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Conference rdvax::x

Title:The X Window System
Created:Fri Apr 11 1986
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1903
Total number of notes:7418
Number with bodies:10
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1.01RDVAX::GETTYSFri Apr 11 1986Notesfile policy
2.0RDVAX::GETTYSMon Apr 14 1986X distribution status
3.0RDVAX::GETTYSMon Apr 14 1986Bug reporting
4.01RDVAX::GETTYSMon Apr 14 1986The infection spreads...
5.09ADVAX::C_YOSTMon Apr 14 1986Documentation on the E-NET?
6.04ELMER::FARICELLIMon Apr 14 1986X sources and licensing...
7.02POTARU::QUODLINGTue Apr 15 1986SPD Available?
8.011BISTRO::JEANTue Apr 15 1986Looking for Xrogue
9.03SMURF::RAOTue Apr 15 1986the next go-around
10.03SMURF::RAOWed Apr 16 1986Ultrix 32w Q-number
11.06RENOIR::MCLEMANThu Apr 17 1986A Query
12.07RENOIR::MCLEMANThu Apr 17 1986Tablet
13.01WR2FOR::KIMBALLPAFri Apr 18 1986X Writing Modes
14.05LOUIE::JONESSat Apr 19 1986Bug in xterm interp. of SCS sequence
15.01BACH::FOSTERThu Apr 24 1986X previewer for TeX
16.07RDVAX::GETTYSMon Apr 28 1986Talk on X.
17.012SMURF::GANCARZMon Apr 28 1986Uwm Futures
18.03SCFAC::KIMBALLWed Apr 30 1986X Future Enhancements
19.010COOKIE::KITTELLMon May 12 1986X screen saving
20.05ULTRA::MARSDENTue May 13 1986X-windows and ULTRIX-32w
21.0LOUIE::JONESTue May 13 1986Xlib V1
23.011COOKIE::KITTELLThu May 15 1986broken pipe on display open
24.010AMBER::JONESThu May 15 1986Pls explain X Association Tables
25.07AMBER::JONESThu May 15 1986Transparent windows?
26.05AMBER::JONESThu May 15 1986xterm problem on VS1
27.09MILES::JONESMon May 19 1986Cheap X hardcopy?
28.03LAUSAN::NGUYENThu May 22 1986Ultrix-32w for B&W VS-II?
29.0RDVAX::GETTYSFri May 23 1986Public X mailing lists.
30.0COOKIE::KITTELLThu May 29 1986resize for VMS
31.05RDVAX::GETTYSSat May 31 1986Any games out there?
32.09POTARU::QUODLINGFri Jun 06 1986X to VWS and Vica Versa...
33.05CURIUM::LEVINESat Jun 07 1986Support for PLOT1
34.0RDVAX::GETTYSMon Jun 09 1986Off at Usenix this week....
35.0SANFAN::WOODRITue Jun 10 1986unix/Ultrix workstations
36.01GUIDUK::BERKUNTue Jun 10 1986XMenu help plz.
37.013COOKIE::KITTELLFri Jun 13 1986VMS trashing xterm scrolling region?
38.010RDVAX::GETTYSSat Jun 14 1986X on other manufacturer's displays....
39.0RDVAX::GETTYSSat Jun 14 1986Unix Review articles on X....
40.04COOKIE::KITTELLThu Jun 19 1986Problem mapping lots of sub-windows?
41.07USHSMon Jun 23 1986X mouse support
42.01CYCLPS::ELDREDGETue Jun 24 1986Release date for Ultrix-32w V2.
43.0COOKIE::KITTELLWed Jun 25 1986XMenu status returns
44.02DVINCI::DONOVANWed Jul 02 1986Help on xterm
45.04PCASSO::ROSEMon Jul 07 1986Format of .onx files
46.04THUNDR::NOYATue Jul 08 1986xdvi broken pipe
47.05BOEHM::REILLYWed Jul 09 1986$HOME/.Xkeymap not being used
48.0SYZYGY::SOPKASun Jul 13 1986Project Athena Newsletter
49.04DVINCI::DONOVANWed Jul 16 1986X "emulator" for VMS ??
50.048MAX::RALPHFri Jul 18 1986Xlib and clients; now for VMS too...
51.014RDVAX::GETTYSSat Jul 19 1986XTREK, an incredible time sink...
52.03DVINCI::DONOVANThu Jul 24 1986X color maps ??
53.02LASSIE::PETTENGILLMon Jul 28 1986Open Phase
54.04POTARU::QUODLINGWed Jul 30 1986Coin Demo????
55.02SCFAC::KIMBALLFri Aug 01 1986X vs. UIS paper available
56.0SMURF::CLINETue Aug 05 1986X Versus Sundew Paper
57.05RDVAX::GETTYSWed Aug 06 1986X Version 11 Draft Design.
58.02SMURF::BHANDARKRFri Aug 08 1986Adding to the Color Database
59.02THEBAY::BROTHERSat Aug 16 1986X-Windows Reading Materials
60.05TKOV51::MORITAMon Aug 18 1986AA-HF11A-TN
61.03D::JONESWed Aug 20 1986Usenet humor.
62.04VESPER::ANDYVThu Aug 21 1986VS1
64.08PCASSO::ROSEFri Sep 05 1986X windows dumb terminal?
65.01GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Sep 05 1986X windows questions
66.01GUIDUK::BERKUNTue Sep 09 1986X help please
67.013D::JONESThu Sep 11 1986X11 nonstandard device input questions/remarks
68.01BOEHM::SCHRIESHEIMFri Sep 12 1986xterm propgating current tty settings
69.0PCASSO::DONOVANMon Sep 15 1986Grey Scale color cells ?
70.0NIEMAN::ROSEThu Sep 18 19861 inch font?
71.02COOKIE::KITTELLThu Sep 18 1986dcp gets wrong username
73.09THUNDR::MORSEWed Sep 24 1986QuickDraw on X
74.012LASSIE::PETTENGILLThu Sep 25 1986How do applications get started ?
75.013PRAGMA::GRIFFINMon Sep 29 1986X-windows and VMS (revisited?)
76.0SMURF::GANCARZWed Oct 01 1986Uwm Humor
77.012CLT::TREGGIARITue Oct 07 1986Languages other than C supported?
78.01COOKIE::KITTELLFri Oct 17 1986XQueryWidth too big?
79.034PODUNK::FREDMon Oct 20 1986Text Functionality?
80.01DSSDEV::MCCARTNEYWed Oct 22 1986How big are pixels?
81.03D::JONESThu Oct 23 1986DECnet - capable X servers
82.01DSSDEV::COMEFORDFri Oct 24 1986A question about uwm behaviour
83.01COOKIE::KITTELLFri Oct 24 1986more -c shows up xterm bug
84.08ADVAX::HACKMon Oct 27 1986Font tools
85.04WELSWS::GRAHAMFri Oct 31 1986How does GPX drive big VAX ?
86.014CELLAR::JAEGERFri Oct 31 1986Opinions on Sun NEWS ?
87.0CELLAR::JENSENFri Oct 31 1986X bugs
88.0CAD::FARICELLISun Nov 02 1986SRC encourages use of X
89.06DSSDEV::CLIFFORDMon Nov 03 1986multiple workstations?
90.030ZHORA::BRENNANMon Nov 03 19863 Novice Questions
91.01HOTAIR::BOYLESTue Nov 04 1986X / Lint Problem.
92.011PRAGMA::GRIFFINThu Nov 06 1986X-based Toolkits
93.08SMURF::GANCARZThu Nov 06 1986TWM Window Manager
94.02MILT::JACKSONFri Nov 07 1986How big is that screen?
95.0SARAH::S_COHENFri Nov 07 1986X and hardcopy
96.04SKYLAB::FISHERFri Nov 07 1986Some X11 ColorMap questions
97.0ADVAX::HACKMon Nov 10 1986SIGIO from X socket connection
98.06OCKER::CHEUNGWed Nov 12 1986How to scale & rotate text in any angle?
99.02SHEILA::CHEUNGThu Nov 13 1986More help please
100.03COOKIE::ROLLOWTue Nov 18 1986"xterm -e" problem.
101.02HOTAIR::BOYLESWed Nov 19 1986Broken Pipe??
102.0ADVAX::HACKWed Nov 19 1986Drawing arcs
103.04ULTRA::ELLISFri Nov 21 1986VT2
104.07BARTOK::LOWRYMon Nov 24 1986Accessing BlackPixmap?
105.03TENNIS::KAMWed Nov 26 1986Multi-Windowing Editor ??
106.04COOKIE::DOUCETTEMon Dec 01 1986A problem with xterm on VMS
107.01RANCHO::RAHTue Dec 02 1986MacDraw-like program on X?
108.012MMOTue Dec 02 1986Postscript support?
109.019RDVAX::GETTYSFri Dec 05 1986Release 4 now available...
110.04PIXEL::HOVEYMon Dec 08 1986X dev. conf. @ M.I.T.
111.08SANFAN::WOODRIMon Dec 08 1986Athena Newsletter #1: Sept 1986
112.01ADVAX::B_LYNCHWed Dec 10 1986X Running on Other Vendors' Displays
113.01CANYON::KELTZThu Dec 11 1986?Compare Ultrix-32w and VWS?
114.010SANFAN::WOODRIThu Dec 11 1986X options in /etc/ttys bad format
115.04SANFAN::WOODRIThu Dec 11 1986XReadBitmapFile missing?
116.03CELLAR::PRICEThu Dec 11 1986I'm so BLUE (Blue pixels on GPX)
117.04CELLAR::PRICEThu Dec 11 1986UWM bug?
118.03SMURF::GANCARZThu Dec 11 1986UWM hints & tricks
119.01THEBAY::WOODRIFri Dec 12 1986X on MacIntosh from UofWisc?
120.0THEBAY::WOODRIFri Dec 12 1986Is X in U32V2.
121.05OSAVMon Dec 15 1986Window rewrite for GKS/32w.
122.05COLORS::MCNALLTue Dec 16 1986User Interface Systems - Workshop/Woods Meeting
123.01THEBAY::WOODRITue Dec 16 1986Problem with xterm in /etc/ttys file?
124.03THEBAY::WOODRIWed Dec 17 1986.Xdefaults for init's xterm?
125.01SARAH::S_COHENThu Dec 18 1986Xlib question
126.03PD75Fri Dec 19 1986Move Login window from appl?
127.01RDVAX::GETTYSMon Dec 22 1986Moderator is moving....
128.02COOKIE::KITTELLTue Dec 23 1986V1
129.06CYCLON::POLLACKTue Dec 30 1986X11 Toolkit proposals ?
130.03D::JONESWed Dec 31 1986Is anybody working on a textbook about X?
131.0SKYLRK::MARCOTTEMon Jan 05 1987X on vms kits and UIS
132.020COOKIE::KITTELLMon Jan 05 1987Release 4 xterm bugs/comments
133.03THEBAY::WOODRITue Jan 06 1987Marketing: Sun's got DEC beat!
134.07SMURF::RAOWed Jan 07 1987IBM gets credit for X!!!
135.03CASEE::WYMANWed Jan 07 1987X11 Documentation (Availability?)
136.010CASEE::WYMANThu Jan 08 1987POLYTEXT with negative deltas in X11?
137.01CASEE::WYMANFri Jan 09 1987X11. Is it too late to change?
138.05ADVAX::HACKSat Jan 10 1987Splines in X11
139.0ADVAX::HACKSat Jan 10 1987Arc modes
140.0PHILIP::JOHNSONTue Jan 13 1987X 11 comparison to X 1
141.011ADVAX::RIPLEYFri Jan 16 1987X Announcement (AP)
142.0NAC::HARBOSun Jan 18 1987Novice xpr error?
143.07NOGOV::HAXBYTue Jan 20 1987How cheap are X windows?
144.04ERLANG::WILKINSONThu Jan 22 1987Silhouette Windows
145.04THE::WHITThu Jan 22 1987xmh help and ?
146.05ADVAX::RIPLEYFri Jan 23 1987X on Xenix 286, 386?
147.0ADVAX::RIPLEYTue Jan 27 1987UIS to X Preliminary Document
148.010SLDA::ROYWed Jan 28 1987x on vms
149.08MP::MPALMERFri Jan 30 1987RPC vs X?
150.026IECG::GREENWOODMon Feb 02 1987Why and how to map ketcaps to universal codes
151.0THEBAY::MTHOMASMon Feb 02 1987New newsgroup: comp.windows.x
152.03WINERY::JENSENTue Feb 03 1987X1
153.01SCOTCH::HSIEHTue Feb 03 1987broken pipe
154.02STAR::STEEVESThu Feb 05 1987Font Questions
155.01TAVMon Feb 09 1987retained windows / X11 ques. from Israel
156.0ERLANG::WILKINSONMon Feb 09 1987Pipeline access to and operations on PIXMAP's
157.02ADVAX::RIPLEYThu Feb 19 1987WS Competitive Notesfile
158.0NAC::HARBOFri Feb 20 1987Repost req: xpr
159.01POTARU::QUODLINGTue Feb 24 1987Wierd X behaviour
160.09COOKIE::KITTELLWed Feb 25 1987xlock - Lock the Workstation
161.0COOKIE::KITTELLWed Feb 25 1987R4 xterm title setting
162.01RANCHO::CONDEWed Feb 25 1987Videotex on X
163.0CSSE32::MERMELLFri Mar 06 1987prelim. documents: format nit
164.03SMURF::CLINEWed Mar 11 1987In Praise of X
165.08TSG::REILLYWed Mar 11 1987Time stamp with events?
166.07CASEE::WYMANFri Mar 13 1987X Performance May be Suspect...
167.023D::HERSHFri Mar 13 1987Session start-up request
168.03RDVAX::GETTYSSun Mar 15 1987The end of NeWS vs. X....
169.023D::VESPERMon Mar 16 1987Bugs in XDrawFilled (qvss and qdss)
170.02KUNI::SIEFKENMon Mar 16 1987IBM and GDDM support
171.08RANCHO::CONDEMon Mar 16 1987Japanese language support in X
172.03FREDVX::FREDTue Mar 17 1987Talking to the "wire"
173.01ADVAX::B_LYNCHWed Mar 18 1987Ordering X
174.0THEBAY::WOODRIWed Mar 25 1987Current research in X tools & applications
175.01TKOV52::IDEMon Mar 30 1987when supported X v11
176.01MAY2Mon Mar 30 1987novice can't start X (privilege wrong)
177.026Tue Mar 31 1987A simple matter of programming
178.03LIGHTN::MINOWWed Apr 01 1987xterm and caps-lock key?
179.0DIZZY::CHABOTFri Apr 03 1987xcalc
180.03WINERY::PRICESat Apr 04 1987BLUE AGAIN!
181.03THEBAY::WOODRITue Apr 07 1987Wierdness in 32w's Xclock
182.0THEBAY::WOODRITue Apr 07 1987Apple's MacIntosh II and X
183.02MAY2Wed Apr 08 1987keyboard repeat rate (xterm?)
184.02CURIE::RESKERWed Apr 08 1987Polygon Fill Performance
185.03WINERY::JENSENThu Apr 09 1987new, improved, bitmap editor
186.0DELNI::MCCLELLANThu Apr 09 1987X for the Atari ST being worked on
187.03BELKER::SPOONERMon Apr 13 1987imaging example
188.02ROYCE::BOOTHWed Apr 22 1987Mark Levine where are you
189.03POTARU::QUODLINGWed Apr 22 1987X Customer Questions...
190.0SYRAH::THOMASFri Apr 24 1987xterm 6.6B available
191.0RANCHO::HOLTFri Apr 24 1987XDraw, XLine breaks pipe...
192.010BERNTue Apr 28 1987Two 19' displays for one VAXSTATION 2
193.020RDVAX::GETTYSTue Apr 28 1987V11 Xlib manual.
194.04RDVAX::MACHEFSKYFri May 01 1987SUN merges X11 and NeWS
195.03AITG::FOSTERFri May 01 1987help
196.0AIAG::BRENNANMon May 04 1987insufficient system resources at remote node
197.0INGRES::CHENEYTue May 05 1987x network protocol
198.03SARAH::D_LATHAMThu May 07 1987A two-headed monster
199.02CURIUM::MBROWNThu May 07 1987Animation in X ?
200.04NANUCK::ZAMARRIPAFri May 08 1987Need some help
201.0MOSAIC::MCNALLMon May 11 1987SIGGRAPH/NE-PDS: X-Windows Application Development
202.0SYSENG::GEORGE_TWed May 13 1987xhost problem
203.01GVASA::LUGRINThu May 14 1987Xlate
204.0SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu May 14 1987Zephyr: Multicast delivery
205.06WAGON::BURLEIGHTue Jun 23 1987xphone - Visual Conference Call
206.01SARAH::S_COHENWed Jun 24 1987Apply GC to multiple windows
207.01SARAH::S_COHENWed Jun 24 1987Returning a XGCValues struct
208.010PIXEL::PWONGThu Jun 25 1987"X Programming for Beginners"
209.05THUNDR::BAILEYThu Jun 25 1987Using the whole screen?
210.02WAGON::BURLEIGHFri Jun 26 1987Missing Notes
211.01SARAH::S_COHENMon Jun 29 1987Consistent use of * in typedefs
212.010SCOTTY::ROSEMon Jul 06 1987Drawing into process memory?
213.0GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Jul 08 1987Xtoolkit examples anyone?
214.01SARAH::S_COHENFri Jul 10 1987Deleting an XImage struct
215.010IECG::GREENWOODTue Jul 14 1987XTextWidth question
216.0IECG::GREENWOODTue Jul 14 1987XTextEvents question
217.01RANCHO::HOLTThu Jul 16 1987X11 as a licenseing agent?
218.03D::VESPERFri Jul 17 1987Xlib Beta release; differences from Alpha-update
219.01COOKIE::DOUCETTETue Jul 21 1987Xvision
220.03THE78Tue Jul 21 1987Xload on monochromes funny under FT1.1-1
221.02KIM::NICHOLSONThu Jul 23 1987Xserver for v1
222.01OBIWAN::YEEThu Jul 23 1987GPX/Parallax
223.03AIAG::CARIFIOFri Jul 24 1987xterm windows hung...
224.0COOKIE::KITTELLTue Jul 28 1987V1
225.0SKYLRK::CROSWELLTue Jul 28 1987xpr to output on ln
226.01EVE::P_WINSTONWed Jul 29 1987x11 extensions
227.0AIAG::BRENNANThu Jul 30 1987XV1
228.03CURIE::ROSEMon Aug 03 1987Mixing external video with X windows
229.01CSSE32::MERMELLThu Aug 06 1987XQueryTree query
230.02BUNYIP::QUODLINGSat Aug 08 1987XV11 Availability.
231.010AIMHI::RUTZENTue Aug 11 1987other windowing software?
232.02AIAG::BRENNANWed Aug 12 1987Upgrade VSII -> /GPX?
234.02AIAG::BRENNANTue Aug 18 1987xterm escape sequences?
235.07SARAH::BUEHLERThu Aug 20 1987Is the writing mode I want availble?
236.05SARAH::BUEHLERThu Aug 20 1987Hopelessly confused on XCreateImage parameters
237.0MMOFri Aug 21 1987X1
238.023D::SHAPIROTue Aug 25 1987Where have all the defaults gone?
240.03D::VESPERThu Aug 27 1987Utah Raster Toolkit kit available
241.0OVDVAX::WILDERFri Aug 28 1987Xlib licensing?
242.016AUX::BENDERFri Aug 28 1987X maturity on VMS and Ultrix
243.09THEBAY::WOODRIFri Aug 28 1987Q: How does a customer get X11 from MIT?
244.015TRCOMon Aug 31 1987My X-Window on the world (V11)
245.02GVASA::LUGRINTue Sep 01 1987Licensing issues
246.0EVE::P_WINSTONWed Sep 02 1987X11 Toolkit Spec?
247.0GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Sep 03 19873d graphics anyone?
248.011AITG::LOWRYFri Sep 04 1987Handling Async Events on Ultrix
249.02CLOSET::EROSSWed Sep 09 1987GC->Stipple
250.010CURIE::FERWERDAWed Sep 09 1987Layers hidden from X Client?
251.0TAVMon Sep 14 1987X bugs and pascal problem on GPX
252.04RUTLND::MCKINLEYMon Sep 14 1987Location of Xwindows kit for Ultrix
253.067PIXEL::TRAVISTue Sep 15 1987X Version 11 Released (!!!)
254.03ERLANG::MILLERWed Sep 16 1987DNA server address
255.03GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Sep 18 1987Finding Window Ids
256.01AUX::BENDERMon Sep 21 1987Drain bammage? I dont even know what that is...
257.0ASLAND::BRINKLEYTue Sep 22 1987Scrollable Window help
258.09KIM::NICHOLSONTue Sep 22 1987can X broadcast?
