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Conference ranger::pwosf

Notice:see also NOTED::PWDOSWINV5 (PW client) & TURRIS::DIGITAL_UNIX
Created:Thu Apr 22 1993
Last Modified:Fri Jun 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1874
Total number of notes:6870
Number with bodies:467
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2.072--UnknownUser--Fri Apr 23 1993MEMBERS
3.0+46RANGER::DEEFri Apr 23 1993PATHWORKS for DEC OSF/1 KITS
6.04RANGER::DEEFri Apr 23 1993Phase closures
7.03RANGER::DEEFri Apr 23 1993Schedules
8.06RANGER::DEEFri Apr 23 1993Product Information
9.05RANGER::DEEFri Apr 23 1993PAPERS
10.01OSLLAV::PER_PThu Aug 12 1993spxconfig - minor bug
11.09OSLLAV::PER_PThu Aug 12 1993Installation problems on DEC OSF/1 v1.3
12.01HLDETue Aug 17 1993Disconnect on NetBIOS Keep-alive?
13.03HLDETue Aug 17 1993NET LOG[IO]N problems
14.0RANGER::YUANThu Aug 19 1993basic pwosf problem
15.01ULYSSE::DONZEFri Aug 20 1993User Interface
16.02ULYSSE::DONZEFri Aug 20 1993ljoqar dead?
17.03HOPOFF::HOANGTue Aug 31 1993Any plan for Netware implemenation ?
18.02HOPOFF::HOANGTue Aug 31 1993Netbios API in PWOSF ?
19.05DELNI::S_HAYESTue Aug 31 1993Request for Product Requirements for V6.
20.01ODIXIE::SHILLINGWed Sep 01 1993PATHWORKS V1.2 support and MAC connectivity?
21.02KOALA::LATHAMWed Sep 08 1993NETBIOS under OSF
22.011AMCMKO::BEAUThu Sep 09 1993Apple-talk support ?
23.05MIMS::DALEY_JThu Sep 16 1993mail...over decnet....to VMSMAIL??
24.016PEKKA::peuraFri Sep 24 1993Problems with the EFT1 kit
25.06NETRIX::thomasTue Sep 28 1993Why the *&%^&% is Pathworks OSF using SAP FE for?
26.01BELMNT::BEAZLEYTue Sep 28 1993PW for OSF V2.
27.04ULYSSE::DONZEThu Sep 30 1993Slides location ?
28.01OSLACT::DORTHEFri Oct 01 1993Is 2.1 clients supported?
29.05OSLLAV::PER_PFri Oct 01 1993U:PW OSF eft1 + PW dos v5.
30.04STKHLM::PENNSATERSat Oct 02 1993pathwork V1.2G and osf /1 V1.3 , passwd served over NIS(YP).
31.0NZOMIS::PELSun Oct 03 1993Problems with printing
32.07TRUCKS::YOUNGMon Oct 04 1993Performance Data required
33.010PEKKA::peuraMon Oct 04 1993OSF domain controller for NT?
34.02ARRODS::NADERWed Oct 06 1993Serious knowledge hole seeking plugging
35.03ULYSSE::DONZEMon Oct 11 1993Megasafe? BL5 ?
36.01OSLLAV::PER_PMon Oct 11 1993Is NT supported ?
37.06GYUPCC::BALTESKONISTue Oct 12 1993Remote boot support?
38.02SOLVIT::ROHNERTWed Oct 13 1993Yellow Pages problem
39.06TRUCKS::YOUNGThu Oct 14 1993URGENT - Customer Questions
40.06GLDOA::CSIEMBORThu Oct 14 1993YP Hangs
41.03ULYSSE::DONZEMon Oct 18 1993Switch to FDDI interface ?
42.02MSDOA::HICKSTThu Oct 21 1993Client-side access to NFS?
43.0CUESTA::ARRUZAThu Oct 21 1993DWDOS386.EXE can't run Motif applications
44.07NETRIX::thomasThu Oct 21 1993Does OSF Pathworks support more than one interface?
45.01SOLVIT::ROHNERTFri Oct 22 1993PCSA Manager corrupts screen
46.03OSLLAV::PER_PMon Oct 25 1993DEC OSF/1 v2.
47.03OSLLAV::PER_PTue Oct 26 1993URGENT:NETLOGON will not run!
48.012LEMAN::GOLON::BezenconWed Oct 27 1993PW OSF & ASE (DECsafe Available Server)
49.02STKHLM::MELKER::andersson_lThu Oct 28 1993Local printing over SLIP with PW OSF/1
50.01STKHLM::MELKER::andersson_lThu Oct 28 1993Term emul via SLIP
51.0--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 28 1993PATHWORKS 5.
51.0RANGER::DEEThu Oct 28 1993PATHWORKS 5.
52.03RANGER::DEEThu Oct 28 1993PATHWORKS 5.
53.05TENNIS::KAMFri Oct 29 1993PATHWORKS for OSF/1 -what version & where & how to order?
54.07COPCLU::MARTINTue Nov 02 1993swap space allocation problem
55.01LILTue Nov 02 1993Remote printing ?
56.01BKEEPR::BREITNERWed Nov 03 1993Printing via TCP/IP to attached printer
57.01MKOTS1::LEBLONDThu Nov 04 1993PW 5.
58.04MKOTS1::LEBLONDThu Nov 04 1993Admin Guide Anywhere?
59.03ULYSSE::DONZEMon Nov 08 1993PWOSF on Jensen ?
60.07MOLAR::DFLAT::PLOUFFEMon Nov 08 1993Some files in OSF/1 directory causing problems on W/NT...
61.02FAILTE::TAYLORMon Nov 08 1993Mac and PC services from OSF/1 NOW?
62.02MTVIEW::SMITHTue Nov 09 1993TCPIP getting any better?
63.0ODIXIE::STUMPFTue Nov 09 1993PW/OSF vs. WNT/Pentium
64.01VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WWed Nov 10 1993PW 1.2x KIT for OSF 1.3 wanted
65.06ZURThu Nov 11 1993PostScript Printer Problem
66.02RCOCER::SALEHIFri Nov 12 1993You were logged on, but
67.02FXODEV::HEDETue Nov 16 1993Problems with Dual-head configuration?
68.02SOLVIT::ROHNERTTue Nov 16 1993Another printer problem
69.04SEVERN::ROSENTHALThu Nov 18 1993Where's pw for osf demo kit?
70.02SEDOAS::DAVIES_GMon Nov 22 1993Monitoring tools
71.01MOLAR::DFLAT::PLOUFFEMon Nov 22 1993EFT2?
72.02TRUCKS::YOUNGTue Nov 23 1993PW IFT > OSF/1 Sterling Question
73.01DELNI::S_HAYESTue Nov 23 1993HP printer tips
74.02SOLVIT::ROHNERTTue Nov 23 1993Pathworks w/DOS & TCP/IP & OSF/1
75.02TPOVC::DANNYLINWed Nov 24 1993PATHWK disapper? removed? or ......
76.014NETRIX::thomasMon Nov 29 1993OSF Pathworks EFT2 crashes my Cobra
77.03MOLAR::DFLAT::PLOUFFEMon Nov 29 1993Question about note 3.6
78.01SEDOAS::DAVIES_GMon Nov 29 1993Wide Area Domains
79.04VAXRIO::MIRIAMMon Nov 29 1993Can't use pcsamgr
80.01SOLVIT::ROHNERTTue Nov 30 1993Installation problem
81.02SEDOAS::DAVIES_GFri Dec 03 1993Support for POLYCENTER Advanced File System
82.0DELNI::S_HAYESMon Dec 06 1993Wanted - MAC field test sites
83.01PCPLOD::LDNMon Dec 06 1993Connection problem
84.01MIMS::MULLIN_SWed Dec 08 1993order #'s for Jensen/OSF??
85.02OSLLAV::HELGEM_PThu Dec 09 1993OSF/1 T2.
86.05ANNECY::LAMIROYFri Dec 10 1993WAN Support
87.01TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHSun Dec 12 1993Where is the RPL docs. ?
88.03TRUCKS::YOUNGMon Dec 13 1993Remote Access Help
89.01HGODC1::GILBERTYIPTue Dec 14 1993Is PW OSF/1 available Jan. 94
90.06IJSAPL::ESSERTue Dec 14 1993Which version is translated PCR12
91.02SOLVIT::ROHNERTTue Dec 14 1993will PW install on OSF 1.3?
92.06ULYSSE::DONZEWed Dec 15 1993Sizing, capacity planning
93.0DELNI::S_HAYESThu Dec 16 1993V5 client compatibility
94.0ISIDRO::MAMORENOFri Dec 17 1993WAN support (cont.)
95.02COPCLU::MARTINFri Dec 17 1993Disconnect problem ??
96.01MILPND::BACCARIFri Dec 17 1993netadmin / PMSPL.DLL missing
97.03VNASWS::HAUSBMon Dec 20 1993lmx.ctrl is eating up my CPU
98.05BAHTAT::EATON_NThu Dec 23 1993Problems running pcsa on OSF/1
99.02EVTAI1::POUSSARDMon Dec 27 1993 ECO PWOSF1 kits ??
100.02SOLVIT::ROHNERTThu Dec 30 1993RPC11 Server can't decode argument
101.01ISTWI1::SENYUZMon Jan 03 1994Pathworks for OSF/1 quaddropro problem
102.02SOLVIT::ROHNERTMon Jan 03 1994Few Presales questions
103.01COPCLU::BJARNERTue Jan 04 1994NFS and sharing
104.02ISTWI1::DARUGERTue Jan 04 1994Pathworks v1.2G from the point of sales
105.02TRCT19::ALIWed Jan 05 1994SZ2
106.04ZURWed Jan 05 1994pwosf5.
107.03SOLVIT::ROHNERTWed Jan 05 1994Ten document limit
108.01NYOSFri Jan 07 1994SSB yet?
109.01INDYX::ramMon Jan 10 1994Related conferences
110.02FLYWAY::WALKERNTue Jan 11 1994pcsamgr hangs deleting session
111.04TOHOPE::WSAWed Jan 12 1994lat print services and pw osf...how?...doc?
112.01NBOIS::JOOSSThu Jan 13 1994TCP/IP: Primary, Standaloneserver ??
113.01NBOIS::JOOSSThu Jan 13 1994Where to find OSFCLINET121 ??
114.03ZURMon Jan 17 1994runaway process 'lmx.nbd' after pwadmin ...
115.01KETJE::MONTETue Jan 18 1994ln
116.02COLTue Jan 18 1994Do I need OSF/1 V2.
117.06PEKKA::peuraTue Jan 18 1994osf pw-server and client paks
118.07TARUGO::ALVAROWed Jan 19 1994WMD problem: disk space opening database
119.02EMASS::FIELDSFri Jan 21 1994pcsamgr won't run
120.02NBOIS::JOOSSMon Jan 24 1994"member" in a OS/2 2.
121.01ISTWI1::SENYUZMon Jan 24 1994quattro problems on pathworks
122.06TROOA::CSULLIVANWed Jan 26 1994NTAS Primary, OSF/1 Backup, won't talk
123.0HLDEThu Jan 27 1994Trying to create a public share: totally confused
124.01CUPMK::VASSILThu Jan 27 1994Security models?
125.06ZURThu Jan 27 1994In ManageWORKS: Error 58: Incorrect Network Response
126.01GUOVThu Jan 27 1994PW5 for OSF1 axp is not on PATHWK anymore.
127.04TKOV51::HAYAKAWAFri Jan 28 1994Can PWKS server connect to FDDI?
128.01STUFri Jan 28 1994Stop the Pathworks Server ????
129.02SMURF::BEIKMANMon Jan 31 1994dllink?
130.02SHIPS::YATES_MMon Jan 31 1994t2.
131.02EDUOZ::BOERSTue Feb 01 1994Locking, Macs, FAT file system
132.02BBOVWed Feb 02 1994Xircom CreditCard and PWV5
133.05BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANThu Feb 03 1994Logon always said standalone!
134.011BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANThu Feb 03 1994OSF/1 remote boot problem
135.07BPEPSI::CHARLESKWANThu Feb 03 1994Some files missing when doing dir *.*
136.01OSLThu Feb 03 1994Next kit schedule?
137.0ATYISA::VASILACHEFri Feb 04 1994Migration PWULTRIX-OSF
138.01MIMS::MULLIN_SFri Feb 04 1994"backup" to osf "primary" = NOGO
139.03MEOCTue Feb 08 1994Token Ring support?
140.07RANGER::DEEThu Feb 10 1994Any FDDI Report?
141.01OSLMon Feb 14 1994Error communicating with the primary domain controller (installation)?
142.03OSLMon Feb 14 1994Could not create data file .../license.dat?
143.018OSLMon Feb 14 1994How to avoid licensing hazzle?
144.014OSLLAV::PER_PMon Feb 14 1994Help configuring PATHWORKS OSF/1 + PW5DOS (URGENT)
145.01TRUCKS::YOUNGWed Feb 16 1994Printing via UB's ASM-1
146.06BERNWed Feb 16 1994Xcursion
148.0SOLVIT::ROHNERTThu Feb 17 1994DEClaser PS printer hangs
149.01MOLAR::DFLAT::PLOUFFEThu Feb 17 1994I hate going backwards, but I need to ask this question
150.02RANGER::DEEThu Feb 17 1994OSF/1 BL9 Pass3&4 BROKEN
151.07ZURFri Feb 18 1994BL4_4.99.
152.01BACHUS::BERGMANSFri Feb 18 1994Print fails and put the LPT port in error after 1
154.02MSBCS::GLICKLERMon Feb 21 1994Can't start server
155.05BAHTAT::HILTONMon Feb 21 1994PW OSF/1 with OS/2
156.0TROOA::GILBERTMon Feb 21 19943
157.06AOSF1::krasMon Feb 21 1994
158.01ADO75A::SHARPETue Feb 22 1994CAP and DEC OSF/1 works
159.01LILWed Feb 23 1994Upgrade Utility on V5.
160.02MSBCS::MSD623::GlicklerWed Feb 23 1994OSF, Pathworks on a Jensen
161.01ORO5Wed Feb 23 1994OSF Server DOC Pointer Please
162.01BAHTAT::HILTONWed Feb 23 1994What printers are supported?
163.01COPCLU::BJARNERThu Feb 24 1994Name Pipes
164.08ORO5Thu Feb 24 1994Simple help needed !
165.02WESTFri Feb 25 1994Remote boot
166.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSFri Feb 25 1994Startup Problems With pwosf5.
167.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNFri Feb 25 1994Pathworks V5 account syncronisation
168.03MILBRN::HILTONFri Feb 25 1994Fully re-run pwsetup configure?
169.01WESTMon Feb 28 1994Jensen version support
170.01RANGER::SANTANGELOMon Feb 28 1994"Need help pls configuration"
171.07WELCLU::BISAMB::bishoppMon Feb 28 1994Jensen,OSF/1 1.3B and released Pathworks kit ???
172.014HLDETue Mar 01 1994problem: knblink open failed: Error in protocol
173.011ZURTue Mar 01 1994Can't create a share on a dir. that does not yet exist with pwadmin (SSB kit)
174.04NETRIX::thomasTue Mar 01 1994BL4a fails to start on NETRIX
175.08ZENA::ASTRUAWed Mar 02 1994Pathworks, TRN interface, Netbeuei and TCP/IP ?
176.05ZURWed Mar 02 1994Personal share question under PW-OSF
177.01SOLVIT::ROHNERTWed Mar 02 1994pcsafs and virtual memory
178.05MILBRN::HILTONThu Mar 03 1994Maximum users?
179.02GIDDAY::RALLINGSThu Mar 03 1994pwosf5.
180.01SNERT::RALLINGSFri Mar 04 1994Loading Netware DOS License on OSF Licensen Manager
181.06BAHTAT::HILTONFri Mar 04 1994Backup doesn't migrate users
182.013HGRDSun Mar 06 1994IVP fail
183.04FRUST::SPALTMon Mar 07 1994Service Aliases supported ?
184.0SOLVIT::ROHNERTMon Mar 07 1994Some installation questions
185.0VNAED2::DIETERMon Mar 07 1994printshare permission and administration with NT
186.01KETJE::VERMEIRTue Mar 08 1994MAX Netbios sessions
187.04GOYA::JULIANRThu Mar 10 1994Kermit -> NetBIOS -> OSF/1 ?
188.01ROMEOS::WIMMER_DIThu Mar 10 1994Customer questions - help please
189.01ADO75A::SHARPEFri Mar 11 1994Migration of databases from PW4ULT to PW4OSF?
190.01KETJE::MORRENFri Mar 11 1994Lan Manager API's for OSF programs?
191.01MSDOA::WILLIAMSLFri Mar 11 1994PW Server as NFS Client
192.02MSDOA::WILLIAMSLFri Mar 11 1994Transparent access to DOS/U*IX text files?
193.04TRUCKS::YOUNGFri Mar 11 1994Sizing for Pathworks
194.01DPDMAI::BATESFri Mar 11 1994printservice problem on pathworks for OSF
195.0DELNI::S_HAYESFri Mar 11 1994SW LOANS for PATHWORKS (US only)
196.09DV78Fri Mar 11 1994Part number?
197.02PEKKA::peuraMon Mar 14 1994lmx.srv looping
198.02VNAED2::CHRISMon Mar 14 1994Send a message w/o username/password
199.01CECEHV::HARVALA_MMon Mar 14 1994What is a current situation of PATHWK node ?
200.02MILBRN::HILTONMon Mar 14 1994CMT for OSF/1
201.01OSLTue Mar 15 1994PAK name for n users?
202.03NESSIE::SOJDATue Mar 15 1994Information About ManageWorks
203.01BELMNT::BEAZLEYTue Mar 15 1994IFT #4 Bourne Shell Temp PAKS available?
205.0VNABRW::NAGELWed Mar 16 1994Net 2453: Unable to find domain controller
206.0TRUCKS::YOUNGThu Mar 17 1994disk quotas
207.02STKAI1::SBERGQUISTFri Mar 18 1994PATHWORKS for OSF/1 (Lan Man)
208.01--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 18 1994Problem in determining a servertype
209.05TRUCKS::YOUNGFri Mar 18 1994OS/2 User Migration to OSF/1
210.0TPOVC::DAVIDHSIEHSun Mar 20 1994Help to setup RPL/MOP in V5
211.0ULYSSE::DONZEMon Mar 21 1994Keep user definition /
212.0TRUCKS::YOUNGMon Mar 21 1994Group Length limits
213.01HGRDTue Mar 22 1994NET2318 & 214
214.010PIKOFF::DERISETue Mar 22 1994What about SMP servers?
215.08MYOTT::JOHNSONTue Mar 22 1994Install fails adding lanman account
216.01VNASWS::HAUSBTue Mar 22 1994Problem with WfW Client
217.01ADO75A::SHARPETue Mar 22 1994Cannot access problems
218.02TRNOI2::I1VVP::IRATOWed Mar 23 1994multi homed host vs m. h. pw server
219.06OSLWed Mar 23 1994Problem registering PAK?
220.01ADO75A::SHARPEWed Mar 23 1994All file space on OSF server under C:?
221.014LEMAN::BEZENCONWed Mar 23 1994LMU6
222.03LEMAN::BEZENCONThu Mar 24 1994PW5 & DEC AXP 15
223.02OSLTue Mar 29 1994Can't get OSF/1 server into Windows NT domain?
224.01STUTue Mar 29 1994Login domain problem with TCP/IP
225.07OSLTue Mar 29 1994Problem connecting from Windows NT Server Manager?
226.012OZROCK::FIDLERTue Mar 29 1994Macintosh access to OSF/1
227.033436::HOANGWed Mar 30 1994Competitive info needed !
228.02NEMAIL::ROBERTSONWed Mar 30 1994PW for OSF Server Admin Manual???
229.09FLYWAY::WALKERNThu Mar 31 1994Password change from PC ?
230.01SOLVIT::ROHNERTThu Mar 31 1994Part Numbers for PW OSF/1 V5.
231.03LILFri Apr 01 1994common lanman and OSF passwd ?
232.05SMURF::TALMANFri Apr 01 1994license problem: server or client?
234.012HOT::hal9.hlo.dec.com::gauvinTue Apr 05 1994OSF server rejects DOS PW5 clients, please help
235.01ROMWed Apr 06 1994Decnet problems installing PWOSF 5.
236.01ZURWed Apr 06 1994pcsanbud on osf/1 eat's cpu time
237.01KETJE::MORRENThu Apr 07 1994Inside LMX doc
239.03GIDDAY::KINGThu Apr 07 1994PW V5.
240.04SAC::KERRISON_GFri Apr 08 1994PW5 for DEC OSF/1 and Windows for Workgroups ?
241.06BARD::mcafeeSun Apr 10 1994Authorize user for pcsa?
