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Conference ranger::mswindows_examples

Title:Microsoft Windows Programming Examples
Created:Wed Mar 20 1991
Last Modified:Fri May 30 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:445
Total number of notes:1673
Number with bodies:1
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1.06RANGER::PFEFFERWed Mar 20 1991Welcome
2.085RANGER::PFEFFERWed Mar 20 1991Sign in...
3.018RANGER::PFEFFERWed Apr 10 1991Requests....
4.06SARAH::CUMMINGSThu Apr 11 1991Compose
5.02RANGER::LESKOWITZTue Apr 16 1991Titlebar Bitmaps
6.05JOCKEY::SHARKEYATue Apr 23 1991Has anyone does this yet ?
7.01SHALOT::JANCULATue Apr 30 1991XVT info, please
8.012RANGER::SCHMEICHELWed May 01 1991Some sample programs
9.01MARVIN::SCOTTSat May 25 1991IS windows running source
10.033CASEE::ANKANMon Jun 03 1991MS-Windows DECnet DLL sources.
11.0RANGER::LESKOWITZMon Jun 03 1991New WinD/X notes conference!
12.0SIERAS::WALLISMon Jul 08 1991Zinc Interface Library info
13.0EPIK::CUMMINGSThu Sep 26 1991INTRCEPT DLL to track object creation/deletion
14.03SHALOT::GEERDESThu Oct 24 1991ListBox question
15.0OGOMTS::LAFLAMMEThu Oct 24 1991modify group files
16.02RTRME::LichtenbergSun Oct 27 1991Pass user-defined data into a dialog-box procedure?
17.0SIOG::DALYTue Oct 29 1991Example needed - VB calling SQL DLL
18.04HAMBND::CHAVISTue Oct 29 1991Examples of Sending Messages between two application
19.03ALOSWS::MONTANOThu Oct 31 1991Network DDE from one PC to another ???
20.03HEART::MACHINMon Nov 11 1991Use DDE to provide API?
21.09DC1Fri Nov 15 1991Spy Program
22.03MALTM2::SMEDBERGTue Nov 19 1991LA-XXX Printer Drivers!
23.07BLITZ::MCHUGHFri Nov 22 1991Writing an MS/Windows DLL
24.07UNITED::THORNTONDTue Nov 26 1991Developing windows client/vms server apps??
25.0CGOOA::JSTEWARTMon Dec 16 1991Common Dialog DLL ?
26.017NODEX::NIPThu Dec 19 1991Bitmap Buttons - How?
27.01MR4DEC::DLAWTONSat Dec 21 1991Visual Basic Form - Help
28.01SQM::AXTELLMon Dec 23 1991Any info on the Control Panel Apps?
29.0MSBCS::HSUSun Dec 29 1991Porting UNIX AP to be a 32-bits Window DLL?
30.04CIRCUS::DISCOLOThu Jan 02 1992ObjectWindows controls and right mouse button question.
31.02DECWET::MPETERSONSun Jan 05 1992DPMI Access...
32.03CIRCUS::DISCOLOMon Jan 13 1992Multi-line TEdit controls and carriage return.
33.03DYVN::CURBELOWed Jan 22 1992Need help on Yield function call
34.01HGRDThu Jan 23 1992Windows Programming Doc. Needed
35.06MSBCS::HSUThu Jan 23 1992How can I allocate memory for DDEPOKE?
36.0LJOHUB::LOWEThu Jan 23 1992Conventional memory call from Win?
37.01BBIVFri Jan 24 1992Display Context ???
38.03HSOMAI::LINTue Jan 28 1992Multi-column listbox?
39.02DYVN::CURBELOFri Jan 31 1992
40.03ALOSWS::MONTANOMon Feb 03 1992Display a 256 color bit map (.BMP) in Windows ???
41.01CSOA1::WERNETFri Feb 07 1992DDE and Excel
42.0SHALOT::GEERDESThu Feb 13 1992VB custom control
43.02SHIRE::BINERFri Feb 14 1992Print Manager V1.
44.08HEART::MACHINTue Feb 25 1992Build Installation Procedures?
45.05CXVLSI::WANGERINWed Feb 26 1992Text Scrolling using TextOut?
46.03TROOA::NAISHTue Mar 03 1992EXIT program/icoon
47.0CCIIS1::63498::BouveratTue Mar 03 1992Lan manager Interface for TPW
48.02RANGER::GOODYMon Mar 09 1992Sound functions
49.01EVOAI2::TEBOULThu Mar 12 1992OWNERDRAW Style...
50.07HSOMAI::LINTue Mar 17 1992Listbox questions
51.01CUSTOM::RUTTWed Mar 18 1992Sample Pascal communications port program
52.0CIRCUS::DISCOLOMon Mar 23 1992TEdit controls and their 32KB limit.
