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Conference ranger::laptoppc

Title:Lap top PC's (NEC 8201,TRS 100)
Created:Mon Apr 07 1986
Last Modified:Wed May 28 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1536
Total number of notes:6091
Number with bodies:38
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1.04MARRHQ::BIRCHMon Aug 26 1985Portable PC's (NEC 82
2.01AMBER::EIRIKURTue Aug 27 1985M1
3.05ERIE::SORKINFri Aug 30 1985M1
4.02ATLAST::BROWNTue Sep 03 1985NEC Software
5.03VIKING::HARDYThu Oct 03 1985For Sale: Spreadsheet ROM
6.03CRVAX1::KAPLOWTue Oct 08 1985W C Field Computer
7.02VIKING::HARDYTue Oct 15 1985Laptop Computer Magazines
9.013USHSThu Dec 26 1985OTHER LAPTOPS
10.01MAASSG::SYSTEMMon Jan 06 1986Home for wayward notes file?
13.03RAINBO::HARDYTue Apr 01 1986Going to VAXnotes
14.07VIKING::HARDYThu Apr 03 1986IBM Laptop Announced!
15.01MOSAIC::MCNALLFri Apr 11 1986$8
16.01VIKING::HARDYTue Apr 15 1986Useful Travel Accessories
17.01NY1MM::BERGFri May 02 1986JMP and Relocatable code (Model 2
18.03TYFYS::SHAWWed May 07 1986Higher Date/Time Resolution
19.05MANANA::DICKSONTue May 13 1986NEC 82
20.03MANANA::DICKSONSat Jun 07 1986Airlines
22.06MANANA::DICKSONThu Jun 12 1986Where are the new small laptops?
23.0CACHE::KOTOKMon Jun 16 1986M1
24.07SAHQ::PRYORTue Jul 08 1986In need of advice
25.01NISYSE::TMECFri Jul 11 1986SANYO 55
26.01CRVAX1::ANDREWSFri Aug 08 1986VT-?? emulators done?
27.017CACHE::KOTOKMon Aug 11 1986VT22
28.01TRCOTue Aug 19 1986RS1
29.05WHYVAX::HEWITTWed Aug 27 1986Cheap transportable!???
31.025813::MACDONALDWed Sep 10 1986No Longer Available
32.05GALAGR::MOODYFri Sep 12 1986Your opions..please!
33.04PIXEL::PWONGSun Sep 14 1986Comparing 3 laptops - IBM, DG and Toshiba
34.02AUTHOR::MACDONALDWed Sep 24 1986New PX-8's for $277
35.0COPTue Sep 30 1986Toshiba 31
36.07ATLAST::BROWNThu Oct 02 1986NEW NEC LAPTOP - IBM Compatible
37.02--UnknownUser--Thu Oct 02 1986CoCo LA1
38.05RESORT::WVCFri Oct 03 1986M1
39.0ATLAST::BROWNSat Oct 04 1986NEC Laptop for Sale
40.01GALAGR::MOODYFri Oct 10 1986UPLOAD.COM for M1
41.05NEWVAX::PRUSSSat Oct 11 1986GRID Information?
42.07OVDVAX::WVCThu Oct 23 1986Tandy Portable Disk Drive Protocol?
43.02TRHMon Oct 27 1986RC-1
44.09OVDVAX::WVCWed Oct 29 1986Memory & power?
45.01SHIRE::BROWNWed Oct 29 1986Latest Lap Rumors
46.0457657::ELKINDThu Oct 30 1986used lap tops - how much, where to find?
47.01GALAGR::MOODYFri Oct 31 1986Where to get M1
48.01VENTUR::HAYESMon Nov 03 1986M1
49.04WHYVAX::HEWITTMon Nov 03 1986RS232 communications speed...
50.0BEAGLE::BONGARTZTue Nov 04 1986Sharp PC-15
51.08GLORY::RAQUEPAUThu Nov 06 1986Downloading .BA files/w TELCOM
52.07WHYVAX::HEWITTWed Nov 12 1986Upgrading M1
53.01THEBAY::WEBBSun Nov 16 1986info on SHARP PC5
54.0THEBAY::SCARBOROSun Nov 16 1986Useful MOD2
56.01REGENT::GETTYSWed Nov 26 1986Need Kermit for NEC 84
57.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDWed Dec 03 1986NEC MultiSpeed
58.02OVDVAX::WVCThu Dec 04 1986PICO BBS
59.0AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Dec 05 1986Epson PX-8
60.02SHIRE::BROWNSat Dec 06 1986Zenith 181 - Best Screen!!
61.02WHYVAX::HETRICKWed Dec 10 1986PC-4 memory upgrade
62.01TLE::RMEYERSThu Dec 11 1986Portable 1
63.02GALAGR::MOODYThu Dec 11 1986Ulitimate Rom-II Review. (for M1
64.04USRCV1::CARNELLPTue Dec 23 1986RS Portable Disk on sale
65.0DECWET::BROWNWed Dec 31 1986A Review of LAPDOS
66.06DECWET::BROWNWed Dec 31 1986Toshiba T11
67.02SAHQ::PRYORThu Jan 08 1987Toshiba T11
68.0132Fri Jan 09 1987can I borrow your T11
69.035SHIRE::BROWNWed Jan 14 1987Shootout: Toshi,NEC,Zenith
70.05TROPPO::BROMBERGFri Jan 16 1987Toshiba T21
71.06CHARON::HUFri Jan 16 1987Mail Between Laptop and VAX
72.02TIXEL::ARNOLDMon Jan 19 1987MSDOS confusion
73.02AUTHOR::MACDONALDMon Jan 19 1987NEC Review - PC Magazine
74.01TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Jan 21 1987best price shopping suggestions?
75.05CACHE::KOTOKTue Jan 27 1987Portable Macintosh?
76.0GALAGR::MOODYFri Jan 30 1987NEC-AIDS BBS Dir list
77.01NY1MM::LACHIUSAMon Feb 02 1987NEC 82
78.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDTue Feb 03 1987Cheap Laptop
79.01COPWed Feb 04 1987New Datavue Laptops: SPARK/SNAPPY
80.04OYSTER::GOZALOFFThu Feb 05 1987T31
81.01GALAGR::MOODYTue Feb 10 1987Grid's new laptop
82.06TIXEL::ARNOLDFri Feb 13 1987NEC Multispeed Experiences
83.012E2XE2X::MCCONNELLMon Feb 16 1987Toshiba 11
84.02ATLAST::LAWRENCETue Feb 17 1987"C" for the model 1
85.08COPSun Mar 01 1987New screen for Toshiba 11
87.010NEWVAX::BAGWILLTue Mar 10 1987386 Toshiba or Kaypro 2
88.01HERMES::PELKEYWed Mar 11 1987Info wanted on AT&T 63
89.01RANGER::SCOTTWed Mar 11 1987I need ROM part numbers.
90.03HAVEN::PORTERFri Mar 13 1987How "IBM compatible" is the Toshiba?
91.01VICTOR::WARINGMon Mar 16 1987New (Neat) Sinclair Laptop Announced
92.02TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Mar 17 1987News leaks from NEC
93.08SUPER::CAMPBELLTue Mar 17 1987Color Monitors for the T11
94.06GALAGR::MOODYWed Mar 18 1987M1
95.09TONTO::NARANJOMon Mar 23 1987Tandy 6
96.0LEHIGH::SORKINWed Mar 25 1987DG Model One USERS??
97.01AUTHOR::MACDONALDFri Mar 27 1987Import Tariffs
98.03CIMLAB::MOODYMon Mar 30 1987HELP with modem protocol!
99.05CIMLAB::MOODYMon Mar 30 1987Zenith 181
100.01RANGER::SCOTTTue Mar 31 1987Qty purchase anyone? Any machine?
101.04WHY::ROACHThu Apr 02 1987DEC purchases of LAPTOPS - references please
102.0GALAGR::MOODYFri Apr 03 1987NEC Multi PROBLEM!
103.07SUPER::CAMPBELLSun Apr 05 1987T11
104.02GALAGR::MOODYTue Apr 07 1987Floppies CHEAP!
105.05GALAGR::MOODYTue Apr 14 1987Thoughts on wini-systems?
106.02BEING::MCCULLEYTue Apr 14 1987T11
107.0DELNI::DEMENTThu Apr 16 1987T11
108.03BPOVThu Apr 16 1987Laptops for my engineering department!
109.01THEBAY::WEBBSat Apr 18 1987NEC STARLET upgrades?
110.02COLORS::SHYDESun Apr 19 1987Buy them NOW, before they're too expensive
111.011ALIEN::MCCULLEYTue Apr 21 1987need help w/p-d sw for T11
112.011BPOVTue Apr 21 1987NEC PC-83
114.013DECWET::BROWNThu Apr 23 1987Cast your Ballot!
115.011HAVEN::PORTERMon Apr 27 1987Any "customized" KEY def files on NET??
117.03RENKO::KULLTue May 05 1987M1
118.0GALAGR::MOODYTue May 05 1987Tandy Port-a-floppy
119.0HAVEN::PORTERFri May 08 1987TCL as "SHELL=" on Toshiba MS-DOS V3.2 glitch...
120.01THEBAY::SCARBOROMon May 11 1987Emulator questions..
121.02GALAGR::MOODYMon May 11 1987New Calendar for M1
122.03GALAGR::MOODYThu May 14 1987M1
125.02DECWET::BROWNTue May 19 1987Turbo C
126.0WHOOPI::CAMPBELLWed May 27 1987T11
127.052DECWET::BROWNTue Jun 02 1987Toshiba T1
128.017CRVAX1::DIDATOWed Jun 03 1987Toshiba Strikes again!
129.01EUREKA::MYRIL_NThu Jun 11 1987SHARP 5
130.02DSSDEV::AXTELLThu Jun 11 1987.EXE for XONXOFF?
132.02TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Jun 24 19873271 TE for a laptop?
133.010AUSTIN::GRASMANNWed Jun 24 1987XMODEM, Anyone?
134.0GALAGR::MOODYMon Jun 29 1987New stuff for M1
135.01JANUS::HUDSONThu Jul 02 1987Big laps only?
136.01NEWVAX::BAGWILLMon Jul 06 1987Datavue vapors
137.04JANUS::HUDSONTue Jul 14 1987OS/2 on Tosh
138.02DSSDEV::AXTELLTue Jul 21 1987Putting a Tablet on the Tosh
139.01ATOTue Jul 21 1987NEC MULTISPEED & LA5
140.01ATOTue Jul 21 1987XMODEM PROBLEM, HELP!!!!
141.01AKA::NOBLEFri Jul 24 1987KERMIT on 3.5" diskette?
142.03TSG::HATCHERFri Jul 24 1987Where to find Toshiba in Nashua?
143.018TSG::HATCHERFri Jul 24 1987Airplanes, transformers?
144.014IJSAPL::LUITJESTue Jul 28 1987Epson PX-8 Software
146.04ISTG::ROACHTue Aug 04 1987Internal hard disk for 11
147.07MIZPAH::ELKINDFri Aug 07 1987new Tandy?
148.07OVDVAX::WVCMon Aug 10 1987Great news for M1
149.04MAGIC1::GRACETue Aug 11 1987Choosing the right P.C. Compaq?
150.0DECWET::BROWNTue Aug 25 1987Tandy Model 1
151.0EIGER::WUESTThu Aug 27 1987wps needs keyboard remapping for TOSHIBA?.?.
152.01OVDVAX::WVCSun Aug 30 1987Any-Base converter (NEBASE.BA)
153.03UTROP1::BEEKMANTue Sep 01 1987LAPTOP use within Digital.
154.0TSG::HATCHERTue Sep 08 1987T1
155.012ALIEN::MCCULLEYThu Sep 10 1987Don't X-ray your laptop?
156.03DPDMAI::SMITHLFri Sep 11 1987M1
157.013VRTMP1::ROBBINSFri Sep 11 1987NEC MULTISPEED w/Backlit Screen
158.01DELNI::BELLUSCIMon Sep 21 1987Kaypro 2
159.015TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Sep 22 1987Diconix portable printer
160.06CRVAX1::DIDATOThu Sep 24 19873.5 inch floppy experiences??
161.02CURIUM::OGATATue Sep 29 1987Help: remote T11
162.02BEES::EGOLFWed Sep 30 1987T11
163.0MIZPAH::ELKINDWed Sep 30 1987where to rent?
164.02HOW::RAHAIMSat Oct 03 1987TOSH Modem and Rubout Questions
165.02MMOMon Oct 05 19878
166.0MMOMon Oct 05 1987Other languages, assembler for M1
167.08DELNI::GOLDSTEINMon Oct 05 1987NEC multispeed VT emulators?
168.06HAMPS::KIDDIERTue Oct 06 1987WPS on TOSHIBA
169.01BIGMAC::TELSEYTue Oct 06 1987Advice on T1
170.02SACMAN::ROSSWed Oct 07 1987LATguano
171.013REGENT::DAILEYTue Oct 13 1987UNIX laptop?
172.0HOTAIR::PATRICKTue Oct 13 1987Public Stuff/M1
173.023PRSEA4::BROWNFri Oct 16 1987Modems for Laptops
174.03TSG::HATCHERMon Oct 19 1987Loan of KERMIT on 3.5in disks?
175.013DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Oct 20 1987T1
176.0MMOWed Oct 21 1987FORTH on Model 1
177.03ZUDEV2::REESThu Oct 22 1987shops in Usagh for Baby assesoires
178.02AUTHOR::MACDONALDSat Oct 24 1987Sony Disks DSDD for $1.
179.0DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Oct 27 1987Modem Reviews
180.08TSG::HATCHERWed Oct 28 1987Lap-Link = Great product
181.0SHIRE::BROWNFri Oct 30 1987Goodbye from a long-time laptop user
182.02DSSDEV::AXTELLFri Oct 30 1987Anyone with an HP7475A
184.05MIZPAH::ELKINDTue Nov 03 1987Datavue Spark?
186.06TIXEL::ARNOLDMon Nov 09 1987Mail order price watch
187.02TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Nov 11 1987KERMIT 1
188.03STRANJ::BROWNThu Nov 12 1987Expandable Laptops ?
189.03STRANJ::BROWNThu Nov 12 1987IBM Laptop? Is this a deal?
190.01CURIUM::PENRODFri Nov 13 1987TANDY 14
191.04JENEVR::AMOSMon Nov 16 1987PC and laptop recommendations
192.01ZWODEV::NELSONMon Nov 16 1987Revitalize NEC with PC connection, please!
193.06SIMUL8::COFFLERTue Nov 17 1987Looking for a handheld computer
194.011DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Nov 18 1987T1
195.03SCOMAN::ELKINDThu Nov 19 1987Local dealers for Toshiba (with some in stock)
196.02HERON::ROACHMon Nov 23 1987build ur own cables
197.03HERON::ROACHMon Nov 23 1987info for Euro use of laptops
198.09STAR::BECKTue Nov 24 1987On NiCad batteries & recharging
199.01STAR::BECKTue Nov 24 1987Is RGB generic, or product-specific?
