1128.06645235::KORMANFri Dec 14 1990NCC17
1129.02ZANNE::KONICHFri Dec 21 1990Help on Getting Started with FLIGHT
1130.0ORO5Thu Dec 27 1990Want to play a game ???
1131.01CSGThu Dec 27 1990Can't access kits
1132.04MOVIES::BENSONTue Jan 08 1991HANGAR won't compile.
1133.06KETJE::VDKERCKHOVEFri Jan 11 1991Suspend Simulation - How ?
1134.04WCSM::WARFELMon Jan 14 1991Remote node unknown, sometimes!!
1135.0549ER::NGUYENMon Jan 14 1991How to fly 2.4
1136.04LYOIS1::CAMPSTue Jan 15 1991New Plane : B5N2 KATE
1137.01LYOIS1::CAMPSTue Jan 15 1991New Plane: TBF1 AVENGER
1138.012LYOIS1::CAMPSTue Jan 15 1991New A-A gun : A-A_4
1139.05HIGLET::LOWWed Jan 16 1991DECWindows V3 IFT kills FLIGHT?
1140.01TRCOSun Jan 20 1991Air War Glossary
1141.04SOJU::POZZETTAWed Jan 23 1991HUD Bitmap for DECwindows Cursor
1142.03ESKIMO::IRWINSat Jan 26 1991FLIGHT FOR VAX/VMS ???
1143.08RUMCAY::KNIGHTTue Feb 05 1991IRAQ world
1144.01MRKTNG::KNIGHTWed Feb 06 19919
1145.0OSLIS3::DAGHThu Feb 07 1991NEW WORLD: NORWAY
1146.01EXOCET::ATTWOOLTue Feb 12 1991Flight editor wish
1147.06MPGS::RICHARDSWed Feb 13 1991FLIGHT V2.4 broken with VMS V5.4
1148.013MRKTNG::KNIGHTThu Feb 14 1991Simple object plane source
1149.02328282::WALKERTue Feb 19 1991Elco 77' PT-Boat Hangar
1150.07MRKTNG::KNIGHTWed Feb 20 1991Would like new instrument - Know who is there
1151.03BALZAC::DESVIGNESFri Feb 22 1991New Plane: PAPER FIGHTER
1152.08STAR::CRITZFri Feb 22 1991Viewport background color
1153.0LYOIS1::CAMPSMon Feb 25 1991NEW BOAT : CARGO
1155.04NATASH::RINKUSMon Feb 25 1991trouble running FLIGHT on VS2
1156.03LYOIS1::CAMPSTue Feb 26 1991NEW BOAT : CARRIER
1157.012MRKTNG::KNIGHTTue Feb 26 1991New GEOMETRY commands
1158.07MRKTNG::KNIGHTWed Feb 27 1991New VIEWPORT commands or parameters
1159.012COPCLU::SVENDSENWed Feb 27 1991Paperworks for officeworld.
1160.04HYMIE::MAIRWed Feb 27 1991Loading worlds?????
1161.01WRKSYS::MCMULLENFri Mar 01 1991PLAYBACK aircraft visible
1162.02COPCLU::SVENDSENTue Mar 05 1991Maybe we could build a world together???!
1163.01MRCSSE::LEITZWed Mar 06 1991F6 from Mig29 ACCVIO
1164.031MARVIN::WARWICKWed Mar 06 1991Any preview of what's in 2.5 ?
1165.02EVTAI1::LEGERThu Mar 07 1991MASS parameter & qualifier ?
1166.06SWSCHZ::THOMPSONThu Mar 07 1991Flight to customers?
1167.01HAMPS::BAYLIS_CWed Mar 13 1991CAN ANYBODY HELP ME ?????
1168.05COOKIE::MCDANIELWed Mar 13 1991Tool to help design 'aircraft'...
1169.09SDSHUB::KNIGHTWed Mar 13 1991Missile's Camera
1170.09WRKSYS::MCMULLENWed Mar 13 1991Target that dont' destruct
1171.010BGOThu Mar 14 1991Electronic identification of other planes?
1172.01GALVIA::FLOODFri Mar 15 1991WISHLIST items, new idea for jet engine instruments!
1173.04KINRYU::JENNINGSFri Mar 15 1991BD-5J???
1174.04CGOASat Mar 16 1991Questions on the M1 and radar
1175.04MARVIN::WARWICKTue Mar 19 1991Does a jerky display always mean not enough CPU power ?
1176.06TMISWed Mar 20 1991Ultrix?
