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Conference ranger::wfw

Title:Windows for Workgroups
Notice:PW Int kits: 9.8+, MS IP kits,etc: 6.*
Created:Fri Nov 20 1992
Last Modified:Tue Jun 03 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:814
Total number of notes:2902
Number with bodies:3
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1.04RANGER::HUANGFri Nov 20 1992Welcome to Windows for Workgroups Conference
2.01RANGER::HUANGFri Nov 20 1992Reserved
3.0RANGER::HUANGFri Nov 20 1992Reserved
4.0RANGER::HUANGFri Nov 20 1992Reserved
5.0RANGER::HUANGFri Nov 20 1992Reserved
6.04DAVE::MITTONMon Jul 11 1994MS WfWg Add-on kits and patch pointers
7.05DAVE::MITTONThu Mar 10 1994Known Problems and Fixes for WfWg
8.02DAVE::MITTONThu Dec 23 1993Microsoft News
9.012DAVE::MITTONFri Nov 19 1993PATHWORKS Integration Notices
10.012RANGER::HUANGFri Nov 20 1992Documentation Pointers
11.01RANGER::HUANGMon Nov 23 1992WFW Token Ring Config.
12.01RANGER::HUANGMon Nov 30 1992two problems with WFW !
13.0RANGER::HUANGTue Dec 01 1992Customer switching to WFW.
14.01RANGER::NEDERFri Dec 04 1992WFW PROTMAN problem w/Proteon P139x TR card install
15.07VMSNET::M_SMITHThu Dec 10 1992EISA 422 choice in wfw install??
17.02CSCOA2::WEINBERGER_JWed Dec 30 1992Use/need of the Lan Manager Domain name
18.02CSCOA2::WEINBERGER_JMon Jan 04 1993WFW PC's as Pathworks servers
19.02RANGER::DIETZMon Jan 04 1993WFWG beta SDK available on CompuServe
20.02MIMS::WEINBERGER_JFri Jan 08 1993WFW crashes when Netware server is shut down
21.01MIMS::KOMANDURITue Jan 12 1993Netbeui and DECnet
22.01VMSNET::M_SMITHMon Feb 22 1993error 53 when using net use command??
24.0VMSNET::M_SMITHMon Apr 26 1993wfw node name=vax user name??
25.01MIMS::KOMANDURIMon Apr 26 1993WFW/PC can't see other PC on the LAN
26.01MIMS::BERNARD_DTue Jun 08 1993Version 3.11 Configuration
27.01DAVE::MITTONMon Nov 15 1993WfWg V3.11 is shipping
28.011MIMS::BERNARD_DMon Nov 22 1993WfWg V3.11 & PWV4.1 Kit anomalies
29.010GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Nov 22 1993What About TCP/IP and DECnet Support
30.01TAVIS::6522Thu Nov 25 1993PWWFW41.ZIP kit for with WFW 3.1
31.08JOCKEY::AL35Tue Nov 30 1993LAT and WfW and SCBs
32.014YIPE::GSCOTTWed Dec 01 1993long passwords and different usernames on file services
33.0JOCKEY::MARSHALLJTue Dec 07 1993PW V5.
34.02GIDDAY::CANTLONThu Dec 09 1993RCV with WFW 3.11 and PW Install kit
35.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSFri Dec 10 1993PATHWORKS 4.1/WFW 3.11 Gotchas
36.010DAVE::MITTONTue Dec 14 1993Release a bug fixed PWV4.1 kit?
37.04TYSON::KURATAWed Dec 15 1993Need recommendation for a network card!
38.012MIMS::SNIDER_BThu Dec 16 1993422 + WFW = NOWAY!
39.010STUFri Dec 17 1993Problem with Etherwork 3 Turbo and WFW
40.010SUBURB::SHECKLESTONTFri Dec 17 1993WFW/Pathworks problems
41.03ZIGLAR::CIVMon Dec 20 1993Network Name not Found
42.01JEREMY::PHILIPPETue Dec 28 1993Device driver development
43.0716913::LEWIS_DLThu Dec 30 1993Xircom Laptop and WfW v3.11
44.04HGSW67::CHARLESKWANMon Jan 03 1994EMS error 6 - any help?
45.0SWAM1::LEWIS_DLMon Jan 03 1994Verify IPX/SPX is using Ethernet II Frames!!!!
46.07BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDWed Jan 05 1994use command and password protected file services
47.011CAPNET::PDICKERSONThu Jan 06 1994WfWg 3.11 and Pathworks 4.1 file and printer services
48.04KAOFS::M_VALLEEFri Jan 07 1994slow DIR in WFW 3.11
49.03BREAKR::FRANKFri Jan 07 1994Help with "Not enough memory error"
50.05MLNORO::CAMPICETue Jan 11 1994WFW & PW4.1 - How much free memory ?
51.03KETJE::WARICHETTue Jan 11 1994IFSHLP.SYS parameters
52.0COPCLU::BIRGERFri Jan 14 1994WFW or WIN 3.1 as GUI SW IN LAN????
53.09KAOFS::R_STJEANFri Jan 14 1994Ghost feature
54.01DLO15::SHULLFri Jan 14 1994Service Name length in WFWG 3.1
55.01GOOLE::SWINEY::John-MSat Jan 15 1994Support for both DECnet and Netware ?
58.04DIBDIB::DBATESThu Jan 20 1994WFWG 3.11 Pathworks 5 server and Netbeui
59.010DC1Fri Jan 21 1994New Microsoft Client Bits on Compuserve
60.0HLFSMon Jan 24 1994Share NON-WFW networkdrives in WFW
61.02HLFSFri Jan 21 1994PW4.1/WFW3.11 MAC
62.04DCRYPT::STONETue Jan 25 1994Can't reconnect to PW file service at startup
63.01VNABRW::KAPFENBERGERThu Jan 27 1994WFW + Netware + LAT
64.03GYDMO::5Thu Jan 27 1994LPV+ and 1655
65.02BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANThu Jan 27 1994Clarification on support party lines
66.03VNABRW::MATHE_WFri Jan 28 1994wfw 3.11 & pw 4.1 multiple sessions
67.01DAVE::MITTONSat Jan 29 1994Hints and Tips
68.09BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANTue Feb 01 1994DECpc hard disk WD1
69.0GIDDAY::COOKTue Feb 01 1994PCSA Server errors with WfWg
70.01RANGER::OSLWed Feb 02 1994EWRK3 and MS TCP/IP
71.05KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Feb 03 1994async decnet WFW 3.11
72.03MIMS::SNIDER_BThu Feb 03 1994PWWFW Configurator ??s
73.03DAVE::MITTONFri Feb 04 1994Problem fixes from MS & PW Eng.
74.02SATRN::STEWARTFri Feb 04 1994NT as RAS server to WFW PC plus Pathworks
75.019DAVE::MITTONMon Feb 07 1994Dev Notes on PWV5.
78.026SEDPCW::MCMICHAELMon Feb 07 1994WfW 3.11 Hangs Teamlinks 2.
79.01GIDDAY::WHELANTue Feb 08 1994Local LN
80.0EVTAI1::63649::SAMIETue Feb 08 1994Disk service
81.01VMSNET::M_SMITHWed Feb 09 1994wfw 3.11 with dec 433ws w/built in de1
82.07CCOFWed Feb 09 1994WFWg dies on DECpc 316sx and 32
83.02FRUST::SPALTFri Feb 11 1994Loopback.drv 4 PC w/o netwrk card ?
84.01WSTENG::HICKMANFri Feb 11 1994WFW3.11 + Pathworks 4.1 "Print Manager" window error status
85.08KALI::S_HARRISFri Feb 11 1994WINUP8.ZIP file?
86.05DAIMIO::BEAUTue Feb 15 1994WFW 3.11 the only Win Product ?
87.02ONOIS1::DEGATWed Feb 16 1994Same problem
88.02OSLWed Feb 16 1994WFW and DCpc XL56
91.01BSS::M_WALTHERFri Feb 18 1994Win 3.1 --> WFWG 3.11 upgrade?
92.07BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANMon Feb 21 1994Appian 128
93.02BASLG1::HOYTEMon Feb 21 1994Cant Print with Etherworks 3 Turbo
94.01STAR::FENSTERTue Feb 22 1994Looking for vserver.386 for Wfwg 3.11
96.04STKAI2::SWE443::CSANDGRENWed Feb 23 1994# links with Protected redir
97.03ATHINA::TSAKALOSThu Feb 24 1994integration pathworks and wfw v3.11
98.0SMAC1Thu Feb 24 1994can't get TCP/IP with WFW 3.11, PW5, DECnet,Netb,LAT & LAT
99.02IE::DUMPTY::SMITHTue Mar 01 1994PW V5.
100.05OSLACT::NWO653::OYVINDO_PTue Mar 01 1994Xircom PCMCIA and DECpc 325/425SL
101.0KEIKI::WHITEWed Mar 02 1994Does WFW 3.11 work with LAN Workplace for Windows.?