242.02CECEHV::HARVALA_MMon Apr 11 1994HVCE Base KIt (HVBASE2
243.02GCUVAX::GULFMon Apr 11 1994OS/2 can't NET LOGON
244.0TRUCKS::YOUNGTue Apr 12 1994Ethernet Printing Questions
245.05FAILTE::GILLESPIETue Apr 12 1994Local Printing - OFFLINE ?
246.02POBOX::GHAHRAMANITue Apr 12 1994disk quota and password aging
247.02HOPOFF::HOANGTue Apr 12 1994Some details on PW OSF needed
248.03ZURTue Apr 12 1994Runaway pwalrtr process ...
250.02UTROP1::HUISKAMP_PWed Apr 13 1994PWV5
251.01LFOIS1::ALIEWed Apr 13 1994Sharing personal directory
252.0BER::SPANDOECKWed Apr 13 1994Shared Client Printer Problem using clispool
253.01ADO75A::SHARPEWed Apr 13 1994rpldepca.tsk truncated on PW4OSFv5.
254.01CECEHV::HARVALA_MThu Apr 14 1994Domain problem ?
255.02LFOIS1::ALIEThu Apr 14 1994How to bypass setlogon
256.07CCYLON::ANDERSONThu Apr 14 1994PW OSF Crashes NTAS !!!!!!
257.05BRADEC::BPCThu Apr 14 1994Login from DEC PC Motif
258.07VAXRIO::LORENAThu Apr 14 1994Disable functions in "pwadmin"
259.02TRUCKS::YOUNGFri Apr 15 1994OS/2 backup to OSF/1 system
260.06MIMS::MULLIN_SFri Apr 15 1994pwosf+WFW=Jensen CRASH, HELP!
261.05GIDDAY::OLLISSun Apr 17 1994How to increase session limit on server.
262.0GIDDAY::OLLISMon Apr 18 1994V4 clients intermittently unable to see files in directory.
263.03LARVAE::THAYER_SMon Apr 18 1994Is remote printing supported?
264.0WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTITue Apr 19 1994lmx.repl with remoteboot eats all CPU
265.06TRUCKS::YOUNGTue Apr 19 1994NET USE from OSF/1 to OS/2 system
267.05ZURTue Apr 19 1994how to change domain name
268.04WEOJET::SCOTTWed Apr 20 1994NETPASS & OSF/1 server
269.01LFOIS1::ALIEWed Apr 20 1994Patch + Advices ?
270.02ZURWed Apr 20 1994nfs locking
271.012MIMS::SOMPAYRAC_SWed Apr 20 1994What is file libsys5.so???
272.01BRULE::KNIGHTTThu Apr 21 1994Hard copy documentation part number for PWOSF?
273.0MIMS::SOMPAYRAC_SThu Apr 21 1994postscript print hplaser 4
274.02GIDDAY::OLLISThu Apr 21 1994Licensing over TCP/ip in another Subnet..
275.04STUFri Apr 22 1994A command like showini under OSF/1
276.04EEMELI::KINNARIMon Apr 25 1994NSP retransmitions in OSF/1 server using DECnet/OSI
277.04KETJE::VERMEIRMon Apr 25 1994Print share creation takes minutes
278.01KAOFS::BOIVINTue Apr 26 1994Can't connect after changing server's address...
279.04CAATS::TAMTue Apr 26 1994Backward Compatibility Mode! Yes or No
280.01CECEHV::HARVALA_MWed Apr 27 1994pwadmin case sensitive error
281.01UTRTSC::SLOOTWed Apr 27 1994does net print not work anymore
282.02PIYUSH::RUPARELIAThu Apr 28 1994Some NOS/Protocol type questions for an RFI
283.09ULYSSE::DONZEThu Apr 28 1994can't manage from remote PC
284.03OSLACT::ARNEFri Apr 29 1994Asyncronous PATHWORK connection to PW4OSF/1?
285.0ISIDRO::SOPLON::CANDIDO RIVEROFri Apr 29 1994printing problems: OSF/1 server to shared client printer
286.08MIMS::ROBERTSON_EFri Apr 29 1994PWOSF max volume size limit?
287.010RDGENG::RAKSHIT_UFri Apr 29 1994Access Denied when adding shares?
288.02HTSC19::DENISLIMon May 02 1994Patches OSFV2
289.09LFOIS1::ALIETue May 03 1994NIS(YP) & PWV5 requirements ?
290.01CECEHV::HARVALA_MTue May 03 1994ftp PATHWK requires a password ?
291.01GIDDAY::OLLISTue May 03 1994Using the EPSON fx{8
292.01VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WWed May 04 1994lmx.srv takes 1
293.03WOTVAX::THORND::thorntondThu May 05 1994Just how scalable is Pathworks ? feedback please
294.0TRUCKS::YOUNGThu May 05 1994Pathworks server crash
295.020MIMS::MORAWSKY_MThu May 05 1994lmx.srv looping problems
296.05SX4GTO::MOOREThu May 05 1994LMU6
297.0BACHUS::DHAENSFri May 06 1994increase session for decnet/osi
298.0TRUCKS::YOUNGFri May 06 1994Propagation problems from os/2
299.01OTOPFri May 06 1994NET2318: spooled non-spooled
300.04ZURMon May 09 1994'srvconfig -v -p' not showing active parameters?
301.06OSLMon May 09 1994Interactive users and PWOSF
302.01TRUCKS::YOUNGMon May 09 1994Printing via Jetdirect card
303.01KOMAIL::VALASEKMon May 09 1994Need some feedback for customer please. TCP subnets and domains.
304.02DPSWTue May 10 1994Error 58: - license problem ??
305.015TARUGO::MAITETue May 10 1994strange chars#%&$..running PWADMIN
306.04OSLACT::ARNEWed May 11 1994Very slow connetcions using TELNET and FTP
307.07STUWed May 11 1994German char and OSF/1 share problem
308.04TROOA::QUIROGAWed May 11 1994DWDOS, what application to run first??
309.01LAOSWed May 11 1994Support for ASE and fault tolerance
310.03LAOSWed May 11 1994What release SMP
311.017MIMS::ROBERTSON_EWed May 11 1994IVP unexpected network error.
312.01GIDDAY::OLLISWed May 11 1994Printer share pointing to an LPSBASE42
313.02TARUGO::MAITEThu May 12 1994Printer's forms in PATHWORKS for OSF/1
314.01KAOFS::BOIVINFri May 13 1994PWOSF 5.
315.04KOMAIL::VALASEKFri May 13 1994Auto populate LANMAN User accounts from OSF/1?
316.01KOMAIL::VALASEKFri May 13 1994NFS "777" paths as LANMAN shares, any better security?
317.03ULYSSE::DONZEMon May 16 1994pwosf V5.
318.06PIYUSH::RUPARELIAMon May 16 1994PW v5.
319.0ISIDRO::VARATue May 17 1994DEC 2
320.06ULYSSE::DONZEThu May 19 1994Pacer for OSF on the net !
321.02BACHUS::DHAENSFri May 20 1994Incorrect DIR output with LSM
322.05BER::SPANDOECKFri May 20 1994TCP/IP, Router, License-Problem
323.017TRUCKS::YOUNGMon May 23 1994License problems with 5.
324.0LILTue May 24 1994Status with Abort Retry Fail pbe ?
325.01MANEGE::GREBEWed May 25 1994Node PATHWK - %SYSTEM-F-REMRSRC,...
326.04WESTWed May 25 1994Ethernet based printer
327.01GIDDAY::OLLISThu May 26 1994LA31
328.03PCWOLF::TEDWARDSThu May 26 1994Complete kit V5.
329.01CSOPC2::Conferencing-UserThu May 26 1994Add share on 5.
330.06PEKKA::peuraMon May 30 1994lmx.repl looping
331.02TARUGO::MAITEMon May 30 1994Looking for something about tcp 139,udp 137 138
332.02BAHTAT::HILTONTue May 31 1994Replication failures
333.02VNABRW::SCHIERER_JWed Jun 01 1994Problems with PW f.OSF/1 over TCP/IP
337.02HAN::HAEUSSERThu Jun 02 1994NFS and Sharing with different unix's ?
338.06BACHUS::BERGMANSThu Jun 02 1994NET3779 with a valid username and password.
339.04BIGRED::DOMINEYThu Jun 02 1994Problems connecting PCs to server
340.04BACHUS::DHAENSFri Jun 03 1994works pw with quota on a ufs file system?
341.07WOTVAX::THORND::thorntondFri Jun 03 1994clarification on release notes please - sub net masks
342.02MIMS::ROBERTSON_EFri Jun 03 1994How access client LAT printer service.
343.0ROMEOS::MULLICKDAFri Jun 03 1994HP 56
345.02ARRODS::PENDERGRASTMon Jun 06 1994Parameter incorrect. Core dump
346.02VLJISA::LANZAMon Jun 06 1994Netware and PW OSF/1
347.03SMURF::TALMANMon Jun 06 1994misc/multi problems with pwosf implementation
348.01LAOSMon Jun 06 1994Unable to post NAME - LMU 6
349.02CECEHV::HARVALA_MTue Jun 07 1994Pathworks for OSF/1 X3.
350.01TBJVOA::HONDA_ITue Jun 07 1994PAK in JAPAN
351.03CGOWGS::OAKLEYTue Jun 07 1994unable to sync user database with PDC
352.01GIDDAY::OLLISWed Jun 08 1994Pwlic.srv process dumping core..
353.06OSLENG::MORTENNOWed Jun 08 1994Client printing problems
354.02LISVAX::RODRIGUESWed Jun 08 1994logon script
355.02NZOMIS::GEMPTONWed Jun 08 1994Windows for workgroups TCP/IP stack and pathworks
356.02TKTVFS::MATSUNOThu Jun 09 1994LANMAN users passwd??
357.0HLFSThu Jun 09 1994WP & osf&p1.2g
358.07ZURThu Jun 09 1994bookreader crash ....
359.06VEGAS::GURALNIKThu Jun 09 1994Help with V5 and NIS
360.01COPCLU::GREGFri Jun 10 1994HP/Sun competitive info
361.013KETJE::SYBERTZFri Jun 10 1994Pathworks and NFS : A big security hole ? -root=
362.0ONOIS1::MARCFri Jun 10 1994Print share pb on tty LAT on Pathworks V5.
363.07XIRTLU::schottFri Jun 10 1994wfw client install with osf server (cross post)
364.05KERNEL::JACKSONMon Jun 13 1994Scripts not backup up, OSF to OS/2
365.07WOTVAX::THORND::thorntondMon Jun 13 1994license verification problem with IP Only; works with decnet!
366.01TROOA::LFUNGMon Jun 13 1994LMF product name ??
367.09AKOCOA::INGRAHAMMon Jun 13 1994net logon fails with net3778
368.01CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::SPAANJAARS_JTue Jun 14 1994system account mountable, but protected
369.010ROMTSS::SERAFINIWed Jun 15 1994How to share a PC printer via CLISPOOL utility
370.02ATYISA::VASILACHEWed Jun 15 1994Logon script
371.02GUCCI::DMCCLOUDWed Jun 15 1994PW Share is Unsharable with OSF User?
372.03TLAVThu Jun 16 1994PW on OSF/1 V1.3,???
373.06LISTIM::SILVA_AThu Jun 16 1994PWv5 + Users Quotas = Don't work!
374.01DELNI::S_HAYESThu Jun 16 1994Info Sheet for PACER for OSF/1 Software
375.03CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::SPAANJAARS_JFri Jun 17 1994shared disk directory
376.02HGORS::KIMWAHNGFri Jun 17 1994Too Many Open Files !
377.012ZURFri Jun 17 1994PW OSF/1 V5.
378.01CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::SPAANJAARS_JMon Jun 20 1994Upgrading to V5.
379.0KETJE::BEYENSMon Jun 20 1994PW server daemons: sync or async writes
380.07MIMS::MULLIN_SMon Jun 20 1994debug in licenseserver=crash/core
381.05MIMS::MULLIN_SMon Jun 20 1994dlb not avail..can't see paks
382.0MIMS::MULLIN_SMon Jun 20 1994run setrplmop in ksh
383.01DRAC::HUELVESTue Jun 21 1994pwadmin. Memory Fault, core dump.
384.07SNOFS2::HUDSONSCOTTTue Jun 21 1994License server dying
385.02SUOSWS::KENNTNERWed Jun 22 1994libsys5.so missing
386.05EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Jun 22 1994pb with license manager
387.01OSLENG::MORTENNOThu Jun 23 1994Personal Share/Use,not browse
388.01WOTVAX::THORND::thorntondThu Jun 23 1994meterogeneous VMS OSF/1 Domain problem
389.0RANGER::DEEFri Jun 24 1994account replication fails on single quote
390.03BIGUN::TANNERMon Jun 27 1994DEC MLS+ and Pathworks V5.
391.02OSLMon Jun 27 1994Personal shares????
392.02AUSSIE::KIMPTONMon Jun 27 1994More than eight character nodenames ?
393.0BROUGH::DAVIESMon Jun 27 1994Future version installation suggestion
394.0BACHUS::DHAENSMon Jun 27 1994local shared postscript printer and wfw?
395.01MIMS::MORAWSKY_MMon Jun 27 1994LaserTools Spooling Agent
396.07GIDDAY::OLLISTue Jun 28 1994Licensing over FDDI
397.01ZURTue Jun 28 1994File locking, NFS & WinWord 6.
398.0DELNI::S_HAYESTue Jun 28 1994Need customers for press relations
399.02WPOPTH::ZAMBOTTIWed Jun 29 1994NOT see'ing files with X permission bit set. (also in PWDOSWINV5)
400.07AUSSIE::KIMPTONWed Jun 29 1994NetWare licenses on OSF/1
401.02CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::SPAANJAARS_JWed Jun 29 1994access denied when removing files and directories
402.0MIMS::MORAWSKY_MWed Jun 29 1994net print broke?
403.05KETJE::VERMEIRThu Jun 30 1994Some big concerns on PW OSF
404.01OSLFri Jul 01 1994SYS
405.0VNOTSC::PSCSFri Jul 01 1994time service, user storage limit
406.01SIOG::MCCARTHYMon Jul 04 1994Change password with Basic Redirector
407.09SUOSWS::KENNTNERMon Jul 04 1994Unable to start netbeui
408.01BELFST::HILLISMon Jul 04 1994RFC 1
409.03ADO75A::SHARPEMon Jul 04 1994PATHWORKS and OLE2 problems?
410.01CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::SPAANJAARS_JTue Jul 05 1994V5.
411.05CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::SPAANJAARS_JTue Jul 05 1994Change login domain
412.0BACHUS::VERELSTTue Jul 05 1994security implementation questions ??
414.02TAVIS::GIVONTue Jul 05 1994Error 5: The system will not allow..."
415.04COPCLU::COPSW2::RistoWed Jul 06 1994DIR from service with many files is empty
416.06GUOVWed Jul 06 1994Multiple printers on a queue?
417.0MIMS::MORAWSKY_MWed Jul 06 1994incorrect function ???????
418.01TRNOI2::I1VVP::iratoThu Jul 07 1994info req. replicator serv. mech.
419.0SUOSWS::KENNTNERThu Jul 07 1994Performance Issue
420.08ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNThu Jul 07 1994oh no... pw-osf/1 and netpass once again..
421.02UTRTSC::SWEEPThu Jul 07 1994British Telecom Questions
422.05GJOVAX::GRAEFFThu Jul 07 1994NETLOGON service won't start...NET 321
423.05NETRIX::thomasFri Jul 08 1994leading upper cases filenames hangs PW from Daytona?
424.01PRSSOS::GAUTIERFri Jul 08 1994NET FILE problem
425.06GVPROD::5Fri Jul 08 1994pwadmin - permit crashes (core dumped)
426.01AUSSIE::PARKERMon Jul 11 1994failover for licence server ?
427.05LFOIS1::ALIEMon Jul 11 1994Netlogon & Redir questions ?
428.0BACHUS::ROETSTue Jul 12 1994hang after RplPro1 (bootsect.com)
429.04OSLTue Jul 12 1994PWOSF/PWULTRIX etc.
430.08WELCLU::SUTCLIFFEJTue Jul 12 1994Users Directories not Added !!!!
431.01OSLWed Jul 13 1994Upgrade problems
432.04AUSSIE::PARKERWed Jul 13 1994Failover for Pathworks - discussion pls
433.01CECEHV::HARVALA_MWed Jul 13 1994install Pw DECnet driver afterwards ?
434.01COPCLU::MARTINWed Jul 13 1994Create Share decnet ...Failed
435.01NWGEDU::AARTSENWed Jul 13 1994PW shares messes up my print-outs
436.0NAPCED::LUSCIANOWed Jul 13 1994mop entry changing
437.02NETRIX::thomasThu Jul 14 1994public shares
438.02CECEHV::HARVALA_MThu Jul 14 1994Client can not mount big memory accounts ?
439.01OSANPO::TAIFri Jul 15 1994LMU6
440.05ZURFri Jul 15 1994XMALLOC out of MEM 52 (starting LICENSE_MANAGER)
441.02KETJE::MONTEFri Jul 15 1994PW on OSF/1 1.3a
442.01TRHMon Jul 18 1994auth group unknown
443.02OZROCK::TAYLORTue Jul 19 1994file corruption using Pacer for OSF/1
444.03CECEHV::cech13.cec.uto.dec.com::SPAANJAARSTue Jul 19 1994lmx.srv running twice
445.0MIMS::MORAWSKY_MTue Jul 19 1994client printing - pcl
446.03ULYSSE::DONZEWed Jul 20 1994Client license v5.1 kills license server
447.01TARUGO::MAITEWed Jul 20 1994PC-local printers LAT in PWKS OSF v5.
448.05EICMFG::BOHLENDERWed Jul 20 1994Remote boot service PW V5 for TCP/IP ??
449.01RANGER::GORCZYCAWed Jul 20 1994***WARNING*** - VTX PAKs for V5.1 = Problems
450.01NASRC::KULESSAThu Jul 21 1994Hidden server
451.07VAOP28::RiceThu Jul 21 1994Automounted shares?
452.013ROOK::GLEESONThu Jul 21 1994Need PW Printing expert!
454.07ROMTSS::FIORLETTAFri Jul 22 1994uppercase and dos
455.02ONOIS1::DEGATFri Jul 22 1994Doc needed
456.01COPHK::COPLAB::henrikMon Jul 25 1994Ivp fails with Create share fails
458.0VNOTSC::PSCSMon Jul 25 1994
459.03KAOFS::G_DONELYMon Jul 25 1994Pathworks Desktop Backup Server for OSF??
460.02MIMS::MORAWSKY_MMon Jul 25 1994VMS/NFS Playing with same rules???
461.0CECEHV::HARVALA_MTue Jul 26 1994How to restrict cliets reserving too much processing capabilities in server ?
462.01YUPPY::GINNTue Jul 26 1994shares on nfs volumes
464.01VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WTue Jul 26 1994problems with special characters in filename
465.01KYOSS1::GREENTue Jul 26 1994terminal emulator slowdown
466.03OZVAX::MCNAMARAWed Jul 27 1994Concurrent use lic?
467.09LISVAX::RODRIGUESWed Jul 27 1994Nighmare with a License Server
468.07ULYSSE::DONZEWed Jul 27 1994Pacer for OSF ssb
469.02LFOIS1::ALIEThu Jul 28 1994LMF & Licence server not aivalable
470.02VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WThu Jul 28 1994PermitTree+^C, net access crashes
471.04FAILTE::GILLESPIEThu Jul 28 1994Print Sub-System Stability
472.02GIDDAY::OLLISFri Jul 29 1994Domain Controllers - How do they talk?
473.0RANGER::DEEFri Jul 29 1994Licensing Server Problems
474.03BELFST::BURGESSFri Jul 29 1994Server dropping client connections
475.011OLCROW::MCCANCEFri Jul 29 1994ivp for decnet & tcp/ip
476.014VNOTSC::PSCSMon Aug 01 1994license server and netlogon service
477.0STUMon Aug 01 1994performance problem wfw3.11-osf1-vms
478.01SNOFS2::HUDSONSCOTTTue Aug 02 1994Connect to remote server?
479.010BEJVC::PRESTONMEITue Aug 02 1994the last offical version media and documents
480.0SNO78A::SCARAB::ATKINSTue Aug 02 1994RPLMGR chucks a wobbly
481.03AUSSIE::PARKERWed Aug 03 1994multiple servers clarification
482.06PRMSWed Aug 03 1994Upgrading from OSF/1 V2.
483.02GIDDAY::OLLISThu Aug 04 1994Server crashes..
484.01OSLThu Aug 04 1994How do I change refresh rate?
485.0COPCLU::GREGThu Aug 04 1994LANmanager vs. NFS performance
486.03OSLThu Aug 04 1994Routing problems!!!
487.01OSLThu Aug 04 1994Questions about NTAS and PWOSF1
488.01RANGER::WEAR::62645::DCWBThu Aug 04 1994Cannot change to Standalone to BDC from Standalone
489.01UTRTSC::SLOOTThu Aug 04 1994mapgroup not implemented?