1177.02JUDO::RONWed Mar 20 1991"G" pers
1178.01GALVIA::BSMITHThu Mar 21 1991how can I cycle up and forward views only ?
1179.010PVCSSE::PICCICUTOThu Mar 21 1991Network Partner Exited for "captive command procedure"
1180.05MARCOM::AULENBACKThu Mar 21 1991No Control Panel Under Motif
1181.03ELWOOD::DLANEFri Mar 22 1991FLIGHT V2.4 Simulator crashes at startup
1182.010ALOSWS::MULLERMon Mar 25 1991Control stick experiments.
1183.03ALOSWS::MULLERMon Mar 25 1991True FLIGHT IFR?
1184.013BOUTYE::MULLANWed Mar 27 1991FLIGHT on VAXclusters
1185.01EVTAI1::LEGERTue Apr 02 1991SPACE world and hangar
1186.0GALVIA::FLOODThu Apr 04 1991Request for V2.5 aircraft with HUDs.
1187.021SDSHUB::KNIGHTThu Apr 04 1991New - PIRATE_SHIP -now available
1188.01EFGVTue Apr 16 1991Target practise ??
1189.06NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Apr 18 1991Kit packaging issues
1190.06BOUTYE::MULLANFri Apr 19 1991Refresh Rate on VAXststion 2
1191.015SMPVAX::SIMPSONMon Apr 22 1991Startup of flight failing
1192.01LYOIS2::CAMPSTue Apr 23 1991Simulator Crash
1193.02DPDMAI::TROSPERWed Apr 24 1991BAT-WING?
1194.01COMPLX::THELLENWed Apr 24 1991Flap delta time please?
1195.01628185::WALKERWed Apr 24 1991V22 Osprey Hangar
1196.01COMPLX::THELLENThu Apr 25 1991X-29A Available
1197.04BOBSEG::SEGRESTWed May 01 1991When will we see V2.5
1198.07ALOSWS::MULLERSun May 05 1991Performance - again?
1199.02BIGCHZ::THOMPSONThu May 09 1991VT12
1200.01SWSCHZ::THOMPSONFri May 10 1991Whats in V2.5? Expectation setting.
1201.01TRCOTue May 14 1991Data Channels
1202.08GALVIA::FLOODFri May 17 1991Tips for V2.5 aircraft designers.
1203.01NOLE2::KIMBELMon May 20 1991F111 out there somewhere?
1204.024COOKIE::MCDANIELWed May 22 1991Carrier - where is it???
1205.0GALVIA::FLOODThu May 23 1991Disabling the resize handles on flight windows...
1206.04GLIND1::MCKEEThu May 23 1991Full screen instrument panel problem
1207.037Fri May 24 1991trouble activating FLIGHT on 352
1208.06EFGVThu May 30 1991Stack dump with Tank
1209.02SIOG::ROGERSThu May 30 1991How do I use the keyboard?
1210.014ODIXIE::KIMBELThu May 30 1991What about increasing the fun?
1211.02ROSMRY::KNIGHTFri May 31 1991Compiling hangars
1212.011ROSMRY::KNIGHTFri May 31 1991Missile Camera and V2.5 - WOW!
1213.08DLO13::HODANTue Jun 04 1991IAPA
1214.04BIGCHZ::THOMPSONTue Jun 04 1991FLIGHT on VT1xxx fixed!
1216.02TLE::BRETTSat Jun 08 1991Slow [realistic?] view scanning times changes all!
1217.04BOBSEG::SEGRESTThu Jun 13 1991How about the new kit?
1218.08EPIK::DAHLTue Jun 18 1991Apollo Saturn V
1219.04EPIK::DAHLTue Jun 18 1991Solar System Model
1220.025TRCOTue Jun 18 1991Van's RV-4
1221.01558518::RUBINGERThu Jun 20 1991Details on Customer Kit Please
1222.011HELIX::MAIEWSKIFri Jun 21 1991Trying to catch up after 3 years.
1223.03LENO::GRIERSat Jun 22 1991ACCVIO in V2.5 kit
1224.03BOBSEG::SEGRESTSun Jun 23 1991Why so much disk space for installation ?
1225.02CANOVA::RUSSOTue Jun 25 1991Cannot restore saveset F
1226.01RIPPLE::FARLEE_KEWed Jun 26 1991Problem with the customer kit?
1227.01ANVIL::BUEHLERThu Jun 27 1991DECwindows FLIGHT Kit Model Summary
1228.015ONOIS1::AUGERFri Jun 28 1991Only Night-World for Monochrome Monitor ?