259.01WAGON::BURLEIGHWed Sep 23 19878
260.01TSG::MCEVOYWed Sep 23 1987Multiple Expose events on multiple windows
261.08AIAG::BRENNANThu Sep 24 1987XV1
262.0DIMSUM::PWONGThu Sep 24 1987Microsoft on X
263.02AUX::BENDERThu Sep 24 1987pixmaps, GraphicsExpose,NoExpose
264.0THEBAY::WOODRISat Sep 26 1987An X11 "terminal" announced
265.04THEBAY::WOODRISat Sep 26 1987Anti-aliased text?
266.03CURIE::FRISCHMon Sep 28 1987Seeking information on X
267.03SARAH::D_LATHAMTue Sep 29 1987Wanted: XFloodFill
268.03TSG::MCEVOYWed Sep 30 1987Using Windows for Icons
269.02TEASE::WEAVERWed Sep 30 1987X11 .vs. X1
270.05PIXEL::TRAVISSun Oct 04 1987Second Annual X Window System Conference
271.02CURIE::DONOVANTue Oct 06 1987Calling X(11)lib from FORTRAN
272.01OTOOTue Oct 06 1987Multiple Heads
273.01--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 06 1987Traders Anxious For X11!..GKS?
274.04RANCHO::HOLTWed Oct 07 1987Simultaneous Button Events...?
276.03D::VESPERTue Oct 13 1987Changes from Beta release to R1
277.0THEBAY::WOODRIWed Oct 14 1987Optical Physiology experiments at UCB
278.07HSTSSC::LEHTINENWed Oct 14 1987Hardcopy of a bitmap?
279.01MDATA::KHORRAMWed Oct 14 1987Status of X on VMS ?
280.03SARAH::BUEHLERWed Oct 14 1987Image structure limitations
281.01RANCHO::HOLTThu Oct 15 1987X Programming Conventions...?
282.01CLT::FULLERTONThu Oct 15 1987Sequence Number Use?
283.0FURILO::KAISERFri Oct 16 1987X as an ANSI standard
284.017CADSE::MEIERMon Oct 19 1987application-level mouse tracking??
285.01ENSIGN::HOLTFri Oct 23 1987Event Selection Hierarchy...?
286.01CLOSET::EROSSMon Oct 26 1987Where's that ref.?
287.01PBSVAX::HALBERTTue Oct 27 1987Shades of gray tile pixmaps
288.01RANCHO::HOLTThu Oct 29 1987XCreatePixmap with depth < AllPlanes...?
289.01RANCHO::JENSENThu Oct 29 1987uwm X11 questions
290.0SARAH::VISWANATHWed Nov 04 1987qvss to qdss : boot problem
291.03THEBAY::WOODRIMon Nov 09 1987Intro to Computer Graphics class
292.02TKTV2Tue Nov 10 1987Q: VR26
293.03OCKER::CHEUNGWed Nov 11 1987Make an obj to blink on the screen
294.01HPSTEK::JORGENSENWed Nov 11 1987X info needed
296.05DYO78Thu Nov 12 1987savimg problem with UWS
297.01KOKO::MULCAHYTue Nov 17 1987Looking for X.11
298.01CLOSET::EROSSWed Nov 18 1987window stacking order
299.073D::VESPERThu Nov 19 1987LOCK and COMPOSE processing questions
300.06IND::SANTIAGOThu Nov 19 1987Need an .Xdefaults file!
301.06THEBAY::WOODRIMon Nov 23 1987xterm's argue over .Xdefaults names
302.010ULTRA::ELLISTue Nov 24 1987uwm can't open display
303.0MSDOA2::MACDONALDTue Nov 24 1987UWM 1.1 SPD?
304.06SIMUL8::HASKELLTue Dec 01 1987Transparent Windows?
305.02SKYLRK::HAZELTue Dec 01 1987X11 spec location?
306.03AKA::WINSTONThu Dec 03 1987X Users Group
307.03CLOSET::EROSSFri Dec 04 1987SelectInput with NoMaskEvent
308.02DSSDEV::BIBEAULTFri Dec 04 1987Color/Mono Rubber-banding
309.02CASEE::COWANMon Dec 07 1987XSendEvent help
310.0ERASER::GALVINMon Dec 07 1987Infobase Announcement - Competitive Information Sys.
311.0CYCLPS::PANGAKISTue Dec 08 1987DECwindows and X training?
312.03ULTRA::WITTENBERGWed Dec 09 1987Black screen background?
313.01DSSDEV::KROBINSONMon Dec 14 1987question about XImage struct
314.0OPTIC::JOEMWed Dec 16 1987Image Extension Proposal Available
315.06RETORT::HOFFMANThu Dec 17 1987Is the spec in print?
316.06CIRCUS::JGSat Dec 19 1987X Conference Agenda
317.01CIRCUS::JGMon Dec 21 1987Diagrams solicited.
318.04GVASA::LUGRINMon Dec 21 1987XGetGeometry - what do YOU get?
319.02RANCHO::JENSENMon Dec 21 1987lwm info wanted
320.04TAVMTS::NEORAMon Dec 28 1987enable/disable X -or- setld -c x-window-ws?
321.01LIRICA::TOGNAZZITue Jan 05 1988X-window version 11 delivery
322.01KIM::SIMMONSTue Jan 05 1988Mouse position
323.011GIDDAY::CHEUNGSun Jan 10 1988Screen ratio not 1:1
324.0DYO78Mon Jan 11 1988Request for VSII images
325.03SQM::VINSELMon Jan 18 1988images & cursors
326.04KIM::RICEThu Jan 21 1988Pixmaps and Bitmaps
327.01KIM::RICEFri Jan 22 1988XGetWindowAttributes
328.02CADSYS::YOSTMon Jan 25 1988X11 Certification
329.01KIM::RICETue Jan 26 1988create_window
330.011PBSVAX::HALBERTTue Jan 26 1988Delete/Rubout and E3/Remove map to same keysym
331.01COOKIE::KITTELLWed Jan 27 1988Printing V1
332.01AITG::LOWRYFri Jan 29 1988C and VMS Xlib name conflicts?
333.02GIDDAY::CHEUNGSun Jan 31 1988XStoreColors & INGRES prob
334.02MJG::GRIERSun Jan 31 1988X beginner needs help with distribution
335.013MJG::GRIERTue Feb 02 1988Small computer servers from anyone yet?
336.023D::GBROWNTue Feb 02 1988Button press event in window border
337.01OVDVAX::WILDERWed Feb 03 1988XDrawFilled problem
338.03ULLR::TERJESCThu Feb 04 1988XSetKeyboardMapping
339.010ECADSR::FINNERTYTue Feb 09 1988High Performance Panning with X
340.05KIM::RICEWed Feb 10 1988XSelectAsyncInput
341.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Feb 10 1988MIT release: current location?
342.01SKYLRK::MARCOTTEWed Feb 10 1988x11 kit?
344.0SKYLRK::CROSWELLFri Feb 12 1988GKS 2b demos?
345.01PPAGAT::REILLYMon Feb 15 1988X1
346.016ALBANY::SCHWARTZTue Feb 16 1988X Consortium Help
347.0HYEND::RLEEWed Feb 17 1988Xtoolkit Seminar/Boston/April 23
348.08AITG::LOWRYTue Feb 23 1988Xcomp
349.02SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Feb 24 1988Other things from MIT Project Athena
350.02KIM::RICEWed Feb 24 1988Recursive I/O errors
351.012Thu Feb 25 1988Xopen specification ??
352.04STRANJ::BROWNThu Feb 25 1988X Spec, Server to Server Communications
353.01KIM::RICEFri Feb 26 1988graphics context and reverse video
354.01GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Feb 26 1988Visit the Sunny Northwest
355.019OPHION::KARLTONTue Mar 01 1988X Window System, Release 2 available
356.03D::VESPERThu Mar 03 1988Accomodating displays with multiple visual types
357.0JOCKEY::COOPERThu Mar 03 1988funny colours with X1
358.0DAVIDS::DAVIDFri Mar 04 1988Ada Bindings for X11
359.02MPGS::KELLYJFri Mar 04 1988Difficulty obtaining .Xdefault values
360.012VAXWRK::RACELFri Mar 04 1988Support Question: X-windows/UNIX
361.08GUIDUK::BERKUNSun Mar 06 1988X Primer
362.01CLT::FULLERTONMon Mar 07 1988PolyText8 documentation error?
363.02PLDVS2::BONINITue Mar 08 1988Xpert distribution list?
364.0BRGNDY::ROSETue Mar 08 1988Colormap installation, color names
365.0STEREO::COUTUREThu Mar 10 1988problem drawing on remote display
367.05CYCLPS::TEELUCKSINGHFri Mar 11 1988Dragging functionality..
368.02MJG::GRIERMon Mar 14 1988Problem compiling/linking WM demo in release 2 kit
369.01KIM::RICETue Mar 15 1988Inherited Depth?
370.05ROLLIN::BAILEYTue Mar 15 1988CPP to compile Andrew on the V11R2 tape?
371.01KIM::RICEWed Mar 16 1988What is root and trouble with parameter mismatch
373.01KIM::RICETue Mar 22 1988Problem copying window contents to a pixmap
374.01DECSIM::FARICELLITue Mar 22 1988X interface to dbx
375.01KIM::RICETue Mar 22 1988xoring colors
376.04KIM::RICEWed Mar 23 1988problem with store_color
377.09GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Mar 23 1988Editing Fonts
378.05AIAG::BRENNANFri Mar 25 1988Help getting started with Xmh
379.03CLT::FULLERTONFri Mar 25 1988Keyboard Control Comments/Questions
380.0GRANMA::FPRUSSSat Mar 26 1988How fast is XDrawFilled? Algorithm?
381.01NIFTY::VINSELMon Mar 28 1988A few quick questions
383.033D::VESPERWed Mar 30 1988How to call XAllocColorCells?
384.0BELKER::KHALLThu Mar 31 1988ColorMap Questions
385.063D::VESPERFri Apr 01 1988Looking for ISO Latin-1 fonts for x11 r 2
386.01EAGLE1::DANTOWITZMon Apr 04 1988Auto repeat bug
387.0VIDEO::KOVNERMon Apr 04 1988Problem with fonts and overlapping widgets
388.03KIM::RICETue Apr 05 1988supported color names
389.033D::VESPERFri Apr 08 1988Missing: exposure events for windows without a background
390.03THEBAY::WOODRIFri Apr 08 1988Generate and pass on fake events?
392.01CIRCUS::JGMon Apr 11 1988Find the bug contest announcement
393.013D::VESPERTue Apr 12 1988Problems with XPutImage on X11R2
394.0CADSYS::YOSTWed Apr 13 1988How to get server font info?
395.05GUMBO::DEANGELISWed Apr 13 1988using XtInitialize?
396.0SICVAX::TIMMINSFri Apr 15 1988WM & SM .Xdefaults Geometry Specs?
397.05TAENG6::JANECHENWed Apr 20 1988A novice's question about installation X V11R2 on Ultrix V2.
398.012UKOSC::PAYLORWed Apr 20 1988DEC Toolkit --> Xlib
399.04GADOL::LANGFELDTWed Apr 20 1988Alloc_color_cells HELP?
400.01KIM::AVOLIOWed Apr 20 1988"S" Stats pkg output in Tek and X
401.043D::VESPERThu Apr 21 1988New xmodmap; 2 keymaps
402.01KIM::AVOLIOFri Apr 22 1988Printing window dumps
403.01BOLT::SOUZAMon Apr 25 1988Is nuwm available on the ENET anywhere?
404.09AITG::LOWRYTue Apr 26 1988Bitmap Displayer?
405.02BERNTue Apr 26 1988A GUIDE FOR UIS TO X ...?
406.02UTOPIE::ASCHAUERThu Apr 28 1988Help - X won't start!
407.0JULIET::PHILLIPS_ALThu Apr 28 1988Conference on X Video ?
408.01GUMBO::DEANGELISThu Apr 28 1988location of MIT X tape?
409.033D::VESPERFri Apr 29 1988XLookupString doesn't support ^2 to ^8
410.023D::VESPERTue May 03 1988XK_KP_Space should be
411.023D::VESPERTue May 03 1988XlookpString does not handle accented characters with caps lock
412.0UTOPIE::ASCHAUERWed May 04 1988xmh(1) again - help!
413.04KIPPIS::LEHTINENWed May 04 1988X11R2 on VS2
414.0NQONET::GRIERWed May 04 1988Windows and occlusion -- how?
415.04NQONET::GRIERWed May 04 1988Does X handle non 1:1 aspect ratios?
416.01GADOL::LANGFELDTThu May 05 1988X$COPY AREA question
417.05STKHLM::GOLSSONThu May 05 1988Double buffering, or bitplane mainpulation
418.0GUIDUK::BERKUNMon May 09 1988Realtime References Needed
420.02CSOA1::BERNARDMon May 16 1988non-DEC X on VMS?
421.01CURIE::DESIRAZUWed May 18 1988Query regarding "X not ready"
422.01ERLANG::SOUZAFri May 20 1988Ultrix 2.2 qd.o and X11?
423.03DYO78Fri May 20 1988xbiff not working correctly
424.0CYCLPS::TEELUCKSINGHWed May 25 1988Event Mask for "Double Click"
425.06DSSDEV::MCEVOYThu May 26 1988transparent windows?
426.011BUNYIP::QUODLINGFri May 27 1988Bitmap Library...
427.06VIA::HOOVERThu Jun 02 1988get font id of the default server font
428.01DPDFri Jun 03 1988Public x/vms?
429.03BOLT::WILLIAMSMon Jun 06 1988X and DecWindows Doc?
430.06GADOL::LANGFELDTWed Jun 08 1988Interface w/ Digitizer?
431.0CYCLPS::TEELUCKSINGHThu Jun 09 1988XIntrinsics Manual ?
432.0DEMOAX::COPELANDThu Jun 09 1988TRANSLATION_TABLE and Function Keys
433.05CIRCUS::JGSat Jun 11 1988Announcing the second "Find the Bug Contest"
434.01ENT::BURLEIGHThu Jun 16 1988X11 for Unix System V on 8
435.01SED75Thu Jun 16 1988tektronix emulation
436.04BOLT::WILLIAMSFri Jun 17 1988Xhibition
437.03AIAG::BRENNANFri Jun 17 1988Help with XGrapPointer?
438.0THEBAY::WOODRIFri Jun 17 1988Performance decrease with UWS1.1
439.09CHAPLN::ANDERSONMon Jun 20 1988Installation problems for X11 on ULTRIX
440.01RAINBO::GIOKASFri Jun 24 1988maximum-request-length question
441.01THEBAY::WOODRIMon Jun 27 1988Q's about UWS1.1
442.0VOX::LEVERGOODFri Jul 01 1988ptydriver for V5?
443.018WINERY::ROSEThu Jul 07 1988Inter-Client Communication Conventions
444.03LDP::H_SMITHMon Jul 11 1988XGetWMHint's window argument
445.02MJG::GRIERThu Jul 14 1988Will there be an X12?
446.01CSCMA::YAGERThu Jul 14 1988X11 Xtoolkit for V2.4/UWS2.
447.01RHETT::WRIGHTFri Jul 15 1988window for simple i/o?
448.02CSOA1::CONTINIFri Jul 15 1988help on tek 4
449.0BERNTue Jul 19 1988cd-disks and monitoring
450.03MJG::GRIERTue Jul 19 1988xsetroot for BL8-SDC?
451.0DWOVAX::BONINIWed Jul 20 1988.Xdefaults files?
452.01CSCMA::YAGERThu Jul 21 1988X: what is "IBM 4.3bsd"?
453.03HILLST::KHALLFri Jul 22 1988Unknown Event 161--Unknown Error Message
454.04SICVAX::TIMMINSMon Jul 25 1988Will there be an X11 Release 99?
455.01HPSCAD::MYEETue Jul 26 1988Xmillie in compress tar format.
456.01AIAG::BRENNANTue Jul 26 1988xwd/wpr on Color server?
457.02BABOOZ::ROSEThu Jul 28 1988Use of Athena widgets atop DECwindows?
458.0SUBSYS::HALPINFri Jul 29 1988?what window mouse is in
459.01KERNEL::TBOOKERTue Aug 02 1988Basic use of scrollbars and menus. X1
460.0KERNEL::TBOOKERThu Aug 04 1988Can I say NeWS here?
461.0LARVAE::MCCAUSLANDThu Aug 04 1988Xtoolkit Examples?
462.01TOWNS::RYANMon Aug 08 1988X-11 for Xenix Alive?
463.04CSCMA::COLEMANMon Aug 08 1988Image Processing Performance
464.02TPOVThu Aug 11 1988application 'portability'?
465.03PBSVAX::HALBERTThu Aug 11 1988Window placement by window manager
466.016CVG::PETTENGILLFri Aug 12 1988Books on X, et al
467.04ENT::BURLEIGHMon Aug 15 1988Athena Widget Docs?
468.05MERIDN::KEHOEWed Aug 17 1988Window takes 2 ret's before takes effect
469.04ITAMKT::ROMANIThu Aug 18 1988X11 and TCP/IP and DECnet
470.03TKOV51::MIZUTAMAFri Aug 19 1988Does Xterm supports ANSI crt escape ?
471.0SARAH::BUEHLERSun Aug 21 1988DECwindows FLIGHT available
472.010ASHOK::NADKARNIMon Aug 22 1988question re. server implementation
473.04CASEE::LACROIXWed Aug 24 1988Performance of XMoveWindow
474.015LOOKIN::BUNNWed Aug 24 1988X button release blocked ?
475.0ENT::BURLEIGHWed Aug 24 1988clip_mask ignored on GPX
476.01ERLANG::SOUZAWed Aug 24 1988xfig
477.012SMURF::HOFFMANFri Aug 26 1988need help on X error 118
478.06CLOSET::EROSSMon Aug 29 1988Color questions
479.04VAXWRK::SCHNEIDERThu Sep 01 1988XGetIconSizes?
480.01CSCMA::BUSHThu Sep 01 1988windows hang system
481.02BOEHM::REILLYThu Sep 01 1988new qd.o in Ultrix breaks X11R2 Xqdss
482.03BCSE::D_SMITHFri Sep 02 1988XCopyArea downward...
483.01AITG::LOWRYFri Sep 02 1988Problem with XDrawArcs?
484.04UHURU::LAMBERTFri Sep 02 1988Can't customize window border
485.01NIFTY::VINSELFri Sep 02 1988Root window border pixmap, undefined?
486.05KIPPIS::LEHTINENFri Sep 02 1988WS-login check ideas
487.05TPOVFri Sep 09 1988Can X display on terminal?
488.0LAIDBK::STETAKSun Sep 11 1988Help!! GPX and Parallex Configuration
489.07CVG::LEKASTue Sep 13 1988Help for the ULTRIX Naive
490.04CLT::TREGGIARIFri Sep 16 1988Drawing dashed lines
491.02VIDEO::KOVNERTue Sep 20 1988Restrict windows to n-pixel boundaries?
492.0TRNING::BARFIELDTue Sep 20 1988printscreen under 3.
493.05CLOSET::EROSSWed Sep 21 1988Color vs Intensity
494.02SPRITE::MILLERThu Sep 22 1988V11 Image Question
496.03MTA::GREENZANGFri Sep 23 1988?latest ULTRIX X-windows
497.02TBD1::BURLEIGHFri Sep 23 1988Zero as Data for XSaveContext?
498.08RAINBO::DJBROWNFri Sep 23 1988X11 Release 3?
499.03KERNEL::TBOOKERMon Sep 26 1988X1
500.01NETRIX::THOMASMon Sep 26 1988TSAPs for X?
501.017PUBBEN::SAMUELSSONWed Sep 28 1988Multi head system and X Windows
502.02LISP::DERAMOThu Sep 29 1988Window XGetIconWindow(); in Xlib.h
503.02CIMNET::DMILLERMon Oct 03 1988Published Xlib prog doc.
504.05NEVADA::JENSENMon Oct 03 1988cap styles &
505.03BLUMON::MCGREGORMon Oct 03 1988Let's support this; got a talk you want to give?
506.04AITG::LOWRYMon Oct 03 1988Locking the Event Queue
507.07TOOK::MICHAUDTue Oct 04 1988DECwindows Interoperability
508.0GIDDAY::KOTWALWed Oct 05 1988Mask all inputs in X
509.02VIA::HOOVERWed Oct 12 1988Reading data and multiple bitmaps from same file
510.01CLT::HARROWWed Oct 12 1988A question of clipping
511.02THAVWed Oct 12 1988HP/Sony widgets on Enet ?
