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Conference rdgeng::euro_flying

Title:Flying in Europe
Notice:Aviators Anonymous
Created:Thu Apr 02 1987
Last Modified:Fri Mar 07 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:857
Total number of notes:6919
Number with bodies:2
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1.09SED75Thu Apr 02 1987Introduction
2.0SED75Thu Apr 02 1987Index
3.0162SED75Thu Apr 02 1987Who reads Euro_Flying anyway?
4.025UTRTSC::ROBERTSFri Apr 10 1987Flying clubs
5.08SED75Fri Apr 10 1987PFA Rally, Cranfield, 1987
6.014SED75Fri Apr 10 1987Opinions on instructors
7.053SED75Fri Apr 10 1987Memorable flights
8.01149171::BOARDMANFri Apr 24 1987Schneider Trophy
9.02SED75Fri Apr 24 1987PPL qualifications
10.085Tue Apr 28 1987NEW PPL Syllabus
11.031GVAED1::BOARDMANThu Apr 30 1987For Sale & Wanted
12.012RDGEFri May 08 1987DEC Hang Gliding Club.
13.04492Sun May 10 1987BOLKOW JUNIOR
14.071UTRTSC::ROBERTSMon May 18 1987First solo
15.02UTRTSC::ROBERTSMon May 18 1987GA Disaster in Belgium
17.032SED75Sun Jun 07 1987Principles of Flight: rudder in turns
18.07UTRTSC::ROBERTSTue Jun 16 1987Fear of flying
19.05RDGEMon Jun 22 1987Schneider result ??
20.05RDGEMon Jun 22 1987DIY Aviation is here !!
22.03SHIRE::BOARDMANTue Jun 23 1987Blind Faith
23.03SED75Tue Jun 30 1987Spinning
24.04SED75Tue Jun 30 1987Air Cadet Gliding
26.03492Mon Jul 06 1987Airshows in Europe
27.05SAC::KEVANSMon Jul 20 1987Flight Simulators for PC's
29.010SEDSWS::EDMUNDSFri Aug 07 1987Should we keep this file alive?
30.0RDGEMon Aug 10 1987Want to go Hang Gliding?
31.0349287::ROBERTSTue Aug 11 1987From "The Times" last week
32.05WARMER::CHEETHAMFri Aug 14 1987Don't fence me in
33.01434Tue Sep 01 1987Info. Required On CFM SHADOW
34.0349287::ROBERTSWed Sep 02 1987Another noter loose over Southern England
36.0649287::ROBERTSFri Sep 04 1987Moscow court case
37.0RDGENG::KEDMUNDSTue Sep 08 1987Fatal motor-glider incident
38.031ANNECY::ROBERTSMon Sep 14 1987European terminology
39.07RDGENG::KEDMUNDSWed Sep 16 1987Smokehoods in airliners
40.03AYOV18::BMCHATTIEMon Sep 21 1987Any Scottish pilots out there?
41.022RDGENG::YOUNGThu Sep 24 1987A DEC Gliding Club?
42.01949659::ROBERTSMon Sep 28 1987Cessna 152 crashes in Essex
43.0SHIRE::BOARDMANTue Sep 29 1987And a Robin Dauphin Kills 4 Men
44.06SHIRE::BOARDMANTue Sep 29 1987ICAO codes puzzle
45.02IOSG::STRIJCKERWed Sep 30 1987Group B rating? (Andy is too lazy to log in as himself)
46.01NIGEL::ROBERTSThu Oct 01 1987R/T example
47.011RDGENG::KEDMUNDSThu Oct 01 1987Do it yourself headsets
48.06AYOV18::BMCHATTIEMon Oct 05 1987What comes next?
49.0112RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Oct 05 1987I've been flying!
50.019NIGEL::ROBERTSMon Oct 05 1987I've NOT been flying!
51.01RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Oct 05 1987A/C for rent?
52.07NIGEL::ROBERTSMon Oct 05 1987Alcohol and avgas don't mix
53.06BIRMIC::TURRELLTue Oct 06 1987Classics heard on the radio
54.04AYOV18::BMCHATTIEWed Oct 07 1987tell me a story..
55.0AYOV18::BMCHATTIEWed Oct 07 1987computers in the sky
56.0RDGE22::FSMANAGERThu Oct 08 1987Bearings are a Pilots best Friend
57.01IOSG::LANEFri Oct 09 1987charts
58.015RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Oct 12 1987Tall Stories
59.022THESUN::DAYWed Oct 14 1987Bucker Jungmann
60.01RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Oct 19 1987Aircraft jumps the lights at Heathrow
61.019NIGEL::ROBERTSMon Oct 19 1987Social events
62.04NIGEL::ROBERTSMon Oct 19 1987Storm damage
63.07RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Oct 19 1987What *really* annoys me is...
64.0IOSG::LANEMon Oct 19 1987The Booker/Wycombe Air Park Club
65.03NIGEL::ROBERTSWed Oct 21 1987Directions by road to Flying Clubs
66.0SHIRE::BOARDMANWed Oct 21 1987Flying Videos
67.0IOSG::LANEFri Oct 23 1987Mad Aussie now in IMC !!!
68.01RDGENG::KEDMUNDSTue Oct 27 1987Cranfield 1988
69.02CHEFS::MACALPINECWed Oct 28 1987Any Met or Aerodynamics Courses ?
70.03MORGAN::BARBERWed Oct 28 1987WW II Aircraft enthusiasts and parts sought
71.04RDGENG::KEDMUNDSThu Nov 05 1987B-737 question
72.01SHIRE::BOARDMANTue Nov 10 1987Calculators
73.05RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Nov 16 1987Red Arrows Midair
74.036IOSG::LANEFri Nov 20 1987I.M.C.
75.06IOSG::LANEFri Nov 20 1987Tampico TB9 a different beast
76.0IOSG::LANEFri Nov 20 1987normal service will be resumed as soon as possible
77.04NIGEL::ROBERTSMon Nov 23 1987Airfield scuttlebutt - how do we treat it?
78.01SHIRE::BOARDMANWed Nov 25 1987How low can you fly?
79.04IOSG::LANEFri Nov 27 1987Not too much about flying, but ...
80.08IOSG::LANETue Dec 01 1987Fling without an Engine...
81.07NIGEL::ROBERTSFri Dec 04 1987This _is_ about flying!
82.02IOSG::LANEMon Dec 07 1987Check rides on different aircraft types
84.044FOOT::PLATTTue Dec 22 1987Aviation books
85.04SHIRE::BOARDMANWed Dec 23 1987Videos
86.011IOSG::LANEMon Jan 04 1988Another flying club
87.015RDGENG::KEDMUNDSWed Jan 13 1988Group forming - Southampton
88.05IOSG::LANEWed Jan 13 1988The Basic Commercial Pilots Licence
89.022RDGENG::AYLINGThu Jan 14 1988Comments On ARV2
90.011RDGENG::KEDMUNDSThu Jan 14 1988Wind gradients
91.03IOSG::LANEFri Jan 15 1988The PPL Syllabus numbers
92.011SEDOAS::LINSELLFri Jan 15 1988Aircraft purchase in USA
93.015SAC::KEVANSFri Jan 15 1988Magneto checks - QUIZ!!
94.013434Mon Jan 18 1988Carb heat: hot or cold to land?
95.022RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Jan 18 1988Notes on NOTES
96.02RDGENG::RAMSAYTue Jan 19 1988Anyone know where I can find a Jodel?
97.03CHEFS::ASMITHWed Jan 20 19881988 digital schneider trophy race
98.0WARMTH::CHEETHAMWed Jan 20 1988Airframe Wanted
99.054IOSG::LANEThu Jan 21 1988The Digital Flying Club!
100.02IOSG::LANEMon Jan 25 1988"Request out-of-date emergency procedure"
101.04OSPREY::ADAMSWed Feb 03 1988Cessna/Piper Dilemma
102.0IOSG::LANEThu Feb 04 1988A new owner to an 'Old School'
103.07IOSG::LANEThu Feb 04 1988More than one engine, anybody...
104.04IOSG::LANEWed Feb 10 1988Unusual attitudes...
105.02IOSG::LANEWed Feb 10 1988How many hours have you got...???
106.02GVAThu Feb 11 1988Jodel, Robin, whats-its-name model numbers
107.012RDGENG::AYLINGFri Feb 12 1988Sunglasses In Europe
108.01RDGENG::KEDMUNDSFri Feb 12 1988Mudhawks and mudslides
109.01IOSG::LANEMon Feb 15 1988The BEEB on ATC...
