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Conference rdgeng::cics_technical

Title:Discussion of CICS technical issues
Created:Mon Mar 13 1995
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:192
Total number of notes:680
Number with bodies:104
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1.01MUFFIT::gerryWed Mar 15 1995Welcome
2.012MUFFIT::gerryWed Mar 15 1995Introductions
3.02ISIDRO::ISMAN1Wed Mar 15 1995CISC & Security in DEC OSF/1 V3.
4.01CSC32::LONGRN::SHAWThu Mar 16 1995good morning transaction
5.02ISIDRO::ISMAN1Tue Mar 21 1995Problems configuring CICS
6.01MUFFIT::gerryThu Mar 23 1995CICS V1.2 and DEC OSF/1 V3.2
7.01SAHNE::GASTFri Mar 24 1995OMEGA-MON for open CICS
8.0SAHNE::GASTFri Mar 24 1995EASY-Trive for OPEN CICS ?
9.0SAHNE::GASTFri Mar 24 1995JCL conversion - IBS Migration Set
10.08RAISSA::CASALEFri Mar 24 1995Sna Domain Gateway & Cics
11.03ISIDRO::ISMAN1Mon Mar 27 1995Problems with CICS/6
12.02NAMIX::jptTue Mar 28 1995URGENT: downsizing information needed (performance and porting)
13.0RAISSA::CASALETue Mar 28 1995U: SNA Configuration
14.017ISIDRO::ISMAN1Tue Mar 28 1995URGENT!!, problems starting a region
15.01UTRUST::PILMEYERWed Mar 29 1995DCE ECO and CICS?
16.06IOSG::CAKEWed Mar 29 1995Migration Guide
17.01SAHNE::GASTThu Mar 30 19955 day paid CICS OSF/1 consultancy opportunity in Munich
18.011RAISSA::CASALEThu Mar 30 1995CICSSNACONFIG command
19.01ISIDRO::ISMAN1Thu Mar 30 1995CICS & External Security products/functions
20.0RAISSA::CASALEFri Mar 31 1995communication error
21.02RMRDTO::giaipronTue Apr 04 1995MF Cobol pre compiler problem
22.02ISIDRO::ISMAN1Tue Apr 04 1995Abend 'A15A' error
23.010COVEN::BAKERMon Apr 10 1995CICS Demo Application
24.0COVEN::BAKERTue Apr 11 1995Oracle integration errors
25.0HERON::JULAUDEFri Apr 14 1995EFT3 ISC was better !!
26.05ISIDRO::ISMAN1Tue Apr 18 1995How to use a NEWCOPY of a Cobol program ??
27.011RMRDTO::giaipronTue Apr 18 1995How can we call a C aligned program (-Zp1) from a Cobol module ?
28.0IOSG::CAKEWed Apr 19 1995cicssnaconfig
29.0IOSG::KALUSThu Apr 20 1995COBOL 'COMP' data types
30.02MDRA1::ISMAN1Fri Apr 21 1995How works the CICS term id (GUPx) assigment ?
31.01LYOISA::LEFEBVREWed Apr 26 1995problem installation CICS
32.03FUJISI::ENGLANDWed Apr 26 1995where to send QARs?
33.01WPOPTH::EMMANUELThu Apr 27 1995PPC Gateway Support ?
34.01MUFFIT::gerryFri Apr 28 1995Use of the EPI327
35.01LYOISA::BOIRINFri Apr 28 1995Prompt for DCE passwd in demo install?
36.03IJSAPL::ONDERWATERTue May 02 1995URGENT, MF Cobol - Encina connection
37.03IJSAPL::ONDERWATERWed May 03 1995Urgent.... sfsadmin import problem
38.04FUJISI::ENGLANDMon May 08 1995327
39.01LYOISA::LEFEBVRETue May 09 1995EASY TRIVE ???
40.01IJSAPL::ONDERWATERThu May 11 1995CICS questions; multi mln prospect
41.04CSC32::D_CAREWThu May 11 1995MF Cobol v3.2 support
42.01JULIET::BROMAN_RAFri May 12 1995Another MF COBOL Version Question ...