1229.04BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri Jun 28 1991Customer kit distribution?
1230.02BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri Jun 28 1991Flight won't run...
1231.010CESARE::BELLONIFri Jun 28 1991SPARCstation Simulator...
1232.02BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri Jun 28 1991Broken Installation
1233.010CANOVA::MICHIELITue Jul 02 1991Insufficient virtual memory
1234.01DELCHZ::THOMPSONTue Jul 02 1991VS2
1235.020WIKKIT::WARWICKMon Jul 08 1991V2.5 general comments
1236.03CRAIGA::SCHOMPMon Jul 08 1991Interprocess Communication
1237.021GALVIA::FLOODTue Jul 09 1991INSTRUMENT designers help note
1238.02PRSMP1::PICHAUTTue Jul 16 1991Drifting while on ground with engine off
1239.05FENNEL::KNIGHTFri Jul 19 1991Sell FLIGHT via PCSG Catalog
1240.06PNR1::ELLIOTTWed Jul 24 1991the decnet problem
1241.0PNR1::ELLIOTTFri Jul 26 1991FXO
1242.017VFOVAX::CARNELLWed Jul 31 1991Aircraft Descriptions Guide
1243.010PRIMES::ZIMMERMANNWed Jul 31 1991World design question reg 'X' and 'Z'
1244.02HELIX::MAIEWSKIFri Aug 02 1991Trim
1245.010PRIMES::ZIMMERMANNWed Aug 07 1991Washington D.C.
1246.03BRSLP1::VANDYCKThu Aug 08 1991Nonprivileged installation ?
1247.065Fri Aug 09 1991Version 2.5 bug, a/c resting on water....
1249.09MIZZEN::DEMERSThu Aug 15 1991FLIGHT on VAXstation 4
1250.013FENNEL::KNIGHTWed Aug 21 1991Geometry Shading
1251.0WRKSYS::FAZIOMon Aug 26 1991Real Bombers on display....
1252.09ALOSWS::MULLERFri Aug 30 1991Letters anyone?
1253.08MOMAX1::WOODWed Sep 11 1991Connected but not connected
1254.02TRCOA::FINNEYWed Sep 25 1991Including objects with model
1255.0COMPLX::THELLENMon Sep 30 1991DIGITAL logo world object available
1256.01ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Oct 03 1991Passing VOR and ILS freq. while starting FLIGHT
1257.08WHELIN::LAMBERTThu Oct 03 1991DECnet area 38, User/Server Registry
1258.09TRCOA::FINNEYFri Oct 04 1991Canadair CL-13 (F-86) Sabre
1259.0ALOSWS::MULLERSat Oct 05 1991DECnet Area 32?
1260.04CLT::KOBAL::ALEXANDERMon Oct 14 1991Is Massachusetts world broken in V2.5?
1261.017IOSG::BIGGINMTue Oct 22 1991Installation Problems.
1262.013CLT::KOBAL::ALEXANDERTue Oct 22 1991Mass rotation, global placement, mass movement?
1263.010TRLIAN::VIDIOT::PATENAUDEThu Oct 24 1991BIG wish for the FLT$PREVIEWER
1264.07IOSG::BIGGINMFri Oct 25 1991User optimization for Flight 2.5
1265.01EMDS::MANGANThu Nov 07 1991Node PISCES::
1266.03FORTY2::WILKINSThu Nov 14 1991FLIGHT V2.5 : BadFont - Parameter not a Font Error
1267.015895Fri Nov 15 1991Flight 2.5 install error
1268.01ZIMBRA::SAMPSONTue Nov 26 1991Anyone know where I can find the FLIGHT 2.5 kit?
1270.03HABS11::MASONWed Dec 04 1991SECURPACK - File not found...
1271.01ZIMBRA::SAMPSONWed Dec 11 1991Anyone heard of nuclear bombs??
1272.03IDEFIX::NANNIK::GEOFFWed Dec 18 1991Conference is as slow as molasses from here
1273.04ICELAN::AARONWed Dec 18 1991Flight to a PC
1274.010MRKTNG::KNIGHTMon Dec 23 1991VIEWPORT 17
1275.010CSC32::J_WETHERNMon Dec 30 1991Many Beginner's Questions
1276.020MAST::WESTGATEThu Jan 09 1992Simulation Implementation Details
1277.013SUBURB::ALLYSMon Jan 13 1992My VAXstation is not a VAXstation?
1278.03BELFST::HOUSTONMon Jan 20 1992V2.3 still available ?