110.016RDGENG::HOBBSTue Feb 16 1988Different "BEEB on ATC"
111.01RDGENG::AYLINGTue Feb 16 1988Updates To CAP 85
112.022RDGENG::RAMSAYThu Feb 18 1988Finally I did it!
113.05RDGENG::RAMSAYThu Feb 18 1988Public C of A - tight enough control on safety?
114.01EAGLE1::EGGERSFri Feb 19 1988ILS =
115.01RDGENG::RAMSAYWed Feb 24 1988Would you fly with this man?
116.0IOSG::LANEThu Feb 25 1988Humour in flight !
117.03LAWLER::ALMon Feb 29 1988Paris Air show?
118.0IOSG::LANEMon Feb 29 1988Exams for PPL
119.013IOSG::LANEMon Mar 07 1988Anybody there? Done any Flying, John?
120.04GVATue Mar 08 1988Planning Overwater and/or Continental Flights
121.09AURVAX::LEWISTue Mar 08 1988Where's the note about ADF time to station?
122.033IOSG::LANEWed Mar 09 1988A US License?
123.05AYOV18::BMCHATTIEThu Mar 10 1988automated assistance required....
124.09LEPTON::LEONARD_KFri Mar 11 1988Horsa's Rule OK
125.01SHIRE::BOARDMANFri Mar 11 1988Help needed on more DIY flying experience
126.0MARVIN::CCHAPMANMon Mar 14 1988Gliding in Wales
128.03IOSG::LANEFri Mar 18 1988Anyone for tennis???
129.039RDGENG::KEDMUNDSFri Mar 25 1988Stalling
130.01GVATue Apr 05 1988European Airport/Navaid Database - Planning Tool
131.07GVATue Apr 05 1988What documentation for flight in the UK?
132.04GVATue Apr 05 1988UK Weather Information
133.05BISTRO::J_SIMPSONWed Apr 06 1988Don't tell me HOW, tell me WHY.
134.05IOSG::LANEWed Apr 06 1988Sony Air-7 anyone?
135.04RDGENG::YOUNGThu Apr 07 1988Handheld Transceivers
136.05GVATue Apr 12 1988Flying club rules vs legal rules
137.019IOSG::STRIJCKERWed Apr 13 1988Nearly there
138.0RDGENG::RAMSAYFri Apr 22 1988Aircraft Hire from Southampton
139.011IOSG::LANETue Apr 26 1988Related Conferences
140.01GVAThu Apr 28 1988Help needed on when to use radio facilities
141.0RDGENG::RAMSAYTue May 03 1988New Airmet Numbers and facilities
142.01--UnknownUser--Thu May 12 1988EGNH & EGTR Queries
143.08REPAIR::SEANMon May 23 1988Headsets
144.01MANTue May 24 1988A very good day, but sleepy
146.01IOSG::LANETue May 24 1988Aerobatic Helicopter!
147.05IOSG::LANETue May 31 1988An exciting days flying!!!
148.05RDGENG::RAMSAYMon Jun 06 1988Anyone going to the Alderney Fly-in?
150.05IOSG::STRIJCKERWed Jun 08 1988Light aircraft landed on motorway
151.05IPG::DEANMon Jun 13 1988CAA Red-tape!
152.015RDGENG::AYLINGTue Jun 14 1988Anyone For Cranfield This Year ?
153.04ANDREW::OSTROMWed Jun 15 1988Visitor from the West...
154.05CREDIT::LAWLERThu Jun 16 1988A Conneticut yankee in king arthur's pub
155.06MARVIN::CCHAPMANMon Jun 20 1988Navigation Aid for Gliders
156.03GVAMon Jun 20 1988What's an international flight?
157.012MOVIES::ROBERTSFri Jun 24 1988DEC AirForce | EURO_FLYING.NOTE
158.022IOSG::LANEMon Jun 27 1988A32
159.04IOSG::LANETue Jun 28 1988No, I am NOT going to be a hostess with Alitalia!!!!
160.05AYOU35::ALLANWed Jun 29 1988Pat your head, rub your tummy and tap dance..
161.010RDGENG::RAMSAYWed Jun 29 1988Spare seat to Cranfield
162.014REPAIR::SEANWed Jul 06 1988US training
163.05IOSG::STRIJCKERMon Jul 11 1988Anybody for bits of UK AIP?
164.04WARDER::COOPERCWed Jul 13 1988any Shackletons
166.04RDGENG::RAMSAYMon Jul 18 19881/3 share in AUSTER Mk V anyone?
167.03RDGENG::RAMSAYWed Jul 27 1988Goodbye Fellow Noters!
168.02CHEFS::ASMITHMon Aug 01 1988schneider qualifications 1989
169.03STING::VISSERTue Aug 02 1988Ercoupe fans, and restorations?
171.01MARVIN::CCHAPMANWed Aug 03 1988Gliding at Le Blanc, France
172.06IPOVAX::BARBERThu Aug 04 1988New England Yank, London bound
173.03RDGENG::KEDMUNDSWed Aug 10 1988Hunter mid-air (or Jaguars, Tornados or J3's)
174.01CREDIT::LAWLERMon Aug 15 1988Yo, Keith Edmunds!
175.0SAC::KEVANSWed Aug 17 1988Ultimate suitcase ?!?!
177.012MARVIN::DEWARThu Sep 01 1988Gliding - how much to be how good?
178.015STOPIT::STRIJCKERWed Sep 07 1988Is everybody still alright?
179.011DEDOThu Sep 15 19881st solo, he whispered...
180.02AYOV18::BMCHATTIESat Sep 17 1988my ears are calling out for good reception !!!
181.08JANUS::BRYANTMon Sep 19 1988Egg-lofters
182.011LEPTON::LEONARD_KTue Sep 20 1988D.I.Y. after the Wright Bros.
183.02RGB::GOLDBERGWed Sep 28 1988Long-EZ, Cozy, flying kits internationally
184.0RDGENG::RAMSAYWed Oct 05 1988Write to Bob!
185.016DEDOThu Oct 06 1988Flaps Extension
186.03RDGENG::RDAVIESMon Oct 10 1988DEC hot-air balloon, info required
187.017MVSUPP::SYSTEMThu Oct 13 1988Aviation Museum (S. England)?
188.0SEDOAS::LINSELLThu Oct 13 1988Airband Radio
189.0SIEVAX::FINLAYMon Oct 31 1988A Piece of Cake
190.05MEDUSA::DAYMon Oct 31 1988Ultralights in UK?
191.013AYOU17::NAYLORMon Nov 07 1988Navigation calculator wanted
192.04GVAMon Nov 14 1988Rallye information, please?
193.01--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 14 1988Wanted
194.022EGAVTue Nov 15 1988DUMPING HEIGHT
195.016UNTADH::ROBERTSMon Nov 21 1988How to become an airline pilot
196.02AYOU17::NAYLORWed Nov 23 1988flying light a/c from US to Europe
198.023GALLOP::MACLUREAWed Nov 23 1988First Fright (Flight)
199.05RDGENG::AYLINGWed Nov 30 1988Why did Concordski Crash At Paris ?
200.05GAOVThu Dec 01 1988A TALL ORDER.
201.06WARDER::WINDERThu Dec 01 1988Englishman to Oshkosh by Light'plane
202.01SALSA::BLUNDELLSat Dec 03 1988RV6 - Homebuilt
203.02CHEFS::ASMITHTue Dec 06 1988Spartan Arrow article in post
204.07EAGLE1::EGGERSTue Dec 13 1988Soaring book
205.02RDGENG::AYLINGMon Dec 19 1988More SPITFIRES For Renovation ?
206.01GAO::JGOODWed Dec 21 1988Instructor's Rating
207.06BRSDVP::GALLOYThu Dec 22 1988PAN AM 747 crashed !
208.03MMOTue Jan 03 1989SAS Bomb threat
209.03RDGENG::AYLINGWed Jan 04 1989IMC-FLIGHT S/W Program.
210.09RDGENG::AYLINGWed Jan 04 1989POOLEY'S In FILOFAX Form ?
211.07RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Jan 09 1989BM B737 crashes on M1
212.01GAO::JGOODThu Jan 12 1989So Near and yet so far.
213.024SIEVAX::SPEIGHTMon Jan 23 19892 Cessnas collide at Booker.
214.012FULMER::ADAMSTue Jan 24 1989Radiotelephony Publication ?
215.02RTOIC::TSTORZFri Feb 03 1989Clubs in England
216.01UNTADH::ROBERTSFri Feb 03 1989Crashed and burned
217.09RDGENG::KEDMUNDSMon Feb 06 1989The REAL way to fly
218.03BONNET::HEYERTue Feb 07 1989Tunisia Aviation maps...?