102.03TYSON::KURATAWed Mar 02 1994WFW, Access, Share problem
103.02JEREMY::PHILIPPEThu Mar 03 1994Help: multiple connections under WfW3.11/PWK4.1
104.01IE::DUMPTY::SMITHThu Mar 03 1994Network Printer Error with PW5.
106.01GYDMO::65377::DEC2Thu Mar 03 1994wfw 3.11, pw5
107.05BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANFri Mar 04 1994Pathworks V5 DECnet and TCP/IP and WFW?
108.03OSLFri Mar 04 1994TCP/IP + WFW 3.11 + PW5
109.06SWETSC::AAMISEPPFri Mar 04 1994Async config with WfW possible?
110.010ZIGLAR::CIVFri Mar 04 1994PWV5
111.01GIDDAY::OLLISMon Mar 07 1994WFW with TCP/ip transport to VMS UCX host?
112.0WHYMAC::KENTMon Mar 07 1994error 2422 on domain login
114.01MUTTON::LAMBMon Mar 07 1994Want ideal home system, notes, cterm and wfw to work
115.01VSSPC::QUIMBYTue Mar 08 1994NDW with WFW 3.11 and PW 4.1
116.09UPROAR::PLATTPTue Mar 08 1994Sharing FAX modems?
117.05KEIKI::WHITEWed Mar 09 1994NETHEAPSIZE much larger in 3.11 WFWG?
118.01BASLG1::HILLThu Mar 10 1994WFWG "Undefined Dynalink" problem
119.02SELWAY::DAIGLEFri Mar 11 1994PW V5 client access to other WFW 3.1 systems?
120.02FIEVEL::FILGATESun Mar 13 1994directory entries are incomplete in DOS after WFW upgrade
121.01BSS::M_WALTHERMon Mar 14 1994LN
122.011RIPPER::OLLISMon Mar 14 1994IFSHLP.SYS - What does it do?
123.05GVPROD::RITCHIETue Mar 15 1994Hub required for 2 PCs?
125.03PYRO::VANZUYLENTue Mar 15 1994Dumb question...
126.08MIMS::SNIDER_BWed Mar 16 1994Over the net??
127.05TROOA::AKERMANISThu Mar 17 1994WFWG integration and the redirector
128.03FROCKY::LEHLFri Mar 18 1994WFW, Pathworks 4.1 and Winword 2.
129.01FRSCS::MELHAJMon Mar 21 1994PW 5
130.04LEMAN::HASLERMon Mar 21 1994DEC strategy,PW,WFW,NTAS ?
131.02OSLTue Mar 22 1994425 SL/E and VGA --> problems in DOS
132.01BAHTAT::6262Tue Mar 22 1994PW5 and WFW 3.11 integration **URGENT***
133.02TROOA::STANFIELDTue Mar 22 1994WFW & Stacker V4 - Beware!
134.02FIEVEL::FILGATETue Mar 22 1994Error messages not documented anywhere? `Runtime error at
135.05ERLANG::TARDOTue Mar 22 1994RAS point-point server
136.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSThu Mar 24 1994How To Force WFW to Loadhi DLLNDIS Into Specific Region
137.04CHOSRV::HORNUNGThu Mar 24 1994WfW, AT&T Paradyne Fax/Modem Woes...
138.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSMon Mar 28 1994WFW and Three transports Causing Network Problems
139.01BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDMon Mar 28 1994use \\nodename gives use299 error
140.05RUSURE::MCQUADEMon Mar 28 1994Win 3.1 -> WFW 3.1 -> WFW 3.11 ?
141.02RANGER::HUANGTue Mar 29 1994What is "ghost connection" ?
142.02UPROAR::YATESTWed Mar 30 1994WFW / MS TCPIP / multi-subnet
143.02FLYNHI::DALTONWed Mar 30 1994No DECnet support for Windows Apps
144.04VNOTSC::PSCSThu Mar 31 1994other domains
145.0VNASWS::HAUSBFri Apr 01 1994Problem with Winsockets ...
146.03DAVE::MITTONFri Apr 01 1994Customer statisfaction issue
147.04TYSON::KURATAMon Apr 04 1994Can't get PW -WFW intgration to work
148.01DAVE::MITTONWed Apr 06 1994Digital to ship WfWg on DEC PCs
149.02BAHTAT::6262Thu Apr 07 1994WFW 3.11native and PW5 server ?? (netbeui)
150.01HGOVC::CORE_SFLIThu Apr 07 1994Could not find PWENT.DAT when startnet.
151.02BAHTAT::HILTONThu Apr 07 1994Which IPX to use?
152.09KERNEL::SHOULDINGThu Apr 07 1994V5, WfWg and browser
153.01BAHTAT::6262Thu Apr 07 1994wfw3.11 and PW5 hags when password entered
154.06BASLG1::HOYTEFri Apr 08 1994Win3.1 faster than WFWG3.11
155.01PRIM18::LEARYFri Apr 08 1994Where fore art though EMSLOAD
156.04HURON::BATESMon Apr 11 1994RAS with DECnet (woes)?
157.08STOWOA::READMon Apr 11 1994Allocate MS TCP/IP Socket Buffers from High Memory ??
159.03OSLTue Apr 12 1994Unable to communicate with protocol manager!
162.0BAHTAT::HILTONWed Apr 13 1994Increase Time Out Range
163.012MJPRWed Apr 13 1994Where is MSTCP/IP?
164.0BULEAN::OLSONThu Apr 14 1994V4.1 client and sethost keyboard maps
165.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Apr 14 1994WfW SLOWWW Startup, Error on PWv5 service
166.014GL::SULLIVANFri Apr 15 1994Is WfWg v3.1 supported under PW v5.
167.05COPCLU::BJARNERMon Apr 18 1994Unpersonal PC and Windows
168.07STOWOA::READMon Apr 18 1994Internal WfWg Printer & Disk Access
169.06BAHTAT::HILTONTue Apr 19 1994Getting more base memory with PWV5 and WfW 3.11
170.01MIMS::SNIDER_BTue Apr 19 1994WFW 3.11/PW 5.
171.01COWPOK::POMACE::bobTue Apr 19 1994Ewrks 3 card causes WFW 3.11 exit hang
172.0FILTON::BRIDOS::EMSLEYWed Apr 20 1994WFW3.11/No Network/PATHWORKS 5
173.02FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Apr 20 1994Central Point PC Tools for Windows version 2
174.08DKAS::JONESWed Apr 20 1994PW4.1a installation - I laughed, i Cried, I Hurled
175.0SHIPS::PADWAC::BLISS_HThu Apr 21 1994NCP, LAD, and Disk Cache's - Pointers please !
176.06OSLThu Apr 21 1994Logical links not disconnected
177.014VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WFri Apr 22 1994poor performance with MS-TCP/IP
178.03OSLFri Apr 22 1994Network ICON does not work.
179.04BAHTAT::HILTONMon Apr 25 199432 bit file access hangs PC
180.05FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Apr 25 1994do DEC notebooks support 32 bit *file* and 32 bit *disk*
181.014GL::SULLIVANTue Apr 26 1994Ethernet Turbo EISA support?
182.03ROMTue Apr 26 1994PWV5.
183.06BSS::M_WALTHERWed Apr 27 1994WFWG and PWV5
184.01KAM5Wed Apr 27 1994TIGA VIDEO SUPPORT?? -APPIAN CARD -WFW 3.11
185.01UTRTSC::VDBURGThu Apr 28 1994Unable to use keyboard
186.01BOUGY::LE_VIETThu Apr 28 1994Pathworks 5.
187.09MIMS::SNIDER_BFri Apr 29 1994Interim Kit Blues...
188.04SNOCSun May 01 1994We need to pull up our socks
189.08LEMAN::HASLERMon May 02 1994WFW Interim Kit ?
190.01CISVAX::CONGDONTue May 03 1994DOS/16M error - Insufficient memory ?
191.02UTRTSC::VDBURGWed May 04 1994Problem connecting fileservice (drive letter invalid)
192.014BAHTAT::HILTONThu May 05 1994Vt32
193.04BSS::M_WALTHERThu May 05 1994PWV5
194.01BAHTAT::HILTONFri May 06 1994Licensing - how does it work with WFW 3.1
195.04KAOOA::KAOP95::coneillFri May 06 1994error when starting wfw and V5
196.03WEORLD::TRICKETTSun May 08 1994Coexist with Netware Lite??
197.02IE::DUMPTY::SMITHMon May 09 1994BASIC vs FULL Redirector :^{
198.0JULIET::LEE_CATue May 10 1994net use /home & workgroup security ?
199.05ITSHOT::DALTONWed May 11 1994WFWG & 5.
200.01WHO2Thu May 12 1994Chicago and Pathworks
201.02FIXES::CALANDRAThu May 12 1994PCXDF-DA, 14.4 FAX modem with WFW not working.
202.05CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu May 12 1994Help with DE2
203.01CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu May 12 1994Performance with WfWG and Stacker
204.0FRSCS::MELHAJMon May 16 1994PW 4.1, WfW 3.11 and 3COM 523
205.01COPCLU::CPC179::svendsenMon May 16 1994Chicago conference - anywhere?
