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Conference jamin::iris

Title:IRIS - A Software LAN Analyzer
Notice:IRIS kit now at http://src-www.pa.dec.com/SRC/personal/mitch/iris.html
Created:Mon Jun 28 1993
Last Modified:Tue May 13 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:358
Total number of notes:1841
Number with bodies:74
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1.0RANGER::LICHTENBERGMon Jun 28 1993Welcome!
2.0+82MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Jun 28 1993Who are you?
3.0MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Jun 28 1993Reserved
4.0MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Jun 28 1993Reserved
5.0MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Jun 28 1993Reserved
6.0MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Jun 28 1993Reserved
7.0MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Jun 28 1993Reserved
8.0MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Jun 28 1993Reserved
9.0MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Jun 28 1993Reserved
10.0+15MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Jun 28 1993IRIS Kit location
11.0+71MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Jun 28 1993Wish List (features)
12.013MRMIPS::LichtenbergMon Jun 28 1993Wish list (decoders)
13.01WOTVAX::64Tue Jun 29 1993problem with large files of trace data
14.010FIEVEL::FILGATEThu Jul 01 1993Xircom ethernet adapters
15.05DESSFri Jul 02 1993Do we have DEC Pocket Ethernet Adapter?
16.03COPHK::JESPERFri Jul 02 1993Capture converter
17.01VNASWS::HONISCHFri Jul 02 19938
18.01VNASWS::HONISCHFri Jul 02 1993another wishlist...
19.011SUTRA::ARMAND::zuntiniWed Jul 07 1993IBM Trace/Perf adapter (token-ring)
20.02KITVAX::METHOTThu Jul 08 1993EMM386 questions
21.09KITVAX::METHOTThu Jul 08 1993Mono display?
22.03KITVAX::METHOTFri Jul 09 1993Red means...?
23.01LSNCSC::BRAUNTue Jul 13 1993SAP only - how ?
24.02VMSNET::CHURCHETue Jul 13 1993*.pd is not a valid protocol decoder
25.05GALLOP::AL35Wed Jul 14 1993Not really related but !
26.09ANGLIN::KRIEGWed Jul 14 1993Any Plans to Sell IRIS ??
27.03MLNCSC::BARILAROFri Jul 16 1993IRIS started but unable to display data (X1.
28.02FIXSR2::WHITTINGTONFri Jul 16 1993Help with keyboard mapping, please
29.04KITVAX::METHOTFri Jul 16 1993LAN Utilization?
30.01SUBWAY::KABELMon Jul 19 1993Other analyzers -- IRIS competitors
31.03CROWES::HULLEYMon Jul 19 1993multicast traffic capture procedure.
32.010HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGMon Jul 19 1993IRIS NDIS driver is not bound!
33.03POBOX::PUCHALSKIWed Jul 21 1993More prob's with EMS
34.03WELTM1::CRIDDLEMon Jul 26 1993What hardware do I need?
35.05UTRTSC::BAKKERMon Jul 26 1993IRIS and PCMCIA
36.07JEDI::CAUDILLMon Jul 26 1993FDDI
37.06DAVE::MITTONTue Jul 27 19938
38.04DAVE::MITTONTue Jul 27 1993Token Ring Bit reversal tools
39.01JEDI::CAUDILLTue Jul 27 1993Token Ring
40.03LSNCSC::BRAUNWed Jul 28 1993Only bad frames
41.01GALINA::SSMITHThu Jul 29 1993Bug: Unable to navigate in Import Nodes window
42.06NJCAD1::LANDWEHRMon Aug 02 1993Xircom Adapter not installed ERROR
43.05ZPOVC::XKOVWed Aug 04 1993IRIS for Utilisation of Ethernet?
44.02CROWES::HULLEYWed Aug 04 1993PD_* is not a valid protocol decoder
45.03DEKVC::JAEHUNGKIMThu Aug 05 1993Intel Professional and IRIS
46.02ODIXIE::RICHARDSONThu Aug 05 1993hangs with too much data/collisions?
