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Conference ranger::uims

Title:User Interface / Display Manage
Created:Thu Apr 24 1986
Last Modified:Wed Mar 20 1996
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:33
Total number of notes:102
Number with bodies:0
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1.02RAINBO::MCNALLMon Jun 17 1985Introduction to UI/DM System Se
2.028RAINBO::MCNALLMon Jun 17 1985Directory of UIMS.NOT users
3.0RAINBO::MCNALLMon Jun 17 1985Glossary of UI/DM Terminology
4.05RAINBO::MCNALLMon Jun 17 1985Directory of UI/DM Systems
5.03RAINBO::MCNALLMon Jun 17 1985General UI/DM-SS notes
6.0VIKING::MCNALLWed Jun 26 1985ANSI X3H3 Windowing Standards
7.02MANANA::DM_JOHNSONMon Jul 08 1985comments?
8.0SPRITE::MICHONWed Aug 07 1985EZwin paper
9.03HOW::FANEUFThu Oct 10 1985Is anybody there??
10.01VIKING::MCNALLWed Nov 27 1985SIGGRAPH/NE meetings
11.01HOW::FANEUFThu Jan 09 1986UIMS description available
12.0MOSAIC::MCNALLMon Jun 09 1986X3H3.6 Windowing Standards Meeting Reports
13.07VOGON::FRYWed Jun 11 1986 User-Oriented Design?
14.05DSSDEV::GOODFri Jun 20 1986Rubel's BLOX Graphics Builder
15.0MOSAIC::MCNALLThu Jul 17 1986SIGGRAPH'86 "birds of a feather" session
16.02MISFIT::HOTFri Nov 14 1986UIS v3.1 DM
17.01DVINCI::KRAUSSMon Nov 24 1986VT22
18.02RAINBO::MCNALLMon Dec 15 1986User Inteface Systems Woods Meeting
19.0VAXWRK::PRAETORIUSMon Feb 09 1987XS-2
20.01DEDHED::SPINETue May 03 1988Human Factors in Design course
21.0ILO::MCWEENEYFri Aug 12 1988Fuzzy Fonts???
22.0RTL::REYERFri Jun 16 1989UIMS chair open at Xhibition
23.01SMVDV1::KLEBLANCMon Oct 09 1989Visual Display
24.01EST::JARGENTATIWed Oct 11 1989Multi-Display workstation
25.0VIA::ASHLUNDFri Jan 26 1990UIMS/IDT evaluations?
26.03ULTRA::ARGOWed Oct 03 1990multi-platform UI
27.0RANGER::PRAETORIUSMon Jan 14 1991whither OASIS?
28.01WKRP::BARTThu Aug 22 1991Writing to others users terminals
29.0GALVIA::PFEHINMon Nov 23 1992New book on usability available
30.0AWECIM::KLEEWed Oct 06 1993Set DISPLAY to VAXstation from ALPHA AXP OSF/1, User Interface Craches
31.0RDGENG::BENTHAMThu Aug 04 1994HCI expertise in Digital?
32.0QCAVWed Mar 29 1995New (User) Interface favourite
33.0HGOVC::EDDYWANGWed Mar 20 1996VT LAN 1