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Conference rdgeng::cit

Title:Computer Integrated Telephony
Notice:Tuning guidelines in Notes:36.13/36.17-Performance 287.*
Created:Wed Jan 18 1989
Last Modified:Wed Feb 21 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:631
Total number of notes:2581
Number with bodies:0
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1.01RDGENG::CULLEYWed Jan 18 1989Introduction.
2.0117RDGENG::CULLEYWed Jan 18 1989Introduce Yourselves.
3.08XDELTA::SIMMTue Jan 24 1989Related Notes Conferences
5.01ODIXIE::RIDGWAYMon Jan 30 1989CIT Questions and Answers
6.02ODIXIE::RIDGWAYWed Feb 15 1989CIT and the Telecom Vendors
7.05TRCAThu Feb 16 1989Help Required !
8.04ODIXIE::RIDGWAYFri Feb 17 1989T87 demo and V1.1 compatibility
9.015MUSKIE::CERLINGThu Feb 23 1989DECvoice and PBX/ACD
10.04HERON::BERERAMon Feb 27 1989CIT V1.1 documentation
11.011CSGMon Feb 27 1989Is CIT suitable for a term paper??
13.01TRCOFri Mar 03 1989Memory Errors
14.0DELNI::LEVICKTue Mar 07 1989Gartner Group Transcript referencing CIT
15.0DELNI::LEVICKTue Mar 07 1989CIT in Sales Update and VTX!
16.02USATWed Mar 08 1989SALES UPDATE articles
17.03DELNI::LEVICKSat Mar 18 1989CIT announcement was successful!
18.023UKCSSE::CULLEYThu Mar 30 1989CIT and ALL-IN-1 integration.
19.01MARVIN::DIDCOCKThu Mar 30 1989Redundancy - (DECvoice bits comp. confid.)
20.01SNOCFri Mar 31 1989NEC and Ericsson information
21.012ENUF::BERENSONMon Apr 03 1989CIT Data Sheet
22.06MARVIN::MTHOMASMon Apr 10 1989CIT V1.1 Documentation
23.014ELENA::CHOQUETThu Apr 20 1989A sunny CIT application needs examples
24.01ENUF::BERENSONMon May 01 1989Fortran Application anyone?
25.0ENUF::BERENSONFri May 05 1989NT SL-1ST with ISDN connections
26.020CASEE::MORRISTue May 09 1989IBM CallPath
27.0DELNI::LEVICKWed May 10 1989Revised CIT Q&A
28.04TAVIS::GABBYThu May 11 1989PBX monitor via CIT?
29.06LDPDM1::DITOMMASOTue May 16 1989SL-1 Maintenance & Diagnostics from CIT
30.08ELENA::CHOQUETThu May 18 1989Conference an ingoing call on SL/1
31.0USATFri May 19 1989CIT in NT's 1Q89 report to shareholders
32.02ACTTWO::KERBERMon May 22 1989Contacts to be a CIT ISV?
33.01POBOX::WALLINTue May 23 1989CIT and E911.
34.02HGOVC::JEFFLUITue Jun 06 1989Interest in CIT from Digital Far East
35.05MARVIN::LORENZWed Jun 14 1989Info on TSMS required
36.029DIXIE1::RIDGWAYMon Jun 19 1989Performance and Inbound Monitoring
38.03TAVIS::GABBYTue Jun 20 1989CIT presantation ?
39.09DIXIE1::RIDGWAYTue Jun 20 1989CIT and Training
40.04USATWed Jun 21 1989HP and NTI ... ISDN/AP
41.04CASEE::MORRISMon Jun 26 1989CIT and AT&T
42.04TRCAWed Jul 05 1989BASIC support for CIT?
43.02USATWed Jul 05 1989Where are they now?
44.01ELENA::CHOQUETThu Jul 06 1989SL/1 software hangs up
45.02ODIXIE::RIDGWAYFri Jul 07 1989CIT on the enet?
46.02--UnknownUser--Tue Jul 25 1989Use IBM databases and CIT
47.010CSCMA::KNORRFri Jul 28 1989"Specified PBX is invalid" error with MITEL PBX
48.04TRCAThu Aug 03 1989SL-1 CHANNEL_STATE Questions
49.012DELNI::LEVICKThu Aug 03 1989Assessment of training interest, Please respond
50.02MARVIN::TAYLERFri Aug 04 1989uVAX 31
51.02LEROUF::MORRISTue Aug 08 1989Confused journalists
52.010TAVIS::GABBYThu Aug 10 1989CIT with Alcatel?
53.02USATThu Aug 10 1989Fujitsu's CIT-like Announcement
55.0DELNI::LEVICKFri Aug 18 1989NT and SUN?
56.0TRCAFri Aug 18 1989Training Instructor Required
57.05ODIXIE::RIDGWAYMon Aug 21 1989What language is CIT toolkit written?
58.011DIXIE1::RIDGWAYMon Aug 21 1989CITTEST.EXE on customer distribution media?
59.06CSCMA::KNORRWed Aug 23 1989CIT Link with SL-1 not working. Need a pointer.
60.04CSCMA::KNORRThu Aug 31 1989CIT$DEFINITIONS doesn't include SL-1 literals
61.015CSCMA::KNORRThu Aug 31 1989Client failing the IVP. Link to the PBX is down.
62.05ODIXIE::RIDGWAYTue Sep 05 1989CIT and DECvoice - When to use what technology
63.07ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Sep 07 1989Standards Organizations - CCITT, ECMA, ANSI, others?
64.02DIXIE1::RIDGWAYFri Sep 08 1989Competition and CIT - What are other vendors doing?
65.04MLNOI1::ORNAGHIThu Sep 14 1989<some info about PABXs and CIT in Italy>
66.04QUART::DAVIESFri Sep 15 1989CIT and other NT Switches ?
67.04UKCSSE::CULLEYFri Sep 15 1989Checking SL-1 configuration.
68.02CSCMA::JOJOYCEFri Sep 15 1989CIT$EVENT_MODE item clarification needed.
69.0AUSSIE::BROUGHTONWed Sep 20 1989Ericson MD11
70.01TRCAFri Sep 22 1989Where is CIT kit located?
72.03DELNI::LEVICKTue Sep 26 1989Response to NT and IBM statements
73.0DELNI::LEVICKWed Sep 27 1989AT&T/Stratus Party Line
74.07CSCMA::JOJOYCEFri Sep 29 1989Question on making and transfering calls.
75.08CTOAVX::FINERThu Oct 05 1989Help with Sta. # programming into C.I.T. Software
76.02TIPPLE::KOCHThu Oct 12 1989I want to monitor each and every station...
77.0DELNI::LEVICKSat Oct 14 19899751 and SL-1 piggy-back?