512.030OPHION::KARLTONMon Oct 17 1988publically available X sources
513.01BCVAX::CHEUNGWed Oct 19 1988Delivery of client messages
514.04CIMAMT::RUTFIELDThu Oct 20 1988XGrabpointer problem
515.06GIDDAY::KOTWALThu Oct 20 1988Turn off input event queue for mouse
516.010AUNTB::WARNOCKSat Oct 22 1988Looking for X slides/overheads/presentations...
517.01GLIVET::MILLERSun Oct 23 1988Question on MotionEvents...
518.04SPYDER::JEFFERYFri Oct 28 1988Clipping Region prob.
519.05CIRCUS::JGFri Oct 28 1988Announcing Release 3 of the X Window System
520.02OTOUMon Oct 31 1988GKS to DECwindow Conversion
521.0EARWIG::BULLARDMon Oct 31 1988one mouse,one keyb,two workstations
522.04RAINBO::SLICKMon Oct 31 1988X11R3 DECnet Object Names
523.01MQOSTue Nov 01 1988X WINDOW ANSI STANDARD???
524.0STKWIN::SAMUELSSONMon Nov 07 1988Transparent widgets??
525.06CURIE::FORBESWed Nov 09 1988XCopyArea crashes session
526.02RANCHO::HOLTThu Nov 10 1988Application implemented save unders?
527.01BUNYIP::QUODLINGThu Nov 10 1988Old X1
528.06BARNA::FURIOTue Nov 15 1988Motion should be possible...
529.012EASY::ACHARYATue Nov 15 1988Any courses on X-windows?
530.06SMMVAX::MEISNERTue Nov 15 1988Sample XLIB Source Code
531.02BARNA::FURIOWed Nov 16 1988Displays and Screens
532.0SED75Wed Nov 16 1988x11/qdss problem
533.04BOLT::MINOWThu Nov 17 1988Converting from X1
534.01HANZI::GREENWOODThu Nov 17 1988Asian language support in window managers
535.02CADSYS::YOSTFri Nov 18 1988UIL vs. XDefaults for user-definability
536.02DWOVAX::BONINIMon Nov 21 1988Xtrek fonts or fc???
537.0MDRA3::DEDIEGOMon Nov 21 1988display <-->disk
538.04CIMNET::MANGANOMon Nov 21 1988X11 Revision Upgrade ?
539.04SMMVAX::MEISNERTue Nov 22 1988Windows w/ no headers
540.07RENTA::HERBERTTue Nov 22 1988Suspending the window manager
541.04CIMNET::DMILLERMon Nov 28 1988Can't find the fonts under BL11
542.01MJG::GRIERMon Nov 28 1988Chip/chip-set implementation of an X server?
543.01LEVERS::S_SHENThu Dec 01 1988sight with DECwindow questions
544.04LDP::GABRIELMon Dec 05 1988X client can't talk to DECwindows server
545.010DWOVAX::BONINIMon Dec 05 1988xdm WM?
546.03SICVAX::TIMMINSTue Dec 13 1988Where is Registration info forMIT X11 Conf '89?
547.06LARVAE::JEFFERYWed Dec 14 1988Handling Window Exposures.
548.0AITG::LOWRYThu Dec 15 1988X and DECwindows from LISP
549.0GERUND::SMITHMon Dec 19 1988POSTSCRIPT extension timeframe?
550.01UPSAR::THOMASThu Dec 22 1988In linXaw.a, can one really set the text of a TextSink???
551.02ERLANG::SOUZAThu Dec 22 1988V11R3 Xqdss wedged under Ultrix 2.2
552.03NEVADA::JENSENThu Dec 22 1988new bitmap editor available
553.0TAVWed Dec 28 1988redirect command output to X window (not Xterm)
554.01VIA::MCEVOYThu Jan 05 1989XListFonts ordered?
555.03BOUDIN::GLOYDFri Jan 06 1989Location of X Server Specification
556.07NETRIX::MICHAUDThu Jan 19 1989Xmu.h
557.01WCSM::CHANGFri Jan 20 1989DECwindow For VAXmate?
558.04AITG::LOWRYTue Jan 24 1989Status on XGetClassHint doesn't work?
559.03MTA::GRAHAMTue Jan 24 1989Spinning Globe On PMAX Problem
560.06RLAV::LITTLEWed Jan 25 1989X11R3 sources?
561.0LDP::WEAVERWed Jan 25 1989Looking for Intrinsics index (rev 3)
562.06AITG::LOWRYWed Jan 25 1989XDisplayKeycodes not found
563.01ABLE::CROSSNOWed Jan 25 1989Looking for X3D-PEX documentation
564.01IMOKAY::wagonerThu Jan 26 1989x11/XMenu Missing for GnuEmacs
565.01RANCHO::HOLTThu Jan 26 1989XSetDashes breaks on DS31
566.013HILLST::KAISERFri Jan 27 1989X Conference, January 1989
567.01POBOX::ROSENKRANZThu Feb 02 1989Tablet device interface to X
568.01GUIDUK::MEARNSThu Feb 09 1989"Smart" Xlib/PEXlib
569.04PTOVAX::SCOTTFri Feb 10 1989X1
570.0AITG::LOWRYFri Feb 10 1989DWM overriding XLowerWindow, why?
571.0OSLMon Feb 13 1989HELP XCreateImage and XPutImage problem
572.02CSOA1::BERNARDWed Feb 15 1989Tek emulation on X and VMS?
573.02TPOVFri Feb 17 1989VMS -> Ultrix Display problem ? Urgent !!
574.09BESSIE::HOYTFri Feb 17 1989Windows and displays: how tightly coupled?
575.01RAINBO::SLICKMon Feb 20 1989ImageText Background Rect
576.04DDIF::SURTEESMon Feb 20 1989Where can I find dnet_conn?
577.03GIDDAY::KOTWALMon Feb 20 1989Make X look like UWS 1.1
578.06PRIMES::UEBERSAXMon Feb 20 1989X Performance Concerns
579.0ULTRA::ELLISTue Feb 21 1989XRebindKey?
580.08PTOVAX::SCOTTThu Feb 23 1989Xqvsm without dxsession problem query
581.04ACESPS::BONINIThu Feb 23 1989help with XWarpPointer
582.03LENSMN::boniniFri Feb 24 1989xcons and R3
583.04CIMAMT::KELLYTue Feb 28 1989dxpaint missing?
584.015VWSENG::KLEINSORGEWed Mar 01 1989fastest image -> window operation?
585.0MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMFri Mar 03 1989Novice X user questions
587.05PEABOD::HOLTFri Mar 03 1989Mission critical applications..?
588.0NETRIX::MICHAUDWed Mar 08 1989X-IFF
589.04VIA::CARIGNANWed Mar 08 1989Unloading and freeing fonts
590.05NETRIX::MICHAUDThu Mar 09 1989xgif viewers available
592.0ABLE::CROSSNOMon Mar 13 1989Help with XConfigure Event
593.02HKOVWed Mar 15 1989XImage help please ...
594.03TOOK::MICHAUDFri Mar 17 1989RFC1
595.01IMNAUT::CHENISFri Mar 17 1989Ultrix V3.
596.01NOBOZO::SHELLEYSat Mar 18 1989where is Xlibint.h
597.04MUNICH::ANDERMANNMon Mar 20 1989Athena Widgets Examples -- PLEASE
598.03CIMNET::MANGANOTue Mar 21 1989Performance using clip_mask
599.08BMT::DROSTETue Mar 21 1989allocate memory and XDestroyImage()
600.08LDP::WEAVERTue Mar 21 1989Multiply defined _calloc?
601.05DDIF::KROBINSONWed Mar 22 1989ScreenNumberofWindow - why not??
602.02CIMNET::MANGANOWed Mar 29 1989Xmalloc/Xcalloc-do they exist?
603.03HKOVThu Mar 30 1989Root window help please ...
604.02DECWIN::FISHERThu Mar 30 1989XDMCP Spec
605.04AIDA::CARCANOFri Mar 31 1989MIT Xlib C Interface manual: where?
606.02LOPTSN::FERWERDASat Apr 01 1989Pixmaps on different displays with different visualids
607.01HKOVSun Apr 02 1989Pause window?
608.010NOBOZO::WEBERMon Apr 03 1989How do you get "bits per pixel"
610.012PEABOD::HOLTWed Apr 05 1989XCreateWindow bombs with custom visual...
611.0TOOK::MICHAUDThu Apr 06 1989xface - View USENIX FaceSaver images stored on uunet.uu.net
612.06KAPEC::brennanThu Apr 06 1989Help with X11R3 xmh
613.0TRILGY::MATUSZAKThu Apr 06 1989Image display performance 35
614.02CLOSET::EROSSThu Apr 06 1989Kerning
615.07MOSAIC::R_BROWNMon Apr 10 1989Blinking Cursor Drawing
616.03MDVAX3::ENDSLEYTue Apr 11 1989UWM source code?
617.019DECEAT::LANDINGHAMTue Apr 11 1989xperfmon source?
618.03LDP::WEAVERTue Apr 11 1989Application specific Visual?
619.04PEABOD::POMERANTZTue Apr 11 1989Byte Swapping Problem in text display
620.02CASEE::LACROIXThu Apr 13 1989Any Draw or Paint packages?
621.01NEXUS::M_KETERWed Apr 19 1989XAllocColorCells Returns
622.01SX4GTO::POMERANTZFri Apr 21 1989Gray Text Problem
623.02TOWNS::SIMMONSSat Apr 22 1989UWM and button events again.
624.0BERNTue Apr 25 1989IBM GDDM/GDF and DEC(windows)
625.01GUIDUK::MEARNSTue Apr 25 1989planning networks for X
626.0BMT::DROSTETue Apr 25 1989"IMAGE" of characters
627.012VAXUUM::EROSSWed Apr 26 1989Window background pixel?
628.01DOOBER::MATUSZAKThu Apr 27 1989PHIGS & X ?
629.01BUNYIP::QUODLINGTue May 02 1989Artemis Ecad application?
630.02YUPPY::MELVILLEMFri May 05 1989usenet connection
631.02HSKPRF::VESALAINENFri May 05 1989Some novice questions
632.01MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMMon May 08 1989Can't rebind keys in .Xdefaults
633.04RAINBO::R_BROWNWed May 10 1989Creating Rounded Corners
634.0VINO::WITHROWWed May 10 1989Looking for doc/server PS files
635.015CADSE::GUPTAThu May 11 1989disable window resize
636.04LARVAE::BULLARDMon May 15 1989XLowerWindow problem
637.03LARVAE::BULLARDMon May 15 1989XGetWindowAttributes problem?
638.01LARVAE::BULLARDTue May 16 1989XResizeWindow problem
639.02AIAG::KAMESHWed May 17 1989Help! I need to look at X1
640.02TRIVIA::JANZWed May 17 1989X Server Input Extensions, anyone?
641.03HKOVThu May 18 1989Help hostname::number.screen_number ...
643.04ZINFAN::ROSETue May 23 1989How to write 'undroppable' clients?
644.01WINERY::MICKWed May 24 1989Non-X asynchronous event handling
645.01TOOK::MICHAUDWed May 24 1989X Registry
646.02SMURF::LESNIAKWed May 24 1989allocating many R/O colors
647.02LARVAE::BULLARDThu May 25 1989BadMatch errors from XSetInputFocus
648.09KYOA::MIANOThu May 25 1989How do you find the cause of errors?
649.08PRIMES::UEBERSAXFri May 26 1989Anti-aliased fonts
650.01LARVAE::BULLARDFri May 26 1989Help DS31
651.01TRILGY::MATUSZAKFri May 26 1989Non default visual problem...
652.09VWSENG::KLEINSORGEMon May 29 1989Polygon Edges...
653.05AITG::DERAMOTue May 30 1989bell gets turned off
654.01VAOATue May 30 1989X for Xenix in 1989?
655.0LARVAE::BULLARDWed May 31 1989Segmentation error with Max f77 and XLib
656.010SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Jun 02 1989comp.sources.x
657.0LDP::LYSAKOWSKIFri Jun 02 1989Need Xtoolkit doc set urgently!!
658.01YIPPEE::FIROUZIANThu Jun 08 1989XDrawLine with Oblique lines.
659.04DLOACT::DAVISWed Jun 14 1989XFetchName Frustration
660.028WJG::GUINEAUThu Jun 15 1989Porting X to another machine
661.04KYOA::MIANOFri Jun 16 1989ATHENA sources/Documentation
662.04PEACHS::BURQUESTMon Jun 19 1989? on using ASTs in event processing
663.01SMAUG::ROSANDERThu Jun 22 1989XtAppAddInput-out-of-band
665.02ROMCSA::RAMPAWed Jun 28 1989X-window --> X/View ?!!?
666.09HESIRI::SIEWERTFri Jun 30 1989X for Xerox?
667.03CANYON::WALTERSThu Jul 06 1989ANDREW info, & source needed
668.02AIDA::CARCANOThu Jul 13 1989Cursor from a pixmap larger than 16x16?
669.02SMURF::HOFFMANThu Jul 13 1989request for X11 R4 schedule
670.0TENNIS::KAMFri Jul 21 1989X_ChangeGC error with XSetStipple
671.01CIMNET::MANGANOFri Jul 21 1989deleting atoms from server hash table ?
672.01KERNEL::WETHERALLTue Jul 25 1989pixmap size limitations?
673.02SMAUG::L_HOTue Jul 25 1989Problem with "xset fp rehash"
674.03SX4GTO::POMERANTZTue Jul 25 1989X windowing characteristics
675.02SX4GTO::POMERANTZTue Jul 25 1989XGetImage XPutImage Examples?
676.016SX4GTO::POMERANTZTue Jul 25 1989ASYNC Input Handling For Large Tasks
677.08ACESMK::SILVAWed Aug 02 1989User defined network map?
678.03MONSTA::COLLINSThu Aug 03 1989ISO or OSI compliant X?
679.04AITG::LOWRYTue Aug 08 1989Wake Up and read the Bitmap...
680.08CIMNET::MANGANOWed Aug 09 1989XSendEvent in AST routine problem
681.04DLOACT::BROWNLThu Aug 10 1989Root Window Pixmapping?
682.015AKOV12::PERLMUTTERThu Aug 10 1989unix servers vms clients vms clients unix servers
683.03ACESMK::HSIEHFri Aug 11 1989xlib lost sequence
684.01CADSE::REHMWed Aug 16 1989XrmStringToQuark....How to use?
685.09KASINO::NEIDECKERThu Aug 24 1989What's the relation between UWS2.1 Xlib and MIT X11R3 Xlib ?
686.0SKYLRK::LOSCHENTue Aug 29 1989pixmap in dwtlabel?
687.0MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMTue Aug 29 1989TWM still around?
688.09RANCHO::JENSENTue Aug 29 1989Xpmon: X protocol monitor
689.01DSSDEV::KEZARWed Aug 30 1989XSendEvent from an AST, MotionNotify events, ClientMessages - help
690.0MARX::TSOIThu Aug 31 1989Xgraph help needed
691.06STOAT::BARKERTue Sep 05 1989Using X Resource Manager for other purposes
692.010DEALIN::LAMBERTTue Sep 05 1989Managing shared access to properties
693.04ASDS::WALSHWed Sep 06 1989transfering X protocol
694.06MARX::TSOITue Sep 12 1989font installation?
695.02KETJE::HAESAERTSThu Sep 14 1989Routine to draw in a Drawable, and be able to read its contents
696.02LARVAE::BULLARDThu Sep 14 1989Move window detection?
697.01WR1FOR::BARTLETROFri Sep 15 1989problem w/xinit on RISC diskless
698.01GSRC::WESTMon Sep 18 1989Not consistent data types ?!?
699.03GSRC::WESTWed Sep 20 1989xfd.c
700.01WR1FOR::BARTLETROThu Sep 21 1989How to change Compose Character to ESC
701.06VIDEO::JANZMon Sep 25 1989X11R4 Anyone?
702.02RICARD::LAFORGUETue Sep 26 1989X version of plot(1) of UNIX?
703.05EMILE::CHARMOILLETue Sep 26 1989Xview informations need
704.02MSBIS1::LANDINGHAMTue Sep 26 1989moncontrol()???
705.02WR1FOR::BARTLETROFri Sep 29 1989Xcfb and Xcfb2, what's the diff??
706.0STKHLM::LHOLMSTROMMon Oct 02 1989RISC,f77 & Xlib. Help needed
707.01DWOVAX::MANUSZAKTue Oct 03 1989Parallax Video demos?
709.01GOLETA::MOREH_JAWed Oct 04 1989Mac to X tty
710.01TASTY::JEFFERYThu Oct 05 1989Fortran for RISC/DECwindows problems.
711.01HPSCAD::SMORRISONThu Oct 05 1989understanding the event queue
712.04CVG::PETTENGILLFri Oct 06 1989Two Headed Monster Cable
713.03WR1FOR::LEON_SAMon Oct 09 1989SUN toolplaces
714.01MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMTue Oct 10 1989X Test Suite
715.02FIRBRD::POMERANTZThu Oct 12 1989ClientMessage Events
716.05RIPPLE::HOFFMAN_DOThu Oct 12 1989Multi-language X-based applications anyone?
717.03CURIE::LOTue Oct 17 1989Input for graphics benchmarking
718.01WELWEL::GRAHAMWed Oct 18 1989info on Image extensions needed please
719.02AITG::LOWRYThu Oct 19 1989How good is XCopyArea?
720.01LUTECE::ANCELINMon Oct 23 1989XSelectAsyncInput : MIT Xlib or Digital feature
721.01KERNEL::WETHERALLMon Oct 23 1989Xdrawarcs broken on RISC
722.05WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIWed Oct 25 1989risc xlib f77 dbx Help !!!
723.05SDOGUS::HOOKERWed Oct 25 19892nd locator device in X.. How?
724.01IJSAPL::HOEVELAKENFri Oct 27 1989MIT Xlib versus DEC Xlib
725.08CRLTRX::treeseFri Oct 27 1989X11R4 Beta release available
726.0IJSAPL::ESSERTue Oct 31 1989risc f77 and xlib examples
727.03SARAH::VISWANATHWed Nov 01 1989True colour / >16bits implementations ?
728.01EEMELI::SONKERIMon Nov 06 1989Xw (HP toolkit) anyone ?
729.012UKEDU::DDAVIESWed Nov 08 1989XImage, who does the conversions.
730.01PRIMES::UEBERSAXFri Nov 10 1989Screen copy.
731.0CSCMA::J_BUSHFri Nov 10 1989XSessionManager
732.0STKHLM::ALINDBERGMon Nov 13 1989XNextEvent in Fortran (RISC)?
733.0SX4GTO::HOLTMon Nov 13 1989XEatData unresolved..
734.0THAVWed Nov 15 1989ICON COLOR problem on PMAX
736.09LENSMN::boniniTue Nov 21 1989Tablets again
737.0EVTIS2::DORNANOTue Nov 21 1989Limitations with color maps and pixmap ?
738.03WR1FOR::BARTLETROWed Nov 22 1989Where are X11R3 HP Xw widgets????
739.04GILMOR::TESTAMon Nov 27 1989Xcopyarea
740.0FUEL::grahamMon Nov 27 1989VMS... MIT X11 Widgets Ported.
741.02FORTSC::KISHIMURATue Nov 28 1989x$open_display errors
742.010PRSEIS::ROZENBLUMWed Nov 29 1989X-WINDOW documentation
743.01IJSAPL::RAISISWed Nov 29 1989Latest ICCCM anyone?
744.0LENSMN::boniniWed Nov 29 1989XSendEvent
745.013TOOLEY::B_WACKERWed Nov 29 1989Need to query default font in default gc
746.06DECWIN::JMSYNGEFri Dec 01 1989X connections and fork()
747.0KASINO::NEIDECKERMon Dec 04 1989Shared X (very alpha)
748.02STKWIN::SAMUELSSONMon Dec 04 1989X Window Conference in January
749.0FORTSC::KISHIMURAMon Dec 04 1989x$load_font & memory...
750.03TKTVFS::ISHIGAMITue Dec 05 1989pixmap clear ?
751.08PHDVAX::FEENYThu Dec 07 1989XClient/Server over SCSI port?
752.02WECARE::BAILEYSun Dec 10 1989XFillArc Bug?
753.07CHEFS::MURPHYJ1Mon Dec 11 1989Preserve window content?
754.03SORGEN::JUERGENMon Dec 11 1989XPutImage() twice?
755.0BYENGMon Dec 11 1989X-Windows Reference for book
756.03TASTY::JEFFERYTue Dec 12 1989Inquire point
757.02RADIUS::REHMWed Dec 13 1989Where are X11 and X Toolkit Sources?
758.05LENSMN::boniniFri Dec 15 1989Resource for window manager development
759.02ACESPS::WALTONMon Dec 18 1989Help, my server keeps dying
760.02LYO11::BERGERTue Dec 19 1989ATHENA COMMAND widget not working
761.03KAOFS::N_PIROLLOTue Dec 19 1989Pixel Values
762.01SDOGUS::HOOKERWed Dec 20 1989touchscreens. sanity check
763.03TRNSAM::HOLTThu Dec 21 1989xsh a bust on uws2.2/risc....
