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Conference atps::doomm

Title:DoomsDay 2000ed to ATPS::DOOM
Notice:MegaCorp R&Dved to ATPS::DOOM
Created:Wed Dec 16 1987
Last Modified:Fri Jan 17 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:433
Total number of notes:5055
Number with bodies:0
a * after the topic number in the table indicates the body of the base post is in the cache and a + after the topic number indicates at least one replies body is in the cache (*+ means both are true)

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1.03SERPNT::GULDENSCHUHWed Dec 16 1987Introduction
3.05SERPNT::GULDENSCHUHWed Dec 16 1987Guidelines
4.024REINIG::REINIGWed Dec 16 1987High Score
5.05REINIG::REINIGWed Dec 16 1987Super characters
6.01NSDC::RATCLIFFThu Dec 17 1987Etiquette question
7.02CADSE::WONGThu Dec 17 1987Cheat Sheet
8.012AESIR::SWONGERThu Dec 17 1987Spoiler! Get your spoilers here!!
9.012REINIG::REINIGThu Dec 17 1987Try not to read this file
10.070REINIG::REINIGFri Dec 18 1987You too can collect penalty points
11.040CADSE::WONGFri Dec 18 1987Amusing things to do.
12.06PFLOYD::ROTHBERGSun Dec 20 1987Excellent game!!!
13.09RTPSWS::DPARKERMon Dec 21 1987Terminal Setup for Vt32
14.08EUCLID::GRIFFITHTue Dec 22 1987Fonts !HELP!
15.024CADSE::WONGWed Dec 23 1987Unexplainable Phenomenon
16.023VINO::SCHEIFLERWed Dec 23 1987Kit Location and Update Information
17.0122ANGORA::AVONCAMPEWed Dec 23 1987Help for Beginners
18.024GL::SCHUETZWed Dec 23 1987Roll your own character?
19.010SCENIC::CLARKWed Dec 23 1987broadcast msg hangs game after invoking DCL?
20.06LOOP::GRANTThu Dec 24 1987rainbow graphics???
21.08IVOGUS::BARTHSat Dec 26 1987Another new addict with questions
22.010VINO::SCHEIFLERMon Dec 28 1987How often do you want updates?
23.018EARTH::DELPHIAMon Dec 28 1987S.O.S. - Need help !!!
24.070CADSE::WONGTue Dec 29 1987%WTF-PMO, The BEM has eaten you alive...
25.05CLUELS::SYSTEMTue Dec 29 1987Death by Poisoning...
26.075VINO::SCHEIFLERTue Dec 29 1987*** Bug Alert ***
27.030LDP::RYANWed Dec 30 1987How much is that doggie in the window?
28.03HSKFS3::AMANNISTOMon Jan 04 1988How you can see a trap?
29.023ATLACT::GIBSON_DMon Jan 04 1988strange devices
30.040ATLACT::GIBSON_DMon Jan 04 1988pills, pills, pills
31.026GNUVAX::LIBRARIANTue Jan 05 1988What cost teleportation?
32.028--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 05 1988Dodgy Generators...
33.03ANOVAX::WHITETue Jan 05 1988Simple Question
34.040ATLACT::GIBSON_DTue Jan 05 1988eggs: hardboiled, softboiled, or fresh?
35.04IOSG::WDAVIESWed Jan 06 1988bag of statis - is it worth the space ?
36.06FOOT::DALLISONWed Jan 06 1988Warren Beaty(ing)!!!
37.031CADSE::WONGThu Jan 07 1988Discussions on warrens
38.0SQM::AITELThu Jan 07 1988DOOM.COM file
39.06FOOT::DALLISONFri Jan 08 1988Poison+greckle=arggggg!
40.023VINO::SCHEIFLERFri Jan 08 1988VT33
41.035CXJOAT::KERRISKSat Jan 09 1988Is this a BUG???
42.06ATLACT::GIBSON_DSun Jan 10 1988it's broke
43.08IOSG::WDAVIESMon Jan 11 1988Nobody told me there was an Android on this mission !
44.018CADSYS::SLATERTue Jan 12 1988Don't prompt for Inventory Scroll
45.05FOOT::DALLISONWed Jan 13 1988An unseen force holds you at bay..
47.04SCRUFF::CONLIFFEWed Jan 13 1988You have the right to remain silent...
48.04VIA::SCHUETZThu Jan 14 1988snap-shot bug?