47.08JEDI::CAUDILLThu Aug 05 1993IRIS doesn't assume CLNP always contains TPx, does it?
48.02WOTVAX::HATTOSMon Aug 09 1993Another EMM problem
49.01WOTVAX::HATTOSMon Aug 09 1993Node name Learning
50.07MAASUP::HARRISWed Aug 11 1993Config a PE3/Parallel and Ndis
51.02HGOVA::KIMWAHNGThu Aug 12 1993Sniffer, Intel NetSight, Novell LAN Analyer ?
52.04MIMS::OLSEN_GFri Aug 13 1993Cause for Multiple Collisions?
53.05RTRME::LichtenbergMon Aug 16 1993IRIS X1.
54.01EDWIN::GULICKTue Aug 17 1993embedded LAD decoder - does it support V3.1 ?
55.02LSNCSC::BRAUNTue Aug 24 1993ScaNet anyone ?
56.01HGRNCC::FARADAYCHONGThu Aug 26 1993Re-visit CLNS
57.07COMICS::WEIRFri Sep 03 1993"Fixed" FDDI decodes, please
58.06DPDMAI::WISEETue Sep 07 1993EMS driver not installed.
59.01COMICS::WEIRThu Sep 09 1993X1.
60.01RANGER::PITKINFri Sep 10 1993Traffic generator stops overnight
61.011ANOHAC::BDWYERTue Sep 21 1993Collision detection?
62.05HGOVC::KIMWAHNGThu Sep 23 1993Display bad frames with PE2 ?
63.08DPDMAI::DAVIESMon Sep 27 1993Utilization reports
64.0RTRME::LichtenbergTue Sep 28 1993IRIS Capture data file format
65.05KLUSTR::SOUTHY::GardnerWed Sep 29 1993IRIS saves the day...
66.01ANGLIN::LEEPERWed Sep 29 1993IRIS with DE422?
67.02RISTRA::COMSUPThu Oct 07 1993Node names... IMPORT... Hangs System
68.04SPANKY::SAWYERWed Oct 13 1993Read IRIS data with EXCEL
69.01MJHOHO::COLEMANThu Oct 14 1993Missed packets with Laptops?
70.03DPDMAI::WISEEThu Oct 14 1993Silicom adapter
71.02RTRME::LichtenbergThu Oct 14 1993IRIS X1.
72.03STAR::MISCIOSCIAWed Oct 20 1993General Filters question
73.019BIGBAD::GULICKWed Oct 20 1993TAP troubles
74.04VNZVThu Oct 21 1993IPX is not being filtered by IRIS
75.06LSNCSC::BRAUNTue Oct 26 1993little bug in X1.
76.03EEMELI::JVAANANENMon Nov 01 1993Educational tool ?
77.09DNEAST::KOENIG_TODDTue Nov 02 1993Is there more documentation?
78.03DRAC::DSMAILThu Nov 04 1993DEPCA DE2
79.02SMAUG::GRAHAMSun Nov 07 1993DOS-5 Upgrade Broke IRIS
80.023BIKINI::KRAUSETue Nov 16 1993PD for SNMP ?
82.03SPAZZO::SHEPARDThu Nov 18 1993Help setting Address filters...
83.01DRAC::DSMAILMon Nov 22 1993'FIND NEXT' option
84.04BAHTAT::TAYLORTue Nov 23 1993Oversize / Jabber frames ?
85.02KAOTThu Nov 25 1993frame numbering and GOTO FRAME
86.01KAOTThu Nov 25 1993monitoring a LAN remotely with IRIS & friends
89.03RANGER::PITKINTue Dec 07 1993Can we load names & address from text file?
90.024ZPOVC::DAIDERTue Dec 07 1993IRIS expired???
91.0SUFRNG::WSAWed Dec 08 1993PD for LAP?
92.03NSTG::FOXWed Dec 15 1993Windows/NT version...?