764.010WPOMM2::ZAMBOTTIFri Dec 22 1989Would like to see the line drawing algorithim !
765.06SITBUL::KLEINSORGESat Dec 23 1989Bannerless Windows?
766.01HANDVC::SAMMYKAMFri Dec 29 1989Can X Toolkit handle extension events ?
767.01CRLTRX::jgWed Jan 03 1990X conference volunteers needed.
768.09CRLVMS::TREESEWed Jan 03 1990X11 Release 4 now available
769.02ESCROW::TRABUCCHIFri Jan 05 1990Access to display bitmap with Xlib...
770.01THAVSat Jan 06 1990X11R4 doc formatting problem
771.01XLIB::MARSONMon Jan 08 1990Animation, Color Tables
772.01MIZZEN::DEMERSTue Jan 09 1990X Consortium
773.07ZSAZSA::READINGSTue Jan 09 1990x11perf
774.02FRSTSC::CHRISTIANWed Jan 10 1990bitmap setups in .Xdefaults ???
775.05ACESMK::SNIDERWed Jan 10 1990Xlib error
776.012UKEDU::DDAVIESThu Jan 11 1990XKeyEvent from ascii ?
777.05KERNEL::WETHERALLSun Jan 14 1990using tab in xedit
778.08MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMMon Jan 15 1990DECnet support in X11R4?
779.0RHETT::BONNEMon Jan 15 1990Incorrect clipping by X server in UWS on RISC?
780.0VINO::WITHROWTue Jan 16 1990Details needed on contents of MIT release
781.05MSBIS2::LANDINGHAMWed Jan 17 1990R4 X server and DECwrite?
782.03ARTFUL::SCOTTThu Jan 18 1990A question about fonts ...
783.04PIPA::SANTIAGOThu Jan 18 1990X11R4 tape-2 tar directory checksum errors
784.01SITBUL::KLEINSORGESun Jan 21 1990UISX IFT available
785.03TOOHOT::LEASTue Jan 23 1990X windows terminal (VT 1
786.01PRSPSU::PASCALWed Jan 24 1990xdm support ?
787.02LASHAM::MCMASTER_EFri Jan 26 1990CAN a DECsystem 54
788.04SAC::HAIGH_AFri Jan 26 1990Monitoring other workstations
789.03NABETH::alanFri Jan 26 1990Why does this program not work?
790.02SANFAN::BATESON_MAMon Jan 29 1990Apollo X windows???
791.01DEMON::BURLEIGHTue Jan 30 1990New Intrinsics Manual?
792.05KAOFS::N_PIROLLOWed Jan 31 1990Why colormap preallocation
793.0MEADOW::FARICELLIThu Feb 01 1990"Hardcopy" X server?
794.01LAIDBK::FERGUSONFri Feb 02 1990MOTIF 1.
795.03LENSMN::boniniWed Feb 07 1990Some guidance please.
796.0HKOVC::TERENCEMon Feb 19 1990Help me ...
797.01KETJE::DELAMPERMon Feb 19 1990Xlib.h contains definitions that conflicy with c++ keywords
798.01ABLE::CROSSNOMon Feb 19 1990What happened to the notes?
799.0BEREFT::LINAMon Feb 19 1990Xtk R3 Intrinsics Manual
800.01SX4GTO::POMERANTZMon Feb 26 1990Pseudocolor on PC X
802.020FORTY2::AMOSTue Feb 27 1990DECwindows fonts and the X11R4 server...
803.01SX4GTO::POMERANTZTue Feb 27 1990352
804.02KASINO::NEIDECKERWed Feb 28 1990R4 server with PCF fonts anyone ?
805.0ZSAZSA::READINGSWed Feb 28 1990XCopyArea performance on VAXstation
806.01NBOFS1::HERMANNThu Mar 01 1990TASK-to-TASK with X-Window ?
807.02MQOUFri Mar 02 1990X overhead cf to SunView?
808.01OSAVSat Mar 03 1990HP widget patch where?
809.010NRMACP::WATSONTue Mar 06 1990How to use XSendEvent with PointerWindow ?
810.02SYOMV::KRASTue Mar 06 1990List of Extensions to X
811.02TRNSAM::HOLTWed Mar 07 1990out of pixmap memory
812.0CHEESE::KAISERThu Mar 08 1990X-TERMINALS conference
813.03OOPS::YOSTFri Mar 09 1990Is that widget iconified?
814.01SALSA::RANGERWed Mar 14 1990Conversion aids from x1
815.057TOOLEY::B_WACKERWed Mar 14 1990need to associate a window with a pixmap
816.01SSDEVO::YESSEWed Mar 14 1990Novice needs Ultrix/VMS help
817.07LAIDBK::FERGUSONThu Mar 15 1990URGENT - bug in 5
818.05ISIDRO::ALANFri Mar 16 1990X-terminal Problems
819.01DODGR::HODGMANFri Mar 16 1990Having trouble catching XLIB errors
820.0HGOVC::KENBERKUNSun Mar 18 1990Other X benchmarks?
821.02SMURF::EVANSMon Mar 19 1990Suggestion for modification to the X server for use by extensions
822.02UKEDU::DDAVIESMon Mar 19 1990Xrm resource type?
823.016WARNUT::GALLACHERMWed Mar 21 1990Xwindows and languages
824.013CRLTRX::jgMon Mar 26 1990A question for the assembled masses....
825.08PEACHS::BURQUESTTue Mar 27 1990Does the VMS 5.3 server support backing store?
826.01ABLE::VIVERITOWed Mar 28 1990Help needed on DECstation port
827.01PWDVL::BERNEISFri Mar 30 1990Where to find new pbm (Portable Bitmap) ???
828.01PIPA::SANTIAGOSun Apr 01 19902 questions about X11(R4).help.
829.05PARSI::ROYSun Apr 01 1990R4 with V4?
831.022MISFIT::MEADTue Apr 03 1990X11R4 Installation/Operation Questions
832.02SHIPS::STEVENS_MWed Apr 04 1990ISO lower layer support
833.0643945::KAKATue Apr 10 1990problems building xterm.
834.010STAR::HARDYWed Apr 11 1990Non-fatal Xlib IO Error Handler?
835.01DSSDEV::PERRONThu Apr 12 1990dxue related
836.01ELLI::peuraWed Apr 18 1990X11 R4 and 3MAX
837.0512345::thomasWed Apr 18 1990ULTRIX V4.
838.09DEALIN::LAMBERTWed Apr 18 1990Proposed change to XDisplayString and DisplayString operation
839.0ABLE::CROSSNOWed Apr 18 1990Window restacking notification problem
840.04TOOLEY::B_WACKERMon Apr 23 1990XListFontsWithInfo does not return font id
841.07AIAG::KAMESHTue Apr 24 1990X11R4 server speedups?
842.07WHELIN::LAMBERTTue Apr 24 1990Determining the node name associated with a Display
843.010VMSDEV::HALLYBTue Apr 24 1990Expose sequencing/ event handling
844.01CANYON::IDEKERTue Apr 24 1990HP Windows <-> DECwindows
845.0DCC::URBANWed Apr 25 1990How use ppmto* and *toppm
846.01DEMING::BRAUNWed Apr 25 1990Need pointer to X11R3 contrib stuff
847.04HILLST::KHALLThu Apr 26 1990X and DECwindows over a Real-time network?
848.01KAORSC::K_BURECHAILOThu Apr 26 1990X region routines and clipping
849.03OPHION::KLEEFri Apr 27 1990X bibliography
850.01AIAG::KAMESHFri Apr 27 1990minor bug in X11R4 Xlib implementation of XCloseDisplay?
851.0HANJA::GREENWOODMon Apr 30 1990X Consortium - mltalk discussions
852.04SUBWAY::LIUTue May 01 1990Max colormap?
853.01SAC::JENKINS_TWed May 02 1990Not allowing input focus
854.011RIPPLE::ALBRECHMAThu May 03 1990Xlib and G_float
855.03HILLST::KHALLFri May 04 1990Vectored Fonts
856.03HILLST::KHALLFri May 04 1990Client Application wants to update its windows?
857.02SMURF::EVANSFri May 04 1990FIPS goes X
858.03MDRADV::MAMORENOMon May 07 1990How to use programable keys ?
859.0THAVTue May 08 1990Example of accelerators ?
860.0HILLST::KHALLWed May 09 1990Shared Memory Segments and XALLOC?
861.01SARAH::P_DAVISWed May 09 1990Application hangs in XtMainLoop
862.04CSC32::BONNEFri May 11 1990"Video performance writing large images"
863.03XANADU::GANAPATHIFri May 11 1990Intrinsics manual
864.02COYOTE::HOWARDPTue May 15 1990Xstone Benchmark Pointer Needed
865.0DECK::MADERThu May 17 1990.XtActions?
866.0NOATAK::HAASTue May 22 1990Northwest Job Opportunities
867.02TALLIS::JBELLTue May 22 1990XIO: unable to open connection. time bomb
868.04REDBCK::mikeWed May 23 1990xdm and console messages
869.011SMURF::EVANSFri May 25 1990Should we use GCC to build DECwindows?
870.04TLE::ZANZERKIAFri May 25 1990X11R4 on VMS ??
871.02DECWET::SCHREIBERFri May 25 1990Actions not found?
872.02DENVER::LANGFELDTTue May 29 1990Fill MANY polygons?
873.04EMASS::FLETCHERTue May 29 1990RGB .. colormaps .. and an N-plane display
874.016OPHION::KLEEWed May 30 1990public review of ANSI X standard
875.01BEAGLE::LAFORGUEFri Jun 01 1990looking for Greek fonts
876.02GLDOA::CHALTASMon Jun 04 1990how does xterm -Sxxd really work?
877.08DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Jun 04 1990Small problems with DECwindows applications displaying to X11R4
878.0KASINO::ALTENHOFENTue Jun 05 1990Share your X Applications!
879.05AIAG::KAMESHTue Jun 05 1990Need help with Xcfb server
880.02BURTON::YEATESThu Jun 07 1990Setting up the font path on V4.
881.02HANNAH::OSMANFri Jun 08 1990DECwindows and X WINDOW SYSTEM error (XPolygonRegion)
882.05HANNAH::OSMANFri Jun 08 1990should XPolygonRegion give standard error ?
883.02DECWET::SCHREIBERMon Jun 11 1990How to determine resource names?
884.0ACESMK::FRANCUSMon Jun 11 1990Problem with X11 R4 on VS31
885.02EMASS::FLETCHERTue Jun 12 1990N-plane graphics board => N bits/pixel ?
886.0CSC32::B_KEMPTue Jun 12 1990XDrawLines/XFillPolygon on a 32
887.01WR2FOR::BELINSKY_MAWed Jun 13 1990Release 4 on DS31
888.09HANNAH::OSMANThu Jun 14 1990why does XPolygonRegion crash so easily ?
890.02LARRYC::SYSTEMFri Jun 15 1990Secure X?
891.0EPIK::P_DAVISMon Jun 18 1990X Toolkit Error: Couldn't find per display information
892.0STAR::KLEINSORGETue Jun 19 1990Overlay Plane Extension?
893.04DSSDEV::MORTue Jun 19 1990Help with resizing X Windows
894.03DSSDEV::PERRONWed Jun 20 1990XIE looking for a pointer to info
895.02TAVMon Jun 25 1990A bug in dxwm ???
896.0EMILE::CHARMOILLEMon Jun 25 1990XVIEW V2 ???
897.015MUTTON::LAMBMon Jun 25 1990R4 - Two Window, Two Workstations, One Mouse/Keyboard
898.010SMURF::EVANSMon Jun 25 1990Suggestions sought for X11R5 from MIT
899.0DENVER::LANGFELDTMon Jun 25 1990PolyPoly extension anyone?
900.05POBOX::MAMMENMon Jun 25 1990can't direct display from Apollo to VMS
901.03TOWNS::RUFFIEUXMon Jun 25 1990X development on PC and MAC
902.0TAVWed Jun 27 19903D Calculations
903.013PAPERS::AUSTINThu Jun 28 1990XFillPolygon with many points ?
904.05FROTHY::TATLOWThu Jun 28 1990X-like communications system
905.02INDPNT::WINNFri Jun 29 1990What values of depth are valid on an 8 plane display?
906.04EMASS1::FLETCHERFri Jun 29 1990overload on Xserver? .. on ds5
907.0KERNEL::MORGANIThu Jul 05 1990xpr needed
908.016SX4GTO::PRICEThu Jul 05 1990Is XLookupString completely implemented?
909.0CRL::treeseThu Jul 05 1990R3 docs?
910.02FRSTSC::ERLEMANNTue Jul 10 19907bit problems in keyboard emulation?
911.0KERNEL::MORGANIWed Jul 11 1990Disobiedient child widdget wanted!!
912.03EMASS::KANGThu Jul 12 1990XAPPLRESDIR environmental variable
913.02BERNFri Jul 13 1990XBM-File Creation?
914.07KTOVWed Jul 18 1990X-server for DS5
915.01TAVThu Jul 19 1990VS31
916.01OZROCK::GREHANThu Jul 19 1990Compressed X ?
917.03ZSAZSA::READINGSFri Jul 20 1990Color mapping on VAXstation 31
919.0BURTON::YEATESMon Jul 23 1990Request for X articles
920.01DPDMAI::ARAGONWed Jul 25 1990XT LIBRARY ON VMS5.3?
921.0TAVThu Jul 26 1990Timed out in LoadColorMap status=1
922.06CHEFS::HOWLETTTFri Jul 27 1990overlaying planes - pseudo colour maybe
923.01FORTSC::WIGENSun Jul 29 1990Rlogin broke on Ultrix/UWS 4.
924.01HANNAH::OSMANMon Jul 30 1990XSetClipRectangle misindexed in purple book
925.02OLDTMR::PSMITHTue Jul 31 1990Xtm2d wedges after running UG benchmarks
926.03WARNUT::GALLACHERMTue Jul 31 1990X11PERF with IBM Xstation
927.05CSC32::B_KEMPTue Jul 31 1990XSelectAsyncInput and KeymapNotify Event
928.03CRLTRX::jgTue Jul 31 1990Randi Rost's book is out...
929.06HANNAH::OSMANTue Jul 31 1990XPolygonRegion hindering tek emulation product
930.0MUDIS3::FROHNHOFFThu Aug 09 1990change of input focus ?
931.01GRANPA::FBONINIThu Aug 09 1990Clients talking thru properties - revisited
932.0XLIB::MARSONThu Aug 09 1990Performance problems using XPutImage on DS5
934.09BLKPUD::THOMASAWed Aug 15 1990Xlib Input queue questions
935.07CRATE::HUNDALWed Aug 15 1990Pull down menu example.
936.03CSOA1::COLLINSThu Aug 16 1990X/Open Look/MIT
937.05SMURF::JJGSat Aug 18 1990protecting access to graphics display device
938.01BURTON::MCCAUSLANDMon Aug 20 1990Customer Supplied Xlib/Xserver Support?
939.01CRLTRX::jgWed Aug 22 1990X Window System, 2nd edition.
940.02DSSDEV::LANGONEWed Aug 22 1990How to best obtain XCharStruct per each font character
941.01CADSE::REHMThu Aug 23 1990How do I guess which way the pointer is going?
942.04LENO::GRIERFri Aug 24 1990Imake documentation?
943.0XLIB::MARSONWed Aug 29 1990XSetClipMask problem ?
944.0KAOFS::G_BREZINAThu Aug 30 1990xmodmap documentation
945.01KERNEL::MCNULTYMon Sep 03 1990Xtcreatepopupshell requires non-NULL parent
946.06KERNEL::MCNULTYTue Sep 04 1990AIX v3.1, xterm error -> VT1
947.07TAVTue Sep 04 1990Ultrix/X - timeout or retries
949.02CIMNET::DMILLERWed Sep 05 1990XPolygonRegion returning -1??
950.014KEYS::MOELLERThu Sep 06 1990Tom's Window Manager
951.03FUEL::grahamFri Sep 07 1990Invisible Widget?
952.05INTGRA::grbFri Sep 07 1990X Network performance
953.04RANGER::PETERSONFri Sep 07 1990Need pointer to the Consortium tests
954.02AIAG::KAMESHSat Sep 08 1990X11R4 and Decwindows font naming questions
955.04SAMUEL::MARRATue Sep 11 1990Child Window Not Mapping...
956.01WSEWed Sep 12 1990Xlib close-on-exec bug?
957.02CRATE::HUNDALThu Sep 13 1990Paper by David Rosenthal of SUN/ Comparing X and a Toolkit
958.0DECWIN::FISHERThu Sep 13 1990X Conference Call for Papers
959.01SRFSUP::HERKELRATHThu Sep 13 1990X11R4 on CDROM?
960.02TKOVOA::HAYASHI_TFri Sep 14 1990Problem inst X11 R4
961.03STKHUV::HULTMANFri Sep 14 1990Live show i X Windows
962.02SAHQ::TADAMSTue Sep 18 1990Server capabilities
963.0CURIE::LOThu Sep 20 1990Competitive Graphics Analysis Document
964.01AIAG::KAMESHFri Sep 21 1990Announcing Teleswat Baselevel 2.1
965.02HANNAH::OSMANMon Sep 24 1990X WINDOW SYSTEM book fails on XSynchronize
966.0TRADE::BOONEWed Sep 26 1990looking for X under OS/2
967.013OXNARD::KLEEThu Sep 27 1990shared X?
968.03SHARIF::BULLARDMon Oct 01 1990XLib calls from Fortran under Ultrix V4.
969.05TLSETue Oct 02 1990X_PolyFillRectangle / BadLength
970.02SUOSW3::KNOBLACHThu Oct 04 1990input from a file ?
971.0LOVADA::SCHERRERMon Oct 08 1990EERP-MOSAIC Neural Networks Demo Kit
972.02CALYPS::KLAMERUSTue Oct 09 1990X-Routing?
973.01STKHUV::HULTMANWed Oct 10 1990Interviews ?
974.03TEASE::WEAVERThu Oct 11 1990man page for xmodmap
975.01KAOFS::G_BREZINAMon Oct 15 1990How to modify a function key in dxterm-Ultrix4.
976.02SAC::GIBSON_CFri Oct 19 1990Xpr utility from MIT tape
977.01DOOBIE::millerFri Oct 19 1990Imake on VMS?
978.01DDIF::MCEVOYWed Oct 24 1990libXt.a standardized?
979.01KERNEL::BAYLISDWed Oct 24 1990Xtm2d and tablet/puck thingy.
980.04BOUNCR::WATSONTue Oct 30 1990R4 for DS5
981.07BOSTRN::WISEWed Oct 31 1990How do I pick an object?
982.04CALYPS::KLAMERUSMon Nov 05 1990X-IPC
983.04DECEAT::FREEDMANTue Nov 06 1990Problem building X11R4
984.02ODIXIE::ROSEWed Nov 07 1990Pan/Zoom, Activate a Background Window, Refresh Sp
985.0MUNICH::WENDLThu Nov 08 1990known polyline bug in Xcfb server
986.014753Fri Nov 09 1990Problem with XGetImage on DS5
987.01XLIB::WIELEFri Nov 09 1990imake and uil?
988.08OXNARD::KLEEFri Nov 09 1990XLookupString - Ultrix vs. MIT
989.01HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHMon Nov 12 1990XtAppAddInput with message queue (msgget, msgrcv etc)?
990.02CLT::CLTMAX::dickTue Nov 13 1990I18N - Xlib document
991.02AISG::LANDINGHAMTue Nov 13 1990twm and the DECwindows bookreader
992.03FORTSC::SHOMOThu Nov 15 1990X11R3/X11R4 Client/Server Issues?
993.01BERNMon Nov 19 1990PHIGS and X11 Problems
994.0WIDGIT::WESTMon Nov 19 1990Rocky Mountain X Users Group
995.04DDIF::MCEVOYMon Nov 19 1990font dpi
996.03HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHTue Nov 20 1990Xvt
997.01FIRTue Nov 20 1990starting X interface
998.01USWRSL::MAK_SITue Nov 20 1990X demos source code?
999.01STAR::BOIKOTue Nov 20 1990X Event Queue Monitor..?
1000.03SCAACT::ANDERSONTue Nov 20 1990xprop
1001.06ASD::RAMANWed Nov 21 1990DecWindows/X11R4 server. problem....
1002.02BLKPUD::THOMASAMon Nov 26 1990xm2d & motif 1.1 ???
1003.0WIDGIT::WESTMon Nov 26 1990Here's the latest X Conference Info...