219.07ANNECY::CHAPMANThu Feb 16 1989Gliding at Saint Auban (French Alps)
220.04NEARLY::GOODENOUGHSun Feb 19 1989Beware high-flying Cessna
221.05CREDIT::LAWLERWed Feb 22 1989Moderayshun discussion
222.019UNTADH::ROBERTSWed Feb 22 1989Rejoin procedures
223.015UNTADH::ROBERTSThu Feb 23 1989Forced landings without power
224.03AYOU17::NAYLORMon Feb 27 1989Exercise 14 complete!
225.07NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Feb 27 1989Armchair pilot needs info!
227.012NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Mar 13 1989My introduction to non-gliding
228.011FLOCON::DC_OLSCHEWSKMon Mar 13 1989Lost in France
229.091SAC::LEONARD_KMon Mar 20 1989PFA meetings near Basingstoke
230.03AYOU17::NAYLORWed Mar 22 1989Learning in controlled airspace
231.0AYOU17::NAYLORWed Mar 22 1989Survey : Most popular light aircraft
232.07EGAVTue Apr 04 1989Info please
233.012UKCSSE::AYLINGMon Apr 10 1989What are VRPs for ?
234.05UKCSSE::AYLINGMon Apr 10 1989Anyone know Chilbolton ?
235.04IOSG::GARDNERMon Apr 17 1989Beginners please
236.01SUBURB::HOLTBYRMon Apr 17 1989Flying in USA
237.05SHAPES::DERHAMBTue Apr 18 1989Calling Herbie...Calling Herbie
238.02GAOVTue Apr 18 1989Safety.
239.0AYOU17::NAYLORMon Apr 24 1989Summer must be here!
240.01UKCSSE::AYLINGMon May 08 1989Anybody out there !!
242.07GAOVThu May 11 1989Prestwick/Cranfield
243.02NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon May 15 1989Prestwick nonsense (ST report)
244.014UKCSSE::AYLINGTue May 16 1989Anyone been to Popham lately ?
245.01GIDDAY::CHEDRAWed May 17 1989Swiss Alps Ballooning ?????
246.01GAOVWed May 17 1989yaw?
247.011AYOV27::BMCHATTIEWed May 24 1989TO MUCH DRAG I NEED ** LIFT **
248.03EMASS::APOSTOThu May 25 1989Flying overseas for the U.S. pilot
249.05AYOU17::NAYLORMon May 29 1989Ratings
250.04GIDDAY::CHEDRAThu Jun 01 1989AIRSHOWS (best)???????
251.013NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Jun 02 1989Heavy circuits
252.01FRUST::KOBERTue Jun 06 1989Gliding in Germany?
253.014EAYVWed Jun 14 1989Mothballs at the ready
254.017AYOU17::NAYLORWed Jun 21 1989Flight test questions
255.04UKCSSE::AYLINGThu Jun 29 1989Final call for flights to Cranfield!
256.04BURYST::EDMUNDSMon Jul 03 1989Spitfire crash
257.09SSDEVO::EGGERSWed Jul 05 1989A gliding incident at Black Forest, Colorado
258.01SHIRE::GOLDBLATTThu Jul 06 1989MIG crash
259.02MINNIE::KNIGHTThu Jul 06 1989Ready for Departure !!!
260.022GVAFri Jul 07 1989Upside down in a CAP1
261.03WOTVAX::BEDDINGMon Jul 10 1989
262.0ODIUM::EY6839U6Fri Jul 21 1989(New)Hang gliding notes file
263.04UKCSSE::AYLINGTue Jul 25 1989How useful is a FAA CPL/IR in UK ?
264.06VIDEO::BARBERThu Jul 27 1989B-17 crash ?????
265.0+11AYOU17::NAYLORTue Aug 01 1989Writing on the wall for Prestwick?
267.010TRUCKS::RAMSAY_NWed Aug 02 1989Cheap flying anyone?
268.01FNYFS::OLSCHEWSKISun Aug 06 1989Birdies can be bad....
269.019AYOU17::NAYLORFri Aug 11 1989Noter in town
270.02UNTADH::DERHAMMon Aug 14 1989Flying in Munich.
271.02AYOU17::NAYLORMon Aug 21 1989Close shave!
272.02AYOU17::NAYLORTue Aug 22 1989Pi**ed off with Prestwick! (Weather that is)
273.0GAOVWed Aug 23 1989Dipsticks
275.01CESARE::BELLONITue Aug 29 1989Italian Frecce Tricolori come back to fly
276.01GASDRS::PACKThu Aug 31 1989Airmanship... courses ?
277.03NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Sep 04 1989Is anyone down there??
278.012FNYFS::OLSCHEWSKIThu Sep 07 1989Two quick questions
279.016WARDER::WINDERThu Sep 14 1989Brits Invade L.A.-HELI TNG.
280.0SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Sep 25 1989Incidents and Accidents
281.03SHAPES::BOARDMANKTue Sep 26 1989PFA Certification
282.01SHAPES::BOARDMANKTue Sep 26 1989How to fill in a log book?
283.05SHAPES::BOARDMANKThu Sep 28 1989Personal Accident Insurance
284.01SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Oct 16 1989Old Sarum and a PA28
285.06SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Oct 16 1989ANO query
286.01EGAVMon Oct 16 1989Paint Job ?
287.05SHIRE::GOLDBLATTWed Oct 18 1989ice ?
288.06EUSSTue Nov 07 1989Fly-by_wire
289.04UKCSSE::YOUNGWed Nov 08 1989Are two enough?
290.08UKCSSE::YOUNGWed Nov 08 1989Are 2 enough?
291.01BRIANH::NAYLORWed Nov 15 1989European Policy on using private a/c on company business
292.02UKCSSE::HOBBSFri Nov 17 1989CPL exam paper photocopies available
293.03SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Nov 20 1989Looking for The Luscombe Story
294.010BRIANH::NAYLORMon Nov 20 1989Still going
295.0JGO::CLEEUWTue Nov 28 1989New dutch airforce (DBAF)
296.08JGO::CLEEUWMon Dec 04 1989Stuttgart area:help needed
297.0JGO::CLEEUWTue Dec 12 1989WWI German ac or parts of them requested.
298.08BRIANH::NAYLORThu Dec 14 1989GFT - otherwise "checkride summary"!
299.016IOSG::ROBERTSNFri Dec 15 1989Ground incident -- G-GBLR -- April 1989
300.011YENREF::KEHILYMon Jan 08 1990Gliding sites in E. France/Switzerland
301.05IOSG::ROBERTSNWed Jan 10 1990BBC-2 Documentary 18th January 199
302.07SHAPES::BOARDMANKFri Jan 12 1990PFA Talk on Aircraft Accidents
304.0BRIANH::NAYLORFri Jan 19 1990CAA - is this a record?
306.020IOSG::ROBERTSNFri Feb 02 1990Euro(-hangar)-Flying??
307.08YUPPY::PACKJTue Feb 06 1990What's the minimum height for helicopters?
308.04IOSG::ROBERTSNMon Feb 12 1990DIGITAL Employee Air Force shirts
309.02BRIANH::NAYLORThu Feb 15 1990Air India Airbus crash
310.046BRIANH::NAYLORMon Feb 19 1990
311.08UKCSSE::AYLINGWed Feb 21 1990New flying magazine: FLYER
312.08FORTY2::WILKINSTue Mar 06 1990Airline -- the BBC TV series
313.04UKCSSE::AYLINGWed Mar 14 1990Spitfires Built In Reading.
314.05SCOTMN::WOODThu Mar 22 1990Flying courses
315.01SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Mar 26 1990Old Sarum Tragedy?
316.043SHAPES::BOARDMANKTue Apr 03 1990The "medical" note
317.09SHAPES::BOARDMANKTue Apr 03 1990What is legal?
318.018IOSG::ROBERTSNWed Apr 04 1990AFIS
319.06UKCSSE::AYLINGWed Apr 04 1990UK Airline Goes Bust !
320.010CASEE::LAWLERWed Apr 18 1990A connecticut yankee in King Keith's Pub
321.0BOOZER::HATTONWed Apr 18 1990Le-Mans 199
322.034UKCSSE::BATTARBEEThu Apr 19 1990Listening to Civil and Military aircraft
323.02SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Apr 23 1990Chipmunks anyone?
324.03BAUCIS::LEWISTue Apr 24 1990Breitling Chronograph repair
325.05VANDAL::BOWIETue Apr 24 1990Computer psychology for pilots
326.04VANISH::LANEThu Apr 26 1990A flying contractor flys out: BYE!