53.04OZROCK::GROHNTue Mar 24 1992VT22
54.03GLDOA::JOLLYTue Mar 24 1992Windows Header File
55.02HAMBND::CHAVISThu Mar 26 1992Hideing the System Close Menu
56.02UTRTSC::BAARSSun Mar 29 1992datbase "kernel" wanted
58.02PEACHS::BURQUESTTue Mar 31 1992EDIT control question
59.02NEGRIL::BROWNFri Apr 03 1992DPMI/DOS Interrupts/Windows
60.04UNTADH::MACLIESHMon Apr 06 1992Q: Creating WIN.INI from a "kit"
61.02ICS::REICHTue Apr 14 1992asynch MSWINDOWS - $$$
63.02NUMERO::WANGERINTue Apr 21 1992enable/disable pushbuttons in a dialog box
64.02NUMPTY::Dreich::GrantWed Apr 22 1992Windows 3.1 Setup Information
65.05SHALOT::GEERDESWed Apr 22 1992Looking for documentation
66.0GLFBAG::HASSETTFri Apr 24 1992Borland's TEdit & Auto Word-Wrap
68.0AIDEV::LANDINGHAMFri May 08 1992How to interrupt processing of Windows app?
69.04R2ME2::GLOYDFri May 08 1992Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) sample code
70.04INFACT::BEVISThu May 14 1992Extracting icons
71.0SFCPMO::SFC21::DOWENFri May 15 1992Hidden TFileWindow problem
72.08CHENG5::WIDMERMon May 18 1992MS-Windows architecture
73.02NIKLKY::ROGERSThu May 21 1992MS Windows Source for WritePrivateProfileString
74.0HEART::MACHINFri May 29 1992DISKLAYT queries
75.02JITFri Jun 05 1992Setfocus question
76.02HANPRA::ALEXLAMSat Jun 06 1992Save Window's Screen Image within a program
77.02STRIKR::RAYERTue Jun 09 1992Getting Hwnd for an application
78.09WRONG::RokickiFri Jun 12 1992Execute EXE function from DLL
79.01VNASWS::HAUSBTue Jun 16 1992Borland C++ v3.
80.01FORTY2::SAHADEVANTue Jun 23 1992
81.01RANGER::NORTONWed Jun 24 1992Code Sample For Virtual List Box
82.03JPS1::KISHANFri Jun 26 1992infantile DLL example wanted
83.02FORTY2::SAHADEVANMon Jun 29 1992Printer drivers
84.0MSDOA::MCCLOUDWed Jul 01 1992Array Objects Documented ??
85.02RT95::HUThu Jul 02 1992INP(port) function ?
86.02DNEAST::PELLETIER_JISat Jul 04 1992looking for DDIF DLL
87.0DNEAST::PELLETIER_JISat Jul 04 1992Windows Control Palette users?
88.03JITTue Jul 07 1992Horizontal Scroll Bar
89.013ALAMOS::ADAMSWed Jul 08 1992Multimedia, Sound, .WAV
90.0CHENG5::WIDMERSat Jul 11 1992Password change utility
92.01STRIKR::RAYERWed Jul 15 1992Changing WINDIR?
93.01EVOAI2::TEBOULWed Jul 22 1992Changing color of Static control
94.05GIDDAY::MILNEWed Jul 22 1992DIB bits
95.01ULYSSE::GEERDESThu Jul 30 1992Transparent background
96.01NJCAD1::LANDWEHRFri Jul 31 1992Software Motion Pictures on WIN3.1
97.01YUPPY::DUNCANSTue Aug 04 1992MS-WINDOWS change password ???
98.01HEART::MACHINWed Aug 05 1992auto paste ASCII into other app window
99.04KLUSTR::GARDNERWed Aug 05 1992using int 14H requires DPMI?
100.0HEART::MACHINThu Aug 06 1992Powerbuilder anyone?
101.05ALAMOS::ADAMSFri Aug 07 1992BC++ Resource Workshop
102.05RENFRO::POWELLMon Aug 10 1992QUICK C vs BORLAND C++
103.01HEART::MACHINTue Aug 11 1992Developer Network anybody?
105.03GIDDAY::MILNEThu Aug 13 1992digital logo bitmap
106.07SFCMon Aug 17 1992Non-proportional windows font?
107.04TENNIS::KAMTue Aug 18 1992Trap 13(
108.0WELLER::JAHELKATue Aug 18 1992calendar questions
109.04TENNIS::KAMThu Aug 20 1992BC Resource Workshop activated or DialogBox won't appear
110.04TRLIAN::BARRETTThu Aug 20 1992dir to list box by date
111.02TENNIS::KAMFri Aug 21 1992How to add a DLL to a LIBrary?
112.04LEMAN::TELESUPPORTTue Aug 25 1992Quick C 1.
113.0HSOMAI::LINTue Aug 25 1992Non-Propotional font in Messagebox?
