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Conference gidday::golden_turkey

Title:Golden Turkey awards
Notice:Prize awards for idiots and idiotic behaviour
Created:Mon Oct 19 1992
Last Modified:Thu May 15 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:169
Total number of notes:3137
Number with bodies:7
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0.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 01 1970
1.0+19PERCH::LESLIEThu Aug 09 1984Introduction
2.016PERCH::LESLIEThu Aug 09 1984The Worst Historical Movie
3.0130PERCH::LESLIEThu Aug 09 1984The worst SF Movie
4.034PERCH::LESLIEThu Aug 09 1984The most Insane Business Decisi
5.063VICKI::THOMPSONFri Aug 10 1984Worst DEC product - Software
6.0109PERCH::LESLIEFri Aug 17 1984The worst car...
7.085ADVISE::THOMPSONMon Aug 20 1984Worst DEC Product - Hardware
8.0122EXODUS::MCKENDRYWed Aug 22 1984Worst TV Series, Comedy
9.086EXODUS::MCKENDRYThu Aug 23 1984Genuinely offensive books
10.012PERCH::LESLIEMon Sep 03 1984FrED
11.06PERCH::LESLIEWed Sep 05 1984Rolling Stone
13.075SDCWed Sep 26 1984Your worst job
14.081WAR75Wed Oct 03 1984worst ad[vertisement]
18.0147PERCH::ANDY_LESLIEWed Oct 17 1984The Worst Ad (continued)
19.020PERCH::ANDY_LESLIEThu Oct 18 1984The Worst Taxation Laws
20.026CLOSUS::KAPLANThu Oct 25 1984Your worst hotel
21.012PERCH::ANDY_LESLIESun Nov 18 1984The Worst Trip...?
22.08PERCH::ANDY_LESLIEThu Nov 22 1984The worst Miming in a Video
23.021EAYVMon Nov 26 1984The worst prediction
24.02STAR::CANTORTue Jun 12 1990Directory listings of this conference
25.033EAYVWed Nov 28 1984Worlds most inept politician
26.092NCVAX1::FORDThu Nov 29 1984THE worst movie.
27.07THESUN::JOHNSONThu Nov 29 1984Worst animal rescue
28.058PEN::KALLISFri Mar 29 1985STRANGE Auto Engineering
29.013MILOS::MEREWOODTue Apr 09 1985A very serious matter ...
30.017DICE::ARSENEAUThu Apr 11 1985worst honeymoon!!!!
31.083PEN::KALLISThu May 02 1985Newspeak
32.03PEN::KALLISWed May 15 1985Worst SWAT
33.01GWEN::LUGRINTue May 21 1985Travelling turkey
34.014NY1MM::MISRAHITue Jun 18 1985* customers *
35.032PEN::KALLISThu Jul 18 1985Worst Marketing
36.02TRIVIA::REINIGSun Jul 21 1985Worst researched book (fiction)
37.04HAMSTR::TORTORINOWed Jul 31 1985Poverty Cars
38.057ABLE::MARTYSat Aug 03 1985Worst trip by air
39.035BRSMon Aug 05 1985Worst mistake in advertisements
40.016SNO78C::ORMETue Sep 03 1985worst dec marketing ploy
41.011FIXER::PURDYWed Feb 12 1986GRADE 'A' TURKEYS..
42.06PUNDIT::CHIPThu Feb 20 1986Air Traffic Controllers
45.010PEN::KALLISFri Mar 07 1986Judicial Decisions
46.03SWATT::POLIKOFFFri Mar 14 1986They have their pride
48.02INK::KALLISWed May 14 1986Turkey Kiev
50.01EAYVMon Jun 02 1986HELP!! We have a constipated Turkey...
51.030PIXEL::KRUPINSKIMon Jul 07 1986Bad taste - Record Album art/title
53.022GEM::ANDY_LESLIEMon Aug 04 1986Most reviled political leader in the world
54.04PSGMKG::RODENHISERWed Aug 06 1986Worst Boston-based Pro Baseball Team
55.034NEXUS::DEVINSWed Aug 06 1986Dumbest Lawsuits
56.0106NEXUS::DEVINSWed Aug 06 1986Dumbest Criminals
57.022NEXUS::DEVINSTue Aug 12 1986MURPHY'S LAW
58.01SWATT::POLIKOFFMon Sep 08 1986Mom, Can I lick the bowl. No flush it.