200.01CURIUM::PENRODTue Nov 24 1987RGB-to-VT241 Cable?
201.02STRATA::ELKINDWed Nov 25 1987Questions about MS-DOS 2.11 on lowend laptops
202.03IJSAPL::HOMBURGWed Nov 25 1987"Cambridge Computer Z88" $6
203.07GALAGR::MOODYFri Dec 04 1987Date Book software for M1
204.03CAMTWO::ZIOMEKWed Dec 09 1987IBM Pc Convertible Model 3
205.02CAMTWO::ZIOMEKWed Dec 09 1987Clock on a chip
206.01CRX::MCMASTERTue Dec 15 1987New Supertwist LCD
207.02GALAGR::MOODYFri Dec 18 1987Portable Equipment Suppliers.
208.03COPTue Dec 22 1987T11
209.02TIXEL::ARNOLDTue Dec 22 1987Need NEC Multispeed system disk
210.03TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Dec 23 1987Software strangeness
211.02PEOVAX::TODDSat Dec 26 1987Case for NEC Multispeed?
212.03IJSAPL::LUITJESTue Dec 29 1987Floppy-drives for EPSON PX-8
213.07BAGELS::CAMPBELLWed Jan 06 1988External Hard Disk For T11
214.0CIMNET::MELVILLEMon Jan 11 1988help redefine keys with sedt !!
215.03FSTue Jan 12 1988WPS on 1
216.01BNCHMK::CREANTue Jan 12 1988HELP! Need Kermit on 3.5" in MRO!!!
217.0DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Jan 15 1988Hyperion
218.022629Mon Jan 18 1988Migent Modem
219.09BEING::MCCULLEYTue Jan 19 1988Coming Soon: Laptop Shootout at ZKO - Round 2
220.02CSSE::GORMANWed Jan 20 1988NEC V2
221.04ITPGPX::INGRAMTue Jan 26 1988KERMIT needed for T1
222.0GENRAL::BRUCKBAUERTue Feb 02 1988wanted: used radio shack
223.0GVAWed Feb 03 1988Old system blues...
224.014PNEUMA::DONOVANMon Feb 08 1988SHARP Laptop Computer
225.04CAMTWO::ZIOMEKTue Feb 09 1988Multispeed charge rate
227.01DPDMAI::SMITHLThu Feb 11 1988Curious
228.03YOOVFri Feb 12 1988PCSA / T31
229.01TIXEL::ARNOLDFri Feb 12 1988Elementary questions
230.011DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Feb 15 1988ProComm Plus Available
231.04SHIRE::INGRAMFri Feb 19 1988Overhead Slide maker wanted for T1
232.0BAUCIS::YURCAKTue Feb 23 1988TANDY 2
233.03TROPIC::SANTIAGOWed Feb 24 1988Help: PX-8 to 12
235.0SHIRE::INGRAMThu Mar 03 1988Need to replace CONFIG.SYS in batch on a T1
237.013RDGCSS::KESMITHMon Mar 07 1988Display recommendations??
239.016BPOVTue Mar 15 1988NEC 85
240.08MIZPAH::ELKINDThu Mar 17 1988Questions on T1
241.05MSDOA1::SECRISTFri Mar 18 1988Not an MS-DOS Laptopper !
242.010GUIDUK::STANFILLSat Mar 19 1988Laptop for Plane/Hotel Use
243.0SHIRE::INGRAMTue Mar 22 1988DECnet DOS and PCSA on T1
244.02AKOV13::MATUSTue Mar 22 1988Toshiba 12
245.03AUTHOR::MACDONALDWed Mar 23 1988Toshiba T1
246.0BEANCT::WEIWed Mar 23 1988For sale: printer (IBM compatible)
248.02EVE::BRENCHFri Mar 25 1988Epson Genva, VT mode possible???
249.011UTROP1::LAUREYSun Mar 27 1988Cambridge Z88
251.0--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 04 1988COMPAQ portable - $5
253.012AUTHOR::MACDONALDThu Apr 07 1988Battery - Toshiba T1
254.06SHIRE::GOLDBLATTFri Apr 08 1988isam file transfer ?
255.0K::FISHERMon Apr 11 1988Lap-Top Computer Cases
256.0TOWNS::BAGWILLWed Apr 13 1988Adapta8
257.01MEMORY::CHAVISTue Apr 19 1988Datavue Snap 1+1
258.02FSWed Apr 20 1988Backlit screen noise ????
259.02TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Apr 20 1988Use Toshiba external disk with Multispeed?
260.03TIXEL::ARNOLDWed Apr 20 1988Recommendations for ideal laptop?
261.01TROPIC::PALOMOFri Apr 22 1988PX-8 to DEC printer connection
262.06HOTAIR::PATRICKSun Apr 24 1988'Notebook' vs MS/DOS Laptop
263.07FENNEL::HATCHERMon Apr 25 1988Toshiba dealer prices
264.03MDVAX1::HAYDENMon Apr 25 1988Zenith ZWL-183 integration
265.02BPOVWed Apr 27 1988Have NEC-85
267.04WEA::VOSSMon May 02 1988Z-181 Help Requested
268.01POBOX::MCDEVITTTue May 03 1988Persoft Terminal Emulators
269.03KAOFS::READMon May 09 1988AMSTRAD PPC512 Information ??
270.05BMT::COMAROWMon May 09 1988Getting a Cost Center to Pay for a Laptop
271.03AUNTB::WALLACESun May 15 1988New Zenith Lap-Tops?
272.0IND::DRESNERMon May 16 1988Wanted: T1
273.02IJSAPL::HOMBURGTue May 24 1988LCD Overhead Projector Screen ?
274.03D::CORDNERWed May 25 1988WordPerfect offer
275.05COMICS::BUXTONThu May 26 1988Anyone know of anything ?
276.01E2XE2X::MCCONNELLThu May 26 1988Squishy T1
277.01KAOFS::READFri Jun 03 1988GRiDCase 15
279.0WACHU2::HERTZBERGWed Jun 08 1988ZIP11 File Transfer Program
280.01SHIRE::PETERThu Jun 09 1988T1
281.03HOTAIR::PATRICKSun Jun 12 1988Where is PD GALAGR::?
282.05RESORT::WVCMon Jun 13 1988M1
284.02MUNICH::WUENSCHThu Jun 16 1988Laptop Dealers in New England
285.0MUNICH::WUENSCHThu Jun 16 1988Laptop LP-286 from Golden Time
286.0DRCS::ABEYATue Jun 21 1988LOTUS GRAPHICS ON M15 ??
287.06SANTEE::GREENETue Jun 21 1988AMSTRAD PPC64
290.06CARY::MCMASTERFri Jun 24 1988flight sim for laptop ?
291.0+13DPDMAI::FRAMELIFri Jun 24 1988so many choices, which one is best?
292.05KALKI::LANGTue Jul 05 1988T1
293.03DPDMAI::FRAMELIWed Jul 06 1988grid marketed by tandy!
294.014LOVADA::SCHERRERSat Jul 09 1988How much for a T1
296.022DPDMAI::FRAMELIMon Jul 11 1988nec multispeed price?
297.0E2XE2X::MCCONNELLMon Jul 11 1988MacLapLink Review
298.09TIXEL::ARNOLDFri Jul 15 1988HELP - File transfer from T1
299.0INDIAN::SCOTTSat Jul 16 1988Group purchase anyone?
300.013D::MCMASTERTue Jul 19 1988LAPTOP FOR SALE !!
301.0UPNRTH::GOZALOFFWed Jul 20 1988Toshi keyboard revisited
302.01POBOX::TODDThu Jul 21 1988What's a Multispeed EL2?
303.04--UnknownUser--Wed Jul 27 1988TANDY M1
305.0MSDSWS::SECRISTSun Jul 31 1988NEC PC-85
306.08FENNEL::SLACKThu Aug 04 1988PRINTing help
307.03MPGS::RAVIThu Aug 11 1988ZENITH 286..HELP FOR LOADING SW...
308.01GVAMon Aug 15 1988SHARP US ADRESS???
310.03ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAWed Aug 17 1988Good games for T1
311.04HEYYOU::ELKINDWed Aug 17 1988Cookbook to use kermit for file xfer between two PC's
312.0CURIE::DELSESTOFri Aug 26 1988WANTED Zenith Z-183-2
313.021STAR::BECKThu Sep 01 1988NEC MultiSpeed (no EL) + Wordstar: $999 from DAK
314.03GRANPA::RFOLEYFri Sep 02 1988TOSHIBA T1
315.06SHIRE::INGRAMWed Sep 07 19882nd serial port needed for T1
316.02CBS::MORINThu Sep 08 1988 Free Copy of Laptop Magazine
317.01TENERE::JARDINFri Sep 09 1988TOSHIBA fan club in VBO?
318.010MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Sep 09 1988Computer Hut
319.03PARITY::KARDELLMon Sep 12 1988For Sale: Zenith 184-2 2
320.01SYSENG::BITTLETue Sep 13 1988NEC "Ultralights"
321.04HAMPS::KIDDIERWed Sep 14 1988T31
323.03MAMIE::WEIFri Sep 16 1988Who sells laptops around here?
324.04AUNTB::WALLACESat Sep 17 1988Review/Info Wanted on Sharp PC4521
326.05LEROUF::JOERGMon Sep 19 1988systems integration?
327.04CURIE::HALEYMon Sep 19 1988Rentals anyone?
328.0143D::COULTERWed Sep 21 1988Laptops connected to color monitors?
329.01SAGE::MESSINOWed Sep 21 1988Kermit 2.31 for Toshiba
330.0MTWAIN::MACDONALDWed Sep 21 1988Toshiba T12
331.05KAOFS::READThu Sep 22 19889-pin ASYNC Connector and DECconnect ??
332.06ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAMon Sep 26 1988jove on T1
334.04MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Sep 27 1988Toshiba T12
335.022CSCMA::BROWNWed Sep 28 1988Advice requested: low cost laptop
336.0PARITY::KARDELLFri Sep 30 1988Zenith Supersport for sale
338.011ODIXIE::DIGNANTue Oct 04 1988LAPTOP W/VT 1
341.03MTWAIN::MACDONALDThu Oct 06 1988SEDT
342.02ONFIRE::BATTISTASat Oct 08 1988modem connection in Milan, Italy
343.0GVAMon Oct 10 1988MIDI controller?
344.03LEMAN::MARSHALLMon Oct 10 1988Good news for Swiss Zenith buyers !
345.04PRSIS4::ROZENBLUMWed Oct 12 1988how to get soft without pay
346.08CUTLAS::EASTLANDWed Oct 19 198811
347.0SAGE::MESSINOFri Oct 21 1988Hayes Modem
348.04SAGE::MESSINOSat Oct 22 1988dos choices
349.03ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAMon Oct 24 1988Portable printers?
350.0SAGE::MESSINOMon Oct 24 1988PC/EDT and WPS Keyboard on T1
351.010SSVAX::REDFIELDSat Oct 29 1988DIGITAL/ZENITH Keyboard Differences
352.02GVASun Oct 30 1988New NEC Ultralite
354.06SHIRE::INGRAMWed Nov 02 1988Laptops get used in real pilot inside DEC
355.03IAMOK::DEVIVOMon Nov 07 1988Modem for Tandy 14
356.0NETMAN::BREYERTue Nov 08 1988The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys
357.01CGOOFri Nov 11 1988Yamaha DOS Laptop?
358.01MORONI::THOMSONMon Nov 21 1988Toshiba T16
359.04MANUEL::READINGWed Nov 23 1988Kermit causing a lot of Grief, HELP!!
360.0OTOOFri Nov 25 1988Toshiba ethernet card and PCSA?
361.01FRAMBO::SCHABACKERMon Nov 28 1988Cards for T12
363.04BALBOA::ROMMESMon Nov 28 1988ex
364.01OTOOThu Dec 01 1988TOSHIBA and PCSA
365.02DELNI::GOLDSTEINMon Dec 05 1988Multispeed and SEDT conflicts
366.01MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Dec 06 1988Internals Modems
367.03KCVSMon Dec 12 1988ZENITH 183 and ALL-IN-1
368.0BMT::MONASCHMon Dec 12 1988Sharp 45
369.07BAGELS::HARROWWed Dec 14 1988IBM Convertible laptop for about $5
370.02SHIRE::INGRAMThu Dec 15 1988Internal Guidelines for laptop PC document
371.01DEADLY::REDFORDThu Dec 15 1988Franklin Spelling Ace
372.07MTWAIN::MACDONALDFri Dec 16 1988Holmes Built-In Modem for the T12
373.011MTWAIN::MACDONALDTue Dec 20 1988Sharp Modems
374.01NYEM1::MILBERGWed Dec 28 1988SPARK-EL
375.01RAINBO::WATERSThu Dec 29 1988Home Shopping Club and PCs
377.02SHVANO::WELLSTue Jan 03 1989ext. full height. hard drive???
378.010SUBURB::FRENCHSWed Jan 04 1989Printer on Tandy 14
379.04MCIS2::WEINERThu Jan 05 1989Whats a good deal on a NEC
380.01SVBEV::VECRUMBAFri Jan 06 1989Toshiba RGB to VR241?
381.03DNEAST::FRUZZETTI_LATue Jan 17 1989Sharp Laptops on sale...any good?
382.013CURIE::GAUVINTue Jan 17 1989WPS Software for Toshiba
383.0POBOX::TODDTue Jan 17 1989For Sale - Portable Modem
384.014SHIRE::INGRAMThu Jan 19 1989Need address for AVONIX
385.05UNTADH::STORMThu Jan 19 1989LapTop <--> Car Phone??
386.06BPOVTue Jan 24 1989NEC plus Mouse problem
387.0CIMNET::MELVILLETue Jan 24 1989T11
388.0NSSG::KUSNETZKYWed Jan 25 1989Compaq Portable III - For Sale
389.05ANT::BRYANThu Jan 26 1989Credit card phone calls with T1
390.0BMT::COMAROWMon Jan 30 1989Wanted: Laptop
391.0GRANPA::RPENRODMon Jan 30 1989Extended memory on the LT14
392.01ABSZK::MA_HASEGAWAMon Jan 30 1989External modem and Scenery Disk for sale
393.014MTA::COMAROWTue Jan 31 1989Cambridge Z88 Information
394.03CURIUS::MORRISWed Feb 01 1989Laptops for sale
395.01SIEVAX::REESSat Feb 04 1989Price of Tshi 1
396.02CURIUS::MORRISMon Feb 06 1989Zenith backlit laptop for sale
398.04YUBERT::FANGFri Feb 10 1989Safe for Airport Security ??
399.07SALEM::HOThu Feb 16 1989What is on the underside of the Multispeed?
400.04BAGELS::HARROWThu Feb 16 1989DAK MultiSpeed is No More; What's best now?