1004.04ODIXIE::DOCKENDORFMon Nov 26 1990Multiple Display Options and Event Monitoring
1005.01SCAACT::RESENDETue Nov 27 1990VEX video extension to X
1006.05DEMOAX::GINGERWed Nov 28 1990Text widget problem
1007.0PERFCT::RICHWed Nov 28 1990Installing X11R4
1008.0SCAACT::ANDERSONThu Nov 29 1990Thanks for info
1009.04GOYA::ANAThu Nov 29 1990Where is libXt.a with ULTRIX 4.
1010.0SCHOOL::ZAVGRENFri Nov 30 1990Need XFIG for (VAX)Ultrix4.
1011.02ZSAZSA::READINGSFri Nov 30 1990Can backing store be forced on?
1012.02UTRTSC::CAHILLMon Dec 03 1990Looking for .BDF files
1013.03KASINO::NEIDECKERTue Dec 04 1990Window sharing software available
1014.08TILTS::YOSHIITue Dec 04 1990UWS 2.2 xconsole required?
1015.05CSC32::B_KEMPWed Dec 05 1990LIne width affects number of pixels drawn by XDrawLines
1016.0ADO75A::SHARPEThu Dec 06 1990imake bin for ULTRIX 4.
1017.0EPIK::P_DAVISThu Dec 06 1990Substituting tablet for mouse?
1018.0MISFIT::SALEHIMSun Dec 09 1990How to build MITs X11R4 for DS5
1019.04USWRSL::MAK_SIWed Dec 12 1990X-Server: VT12
1020.03TKOV51::DIAMONDWed Dec 12 1990Yet Another XSetInputFocus problem
1021.011LAIDBK::METZIDISThu Dec 13 1990XPutPixel in hetergenous environment
1022.05SMURF::HOFFMANThu Dec 13 1990when will UWS be X11R4?
1023.01SCAACT::ANDERSONWed Dec 19 1990Problems with xinit
1024.01EVETPU::MCEVOYWed Dec 19 1990font names - case sensitive?
1025.06USRCV1::SCHWARTZGWed Dec 19 19904.1 Xserver problems, ds5
1026.0232959::CHIBBAROThu Dec 20 1990Request for DEC's X11R4 Sources
1027.02KETJE::PUTMANSFri Dec 21 1990PIXMAP size on DS5
1028.01SCAACT::ANDERSONFri Dec 21 1990XDM on Ultrix 4.
1029.01ADO75A::SHARPEWed Jan 02 1991asciiTextWidgetClass
1030.0TAVWed Jan 02 1991enlarge buffer for cut & paste for Decterms
1031.010SMURF::HOFFMANWed Jan 02 1991No MIT X11R4 X servers in ULTRIX/UWS V4.2
1032.02LAIDBK::METZIDISWed Jan 02 1991poor XDrawSegments performance on PX
1033.02LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERWed Jan 02 1991SCO unix R_OK missing?
1034.03ADO75A::SHARPEThu Jan 03 1991DECwrite and font problem ...
1035.02NVSD6::MAJDALAWIEHThu Jan 03 1991xwd.c file
1036.0AIAG::KAMESHFri Jan 04 1991Teleswat Technical Review Jan 8, 1991 in DLB5
1037.015SDSVAX::SWEENEYTue Jan 08 1991Shape extension
1038.02NZOMIS::HOWARDTue Jan 15 1991From VWS to PHIGS (or X/lib)?
1039.02ASD::RAMANTue Jan 15 1991"tvtwm"...some questions...!!
1040.03DDIF::MCEVOYTue Jan 15 1991XCreatePixmap, how to check if sucessful?
1041.0ATZThu Jan 17 1991what's what ?
1042.02ZSAZSA::READINGSFri Jan 18 1991Pixmap storage on PXG Turbo
1043.011SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Jan 18 1991Review: 5th Annual X Technical Conference
1044.0AISG::LANDINGHAMTue Jan 22 1991xpostit/tvtwm focus problem
1045.01TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_CWed Jan 23 1991XGetStandardColormap question
1046.03PRSSOS::PRONIERTue Jan 29 1991bad CX/Ultrix 4.1 image performance.
1047.02GALVIA::BREATHNACHWed Jan 30 1991Sample Motif compliant UIL wanted
1048.01DATABS::BWILSONThu Jan 31 1991Action procs vs. event handlers - what's the difference ?
1049.0HIPOWR::B_KEMPMon Feb 04 1991XChangePointerControl with a threshold of zero
1050.01ABSISG::WEBERTue Feb 05 1991X Imaging Extensions Conference
1051.01NOBOZO::OCONNORWed Feb 06 1991setting visual class AND depth
1052.02MUCTEC::WENDLThu Feb 07 1991grabbing login screen possible??
1053.09MUCTEC::WENDLFri Feb 08 1991programming for two (dual) screens
1054.01TRCAWed Feb 13 1991X startup pointers?
1055.0STKHUV::HULTMANThu Feb 14 1991XTERM under VMS ?
1056.01MINDER::GLASSUPThu Feb 14 1991GIF and XBM Advice Please
1057.0SWAM3::GIRLANDO_JIThu Feb 14 1991Xserver performance comparisons
1058.03GOTA1::BJERKEHOLTFri Feb 15 1991xterm -C supposed to work ?
1059.0WIDGIT::WESTFri Feb 15 19915th X Conference Summary (from internet)
1060.0WIDGIT::WESTFri Feb 15 1991X Technical Conference Materials
1062.03MUCTEC::WENDLMon Feb 18 1991XProtocolRevision returns
1063.05MUCTEC::WENDLMon Feb 18 1991client able to recognize which wm is running?
1064.07CALYPS::KLAMERUSTue Feb 19 1991Color RubberBanding
1065.02WARNUT::GALLACHERMWed Feb 20 1991Pointer to Xdm ???
1066.0FRAWed Feb 20 1991How to erase the login-box from screen
1067.01KASINO::NEIDECKERThu Feb 21 1991How do I see that I can use MITSHM ?
1068.02TRCOThu Feb 21 1991How does a mouse work?
1069.07BIGRED::DANIELSFri Feb 22 1991XCopyColormapAndFree doesn't copy colors?
1070.03OXNARD::KLEETue Feb 26 1991draft paper on common X programming errors
1071.01SCAACT::ANDERSONTue Feb 26 1991XDM source ?
1072.0SMAUG::SHENTue Feb 26 1991why I can't create window?
1073.013LAIDBK::METZIDISTue Feb 26 1991Synchronizing color changes and vertical retracing
1074.04SCAACT::ANDERSONWed Feb 27 1991Keystroke interceptor program?
1075.09TRCAWed Feb 27 1991x server and UIMX
1076.03JSOCSS::NOGUCHIThu Feb 28 1991AT&T Claims patent on part of MIT's X11 server.
1077.02BIGRED::DANIELSThu Feb 28 1991Offsets? Clipping masks?
1078.0SAC::GIBSON_CThu Feb 28 1991Overlays on a PXG
1079.02SAC::GIBSON_CFri Mar 01 1991X11R3 and X11R4 differences
1080.01BIGRED::DANIELSTue Mar 05 1991XFillRectangle fails on depth 1 Pixmap
1081.04DDIF::MCEVOYTue Mar 05 1991how does X clip lines greater than one pixel wide?
1082.02CALS::BRAGINSKYWed Mar 06 1991Wanted: imake, makedepend, config files
1083.02VISA::PIKEWed Mar 06 1991fix for building R4 on 4.
1084.01MINDER::EWINGRFri Mar 08 1991x load on network/cpu
1085.01CALS::BRAGINSKYFri Mar 08 1991Installing InterViews
1086.02USRCV1::OHARAFri Mar 08 1991XDrawLine missing plxels
1087.01BIGRED::DANIELSFri Mar 08 1991Color maps on a 24 bit color system?
1088.05FORTY2::MOOREWed Mar 13 1991Problem with DXDB - X version of DBX
1089.02COPCLU::TRIERWed Mar 13 1991XIO fatal IO error 32 problem HELP !
1090.0PEACHS::BELDINThu Mar 14 1991What is current colormap?
1091.05JRDVMon Mar 18 1991Where is XA_COMPOUND_TEXT?
1092.0BEEZER::MORGANIWed Mar 20 1991Disappeared menus...
1093.01SUMPEN::SAMUELSSONWed Mar 20 1991Keymap questions
1094.07CFSCTC::UPHAMWed Mar 20 1991Questions regarding default colormaps
1095.04IJSAPL::BLEDOEGThu Mar 21 1991inquiring input focus with XGetInputFocus?
1096.02WONDER::COMMOThu Mar 21 1991<< XtMalloc/XtCalloc Error?? >>
1097.01PEACHS::BELDINFri Mar 22 1991What is currently installed colormap?
1099.01SUBWAY::SCHULMANTue Mar 26 1991X & GPX
1100.012TOPTEN::WOODTue Mar 26 1991DW4125 & MOTIF, WHEN???
1101.0LAIDBK::FERGUSONTue Mar 26 1991So California need ULTRIX delivery people.
1102.02AIAG::KAMESHFri Mar 29 1991Teleswat baselevel 2.3 is now available
1103.03MUCTEC::WENDLTue Apr 02 1991searching for a decwrl report on Xcfb
1104.0XANADU::GANAPATHIWed Apr 03 1991XrmQGetSearchList
1105.04SAC::GIBSON_CThu Apr 04 1991Loss of backing store
1106.01USWRSL::YUAN_VIFri Apr 05 1991Help! XCreateColormap on DS5
1107.01COMPLX::WILSONFri Apr 05 1991Need to force a window to top of screen stack
1108.01FORTY2::MOORETue Apr 09 1991X client locations
1109.02CSC32::B_BRADACHWed Apr 10 1991connect to transport layer on VMS?
1110.02VNASWS::GEROLDTue Apr 16 1991Some font questions
1111.01CFSCTC::CCHENThu Apr 18 1991dragging across windows
1112.01MARX::MICOZZIFri Apr 19 1991Window no longer generating events
1113.04SCAACT::ANDERSONFri Apr 19 1991OpenWindows Fonts to pcf Fonts??
1114.03VAOUMon Apr 22 1991help me understand printscreen
1115.05KETJE::PUTMANSTue Apr 23 1991xtobdf ?
1116.0KASINO::NEIDECKERThu Apr 25 1991Screensaver question
1117.0EZ2GET::STEWARTThu May 02 1991portable images, how to show 'em?
1118.02SAC::JENKINS_TFri May 03 1991XCopyArea performance vs. SUN
1119.02KHAN::SELBYFri May 03 1991Problems with X$QUERY_TREE from PASCAL.
1120.01VOGON::HAIGHAFri May 03 1991HYPERCARD porting tool
1121.014LNGBCH::SCHNEIDERTue May 07 1991xgrabsc.c and or color postscript screen capture
1122.09KETJE::DIERICKTue May 07 1991Moving windows
1123.0CALYPS::KLAMERUSWed May 08 1991exposures
1124.02MUDDIN::BUTTRICKThu May 09 1991R4 error don't know how to make world
1125.03MR4DEC::AWILLIAMSThu May 09 1991Can you resize a pixmap??
1126.0TROAThu May 09 1991X Applications for MS-WINDOWS and MAC's
1127.02WIDGIT::WESTThu May 09 1991X thru FDDI gateways...
1128.05MUCTEC::WENDLTue May 14 1991Xserver without dxsession timing out?
1129.05TPOVC::SAMCHUWed May 15 1991What is Xdmcp(X-window display control program)
1130.04DWOVAX::BEHNKEThu May 16 1991Fileview Icon (and other) resource names.
1131.0MILRAT::UGRINOWThu May 16 1991X Window Courses
1132.02TKTVFS::ASARAFri May 17 1991XFillPolygon() on DS5
1133.01LAIDBK::SCHNEIDERFri May 17 1991is case an issue on VMS servers running unix clients?
1134.03TAVTue May 21 1991XPutImage on DS5
1135.073D::DAVISThu May 23 1991Pseudo-events getting lost?
1136.03KETJE::DIERICKMon May 27 1991X Windows versus direct hardware access.
1137.0SHAWB1::THOMASATue May 28 1991keysym/fonts & xterm question
1138.09TLE::TLE::WELLSTue May 28 1991Client bug: garbage in pixmap
1139.01COMICS::BELLWed May 29 1991Why are DrawRectangle & FillRectangle extents different ?
1140.01NOBOZO::GREBUSThu May 30 1991Anyone have the Thomas Roell X11R4 server?
1141.0VAXUUM::EROSSFri May 31 1991Need XQueryWindowCursor or some such
1142.08CREME::BELDINTue Jun 04 1991Where is Xlibint.h? Can it be given away?
1143.01COYOTE::HOWARDPTue Jun 04 1991URM 1.
1144.02KETJE::DIERICKWed Jun 05 1991Urgent need for X11R4 on PX - PXG
1145.0SEURAT::NEWMANThu Jun 06 1991Server never reads my data -- causes server hang.
1146.04HGSW15::NICHOLASHOTue Jun 11 1991How to define Tek window size
1147.03GLDOA::CHALTASThu Jun 13 1991XGetDefaults?
1148.0NVSD6::DAMOULAKISMon Jun 17 1991X11R4 xterm incompatible with X11R3 server
1149.01SMURF::JJGTue Jun 18 1991Xqdsg background painting problem
1150.01ZSAZSA::READINGSWed Jun 19 1991Save-unders without backing-store?
1151.01MUNICH::BLAKEWed Jun 19 1991How many servers running on multihead?
1152.01USRCV1::ILSLEYWed Jun 19 1991Performance / Sizing of VT13
1153.0NCBOOT::WESTMANWed Jun 19 1991Open Look anyone?
1154.02LJOHUB::GIBIANWed Jun 19 1991How do you determine which version of X is installed?
1155.0DENVER::MATSUSHITAThu Jun 20 1991Help- Ctrl key and XRebindKeysym
1156.02CSOA1::WILKINSFri Jun 21 1991missing include files
1157.01HOBBLE::MCFARLANDFri Jun 21 1991Chinese fonts???
1158.03HGOVA::KIMWAHNGMon Jun 24 1991MOTIF problem with SUN machine
1159.0HANNAH::OSMANTue Jun 25 1991what comes between WM_STATE and WM_TRANSIENT_FOR ?
1160.01BEBBI::SCHMIDTIThu Jun 27 1991X Windows literature
1161.0DCOPST::COLSRV::ASHERISACOFFMon Jul 01 1991Disappearing Graphics Perf. (x11perf)?!!
1162.03CREME::BELDINMon Jul 01 1991Bug in XSubtractRegion?
1163.01CREME::BELDINTue Jul 02 1991XForceScreenSaver odd behavior
1164.02MUCTEC::WENDLWed Jul 03 1991sources of the examples of Jerry D. Smith's book
1165.02MFRNW1::DENISGTue Jul 09 1991VMS <-->IBM
1166.02WATNOW::gerryThu Jul 11 1991ULTRIX 4.2 Xws ignoring plane masks ?
1167.05OZROCK::MUGGERIDGEFri Jul 12 1991X
1168.03ZPOVC::POHINGMon Jul 15 1991Fonts in BDF format
1169.05ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGTue Jul 16 1991Problem PXG & images
1170.06CEDSWS::BRIERLEYTue Jul 16 1991Looking for X11PERF and XPERFMON
1171.04SHIPS::WEBSTER_MWed Jul 17 1991Grab pointer bug in Xws
1172.02PTOVAX::WILKINSWed Jul 17 1991undefined arguments
1173.01PHDVAX::DLEWISThu Jul 18 1991Idle server logout needed??
1174.02MUCTEC::WENDLFri Jul 19 1991XIO: fatal IO error 9 Bad file number :^{ ???
1175.023D::DAVISFri Jul 19 1991Why won't XGetImage...XPutImage work?
1176.03RIPPLE::BRENNAN_JEMon Jul 22 1991Server Queue on client node?
1177.08STAR::KLEINSORGETue Jul 23 1991MIT server patches?
1178.02TPOVC::SAMCHUTue Jul 23 1991Help while porting X11R4 to Ultrix 4.1
1179.0RIPPLE::BRENNAN_JETue Jul 23 1991When might I need Contexts?
1180.0SHAWB1::THOMASAThu Jul 25 1991
1181.08KETJE::DIERICKFri Jul 26 1991Urgent hellp needed on xmodmap and dxsession
1182.01HGSW15::NICHOLASHOSat Jul 27 1991How to extract files from MIT tape ?
1183.01ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGTue Jul 30 1991Q on HP's X Server
1184.02DECWET::SHELLTue Jul 30 1991Questions about Inter-Client Communication
1185.02KERNEL::BAYSAWed Jul 31 1991Mapping Backspace key in X windows
1186.04MQOSWS::J_DUBOISWed Jul 31 1991Multi-buffering example?
1187.01TRUCKS::THRUSSELL_RThu Aug 01 1991XkeysymToString question
1188.03HGSW15::NICHOLASHOThu Aug 01 1991GXxor function doesn't work
1189.07SNOCThu Aug 01 1991How to lock screen after n secs idletime
1190.05TRUCKS::THRUSSELL_RFri Aug 02 1991XLib and the LK4
1191.03TAVSun Aug 04 1991Problem with xlibintro.c
1192.04BIS3::GILLISMon Aug 05 1991 Tablet support in X11.4 ?
1193.06SUMPEN::SAMUELSSONTue Aug 06 1991R5 Xlib manual??
1194.06RTOEU::DREUTHERTue Aug 06 1991X_CreateColormap Error on DS5
1195.02MINNIE::DDAVIESWed Aug 07 1991Extra enter / leave events ?
1196.04MR4DEC::LBLEIWEISSThu Aug 08 1991moveable X-windows help needed
1197.03CHEFS::MCCAUSLANDAFri Aug 09 1991Caps Lock on UWS V4.2?
1198.03RANCHO::KOLLINGMon Aug 12 1991size/pixels on a diet
1199.01GIDDAY::SHCHIUMon Aug 12 1991Can not convert <font> to type font Struct
1200.01GLDOA::TREBILCOTTWed Aug 14 1991Does anyone know VMS?
1201.021OXNARD::KLEEWed Aug 14 1991X11R5
1202.03XNOGOV::JOEThu Aug 15 1991XtReparentWidget ?
1203.01HGOVA::TASMANSIUFri Aug 16 1991how to know the idletime of a process ?
1204.04MUCTEC::WENDLTue Aug 20 1991testing an application (instead of debugging...)?
1205.02TENAYA::HJPTue Aug 20 1991Crash Goes The Server
1206.0GYUPCC::BLAKEWed Aug 21 1991X11+F77+ULTRIX? For the last time, hopefully
1207.0SAC::JENKINS_TWed Aug 21 1991Problems with XLookupString
1208.01KERNEL::BAYSAFri Aug 23 1991DST512
1210.0FORTSC::SHOMOFri Aug 23 1991ULRIX/AIX Windows Problem?
1211.0DENVER::MATSUSHITATue Aug 27 1991A BUG??? X11 R3 server?
1212.010MFRNW1::DENISWed Aug 28 1991how do you set default font path ?
1213.08JMPOFF::RONANWed Aug 28 1991Cursor disappearing on 3MIN
1214.03ZPOVC::HENRYCHEUNGThu Aug 29 1991Doc. to port to PXG (24-bit)?
1215.01NEWPRT::SCHOOLER_CHThu Aug 29 1991Ada Xlib Bindings?
1216.04SAC::WOOD_JThu Aug 29 1991Bug with XFill when using Stipples? -Xws server with Ultrix 4.2
1217.01TPOVC::SAMCHUSun Sep 01 1991source examples from Xlib Programming Manual ?
1218.01FORTSC::SHOMOTue Sep 03 1991Location of xmonitor
1219.01HKOVC::TERENCEWed Sep 04 1991XFillRectangle color control question
1220.01ANGLIN::ORTHOBERFri Sep 06 199124 bit get image format confirmation please
1221.02QUABBI::daemonSun Sep 08 1991X security
1222.01WOTVAX::MEAKINSMon Sep 09 1991Shared X
1223.03DEMOAX::LOEWMon Sep 09 1991Savimg and Resimg Help
1224.05QUABBI::daemonTue Sep 10 19911992 X Technical Conference (January in Boston)
1225.03VAOUThu Sep 12 1991WM_COMMAND from dxterm ??
1226.03GLDOA::MCKENNAThu Sep 12 1991X terminal info needed
1227.0PTOVAX::SCOTTFri Sep 13 1991Maxine frame buffer
1228.0STKHLM::KARLSSON_SFri Sep 13 1991Drawning objects in decwrite gives you problem
1229.02USRCV1::ILSLEYFri Sep 13 1991MOTIF / WOLLOGONG / Window mgr confused ...