78.0--UnknownUser--Tue Oct 17 1989Info to Australia
79.09NECSC::LEVYTue Oct 17 1989Need cabling information for SL-1
80.0CASEE::MORRISFri Oct 20 1989Integrated Voice & Data - Functional vs. Physical
81.06IND::WATSONTue Oct 24 1989Overheads for CIT?
82.03DIXIE1::RIDGWAYThu Oct 26 1989CIT Message Desk Literature
83.013CSCMA::JOJOYCETue Nov 07 1989"Invalid Trans Type" and Loopback Device Part#
84.01GYPSC::FORSTWed Nov 08 1989status of VAXss7?
85.02UKCSSE::CULLEYThu Nov 09 1989CIT Maintenance Advisory.
86.05CAADC::VOLUMECOMPTOFri Nov 10 1989CIT Installation Help
87.0UKCSSE::CULLEYFri Nov 10 1989ISDN/AP required packages.
88.09CSCMA::JOJOYCETue Nov 14 1989CLID clarification.
89.0UKCSSE::CULLEYTue Nov 14 1989SL-1 sync device compatability.
90.02ACESMK::QUINNTue Nov 14 1989Voicemail message desk inquiry
93.05CSCMA::JOJOYCEWed Nov 29 1989Message Desk inquiry
94.0UKCSSE::CULLEYThu Nov 30 1989SX2
95.02NECSC::LEVYThu Dec 07 1989How to find/deassign open channels?
96.0TAVIS::GABBYSun Dec 10 1989Hotels & CIT
97.0JAWJA::GRESHMon Dec 11 1989CIT Server 2.
98.02VICKI::BROOKSMon Dec 11 1989Does anyone have an ASAI spec I can copy?
99.03HUNEY::MTHOMASMon Dec 11 1989SPDs and SSAs for CIT, CITSR, and CITMD
100.02HUNEY::MTHOMASMon Dec 11 1989Release Notes
101.010HUNEY::MTHOMASMon Dec 11 1989Product Requirements for CIT V2.1???
103.05--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 13 1989CIT WORKBOOK...very long
104.0DELNI::LEVICKThu Dec 14 1989Telecom Training by DT
105.021HUNEY::MTHOMASThu Dec 14 1989Documentation for CIT V2.
106.010DELNI::LEVICKSat Dec 16 1989Technical Question
107.03HGOVC::LILLIANTANGMon Dec 18 1989CIT/DECvoice application questions
110.02YUPPY::AMERRThu Dec 21 1989CIT in financial trading/dealing?
111.02HGOVC::ANTHONYCHUNGWed Dec 27 1989Installation problem ????
112.011TAVIS::GABBYThu Dec 28 1989CIT & PSI
113.01CSCMA::JOJOYCEThu Jan 04 1990CIT$HANGUP works a bit different in 2.
114.04HUNEY::MTHOMASWed Jan 10 1990Postponed Release Date for CIT Product Set
115.01HGOVC::MARGARETLAUThu Jan 11 1990Is CIT a possible solution ?
117.0SKETCH::BROWNMon Jan 15 1990Designing User Interfaces?
118.03NZIRC5::EATONTue Jan 16 1990CIT and Radio
119.02TRCAWed Jan 17 1990Octel voice response box support?
121.06DELNI::LEVICKTue Feb 06 1990Digital/AT&T announcement
122.04OSITEL::LORENZFri Feb 09 1990CIT and ISDN
123.01TAVThu Feb 15 1990Where are the IAP event qualifiers defined ?
124.04OTOUMon Feb 19 1990sizing/performance of CIT servers
125.01ENUF::BERENSONTue Feb 20 1990Can anyone spare some code?
126.09RTOIC::USTEINHOFFTue Feb 20 1990CIT and DECvoice in Europe, new try
128.01KYOA::ZAGARIAThu Feb 22 1990DECigs
130.04MAIL::MCLAUGHLINTue Feb 27 1990CIT/DECvoice and ACD
131.02WARABI::DEGROOTTue Feb 27 1990CITMD - "Conference" problem?
132.03HGOVC::LILLIANTANGTue Feb 27 1990CIT unable to detect incoming call extension #
133.04HGOVC::MICHAELSHIUWed Feb 28 1990Insufficient Dynamic Memory ?
134.03SUBWAY::WATSONThu Mar 01 1990Is this a job for CIT?
135.02PASMThu Mar 01 1990request for introduction document
136.05HGOVC::LILLIANTANGThu Mar 08 1990multiple links
137.04HUNEY::DIDCOCKFri Mar 09 1990CIT/DECvoice voice mail type application
138.0--UnknownUser--Sat Mar 10 1990CIT/DECvoice demo
139.01HGOVC::MICHAELSHIUMon Mar 12 1990What passes thru' the link?
140.013ODIXIE::RIDGWAYMon Mar 19 1990SL1 configured for ISDN?
141.01DELNI::SJ_KENNEYMon Mar 19 1990Looking for a volunteer to write demo!
142.03HUNEY::MACHINTue Mar 20 1990Digital sets: restriction
143.03TAVIS::GABBYTue Mar 27 1990CIT on VAXft3
144.06ETVSThu Mar 29 1990War Story with Meridian 1 and NTI
145.011ENUF::BERENSONThu Mar 29 1990DECvoice/CIT Configuration possibilities
147.05SKID::CASTELLANOMon Apr 09 1990CIT and ELF2
148.01DELNI::SJ_KENNEYThu Apr 19 1990New CIT Presentation Available
150.0DELNI::LEVICKMon Apr 30 1990new positions in Telecom DCC
151.02DELNI::SJ_KENNEYMon Apr 30 1990DID in the Calling Line ID field?
152.07TRCAMon May 07 1990Cable lengths and PBX software requirements?
153.0CASEE::CARLILLFri May 11 1990DIVA Toolset V1.
154.06KAORSC::T_ROSSWed May 16 1990Client IVP hangs: OPCOM=CIT-E-NETREADTOOSHORT on server node.
155.04JAWJA::GRESHFri May 18 1990Aspect Telecommunications
156.02UKCSSE::CULLEYTue May 22 1990Input for troubleshooting chapter.
157.0ODIXIE::MELEWed May 30 1990Reference accounts?
158.02JAWJA::GRESHSun Jun 03 1990Rolm Cozies Up to DEC
159.03VAXWRK::MANEYFri Jun 08 1990DTMF tones and CIT$MAKE_TONE
160.02TKTVFS::SHISHIDOMon Jun 11 1990What is available report and standards ?
161.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 11 1990Costs of Multi-drop?