114.06WELLER::JAHELKATue Aug 25 1992windows debugger
115.02BLKPUD::LEDGERDWed Aug 26 1992Locked Out
116.03TLE::GERMAN::wellsWed Aug 26 1992How to install accelerators dynamically?
117.0RANGER::GOODYThu Aug 27 1992PrivateProfileString help?
118.0PRSTRA::DELARUELLEFri Aug 28 1992Terminal Emulator pb
119.02TINKER::NADKARNIFri Aug 28 1992Novell, and Windows DPMI
120.03JITThu Sep 03 1992Font Related Question
121.0SFCThu Sep 03 1992F1 & F1
122.0HSOMAI::LINFri Sep 04 1992bitmap to postscript file usngbitblt
123.03VNABRW::ENGEL_WFri Sep 04 1992Looking for WINSOCK.DLL
124.02WELLER::JAHELKAFri Sep 04 1992Can't get keyboard input into a TControl in Borland C++
125.03OZROCK::GROHNSun Sep 06 1992Zmodem spec
126.02JITMon Sep 07 1992Displaying DOS command output in Windows
127.0EPS::BURNSTue Sep 08 1992Example using cterm from Visual Basic
128.07TENNIS::KAMWed Sep 09 1992GetMenu (HANDLE) if there is more than one menu?
129.06GIDDAY::MILNEThu Sep 10 1992Net work drive mapping
130.01JITThu Sep 10 1992Errors after writing to a parent win from child dialog
131.013RANGER::RICHFri Sep 11 1992Windows root window tile???
132.03LJOHUB::STEERTue Sep 15 1992Explicitly Loaded DLL's and static data
133.0SCOTTR::ScottRWed Sep 16 1992WinDebt
134.02TALLIS::PERKINSWed Sep 16 1992Relocation information question:
135.07ALAMOS::ADAMSSun Sep 20 1992MSCDEX Programming
136.05TOMBO::BOILARDMon Sep 21 1992Custom Control Panel creation using BC++
137.02SIERAS::WALLISTue Sep 22 1992How do I set up a combobox?
138.01RANGER::RICHTue Sep 22 1992Examples from Norton/Yao "Power Programming Techniques"?
139.02HEART::MACHINWed Sep 23 1992OLE or DDE(ML)?
140.02BEAGLE::HASLERMon Sep 28 1992DECmcc-like PC checks
141.05AIDEV::CHENTue Sep 29 1992Icon/picture/bitmap with transparent background
142.0AIDEV::CHOIWed Sep 30 1992Scrolling under the ISOTROPIC mapping mode
143.08TAEC::HARPERWed Sep 30 1992Help with program development under windows...?
144.0TENNIS::KAMMon Oct 05 1992SDK and multimedia programming references
145.01WELLER::JAHELKAThu Oct 08 1992Background processing (IdleAction) using Borland C++ with OWL in Dialogs?
146.01HEART::MACHINFri Oct 09 1992OS/2 V2 compatibility issues
147.01TENNIS::KAMSun Oct 11 1992Active Icon and infor in Icon window?
148.0KAOU93::BRANCHARDFri Oct 16 1992professional DIL / Toolbar examples ?
149.04TROOA::CURZONFri Oct 16 1992Allocation/cleanup "advice"
150.01HLDEFri Oct 23 1992LAD's and MS-Windows
151.05KAOU93::BRANCHARDFri Oct 23 1992Find child position ??
152.03CRIME::BONGARTZWed Oct 28 1992Communications port, how to set and sense modem signals ?
153.03TIMABS::TSCHECHTELINThu Oct 29 1992add icons from a dos prg (without starting windows
154.04GVAADG::RIVIEREMon Nov 02 1992Help for Vms Mail
155.01ROWLET::LOOMISMon Nov 02 1992Packet XFer across DECNET and/or EtherNet
156.06PCAENG::HOOLAY::StetsonTue Nov 03 1992PATHWORKS Mail DLL available
157.04ROCKS::PLATTTue Nov 03 1992How do you spot a Windows EXE
158.05ROCKS::PLATTWed Nov 04 1992How do you position an Icon?
159.0HELLO::CUMMINGSWed Nov 11 1992Experienced Windows programmer available
160.010APBHUB::MADSENThu Nov 12 1992Help with linked-lists in GlobalMemory
161.02AIDEV::TRNTBL::thompsonWed Nov 18 1992Memory problem with Help in MS C++
162.033D::SEARSThu Nov 19 1992Programmers editor and debugger opinions?
163.03DELSFri Nov 20 1992Windows "Always on top" attribute?
164.012NODEX::GUPTAMon Nov 23 1992Push Button's color - How do you change it?
165.0FRAMBO::KREBSMon Nov 23 1992How to implement smooth object dragging?
166.04DUCKY::RBROWNWed Nov 25 1992Using an Edit String
167.03KAOU93::BRANCHARDWed Nov 25 1992dynamically change menubar language ?
168.02GLDOA::JOLLYFri Nov 27 1992Can you see if a pgm is allready running?