59.01RDGENG::LESLIETue Nov 04 1986Personnel Policyon use of Networks, etc FYI
60.08416Tue Nov 18 1986Worst Honorary Degree
62.03HENRY8::WHEELERTue Nov 25 1986Cut this one out of the will, dear
64.010KAOAFri Jun 19 1987Worst Notesfile
65.013FXADM::SORRENTINOFri Jun 19 1987Worst Apt.
66.05FXADM::SORRENTINOFri Jun 19 1987And no one found out. Shhh.
67.013UTRTSC::VANSENTENThu Jun 25 1987The worst hardware EVER!
68.018MINDER::FIELDSun Jun 28 1987Worst Management Comment ??
69.06USRCV1::HOLTJThu Jul 02 1987Still corny after 2
70.034QRTRS::COGHILLMon Aug 10 1987Turkey Laws
72.026SPRINT::ROLLINSFri Sep 18 1987Worst Products Period
74.03CHEFS::FRENCHSThu Oct 22 1987They bounce VT52's don't they.
75.07SPRINT::ROLLINSFri Oct 23 1987Laughable Notes
76.02GVASA::LUGRINFri Nov 27 1987Honest at telephone answering
77.01CSC32::S_HALLMon Dec 07 1987Holes-in-the-wall I've known
78.048ERASER::KALLISMon Jan 04 1988Catch-22 Instructions
79.0122MSDSWS::HENDERSONTue Feb 02 1988Worst Pop Tune
80.01MSDSWS::HENDERSONTue Feb 02 1988Foot in mouth disease
82.03BPOVTue Feb 16 1988Say what???!!!
83.045VAXRIO::CLAIREFri Mar 04 1988Worst Drivers
85.06MCIS2::MORANTue Apr 05 1988Sales Turkeys
86.010SAHQ::LILLYMon Apr 18 1988brightest salesman award
87.01HPSTEK::XIAFri Jun 17 1988Seat Belts and Teddy
89.019STING::EMERSON_PFri Jul 01 1988stupid road/highway engineering
90.038KYOA::CLEARYTue Jul 26 1988Did they REALLY say that!
91.023POBOX::CROWEWed Aug 31 1988Worst Pick-Up Lines
92.027AYOV11::EBYRNEFri Oct 07 1988Sports Beauties
94.077KBOMFG::POSTMon Oct 17 1988Worst Company Names
95.03CLOSET::T_PARMENTERWed Oct 19 1988Nonpareil inanity
96.066KAOA12::SMELLIEFri Oct 21 1988Worst Wording in a Birth Announcement
97.08POBOX::CROWEWed Oct 26 1988Police Turkeys
98.0KBOMFG::POSTThu Oct 27 1988Confusing Cops and Robbers
99.012POBOX::CROWETue Nov 01 1988Co-worker Awards
100.0KBOMFG::POSTSat Nov 05 1988And you thought you knew English!!
101.06MTWAIN::KLAESFri Nov 11 1988The Worst News Broadcasts
102.040ASHBY::GASSAWAYWed Nov 23 1988Worst Fashions
103.02RLAV::CLEARYThu Dec 01 1988Alan Alda buys a Toshiba lap top PC.
104.040USWAV1::CHAPLAINTue Dec 06 1988Only in Boston
105.04KBOMFG::POSTWed Dec 21 1988Highway Robbery
106.012LIBRAE::BAILEYSun Jan 08 1989He's no lady
108.0+8USWAV1::CHAPLAINTue Jan 17 1989What's In a Name
109.05KBOMFG::POSTWed Jan 18 1989A harmless but good hardy laugh
110.05KAOOFri Jan 20 1989LOSER OF THE DAY
111.07RTL::HINXMANFri Feb 10 1989Worst navigation
112.013HOO78C::ANDERSONMon Feb 13 1989English as She is spoke!
113.0CSCMA::GREENWed Mar 15 1989Worst day on the water
114.08POBOX::CROWEWed Mar 15 1989Worst First Date
115.01KBOMFG::POSTMon Mar 20 1989Those good old DO-IT-YOURSELFers
116.08USWAV1::CHAPLAINSun Apr 09 1989George Bush...