162.02ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Jun 14 1990ACD manipulation while call in queue
163.0VAXWRK::FRECHETTEWed Jun 20 1990lse environment file for cit
164.0ZUDEV1::SCHUMACHERThu Jun 21 1990CITMD, missing message from forward
165.02ODIXIE::MELEWed Jun 27 1990CIT to ROCKWELL
166.04JAWJA::GRESHWed Jun 27 1990Northern Telecom announces Meridian TeleCenter
167.02DELNI::SJ_KENNEYThu Jun 28 1990CIT Demonstration Tape Available
168.01ODIXIE::MELESat Jun 30 1990BELLSOUTH - CMP - Sales flash
169.02CSCMA::JOJOYCEMon Jul 02 1990$SETIMER and $CANTIM system service calls
170.04HEART::MACHINThu Jul 05 1990CIT V2.1 FPI : Introduction
172.01TENERE::JARDINMon Jul 09 1990A Conference about CIT in S.F
173.01ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Jul 12 1990CITMD 1.
174.03DELNI::SJ_KENNEYFri Jul 13 1990CIT/All-in-1/Voice Mail question
175.03DELNI::MATHEWSFri Jul 13 1990Digitize voice mail?.
176.0KCBBQ::TERRYFri Jul 13 1990H E L P !!!
178.03CSCMA::MILLSTue Jul 24 1990Monitor and Hangup questions
179.04SKETCH::BROWNThu Jul 26 1990User Interface Guide (Voice)
180.05BEAGLE::ERBESMon Aug 06 1990Problem with MD V1.
181.04TAVIS::NATIWed Aug 08 1990CIT protocol info needed
182.03MQOSWS::A_COURCHESNEThu Aug 16 1990CENTREX ACD pbx support?
183.01CACIQE::NUNEZFri Aug 17 1990Hitachi LCX 54
184.04TKTVFS::SHISHIDOWed Aug 22 1990call monitoring
185.02ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Aug 23 1990Values for call forward
186.08VAXWRK::FRECHETTEThu Aug 23 1990CIT opportunity
187.01ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Aug 23 1990SL1 Cards inside pbx...FYI
188.09MQOSWS::A_COURCHESNEMon Aug 27 1990Software for the SL-1, generic11 release XX
189.04ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Aug 30 1990DNIS, ANI/CLID, 8
190.01TKTVFS::SASAKI_HWed Sep 05 1990Busy state when I make_call
191.02PARVAX::LASSITERWed Sep 05 1990327
192.07LEVERS::SIDESThu Sep 06 1990Meridian 1 CIT Link
193.01TKTVFS::SHISHIDOThu Sep 13 1990MAKE CALL for SL-1
194.0236668::CLOUSEThu Sep 13 1990cit info neede
195.01BIS3::DEWANDREWed Sep 19 1990CIT on UNIX
196.013MQOSWS::A_COURCHESNETue Sep 25 1990Questions on CIT with MEREDIAN 1
197.02ENUF::BERENSONWed Sep 26 1990Anyone tried CIT/DECvoice on VMS 5.4?
198.03PANHED::DROSTEWed Sep 26 1990Harris 2
200.0JAWJA::GRESHSun Sep 30 1990Cooperation between Siemens & Digital Equipment
201.030STKHLM::SODERLINDMon Oct 08 1990CIT and external calls on SL-1
202.03MQOSWS::J_DESILETSThu Oct 11 1990make outside call without any intervention
204.014USRCV1::HALLEThu Oct 18 1990TCP/IP ?
205.03TENERE::LEBAYFri Oct 19 1990CIT - DMS2
206.02CGOOFri Oct 19 1990What is the RSL protocol?
207.04TAVMon Oct 22 1990CIT-E-WRONGPROT, specified protocol not loaded . HELP
210.0HEART::DIDCOCKThu Nov 01 1990get_channel_state_change --> get_event
211.0LEVERS::L_GAYThu Nov 01 1990Configurations!!!
212.03TROASun Nov 25 1990Getting CIT to talk to Meridian SL1
213.01SAHQ::TADAMSMon Nov 26 1990DSF32?
214.08TAVIS::PERETZMon Nov 26 1990SL-1 Trunk Monitoring
215.04LUCCIO::PONZONIWed Dec 05 1990Telemarketing applications info
216.01UEOIS1::WODLIWed Dec 19 1990MS-DOS code to call NT/SL1 from a PC
217.0OGWV5Thu Jan 10 1991business showing with CIT
218.05ODIXIE::RIDGWAYThu Jan 10 1991Can we do a FOO$RECORD in a CIT application like this?
220.01OPHION::RBHANKSat Jan 19 1991CIT documentation?
221.05JANUS::JUBBMon Jan 21 1991Pinboard for documentation suggestions
222.0DELNI::SJ_KENNEYWed Jan 23 1991CIT demos with ATT, Rolm at Comnet
223.0DELNI::SJ_KENNEYWed Jan 23 1991CIT Seminar at Network University
224.01DUCATI::LASTOVICAThu Jan 24 1991vax to at&t G2?
225.0DELNI::SJ_KENNEYSat Jan 26 1991Integrated Voice/Data Announcement Jan 28, 1991
226.0CSCMA::JOJOYCEWed Jan 30 1991Workaround for call merge?
227.01PANHED::DROSTEThu Jan 31 1991Looking for call costing software
228.01KOAL::MILLERFri Feb 01 1991ANI & CIT questions
229.05ODIXIE::PEACOCKRFri Feb 08 1991Multiple SL-1's on single CIT server?
230.03BEAGLE::ERBESSun Feb 10 1991ISDN D-Channel acces performing CIT functions!
231.01SNOCFri Feb 15 1991Configuring an SL-1 for CIT
232.01ODIXIE::RIDGWAYWed Feb 27 1991DECnet Channels + many agents = performance prob?
233.0SAHQ::GRESHWed Mar 13 1991New Switch-Computer Interfaces
234.01JAWJA::GRESHMon Apr 01 1991HP expands Applied Computerized Telephony (ACT) program
235.0GALVIA::STONESTue Apr 02 1991CDA-Audio. Call for product requirements.
236.08VAXWRK::MORSILLOThu Apr 04 1991Will the DTC
238.0DELNI::SJ_KENNEYMon Apr 08 1991Telecom Developers '91 Conference and Exhibition
239.03BEAGLE::ERBESThu Apr 11 1991Any use of TANDEM switch?
240.0TKOVOA::ANDO_STue Apr 23 1991Please suggest regarding Voicelink
241.01CSCMA::MILLSMon Apr 29 1991CIT$_LINE_ID vs CIT$_TRUNK
242.04CSCMA::MILLSThu May 09 1991Conferencing and ACD Queues
243.01LEVERS::SIDESWed May 15 1991Mitel,CIT, and AS4
244.01IJSAPL::DEBOCKWed May 22 1991Harris PABX link
245.04MQOP36::A_COURCHESNEFri May 24 1991A demo site available in Montreal
246.09ENUF::BERENSONFri May 24 1991Installing CITSR on a Cluster
247.01VAXWRK::MORSILLOFri May 24 1991DTC
248.02FROCKY::WILTRUDTue May 28 1991ACD from Aspect Telecom?