49.08ATLACT::GIBSON_DFri Jan 15 1988Those Terrible Monsters
50.020MLCSSE::PICCICUTOFri Jan 15 1988Those %^&*$ munchkins!
51.05MEIS::GORDONSat Jan 16 1988VT34
52.02ANRCHY::SUSSWEINMon Jan 18 1988question about warrens
53.09SCRUFF::CONLIFFETue Jan 19 1988IO, io, its down the pit we go...
54.02VINO::KSTEVENSTue Jan 19 1988suggestion concerning scoreboard.
55.03NYOB::RICCIARDITue Jan 19 1988On Activate/Deactivate
56.05ANRCHY::SUSSWEINWed Jan 20 1988Question about libraries
57.07MLNTSC::CESANIThu Jan 21 1988I can see too much
58.04VINO::SCHEIFLERThu Jan 21 1988The kit area has been moved
59.05VINO::SCHEIFLERThu Jan 21 1988Restrict your access, please
60.02PSW::WINALSKIFri Jan 22 1988Tastes OK, but....
61.0336AESIR::SWONGERFri Jan 22 1988Wishlist
62.023169Fri Jan 22 1988Workstation Wierdness
63.033169Mon Jan 25 1988Whassa chkpts ??
64.06BEING::WEISSWed Jan 27 1988Cryptic clue desired
65.03SQM::AITELThu Jan 28 1988Problem with badge - bug or feature?
66.02BEING::WEISSThu Jan 28 1988How to render a 78
67.028RDGETue Feb 02 1988discombods
68.04AESIR::SWONGERTue Feb 02 1988The joys of stimming
69.02SQM::AITELTue Feb 02 1988Accvio on undersized window
70.025CURIE::DECARTERETThu Feb 04 1988Trading Characters
72.041GNUVAX::LIBRARIANMon Feb 08 1988Traps
73.0SCOMAN::JLOREMon Feb 08 1988ULTIMA
74.024BEING::WEISSMon Feb 08 1988So what gives?
75.09RDGCSS::CHANTTue Feb 09 1988Gimme more
76.05IOSG::WDAVIESWed Feb 10 1988No Comparison...
77.035TALLIS::YARDWed Feb 10 1988^%@#$&@# Shimmering Hazes
78.0172HOT::FINNEGANThu Feb 11 1988Stairs....
79.044SCRUFF::CONLIFFETue Feb 16 1988It's nice, but why bother????
80.07NYOB::RICCIARDIThu Feb 18 1988-1
81.05SUBURB::DALLISONWed Feb 24 1988I know you're gonna DIG this
82.01CADSE::WONGWed Feb 24 1988What ever happened to...?
83.03KERNEL::FLOWERSSun Feb 28 1988Awwwwwwww ****NOOOOO*****
84.019MLCSSE::PICCICUTOMon Feb 29 1988Robocops & Reg 1
85.01NYOB::RICCIARDITue Mar 01 1988No exit..No brains..
86.02NYOB::RICCIARDIWed Mar 02 1988Follow me boys!
87.092HOT::FINNEGANThu Mar 03 1988Possible randomness problem
88.03MEIS::GORDONThu Mar 03 1988Possible containment bug...
89.03PSW::WINALSKISat Mar 05 1988screeeech!
90.021NYOB::RICCIARDIMon Mar 07 1988Time out?
91.026FOOT::DALLISONTue Mar 08 1988I mist him
92.04SQM::AITELWed Mar 09 1988Possible bug with explosions/devices
93.03MLCSSE::PICCICUTOThu Mar 10 1988Goggle question...
94.04NORDIC::COLBURNFri Mar 11 1988A Curious Problem
95.02OTOUFri Mar 11 1988iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
96.03PSW::WINALSKISat Mar 12 1988ought to be worth a lot . . .
97.01FOOT::BROADBENTSun Mar 13 1988Bug with Two_headed Swamp Creatures
98.017FOOT::DALLISONTue Mar 15 1988Region 16 madness!!!
99.08SUBURB::DALLISONWed Mar 16 1988Greedy??? ME????
100.028MLCSSE::PICCICUTOWed Mar 16 1988Where can I find a S....?
101.02FOOT::DALLISONFri Mar 18 1988Font problem
102.01HOCUS::RICCIARDISat Mar 19 1988I Screamer Man.
103.04NYOB::RICCIARDISun Mar 20 1988How bad is yours?
104.037IOSG::WDAVIESMon Mar 21 1988You learn something new, everyday !