206.04ODIXIE::WEILERMon May 16 1994Connect to PW4.1 print services fails with Interrim kit
207.02ECACAD::HenryTue May 17 1994WFW and 32bit file access
208.03OHFSTue May 17 1994PW V5.
209.02MSAMWed May 18 1994PATHWORKS 4.x,WFW3.11 & Netware Coexistence?
210.02BAHTAT::HILTONWed May 18 1994interim or 5.
211.06ZIGLAR::BARABIAWed May 18 1994Can't LOGON to Domain
212.02XANADU::HPISTE::EISENBERGWed May 18 1994pathworks wfw file copy problems
214.01ULYS::LIEOUFri May 20 1994566XL WFW311 MSTCP/IP all frozen
215.01BAHTAT::HILTONMon May 23 1994ODI with WFWG?
216.03XANADU::HPISTE::EISENBERGMon May 23 1994Problem with MS TCP/IP, bad ini file?
217.0DELNI::LUDWIGMon May 23 1994Network printers are not recognized in WFW 3.11?
218.01ROMEDU::NEBBIATue May 24 1994Integration kit pointer
219.01TOXICO::GERBERWed May 25 1994PW 5.
220.04MSESU4::MCCULLERSWed May 25 1994WfWG 3.11 & Netware V4.x & DE-422
221.0WEORFI::DUNHAMThu May 26 1994Excel & WfWg fax problems
222.03VAOP28::RiceThu May 26 1994PW 5.
224.03DBCIC1::FITZMAURICEFri May 27 1994PW 4.1 32bit file access
225.05TLSEFri May 27 1994Broadcast fonctionning with WFW V3.11 and PW v4.1 ?
226.06VAOUFri May 27 1994PW 5.
227.02GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOMon May 30 1994USE in DOS box
228.05CIM::HORNERMon May 30 1994Info: 32 bit file access and 6.2 dblspace corruption
229.01ESSB::NDAVIDSONMon May 30 1994NT Advanced Server, Netware 3.12 and WfW 3.11 Problem
230.015ANDREW::OSTROMTue May 31 1994Problems with WFWG V3.11, Pathworks V5.
232.04BAHTAT::HILTONWed Jun 01 1994Licensing - how does it work?
233.01RANGER::OSLWed Jun 01 1994Machine name in WFW 3.11
234.04PYRO::VANZUYLENWed Jun 01 1994No STARTNET for WfWg and PW V5.
235.0BAHTAT::HILTONThu Jun 02 1994IPX not connecting to Novell server
236.02ODIF11::LICATAMon Jun 06 1994WFW, pw5
237.06ODIF11::LICATAMon Jun 06 1994WFW resource guide
238.07VAOUMon Jun 06 1994WFW 3.11, PW 5.
240.01OPICKO::PICKOWICZTue Jun 07 1994DE2
241.09KALI::WATERMAN_DTue Jun 07 1994NDIS 3.
242.01CUPMK::VASSILWed Jun 08 1994PW Additional Startup Commands
243.03VAXRIO::SCHORWed Jun 08 1994PW4 + WFWg + File manager slow
244.0GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOThu Jun 09 1994Inconsistent files with DIR on a file service
245.01MOEUR7::BEESTONThu Jun 09 1994Problem with pwconn.exe
246.0DIBDIB::DBATESThu Jun 09 1994Connection to password protected shares causes 1 intrusion record
247.03XIRTLU::schottFri Jun 10 1994wfw client does not see osf/1 server
248.0OSLMon Jun 13 1994Can't access files if restaring WFW
249.0VNABRW::KAPFENBERGERMon Jun 13 1994TCP 32 no connection/net start netbeui
252.01BALTMD::J_SMITHTue Jun 14 1994WFWg 3.11, PW 5.
253.03ANDREW::OSTROMTue Jun 14 1994Not enough Memory Error, hangs on shutdown.
254.03PLAYER::CHALMETWed Jun 15 1994RAS client on WFW 3.11
255.0GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOThu Jun 16 1994Pathworks 4.1 and WFW 3.11 file service error
256.03ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Jun 16 1994Downgrading from WFW 3.11 to WIN 3.1
257.01OSLThu Jun 16 1994Problem wfw + pw5
258.0SMOGGY::EMERYThu Jun 16 199432 bit file access and GPF
259.0OROHUB::SPOINT::BOURGEOISThu Jun 16 1994Error copying PATHWORKS V5.
260.03SPEZKO::EARLEThu Jun 16 1994Problem connecting to remote node from File MAnager but not FTP
261.02UPROAR::YATESTFri Jun 17 1994vms password change causes problems
263.0COWPOK::COWPOK::PROCTORFri Jun 17 1994W/NT Digiboard dialout modem pool software?
264.01FJIVSun Jun 19 1994SmartTerm With WFW 3.11
265.04RDGENG::LYNDONMon Jun 20 1994WFW, PW V5
266.01SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Jun 21 1994Delay in Network Connect
267.02ELSVLO::ELSPC1::hankeyTue Jun 21 1994How can I get back to a 'CLEAN' WFW311
268.01KOJAK::WILKETue Jun 21 1994Problems with LANMAN Domain Login with MS TCP/IP-32
269.01TROOA::KUNAUSTue Jun 21 1994File Mgr prob. V5.
270.06JUPITR::STEWARTTue Jun 21 1994pw 4.1,wfw, redir internal error 1
271.0SWETSC::KJOHANSSONWed Jun 22 1994WFW 3.11 connect to NT server, Novell server and 327
272.01MTSPC2::MichaelWed Jun 22 1994v5 and wfw browsing v5 server domains
273.01GIDDAY::RALLINGSWed Jun 22 1994WFW Clients Fail to Initiate Master Browse Over TCP/IP
274.02VMSNET::M_SMITHWed Jun 22 19945.
275.01GOIVIT::ALDENFri Jun 24 1994WAN LM access with MS TCP-32 problems
276.0ONOIS1::DEGATFri Jun 24 19943C5
277.02RDGENG::YERKESSTue Jun 28 1994Problem loading TSR VIRSTOP via the "startup" program manager menu on WFW V3.11
278.02SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Jun 28 1994NET START.
279.03OFOSTue Jun 28 1994EWRKS3 causes WFW to HANG!!!
280.06KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jun 29 1994network name not set
281.0GOIVIT::ALDENWed Jun 29 1994MS-TCP 1st, DECnet second.
283.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Jun 29 1994error 53 computer name
284.02KOALA::CIOTWed Jun 29 1994Cannot install integration kit: driver icon greyed out
286.0GIDDAY::WINGTue Jul 05 1994WFW3.11&PW5.
287.05SEDPCW::MCMICHAELTue Jul 05 1994MS TCP/IP-32 Display Problem/Old Version
288.05SEDPCW::MCMICHAELTue Jul 05 1994Xircom CE Protected Mode Drivers?
289.02VMSNET::M_SMITHWed Jul 06 1994hangs at netbind in net start
290.03UPROAR::YATESTThu Jul 07 19943c5
291.06DEBUG::GALLOSun Jul 10 199432-bit modes causing CONTROL error when resetting
292.03MOEUR7::NAYLORMon Jul 11 1994Windows for Workgroups and Backup
293.0KERNEL::ERLAMJMon Jul 11 1994WFWG & Remote boot (Specifically NETAPI versions)
294.0TROOA::TONIZZOMon Jul 11 1994Any other Pathworks4.1a/WFW 3.11 integration kit?
295.07TAVIS::LANDSBERGMon Jul 11 1994WFW, MS TCP/IP and OSF/1 PWV5 server ?
296.02TLE::HUDSONMon Jul 11 1994Is the Pathworks client really19 floppies?
297.02CGOOA::BARNABETue Jul 12 1994Any progress on RCV?
298.04UPROAR::YATESTTue Jul 12 1994two protocols/mode switching theory
299.025PINBOT::ERVINWed Jul 13 1994WFWg/TCP-IP just fine without Pathworks?
300.02VAOP28::RiceWed Jul 13 1994FPA Guidelines and Media?
301.02TROOA::TONIZZOWed Jul 13 1994Error on exiting Windows for Workgroups
302.04STAR::FENSTERThu Jul 14 1994SLIP using the MSoft TCP/IP 32
304.03AYOP93::hickmanMon Jul 18 19944 transports for 3 networks?
305.01AYOP93::hickmanMon Jul 18 1994Environment for remote access?
306.01TOXICO::RAKIS::BIANCHIMon Jul 18 1994Netbios and Redirector ?
307.02DIBDIB::DBATESMon Jul 18 1994Pathworks 5.
308.03LEMAN::MARIETMon Jul 18 1994DE1
309.06JUPITR::STEWARTMon Jul 18 1994LANMAN and WFW in separate directories?
310.02CMOTEC::AUSTINMon Jul 18 1994P/W PC print to a WFW PC's printer ?