328.03BIRMVX::TURRELLFri Apr 27 1990Gliding frequency info required.
331.013HAMPS::PACK_JMon Apr 30 1990Impact to sailplanes of hang gliding on airband ? ?
332.0JGO::CLEEUWMon May 14 1990Dornier 27:right seat controls wanted
333.012BREW11::HATTONMon May 14 1990Help VFR to France.
334.011BREW11::HATTONMon May 14 1990Published air to air freq?
335.03JUNO::FRANKSTue May 15 1990Pietenpol Air Camper Gathering ?
336.07BOOZER::HATTONThu May 17 1990NOTAM Note
337.02MACNAS::JGOODFELLOWMon May 21 1990Piper/Tiger Tragedy
338.06BREW11::HATTONWed May 23 1990Airtour plotter question
339.05BRIANH::NAYLORMon May 28 1990Light a/c crash near Stranraer. 27/5/9
340.010SHAPES::BOARDMANKTue May 29 1990Boscombe Down
341.01MACNAS::JGOODFELLOWWed May 30 1990Fed-up with poor maintenance outfits.
342.018BOOZER::LUMMISThu May 31 1990Flying in the U.S. ?
343.04WOTVAX::WINDERMon Jun 04 1990PPL (H) At last after 6 months
344.01CURRNT::RUSSTue Jun 05 1990King Cobra crash
345.02VOGON::KAPPLERMon Jun 11 1990Help for Radio
346.016BIRMVX::TURRELLMon Jun 18 1990Headset jackplug needed.
347.01VNASWS::ERIKTue Jun 19 1990Military provides traffic aid for private pilots in UK??
348.05NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Jun 21 1990Medical problems
349.05NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Jun 28 1990Tunnels in the sky
350.0THOTH::SNOWThu Jun 28 1990Request for Dalotel DM-165 color photo's.
351.025CRATE::WRIGHTPFri Jun 29 1990199
352.022CRATE::WRIGHTPThu Jul 05 1990PFA Rally Cranfield 199
353.06NRMACK::GLANVILLEThu Jul 05 1990How low is LOW!!?
354.023DEMING::LLOYDTue Jul 10 1990Farnborough and the Battle of Britain
355.05IOSG::REIDWed Jul 11 1990Wanted. Flight in Microlight.
356.05NCEIS1::CHEVAUXThu Jul 12 1990NICE airport ----> VALBONNE
357.015BOOZER::HATTONThu Jul 12 1990Dinard, info req'd
358.012SHAPES::BOARDMANKThu Jul 12 1990Trip to Air-Race at Shobden
359.06SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Jul 16 1990Mayday - engine failure
360.0SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Jul 16 1990Microlight Lunacy
361.08SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Jul 23 1990Flying the Slingsby T67A
362.0CHEST::WRIGHTPTue Jul 24 1990GCAR Aberdeen.
363.02SHAPES::BOARDMANKWed Jul 25 1990Lost noter buys balloon?
364.06CRATE::WRIGHTPSun Jul 29 1990Popham Cricket Grandstand Seat
365.01SIEVAX::PACKMon Jul 30 1990To file or not ?
366.049BREW11::HATTONTue Jul 31 1990Kitfox and others....
367.017EGSE::ROBERTSTue Jul 31 1990Ipswich (EGSE) under threat of closure
368.02IOSG::ROBERTSNTue Jul 31 1990Anyone know what's happened to Big Brother?
369.023IOSG::ROBERTSNTue Jul 31 1990Hangar flying
370.09SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Aug 06 1990Slack Controls
371.0NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Aug 06 1990Glider crash at Usk
372.03EPSDEV::WILLIAMSThu Aug 09 1990Looking for a ride in the countryside
373.010CHEST::WRIGHTPFri Aug 10 1990Alan Bramson air-test Q2
374.07SIOG::BROWNEFri Aug 10 1990another good read
375.021SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Aug 13 1990Rallye Shares at Popham
376.09ALOSWS::MULLERTue Aug 14 1990CIRRUS data?
377.039CRATE::WRIGHTPWed Aug 15 1990Weekend Weather is .....
378.03SHAPES::BOARDMANKWed Aug 15 1990Annemasse plane crashes?
379.08SHAPES::BOARDMANKWed Aug 15 1990Basic understanding of airband radio
380.04BRUMMY::HATTONWed Aug 15 1990Digital Medical Centre
381.01NMGV14::CLEEUWWed Aug 22 1990Dutch B-25 visits the UK
382.027SHAPES::BOARDMANKThu Aug 23 1990Reggie Spotting
383.03SHAPES::BOARDMANKThu Aug 23 1990Quotable Quotes
384.02SHAPES::BOARDMANKThu Aug 23 1990PFA Rally 1991
385.03NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Aug 24 1990Aerobatics at Thatcham Show
386.015SSDEVO::EGGERSTue Aug 28 1990wave rotor; glider signals
387.0NMGV14::CLEEUWTue Aug 28 1990B-25 as a grass cutter.
388.04CRATE::WRIGHTPWed Aug 29 1990KINGS Cup, Leicester Air Race
389.0SHAPES::BOARDMANKFri Aug 31 1990Aviation Terminology
390.0NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Aug 31 1990OWC - wossat?
392.01SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Sep 03 1990For title - see note 383.1
393.023UKCSSE::YOUNGTue Sep 04 1990Skyforce Personal Navigator
394.01UKCSSE::HOBBSWed Sep 05 1990Microlight group membership
395.0MACNAS::JGOODFELLOWMon Sep 10 1990Scrap Plane Wanted
396.013UKCSSE::AYLINGMon Sep 10 1990NOTAM req'd for FLY-PAST
397.014NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Sep 17 1990Motor glider tachometer units
398.010SSDEVO::EGGERSTue Sep 18 1990Colorado Gliding
400.08BURYST::EDMUNDSWed Sep 19 1990I learnt about flying from that
401.09CHEST::DERHAMWed Sep 19 1990Bob, go to ...
402.0BEAGLE::SEDANWed Sep 26 1990Open your eyes
403.06SHAPES::BOARDMANKTue Oct 02 1990Open University
404.09NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Oct 05 1990Commercial airport for Swindon?
405.06MUDHWK::LAWLERMon Oct 08 1990Calling Keith Edmunds
406.033UKCSSE::PLATTTue Oct 09 1990Learning to fly in the UK...
407.05NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Oct 12 1990Gliding angles
408.01PETRUS::HINTERLECHMon Oct 15 1990Berlin VFR
409.05NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Oct 22 1990Stalls and spins - BGA recommendations
410.04SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Oct 22 1990Paul Wright Ltd.
411.08RTOVCA::RTAYLORThu Oct 25 1990Microlight training ? Help !
412.011UKCSSE::PLATTFri Oct 26 1990How good is your Airlaw?
413.02AYOV18::BMCHATTIESat Oct 27 1990A Career in the clouds ?
414.01SHAPES::BOARDMANKWed Oct 31 1990Addresses for Pilot (and other) magasines
415.05DEMING::LLOYDWed Nov 07 1990Flying in Germany
416.0SHAPES::BOARDMANKSun Dec 02 1990Demise of Old Sarum
417.04JGODCL::CLEEUWMon Dec 10 1990A Dutch Spitfire again after many years !
418.01MACNAS::JGOODFELLOWMon Dec 10 1990Putting all your eggs in one basket!
419.02BRUMMY::LUMMISMon Dec 17 1990Weather to or not ?
420.021SSDEVO::EGGERSTue Jan 01 19911991 Wishes
421.02SHAPES::BOARDMANKFri Jan 04 1991C15
424.025SHAPES::BOARDMANKTue Jan 08 1991UK IMC Rating Questions
425.05TRIOMF::TMFri Jan 18 1991Logbook software VMS/MS-DOS ?
426.08AYOV18::BMCHATTIEFri Jan 25 1991Advice Required on U.K Training
427.02CHEFS::KARVEThu Jan 31 1991Gliding in Pune, India - Trip report
428.0HERON::ROBINSONFri Feb 01 1991Legality of the UK PPL for French resident?
429.038HAMPS::PACK_JTue Feb 05 1991RT test where ?
430.0NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Feb 06 1991Flying interest on TV
431.0SHAPES::BOARDMANKWed Feb 13 1991Air Racing Calendar
432.0SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Feb 18 1991Paul Wright - forced landing in his Q2
433.08HAMPS::PACK_JWed Feb 20 1991R/T questions
434.02NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Feb 20 1991From S&G
435.05MACNAS::JGOODFELLOWMon Feb 25 1991Flying Hours ?