169.02VMSDEV::HALLYBTue Dec 01 1992Scroll Bar woes
170.01CURRNT::BAILEYThu Dec 03 1992How to create screen savers
171.01KAOU93::BURECHAILOThu Dec 10 1992need example using __huge pointer with >64K global buffer
172.02MONTEZ::MONTEZSat Dec 12 1992Client/Server DDE example.
173.02TOMBO::BOILARDMon Dec 14 1992Counting Instances
174.09ROLAID::PNDSKM::SHEPROTue Dec 15 1992Screen Saver on Demand
175.0HAMSTR::WILLIAMSTue Dec 15 1992DEMO-maker software available?
176.0CGOOA::GHALLTue Dec 15 1992Window Procedures for standard controls
177.01CGOOA::GHALLTue Dec 15 1992EDIT controls > 64K
178.03NODEX::ADEYMon Dec 21 1992Global FARPROC
179.05NODEX::ADEYWed Dec 23 1992MDI child window styles
180.09ROWLET::LOOMISThu Dec 31 1992MDI Toolbars and Status Bars
181.03KAOOA::DAVYWed Jan 06 1993Where has IBMPC-92 conference gone to?
182.02HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Jan 07 1993Mouse Cursor disappear in Resource Workshop
183.019OSLACT::OLAVFri Jan 08 1993List box with icons etc.?
184.0WMOIS::COLLINS_DWed Jan 13 1993Looking for copy of SDK 3.1 libw.lib
185.0MERCAN::VEREYMon Jan 18 1993Conversion of an X11 application to MSW
186.06TALLIS::JCAGE::perkinsMon Jan 18 1993Putting Bitmaps into Bitmaps
187.09TALLIS::JCAGE::perkinsFri Jan 22 1993Intercepting GDI Calls
188.0CREATV::SHAROSMon Jan 25 1993keyboard question
189.01MSDOA::MCCLOUDFri Jan 29 1993EnableMenuItem help
190.03RPSTRY::SCHUTZMANMon Feb 01 1993Attaching Buttons To the Window
191.0KEPERA::RIPLEYTue Feb 02 1993Messages under MS C++, MFC
192.01NODEX::BHAVNANIWed Feb 03 1993Novice DDE related questions
193.01STKHLM::SAMUELSSONThu Feb 04 1993How do I create my own keyboard map?
194.0CECEHV::PAASEN_RFri Feb 05 1993Missing sound driver
195.01ROMThu Feb 18 1993ScrollBar move & ListBox
196.06--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 18 1993A gentle inquiry...
197.02ROWLET::LOOMISMon Feb 22 1993GetWindowPlacement
198.02LISVAX::MARIANOMon Feb 22 1993Stacker vs. Windows
199.01TNODNS::ANTO::SardiTue Feb 23 1993Problems with task switch
201.0DATABS::SWAMINATHANFri Feb 26 1993Displaying tables
202.02PU::fowlercTue Mar 02 1993Overlaying Text in the Title Bar Region?
203.01ROWLET::LOOMISTue Mar 02 1993Idle Action without Timer
205.02TROOA::CURZONTue Mar 09 1993TDlgWindow mainwindow vs. bwcc vs. icon resource
206.0HLDETue Mar 16 1993performance examples
207.01CECEHV::PAASEN_RWed Mar 17 1993Music staffs
208.02KAHALA::SULLIVANWed Mar 17 1993Serial Comms and Compression Examples
209.0UPROAR::MORGANCThu Mar 18 1993Calling DLL routines from spreadsheets
210.02RANGER::RICHFri Mar 19 1993function like IsTrueTypeEnabled() ??
211.02ROWLET::LOOMISFri Mar 26 1993Creating a Shell Program
212.03TENNIS::KAMFri Mar 26 1993Microsoft's Developer Network New - how to get
213.010OSLACT::OLAVMon Mar 29 1993How to use undocumented CARDS.DLL
214.06AZUR::GEERDESTue Mar 30 1993looking for SetWindowsHook example
215.04NODEX::BHAVNANITue Mar 30 1993Help w/ readonly "edit" control
216.01ROMMon Apr 05 1993Looking for PWMAIL.DLL sources ...
217.02TAEC::HARPERThu Apr 08 1993Invalidate() question...
218.010STAR::GUINEAUTue Apr 20 1993Open File dialog class?
219.01UKARC1::HUDSONWed Apr 21 1993How to get *regular* interrupts in a windows application?
220.06VANTEN::MITCHELLDThu Apr 22 1993GetWindowText causes stack error in Hooksdll
221.02QUIVER::ORSHAWTue Apr 27 1993Custom controls for clicking on picture??
222.01MARX::FLEMINGWed Apr 28 1993COMBO boxes?
223.02MONMON::KRYTONWed Apr 28 1993Windows Resource KIT
224.04EVOAI2::CHEVRYThu Apr 29 1993API to MS-ACCESS ???