105.021SQM::AITELMon Mar 21 1988Power me up!
106.06KERNEL::FLOWERSTue Mar 22 1988I found a...
107.020CLOVAX::FORNERThu Mar 24 1988Help on level 16.
108.08PSW::WINALSKIThu Mar 24 1988Very Touching
109.04FOOT::SMITH_ITue Mar 29 1988Doom - was it a brainwave?
110.011PSW::WINALSKIWed Mar 30 1988oops, wrong D
111.05POTARU::SCHWARZFri Apr 01 1988** help needed **
112.07HOCUS::RICCIARDIFri Apr 01 1988Charging
113.019VINO::SCHEIFLERFri Apr 01 1988*** Sources Stolen ***
114.012SKYLRK::WISEERTue Apr 05 1988Not-so-Speedy Gonzalez
115.013SUBURB::DALLISONWed Apr 06 1988DOOM.OPT questions here
116.010SCENIC::BYRNEWed Apr 06 1988Question on making friends
117.041COLORS::LANEFri Apr 08 1988sizzle...
118.03REINIG::REINIGTue Apr 12 1988Let sleeping dogs lie!
119.05LDP::RYANThu Apr 14 1988A List of Monsters Anyone?
120.01JENEVR::KWAKThu Apr 14 1988Shimmering Haze!!!!!!!
121.019SUBURB::DALLISONFri Apr 15 1988How do you fill Vending machines?
122.04AESIR::SWONGERFri Apr 15 1988"Macros" for repetitive tasks!
123.022MLCSSE::PICCICUTOWed Apr 20 1988My Kingdom for a few more MIPS!
124.011TALLIS::ROBINSONThu Apr 21 1988VT22
125.0PSW::WINALSKIFri Apr 22 1988after leaving DetCom . . .
126.06PSW::WINALSKITue Apr 26 1988selective blocking of stairs by icky lumps
127.09POTARU::SCHWARZSat Apr 30 1988Could it the flu? Smallpox?
128.04POTARU::SCHWARZSun May 01 1988DOOMed to failure (so it seems)
130.08CADSE::WONGTue May 03 1988Player Characteristics
131.020SCOMAN::JLOREThu May 05 1988POSSIBLE BUG!!!
132.02SCOMAN::JLOREFri May 06 1988SHAME ON ME? WHY!!!!
133.05PSW::WINALSKIMon May 09 1988can't get there from here
134.018ANRCHY::SUSSWEINMon May 09 1988Mechs
135.07PSW::WINALSKITue May 10 1988I only have i's for you. . .
136.010CADSE::WONGSat May 14 1988T___ D_______
137.03CADSE::WONGWed May 18 1988Light Globes
138.06POOBAH::DOOLITTLEThu May 19 1988Deactivating Strange Devices (H*C*'s)
139.03WINERY::COLLUMThu May 19 1988Porting to other systems?
140.013WAGON::DONHAMFri May 20 1988WTF! Cavalry?
141.010VINO::SCHEIFLERTue May 24 1988Stairs
142.02PSW::WINALSKIWed May 25 1988bottle bug?
143.04HPSCAD::WALLThu May 26 1988On BEMs and traps
144.06BRSRHM::VRANCKENFri May 27 1988No stairs down / up
145.05POTARU::SCHWARZTue May 31 1988SEND help (or character)
146.01CADSE::WONGSun Jun 05 1988The "FOG" is going to get you!
147.0Z::TENNYMon Jun 06 1988DECWEB game announcement
148.08ITGATE::HARBIGMon Jun 06 1988Where do I go from here?
149.012MLCSSE::PICCICUTOTue Jun 07 1988Icky'd to death!
150.03BOGUSS::WISEERWed Jun 08 1988Go to Jail (indirect)
151.02NRADM::WILBURThu Jun 09 1988Bug inspecting BEM
152.05SMURF::SMAXWELLThu Jun 09 1988He took a live one...
153.02BLITO3::ERCOLANOMon Jun 13 19881.5b bug
154.018Z::TENNYMon Jun 13 1988KGB
155.04AESIR::SWONGERThu Jun 16 1988Warren Bug or Concept flaw in V1.5B
156.02GALLOP::BOURNEJThu Jun 23 1988Playing Games on DEC Systems
157.01NOD::DUCRAYFri Jul 01 1988"Friends" I have none!!:^{
158.015STAR::HUBERWed Jul 13 1988Something's blocking the stairway...