311.01RSNTue Jul 19 1994S3 video driver
312.03DIBDIB::DBATESWed Jul 20 1994How to change LAN manager password
313.02OTOOA::BROOMEWed Jul 20 1994WfWg on a DECpc 32
314.01ROMEOS::MIKAO::mullickWed Jul 20 1994Prolog to Installation Cribsheet
315.02NZOMIS::GEMPTONThu Jul 21 1994WFWG print job stuck in queue
316.01UBOHUB::KNIGHTThu Jul 21 1994Wfw +Pwks 4.1 +Netware Coexistence
317.02ROMEOS::MIKAO::mullickThu Jul 21 1994vredir.386 not started
318.01STUFri Jul 22 1994performance problem wfw3.11-osf1-vms
319.0OSLFri Jul 22 1994Could not communicate with protocol manager
320.02HXOU14::HXOP1Fri Jul 22 1994Chat over TCP/IP or DECnet?
321.01PRNRD1::JOUVELLIERMon Jul 25 1994Only Pathworks Networks
322.04PCBUOA::PDICKERSONMon Jul 25 1994Setup WfWg/MS-TCPIP/PW-4.1 server (see also 299.*)
323.02CSC32::J_FORRESTMon Jul 25 1994PW v5.
324.01CGOOA::BARNABETue Jul 26 1994Login Scripts?
325.0BLOFLY::GORDONWed Jul 27 1994Extract username/password
326.0HGOCS::DENISLIWed Jul 27 1994fail to install PW/4.1 + Netware/3.11 on WFW
327.02PIECES::curlew.reo.dec.com::yerkessWed Jul 27 1994Need to know proper syntax for adding member (using wfw) to restricted Notes Con
328.02ANGLIN::ORTHOBERWed Jul 27 1994Novell, Netware, IPX and WFW V3.11
329.07COPCLU::SVENDSENThu Jul 28 1994Chicago conference anywhere??
330.01NWDThu Jul 28 1994Where is latest 5.
331.01CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu Jul 28 1994What workgroup do *you* belong to?
332.04BAHTAT::HILTONFri Jul 29 1994DualDisplay on WFWG
333.05FLAMES::TAFTFri Jul 29 1994can't see other nodes after upgrade
334.0IE::DUMPTY::SMITHTue Aug 02 1994Pathworks SLIP anyone?
335.01TAVIS::LANDSBERGTue Aug 02 1994Oracle SQL*NET withe BETA MS-TCP/IP on Winsock ?
336.01TAVIS::ALEXWS::IGORGWed Aug 03 1994xCursion and WFW 3.11 with PW5 and on the TCP/IP
337.01DIBDIB::DBATESWed Aug 03 1994Error loading device driver PROTMAN.DOS
338.01VAXRIO::SCHORWed Aug 03 1994Status print manager = error
339.05RCHSThu Aug 04 1994WFW & PW 5.
340.02TAVIS::ALEXWS::IGORGThu Aug 04 1994Is it Really or Not ?,SETHOST with WFW 3.11 without PATHWORKS
341.02KERNEL::BROWNMThu Aug 04 1994WFW & PW5 segment error running Excel & winword
342.0ATYISA::VASILACHEThu Aug 04 1994Browsing prob. with WFW, PW5.
343.05REDFLG::REDFLG::SCOTTFri Aug 05 1994Problems with EWRK3 and PE2/3
344.011CAPNET::PJOHNSONFri Aug 05 1994Looking for a very smart person
345.05REDFLG::SNOWMon Aug 08 199432bit protected mode updates for WFW
346.03OSLTue Aug 09 1994WFW + LAT (only)
347.04RANGER::OSLTue Aug 09 1994wfw 3.11, pw 5.
348.03BACHUS::DEGEESTTue Aug 09 1994pw 5.
349.02VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIATue Aug 09 1994Performance problem
350.06TAVIS::LANDSBERGWed Aug 10 1994Need winsock based NFS client for PCs
351.0DIBDIB::DBATESWed Aug 10 1994Changing Ethernet cards means changing which files?
352.03DKAS::ET1Wed Aug 10 1994WFW3.11 + PW4.1 Persistent File Services
353.06MICROW::ALAMWed Aug 10 1994beginner's question
354.0BIS1::bhp681.bro.dec.com::MAYEURWed Aug 10 1994WFW/TCP - Cannot create a socket
355.0BSS::M_WALTHERWed Aug 10 1994No file service connections
356.014GENIE::DALBORGOWed Aug 10 1994SLIP/PPP without network card
357.06MONTEZ::MONTEZThu Aug 11 1994Can WFW 3.11 be used to "simulate" a file server ?
358.02HURON::BATESThu Aug 11 1994OEMSETUP.INF problems...
359.01SUBURB::SHECKLESTONTThu Aug 11 1994PW4.1 with WFW
360.04BIS1::BHP695::FORSTERFri Aug 12 1994What are those LANAx= lines in protocol.ini ???
361.011CURRNT::BAILEYFri Aug 12 1994D-Link DE-65
362.02POBOX::PATLAMon Aug 15 1994Xircom PCMCIA and PATHWORKS and WFW
363.01BIS1::BROEKHOV_WTue Aug 16 1994decnb.386 missing on WfWG V3.11 kit
364.02HURON::BATESTue Aug 16 1994How to VAX/VMS Print via TCP/IP ?
365.0AKOCOA::DANEK::DANEKTue Aug 16 1994File Manager Network Connect Question
366.01SEDTU7::MCMICHAELTue Aug 16 1994WinPopup and Subnet Questions about MS TCP/IP-32
367.03PINBOT::ERVINTue Aug 16 1994BIND vs DNS? Explanation please...
368.02WARABI::BRESSINGTONTue Aug 16 1994IPXODI and DECnet
369.07KETJE::bhp681.bro.dec.com::MAYEURWed Aug 17 1994Released TCIPI32, DECNET, WFW => hang-up !
370.04FAILTE::GILLESPIEWed Aug 17 1994HELP - Now you see it / Now You dont !!!
371.02ROMEOS::TANATO_ANWed Aug 17 1994WFW Insufficient RAM error
373.02ULYS::LIEOUThu Aug 18 1994msdos tcp/ip and nw vlm client
374.04BIS1::BHP695::FORSTERThu Aug 18 1994DLLNDIS lanabase parameter ???
375.04BAHTAT::HILTONFri Aug 19 1994Can't ping outside subnet
376.02TOXICO::RAKIS::BIANCHIFri Aug 19 1994Printing problems.
377.011JUPITR::STEWARTSun Aug 21 1994WFW Mail Post Office on PW5
378.01TARUGO::MONJEMon Aug 22 1994WfWg 3.11 & PWKS 5.
379.01BACHUS::VANDORENTue Aug 23 1994PWV5.
380.04GLOWS::GRUBERTue Aug 23 1994Trouble connecting PW 4.x services using PW 5.
381.0CMOTEC::FRANKLINCTue Aug 23 1994ZNYX PCI cards & WFW ?
382.01JUPITR::STEWARTTue Aug 23 1994WFWg redir = LanMan Enhanced?
383.03MSDOA::SECRISTTue Aug 23 1994Which one do we ship with Digital PCs ?
384.0ZGOVWed Aug 24 1994No files found when connecting V5 personal share from V4 client
385.02ZGOVWed Aug 24 1994Installation/Configuration problem during integration
386.01HYDRA::wolf.ljo.dec.com::BECKWed Aug 24 1994Can MTU be adjusted for MTCP in WfWg?
387.04NWDThu Aug 25 1994Eliminating the WFWg banner
388.01JUPITR::STEWARTThu Aug 25 1994Run custom programs from remote templates?
389.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Aug 25 1994set LDRHIGH= what?
390.02HURON::BATESThu Aug 25 1994WFW-PATCHWORKS printing...
391.01ZGOVFri Aug 26 1994PWCONN error - Error 6, Incorrect password
392.019GONWST::OSULLIVANFri Aug 26 1994WFW setup error 6
393.01REDFLG::SCOTTSat Aug 27 1994STACKER V4 now works with 32 BFA
394.02SIOG::E_CUSACKMon Aug 29 1994Invalid netname or password
395.03TRHOVE::ovenWed Aug 31 1994Changing LM password from WFW3.11
396.03MONTEZ::MONTEZWed Aug 31 1994WFW + MSTCP/IP very slow!!
397.01OSLThu Sep 01 1994Need help with WFW + PW DECnet + NETWARE
398.06DNEAST::COMBAR_CURTFri Sep 02 1994Sharing files through DOS?
399.07FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Sep 02 1994RAS between two wfw 3.11 machines
400.0OSLACT::NWO653::OYVINDO_PTue Sep 06 1994LPV+ and video drivers
401.0VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WThu Sep 08 1994DE2
402.0OSLThu Sep 08 1994Help with upgrade from 4.1 to 5.
403.05FRETZ::HEISERThu Sep 08 1994WFW + TCP/IP subdirectory access on VAX
404.03FORFUN::SAMPSONThu Sep 08 1994WfW - using FTP connection error!
405.02KERNEL::BROWNMFri Sep 09 1994Increase netheapsize?
406.04RANGER::OSLFri Sep 09 199432 bits file and disk access
407.04HURON::BATESMon Sep 12 1994SMTP for WFW machines with TCP/IP...
408.0SIOG::E_CUSACKTue Sep 13 1994WFW and NT Problem
409.09WELCLU::FBSPC1::SteveLTue Sep 13 1994VT32
411.06HLDEThu Sep 15 1994PWRKS V5.