490.016VAOP28::RiceThu Aug 04 1994PWNT client connection rules
491.03WESTFri Aug 05 1994HP LaserJet and suppressing flag pages
492.01KYOSS1::GREENFri Aug 05 1994remote boot and coexistence
493.04EEMELI::MLEINOMon Aug 08 1994Transport "/dev/streams/dlb" not available...?
494.01YUPPY::GINNTue Aug 09 1994replicate over wan ?
495.04OSLTue Aug 09 1994Large postschript files=problems?
496.0MIMS::MORAWSKY_MTue Aug 09 1994HP Laser filter problem
497.0KYOSS1::GREENTue Aug 09 1994rpl.map and rplmgr.ini
498.04OZROCK::SALAMACHAWed Aug 10 1994Problems with NFS mounted service from ULTRIX onto OSF/1 PW server V5.
499.06GIDDAY::CASEYWed Aug 10 1994SYS
502.07VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WWed Aug 10 1994Pathworks 5.
503.04WESTWed Aug 10 1994License server - change name
504.01RANGER::WEAR::62645::DCWBThu Aug 11 1994Browser problem and changing server role problem related?
505.03KERNEL::TAGGARTNThu Aug 11 1994xcopy with pw v5.
506.01FLYWAY::WALKERNFri Aug 12 1994osfqueue: unknown printer
507.01OSLFri Aug 12 1994Home directory on other node
508.0KERNEL::TAGGARTNFri Aug 12 1994tcp/ip only cannot connect
509.02DELNI::S_HAYESFri Aug 12 1994Looking for PWOSF NetWare EFT sites
510.0FLYWAY::WALKERNMon Aug 15 1994DECinspect and Pathworks
511.020FLYWAY::WALKERNMon Aug 15 1994net share for print shares is sloooowwww
512.04DPSWMon Aug 15 1994Host Security
513.02SIOG::B_RAFFERTYWed Aug 17 1994Security Again
514.06MRKTNG::SKINNERThu Aug 18 1994domain and backup controller help needed
515.03MUDIS3::FISCALFri Aug 19 1994Local Printer via OSF/1
517.01EVTAI1::POUSSARDMon Aug 22 1994pcsamgr hangs in PW/OSF 1.2G
518.04VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WMon Aug 22 1994admin password forgotten - what to do now ??
519.04BER::MEYERMon Aug 22 1994PW-Server hang on "net share" (perhaps same probl. as 435 or 452)
520.03TROOA::GILBERTTue Aug 23 1994variety of OSF/1 PW issues
521.03NYOSS1::TEDWARDSTue Aug 23 1994File Systems: Unix to DOS
522.01VNADC1::HUEBSCHWed Aug 24 1994cannot start Pacer Admin
523.01BACHUS::BERGMANSWed Aug 24 1994How can I copy multiple Uppercase OSF/1 files to a client?
524.05GIDDAY::OLLISWed Aug 24 1994Connections over the wide area network
525.09KAOOSC::boivinThu Aug 25 1994Can't configure kernel (pwGoldBL1rev3 and OSF/1 V3.
526.01COLThu Aug 25 1994clispool and Windows 3.1
527.014VNABRW::FRKPC::kasparec_fThu Aug 25 1994V5.
528.01GIDDAY::OLLISFri Aug 26 1994Hostpasswordsync
529.04SPARGL::6369Fri Aug 26 1994core dump net access
530.03ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNFri Aug 26 1994netpass and osf/1 gives me a headache!
531.01COPCLU::BJARNERSun Aug 28 1994API for Print control
532.0UTRTSC::XAVEERMon Aug 29 1994home-directory of cloned user
533.01BER::MEYERMon Aug 29 1994pers. share - stil doesnt work
534.03LYOISA::MARTINMon Aug 29 1994Configure without DECnet
535.01COPCLU::COPSW2::RistoMon Aug 29 1994Cannot connect OS/2 to OSF/1 server (license)
536.02BER::MEYERMon Aug 29 1994personel share - still problem
538.08GIDDAY::OLLISTue Aug 30 1994What does this parameter do??
539.0GIDDAY::OLLISTue Aug 30 1994A user is a user is a user??
540.0MRED::ROBBINSTue Aug 30 1994Wanted: People to Evaluate Network Mgr's Guides
541.01ORO5Wed Aug 31 1994FAT file system support ?
542.05OSLWed Aug 31 1994Problem printing Postscript
543.01TALE::golon.geo.dec.com::bezenconThu Sep 01 1994PW5.
544.06OSLThu Sep 01 1994BUG in PATHWORKS OSF/1 ???
545.01MIMS::SOMPAYRAC_SThu Sep 01 1994files not seen Twilight Zone behavior
546.05MIMS::SOMPAYRAC_SThu Sep 01 1994will pwosf 5.
547.0BACHUS::ROETSThu Sep 01 1994net files, strange output or error
548.03TLAVFri Sep 02 1994pwosf5.
549.0BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDMon Sep 05 1994service netlogon error 6
550.03KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLMon Sep 05 1994NET WHO and phantom users...
551.01KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLMon Sep 05 1994Licence Manager problems.....
552.01OZROCK::MAFFEYTue Sep 06 1994Error configuring DOS 5.1 client from OSF/1 gold server
553.06TARUGO::MAITETue Sep 06 1994Strange chars AGAIN!!! Any help!!!
554.03TARUGO::MAITETue Sep 06 1994Printers, ERROR and ERROR WRITING to LPT?:
555.02KERNEL::TAGGARTNTue Sep 06 1994Cannot overwrite on 5.
556.02EEMELI::MLEINOWed Sep 07 1994strange user name displayed in license manager
557.02VMSNET::DALEYWed Sep 07 1994net accounts/role:backup gets "error 1: incorrect function"
558.05BACHUS::BERGMANSThu Sep 08 1994OSF/1 with SCO role in the domain problems
559.0MANIOK::DROSTEFri Sep 09 1994Shares and NFS ?
560.08ROMFri Sep 09 1994Error in Creating file thru NFS
561.03SIOG::B_RAFFERTYSat Sep 10 1994Logon script and home directory problem
563.04KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLMon Sep 12 1994PW5.
564.01TROOA::QUIROGAMon Sep 12 1994pcsamail
565.03LJSRV1::RICHARDSONMon Sep 12 1994Crashing PC excursion window over DECNET y
566.0GIDDAY::OLLISMon Sep 12 1994Word Pefect install from V4.x client to V5 server - crashes server...
567.05ARRODS::PENDERGRASTTue Sep 13 1994PC file copy OK but OSF/1 has empty file.
568.08COPCLU::KARSTENWed Sep 14 1994panic: kernel memory fault (DEC OSF/1 V2.1B & PATWORKS V5.
569.01BACHUS::DHAENSWed Sep 14 1994lmx.srv looping, 2lmx.srv processes!!
570.02KERNEL::BROWNMWed Sep 14 1994Disk Full not recognised
571.02ULYSSE::DONZEWed Sep 14 1994Dr. PATHWK and Mr. skidrow ??
572.0HLFSThu Sep 15 1994Problem using clipr
573.01WLW::SHREVEThu Sep 15 1994Can server be installed on any file system?
574.03NWDFri Sep 16 1994Clients lose connections when PWOSF is installed
575.03DECWET::ORMISTONFri Sep 16 1994netbeui & DECnet server problem
576.0XFMVMon Sep 19 1994PWRKS 4.1 clients with V5 server on OSF/1
577.02TPSPS1::TSC1MGRTue Sep 20 1994fully transparent printer service,dot matrix
578.07GIDDAY::LILICWed Sep 21 1994New connections fail (USE
579.06SIOG::BATEMANWed Sep 21 1994NetUserValidate2 always Access Denied
580.01UNXA::LARSENThu Sep 22 1994Compatibility of OSF/1 V3.
581.05COPCLU::COPSW2::RistoThu Sep 22 1994Problem replicating NT UAS to OSF/1
582.0EVTAI1::POUSSARDThu Sep 22 1994NET31
583.05BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDThu Sep 22 1994printcap entries not appearing in destinations
584.013BCFI::CNILSSONFri Sep 23 1994PWOSF 5.
585.02ROMEOS::MIKAO::mullickFri Sep 23 1994PW/OSF x-domains a problem?
586.01MPGS::LAVINMon Sep 26 1994is this supported
587.01ZURTue Sep 27 1994Problem printing to a non-PS printer under Windows 3.1
588.0TARUGO::MAITETue Sep 27 1994PWKOSF/1 v5.
589.02KLUSTR::GARDNERTue Sep 27 1994Netware IFT?
590.05NWDWed Sep 28 1994Problem with simultaneous file access
591.06OSLWed Sep 28 1994printing problem pwosf
592.03SMURF::TALMANWed Sep 28 1994problem with resources and net access
593.03ZURWed Sep 28 1994PCSA Mail notification over TCP/IP?
594.08ISIDRO::FSSOP2Wed Sep 28 1994Pathworks Mail, TCP/IP, OSF Server
595.01KILRB1::BACCARIThu Sep 29 1994error 65,help needed
596.05LEMAN::BOTHNERThu Sep 29 1994How to set default permissions on directory?
597.01SX4GTO::OLSONFri Sep 30 1994V5.
598.03GVPROD::MSTEINERFri Sep 30 1994Internal systems: pw under OSF/1 or OpenVMS ?
599.0ULYSSE::DONZEFri Sep 30 1994comparative performance of transport paper
600.01CGOOA::KUHNENFri Sep 30 1994OSF to netware printing
601.05OZROCK::SALAMACHAMon Oct 03 1994Mixed case filenames and Pathworks
602.04BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDMon Oct 03 1994How do osf and lanman permissions map
603.04COPCLU::GREGMon Oct 03 19941
604.02EVTISA::SUPMon Oct 03 1994NET TIME \\SERVER doesn't work with REMOTE BOOT from PATHWORKS OSF/1
605.04MEDINA::BEELENMon Oct 03 1994Postcript printing problem
606.05VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WTue Oct 04 1994LMU6
607.01GALVIA::JODONNELLTue Oct 04 1994Problem getting pwsetup kernel to work with OSF/1 V3.
608.02TALE::golon.geo.dec.com::bezenconTue Oct 04 1994PCL translator needed on OSF ?
609.05VMSNET::DALEYTue Oct 04 19945.
610.010VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WWed Oct 05 1994License Server dies with "could not alloc memory ..."
611.01CSOA1::GIBSONWed Oct 05 1994OSF 3.
612.02HGOVC::QCAVThu Oct 06 1994help DWDOS with Pathworks for OSF...
613.03EVTISA::SUPThu Oct 06 1994RPLDEPCA.TSK from 5.
614.01BIS6::MACOURSThu Oct 06 1994256 a limit for TCP/IP - NETBIOS
615.0BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDFri Oct 07 1994Dec Athena and pwosf
616.0VNABRW::MATHE_WFri Oct 07 1994difference between PW 5.
617.03BOZEMN::ANDERSONFri Oct 07 1994Remote Boot / FDDI
618.02FLYWAY::WALKERNMon Oct 10 1994Postscript printing problem from windows...
619.01DREVS1::WERNERTue Oct 11 1994UAD sync problem in pw for osf/1
620.01COPCLU::COPSW2::RistoWed Oct 12 1994Has 5.
621.0RANGER::DEEWed Oct 12 1994Anyone reliably having the lmspoolmap problem?
622.05BAHTAT::HANNAN_SWed Oct 12 1994Hybrid users???
623.0EEMELI::MLEINOWed Oct 12 1994Password expiration problem with UAS replication inNT domain
624.03VMSNET::DALEYWed Oct 12 1994net who shows multiple logons, same pc, same username
625.02STKHLM::SNIKPC::cederhagThu Oct 13 1994Can't change adminuserid in lanman.ini
626.02VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WFri Oct 14 1994printing problem with la424 and PW5.
627.01BAHTAT::HILTONFri Oct 14 1994DHCP?
628.02MSBCS::REEDFri Oct 14 1994Help needed trying to implement PW5 with YP
629.02MUDIS3::DSCHMIERMon Oct 17 1994lost TCP/IP and NetBEUI protocol after upgrade
631.01MIMS::MULLIN_SMon Oct 17 1994enhanced sec _need_ Kerberos?
632.01SALEM::ARNOLDTue Oct 18 1994Printer queue does not exist
633.01MANMWed Oct 19 1994Pwrks for osf/1 version 3
634.03ULYSSE::DONZEWed Oct 19 1994Shutdown problem with 5.
635.01NZOVWed Oct 19 1994OSF/1 doc update service?
636.08STKAI1::EROSENWed Oct 19 1994Defined SHARES disappeared. Bug in V5.
637.02DPSWThu Oct 20 1994net user /homedir syntax ?
638.02SIOG::MCCARTHYThu Oct 20 1994Change License Server Name
639.01COPCLU::GREGFri Oct 21 1994PrestoServe...
640.01OSLFri Oct 21 1994USENET info on PW OSF/1??
641.0DPSWMon Oct 24 1994Node Names ??
642.01OSLMon Oct 24 1994PWOSF 5.
643.01TAKEOF::FOWLERMon Oct 24 1994Connection hangs with NETBEUI & Windows NT
644.0TAVMon Oct 24 1994Big LM-Accoun file and server failure
645.01HGOM11::PRESTONMEITue Oct 25 1994pwks admin. doc.
647.02XSTACY::MDUNPHYTue Oct 25 1994An OSF Application writing to a place where a pc has access too...
648.03GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOWed Oct 26 1994OSF user password and LANMAN password synchronization
649.03NEWOA::HUNT_NWed Oct 26 1994PW5.
650.03BACHUS::ROETSWed Oct 26 1994pwosf decnet tcp/ip performance
651.01ATYISA::LUCASThu Oct 27 1994sizing guide: what news ?
652.01AUSSIE::elstree.sna.dec.com::kimptonFri Oct 28 1994Documentation for PW Netware for OSF/1
653.01GIDDAY::WALKERFri Oct 28 1994Pathworks 5.
654.06VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WFri Oct 28 1994printcap info needed
655.03MIMS::MULLIN_SMon Oct 31 19945.
656.0MIMS::SOMPAYRAC_STue Nov 01 1994Can you have Underscore in licenseserver name???
657.02GOIVIT::ALDENWed Nov 02 1994What sort of long file name support does this server offer?
658.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGWed Nov 02 1994personal service
659.02FLYWAY::WALKERNThu Nov 03 1994null entries in net access & net file commands
660.01MIMS::MORAWSKY_MThu Nov 03 1994Could this be the answer!!!!!
661.01TLAVFri Nov 04 1994How to add printer service
662.01OSLFri Nov 04 1994Connection problems PWOSF 5.
663.0LYOISA::RIVARDFri Nov 04 1994printing pb with pwosf
664.0GIDDAY::WALKERMon Nov 07 1994Pathworks 5.
665.01VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WMon Nov 07 1994How to change the name of the BDC ?
666.01MSBCS::REEDMon Nov 07 1994Changing Security to share level
668.0DEEIS1::BDE19Tue Nov 08 1994lmx daemon lost
669.04EICMFG::HILLSTue Nov 08 1994Multiple License Server Confusion!
670.05KERNEL::BROWNMTue Nov 08 1994PW v5 server PW v4.1 clients will it work?
671.03VMSNET::DALEYWed Nov 09 1994sys
672.01VAXRIO::MANOELThu Nov 10 1994Ungent help needed about PCX$SERVER
673.025SIBILO::BARBERISThu Nov 10 1994OSF/1 3.
674.0COPCLU::FINNThu Nov 10 1994Not able to view the selected net queue...
675.01UTROP1::HUISKAMP_PThu Nov 10 1994Problems creating users & accessing personal s
676.04TARUGO::MAITEFri Nov 11 1994SRVSTAT utility!! any help
677.04BOZEMN::ANDERSONFri Nov 11 1994Multiple Ethernet Rails...
678.01AKOCOA::INGRAHAMFri Nov 11 1994another license server problem
679.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGSun Nov 13 1994Memory Mgnt on PC
680.04COPCLU::COPSW2::RistoMon Nov 14 1994TCP/IP on 2 ethernet interfaces
681.0UTRTSC::SLOOTMon Nov 14 1994problem with printing via class
682.03EEMELI::SYVANENMon Nov 14 1994Unable to share a CD-ROM
683.01HAN::HAEUSSERTue Nov 15 1994Plans for "AS"-Lan Manager on OSF/1 ?
684.01ADO75A::SHARPETue Nov 15 1994PW4OSF with NetWare won't install?
685.05EEMELI::MLEINOWed Nov 16 1994PWOSF and C2 security?
686.01ADO75A::SHARPEWed Nov 16 1994PW4OSF(NW) goes away!
687.01SIOG::B_RAFFERTYThu Nov 17 1994accounts.lmx
688.0CECAMO::JAGERMANThu Nov 17 1994Impossible to delete printer in 5.
689.01FRSCS::MELHAJFri Nov 18 1994PWOSF, License Problem with TCP/IP and Token
690.0SWTHOM::GRAMAINMon Nov 21 1994debug and signaldebug options
691.02DEKPS1::BYUNGHOONKANMon Nov 21 1994Adding printer service cause system slow down ?
692.03ADO75A::SHARPEMon Nov 21 1994SAMBA: CopyLeft LM server for UNIX (inc DEC OSF/1)
693.03WPOPTH::WADMTue Nov 22 1994File Replication... When?
694.01LEMAN::SIMPSONTue Nov 22 1994V5.
695.03DECWET::ORMISTONTue Nov 22 1994NET321
696.01OSLWed Nov 23 1994nett print + perf. problems
697.02SIBILO::BARBERISWed Nov 23 1994V5
698.01COPCLU::CPC11Wed Nov 23 1994view print queues
699.01OSLWed Nov 23 1994print share problems
700.05MSDOA::HICKSTWed Nov 23 1994IVP: Remove access...Failed
701.01RANGER::DEEWed Nov 23 1994Summary of PWOSF versus OSF/1 3.
702.01DAIVWed Nov 23 1994 PathWORKS migration from ULTRIX
703.01COPCLU::GREGSat Nov 26 1994Transfer of print between class- and real print queues?
704.01ATYISA::VASILACHEMon Nov 28 1994Share CD-ROM's Server
705.02EVTAI1::SUPTue Nov 29 1994LJOQAR not reachable ?
706.01MSCDEV::MSCCOMMONTue Nov 29 1994Another question about EFT1 doc.
707.01PRSSOS::BOUBERTTue Nov 29 1994Problem to list files from PWadmin into a UCX nfs link
708.04VNABRW::FRKPC::kasparecTue Nov 29 1994NW-LM EFT1 and LSM; 8
709.01DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGTue Nov 29 1994NET3112 and NET231
710.03MANIOK::DROSTEWed Nov 30 1994PW-OSF 5.1 ?
711.04FLYWAY::WALKERNWed Nov 30 1994lmx.srv & lmx.repl looping
712.0LFOIS1::ALIEWed Nov 30 1994UAS & Oracle users database
713.01GOYA::JULIANRWed Nov 30 1994SVE lp and Pathworks lpr ?
714.06ADO75A::SHARPEThu Dec 01 19941
715.09RMRDTO::giaipronFri Dec 02 1994Internal errors from pwadmin, PW v5.
716.014MPGS::LAVINMon Dec 05 1994accounts accross a domain
717.05MANIS2::DROSTEMon Dec 05 1994logon validation
718.08TALE::golon.geo.dec.com::bezenconMon Dec 05 1994NT 3.5/PW5
719.07ADO75A::SHARPEMon Dec 05 1994Supervisor password under pwosf-nw?
720.02BREAKR::UDICKMon Dec 05 1994Printer Q not seen from PC.
721.01IJSAPL::TEEKEN_JTue Dec 06 1994Logon validation on tokenring ??
722.0MANIS2::DROSTETue Dec 06 1994pwinstal ?
723.0ZPOVC::WEBBERWed Dec 07 1994Que Problems
724.0EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Dec 07 1994 net29 and net31
725.01MIMS::SOMPAYRAC_SWed Dec 07 1994stiped volume sets in OSF/1
726.03KYOSS1::GREENWed Dec 07 1994utilization question
727.03FLYWAY::WALKERNThu Dec 08 1994PC printing to print share crashes PC
728.0COPCLU::BJARNERThu Dec 08 1994Move UAS between systems
729.0MIMS::SOMPAYRAC_SThu Dec 08 1994net sessions reports incorrectly
730.03VMSNET::DALEYThu Dec 08 1994net session gives sys
731.04GIDDAY::MUNNFri Dec 09 1994PWOSF(Netware) supervisor password ?
732.01MLNORO::LANCELLOTTIFri Dec 09 1994osfqueue does not appears
733.03LNXVAX::LNXPVK::kampen_pFri Dec 09 1994PACER for OSF/1 3.