436.010TERTRE::TMWed Feb 27 1991Board as daylight
437.01RTL::BENTONThu Feb 28 1991Spring '91 DECAF Shirt Order
438.013SSDEVO::EGGERSFri Mar 01 1991Gliding over the pond
439.05STRIKR::BURFORDTue Mar 05 1991NFT GFT questions
440.06AYOV27::BMCHATTIEThu Mar 07 1991** SUNallday,FUNallday on the RUNaway.
441.03CECTUV::UWETue Mar 12 1991Business travel with non commercial planes
443.020UKCSSE::PLATTMon Mar 25 1991Where does Concorde go?
444.05DEMING::LLOYDMon Mar 25 1991Duxford
445.05REPAIR::MCMURRANThu Mar 28 1991Buying an aircraft
446.04SSDEVO::EGGERSFri Mar 29 1991Tost tow hooks on gliders
447.08KBOMFG::RFORSTTue Apr 02 1991Flying in and around Kaufbeuren
448.01MUDHWK::LAWLERTue Apr 02 1991Calling keith Boardman!
449.014SHAPES::BOARDMANKWed Apr 03 1991PFA Annual Rally at Wroughton, UK
450.06NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Apr 11 1991Powered aircraft and thermal activity
451.08UKCSSE::PLATTThu Apr 11 1991Help with competition...
452.03FRSOLD::SMITHSun Apr 14 1991Gliding magazines
453.0FRUST::GOEBERTTue Apr 16 1991Roundtrips Germany from Egelsbach near Frankfurt
454.03SHIPS::DERHAM_BWed Apr 17 1991White Waltham schools
455.08MACNAS::JGOODFELLOWMon Apr 22 1991Liability ?
456.03UTROP2::DONGEN_NMon Apr 22 1991WWII aircraft radio installation.
457.05NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Apr 23 1991Ground signals at non-radio airfield?
458.010TERTRE::TMWed Apr 24 1991twin engines...or double-trouble ??
459.025LARVAE::VAUGHANThu Apr 25 1991New Gliding Sites
460.022SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Apr 29 1991Trip to Caernarfon
461.0SHAPES::BOARDMANKMon Apr 29 1991La Ferte Alais
462.010HAMPS::PACK_JThu May 09 1991BA captain verdict?
463.023TERTRE::TMThu May 09 1991New CAA licenses and FAA restricted SEL
464.01REPAIR::MCMURRANTue May 14 1991maintenance/C of A
465.05SHAPES::BOARDMANKWed May 15 1991PFA Fly-in at Popham
466.010LARVAE::VAUGHANWed May 15 1991Gliding In North Carolina?
467.08SHIPS::KORD_LFri May 17 1991Orly Flight Training ?
468.04REPAIR::MCMURRANSat May 18 1991Canada -info
470.01DP1FS1::GATHERNThu May 30 1991Air Display Cancelled
471.0UKCSSE::PLATTFri May 31 1991New maps now available...
472.017ODDONE::BOARDMAN_KMon Jun 03 1991Flying Something Different - Airtests
473.06ODDONE::BOARDMAN_KMon Jun 03 1991AAIB - Farnborough
474.014AYOV1Mon Jun 03 1991Laudair Crash in Thailand
475.06HAMPS::PACK_JMon Jun 03 1991DG-5
476.014ODDONE::BOARDMAN_KWed Jun 05 1991Avoiding Hang Gliders and the like...
477.027ZURFCC::ZUMBUEHLThu Jun 13 1991Gyrocopters
478.01REPAIR::MCMURRANThu Jun 20 1991twin for sale
479.02BIRMVX::TURRELLMon Jun 24 1991Bonnie Scotland from the ayr(?).
480.06REPAIR::MCMURRANThu Jun 27 1991Advertisements??????
481.030NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Jul 01 1991Stalling in a sideslip
482.012NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Jul 01 1991What is an airship?
483.018EVTPUB::RAMSAYMon Jul 01 1991Last call for Wroughton this week-end
484.01ROSBIF::GOODENOUGHTue Jul 02 1991Type conversion made simple
485.08REPAIR::MCMURRANMon Jul 08 1991airstrips
486.08UKCSSE::YOUNGTue Jul 09 1991VMC Changes
487.011DCOPST::BRIANH::NAYLORWed Jul 10 1991Markings and insignia
488.010HAMPS::PACK_JThu Jul 11 1991
490.012SSDEVO::EGGERSTue Jul 16 1991Glider directional control on the ground
491.04ANNECY::CHAPMANMon Jul 22 1991French Wave?
492.09RUTILE::RAMSAYThu Jul 25 1991Anyone in Ferney reading this?
493.022NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Jul 29 1991Double fatality at Shalbourne
496.0BRUMMY::LEONARDKMon Aug 05 1991
497.0PEEVAX::PERRETTThu Aug 08 1991EURO_FILIERS in Italy (north)
498.05RTOIC::TSTORZThu Aug 08 1991Flying in Malta
499.05TOLKIN::BARBERFri Aug 16 1991B-24 All American comming over
500.04UKCSSE::YOUNGMon Aug 19 1991Two die in crash near Newbury
501.010HAMPS::PACK_JMon Aug 19 1991Canards why not?
502.03AZUR::FONTAINEMon Aug 19 1991exceptional meeting
503.027NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Aug 22 1991Calling REO, NEW, B'stoke pilots ...
504.01DCOPST::BRIANH::NAYLORMon Aug 26 1991Narco manuals, anyone?
505.08SSDEVO::EGGERSWed Aug 28 1991oxygen use
506.0UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KSun Sep 01 1991Popular Flying
507.08SUOIS2::STERNEMANNMon Sep 02 1991German Travel
508.09BRUMMY::HATTONTue Sep 03 1991Fuel drawback.
509.04JUPITR::STANICKTue Sep 03 1991Berlin-Tegel Airport
510.0MACNAS::JGOODFELLOWThu Sep 05 1991KX99 handheld
511.0BRUMMY::HATTONThu Sep 05 1991Cheap "Aviator" Shades
512.07BOGROG::PLATTThu Sep 05 1991New design VFR flight logs for anyone?
513.09ELYSEE::FUMSFri Sep 06 1991This is going to be a goody
514.026NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Sep 09 1991An "interesting" experience
515.0DCOPST::BRIANH::NAYLORMon Sep 09 1991House and PLANE swap?
516.06ODDONE::BOARDMAN_KTue Sep 10 1991Eyes right...
517.05NEARLY::GOODENOUGHThu Sep 12 1991Reaching for the Skies - BBC2
518.013UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KFri Sep 13 1991Hurricane Crash?
519.014REPAIR::MCMURRANMon Sep 16 1991instruments
520.010HAMPS::PACK_JTue Sep 17 199114-Nov-1991...
523.08HERON::ROBINSONMon Sep 23 1991MAx load for DR4
524.01NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Sep 25 1991Arnhem exibition at Middle Wallop
525.01DP1FS1::GATHERNThu Sep 26 1991Thunderbirds v Red Arrows
526.05BASCAS::BOARDMAN_KThu Sep 26 1991ATCspeak in the UK
527.08HAMPS::PACK_JFri Sep 27 1991BAe 146 Aircraft of the Queens flight
528.0TENERE::MILOMon Sep 30 1991Weightshift microlight instructor near Valbonne?
529.01JURA::KEHILYTue Oct 01 1991English helicopter PPL training in the Alps
530.014RUTILE::RAMSAYWed Oct 02 1991anyone for the Guernsey Air rally?
532.010HERON::ROBINSONTue Oct 08 1991How do I talk without a PTT switch!
533.08RUTILE::RAMSAYFri Oct 11 1991Guernsey Air-Rally in a homebuilt.
534.09HAMPS::PACK_JTue Oct 15 1991Rolling maps yet?
535.09BOGROG::PLATTTue Oct 15 1991To syndicate or not...that is the question
536.032AZUR::FONTAINEWed Oct 23 1991What about a new conference ?
537.011BURYST::edmundsFri Oct 25 1991Flying with the RAF
538.06UKCSSE::YOUNGThu Oct 31 1991Donnington Park 1
539.0SUOIS4::STERNEMANNTue Nov 05 1991Pricing of ICAO VFR Charts for the UK
540.0PETRUS::HINTERLECHMon Nov 11 1991Cessna 31
541.0ODDONE::BOARDMAN_KMon Nov 11 1991Propeller manufacturers?
542.018UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KTue Nov 12 1991Watch with mother - UA232 crash video
543.02UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KTue Nov 12 1991Request for flight-test write-up
544.05HERON::ROBINSONWed Nov 13 1991Intensive flying training for French license?