413.02ADO75A::SHARPEMon Sep 19 19943.11 and NetWare and DOS boxes?
414.04KAOFS::M_LUKMon Sep 19 1994Where is WFWPTP.EXE in the net please ?.
415.03GUOVMon Sep 19 1994problem with define scb
416.03ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAMon Sep 19 1994WFW and WNT clients comparison
417.01GIDDAY::COOKMon Sep 19 1994MS TCP over fddi
418.04NWDTue Sep 20 1994Using Vcache.386
419.0KDX2Tue Sep 20 1994Fax/incoming mail to shared folder
420.03SHIPS::YATES_MTue Sep 20 1994WFWG/Laptops Text Corrupt
421.03DAIVWed Sep 21 1994The Status of File services is "PAUSED", why ?
422.02ODIXIE::PROKOPWed Sep 21 1994Sample WFW + V5
423.03DELNI::LUDWIGWed Sep 21 1994Program too big to fit into memory.
424.0AKOCOA::INGRAHAMWed Sep 21 1994de435 and netbeui
425.01RANGER::OSLThu Sep 22 1994Access denied, PW 5.
426.02VAXRIO::SANTOSFri Sep 23 1994RCV message error
427.03NYOSS1::JAUNGFri Sep 23 1994PC hung after TCP/IP-32 3.11 installed
428.01ADO75A::SHARPESat Sep 24 1994Cannot read from network during startup
429.02BLOFLY::COCAM::GORDONSun Sep 25 1994Interlnk & WfW ?
430.03ADO75A::SHARPEMon Sep 26 199432-bit disk access and QD65
431.06BSS::M_WALTHERMon Sep 26 1994Not mount unwanted file service
432.03ISTWI1::SENYUZMon Sep 26 1994lpv+ with wfw problem
433.018FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Sep 26 1994Will WFW do a small lan without any extract software?
434.04IOSG::TALLETTTue Sep 27 1994Anybody written a file system?
435.03VAOUTue Sep 27 1994WFW 3.11, PW5.
436.0KEIKI::WHITEThu Sep 29 1994WFWPTP - remote access to more than just one PC?
437.04BLOFLY::COCAM::GORDONThu Sep 29 199432-bit file access & UMB's
438.01VNABRW::SCHIERER_JThu Sep 29 1994Problem running Logon Script on WFW Client
439.07NYOSS1::JAUNGFri Sep 30 1994Networking subsystem not started?
440.02KLUSTR::GARDNERTue Oct 04 1994Pen Extensions anyone?
441.02LAOSS1::UDICK_STWed Oct 05 1994Win 3.1 and PW 5.1 to WFW Upgrade.
442.0BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDMon Oct 10 1994WFW with PC-NFS and Netware?
443.0MARX::FLEMINGTue Oct 11 1994performance question
444.01SIOG::E_CUSACKWed Oct 12 1994WFW printing Query
445.03MSDOA::MCCLOUDWed Oct 12 1994TCPip and Pathworks together
446.01TAVIS::ADLERThu Oct 13 1994other users cant see me
447.06NEMAIL::CHENGThu Oct 13 1994printing with DLC protocol
448.01HLDEMon Oct 17 1994NetBIOS trace tool for windows ??
449.07FLAMER::OXENBERGMon Oct 17 1994Faster and Slower
450.06TROUWed Oct 19 1994Error loading 32 bit "WDCTRL" driver?
451.07BLOFLY::GORDONTue Oct 25 1994MS TCP/IP & VMS V4.2 servers?
452.06IMAPC::MURRAYTue Oct 25 1994Multi coloured flasing mouse ????
453.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONWed Oct 26 1994Can't connect to my M: drive
454.04ODIXIE::KIMBELWed Oct 26 1994WFW 3.11 and NT Server problems
455.01CANOVA::ATRANI::CONSIGLIOThu Oct 27 1994Pathworks 4.1 tcp/ip and WFW
456.01GUOVThu Oct 27 1994kit for wfw3.11 & pathwors5.1
457.0SUBSYS::GUBBERThu Oct 27 1994Point-Point resource sharing answered....
458.02MANIOK::GREBEFri Oct 28 1994WFW,TCPIP32, DE2
459.01MPGS::WHITNEYFri Oct 28 1994Problems with Novell Netware and WFW V3.11
460.03DONVAN::REICHERTTue Nov 01 1994Mouse hangs in WFWG
461.02MIMS::GULICK_LWed Nov 02 1994WFW 3.11, PW5.1, DECnet as a secondary player
462.04FRSCS::KWETSCHERWed Nov 02 1994WfW 3.11, Pathworks V5, IPX and TCP/IP
463.05MSDOA::SECRISTWed Nov 02 1994Windows Resource Monitors ?
464.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Nov 03 1994Xircom Pocket Protected Mode Drivers
465.01BAHTAT::HILTONThu Nov 03 1994Protected Mode and PW?
466.04COLThu Nov 03 1994WfWG + PW5.1 with NETBEUI(MS) & TCP/IP+IPX (PW) ?
467.03IJSAPL::OTTENThu Nov 03 1994WfWg running as W3.1 with PW 5.1?
468.06GIDDAY::WALKERFri Nov 04 1994Microsoft TCP/IP question
469.0GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOFri Nov 04 1994WFW 3.11/Pathworks 5.
470.02ADO75A::SHARPESun Nov 06 1994WfWg startup and network file services?
471.01CAZ::CASCIOMon Nov 07 1994Current WFW TCP/IP kit?
472.01DWOVAX::EROSTue Nov 08 1994WFW and asynch Pathworks V5.1
473.08BAHTAT::HILTONWed Nov 09 1994Clean DE-install of Wolverine?
474.06FHOHUB::GOLEFT::RAQUEPAUWed Nov 09 1994Wfw 3.11 & PWV5.1/w TCP/IP - Computer Name exists error
475.02ADO75A::SHARPEWed Nov 09 1994Win 95 notes file?
476.01REDFLG::ampte.cxo.dec.com::ScottThu Nov 10 1994Vfat, WFW 3.11, & DECpc 325SL
477.04ANGLIN::SUZDAThu Nov 10 1994Crazy WFW Behavior
478.02NETCAD::JORDANThu Nov 10 1994netheapsize questions
479.01WARNUT::JOYFri Nov 11 1994EMSLOAD with P/Works 4.1 and WFWG 3.11
480.05BAHTAT::HILTONTue Nov 15 1994Auto-connect/failover
481.01HLFSTue Nov 15 1994Infoserver vs PW & Ghosted Connections
482.0KITUWed Nov 16 1994Re-entering Mail without PASSWORD
483.02KAOAMon Nov 21 1994Save password on Startup
484.07AYOP93::hickmanTue Nov 22 1994Cannot connect to PW5.
485.02GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOTue Nov 22 1994Pass WFW username variable value to logon script
486.05KERNEL::BROWNMWed Nov 23 1994Winpopup mail notification
487.04FSCORE::KAYEFri Nov 25 1994>1
488.02CAPNET::PJOHNSONSat Nov 26 1994I'd like to understand more about networking
489.01FRSCS::KWETSCHERMon Nov 28 1994Performance difference between DOS and WfW
490.02GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOTue Nov 29 1994WFW/TCPIP/PW51 no login validation
491.0COMICS::SHOULDINGTue Nov 29 1994Print services not getting Auto-Connected
492.01CAPNET::PJOHNSONTue Nov 29 1994Question re: WFW, Netbeui, TCP/IP, Pathworks
493.02LJSRV1::RICHARDSONTue Nov 29 1994WFW on DECpc433 fails to install
494.0QCAVWed Nov 30 1994help. SQLnet and WFW
495.02NZOVWed Nov 30 1994Re-install WFWG ; P/Works link removal
496.01CSLALL::GASPAROLAWed Nov 30 1994help with 32 bit and smartdrv
497.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Dec 01 1994upgrade 4.1 to 5.1 where is it written
498.05ROMFri Dec 02 1994Mail password
499.01NJOPC4::smalleyMon Dec 05 1994PW 5.1 TCPip, DECnet and WFW
501.02ROMEOS::MIKAO::mullickMon Dec 05 199432-bit DECnet stack soon?
502.02AOHM::JACOBSTue Dec 06 1994Multiple accounts without a network?
503.01MEOCTue Dec 06 1994Disable WFWG Password
504.01ANOVAX::JGUYDISHWed Dec 07 1994Looking for WFWG Res kit
505.04PENUTS::DESRUISSEAUXThu Dec 08 1994Pathworks V5.
506.0BAHTAT::HILTONFri Dec 09 1994RAS supporting TCP/IP?
507.01FIEVEL::FILGATEFri Dec 09 1994resource for icons positions on screen
508.04MOEUR7::NAYLORMon Dec 12 1994CDROM Sharing Problems
509.03USCTR1::notvms.mro.dec.com::CLEGGTue Dec 13 1994XIRCOM credit card w/protected mode drivers
510.01WRKSYS::GLICKLERTue Dec 13 1994Trying RAS
511.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Dec 14 1994dnetheap,dnetcritical,dnetnoblock what are you good for?