159.04CHEST::BURRELLMon Jul 18 1988What was THAT!?!?!
160.05CLOSET::OTTEWed Jul 20 1988Better Fashions in Mission 2
161.011DLOACT::WISNIEWSKIMon Jul 25 1988Best dressed HQ for mission 2
162.01--UnknownUser--Tue Aug 02 1988License needed for this product ?
163.013MLCSSE::PICCICUTOTue Aug 09 1988I'm fuzzy on something?
164.01VINO::SCHEIFLERWed Aug 10 1988Double Painting?
165.06PSW::WINALSKIWed Aug 10 1988display glitches running DOOM on a DECterm
166.04ODIXIE::MCDONALDWed Aug 10 1988What's happening to me?!?!?
167.03MKFSA::GOULDMon Aug 15 1988Bank of Boston should be so bold.
168.029IOENG::CARNSun Aug 28 1988Mission III?
169.01CADSE::WONGSun Sep 04 1988Bugs with V1.7
170.014DLOACT::WISNIEWSKIFri Sep 16 1988Doors in game II
171.07HYDRA::PARSONS2Sun Sep 18 1988The General is *NOT* pleased!!!
172.02COMICS::BUXTONTue Sep 20 1988lump's...and skulls ??
173.01BOGUSS::SHORETue Sep 20 1988What good is a ...?
174.014SCOTCH::KISERSun Sep 25 1988Comments on 1.7a
175.07TPVAX1::WHITEWAYMon Sep 26 1988help for Newcomer
176.025DLOACT::WISNIEWSKISun Oct 02 1988I think I hear the fat lady warming up...
177.01CHEST::BURRELLTue Oct 11 1988Sell by WHEN!?!?!?!
178.03KIPPIS::HAHKIOMon Oct 17 1988Soft fonts suddenly working!
179.07KIPPIS::HAHKIOTue Oct 18 1988Starting from simple things...
180.073VINO::SCHEIFLERSat Oct 22 1988Citizen Registry
181.01SNOCTue Oct 25 1988NO PRIV caused DOOM to crash
182.01STAR::CDUNNTue Oct 25 1988Basic premise for DOOM?
183.03CADSE::WONGWed Nov 02 1988Missing Self-Service Machines
184.08HSKThu Nov 03 1988DOOM on a PC/386?
185.05KIPPIS::HAHKIOFri Nov 04 1988Inventory again...
186.03POOL::LANDMANThu Nov 10 1988Help me!
187.01FOOT::OTTENMon Nov 14 1988mini-bugette
188.077672::LANEMon Nov 14 1988I see D's in my sleep
189.01COGMK::KISERTue Nov 15 1988A bug in 1.8 wide screen format.
190.020PSW::WINALSKITue Nov 15 1988Odd text from DOOM
191.06KAOA12::BEKOLAYThu Nov 17 1988Workstation Support, VWS 4.
192.03DECWET::ERCOLANOThu Nov 17 1988Mechanical Experience
193.04VINO::SCHEIFLERSun Nov 20 1988Getting DOOM for external sites
194.01ODIXIE::JENNINGSWed Nov 23 1988Help with Armor Class
195.03CADSYS::SHEPARDWed Nov 30 1988Portable Holes???
196.02COGMK::KISERWed Nov 30 1988Need some DDT but that went out with the DEC-2
197.04CLO::FORNERWed Nov 30 1988That queen is a slippery bugger!
198.06WANTON::DEVIOUSMon Dec 05 1988Anyone seen PFLOYD:: ?
199.017VINO::SCHEIFLERThu Dec 22 1988What is MegaTech's logo?
200.013VINO::SCHEIFLERFri Dec 30 1988VWS/UIS font available for testing
201.09RAINBO::MAXSONSun Jan 01 1989annoyances!
202.01ODIHAM::POORETue Jan 10 19891.2 Doom.Dat file on DOOM V1.8a ?
203.04DNEAST::SIVRET_JOHNFri Jan 13 1989Where is V1.8
204.07HAMPS::POOREMon Jan 16 1989Possible 1.8A bugs ??
205.012RDGENG::LOWISWed Jan 18 1989Help.
206.03EINE::BELAKHOVThu Jan 19 1989Those damn pills !!!
207.016PHENIX::KINNEYFri Jan 20 1989i'm walled in
208.010OTOAMon Jan 23 1989Trouble in region 4 ????