1230.0FORTY2::MOOREFri Sep 13 1991X11R4 binaries for an ISC-based 386 UNIX bix
1231.01VC9Fri Sep 13 1991uncompress intrinsics.PS.Z results in error
1232.03IDEHUB::GHOSHTue Sep 17 1991Uregntly need X11 files.
1233.05DECWIN::HURLEYTue Sep 17 1991Getting on the distribution list for fix-trackers
1234.09CSC32::A_GEORGETue Sep 17 1991XReparentWindow
1235.05QUABBI::daemonTue Sep 17 1991Anyone who as retrieved an R5 distribution, read and obey!
1236.012GOTA1::BJERKEHOLTWed Sep 18 1991Need X Server Input Extension doc.
1237.01IDEHUB::GHOSHFri Sep 20 1991Porting issues from R3 to R4
1238.0WIDGIT::WESTMon Sep 23 19916th Annual X Window System Tech Conference
1239.01MUNICH::WENDLMon Sep 23 1991VAX & entropy (or quality assurance?)
1240.0OSOVTue Sep 24 1991XDrawSegments problem
1241.0CSC32::A_GEORGEThu Sep 26 1991XWriteBitmapFile on VT13
1242.05TRUCKS::THRUSSELL_RWed Oct 02 1991Keysym for SHY on LK4
1243.0TENERE::SILVAThu Oct 03 1991 Toolkit Warning: No type converter?
1244.035KETJE::DIERICKFri Oct 04 199112 bits pseudocolor on our Station ??
1245.01USRCV1::ILSLEYTue Oct 08 1991problems with cluster boots?
1246.02MINNY::PEREIRAFri Oct 11 1991looking for xterm sources X11.3
1247.0CFII::OWENFri Oct 11 1991X cannot find my PER-USER application default file under ULTRIX
1248.02MORO::MAUTZ_RIMon Oct 14 1991Windows & Dial-ups??
1249.0DRAC::DOMINGOWed Oct 16 1991ARC-INFO in a VT13
1250.02CSC32::M_TURNERWed Oct 16 1991Problem with X$QUERY_TEXT_EXTENTS - cross posted in DECWINDOWS
1251.04HANNAH::ACHANThu Oct 17 1991XFillRectangle() VS XClearArea()
1252.03DRAC::DOMINGOFri Oct 18 19918x13.bdf font
1253.0NBOFS1::HKLEINMon Oct 21 1991hanging output
1254.0IMLAY::KLAMERUSWed Oct 23 1991pcterm application
1255.03IMLAY::KLAMERUSWed Oct 23 1991fonts/font editor
1256.03ASKFOR::HAIGHFri Oct 25 1991ClipList did not get into Offscreen
1257.01TASTY::JEFFERYMon Oct 28 1991Type Manager for X/DECwindows?
1258.03ROMMon Oct 28 1991Pointer shape setup without dxsession
1259.06DOWNBE::MCCAUSLANDWed Oct 30 1991XInputArrival - error???
1260.0WELLIN::GRAHAMFri Nov 01 1991screen dump of login window ?
1261.01ESGWST::KISHIMURAFri Nov 01 1991X11R3 or X11R4? How can you tell?
1262.06WIDGIT::WESTMon Nov 04 1991Property updates between DEC and Sun...help
1263.019NOHOST::LEVINTue Nov 05 1991Ultrix: YES, vms: NO!
1264.01HOBBLE::ENGTue Nov 05 199116-bit font text widget? : Multi-lingual word processor needed!
1265.03TAVWed Nov 06 1991Pixmap Speed Problems
1266.04CFII::OWENFri Nov 08 1991Private colormap & non-default visual problems...help!
1267.0XLIB::WIELETue Nov 12 1991Another imake question
1268.014PAVONE::GIANNIWed Nov 13 1991Future X Consortium drag & drop protocol ????
1269.01QUABBI::"klee@wsl.dec.com"Wed Nov 13 1991USENET X frequently asked questions (FAQs)
1270.03SFBAY::UBELLMon Nov 18 1991tvtwm and DECwrite
1271.0BIS3::GILLISTue Nov 19 1991DS5
1272.04FUEL::grahamWed Nov 20 1991X11 (R5) Servers from X Consortium (MIT)?
1273.0OSLACT::JENSHThu Nov 21 1991Compressed X?
1274.06ONOIS1::AUGERFri Nov 22 1991XLIDDY : where is it ?
1275.05PAVONE::GIANNITue Nov 26 1991X Journal info ?????????????/
1276.03CNTROL::WALRATHWed Nov 27 1991Backing store question
1277.01VAOUWed Nov 27 1991Xengine available ?
1278.0KERNEL::BAYSAThu Nov 28 1991DST512
1279.0GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDFri Nov 29 1991X11R5 can't find certain fonts - decpresent!!
1280.04EKAS::EGERTONMon Dec 02 1991How is the Event Que implemeted?
1281.0KERNEL::PARRYMon Dec 02 1991XCopyPlane corrupts display
1282.06ZSAZSA::READINGSTue Dec 03 1991Pixmap size on VAXstation 4
1283.0PTOVAX::SCOTTTue Dec 03 1991error starting server
1284.01NOHOST::LEVINTue Dec 03 1991Produce C code from RAGS!!
1285.01OXNARD::KLEETue Dec 03 1991a paper on colormap manipulation techniques
1286.02HOTAIR::SCREST::ENGQUISTWed Dec 04 1991Help needed on XCopyColormapAndFree
1287.03OGWV5Mon Dec 09 1991X functions HELP needed
1288.02MUCTEC::WENDLWed Dec 11 1991multiple color tables on our 24plane(PXG) systems?
1289.0WELLIN::BULLARDThu Dec 12 1991xterm as a console and input window??
1290.01NOHOST::LEVINFri Dec 13 1991Double-clicks in Xlib
1291.0TENNIS::KAMMon Dec 16 1991Spatial (bilinear) interpolation support by X?
1292.04KERNEL::PARRYTue Dec 17 1991How does Digital XDrawLine
1293.02GBIWed Dec 18 1991color boards
1294.0SMURF::HOFFMANMon Dec 23 1991input requested for "X Product" BOF
1295.01HGOVC::DANIELYUENTue Jan 07 1992Xt Intrinsics doc, where?
1296.02ARRODS::HOUSTONTue Jan 07 1992X windows across WAN links
1297.01NODEMO::CHALTASWed Jan 08 1992Athena widgets won't run right
1298.04VAOUWed Jan 08 1992xdm with DEC logo ?
1299.02HGOVA::KIMWAHNGMon Jan 13 1992XLIB problem !
1300.0MUCTEC::WENDLMon Jan 13 1992pointer to X11R4-based PXG(t)server (Xwst3d) pleas
1301.03WELLIN::GRAHAMTue Jan 14 1992ds31
1302.05TLE::ZANZERKIAThu Jan 16 1992Transparent window again...
1303.01WELLIN::BULLARDFri Jan 17 1992XVendorRelease
1304.0VAOUFri Jan 17 1992xterm output logging to pipe problem
1305.01XLIB::JUNGCLASMon Jan 20 1992X Server Problem?
1306.02MAST::MEINERTHTue Jan 21 1992Accelerated Rendering to Virtual Pixmaps?
1307.0MLNCSC::CASAROTTIWed Jan 22 1992terminal emulator startup question
1308.0CSOA1::STUTSONWed Jan 22 1992ApplyingXtoSun
1309.05HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHThu Jan 23 1992Tune Xws?
1310.02SKYLRK::TINGFri Jan 24 1992What resource makes a window stay in a specified place??
1311.06CNTROL::MENTALFri Jan 24 1992REGIS graphics file --> X window
1312.01OSOSPS::MORINAKAMon Jan 27 1992XDrawLines, XFillPolygon question.
1313.01UPROAR::CLARKEMWed Jan 29 1992Hot Links
1314.0VNOTSC::BIRGITThu Jan 30 1992example program that uses pfd
1315.01TAVThu Jan 30 1992Server Alloc Problem
1316.02TANSKI::TANSKIThu Jan 30 1992XDoesBackingStore
1317.01NOHOST::LEVINFri Jan 31 1992Pseudo drag-and-drop with arrow buttons
1318.01KYOA::BOYLEFri Jan 31 1992Moving fonts from INTERGRAPH
1319.02PEACHS::BELDINTue Feb 04 1992Questions about Regions
1320.0TEACH::GARWed Feb 05 1992Rubber-band on read-only visual?
1321.0MUNICH::STULLICHThu Feb 06 1992Confusion with V4.2_UWS source files (Ultrix)
1322.02TEACH::GARThu Feb 06 1992Why is 1
1323.02MACNAS::BATVAN::BATEMANFri Feb 07 1992any problems building XView
1324.01HGOVA::KIMWAHNGTue Feb 11 1992How to check physical screen size ?
1325.04OSLACT::OLAVSFWed Feb 12 1992X11R4 clients without support for Xauthorize?
1327.01PAVONE::GIANNIThu Feb 13 19926 minutes to start the X11-R5 server on dec31
1328.0CSOA1::STUTSONFri Feb 14 1992DEC vs. Sun
1329.07KYOA::BOYLESat Feb 15 1992Multiple Sessions under X?
1330.04ESGWST::BOYERMon Feb 17 1992Bitmap scaling algorithm?
1331.01CSC32::B_BRADACHTue Feb 18 1992XChangeKeyboardControl pitch & duration don't work
1332.03HILLST::AMELITue Feb 18 1992X Toolkit warning message?
1333.02UNITED::PCO3Wed Feb 19 1992gc within MOTIF XmMain?
1334.03CPCOD::BRENNANWed Feb 19 1992Problem with resource database and resource files
1335.0HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Feb 20 1992MACX problem
1336.0SX4GTO::TZAYThu Feb 20 1992Digital's XC++ approach?
1337.03CSC32::A_GEORGEFri Feb 21 1992XGetIconSizes/XGetWMSizeHints
1338.02DECWIN::HURLEYMon Feb 24 1992Client/Server XImage Color mask question?
1339.02DENVER::BOYLESFri Feb 28 1992XCopyArea & backgroundPixmap??
1340.03GUESS::DOUCETTEMon Mar 02 1992function prototypes in Xlib.h need typedefs (XSizeHins etc.)
1341.0CHELSY::GILLEYTue Mar 03 1992Pointers to Performance Summaries
1342.01NGOV2Tue Mar 03 1992Does anyone have snftobdf binary?
1343.0HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHWed Mar 04 1992HX competitive figures...
1344.07DENVER::BOYLESWed Mar 04 1992XmCopyPixmap Anyone??
1345.01DENVER::BOYLESWed Mar 04 1992XReadBitmapFile example?
1346.03SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDThu Mar 05 1992VMS crashing Stardent X-server ?
1347.02DANGER::FORTMILLERFri Mar 06 1992Swap Control & Lock?
1348.04DYOSW8::WILDERFri Mar 06 199224-plane screen dump to sixel???
1349.07TENNIS::KAMMon Mar 09 1992pointer to source or author of 'xpaste'?
1350.02MANENG::ANDYBTue Mar 10 1992Trying to build an X-server
1351.0HANNAH::ALFREDTue Mar 10 1992Need XrmRemoveResource and XrmCopyDatabase functions
1352.0PEACHS::LAMPERTTue Mar 10 1992How do you know which keys have shift modifiers?
1353.04CGOOA::CHASEWed Mar 11 1992MIT X stuff on VMS?
1354.01VAOUFri Mar 13 1992Xsession and .xsession ?
1355.014PRSSUD::PRONIERFri Mar 13 1992MIT server for HX ???
1356.0HANNAH::PORTANTEFri Mar 13 1992*** FAF ***: Samples of prototype output available...
1357.01GENIE::FRIDLETue Mar 17 1992Memory usage of the X-Server
1358.01CSC32::B_BRADACHWed Mar 18 1992install colormap and pointer color change?
1359.03GUIDUK::BRENNAN_JEWed Mar 18 1992PS file confounds DPS extension
1360.0MSDSWS::NESTERSun Mar 22 1992White Papers?
1361.05MUDIS3::DSCHMIERMon Mar 23 1992Dual headed and cursor movement
1362.02SAC::JENKINS_TMon Mar 23 1992?? Problem with VMS X Server??
1363.03SAC::JENKINS_TMon Mar 23 1992Help creating bitmap cursors
1364.0SWAM1::SUMRALL_JITue Mar 24 1992X Window Server crashes with dxpsview
1365.01XLIB::EDWINWed Mar 25 1992
1366.01GLDOA::TREBILCOTTWed Mar 25 1992X Error - BadID
1367.0XLIB::EDWINWed Mar 25 1992DEC X Window System Information
1368.010CSC32::A_GEORGEThu Mar 26 1992Static Color and double bufferred animation
1369.01MUNICH::MHEINEFri Mar 27 1992display Ximage on Sun with swapped blue and red
1370.0MUCTEC::WENDLFri Mar 27 1992intermittent Xserver hang (UWS 4.2, PX) with BIND
1371.0PEACHS::BELDINFri Mar 27 1992Xservers - questions image byte/bit order
1372.03DGOSWFri Mar 27 1992Xinput overview ?
1373.01TLE::ELLENBERGERSat Mar 28 1992Hacking Imake to do the right thing...
1374.01MUDIS3::AMOUSSETWed Apr 01 1992cyrillic interface for DECwindows
1375.0PMVAX::NORIWed Apr 01 1992Line With Different Cap Styles
1376.02UTRTSC::BEYERWed Apr 01 1992/etc/screens ?
1377.016ISIDRO::AMARTINThu Apr 02 1992Xwst3d and backing store
1378.02HACMAN::DEVINEThu Apr 02 1992? mb3 with 2button stylus ?
1379.02GAUSS::DAVISMon Apr 06 1992Where are the Athena widgets?
1380.0KERNEL::HENZETue Apr 07 1992X-window sessions timeout over Translan link
1381.011KERNEL::AUSTINTue Apr 07 1992Xdrawlines on HX with XWS giving wrong output
1382.01QUABBI::"takeuchi@jit.dec.com"Wed Apr 08 1992segmentation fault at calloc()
1383.0YUPPY::GAURWed Apr 08 1992Alphawindows?
1384.0XLIB::JUNGCLASWed Apr 08 1992X11 R4 - X11 R5 compatibility
1385.05BLKPUD::TAYLORJWed Apr 08 1992DS5
1386.0HGRDThu Apr 09 1992Ideas on Final Year Project ...
1387.05CHELSY::GILLEYThu Apr 09 1992Suggestions on handling the event loop.
1388.01SCAACT::ANDERSONThu Apr 09 1992Version of libXt.a ????
1389.02CADSYS::RASKUSat Apr 11 1992Xlib.h and DEC C++ warnings (errors?)
1390.01GLDOA::KATZMon Apr 13 1992Token Ring support?\
1391.04CHELSY::GILLEYWed Apr 15 1992Detecting, monitoring, and correcting memory leaks.
1392.0ROMCSA::RAMPAThu Apr 16 1992Sofisticate Colormap Editor
1393.01MSBCS::DORMITZERFri Apr 17 1992Problems with 24 plane windows and Motif
1394.0RTPSWS::ANITAMon Apr 20 1992Not sure if this appropriate here, but...
1395.04MISFIT::SALEHIMTue Apr 21 1992RealTimeX
1396.02KERNEL::WOODWed Apr 22 1992Performance guidelines for running X over WAN please
1397.0CHEFS::MCCAUSLANDAWed Apr 22 1992MX fg/bg problem? IDE Stp Breaks
1398.03MARVIN::AMOSWed Apr 22 1992Source to xdm (X11R4) anyone?
1399.03MAJORS::SPENCEThu Apr 23 1992Allowing server access when logged out
1400.05PRSSUD::PRONIERFri Apr 24 1992X11R5/MOTIF 1.2 schedules
1401.04MSEDEV::COTEMon Apr 27 1992Text in a vertical (and angled) path
1402.0PRSSOS::GRETILLATTue Apr 28 1992XDrawLine/CapNotStyle on VS4
1403.0FSAEUR::PACEWed Apr 29 1992Standard X11?
1404.03RCOCER::HALLEWed Apr 29 1992Define command for pseudo color?
1405.07WELLIN::BULLARDFri May 01 1992Questions on Sun's X Server
1406.02STKHLM::KARLSSON_SSat May 02 1992Memory leak in XCreateRegion?????
1407.04CHELSY::GILLEYMon May 04 1992Explanation of GC clip mask.
1408.03CHELSY::GILLEYMon May 04 1992Drawing multiple objects with different colors.
1409.0BOSTON::CHUMon May 04 1992character vs X based application behavior
1410.02TOOK::A_MOOREMon May 04 1992How do you destroy a XWindowAttribute variable?
1411.0BEJVC::PRCSWSWed May 06 1992x11perf figure needed!
1412.02KETJE::DIERICKWed May 06 1992Which servers of us support XIE ?
1413.02MUNICH::STULLICHWed May 06 1992XDrawline/CapStyle (CapRound) on VS4
1415.02GNPIKE::TANSKIMon May 11 1992XInputArrival
1416.0HGOVC::CHRISFIRTHWed May 13 1992DDE equivalent
1417.0ROYALT::HENEGHANWed May 13 1992Process for adding new font formats to X11R5
1418.01MUNICH::STULLICHMon May 18 1992XQueryColor/XParseColor on HX board
1419.05GAUSS::DAVISMon May 18 1992XPutImage of 24-bit RGB image on 8-plane display?
1420.01SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue May 19 1992VS4
1421.03SAC::CHAMBERLIN_IWed May 20 1992How to greate Glyphs in a scrolled list?
1422.0COPCLU::TRIERMon May 25 1992Music CD with Graphics ?
1423.02VINO::KOMARTue May 26 1992xmodmap and LK4
1424.02WR1FOR::THOMPSON_SATue May 26 1992Help on error message
1425.02FORTY2::MOOREThu May 28 1992Problems with running UPS debugger
1426.01PIDA::KIRKPATRICKTue Jun 02 1992ICCCM Question & XSetWMProtocol()
1427.0JRDVFri Jun 05 1992LK4
1428.01TLSETue Jun 09 1992Null server ?
1429.02MSAMTue Jun 09 1992Desqview/X any good?
1430.07ROYALT::FAULKNERThu Jun 11 1992Looking for Xprim
1431.02BBIVFri Jun 12 1992XFillRectangle...??
1432.01TOOLEY::GEORGEFri Jun 12 1992XOpenDisplay & Unix style display name
1433.03CHEFS::MCCAUSLANDAMon Jun 15 1992Default Visual type on VS4
1434.07DADA::DITMARSTue Jun 16 1992how do I tell if a pixmap has become corrupted?
1435.0ROMFri Jun 19 1992Slow pixmap drawing
1436.04OZROCK::FARAGOWed Jun 24 1992Does Xdec do multi-screen?
1437.04KEMER::KIPERMon Jun 29 1992X Toolkit Error
1438.05GOOEY::WWALKERMon Jun 29 1992In search of a "better" Xmag
1439.08LNGBCH::METZIDISTue Jun 30 1992large pximaps on px server
1440.05SUBURB::TAKHARGWed Jul 01 1992Project Using X-Windows
1441.01WHEELR::CHINWed Jul 01 1992Seeking info on the X Resource Magazine
1442.0JITAKU::kobaSat Jul 04 1992XtResolvePathename
1443.06GOYA::ANAMon Jul 06 1992Cross a multi-head system feature and X11R5
1444.01DSSDEV::ENXINGMon Jul 06 1992sync/async "work procedures"
1445.01RHETT::WILKTue Jul 07 1992XDrawSegment behavior
1446.0VAOUWed Jul 08 1992xterm 132 column font?
1447.01SUOSWS::SJOQUISTWed Jul 08 1992XIO fatal IO error death
1448.01CHEFS::MCCAUSLANDAWed Jul 08 1992DECW
1449.0HOBBLE::YOUNGSun Jul 12 1992Xloadimage help
1450.03GNPIKE::TANSKITue Jul 14 1992Client Requests and the X Protocol
1451.01BLKPUD::TAYLORJWed Jul 15 1992XAllocColorCells succeeds when it shouldn't do
1452.01HGRDThu Jul 16 1992How to compile Motif Program?
1453.09CHELSY::GILLEYWed Jul 22 1992Graphic Display Update Techniques?
1454.05XLIB::MARSONWed Jul 22 1992Need help setting up visual
1455.06OXNARD::KLEEThu Jul 23 19921993 X Technical Conference, Boston, Jan. 18-2
1456.03CHELSY::GILLEYFri Jul 24 1992Relative performance of X Drawing Requests.
1457.03GUIDUK::BERKUNFri Jul 24 1992XDrawText Problem
1458.02PRSSUD::PRONIERMon Jul 27 1992X protocol on OSI/TP4 networks
1459.01TOOLEY::GEORGEMon Jul 27 1992BadConnection errors
1460.0ATHINA::SKARLATOSWed Jul 29 1992Problem with Multi-Keystroke chars (DW/Motif)
1461.0BROUGH::DAVIESTue Aug 04 1992xdm + banner again...