734.010GOYA::JOSEFMon Dec 12 1994SSB for PW Netware OSF/1, please?
735.03BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDMon Dec 12 1994net31
736.0DELNI::S_HAYESMon Dec 12 1994product committments are in VTX IR
737.0FLYWAY::WALKERNMon Dec 12 1994sharename=printlog ?
738.0OSLMon Dec 12 1994bad file number???
739.03MPGS::LAVINMon Dec 12 1994can this be done?
740.02KERNEL::BROWNMWed Dec 14 1994Print shares lost
741.01BACHUS::BERGMANSWed Dec 14 1994what determine the max sessions?
742.04BACHUS::ROETSThu Dec 15 1994OSF pathworks <-> xti problem
744.01GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOFri Dec 16 1994License removed from PWLSADMIN; how to get back ?
745.03ZURMon Dec 19 1994PW V5.
746.03BACHUS::BERGMANSMon Dec 19 1994lmx.srv consuming to much memmory
747.02WPOPTH:: Dec 20 19945.
748.02ZPOVC::JASONCHANTue Dec 20 1994Pathwork for Mac?
749.01MUTTON::LAMBTue Dec 20 1994Primary and Backup domain servers and no LOGONSERVICE
750.01PORVAX::MORAISWed Dec 21 1994NET214
751.04TPSYS::DUMASWed Dec 21 1994Can't see newly-added server disk?
752.03KAOOSC::boivinThu Dec 22 1994IVP fails: NET2225: The resource permission list already exists.
753.03OSLThu Dec 22 1994file access problems
754.02HGOM22::CKCHEUNGFri Dec 23 19944 char username got error message.
755.01HLFSFri Dec 23 1994Printers are mixed up
756.01CUESTA::ARRUZATue Dec 27 1994Problems printing to PC local printer & OSF/1 v3.
757.01KERNEL::BROWNMWed Dec 28 1994LIC
758.0KYOSS1::GREENFri Dec 30 1994fs space and printing
759.05HYDRA::ALDENSat Dec 31 1994How can I avoid using the passwd file for the UAS?
760.01NETRIX::"mattacch@spinix.rio.dec.com"Tue Jan 03 1995Terminal Emulator hang with Lat
761.01ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNTue Jan 03 1995net231
762.01TAVTue Jan 03 1995modify kernel shared memory params?
763.03TFOSS1::sultry.tfo.dec.com::DALTONTue Jan 03 1995Problems with EFT1 (NW & LM) install/configuration
764.03SMOKN::MEAGHERTue Jan 03 1995Will NW work on < V3.
765.02VMSNET::DALEYTue Jan 03 1995duplicate numbers for lmx.srv processes, netstat shows recvQ full for pc sessions
766.0BACHUS::WAUTERSWed Jan 04 1995A write error occurred
767.01ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNWed Jan 04 1995another access problem with pw-osf 5.
768.010HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENThu Jan 05 1995How to deal with personal shares?
769.01TOOK::MOODYThu Jan 05 1995Getting lanman software error NET214
770.06GIDDAY::MCKENNAFri Jan 06 1995Decnet or TCP/IP disappearing
771.01ULYSSE::GUINEA::BALLETTAFri Jan 06 1995Uppercase letters in filenames and their visibility from PW
772.04COPCLU::RISTOFri Jan 06 1995LMU6
773.04TAVFri Jan 06 1995knblink in wrong state
774.02COPCLU::COPSW2::RistoFri Jan 06 1995NETPASS in an NT domain
775.01OTOOA::BROOMESat Jan 07 1995Pacer support an FDDI network connection?
776.07SIOG::BATEMANSun Jan 08 1995NET WHO on PWOSF
777.06STKHLM::BACKSTROMSun Jan 08 19955.
778.01ULYSSE::GUINEA::BALLETTAMon Jan 09 1995granting right access to user is not help to let him write
779.01POLAR::STEWARTNMon Jan 09 1995Pathworks V5.
780.0ADO75A::SHARPETue Jan 10 1995When EDS comes to town, PATHWORKS leaves?
781.04STKHLM::BACKSTROMWed Jan 11 1995Directory update index error?
782.0POLAR::STEWARTNWed Jan 11 1995Error configuring Pathworks V5.
783.02HYDRA::ALDENWed Jan 11 1995Is printing to this server really this difficult?
784.01SWAM2::SCHENKER_DAWed Jan 11 1995WFW and PC/TCP as clients?
785.01ADO75A::SHARPEThu Jan 12 1995SNMP and PWOSF?
786.02EWBUThu Jan 12 1995PWOSF 5.
787.01POLAR::STEWARTNThu Jan 12 1995removing all of the Pathworks product
789.02MIMS::MORAWSKY_MFri Jan 13 1995VOODOO Printer Class!!
790.01LAOSS1::UDICK_STMon Jan 16 1995How do we notify customers of problems
791.06VNABRW::POLTINTue Jan 17 1995license server dies on V5.
792.03FRAFS1::ELHAJTue Jan 17 1995PWOSF TokenRing und NET LOGON Validation
793.01MSBCS::REEDTue Jan 17 1995When will PATHWORKS support NIS
794.01WASHDC::16.67.16Tue Jan 17 1995more netware questions - diskless boot
795.07WELCLU::HUBBARDPWed Jan 18 1995Problems with OSf/1 member
796.0POLAR::STEWARTNWed Jan 18 1995Pathworks install error's
797.04VAXRIO::SCHORWed Jan 18 1995pwadmin aborts in term. emulation
798.01TROUWed Jan 18 1995Pre-configured PW/OSF/1 Servers?
799.02GIDDAY::LILICThu Jan 19 1995Remote Boot missing PROTOCOL.INI - MAC
800.03LISTIM::SILVA_AThu Jan 19 1995Trouble with NO BANNER on printer queue
801.011TAVThu Jan 19 1995PWOSF fails to logon validate over TCP/IP.
802.07STKAI1::ELFGRENFri Jan 20 1995RIS don't extr. all subsets
803.01ZURFri Jan 20 1995Concurrent ACCESS to File
804.02LAOSS1::UDICK_STFri Jan 20 19955.
805.0FLYWAY::WALKERNMon Jan 23 1995Performance problems with many open files
806.02HGOCS::IVANCHENGMon Jan 23 1995how to setup HP print queue via CLISPOOL
807.01OSLLAV::WENCHEJ_PMon Jan 23 1995Input from process on OSF/1 server to PATHworks.
808.03KERNEL::TAGGARTNTue Jan 24 1995RSH question
809.01HAN::HAEUSSERTue Jan 24 1995Windows Printing to a shared pc-printer
810.02HAN::HAEUSSERTue Jan 24 1995Windows Printing to DEClaser 32
811.02VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WWed Jan 25 1995What is file-on-file mount ?
812.01KYOSS1::GREENWed Jan 25 1995utilities question?
814.0EEMELI::SYVANENThu Jan 26 1995Printing to Compaq prt conn to LANtronics server
815.03STKAI1::MALMFri Jan 27 1995Add Users from PWADMIN with PW 5.
817.05KERNEL::BROWNMMon Jan 30 1995Windows Cannot Write to file when printing
818.01VMSNET::DALEYMon Jan 30 1995Why would net use d: /home fail 5
819.03RANGER::BAHTAT::RKGPC3::HANNANTue Jan 31 1995is USE ?: \\Server\Share%Username Passwd possible??????????
820.05ZURTue Jan 31 1995PW 5.
821.0BACHUS::DHAENSTue Jan 31 1995no startup of pathworks after instal x25
822.01LFOIS1::ALIETue Jan 31 1995sharing & user level security
823.05PCBE45::GAUTIERTue Jan 31 1995Tuning problems ... HELP
824.03KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLWed Feb 01 1995XCOPY hangs and Path length..
825.01BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDWed Feb 01 1995sessions errored-out 5.
826.06MPGS::LAVINWed Feb 01 1995null entries in "net access"
827.02KYOSS1::GREENWed Feb 01 19951
828.01UKARC1::CHAMBERLINThu Feb 02 1995missing file error in PWKDNA35
829.06LAOSS1::UDICK_STThu Feb 02 1995Customer expresses dissatisfaction - CSC/Prod/Trng
830.02ADOVFri Feb 03 1995PW4OSF(NW) files are there but cannot execute them
831.01GIDDAY::OLLISSun Feb 05 1995HP laser filter
832.0KERNEL::SCHOFIELDLMon Feb 06 1995NETBIOS seems to stop working..
833.0HGOCS::DENISLIMon Feb 06 1995print to local PC printer through LAT supported?
834.0GENIE::CAMUSOWed Feb 08 1995Network resource doesn't exists
835.02ZENDIA::FERGUSONWed Feb 08 1995cannot connect to v5.
836.05STKAI1::SWEThu Feb 09 1995PW for OSF/1 version 5.
837.04COPCLU::COPSW2::RistoThu Feb 09 1995NT entering domain with OSF/1 server
838.094243Thu Feb 09 1995How to enable auditing?
839.01ZURMon Feb 13 1995odbc driver support in pathworks osf/1
840.03TARUGO::MAITEMon Feb 13 1995PS/2 mod 9
841.05PCBE45::GAUTIERMon Feb 13 1995Clients dispatch over lmx process pb
842.04FLYWAY::WALKERNMon Feb 13 19953
843.03EEMELI::MLEINOTue Feb 14 1995exclude in [uidrules] section not working?
844.02LEMAN::BEZENCONTue Feb 14 1995PW OSF & NIS & ASE, a solution ?
845.0MANMTue Feb 14 1995Remote boot failure
846.0OSLTue Feb 14 1995Problems mail and PWOSF
847.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNTue Feb 14 1995Can Pathworks use kanji (japanese)char set
848.02DV78Tue Feb 14 1995best platform?
849.05EVTAI1::POUSSARDWed Feb 15 1995 6.
850.01UKARC1::CHAMBERLINWed Feb 15 1995What happens if I change the server node name and address?
852.08LAOSS1::UDICK_STWed Feb 15 1995Where is the PACER kit
854.01LAOSS1::UDICK_STThu Feb 16 1995Replicator failed to update signal file
855.05BBIVFri Feb 17 1995Two Ethernet Rails
856.0MALMFri Feb 17 1995Can't get it to Work, Why?
857.08AURYN::DAMICOMon Feb 20 1995problem with windows for workgroup (WFW) using tcp/ip
858.0ZURMon Feb 20 1995after upgrade osf/1 from v2.
859.03LEMAN::BEZENCONMon Feb 20 1995PW/OSF (BL4) & NT 3.5 client supported ?
860.01HYDRA::catherine.crl.dec.com::ALDENMon Feb 20 1995Problems with LMSHELL and pw-protected shares
861.02SPARGL::6369Tue Feb 21 1995lpc error when printing from the PC
862.01EEMELI::MLEINOTue Feb 21 1995xcopy makes lmx.srv looping
863.0DELNI::S_HAYESTue Feb 21 1995Info on printing improvements for next release
864.0ZURTue Feb 21 1995NET2224: The user account already exists
865.02NAC::A_OBRIENTue Feb 21 1995no volume label
866.0SUPER::MCMULLENTue Feb 21 1995Reviews welcome on Pathworks description in document
867.07AUSSIE::PARKERWed Feb 22 1995licensing: any more ideas ?
868.0KERNEL::TAGGARTNWed Feb 22 1995Strange error in PWLICREG.LOG
869.09CUESTA::EIGURENWed Feb 22 1995DECsafe ASE and PWOSF 5
870.03DWOVAX::EROSWed Feb 22 1995File services creation question
871.01PRSSUD::NEVEUThu Feb 23 1995Server name Length pb with inetname
872.03MALMThu Feb 23 1995How do i change name on License server?
873.01UTROP1::HUISKAMP_PThu Feb 23 1995HP Laserjet TCP/IP printing
874.0NAC::A_OBRIENThu Feb 23 1995new Technical Lead?
875.0GIDDAY::LILICFri Feb 24 1995NetUseAdd() returns 55 during remote boot.
876.07BOUGY::BRAUNFri Feb 24 1995T1/T2/TI
877.07LISTIM::SILVA_AFri Feb 24 1995URGENT: Cannot start lmx.srv
878.07SIOG::BATEMANMon Feb 27 1995How does PWOSF use lpd
879.03SIOG::BATEMANMon Feb 27 1995NET TIME gives error 3912
880.01GIDDAY::MCKENNATue Feb 28 1995GetNextLrMsg in license logfile
881.01BBIVTue Feb 28 1995Password vanishes into the blue !!!
882.07EICMFG::GILOJTue Feb 28 1995NET STATUS says 'Server is active on (Unknown)'
883.04MPGS::LAVINTue Feb 28 1995Personal Shares again
884.0DELNI::S_HAYESTue Feb 28 1995Dropping support for PATHWORKS V4.x products
885.01LAOSS1::UDICK_STWed Mar 01 1995PW OSF 5.
886.03BRADEC::BPCThu Mar 02 1995Netlogon on FDDI
887.02BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDThu Mar 02 1995clsetup 5.
888.01KAOOSC::boivinThu Mar 02 1995Problem building kernel on OSF/1 V3.2? (dltimer_lockinfo)
890.07ZURFri Mar 03 1995Saving Exel5 and WinWord 6 docs. take ages
891.03MALMFri Mar 03 1995How do i disable the Banner Page?
892.013MSDOA::HICKSTFri Mar 03 1995PW5d and OSF/1 V3.2
893.05LEMAN::BEZENCONFri Mar 03 1995Net Access crash / access -l works...
894.02HAN::HAEUSSERFri Mar 03 1995local PC printer as LAT queue
895.04POLAR::STEWARTNFri Mar 03 1995file copy aborts
896.0TIMABS::BACHMANNSat Mar 04 1995TCP Class C and Licensing
897.02BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDMon Mar 06 1995tcp client reboot can't get lic or connect
898.02BBIVTue Mar 07 1995byte-range locking on DEC OSF/1
899.0BACHUS::DHAENSTue Mar 07 1995if pwrk$lnode defined in decnet, lic
900.03LISTIM::SILVA_ATue Mar 07 1995Accounts.lmx corrupted?
902.01OSLWed Mar 08 1995Migration from osf/1 to NT???
903.01VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAWed Mar 08 1995How do I disable NetBeui?
904.06SPARGL::SUFPFri Mar 10 1995Banner after printing of every job
905.0EICMFG::GILOJFri Mar 10 1995Remote Boot questions
906.01PEARS::64644::BetzlerFri Mar 10 1995
907.01OSLMon Mar 13 1995Cannon LBP-8IV printer???
908.01UFHIS::WKARNBAUMMon Mar 13 1995Fix of Synchronisation error (CU-License) V5.
909.01MSDOA::HICKSTTue Mar 14 1995No-go printer share, PW5.
910.02MEOCTue Mar 14 1995HP LaseJetIII LAT print queue on PWOSF
911.06NETRIX::"mattacchione@romtss.rio.dec.com"Wed Mar 15 1995Problem printing from Pc
912.04MV313Thu Mar 16 1995Big OSF/1-SCO PWRK problem
913.08ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNThu Mar 16 1995HP printer problems with OSF/1
914.06KERNEL::AUSTINMThu Mar 16 1995net2318 device cannot be spooled and nonspooled
915.03ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNThu Mar 16 1995osf/1 3.
916.01COPCLU::WIELANDThu Mar 16 1995error in lpd.log '(sig=-1,err=
917.03CMOTEC::JASPERThu Mar 16 1995Pw & DECsafe
918.03RANGER::MCDONOUGHThu Mar 16 1995analyzing lm print implementation
919.02MARIN::JONESThu Mar 16 1995Pathworks for MAC on OSF/1 Anyone ?
920.01EVTAI1::BROCHARDFri Mar 17 1995strange CDFS CD-rom
921.06DRAC::HUELVESTue Mar 21 1995Microsoft Office slow
922.016OSLWed Mar 22 1995The handle is invalid!
923.0OSLWed Mar 22 1995PWOSF Backup + NT Controller???
924.03ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEWed Mar 22 1995Local pc printer shared....
925.02SIOG::BATEMANWed Mar 22 1995Pre-expired password
926.01EICMFG::GILOJThu Mar 23 199575K less conv. memory when remote booting from OSF vs. VM
927.0TKTVFS::UCHIKATAFri Mar 24 1995Can pwosf use filename contain 2byte char?
928.01RANGER::POIRIERFri Mar 24 1995client to lmx.srv distribution
929.06MALMMon Mar 27 1995WFWG LOGON to the domain fails when LOADED NETWORK/SERVER
930.0WESTMon Mar 27 1995Validation and personal shares
931.05VAXRIO::SCHORMon Mar 27 1995Country code in pwadmin ?
932.07COPCLU::WIELANDTue Mar 28 1995pwadmin hang when try to view printer queues
933.05SIOG::BATEMANTue Mar 28 1995Performance reports
934.0ANNECY::LAGARRIGUE_PWed Mar 29 1995NET31
935.02VNABRW::PAYLOR_SWed Mar 29 1995V5.
936.04GIDDAY::SCHWARZThu Mar 30 1995remote lat printing, i/o error
937.06HGOVC::MANJREKARThu Mar 30 1995license problem with pwwv5.
938.01TROOA::WONGThu Mar 30 1995Windows app performance servced by PWOSF
939.01TRUCKS::RICKETTS_CThu Mar 30 1995File Replication - How do they do that ?
940.0GIDDAY::OLLISFri Mar 31 1995SRVHEURISTICS - a workaround?
941.0LILFri Mar 31 1995uas Synchronization between servers
942.01BACHUS::648Fri Mar 31 1995PANIC: OSF/1 V3.
943.01TIMAMD::PC1Fri Mar 31 1995USE
944.0VARESE::CORGNATIMon Apr 03 1995pblms with .EXEs on ntwk drives
945.02BIS1::BHP795::SURMONTMon Apr 03 1995Restoring user files after a scratch OSF/1 PATHWORKS installation
946.01MKOTS1::COMTOISMon Apr 03 1995need current kits
947.05GRANPA::JCONNORSMon Apr 03 1995IPX stack ?
950.04ADOVWed Apr 05 1995Pacer and 3.2 and Mac's hanging?
951.02CANOVA::RUSSOWed Apr 05 1995NO RESURCE AVAILABLE using PW-Built Kernel
952.02BACHUS::DHAENSThu Apr 06 1995DOS error 55 with netlogon, strace->indirect label
953.03WASHDC::PAGANOThu Apr 06 1995Netware and CDs
954.04DRAC::HUELVESFri Apr 07 1995die license proccess v5.
955.03PCTEAM::WMMon Apr 10 1995performance of the PW for OSF/1 Server
956.02COPCLU::FINNTue Apr 11 1995NP
957.06MOSCOW::JOUVINTue Apr 11 1995PW 5.
958.02MOSCOW::JOUVINTue Apr 11 1995PW 5.
959.03QCAVTue Apr 11 1995Network device no longer exists ?
960.05WESTTue Apr 11 19955.
961.01ADOVWed Apr 12 1995Pacer and restoring files.
962.01OSLWed Apr 12 1995PWOSF and YP problem??
963.0BLKPUD::ASHCROFTDWed Apr 12 1995lmx.srv dies, new one takes over
965.02BAHTAT::HILTONWed Apr 12 1995Can't start netlogon error:3523
966.0DEKVC::JUNMOKSONGThu Apr 13 1995ex
967.06EVTISA::ES_BOUBERTThu Apr 13 1995HELP ! PC's locked when using printman under Windows
968.03EVTAI1::BROCHARDFri Apr 14 1995Lanman file access and OSF link (ln -s) whith ignoreunix=yes
969.03SAC::MAGUIRE_GFri Apr 14 1995UPgrade to V5.
970.01VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WTue Apr 18 1995lmx.grp doesn't start after changeing the hostname
971.01MANIOK::KRAUSSTue Apr 18 1995NETBIOS alias needed
972.08MPGS::LAVINTue Apr 18 1995Netware binding
973.0GENIE::CAMUSOWed Apr 19 1995Mail
974.0LILWed Apr 19 1995SYS
975.0VMSNET::YATES_GWed Apr 19 1995Report available qouta (AdvFS) vs. available disk space to DOS?
976.02MALMThu Apr 20 1995Where is the PW OSF/1 kits located?!?!?
977.02BPSOF::BPSPC4::kiralyThu Apr 20 1995Domain name change
978.02BPSOF::BPSPC4::kiralyThu Apr 20 1995OSF PDC and OS/2 Member?
979.01GUOVThu Apr 20 1995Updated Ordering Info, please.