209.015FDCVTue Jan 31 1989EXIT STAGE RIGHT
210.04EINE::BELAKHOVTue Jan 31 1989Recommendation for DECwindows sought !!!
211.011VINO::SCHEIFLERWed Feb 01 1989Looking to the future
213.02SCRUZ::KERSHNER_FLFri Feb 03 1989A question about Warrens
215.03TLE::DANIELSSat Feb 04 1989Bug in running?
216.01TLE::DANIELSThu Feb 09 1989Cutting down walls...
217.04TLE::DANIELSSun Feb 12 1989Two Insignificant Bugs
218.05LDP::RYANWed Feb 22 1989Cryptic Help Needed
219.010RDGENG::LOWISMon Feb 27 1989KGB Attack
220.07LDP::RYANWed Mar 01 1989Inventory bug
221.017TLE::DANIELSThu Mar 02 1989Another quality product from Megatech International
222.02LDP::RYANMon Mar 06 1989Charging bug?
223.06LDP::RYANThu Mar 09 1989End of Mission 2/start of mission 3 bug
224.052CADSE::WONGSun Mar 12 1989Weapons (wielded, fired, or thrown)
225.040LDP::RYANMon Mar 13 1989Various Types of Armor
226.04TLE::DANIELSTue Mar 14 1989ACCVIO on exit, t1.9a
227.020HPSCAD::WALLThu Mar 16 1989Holey questions
228.02INCH::OTTENFri Mar 17 1989bug???
229.05ANOVAX::WHITEFri Mar 17 1989Mega Tech Wish list
230.025CADSE::WONGSun Mar 19 1989Self-Service Machines
231.04ELWOOD::NORCOTTFri Mar 24 1989Why did I die
232.04LAIDBK::FLATMANTue Mar 28 1989A Bug/Feature/Spoiler on a Pill
233.012LDP::RYANTue Mar 28 1989v 1.9a bug?
234.07CURIE::DECARTERETTue Mar 28 1989A different type of font
235.02ELWOOD::NORCOTTThu Mar 30 1989Friendly Monster?
236.06CADSE::WONGSun Apr 09 1989Security Alerts and Alarms
237.053MPGS::TERVALONSun Apr 09 1989Mission II Strategy/Questions...
238.09ELWOOD::NORCOTTMon Apr 10 1989Alley sweeper
239.07BOOKIE::AITELTue Apr 25 1989Cash and can't carry!
240.02FESTER::CHANGTue May 02 1989Possible bug
241.01HYEND::BLYONSTue May 02 1989Megatech diet plan - bug
243.010CADSE::WONGThu May 11 1989Weight Bug again...
245.018FDCVTue May 16 1989STARGATE?
246.04BOXTOP::KINNEYFri May 26 1989HOW TO USE
247.01SHAPES::DINNKTue Jun 06 1989Citizen can't find VINO:: !!
248.06VINO::SCHEIFLERMon Jun 12 1989Mission #2 Snapshots Wanted
249.01STKEIS::MALMTue Jul 11 1989Pointer wanted. Dead or alive.
250.01OTOAThu Jul 20 1989Startup Problem - Help!
251.01WIENER::BOSTERSThu Jul 27 1989Startup problems
252.06CADSE::WONGSat Jul 29 1989Wandering Monsters
253.04HYEND::BLYONSMon Jul 31 1989too big a pile - bug
254.01BYENGFri Aug 04 1989Get out the disinfectant....
255.01GIAMEM::RUSSELLFri Aug 04 1989quit
256.03EFGVMon Aug 07 1989A revealing Bug ?
257.04CADSE::WONGThu Aug 10 1989Generic Problems
258.01BYENGThu Aug 10 1989What about.....
259.07ARAFEL::BRYDONFri Aug 11 1989Where's the sprarks....possible oversight.
260.03DPDMAI::SCHOONOVERTue Aug 15 1989What time is it???
261.01KERNEL::SATIAFri Aug 18 1989latest version
262.07PSW::WINALSKISun Aug 20 1989Mfg. by MegaTech???
263.03BYENGWed Aug 23 1989Bug Alert! Lerts deserve to be bugged...
264.010SALEM::NEEDHAMWed Aug 30 1989Can't save the game
265.014RTOEU::MLEWISWed Aug 30 1989what's a util 'bot for?
266.06POOL::LANDMANSat Sep 02 1989Level 13 and stuck!