512.01VMSNET::KOMANDURIWed Dec 14 1994WFWG 3.11/MS TCPIP/Pathworks server/No logon vaidation
513.02HANNAH::B_COBBFri Dec 16 1994Redirector differences PW and WFW
514.02SU2PLY::LEWISFri Dec 16 1994General protection fault
515.03TENNIS::KAMSat Dec 17 1994Internal ordering of WFW part #?
516.03KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Dec 19 1994browser PNs
517.02VAXRIO::62981::SCHORTue Dec 20 1994MS-Mail and SMTP
518.018REDFLG::snowTue Dec 20 1994Xircom PE2 and WFW v3.11
519.06BOBSEG::SEGRESTWed Dec 21 1994Help!!! Upgrade to WfWg failed....
520.04VAXRIO::SCHORWed Dec 21 1994WFWg 3.11 + NetWare 3.12 problem
521.09NODEX::RAISON::GRIMESWed Dec 21 1994WFW 3.11a and TCP/IP 32 (bad ".ZIP" file??)
522.01WARS::JERZYNSKIThu Dec 22 1994WFW Fax: AWCL2_
523.0AXPSRV::WANGERINThu Dec 22 1994RAS Performance
524.0DAIVWed Dec 28 1994Winfax, memory alloc. failed
525.0EVTAI1::SUPWed Dec 28 1994Need program to change WFW password without control panel
526.01HURON::BATESThu Dec 29 1994WFW, NTAS and time-synch...
527.0KDX2Thu Dec 29 1994RAS/WfWg/Lantastic and IPX (what a mess)
528.01KLUSTR::GARDNERThu Dec 29 1994everything works EXCEPT DOS boxes...
529.016RCHSS1::ROCKWELLThu Dec 29 1994Can't access floppy from WfW when TCP/IP-32 is loaded
531.01BACHUS::DHAENSFri Jan 06 1995wfw and TCP/IP, autoconnect, logon ,MS-DELTA
532.02MUTTON::LAMBFri Jan 06 1995wfw tcp from ms and problems connecting to disks on remote subnet
533.02GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOMon Jan 09 1995WFW, Copy and long filenames
534.01AKOCOA::LEWISTue Jan 10 1995Microsoft Network drivers not loaded
535.03DIBDIB::DBATESTue Jan 10 1995Domain password on client, and how to change it
536.02GRANPA::BDAVISTue Jan 10 1995Pathworks client license needed for WFW ?
537.09HANNAH::B_COBBWed Jan 11 1995WFWG RAS support, which protocols?
538.02ANOVAX::JGUYDISHWed Jan 11 1995WFW boots and hangs with NIC
539.03CAZ::CASCIOThu Jan 12 1995TCP/IP ... Ethernet @ Office ... SLIP/PPP at Home
540.0ROMEOS::TANATO_ANThu Jan 12 1995Kelvin video on WFWG w/ display problems
541.0ADOVThu Jan 12 1995Possible XTI Driver problem.
542.01JGO::DEGENFri Jan 13 1995win3.11 + viper drivers conflicting
543.0HAN::HAEUSSERFri Jan 13 1995problem with remote lat PC printer
544.04ANGLIN::DPROSEFri Jan 13 1995DEPCA.DOS not loaded when starting WFW
545.01BLOFLY::GORDONSun Jan 15 1995DECNET & NETbeui & USE command
546.02LJSRV1::RICHARDSONMon Jan 16 1995Common Share connection with WFW & MS-TCPIP
547.01UTROP1::OVERBEEK_HMon Jan 16 1995X workstations, 1 WFW 3.11 ?
548.01NZOVTue Jan 17 1995Slow startup - NETAPI.DLL failure code is
550.02WASHDC::annap.cop.dec.com::LAMBTue Jan 17 1995WFW mouse disappears after delayed logon
551.01WASHDC::annap.cop.dec.com::LAMBTue Jan 17 1995winsock telnet timeouts in ms32tcp wolverine
552.01VAXSPO::RP_BONILHAWed Jan 18 1995Cannot write to device AUX !!!
553.0LISVAX::FERNANDESFri Jan 20 1995WFW 3.11 vs Virstop
554.02GENIE::MAURERFFri Jan 20 1995Logon on lan manager with TCP/IP-32
555.01CSC32::J_FORRESTFri Jan 20 1995v4 Server and v5 Client and WFW
556.02PRIM18::LEARYSun Jan 22 1995NWLINK on MS-Client v3.
557.010DEMAND::GALLAGHERMon Jan 23 1995Can't print from WFW3.11 and PW5.1???
558.03STOWOA::BUFTON::NBUFTONMon Jan 23 199532-bit Disk Access and UNDELETE
559.0GIDDAY::MUNNMon Jan 23 1995Not so accurate FAXes
560.01FSAEUR::ROEWed Jan 25 1995PW 5.1, WFW, ASPI drivers
561.0PFSVAX::WUENSCHELLWed Jan 25 1995DLC protocol and NDIS3 driver.
562.06SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Jan 26 1995PW 4.1 -> PW 5.1 woes...
563.0NETCAD::SIMONFri Jan 27 1995Cannot connect network drive
564.01KEIKI::WHITEMon Jan 30 1995Maximum simultaneous connections for a Wfwg PC?
565.07MSDOA::HICKSTTue Jan 31 1995adapter woes, tcp/ip questions, & WinSock...
566.04UB4Tue Jan 31 1995Problem Sharing a CD Drive
567.0VLJISA::LEGER_JCWed Feb 01 1995WFWSYS.CFG missing ???
568.02BEDBC2::MAURERWed Feb 01 1995WfWg 3.11 & MS TCP/IP-32 to PW 5.
569.01SUBURB::MCDONALDAThu Feb 02 1995LOGOFF behaviour?
570.01BRADEC::BPCFri Feb 03 1995Paintbrush Problems
571.0POBOXA::BAKSat Feb 04 1995Problem formatting a floppy after WFW upgrade
572.03MR2SRV::WWILLISSun Feb 05 1995Error 58
573.0GENIE::CAMUSOTue Feb 07 1995connect
574.01JHBWS1::RYANTue Feb 07 1995problem with NETBEUI over bridged LAN.
575.0KERNEL::AUSTINMThu Feb 09 1995slow perform 8 meg, netware, windows
576.05DEMAND::GALLAGHERMon Feb 13 1995WFW and TCP and fileservice connections
577.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Feb 13 1995wfw 3.11 LIC
578.01RTOEU::RTOMGR::MGRABETue Feb 14 1995WfW PW5 Connection with other username?
579.02BGSDEV::TANNENBAUMTue Feb 14 1995Winsock Programming?
580.0HITIT::GOKCENWed Feb 15 1995Link a network drive to local directory???
581.02NEMAIL::HOLLCRAFTWed Feb 15 1995WINS and DHCP
582.03OSLThu Feb 16 1995Password problems when logging into a domain?
583.02CSSE::RBROWNThu Feb 16 1995Windows > WFW
584.04TROOA::JUCHANThu Feb 16 1995DECNET&IP/PWV5.1/WFWG memory problem
585.05BOUGY::BRAUNFri Feb 17 1995netbeui.386 slow with PATHWORKS servers
586.01ANGLIN::DPROSEMon Feb 20 1995how do I select which redir from in WFW
587.03BAHTAT::HILTONTue Feb 21 1995Serious resource leakage in vt32
588.02TUXEDO::ROSENBAUMTue Feb 21 1995LMAnnounce=Yes not enough?
589.02BACHUS::WILLEMWed Feb 22 1995DHCP & Domain ?
591.0CCOGThu Feb 23 1995How to suppress the logon script screen in wfw?
592.02OSLMon Feb 27 1995Running too fast out of Windows resources?
593.03GIDDAY::COOKMon Feb 27 1995Error 53: Computer name specified can't be located
594.08OLCROW::MCCANCEThu Mar 02 1995ping works, ftp/telnet complain of memory
595.02WMOENG::DOSSYS::hill_dThu Mar 02 1995WFW Hangs System on Re-Entry
596.06NOTAPC::DIOTALEVIFri Mar 03 1995Probem with subnets & connecting to servers
597.0BLKPUD::PAGEHSun Mar 05 1995Apricot LAN Station 16 - drivers required
598.03TENNIS::KAMMon Mar 06 1995sharing printers gives: This computername is invalid?
599.01TAVIS::ALTERTue Mar 07 1995WFW + MSTCP32 + screen freezing on CELEBRIS 59
600.01TAVIS::ALTERTue Mar 07 1995RPL Boot ROM for DE2
601.05KLUSTR::GARDNERTue Mar 07 1995detailed docs on TCP/IP-32?
602.02GENRAL::T_LEBARIOWed Mar 08 1995Netname/pwd invalid
603.02MROA::AOHM::JACOBSWed Mar 08 1995Cant mount dblspaced drive, No more drive letters?
604.02DEMAND::GALLAGHERSat Mar 11 1995WFW & TCP and the Browser??
605.04CRONIC::LEMONSSun Mar 12 1995Multiple operating systems on a single PC
606.09ADOVMon Mar 13 1995TCP/IP for WfWg 3.11 supported?