225.03SCOTTR::ScottRThu Apr 29 1993example wanted
226.0USHSThu May 06 1993Hook to commercial products
227.0METSYS::GOODWINFri May 07 1993SetPixel for a bitmap
228.01ELWOOD::KAPLANFri May 07 1993Modify timer frequency ?
229.03ANNECY::ROUXFri May 14 1993MS asm ont the Net ?
230.0KAHALA::SULLIVANTue May 18 1993Code Formatting Tool for Windows?
231.01TAVENG::FENSTERWed May 19 1993Looking for MS Windows source (or DLL) for drawing graphs and tables
232.02SCOTTR::ScottRWed May 19 1993what does it do?
233.0UPROAR::PLATTPMon May 24 1993Windows startup app?
234.08TAEC::HARPERMon Jun 07 1993Cursor diddling
235.0DRAC::DSMAILMon Jun 07 1993Large Memory Model Lib from WIN
236.01STAR::DZIEDZICMon Jun 07 1993Speeding up "animation" (movement)
237.0VANTEN::MITCHELLDTue Jun 15 1993Is the window name compounded with open file
238.0ROWLET::LOOMISTue Jun 15 1993Global Memory for DLL using New
239.03MPGS::ROMANThu Jun 17 1993Windows programming question
240.08TAEC::HARPERFri Jun 18 1993Dialog box background color
241.01BIGSOW::SREBNICKTue Jun 22 1993Dragging a child window...
242.05ZPOVC::WENDYLAIThu Jun 24 1993How to link with DLL
243.01SIOG::CORCORANThu Jun 24 1993accidentaly deleted Windows colour scheme
244.07MPGS::ROMANThu Jun 24 1993Looking for Windows Prog. course
245.0MONTEZ::MONTEZMon Jun 28 1993How to implement Program Manager Groups ?
246.01SYSMGT::DUTKOThu Jul 08 1993Use of VBX controls in C
247.02ROWLET::LOOMISThu Jul 08 1993HEAPSIZE and STACKSIZE questions
248.05VANTEN::MITCHELLDTue Jul 13 1993Callback to C from C++ DLL
249.0RUMOR::STANPC::fosterTue Jul 13 1993When does GetMessage return ?.
250.01FAILTE::GILLESPIEWed Jul 14 1993TCP/IP and Telnet Connection
251.0DRIFT::WOODThu Jul 15 1993Any ideas on implementing an event scheduling system?
252.0HEART::MACHINFri Jul 16 1993Mutithreading on 16/32s
253.02DWOVAX::KELLERSun Jul 18 1993Borland C++ Help w/ Tutorial
254.0NRSTA2::CARIFIOTue Jul 27 1993internationalization of windows programs (or looking for gencat)
255.0TENNIS::KAMTue Jul 27 1993get a msg to WM_COMMAND in a child-window procedure?
256.05TENNIS::KAMTue Jul 27 1993How to get a small HAND Cursor?
257.014GL::LASHERTue Jul 27 1993How to set insert/overstrike mode for edit control?
258.0HEART::MACHINWed Jul 28 1993LoadModule: any experience?
259.0SYSMGT::DUTKOWed Jul 28 1993Selecting element in Simple Combo box
260.04USHSWed Jul 28 1993VLIST?
261.03RTOEU::DSHATZMon Aug 02 1993ENTER Key & EditBox Conflict
262.02BROUGH::DAVIESMon Aug 02 1993Printing a file ? easy or difficult ?
263.0MIMS::BERNARD_DMon Aug 02 1993VB3.
264.03AIAG::BILLMERSTue Aug 10 1993Help on using WinExec
265.0TRKWSH::COMFORTWed Aug 11 1993Mouse driver examples?
266.07LEDS::ODAYThu Aug 12 1993Dialog box as main window?
267.01RTOEU::DSHATZThu Aug 12 1993Rubbert-Band List Boxes?
268.014GL::LASHERThu Aug 12 1993How to select font in an edit control?
269.01ROWLET::LOOMISFri Aug 13 1993How To Do Mini Title Bars?
270.01JITMon Aug 16 1993Want to create a window from DLL
271.0ALAMOS::ADAMSTue Aug 17 1993WINSOCK Applications (Visual C++)
272.0SIERAS::WALLISThu Aug 19 1993How can I use RegisterWindowMessage()?
273.01SOLVIT::FLAIRR::SCHMIDTThu Aug 26 1993What is an Instance Thunk?
274.04QUIVER::ORSHAWMon Aug 30 1993Motif Option Menus in MS-Windows???
275.0OSKYON::TAIWed Sep 01 1993How to make a bitmap file.
276.02QUIVER::ORSHAWWed Sep 01 1993Windows Superclassing??
277.05FORTY2::TATHAMTue Sep 07 1993.WAV file format?