980.01DAIVC::IWANFri Apr 21 1995Remote Boot Create Profile problem
981.0EVTAI1::BROCHARDFri Apr 21 1995
982.0ISIDRO::ISMAN1Tue Apr 25 1995UU!! Mapping LAT PC's connections to tty's
983.01LARVAE::MACLEOD_RTue Apr 25 1995x25 and ethernet on a pc
984.05MALMTue Apr 25 1995SYS
985.01DELNI::W_MCGRATHWed Apr 26 1995restricting number of users to a NetWare service
986.03NETRIX::"mattacchione@romtss.rio.dec.com"Wed Apr 26 1995I/O error configuring LAT printer
987.01NETRIX::"destito@spinix.rio.dec.com"Wed Apr 26 1995logout with sethost terminal emulation
988.0VAXRIO::SCHORWed Apr 26 1995pwadmin-printer queue-Add problem
989.05OGBON::COCAM::GORDONThu Apr 27 1995OSF/1, NT domain controller issue
990.02NOTED::MLNCSC::CASAROTTIThu Apr 27 1995PW51 - WFW - PWOSF server probl.
991.01SIOG::BATEMANThu Apr 27 1995Concurrent use of NET API calls
992.02SIOG::BATEMANThu Apr 27 1995Virus checkers for PWOSF?
993.02PCTEAM::BRENDT_PFri Apr 28 1995IPX/SPX Programmars guide for PWOSF/NETWARE
994.07FRUST::SPALTFri Apr 28 1995DG has NTAS3.5 on UX - wot about us ?
995.010RANGER::GORCZYCAMon May 01 1995Lic. Prob moving from 5.
996.01COPCLU::RISTOMon May 01 1995Is 5.
997.02FSSB::JOHNSONTue May 02 1995Timesource Time format changed?
998.011PCTEAM::WMTue May 02 1995label of the CD-ROM
999.0PEARS::LEONHARDTue May 02 1995token ring - fddi with netbeui
1000.0BACHUS::DHAENSTue May 02 1995hp deskjet 52
1002.01COPCLU::BJARNERThu May 04 1995Diskquota ?
1003.0UFHIS::WKARNBAUMTue May 09 1995Performance Problem with PW V5.
1004.01NBOFS1::LEIKAMWed May 10 1995datalink: in kern.log
1005.04LISTIM::SILVA_AWed May 10 1995NET 2141 During IVP on 5.
1006.01BACHUS::DHAENSThu May 11 1995which kind of hp printers suppported by pwosf?
1007.0VNABRW::GRZTIA::STARCHLThu May 11 1995Can't see files with no extension
1008.0KERNEL::TAGGARTNThu May 11 1995Pworks 5.
1009.0LISTIM::SILVA_ATue May 16 1995Which version works on OSF 3.
1010.03VNASWS::HAUSBTue May 16 1995Performance / User question ??
1011.02BOZEMN::ANDERSONTue May 16 1995Native netware and PATHWORKS performance comparison
1012.01VMSNET::YATES_GTue May 16 1995df results in 'df: /usr/net/servers/pathworks/.lr.conn invalid argument'
1013.02VMSNET::DALEYTue May 16 1995UAS limits ...
1014.02ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEWed May 17 1995Pwosf printer questions
1015.03LSNCSC::MARTINWed May 17 1995OSF/1 server panic in knbtcp modules !
1016.07TARUGO::MAITEWed May 17 1995shmen.c Server is slow. PWKS v5.
1017.016WELCLU::SHARKEYAWed May 17 1995I can crash an OSF server remotely
1018.01STKHLM::IVANWed May 17 1995WFW 3.11 file attribute problem
1019.01DEKVC::KEESANGLEEThu May 18 1995PWOSF(NETWARE) limitations (NLM,API,raw 8
1021.04KERNEL::TAGGARTNFri May 19 1995Incorrect free space on Advfs from dos
1022.0ALBIS::SOLTERMANNFri May 19 1995pc hangs when saving from winword 6.
1023.03ULYSSE::DONZESat May 20 1995Network request not supported with osf 3.2A
1024.03ULYSSE::DONZESat May 20 1995osf crashing when V5.2 client request license
1025.0FROCKY::65477::LEHLMon May 22 1995PWOSF LM 5.
1026.08MARIN::JONESTue May 23 1995Slow Performance on OSF/1 Server !
1027.07VMSNET::YATES_GWed May 24 1995Delete a printer device with weird characters
1028.0ROMEOS::AGOPIAN_ARWed May 24 1995Urgent req. for PWNWOSFCU
1029.01HGOVC::MANJREKARThu May 25 1995Printer sharing between OSF and Netware
1030.02OTOOA::MWALKERThu May 25 1995USERS unable to access shares
1031.0ROMThu May 25 1995MacX and Osf Server
1032.07MARIN::JONESThu May 25 1995NFS Problems for Shared Resources..
1033.04NYOSS1::TEDWARDSThu May 25 1995Browser presents...
1034.01VAXRIO::63Thu May 25 1995Pathworks for windows 95
1035.04STUFri May 26 1995network path cannot located
1036.02--UnknownUser--Tue May 30 1995NET825 Error during XCOPY
1038.04VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIATue May 30 1995Copy to a Share aborted
1039.05OSLWed May 31 1995Can not connect via DECnet/OSI
1040.0RIGI::eusWed May 31 1995Cloning an account does not copy everything
1041.09MARIN::JONESWed May 31 1995PW5.
1042.0DRAC::HUELVESWed May 31 1995Disk quota in home directory doens't work
1043.05MARIN::JONESWed May 31 1995Is this possible for Windows-NT ?
1044.02CCAD39::LAWRENCEFri Jun 02 1995GUEST password problem
1045.010GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOFri Jun 02 1995NETPASS guidelines
1046.01BACHUS::MANISEFri Jun 02 1995crash in netbeui code
1047.0VMSNET::YATES_GFri Jun 02 1995net access command returns NET214
1048.0WARABI::HUMMERSTONSun Jun 04 1995OSF/1 as both Netware and Application server
1049.01ZURTue Jun 06 1995pw-server waits 15 seconds
1050.0ROMTue Jun 06 1995Mail for Mac under TCPIP
1051.0ADOVWed Jun 07 1995Intermittent corruption with PacerShare?
1052.02EVOCDG::BELABBASWed Jun 07 1995printing problems
1053.03FLYWAY::DUCRETWed Jun 07 1995--> Queue stops
1054.02OSLWed Jun 07 1995Tuning problem netbeui / WFW / PWOSF
1055.08EVTAI1::CASTELLOWed Jun 07 1995pwks OSF and Network printer as lps2
1056.01LISTIM::SILVA_AWed Jun 07 1995Crash on OSF 3.
1057.0MEOCThu Jun 08 1995Pathworks reference sites.. V5.
1058.04BACHUS::DHAENSThu Jun 08 1995logon from wfw to a pwosf server fails.
1059.08MPGS::LAVINFri Jun 09 1995what does this mean?
1060.06MARIN::JONESFri Jun 09 1995Printer wows in 5.
1061.01EVOCDG::RAHALSun Jun 11 1995Sethost/Telnet Problem
1062.03COPCLU::TRIERMon Jun 12 1995Can't access UNIX files served by NetWare OSF/1
1063.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jun 12 1995Is there a work around ?
1064.01MARIN::JONESMon Jun 12 1995Slow Performance again ..
1065.08ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNTue Jun 13 1995OSF/1 3.2 pwrk 5.
1066.01LEMAN::BEZENCONTue Jun 13 1995http://www.pacersoft.com/
1067.0LATINA::CARVAJALTue Jun 13 1995nbeadminopen failed
1068.01CUPMK::VASSILTue Jun 13 1995General NetWare Admin/Utility questions
1069.0ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNWed Jun 14 1995OSF/1 3.2, PWRK 5.
1070.0GEOFFN::LUNNWed Jun 14 1995v5.
1071.03VAXRIO::VENTRIGLIAWed Jun 14 1995Problem with account creation
1072.01GECWed Jun 14 1995Appletalk/Pacer for OSF/1 version 3.
1073.09JRDVThu Jun 15 1995Can I disable case conversion ?
1074.03NETRIX::"lehl@lehlThu Jun 15 1995Change Auditing without restarting the Server
1075.02DREUL1::robFri Jun 16 1995What is lanman group "other"?
1076.0VMSNET::DALEYFri Jun 16 1995NT and LM 2.2 sync problem...anyone know if MS has fixed it?
1077.01ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNMon Jun 19 1995PCSAmail with connection to OSF/1 3.2, log-files
1078.02AKOCOA::INGRAHAMTue Jun 20 1995net user /maxstorage ?
1079.03FRSCS::ASCHACHTWed Jun 21 1995fddi_snap PWUConfig
1080.03TAVWed Jun 21 1995Help on PWOSF-NetWare (v5.
1081.0MARIN::JONESWed Jun 21 1995Primary Domain Controller failing ... why ?
1082.08ADOVThu Jun 22 1995PW4OSF(NW) and Licence problems?
1083.02ADOVThu Jun 22 1995Some questions re PW4OSF(NW)
1084.0VMSNET::YATES_GThu Jun 22 1995license authorization denied protocol downgraded
1085.0DELNI::WMCGRATHThu Jun 22 1995Pacer 3.
1086.01ADOVFri Jun 23 1995Problems with PW4OSF(LM) in backup mode
1087.07ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNFri Jun 23 1995URGENT! need help on pwosf resourcemanagement, shared memory
1088.05SIOG::BATEMANFri Jun 23 1995NET commands hang
1089.02JUMP4::JOYFri Jun 23 1995UNIX file servers
1090.02ZURMon Jun 26 1995Win'95 client cannot connect
1091.09MARVIN::ROBINSONTue Jun 27 1995LMU6
1092.01MKOTS3::ONETME::TAYLORTue Jun 27 1995Subdirectory Limits?
1093.03OSLWed Jun 28 1995Problem WINS and PWOSF???
1095.02CUESTA::ARRUZAThu Jun 29 1995OSF 3.2 factory installed , PW 5.
1096.01LEMAN::BEZENCONThu Jun 29 1995WFW logon validation by PW / WINS mapping
1097.021YEENOT::ASHCROFTDFri Jun 30 1995upgrade to 5.
1098.01GIDDAY::OLLISMon Jul 03 1995Error 58 - Incorrect response from network
1099.0MFRFMS::RINGMon Jul 03 1995configuration questions: 2 Alphas using PWRK (more redundency)
1100.0OSLMon Jul 03 1995PWOSF 5.
1101.02BER::KLEINMon Jul 03 1995Primary and Backup controller in a WAN
1102.0KERNEL::TAGGARTNTue Jul 04 1995Using NET ADMIn cannot focus one 1 OSF server
1103.01FAILTE::NEILSONGTue Jul 04 1995Intermittent Access problem
1104.0ULYSSE::DONZEWed Jul 05 1995New version of Pacer for Digital Unix
1105.05OSLWed Jul 05 1995net2228 with net access
1106.02COPCLU::TRIERWed Jul 05 1995UNIX/NetWare printer problem - Not Connected
1107.03TROOA::TANAKAWed Jul 05 1995HELP => "Network device no longer exists"
1108.03VMSNET::YATES_GThu Jul 06 1995Best way to add support for a protocol?
1109.04MALMMon Jul 10 1995PWOSF and WIN95 Won't Work
1110.01CUPMK::VASSILMon Jul 10 1995How to set NetWare only security?
1111.02ZURTue Jul 11 1995pathworks 5.
1112.0NBOIS::FUCHSTue Jul 11 1995Remote Boot Manager -> NET2585
1113.05MLNCSC::CASAROTTIWed Jul 12 1995Error 58. prev notes doesn't help me
1114.03DAIVC::ROSDIYANTOSun Jul 16 1995PWOSF with WFW, autoconnect to file service failed
1115.04YEENOT::ASHCROFTDMon Jul 17 1995network printer, hp laserjet, datalect card
1116.0CCAD39::LAWRENCEWed Jul 19 1995Server Connection still open after logoff
1117.04ADOVThu Jul 20 1995Exporting accounts info from PW4OSF to W/NT?
1118.03HDLITE::LNARAYANThu Jul 20 1995PATHWORKS TCPIP (ttt?)
1119.0BER::KLEINFri Jul 21 1995Windows-Name-Server
1120.02BLGSUP::ROSATTITue Jul 25 1995Declaser 18
1121.0LARVAE::LEGG_BTue Jul 25 1995MAX Clients - Any new records?
1122.02GIDDAY::HARKNESSWed Jul 26 1995Xcopy problems with 5.
1123.01RANGER::BACHUS::64889::DHAENSThu Jul 27 1995 1st use cmd gives slow respons via decnet to v5.
1124.03ULYSSE::JORDANThu Jul 27 1995PWOSF V5.
1125.02BREAKR::LOPEZFri Jul 28 1995Poscript printer probs PWOSF/NW
1126.03ATHINA::TSAKALOSMon Jul 31 1995RCMD
1127.02KYOSS1::GREENMon Jul 31 1995remote boot anomalies
1128.03VMSNET::YATES_GTue Aug 01 1995NETRUN and executing NET commands
1129.01ICELAN::JOHNWed Aug 02 1995xwindows
1130.01RHETT::AMANWed Aug 02 1995PW V5.
1132.0+9SUFRNG::VORE_SFri Aug 04 1995Workgroup Access To Files from PC and Unix
1133.01ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNTue Aug 08 1995error starting DECnet deamon
1134.04ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNTue Aug 08 1995WINS and DHCP for PWOSF?
1135.02WEODOM::HUDSONThu Aug 10 1995Password expiry warnings
1136.02OSLMon Aug 14 1995Manual start of license server?
1137.02TAKEOF::KAUFMANNTue Aug 15 1995DOS ERROR 58
1138.02SIOG::KIELYThu Aug 17 1995PCEXPRESS hangs writing to PWOSF V5.
1139.04ULYSSE::DONZEThu Aug 17 1995Getting a NW License from ECO1
1140.04MLNCSC::DELLAPERGOLAMon Aug 21 1995kernel memory fault
1141.09MPGS::LAVINMon Aug 21 1995pw prin shares on NT
1142.04VMSNET::YATES_GTue Aug 22 1995Best way to find which PW transports are active
1143.06CSC32::PITTTue Aug 22 1995lprsetup.dat missing some printers
1144.05DEEIS1::64667::VANDERPELENWed Aug 23 1995NFS access with pathworks 5.
1145.01MALMWed Aug 23 1995PW5.
1146.02MLNCSC::MARCHETTIThu Aug 24 1995Access denied - PW OSF/1 Netware
1147.03MALMThu Aug 24 1995Problems With Printers:
1148.02MALMThu Aug 24 1995Decnet Problems on the server!
1149.04ARRODS::SWIGGTFri Aug 25 1995C2 revisited
1150.01HAN::HAEUSSERFri Aug 25 1995locally admin. address in TokenRing?
1151.05TOHOPE::VORE_SFri Aug 25 1995Netware Remote Boot & Windows 95
1152.03GIDDAY::OLLISMon Aug 28 1995So.. how do you check permissions on a named pipe then??
1153.0TOHOPE::VORE_STue Aug 29 1995MSOffice 95 Setup Error 9
1154.02HGOM11::PRESTONMEIWed Aug 30 1995netlogon not run, duplicate failure
1155.04RYNGET::BASHAWed Aug 30 1995Programmer's guide or documentation?
1156.04ZPOVC::RAMARAJWed Aug 30 1995What licenses, Novell clients and OSF1 Netware?
1157.01LEMAN::BOTHNERThu Aug 31 1995Connection from WNT client refused (server based licence)
1158.01GIDDAY::OLLISFri Sep 01 1995License listing shows `strange' data..
1159.05HLFSFri Sep 01 1995Logon validation on tokenring ..again
1160.03OTOOA::LANGEFri Sep 01 1995merging osf uas with nt server
1161.03ZPOVC::MIKEYUNSat Sep 02 1995PWOSF(NW)- client access denied
1162.02ADOVSun Sep 03 1995IP Broadcasts spanning subnets and domains?
1163.02GIDDAY::WALKERMon Sep 04 1995pwlic.srv using too much CPU
1164.02GIDDAY::WALKERMon Sep 04 1995netlogon process runs but doesn't work.
1165.06SIOG::J_DUNNEMon Sep 04 1995LMF Failure
1166.01VIRGIN::SUTTERMon Sep 04 1995File Manager copy <> xcopy to PW/Digital UNIX server?
1167.05OSLLAV::ARNETue Sep 05 1995License server is dying
1168.03OSLLAV::ARNETue Sep 05 1995Severe security breach in Pathworks???
1169.03LEMAN::AGASSISWed Sep 06 1995xcopy again, over FDDI...
1170.02GIDDAY::OLLISThu Sep 07 1995CDE and PWosf
1171.04GIDDAY::SCHWARZThu Sep 07 1995Pathworks v5.
1172.03VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WThu Sep 07 1995WIN95 + PWOSF problems with german umlaute
1173.03ADOVMon Sep 11 1995Printing problems with Times Roman and Sharp 96
1174.03ZURMon Sep 11 1995UNIX and PATHWORKS permissions (lanman.ini)
1175.0BLGSUP::ROSATTITue Sep 12 1995LG
1176.03KILRB1::BACCARITue Sep 12 1995netbios-ns & netbios-dgm differnets
1177.03UFHIS::WKARNBAUMWed Sep 13 1995Server hangs with more than 5
1178.0+2KERNEL::TAGGARTNWed Sep 13 1995use of secondary group with Pathworks
1179.01OCHOTA::ParlinskiThu Sep 14 1995Sharing violation during Windows 95 server instalation
1180.02VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WFri Sep 15 1995lmx.srv consumes much CPU
1181.04LEMAN::BOTHNERFri Sep 15 1995Net commands hang!!
1182.01SNOFS1::bucky.weo.dec.com::elmesMon Sep 18 1995Pathworks mapping to Laserwriter queues.
1183.06ZENDIA::NELSONMon Sep 18 1995LMU6
1184.04NETRIX::"destito@spinix.rio.dec.com"Mon Sep 18 1995access denied
1185.05YEENOT::ASHCROFTDMon Sep 18 1995user storage limit not enforced
1187.02ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNTue Sep 19 1995changing server, which way to transfer user data?
1188.05ZURTue Sep 19 1995Why can't I browse my PW/UNIX domain with WfW/Win95?
1189.02QCAVWed Sep 20 1995Problem while printing WP documents
1190.02NETRIX::"donze@vbo.dec.com"Wed Sep 20 1995NPSD unable to open ipx
1191.03EVTAI1::BOUBERTFri Sep 22 1995NETPASS 5.1.
1192.02VMSNET::D_AUSMANFri Sep 22 1995HP Deskjet 55
1193.03--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 22 1995NETPASS - 2 clients cannot use at same time
1194.0DELNI::WMCGRATHMon Sep 25 1995Solicitation for AT&T Connections Event
1195.010STKAI1::BLUNDBERGTue Sep 26 1995"license authorization denied..." from PW/OSF
1196.01SETIMC::NOREN_NWed Sep 27 1995Diffs between preECO1 (Rev 2) and ECO1 ??
1197.02GIDDAY::WALKERThu Sep 28 1995How to list open files with PATHWORKS (Netware) ?
1198.01COPCLU::CPC11Fri Sep 29 1995ustructs hashsize
1199.05LEMAN::BEZENCONSun Oct 01 1995Max number of accounts on PW ?
1200.0COPCLU::cpc357.dmo.dec.com::PeterjMon Oct 02 1995Dir/s on Pwv51 = Cdr1
1201.01GOVTMon Oct 02 1995Actual -vs- estimated file sizes
1202.03OSLLAV::ARNETue Oct 03 1995Incorrect free space indication in File manager
1203.02KERNEL::SIMEONCTue Oct 03 1995Lingering sessions
1204.0DELNI::WMCGRATHTue Oct 03 1995Solicitation for Internal Field Test sites
1205.02RDGENG::WILLIAMS_AWed Oct 04 1995Help needed - pw 5.2
1206.03BACHUS::ROETSThu Oct 05 1995lmx.nbd -d
1207.04SETIMC::NOREN_NThu Oct 05 1995Date and time in lmx Debug- files ??
1209.01PEARS::64873::BetzlerFri Oct 06 1995maybe a Version mismatch ??
1210.0LEMAN::BEZENCONFri Oct 06 1995Did anybody try PACER in ASE config ?
1211.01TEACH::ANGIEMon Oct 09 1995Install doc online?
1212.0GIDDAY::CASEYTue Oct 10 1995NET$LOG.DAT file doing strange things
1213.03DRAC::MARTOSWed Oct 11 1995panic (cpu
1214.02MPGS::LAVINWed Oct 11 1995Moving the primary server to NT
1215.01STKAI1::64322::BohlinWed Oct 11 1995Performance problem, flushing, AdvFS
1216.03GIDDAY::OLLISFri Oct 13 1995Multiple Interfaces revisited....
1217.04ZIPZAP::AUSSMANNFri Oct 13 1995where to raise/increase mbufs?