545.016NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Nov 13 1991UK Airspace changes
546.0REPAIR::MCMURRANWed Nov 13 1991Switch on the cb's
547.01ELYSEE::FUMSThu Nov 14 1991mail account kaput
548.04ELYSEE::FUMSFri Nov 15 1991Running the Ridge(Gliding) in the States
549.07HERON::ROBINSONFri Nov 15 1991Phone no. wanted
551.07HERON::ROBINSONWed Nov 20 1991Use of flaps
552.017ELYSEE::FUMSFri Nov 22 1991Insurance brokers/companies/gentlemen
553.07CURRNT::PRIMA_WRITERMon Nov 25 1991Airmiss on Saturday !
554.01CURRNT::PRIMA_WRITERMon Nov 25 1991Cross wind joins the right way!
555.09MLNOIS::GRIGIONIFri Nov 29 1991Small incident at Heathrow (maybe) ??
556.07SUOIS2::STERNEMANNFri Dec 06 1991Visiting Geneva
557.02FROCKY::ROBERTSFri Dec 13 1991Eyesight minima?
558.07UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KTue Dec 17 1991Bring back any daffs or toms?
559.049FROCKY::ROBERTSTue Dec 17 1991Euro Trivia
560.04NEARLY::GOODENOUGHTue Dec 17 1991Cessna fatality at Goodwood
561.03FLYWAY::GASSMANNFri Dec 20 1991gliding in South Africa
562.02CURRNT::PRIMA_WRITERThu Jan 02 1992Happy New Year, it's got to be better!
563.023FROCKY::ROBERTSMon Jan 06 1992Euro DECAF Fly-In: Spring 1992
564.07DCOPST::BRIANH::NAYLORFri Jan 10 1992Sony Pyxis GPS anyone?
565.03VAXMAN::MCMURRANThu Jan 16 1992Glider tugging
566.04UPROAR::EVANSGThu Jan 16 1992Looking for gliding clubs in M4/M25/M4
567.0SHIPS::BRENNAN_DFri Jan 17 1992WARBIRD display
568.04AZUR::FONTAINEMon Jan 20 1992AD prices in France
569.032FROCKY::ROBERTSTue Jan 21 1992Airbus crash near Strasbourg
570.01SEDOAS::BESTTue Jan 21 1992US Flying Conf'
571.037UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KThu Jan 23 1992Visit to West Drayton
572.010HERON::ROBINSONFri Jan 24 1992French airspace above 5
573.03ODDONE::BOARDMAN_KMon Jan 27 1992Flyer VFR Organiser
574.02BSS::M_SULLIVANThu Jan 30 1992Flying in to Zurich/First Time
575.0NEWOA::WINSLADEWed Feb 05 1992Any Zefir 2's out there?
576.04FROCKY::ROBERTSWed Feb 05 1992NDB location from callsign/QRG ??
577.08SEDOAS::BESTWed Feb 05 1992New NDB for REDHILL
578.019JGODCL::CLEEUWFri Feb 14 1992French B-25?
579.08CURRNT::PRIMA_WRITERMon Feb 24 1992Someone write SOMETHING!
580.08TATRY::MASIORSKIMon Feb 24 1992Caterpillar Club - Seeking Info
581.03--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 27 1992WANTED ADVERT
582.01BASCAS::BOARDMAN_KThu Feb 27 1992Transair Catalogue
583.024BELFST::MILLINGMon Mar 02 1992PC Simulator for Airbus A32
584.04ELYSEE::FUMSTue Mar 03 1992Europe can do it too
585.027HERON::ROBINSONWed Mar 11 1992Night VFR in France
586.08HERON::ROBINSONMon Mar 16 1992Another Euro-question
587.03AZUR::FONTAINETue Mar 17 1992A new air Broadcast on french TV
588.016BELFST::MILLINGWed Mar 18 1992UK PPL Medical
589.02ODDONE::BOARDMAN_KThu Mar 19 1992Where's Virgin?
590.01UTROP2::DONGEN_NThu Mar 19 1992Trip to Duxford 4th and 5th of July
591.02CURRNT::RAMSAYMon Mar 23 1992Anyone flying with a Rotax?
592.0BRUMMY::LUMMISMon Mar 23 1992W/E in Eire ?
593.01VNASWS::ERIKMon Mar 30 1992Lufthansa Fokker F5
594.010NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Mar 30 1992CAA Safety Talk
595.05FILTON::PACK_JTue Mar 31 1992Passenger lands rallye at cardiff, news
597.02VAXMAN::MCMURRANTue Mar 31 1992DC-9 SPLITS
598.04HERON::ROBINSONTue Mar 31 1992Problem with this conference?
599.02HERON::ROBINSONTue Mar 31 1992AOPA Radio Nav course
600.05ROCKS::PLATTWed Apr 01 1992New south UK Airspace map ...
601.013HERON::ROBINSONWed Apr 01 1992Calling all stations in the Reading area.
602.01DP1FS1::GATHERNFri Apr 03 1992EF111 Crash.
603.04CURRNT::RAMSAYFri Apr 03 1992Phantoms final flypast?
604.04--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 06 1992LAST TRY ADVERT
605.019ROCKS::YOUNGTue Apr 07 1992Wreckage found, but no crew
606.011NEARLY::GOODENOUGHWed Apr 08 1992CAA FAX number needed
607.04UTRTSC::BOSMANThu Apr 09 1992Softwarematic flightplan
608.03JGODCL::CLEEUWWed Apr 22 1992The VMSZOO has gone?
609.08CURRNT::RAMSAYWed Apr 22 1992Own Goal :-(
610.030CURRNT::RAMSAYFri Apr 24 1992Anybody there?
611.04ROCKS::YOUNGMon Apr 27 1992Near Miss!
612.03CURRNT::RAMSAYTue May 05 1992Info on Microlight fatal yesterday?
613.02CURRNT::RAMSAYTue May 05 1992Flying to Popham trade fair
614.04CARECL::MOORMANWed May 13 1992Parapente in France !
615.01ULYSSE::CHEVAUXWed May 13 1992F22 proto destroyed
616.02NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon May 18 1992Double fatal midair at Ringmer
617.03AZUR::FONTAINEMon May 18 1992FL rules in UK compared with France
618.02SHIPS::BRENNAN_DTue May 19 1992Shadow over Long Marston
619.08MADBAS::BMCHATTIETue May 19 1992Weather on VTX :-(
620.06KERNEL::HEANEYMWed May 20 1992" Lightnings for Sale "
621.02MACNAS::JGOODFELLOWFri May 29 1992Prestwick Airshow?
622.013FILTON::PACK_JFri May 29 1992National Open 1992 (Hang gliders)
623.040LASCPM::BEAUREGARDFri May 29 19921st annual European turbeau tour
624.02MACNAS::JGOODFELLOWTue Jun 02 1992Old Simulator ?
625.08FROCKY::ROBERTSWed Jun 03 1992Now that summer's here (DEC-AF polo shirt)
626.022ODDONE::BOARDMAN_KThu Jun 04 1992Spin recovery in gliders
627.01BIRMVX::TURRELLMon Jun 08 1992Guinness transfusion required.
628.05CURRNT::RAMSAYThu Jun 11 1992Belgium - Moorsele 12/14th
629.05NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Jun 12 1992I been and gone and done it
630.01BRUMMY::LUMMISFri Jun 12 1992Flying a BA767 Simulator !
632.01BAHTAT::KINNEARMon Jun 15 1992Boscombe Down Airshow
633.03FILTON::PACK_JMon Jun 15 1992No ATZ around Southampton ?
635.01SAC::EDMUNDSMon Jun 15 1992Happy Birthday
636.0CURRNT::RAMSAYThu Jun 18 1992Crash at Popham?
638.010PASTIT::DERHAMFri Jun 19 1992Och aye the noo
639.01PASTIT::DERHAMFri Jun 19 1992Sit here like this
640.02PASTIT::DERHAMFri Jun 19 1992Trips logged
641.012NETCUR::REIDMon Jun 22 1992Piece of Cake?
642.0BRUMMY::LUMMISTue Jun 23 1992Items For SALE/WANTED
643.010BIRMVX::TURRELLTue Jun 23 1992Balloon flight info requested
644.05PASTIT::DERHAMWed Jun 24 1992Blackbushe fly-in
645.025PASTIT::DERHAMFri Jun 26 1992Share for sale
646.018UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KMon Jun 29 1992PFA Rally, Wroughton 1992
647.014PASTIT::DERHAMTue Jun 30 1992Our Mr Goodenough ?