43.0FUJISI::ENGLANDSat May 13 1995close to MF COBOL 3.2 and OSF V3.2
44.01MSAMTue May 16 1995CICS loading and installation problem
45.03WPOPTH:: May 17 1995Customer Techincal Questions
46.04TIMAMD::ATT542::pozueloWed May 17 1995How to change the CICS user id
47.01ROMMon May 22 1995CICS and MF Cobol questions
48.01MSAMTue May 23 1995Activate REGION in CICS
49.02FUJISI::ENGLANDSun May 28 1995cicssdt problems
50.02CSC32::D_CAREWWed May 31 1995cicsdestroy not symmetrical w cicsdefault
51.0FUJISI::ENGLANDSat Jun 03 1995cicssdt performance problem
52.06RDGENG::WINNTue Jun 13 1995PTF2 kit available
53.03GRANPA::EBILLITERFri Jun 16 1995SFS vs VSAM status code differences?
54.0GRANPA::EBILLITERFri Jun 23 1995doc typos in CICS-SNA installation
55.0WPOPTH::WPODAM::mcclementsTue Jun 27 1995CICS monitor v's Encina monitor
56.01CSC32::LONGRN::SHAWMon Jul 03 1995LU6.2 server / Permission Denied
57.0MQOU18::F_DICAIREWed Jul 12 1995Help needed on CICS statistics.
59.0CSC32::D_CAREWWed Aug 02 1995cicsteld connections result in 'dead' applic servers
60.01IOSG::CAKEMon Aug 07 1995SFS experiences...
61.03MUFFIT::gerryTue Aug 15 1995PTF5 Now Available
62.04MJBOOT::STONESIFERTue Aug 22 1995Network Questions
63.01HDLITE::SCHAFERWed Aug 30 1995cicsterm problem
64.019ROMThu Aug 31 1995SYSIDERR running CICS6
65.04ISIDRO::ISMAN1Fri Sep 01 1995CICS PTF5 and Prerequisite Sw versions
66.02ISIDRO::ISMAN1Thu Sep 07 1995Prob running cicsmkcobol in PTF5 CICS
67.01HERON::JULAUDEThu Sep 07 1995ORACLE and OSF/1
68.0MUFFIT::gerryWed Sep 13 1995EPI/ECI Clients and locale settings
69.03ISIDRO::ISMAN1Thu Sep 14 1995Prob running Cobol progs with CICS
70.0MUFFIT::gerryFri Sep 15 1995Digital UNIX V3.2C & Peer Server
71.07IOSG::CAKEMon Sep 18 1995CICS for Digital UNIX (V2.1) IFT kit
72.01SPOVWed Sep 27 1995MicroFocus access to CWA
73.07UTRTSC::VELZENFri Sep 29 1995Pre-Sales / ordering questions ...
74.03ROMMon Oct 02 1995CICS over SNA ...
75.05ALFSS2::FOLDEVIWed Oct 11 1995another cicsmkcobol problem
76.03ALFSS2::FOLDEVIMon Oct 23 1995cicsusrdceadmin help?
77.02ALFSS2::FOLDEVIThu Nov 09 1995TCL_LIBRARY = ?
78.0IOSG::KALUSTue Nov 21 1995sfs scripts inside startup/shutdown scripts
79.0MUFFIT::gerryFri Nov 24 1995Encina Error Message List
80.02CSC32::LONGRN::SHAWThu Nov 30 1995Creating an Oracle Trace file
81.01VAXSPO::TOMEThu Dec 07 1995CICS and MFCOBOL
82.02MUFFIT::helenMon Dec 11 1995CICS for Digital UNIX V2.1
83.03DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKThu Dec 14 1995IBM Cics Client & Visual Basic
84.01DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKWed Jan 17 1996XA and Oracle user
86.01DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKFri Feb 02 1996Memory Channel and CICS
88.02GRANPA::EBILLITERTue Feb 20 1996node name too long?
89.01DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKFri Feb 23 1996Standard and Full BMS Functions
90.04TPSYS::TURNERMon Feb 26 1996DCE lite question
91.02DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKMon Mar 04 1996SORT of VSAM Files ?
92.02ROMFri Mar 15 1996U: Cics TS problem
93.0DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKWed Mar 20 1996BMS and map field
94.01ROMThu Mar 21 1996Dump on CAIN transaction
95.04DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKMon Mar 25 1996ASE,Logical volumes and CICS
96.06CSC32::COLTERTue Apr 02 1996CICS is failing to start
97.02IOSG::KALUSTue Apr 09 1996SFS binding file & multiple networks
98.01NQOSTue Apr 16 1996VAR area in USR problems
99.02GRANPA::EBILLITERWed Apr 17 1996Experience with remote transient data queues?