401.02FEISTY::DILLINGHAMFri Feb 17 1989WPS on a Zenith 286
402.018GLORY::BURNSSun Feb 19 1989Is there a <$1K Laptop?
403.01HPSRAD::HWANGWed Feb 22 1989Specs?
404.05CIMNET::DAVISWed Feb 22 1989"Portable" vs "Laptop"
405.010REGENT::MURPHYFri Feb 24 1989Can a VT18
406.09HPSRAD::HWANGFri Feb 24 1989Laptops < 1 pound?
407.0AMUSED::SCOTTThu Mar 02 1989Zenith 184-2 for sale
408.0AMUSED::SCOTTThu Mar 02 1989Tandy Laptop for sale.
409.01AYOU17::NAYLORFri Mar 03 1989LA75 on an NEC85
410.02CURIUS::MORRISFri Mar 03 1989Toshiba T31
411.02BAGELS::HARROWWed Mar 08 1989...a mouse by any other name...
412.04BAGELS::HARROWFri Mar 10 1989NEC Multispeed software suggestions?
413.07YARD::BADMANMon Mar 13 1989Z88 Opinions ... ?
414.052CGOATue Mar 14 1989Bondwell anyone?
415.05CLUSTA::TAMIRWed Mar 15 1989Zenith 286 and LA75??
416.01MARBMS::DRICEWed Mar 15 1989Index for Public SW ?
417.016BAGELS::HARROWThu Mar 16 1989Of Mouses, Trackballs, and the like...
418.03BAGELS::HARROWThu Mar 16 1989NEC Internal Modem Problems...
419.02DNEAST::PAULIN_BOBFri Mar 17 1989A palm-top computer question
420.017MTWAIN::MACDONALDMon Mar 20 1989UltraLite
421.0HPSRAD::HWANGMon Mar 20 1989one is on the way
422.01GVATue Mar 21 1989T16
423.03PEAKS::WELLSTue Mar 21 1989What is a HARDCARD?
424.05OTOFS::B_CORBINTue Mar 21 1989Who knows about EPSON LT??
425.05MTWAIN::MACDONALDThu Mar 23 1989Holmes 24
426.04BSS::ENGERThu Mar 30 1989ATARI LAPTOP??
427.0SHIRE::GOLDBLATTFri Mar 31 1989laptop software ?
428.08BAGELS::HARROWMon Apr 03 1989Automatic MAIL while offline
429.06BAGELS::HARROWMon Apr 03 1989Worldwide laptop telecom connections
430.01KAOFS::M_VALLEEMon Apr 03 1989ibm convertible
431.03CURIE::TDAVISThu Apr 06 1989Laptop dealers in the Marlboro area??
432.01PEAKS::WELLSMon Apr 10 1989upgrading DOS versions? HOW?
433.0SWMAC::MCCRUDDENTue Apr 11 1989test
434.02BOSHOG::LEWISWed Apr 12 1989Compac Portable III
435.02BRDWLK::VEALEKFri Apr 14 1989Simple PC Question
436.0CSOA1::WVCFri Apr 14 1989extended warranty on MultiSpeed?
437.03STKHLM::SALGOSun Apr 16 1989CASIO Digital Diary ---> PC
438.05STATLR::ORNSTEINTue Apr 18 1989Sharp PC-45
439.010EST::ALFREDWed Apr 19 1989Toshiba T32
440.01WILKIE::BISHOPThu Apr 20 1989T12
441.04SHIRE::INGRAMThu Apr 20 1989T1
442.0AMUSED::MORRISMon Apr 24 1989carrying case for sale
443.03LEDS::COHENTue Apr 25 1989Advice Needed for laptop selection
444.02STAR::BECKThu Apr 27 1989Daytimer user? Got a laptop? Read on...
445.01STKAI1::RLUNDBERGThu Apr 27 1989Projector LCD screen presentation from VT22
446.031DNEAST::HAZZARD_CHUCThu May 04 1989Tandy 14
447.09VIDEO::BATTISTAThu May 04 1989CAN I FIX A 3.5 FLOPPY?
448.01STKHLM::IVANFri May 05 1989T32
449.011POLAR::ROGERTue May 09 1989amstrad ppc64
450.0COLES1::STRATHOFFThu May 11 1989Looking for APRICOT users
451.03COLES1::STRATHOFFThu May 11 1989Looking for SHARP PC-5
452.0ACESMK::SILVAThu May 11 1989XTALK and Toshiba 12
455.02TONYS::SARAOThu May 18 1989Compaq DECNET/DOS problem
456.013RTPSWS::STETSONTue May 23 1989Laptops on Airplanes
457.01BREW11::LANETue May 23 1989PPC512 FOR SALE
459.01BAGELS::HARROWThu May 25 1989Customes Pre-Registration of High Tech. Stuff!
460.01IAMOK::DEVIVOFri May 26 1989Reviving NICAD battery packs
461.0CSOA1::WVCWed May 31 1989M1
462.03WOODRO::BISHOPFri Jun 02 1989Game port on a T12
463.0DPDMAI::GREINERFri Jun 02 1989Compaq SLT & WPS/PLUS DOS
465.04GRASS::MANNINGTue Jun 06 1989Toshiba T51
466.01AMUSED::MORRISTue Jun 06 1989Portable Printer for sale
467.0AMUSED::MORRISTue Jun 06 1989M1
468.02--UnknownUser--Wed Jun 07 1989Toshiba 51
469.018CURIE::PRINDLEMon Jun 12 1989Volume order for DEC Sales Force
470.07LDP::LANDAUMon Jun 12 1989Arati PC??
471.02GRASS::MANNINGWed Jun 14 1989Kermit ?
472.0TEASE::LEARYWed Jun 14 1989Sharp Add-on's
473.0LAIDBK::PFLUEGERWed Jun 14 1989Heard on the Street
474.0119341::AXELWed Jun 14 1989T1
475.0CAPNET::ROTHThu Jun 15 1989NEC MultiSpeed for sale
476.01GRASS::MANNINGFri Jun 16 1989Toshiba query
477.01MAMIE::BISHOPFri Jun 16 1989T12
478.0DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Jun 16 1989DF224 vs DF242
479.0SALLIE::MWEIDERMon Jun 19 1989FOR SALE Honeywell Bull AP-L
480.04DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Jun 19 1989Toshiba + DEC = Laptops
481.0AYOU17::NAYLORWed Jun 21 1989Wanted : Disks for NEC85
482.03MIGHTY::BLANCHARDThu Jun 22 1989LT14
483.03SALSA::BLUNDELLMon Jun 26 1989Whats BIGBUFF?
484.0SHIRE::MORANDTue Jun 27 1989T1
485.05UWRITE::DUBETue Jun 27 1989TI's TravelMate LT22
486.02SVBEV::VECRUMBAFri Jun 30 1989Spurious garbage with HOLMES modem
487.01SVBEV::VECRUMBAFri Jun 30 1989KERMIT CSI character problem on T1
488.014KOALA::BOEBINGERTue Jul 04 1989Non-RJ11 hotel phone question
489.0SICVAX::IGRAHAMThu Jul 06 1989T11
490.02CLOVE::LOCKEFri Jul 14 1989T1
491.01CIMNET::MOCCIAMon Jul 17 1989Grid 386
492.03DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Jul 17 1989Toshiba T12
493.06LDP::ADAMSTue Jul 18 1989New Zenith Laptops?
494.02AZUR::ATWELLTue Jul 18 1989Laptop/ALL-IN-1 Prototype
495.07SELECT::JOSYULATue Jul 18 1989Wanted-a cheap laptop
496.0FIELD::MANNINGFri Jul 21 1989Faxperfect ??
497.0ASDS::WARDFri Jul 21 1989Notebook survey
498.07FIELD::MANNINGMon Jul 24 1989Laptop - LAT connection ??
500.03CURIE::GOODENOWThu Jul 27 1989Busted Toshiba modem...
501.0FIELD::MANNINGThu Jul 27 1989Hard Disk Problems
502.0MAMIE::WEIFri Jul 28 1989NEC Ultralite keys map
503.08CURIE::GOODENOWFri Jul 28 1989T1
505.02AKOV12::NAYLORTue Aug 01 1989Rb to Zenith data transfer
506.02MUSKIE::MATTHEWSTue Aug 01 1989$89 Mini Modem
507.06AKOV12::NAYLORThu Aug 03 1989Modems for Zenith Laptop?
508.04CSENG::GOODENOWSat Aug 05 1989Holmes 24
509.0DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Aug 08 1989New Toshiba Lite Laptops
510.01ALLVAX::BEERMANWed Aug 09 1989T11
511.06DNEAST::HAZZARD_CHUCWed Aug 09 1989Growing a Tandy LT14
512.010SCRUZ::GETTYS_KEFri Aug 11 1989Pay Phone Connect?
513.0WAV12::WESTCOTTSat Aug 12 1989For Sale: New SLT+Port 386
514.03TAVSat Aug 12 1989WANTED!!! laptop...
515.03CSENG::JANSENMon Aug 14 1989WP Application Wanted
517.01CURRNT::LEEMon Aug 14 1989PSION
518.013CSENG::GOODENOWMon Aug 14 1989LA75/T1
519.01TROAMon Aug 14 1989Test note... Please ignore
520.03AKOV12::NAYLORTue Aug 15 1989Modem Program
521.01CSENG::GOODENOWThu Aug 17 1989T1
522.03CSENG::GOODENOWSun Aug 20 1989HELP - MS-DOS download problems - T1
523.04PUBS::DUBEMon Aug 21 1989Random "Colleague" laptop VT22
524.01FIELD::MANNINGTue Aug 22 1989Toshiba Hard Disk Repairs ??
525.0CAPO::CURAMENG_TOWed Aug 23 1989How's the GridCase 152
526.0CSOA1::NAUWed Aug 23 1989Contact Management Software
527.0CIMNET::FUNDWed Aug 23 1989Price Guidance on Zenith 183
528.08CSOA1::NAUWed Aug 23 1989Under $1
531.027SVBEV::VECRUMBAFri Aug 25 1989Toshiba T1
532.01HELCAT::MCHUGHMon Aug 28 1989Compaq SLT 286 - What do you think?? Compaq SLT 286 - What do you think?
533.04HILLST::MCHUGHTue Aug 29 1989Power supplies in Europe??????
534.0CSENG::GOODENOWWed Aug 30 19894P software needed. Not a laptop but...
535.01AKOV12::NAYLORThu Aug 31 1989Null Modem Cable
536.06DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Sep 01 1989Casio SF-75
537.02OSI::HARPERThu Sep 07 1989Wordperfect support for Diconix 15
538.01BERNFri Sep 08 1989T16
540.02DELMAR::CARWIN_GETue Sep 12 1989QuickC 2.
541.0NETMAN::BREYERThu Sep 14 1989Potential system lockup on COMPAQ SLT/286
542.03DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Sep 20 1989Zenith Minisport
543.03CSSE::YACUBOVICHWed Sep 20 1989T16
544.02DOOZER::SHONEThu Sep 21 1989New Victor V86P spec
545.02FSTTOO::CARWINThu Sep 21 1989QuickC graphic functions on 12
546.0RICKS::REDFORDThu Sep 21 1989Poquet PC
547.08SICVAX::WYATTThu Sep 21 1989T1
548.0FSCORE::READSat Sep 23 1989DEC Multi-National Characters in CGA ??
549.012JOELS::SARENSun Sep 24 1989Looking at TI MODEL 12
550.0CSOA1::NAUMon Sep 25 1989For Sale: T1
551.0OURBOX::ROBINSONMon Sep 25 1989T1
552.01KACIE::POWELLWed Sep 27 1989NEC Multispeed for $799
553.03DOOZER::SHONEThu Sep 28 1989Psion PCs announced
554.0CSENG::GOODENOWFri Sep 29 1989Innovative New Service
555.013KACIE::DEUFELTue Oct 03 1989MS Works on a T1
556.06DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Oct 03 1989Bull to Buy Zenith Computers
557.05MAIL::ARMFIELDThu Oct 05 1989Laptop for the field..again
558.02DUGGAN::LANDAUFri Oct 06 1989WordPerfect V5.
559.010SNOCMon Oct 09 1989Atari Portfolio
560.02ESCROW::BOUCHERWed Oct 11 1989Looking for Multispeed upgrade
561.01MOOVFri Oct 13 1989need info on epson Geneva
562.01WILKIE::WEIMon Oct 16 1989Compaq Laptop PCs
563.04KACIE::DEUFELMon Oct 16 1989T1
564.01DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Oct 18 1989Some Recent Pricing Info
565.02BONNET::SCHMIDTMon Oct 23 1989SEDT on T1
567.03KAOOWed Oct 25 1989WPS+DOS on Toshiba 12
568.0PENUTS::MWEIDERMon Oct 30 1989FOR SALE - Honeywell Bull AP-L / Zenith SupersPortt
569.015DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Nov 01 1989New Toshiba Laptops
570.04SMURF::CRANSTONMon Nov 06 1989Laptop Terminals
572.01CAPO::CARWIN_GEMon Nov 20 1989Harddisk for T12
573.02NEBR::HARRISONTue Nov 21 1989RJ11 Phone Coupler
575.0--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 21 1989FOR SALE: T-1
576.01FSDEV3::SFISHERWed Nov 22 1989FOR SALE-Software, Printer
577.01CSENG::GOODENOWThu Nov 23 1989T1
578.01MDVAX3::HIGGINSWed Nov 29 1989GRidCASE 3 Help Needed
579.0MSDOA::SECRISTThu Nov 30 1989RS M1
580.02--UnknownUser--Fri Dec 01 1989Tandy 14
581.0DEMON::BURLEIGHSun Dec 03 1989Extra Memory for Laptops?
582.02SAC::HOBBS2Tue Dec 05 1989PPC64
584.01COLES1::STRATHOFFThu Dec 07 1989Upgrading APRICOTS portable ??
587.02AZUR::ATWELLTue Dec 12 1989Arrow Keys on VAXmate
589.03BSYBEE::EGOLFSun Dec 17 1989T11
590.02HKFINN::MACDONALDFri Dec 29 1989T1
591.0DICKNS::MACDONALDTue Jan 02 1990T1
593.02MAIL::MURRAYWed Jan 03 1990Amstrad Service/Suppliers in U.S.
594.0ACESPS::SMILEYThu Jan 04 1990Panasonic Business Partner CF-15
595.014MAIL::MURRAYFri Jan 05 1990Tandy 11
597.01WR1FOR::GETTYS_KEMon Jan 08 1990T1
598.02WAR75Wed Jan 10 1990Frustrated Kermit User.
599.010GLDOA::AGBEBIYIThu Jan 11 1990H--E--L--P !!!!