249.01GALVIA::HOGANThu May 30 1991
250.0HURRU::SIEWERTThu May 30 1991Mail notification on phone
252.01TKTVFri Jun 07 1991Trunk Group Number
253.02LEMAN::DELOUSTALTue Jun 11 1991CIT V2.1 and ULTRIX ?
254.03HOTWTR::WALKERRAWed Jun 12 1991Rolm's PBX Offerings supported?
255.04DELNI::SJ_KENNEYWed Jun 12 1991New CIT info sheet available on 6/24
256.04MARVA1::KIMMELWed Jun 12 1991Licenses on a cluster
257.04DELNI::SJ_KENNEYWed Jun 12 1991New presentation in OPAL
258.02MARVA2::KIMMELThu Jun 13 1991Problem with IVP
259.01HXOUMon Jun 17 1991transfer # to LED display??
261.07HEART::CHAKERAMon Jun 24 1991CIT V2.1 and ISDN V1.1
262.09ENUF::BERENSONTue Jul 02 1991CIT and VAX P.S.I.
263.01ANNECY::CHABERTTue Jul 16 1991CIT$ASSIGN routine
264.08TRCOA::GGRAHAMTue Jul 16 1991Networked ACD on SL1s question
265.01LEVERS::AOWENSWed Jul 17 1991Connection to DG MV2
266.03BREAKR::HAThu Jul 18 1991DSO on CXY
267.010FMTACT::BORDENFri Jul 26 1991Windows 3.
268.01THEBAY::ALTMANNKESun Aug 04 1991CIT for Cellular Switches?
269.02ALFPTS::GCOAST::RIDGWAYTue Aug 13 1991CIT and Application Expert by Computer Associates (formally Cullinet)
270.02LARVAE::HEYES_NThu Aug 15 1991International regulation of CIT
271.02ZURFri Aug 16 1991CITMD & IAP: missing dialing features
272.03GOTA1::BENZLERMon Aug 19 1991Ericsson
273.01JUNG::LASSITERMon Aug 26 1991CIT tool kit?
274.0SHIPS::MCPHIE_JTue Aug 27 1991Worldwide PBX Support
275.07ZURThu Aug 29 1991CITSR$CP gives 'invalid device' DST-
276.02COMICS::MAGUIRETue Sep 03 1991%les-e-fillerr when starting CITSR software
277.0HEART::MTHOMASFri Sep 06 1991V3.
278.01ALFPTS::GCOAST::RIDGWAYTue Sep 10 1991CIT V3.
279.05CSCMA::JOJOYCEWed Sep 11 1991Insufficient Virtual Memory starting Server
280.02DELNI::SJ_KENNEYWed Sep 11 1991Announcement of CallCenterPLUS and CIT V.3.
281.04BEAGLE::ERBESThu Sep 12 1991Questions on SL-1 config!
282.02LUCCIO::PONZONIFri Sep 13 1991Telecom '91
283.01ALFPTS::GCOAST::RIDGWAYFri Sep 13 1991Potential problem with V3.
284.04ENUF::BERENSONWed Sep 18 1991You can't just shoot those Cobol programmers...
285.01LUXTue Sep 24 1991AND PHILIPS SOPHO pabx ?
286.0COLFri Sep 27 1991Where is "Specs for CIT CSTA Implementation"
287.08HEART::CHAKERAWed Oct 02 1991Performance estimates and sizing.
288.0ENUF::BERENSONThu Oct 03 1991Demo for MCI to use at their trade shows
289.0SOS6::HOFFMANNFri Oct 04 1991CIT and PHASEV
290.06MEO78B::BROUGHTONMon Oct 07 1991ECMA/CSTA spec - doc. avail ?
291.03ENUF::BERENSONTue Oct 08 1991Buffering of CIT events
292.01XLIB::SCHAFERTue Oct 15 1991CDROM distribution
293.08AEOEN1::NEWBURY_CFri Oct 18 1991Question about CIT$TEST
294.08VAXWRK::FRECHETTETue Oct 29 1991ANI throughout phone call
295.01GUSHER::PAYNEMon Nov 18 1991Unsolicited Status Messages
296.010TAVIS::PERETZTue Nov 19 1991CIT on VAXstation 4
297.01TAVIS::PERETZSun Nov 24 1991Maximum number of calls?
298.03TAVIS::PERETZMon Nov 25 1991How much memory is needed?
299.01WARNUT::DENBYThu Nov 28 1991CIT <--> Oracle ??
301.02BRYAN::ARCHERTue Dec 17 1991Basic Questions...
302.01STKAI1::LEUHUSENTue Dec 17 1991Answering Support system?
303.09TAVIS::PERETZWed Jan 01 1992Is there a ready CIT demo package?
305.04ODIXIE::BAHLFri Jan 10 1992Need Help with RFI
306.0POCUS::SIMMONSMon Jan 13 1992customer for INTEROP 92
307.09MQOSWS::A_COURCHESNEMon Jan 20 1992Ident mismatch with shareable image
308.09GUSHER::PAYNEFri Jan 24 1992DTC
309.01ALFPTS::DOUBT::THORPETue Jan 28 1992AT&T Definity G1 Documetation (CIT Reference manual)
310.03ZURWed Jan 29 1992CIT$.. function definitions
311.03KETJE::PACCOWed Feb 12 1992How to trace a CSTA link ?
312.03ZURFri Feb 14 1992OTHER PARTY recognition
314.02ANNECY::CHALANDThu Feb 20 1992How to transfer a Voice Call ?
315.01ANNECY::CHALANDThu Feb 20 1992Networked SL1 and DECvoice
317.02ENUF::BERENSONFri Feb 21 1992Maximum number of CIT$ASSIGN's
318.01BONKA::FINNIEThu Feb 27 1992DIV-32 goes off-line : EPROM Upgrade
319.02DELNI::MBURKEThu Feb 27 1992Do we have a list of installed CIT Ultrix customers?
320.09HXOUWed Mar 04 1992Call filtering...
321.03GALVIA::MCGOLDRICKTue Mar 10 1992CIT$LOAD seems to corrupt data
322.02CRLVMS::FISHMANThu Mar 12 1992Ultrix Programming Question
323.0BAZZER::CULLEYFri Mar 13 1992Voice Integration on Lotus Notes.
324.05HEART::MTHOMASWed Mar 18 1992Field Trial Sites for CIT API on MS Windows???
325.04AEO78Mon Mar 23 1992ISDN with SL1/XT
326.02DELNI::MBURKEMon Mar 23 1992CIT and Conversant?