117.013GAOVWed Apr 19 1989Messers.
118.0POBOX::CROWEFri Apr 28 1989Turkey Teamwork
119.028HPSCAD::ALTMANMon Jun 26 1989Menu Mania
120.03BEING::POSTPISCHILFri Jun 30 1989Illustration Errors
121.06SSDEVO::EGGERSThu Jul 20 1989The worst rathole
122.021WR1FOR::ADELMAN_AAWed Aug 02 1989<<** WORST ENGLISH **>>
123.071XNTRIK::MAGOONThu Aug 03 1989Funny if taken out of context...
124.08POBOX::CROWEWed Aug 09 1989Out of the mouth of babes
125.02HOO78C::ANDERSONFri Sep 08 1989Hacker Friendly System Management.
126.01DPDMAI::SWENSONThu Sep 21 1989Brave Hunters\
127.02GIDDAY::GILLINGSTue Oct 17 1989wrong shovel - you're sacked!
128.06AYOV27::ISMITHThu Nov 02 1989Funereal Bloopers
129.0MISFIT::KINNEYDThu Dec 21 1989Best Scoundrel Award
130.09AYOV18::GMCCULLOCHTue Jan 09 1990The Worst Submarine.
131.024POBOX::CROWEWed Mar 07 1990Best/Worst t-shirts
133.03GIDDAY::GILLINGSSat Jun 16 1990The Presidents Phone is Busy
134.0PEKING::GERRYTThu Aug 02 1990Turkey Office Equipment
135.02GIDDAY::GILLINGSTue Aug 28 1990pseudo journalist turkey
136.02JOCKEY::MACLUREAFri Sep 21 1990To err is Human...
137.02YUPPY::GARLICKKFri Sep 21 1990the worst jokes
138.02NOTIME::SACKSTue Sep 25 1990Best Film by a Dead Director...
139.0POBOX::CROWEThu Oct 25 1990`New' terminology
140.034BRUMMY::LAWTONMon Nov 05 1990Worst practical jokes or "Oh, you B******!!!!"
141.01GIDDAY::GILLINGSNPMon Nov 12 1990Never ask a question if you don't know the answer
142.0ELIS::BUREMAMon Jan 07 1991BIG spender
143.06BRUMMY::LAWTONTue Jan 08 1991Who was that masked turkey?
144.010NOTIME::SACKSFri Jan 11 1991Military blunders
145.04BRUMMY::LAWTONMon Feb 25 1991Worst Breaches Of Trust
146.01NOTIME::SACKSTue Mar 19 1991Torturing your friends
147.03TARKIN::KEEFERThu Apr 04 1991Worst Dictionary Definition
149.011POBOX::CROWEWed May 08 1991Words of Wisdom
150.03POBOX::CROWEWed Jun 12 1991The Wedding
151.05SYSTEM::WATSONMon Sep 02 1991Worst security
152.04STORIE::KALLISFri Sep 13 1991Dumb Television Programming
153.02GYUPCC::BLAKEWed Oct 02 1991QUayle Quotes
154.02REPAIR::RICKETTSMon Nov 11 1991Railway Turkeys
155.02RDVAX::KALIKOWSun Dec 15 1991What, no basenote on CHUTZPAH??!
156.05HELIX::KALLISThu Dec 19 1991Worst taste in exploiting current conditions
157.05HELIX::KALLISFri Jan 24 1992Dumb Actions with authority figures
158.01DYPSS1::COGHILLWed May 27 1992Worse Hospital Stay
160.03VSSCAD::ALTMANTue Sep 29 1992Headlines...
162.01CSC32::J_HENSONMon Oct 19 1992Dumb Animal Tricks?
163.012CSOADM::ROTHThu Oct 07 1993Golden Turkey Fans?
164.03CSOADM::ROTHFri Jan 21 1994Stupid things done at home
165.01SCHOOL::NEWTONWed Oct 05 1994Medical turkeys
166.05WOTVAX::NEARYMSat Feb 11 1995use it
167.05MEO78A::MCKENZIEWed Jun 14 1995anybody home?
168.0BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Nov 23 1995Computer languages (C at the top of the list)