1279.07GOONS::MCGUIREThu Jan 23 1992Can't get rid of Desert world
1280.012ZIMBRA::SAMPSONFri Jan 24 1992Sources of information (SAM missiles)
1281.07POBOX::KLINDWORTHMon Feb 03 1992FLIGHT on Motif?
1282.014GOONS::MCGUIRETue Feb 11 1992Pacer Plane
1283.05EEMELI::PLEINOThu Feb 13 1992FALCON 3.
1285.03HANNAH::BAYMon Feb 17 1992What's in a name?
1286.023TLE::BRETTTue Feb 25 1992fctm release
1287.023PVCSSE::PICCICUTOTue Feb 25 1992Announcing the Grumman A-6E Intruder
1288.01EMDS::BARKERWed Feb 26 1992WHERE IS THE SAM?
1289.01STAR::MISCIOSCIAThu Mar 05 1992JU87 Stuka
1290.05ITOWER::CARADONNAThu Mar 05 1992Un privilaged and Hidden !!
1291.012GOONS::MCGUIREMon Mar 09 1992Thunderbirds on FLIGHT ?
1292.03GALVIA::FLOODTue Mar 10 1992Mk82s Vs. The 4
1293.05SUBURB::ALLYSFri Mar 13 1992I AM STILL RUNNING V2.4 !!
1294.048389::PEYRACHEWed Mar 18 1992TEMPEST anywhere ?
1295.010SIOG::ROGERSWed Apr 08 1992Dog Fight with other users ???
1296.01APHE::THELLENMon May 04 1992FLIGHT environment file for Language Sensitive Editor (LSE)
1297.09SAMIDU::LADEROUTEThu May 07 1992America's Cup ?
1298.07LYOISA::CAMPSThu May 07 1992New planes to come !
1300.01PHDVAX::LUSKWed May 27 1992Questions on Aircraft Capabilities
1301.07TRUCKS::BARRONMon Jun 08 1992I'm new to this......
1302.04CSC32::M_BELLORWed Jun 10 1992Problem with Midway
1303.03EEMELI::KAITSU::PLEINOThu Jun 11 1992A32
1304.04PEACHS::MITCHAMThu Jun 11 1992F18 pilot walks, but isn't going anywhere...
1305.09PEACHS::MITCHAMThu Jun 11 1992X-wing aircraft
1306.011BASCAS::6394Fri Jun 12 1992How to make objects 'solid'
1307.01FRAIS::HESSENBRUCHMon Jun 22 1992V2.5 Documentation
1308.03WNOUWed Jun 24 1992Bugette in V2.5 KITINSTAL.COM
1309.02CAPNET::PYTKOWed Jun 24 1992Pilot Looking For FLIGHT Guru
1310.015SIOG::ROGERSFri Jun 26 1992Missiles with onboard Camera
1311.015ANVIL::BUEHLERWed Jul 01 1992FLIGHT on New VAXstation
1312.010BULEAN::MAHLERMon Jul 06 1992VAXstation 31
1313.01--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 07 1992Access Flight help.
1314.03HOO78C::63526::RIDDERThu Jul 09 1992FLT$SERVER problem
1315.036ZIMBRA::SAMPSONThu Jul 09 1992Future of Flight (Alpha?)
1316.05ODIXIE::KIMBELThu Jul 16 1992A Digital JOYSTICK??
1317.05TRUCKS::BARRONFri Jul 17 1992WORLDS 'o' TROUBLE
1318.017PAULKM::WEISSWed Jul 22 1992FLIGHT parts bin?
1319.05TRUCKS::BARRONTue Jul 28 1992F18 Ejection seat
1320.03NUMERO::THELLENThu Jul 30 1992New FLIGHT model: X-15
1321.02TRUCKS::BARRONFri Jul 31 1992Other views ?!?!
1322.03STKAI2::JOERIKSSONMon Aug 03 1992Non-prived account error.
1323.02LYOISA::CAMPSFri Aug 07 1992New plane : MIRAGE 2
1324.08LYOISA::LABIAUWed Aug 12 1992New Plane: P-47D THUNDERBOLT
1326.01GSFSYS::MATHEWSThu Aug 27 1992Just getting started - need documentation!!
1327.05PAULKM::WEISSTue Sep 01 1992Bug in flight compiler
1328.05NEWOA::WINSLADEFri Sep 04 1992Gravity hot spot?