93.02MAASUP::HARRISMon Dec 20 1993Absolute time
94.01BIS1::RODRIGUEZMon Dec 20 1993Bug in DLL decoding ?
95.03TOOK::CIARFELLAFri Jan 07 1994PD for BOOTP?
96.019NJCAD1::LANDWEHRTue Jan 11 1994Support for DE422
97.02SIOG::KILROYMon Jan 17 1994DECpc 325SL with Xircom and without Pathworks?
98.011SWANDC::MAUTZTue Jan 18 1994Help doesn't work for me!
99.03UTRTSC::BAKKERThu Jan 27 1994Memory limitations
100.0POBOX::CARLSONAThu Jan 27 1994new user needs help
101.02TOOK::CIARFELLAThu Jan 27 1994Trying not to change the current pointer
102.01EDWIN::GULICKFri Jan 28 1994Traffic generator for token ring
103.02UTRTSC::BAKKERTue Feb 01 1994Tokenring packets too large to read from disk!
104.015RTRME::LichtenbergWed Feb 02 1994IRIS X1.
105.01TLAVTue Feb 08 19941
106.015SCCAT::HARVEYThu Feb 10 1994Can IRIS read Network General ENC files???
107.0JOCKEY::AL35Wed Feb 16 19942 small nits
108.013DRAC::DSMAILWed Feb 23 1994DEPEA Ethernet Adapter
109.06OTOOA::GMACDONALDSun Feb 27 1994Diff results based on DELNI Used?
110.01VAXSPO::INTERD_MARIOMon Feb 28 1994HELP: lots of bad frames!
111.02CSOA1::BENNETTMon Feb 28 1994Is this Beer Ware?
112.01NJCAD1::LANDWEHRMon Mar 14 1994Xircom driver for a PEIII
114.04RTRME::LichtenbergFri Mar 18 1994Using a PE3 with IRIS on a DECpc 32
115.03THEWAV::GASSNERTue Mar 22 1994PCMCIA Xircom Adapter?
117.01VNASWS::HONISCHMon Mar 28 1994Trace only Version ???
118.03ODIXIE::THRASHERWed Apr 06 1994Network General Sniffer help
119.03DV78Fri Apr 08 1994DISPLAY LIMIT 8
120.01NEURON::GONZALESFri Apr 08 19943COM 3C5
122.021BRUNEL::PADDICKMon Apr 18 1994Idiots guide to Xircom PCMCIA. PLEASE!!!
123.0NEURON::GONZALESMon Apr 18 1994help printing irisdoc.ps??
124.05LEMAN::HASLERWed Apr 20 1994Filtering smb
125.03CGOOA::PETTIGREWThu Apr 21 1994Interlan NI521
126.07HANNAH::B_COBBThu Apr 21 1994DE2
127.01LYOISA::CARCELFri Apr 22 1994location kit
128.03VAXRIO::BRANQUINHOWed Apr 27 1994Protocol analizers summary
129.03OTOOA::CORBINWed Apr 27 1994Packet/frame sizes short 4 bytes??
131.02SIOG::KILROYThu Apr 28 1994PCMCIA card to capture bad frames?
133.02DRAC::DSMAILFri May 06 1994Nodes cleaned from DWNODES.INI
134.01EPS::BARRYFri May 06 1994Fatal error- no memory left
136.01NEASSG::MARTINELLOThu May 12 1994capture only first 64 bytes
137.03SCCAT::RAINSFri May 13 1994iris 1.
138.04BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDMon May 16 1994TAP only for TR
139.02WOTVAX::64Wed May 18 1994OSI decode?
140.01SIOG::PKIRKThu May 19 1994Intel EtherExpress 16 support
141.02TOHOPE::WSA1Fri May 20 1994No CTERM in Iris?
142.02PFSVAX::MCELWEEMon May 23 1994LAT decoder problem with multiple slot messages.
143.06WOTVAX::64Thu May 26 1994time bomb
144.0RTRME::LichtenbergFri May 27 1994IRIS X1.
