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Conference rdvax::mcc-hi

Title:MCC Human Interface Laboratory
Created:Fri Sep 11 1987
Last Modified:Thu Nov 15 1990
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:47
Total number of notes:133
Number with bodies:0
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1.0MOSAIC::MCNALLFri Oct 16 1987Information About This Conference (moderated)
2.0COLORS::MCNALLFri Nov 13 1987KeyWord Glossary
3.01RAINBO::MCNALLMon Nov 30 1987Related Notes Conferences - WITH POINTERS
4.02RAINBO::MCNALLMon Nov 30 1987Registry of Conference Participants
5.03RAINBO::MCNALLMon Nov 30 1987Information on MCC Personnel
6.01RAINBO::MCNALLMon Nov 30 1987General MCC Information
7.09RAINBO::MCNALLMon Nov 30 1987MCC Meeting Announcements
8.07RAINBO::MCNALLMon Nov 30 1987Digital Meeting Announcements
9.02RAINBO::MCNALLMon Nov 30 1987other meeting announcements
10.0RAINBO::MCNALLMon Nov 30 1987MCC Documents
11.0RAINBO::MCNALLMon Nov 30 1987Digital Documents
12.0RAINBO::MCNALLMon Nov 30 1987Other Publications
13.03RAINBO::MCNALLMon Nov 30 1987Meeting (Trip) Reports
14.031RAINBO::MCNALLTue Dec 01 1987HI NewsLetters
15.0RAINBO::MCNALLTue Dec 01 1987HI Steering Committee
16.0RAINBO::MCNALLTue Dec 01 1987Related R&D
17.02AUSTIN::KUHLMANMon Dec 21 1987TTP Proposals
18.08AUSTIN::KUHLMANFri Jan 29 1988Semi-Annual Review
19.0MOORED::GERSTLETue Feb 02 1988Commercial use of neural nets?
20.02AUSTIN::KUHLMANFri Feb 05 1988Neural Net Tutorial Reviews
21.02AUSTIN::KUHLMANFri Apr 08 1988Trip reports from MCC
22.01DOOZER::BOSLEYFri Apr 22 1988Communication with Eyes
23.01AUSTIN::KUHLMANTue Jul 26 1988Progress in Neural Nets
24.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANWed Jul 27 1988Progress in Natural Language
25.02AUSTIN::KUHLMANTue Aug 23 1988Withdrawal - Q&A
26.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANTue Aug 30 1988Graphics at October '88 In-Depth
27.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANTue Sep 20 1988HI In-depth, Oct. '88
28.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANFri Oct 14 1988CSCW'88 Trip Report
29.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANWed Oct 19 1988Summary of In-depth presentations - Oct.'88
30.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANThu Dec 22 1988MCC's Fifth Anniversary
31.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANThu Dec 22 1988New address/phones for DEC MCC program office
32.05AUSTIN::KUHLMANTue Dec 27 1988HITS In-depth Trip Reports. Dec. 8-9, '88
33.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANThu Dec 29 1988Object Oriented workshop - Feb. 27
34.0BAGELS::HARROWWed Mar 22 1989Software Development Job Opportunities!
35.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANWed Apr 19 1989Newsletter Survey Results
36.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANWed Apr 19 1989PTP Summary - April 1989
37.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANMon May 08 1989Request for NN applications
38.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANTue May 23 1989TTP Interns available
39.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANThu Jun 15 1989Feedback from DEC review - May 19, 89
40.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANWed Jul 26 1989HITS "Summer School" Experiences
41.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANWed Aug 16 1989Organizational Computing Conf. - Nov 13-14 '89
42.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANWed Aug 16 1989Visualization Workshop - Aug. 18 '89
43.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANThu Sep 07 1989AI liaison opening
44.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANTue Oct 03 1989HITS 2.
45.02AUSTIN::KUHLMANTue Nov 28 1989HITS 2.
46.0AUSTIN::KUHLMANMon Jun 11 1990HI Seminar - June 25, MLO
47.02AUSTIN::KUHLMANFri Aug 31 1990UI Symposium 199