600.0GOLETA::JOYCE_BOThu Jan 18 19904 SALE: ZENITH 286 12Mhz laptop
601.04LOVADA::SCHERRERSat Jan 20 1990Interconnecting 2 PC directly
602.01WR1FOR::GETTYS_KEMon Jan 22 1990T1
603.09LEMAN::PITTETMon Jan 22 1990Pocket Ethernet Adapter
606.012MSDOA::PETERSONThu Feb 01 1990Looking for Software Recommendations
608.01CLOVE::HEVESHThu Feb 01 1990Please help! IBM PCC bloooz
609.0RAVEN1::HARPERThu Feb 01 1990M1
610.04DEMON::BURLEIGHMon Feb 05 19904
611.0CSGTue Feb 06 1990For Sale - T12
612.0TOWNS::BAGWILLWed Feb 07 1990Toshiba 52
613.0DEMON::BURLEIGHWed Feb 07 1990MS Windows on T16
614.0BIGCHZ::EDELMANNFri Feb 09 1990Tandy 28
615.01HAMSUP::MARXSENFri Feb 09 1990rs232 input buffer ?
616.06DOOLIN::HNELSONTue Feb 13 1990Best laptop software
617.01SHIRE::INGRAMThu Feb 15 1990Best price for T1
618.01TALLIS::JOHNSONFri Feb 16 1990xport???
619.0SMOGGY::GSMITHFri Feb 16 1990EXT Harddisk for laptops
620.0STAR::BECKFri Feb 16 1990This has been sold
621.010DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Feb 19 1990New Toshiba Laptop
622.0RAVEN1::HARPERMon Feb 19 1990Need a Manual--M1
623.05CSSE::SCOTTTue Feb 20 1990For sale: Toshiba T16
624.01WINERY::BASSETTFri Feb 23 1990Wanted: M1
625.0CSSE::MORRISMon Feb 26 1990Palm-top terminal for sale
626.02PSYCHE::GEORGETue Feb 27 1990TSN nodes in Germany?
627.04GVATue Feb 27 1990T1
628.01SHIRE::MANUWed Feb 28 1990Digital Mouse on Toshiba Laptop?
629.0PULLEN::PULLENWed Feb 28 1990TANDY 14
630.03VINO::MCGLINCHEYTue Mar 06 1990Need help with PC/EDT
631.011DOOLIN::HNELSONTue Mar 06 1990386SX laptop advice
632.01GLORY::RUTTThu Mar 08 1990A note about Backlit LCD screens
633.01LUGGER::REDFORDMon Mar 12 1990Pocket Intelligence
634.0WINERY::BASSETTMon Mar 12 1990Info on SORD IS-11?
635.02KYOA::ELIEFFTue Mar 13 1990Tosh. vs. Bond?
636.05MACNAS::FMATTHEWSWed Mar 14 1990T1
637.06ODIXIE::TURCOTTEFri Mar 16 1990T12
638.0BLUES::WILSONMon Mar 19 1990Look for less discounting of Toshiba gear
639.08FSADMN::ELDRIDGEWed Mar 21 1990Printer Selection for T1
640.02SUBWAY::JOSBACHERFri Mar 23 1990WPS+/DOS on TI LT286/12
641.0EPOCH::JOHNSONSat Mar 24 1990No-frills battery-powered word processor
642.04SHIRE::INGRAMMon Mar 26 1990T1
643.0BLUES::WILSONTue Mar 27 1990Wanted used T1
644.01WNPVWed Mar 28 1990European Laptop Pilot Project
645.03CSCOA5::BURGESS_RFri Mar 30 1990pcsa ?'s on toshiba 12
648.01DICKNS::MACDONALDWed Apr 04 1990Modems for the T1
650.016PCOJCT::MILBERGWed Apr 04 1990T-1
651.04WNPVMon Apr 09 1990Cable Connection
652.01FSHQA2::PSOHATue Apr 10 1990Pocket Computer, Sharp PC-E5
654.04JURAN::ELKINDMon Apr 16 1990vt24
655.0SUBSYS::SETOTue Apr 17 1990Parallel/Floppy connector
656.01SUBWAY::JOSBACHERTue Apr 17 1990Digital Laptops
657.04EPOCH::JOHNSONWed Apr 18 1990Poor man's laptop (Tandy WP-2)
658.01MILKWY::WCHINFri Apr 20 1990NEC Laptop
659.03ELBERT::AGUEMon Apr 23 1990(?)Replace Toshiba 31
662.01KALLON::EIRIKURThu May 03 1990Help needed with TRS Model 1
663.09SICVAX::WICKERTFri May 04 1990T1
664.0SWAM2::CARWIN_GEMon May 07 1990Toshiba 12
665.01LUGGER::REDFORDTue May 08 1990SPARC laptop from Toshiba: AS1
666.01SIOG::ODRISCOLLWed May 09 1990WPS on a SHARP Laptop???
668.0WINERY::BASSETTTue May 15 1990For Sale - TRS-8
669.08EUROPE::ZARKAWed May 16 1990SHARP PC-622
670.01KACIE::DEUFELFri May 18 1990WORKS & Battery Watch For Sale
671.0DAMSEL::BMITCHELLFri May 18 1990Wanted: Printer for M1
672.06SNOCMon May 21 1990need 11
673.07KYOA::SCHORRTue May 22 1990Value or Snake Oil
674.02SICVAX::WICKERTTue May 22 1990Attn: T12
675.0RAVEN1::HARPERTue May 22 1990M1
676.01SWSCHZ::EDELMANNTue May 29 1990Consider the Sears Business Centers for Laptops
677.014SANTEE::GREENEWed May 30 1990GRiD 145
678.014PSG::G_REILLYThu May 31 1990DELL 316LT opinions plz
680.01MSDOA::PETERSONTue Jun 05 1990Relation of CPU to System Size?
681.01VISA::BIJAOUIFri Jun 08 1990Increase # of files on a T1
682.01CSSE::MORRISTue Jun 12 1990DG 386SX laptop info?
683.02CUPCSG::WOODSTue Jun 12 1990M1
684.0PENUTS::MWEIDERWed Jun 13 19904 SALE: ZENITH 286 Laptop
685.010AYOV29::KIRKPATRICKThu Jun 14 1990T1
686.01SIEVAX::BURGESSThu Jun 14 1990Psion 4
687.0CUPMK::DUBEThu Jun 14 1990Avis now rents laptops
688.02CSENG::GOODENOWSat Jun 16 19901
689.014WOODRO::MEREDITHTue Jun 19 1990New TI laptop announced
690.015AZUR::DUINWed Jun 20 1990POQET PC Evaluation, feedback please
691.03THATIS::MANNINGWed Jun 20 1990UK Toshiba Hard Disk Upgrade
693.0WOODRO::MEREDITHFri Jun 22 1990Sharp 45
694.0CLUSTA::KELTZFri Jun 22 1990For Sale: EPSON LQ255
695.08LDYBUG::SANTOROTue Jun 26 1990Where to buy T1
696.0LESCOM::KUSNETZKYTue Jun 26 1990Compaq Portable III for sale
697.04RTOEU::TIKETANIWed Jun 27 1990printing FAXes on a Diconix 15
698.031CASPRO::GUERTIN2Wed Jun 27 1990DEC Laptop Update Request
699.02WOODRO::MEREDITHMon Jul 02 1990CMOS error, Timing in T12
700.08ASHBY::HARRISTue Jul 03 1990Airis Laptop
701.02GVAWed Jul 04 1990UK Stockists?
703.0WRKSYS::ROBERTSun Jul 08 1990Mac Portable for Sale
705.03MSDOA::SECRISTSun Jul 15 1990Epson PX-8 RS-232 Cable ?
707.01WR1FOR::GETTYS_KEMon Jul 23 1990T11
708.022CSSE::SCOTTWed Jul 25 1990Laptops on LAN performance?
709.01CSENG::GOODENOWThu Jul 26 1990T1
710.035TIXEL::ARNOLDThu Jul 26 1990Summer 199
711.02CLOSET::ROBINSONMon Jul 30 1990Toshiba T51
712.01CURRNT::RIMMERMon Aug 06 1990output to another monitor ?
713.0WJOUSM::NICKERSONTue Aug 07 1990Floppy Driver program
714.0RANGER::MONTEMERLOWed Aug 08 1990DECstation PBU Looking Into Portable Product Space
715.08VAXRT::GENTRYFri Aug 10 1990In search of...replacement hard disk
716.02WOODRO::MEREDITHFri Aug 10 1990Memory sale
717.02WOODRO::OSBORNEWed Aug 15 1990Toshiba diskette readable in PVAX?
718.0WJOUSM::SVIRSKYFri Aug 17 1990Toshiba T1
719.0PCOJCT::MILBERGMon Aug 27 1990Camera World is Gone - BUT!
720.0SKYWAY::RIESENMon Aug 27 1990386sx connection
721.03SALSA::BLUNDELLMon Aug 27 1990T1
722.04GVATue Aug 28 1990QUESTIONS ON THE t12
723.01WOTVAX::WALKERPFri Aug 31 1990Colour monitor in UK
724.01--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 31 1990novice in need of help
725.04RICKS::CHISVINMon Sep 03 1990T1
726.03WAV13::SAMPSONMon Sep 03 1990close to making a choice
727.02SYZYGY::SOPKAWed Sep 05 1990SPARC laptop from Research Development Innovations
728.04CTOAVX::BRAVERMANThu Sep 06 1990Office Away from The Office
729.08FMCSSE::ELLISONTue Sep 11 1990need info on 9-pin to DECconnect MMJ adapter
730.06WAV12::MUNROMTue Sep 11 1990An innocent in the world of LAPS
731.0PRSUD1::PICQThu Sep 13 1990PSION Organiser II for sale
732.03ESTASI::DOMINUTTIFri Sep 14 1990T11
733.013YUPPIE::TURCOTTEFri Sep 14 1990Suggestions for Hand-held Modems?
734.01DICKNS::MACDONALDMon Sep 17 1990Laptops?
735.0SENIOR::CIRRONESun Sep 23 1990Toshiba T1
736.04SVBEV::VECRUMBAFri Sep 28 1990T1
737.01TENNIS::KAMFri Sep 28 1990keypad equivalence for non-DEC keyboard
738.0FMCSSE::ELLISONSat Sep 29 1990T16
739.02THATIS::MANNINGMon Oct 01 1990T51
740.02KYOA::KOCHMon Oct 01 1990KERMIT on a 3.5" diskette?
741.08DECWET::TARDIFFMon Oct 01 1990Wanted to buy: Z88
742.0DOOLIN::HNELSONWed Oct 03 1990Wanted: T1
743.0TSGDEV::WILSONFri Oct 05 1990T1
744.0SAC::HOBBS2Mon Oct 08 1990MEMORY PARITY Error
746.03DPDMAI::JONESTue Oct 09 1990LTE/286 and WPS DOS
747.01THESKI::MECHLINGWed Oct 10 1990Toshiba 12
748.03KAOFS::LOCKYERThu Oct 11 1990Portable Computers, Modems and Cellular Telephones
750.04ABSZK::MCCONNELLTue Oct 16 1990Cheap(er) AC for Toshiba 11
751.0ARRODS::SCOTTBAKERGWed Oct 17 1990AMSTRAD Laptops
752.07ELWOOD::HERTZBERGWed Oct 17 1990T1
753.01CSENG::GOODENOWThu Oct 18 1990Power Failure - T1
755.019DCL::NANCYBFri Oct 19 1990ZEOS Notebook 286
756.0THATIS::MANNINGFri Oct 19 1990Tosh T51
757.0PHDVAX::MCGLINCHEY_JFri Oct 19 1990Reflections 4 on Tandy 14
759.0SVBEV::VECRUMBAThu Oct 25 1990Parallel to SCSI for laptops
760.03MACNAS::FMATTHEWSThu Oct 25 1990T1
762.0SICVAX::WICKERTMon Oct 29 1990OFFERED: Lotus Agenda V1.
763.04NEAGP::SAMPSONWed Oct 31 1990t12
764.0DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Nov 02 1990T1
765.02CURRNT::SMITHThu Nov 08 1990COMPAQ Portable/External Monitor
766.01DICKNS::MACDONALDFri Nov 09 1990New Toshiba Products
767.0CSGSat Nov 10 1990Looking for Sharp 45
768.0SAC::HOBBS2Wed Nov 14 19904
769.02TIGEMS::ARNOLDWed Nov 14 1990New Toshiba Notebook Laptop: T2
770.0DOOLIN::HNELSONFri Nov 16 1990One toy runs all...
771.08NUTMEG::BOEHMTue Nov 20 1990ideas for good and future laptops
772.01HLFSWed Nov 21 1990SANYO MBC-16LT & harddisk
773.02LUGGER::HARRISWed Nov 21 1990How rugged are hard disks?
774.0SMURF::CRANSTONWed Nov 21 1990Magazine for the Tandy M1
775.018ENGSV1::WIDMERFri Nov 23 1990Please your opinion on this one...
776.01GPSDCC::BROWNSun Nov 25 1990Panasonic CF15
777.0AKOCOA::NAYLORMon Nov 26 1990Floppy Disk Problem
779.01CURRNT::POWELLTue Nov 27 1990NEC 82
780.05ZYDECO::PEACOCKWed Nov 28 1990New Product Info Needed
781.0PENUTS::MWEIDERMon Dec 03 1990For Sale Color Monitor, like New
782.05CADSE::SMITHWed Dec 05 1990Another novice
785.01DECWET::HORMANMon Dec 10 1990Questions about Zenith Minisport
786.02LOVADA::SCHERRERTue Dec 11 1990Travelling Software's phone needed
787.02SCAPAS::ASPSFri Dec 14 19904
788.0PETRUS::PAULMon Dec 17 1990Problem with IBM P7
789.03HKFINN::MACDONALDTue Dec 18 1990Northgate Slimlite Specs
791.01--UnknownUser--Wed Dec 26 1990Directory listings of this conference...
792.011SRUS::HEWITTSat Dec 29 1990External floppy drive for 14
795.02DWOVAX::EROSWed Jan 02 1991"Telegator" - adaptor for non-modular phones
796.01REGENT::GETTYSThu Jan 03 1991Key definition file for Toshiba T1
797.01TLE::WELLSMon Jan 07 1991Advice on upgrading T31
799.04A1VAX::PFEIFFERTue Jan 08 1991Problems w/T16
800.01FSDEV1::SFISHERWed Jan 09 1991Worldport 24
801.03SVBEV::VECRUMBAMon Jan 14 1991What do we read for information?
802.0HGABSS::ANGIEYIMWed Jan 16 1991Laptop in Australia
803.06CTOAVX::BRAVERMANSun Jan 20 1991What's the story?
804.01WR1FOR::GETTYS_KEWed Jan 23 1991T12
805.01SMEGIT::ARNOLDWed Jan 23 1991Connecting NEC Multispeed to external monitor
806.05CSS::COBBSat Jan 26 1991New Laptop PC's
807.0SANFAN::STARR_JAMon Jan 28 1991EPSON NB3 notebook computer
808.0ANALYZ::PICHETTETue Jan 29 1991Model 1
809.0TILTS::JAMESTue Jan 29 199131
810.016BONNET::WOUTERFri Feb 01 1991LAP TOP for POCKET PC
811.09GOBAMA::CAMPBELLFri Feb 01 1991Double the disk capacity with software?