145.02SIOG::PKIRKFri Jun 03 1994warning: option rom or ram detected within page frame
146.014WELCLU::SHARKEYASat Jun 04 1994A warning !
148.01CSC32::M_AUSTINWed Jun 08 1994How about a selfextract zip kit?
150.09KERNEL::WEBSTERCTue Jun 21 1994Traffic generator problem
151.01COPCLU::COPSW2::RistoFri Jun 24 1994SMB decoder bug?
152.01DPDMAI::WISEEMon Jun 27 1994Token Ring T.A.P. setup questions.
153.01HGOVC::XKOVMon Jul 04 1994IRISDOC.PS manual required.
154.03WOTVAX::64Tue Jul 05 1994delta time - what is it?
155.01MUGGER::TAYLORJWed Jul 06 1994Protocol Error 2
156.06UPROAR::YATESTMon Jul 11 1994help in analising IRIS trace
157.02SAC::KINDER_NFri Jul 15 1994Future Kit installation options?
158.01HULLEY::HULLEYMon Jul 18 1994EPP enhanced parallel port and IRIS on 325slc
159.013CGOWGS::OAKLEYMon Jul 18 1994Iris and Xircom PEIII ???
160.09SPANKY::SAWYERMon Jul 25 1994fatal memory error
161.05MUNGO::CHENGWed Jul 27 1994Lost packet on Netware
162.010SPANKY::SAWYERThu Jul 28 1994Mitch BUG
163.03BIS5Mon Aug 01 1994DEPCM and bad blocks ?
164.01SPECXN::LENGYELThu Aug 04 1994Any IRIS guru's in CXO?
165.025CSC32::J_FORRESTFri Aug 05 1994How to give IRIS to customers
166.0RANGER::COOKMon Aug 08 1994A bug in capture filter dialog
167.015PANIC::BARRETTOMon Aug 08 1994Software expired message
168.06OZROCK::GREHANMon Aug 08 1994OSF/Motif 'demo' version of IRIS available
169.0+5WELCLU::SHARKEYASat Aug 13 1994traffic generator doesn't.
170.012SPANKY::SAWYERSun Aug 14 1994Can't see packets using 1
171.02CSOA1::TEATERSun Aug 14 1994Look for LINKDISABLE in protocol.ini
172.022NSTG::FOXTue Aug 23 1994DE435 and Pentium support??
173.01FUJISI::ENGLANDFri Sep 02 1994why is IRIS not a product?
174.05UTRTSC::VDBURGMon Sep 12 1994No error reported when printing to a file on a full disk
175.02REGENT::WOLFFri Sep 16 1994IRIS X1.
176.05COPCLU::PALMANNTue Sep 20 1994Xircom PCMCIA CAF ?
177.01SIOG::KILROYWed Sep 21 1994Increase max number of packets?
178.03COPCLU::PALMANNMon Sep 26 1994IRIS Token Ring NDIS driver ?
179.01NETCAD::HILLERWed Sep 28 1994Diable Runt Packets?
180.01WOTVAX::64Thu Sep 29 1994PROBEwatch capture data => IRIS
181.07WELCLU::ALLENKMon Oct 03 1994SMB Protocol Definitions
182.01AEOLUS::DAIGNEAULTMon Oct 03 1994New releases/further development?
183.01TOOTER::SCHLENERMon Oct 03 1994a bug when printing to a file
184.05HGOVC::JOELBERMANMon Oct 03 1994Help with unbound irisndis
185.04ROMEOS::HARRIS_MAWed Oct 05 1994Windows version?
186.01UTRTSC::VDBURGThu Oct 06 1994Search problem + display problem
187.05SCCAT::RAINSMon Oct 24 1994Iris seminar handout documents
188.01MIMS::NUNEZ_PTue Oct 25 1994Can't Load Saved Setup
189.02TPSYS::BRITTTue Oct 25 1994Still can't import decnode.dat
190.01NETCAD::HILLERTue Oct 25 1994Hang when counter wraps
191.0UTRTSC::VDBURGTue Oct 25 1994PD_SCA.PD, SCA protocol decoder available
192.02WELCLU::SHARKEYAWed Oct 26 1994SMB decode issue ?
