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Conference ranger::vms-for-mac-bugs

Title:VMS Services for Macintosh (no longer LanWORKS)
Notice:This conference has been write locked - see RANGER::VMS-FOR-MAC
Created:Mon Jan 29 1990
Last Modified:Mon Oct 15 1990
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:217
Total number of notes:802
Number with bodies:0
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1.0BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Welcome to the bug house, as it were
2.0BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Reserved
3.01BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Related conferences
4.02BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Conference announcements
5.0BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Reserved
6.0BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Reserved
7.0BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Reserved
8.0BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Reserved
9.0BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Reserved
10.0BRONS::BURROWSMon Jan 29 1990Reserved
11.022BRONS::BURROWSMon Mar 12 1990MacX bugs in BL2
12.06SCADMN::MERRELLTue Mar 13 1990File Server bugs in EFT1
13.01SCADMN::MERRELLTue Mar 13 1990LAT tool errors on EFT1 kit
14.06SCADMN::MERRELLTue Mar 13 1990SuperPrawn bugs in EFT1 kit
15.04SCADMN::MERRELLTue Mar 13 1990ATK$MANAGER in EFT1 kit
16.01WILARD::SHEEHYTue Mar 20 1990Access to QAR system from Enet
17.01RT128::BATESSat Mar 24 1990ScriptPrinter Receiver Startup Error
18.05SUTRA::HALTONFri Apr 06 1990MSA$MANAGER bugs in EFT1 kit
19.02SCADMN::MERRELLSat Apr 14 1990EFT2 install fails with RMS-F-EOF creating account
20.06SCADMN::MERRELLSat Apr 14 1990RMS-W-DME, Dynamic Memory Exceeded (on VAXshare)
21.0GREG::MERRELLMon Apr 16 1990Disk size displays wrong with quotas enabled
22.05OSLACT::ARNETue Apr 17 1990Can't get the installer off the ground
23.0SCADMN::MERRELLWed Apr 18 1990DECnet tool can hang system on reboot
24.04JULIET::MORRISON_HUThu Apr 19 1990Please define EFT1, BL2, etc.
25.08OSLACT::ARNEFri Apr 20 1990Problems installing BL3
26.01RANGER::HITTMon Apr 23 1990Release notes addendum for EFT2
27.09CLYPPR::MATSUMOTOTue Apr 24 1990File Server problem
28.01QUICKR::MATSUMOTOTue Apr 24 1990SYSTEM privs not recognized
29.01BDYSRF::UDICKTue Apr 24 1990Add Service/printer incorrect
30.04BDYSRF::UDICKTue Apr 24 1990Mount hangs
31.02OSLACT::ARNEThu Apr 26 1990How do we get good performance?
32.01STKAI1::HNORDBERGFri Apr 27 1990Vaxshare problems BL3
33.04BDYSRF::UDICKMon Apr 30 1990LPS2
34.0JULIET::MORRISON_HUFri May 04 1990Problem with macwrite converter
35.0TLE::JNELSONTue May 08 1990Installation procedure bug
36.0TLE::JNELSONTue May 08 1990Installation procedure bug
37.0TLE::JNELSONTue May 08 1990CRASH when invoking MSA$STARTUP on other cluster nodes
38.04COIT::GARRISON_NATue May 08 1990Laserwriter serially to VAX; Problems
39.0OSLACT::ARNEWed May 09 1990Init conflict with 32-bit QuickDraw
40.02IJSAPL::VOERMANWed May 09 1990Can't add alias
41.01COIT::GARRISON_NAWed May 09 1990NETCOPY dies with image files
42.01COIT::GARRISON_NAWed May 09 1990MacX says it only has 1 plane in color
43.02COIT::GARRISON_NAThu May 10 1990LLNL Alpha test feedback
44.0OSLACT::ARNEFri May 11 1990Protection problems with file-server disks
45.03OSLACT::ARNEFri May 11 1990VMS passwords in AppleShare?
46.01BRONS::BURROWSTue May 15 1990Handling of semicolons
47.03BRONS::BURROWSTue May 15 1990DAP error
48.08LYOIS1::MINGOIAThu May 17 1990Macx problem
49.04COIT::GARRISON_NAThu May 17 1990LaserWriter on LAT problems
50.02EISSRC::CATALANOMon May 21 1990VAXshare Shutdown Problem
51.01GOONS::MOOREWed May 23 1990ASCII Format problems on MAC
52.01KEIKI::BROWNLOWWed May 23 1990DEC LanWORKS LMF-checksum does not validate???
53.01BRONS::BURROWSWed May 23 1990DECnet/Mac FAL bug(s)
54.0OSLACT::ARNEThu May 24 1990Problems with DECnet/Mac - NetCopy
55.02SRFSUP::KURTZThu May 24 1990LAT ... MABE LATER .....