812.04SUBURB::NESTOR::MARKFri Feb 01 1991SHARP 622
813.02FILTON::DRAKETT_LMon Feb 04 1991LAP-1 with ACB
814.0HKFINN::MACDONALDMon Feb 04 1991T1
815.0GOBAMA::CAMPBELLTue Feb 05 1991Battery Watch????
816.01STAR::BECKWed Feb 06 1991Laptop you say? Now, here's a LAPTOP. (Sony MIPS)
817.07YUPPY::PEGLEYFri Feb 08 1991Victor V86P - Good, bad, ugly?
819.0DPDMAI::COXCMon Feb 11 1991FOR SALE Toshiba 52
820.01RUTILE::MANNINGTue Feb 12 1991Trouble with Laplink 3 Auto-install
821.0CSSE::MORRISTue Feb 12 1991T51
823.012ASDG::HARRISThu Feb 14 1991The in's and out's of Laptop Computers
824.03ASABET::S_BAKERMon Feb 18 1991MS-DOS VERSION 3.3
825.0SALSA::BLUNDELLWed Feb 20 1991Toshiba laptop discount coupon available
826.03DELREY::AUILER_MEWed Feb 20 1991Laser Printing
827.013PENUTS::HNELSONTue Feb 26 1991Everex 386SX 6.7 pound portable - opinions?
829.03MEMORY::GOODWINWed Feb 27 1991Looking for information on 'pen-based" computers
830.06CAM::AXELWed Feb 27 1991Line Powered 24
831.03GRANPA::RFOLEYFri Mar 01 1991Download,Edit,Upload Mail
832.06BONNET::HEYERMon Mar 04 1991MAC portable
833.03RBW::WICKERTMon Mar 04 1991NEC UltraLite for $699.
834.03HYEND::DMONTGOMERYWed Mar 13 1991_Business_Week_ Cover Story
835.04ASDG::MISTRYThu Mar 14 1991286 Notebook for under $9
836.0USRCV1::PAULDINETue Mar 19 1991Keyboard mapping for Toshiba 52
837.01USRCV1::PAULDINETue Mar 19 1991Setting screen color on Toshiba 52
838.024STAR::BECKWed Mar 20 1991The new 386 notebooks - information exchange topic
839.014XSTACY::PUTNAMMon Mar 25 1991Price Update on TI Travelmate 2
840.01UNTADA::IBRODIEMon Mar 25 1991Digital's rebadged Olivetti laptops/notebooks
842.02XTEND::WEYMOUTHWed Mar 27 1991Interference with Power Supply and LAT?
843.044RANGER::PEASLEEThu Mar 28 1991The Official DECpc Portable Note
844.03SPIDER::RICHARDSONThu Mar 28 1991Why only one S-port?
845.0MERLOT::BASSETTTue Apr 02 1991For Sale - Toshiba T1
846.04XSTACY::PUTNAMMon Apr 08 1991Naive User Question on Notebook <-> VMS file transfers via LapLink
847.010WLDWST::VERBILWed Apr 10 1991Another printer request...
849.05GSRC::SCOTTFri Apr 12 1991Palmtop "nearly" computers
850.02SPIDER::RICHARDSONWed Apr 17 1991Price cuts
851.0PARVAX::SCHUSTAKFri Apr 19 1991T31
852.01NEAGP::SAMPSONFri Apr 19 1991printing w/ wpsdos help
853.0MLCSSE::AMORELLIMon Apr 22 1991For Sale T11
855.0CSSE::YACUBOVICHThu Apr 25 1991HELP! Need an Olivetti Notebook for Customer Demo
856.022FSOA::PSOHAFri Apr 26 1991HP95LX HP/Lotus Palmtop Announcement....
857.010SMEGIT::ARNOLDMon Apr 29 1991Deal on Texas Instruments TM2
858.01SNOCTue Apr 30 1991Where has SEDT gone?
860.03PENUTS::HNELSONWed May 01 1991Toshiba peripherals vendor needed
861.015BSS::ENGERThu May 02 1991Is this really true???
862.04CRONIC::LEMONSThu May 02 1991Printers for COMPAQ?
863.01GRANPA::BREDDENMon May 06 1991Trying to use a VAXstation RGB monitor with a PC
864.012YOUNG::YOUNGWed May 08 1991Wanted: Notebook
865.01WLDWST::VERBILFri May 10 1991My VAXgarage sale
866.01POBOX::LENOWWed May 15 1991The New Digital Notebook?
867.0AKOCOA::BRAGDONThu May 16 1991Has anyone heard of AZTEC laptops?
868.0--UnknownUser--Thu May 16 1991For Sale: Tandy Model 1
869.09SMEGIT::ARNOLDThu May 23 1991New Zenith Notebook PC Offerings
871.04GUCCI::MOENWed Jun 05 1991Poqet PC...Employee Discount?
872.02DPDMAI::JONESWed Jun 05 1991Windows 3.
873.011SOLVIT::MEREDITHWed Jun 05 1991Opinions on portable Modem/fax combo's?
874.03SICVAX::WICKERTMon Jun 10 1991Expansion (disk) capability for the T12
875.01METSYS::WINNETTTue Jun 11 1991
876.0FLYSQD::FERJULIANWed Jun 12 1991Need "HOTKEY.EXE" 333Portable
877.0CHET::ROGERSMon Jun 17 1991MS Windows 3.
878.0ICS::GUERTINFri Jun 21 1991Panasonic 15
879.02AIDEV::POLIKOFFSat Jun 22 1991WANTED: a computer for a 14 year old boy
881.04METSYS::WINNETTMon Jun 24 1991Viglen Dossier 386sx Notebook
882.0STAR::BECKMon Jun 24 1991Laptop Ultravision (Personics) - cursory review
883.02BIMMRO::GOODENOWTue Jun 25 1991File transfer from Rainbow to Toshiba
884.016EPOCH::JOHNSONTue Jun 25 1991I ask your help
886.011ASDG::MISTRYThu Jun 27 1991Notebook under $1
887.07WR1FOR::MAU_FRFri Jun 28 1991allin1 upload and download
889.01HSOMAI::SADLERFri Jul 05 1991Shareware
890.012CTHQ3::BMITCHELLMon Jul 08 1991Advice needed - Laptop publishing?
891.0MERLOT::BASSETTMon Jul 08 1991Aligning a T-1
892.03BSS::ENGERTue Jul 09 1991Apple portables to be built in Col. Springs
893.0SOLVIT::MEREDITHWed Jul 10 1991New MiniSports $345
895.02ASDG::HARRISWed Jul 10 1991FYI - Laptop Evaluation Memo (SCO/ASD)
896.0SHIRE::PUGHFri Jul 12 1991Any Info on Panasonic 37
897.05IAMOK::BANCROFTFri Jul 12 1991Practical applications of T1
898.05EPOCH::JOHNSONMon Jul 15 1991TM2
900.04EPOCH::JOHNSONTue Jul 16 1991Need help with used TM2
901.011MR4MI2::GOODENOWTue Jul 16 1991HP97 ???
902.0PENUTS::HNELSONWed Jul 17 1991BOXLIGHT SX notebook serves with overhead projector
903.08EPOCH::JOHNSONThu Jul 18 1991Opinions on Toshiba T2
904.02EPOCH::JOHNSONSun Jul 21 1991Intro to MS-DOS boot-up
905.0SOLVIT::COBBMon Jul 22 1991Laptop Carrying Case for sale
906.024PENUTS::HNELSONTue Jul 23 1991Micro Telesis 27
907.0MTHOOD::GOODWINWAWed Jul 24 1991M1
908.06EPOCH::JOHNSONWed Jul 24 1991Help me configure memory
909.0WENSEY::SCHAEDLICHFri Jul 26 1991
910.03WENSEY::SCHAEDLICHFri Jul 26 1991search for 386-laptop search for 386-laptop/notebook search for 386-laptop/notebook
911.01BOBSEG::SEGRESTFri Jul 26 1991Who is buying WPS-PC ?
913.0RTPSWS::VANDEUSENTue Jul 30 1991Database on a T-1
914.07EDSAIC::ARONSONTue Jul 30 1991Recomendations, Laptops (8
915.01DROOPR::GETTYS_KEWed Jul 31 1991T12
916.01HAMPS::CHANDLER_SThu Aug 01 1991Toshiba T1
917.01SMAUG::SHENFri Aug 02 1991Acer PC demo
918.06TLE::ALIVE::ASHFORTHMon Aug 05 1991Looking for info on "generic" notebooks
919.022TLE::ALIVE::ASHFORTHMon Aug 05 1991The laptop as desktop?
920.01--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 05 1991T1
921.04HOTWTR::GOODWIN_WATue Aug 06 19914 sale Tandy M1
922.01BTOVT::KELLEY_TTue Aug 13 1991PC software to interface with VAX mail
923.013ASDS::TEMPLEWed Aug 14 1991Laptop Applications for Sales Reps
924.02PEAKS::WELLSWed Aug 14 1991how much and where for add-on hard disk for laptops
925.013TLE::ALIVE::ASHFORTHThu Aug 15 1991Purchasing consortium?
927.04EPOCH::JOHNSONThu Aug 15 1991Cleaning LCD screens
930.03TLE::ALIVE::ASHFORTHFri Aug 16 1991New downward price spiral?
931.03NOLE::WOODINGThu Aug 22 1991L4
932.0KALISE::BURGESSFri Aug 23 1991Toshiba Internal modems available in London
933.012RAVEN1::HARPERFri Aug 23 1991Dial 1-8
934.01--UnknownUser--Fri Aug 23 1991Ultralite for Sale
935.07STAR::MORINSun Sep 01 1991t1
936.02SOLVIT::MEREDITHMon Sep 02 1991US Flex Notebook
938.01TAVTue Sep 03 1991T2
939.0BSS::ENGERTue Sep 03 19911
940.0BSS::ENGERTue Sep 03 1991IBM 9
941.04CAPITN::FREEMAN_RIWed Sep 04 1991Pathworks on a GRID
942.04PENUTS::HNELSONSun Sep 08 1991IME 386SX notebook with 2
943.06HIBOB::HEIDENMon Sep 09 1991Toshiba T1
944.0TLE::ALIVE::ASHFORTHFri Aug 16 1991New NEC Entry - (reposted - accidentally put in as a reply)
946.0NEWPRT::CERVENKA_GAThu Sep 12 1991COMPAQ Hayes AT Int. Modem & Manual Dial
947.0--UnknownUser--Fri Sep 13 1991zenith pc-171 for sale
948.0--UnknownUser--Sat Sep 14 1991HP11
949.03KBOMFG::HEIDENTue Sep 17 1991ClariNet Street Price Report
950.0BAGELS::CAMPBELLTue Sep 17 1991For Sale: 5 1/4" Drive for Toshiba Laptop
951.026TRCOA::MOHIUDDINWed Sep 18 1991STI and Compudyne Notebooks
952.0DSTEG1::SLACKMon Sep 23 1991using NEC Multisynch II with T1
953.03--UnknownUser--Tue Sep 24 1991Connecting NEC Multisync II to T1
954.01SUBWAY::LEYENSWed Sep 25 1991Toshiba T31
955.05--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 25 1991looking for used laptop
956.03GSRC::SCOTTWed Sep 25 1991VAXmail interface for Laptop PC
957.0EDSBOX::ALVARADOWed Sep 25 1991Sharp Wizard OZ-8
958.02SWAM2::CANNON_DAWed Sep 25 1991Looking for LAP1 info and dist.
959.0KAOA12::YUENThu Sep 26 1991Wanted: T1
960.03REGENT::HOPEThu Sep 26 1991hard-drive lifespan extension
961.05GRANPA::RFOLEYMon Sep 30 1991Keyboard Map
962.03KYOA::ELIEFFWed Oct 02 1991scanners on a notebook?
964.0DENVER::DAVISGBMon Oct 07 1991CGA Games etc?
965.01LASSUP::CARWINTue Oct 08 1991Wanted modem for T12
967.04AKOCOA::ATHERTONWed Oct 09 1991Help needed with Osborne portable.
968.0VNABRW::ERDEIThu Oct 10 1991poqet pc
969.05SWAM2::CANNON_DAThu Oct 10 19915 1/4" High Density Floppy wanted
970.0HERON::CASSETue Oct 15 1991A4 NOTEBOOK for sale
971.03STKAI2::ACEDERHAGWed Oct 16 1991EMM386.EXE (DOS 5.
973.0JENEVR::REHBEINThu Oct 17 1991Epson PX8 & Zenith Minisport for sale
974.01PENUTS::HNELSONFri Oct 18 1991Misc. laptop news from InfoWorld
975.0NOWIT::THOMPSONMon Oct 21 1991Screen display killer?
976.0DUCK::GERRYTFri Oct 25 1991Expanding PPC 64
977.04NYTPTue Oct 29 1991Apple's Powerbook
978.016STEREO::BROWNWed Oct 30 1991New DAK / BSR 386SX laptop: is it worth it?
979.03TROOA::GBARNESWed Oct 30 1991Help-Asynch DECnet
980.03KAOFS::LOCKYERFri Nov 01 1991DELL 32
981.014STAR::BECKFri Nov 01 1991For Sale / Wanted Topic (Laptops etc.)
982.02PENUTS::HNELSONWed Nov 06 1991Xircom pocket ethernet adaptor
983.02GVAWed Nov 06 1991LAPTOP INDUSTRY REVIEW ??? Please
984.02ELYSEE::FUMSThu Nov 07 1991Compaq power supply...snap,crackle,pop
985.03RIPPLE::NORDLAND_GEFri Nov 08 1991WARNING: MS-Windows and Stacker users
986.014DPDMAI::JONESSun Nov 10 1991Help dialing from Hotel???
987.02USWRSL::ELKINS_GAMon Nov 11 1991Can't get my T12
988.07TRCOA::ROUSMon Nov 11 1991Notebook as universal system?
989.09CCIIS1::ROACHTue Nov 12 1991DOS 5.
990.01MKODEV::CALVETTITue Nov 12 1991Laptop Display types - Information wanted
992.02NQOPS::AZORIANWed Nov 13 1991Bondwell B31
993.01SHIRE::GOLDBLATTWed Nov 13 1991T1
994.01SMOGGY::GSMITHWed Nov 13 19912
995.08PLAYER::VANAVERMAETWed Nov 13 1991Mobilizer?
996.03FASDER::JHOLPWed Nov 13 1991NEC Multi-Speed for sale
997.0MSDOA::SNIPESFri Nov 15 1991Compaq 286SLT For Sale
998.0DPDMAI::GREINERSat Nov 16 1991Compaq assesories
999.03PCOJCT::MILBERGMon Nov 18 1991LAP1 SETHOST keyboard mapping?
