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Conference rdvax::ge_corporate_account

Notice:Is anyone out there???
Created:Tue Jul 08 1986
Last Modified:Fri Nov 06 1992
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:77
Total number of notes:372
Number with bodies:0
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1.01RDVAX::ZIMMERTue Jul 08 1986Welcome to the GE Corporate Account VAX Notes Conference!
2.033RDVAX::ZIMMERTue Jul 08 1986Who are you?
3.08WKRP::KIERWed Jul 09 1986Other GE Conferences
4.015WKRP::KIERThu Jul 10 1986How do we leverage a Corporate-wide Network?
5.0WKRP::KIERSat Jul 12 1986Can we exchange mail?
6.0WKRP::KIERSat Jul 12 1986What are our available resources?
7.01WKRP::KIERSat Jul 12 1986How do I sell to GE?
9.01ODIXIE::LEONThu Jul 24 1986Help Engineering Workstations!
11.013RDVAX::ZIMMERFri Aug 01 1986GE CALMA, Porting to ULTRIX
12.01RDVAX::ZIMMERTue Aug 05 1986Departmental Computing RFP
13.06WKRP::KIERSat Aug 23 1986Let's network the PC's
14.04RDVAX::ZIMMERTue Sep 09 1986VMS & ULTRIX Coexistence
15.0WKRP::KIERThu Sep 18 1986Help need for a CIM reference site
16.03WKRP::KIERThu Sep 18 1986Help needed with GEISCO mail
17.0WKRP::KIERMon Sep 22 1986GE EDCS Testing - Feedback requested
19.046WKRP::KIERTue Sep 30 1986In the news...
20.0WKRP::KIERTue Sep 30 1986CIM reference sites needed
21.03RDVAX::ZIMMERTue Sep 30 1986Voice Input RFP
22.04BOOLE::FLEISCHMANNThu Oct 09 1986Who can answer his question?
23.03WKRP::KIERTue Oct 14 1986Drive Systems - Document Storage & Retrieval System
24.0WKRP::KIERTue Oct 14 1986Lear Seagler SW productivity tools in DECUS
25.0WKRP::KIERWed Oct 15 1986All-In-1 Performance Measurement Tool
26.01WKRP::KIERWed Oct 15 1986MacDraw to IGES
27.01WKRP::KIERWed Oct 15 1986SUN/DECnet
28.0WKRP::ZIGLERMon Oct 20 1986Cavenaugh Pilot - JIT/Quality
29.09WKRP::LEETCHThu Nov 13 1986DEC-GE mail gateway
30.01WKRP::KIERMon Nov 17 1986GE Time Accountability Project - TIM
31.0USSCSL::SCHWARTZWed Nov 19 1986On Line Purchasing
32.0WKRP::KIERTue Dec 23 1986Document Information System - any interest?
33.01WKRP::KIERThu Jan 08 1987Operations contact list
34.02CURIE::TAKUFri Jan 30 1987Electronic Engineering Applications?
35.02DRFEVR::KIERWed Feb 25 1987Metal cutting sites?
36.0WKRP::KIERWed Mar 11 1987CMS_SEARCH utility
37.01DRFEVR::KIERThu Mar 19 1987Datapoint conversion at GE/RCA Indianapolis
38.03WKRP::KIERFri May 01 1987GE-DEC Strategic Alliance Meetings
39.06RANCHO::HOLTThu May 07 1987Calma activity... ?
40.019DIXIE1::RYANKEMon Aug 24 1987Hey folks, Let's talk!!!
41.01USRCV1::WRIGHTTWed Sep 09 1987Why the Globcom sell???
42.06RDVAX::ZIMMERMon Sep 21 1987Engineering CAM progress report
43.02HBO::MCAULEYFri Oct 02 1987gecs competition
44.07RDVAX::ZIMMERMon Oct 05 1987The SSTD Accelerator Proposal
45.01QRTRS::KIERWed Dec 23 1987Worksystems activity
46.02SCADMN::MAUWed Dec 30 1987SPC at GE
47.01TKOVThu Jan 07 1988PLEASE HELP ME!
48.0ROMMon Jan 11 1988locomotives???
49.02RDVAX::ZIMMERMon Mar 07 1988Engineering CAM Progress Report, February, 1988
50.0IND::KOZAKIEWICZWed Mar 16 1988GE Plastics Conference
51.010ODIHAM::KIDDIERFri May 06 1988GE Email
52.0ODIHAM::KIDDIERTue May 10 1988VM5
53.0TAFT::KIERTue Jun 07 1988Potential AI Symposium
54.0TAFT::KIERTue Jun 07 1988BOIS: The Four Business Symposia
55.02DIXIE1::RYANKEWed Jun 15 1988DBA Expiration
56.031QRTRS::KIERFri Jul 08 1988Events
57.0ERASER::HUNTWed Sep 14 1988Where to find news on GE
59.0BANZAI::CARPENTERTue Nov 01 1988Database Systems Engineering Bulletin
60.0WLW::KIERSun Nov 13 1988Info on VIDA/*
61.0WLW::KIERWed Nov 23 1988Organizational issues
62.03USRCV1::WRIGHTTTue Dec 13 1988Do as I say...not as I do!
63.02WLW::KIERWed Dec 28 1988We won!
64.0WLW::KIERThu Dec 29 1988Need info on IBM Office Interconnect
65.04RDVAX::ZIMMERWed Jan 04 1989Open Systems Foundation
66.0AUNTB::CHERRYThu Jun 15 1989Is the conference alive?
67.0WLW::KIERWed Jul 12 1989William Merrigan
68.01CSC32::J_MARSHTue Dec 26 1989Name of account manager?
69.036648::FEUERSTEINWed Apr 11 1990Project ATHENA... Big win potential!
70.0SYOMV::CLARKTue May 08 1990Aerospace EPI/ECAD Decision
71.04USRCV1::DECLUEGMon May 14 19903rd Party Storage
72.01USRCV1::RECUPARORWed Oct 16 1991Co-venture at GEA + GEAE
73.03SYOMV::CLARKTue Nov 19 1991ASSIST II
74.03SYOMV::CLARKMon Nov 25 1991ASSIST II Business Case
75.04UNYEM::RECUPARORTue Mar 10 1992DECworld
76.03HELIX::SULLIVANThu Apr 02 1992Help finding Acct Rep.
77.01ODIXIE::RYANKEMon Nov 02 1992WS Program?