278.01QUIVER::ORSHAWTue Sep 07 1993Font problems in Visual C++ App Studio
279.06LEDS::ODAYThu Sep 09 1993App won't run when IDE,WinSight not running
281.03RTOEU::DSHATZFri Sep 17 1993Dialog Controi Object Text Colors
282.0TYSON::KURATATue Sep 21 1993Need example of text select
283.05RTOEU2::DSHATZWed Sep 22 1993Great Windows Prgmmg Book
284.02TAVENG::FENSTERSun Sep 26 1993Looking for startup/.ini file code to read all the section headers
285.0HEART::MACHINTue Oct 05 1993RpcWinSetYieldInfo unreliable?
286.02--UnknownUser--Wed Oct 06 1993Create palette of buttons with bitmaps
287.01MONTEZ::MONTEZThu Oct 07 1993Macros for Windows
288.09RAINBO::DAVESun Oct 10 1993Reverse video icon in dialog box?
289.0EVTAI1::MEYER_MTue Oct 12 1993More accurate than timeSetEvent() ?
290.010RANGER::DAVEMon Oct 18 1993Rubber-band line?
291.01ULYSSE::GEERDESMon Oct 18 1993VB & DLL problem
293.07RAINBO::DAVEMon Oct 25 1993Memory allocation problem
294.07RAINBO::DAVETue Oct 26 1993Trig functions?
295.07FUTURS::LONGWY::LEWISTue Oct 26 1993Getting started with DDE from 'C' ?
296.013D::SEARSWed Oct 27 1993Change/add to default system palette?
297.09RAINBO::DAVESat Oct 30 1993Binary read/write?
298.07AZTECH::SOTHIS::MenefeeMon Nov 01 1993Complex text edit control?
299.08NODEX::VBROWNTue Nov 02 1993data trees?
300.02TAMRC::LAURENTWed Nov 03 1993Microsoft Setup Toolkit
301.02GJOVAX::GRAEFFWed Nov 03 1993File from the 3.1 SDK needed.
302.013DAVE::MITTONThu Nov 04 1993Misc GDI topics
303.02DFACTO::NEWMANFri Nov 05 1993handle from parent to child AP
304.02RAINBO::DAVEMon Nov 08 1993Preventing messages?
305.01CLUSTA::KULVETEWed Nov 10 1993how to keep focus on an edit control
306.05LJSRV1::RICHFri Nov 12 1993how to determine the number of buttons on the mouse
307.01GJOVAX::GRAEFFThu Nov 18 1993Automated Print Screen from Windows?
308.04GL::LASHERFri Nov 19 1993How to find location of caret in an edit control
309.05MPGS::ROMANWed Nov 24 1993First attempt at printing - need HELP!!
310.0TAEC::HARPERSat Nov 27 1993How to find out color support?
311.02SUBURB::MAYJMon Nov 29 1993.BMP Animator...
312.0PRSIS7::HULAUXTue Nov 30 1993What is the right GDI calls sequence to print multi-page large Bitmaps ?
313.01RANGER::DAVETue Nov 30 1993Available Stack Space
314.02EVOAI2::TEBOULWed Dec 01 1993Help Compiler ...
315.02RANGER::DAVETue Dec 07 1993Regions VERY SLOW!
316.01KUZZY::NUZZOWed Dec 08 1993Help! - Windows app to add "Button" to other Windows Apps
317.01CAPNET::DUARTEFri Dec 10 1993Font Change?
318.05TAMARA::TEAMLK::hullTue Dec 14 1993pointer to Microsoft Systems Journal source on the net?
319.02MSE1::PCOTEFri Dec 17 1993Intel assembly language to ANSI C utility ?
320.0119382::BOILARDWed Dec 22 1993Special Edit Controls
321.05VNASWS::GEROLDMon Dec 27 1993Cannot create modeless DB
322.0CSC32::D_PINAMon Jan 03 1994How do you change ICONS in Pgm Mgr
323.01TROOA::ANGThu Jan 06 1994How to get dialog box text?
324.0STAR::ALLISONThu Jan 06 1994MS Test problem with SHIFT+DOWN ARROW
325.05LEDS::ODAYWed Jan 12 1994convert float to string?
326.05RTOEU::DSHATZFri Jan 14 1994NEWFRAME (Print Escape) Cause Font Change?
327.0DRIFT::WOODFri Jan 14 1994How to implement Request-To-Send (RTS) toggle?
328.02--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 17 1994Clarifications on Windows
329.01--UnknownUser--Mon Jan 17 1994Radio Button Clarifications
330.0BASLG1::BARNESTue Jan 18 1994Painting in non-client area
331.08MPGS::ROMANTue Jan 18 1994How to change font of dialog box?
332.02HLDEWed Jan 19 1994API test tool
333.019382::BOILARDWed Jan 19 1994How does the MIDI patch editor work?
334.07TYSON::KURATAThu Jan 20 1994How do you assign strings values in a DLL
335.0EVOAI2::ALLIN1Mon Jan 24 1994Menu bar customization
336.025Mon Jan 24 1994Forcing Landscape Mode to Printer?