1329.04LEDS::VESESKISTue Sep 08 1992Where can I get the instruments for the 1
1330.01BHAJEE::MAYRFri Sep 18 1992Takeover in playback mode blows aircraft!
1331.07ANVIL::BUEHLERMon Sep 21 1992FLIGHT at Hanscom AFB Air Show
1332.011STOHUB::JETRGR::EATONTue Sep 22 1992Bell UH1-C Iroquois - A Huey by any other name
1333.02NEWOA::HARRISONThu Sep 24 1992Playback Q's??
1334.033COMPLX::THELLENWed Sep 30 1992B-2A available
1335.010PEACHS::MITCHAMFri Oct 02 1992Yet another problem bringing up local FLIGHT server
1336.0919923::LEMBREEFri Oct 09 1992Boire Field (ASH) seems to be broken. How to fix?
1337.0645286::DALLISONMon Oct 12 1992British Aerospace EAP - BUG alert
1338.016NEWOA::HARRISONWed Oct 28 1992Flight Errors
1339.07COLLEX::SCARBOROSat Nov 14 1992NT platform ever considdered?
1340.04DELNI::J_MCGUIGGINThu Dec 03 1992Remote Simulation Question
1341.06COMPLX::THELLENFri Dec 04 1992THANK YOU!
1342.03GVAMon Dec 07 1992%FLT-I-NOCONNECT ???
1343.022ANVIL::BUEHLERMon Dec 07 1992Farewell
1344.010NEWOA::SOUTARTue Dec 08 1992FLIGHT V3.
1345.01CTOAVX::NYLANDFri Dec 11 1992Problems with Flight V3.
1346.035Tue Dec 15 1992Pointer for aerodynamic info about WWII a/c?
1347.02569Mon Dec 21 1992Problem starting simulater
1348.01LOCUST::LYNDONWed Dec 23 1992Flight V3.
1349.06USCTR1::JHERNBERGTue Dec 29 1992Flight Simulator for DOS
1350.01EVTAI1::RENOUVELThu Dec 31 1992V3.
1351.05RIPPER::GILLINGSThu Dec 31 1992Multiple Radios?
1353.01ESKIMO::BLAVALLEYFri Jan 08 1993Getting started???
1354.05WAYOUT::TALBOTTue Jan 12 1993Are there any nodes I can connect to run flight on these days?
1356.014HANNAH::BAYFri Jan 15 1993Official 'other' flight sim topic
1357.04EVMS::PAULKM::WEISSWed Sep 08 1993Location of translated AXP images?
1358.02FRUST::HAMILTONWed Sep 08 1993Real Simulators...
1359.013EVMS::PAULKM::WEISSTue Sep 14 1993FPS record?
1360.03BBIVTue Sep 14 1993Virtual Reality ??????
1361.02EVMS::PAULKM::WEISSWed Sep 15 1993Chicago world?
1362.02DECWET::LYONThu Sep 16 1993%FLT-W-NOBINDING error from FLIGHT/COMPILE
1363.03FRUST::HAMILTONWed Sep 22 1993Flight user near Toulouse, France?
1364.02NEWOA::SOUTARMon Sep 27 1993Flight on AXP ???
1365.02POBOX::KLINDWORTHTue Sep 28 1993Problem with server
1366.018MINING::KNIGHTWed Sep 29 1993Where to fly
1367.05MEOCThu Oct 28 1993Looking for 2.5 kit.....
1368.01WSA911::SYSTEMMon Nov 01 1993Where can I find the AXP Flight server?
1369.01POBOX::KLARSONFri Nov 12 1993Another Login Problem
1370.07DECWET::LYONFri Nov 12 1993FLIGHT ported to OSF/1? ULTRIX?
1371.06FRUST::HAMILTONTue Dec 14 1993Insufficient Virtual Memory
1372.019STAR::PAULKM::WEISSThu Dec 16 1993Calling all hangars and worlds
1374.03FLEX7::BISHOP_NMon Jan 17 1994Documentation on what does what ?
1375.04PHONE::CDUNNTue Jan 18 1994Time for me to go
1376.0EASEW9::BRADSHAWWed Jan 19 1994high performance arithmetic traps on AXP
1377.0FSTCAT::COMEFORDWed Jan 19 1994f15 may be extinct....or at least endangered
1378.015FLEX7::BISHOP_NThu Jan 20 1994Help in flying helicopters
1379.05FLEX7::BISHOP_NFri Jan 21 1994Combat Vehicle with Missiles.