267.037PSW::WINALSKISat Sep 02 1989Cheater's Guide to DoomsDay 2
268.02PSW::WINALSKITue Sep 05 1989combat knife vs. crowbar
269.04BYENGThu Sep 07 1989Mission 3??...No problem!
270.01OTOOThu Sep 07 1989Where is version 1.9???
271.04DNEAST::BOTTOM_DAVIDTue Sep 12 1989HOw does the option rename work?
272.01ARAFEL::BRYDONFri Sep 15 1989Yet another obsucre little raid victim.
273.080VINO::SCHEIFLERMon Sep 18 1989DOOM Novelty Items
274.0111VINO::SCHEIFLERMon Sep 18 1989Rights to DOOM
275.0KELSON::GULDENSCHUHThu Sep 21 1989Conference may not be accessable
276.03BYENGFri Sep 22 1989Buglet...or technology gone wrong!
277.0249CADSE::WONGSun Sep 24 1989Version 2: Mission III
278.01SNO78C::BELAKHOVMon Sep 25 1989Trying to complete Mission II !!!
279.01VINO::SCHEIFLERWed Sep 27 1989How come I can't put a Transmat in my crate anymore?
280.04SNDCSL::BLEIWASThu Sep 28 1989VT1
281.02VINO::SCHEIFLERSat Sep 30 1989Need LIBRTL.EXE for VMS V4.x
282.05LENO::GRIERSun Oct 01 1989Bug in inital V2.
283.013VINO::SCHEIFLERMon Oct 02 1989avoiding trouble
284.01BOOKIE::AITELTue Oct 03 1989Writing bug
285.09JUPITR::BJUBINVILLEThu Oct 05 1989RoboCop?? HELP!!!
286.01BOOKIE::AITELFri Oct 06 1989Mission 3 weapons problem
287.018GIGI::GOLDBERGThu Oct 19 1989want game
288.038SNO78C::BRADLEYSun Oct 22 1989Dreadnuaghts?
289.03CADSE::WONGMon Oct 23 1989Wardens
290.09JURAN::BRYDONMon Oct 23 1989Bug Alert!! Bug Alert!!
291.016BTOVT::JACOB_TMon Oct 23 1989Mission III over???
292.022PSW::WINALSKIWed Oct 25 1989Misery is...
293.02PSW::WINALSKISat Oct 28 1989neuro-whips and Zs
294.013D::BURKARTMon Oct 30 1989Latest Kit Location?
295.0749ER::NGUYENTue Oct 31 1989Possible bug...
296.01349ER::NGUYENTue Nov 07 1989DOOM on P.C?
297.05CASPRO::SULLIVANThu Nov 30 1989CAN'T CARRY ANYMORE .......
299.01CADSYS::SLATERFri Dec 15 1989Bug, Real Volume Buying Power!
300.0CADSYS::SLATERFri Dec 15 1989If ya can't crawl, fly!
301.0449ER::NGUYENTue Dec 19 1989Fatal error on region 9
302.0JUMBLY::FORKESWed Dec 20 1989Seasonal Greetings
303.04VICKI::NEEDHAMWed Dec 27 1989Medusa look-a-like
304.036RDVAX::TPTEMPThu Dec 28 1989cheaters guide?
305.017NZOVSat Dec 30 1989Mission II help needed
306.05XANADU::CAMPBELLMon Jan 08 1990Determining what region (?) you're on...
307.04EOS::WONGSat Jan 20 1990Reclamation Centers (recycling topic)
308.03PSW::WINALSKISun Jan 21 1990flash bombs?
309.07AIADM::DAVENPORTThu Jan 25 1990Is VINO Alive??
310.05RDVAX::TPTEMPThu Jan 25 19908*(
311.04MAMTS3::RSTRAUBFri Jan 26 1990Help me to breathe
312.02IDAHO::HOLTFri Jan 26 1990What time is it?
313.04MAMTS3::RSTRAUBWed Jan 31 1990
314.053VINO::SCHEIFLERThu Feb 01 1990Macintosh DOOM
315.02PVCSSE::SYSTEMMon Feb 12 1990Mission 3 stinging question!
316.08PSW::WINALSKIMon Feb 12 1990but it's not raining inside
317.01PSW::WINALSKIMon Feb 19 1990M3 Robots
318.05PSW::WINALSKISat Feb 24 1990Mission 3 hand-to-hand weaponry
319.03JRDVMon Feb 26 1990all pills are disappeared
320.05MAMTS3::RSTRAUBWed Feb 28 1990Possible 2.