1462.0RDVAX::PIERSONTue Aug 04 1992Xaw3d
1463.02QUABBI::"klee@wsl.dec.com"Wed Aug 05 1992Public Release: A Multi-Threaded Xlib
1464.01JRDVFri Aug 07 1992Lock LED behavior of being closed a session
1465.04WHELIN::TASCHEREAUFri Aug 07 1992VMS <-> SunOS question
1466.01LISVAX::RODRIGUESFri Aug 07 1992Imake & xmkmf
1467.0HGSW67::NICHOLASHOMon Aug 10 1992How to emulate PC touch screen behaviour ?
1468.0ULTRA::ELLISMon Aug 10 1992Error: Can't Open display
1469.07MAST::OLIVEIRAMon Aug 10 1992XLIB, where is it?
1470.0HGRDWed Aug 12 1992Looking for on-line X-lib documentation
1472.0MAST::WESTGATEThu Aug 13 1992Athena Cascading Menu Widget
1473.0--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 13 1992Need help with X graphics application.
1474.01KEPERA::GRBThu Aug 13 1992PXG Turbo and 8 bit pseudocolor
1475.0CHELSY::GILLEYThu Aug 13 1992X Lore question.
1476.02QUABBI::"jdb@camano.seo.dec.com"Tue Aug 18 1992X Server Independent design/coding Guidelines
1477.03KETJE::DIERICKTue Aug 18 1992Anyone knows this file format ? Need sort of converter or reader urgently
1478.04MAJORS::SPENCETue Aug 18 1992Accessing VXT2
1479.01FZOVAX::DOVEWed Aug 19 1992XCreateWindow with different visual type or colormap
1480.01GOLLY::ARSENAULTWed Aug 19 1992XPutBackEvent and freeing memory
1481.03TOOLEY::GEORGEFri Aug 21 1992Changing X Server behavior for keypress and keyrelease events
1482.01GLDOA::KLAMERUSFri Aug 21 1992really big fonts
1483.0INFACT::NORTHERNMon Aug 24 1992X for Xenix 1992
1484.03ENTIAT::GORDONMon Aug 24 1992Multi-headed Alpha WS - X Support
1485.01FZOVAX::DOVEWed Aug 26 1992monitoring all dynamic memory usage (XtAlloc/XtCalloc)
1486.04VNASWS::GEROLDWed Aug 26 1992How to support multi-head ?
1487.02UPROAR::CLARETFri Aug 28 1992Multiple Monitor Single Screen
1488.01--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 28 1992help on anonymous ftp
1489.02FORTSC::SHOMOFri Aug 28 1992Help understanding auto resize
1490.04ROMTue Sep 01 1992VMS POSIX and XtAddInput
1491.02VAOUThu Sep 03 1992xfedor not working with pixmap operation
1492.03BROKE::LEEFri Sep 04 1992XBadDrawable from XGetGeometry
1493.01CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMMon Sep 07 1992X sessions over a WAN connection ?
1494.05SHAWB2::WILLOUGHBYDTue Sep 08 1992Where is Xlibos.h
1495.01BLKPUD::NORRISMThu Sep 10 1992Xserver Tablet Support Query
1496.02SHAWB2::WILLOUGHBYDThu Sep 10 1992Problem with XallocColorCells under Motif
1497.03BROKE::HIGGSThu Sep 10 1992What's a non-existant passive grab?
1498.01VAOUMon Sep 14 1992is VEX alive or dead?
1499.03VAXSPO::PERESTue Sep 15 1992Problem with xset +fp myfontdir
1500.01CASPER::CERVONThu Sep 17 1992Help needed with KEYSYMDEF.H coding
1501.0CSC32::S_CONNORFri Sep 18 1992X$C_EVNT_TYPE
1502.01TENAYA::SKKMon Sep 21 1992ALPHA build requirements?
1503.01SUBWAY::BELLINSONTue Sep 22 1992Sixteen Buttons?
1504.09ZURThu Sep 24 1992wrong fontpath on VMS displaying SUN window
1505.04ZURFri Sep 25 1992How to paint a dotted line with single pixel elements ?
1506.06FZOVAX::HABERLANDFri Sep 25 1992Pixmap merging/new drawable?
1507.05LENO::GRIERMon Sep 28 1992Question around server grabs and enter/leave events
1508.04HOBBLE::PRESSMon Sep 28 1992Compiling X11R5 server - Gurus inquire within
1509.01HGOSPS::DENISLITue Sep 29 1992Xtx crashes with "Bus error"
1510.03SWTHOM::TEMAMTue Sep 29 1992Sound under X
1511.02LARVAE::HOWLETT_TTue Sep 29 1992setting up an alternative x server as default?
1512.0FORTSC::CHABANWed Sep 30 1992No mouse, no keyboard
1513.0HERON::KAISERFri Oct 02 1992A freeware CDROM for Alpha OSF/1
1514.04TKOV6Sun Oct 04 1992XrmCombineFileDatabase
1515.01JAYDA::LOFTINTue Oct 06 1992Support for OEM porting X11R5 to ULTRIX MIPS, OSF/1, Alpha OSF
1516.02GLDOA::KLAMERUSTue Oct 06 1992SetWindowColormap???
1517.04AIAG::WISNERWed Oct 07 1992strategies for resizing fonts?
1518.0MUNICH::BEICHTThu Oct 08 1992Looking for special version of system libraries
1519.02SWTHOM::LELEGARDTue Oct 13 1992XDrawPoint problem with HX board
1521.01GIDDAY::SHCHIUWed Oct 14 1992mouse pointer disappear
1522.0TROPPO::BBOFri Oct 16 1992Best X server display device?
1523.0135Fri Oct 16 1992Explanation of XSync needed.
1524.07CHOWDA::RYANMon Oct 19 1992X11R4 Sever keeps growing ????
1525.06TROOA::NAISHTue Oct 20 1992'gwm' Generic Window Manager ?
1526.02SYOMV::NELSONWed Oct 21 1992Xterm sources?
1527.03GLDOA::KLAMERUSThu Oct 22 1992Servers on Alpha???
1528.01DPDMAI::BARRFri Oct 23 1992Athena Widget porting issue
1529.03HELIX::CHANGFri Oct 23 1992program doesn't work on colored monitor
1530.02TAVMon Oct 26 1992Faild to use XSetFontPath. No change done...
1531.09MARX::GRIERTue Oct 27 1992Clip mask vs. stipple when drawing pixmap
1532.01MINNY::STEINERPThu Oct 29 1992xinit problem with NFS-mounted home dirs
1533.06BOBBIN::TIMOThu Oct 29 1992MIT X11R5 distribution code examples
1534.04GUIDUK::BERKUNThu Oct 29 1992HX X Server?
1535.03TAEC::BORDASMon Nov 02 1992Create MOTIF like INSENSITIVE and ARMED pixmaps...
1536.010EEMELI::PEURAMon Nov 02 1992xmkmf (imake) and ULTRIX
1537.045Mon Nov 02 1992Server hangs on this code, why?
1538.02SHAWB2::WILLOUGHBYDTue Nov 03 1992too many expose events on VMS server
1539.014LENO::GRIERTue Nov 03 1992Dragging an entire irregular image around the display
1541.02GUIDUK::SOMERTue Nov 03 1992DECwindows/XUI on VMS and Ultrix
1542.01LENO::GRIERWed Nov 04 1992Translations, motion and hint detail
1543.0ROMThu Nov 05 1992Problems setting Shift_lock
1544.04ISIDRO::AMARTINFri Nov 06 1992Number of windows
1545.01SUBURB::EDWARDSFri Nov 06 1992Basic windowing
1546.01PLOUGH::KINZELMANFri Nov 06 1992Xwindow wizard needed
1547.01DECWIN::BALLARDMon Nov 09 1992Fontserver anyone??
1548.02ZSAZSA::READINGSMon Nov 09 1992Widget id's < 32 bits on Alpha/OSF?
1549.01GOVSRV::BUTTNERMon Nov 09 1992X11R5 - Internationalization Features???
1550.0TENAYA::SKKTue Nov 10 1992D'ya Know about the UniSoft test suite?
1551.0QUABBI::"skk@gsg.pa.dec.com"Tue Nov 10 1992D'ya Know about the UniSoft test suite?
1552.0DELNI::WALSHThu Nov 12 1992Help on Xlogin from MIT
1553.03TPOVC::PATRICKLIAOWed Nov 18 1992connect to two X server
1554.02HGRDThu Nov 19 1992Need help for X color model and ...?
1555.04GOBBLR::MULHERENFri Nov 20 1992font properties on Sun
1556.02TROOA::NAISHMon Nov 23 1992Tiled Window Manager
1557.02SUBWAY::BELLINSONMon Nov 30 1992Reason for Drawable parameter
1558.01SUOSW3::BOCKWed Dec 02 1992X11R5 for VMS --- when pls.?
1559.02MUNICH::STULLICHThu Dec 03 1992Xevents question?
1560.05NEWPRT::TSOI_STFri Dec 04 1992GC->values.background in R5 compile problem
1561.0EEMELI::TAVIThu Dec 10 1992Futures ?
1562.01TLSEThu Dec 10 1992XSelectAsyncInput and EXEC mode ASTs
1563.0CFSCTC::PAGEWed Dec 16 1992XtAddCallbackForOtherWidget Undefined
1564.0AMCUCS::YOUNGWed Dec 16 1992XtNameToWidget crashes AOSF application
1565.03DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKMon Dec 28 1992X Error of failed request : Bad.....
1566.01VNASWS::GEROLDTue Dec 29 1992How to view greyscale efficiently ??
1567.0OXNARD::KLEETue Dec 29 1992IEEE ballot on proposed Open Look standard
1568.01ODIXIE::STAROSTATue Jan 05 1993Broken pipe error when closing a window
1569.03RUTILE::SYAM::MEHERSWed Jan 06 1993Circular dependancy between Xlib.h and Xutil.h ?
1570.01OXNARD::KLEEWed Jan 06 1993X protocol error debugging
1571.03SWTHOM::DORNANOMon Jan 11 1993Ultrix clients compiled wirh X11R5
1572.01HELIX::CHANGFri Jan 15 1993compatibility between X11R4 and X11R5
1573.02MERCAN::VEREYMon Jan 18 1993Conversion of X client application to MS-Windows
1574.01ULTOE::browderMon Jan 18 1993Multi-Buffering on PXGturbo from AOSF
1575.07GBITue Jan 19 1993How to scroll efficiently greylevel images?
1576.04MARX::GRIERWed Jan 20 1993Ideas for form-fitting outlining of text
1577.04MODEL::GOLDINThu Jan 21 199324-bit color supported by "standard" X?
1578.0USHSWed Jan 27 1993Console messages in login
1579.02CORPRL::RALTOThu Jan 28 1993Problem with XDPS, X, and/or Ultrix with CDA Viewer
1580.05CIVAGE::PRUSSSat Jan 30 1993MIT Shared Memory Extensions to X?
1581.02LARVAE::DECARLO_KMon Feb 01 1993Customer Questions
1582.03PEKKA::peuraTue Feb 02 1993X11 R5 xterm (ultrix) binaries somewhere ?
1583.0OXNARD::KLEETue Feb 02 1993DEC Western Software Lab farewell party
1584.0VNASWS::HAUSBFri Feb 05 1993Ultrix X-Server Question - Layout...
1585.03STKHLM::KARLSSON_SMon Feb 08 1993Unknown msgs from Xwst3d in X
1586.04TAEC::SABIANITue Feb 09 1993X11 Source Code : where ?
1587.0JRDVTue Feb 09 1993difference of server memory size
1588.05EBYGUM::NORRISMMon Feb 15 1993Erratic Bell Volume from XBell with V4
1589.01DECWET::HORMANWed Feb 17 1993X11R5 server with DPS?
1590.0TPOVC::ALBERTHUANGThu Feb 18 1993How does Xconsole start ?
1591.01CWHIZ::M_TURNERFri Feb 19 1993Having problems with XDrawLines with non-
1592.0UTROP1::WALLACE_BMon Feb 22 1993Shell Query about X over UCX
1593.07GBIWed Feb 24 1993HELP X11 problems from SCO Unix to ALPHA OSF
1594.01ULTOE::browderTue Mar 02 1993Is Xtrap dead?
1595.0PEROIT::ZANZERKIATue Mar 02 1993XSelectAsyncEvent() missing from Alpha/OSF
1596.0MARX::GRIERTue Mar 02 1993Xidle extension with HX card on ULTRIX 4.3?
1597.04SQM::SQM::VASWANITue Mar 09 1993Move the root window??
1598.02MARX::GRIERWed Mar 10 1993Problem using XmNmapCallback to update status line
1599.01MUNICH::MHEINEThu Mar 11 1993xrdb: limit of #resources existing?
1600.02AIAG::CARIFIOThu Mar 11 1993Xlib.h doesn't compile
1601.02KETJE::DIERICKFri Mar 12 1993Ximage XYpixmap ==> Ximage XYbitmap BW dithered ?
1602.0QUABBI::"joel@decwrl.dec.com"Tue Mar 16 1993WRL Research Report 93/1, ``A Smart Frame Buffer''
1603.01GBIWed Mar 17 1993Xlib X11R3 -> X11R5
1604.0RAISSA::MORGANTIFri Mar 19 1993X11R5 for Ultrix 4.3
1605.03FROCKY::DIETZMon Mar 22 1993Switch CX(Maxine) <-> TX Graphikoption
1606.01EISCPM::SRINIMon Mar 22 1993Need to delete Session manager in C
1607.04VAOUMon Mar 22 1993Xws messes up colormap
1608.0SITBUL::LANGONETue Mar 23 1993Parameters for changing mouse pointer acceleration and threshold
1609.03PEKKA::peuraMon Mar 29 1993TCP X-client problems
1610.02TAVMon Mar 29 1993Get font name from XFontStruct?
1611.01RAISSA::MORGANTITue Mar 30 1993ximage
1612.02TROOA::POOTSWed Mar 31 1993X-Windows Performance for VMS Developers ??
1613.04MARX::LEVINFri Apr 02 1993XtAppAddInput Problems with sockets under VMS
1614.01BEYER::beyerTue Apr 06 1993Font caching?
1615.03KAL::BJERKEHOLTWed Apr 07 1993Alt and keymap
1616.02VAXCAP::KOSTASWed Apr 07 1993Define and recognize new XEvent's ...
1617.01SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PThu Apr 08 1993XQueryFont crashes the server
1618.05HANNAH::ACHANFri Apr 09 1993Does XIsWindowAlive() exist?
1619.02BOUNCR::WATSONTue Apr 13 1993maximum number of displays?
1620.02CSC32::S_LEDOUXTue Apr 13 1993How do you change an icon pixmap given window id?
1621.01DSSDEV::LANGONEThu Apr 15 1993Xliddy/Xwoodward on Alpha?
1622.01XLIB::CHANGFri Apr 16 1993X error, event type 25
1623.06SITBUL::SEITSINGERFri Apr 16 1993X output buffer question
1624.03PRSSUD::PRONIERTue Apr 20 1993How to sync against the screen refresh ??
1625.02SWAM2::MARTIN_KEThu Apr 22 1993Help needed on 8plane colormap
1626.02XLIB::CHANGThu Apr 22 1993Ultrix X11R5 background problem
1627.0MVCAD3::SHIBETTAMon Apr 26 1993Xtm2d and X prot analyzer tool?
1628.02HANNAH::ALFREDThu Apr 29 1993Question about event loop
1629.03SMAC1Wed May 05 1993New Windows Environment
1630.04KERNEL::BELLThu May 06 1993Problems with drawing before MapNotify is received ?
1631.01XLIB::EDWINThu May 06 1993Problem with XtAppProcessEvent on Alpha AXP OSF/1
1632.02DSSDEV::LANGONEFri May 07 1993What does X do w/ a XFillPolygon w/ the complex flag?
1633.01TKOV66::MATSUMOTOTue May 11 1993xxx.decw$font format?
1634.0SAAVAK::CHANDLERTue May 11 1993More info on preprocessing directives in X resource files
1635.03SAC::JENKINS_TWed May 12 1993Splitting an application across multiple screens
1636.0SEIKO::MORGANTIWed May 12 1993Xdbx for X11r5
1637.02STKHLM::REVEMANWed May 12 1993BOOLEAN help needed!
1638.01QUABBI::"skk@gsg.dec.com"Wed May 12 1993Xprompter on Screen 1 - How?
1639.01WIZZER::PARRYMon May 17 1993No colour customization on 24-plane PXG
1640.01PASHUN::ANDERSONTue May 18 1993xhost
1641.03NOVA::CHRISWed May 19 1993Would like to change icon and title bar of xterm
1642.02GLDOA::KLAMERUSWed May 19 1993EventHandlers on XmPushButtons???
1643.03WELLIN::GRAHAMThu May 20 1993VMS, 2 displays seperate mouse & k/b ?
1644.011THEBAY::GERARDANTue Jun 01 1993Using 2 screens as one virtual screen
1645.08DSSDEV::SEITSINGERThu Jun 03 1993X server question...
1646.0DSSDEV::LANGONEFri Jun 04 1993Missing events w/ an Application on an Alpha system w/ other DECwindows Applications
1647.01VAOUFri Jun 11 1993XCopyArea or NOT ?
1648.04MORTAL::GARGTue Jun 15 1993Can I store Ximage data into a file for later use
1649.02TAVTue Jun 15 1993HP session manager on VAX !?
1650.01GRAPH::HAINSWORTHWed Jun 16 1993XShm information?
1651.02KALI::EWANCOWed Jun 16 1993X11R5 RISC Ultrix 4.2 Kit Needed
1652.03LARVAE::DRSD11::THRUSSELLThu Jun 17 1993Fallback resources not working as expected
1653.01HGOVC::MICHAELPOONFri Jun 18 1993tracing X events
1654.02UNITED::MCDONNELLTue Jun 22 1993Display issue on AXP HX board
1655.04EWBVTue Jun 22 1993Extraneous pixel are drawn on HX
1656.0DSSDEV::LANGONEWed Jun 23 1993What tools are there for generating synthetic X events?
1657.0TLSEThu Jun 24 1993Is there an Interaction between XSelectAsyncEvent and XDestroyWindow ?
1658.043D::TABBARASat Jun 26 1993XSetWMColormapWindows(), mwm, and installing colormaps
1659.03LANCHZ::MAXFIELDMon Jun 28 1993slow X perf vs. HP
1660.01CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Jun 30 1993Force X to create colormaps without checking visual?
1661.05CSC32::S_LEDOUXWed Jun 30 1993Motif workproc type stuff with X ?
1662.02COPCLU::SCHOUBOFri Jul 02 1993Tablet - still unsupported?
1663.01DC1Wed Jul 07 1993Touch Screen Support
1664.02NEWPRT::MOREH_JAMon Jul 12 1993"X Setup for Modem connections"
1665.0BIGUN::MAYNETue Jul 13 1993Notifying clipboard of new cut/copy entry
1666.02ZCARS::HUGHWed Jul 21 1993R5 MIT built, cannot open DISPLAY on VAX !!!
1667.01FZOVAX::NICHOLSONThu Jul 22 1993whereis Xtrap docs?
1668.0COMICS::SUMMERFIELDThu Jul 22 1993Xws -su -bg" causes loss of sub-sub windows...
1669.0155Fri Jul 23 1993How do you track down an X application hang?
1670.01TROOA::HENDRIKSEMon Jul 26 1993books on X development?
1671.03SOLVIT::MOVALLIMon Jul 26 1993Xserver on X.25
1672.0CESARE::OLOBARDIFri Jul 30 1993Xserver and Xlib sources needed by TOEM for AXP OSF SBC
1673.02VAOUTue Aug 03 1993BlackPixel got corrupted in Xws
1674.01ROYALT::FAULKNERTue Aug 03 1993Looking for Xmarks script/program
1675.0RHETT::BONNEThu Aug 05 1993cursor disappears on Xqdsg VS31
1676.0MUCTEC::WENDLTue Aug 10 1993Heterogeneous dual-head?
1677.02CGOOA::CHASETue Aug 10 1993LAT transport for X on ULTRIX
1678.0VAOUWed Aug 11 1993login greeting prompt problem
1679.02EBYGUM::NORRISMThu Aug 12 1993Pixmap depth greater then default visual problem
1680.01WIZZER::FISCHERWed Aug 18 1993Extending the keysym definitions ?