193.05KETJE::PIERSONWed Nov 02 1994Slices of HW addresses assigned to Ewrks ?
194.03RGNET8::BOUTHIETTEThu Nov 03 1994problem "binding" ndis driver
195.0RANGER::COOKWed Nov 09 1994A fresh kit coming soon?
196.02VNABRW::WALDHERRWed Nov 09 1994X1.
197.020PHOTON::LichtenbergThu Nov 10 1994IRIS X1.
198.0--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 01 1994Temporary IRIS Kit location until OS2LAN:: is fixed
199.04NOVA::CHENGThu Dec 01 1994How to collect TCP/IP packets?
200.01UTRTSC::VELZENFri Dec 09 1994LAT decoder, reason code interpretion problem ...
201.04NWDTue Dec 13 1994IRIS ON A 286
202.01NWDWed Dec 14 1994Graphs for frames/b/util do not work well
203.08BLKPUD::CHEETHAMDThu Dec 15 1994ODI Token Ring support?
204.03ANGLIN::HITTENMILLERSun Dec 18 1994Looking for LAST protocol decoding help!
205.03ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAThu Dec 22 1994IRIS NDIS can't BIND with SMC8
206.02DPDMAI::GRESSWed Dec 28 1994IRIS with Xircom PEIII and 3COM 3c5
207.01VNZVMon Jan 09 1995why IRIS sees differents phys. addresses
208.04BERFS4::NORDMon Jan 09 1995bad frames are capturing us?????
209.02EDWIN::GULICKWed Jan 18 1995small nit in OSI decode
210.03MIMS::NUNEZ_PFri Jan 20 1995There's data in the file...
211.01BLKPUD::WARNESGMon Jan 23 1995How do I tell when IRIS expires?
212.0+4SCCAT::RAINSMon Jan 23 1995FDDI Sniffer capture files for Iris analysis
213.013PHOTON::LichtenbergWed Jan 25 1995IRIS X1.
214.04KAOFS::W_VIERHOUTWed Jan 25 1995possible Buglet?
215.02DV78Tue Feb 07 1995425sl tuning hints?
216.03VMSNET::WSAThu Feb 09 1995IRIS futures
217.07FROCKY::65477::LEHLThu Feb 09 1995PCMCIA Token Ring Adapter?
218.0TPSYS::BRITTFri Feb 10 1995Yet another PEIII bind error
219.09KAOFS::P_SAVOIEWed Feb 15 1995DEPCM available ?
220.02KERNEL::IMBIERSKITWed Feb 15 1995IRIS in 'analyze only' mode on NT?
221.010MUNICH::HILGERFri Feb 17 1995FDDI Display filter, left shift 1 byte
222.02FROCKY::65477::LEHLSat Feb 18 1995Iris with XIRCOM token-ring adapter problem
223.02TOOK::THOMPSONMon Feb 20 1995Help with EWRK3 adapter and IRIS
224.01FROCKY::65477::LEHLTue Feb 21 1995IBM Trace/Performance-Adapter Problem
225.01SCCAT::RAINSMon Feb 27 1995Pathworks PCs & network & Iris 1.
226.04TUCSON::MAYTue Feb 28 1995Etherworks Pocket Adapter
227.03GIDDAY::KINGSMILLThu Mar 02 1995decoding bad packets
228.08IRNBRU::GRANTThu Mar 09 1995Iris v 1.
229.02STAR::JFRAZIERThu Mar 09 1995How to Protocol Filter (Other) ?
230.01MAASUP::PORAMBOMon Mar 13 1995Higher Level Checksums
231.01RANGER::UNGERThu Mar 16 1995little bug in decoding SMBlseek
232.03UTRTSC::BAKKERSun Mar 19 1995IRIS and FR-PCP78-AD netbind error.
