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Conference rdgeng::cics

Title:CICS - IBM's Customer Information Control System
Notice:Disseminate/Exchange Information Digital/IBM CICS
Created:Tue Feb 08 1994
Last Modified:Wed May 21 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:134
Total number of notes:449
Number with bodies:9
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1.04IOSG::RJ::MerewoodTue Feb 08 1994Welcome to the CICS Conference
2.064IOSG::RJ::MerewoodTue Feb 08 1994Who are you?
3.03IOSG::MEREWOODFri Feb 11 1994CICS for Alpha AXP Announcment
4.0IOSG::RJ::MerewoodFri Feb 11 1994CICS Questions & Answers
5.02IOSG::RJ::MerewoodMon Feb 14 1994Open Positions
6.010IOSG::MEREWOODFri Feb 25 1994Some Background Information about CICS
7.0IOSG::RJ::MerewoodTue Feb 08 1994Reserved.
8.03BAHTAT::62664::doddFri Feb 25 1994Selling plans and strategies?
9.01ACESPS::WETTYFri Mar 04 1994FREE CICS training, in Dallas
10.05HBSRVR::JENKINSMon Mar 07 1994A view from a mainframe person
11.04PAPERS::CORNETue Mar 15 1994HP and CICS
12.02KERNEL::BIRKINSHAWWed Mar 16 1994CICS/AXP implementation questions
13.02ALBANY::BEATONWed Mar 16 1994An excellent reference manual
14.01HGOVC::MAHUAHSINFri Mar 18 1994What is the schedule for CICS on OSF/1 ?
15.010WOTVAX::COUPLANDSWed Mar 30 1994CICS/6
16.07ALBANY::BEATONThu Apr 07 1994Network Connectivity Questions
17.07TPOVC::CHARLESYUFri Apr 08 1994When VIS/TP meets DL/I
18.01ALBANY::BEATONThu Apr 28 1994Delivery Plans?
19.04RDGENG::SMITHIWed May 04 1994CICS for DEC OSF/1 Field Test sites wanted
20.06ARRODS::KIVELGTue May 31 1994request for performance information
21.03UTRTSC::VELZENMon Jun 20 1994327
22.0HANNAH::WYNNEFri Jul 22 1994Wanted: Customers who use IBM 3151/IBM 31
23.03GRANPA::EBILLITERFri Jul 22 1994ADABAS with CICS?
24.01QCAVThu Aug 04 1994Downsizing/co-existing Possible with CICS appl. ?
25.02PAPERS::CORNEThu Aug 18 1994IBM Buys Transarc
26.0OZROCK::PERKINSTue Sep 13 1994Kits / Documentation available?
27.0QCAVThu Sep 15 1994Any sample CICS code (C or COBOL) to get a feel ??
28.04IOSG::SMITHFThu Sep 15 1994Location of CICS for DEC OSF/1 EFT1 kit
29.0DEKVC::DONGWONSHINFri Sep 23 1994IBM ORACLE access from CICS on OSF/1
30.0IOSG::SMITHFThu Oct 06 1994Recommended reading on DCE
32.05ARRODS::SWIGGTMon Oct 10 1994SFS and OSF/1 qns
33.01STAR::BMATTHEWSMon Oct 10 1994CICS on OpenVMS?
34.01MIASYS::ENGLANDWed Nov 16 1994CICS pgrm for a table
35.03MIASYS::ENGLANDTue Nov 22 1994DBMS XA and transaction boundaries
36.03BIS1::spirou.bro.dec.com::MAYEURThu Nov 24 1994CICS on Windows-NT ?
37.02MIASYS::ENGLANDMon Nov 28 1994DEMO application problem
38.0IOSG::SMITHFTue Nov 29 1994CICS for DEC OSF/1 AXP has started EFT2
39.03RDGENG::BAKERSWed Nov 30 1994CICS Demo Application
40.01BAHTAT::DODDWed Nov 30 1994Tuxedo
41.03MQOU18::J_DUBOISTue Dec 06 1994COBOL/ORACLE access from CICS on OSF
42.01GRANPA::DKASAKITISTue Dec 06 1994Positioning AXP .vs. MF CICS MIPS
43.0RDGENG::SMITHIThu Dec 08 1994Request for CICS Q&A questions
44.03RDGENG::SMITHIThu Dec 08 1994Q&A: Is CICS a 64-bit implementation?