1000.01MCIS5::GOODENOWMon Nov 18 1991Dying T1
1001.01CSOA1::RANKINTue Nov 19 1991DECmouse vs Microsoft mouse
1002.09AZUR::BODINTue Nov 19 1991Info about PSION Series 3?
1004.03POBOX::VOGELTue Nov 19 1991Failure information needed
1005.0FILTON::COUPER_JWed Nov 20 1991Info on the DELL 32
1006.05NQOPS::AZORIANWed Nov 20 1991LA75 printer problems thru dos and windows
1007.0AIDEV::ROACHThu Nov 21 1991Wanted: Used laptop in $3
1008.06RECYCL::MCBRIDEThu Nov 21 1991looking for direction
1009.02NQOPS::AZORIANThu Nov 21 1991Canon bubble jet printer, pros and cons
1010.02MCIS5::GOODENOWWed Nov 27 1991Poqet problems/questions
1011.0SHIRE::GOLDBLATTWed Nov 27 1991simple lattop ?
1012.01SICVAX::WICKERTWed Nov 27 1991Replace (or upgrading) T12
1013.02CSSREG::TRAINORThu Nov 28 1991Anyone heard of a ...
1014.015SOLVIT::MEREDITHTue Dec 03 1991Compudyne 386SL notebook
1015.03ROKCTR::GRAHAMTue Dec 03 1991DEC 32
1016.01MOVIES::PORTERWed Dec 04 1991WANTED info on notebooks and pen-based computing
1017.01CESARE::CATERINIWed Dec 04 1991DATAWORLD NB-325SX notebook
1018.07HAMSUP::MARXSENTue Dec 10 1991Ultra Notebook SX (Imagineering) ?
1019.01TAVTue Dec 10 1991DECpc 333 - any comment...
1021.0ROKCTR::GRAHAMThu Dec 12 1991The answer is...win/3
1022.05COOKIE::WITHERSThu Dec 12 1991Extending notebook battery life?
1023.01DEALIN::AXELFri Dec 13 1991COLOR notesbooks and more...
1024.08SMEGIT::ARNOLDTue Dec 17 1991Notebook 386-SL recommendations today?
1025.08MAMIE::MEREDITHWed Dec 18 1991Backup for Notebooks?
1026.0DREICH::GRANTFri Dec 20 1991MITAC 3
1027.0HEAT::BOLDFri Dec 20 1991Notebooks for Salesreps!
1028.02BROKE::FELDMANMon Dec 23 1991Toshiba/Tandy compatibility problem?
1030.01MSAMFri Jan 03 1992Xircom 2 + DECpc 32
1031.0KAOOA::DEKANYFri Jan 03 1992OS/2 on DECpc 32
1032.08JENEVR::MCKIMMon Jan 06 1992Where to demo in Southern NH
1033.011SRUS::HEWITTMon Jan 06 1992Tandy 15
1034.05RIPPLE::ERICKSODAMon Jan 06 1992Power supply for Notebook?
1035.07CSSREG::TRAINORTue Jan 07 1992Question on notebooks
1036.0MRKTNG::HEVESHTue Jan 07 1992Versatile Laptop for sale
1037.0LASSUP::CARWINWed Jan 08 1992WANTED: modem for Toshiba 12
1038.01VNABRW::LATZELSPERGEThu Jan 09 1992Notebook Problem ext.Monitor+mouse
1039.0RIPPLE::VELIS_MAThu Jan 09 1992Compaq LTE & Graphics Apps
1040.011RUTILE::MANNINGFri Jan 10 1992Alternative nicads for notebook?
1042.04SUBWAY::DUBROFFWed Jan 15 1992386SX NoteBook for Sale
1043.0TEASE::LEARYWed Jan 15 1992For Sale - Sharp 45
1044.09SMF2::GOYKHMANWed Jan 15 1992386/33 notebook can be bought for 386/2
1045.02RANGER::PEASLEEWed Jan 15 1992A Challenge
1046.07CSSREG::TRAINORThu Jan 16 1992Opinions needed!!
1047.0CSCOAC::TAFT_SFri Jan 17 1992Pocket Modem for sale
1048.0DECTLK::WILLIAMSMon Jan 20 1992laptop options form factor?
1049.06DECTLK::WILLIAMSMon Jan 20 1992laptop options form factor? part two...
1050.01HTSC19::TONYLIUTue Jan 21 1992problem:video-to-monitor-switch
1051.0DROOPR::GETTYS_KETue Jan 21 1992Wanted: CDROM Software
1052.03CSSREG::TRAINORTue Jan 21 1992Printer question
1053.02TRCOA::ROUSThu Jan 23 1992Is our Microsoft "deal" an Urban Legend?
1054.01ALOSLS::RYANWed Jan 29 1992Daisy-chaining Xircom adaptors?
1055.0PLAYER::BRH932::VERHOEVENFri Jan 31 1992M-Tec 386SX/16 Some questions
1056.0EPOCH::JOHNSONFri Jan 31 1992Can I swap drives?
1058.01VERGA::MACDONALDMon Feb 03 1992Toshiba T1
1059.0OGOMTS::LAFLAMMEMon Feb 03 1992For sale...need $ to close
1060.02KAY::FISHERMon Feb 03 1992Cost Center Purchases allowed?
1061.01EZ2GET::STEWARTWed Feb 05 1992NBCC notebooks
1062.01MCIS5::GOODENOWWed Feb 05 1992Worldport battery time
1063.02SMD72J::MCCAULEYWed Feb 05 1992Konexx model 1
1064.02CESARE::CATERINIWed Feb 05 1992Stacker vs DRdos 6.
1065.03NIOMAX::LAINGThu Feb 06 1992Would you buy LapTop TERMINAL?
1067.03FRUST::SPALTMon Feb 10 1992radio-net PCs ??
1068.0CUJO::WALTHERMon Feb 17 1992Tandy 14
1069.03CSC32::A_DEBRITOTue Feb 18 1992Is Hyundai any good?
1070.010TRCOA::ROUSThu Feb 20 1992Anyone know about international travel?
1071.01WNOUFri Feb 21 1992Notebook to TV??
1072.0LANDO::STYLIANOSFri Feb 21 1992T1
1073.03LANDO::STYLIANOSFri Feb 21 1992T1
1074.02SIMESE::STARRSun Feb 23 1992DECpc 32
1075.02KIRKTN::GHUTCHEONTue Feb 25 1992SLT286: Can't See Hard Drive
1076.017COMICS::DSMMGRWed Feb 26 1992NiCad / LCD deterioration
1077.0MR4DEC::BMCWILLIAMSWed Feb 26 1992QVT and notebook keys
1078.01RCODDF::FOLTSWed Feb 26 1992DECpc 32
1079.03COMICS::DSMMGRThu Feb 27 1992VGA question
1080.01NQOAIC::ROGERSFri Feb 28 1992Info Please
1081.01BAHTAT::HILTONMon Mar 02 1992Desktop for DOS vs Mobilizier
1082.0RUMOR::PAANANENTue Mar 03 1992Cumulus WorkBox NB (386/2
1085.03JEREMY::OFERTue Mar 10 1992DECPC 32
1086.01RDGENG::CLARKATue Mar 10 1992Portable Computing Survey
1091.01WARP5::LARUEWed Mar 11 1992TM2
1092.09SANTEE::GREENEThu Mar 12 1992New COMPAQ notebook
1093.04COMICS::DSMMGRTue Mar 17 1992FALCON 3 on a laptop ?
1095.02DELNI::ABRAHAMSONThu Mar 19 1992Help with VAX mail
1096.01GUESS::BEAUDETThu Mar 19 1992Looking for a phone# / Contact person
1097.02F18::ROBERTThu Mar 19 1992Documenting a software upgrade at cust. site!
1098.01ISIDRO::BURYWed Mar 25 1992Win3 problems with SuperStor compressor
1099.024SEGAL::SEGALSun Mar 29 1992CompuAdd Express 325NXL Notebook
1100.01SPIDER::RICHARDSONWed Apr 01 19922.5" HD for sale
1101.0SALSA::BLUNDELLThu Apr 02 1992CYRIX 387SX 2
1102.08TYSON::KURATAWed Apr 08 1992Doe laptops help or hinder ?
1103.07SCAACT::AINSLEYWed Apr 08 1992Is it the 32
1104.03GUESS::BEAUDETMon Apr 13 1992Dock => Laptop <= Dock
1105.0SGOUTL::MORALES_RATue Apr 14 1992Sears/Packard Bell 386SX Notebook
1106.01GLDOA::MDUMBRIGUEWed Apr 15 1992Looking for memory
1107.0FINALY::POWELLBTThu Apr 16 1992Battery monitors on the net?
1108.019GSRC::SCOTTTue Apr 21 1992New Compudyne 386SXL/25 Notebook Computer
1109.02VAOUThu Apr 23 1992Zenith ZNOTE series
1110.0SOLVIT::MEREDITHSun Apr 26 1992Used 4
1111.03SIDON::AIKENTue Apr 28 1992Common Sense Security
1112.0TRUCKS::RICHARDSWed Apr 29 1992FCC Fine 5 firms
1113.02DEALIN::AXELWed Apr 29 1992AST Color Notebook under $3
1114.06TAVIS::ERANFri May 01 1992ALPHA laptop ? VMS ?
1115.0ACESMK::MCKIMTue May 05 1992Need to find ETHERNET address for NOTESTAR notebook
1116.03TRCOA::ROUSTue May 05 1992Singing the "Lone Serial Port Blues".
1117.03DCOPST::BRIANH::NAYLORTue May 05 1992Another printer question - DEC to NEC
1118.03MXOVFri May 08 1992any way to free the DECpc 32
1119.0LANDO::STYLIANOSWed May 13 1992IBM L4
1120.018AUNTB::MAGENHEIMThu May 14 1992Marketing our DECpc 32
1121.03OFFPLS::RYANFri May 15 1992Emp. Purchase configuration question
1122.0SOLVIT::MEREDITHSun May 17 1992What a Sharp QA-5
1123.08POBOX::LABUDAMon May 18 1992DECpc 32
1124.01WR2FOR::HARRIS_MAMon May 18 1992Account Workbench, New Startup Screen for 32
1125.015SOLVIT::MEREDITHMon May 18 1992486SLC notebook $1995
1126.05TOOHOT::ROCHAMon May 18 1992keypad option for 32
1127.0DRAC::BOSCHTue May 19 1992DECpc 32
1128.03DELNI::PYNCHONWed May 20 1992How do you use the FAX?
1129.0SNOMAN::AARONWed May 20 19921 kg = 6
1130.0KAOOA::SOWREYWed May 20 1992Keyboard Maps in French
1131.05NEMAIL::ADAMThu May 21 1992parallel to serial adapter
1132.05SCCAT::SHELTONTue May 26 1992Low Level Formater for Toshiba T12
1133.01SOLVIT::EIDW_OPSWed May 27 1992Laptop => LAT communication problem
1134.03PEKING::GERRYTThu May 28 1992LAPTOP to printer All-in-1 problem
1135.01LUNER::DESPOTOPULOSMon Jun 01 1992Help finding a Laptop
1136.01MCIS5::BLOOMMon Jun 01 1992External Monitor question
1137.06HANNAH::DOUCETTEWed Jun 03 1992Help on Laptops with expansion slots
1138.02USHSSun Jun 07 1992help with qbasic!!!!!
1139.06STAR::PARKEMon Jun 08 1992Help, Portable printers
1140.0RANGER::LAFLAMMETue Jun 09 1992Portable Printer for sale
1141.02SALISH::WILLIAMS_SCTue Jun 09 1992Help for SuperStor
1142.01JUNCO::ROSOSKYWed Jun 10 1992Allur Laptop PC?
1143.02RANGER::MORINThu Jun 11 1992t1
1144.0MEO78B::MANDERSONMon Jun 15 1992Travelmate/win 3
1145.02ANNECY::HUMANWed Jun 17 1992T12
1146.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANThu Jun 18 1992part number for 3 button mouse?
1147.04KAOOA::SOWREYThu Jun 18 199232
1148.01RMDSRV::BURTTMon Jun 22 1992sstickey keyss
1149.02MEIS::HURLEYMon Jun 22 1992Word Processor Machine vs Notebook
1150.03MEAD::FULLERTue Jun 30 199232
1151.02MR4DEC::TDAVISWed Jul 01 1992Help needed with Procomm+ keypad mapping
1152.07HYEND::CKELLEHERWed Jul 01 1992Gold Key on Laptop... Where is it???
1153.0ESBSThu Jul 02 1992Zenith Minisport For Sale
1154.03NETATE::BISSELLThu Jul 02 1992WPSPLUSDOS on Toshiba 2
1155.01COMICS::DSMMGRFri Jul 03 1992486/33 notebook buying tips ?
1156.05GSRC::SCOTTFri Jul 03 1992micro-LAN: MicroSoft INTERLNK
1158.01XSTACY::HUTTONThu Jul 09 1992text / program editors
1159.0DECSIM::PIERCEFri Jul 10 1992is shadow ram disableable in DECpc 32
1160.02GOEDUX::GOODWIN_WAFri Jul 10 1992Low Cost Notebook 4sale
1161.02ATSE::VMILLERMon Jul 13 1992Looking for DEC fax/modem for laptop computer
1162.01SWAM2::VANBEZOOY_JOMon Jul 13 1992Xircom - 32
1163.04LASSUP::CARWINTue Jul 14 1992Toshiba floppy repair
1164.07POWDML::GUERTINWed Jul 15 1992Upgrade modem -> FAX/Modem
1165.05NOVA::AMWAYMon Jul 20 1992Portable PC recommendations
1167.01QCAVWed Jul 22 1992< Advice on Software on laptops >
1168.01MKODEV::CALVETTIWed Jul 22 1992large Conner 2.5 drive Info wanted
1169.09ATSE::VMILLERWed Jul 22 1992Problems with Tandy 18
1170.01LARVAE::SUGDENThu Jul 23 1992Zenith Z18
1171.02LANDO::STYLIANOSThu Jul 23 1992Hand Book???
1172.0DROOPR::GETTYS_KETue Jul 28 1992T12
1173.0FILTON::COUPER_JWed Jul 29 1992Best buy and cost?????
1174.012ODDONE::JOHNSON_KThu Jul 30 1992UK buyer needs US info before travelling.
1175.0FLYSQD::FERJULIANThu Aug 06 1992Remote VAXmail...
1176.0KAOOA::SOWREYFri Aug 07 1992PC Mag Reviews DECpc 32
1177.01FSOA::SJAWAHRANIFri Aug 07 1992Problem connecting LK45
1178.0HEAT::BOLDFri Aug 07 1992AMS Battery needed
1179.03BAHTAT::HILTONWed Aug 12 1992Configuration help needed
1180.01DENVER::DAVISGBFri Aug 14 1992Mouse on the plane
1181.05ATSE::LABATue Aug 18 1992New ZEOS Pocket PC?