233.05KAOFS::D_FORBESTue Mar 21 1995Is there FDDI in our future?
234.05EPS::BOEHMFri Mar 24 1995Collect TCP/IP but DECnet address is displayed?
235.01BIS5Tue Apr 04 1995DEPCM , FR-PCP78-A* and laptops
236.04KAOFS::HXMPTue Apr 04 1995Is IRIS DEPCM ready yet ?
237.06WELCLU::SHARKEYAFri Apr 07 1995heard on the grapevine
238.08ANGLIN::GRISSOMMon Apr 10 1995Where is IRIS
239.01NEASSG::MARTINELLOWed Apr 12 1995OSPF decode
240.02ANGLIN::GRISSOMMon Apr 17 1995Divide by zero error
241.08PHOTON::LichtenbergTue Apr 18 1995Temporary kit location till OS2LAN is fixed
242.01MIMS::NUNEZ_PThu Apr 20 1995Capture Filter Help
243.03WELCLU::BALDARWed Apr 26 1995What PCMCIA Ethernet adapter to get
244.0RANGER::WASSERFri Apr 28 1995TCP/IP NetBIOS (RFCNB) decoder problem?
245.014CGOOA::VAOPMon May 08 1995ZIRCOM PCMCIA Adpater support
246.01TLAVThu May 11 1995iris kit
247.01ANGLIN::GRISSOMFri May 12 1995DEPEA native driver
248.0+19DELBOY::PCTue May 16 1995IRIS under Windows 95?
249.05BERNWed May 17 1995Failed to load 2nd page fram
250.01KYOSS1::POLAKOWSKIWed Jun 07 1995Help Needed With Interpetation
251.06WELCLU::SHARKEYASun Jun 11 1995Where does Iris get its info from ?
252.010EDWIN::TOMG::gulickMon Jun 19 1995DECpc 466ST problem with EMM386
253.0UTRTSC::EISINKWed Jun 28 1995FindFirst response invalid
254.05WARFUT::CHEETHAMDFri Jun 30 1995dislocated decodes
255.07MSE1::PATTERSONFri Jun 30 1995name type interpretation - netbeui
256.02PENSKE::HOLZERFri Jul 14 1995Traffic Generator nit
257.02SIOG::PKIRKFri Jul 21 1995iris to load .enc
258.04ADOVTue Jul 25 1995pd_snmp errors?
259.06HACMAN::HACKWed Jul 26 19951
260.01ZPOVC::PARRYCHUAWed Jul 26 1995Appl decode ? eg FTP, TELNET etc
261.02TOOK::SCHWARTZThu Jul 27 1995looking for LAN analyzer with ODI support.
262.01ADOVTue Aug 01 1995A radical suggestion wrt IRIS and expiries!
263.03ROMA::TEP17Wed Aug 02 1995Framing & Crc errors on ISIS H messages
264.06SUFNWB::APPLFri Aug 04 1995IRIS, HiNote and FR-PCP78-AD
265.02MQOU18::MQOP61::S_CHARBONNEAFri Aug 04 1995Cannot get the kit
266.01LEMAN::BRUNNERMon Aug 07 1995Possible Token Ring card ?
267.01ROMEOS::MOKBEL_SAMon Aug 07 1995DELL with XIRCOM PEA3 hangs after capture stop
268.02SWANDC::MAUTZWed Aug 09 1995IRIS Seems to work with RoamAbout!
269.03ANOVAX::BTRESHOCKWed Aug 09 1995Location of NDIS 3.
270.02CSC32::L_MORSEThu Aug 24 199564K EMS page frame fatal error w/IRIS
271.08BERFS4::NORDTue Sep 05 1995PCMCIA and promiscuous mode
272.06COPCLU::RISTOSat Sep 16 1995Won't run with more than 4
274.06BRUMMY::ROBINSONTue Sep 19 1995Trust Pcmcia card supported??