1380.06FLEX7::BISHOP_NTue Jan 25 1994Collision Detection Question
1381.06CSC32::M_BELLORWed Jan 26 1994Problems installing AXP server
1382.01CARROL::GAMMON::RAMAHITue Feb 01 1994installation
1383.02DECWET::FARLEEMon Feb 07 1994A6 hangar
1384.04FLEX7::BISHOP_NWed Feb 09 1994Tank Carried by Transport Aircraft?
1385.02SEFIWed Feb 09 1994AXP: %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO,
1386.04FORTY2::FOWLERMThu Mar 03 1994Request opinions on multi user games
1387.03STAR::PAULKM::WEISSTue Apr 12 1994This simulator is so cool
1388.012VNABRW::SCHERBThu Apr 28 1994flight V3.
1389.05FRUST::HAMILTONMon May 16 1994DECnet Phase V, Invalid Login
1390.016KUMITE::K_TICEMon May 23 1994Any news on AXP version of FLIGHT ?
1391.012WAYOUT::TALBOTThu Jun 09 1994Spitfire developments
1392.04HANNAH::BAYTue Jun 28 1994Old aviation materials available for a short time
1393.015UNXA::SANEThu Jul 28 1994VOR Navigation
1394.032KORKY::WEISSMon Aug 15 1994Call for field testers for FLIGHT Version 3.1
1395.02ISTWI1::ERTEFri Sep 02 1994PC version of FLIGHT
1396.038REDDWF::GIFFORDSun Sep 11 1994Feedback from FT of 3.1
1397.0356822::KIRKTue Sep 13 1994National Transportation Safety Board Simulator?
1398.012PAULKM::WEISSFri Sep 16 1994Announcing the Convair B-36D "Peacemaker"
1399.0DECWET::FARLEEWed Sep 21 1994World builders - airport info available. (long)
1400.01WRAFLC::GILLEYMon Sep 26 1994A mod is leaving....
1401.06MIRABL::RONSINTue Sep 27 1994Looking for F.S.
1402.01MEOCThu Oct 13 199436
1403.04NEWOA::HARRISONFri Oct 14 1994Alpha Flight Server in UK
1404.03LHOTSE::DAHLFri Oct 14 1994Data for the BD-1
1406.041PAULKM::WEISSFri Nov 11 1994FLIGHT V3.1
1407.04PAULKM::WEISSFri Nov 18 1994Known bugs in V3.1
1408.01BBIVFri Dec 09 1994Selling FLIGHT ????
1409.011ALFAXP::MITCHAMWed Dec 21 1994Cannot maintain connection to remote server...?
1410.02HANNAH::BAYFri Feb 17 1995FLIGHT - Sim or game?
1411.02GALVIA::FLOODTue May 23 1995Goodbye
1412.02FAILTE::CAMPBELLAThu Jun 15 1995Help on Getting FLIGHT
1413.02PAULKM::WEISSTue Aug 08 1995Calculating Level of Detail (LOD) Data
1414.04PAULKM::WEISSThu Aug 31 1995Announcing the Consolidated PBY-5A "Catalina"
1415.06MSCDEV::KATCHESOVTue Oct 17 1995Problem with reaching kits location
1416.018DECWET::FARLEEFri Oct 20 1995FLIGHT V.Next
1417.02CONSLT::DIGILIOWed Oct 25 1995Editor and compiler anyone?
1419.04EVER::LALIBERTETue Dec 12 1995Need opinions on fligh sim software purchase....
1420.05ANNECY::HOTCHKISSThu Feb 01 1996Flight Simulator 5.1
1421.03GRANDE::DICKEYFri Feb 02 1996radar/guidance question
1422.01GRANDE::DICKEYFri Feb 02 1996directional visibility
1423.02ASD::DICKEYThu Feb 15 1996where is Flightstick conference?
1424.03FISHIN::SKRABUT_LAThu Feb 22 1996Check out WARBIRDS by ICI on the web
1425.0EVTAI1::RENOUVELFri Mar 29 1996Flight Server needed ..please
1426.06HLISC1::EDDYThu Jun 20 1996Any valid pointer for 3.1 kit??
1427.04RDGENG::WINNFri Jul 12 1996Client & server lose connection while flying
1428.0+22PAULKM::WEISSFri Oct 18 1996So is it time?
1429.0 *CRAIGA::SCHOMPWed Mar 05 1997Other flight simulators
1430.0 *+18PCBUOA::BAYJTue Mar 11 1997Flight: The Next Generation (requirements)
1431.0 *+2WRAFLC::STAPPThu Jun 05 1997FLIGHT needs new base...