45.05MUCTEC::APPSTue Dec 13 1994EY-S971E: IBM CICS for ALPHA AXP on OSF/1 in Munich
47.0PIECES::WIZZIN::PCDEFAULTThu Dec 15 1994CICS for DEC OSF/1 Marketing Training
48.0CSC32::LONGRN::SHAWThu Dec 15 1994XRUN available?
49.02WNOUMon Dec 19 1994Can VT terminals run CICS/6
51.01KYOSS1::TANNAWed Jan 25 1995A few Questions from a Prospect!!
52.03ROMWed Feb 08 1995Cics/6
54.01TROOA::MSCHNEIDERThu Feb 16 1995can I distribute?
55.01DEKVC::DONGWONSHINTue Feb 21 1995Any presentation or technical materials ?
56.01DEKVC::DONGWONSHINTue Feb 28 1995What kinds of GUI tools for CICS as front-end ?
57.01TROOA::MSCHNEIDERWed Mar 01 1995can CICS take advantage of SMP?
58.02RDGENG::SMITHIMon Mar 06 1995CICS for DEC OSF/1 V1.2
59.02ROMMon Mar 06 1995Cics version
60.01CSC32::LONGRN::SHAWWed Mar 08 1995CICS Internal Training - March 2
61.03IOSG::SMITHFThu Mar 09 1995SSB kit now available on-line
62.03ROMFri Mar 10 1995cics_api and Oracle Object consqlinf.o
63.01ROMFri Mar 10 1995OSF/CICS, SNA vs other Unix CICSes
64.07ISIDRO::ISMAN1Tue Mar 14 1995CICS V1.2 & Security in DEC OSF/1 3.
65.0IOSG::SMITHFWed Mar 15 1995Announcing a new CICS conference....
66.01SAHNE::GASTThu Mar 23 1995OMEGA-MON for open CICS
67.0SAHNE::GASTThu Mar 23 1995
68.0HIHOSS::WOHOSS::HOSSFELDMon Mar 27 1995IBM float
69.01NAMIX::jptTue Mar 28 1995URGENT: downsizing advisory needed (performance and porting)
70.03IOSG::CAKEWed Mar 29 1995Migration Guide
71.0ISIDRO::ISMAN1Thu Mar 30 1995HELP!!! CICS-ORACLE XA Configuration
72.0ISIDRO::ISMAN1Thu Mar 30 1995CICS & External Security products/functions
73.04IOSG::MEREWOODSat Apr 01 1995CICS on the internet
74.01MQOU18::F_DICAIRETue Apr 04 1995TMON from LANMARKS - Any suggestions ?
75.01RDGENG::WINNFri Apr 07 1995Managing a CICS Installation
76.0COVEN::BAKERMon Apr 10 1995CICS Demo Application
77.02MSAMMon Apr 17 1995OS/2 LAN DB / SDLC based client support?
78.01RMRDTO::giaipronFri Apr 28 1995International languages support ?
79.0IJSAPL::ONDERWATERMon May 01 1995Accounting tools for CICS?
80.01MUFFIT::gerryWed May 10 1995EASY TRIVE ???
81.01HGOVC::FELIXWONGFri May 12 1995Porting Card Pack to our CICS on UNIX ?
82.03ADOVTue May 30 1995VSAM, IMS, DB2, which is easier?
83.03ADOVTue May 30 1995Differences between CICS ESA and CICS 6
84.01ADOVTue May 30 1995Batch on UNIX? POLYCENTER Scheduler?
85.0GRANPA::EBILLITERFri Jun 02 1995SPD update for software prereqs?
86.03RDGENG::WINNTue Jun 13 1995PTF2 kit available
87.01AMCCXN::KARIMTue Jun 13 1995DB2/CISC Migration to OSF/1, Help?
89.0RDGENG::SMITHIFri Jun 23 1995CICS public directory information
90.06WPOPTH::WPODAM::mcclementsTue Jun 27 1995CICS monitor v's Encina monitor
91.02ROMEOS::absFri Jul 14 1995Windows based CICS clients - IBM, VB, OB, etc. ?