1218.0JRDVMon Oct 16 1995NVT server
1219.0YEENOT::ASHCROFTDMon Oct 16 1995clispool over subnets
1220.010MPGS::LAVINMon Oct 16 1995Is there a Limie
1221.01BACHUS::MANISEMon Oct 16 1995program netbios over tcp/ip
1222.010VNABRW::GRZTIA::STARCHLTue Oct 17 1995Pathworks Windows95 and TCP/IP Problems
1223.03GIDDAY::WALKERThu Oct 19 1995OSF (Netware) configuration problems.
1224.01MSAMThu Oct 19 1995abort retry fail on copy
1226.05EVTAI1::CASTELLOFri Oct 20 1995Garbage License Info. with pwlsadmin and pwwin95
1227.07MPGS::LAVINFri Oct 20 1995What does this error mean?
1228.02VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WFri Oct 20 1995NETLOGON sometimes dies, sessions errored out
1229.01MALMMon Oct 23 1995lmx.nbd is not there any more!!!
1230.03DEEIS1::64667::VANDERPELENMon Oct 23 1995pwlic.reg crashes
1231.03VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WMon Oct 23 1995OSF3.2C and PW5.
1232.02DEEIS1::NAUWELAERT_LMon Oct 23 1995Create new folder with WINDOWS95
1233.0DELNI::WMCGRATHMon Oct 23 1995PATHWORKS V6 for Digital UNIX EFT Site Solicitation
1234.03YEENOT::ASHCROFTDMon Oct 23 1995Cannot enumerate all users in this group
1235.05RANGER::MCDONOUGHMon Oct 23 1995srvconfig and pwiniconf utilities
1236.0GIDDAY::OLLISTue Oct 24 1995Pacershare on OSF/1 V3.
1237.02MANDSP::STRUTHTue Oct 24 1995Token Ring /Netware Server ?
1238.05SMURF::STRASENTue Oct 24 1995Print problem on OSF server
1239.02BIS1Tue Oct 24 1995problem at writing to file in PW/OSF write empty file?
1240.02OTOOA::LANGETue Oct 24 1995cannot see uppercase filenames
1241.01SPARGL::6369Wed Oct 25 1995Where is fieldtest 6.
1242.01VAXRIO::PAULAThu Oct 26 1995panic: kernel memory fault
1243.04OSLThu Oct 26 1995Concurrent license question
1244.01COPCLU::64Fri Oct 27 1995DISKQUOTA
1245.01UFHIS::WKARNBAUMTue Oct 31 1995No Diskquota and no "/maxstorage" parameter
1246.03BRADEC::PODOLINSKYTue Oct 31 1995Crash - kernel memory fault
1247.0OSLWed Nov 01 1995Script to make unix and Lan Man user
1248.01OSANPO::UCHIDAWed Nov 01 1995How to set up passwordsync
1249.01MALMThu Nov 02 1995Osf 3.2c and PW 5.
1250.03GENIE::rolix.ebo.dec.com::mukherjeeThu Nov 02 1995PW and OS upgrade and printing problem
1251.01UNXA::LARSENThu Nov 02 1995Pathworks V5.
1252.03LATINA::MONJETue Nov 07 1995DEC UNIX 3.2c with ASE and PWKS OSF/1 5.
1253.04KERNEL::SIMEONCTue Nov 07 1995Problem setting READ only attribute on WFWG clients
1254.04MUNICH::THALHAMMERTue Nov 07 1995PC can't see all files on a NFS link to UCX
1255.04GIDDAY::HARKNESSTue Nov 07 1995Pathworks 5.
1256.05NETRIX::"Trevor.burns@uvo.dec.com"Wed Nov 08 1995sys
1257.01MALMWed Nov 08 1995PWSETUP KERNEL fails with $HOSTNAME?!?!
1258.01LISTIM::SILVA_AThu Nov 09 1995Can't print from pathworks!
1259.01SIOG::M_CRONINFri Nov 10 1995PW osf print to HPlaserjet 4 fails
1260.02TLAVTue Nov 14 1995can't see directory
1261.02STKAI1::OLSSON_JATue Nov 14 1995Utility for passwdsync?
1262.03CGOOA::OWONGWed Nov 15 1995Setup shared directory?
1263.01NAPCED::LUSCIANOWed Nov 15 1995srvconfig
1264.01TARUGO::LIDIAWed Nov 15 1995Minolta printer and WORD
1265.03OSLWed Nov 15 1995License blues
1266.05YEENOT::ASHCROFTDWed Nov 15 1995license server log, info or error ?
1267.05KOLFAX::WIEGLEBWed Nov 15 1995PostScript SPD available?
1268.02BROUGH::DAVIESThu Nov 16 1995adding a user causes passed problems
1269.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNMon Nov 20 1995PW netware - entries in passwd query
1270.02MSAMMon Nov 20 19955.
1271.01VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WTue Nov 21 1995command line interface on pwlsadmin ??
1272.01MUNICH::MDSC39::MAIRTue Nov 21 1995OSF/1 and Pathworks deleting printjob problem
1273.02GIDDAY::WALKERTue Nov 21 1995Netware ECO2 login problems
1274.04UFHIS::WKARNBAUMThu Nov 23 1995Increase number of record locks per client or per session ?
1275.01VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WFri Nov 24 1995What exactly does "net accounts /sync"
1276.0ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEMon Nov 27 1995net3112
1277.0ZURMon Nov 27 1995What SCO is planning to release as LM Server
1278.04GIDDAY::OLLISMon Nov 27 1995PWOSF V6.
1279.01GIDDAY::OLLISMon Nov 27 1995PWUNIX and W95 sharing..
1280.04VMSNET::YATES_GTue Nov 28 1995How to get rid of old pieces of V5.
1281.0MIMS::WELLONS_TTue Nov 28 1995netware ver 4.x support
1282.02TROU48::HANDYWed Nov 29 1995UAS for Audit/Billing purposes?
1283.01SETIMC::NOREN_NThu Nov 30 1995Network problems or what ??
1284.0TARUGO::LIDIAFri Dec 01 1995Hp DESKJET 56
1285.07VIRGIN::SUTTERFri Dec 01 1995Server license problem with V5.
1286.01EVTAI1::CASTELLOFri Dec 01 1995NET FILE status ? again.
1287.01TLAVMon Dec 04 1995Can't create /dev/ttyxx for print service
1288.01KERNEL::BURNSTMon Dec 04 1995Start & Stop manualy
1289.01COPCLU::RISTOTue Dec 05 1995can ustructs impair performence?
1290.02IAMOSI::LEUNGWed Dec 06 1995Unrecognized Object event reported frequently
1291.02KERNEL::BURNSTWed Dec 06 1995ECO 3 When ??
1292.02VIRGIN::GABATHULERWed Dec 06 1995OSF/1 server panic in knbtcp modules !
1293.04GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOThu Dec 07 1995license server and registrar errors
1294.02NETRIX::"otd@tekkno.frs.dec.com"Thu Dec 07 1995NT 3.51 Primary / DEC UNIX 3.2 with PW 5.
1295.01CROWN::eusThu Dec 07 1995Client file access problems with many users
1296.01BACHUS::ROETSThu Dec 07 1995change controller net logon
1297.03HSOSS1::JUDSONThu Dec 07 1995WIN95 CLIENT networking only $ PW OSF V5.
1298.03MALMFri Dec 08 1995User Without Privs on share, but privs is there?!?!?
1299.06MALMMon Dec 11 1995Needs Utility/Script to REDO ACCOUNTS.LMX....
1300.01MALMMon Dec 11 1995Needs a Statement on OSF 3.2C and PW if supported or not.
1301.01ONOIS1::MARCMon Dec 11 1995net logon/logoff validated by PDC -> entry in uaschg.lmx
1302.03LIOSTue Dec 12 1995ASE and Pathworks Installations
1303.03MPGS::LAVINTue Dec 12 1995username constraints
1304.04VMSNET::DALEYWed Dec 13 1995InitLrIpc: cannot open CONN_PIPE, errno 9 in pwlicreg.log
1306.03EVTAI1::CASTELLOMon Dec 18 1995Print processor scripts ?
1307.06COPCLU::WIELANDTue Dec 19 1995Can't create classes, net error 65535
1308.02VMSNET::YATES_GTue Dec 19 1995Problem running MS Office setup from (DECnet) drive
1309.04GIDDAY::WALKERWed Dec 20 1995pwadmin, net access discrepancy
1310.07BOUGY::SYSTEMFri Dec 22 1995Printing problems !
1311.03TSHKG1::YYLEESun Dec 24 1995PWLMDOSCC
1312.04MOSDM::AORLOVTue Dec 26 1995PW 5 ECO2 for NetWare pmonitor/rprinter crash
1313.05TLE::LUCEWed Dec 27 1995Permit/Tree for directories only?
1314.0THELAB::MOCKLINTue Jan 02 1996problem with win95 & OSF pathworks
1315.09THELAB::MOCKLINTue Jan 02 1996win95 client not working with OSF pathworks
1316.04OSLWed Jan 03 1996lmx.srv takse much cpu (again)
1317.0OTOOA::TRIMBLEWed Jan 03 1996Problems printing to LN
1318.02ASABET::nqsrv3Wed Jan 03 1996DECstations serving Pathworks
1319.02EVTAI1::CASTELLOThu Jan 04 1996PW DUNIX Debug Tools
1320.02SIOG::41815::KIELYThu Jan 04 1996Ustructs formula gone - documentation
1321.09BGSDEV::LEELASat Jan 06 1996write problems onto pathworks served disk from NT
1322.06HGOM2Tue Jan 09 1996PW for Netware
1323.07MALMTue Jan 09 1996Client Name more than 6 Char's Won't Work....
1324.02KERNEL::GARDNERNTue Jan 09 1996PW OSF/1 and NIS...
1325.04HTSC19::IVANCHENGTue Jan 09 1996Does PWOSF v5.
1326.02ROMTSS::PASCUCCITue Jan 09 1996NET2342 when try to add print share
1327.04FSSB::JOHNSONWed Jan 10 1996Net time gets DOS error 53.
1328.07SIOG::BATEMANWed Jan 10 1996Where is the updated V5.
1329.01BOUGY::BRAUNWed Jan 10 1996Oracle(net) over PATHWORKS (Netware)
1330.01QDOVThu Jan 11 1996DW DOS - X Toolkit Warning
1331.0+2TRNOIS::62468::airuloThu Jan 11 1996GROUPQUOTA
1332.01GIDDAY::CHANFri Jan 12 1996PW5.
1333.02USCTR1::16.132.8Mon Jan 15 1996Going from OpenVMS to Digital UNIX for Pathworks
1334.02SMURF::STRASENMon Jan 15 1996Install failure on PWKBASE51
1335.03VMSNET::YATES_GTue Jan 16 1996Copy from server slow (to server okay)
1336.0GIDDAY::OLLISTue Jan 16 1996
1337.03KERNEL::BURNSTFri Jan 19 1996NWError
1338.05VNOMCS::TIMA_2Fri Jan 19 1996LMU6
1339.01OTOOA::STEWARTNMon Jan 22 1996print error : queue already locked
1341.02ERFARE::SDTue Jan 23 1996SYS
1342.01VAXRIO::63224::souzaWed Jan 24 1996DECterm session terminated calling pwadmin
1343.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNWed Jan 24 1996Group protection of file same as Lanmaanger group
1344.02BACHUS::LIEOUFri Jan 26 1996NET31
1345.0BACHUS::LIEOUFri Jan 26 1996LMU6
1346.02EVTAI1::CASTELLOMon Jan 29 1996PWKS DUNIX and Quota status ?
1347.01DAGWST::PIAZZATue Jan 30 1996Domain controller connect error.
1348.01MONTEZ::MONTEZTue Jan 30 1996FPS, PWOSF, NTAS problems.
1349.01VMSNET::YATES_GTue Jan 30 1996ClientIdAndClaiEqCli: Compare:
1350.01DV78Tue Jan 30 1996kit in tar format please
1351.03VMSNET::YATES_GWed Jan 31 1996How many concurrent use licenses in use?
1352.02KERNEL::BURNSTThu Feb 01 1996LMXNULL & LMXNONE what are they for ?
1353.0FSTSC1::AUSSMANNFri Feb 02 1996MS-ACCESS hangs PC after 87 file locks
1354.01VMSNET::R_RIHAFri Feb 02 1996Is PATHWORKS 5.
1355.02VIRGIN::SUTTERMon Feb 05 1996Release timeframe of PW 5.
1356.03MIMS::SOMPAYRAC_SMon Feb 05 1996NIS master group file problems
1357.0BIS1Tue Feb 06 1996LMU6
1358.0TAKEOF::KAUFMANNWed Feb 07 1996Hostname change pwlsadmin
1359.0KERNEL::BURNSTThu Feb 08 1996PW NW hybred user home drive mappings
1360.03GENIE::rolix.ebo.dec.com::mukherjeeMon Feb 12 1996migrating data PW5
1361.01COPCLU::RISTOMon Feb 12 1996Raising ustructs to no avail?
1362.0BPSERX::BPSPC4::KIRALYMon Feb 12 1996RPL parameters?
1363.02DEKVC::KEESANGLEETue Feb 13 1996net8
1364.03OSLWed Feb 14 1996net6
1365.0COPCLU::64Wed Feb 14 1996Shutdown errors
1366.0OSLThu Feb 15 1996What version of dlproc.o should I install???
1367.03VMSNET::YATES_GThu Feb 15 1996Listen on transport=/dev/streams/knbtcp failed, status=1
1368.01MPGS::LAVINFri Feb 16 1996Is there a kit
1369.02MPGS::LAVINFri Feb 16 1996Help NetBIOS errors
1370.03VMSNET::YATES_GFri Feb 16 1996net share share=queue /print -> wipes out /etc/printcap?
1371.02AROSMon Feb 19 1996Print from PW client gets error "filter 'f' terminnaterd
1372.04VMSNET::YATES_GMon Feb 19 1996No PWRK$Lnodename <43> claimed?
1373.03VNABRW::5Tue Feb 20 1996invalid memory write access from kernel mode
1374.01HDLITE::SHENTue Feb 20 1996SPX API support on OSF/1; alternative solution ?
1375.08LATINA::MONJEWed Feb 21 1996PDC --> BDC UAS update and IP subnet masks...
1376.01BACHUS::VANDORMAELThu Feb 22 19962 ether. adapter , pwlic.srv always listen on first
1377.03VMSNET::DALEYFri Feb 23 1996PATHWORKS and WORM drives (jukebox)
1378.01PEARS::ZWERG2::doyleMon Feb 26 1996office 95 professional
1379.01AROSTue Feb 27 1996User profiles from Win95 differs between PW_VMS and PW-UNIX
1380.012COPCLU::RISTOTue Feb 27 1996Write Access denied in ECO 3. Why?
1381.06LEMAN::BEZENCONThu Feb 29 1996NET3915: The user's home dir cannot be determined
1382.02LEMAN::BEZENCONThu Feb 29 1996ASE/PACER appletalk fork() error: : No such device or address
1383.04DECALP::ANDERSThu Feb 29 1996Shared resources and directories.
1384.01INTONE::GARDETue Mar 05 1996new location for eco3 kit
1385.07KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu Mar 07 1996admin/path can't logon to OSF box
1386.02PEARS::LEONHARDThu Mar 07 1996V6.
1387.01VMSNET::YATES_GFri Mar 08 1996How does lmivp know which transports to test?
1388.04FORTY2::PALKAFri Mar 08 1996rename of long filename fails
1389.01VNABRW::64312::DigitalFri Mar 08 1996PW V6.x and 2 controllers
1390.02COPHK::cpc395.dmo.dec.com::HELGEDTue Mar 12 1996info on maxopenfiles
1391.01OHFSWed Mar 13 1996pwadmin problems, DUNIX V4 and PW V6
1392.0CSC32::N_HENDERSONWed Mar 13 1996No MOP clients on bootup
1393.01VMSNET::YATES_GThu Mar 14 1996UAS replication (barely) works over NetBEUI
1394.0GIDDAY::WALKERFri Mar 15 1996Password expiry problem
1395.02KERNEL::BURNSTFri Mar 15 1996PWOSF Netware login time.
1396.07VNABRW::64312::DigitalFri Mar 15 1996PW V6.
1397.06RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSFri Mar 15 1996disk full or too many files open, in winword
1398.01GIDDAY::OLLISSun Mar 17 1996The saga of the disappearing printer shares...
1399.0+5SUFRNG::VORE_SMon Mar 18 1996File Date / Timestamp
1401.01TYCOCH::absip8.reo.dec.com::williamsgMon Mar 18 1996Pathworks on HPUX ?
1402.02KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Mar 18 1996pwrk$gather_info.com
1403.0KERNEL::TAGGARTNWed Mar 20 1996PWADMIN display gets corrupted
1404.02CUESTA::NATXOWed Mar 20 1996pathworks and SMP lack of performance
1405.02CUESTA::NATXOWed Mar 20 1996lmstat doc
1406.01NOTED::STUThu Mar 21 1996Permissionproblems to add a class
1407.0+3DECPRG::1Thu Mar 21 1996PW Netware V4.x on Unix ?
1408.02NETRIX::"jeff.beaupre@cop.dec.com"Thu Mar 21 1996Help 5.
1409.02OSLFri Mar 22 1996banner page (again, and again and...)
1410.01VAXRIO::DJOPC4::schorFri Mar 22 1996Print problem - Where is the job ?
1411.02TPOMC2::DAVIDHSIEHTue Mar 26 1996Urgent! IPX Stack Daemon run out of CPU time
1412.03CUESTA::NATXOTue Mar 26 1996Product Manager ??
1413.03HANNAH::COBBWed Mar 27 1996Net password problem
1414.03TPOMC2::DAVIDHSIEHWed Mar 27 1996Why can't access the racerx or pathwk?
1415.0TAVThu Mar 28 1996pwlic.grp eats CPU
1416.02OSLThu Mar 28 1996Problems Office-95 and PWOSF
1417.07SMURF::STRASENThu Mar 28 19965.
1418.02NETRIX::"jeff.beaupre@cop.dec.com"Fri Mar 29 1996Where is the 5.
1419.0TAVSun Mar 31 1996pwlic.grp consume all available CPU
1420.01TOHOPE::MALLORY_ATue Apr 02 1996Smarterm Causes runaway NVT Process
1421.0OCHOTA::ParlinskiFri Apr 05 1996Incorrect replication between NT and PW
1422.02TPSPS5::TSCMGRMon Apr 08 1996How to solve the error 86 has ocurred for guest passwd
1423.02LEXSS1::BUTTAFUOCOMon Apr 08 1996lmshell like utility for netware
1424.01LISTIM::ULTRIXTue Apr 09 1996help on crash
1425.02EVTAI1::CASTELLOTue Apr 09 1996who logged me ?
1426.03VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WWed Apr 10 1996ECO2, ECO3 or ECO4
1428.02NETRIX::"donze@vbo.dec.com"Wed Apr 10 1996License for V6.
1429.02VIRGIN::SUTTERWed Apr 10 1996Pathworks versions on what Digital UNIX version?
1430.02OTOOA::RANGERThu Apr 11 1996Net31
1431.02SMURF::STRASENThu Apr 11 1996password propagting 6.
1432.02SMURF::STRASENThu Apr 11 1996SYS
1433.02TARUGO::LIDIAFri Apr 12 1996Lanman and OSF passwords
1434.03CRONIC::LEMONSFri Apr 12 1996Share permission for user in different domain?
1435.02CRONIC::LEMONSSat Apr 13 1996NET ACCESS syntax problem
1436.04GIDDAY::WALKERWed Apr 17 1996SCONSOLE display problem
1437.01CRONIC::LEMONSThu Apr 18 1996File protection produces a hidden file?
1438.09FLYWAY::WALKERNMon Apr 22 1996Cannot delete access entry
1439.03DV78Mon Apr 22 19966.
1440.02BALZAC::QUENIVETThu Apr 25 1996Lan Manager programming
1441.06NIOSS1::THOMPSONFri Apr 26 1996Can't get the mouse to work with pwadmin interface
1442.01SMURF::STRASENMon Apr 29 1996trouble upgrading 6.
1443.02BRADEC::PODOLINSKYTue Apr 30 1996ECO4 - any experience ?
1444.02KERNEL::BURNSTWed May 01 1996Disabled Accounts ?.
1445.05HAN::HAEUSSERThu May 02 1996Merging OSF PDC with PW VMS problem
1446.02PEARS::DOYLEThu May 02 1996pathworks starts and then hangs
1447.01KERNEL::TAGGARTNThu May 02 1996Btrieve and sharing violations on PWOSF
1448.01VMSNET::YATES_GFri May 03 1996Client hangs while verifying license on PW/dUNIX
1449.0DELNI::WMCGRATHFri May 03 1996V6 Server: Solicitation for Customer Reference Sites
1450.03NETRIX::"william.behner@aqo.mts.dec.com"Tue May 07 1996Duplicate directories
1451.04GIDDAY::WALKERTue May 07 1996PATHWORKS for OSF will not start properly
1452.0KERNEL::BURNSTTue May 07 1996LMS.SRV Calculations & Questions
1453.0GIDDAY::WALKERThu May 09 1996file locking problem.