327.01ALFPTS::DOUBT::THORPEWed Mar 25 1992Instructions for ULTRIX CIT_TEST
328.0GALVIA::MORRISMon Mar 30 1992Siemens & Tandem CSTA Deal
329.0DELNI::SJ_KENNEYThu Apr 09 1992DECworld 92 and CallCenterPLUS
330.01HAM::EICHMANNFri Apr 10 1992any CIT/voice customers (telesales, telemarketing etc.)??
331.01ISIDRO::MAMORENOMon Apr 13 1992RO notation ?
332.0ISIDRO::MAMORENOMon Apr 13 1992Management with DECmcc ?
333.02BIS1::DOBBENIFri Apr 24 1992CIT Error CIT$_SERVICEBUSY
334.02TKOV51::YOSHIZAWATue Apr 28 1992only predictive dialing
335.01KYOA::KOCHWed May 06 1992CIT & DECagw pricing & interaction?
336.04LINGO::JUBBMon May 11 1992DEC CIT V3.
337.01BEAGLE::ERBESMon May 18 1992ICM seminar in VBO
338.01BONKA::FINNIEWed May 27 1992CIT and AIX
339.01VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTMon Jun 01 1992Question on VOICE/DATA transfers
340.01BIS1::DOBBENIThu Jun 04 1992DECVOICE in BELGIUM?
341.02VAXWRK::EPSTEINMon Jun 08 1992Are CIT V3.
342.01ALFPTS::63575::THORPEThu Jun 11 1992ACD Queue monitoring - call abandoned event
343.01TAVIS::MERONMon Jun 22 1992CIT$HANGUP_CALL on a 25
344.0ENUF::BERENSONMon Jun 22 1992NT Meridian Link Module Configuration
345.03HEART::CHAKERATue Jun 23 1992CIT SERVER products
346.01FRSOLD::UNGEHEUERThu Jun 25 1992CIT/CSTA Questions
347.07LIPSTR::LIPPMon Jun 29 1992Marketing contact needed
349.05CSCMA::MILLSMon Jul 06 1992get event returning wrong trunk numbers
350.03UNTADA::OOSTERHAGENWed Jul 08 1992CIT-compatible PBX - application list
351.01EDGEGU::SPENCEFri Jul 10 1992Documentation??
352.04BIS1::DOBBENIThu Jul 23 1992A1CITA and ALLIN! V 3.
353.02HKGACT::GILBERTYIPFri Jul 31 1992CIT problem with DST32/DSH32
354.04DEKVC::HEEYOUNGPYUNMon Aug 03 1992CIT in Korean Voice ?
356.03ANNECY::DUPANLOUP_CThu Aug 13 1992Monitor ACD agent or Queue on SL-1
357.01EDGEGU::SPENCEMon Aug 17 1992CIT server on OpenVMS/Alpha?
358.0BIS1::DOBBENIFri Aug 21 1992voice-cit reference sites needed
359.0BEAGLE::ERBESMon Aug 24 1992SL-1 upgrade help needed!
360.01COPCLU::JUNCHERMon Aug 24 1992Versions of ERICSSON MD11
361.0HEART::CHAKERAWed Aug 26 1992CIT Client/Server and DECnet Security
362.0ENUF::BERENSONThu Aug 27 1992GET_EVENT_A from Basic program
363.04VAXWRK::PETERSONWed Sep 02 1992sl-1 switch functionality
364.0DELNI::MBURKEFri Sep 04 1992Competitive Info Needed
365.05CGOOA::DKELLYTue Sep 15 1992Assigning hunt groups on SX-2
366.02ANNECY::CHALANDThu Sep 17 1992CIT client on non-DEC U*X machines ( HP or SUN )
367.01RLAV::BEDNARIKThu Sep 17 1992Help with NT Link Config
368.010BCFI::PURYERTue Sep 22 1992Direct Banking
369.04POBOX::PEDONETue Sep 22 1992CIT PC demo needed.
370.04CTOAVX::MACKINMon Sep 28 1992CIT API usage question.
371.013VAXWRK::MORSILLOTue Sep 29 1992NT SL-1 Release 17 features questions. Log Agent in, Not Ready, etc...
372.03HGOVC::GILBERTYIPThu Oct 01 1992Can CIT assign channel to Trunk line?
373.01VAXWRK::MORSILLOThu Oct 01 1992What about state changes of agents under release 17...?
374.04ANNECY::TCHIJAKOFF_SThu Oct 08 1992Mitel multiple configuration
375.04ALFPTS::GCOAST::RIDGWAYMon Oct 12 1992Link Speeds
376.03TROOA::MCNEILLWed Oct 14 1992PBX suppliers for VOICE?
377.0HGOVC::PATRICKLAMFri Oct 16 1992Consultancy Request
378.02DELNI::SJ_KENNEYThu Oct 22 1992CallCenterPLUS Announcement Highlights
379.03SUBWAY::JAUNGThu Oct 22 1992where is IVM and Voicemessaging?
380.01TAVMon Oct 26 1992Is DSW42 supported in CIT 3.
381.0DELNI::SJ_KENNEYMon Oct 26 1992Voice 92 on Nov 11-13
382.01BEAGLE::ERBESTue Oct 27 1992Meridian Link with Numeris support!
383.01ANNECY::TCHIJAKOFF_SWed Oct 28 1992What is a Meridian LINK ?
384.01COMET::WACKERWed Oct 28 1992What's ATT's ISDN interface look like?
385.01VAXWRK::MORSILLOThu Oct 29 1992Northern Telecom Release 18
386.02FLEX1::PATON_SMon Nov 02 1992Loss of monitoring
387.01HGOVC::PHCHAUTue Nov 03 1992on-queue message announcement
388.03SHIPS::MCPHIE_JTue Nov 03 1992CIT Applications Please
389.011SHIPS::MCPHIE_JTue Nov 03 1992Fujitsu
390.03LINGO::MCNAMARAWed Nov 04 1992Documentation for Tailored Links
391.01LINGO::MCNAMARAFri Nov 06 1992Product Descriptions for Tailored Links
392.032268Thu Nov 12 1992Is NTT SL1 pabx switch supported?
393.04TAVFri Nov 13 1992
394.04DELNI::MBURKEMon Nov 16 1992Conversant and CIT
395.01ALFPTS::GCOAST::RIDGWAYWed Nov 18 1992IBM Voice Products
396.03SFCWed Nov 18 1992Wanted: Configuration Help!
397.0BAHTAT::LZOPRB::bellMon Nov 23 1992Ericsson ACP1
398.02HGOVC::GILBERTYIPFri Nov 27 1992Can CIT v3.