337.02SCOTTR::ScottRTue Jan 25 1994Timer Messages in a DLL
338.02CADSYS::COOKThu Feb 03 1994Who REALLY uses these mapping modes?
339.0MONTEZ::MONTEZFri Feb 04 1994Correct use of handle when using DDE
340.02MORTAL::TOMPKINSFri Feb 04 199464
341.08MPGS::ROMANMon Feb 07 1994Everything you wanted to know about dialog boxes
342.0LARVAE::TREVENNOR_AMon Feb 07 1994Representing a TCP/IP socket (winsock.dll) as a file to apps?
343.01GUESS::HOOVERWed Feb 09 1994setup: writing name of owner on installation disk and on installation target
344.02RANGER::DAVEThu Feb 10 1994"Linking" edit fields in dlg box
345.03LEMAN::PAIVAMon Feb 14 1994"Converting" printf's to MS-Windows 3.1
346.0TINKER::FORECASTWed Feb 16 1994WM_SYSCOMMAND message processing
347.01COLFri Feb 18 1994Buffer Allocation, how?
348.0HAMCL3::MOELLERTue Feb 22 1994VB & DLL problem
349.01MUMPS::JOHNSONThu Feb 24 1994How do you override an icon?
350.01RTOEU::DSHATZTue Mar 01 1994Which Memory To Use?
351.011TAEC::HARPERSat Mar 05 1994Accessing GDI objects?
352.03HEART::MACHINWed Mar 09 1994TCP/IP /Win WkGrps 3.11
353.0XANADU::GANAPATHIThu Mar 10 1994Inexplicable application behavior
354.04LJSRV1::RICHMon Mar 14 1994SS!=DS when WINAPI returns double
355.02SYSMGT::DUTKOTue Mar 22 1994Looking for Microsoft's Software/Data Library...
356.01VNASWS::GEROLDWed Mar 23 1994What goes to a child window ?
357.02HEART::WILLIAMSMon Mar 28 1994How do I iconize a dialog box, getting it to display an icon ?
358.0SEDPCW::MCMICHAELTue Mar 29 1994Checksum in Program Manager Group Files (.GRP)
359.06VNASWS::GEROLDWed Mar 30 1994Cannot fill combobox
360.0MONTEZ::MONTEZThu Mar 31 1994How to change icons on MDI child windows ?
361.0UHUH::DILLBERGERMon Apr 04 1994Retrieving the resource id of a common dialog box?
362.0RTOEU::DSHATZTue Apr 05 1994Learning: Dialog Box as a MDI Child?
363.01DEITS1::DEIT1Fri Apr 08 1994Dynamic creation of windows and controls ?
364.06EISPTC::PINGWed Apr 13 1994Function to copy window text ?
365.01COPCLU::JACOBSENThu Apr 14 1994ExtObjID from INFOMAN-fclist
366.013CRACKR::RITZThu Apr 21 1994MessageBox with 4-5 buttons?
367.01DEKAWed Apr 27 1994multitask question.
368.06TKOV6Thu May 19 1994Copying a metafile to clipboard
369.0BERNThu May 26 1994modem communication PC to OSF/1
370.04GOLLY::ZAREMBAThu Jun 16 1994Code to read .bmp files
371.01USCTR1::BRAITHWAITEFri Jun 24 1994RTF documentation?
372.03MALLOC::PRINCIPIOThu Jun 30 1994List boxes with horizontal scrollbars
373.0BIGUN::chmeee::MayneSat Jul 02 1994Invisible icon
374.02ZAMBIA::WELLSThu Jul 07 1994Control over sndPlaySound() function?
375.02SYSMGT::HALLYBWed Jul 13 1994Changing GetOpenFileName() dialog box color
376.01TALLIS::KOCHFri Jul 22 1994spawnl undefined.
377.01DELNI::HOGLUNDFri Jul 29 1994DGROUP diet so I can increase stack size?
379.02TALLIS::KOCHFri Aug 05 1994How to get INT 21 to work from Windows?
380.02KAOAWed Aug 17 1994How does the program manager do it ?
381.03KAOASat Aug 20 1994How do you display text vertically?
382.01MXOCWed Aug 31 1994Chicago's Beta does not work in DEC PCs
383.02KAOAThu Sep 01 1994MoveWindow origin
384.01SUOSWS::RHEINSCHMITTFri Sep 02 1994.UIL to .RC-Converter ?
385.0356826::SCARAMUZZOThu Sep 08 1994Displaying a WMF(Metafile) w/ GetMetafile function?