275.05WARFUT::CHEETHAMDTue Oct 03 1995Token Ring PCMCIA works
276.08TEACH::WICKERTFri Oct 06 1995Sort traffic pairs by load?
277.01SCCAT::RAINSMon Oct 09 1995Network General Sniffer WAN capture decoder .syc
278.02LJSRV2::SPOONERThu Oct 12 1995IRIS not capturing after installing other s/w...
279.01PHYLUM::LichtenbergMon Nov 06 1995IRIS Kit Location
280.0CGOOA::BARNABEThu Nov 16 1995Favorite cheapy analyser?
281.01HACMAN::HACKWed Nov 29 1995DEPCM vs. Xircom CE2 performance?
282.02WOTVAX::16.194.2Sun Dec 03 1995expiry date ?
283.01ONOIS1::YVONMon Dec 04 1995DEPCM configuration
284.02KERNEL::IMBIERSKITSat Dec 09 1995Stop capture trigger when node is idle
285.02SIOG::R_TAYLORWed Dec 13 1995error opening pd_snmp.dat
286.04JULIET::HARRIS_MAWed Dec 13 1995Any word on Windows version?
287.01TROOA::MOKBELThu Dec 14 1995Strange frames with SMC card
288.01CX3MAN::AMBERSun Dec 17 1995still waiting for native DEPCM driver
289.0+10FOUNDR::MCCARTHYTue Dec 19 1995Does IRIS support the FastEthernet NIC?
290.04GIDDAY::KINGSMILLWed Dec 20 1995fddi update
291.01ADOVThu Dec 28 1995SMB over DECnet, RFCNB formats?
292.02SIOG::KILROYMon Jan 15 1996EtherVision and LANdecoder from Triticom?
293.04SUTRA::ARMAND::ZUNTINIFri Jan 19 1996Iris,token-ring,brouter,ethernet.
294.01KAOFS::D_FORBESWed Jan 24 1996need Novell IPX protocol Data decode
295.03QCAVFri Feb 09 1996network security
296.0WOTVAX::16.194.2Wed Feb 14 1996A slight buggette ?
297.04COPCLU::EBCFri Feb 23 1996Decnet/OSI decoder bug.
298.06STAR::JFRAZIERFri Feb 23 1996How to detect/filter...
299.03PHYLUM::LichtenbergMon Feb 26 1996IRIS 1.
300.04CX3MAN::AMBERTue Feb 27 1996any native drivers for PCMCIA NIC's
301.07SUFNWB::HOTLINESun Mar 03 1996IRIS on HiNote CS45
302.01WOTVAX::ROBINSONTue Mar 12 1996still internal use only?
303.01MARSWed Mar 13 1996Digital Ethernet Credit Card Adapter II support ?
304.01SCASS1::EWISEFri Mar 15 1996Trap those Traps
305.01WHTAIL::HUTCHINSTue Mar 19 1996Where is iris now???
306.03NETRIX::"rob@jgo.dec.com"Wed Mar 20 1996possible error in IP Fragment decode
307.01QCAVFri Mar 22 1996query on saving the network utilisation graph ...
308.03WOTVAX::hunt_js.olo.dec.com::hunt_jsTue Mar 26 1996HiNote Ultra, Xircom PCMCIA Performance card
310.02WOTVAX::16.194.2Fri Apr 05 1996Can you fix this one please ?
311.03NQOSThu Apr 11 1996HiNote CT475 w/DEPCM - Can it work???
312.02BERFS4::NORDWed Apr 17 1996IPX and strange address
313.0+2ADOVThu Apr 18 1996IRIS under DOS on Win95 machine vie F4?
314.01EDWIN::TOMG::gulickTue Apr 23 1996DE2
315.03COLWed Apr 24 1996DEBUG Window ??
316.03ODIXIE::SIMPSONTThu Apr 25 1996PE2 capture bad packets?
317.0+10WOTVAX::16.194.2Thu May 09 1996Can we get the SMB decoder updated ?