1454.02WOTVAX::16.194.2Thu May 09 1996What happens with NIS ?
1455.04RANGER::GORCZYCAThu May 09 1996Survey...
1456.0CRONIC::ANTROBUSThu May 09 1996pwadmin can't connect to domain
1457.05KERNEL::BURNSTThu May 09 19965.
1458.02FSTSC1::AUSSMANNFri May 10 1996wnt 3.51 does not see pwosf 5.
1459.07VIRGIN::SUTTERFri May 10 1996'net logon' over subnets now working in V6.
1460.02SIOG::VINNI::KIELYFri May 10 1996Pathworks ECO 4 kernel build fail V3.2C
1461.05TOHOPE::VORE_SFri May 10 1996V6: Directory Replication?
1462.01TOHOPE::VORE_SFri May 10 1996net user [user] /scriptpath:
1463.03TOHOPE::VORE_SMon May 13 1996V6, Invalid License = "Network Name Not Found" ???
1464.06MPGS::LAVINMon May 13 1996the network is busy
1465.0TAVTue May 14 1996mounting an NT disk by UNIX clients
1466.01VMSNET::YATES_GTue May 14 1996Mismatched session sequence numbers
1467.04LEMAN::BEZENCONTue May 14 1996Write 2x Read, Performance problem ?
1468.01UFHIS::WKARNBAUMFri May 17 1996Increase number of TCP/IP links with PW UNIX V5.
1469.03VIRGIN::SUTTERMon May 20 1996PWOSF 5.
1470.0NETRIX::"rgraf@suonix.suo.dec.com"Tue May 21 1996PW5.
1471.09SUBPAC::SAUBERTue May 21 1996setup problem: network connection can't find files
1473.01RANGER::GORCZYCAWed May 22 1996VTX PAK back on-line
1474.0BRADEC::PODOLINSKYWed May 22 1996License server is dying - please HELP !!!
1475.01VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WThu May 23 1996how to increase max. numb. of file locks
1476.03DAIVC::BENNYFri May 24 1996protection, How to change it
1477.0VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WFri May 24 1996max. number of shares ?
1479.02LEMAN::BEZENCONTue May 28 1996 NET commands hang (PW member of a NT domain)
1480.0KAOFS::M_VALLEEThu May 30 1996can't connect to share
1481.01EVTISA::ES_CASTELLOThu May 30 1996White papers on Pathworks DUNIX 5.
1482.0KERNEL::BURNSTMon Jun 03 1996license over IPX yet & How ?
1483.01PEARS::GYVM3::LeonhardMon Jun 03 1996security issue
1484.02QCAVTue Jun 04 1996pathworks license
1485.0VOLKL::COOLIDGETue Jun 04 1996V6.
1486.01GIDDAY::ANDREASENDWed Jun 05 1996PWOSF, NIS, YP again...
1487.0CHEFS::TIMMIS_JWed Jun 05 1996Year 2
1488.04FRAIS::ALINDINGERWed Jun 05 1996?: User validation
1489.01GIDDAY::ANDREASENDThu Jun 06 1996Pathworks can't share files by group with Unix and other users
1490.0RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSThu Jun 06 1996auditing events
1491.0TARUGO::LIDIAThu Jun 06 1996lmx.srv processes consumes lot of CPU
1492.03CSC32::N_HENDERSONThu Jun 06 1996MOP Broadcasts?
1493.03FSTSC1::AUSSMANNTue Jun 11 1996is the printsubsystem in pwosf 6.
1494.03FSTSC1::AUSSMANNWed Jun 12 1996searching for pathworks licenses....
1495.0TPOVC::CHARLESCHANGWed Jun 12 1996server disappeared
1496.0LABC::HAWed Jun 12 1996Pathworks only supports 32-bit file sizes?
1497.01GIDDAY::WALKERThu Jun 13 1996Problems since installing ECO4
1498.0RCOSS1::nscmre.rco.dec.com::edwardsmThu Jun 13 1996User name length limit???
1499.03BIGUN::chmeee::MayneSun Jun 16 1996v6.
1500.0NETRIX::"luce@zk3.dec.com"Mon Jun 17 1996Default User Profile
1501.03COPCLU::WIELANDTue Jun 18 1996vmunix: osi_getaddr: invalid length (21
1502.02EVTAI1::TREGARAUDThu Jun 20 1996
1503.0EVTAI1::TREGARAUDThu Jun 20 1996clispool an windows
1504.02IJSAPL::AARTSEN_BThu Jun 20 1996ECO4 is the problem
1505.01KERNEL::BURNSTThu Jun 20 1996getapipe & ipcretries
1506.03BLKPUD::WILLOUGHBYDThu Jun 20 1996PW6 new features ?
1507.0RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSTue Jun 25 1996Archive attribute lost
1508.014VNABRW::HABRICH_PTue Jun 25 1996CU license for PW 6.
1509.02OSLLAV::BJORNAUWed Jun 26 1996Digital UNIX and PW Server for Digital UNIX v5.*?
1510.03BIGUN::chmeee::MayneWed Jun 26 1996Giving C permission to user without cancelling
1511.0ADOVWed Jun 26 1996accounts.lmB - not synchronising accounts?
1512.01NETRIX::"r_lange@cthp68.cth.dec.com"Thu Jun 27 1996Software Specialist
1513.01PEARS::ZWERG2::doyleFri Jun 28 1996pwosf and printer queue
1514.0KERNEL::BURNSMon Jul 01 1996Pathworks for OSF Netware Cannot restart.
1515.01TKTVFS::SUGASAWA_KFri Jul 05 1996windows95 client
1516.02SUTRA::ARNAUT::BINDERFri Jul 05 1996UNIX cluster configuration?
1517.01NETRIX::"niklas.noren@ugo.mts.dec.com"Fri Jul 05 1996Crash data file - any ideas ? (..long one)
1518.01PEARS::Fri Jul 05 1996NETLOGON hangs with PW OSF/1 5.
1519.0UFHIS::WKARNBAUMTue Jul 09 1996LMU6
1520.01GIDDAY::WALKERWed Jul 10 1996Print queue problem
1521.0DAIVC::BENNYWed Jul 10 1996network device no longer exist
1522.01BOUGY::SYSTEMWed Jul 10 1996Question about knbinit and datalink
1523.02NETRIX::"Lehl@frs.mts.dec.com"Thu Jul 11 1996More then 7
1524.09TLAVFri Jul 12 1996How can I enable account menu ?
1525.012TAVIS::TZVISun Jul 14 1996pw6.
1526.07UNXA::LARSENMon Jul 15 1996Pathworks V6.
1527.016MPGS::LAVINTue Jul 16 1996what does this error mean?
1528.02VOLKL::COOLIDGETue Jul 16 1996Documentation / PAKS
1529.01VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WWed Jul 17 1996found bugs in V6.
1531.03NOTED::STUFri Jul 19 1996How I can delete entries in the sharefile ??
1532.06TLAVMon Jul 22 1996How to do failover on PWOSF 5.
1533.0DAIVC::BENNYTue Jul 23 1996hang or disconnect
1534.01TOHOPE::MALLORY_ATue Jul 23 1996DEC Unix 3.c NetWare 5.
1535.01BELFST::HILLISTue Jul 23 1996Transport order
1536.04INDYX::ramTue Jul 23 1996V6.
1537.03PEARS::plabWed Jul 24 1996pwadmin unable to allocate memory
1538.01SUOBOS::GEYERWed Jul 24 1996Used Protocol for UAS Replication
1539.01BLGWed Jul 24 1996PACER for UNIX V3.2D
1540.03NETRIX::"michael@delenn.ayo.dec.com"Thu Jul 25 1996Unable to connect to V6.
1541.01NETRIX::"donze@vbo.dec.com"Fri Jul 26 1996PW 5.
1542.0+3MANMMon Jul 29 1996PWRK 5.
1543.01VMSNET::N_RICHARDSONMon Jul 29 1996lmx.nbd won't start under V5.
1544.06BOUGY::MIMAULTMon Jul 29 1996PW6 & Browsing
1545.05NETRIX::"michael@delenn.ayo.dec.com"Tue Jul 30 1996Path V6.
1546.01TAKEOF::KAUFMANNTue Jul 30 1996LM3.
1547.06NETRIX::"thilo.kelelr@suodbh.suo.dec.com"Tue Jul 30 1996Pathworksserver with two IP addresses
1548.01INTONE::GARDETue Jul 30 1996Our apologies . . .
1549.03NETRIX::"thilo.keller@suodbh.suo.dec.com"Wed Jul 31 1996can't synchronize entire domain
1550.03NETRIX::"per.nordli@nwo.mts.dec.com"Thu Aug 01 1996messages on NTworkst from PW/osf
1551.03WOTVAX::SHARKEYAThu Aug 01 1996A Netbios call drops the existing session
1552.02GIDDAY::WALKERFri Aug 02 1996setld -d PWKBASE51
1553.02PEARS::ZWERG2::doyleFri Aug 02 1996netbios name in use
1554.0EVTAI1::CASTELLOMon Aug 05 1996V6.
1555.010DKAS::depcMon Aug 05 1996Default User Account Access
1556.01EVTAI1::CASTELLOMon Aug 05 1996V5.
1557.06TOHOPE::VORE_STue Aug 06 1996V6: how to increase datalink connections?
1558.0TOHOPE::VORE_SWed Aug 07 1996Help reading nbemon & knbmon
1559.03MUNICH::6219Wed Aug 07 1996V6 domain name problems
1560.0HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEWed Aug 07 1996Need help NWError
1561.04GIDDAY::WALKERThu Aug 08 1996PATHWORKS V6 - WAN Domain probs.
1563.01NETRIX::"per.nordli@nwo.mts.dec.com"Fri Aug 09 1996vt32
1564.01VIRGIN::SUTTERFri Aug 09 1996What is the problem PW V6.
1565.01ALEXWS::IGORGMon Aug 12 1996PATHWORKS Server Identification
1566.02MSAPG1::ENGMon Aug 12 1996New Patch location ?
1567.02VMSNET::R_RIHAMon Aug 12 1996problems running lmxupgrade
1568.0HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue Aug 13 1996Need help on NWerror !
1569.06LILTue Aug 13 1996Domain Controller and managing role
1570.03TOHOPE::VORE_STue Aug 13 1996v6: ASTools (SrvTools) tips & tricks
1571.01VMSNET::N_RICHARDSONTue Aug 13 1996PWRKS V6 pwadmin creates Unix user with group 1
1572.01TPSPS8::TSCMGRWed Aug 14 1996How to use the dos2unix to convert the multi CTL_code(
1573.01KERNEL::BURNSTWed Aug 14 1996nfs mounted sharesfrom a DG aviion
1574.0GIDDAY::WALKERThu Aug 15 1996More unusual behaviour
1575.0PEARS::fkrnbi.fkr.dec.com::doyleMon Aug 19 1996netlogon now and again........
1576.01VMSNET::R_RIHAMon Aug 19 1996Share database getting corrupted during v5->v6 upgrade
1577.0VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WTue Aug 20 1996copy over token ring fails
1578.01FSTSC1::AUSSMANNTue Aug 20 1996not able to manage groups within pwlsadmin in PWOSF V6.
1579.02MLNCSC::ZAGHITue Aug 20 1996lmx.srv takes many cpu time
1580.02ALFSS2::MALLORY_AThu Aug 22 1996Net access list resources as NULL
1581.0ALFSS2::MALLORY_AFri Aug 23 1996License Registrar stops after 2 hours.
1582.0VNABRW::NEUNTEUFL_WMon Aug 26 1996lmx.srv processes get confused
1583.0ROMTSS::MATTACCHIONEMon Aug 26 1996Can NFS be used like an UFS ?
1584.06ZURTue Aug 27 1996PW6: Closed file stays locked for some time
1585.01PEARS::623Tue Aug 27 1996V6: bootstrap linked kernel supported?
1586.0NETRIX::"per.nordli@nwo.mts.dec.com"Thu Aug 29 1996pw6 upgrade failed
1587.0AROSThu Aug 29 1996wfw clients hangs ustructs and hashtable blocked lots ot times ?
1588.01MLNCSC::DEPOLIGWed Sep 04 1996Pacer ad Pathworks(LM)
1589.0UNXA::LARSENWed Sep 04 1996Starting NetBEUI service on Pathworks V6.
1590.02CGOOA::OWONGThu Sep 05 1996ECO 4 install question?
1591.0KYOSS1::GREENThu Sep 05 19965.
1591.03CRVETE::JORDANSat Sep 07 1996knbtcp, net31
1592.05TOHOPE::VORE_SMon Sep 09 1996v6 Install: Post_L "no space"
1593.0CGOWGS::DREWMon Sep 09 1996V6: WAN trusts not working
1594.01GIDDAY::WALKERWed Sep 11 1996autodisconnect not working properly
1595.0VNASWS::FLORWed Sep 11 1996mapuname & trusted domains question
1596.01NETRIX::"rudqvist@gotjns.goo.dec.com"Thu Sep 12 1996PW6.
1597.0SNOFS1::MOOREADRIANMon Sep 16 1996IPX External Network Number on Alpha
1598.03VAXRIO::LORENATue Sep 17 1996NET SEND/BROADCAST don't work !
1599.0PEARS::623Tue Sep 17 1996lmx.srv-crash /error:lmu6
1600.01GIDDAY::WALKERWed Sep 18 1996PATHWORKS for Digital Unix crash.
1601.02ROKKON::LAVINWed Sep 18 1996V6.1 and V4.
1602.01PEARS::62145::ludatschkaThu Sep 19 1996pwv6: win95 can't do a netlogon over TCP/IP
1603.02EVTAI1::CASTELLOThu Sep 19 19965.
1604.0SUTRA::MOXLEYFri Sep 20 1996Infoshelf in 6.1 EFT?
1605.01NETRIX::"michael@valen.ayo.dec.com"Fri Sep 20 1996Problems sharing CDFS mounted directory
1606.01EVTAI1::CASTELLOFri Sep 20 1996V6.x: net print job-nb /delete no way
1607.0IBMon Sep 23 1996PW + X25 + Printer
1608.02WOTVAX::SHARKEYATue Sep 24 1996latest kits ?
1609.01NETRIX::"castello@mosupc.evt.dec.com"Tue Sep 24 1996V6.1: Release now
1610.0THEWAV::LEWTue Sep 24 1996racerx refused connection
1611.04STKAI1::BLUNDBERGWed Sep 25 1996V5.
1612.06HGOM11::CECILIAQIANThu Sep 26 1996Windows 95 Client cannot access PW Server
1613.05KERNEL::BURNSTThu Sep 26 1996/dev/streams/knbtcp errno 9
1614.02WOTVAX::16.194.2Thu Sep 26 1996configure uses wrong username to talk to PDC
1615.01GIDDAY::ANDREASENDFri Sep 27 1996Cannot replicate local groups to PW6/OSF BDC
1616.01GIDDAY::WALKERFri Sep 27 1996cant add user in pwadmin on standalone 5.
1617.04ALFSS2::JONES_JFri Sep 27 1996Problem browseing Pathworks 6.
1618.01QBUS::B_GASPERMon Sep 30 1996PWOSF V5.
1619.01WRKSYS::PELRINETue Oct 01 1996PW6.
1620.01GIDDAY::WALKERWed Oct 02 1996Cannot copy file from server
1621.03ROMWed Oct 02 1996TCP/IP address check
1622.0VOLKL::COOLIDGEThu Oct 03 1996V6.1 Install problem
1623.03NETRIX::"per.nordli@nwo.mts.dec.com"Fri Oct 04 1996pw 5.
1624.0+12BULAN::peoto.soo.dec.com::bulan::ptorlindTue Oct 08 1996uppercase
1625.0ADCAWed Oct 09 1996Passwd for \\machine_name\pwv6
1626.01NETRIX::"partha@xko.dec.com"Thu Oct 10 1996PW server not starting
1627.01BLGThu Oct 10 1996UNIX and LM password sync
1628.01CSC32::HEINZThu Oct 10 1996can we do this?
1629.02NETRIX::"jm@uvo.dec.com"Fri Oct 11 1996PWK52
1630.01LGP3Fri Oct 11 1996Setting up a primary domain server *within* Digital
1631.03DEKVC::KANGOKSEOTue Oct 15 1996PAK of PATHWORKS V6.
1632.0NETRIX::"partha@xko.dec.com"Tue Oct 15 1996Access Denied
1633.0PEARS::623Tue Oct 15 1996PW V6 ECO1->root is not able to change expired admin password
1634.01ADOVWed Oct 16 1996PWOSF 6.x and ASE NetBT file share fail-over?
1635.03EVTAI1::CASTELLOWed Oct 16 1996PW V5.
1636.01PRMSThu Oct 17 1996PW6.1 Unix backup to a PW5.
1637.0GIDDAY::ANDREASENDThu Oct 17 1996Can't replicate local groups to PW6 /Unix
1638.02RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSThu Oct 17 1996Access denied after migration V5.
1639.04RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSFri Oct 18 1996net access differs with what seen in pwadmin
1640.03GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOMon Oct 21 1996./modal procedure - promoting a server
1641.0EVTAI1::CASTELLOMon Oct 21 1996PWKS V6.
1642.0GIDDAY::WALKERTue Oct 22 1996Changing node name, IP address and domain name.
1643.0DEKVC::KANGOKSEOTue Oct 22 1996PAK route again?
1644.03RTOEU::EGAUTHIERTue Oct 22 1996could not find specified domain with trust
1645.0+1OZROCK::SALAMACHAWed Oct 23 1996Users home directories in PW 6.1
1646.02WOTVAX::SHARKEYAWed Oct 23 1996PDC demotes itself ?
1647.0ATZIS2::NEUNTEUFL_WWed Oct 23 1996can't create folder within NFS mounted share
1648.01OZROCK::SALAMACHAThu Oct 24 1996Performance problems with PWUNIX 5.
1649.08WOTVAX::SHARKEYAThu Oct 24 1996How can I get admin privs back on a directory
1650.03HGOSPS::IVANCHENGFri Oct 25 1996panic "kernel memory fault" ...
1652.01SWETSC::arosFri Oct 25 1996Error copiyng large files > 2
1653.02EVTAI1::CASTELLOFri Oct 25 1996V6.1: saving MS Excel file fails
1654.02VNASWS::FLORMon Oct 28 1996V6.1 lmx.ctrl crashes at startup
1655.02BASICO::ISMAN1Mon Oct 28 1996Error trying to copy big files
1656.05BACHUS::LIEOUMon Oct 28 1996cannot logon?
1657.01VIRGIN::eusTue Oct 29 1996Problems connecting to PW 5.
1658.0GEOFFN::WRIGHTTue Oct 29 1996Pathworks 6.1 Replication Problems from NT
1659.06GRANPA::BARABIATue Oct 29 1996PWV5 UAS to PWV6 to WNT and Passwords
1660.0ALFSS2::JONES_JTue Oct 29 1996Server Manager not functioning correctly
1661.0HLFSWed Oct 30 1996PWADMIN (permissions on share)
1662.02GRANPA::BARABIAWed Oct 30 1996PW V5.
1663.03TKTVFS::HARA_EThu Oct 31 1996file-on-file mount
1664.01HGOVC::XFMVThu Oct 31 1996Interactive sessions disconnecting ...
1665.0ATZIS1::NEUNTEUFL_WMon Nov 04 1996probl. when copying files with explorer (pw6
1666.0XFMVTue Nov 05 1996pathworks users thrown out of network
1667.04KERNEL::BURNSTTue Nov 05 1996Share limit from PC's.
1668.01BIS1Wed Nov 06 1996Dec Laser printer 21
1669.0ALFSS2::MALLORY_AThu Nov 07 1996Could shm-memorymax cause NW Not to start?
1670.0OSEC::BARKERAFri Nov 08 1996Pathworks 6.1, password propagation
1671.05VMSNET::G_OEHMSFri Nov 08 1996Simple ? but not clear!
1672.02WOTVAX::16.194.2Mon Nov 11 1996Are the sources to the docs available ? (svr_gde)
1673.01VAXRIO::63Tue Nov 12 1996Security question for Pathworks for UNIX (NetWare)
1674.02TAKEOF::KAUFMANNWed Nov 13 1996Replication Problem
1675.0VAXRIO::DJOPC4::SCHORThu Nov 14 1996WfW access using NetBEUI and PW Unix 6.1
1676.0RTOEU::EGAUTHIERMon Nov 18 1996Has anyone gotten it to work???
1676.010VAXRIO::DJOPC4::SCHORTue Nov 19 1996Winword+PWUnix6.1 -> Cannot save file
1677.02AUSSIE::SULLIVANWed Nov 20 19968 char folder name limit for executing DOS programs?