386.0GALVIA::BDEPAOLIFri Sep 09 1994Problem with GetModuleHandle API
387.0AZUR::GEERDESMon Sep 19 1994monitoring windows systems
388.01TROOA::CURZONMon Sep 19 1994Hooks
389.01LEDS::BOILARDWed Sep 21 1994Propagating enviroment changes through multiple instances
390.0POLAR::GOODHEWFri Sep 30 1994Problems using regions
391.02WMOENG::HILL_DTue Oct 04 1994Help Inserting ASCII char into EditText Control
392.01AZUR::GEERDESWed Oct 05 1994C++ question
393.01NETCAD::SCARAMUZZOFri Oct 14 1994Have a Dialog Box pop-up from within a Dialog Box?
394.03MSGAXP::FEASETue Oct 18 1994Is There a File Manager API?
395.01NODEX::ADEYFri Oct 21 1994Root Window Application Activation
396.02KAOAThu Oct 27 1994Call to DLL points to wrong function
397.01XSTACY::DROSSMon Nov 07 1994How do I modify my .EXE's default icon?
398.01WRKSYS::NISHIMOTOThu Nov 10 1994GIF->BID parser/translator code???
399.01TALLIS::KOCHThu Nov 10 1994How to get style bits given control ID?
400.04LJSRV1::RICHFri Nov 11 1994how to set line end styles (other than round)
401.02MSE1::MASTRANGELOTue Nov 15 1994Problem with subclassing.
402.0GLDOA::ZAMMITWed Nov 16 1994Re-Paint Question?
403.04ZAMBIA::WELLSTue Nov 29 1994Using VerInstallFile() from VER.DLL in my setup program??
404.03KETJE::VANDEVYVERPSat Dec 10 1994Generate a tone of a give freq. ?
405.02SUBURB::MAYJTue Dec 20 1994Screen Savers Creation???
406.0HANNAH::BAYWed Dec 21 1994Standard mode device contention
408.01VNABRW::LUGER::HUSCHKA_AFri Jan 06 1995Problems with system modal dialog box
409.02BLKPUD::PAGEHWed Jan 11 1995Playing .WAV files
410.03IDNTCR::TAVERAThu Jan 12 1995Printing custom fonts from VB
411.05NETCAD::SCARAMUZZOThu Jan 12 1995Retrieving the Control ID of the currently active item
412.01VAXRIO::ESPOZELWed Jan 25 1995Spy - Any example ?
413.0MOEUR8::NAYLORThu Jan 26 1995
414.03KAOATue Feb 07 1995Sui tools and books
415.05NODEX::ADEYTue Feb 14 1995Contents of DLL
416.0HANNAH::BAYFri Feb 17 1995Questions on windows memory reporting
417.03HANNAH::BAYTue Feb 21 1995"Autorepeat" buttons?
418.01OFOSS1::CAREYTue Mar 14 1995Need Team Scheduling Routine
419.02ROMEDU::NEBBIAThu Mar 16 1995Simple DLL
420.0BIGUN::chmeee::MayneThu Apr 13 1995Create a device context not the same as the display
421.01POLAR::MOKHTARTue May 02 1995networking DOS and Windows
423.0PLAYER::DOMSWed May 17 1995DDE links to excel cells ?
424.0TAVENG::PEREZThu Jun 01 1995parser/convertor RC/DLG
425.0STAR::HUSSAINThu Jun 08 1995Resource/s used in Visual C++ Books Online.
426.01TESA::EDWARDSWed Jun 14 1995Sockets question for (gulp!) DOS
427.01TESA::HAMILTONTue Jul 11 1995help needed for VBX controls.
428.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jul 28 1995windows won't start -startup screen missing????
429.0RDGENG::BAKERSWed Aug 16 1995Currency formatting routines?
430.0XFMVMon Aug 28 1995Windows Man
431.0HANNAH::BAYTue Sep 05 1995Application optimization?
432.03BLKPUD::WILLOUGHBYDThu Oct 05 1995MS-SETUP and command-line params
433.01GIDDAY::MUNNWed Nov 22 1995Message processing in DLL?
434.03NETCAD::BRANAMTue Jan 09 1996Palettes and 256-color bitmaps with BitBlt
435.0JURA::RIVIEREThu Jan 11 1996Font Installation ?
436.0BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri Jan 19 1996.RLE files to use for WINDOWS start-up?
437.0REGENT::LEEWed Jan 24 1996How to use Netware SDK API?
438.05IOSG::LAYNETue Feb 13 1996Help
439.01CHEFS::hcs2.new.dec.com::MCMICHAEL_IWed Feb 28 1996Adding Version Information in a .RC file?
440.06IOSG::LAYNEFri Mar 01 1996Anyone know how to...?
441.0TALLIS::KOCHFri May 10 1996Seek web-reading example.
442.03CHEFS::SAUNDERS_AFri May 17 1996Program group psw
443.0TUXEDO::WRAYWed Jul 10 1996Retargetting Borland C++/OWL Win3.1 app to Win95/NT
444.01DEKVC::SWSPKOThu Oct 31 1996How to integrate MS-WORD6.
445.0 *HANDVC::QAFri May 30 1997porting 16-bit applications