318.02NETRIX::"sf@uvo.dec.com"Fri May 10 1996network drivers appear not to load.
319.02VEGAS::MARCHANDTue May 14 1996IRIS/Highnote Ultra/Xircom performance card...
321.01NETRIX::"balogh@brc.mts.dec.com"Wed May 29 1996Ethernet Utilization ?
322.01VCOUFri May 31 1996Iris on Laptop 32
323.04UTRTSC::EISINKMon Jun 03 1996Trafic Generator qstns
324.01SALEM::BARLOWThu Jun 06 1996Warning, Could not determine network type
325.03GIDDAY::CHONGMon Jun 17 1996how to make DE45
326.04NETRIX::"roland.isele@zuo.mtsw.dec.com"Tue Jun 18 1996I'm lost!!!!
327.01CPEEDY::COOKTue Jun 25 1996Can IRIS view Novell-LANalyzer traces?
328.02HLHHO2::MARKINK_RMon Jul 15 1996Hinote Ultra/Grey cell pcmcia card
329.03WOTVAX::16.194.2Mon Jul 15 1996out of conventional - is there hope ?
330.01MGB::GILLOTTThu Jul 18 1996Packets formats on the WEB?
331.01IROCZ::YEEMon Jul 22 1996NetBIOS DSAP/SSAP Question
332.05SCASS1::EWISEWed Jul 31 1996netXRAY an Iris style program
333.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSSun Aug 04 1996Fatal Error EMS driver not installed
334.01CENPCS::BIRMINGHAMTue Aug 13 1996Problem with IRIS Decode ?
335.01PRSPSU::JACQUOTWed Sep 04 1996Windows 95 and Xircom
336.02FOUNDR::FOXThu Sep 26 1996Thomas-Conrad TC4
337.04WARFUT::CHEETHAMDMon Sep 30 1996Sliding buffer?
338.0+1IROCZ::SETOThu Oct 03 1996Not valid decoder errors
339.06PACKED::VOGEL_WThu Oct 03 1996Need help using IRIS
340.0+1WARFUT::spsuni.nlc.dec.com::coppelovwFri Oct 04 1996Unexpected end of frame
341.0WISCON::MARTINTue Oct 08 1996PC-DOS & IRIS?
342.02ALBANY::BARTLEYThu Oct 17 1996TCP Protocol Errors
343.0DAVIDF::FOXThu Oct 17 1996Proteon p1392-plus Token Ring Successes???
344.0COPCLU::PALMANNTue Oct 29 1996TCP checksum errors
345.02COPCLU::PALMANNTue Oct 29 1996Why no Wanrouter 9
346.03VMSNET::P_NUNEZThu Nov 07 1996Capture Just NETBIOS Name Query/Responses?
347.0+1NETRIX::"donze@vbo.dec.com"Wed Jan 15 1997IPv6 support ?
348.0 *+10JAMIN::LICHTENBERGFri Jan 24 1997New IRIS kit location
349.0 *+1ALFTP::ADAMSFri Feb 14 1997iris1.exe, iris2.exe,...
350.0 *+2ALFTP::ADAMSThu Feb 20 1997Add private MIB extensions to the snmp_pd?
351.0 *+1FREEBE::DITERLIZZIWed Mar 12 1997Need pointer for IRIS
352.0 *+3DAVIDF::FOXMon Mar 17 1997Have you gotten a DE5
353.0 *+5JAMIN::WASSERWed Mar 26 1997Bug in NetWare SAP decoder
354.0 *+4DAVIDF::FOXThu Apr 03 1997Can IRIS do Wildcard MAC Octet Matching?
355.0 *+3SMOGGY::GSMITHFri Apr 04 1997Files needed to run IRIS
356.0 *+3DAVIDF::FOXFri Apr 04 1997Defining nodenames with XX doesn't work...
357.0 *+161Mon Apr 21 1997decnet area of kit?
358.0 *+1SUFRNG::WSAWed Apr 30 1997well, what would You do?