92.02MUFFIT::gerryTue Aug 15 1995PTF5 Now Available
93.05MOPUS::HEWITTFri Aug 18 1995Improving COBOL performance
94.01HDLITE::SCHAFERMon Aug 28 1995problems running CICS IVP
95.04FAILTE::ADAMSMon Sep 04 1995CICS Emulator on OpenVMS ?
96.02LYOISA::BOIRINTue Sep 12 1995Migrating VSAM data ? How ?
97.0GRANPA::EBILLITERFri Sep 15 1995Any Informix customers yet?
98.01GRANPA::EBILLITERFri Sep 15 1995reverse video to 327
99.03IOSG::CAKEFri Sep 15 1995CICS for Digital UNIX (V2.1) IFT kit
100.02GRANPA::EBILLITERFri Sep 29 1995experience with Sun client?
101.04MSBCS::BILLITERWed Oct 04 1995job submit from CICS to UNIX batch?
102.01VNASWS::GEISSLERMon Nov 06 1995Requirements for sync level 2
103.02DAIVC::WIDIATIWed Nov 08 1995CICS configuration
104.01IJSAPL::OLTHOFTue Nov 21 1995CICS on WNT/Alpha?
105.02MUFFIT::helenMon Dec 11 1995CICS for Digital UNIX V2.1
106.02NEWVAX::DSMITHTue Dec 12 1995EMP information request
107.0GRANPA::EBILLITERWed Jan 17 1996Any request for Compuware ABEND-AID for CICS?
108.03RDGENG::SMITHIThu Jan 25 1996CICS for Digital UNIX V2.1
109.05RDGENG::SMITHIWed Jan 31 1996Response to UniKix vs IBM CICS marketing messages
110.05TIMAMD::BERNABEThu Feb 15 1996Where is muffit::"/ftp/pub/SSB/docs/"?
111.01DAIVC::WIDIATIWed Mar 13 1996Mantis Soft. using CICS
112.01RCOCER::MICKOLTue Mar 19 1996CICS & the WWW?
113.0BBIVMon Apr 08 1996CICS on Digital Unix Reference
114.02RDGENG::SMITHIFri Apr 19 1996CICS Training June 12-14 Valbonne
115.0ODIXIE::DWYERRThu May 30 1996Help - Data Replication
116.02MSDOA::JUDDTue Jun 18 1996latest brochure
117.01ALCALA::PATRICIAThu Jun 20 1996NT / CICS Communication
118.02IOSG::rj.reo.dec.com::Alffa::MerewoodFri Jun 28 1996CICS Internal Web Pages
119.02HGOM11::KUANGYESun Jul 21 1996LSM OR CICS,the access speed is too slow
120.0MUFFIT::gerryTue Jul 30 1996CICS for Digital UNIX on Digital UNIX V4
121.0STOWOA::HAGGERTYThu Sep 05 1996Microsoft TP monitor
122.0MICROW::NEWCOMERThu Sep 12 1996New TP Book upcoming
123.01BBIVThu Sep 19 1996cics migration guide location
124.01RDGENG::SMITHIFri Sep 27 1996Test sites required for CICS V2.1B
125.0123481::AJITKMon Oct 07 1996cics 1.6 to 2.1 migration
126.0RDGENG::SMITHIFri Oct 11 1996Announcing retirement plan for old CICS V1.* releases
127.01IBTue Oct 29 1996Sybase as the DB engine
128.01CSC32::C_BENNETTThu Oct 31 1996RETAIN.PS document location?
129.0 *+2TAVIS::JONATHANSun Mar 02 1997CICS UNIX replacing MVS CICS LU6.2
130.0 *EPS::HAGGERTYThu Apr 03 1997Ovum report on CICS
131.0 *CICSMon Apr 28 1997CICS anonymous area
132.0 *RDGENG::SMITHITue Apr 29 1997CICS V2.1B available soon
133.0 *+1CSC32::D_BUTLERMon May 19 1997Shared library usage in CICS - questions.
134.0 *26Wed May 21 1997Amdahl shows NT to MVS integration