399.01GORDA::MANJUNATHMon Nov 30 1992CIT on OpenVMS Alpha
401.0DELNI::MBURKETue Dec 15 1992VRU vendors and application providers
402.02DELNI::MBURKETue Dec 15 1992Link to AT&T Conversant needed
403.03CHENG5::WIDMERSun Dec 20 1992Voice notification
404.08SFCTue Dec 22 1992CIT Server 1
405.09DELNI::MBURKETue Jan 05 1993Compucall config
406.01ANNECY::DUPANLOUP_CMon Jan 11 1993 ASSIGN and use SOCKET to monitor
407.01SOLVIT::PNGUYENThu Jan 14 1993DECfix infor
408.05LATINA::JOSEFThu Jan 14 1993CIT server doesn't load. Help
409.06ICPSRV::BORDENMon Feb 01 1993IBM Connection Styles
410.06ICPSRV::BORDENMon Feb 01 1993NEC and GTE Switches
411.02MINOS::JAUNGTue Feb 09 1993CIT event in March?
412.01POBOX::PEDONESat Feb 13 1993Source for CIT FT2?
413.01LEVERS::SIDESMon Feb 15 1993Mitel SX2
414.0HEART::BRADYThu Feb 18 1993Philips announce CSTA protocol for CIT link
415.02ICPSRV::BORDENThu Feb 25 1993Multiple Location Transfer????
416.0ALFPTS::GCOAST::RIDGWAYWed Mar 10 1993Active badge vs. Wireless pbx microcell
417.0DELNI::MBURKEWed Mar 10 1993Mitel does not support AT&T megacom service
418.04TAVIS::MERONThu Mar 11 1993Busy state indication for calls outside the PBX
420.02HERON::ERBESFri Mar 12 1993SL1 - application layout question
421.01KETJE::GORREMANSMon Mar 15 1993Ericsson MTP portocol anyone?
423.05HERON::ERBESThu Mar 18 1993Motif based Help desk appl?
424.01LEVERS::SIDESMon Mar 22 1993Rockwell Galaxy/Call Routing Requests
425.01ANNECY::HOTCHKISSWed Mar 24 1993CSTA spec?
426.03BIGBAD::MORRISFri Mar 26 1993AT&T / Novell CIT Product
427.02ZURWed Mar 31 1993Problems with CITMSR_STARTUP.COM & CIT Connection
428.04ICPSRV::BORDENTue Apr 06 1993CIT Routing on Busy???
429.01OSLThu Apr 15 1993SBus voice card info
430.03--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 16 1993"" HELP ME PLEASE ""
431.02GOBAMA::BROOKSTue Apr 20 1993??'s about SCSA.
432.09GOBAMA::BROOKSTue Apr 20 1993??'s regarding Microsoft/Intel/Rolm/NT announce.
433.04HEART::CHAKERAThu Apr 22 1993CIT Mandatory Update (MUP)
434.05VAXWRK::FRECHETTEThu Apr 22 1993AT&T call routing
435.01TOOHOT::SANFORDTue Apr 27 1993Auto Voice Response on OSF??
436.06ALFPTS::GCOAST::RIDGWAYTue Apr 27 1993AT&T/CallVisor PC Software Development Kit on Sale NOW!
437.04CTOAVX::MACKINWed Apr 28 1993CIT presentations??
438.08ALFPTS::GCOAST::RIDGWAYWed May 05 1993Telephone interface for hospital/hotel/motel for room status software?
439.015LEVERS::SIDESWed May 12 1993Northern Tel and Event Monitoring
440.04DEKVC::DONGILLEEFri May 14 1993Directory Service w/ CIT
441.01ANNECY::HOTCHKISSTue May 25 1993IBM Callpath
442.08FLEX7::PATON_SThu Jun 03 1993Another Microserver startup problem
443.01FLEX7::PATON_STue Jun 08 1993Missing file on Installation
444.07ICPSRV::BORDENTue Jun 15 1993CIT on SUN?
445.01ICPSRV::BORDENWed Jun 16 1993Call Pickup and Screen Pop
446.01VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTThu Jun 17 1993VRU/CIT and DMQ
447.0HEART::JOHNSTONFri Jun 18 1993ISDN/AP - upgrading to R18
448.01FLEX7::PATON_SMon Jun 21 1993Part number help
449.05AKOCOA::MBURKETue Jun 22 1993CIT integration with Meridian Mail please?
450.01DELBOY::PCThu Jun 24 1993CIT Server on OSF/1 ?
451.01SNOCTue Jun 29 1993STDL or MIA
452.0AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERWed Jul 07 1993CallCenterPLUS Videos in AV Library
453.011DEKVC::DONGILLEEMon Jul 19 1993CSTA Event message
454.05KYOA::KOCHTue Jul 20 1993DSV-11s not supported for CIT on OpenVMS V6.
455.014CURRNT::PARTRIDGETue Aug 03 1993Visual Basic -> CIT ?
456.01AKOCOA::MBURKEWed Aug 04 1993Healthcare CallCenterPLUS proposals please?
457.02POKIE::ALCORNThu Aug 05 1993Directory of Proposals
458.03CURRNT::PARTRIDGEThu Aug 19 1993Transferring a call (CIT Windows)
459.03CURRNT::PARTRIDGEFri Aug 20 1993Original Dialed number of an Active Call
460.07POKIE::ALCORNMon Aug 23 1993MS Windows TAPI and CIT Client and OS/2 Client
461.09DEKVC::HYUKJAEKWONMon Aug 23 1993Guide for CIT functions.
462.01FLYWAY::BICHSELWed Aug 25 1993DECnet/OSI support
463.0QCAVThu Aug 26 1993FAX MAIL SERVICE
464.07SUOIS3::HSCHMITTThu Aug 26 1993Fire brigade solution????
465.01SAHQ::ROSENKRANZTue Aug 31 1993CIT Performance question
466.01ZPOVC::BOBRICKARDFri Sep 03 1993CIT Applications ?
467.02CURRNT::PARTRIDGETue Sep 07 1993AST routine parameters
468.01AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERFri Sep 10 1993Prospecting database available as spreadsheet file
469.0RLAV::BEDNARIKMon Sep 13 1993Meridian Link buffer overflow?
470.03VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTThu Sep 16 1993Symphony ACD Support
471.02STKAI1::SWEThu Sep 16 1993Voice recordings database
472.011AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERThu Sep 16 1993Summary of Version 4 Features
473.04TKOV51::SAITO_TFri Sep 17 1993CIT for MS-Windows Performance?
474.03EEMELI::KESKINENThu Sep 23 1993CIT references on insurance teleselling
475.0AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERFri Sep 24 1993North American ACD Database
476.04VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTFri Sep 24 1993Northern Telecom Centrex for ACD
477.01ZPOVC::STEVEROYThu Sep 30 1993Asia contact for CIT
478.03CURRNT::PARTRIDGEThu Sep 30 1993VDN routing problem
479.01PCOJCT::SHANNONThu Sep 30 1993CIT with SAP or ROSS order management systems?