56.03WLW::ESLINGERFri May 25 1990VAXshare not working - New install
57.0OSLACT::ARNEMon May 28 1990Basic installation problems again
58.0LYOIS1::MINGOIAMon May 28 1990Macx works now
59.02SHALOT::HUNTTue May 29 1990"Runaway" VAXshare Server ???
60.08BDYSRF::UDICKTue May 29 1990Management interface link broken - Stopping server
61.0ULYSSE::TIRRONENWed May 30 1990PICT and MACwrite convert problems
62.0OSLACT::ARNEThu May 31 1990Fileserver dumping
63.02GLDOA::HALLBERGThu May 31 1990> Printing to Postscript queue in EFT2? <
64.02WICK::NICHOLSThu May 31 1990DQS printers?
65.01PIRU::GOETZEFri Jun 01 1990Reliance upon identifier kills MSAF$SERVER startup
66.01BRYAN::ARCHERMon Jun 04 1990AppleTalk and EtherTalk?
67.07OSLACT::ARNEWed Jun 06 1990Some problems using DECwindows on a Mac
68.02MUNICH::LEONHARDWed Jun 06 1990laser writer v. D1-6.
69.08BDYSRF::UDICKWed Jun 06 1990Init Conflict - Microsoft Mail and DECnet for MAC
70.01MUNICH::LEONHARDThu Jun 07 1990mac term keyboard settings
71.01ERIS::CALLASThu Jun 07 1990AppleTalk for VMS Installation Questions
72.01RT128::BATESFri Jun 08 1990Changed DECnet Address Blues
73.03MUNICH::LEONHARDMon Jun 11 1990apple laser writer symbiont
74.03TODD::WARNOCKTue Jun 12 1990VMS T5.4 - should it work ?
75.01GYRO::GRILLOTue Jun 12 1990Problems accessing Script Printer
76.01KETJE::DE_BOEVERWed Jun 13 1990Performance VAXshare vs PACERshare
77.011DMSSThu Jun 14 1990Problems with LAT
78.010LFOIS1::PONTIEREThu Jun 14 1990Mac can't mount EFT2 vol
79.012YUPPY::HOLDERRFri Jun 15 1990LN
80.03SUBWAY::SAMBAMURTYFri Jun 15 1990MACX doesn't re-size windows
81.08WLW::ESLINGERSun Jun 17 1990MacX w/DECnet & TCP problem
82.01THEWAV::TAKASHIMAMon Jun 18 1990LAT comm errors?
83.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Jun 19 1990Some findings
84.01HGOVC::PATRICKNGTue Jun 19 1990Printing bugs.
85.07YUPPY::HOLDERRTue Jun 19 1990DAL Server Crashes VAX
86.03GPSDCC::TAYLORTue Jun 19 1990Help for a new user please
88.01EMASS::DOMENIKOSWed Jun 20 1990LanWORKS features
89.01OSLACT::ARNEThu Jun 21 1990Small bug in MacX
90.0LFOIS1::PONTIEREThu Jun 21 1990it works with VS31
91.01LYOThu Jun 21 1990Performance VAXshare
93.024PIRU::GOETZEThu Jun 21 1990Problems printing to LPS2
94.03THEWAV::TAKASHIMAThu Jun 21 1990Help, somebody!
95.03LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKFri Jun 22 1990NML listener question
96.03DMSSTue Jun 26 1990Color Printer Support?
97.02DMSSTue Jun 26 1990ADMIN/PCSA tramples ADMIN/MSA?
98.05GLDOA::DISHNEAUTue Jun 26 1990DEC LanWORKS for Macintosh Volumes and ACLs
99.05CHOVAX::WILLIAMSWed Jun 27 1990MacX & DAL questions
100.010RANGER::HITTWed Jun 27 1990VAXshare not appearing (moved from MAC_VAX_CONNECTION)
101.01BREAKR::BUDZOWSKIThu Jun 28 1990Automatic CATing of new files?
102.03HSOMAI::LINThu Jun 28 1990Input focus lost
103.02KOALA::LIUFri Jun 29 1990Chooser doesn't pick up the new VAXshare server
104.01FPTVX1::CUSHMANFri Jun 29 1990License inactive after reboot ??
105.05EMASS1::DOMENIKOSMon Jul 02 1990AppleTalk router management
106.010LYOMon Jul 02 1990LaserWriter on LocalTalk
107.03DMSSMon Jul 02 1990Access Control Problems
108.0POBBLE::PASCIUTATue Jul 03 1990Documentation error -- converting Pacer volumes
109.02POBBLE::PASCIUTATue Jul 03 1990Admin from non-SYSTEM accounts
110.01RT128::BATESFri Jul 06 1990LAT Interface Changes in BL4?