321.06NZOVSun Mar 04 1990Version V1.9 question...
322.02VAXUUM::PELTZWed Mar 07 1990Examining contents of containers in inventory?
323.01PSW::WINALSKIMon Mar 19 1990Region 15 floor oddity
324.015EFGVThu Mar 22 1990ACCVIO wile running 2.
325.01PSW::WINALSKIWed Apr 04 1990EP values for M3 robots needed
326.012COMICS::LOATThu Apr 05 1990Warden help needed. 8-[
327.09PSW::WINALSKISat Apr 07 1990no officer on duty....
328.02SCAACT::ZIPPMon Apr 09 1990light globe status
329.07WLDWST::JMARTINEZTue Apr 10 1990Possible Bug????
330.021FDCVTue Apr 24 1990MISSION IV?
331.015TLE::DANIELSSat May 12 1990Bug in 2.
332.02PENSKE::STAGGSWed May 16 1990new problem
333.02MSBCS::KINNEYWed May 23 1990forcefield pack
335.02DECWET::COLGATEFri Jun 08 1990Mission III item - how to use
336.0HELIX::GULDENSCHUHSun Jul 01 1990Doom Conference has moved, sort of
337.08SAC::WHITAKER_AThu Jul 19 1990VAXstation support ?
338.05PANIC::JACOBWed Jul 25 1990Mists/Weapons/Missions/Workstation
339.06MILKWY::SCOHENTue Jul 31 1990possible bug
340.05DECWET::COLGATEWed Aug 08 1990Bugs?
341.01PINALL::KERSHNERThu Aug 09 1990A tale to tell...
342.03KAOAFri Aug 17 1990Coins
343.02MILKWY::SMCCORMICKSat Aug 18 1990Floater pad incident.
344.01DECWET::COLGATETue Aug 21 1990Mission III stuff
345.01VAILSE::MERTZTue Aug 21 1990DECwindows????
346.02XCUSME::SINGHSun Aug 26 1990New member help
347.03TRUCKS::BARRONTue Aug 28 1990Mission 3, files location
349.03VAXPHW::PHILFri Sep 14 1990Detention exit? HOW?
350.011POLAR::HOMon Sep 24 1990Need help
351.04RTOEU::OBENDERThu Oct 04 1990Problem with restoring a saved game ...
352.04YUPPY::ASHTONPWed Oct 10 1990Zytte's the way to do it...
355.01CADSE::WONGFri Nov 09 1990Happiness is...
356.08TRUCKS::BARRONThu Nov 15 1990Teleport in miss3
357.02ARCANE::SCHEIFLERTue Nov 27 1990Conference on Notes Issues
358.02SUZY::GOLDBERGThu Dec 13 1990I am vulnerable
360.08ARGUS::HARVEYWed Dec 19 1990Help me with that #%$Queen
361.03CSC32::M_EMERSONMon Dec 24 1990end of mission 1/beggining 2 problem
362.05BIGRED::DANIELSFri Dec 28 1990Help with special-fonts
363.02MILKWY::SMCCORMICKThu Jan 03 1991Version 2.1 bug
364.09ARCANE::SCHEIFLERMon Jan 07 1991Problems with v2.1
365.01TRUCKS::BARRONTue Jan 08 1991MISSION 4 ANY NEWS......
366.03DECWET::COLGATEThu Jan 10 1991V2.1a new behavior...
367.025Tue Jan 22 1991Mission 1 net features Registration
368.0WHELIN::LAMBERTThu Jan 24 1991VAXmate, VT24
369.012BIGRED::DANIELSThu Jan 24 1991ULTRIX version?
370.01DECWET::COLGATEMon Feb 04 1991Activate those darn UBots
371.01DECWET::COLGATEThu Feb 07 1991Never fight a Region III C carrying a module....
372.02DECWET::COLGATEThu Feb 28 1991
373.02DATABS::NORCOTTWed Mar 06 1991Mission 2 tip
374.02DWOVAX::MOREThu Mar 07 1991Possible PILL BUG
375.02DECWET::COLGATEThu Mar 07 1991Gripe abnout range weapons.
376.0DATABS::NORCOTTFri Mar 15 1991Minor M2 bug
377.02MLCSSE::BRACKFri Mar 22 1991Have you ever seen ... ?
378.0349ER::NGUYENMon Apr 01 1991Items that sit on a trap...