607.04SBPEXE::OTTENMon Mar 13 1995WFWG and PWV5 initial Setup..
608.0NYOSS1::TEDWARDSTue Mar 14 1995unable to lock memory handle
609.0SNOFS2::FUNGSIONGMAWed Mar 15 1995NET START FULL fails w/ 3C5
610.0DWOVAX::EROSFri Mar 17 1995DECpc XL59
611.06EZLCHZ::EZZELLMon Mar 20 1995PW license needed for WFWg?
612.01CRONIC::MAILLETWed Mar 22 1995can auto-connect prompt for password?
613.01NYOSS1::CKELLEHERWed Mar 22 1995Save in Password List problem
614.01ODIXIE::SMITHJThu Mar 23 1995DE2
615.0ANOVAX::JGUYDISHMon Mar 27 1995WFW certification
616.06DELNI::VASSELLMon Mar 27 1995Non executing icon
617.01AKOCOA::DELTOROThu Mar 30 1995Changing the saved password
618.02TROOA::WONGThu Mar 30 199516M limit under DOS shell from Windows?
619.0TFOSS1::sultry.tfo.dec.com::DALTONThu Mar 30 1995Upgrade 4.1a WFW Integration Kit to 5.1 Client
620.0MIMS::NUNEZ_PThu Mar 30 1995PATHWORKS Client Logs Event Every 5 Minutes
621.013CAPNET::PJOHNSONSat Apr 01 1995Can I network from home?
622.01--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 03 1995Point of Sale Application Problem Help
623.07DELNI::STACKTue Apr 04 1995Unable to detect ethernet card
624.09DEMAND::GALLAGHERTue Apr 04 1995WFW3.11 --> NT 3.5 RAS connection??
625.06MQOU18::MQOP61::s_charbonneaTue Apr 04 1995RAS max speed 19.2Kbps ?
626.01HERON::DAIMIO::BEAUWed Apr 05 1995XIRCOM Ethernet + Modem Problem
627.0MIMS::GULICK_LThu Apr 06 1995error 5955 unspecified error - unable to bind
629.04MKOTS3::claptn.mko.dec.com::raymondFri Apr 07 1995WFW/Pathworks 4.1 connect workarounds?
630.01AKOCOA::DOUCETTEMon Apr 10 1995Windows File Server stops responding
631.01TROOA::GILBERTWed Apr 12 1995Net Logon hanging
632.02FSCORE::KAYEThu Apr 13 1995lost Program Manager!
633.06SWAM2::WONG_HEMon Apr 17 1995No FTP from NT to WFW 3.11
634.0TAVIS::ALTERTue Apr 18 1995mstcp - freeze - on celebris 59
635.0MOEUR7::NAYLORTue Apr 18 1995MS Scheduler - Corrupt .CAL file
636.03DRHOOK::TONYWed Apr 19 1995WfW, DE2
637.03GENIE::CAMUSOThu Apr 20 1995wfw hangs
638.01TAEC::quango.vbo.dec.com::MilesFri Apr 21 1995Networking functionality will not be available MessageBox
639.03CAPNET::PJOHNSONFri Apr 21 1995No fax functionality?
640.01NETCAD::SIMONFri Apr 21 1995Searching for Teamlinks
641.01MXOCMon Apr 24 19951
642.01ROBRVW::MITCHELLMon Apr 24 1995 WFWG & RGDI/Network Problems
643.01NWDTue May 02 1995Problem with DE435 and WFW311 & NETBEUI
644.0KETJE::WARICHETThu May 11 1995Windows groups disappearing
645.0TAVIS::ZEHUZE::baldermanThu May 11 1995S3864vision driver problem
646.0ADOVThu May 11 1995MultiMedia on VenturisFP DX4/1
647.03KERNEL::AUSTINMThu May 11 1995PCI DE434 - clash with QEMM 7.5\
648.01AIMHI::USIMT::SPENCERSat May 13 1995WFW, PW 5.1 client, and PW 4.1 server
650.06OSLLAV::BJARNEC_PTue May 16 1995WFW Client, no "NET TIME" service from PW 5.
651.01JOBURG::BARNESThu May 18 1995Memory,Swap file and Partition Problems?
652.02RDGENG::zawinl.reo.dec.com::SnowlingThu May 18 1995Printer running out of memory since using WfWg
653.03DPDMAI::GRESSSat May 20 1995Please help WFW <-> PW 5.1 not working
654.01ZPOVC::HEEFATTMon May 22 1995PW5
655.0MIMS::OLSEN_RMon May 22 1995WFW with PW (DECnet) and MSDLC on Ethernet
656.01YUPPY::PEPALLIMon May 22 1995DECNET Node address change with Pathworks 4.1
657.0TLAVWed May 24 1995How can I setup HP LaserJet4 ?
658.01WHYNOW::NEWMANThu May 25 1995URGENT HELP NEEDED - Where are my Groups going?
659.09USDEV::ERIKSENThu May 25 1995WFW, Pathwrks v5.1 setup questions
660.01BOUGY::LE_VIETFri May 26 1995Access Error on drive X, with WfW 3.11 !!
661.01BTATST::EDMD_4Fri May 26 1995WFW Continguous Memeory
662.02MUNICH::THALHAMMERFri May 26 1995WFW-PC cannot connect to WFW-PATHworks-PC
663.02UNTADI::BAUERMon May 29 1995VxD drivers for NDIS3 support in WfWg
664.0VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WWed May 31 1995real mode netbeui problem ?
665.0TAVIS::STUXWed May 31 1995Mail administration mode
666.04OUTSRC::HEISERWed May 31 1995Login Box/Window
667.05BBPBV1::WALLACEThu Jun 01 1995WfWg 3.11, RAS, won't install - "comm.drv" is not the original
668.02ESSB::CMERLEHANThu Jun 01 1995Xircom CE2-1
669.02ZEKE::MAURERMon Jun 05 19953COM Etherlink III PCI
670.0GVPROD::63868::DAWKESTue Jun 06 1995No WfWG with ATI Ultra Pro Video !
671.01ESSB::PCUNNANEThu Jun 08 1995Bad keyword: Interrupt
672.0AIMHI::USIMT::SPENCERThu Jun 08 1995WFW and Netware 3.12 problem
673.02MANIOK::GREBEWed Jun 14 1995WFW TCP/IP and NETBEUI
674.01GLDOA::WESTBROOKSWed Jun 14 1995PWV51 WFW Installation failure
675.0TAEC::TAEC::MILESThu Jun 15 1995LPD for WFWG+Wolverine?
676.08ISTWI1::DARMAR::DARMARMon Jun 19 1995terminal emulation over WFW TCP/PI
677.04BROUGH::DAVIESMon Jun 19 1995Connect problems ?
680.02MSDOA::HICKSTThu Jun 22 1995standalone mode in WFW?
681.0OLCROW::MCCANCEThu Jun 22 1995wan msctp connect to pw server share
682.0MANIOK::GREBEFri Jun 23 1995LAT, TCP and NETBEUI only: Problems
683.0WRKSYS::DUTTONFri Jun 23 1995Modem definitions for 28.8 in modem.inf?
684.0LEMAN::HASLERTue Jun 27 1995Reflection2,Cterm not OK
685.0OLCROW::MCCANCETue Jun 27 1995file manager net copy steps on landscape
686.01TENNIS::KAMThu Jun 29 1995What is the name of the security-settings file?
687.0SBPEXE::OTTENFri Jun 30 1995MS-Mail-Vaxmail/Smtp gateway?
688.0MSAMTue Jul 04 1995Unrecoverable disk error from WFW
689.0HBFNMO::WESSELTue Jul 04 1995WFW disc other Sessions to ULTRIX/UCX
691.04MSAMFri Jul 07 1995WFW and DEClaser Problem
692.01MEDINA::BEELENFri Jul 07 1995WFW shared printer problem
693.02RDGENG::LYNDONFri Jul 07 1995Xircom PCMCIA and PATHWORKS V5 and WFW
694.01ADOVWed Jul 12 1995Clean on-the-road startup?
695.02SML1DR::xploit.del.dec.com::EROSWed Jul 12 1995FTP server for WFW?
696.0SML1DR::EROSThu Jul 13 19952-node WFW workgroup connect problems
697.01SNOCMon Jul 17 1995Pathworks connection becoming WFW !!
698.0IMPERO::BELLONIMon Jul 17 1995OSF-PW-WFW print problem
699.04HANNAH::COBBTue Jul 18 1995How to remove cleanly Pathworks from WFW?
700.01PENUTS::DESRUISSEAUXFri Jul 21 1995can't detect network card
702.02NYOSS1::DARA::MONASCHTue Jul 25 1995SETUP Error 6
703.0MFRFMS::DIRKTue Jul 25 1995`Problems with DECpc 32
704.04GRANPA::DAMITCHELLFri Jul 28 1995Boot Disk for WFW
705.01CUESTA::ARRUZAThu Aug 03 1995What is DLSNET.DLL ?????
706.0KERNEL::AUSTINMTue Aug 08 1995DE2
707.0UFP::MITCHELLMon Aug 14 1995What are the Network Files?