648.01ELYSEE::FUMSWed Jul 01 1992Euro navigation charges
649.06PASTIT::DERHAMWed Jul 08 1992IMC
650.04RTOEU::TIKETANIWed Jul 08 1992EuroFlying with a US PPl/ASEL
651.04MACNAS::JGOODFELLOWThu Jul 09 1992Cardiff?
652.057NEARLY::GOODENOUGHMon Jul 13 1992Airmiss at Shalbourne
653.0BLOFLY::PERRETTWed Jul 15 1992Heard the one about the Qantas jet and the US boat ?
654.0NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Jul 17 1992Sealing tape
655.0SEDMV1::BEST_PFri Jul 17 1992Leaving Digital Today.......
656.04JURA::KEHILYMon Jul 20 1992BGA phone number needed
657.011BRUMMY::TIDMARSHWed Jul 22 1992Novice flying in Orlando?
658.06FRAIS::EDDF12::ROBERTSWed Jul 22 1992Comms. (outside the Air Band)
659.014ULYSSE::CHEVAUXFri Jul 24 1992altitude record ?
660.03MADBAS::BMCHATTIEMon Jul 27 1992Give me some FAX on this Please ???
661.016ELYSEE::FUMSThu Jul 30 1992Outrageous charges at Southend
662.01NEARLY::GOODENOUGHFri Jul 31 1992Shades
664.08JURA::KEHILYMon Aug 10 1992UK PPL course in France
665.09JURA::KEHILYMon Aug 10 1992Sweden
666.0JURA::KEHILYTue Aug 11 1992Jodel D112
667.04NEWOA::WINSLADEWed Aug 12 1992What was it?
668.010ELYSEE::FUMSMon Aug 17 1992Navigation Service Charges..VFR?
669.02ELYSEE::FUMSTue Aug 18 1992Sources for VFR sectionals
670.06ELYSEE::FUMSFri Aug 21 1992Curious sighting of a cross-breed bird
671.02FRAIS::EDDF12::ROBERTSThu Aug 27 1992Elstree
672.013AYOV14::SBECKWITHThu Aug 27 1992Schiphol Info Request
673.010DCOPST::BRIANH::NAYLORThu Aug 27 1992Welsh border country
674.05ELYSEE::FUMSFri Aug 28 1992Biggest Fridge in Europe
675.04PEKING::SMITHRWFri Sep 04 1992172 Pantechnicon
676.08PANIC::RYDLEWSKITue Sep 15 1992Air Law and seaplanes
677.02UTRTSC::BOSMANWed Sep 23 19928 people killed in two different crashes
678.06ELYSEE::FUMSTue Sep 29 1992Evry other airport but Orly
679.05BRILLO::PACK_JTue Sep 29 1992Sailplanes a comment
680.05ULYSSE::CHEVAUXTue Oct 06 1992Another glider distance record flight
681.01PEKING::SMITHRWTue Oct 06 1992High Lift Devices
682.04SUOSW4::GEISELHARTWed Oct 14 1992Ready for takeoff!
684.010ODDONE::BOARDMAN_KMon Oct 19 1992Microlight Fatality in the Channel
685.05BLOFLY::PERRETTMon Oct 26 1992Looking for a Map
686.05SHIPS::STAGG_DThu Oct 29 1992Syndicate Terms and Conditions?
687.02BRUMMY::LUMMISMon Nov 02 1992CAA and Europe !
688.01ROCKS::YOUNGSun Nov 08 1992Press Cuttings...
689.0SHIPS::STAGG_DMon Nov 09 1992New Chevvron Group at Old Sarum
690.010ULYSSE::CHEVAUXTue Nov 10 1992Interesting book
691.013REPAIR::MCMURRANThu Nov 12 1992V P Props
692.04COKPIT::BMCHATTIEMon Nov 16 1992PC Software anyone ?
693.016ROCKS::PLATTTue Nov 17 1992Goodbye...
694.024COKPIT::BMCHATTIEMon Nov 23 1992What next after the P.P.L ?
695.04PEKING::SMITHRWThu Nov 26 1992One for the spotters?
696.05HERON::ROBINSONFri Nov 27 1992Archer speeds and fuel burn?
697.08COKPIT::BMCHATTIEWed Dec 02 1992Xmas gifts info wanted
698.04ROCKS::YOUNGTue Dec 08 1992Cessna 182 crash near Wycombe - 2 Dead
699.03DCOPST::BRIANH::NAYLORTue Dec 15 1992So long, and thanks for the fish.
700.03BIRMVX::TURRELLWed Dec 16 1992Papa Kilo your traffic is..Uh forget it.
701.048451::CLCTue Jan 05 1993Barajas aeropuerto, F-GEGO buenos dias ...
702.0548451::CLCThu Jan 07 1993going to London
703.01JURA::REPLAT::KEHILYFri Jan 08 1993Flying in Austria
704.08HERON::ROBINSONMon Jan 11 1993Mathematica aeronautica
705.06BLOFLY::PERRETTWed Jan 13 1993Cost of flying in UK
706.02COKPIT::BMCHATTIEWed Jan 13 1993Club Magazine in the Making...
707.01CSC32::S_MAUFEFri Jan 15 1993wanted : map of UK navaids and airports
708.09ELYSEE::FUMSMon Jan 25 1993White Waltham - Chambery route opening up
709.01JGODCL::CLEEUWMon Feb 01 1993Public Record Office
710.03COKPIT::BMCHATTIEThu Feb 04 1993I.O.M. Anyone. ?
711.05FAILTE::MACALPINE_CMon Feb 08 1993GPS-NMEA Interface spec help wanted
712.05HERON::ROBINSONMon Feb 15 1993Info. on Dutch and NW German airfields?
713.05COKPIT::BMCHATTIEMon Feb 15 1993Cheap headsets or NOT
714.0PASTIT::DERHAMMon Feb 22 1993I want one!
715.04ROCKS::YOUNGTue Feb 23 1993Calais?
716.01SKYBLT::CLCWed Feb 24 1993Any Finns out there ?
717.01NEWOA::GATHERNMon Mar 01 1993IAT 93
718.05KIRKTN::LDICKHOFFFri Mar 05 1993Florida Flying???
719.07UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KMon Mar 15 1993Arrow Information
720.08JURA::JURA::KEHILYWed Mar 17 1993Aircraft purchase finance
721.02NEWOA::GATHERNMon Mar 22 1993Vulcan's Last Flight
722.03HERON::ROBINSONMon Mar 29 1993Translation of UK licence into French
723.04JGODCL::CLEEUWTue Mar 30 1993Jodel 1
724.04UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KFri Apr 09 1993Anyone for Seppe?
725.013COKPIT::BMCHATTIESat Apr 10 1993PPL ---> What next ??
726.010ELYSEE::FUMSThu Apr 15 1993IFR approach facilities in the UK
727.03REPAIR::MCMURRANFri Apr 23 1993Crash on IOW
728.06SHIPS::STAGG_DFri Apr 23 1993GPS Information?
729.05COKPIT::BMCHATTIEMon Apr 26 1993Radnav 85
730.06JURA::REPLAT::KEHILYThu May 06 1993Norway
731.04TRUCKS::HARDYTue May 18 1993DIGITAL to sponser air show
732.04ELYSEE::FUMSWed May 19 1993Problems with VMSZOO::FLYING
733.04ROCKS::YOUNGThu May 20 1993Air Safety Days
734.06PASTIT::DERHAMWed May 26 1993Citation on M27
735.02JURA::JURA::KEHILYWed Jun 02 1993Flying shop in Copenhagen?
736.010UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KWed Jun 02 1993Popham 26th June
737.03CHEFS::CUSSELLGTue Jun 22 1993France - Where can I fly??
738.04JGODCL::CLEEUWWed Jun 30 1993Two Liberators and a Wellington.
739.010JGODCL::CLEEUWWed Jun 30 1993Who moderates VMSZOO::FLYING?
740.02JGODCL::CLEEUWWed Jun 30 1993Eindhoven air show 2-3 july
741.01UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KThu Jul 01 1993RAF Odiham?
742.05COKPIT::BMCHATTIEThu Jul 01 1993CAA- IMC - In the Canaries
743.08JGODCL::CLEEUWFri Jul 02 1993Flight map of Snaith needed.
744.07UPROAR::PLATTPMon Jul 05 1993PFA rally...anyone go?
746.04NEWOA::SAVILLE_JWed Jul 21 1993
747.06UPROAR::PLATTPFri Jul 23 1993An office flyby!
748.011VNASWS::ERIKMon Jul 26 1993Air Tattoo in Fairford, what happened ?
749.09NEWOA::SAVILLE_JWed Jul 28 1993Aeros at White Waltham
750.05NEWOA::GATHERNThu Jul 29 1993Gliders..where to??