379.0449ER::NGUYENTue Apr 02 1991Where's my fav pill?
381.010SML1DR::MOREThu May 02 1991shot ineffectual unnecessary
382.018POWDML::GOLDBERGTue May 07 1991CHEATING..
383.03TLE::BORDWed May 29 1991Ack! an ACCVIO
384.04SNOCFri Jun 07 1991Negative AC ???
385.03TRUCKS::BARRONThu Jun 20 1991Thoughts for Miss4.
386.09SUBWAY::MAXSONFri Jul 26 1991M3 Retrospective
387.06EFGVSun Jul 28 1991<SAVEPROBLEMS>
388.02GIAMEM::RUSSELLWed Jul 31 1991Fatal error in M 3.
389.0SMOOT::ROTHMon Aug 05 1991Info on the *real* G-J weapons!!
390.02CADSE::WONGFri Aug 09 1991Questions on Experience Points
391.011SML1DR::MOREWed Aug 14 1991Locker Size Capacity Inconsistent
392.06GJOVAX::GRAEFFTue Sep 03 1991VT12
393.0ERIS::CALLASWed Sep 11 1991Demo Kit for Macintosh Doom
394.02AIMHI::DECARTERETFri Sep 20 1991More trouble with fonts...
395.05GSMOKE::SARANDOSWed Sep 25 1991 Miss Printed
396.011DECWET::COLGATEMon Oct 21 1991Let's see... I want a pill of incresed strength
397.010SML1DR::MOREMon Oct 28 1991AMIGA
398.04NEWOA::DALLISONTue Nov 05 1991Shame on you for playing someone elses character!!!!
399.03RACER::daveWed Dec 04 1991
400.020KETJE::DOMSThu Dec 05 1991Sub-plots...
401.04SML1DR::MOREThu Dec 12 1991WHY?
402.06REEF::MCGOWANRTue Jan 21 1992It won't let me in!
403.07REEF::MCGOWANRTue Jan 21 1992Another stupid question.
404.01REEF::MCGOWANRThu Jan 23 1992Frustrated Beginner!
406.04TRADE::MORETue Mar 17 1992IBM
407.01IOSG::WDAVIESTue Mar 17 1992BUG - ESCAPE sequences in BROADCAST causes dump
408.05ARCANE::SCHEIFLERMon Mar 23 1992CompuServe Conference Info
410.01MSBCS::KINNEYFri Mar 27 1992found it
411.0MUNDIS::DSTUEWEFri Apr 10 1992I'm a member of the prison staff !!
412.03QUIVER::SIMONThu May 28 1992Question about doors
413.03SUBURB::ASHTONPMon Jun 15 1992Blast from the PAST....
414.0107ARCANE::SCHEIFLERTue Jun 16 1992IBM compatible DOOM
415.03LARVAE::DRAY_PMon Jul 06 1992Dead players
416.0ASSURE::SYBILWed Jul 08 1992Any suggestions?
417.013VAXWRK::HARNEYSun Aug 23 1992Version 2.1a bugs
418.0VAXWRK::HARNEYFri Sep 11 1992DoomsDay 2
419.05VAXVLS::CCASEYTue Oct 06 1992Multi-User Option???????
420.014ESASE1::CWALSHMon Oct 19 1992quit
421.01SLPSTK::ILESThu Oct 29 1992How many stages are there anyway???
422.018ARCANE::SCHEIFLERThu Nov 12 1992Fond Farewell
423.0HANNAH::ALFREDWed Dec 02 1992DECmug (DEC Macintosh Users Group) Meeting
424.06UKARC1::ILESWed Apr 14 1993Experts needed to help a poor beginner
425.01SOLVIT::PERRYFri Jun 25 1993help
426.013ADSERV::PW::WINALSKISat Jul 10 1993Needlers and Discombobulators
427.016XKOVMon Oct 18 1993Availability of kit..
428.05TRUCKS::MILES_BWed Nov 17 1993Scragged @*!*@
429.0SLPSTK::ILESFri Apr 08 1994Specialised Characters Please
430.01TAVENG::ALF4::ARKADYSun Apr 10 1994How to make .OPT work?
431.03FABSIX::S_MCCORMICKWed Jun 12 1996.EXE needed
432.0WRAFLC::GILLEYTue Sep 10 1996Need a new home...
433.0TURRIS::lspace.zko.dec.com::winalskiSun Dec 29 1996New location for Cheater's Guide