708.01ZEKE::MAURERWed Aug 16 1995Networked CD-ROM drive files not found
709.02KELVIN::FIELDFri Aug 18 1995how to print from vax to pc's com port
710.03MEOCTue Aug 22 1995wfw and domain logon
711.02RDGENG::WATSONWed Aug 23 1995Problems connecting via domains
712.0ZEKE::MAURERWed Aug 23 1995Windows Protection Error #14 ?
713.04CRONIC::MORTELLWed Aug 23 1995WFW/IP stack
714.0OSLLAV::NILSS_PThu Aug 24 1995WFW 3.11 and TCP 32 FileMgr crash
715.01TENNIS::KAMSun Aug 27 1995RAS and Terminal Servers?
716.0COPCLU::GERTMon Aug 28 199532-bit version of MSDLC ?
717.01TAVIS::ALTERWed Aug 30 1995utility for password change on wfw
718.02MFOIS1::TURCHIMon Sep 04 199532-bit disk & file access problem after upgrade.
719.02TAVTue Sep 05 1995Netlogon using drive Z , How to change it ?
721.0TAVIS::ALTERThu Sep 07 1995special screen saver
722.0CRONIC::BURKEMon Sep 18 1995Problems with auto connect
723.01ADOVSat Sep 23 1995WfW Networking protected mode not working?
724.02NIOSS1::THOMPSONWed Sep 27 1995Browser is not working on a client node
725.01TAVIS::BALDERMANThu Sep 28 1995Need a viewer to bookreader files
726.01ADOVFri Sep 29 1995Anyone used setup.shh?
727.01ADOVFri Oct 06 1995Setup /# ???
728.04TROOA::MSCHNEIDERFri Oct 06 1995WFW with IBM LAN Server?
729.05TROOA::VIAUFri Oct 13 1995Can't print from WinWord but can from all other apps
730.0TENNIS::KAMSat Oct 14 1995OLE enabled Win32s API's for WFWg?
731.02WMOIS::MELANSON_DOMThu Oct 19 1995can't connect network drives from filemanager
732.04HYLNDR::ROYTue Oct 24 1995The system has detected a conflict
733.01AUSSIE::CARMODYThu Oct 26 1995WINport?
734.03SPARGL::6369Tue Oct 31 1995Logonscript hangs with WFW 3.11 and WNT Server
735.0MSAMTue Oct 31 1995WFW & DE2
736.01MSAMTue Oct 31 1995Windows Workgroup Resources Kit
737.0POWDML::WANGWed Nov 01 1995Sharing Violation
738.02COBBER::TBOYLEThu Nov 02 1995Shared WFW with IP stack question
739.01BAROJA::LUISFri Nov 03 1995EMM386 #
740.0MSAMFri Nov 17 1995calling files in Windows
741.05MSBCS::BRYDIEMon Nov 20 1995Netscape and Win32s errors
743.0CGOOA::PITULEYWed Nov 29 1995EGA on TTL monochrome with WFW
744.04MYOTT::PERRYTue Dec 05 1995Local lan .OR. PPP access on WFW laptop???
745.01NIOSS1::THOMPSONThu Dec 07 1995Need procedure to sync all the passwords for users
746.02LEXSS1::KELLEHERThu Dec 07 1995WFW hangs - netapi.dll error !
747.01VAXRIO::63224::souzaWed Dec 13 1995NET START BASIC - DIR lists duplicated files
748.03HANNAH::COBBThu Dec 14 1995WFW 3.11 and Novel Servers
749.0ALEXWS::JACKYMon Dec 18 1995Use tape TLZ
750.03LEXSMon Dec 18 1995Computer name specified ????
751.01LEXSS1::KELLEHERWed Dec 20 1995FTP and file services!
752.05RDGENG::COBBWed Dec 20 1995Using old PWV5.
753.05CSC32::COMULADAFri Dec 22 1995WFW and two winsock.dll's
754.04VAXRIO::63224::souzaFri Jan 12 1996Wnt AT command from WFW To NT ?
755.0FRSDSC::MELHAJFri Jan 12 1996New Fonts from right to left
756.0ODIXIE::KIMBELSun Jan 14 1996WFW thinks WNT CD is a big hard drive
757.08TENNIS::KAMWed Jan 17 1996Computer name specified in the network path cannot be located?
759.0BER::SAMMLERMon Jan 22 1996Use of more than one TCP/IP-Stack on workstation
760.02KERNEL::SIMEONCTue Jan 23 1996List of servers for workgroup currently not listed
761.02BELFST::S_MCCAUGHANWed Jan 24 1996WFW, Netscape & TCP/IP
762.02VARESE::ZOCCOLAWed Jan 24 1996Default winsock DLL tracing ?
763.02MSAMThu Jan 25 1996logon dialog box in WFW????
764.04CUJO::TOBIASSENThu Jan 25 1996Dropping Network Connection
765.0ODIXIE::KIMBELSat Jan 27 1996Shared CD-ROM isn't a CD-ROM?
766.01HSOSS1::HARDMANSun Jan 28 1996Need to see more than 132 char on "Load=" line.
767.01POWDML::MINEZZIMon Jan 29 1996problem with WFW and PW 5.
768.0MSAMMon Jan 29 1996WFW link to Novell & NT
769.01QCAVFri Feb 16 1996WFW ON VENTURIS45
770.0LEXSWed Feb 21 1996Print error message - display
771.0STOWOA::NORTON_KWed Feb 21 1996Segment load failure in LZEXPAND.DLL?????
772.04CSC32::J_HEISLERThu Feb 22 1996Update for Pathworks 2.
773.02RUMOR::cfgxMon Feb 26 1996Schedule+ Question
774.0MSE1::MASTRANGELOTue Mar 12 1996WFW on a Presario??
776.02SHRCTR::PJOHNSONMon Mar 18 1996MS Certification
777.0MSBCS::MORINWed Mar 20 1996No document control in Print Manager ...
778.0MSBCS::MORINWed Mar 20 1996Problems connecting to network drives in Windows ...
779.01MPGS::LAVINTue Mar 26 1996Help...KRNL386.EXE
780.01VAXRIO::LORENATue Mar 26 1996WFW/Shared+PW5 access PW4 ?
781.0SIOG::E_CUSACKWed Mar 27 1996MSMAIL SERVER 3.5
782.01ODIXIE::SIMPSONTSat Mar 30 1996NetAPI/NetBEUI/XIRCOM Problem
783.0NETRIX::"pierre@pictor.geo.dec.com"Tue Apr 09 1996Problem of share with WFW and PWOSF
784.05PCBUOA::WHITTALLTue Apr 09 1996How to connect workdisk to home
785.04LISVAX::MAIAMon Apr 15 1996WfW 3.11 and TCP/IP 32b - Problems in floppy disk
788.02STUWed May 08 1996No path in the DOS-BOX
789.0LILThu May 09 1996TCPIP32 DECNET WFW
790.01STOSS1::MADDENTue May 14 1996DECstation 325C problems
791.0COPCLU::JENSThu May 23 1996connection to a file pathworks fileservice
792.01VELENO::MICHIELIFri May 24 19961.45MB under DOS, 1.38MB under WfW. Why?
793.0NETRIX::"mark.ashley@sno.dec.com"Fri Jun 14 1996WFW and Jetdirect card printing
794.02MXOCTue Jun 18 1996TOKENlink iii config problems...
795.08MEOCMon Jun 24 1996Slow running system - HELP Please!!
796.0QCAVTue Jul 09 1996Connectivity with NT.
797.01QCAVThu Jul 18 1996RAS and MSTCP.
798.0ZURMon Jul 22 1996Multiple Network Adapters
799.0QCAVMon Jul 22 1996WAN Connectivity.
800.01TAVIS::JACKTue Aug 13 1996Venturis NT+WFW dual boot - problem WFW
801.0NETRIX::"mauro@hobble.enet.dec.com"Wed Aug 14 1996How do I Install a DEClaser 22
802.0MSBCS::BRYDIEThu Aug 15 1996UU_DCODE run time error
803.0STKAI1::BLUNDBERGMon Aug 26 1996Network printingproblems?
804.0DEMON::PANGAKISThu Aug 29 1996MACX.DRV, what is it?
805.0RASVAX::ESTEKIMon Sep 16 1996Invalid TrueType Font
806.01MSAMSun Sep 29 1996DE45
807.01VMSNET::WHITTINGTONMon Oct 07 1996GPF's with WFW and Word
808.0VAXRIO::63228::ASOUZAFri Oct 11 1996Vshield vs. SCSI
809.0JOBURG::NICOPTue Nov 12 1996Missing icons again - why does it happen?
810.0SIOG::E_CUSACKMon Nov 18 1996Shared Modem on WFW 3.11
811.01BBIVWed Dec 11 1996Ven 51
812.0 *SCASS1::GRESSMon Feb 10 1997shares disconnected - TCPKEEPALIVE?
813.0 *WOTVAX::gjcpc.reo.dec.com::criddleMon Jun 02 1997How to determine the hardware type of a system?
814.0 *VAXRIO::ASOUZATue Jun 03 1997Printing with JOB size