1681.04XLIB::MARSONTue Aug 24 1993Problem with flushing an image
1682.06ATHINA::SKARLATOSWed Sep 01 1993Simple Xtoolkit example needed
1683.01PEACHS::FORDFri Sep 10 1993bug: xmodmap won't set Alt/Key sequences
1684.0DECWET::METZGERFri Sep 10 1993Problems reading back resources
1685.0KAOS::TURROTue Sep 21 1993vx17a help
1686.0AUSSIE::LISTERTue Sep 21 1993X
1687.0KAOS::TURROWed Sep 22 1993VX17A parts list
1688.0ZSAZSA::READINGSTue Sep 28 1993X11 lint library?
1689.01CADSYS::MURATORIFri Oct 01 1993XDrawLines clipping problem
1690.02SPECXN::B_BRADACHMon Oct 04 19931994 X-Technical Conference Information???
1691.02PEACHS::FORDWed Oct 13 1993Generating soft-hyphen (SHY) from keyboar
1692.02LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconThu Oct 21 1993bitmap blinking speed in true color on SPX/gt ?
1693.04GBIMon Oct 25 199324-planes Alpha Osf-1
1694.0RBW::WICKERTMon Oct 25 1993Help getting XTREK to run - font problems
1695.01REFINE::SCHURMANThu Oct 28 1993X Test Suite R2 with X11R5 server?
1696.0TPOVC::STEVEHSUSun Oct 31 1993Interface with Calcomp 91
1697.01VAXRIO::CONT_RENATOTue Nov 09 1993DIFF or TIFF to bitmap conversion tool
1698.01SHALOT::JAMESThu Nov 11 1993x consortium ftp archive?
1699.0ZENDIA::BORSOMFri Nov 12 1993dxpause question
1700.02SEFITue Nov 16 1993Pointer to MFX6
1701.07ICS::SALEMMon Nov 22 1993Help creating pixmaps needed!
1702.015Tue Nov 23 1993AT&T Widget writing training?
1703.03ROMCSA::RAMPAThu Dec 02 1993OSF1 Xserver
1704.03BGSDEV::LANGONEThu Dec 02 1993Use of XListFontsWithInfo w/ Scalable Fonts
1705.0TROOA::NAISHTue Dec 07 1993Memory Leak, GUI Testing Tools Needed for OSF
1706.02AUSSIE::LISTERWed Dec 15 1993X stuff from VAX to ULTRIX really slow????
1707.02GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Dec 15 1993very small font needed
1708.04KAOAFri Dec 17 1993XReadBitmapFile and pushbutton pixmap problem
1709.0TROOA::KMAHMon Dec 20 1993Looking for a window manager supporting tiling
1710.0ALFAXP::BELDINMon Dec 20 1993Ximp (X Input Method) - is DEC going to do it?
1711.0GUIDUK::BERKUNWed Dec 22 1993Parameter Passing Problem
1712.01OSOEIC::KITADAMon Dec 27 1993Screen Saver timer's control
1713.0PRSSUD::PRONIERThu Dec 30 1993XIE description
1714.01GUCCI::SPOALETTISat Jan 01 1994Inter-Client Conventions Maunal?
1715.01PAVONE::BLASITue Jan 04 1994Bug: lines drawn on overlapping dialog
1716.01TROOA::KMAHTue Jan 11 1994Disable Display PostScript?
1717.0LUNER::PUSHORThu Jan 13 1994ERROR CODE
1718.0LANCHZ::MAXFIELDMon Jan 17 1994Additional Input Devices
1719.013D::SEARSTue Jan 18 1994Mouse button order change for all clients?
1720.0BLKPUD::NORRISMThu Jan 20 1994Can't Open Display with :
1721.015Thu Jan 20 1994Example toolkit error handlers?
1722.02BIS1::BHP384::Conferencing-UserThu Jan 20 1994stretching an image
1723.01TAVThu Jan 27 1994Ada - XDrawString problem
1724.01LARVAE::HOWLETT_TThu Feb 03 1994How to access the X extensions??
1726.0XLIB::EDWINFri Feb 04 1994MrmCompileResourceList- more information please
1727.01PRSSOS::GRETILLATTue Feb 08 1994XtAppAddTimeOut timer with UNIX USR2 signal
1728.01EEMELI::HAKALATue Feb 08 1994Window ID's exhausted!
1729.02MARVIN::MORRELLThu Feb 10 1994X11R6 - When & whats going to be in it??
1730.015Fri Feb 11 1994How does X save resources?
1731.017DV78Fri Feb 11 1994XPutImage problem?
1732.0TKTVFS::HASEGAWATue Feb 22 1994In PXG, XDrawSegments with CapButt
1733.0GANTRY::OS_RAJVANSHIThu Feb 24 1994color .bmp -> BW .bmp
1734.0ZENDIA::BORSOMFri Feb 25 1994Looking for Xanim
1735.03VAOUFri Feb 25 1994XGrabPointer problem in OSF/1 v1.3
1736.02LARVAE::HOWLETT_TMon Feb 28 1994Is this a set up problem? X grows
1737.0JRDVTue Mar 01 1994XKeysymToString(
1738.0PEACHS::FORDFri Mar 04 1994What is the MIT patch release of X11R5 in OSF/1 v1.3?
1739.03DTENG1::CARTYSat Mar 05 1994Athena Widget building on VAX./VMS...
1740.0CUESTA::MARCOSMon Mar 07 1994Help,IPxsession and VXT2
1741.03NYOSMon Mar 07 1994Cannot Open connection to window server
1742.0CGOOA::KUHNENSun Mar 13 1994x_terminal network impact
1743.01BLGTue Mar 29 1994Track-balls ?
1744.0ISIDRO::ASERRANOWed Mar 30 1994
1745.01MUNICH::WENDLWed Mar 30 1994dxterm error message "Where are you?"
1746.0DANGER::SAWINWed Mar 30 1994XDrawImageString inconsistant behavior
1747.0VAOUMon Apr 04 1994Docs for XIE and other extensions?
1748.01NYOSThu Apr 07 1994Can not X$OPEN_DISPLAY from a C program
1749.01OINOH::KOSTASThu Apr 14 1994partially correct GC from XCreateGC
1750.0GNPIKE::DECFBEWed Apr 20 1994Cannot delete with the XawDialogGet.. misising soemth something
1751.01RONAN::RONANThu Apr 28 1994SharedX? Screen Copy
1752.0BIGVAX::FAHERTYThu Apr 28 1994Fatal IO error displaying X from DECstation/Ultrix to VAXstation/EWS/UCX
1753.0VAOUFri Apr 29 1994/usr/lib/X11/rgb missing in OSF/1
1754.02H2SO4::GERSBACHMon May 02 1994Problem with tablet on a AXP 3
1755.01CALDEC::FEITMon May 02 1994Moving from Tektronix - Can X do this???
1756.01QUABBI::"uw@decum.enet.dec.com"Tue May 03 1994How to read .xsession-errors
1757.01NRSTA2::CARIFIOTue May 03 1994looking for Fresco; pl. send mail tx.
1758.02GUIDUK::SOMERFri May 06 1994X/Motif between E-net and Novell token ring
1759.0MSAMTue May 10 1994BadMatch error
1760.02COMICS::WOODFri May 20 1994Server resource limitations on Alpha/VMS with HX graphics option
1761.01COMICS::FISCHERThu May 26 1994XSendEvent with PointerWindow: example?
1762.0TPSYS::HOFFMANThu May 26 1994XAllocNamedColor failing
1763.0GLDOA::CUTLERWed Jun 01 1994Configuring X Windows/Server
1764.04CX3PST::XWINGS::T_BURLEYWed Jun 01 1994ACCVIO from X$Keycode_to_keysym since DECwindows Motif V1.2 Upgrade
1765.03TAVWed Jun 01 1994Looking for overlay+multi-colormap+... examples
1766.0NRSTA2::CARIFIOFri Jun 03 1994What are the Mwm*resources to set icon width and placement (*without* using an iconBox)?
1767.0HDLITE::MODIMon Jun 06 1994Need source for xterm on DEC OSF/1
1768.0EVMS::PAULKM::WEISSTue Jun 07 1994XListFonts returning strange string with VMS Motif V1.2
1769.0DCPLHS::GOLDINTue Jun 07 1994BDF non-Latin fonts?
1770.01MISENO::CIARAMELLATue Jun 21 1994Ibm 327
1771.07SKYLRK::FAFRAKThu Jun 23 1994see-through cursor functionality?
1772.02OLHEAP::JFISCHERFri Jun 24 1994Need Help -- VMS Resource Question
1773.01MUGGER::WHITHAMMon Jun 27 1994X wall (broadcast messaging)
1774.01MUGGER::WHITHAMMon Jun 27 1994home / end keys with xterm on NCD X terminal
1775.07ZURTue Jul 05 1994Why is X11R5 not supported on PX
1776.02XLIB::EDWINThu Jul 07 1994Bug in data associated with Property ?
1777.01RDGENG::BAKERSMon Jul 11 1994Xpm on Easynet?
1778.0SKYLRK::FAFRAKMon Jul 11 1994Pointer and ButtonPress event question
1779.02SSPADE::SHAMIMFri Jul 15 1994problem with bringing up xterm with customer application
1780.0MUCTEC::WENDLMon Jul 18 1994Forward length error got 11 expect 1
1781.02MUNICH::WENDLThu Jul 21 1994mult. HW screens combined to ONE X11 SCREEN OSF/1
1782.02TASTY::JEFFERYMon Aug 01 1994What is error 245?
1783.014GL::HARISHWed Aug 03 1994Server or Application problem
1784.01NDLVAX::MBECKERTue Aug 16 1994AMIGA as X-Terminal ?
1785.02HDLITE::PASHAPOURTue Aug 16 1994VMS F keys and XNextEvent()?!
1786.0WRAFLC::GILLEYTue Aug 23 1994Help needed with R4/R5 Athena widget compilation.
1787.05AUSSIE::JAINWed Sep 07 1994Xtrap and Xtrap client for OSF
1788.01ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEWed Sep 07 1994Mit font on Ultrix 4.4
1789.01STUDIO::KARTHIKFri Sep 09 1994XIO error..also posted in MOTIF
1790.01LGP3Mon Sep 12 1994conditional X resources?
1791.02BGSDEV::STAMTue Sep 13 1994Event handler for Windows and not Widgets
1792.02BGSDEV::LEELATue Sep 20 1994Have DECtalk read your mail to you on OSF/1 using DECtalk
1793.0AD::TAREILAWed Oct 05 1994XWarpPointer Changed for AXP??
1794.0ROMCSA::RAMPAFri Oct 07 1994Strange Xhang
1795.02PAVONE::BLASITue Oct 11 1994Are we shipping incomplete X DPS libraries?
1796.0MUCTEC::WENDLFri Oct 14 1994VAXstation sg
1797.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed Oct 19 1994developer ... Xserver fast graphics slow fonts ... XQueryFont
1798.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed Oct 19 1994XLoadQueryFont general tips ?
1799.01WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed Oct 19 1994invisible/blank pointer wanted
1800.01UNITED::NEWELLGWed Oct 19 1994FRESCO ?
1801.0QCAVSat Oct 22 1994Record on VCR or Capture on Disk: how?
1802.01RICKS::SNYDERTue Nov 01 1994X linking problems on VAX/Alpha VMS
1803.0ULYSSE::MAHIEUXWed Nov 02 1994modify window geometry (post processing)
1804.0RHETT::SHEPPARDWed Nov 02 1994Jupiter Xterminal keyboard
1805.0GRANPA::EHEROLDMon Nov 07 1994Memory Usage of X ???
1806.03EICMFG::HUTHThu Nov 10 1994non-blocking alternative for XtAppNextEvent
1807.0EICMFG::HUTHFri Nov 11 1994decwindows programming notes closed
1808.0ALFAXP::KENDRIXFri Nov 11 1994XSetWMNormalHints question...
1809.0ANGLIN::KUTZFri Nov 18 1994FIPS 158 <-> POSIX 1295
1810.02STKHLM::LETTERSTALMon Nov 21 1994xcursion forum?
1811.01MUNICH::VASSIGHFri Dec 09 1994Automatic Client on Xserver at BOOT
1812.01VNASWS::GEROLDFri Dec 23 1994Fake shape extension ?
1813.01UBOHUB::THOMSONJFri Jan 06 1995looking for Gobi
1814.0SMURF::SCHLOSSFri Jan 06 1995problem with prev/next keys
1815.01TAEC::MALLETFri Jan 13 1995Cursor size limitation ?
1816.02ROMFri Jan 13 1995XAllocNamedColor mistake on dual-screen
1817.0CSOA1::STUTSONFri Jan 27 1995X-Server threads on 21
1818.02VAOUMon Jan 30 1995XDMCP problem with OSF/1 v3.
1819.01NITMOI::BROWNMon Feb 13 1995OSF/1 SABLE X problem help rqst.
1820.01SMURF::SCHLOSSTue Feb 21 1995OSF/1 X11 font question
1821.05KOZY::SARKOZYWed Feb 22 1995OSF/1 X multi-buff extensions???
1822.0BPSThu Feb 23 1995X documentation on the net?
1823.01MUGGER::WHITHAMTue Feb 28 1995Adding a new extension input device ?
1824.0TLSEFri Mar 10 1995Quadrate X-Server | dual screen
1825.0VAOUTue Mar 14 1995X11R6 problem with ZLXp-EL1 graphics card
1826.02MUCTEC::WENDLWed Mar 29 1995What happened to GObE and NetEd ??
1827.04DECIDE::MOFFITTMon Apr 03 1995X via Fortran - How tough?
1828.01CSC32::A_GEORGEMon Apr 10 1995XOpenDisplay hangs
1829.0PEACHS::MURPHYFri Apr 21 1995xinit and OSF/1 v3.
1830.0UKARC1::CHAMBERLINTue May 02 1995Slow movement of filled rectangles on 24 plane graphics?
1831.02ADOVWed May 17 1995Vaxstation set up as X terminal?
1832.0TLSEFri May 19 1995resolution problem with xdmcp on digital unix
1833.04NETRIX::"dickens@ljo.dec.com"Fri May 19 1995xauth required for TK send used in exmh among other things
1834.0COMICS::EDWARDSNMon May 22 1995XCopyArea and XCopyPlane problems
1835.01COMICS::BARLOWDWed May 24 1995Colour postscript printing
1836.0MANMWed Jun 28 1995Decterm Sessions
1837.0MANMThu Jun 29 1995Xlib: no. of clients exceeded
1838.0COMICS::EDWARDSNThu Jul 06 1995XOpenDisplay, any reason for intermittent failures?
1839.0RULLE::BRINGHSat Jul 15 1995xdpyinfo: vendor release number: 1 on OSF/1
1840.01RULLE::BRINGHSat Jul 15 1995Patches for Xserver for OSF/1 v3.2?
1841.0TKTVFS::KUSAKARITue Jul 18 1995XCopyPlane, Circle is not circle
1842.01TINCUP::D_MILLERTue Jul 18 1995ScrolledText scrollbar shadows missing when linking w/Motif libs v1.2
1843.04UTROP1::OLTMANS_BThu Jul 20 1995Dual head; moving windows ?
1844.0MANMThu Aug 03 1995BLT engine hung in pwgaDrawColorImage BUFFERWAIT?
1845.0KERNEL::PETERSGTue Aug 15 1995Loss of the X-Windows login box....
1846.0KERNEL::PETERSGFri Sep 01 1995BLT engine hung problem.....
1847.02COMICS::BARLOWDTue Sep 05 1995!@AB What is it ?
1848.04MARVIN::TANGWed Sep 06 1995X-Windows on LINUX prob...
1849.0KERNEL::PETERSGMon Sep 11 1995BLT engine hung in pwgareplicate.....
1850.01HANNAH::OSMANThu Sep 14 1995why does XOpenDisplay give error message even though it seems to succeed?
1851.0CSOA1::SWARDENWed Sep 20 1995Xserver for PCs&Macs?
1852.0SYOMV::SCHOLZFri Sep 29 1995XDestroy_Image issue
1853.01JEREMY::NADAVMon Oct 02 1995Xlib problem (?)
1854.07GOLLY::CIRCA::zarembaMon Oct 02 1995Looking for slanted font (8 point, 45 degrees)
1855.01UHUH::SHAMIMThu Oct 05 1995X Toolkit Warning: locale not supported by C library
1856.02HDLITE::GRIESTue Oct 10 1995application hangs before ever opening any windows on the screen
1857.0RHETT::SHEPPARDThu Oct 12 1995OSF fontserver cores on malloc
1858.02RHETT::LOHFri Oct 13 1995X application memory fault in XSetHints
1859.0QUABBI::"barnes@alfabx.lkg.dec.com"Mon Oct 16 1995xinitremote, Xremote LBX
1860.0TAVTue Oct 17 1995Font server (fs) crashes with ANSYS/NCD
1861.02ANNECY::ADAMWed Oct 25 1995XtVaApp.. very long
1862.01ZPOVC::JASONCHANThu Oct 26 1995Patch please
1863.01WOTVAX::CARTERPFri Oct 27 1995Want icon to flash/change its colour.
1864.02KERNEL::MORGANIMon Nov 06 1995dxconsole eating cpu time....
1865.0MUNICH::KRAUTNERWed Nov 08 1995Keycode, Keysyms and Shiftmasks
1866.0NETRIX::"haskin@cadosf.hlo.dec.com"Fri Nov 10 1995X Toolkit error
1867.0DYPSS1::SMITHTue Nov 21 1995X Vulnerability
1868.03IBWed Nov 22 1995CHANGE FROM TrueColor TO PseudoColor IN UNIX
1869.0COPCLU::WIELANDMon Dec 04 1995Font Server (fs), Takes cpu time
1870.0DV78Mon Jan 15 1996XIL???
1871.04HDLITE::SAYLORThu Jan 18 1996Intrinsics problem
1872.0BROKE::RAMFri Jan 19 1996Configuring Xresources for Ghostscript
1873.01COMICS::SUMNERCThu Feb 08 1996Passing structure pointers to XtAddCallBack, help needed
1874.01BBIVThu Feb 22 199624 bit Display with 8 bit appl. on Xserver
1875.01NETRIX::"stefan@furka.zuo.dec.com"Mon Feb 26 1996`No login with HDS-X-Terminal and Digital UNIX 3.2C
1876.0MSE1::RAOWed Feb 28 1996xwindow app
1877.0HDLITE::PASHAPOURMon Mar 04 1996X11-R4 and VMS 6.x?
1878.0KERNEL::MOSSLMon Mar 11 1996Xwindow incompatibility with osf and ultrix
1879.0CHEFS::DAVIDSONSWed Apr 10 1996disable keyboard, mouse input?
1880.03SWTHOM::TISSERAND_PMon Apr 22 1996Shared memory transport failure : Fatal SMT ip error, status=-6
1881.03WOTVAX::CARTERPTue May 14 1996Location of xedit source
1882.0CHEFS::MCMASTERETue May 28 1996X-Server on console of 21
1883.0MARX::FLEMINGMon Jun 24 1996invisible mouse pointer
1884.02GBITue Jul 09 1996Memory leak in XtDestroyWidget and Digital Unix????
1885.0HDLITE::PASHAPOURThu Jul 11 1996XsdTree error
1886.01NETRIX::"stuckmann@mfr.dec.com"Wed Jul 17 1996need help with xie program
1887.0LJSRV1::RICHMon Aug 05 1996how to use BIG-REQUESTS extension
1888.03RDGENG::WOOD_JThu Aug 08 1996source-listing reference for XmTextField widget?
1889.0COMICS::EDWARDSNTue Sep 10 1996XDPS hangs in RenderString.
1890.0+4NETRIX::"detlef@rto.dec.com"Wed Sep 11 1996Field Application Engineer
1891.02METZThu Sep 12 1996X server availability
1892.03RDGENG::READINGS_RTue Sep 24 1996Maximum pixmap size?
1893.02NETRIX::"jose.manuel.gonzalez@sqo.mts.dec.com"Wed Nov 13 199616-bit Color
1894.03TAEC::SABIANIThu Nov 21 1996How to debug an XIO Error
1895.0TKOV51::YOSHIMURATue Dec 17 1996Font height difference?
1896.01SEAWLF::NSAUNDERSTue Jan 21 1997memory leak using XCopyArea?
1897.0 *NETRIX::"alessiop@mail.dec.com"Fri Feb 21 1997Problem with CDE
1898.0 *GYPOS3::EIBLThu Feb 27 1997more details on xio errors
1899.0 *GYPOS3::EIBLTue Mar 04 1997xset and screen saver
1900.0 *NETRIX::"norm@gsg.dec.com"Mon Mar 10 1997Xserver memory troubles on ZLXp2-L2?
1901.0 *NNTPD::"norm@gsg.dec.com"Fri Apr 25 1997Ada bindings for X11R6 on DUNIX?
1902.0 *SIOG::BR_MURPHYFri May 09 1997Xterminal setup
1903.0 *+1SUOIS2::GROSSWed Jun 04 1997Wrong environmet after shutdown, reboot and login