751.012HAMSUP::SONNENTAGSat Jul 31 1993Headset - which should I buy ?
752.04SAC::EDMUNDSWed Aug 11 1993Clear take-off
753.02ROCKS::YOUNGThu Aug 19 1993Truro or the Scillies anyone?
754.04HERON::ROBINSONWed Aug 25 1993Nothing at all to do with flying...
756.04TRUCKS::BAKER_STue Aug 31 1993Swiss Gliding?
757.01PEKING::WIGGINSPWed Sep 01 1993Middle Wallop - Sept 5th
758.05JGODCL::CLEEUWMon Sep 06 1993Jeppesen CR-2 manual required
759.02PEKING::WIGGINSPThu Sep 09 1993Airband Radios
760.01LARVAE::TILSON_VMon Sep 13 1993Incident Saturday Evening - B'stoke area
761.032FRUST::HAMILTONWed Sep 15 1993A32
762.05CEEHER::MCCABEWed Sep 22 1993Ground school...
763.06SMAC1Tue Oct 05 1993Glider scoring systems
764.03NEWOA::GATHERNFri Oct 15 1993Upper Heyford..End of an Era?
766.01SHIPS::HICKS_RThu Nov 04 1993Hong Kong Incident
767.09CEEHER::MCCABEMon Nov 08 1993Flight schools at Southampton airport?
768.0NEWOA::GATHERNWed Nov 17 1993To look forward to next year
769.01LEMAN::CHEVAUXMon Nov 29 1993Canadair Regional Jet
770.01FRUST::HAMILTONTue Nov 30 1993The Ultimate Training Machine
772.02SUBURB::DAVISMThu Dec 02 1993Robinson Crash
773.02BACHUS::KNEUTSSat Dec 04 1993Air field for gliders in TSECHIA?
774.03LEMAN::CHEVAUXMon Dec 06 1993another A32
775.01NEWOA::GATHERNTue Dec 21 1993Red Arrows to be axed??
776.08ROCKS::YOUNGThu Dec 23 1993Any Christmas/New Year Flyins?
777.01PEKING::WIGGINSPThu Dec 30 1993IAT 1994?
778.02UPROAR::PLATTPWed Jan 05 1994METFAX numbers?
779.011SUBURB::DAVISMWed Jan 26 1994Boeing 747
780.0SUBURB::DAVISMWed Jan 26 1994DC 3s at Griffin Airport
782.04JGODCL::CLEEUWThu Mar 10 1994Airtour CRP-1 nav computer
783.02SHIPS::ELLIOTT_GWed Mar 16 1994New Microlighter in need of instruction.
784.04UBOHUB::HENS_AThu Mar 17 1994D-Day 5
786.04ROCKS::YOUNGTue Mar 22 1994Light aircraft crash in Warwickshire
787.0FILTON::PACK_JWed Mar 23 1994Lapse rate for 2
788.02MUDHWK::LAWLERThu Mar 31 1994Own a piece of american junk (err. Culture)
789.03IOSG::GEETue Apr 05 1994Incident over Colchester
790.017CLARID::BLOEMTue Apr 05 1994Clubs/Instructors - Cote d'Azur Region?
791.0LEMAN::CHEVAUXTue Apr 05 1994Gliding across the Mediterranean (next winter ?)
792.0MUCCS1::DIETERFri Apr 08 1994FLY-IN to trencin
793.0NEWOA::GATHERNMon Apr 18 1994IAT'94 Prices!!!!
794.02PLAYER::DEBLOCKTue Apr 19 1994Meteo reports available on the Net ?
795.0NEWOA::GATHERNTue Apr 19 1994Flypast details
796.011SUBURB::DAVISMWed Apr 27 1994The time has come....
797.06BRUMMY::LUMMISThu May 05 1994Northweald Fighter Meet ?
798.0UPROAR::WEBBNFri May 06 1994IFR Screens
799.02SUOSWS::GEISELHARTTue Jun 21 1994First Trip to Ruegen, Germany
800.01UBOHUB::BOARDMAN_KWed Jun 29 1994PFA Rally at Cranfield
801.02LARVAE::TILSON_VFri Jul 01 1994A33
802.02SUBURB::DAVISMFri Jul 01 1994HELP !!!!
803.0JURA::MOUNIEFri Jul 08 1994
804.01JURA::MOUNIEFri Jul 08 1994English PPL school in Ain, Haute-Savoie or Savoie (France)
805.0PEKING::SMITHR1Fri Jul 08 1994Leaving the circuit
806.04PLAYER::DEBLOCKMon Jul 11 1994Southend or Biggin-Hill ?
807.0NEWOA::GATHERNThu Jul 14 1994SAAF Shackleton crash!!
808.03ROCKS::YOUNGTue Jul 19 1994Branscombe, Devon
809.010SUOSWS::GEISELHARTWed Jul 20 1994Flying in France
810.01SUBURB::DAVISMWed Jul 27 1994Which and Why ?
811.06HLDETue Aug 02 1994Soaring club near Dallas?
812.03FORTY2::SAUNDERSMon Aug 15 1994Gliding in the Reading Area
813.02NEWOA::GATHERNWed Aug 17 1994 Bogus ATC at work
814.02WELCLU::EUSTACEDWed Aug 24 1994ILS at Gatwick
815.08JGODCL::CLEEUWThu Aug 25 1994Looking for: Dornier27's
816.0NEWOA::GATHERNWed Sep 07 1994Airshow programme wanted
817.0LYOISA::ROUXWed Oct 12 1994caracteristics of the skyblazer GPS
818.0LEMAN::CHEVAUXTue Oct 25 1994Klaus Holigaus
819.0MOEUR8::CUSSELLMon Nov 28 1994Vans RV-4? Tell me more
820.03SIOG::S_FARRENFri Dec 09 1994Zulu Time
821.04HERON::SEDANTue Dec 13 1994aviation video shopping from the continent.
822.02NEWOA::GATHERNWed Dec 21 1994737 crash
823.01BRUMMY::TIDMARSHTue Jan 17 1995Personal Accident Insurance?
824.04BRUMMY::LUMMISWed Jan 18 1995Been Flying ?
825.010LEMAN::CHEVAUXTue Jan 24 1995DEC's Corporate Jet
826.02LARVAE::RYDER_PFri Feb 10 1995London - Kenya in 196
827.05LARVAE::RICHARDS_PTue Mar 14 1995Harvard crash
828.06--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 24 1995WWII birds at Eindhoven airport:3
829.05AYOV2Wed Apr 26 1995GPS- In the UK
830.03BELFST::PSMPPL::MILLINGWed May 10 1995Own Plane on Digital Business??
831.0AYOV2Mon May 22 1995Garman GPS 9
832.0AYOV2Fri May 26 1995Portable Phones...
833.0RATH::MCCABETue Jun 06 1995Popham information
834.02FILTON::PACK_JFri Jun 16 1995microlight tuggies?
835.03AYOV2Tue Jun 27 1995GPS Waypoint Co-ordinates list ??
836.0ROCKS::YOUNGSat Aug 12 1995Baron Crashes in UK
837.01GLRMAI::JREYNOLDSTue Sep 12 1995Muse de l'Air at Le Bourget
838.0ROCKS::YOUNGFri Sep 15 1995Garmin GPS 55AVD
839.0VIVIAN::R_SHONEThu Sep 28 1995Headset wanted
840.0IE::MCCABEMon Oct 30 1995Did anyone catch news at the weekend
841.02ROCKS::YOUNGWed Nov 01 1995RAF WOODVALE?
842.0JGODCL::CLEEUWWed Nov 08 1995a BRANDNEW Hawker Hurricane !
843.01IE::MCCABEMon Dec 04 1995CAA PPL in Ireland?
844.02AYOV2Tue Mar 12 1996"OSHKOSH , here I come"
846.05GVAMon Mar 25 1996Any Pilots in Geneva ?
847.015CURRNT::ROBINSONPFri Apr 19 1996Where's everyone gone?
848.04AYOV2Mon Apr 22 1996Flight Planning made easy (UK)
850.03CHEFS::THATCHER_DFri May 10 1996New PPL
851.04CURRNT::ROBINSONPThu May 16 1996Exeter
852.09WOTVAX::TIDMARSHFri May 17 1996Looking for a second leg?!
853.03GVAMon May 20 1996Validate EEC rating on CAA license?
855.0WOTVAX::TIDMARSHFri Jun 28 1996Light aircraft crash at Buxton
856.023AYOV2Tue Jul 30 1996Wot no callsign ??
857.0ROCKS::YOUNGTue Aug 13 1996Plane down on A4