1678.0ALFSS2::JONES_JThu Nov 21 1996Sessions were exhausted at some time
1679.01RCOCER::KNIGHTTThu Nov 21 1996Mapping NT Domain accounts to UNIX usernames for personal share access?
1680.01NETRIX::"George.Gordon@reo.dec.com"Fri Nov 22 1996Pathworks Support
1681.0KERNEL::BURNSTFri Nov 22 1996PWNW doest die gracefully ?.
1682.06VAXRIO::PCSUP1::souzaWed Nov 27 199695 and user-level access from PW-OSF 6.
1683.02KERNEL::BURNSTWed Nov 27 1996lmx.srv processes disapear...
1684.01KERNEL::BURNSTWed Nov 27 1996NWinform messages ?.
1685.01BER::BALAMIRThu Nov 28 1996urgent help needed in Truecluster and v.61 Pathworks
1686.0+5PEARS::6219Fri Nov 29 19965.
1687.05GIDDAY::argus.stl.dec.com::HarknessSun Dec 01 1996PW 6.1 Server with large file copies
1688.01ELTOOL::SYSTEMSun Dec 01 1996How to stop service announcements on NW server?
1689.0CPEEDY::HORGANTue Dec 03 1996Limit of 64k inodes per NW volume
1690.04NETRIX::"edwin.meyer@uto.mts.dec.com"Wed Dec 04 1996knb: warning: dynamic cache full
1691.0GIDDAY::WALKERThu Dec 05 1996Connection made to wrong share
1692.01RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSFri Dec 06 1996how to change a domain name with PW6.x ?
1693.0HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEEMon Dec 09 1996PWOSF 5.
1694.0+3HSOSS1::THOMASTue Dec 10 1996PW 6.X and NT TRUSTS
1695.0CPEEDY::HORGANTue Dec 10 1996PW/Unix QAR system moving!!
1696.0AROSWed Dec 11 1996Is 6.1 server supported on Dunix 4.
1697.02UNXA::LARSENWed Dec 11 1996Expired passwords in Pathworks V6.
1698.01NETRIX::"msowards@wro.dec.com"Wed Dec 11 1996Two Symultaneous versionsversion
1699.0+6HSOSS1::THOMASThu Dec 12 1996MAPUNAME and non-local accounts
1700.03PEARS::16.2Fri Dec 13 1996pwv6.1 eco1 , when will it be available ?
1702.04VAXRIO::LORENAMon Dec 16 1996PW6.1-Disconnect drivers intermittently
1703.01KYPROS::PARELLISTue Dec 17 1996Time Service for W95 available?
1704.01ROWDY::PAINTERFri Dec 20 1996Is V7.
1705.02KERNEL::BURNSTThu Jan 09 1997net file gives changing file id's
1706.03MLNCSC::DEPOLIGFri Jan 10 1997A question about SYS
1707.0LGP3Mon Jan 13 1997Where are the NT Server Tools?
1707.03GIDDAY::MITROVSKIWed Jan 15 1997Print queues hang intermittently
1708.0FLYWAY::WALKERNThu Jan 16 1997sharefile corrupt after adding printer share?!
1709.0WOTVAX::BURGESSThu Jan 16 1997Mimic the creation of C$ with 5.
1710.02HAN::HAEUSSERTue Jan 21 1997Server-based licenses needed for UAS replication ?
1711.0+3TOHOPE::WSA128::MALLORY_ATue Jan 21 1997Printing to Lanman Share with Large Autocad File
1712.0+8GIDDAY::CRISOLOGOWed Jan 22 1997How to change role
1713.0+4VAXRIO::DJOPC4::SCHORWed Jan 22 1997share permissions changed after 6.1eco1
1714.0+1TAGEIN::SCHACHTThu Jan 23 1997rename folder in Pathwork f. Decunix
1715.0KERNEL::BURNSTThu Jan 23 1997ACL db RAMsem statistics: show lots of blocking
1716.0NQOSThu Jan 23 1997pathworks and volume mounting questions
1717.0 *+2FRUST::LINDINGERFri Jan 24 1997TCP/IP, NETBEUI: routing
1718.0 *CPEEDY::LONGFri Jan 24 1997PATHWORKS V6.1 for Digital UNIX Reference Sites Needed
1719.0 *NETRIX::"gea@opale.mln.dec.com"Fri Jan 24 1997pathwork process loop
1720.0 *+1NETRIX::"sowards@mail.dec.com"Mon Jan 27 1997DIGITAL PW server and the Macintosh
1721.0 *CPEEDY::LONGMon Jan 27 1997V6.1 ECO1 Problem with Netscape Mail
1722.0 *+1DELNI::GORCZYCATue Jan 28 1997URGENT! CCS licenses eliminated on 3-FEB-1997
1723.0 *+4LGP3Tue Jan 28 1997Pathworks access for some users lost after IAS V2.
1724.0 *+3EVTAI1::CASTELLOWed Jan 29 1997V5.
1725.0 *+1QBUS::LOVELLWed Jan 29 19974 gb copy to NetWare Volume fails
1726.0 *+2LATINA::MONJEThu Jan 30 1997NetBEUI PW Server poor performance again !!
1727.0 *+4NETRIX::"sri@alf.dec.com"Thu Jan 30 1997PW 5.
1728.0 *KERNEL::BURNSTFri Jan 31 1997NET5713 full synchronization requests ?.
1729.0 *+2RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSFri Jan 31 1997Pathworks V6.1 and nis?
1730.0 *GIDDAY::WALKERMon Feb 03 1997Pathworks documentation on Jan 97 distribution
1731.0 *+5WOTVAX::SHARKEYAMon Feb 03 1997Does PW5.
1732.0 *+1WOTVAX::SHARKEYAMon Feb 03 1997Question on password updating on a BDC
1733.0 *MXOCTue Feb 04 1997Question for Print Shares
1734.0 *+2OSITEL::dpaxTue Feb 04 1997mass user setups for pdc
1735.0 *+1QCAVTue Feb 04 1997Unable to open fifth DECterm window
1736.0 *+2BALTMD::vous.cop.dec.com::bigsbyTue Feb 04 1997Cannot do long filenames with Win95
1737.0 *+3WOTVAX::SHARKEYATue Feb 04 1997W95 and expired passwords
1738.0 *CALDEC::SCHMIDTWed Feb 05 1997osf pacer kit?
1739.0 *+6VMSNET::J_MAJEWSKIWed Feb 05 1997What determines UID for a new user account?
1740.0 *+1BARNA::DSMAILFri Feb 07 1997logon scripts not moved after upgrade to 6.1
1741.0 *+2KERNEL::BURNSTFri Feb 07 1997Pathworks writes to NSR log file !!!!
1742.0 *NETRIX::"alessiop@mail.dec.com"Fri Feb 07 1997Strange pages on shared printer
1743.0 *+3ODIXIE::CHANDRASEKMon Feb 10 1997misc questions
1744.0 *+1TAVIS::RONENTue Feb 11 1997time&date not being updated for pw (nw) files
1745.0 *+1NETRIX::"richard.mottinger@fkr.mts.dec.com"Tue Feb 11 1997Remote Boot fails with 2 CPUs
1746.0 *+1GIDDAY::WALKERWed Feb 12 1997mismatched session sequence numbers
1747.0 *+1KERNEL::BURNSTThu Feb 13 1997Blocked minimum ? realy this long.
1748.0 *+1RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSFri Feb 14 1997lmx.srv crashes. vfy lmworld in /etc/passwd!
1749.0 *+5ALFSS2::JONES_JFri Feb 14 1997How to Promot Pathwork 6.
1750.0 *CHEFS::BARRETTOMon Feb 17 1997NIS(YP) + PW OSF 5/6 (VIA NT PDC) ?
1751.0 *CHEFS::BARRETTOMon Feb 17 1997PW + UNIX GROUPS
1752.0 *+1CHEFS::BARRETTOMon Feb 17 1997Upgrade 1.3 to 5.
1753.0 *+1MXOCTue Feb 18 1997PWKS 6.1 failures...?
1754.0 *+3ALFSS2::GRAFT_JWed Feb 19 1997ACCOUNT USERS command
1755.0 *+3CHEFS::BARRETTOWed Feb 19 1997mapgroup
1756.0 *+2NETRIX::"Sammler@beodz4.beo.dec.com"Thu Feb 20 1997Many NET31
1757.0 *+2NETRIX::"kerrison@gmt.dec.com"Thu Feb 20 1997user on UNIX <-> different user on pc
1758.0 *+1NETRIX::"fg@frt.dec.com"Fri Feb 21 1997DUNIX 4.
1759.0 *+6MLNOIS:: Feb 24 1997Validation on different IP subnet
1760.0 *HGOSPS::IVANCHENGTue Feb 25 1997Error 7
1761.0 *BACHUS::DEACETISTue Feb 25 1997/usr/tmp getting full of temp files when printing
1762.0 *+1R2ME2::ALANTAMTue Feb 25 1997What is a client printer?
1763.0 *+3SUFNWB::FARWICKWed Feb 26 1997Can't access new share
1764.0 *+3ROMSat Mar 01 1997PW v5.
1765.0 *TPOMC2::DAVIDHSIEHSun Mar 02 1997Sapd was died abnormally
1766.0 *+3NETRIX::"jarkko.hietaniemi@fno.mts.dec.com"Mon Mar 03 1997How to "crack" the pw admin password in digital unix?
1767.0 *+1SUFRNG::WSA128::MALLORY_AMon Mar 03 1997Printing from Client causes High Utilization on Client process
1768.0 *+2TKTVFS::MATSUNOWed Mar 05 1997V6: 4 controllers NetBIOS TCP/IP
1769.0 *+1ZPOVWed Mar 05 19978
1770.0 *+1NETRIX::"luraschi@mail.dec.com"Wed Mar 05 1997Error copying large files
1771.0 *+3NETRIX::"nanguang@zpdtWed Mar 05 1997How to change machine name?
1772.0 *+1TKTVFS::MATSUNOWed Mar 05 1997V6: lmxupgrade and /etc/passwd
1773.0 *+1MLNCSC::DALPORTOWed Mar 05 1997MPREXE error in module MSNET32.DLL for win95 client
1774.0 *+7YAKKA::KINGSMILLWed Mar 05 1997lmx.browser core dump
1775.0 *+2NETRIX::"casarotti@mail.dec.com"Thu Mar 06 1997PW6.1 ECO1 AND ECO2 user access problem
1776.0 *+1NETRIX::"luraschi@mail.dec.com"Fri Mar 07 1997Large files copy
1777.0 *+4ALFSS2::SOMPAYRACSTue Mar 11 1997nt 4.
1778.0 *+3RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSWed Mar 12 1997PW 6.1 netlogon and browsing
1779.0 *+4NETRIX::"richard.mottinger@fkr.mts.dec.com"Wed Mar 12 1997Setting up TRUSTS with V6.1
1780.0 *+4TROOA::MSCHNEIDERWed Mar 12 1997can I use IPX stack to connect to Oracle DB?
1781.0 *+2NETRIX::"richard.mottinger@fkr.mts.dec.com"Fri Mar 14 1997pwsetup V6.1 - aseconfig error
1782.0 *LABC::RUFri Mar 14 1997Access Denied error
1783.0 *+4NETRIX::"castello@mosupc.evt.dec.com"Fri Mar 14 1997V5.
1784.0 *NETRIX::"moore@stl.dec.com"Sun Mar 16 1997Slow response renaming directory
1785.0 *+4GIDDAY::WALKERMon Mar 17 1997netpass and PATHWORKS V6.1 for Digital UNIX
1786.0 *+6EVTAI1::WENDLINGMon Mar 17 1997License problem errno=16 ...
1787.0 *+1TLAVTue Mar 18 1997Extended Error 65 & PW6.1
1788.0 *+1ITATIM::IT_2Wed Mar 19 1997Pathworks 6.1 and permissions ??
1789.0 *+1BACHUS::ROETSWed Mar 19 1997pcsaclass printer down
1790.0 *KAOFS::M_VALLEEWed Mar 19 1997can't run exe on share
1791.0 *+2VIRGIN:: Mar 20 1997Cannot save Word/Excel document in PW 5.
1792.0 *+4ITATIM::IT_2Thu Mar 20 1997PWL6
1793.0 *ALFSS2::SOMPAYRACSThu Mar 20 1997purge all print not delet own?
1794.0 *NETRIX::"adler@tavosf.iso.dec.com"Mon Mar 24 1997DS7
1795.0 *+3ALFSS2::SOMPAYRACSMon Mar 24 1997eliminate file-on-file mounts from df
1796.0 *+1EVTAI1::CASTELLOMon Mar 24 1997V6.1-ECO2:Now available
1797.0 *+2BIGUN::PHILLIPSWed Mar 26 1997External LanMan authentication
1798.0 *RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSThu Mar 27 1997lmx.dmn swapped out. how to prevent?
1799.0 *+1EVTAI1::CASTELLOThu Mar 27 1997V6.1x: Bug readonly file from NT
1800.0 *+2ALFSS2::JONES_JMon Mar 31 1997NET FILE ID# /CLOSE
1801.0 *GIDDAY::WALKERTue Apr 01 1997net session not working properly
1802.0 *+3MDRTue Apr 01 1997Unable to access utod && PW 6.1 && DU 4.
1803.0 *+2MKTCRV::MANNERINGSWed Apr 02 1997pw 5.
1804.0 *ALFSS2::JONES_JWed Apr 02 1997How to configure a user to be a print manager
1805.0 *+2RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSWed Apr 02 1997net user; the device attached is not functioning
1806.0 *+1YAKKA::KINGSMILLWed Apr 02 1997Can't rename a file to a longer filename
1807.0 *+3VAXRIO::PCSUP1::souzaThu Apr 03 1997Saving word file names with special chars
1808.0 *+1YAKKA::KINGSMILLSun Apr 06 1997Windows95 Command Prompt (CMD) only sees 8.3
1809.0 *COMICS::TURTONJMon Apr 07 1997NT Print Manager support for Pathworks dUNIX 6.1x
1810.0 *+1COMICS::TURTONJMon Apr 07 1997Pathworks dUNIX 6.1x support for Account Lockout policy
1811.0 *GIDDAY::argus.stl.dec.com::HarknessMon Apr 07 1997Directory Replication Limit (1
1812.0 *+2BARNA::DSMAILTue Apr 08 1997Advanced Server & LM2.2 browse
1813.0 *ACISS2::DATZMANTue Apr 08 1997Converting PW users to NT
1814.0 *+3MDRWed Apr 09 1997IGNOREUNIX
1815.0 *+2VIRGIN::SUTTERThu Apr 10 19976.1A and access permission problems
1816.0 *+1GIDDAY::WALKERFri Apr 11 1997NT 4.
1817.0 *KERNEL::BURNSTMon Apr 14 1997Group permision confusion / prob ?
1818.0 *+2SIOG::BATEMANTue Apr 15 1997NET API supported on PW V6.x
1819.0 *+1JACEK::ochota.rpw.dec.com::ParlinskiTue Apr 15 1997Where is Netware Admin Guide ?
1820.0 *+1NNTPD::"gernot.Meyer@beo.mts.dec.com"Wed Apr 16 1997nbtstat forces crash
1821.0 *+2NNTPD::"Gernot.Meyer@beo.mts.dec.com"Wed Apr 16 1997Win95 Connection not possible
1822.0 *+2NNTPD::"sowards@mail.dec.com"Thu Apr 17 1997Pathworks 6.1 in a Unix Tru Cluster Environment
1823.0 *+2VMSNET::G_OEHMSFri Apr 18 1997LANE Emulation problems with 6.1 eco2& UNIX 4.
1824.0 *+4NNTPD::"sowards@mail.dec.com"Mon Apr 21 1997Product manager?
1825.0 *+3ALFSS2::JONES_JTue Apr 22 1997Can't get trusted domains to work.
1826.0 *+3HGOSPS::IVANCHENGWed Apr 23 1997Panic : "Unaligned kernel space access from kernel mode"
1827.0 *+1KERNEL::BURNSTWed Apr 23 1997Open file cache prob ??????? or wot.
1828.0 *+2NNTPD::"dani@furka.zuo.dec.com"Wed Apr 23 1997pwadmin, net access, Pathworks v6.1a
1829.0 *+4VAXRIO::DJOPC4::SCHORWed Apr 23 1997max clients X max sessions
1830.0 *+3RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSFri Apr 25 1997duplicate sessions with no username.
1831.0 *+4CPEEDY::LONGFri Apr 25 1997Wanted: V6.1x databases for upgrade testing
1832.0 *+1RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSFri Apr 25 1997diskquota enabled on V6.1A?
1834.0 *NNTPD::"castello@mosupc.evt.dec.com"Fri Apr 25 1997V6.1: listcache utility
1835.0 *+2KERNEL::BURNSTTue Apr 29 1997net 53 when starting netlogon.
1836.0 *+2NNTPD::"per.nordli@.nwo.mts.dec.com"Tue Apr 29 1997PW problem sorting dir's
1837.0 *+1SWETSC::NORDSTROMTue Apr 29 1997Do we support Pacer products anymore ?
1838.0 *+2VAXRIO::DJOPC4::SCHORTue Apr 29 1997pwlic.grp consumes all the CPU !
1839.0 *+2ALFSS2::JONES_JTue Apr 29 1997Sever based license timeout parameter
1840.0 *+4GIDDAY::DRANSFIELDTue Apr 29 1997netlogon fails with error 3
1841.0 *+1GIDDAY::WALKERTue Apr 29 1997Printer share problem
1842.0 *+1NNTPD::"per.nordli@nwo.mts.dec.com"Wed Apr 30 1997PW problem sorting dir's
1843.0 *+2NNTPD::"sowards@mail.dec.com"Wed Apr 30 1997DOS application hangs when saving
1844.0 *+2NNTPD::"sowards@mail.dec.com"Mon May 05 1997Shareing a HP Laser jet
1845.0 *+5RANGER::BRSDVP::DHAENSMon May 05 1997can't create file in nfs disk from SUN
1846.0 *+2HGOVC::SIUKEUNGLEETue May 06 1997pwlic.grp occupy 99% CPU
1847.0 *+1ALFSS2::JONES_JTue May 06 1997One client consumes licenses from multiple paks
1848.0 *+1VAXRIO::63Tue May 06 1997Insufficient Memory Copying Files From Server To PC
1849.0 *+5NNTPD::"guenther@mail.dec.com"Thu May 08 1997SYS
1850.0 *+1VAXRIO::GELSOThu May 08 1997panic nb_unbind
1851.0 *+2HYDRA::LAVINMon May 12 1997lat goes away
1852.0 *GIDDAY::WALKERTue May 13 1997Intermittent failure writing to network drives
1853.0 *+3TARUGO::LIDIATue May 13 1997NET2224: User account already exists
1854.0 *+2RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSTue May 13 1997Invalid license when making a connection via ras
1855.0 *+2KERNEL::BURNSTWed May 14 1997accounts databeses where and what ?.
1856.0 *+2ALFSS2::SOMPAYRACSWed May 14 1997dos2unix will it accept wildcards
1857.0 *+2ATZIS1::BROSER_WThu May 15 1997files are incorrect written
1858.0 *+2NNTPD::"rosatti@mail.dec.com"Fri May 16 1997Promote BDC to PDC ?
1859.0 *+3KERNEL::BURNSTTue May 20 19975.g eco 2 crash / process disappears
1860.0 *RANGER::BACHUS::DHAENSTue May 20 1997Replicaion and long file names.replicaionand long file names.
1861.0 *+2NNTPD::"MeyerG@mail.dec.com"Wed May 21 1997every printjob is followed by an unwanted page
1862.0 *+1CANOVA::RUSSOMon May 26 1997Sharing and real ownership
1863.0 *EVTAI1::DEGATWed May 28 1997PW4OSF(NW) file corrupted
1864.0 *+2KERNEL::BURNSTThu May 29 1997NT DOS BOX access failure to 6.1 e1
1865.0 *KERNEL::BURNSTThu May 29 1997losseing accounts shares anf permisions.
1866.0 *HLFSFri May 30 1997Large size of inodes file
1867.0 *+2NNTPD::"rosatti@mail.dec.com"Fri May 30 1997License via RAS
1868.0 *TAVWed Jun 04 1997error in passmgmt when installing pwosf 6.1 eco2
1869.0 *+1KERNEL::BURNSTWed Jun 04 1997host error 22 starting PW netware.
1870.0 *+2PCTEAM::SYSTEMWed Jun 04 1997file locking problem with NT3.51 & PW5.
1871.0 *VMSNET::MALLORYWed Jun 04 1997Group changes on Hybrid Users...
1872.0 *+1HGOM22::KAIHOFri Jun 06 1997Where's the patch?
1873.0 *+1HGOM22::KAIHOFri Jun 06 1997Where's the patch?(New)
1874.0 *+1TKTVFS::SUGASAWA_KFri Jun 06 1997file copy error