1182.04ORACLE::RAMEYWed Aug 19 1992Cheap disk upgrades?
1183.0LANDO::STYLIANOSMon Aug 24 1992Sub-Notebooks
1184.05EVOIS7::RONNBERGMon Aug 24 1992windows on 286 Toshiba
1185.01HYEND::CKELLEHERMon Aug 24 1992Printing to DECjet 1
1186.01BUXHED::KIRKPATRICKTue Aug 25 1992external monitor to PC333
1187.01PEKING::GERRYTThu Aug 27 1992RGB/CGA monitor?
1188.06SUBWAY::DUBROFFThu Aug 27 1992Where is DECPC_PORTABLES?
1189.02NJCAD1::LANDWEHRThu Aug 27 1992OCR Software For FAXit????
1191.05LOBSTR::GRAYTue Sep 01 1992Receiving FAXs on a DECpc 32
1192.01SOLVIT::MEREDITHWed Sep 02 1992"Seen in passing"
1193.02TRUCKS::BURYWed Sep 02 1992PIM suggestions requested
1194.03LARVAE::LEYTONThu Sep 03 1992Freestanding Keyboard for Notebook
1195.03DEBUG::GALLOThu Sep 03 1992Updating Pocket Service Guides...
1196.0SMURF::RPSFri Sep 04 1992NFS/NDIS driver for Zenith Z-NOTE?
1197.0ELBERT::TINCUP::MOEThu Sep 10 1992Software mice ...
1199.0WR1FOR::SPRIGGS_GEMon Sep 14 1992TRS portable 1
1200.01UNTADI::DIETRICHWed Sep 16 1992Looking for an integrated modem
1201.09STAR::BECKSat Sep 19 1992Ever upgrade a notebook hard drive?
1202.0ORACLE::WATSONWed Sep 23 1992HP11
1203.02SEDOAS::DEMOPC::ENGLANDERFri Sep 25 1992Decpc 32
1205.0EMDS::PETERSONMon Sep 28 1992Lap Top Durability Ratings
1206.0WETONE::LICATAMon Sep 28 1992t2
1207.01MSDSWS::LOVEFri Oct 02 1992Toshiba no Highlight on remote applications.
1208.0STAR::BOIKOTue Oct 06 1992New Panasonic CF-1
1209.06REDBUD::garrisonnaWed Oct 07 1992DOS vs. Mac Laptops; Need Ammo
1210.01REDBUD::garrisonnaFri Oct 09 1992Active matrix vs. Triple twist technology
1211.04NC17Mon Oct 12 1992Help with a drive problem...
1212.02CHEFS::JOHNSONKTue Oct 13 1992WPS+ notebook comms problems
1213.0TUNER::ROBERTSTue Oct 13 1992Turbo-dos??
1214.0SPESHR::JOHNSONFri Oct 16 1992Please recommend a 486-not-SX SL notebook
1215.0STAR::BSYBEE::EGOLFWed Oct 21 1992Tandy 14
1216.01HGOVC::RAYMONDLIFri Oct 23 1992DECpc 32
1219.04MKODEV::CALVETTITue Oct 27 1992HD upgrade & STACKER question
1220.02CHEFS::JOHNSONKWed Oct 28 1992Compudyne Hang & Mouse problems.
1222.04AIDEV::CHANDLERWed Oct 28 1992Looking for a 386 lptop...
1223.0ULYSSE::MILDERMon Nov 02 1992Ambra Treka Max info?
1224.0WHOSMon Nov 02 1992HELP! LK keyboards NG with DEC LapTop.
1226.03CHEFS::JOHNSONKMon Nov 09 1992Power Management.
1227.02PEKING::RADFORDDTue Nov 10 1992MITAC 3
1228.02SOLVIT::MEREDITHMon Nov 16 1992Live from COMDEX......
1229.05CHEFS::JOHNSONKTue Nov 17 1992Xircom/Net problems
1230.0TNPUBS::M_QUINNMon Nov 30 1992Sanyo Exclusive?
1233.0SOLVIT::SILVATue Dec 08 1992Using standard Trackman mouse with DECwrite?
1234.06SAC::EDMUNDSFri Dec 11 1992Sometimes-connected mail on a laptop
1235.01PFSVAX::FECICHMon Dec 14 1992LCD Screens in cold weather?
1236.0GALVIA::MMCCARTHYMon Dec 14 1992Keyboard unrecognised by Windows
1237.0SHIPS::THACKERAYWed Dec 16 1992Poqet Address Printing
1238.05GVAMon Dec 21 1992State of the art LCD Overhead Panels
1239.06POLAR::AMBROSEWed Dec 23 1992To Xray or not to Xray?
1240.03DKAS::JNELSONFri Jan 15 1993European voltage converters
1241.0FXODEV::ROBERGEMon Jan 18 1993wanted internal modem 14
1242.05MSDOA::BIGGSRWed Jan 20 1993Using LN
1243.01TYSON::HUNGFri Jan 22 1993Phone jack question for modem connection
1244.02--UnknownUser--Tue Jan 26 1993laptop-notebook disk upgrades / cmos / portable ruggedness
1245.03ANGLIN::WOLFFri Jan 29 1993DECpc 32
1246.0STKEIS::BYSTAMFri Jan 29 1993Strange error on DECpc 32
1247.02DECSIM::HEILMANFri Jan 29 1993Luggable questions, also DECpc 325SL docking station
1250.0GAOL::BINKSWed Feb 03 1993T11
1251.02CHEFS::JOHNSONKFri Feb 05 1993Compudyne Resume problem
1252.0VERGA::MACDONALDMon Feb 08 1993GriD Convertible
1253.02RONAN::RONANThu Feb 11 1993Different Logo .bmp?
1254.01DV78Fri Feb 19 1993Laptops and Cellular Phones
1255.0RUSVAX::RUSSELLFri Feb 26 1993Toshiba T12
1256.0MEOCSun Mar 14 1993Comments on a few laptops.
1257.05BSS::BORENMon Mar 15 1993perm screen blank 325sl?
1258.01SNAX::KENNEDYWed Mar 17 1993Computer accessories
1259.0SLICER::RODWed Mar 17 1993Floating Pt Err on DECpc 325SL color Notebook
1260.01MCDOUG::dougWed Mar 17 1993? Driving multiple large monitors?
1261.01STOHUB::GOLFNG::DONOVANWed Mar 17 1993Help using the sound drivers
1262.04PEKING::GERRYTTue Mar 23 1993Decpc 325sl
1263.02CHOVAX::RASKISTue Mar 23 1993Alternative to docking stations?
1264.0CACHE::SETOWed Mar 24 1993Battery for Toshiba T31
1266.01EPS::AXELWed Mar 31 1993Need Windows SW for Complete Fax/PortablePlus
1267.05TITUS::PERKINSMon Apr 05 1993Toshiba DOS/WIN upgrade questions
1268.010CACHE::SETOThu Apr 15 1993Opinions on Mono, Passive color and Active color display
1269.01SPESHR::JOHNSONThu Apr 15 1993Upgrading notebook hard disks
1270.08IKE22::EIKENBERRYFri Apr 16 1993LapLink V vs. Fastlynx...
1271.04BRSVMS::VDKERCKHOVEMon Apr 26 1993External Color monitor in BW
1272.0CSGVAX::SJAWAHRANIMon May 03 1993Pathworks with DEC325
1273.0ASABET::HENLEYTue May 04 1993Source for Leasing Laptop
1274.01--UnknownUser--Tue May 04 1993SPAT GUI V1.1
1275.01BIGUN::FEIGLEWed May 05 1993Drivers for the DEC PC4XV-B7 color monitor
1276.03SOFBAS::FARRENThu May 06 1993External Monitor switching software??
1277.0MOVIES::HARRISThu May 20 1993Wanted: cheap barcode reader for portable
1278.0SPESHR::JOHNSONSat May 22 1993Wanted: 386SX/2
1279.0MKOTS3::ROBERTS_JWed May 26 1993Keyboard beeper cut off
1280.05NUTS2U::LITTLEFri May 28 1993Using car's power for DECpc 32
1281.0LANDO::MCCABETue Jun 15 1993PP 144
1282.01TOOK::MCPHERSONTue Jun 22 1993? Drive large monitor off DECpc 425SL?
1283.0SPESHR::JOHNSONTue Jun 22 1993Wanted: 386 notebook
1284.07TYSON::KURATAFri Jun 25 1993Options on 486 notebooks needed.
1285.05SNOCTue Jun 29 1993Software guy with Electric problem in Perth, WA
1287.04RWCVAX::COULSONSun Jul 18 1993Cheap 386 Notebooks - comments???
1288.02GUCCI::EWISETue Jul 20 1993Need Part or source for cable.
1289.011PRNSYS::LOMICKAJWed Jul 21 1993MEI WinBook
1290.01TROOA::DARNELFri Jul 23 1993Drive upgrade for SLT/286
1291.0SWAM2::ROMERO_CAFri Jul 23 1993DEPCA in docking station?
1292.01SOFBAS::SHAPIROSat Jul 24 1993Toshiba Backups
1293.0MSBCS::ASHFORTHThu Aug 05 1993Dell 325N/NC internal modem
1294.01GLDOA::SPATOULASMon Aug 16 1993Casio to PC cable anyone ???
1295.0SLOAN::HOMWed Aug 18 1993APM.SYS
1297.0FAUST::FAUSTFri Aug 20 1993Sharp OZ8
1298.0GIAMEM::CASWELLMon Aug 23 1993Tandy 11
1299.0TOOK::FAULDSTue Aug 31 1993DECpc 425SL w/ dancing pixels?
1300.01HLDEWed Sep 08 1993PCMCIA standards ?
1301.0POWDML::SWANSONWed Sep 15 1993Wanted: Powerbook or PC 386
1302.0CHOVAX::PUKFri Sep 17 1993AMS laptops
1303.01SVCVAX::RIHMFri Sep 17 1993Help on PCP1
1304.0JGODCL::LOENDERSLOOTThu Sep 23 1993T51
1305.03VNOTSC::ERBENThu Sep 23 1993How to get BIOS updates for DECpc x25SL ?
1306.0HAMCL3::HOFHANSLThu Sep 30 1993switch for 387 copro ???
1307.0ACESMK::BIGGSTue Oct 05 1993Wanted: SIPP Memory & 387dx co-processor
1308.07EZ2GET::STEWARTFri Oct 15 1993 TI color notebook!
1310.01NYOSThu Oct 21 1993Consumer Report
1311.02PRNSYS::LOMICKAJThu Oct 28 1993Living with a PC in a Macintosh world - Localtalk support for laptops?
1312.08PSYLO::NORMANThu Nov 04 1993Toshiba T19
1313.01NWDWed Nov 10 1993DECpc425SL Docking Problem
1314.0BARMY::PETERFri Nov 19 1993Recommendations for SCO on a Laptop ?
1315.02--UnknownUser--Sun Nov 21 1993DEC 325p disk upgrade ran into a hack...need some ideas!
1316.01PINION::NORMANMon Nov 22 1993Port advice? (PS/2 or Serial mouse)
1317.0MXOVTue Nov 23 1993Spanish keyboards and SW versions
1318.0HIBOB::KRANTZMon Nov 29 1993Looking for APM Spec
1319.02SNOCTue Nov 30 1993? 32-bit disk access on DECpc 325/425
1320.01BIGUN::OPACTue Nov 30 1993Laptop Dispays
1321.04BAHTAT::HILTONTue Nov 30 1993Games for Laptops
1322.0SIOG::E_CUSACKWed Dec 01 1993Zenith Supres 286
1325.0PCBOOT::RYBAK::ChrisWed Dec 08 1993Please advise, Which colour laptop (December '93)
1327.06RANGER::LOWELLTue Dec 14 1993MidWest Micro?
1328.02PHAROS::NORMANThu Dec 16 1993Quality sound minus int board ?
1329.04MSE1::MULLERThu Dec 16 1993Problem with 32
1333.05TAEC::BACCARTue Jan 04 1994DECpc_portables note file and DECpc325SL modem??
1334.0JULIET::FLOYDGREE_PHTue Jan 04 1994laptop 486DX/33 for sale
1335.03BROKE::SHAHThu Jan 06 1994Source of NiMH batteries
1336.0DPDMAI::WISEEThu Jan 06 1994IBM Convertable Laptop help needed.
1337.01SNOCMon Jan 17 1994Xircom Credit Card + WfWg 3.11
1338.06MYJAM::MYSELTue Jan 18 1994Feedback Needed: new laptop design with integrated cursor device
1339.02NWDFri Jan 21 1994Parallel Port - 325SLC
1341.02SLOAN::HOMSun Feb 06 1994Winword 6.
1342.02SOLVIT::MEREDITHThu Feb 10 1994Toshiba Portege T34
1343.0OSLMon Feb 14 1994Toshiba T33
1345.0SLOAN::HOMFri Feb 18 1994deleitng unnecessary files
1346.01PADC::UHLERTue Feb 22 1994Documentation and/or Notes file pointer for RoamAbout prducts?
1347.03HEAT::BOLDThu Feb 24 1994Charging Laptop Overseas
1348.02CHIPS::PAGEFri Feb 25 1994docking station woes
1350.03HYDRA::BECKThu Mar 03 1994Service
1351.0STOWOA::SHANFri Mar 04 1994JOBS: System Eng. needed for PC Portables Group
1352.0ADO75A::CLEGHORNMon Mar 07 1994325SL, CCU, NE2
1353.0CALDEC::GOETZEMon Mar 07 1994The Digital ArtLibrary--A source of graphics (including DECpcs)
1355.01MARVIN::COBBTue Mar 08 1994Good way to do full restore from backup?
1356.0MILPND::DEFELIPPITue Mar 15 1994PCP11 Modem Problm Questions
1357.011POCUS::GARDNERTue Mar 22 1994Info on COMPAQ AERO ???
1358.02NZOMIS::HOWARDMon Mar 28 1994What makes a fast notebook?
1359.0AIMT::SANDHUWed Mar 30 1994How to attach 'regular' mouse to external monitor?
1360.02GRANMA::RSHEINBERGThu Apr 21 1994LAPTOP woes
1361.01ROMEOS::MCNICHOL_THTue May 10 1994Convert Japanese Laptop to US?
1362.0MSE1::WEYMOUTHThu May 26 1994Help with Compaq batteries/power supply and dead batteries
1363.04YOUNG::YOUNGThu May 26 1994Need two serial ports
1364.02DELNI::JCOLLINSThu Jun 02 1994External keyboard to serial port?
1365.01SMURF::VALENTAMon Jun 20 1994Problems with system setup
1366.0PTOVAX::HRIADILWed Jun 22 1994Aspen or Intelligent Notebook Systems Info?