100.02DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKFri Apr 26 1996Cics terminal size in MS Window
101.03TRNFri Apr 26 1996Trouble with windows CICS client
102.05DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKSat Apr 27 1996Urgent, Region termination: invalid address
103.05BBIVMon Apr 29 1996Queries on CICS/TRUCLUSTER/OPS config
104.02ROMWed May 08 1996PL/1 support in our CICS?
105.07QCAVTue May 14 1996MF-COBOL3.2 ORACLE7 ABEND A583
106.01DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKWed May 22 1996SFS,Broken volume and recover ?
107.01BBIVFri May 24 1996mf-cobol licensing in a CICS env
108.03DEKVC::SANGHYUNLEETue Jun 04 1996UNIX V4.
109.0IOSG::KALUSThu Jun 13 1996large (>2Gbytes) SFS servers
110.03NETRIX::"k_yoder@kanga.cxo.dec.com"Mon Jun 17 1996Need Help with ENC-bde-
111.02ROMWed Jun 19 1996Cics and Appc CPI/C
112.07NETRIX::"k_yoder@kanga.cxo.dec.com"Wed Jun 19 1996"SFS server is unavailable" Error
113.01BASICO::ISMAN1Fri Jun 21 1996CICSTELD problem
114.03NETRIX::"k_yoder@kanga.cxo.dec.com"Fri Jun 21 1996CICS Region Shutdown, Syncpoint Errors
115.01NETRIX::"k_yoder@kanga.cxo.dec.com"Tue Jul 02 1996Tuning SFS Thread-Use
116.01DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKTue Jul 09 1996Encina EXTFH,default lock problem
117.01NETRIX::"k_yoder@kanga.cxo.dec.com"Tue Jul 09 1996CICS Environment Variables
118.03IOSG::KALUSFri Jul 12 1996server bindings file - more info
119.02DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKThu Jul 18 1996BMS , auto skip field
120.01DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKFri Jul 19 1996XA_END by Oracle and region crash
121.02MIASYS::ENGLANDMon Jul 22 1996PC CICS client products?
122.01DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKThu Jul 25 1996Cics V2.1a,SFS performance patch ?
123.01MUFFIT::gerryMon Jul 29 1996On local character printing
124.04MUFFIT::gerryMon Jul 29 1996On sfs client-side caching
125.0MUFFIT::gerryTue Jul 30 1996CICS for Digital UNIX on Digital UNIX V4
126.03DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKWed Jul 31 1996URGENT !! , takes long time to start SFS
127.01ALCALA::RICARDOThu Aug 01 1996IBM cics windows client problem
128.02DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKFri Aug 02 1996TDQ and triggered transaction ?
129.0MUFFIT::gerryMon Aug 12 1996Encina Performance Monitor
130.01ALCALA::RICARDOTue Aug 13 1996problem solved but doubs remain
131.02MUFFIT::gerryTue Aug 13 1996CSTZ to get online stats
132.02COPCLU::BENTMon Sep 02 1996Experience / Consultants ?
133.01IBWed Sep 04 1996LU
134.02IBTue Sep 10 1996cicssnaconfig configuration file
135.01NETRIX::"k_yoder@kanga.cxo.dec.com"Wed Sep 11 1996How To Save Configuration Information
136.01RDGENG::SMITHIFri Sep 27 1996Test sites required for CICS V2.1B
137.03MUFFIT::gerryTue Oct 08 1996Migration v1.6 to v2.1 reposted from cics
138.07CSC32::D_CAREWWed Oct 09 1996Remote Installation Services Support
139.0CSC32::D_CAREWWed Oct 09 1996GE troubles with lu62_server
140.05TRNTue Oct 15 1996DFHCNV doesn't work....
141.02CSC32::HENNINGThu Oct 17 1996Flushing TD and TS queues?
142.0123481::AJITKThu Oct 17 1996getting BMS sources from SDF
143.0+6CSC32::D_CAREWWed Oct 30 1996SFS log volume growth
144.015TRNTue Nov 05 1996Problem starting a program
145.01CSC32::D_CAREWWed Nov 06 1996EXEC LINK hangs
146.02GRANPA::EBILLITERWed Nov 06 1996CICS ISC with third party gateways?