111.01COLA1::GUMPELFri Jul 06 1990Access to EFT3/BL4???
112.01GREG::MERRELLFri Jul 06 1990FT3: Print Queue destination zone changes
113.01GREG::MERRELLFri Jul 06 1990FT3: Upgrade replaces ATK database
114.03GREG::MERRELLFri Jul 06 1990FT3: MSA$STARTUP/VMSINSTAL messages are odd
115.03GREG::MERRELLFri Jul 06 1990Suggestion on SHOW VOLUME command
116.01GREG::MERRELLFri Jul 06 1990FT3: DECnet Dialup button still grayed-out
117.02GREG::MERRELLFri Jul 06 1990FT3: 6.
118.01GREG::MERRELLFri Jul 06 1990Mounting Volume .... message recommended
119.01MUNLEG::TUSCHEKTue Jul 10 1990PSDRIVER dead on 632
120.0ATFAM::HARRISWed Jul 11 1990reinstallation problems with eft3/VAXshare file_server
121.01OSLACT::ARNEThu Jul 12 1990Manual titles
122.01WILARD::SHEEHYThu Jul 12 1990Problem with QAR system?
123.01YUPPY::HOLDERRThu Jul 12 1990VAXshare Access Violation errors
125.0BCSE::HORNIKFri Jul 13 1990DEC Print Queues don't always work as advertised
126.02PRIMES::CAMPBELLFri Jul 13 1990Volume to match VMS Profile
127.02COIT::GARRISON_NAMon Jul 16 1990Gatorbox/DECnet support
128.01COIT::GARRISON_NATue Jul 17 1990TE w/ ADSP??
129.01TLE::JNELSONWed Jul 18 1990Extreme network delays
130.01BRYAN::ARCHERWed Jul 18 1990...from vms-for-mac, see next reply
131.01BRYAN::ARCHERWed Jul 18 1990LAT/Serial Printing
132.02BRYAN::ARCHERWed Jul 18 1990VAXshare hanging!
133.03PHLACT::SEIGAFUSEThu Jul 19 1990error reclaiming volume
134.0BALZAC::CHAMPOLLIONFri Jul 20 1990
135.01LYOFri Jul 20 1990NETcopy used from MAC to MAC
136.0YUPPY::HOLDERRFri Jul 20 1990LAT Error 6
137.01SLYONE::SYLVESTERMon Jul 23 1990Problems under VAX/VMS T5.4-4HW
138.0SCADMN::MERRELLMon Jul 23 1990SCACT::APPLETALK conference now available
139.01WEORKS::ROBBINSMon Jul 23 1990Problem with Gateway when using Tunneling
140.020SYOMV::DEEPTue Jul 24 1990MacTerminal "quits unexpectedly" using LAT
141.07SSBN2::HORNIKTue Jul 24 1990Mac24
142.04A1VAX::BULKATue Jul 24 1990problem converting Alisashare volume
143.01OSLACT::ARNEWed Jul 25 1990Can't modify MSAF$FILE_TYPES.DAT
144.03BCSE::STOSH::NEUMANNWed Jul 25 1990MacTerminal & LAT problems
145.03EPSYS::BERGERThu Jul 26 1990DECnet for Mac Problems
146.05JOCKEY::YOUNGTMon Jul 30 1990MACpaint -> DDIF
147.01MARVIN::SCOTTMon Jul 30 1990EFT3 VAXshare performance
148.09LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKTue Jul 31 1990Problem with AppleTalk-Decnet gateway installation
149.05STAR::TDONOVANTue Jul 31 1990Network range
150.04EPSDEV::BERGERTue Jul 31 1990Multiple Volumes on Disk (DECNET/FAL)
151.01STAR::TDONOVANTue Jul 31 1990Gateway icon doesn't show on MAC
152.05SCADMN::MERRELLWed Aug 01 1990CTERM/ALL-IN-1 (FMS?) problem thru SET HOST
153.0SCADMN::MERRELLWed Aug 01 1990FastPath DECnet routing problem
154.07ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYWed Aug 01 1990Terminal emulators on serial port lose characters
155.02BALZAC::CHAMPOLLIONThu Aug 02 1990Mac Terminal won't save my settings!
156.01HSOMAI::LINFri Aug 03 1990printing to a LaserWriter
157.02CSOA1::SMARACKOMon Aug 06 1990error activing MSA$MI_SHR
158.07HAMPS::DAVIES_SWed Aug 08 1990Performance
159.01IJSAPL::VOERMANWed Aug 08 1990Access violation error with copy..