1367.01GUIDUK::BRENNAN_CAThu Jun 23 1994no power in my DECpc 325sl
1368.01WELCLU::SUTCLIFFEJFri Jun 24 1994Windows Banner in Colour, Windows not !
1369.0DPDMAI::DAVIESFri Jun 24 1994Power to PCMCIA II slot in DECpc 425 SE
1370.04HLFSMon Jun 27 1994Install software
1371.0ANGLIN::GREENEFri Jul 01 1994PC32
1372.0STOWOA::DANIELTue Jul 05 1994M1
1373.0WELCLU::POLLARDNWed Jul 06 1994Upgrade Tandon HDU
1374.0LFOIS1::ALIEFri Jul 15 1994Ethernet config
1376.0TOPTEN::PLEVAFri Jul 15 1994PCP12 docking station and SCSI disks
1377.02ROMEOS::KLEIN_BRSat Jul 16 1994Xircom Drivers
1379.0GVATue Jul 26 1994FOR SALE:DECpc32
1380.03ISLNDS::HOSKERFri Aug 05 1994Gold or PF1 key ???
1381.01USPMLO::DESROCHERSFri Aug 19 1994Read data into a PC from parallel port?
1382.01NWDMon Aug 22 1994boot floppy & dblspace
1383.02CSOA1::TEATERTue Aug 23 1994Reviews on WinBook XP?
1384.05FSSB::MELSAETERWed Aug 24 1994DECpc425SL/e Y-cable
1386.01CAPNET::ROSCHWed Sep 07 1994Sub-Notebook Reviews?
1387.0AKOCOA::RICHARDSSun Sep 11 1994DEC 433SE ?
1388.0SIOG::T_NOLANMon Sep 12 1994SLC/e premium slow with lotus
1390.02SAWA::5353Tue Sep 13 1994Service Manuals needed for notebooks
1391.01CSLALL::GASPAROLAWed Sep 14 1994Mobilizer question
1392.03DELNI::LUDWIGSun Sep 18 1994Mouse drivers need. Part number for mouse??
1393.0LANDO::MCCABETue Sep 20 1994For Sale - IBM Notebook Printer
1394.07TPSYS::BONNEAUWed Sep 21 1994Magnavox Metallis SX/386 ??
1396.02RT93::MCDONALDJFri Sep 30 1994Backup strategy??
1397.0LANDO::MCCABEWed Oct 05 1994For Sale: Xircom Pocket Ethernet Adapter
1398.0RDVAX::KEVCOS::GILLIAMThu Oct 06 1994Using VT32
1399.0NRSTA2::hogwsh.mro.dec.com::carifioMon Oct 10 1994alpha laptop? (carifio@black-widow.mro.dec.com)
1400.01RMDSRV::BESTMon Oct 17 1994NOW WHAT!!!!!!
1401.01IMOKAY::cummingsThu Oct 20 1994Pointer to PC notesfile (not laptop specific)?
1402.0--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 24 1994For sale: Dell 325NC (color)
1403.01FSSB::MELSAETERWed Oct 26 1994
1404.06SOLVIT::MEREDITHThu Oct 27 1994Ambra Color Subnote $1299
1405.0SOLVIT::MEREDITHMon Oct 31 1994Battery/charger for sale
1406.01FSSB::MELSAETERMon Nov 07 1994DECpc425SL/e premium VRC21 cable
1407.0ASABET::ELGINTue Nov 08 1994KEATERM Problem with WATN
1408.02ODIXIE::KIMBELWed Nov 09 1994What about a VR297-DA on a PC?
1410.01LEEL::LINDQUISTTue Nov 15 1994PCP1H-BC and PCP1H-FA for sale.
1411.03UBOHUB::LAWGWed Nov 23 1994Joysticks for notebooks?
1412.03CANDOO::GRIEBMon Nov 28 1994$1k laptop ??
1413.03PEKING::GERRYTTue Nov 29 1994Digital HiNote?
1414.0142424::walker_aTue Nov 29 1994
1415.0142424::walker_aTue Nov 29 1994Ethernet frame types and netware 3.12
1416.0MARKO::MCKENZIEWed Nov 30 1994Trantor/Adaptec T348 MiniSCSI Plus Parallel-to-SCSI Adapter for sale.
1419.01TROOA::AELICKWed Nov 30 1994CMS Trakker 25
1421.0MARKO::MCKENZIEThu Dec 01 1994Maxtor Type III PCMCIA 1
1422.03DOCTP::HOWELLThu Dec 01 1994File transfer help needed
1423.04SIOG::KILROYMon Dec 12 1994Upgrade 325 to 425 Laptop?
1424.01TUXEDO::MAYBERRYFri Dec 16 1994Opinions/experience with WINBOOK laptops?
1426.0WELCLU::SLATTERSat Dec 24 1994AKOCOA hibernating for Christmas?
1427.06DPDMAI::DAVIESWed Jan 04 1995External Mouse and Display cleaning
1429.01HANNAH::VOBAFri Jan 20 1995OK, Let's Talk Color Printers!
1430.01HLFSSat Jan 21 1995Voice record on DECPC425SL/e
1431.01NETCAD::THAYERFri Jan 27 1995Portable multimedia - Zenith PCMCIA CDrom
1432.0LEEL::LINDQUISTSat Jan 28 199514.4K BPS pocket modem for sale
1433.01ACESPS::MADERMon Jan 30 1995425SL forgets password security in CMOS
1434.03NOVA::ASHOKM::ASHFORTHTue Jan 31 1995Dell color notebook for sale, $15
1436.0MUGGER::MUGGER::HESLOPFri Feb 17 1995Chicony NB96
1437.01CSLALL::FINN_BRWed Mar 01 1995Laptop User's Group???
1438.0SOLVIT::BROWN_EFri Mar 17 1995wanted: 2MB mem exp for Tosh T1
1439.03TROOA::MSCHNEIDERMon Mar 20 1995HiNote Ultra networking problem?
1440.0MSDOA::MCCLOUDFri Mar 24 1995Security 325scl
1441.03HANNAH::BAYMon Apr 10 1995Austin Vista
1442.01HANNAH::MORRISFri May 05 1995I need your opinion on something...
1443.08MOEUR8::CUSSELLWed May 24 1995WANTED S/H 486 Sub-notebook
1444.01ICS::POMEROYTue May 30 199532
1445.01AKOCOA::MCGINNESSThu Jun 01 1995HINOTE - cut & paste keys?
1446.0RANGER::EIRIKURWed Jun 07 1995Looking for old DEC-Olivetti briefcase PC.
1447.03MASS1Thu Jun 08 1995Upgrading can be very hard to do?? Especially on a Tosh
1448.01DPDMAI::DAVIESThu Jun 15 1995Laptop graphics clarity
1449.0RUSURE::GENTRYThu Jun 22 1995Looking for dec 32
1450.01ZURTue Jun 27 1995Hinote Ultra CT 475 does support OS/2 sound ???
1451.0OSLWed Jun 28 1995DECpc425SL/e and new HD installed
1452.01VMPYR::SCOTFri Jul 14 1995425SE hard drive upgrade problems
1453.0TRIPEN::BoettcherTue Jul 25 1995HiNote Ultra CT475 and SCO Unix
1454.02TOOK::SCHWARTZThu Jul 27 1995Battery on HiNote CS.
1455.01ULYS::DENEEFMon Jul 31 1995Hinote and pcmcia hard disk fr-pcp78-ag.
1456.02GRANPA::ARGREGORYMon Jul 31 1995Netscape and Highnotes
1457.0CALLME::MR_TOPAZWed Aug 02 1995Looking for TI notebook repair shop
1458.0+5OOYES::OCONNELLThu Aug 03 1995Need help with PCMCIA beeps
1460.0HGOSPS::LAWRENCELAMFri Aug 04 1995PCMCIA in Hinote
1461.03QDOVSat Aug 05 1995HInote Battery backup problem ???
1462.02JOBURG::HARRISMon Aug 07 1995Docking Station for 425SE DECPC Laptop Please.
1463.03HGOSPS::LAWRENCELAMThu Aug 17 1995Hinote and Stenograph Security Device
1464.02ANGST::BRIGGSSat Aug 19 1995HiNote sound on NT
1465.01KDX2Thu Aug 24 1995DECpc 425SE Questions
1466.01NETRIX::"french@zeke.enet.dec.com"Tue Aug 29 1995DECpc425SLC to DEClaser11
1467.01TOSUP1::ALBERTINFri Sep 08 1995What cable to connect a HiNote to a PCXAV-F D-SUB Input Port?
1468.0KETJE::63635::vanhoveThu Sep 21 1995Adaptec AIRport 2
1469.01KETJE::63637::vennemanThu Oct 26 1995Ess second disk ????
1470.02TROOA::BROWNTue Nov 07 1995?Windows95 on a 32
1471.08HANNAH::BAYWed Nov 08 1995Subnotebook with touchpad
1472.01BIGBRD::wldhrn.mlo.dec.com::RogersMon Nov 13 1995Need help with Hinote ultra floppy/pcmcia option pn
1473.0FIEVEL::FILGATEMon Nov 20 1995425sl (AST) docking station and upgrade
1474.0MUNDIS::SKERSCHLFri Dec 01 1995Future of DEC Notebooks
1475.01MROA::TFERRISThu Dec 07 1995looking for 32
1476.0MKOTS3::toppcb.mko.dec.com::SPENCERThu Dec 07 1995info on removable cartridge hard drives?
1477.0CHEFS::jamies.reo.dec.com::PHILLIPSSThu Dec 14 1995Problems with DNP - LAPTOP Problems
1478.04CSOA1::OTIGER::R_WHEELERTue Dec 26 1995looking for top/best PC's
1479.0NETRIX::"duerksen@grumpy.mko.dec.com"Fri Jan 05 1996Winbook XP5 video help???
1480.0GAAS::HYERWed Jan 17 1996Compaq 286LTE Video Problem
1481.02NCMAIL::SMITHBFri Jan 19 1996SCSI II card and DECpc 425SL
1482.0SIOG::CORCORANSun Jan 21 1996clone laptop repairs-anyone know anybody?
1483.0CMEM3::GOODWINThu Jan 25 1996Digital 433SE notebook PC w/CD-ROM
1484.01TALLIS::DARCYTue Jan 30 1996Upgrade HiNote CPU?
1485.01CHEFS::BULLOWSNTue Feb 06 1996windows 95 and 8meg of memory
1486.01MANMWed Feb 07 1996Hinote Ultra : resetting the password
1487.0UTRTSC::KILJANSun Feb 11 1996Windows 95 IR software
1489.02SIOG::CORCORANThu Feb 15 1996Premier Laptop- can port be shared/docking station available
1490.01QCAVTue Mar 05 1996ibm thinkpad & PF1
1491.01STAR::CROLLTue Mar 19 1996battery charger for hinote CS433?
1492.01SOLVIT::MEREDITHMon Apr 08 1996Phone number for J&R?
1493.02VEGAS::GURALNIKTue Apr 23 1996Hard Disks for Ultra
1494.01BUMP::SCLAYTue Apr 30 1996PCMCIA sound cards
1495.06ALFAM7::URBANSun May 05 1996HiNote Ultra, infrared, tranxit
1497.0SEDSWS::MILTONThu Jun 20 1996hinote and pcmcia n/w/ cards
1498.01FIEVEL::FILGATEWed Jun 26 1996ProStar 52
1499.01BRSTR2::SYSMANThu Jul 04 1996UltraII + dock + mobile ???
1500.0SOLVIT::MEREDITHTue Jul 09 1996Hard drive upgrades (sources?)
1501.02MALFri Jul 12 1996Battery Life Of Laptop Battery
1502.03MANMTue Jul 16 1996Blinking keypad icon on display
1503.0STOWOA::NORTON_KWed Jul 17 1996Problem with text fading across screen on hi-note
1504.03BIGCHZ::EZZELLMon Aug 05 1996Suspend on HiNote damage hard disk?
1505.0RUSURE::GENTRYMon Aug 12 1996Need options and documentation for 433se color
1506.0MSAMWed Aug 28 1996Docking station driver in Hinote Ultra II
1507.01MSAMWed Aug 28 1996docking station on ultra II
1508.01BEJVC::GLENNWUFri Sep 27 1996The 6X Mobile Media Module's driver
1509.0SWETSC::NORDBERGThu Oct 03 1996Ultra and SMS
1510.0IBFri Oct 04 1996External MIDI Port for HiNote Ultra
1511.02NWDSun Oct 20 1996HiNote Ultra CT475 Maximum Memory is?
1512.02APACHE::CHOROSZYTue Oct 29 1996QC Manager for laptops?
1513.0ULYSSE::DENISThu Oct 31 1996CD + modem for Laptop VP ???
1514.02ALFSS1::GIVENThu Dec 05 1996Ultra II Highnote - PCMIA Cards?
1515.02QUAKKS::EGOLFFri Dec 27 1996Help needed with CGI and FastTrack for W95
1516.03TIANT::BRZOZOWSKIThu Jan 09 1997Monitor with laptop
1517.0+2ROCK::MUELLERMon Jan 13 1997Opening up a DECPC 425SE for hard disk replacement
1518.0+2DV78Thu Jan 23 1997Redundant keycap on Hinote CT475.
1520.0 *AXIS::CLENDENINMon Feb 24 1997decPC 425SL problems- Help!
1521.0 *+1RDGENG::ABRAMFri Feb 28 1997Ultra II with ethernet+modem and CDROM IRQs ?
1522.0 *LORDS::COLEWed Mar 05 1997Loose power to network card when portable goes portable
1523.0 *+1SMURF::STRANGESun Mar 09 1997Looking for better win95 video driver for DECpc SLC433
1524.0 *FLYWAY::WALKERNMon Mar 10 1997Long delays when booting ultraII without floppy
1525.0 *MILRAT::UGRINOWTue Mar 11 1997HiNote VP Video Projection
1527.0 *+1USCTR1::SCHWABEMon Mar 24 1997PH-Disk utility , HiNote VP?
1528.0 *ALFAM7::URBANFri Apr 04 1997FreeBSD kernel config file for HiNote Ultra (2.2.1-RELEASE)
1529.0 *+1HGOM22::DAVYSUNTue Apr 08 1997how to get compaq Lte Elite display driver for 256 color
1530.0 *RICKS::EMUMFORDWed Apr 09 1997Laptop pcs wanted
1531.0 *HOTLNE::YOUNGSat Apr 12 1997Notebook PC
1532.0 *+3CSC32::K_GAMBLETue Apr 15 1997pf1 / gold key funtionality on laptop?
1533.0 *TNPUBS::POLLOCKThu Apr 17 1997Need Advice for Printing Problem
1534.0 *+2HGOM11::GLENNWUTue May 06 1997Can I drive the 6X Mobile Media Module in DOS environment
1535.0 *GAAS::HYERThu May 08 1997Lapnote P series
1536.0 *RICKS::KUMPFWed May 28 1997for sale: $35 pcmcia 14.4 fax/modem practical peripherals