480.06POKIE::ALCORNFri Oct 01 1993AT&T 5ESS - do we support in any way?
481.02CRIME::PIKEWed Oct 20 1993Unavailable event
482.03NETVUE::BEDNARIKThu Oct 21 1993References??
483.03ALFHUB::GCOAST::RIDGWAYWed Oct 27 1993Stutter dial tone and fast busy network signals
484.01ISIDRO::LESTEBANThu Oct 28 1993Can CIT detect phone answered in a MERIDIAN 1?
485.01TAVIS::MERONMon Nov 01 1993CIT application interface for MS-Windows - WHERE ?
486.01EEMELI::KESKINENThu Nov 04 1993VRUs that support CIT?
487.05AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERThu Nov 04 1993Northern Telecom Marketing Incentives
488.0AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERThu Nov 04 1993Video Tapes from August Sales Training
489.06EWBV28::SASAKI_HIFri Nov 05 1993Rolm 5911-EK
490.05TAVIS::MERONSun Nov 07 1993PAK for CIT Application Onterface [ VMX-AXP ]
491.03VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTWed Nov 10 1993Info on ITC?
492.0AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERWed Nov 10 1993Wyeth Demo Room Is Closing
493.0ANGLIN::MCLAUGHLINThu Nov 11 1993Syntellect & Anderson Consulting
494.05VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTThu Nov 18 1993OS/2 running Windows?
495.02VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTFri Nov 19 1993Call Center Management Consultants
496.03ANGLIN::MCLAUGHLINTue Nov 23 1993Rockwell/Tandem Contact Gateway help
497.04EEMELI::KESKINENWed Nov 24 1993DLL or DDE with Windows Client?
498.01HEART::PAYNEFri Dec 03 1993To PLID or not to PLID, that....
499.02KCBBQ::TERRYTue Dec 07 1993Rockwell ACD and ANI Help!
500.01BOLINA::GADALETAMThu Dec 09 1993CIT on OSF/1 AXP?
501.01AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERMon Dec 13 1993Client-Server Article (VoicePower Buyers Guide)
502.02RULLE::KLASSONTue Dec 14 1993Problem with Ultrix example program
503.0AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERWed Dec 15 1993Summary of PC Demos
504.0HOCUS::HOMon Dec 20 1993CallCenterPLUS Industry Solutions
505.01DEKVC::HYUKJAEKWONTue Jan 11 1994more questions
506.04CTOAVX::MACKINWed Jan 12 1994White paper available??
507.05LFOIS1::LIEBAERTThu Jan 13 1994Request on NT switch capability
508.01CGOOA::DOGIBSONFri Jan 14 1994Interactive Voice Response System RFP
509.02CSCMA::JOJOYCETue Jan 18 1994Versions of AT&T software are we compible with?
510.03LFOIS1::LIEBAERTWed Jan 19 1994R.A.C. Ref. Site ?
511.04POKIE::ALCORNThu Jan 20 1994Cabledata interface needed
512.0AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERThu Jan 20 1994Electronic Front Door Article
514.02TAVMon Jan 24 1994CIT 3.
515.01SOTT::NAULTTue Jan 25 1994Testing Tools?
516.02AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERTue Jan 25 1994Acton Demo Area In Operation
517.02CSC32::J_HENSONWed Jan 26 1994where's divadef.h?
518.01SIOG::DPSWWed Jan 26 1994Cortelco SR 1
519.0ODIXIE::RIDGWAYFri Jan 28 1994Need Updated Switch Feature manual asap
520.0AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERMon Jan 31 1994Teleprofessional Magazine Client/Server Article
521.01DKAS::LORADITCHThu Feb 03 1994MS TAPI SDK?
522.01ODIXIE::RIDGWAYMon Feb 07 1994Wishlist or unsoliCITed proposal needed for customer
523.02ALFHUB::GCOAST::RIDGWAYTue Feb 08 1994Wanted - CIT/CallCenter Glossary!
524.03AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERFri Feb 11 1994Brochure Text Online
525.0HERON::ERBESWed Feb 16 1994subscription to Computer/Telephone Problems/Bugs/Viruses/Dangers distribution list
526.01TAVIS::MERONWed Feb 16 1994Monitoring an ACD on SL1 ( Release < 16 )
527.0AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERFri Feb 18 1994CTI: What's It Worth Article
528.02TAVIS::MERONTue Mar 08 1994How to get DN data without using CIT$GET_EVENT ?
529.01CAPNET::WENTWORTHFri Mar 11 1994Help Me Understand Switching
530.09RULLE::KLASSONMon Mar 14 1994Event from hang up
531.03AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERMon Mar 14 1994Nice CallCenterPLUS Logos Available
532.04VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTWed Mar 16 1994Teloquent Info?
533.0AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERWed Mar 16 1994Description of New Demo
534.02POCUS::HOThu Mar 17 1994VoiceLink Knockoffs?
535.01AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERFri Mar 18 1994Party Line for Novell/AT&T TSAPI
536.04HOCUS::HOFri Mar 25 1994"Call Blending" references?
537.02VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTFri Mar 25 1994VMX/Octel Competetive Info?
538.05ZPOVC::BOBRICKARDMon Mar 28 1994Help Desk/Wireless accounts
539.03VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTFri Apr 01 1994
540.01ODIXIE::FRAZIERGRSat Apr 02 1994Audio Recording/Playback (Annotation) Sol. Needed
541.02ZPOVC::BOBRICKARDTue Apr 05 1994Consultancy ??
542.05ANNECY::BIC_VTue Apr 05 1994Tracking calls on SL1
543.0VFOVAX::OBRIENThu Apr 14 1994Telecom Test Automation Solution
544.01MARVA1::POWELLFri Apr 15 1994/FILE_LIMIT= should be added to CIT$TCPIP_STARTUP.COM
545.01ZPOVC::BOBRICKARDTue Apr 19 1994Training needed !!
546.02ALFHUB::GCOAST::RIDGWAYTue Apr 19 1994CallCenterPLUS/CIT person needs home!
547.01HEART::PAYNEWed Apr 20 1994AT&T G3 Tech Tips
548.0VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTMon Apr 25 1994Rockwell Reporting Question
549.01TAVIS::MERONWed Apr 27 1994Dialing from an 25
550.01MARVA1::POWELLThu Apr 28 1994BUG - CIT$TCPIP not dropping links to LES$ACP
551.03ISIDRO::MAMORENOFri Apr 29 1994Windows Manuals ?
553.0POCUS::HOTue May 17 1994CIT product status?
554.06DEKVC::HYUKJAEKWONMon May 23 1994CIT for MS win
555.02DPDMAI::FISCHERMon May 23 1994(PBX and Voice) .vs. (PBX Only) .vs. (Voice Only)?
556.05DPDMAI::FISCHERWed May 25 1994CIT design questions.