160.02RANGER::HARRISThu Aug 09 1990Grayed out volume/alisa conversion problem/ and more
161.03JULIET::MORRISON_HUThu Aug 09 1990Case Sensative volume password problem in EFT3
162.02ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYFri Aug 10 1990QAR System looks busted
163.01ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYFri Aug 10 1990Server complains about icons and dies
164.02BOLT::MINOWSun Aug 12 1990Comm Toolbox (or MacTerminal) crash
165.0MARVIN::SCOTTMon Aug 13 1990QAR - CTERM Pasthru don't work
166.03MARVIN::SCOTTMon Aug 13 1990QAR - CTERM no Ctrl-T support
167.05MARVIN::SCOTTMon Aug 13 1990QAR - FAL logical link timeout
168.0MARVIN::SCOTTMon Aug 13 1990Mac FAL performance
169.01TKOV5Tue Aug 14 1990Can't change depth limit of folders
170.0CHOVAX::WILLIAMSTue Aug 14 1990DECnet not comming up
171.010GUIDUK::BALSAMOTue Aug 14 1990DAL connection problem
172.01INFACT::BEVISTue Aug 14 1990MSAF security alarm issues
173.0COIT::GARRISON_NAWed Aug 15 1990Changing File Cache Size??
174.0YUPPY::HOLDERRMon Aug 20 1990Passwords and LanWORKS - A Query
175.0PRESS1::SYSTEMMon Aug 20 1990CPU Capacity for LanWORKS
176.02CSOA1::BRANSTEINTue Aug 21 1990IDAL not translating Logical names
179.03KAL::PERWed Aug 22 1990DAL server exiting
180.015FILTON::BARKER_EWed Aug 22 1990MacX hanging system
181.05GDAYM8::UDICKWed Aug 22 1990MACterm 3 and CTRL U
182.0WEORKS::ROBBINSWed Aug 22 1990Problem with Bookreader + Mac + CDROM
183.03BLOCKP::nethThu Aug 23 1990Can served volumes live on DFS disks?
185.06BCSE::BCSE::NEUMANNMon Aug 27 1990Size of MacTerm config files
186.02LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKTue Aug 28 1990Mount Volume error
187.01LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKTue Aug 28 1990BACKUP-MAC.COM not readable ?
188.02LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKTue Aug 28 1990DAL creates empty files
189.03LEMAN::SKRIVERVIKTue Aug 28 1990Print spooler questions
190.04MSDOA::KNIGHTLYTue Aug 28 1990Error:Cannot Install on Installer Disk
191.01BOMBE::ALDENWed Aug 29 1990convertor problems
192.02MSDOA::KNIGHTLYThu Aug 30 1990Error AdminLAT busy or missing
193.01ISIDRO::MANGELFri Aug 31 1990Problem starting File Server
194.01BDYSRF::UDICKWed Sep 05 1990.Stuffit file showes up as CDA file.
195.0MAMTS2::MFRANKWed Sep 05 1990Stealth Network Techniques
196.0BOLT::MINOWThu Sep 06 1990Crash opening Vaxshare volume.
197.01BOLT::MINOWThu Sep 06 1990ADMIN/MSA Strange error message
198.04DENVER::SACHSFri Sep 07 1990Conflict between Appletalk 1 & 2?
199.07RT128::BATESTue Sep 11 1990MSA & VMS 5.4 SSB, Will it work?
200.02JULIET::MORRISON_HUWed Sep 12 1990Applications unexpectedly quiting
201.02JULIET::MORRISON_HUWed Sep 12 1990DECwrite graphics distored by macx
202.04COLWed Sep 12 1990LaserPrep and asynchron printig questions
203.06ZPOVTue Sep 18 1990ScriptPrinter problem - error opening file CPS_LIB
204.03STKHLM::ANDERSSON_LFri Sep 21 1990Ethernet-AppleTalk conflict?
205.06RIPPLE::ANDERSON_BIMon Sep 24 1990DECnet Hangs on FX
206.05ELWOOD::PRIBORSKYTue Sep 25 1990MacX complains that no ADSP when it's there
208.02SSBN2::HORNIKMon Oct 01 1990Licenses for LanWORKS expired today?
209.01SMPVAX::BLUNTWed Oct 03 1990ScriptPrinter problem - error opening file CPS_LIB again
210.03FSADMN::CORDELLWed Oct 03 1990MSA (VAXshare) crashes when double clicking on volume
211.02CSCOA3::EPLEY_TFri Oct 05 1990Can't start appletalk
212.01SCADMN::MERRELLTue Oct 09 1990IVP fails if QMG not running
213.04FSADMN::CORDELLTue Oct 09 1990Can't Connect with Alias using Real Kit
215.02SCADMN::MERRELLThu Oct 11 1990confusing error message from ADMIN/MSA
216.0SUBWAY::VOYSESTFri Oct 12 1990MSA hangs PCLAN/Server
217.01SCADMN::MERRELLMon Oct 15 1990DAL from V1.