147.06QCAVWed Nov 20 1996 CICS Migration
149.04QCAVThu Nov 21 1996Unable to connect to server
150.01CSC32::D_CAREWSat Nov 23 1996Program caching problem
151.03QCAVSun Nov 24 1996Some more information...
152.0QCAVTue Nov 26 1996Unable to connect to Server is sorted out
153.02QCAVWed Nov 27 1996Key mapping to VT1
154.01QCAVThu Nov 28 1996COLOR attr. in BMS map?
155.01QCAVThu Nov 28 1996Field ATTRIBUTES of BMS file...
156.04QCAVMon Dec 02 1996Prob. with SYMBOLIC MAP?
157.0+2CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Dec 05 1996 CICS 2.1A version and Digital UNIX?
158.02QCAVFri Dec 20 1996DCE Security Server daemon (secd) starting problem
159.02QCAVSun Dec 22 1996Clarification on CICS migration........
160.01QCAVMon Dec 30 1996related with SYMBOLIC MAPS ....
161.01COPCLU::KARSTENMon Jan 13 1997CICS in an ASE environment ?
162.0QCAVThu Jan 23 1997Dynamic call passing with parameters & about Cursloc
163.0 *+4NETRIX::"ricardo.lopez@sqo.mts.dec.com"Mon Jan 27 1997unexpected characters returned from OSF EPI client
164.0 *+4DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKWed Jan 29 1997Program cache in MF Cobol
165.0 *+1NETRIX::"ricardo.lopez@.sqo.dec.com"Wed Jan 29 1997Initial transaction Abend
166.0 *+3NETRIX::"ricardo.lopez@sqo.mts.dec.com"Mon Feb 03 1997problem with cics EPI examples
167.0 *+2CSC32::E_VAETHTue Feb 04 1997Current supported version information -MFcobol/Oracle/UNIX
168.0 *+3CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Feb 05 1997Misc PATCH (PTF) and distribution questions????
169.0 *CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Feb 11 1997RETAIN ?
169.0 *+1CSC32::C_BENNETTWed Feb 19 1997CICS version 2.2 questions
170.0 *+1DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKThu Feb 20 1997Presentation material on CICS
171.0 *+1TRNFri Feb 21 1997cicsecico not found!!
172.0 *+1TRNMon Feb 24 1997Object Broker and CICS
173.0 *+3ROMFri Mar 07 1997tn327
174.0 *+2NETRIX::"ricardo.lopez@sqo.mts.dec.com"Fri Mar 14 1997problem with CICS EPI and memory leaks
175.0 *+1CSC32::C_BENNETTTue Mar 18 1997SNA gateway and a Brixton 2.1 PU physical unit///
176.0 *+12DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKTue Apr 08 1997Spinning supplied CRTE transaction !!
177.0 *+2MIPSBX::"ricardo.lopez@sqo.mts.dec.com"Mon Apr 14 1997core produced by CICS EPI client program
178.0 *+1GRIFUN::PISANIMon Apr 14 1997Which License ???
179.0 *+1DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKWed Apr 16 1997Terminating region when crashes.
180.0 *+1DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKWed Apr 16 1997DBCS error in IBM cics client.
181.0 *+7NNTPD::"begona.sanz@sqo.mts.dec.com"Fri Apr 18 1997Memory Consuming problem
182.0 *ROMMon Apr 21 1997PL/1 compiler for DUNIX
183.0 *+4NNTPD::"ricardo.lopez@sqo.mts.dec.com"Tue Apr 22 1997CICS in a DECsafe configuration
184.0 *IOSG::SMITHFWed Apr 23 1997Interested in CICS training?
185.0 *+2DEKVC::DOOGYUPARKThu Apr 24 1997Can i start cicsip manually ?
186.0 *CSC32::C_BENNETTFri Apr 25 1997V2.2 CICS - customer satisfaction issue - please help?
187.0 *CICSMon Apr 28 1997CICS anonymous ftp area
188.0 *+1RDGENG::SMITHITue Apr 29 1997CICS V2.1B shipping soon
189.0 *+1NNTPD::"ricardo.lopez@sqo.mts.dec.com"Thu May 08 1997core generated by cicsterm
190.0 *+3CSC32::D_BUTLERMon May 19 1997Shared library prblems in CICS program
191.0 *CSC32::D_BUTLERWed May 21 1997Refering to note 19
191.0 *+6TRNThu May 29 1997JAVA and CICS restriction.
192.0 *+2TRNTue Jun 03 1997Abend A148 dealing with oracle