557.01ISIDRO::MAMORENOFri May 27 1994ACD by software ?
558.02POCUS::HOTue May 31 1994CIT with ROLM 9751?
559.0ICPSRV::BORDENWed Jun 01 1994Another Goodbye
560.02AUSSIE::TAJALLIMon Jun 06 1994CIT problem with DSV11
561.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGTue Jun 07 1994Product Manager?
562.01BIS1::STESTue Jun 14 1994Automatic dialing using a digital phone: how??
564.01FILTON::NOBLETue Jun 14 1994Meridian Link V3 and V4
565.0HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Jun 16 1994CIT training/consulting resources?
566.03HOCUS::HOWed Jun 22 1994Telemagic Info?
567.02HOCUS::HOWed Jun 22 1994IMA-Edge Info?
568.0RDGENG::PAYNEThu Jun 23 1994Siemens HICOM Topic
569.01CTOAVX::MACKINMon Jun 27 1994RFP design questions.
570.04AUSSIE::MOSSWed Jul 06 1994Is there a problem with the cit$documents directory?
571.06FRUST::UNGEHEUERWed Jul 06 1994Future of CIT ????
572.05CSCMA::JOJOYCEWed Jul 20 1994cit$get_route_query available in cit$test?
573.01SIOG::POCONNELLWed Jul 20 1994Urgent: CIT support required
574.01CURRNT::PARTRIDGEThu Jul 21 1994CIT and Meridian R18
575.0MCITS1::ALCORNTue Jul 26 1994Measurement and Test for Contract
576.04MARVA1::POWELLWed Jul 27 1994New Home for CIT$DOCUMENTS
577.01BGSDEV::MORRISThu Jul 28 1994CIT History
578.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Aug 25 1994CIT in "911" application, more info?
579.0UTROP1::ROTENSTEIN_AWed Sep 14 1994Voice logging system
580.0CURRNT::PARTRIDGEThu Sep 15 1994Trunk info on call transfer
581.01ANNECY::HAGENMULLERMon Sep 19 1994wich versions of SL1 are supported ?
582.01AKOCOA::STRATHMEYERTue Sep 20 1994Contacts for Tailored Link Order Processing
583.03OSLTue Sep 20 1994Any news on the future of CIT?
584.01TAVIS::MERONWed Sep 28 1994CIT$INVDEVIDENTIFIER error message for ASAI protocol
585.0NCMAIL::MACKINThu Sep 29 1994Switch support for CSTA doc?
586.01OSLThu Sep 29 1994CIT portefolio status?
587.01ISIDRO::JBERNALFri Sep 30 1994TAPI and CIT
588.0NETRIX::"wobber@src.dec.com"Mon Oct 03 1994CIT V3.
589.01NCMAIL::MACKINWed Oct 05 1994Configuration questions.
590.01FLEX7::PATON_STue Oct 25 1994PC Kit
591.02AUSSIE::MOSSWed Nov 02 1994? Is this a problem with CIT V3.
592.0UTROP1::ROTENSTEIN_ATue Nov 08 1994NPRI & voice
593.02ATHINA::ATHANASIOUWed Nov 09 1994Address of Voicelink
594.01COMICS::HALFACREETue Nov 22 1994CIT Server on VMS v6.1 Question ???
595.01OSLWed Nov 23 1994CIT on NT-Server, documentation & test kit
596.0UTROP1::ROTENSTEIN_ATue Nov 29 1994Framework for Call Centers
597.0TROOA::DAL_MOLINWed Nov 30 1994Telephone./Linkworks Integration
598.02DELBOY::sdemo7.olo.dec.com::couplandsThu Dec 01 1994Chemical Bank Telebanking
599.01TAVIS::MERONWed Dec 14 1994NT-SL1 rel 17 functionality - question !
600.0STKAI1::EROSENMon Dec 19 1994Problem with CIT$DEASSIGN function
601.01GMT1::TEEKEMAWed Dec 21 1994PC card that works with TARGET ??
602.01COMICS::HALFACREEWed Jan 11 1995CIT v4 Doc's / Release Date ???
603.01FLEX7::PATON_SThu Feb 09 1995PC Application
604.0NYOSS1::JAUNGWed Feb 15 1995How to improve the CIT server/ROLM connectivity
605.0CSCMA::MILLSMon Feb 27 1995problems upgrading Novell
606.07NWDThu Mar 09 1995CIT Status update
607.0DEKVC::DONGILLEEMon Mar 13 1995 CIT Server on LES$ACP_V3
608.0MARVA1::POWELLWed Mar 29 1995Support for Universal Serial Bus (USB) Announced
609.04RTOEU::TOTTOWed Mar 29 1995MULAW -> WAV
610.03STKAI1::EROSENThu Apr 06 1995simultaneous calls with the same trunknumber
611.01NECSC::CSCMA::SAMANENWed Apr 12 1995lesacp goes into loop, becomes compute bound.
612.0NYOSS1::JAUNGThu Apr 13 1995CIT on Ultrix 4.4?
613.01STOWOA::BJOHNSONWed Apr 19 1995Digital Sells CIT to Dialogic Corp.
614.0VFOVAX::STRONGTue Apr 25 1995DECnet links stay around after LINKRESET error
615.01CRONIC::LEMONSFri Apr 28 1995CIT Products for Windows NT
616.05GSGLXT::CHMURATue May 16 1995What is GSM?
617.01DEKVC::NAMJINCHOWed Jun 14 1995How to order VAX CIT software?
618.0MSAMTue Aug 08 1995Ericsson AXE1
619.0NEWVAX::POWELLMon Oct 02 1995LINKON OEM Agreement (from Aug 14th)
620.0NEWVAX::POWELLWed Oct 04 1995Microsoft(R) Speech Software Development Kit (SDK)
621.0NEWVAX::POWELLTue Oct 10 1995Dialogic Expands Support for Windows NT
622.0NEWVAX::POWELLTue Oct 10 1995Dialogic CT-Connect Demonstrated at Telecom '95
623.0NEWVAX::POWELLTue Oct 10 1995Telecom '95 - Computer Telephony Showcase
624.0LATINA::FLORIANFri Nov 10 1995CIT errors documented?
625.02TPOVC::EIS_PJUThu Dec 07 1995CIT application error, please comments!
626.0ULYSSE::SEZNECThu Dec 14 1995Error ROPRAND...
627.03GRANPA::BDOYLEThu Dec 14 1995Strategy? Strategy?
628.01NEWVAX::POWELLMon Jan 22 1996Lexi International business Win
629.02DEKVC::DONGILLEEThu Feb 01 1996 DECnet/OSI
630.0NEWVAX::POWELLWed Feb 07 1996MS Phone press release 3
631.0DEKVC::TAESIKKIMWed Feb 21 1996CIT Svr 1