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Conference quokka::climbing

Title:Climbing - "Why" doesn't really enter into it."
Created:Sun Apr 06 1986
Last Modified:Wed May 28 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:431
Total number of notes:2260
Number with bodies:17
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1.08DSSDEV::HEALYSun Apr 06 1986Welcome...
2.0117DSSDEV::HEALYSun Apr 06 1986Climber's Register
3.028DSSDEV::HEALYSun Apr 06 1986Computer Dating Service
4.043DSSDEV::HEALYSun Apr 06 1986Teaching and learning
5.0DSSDEV::HEALYSun Apr 06 1986Rock - General topics
6.022DSSDEV::HEALYSun Apr 06 1986Ice - General topics
7.09DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Mountaineering - General topics
8.0DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Training
9.0DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Food, diet & nutrition
10.051DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Hardware
11.08DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Software
12.015DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Psst..hey mista - wanna buy a..(Generic For Sale Note)
13.028DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986North Eastern Rock Areas
14.011DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986North Eastern Ice Climbs
15.01DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986North Eastern Mountaineering
16.022DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986North Eastern Bouldering
17.08DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986South Eastern Rock Areas
18.0DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986South Eastern Ice Climbs
19.0DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986South Eastern Mountaineering
20.0DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986South Eastern Bouldering
21.02DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Rocky Mtn. Rock Areas
22.03DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Rocky Mtn. Ice Climbs
23.032DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Rocky Mtn. Mountaineering
24.013DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Rocky Mtn. Bouldering
25.03DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986California Rock Areas
26.0DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986California Ice
27.02DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986California Mountaineering
28.02DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986California Bouldering
29.02DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Midwest Rock Areas
30.01DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986North Western Rock Areas
31.0DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986North Western Ice Climbs
32.014DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986North Western Mountaineering
33.0DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986North Western Bouldering
34.01DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Alaskan Mountaineering
35.08DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986Canada in general
36.05DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 07 1986International - General topics
37.0DSSDEV::HEALYTue Apr 08 1986Australia and New Zealand
38.05DSSDEV::HEALYTue Apr 08 1986Hong Kong and Japan
39.014DSSDEV::HEALYTue Apr 08 1986U. K.
40.0DSSDEV::HEALYTue Apr 08 1986Scandinavia
41.027DSSDEV::HEALYTue Apr 08 1986Europe
42.0DSSDEV::HEALYTue Apr 08 1986Central America
43.01DSSDEV::HEALYTue Apr 08 1986South America
44.020DSSDEV::HEALYTue Apr 08 1986Himalayas
45.0DSSDEV::HEALYTue Apr 08 1986China
46.01DSSDEV::HEALYTue Apr 08 1986Injuries and Recoveries
47.027DSSDEV::HEALYSat Apr 12 1986Rappelling - Let's not...
48.01STAR::GOLEMANMon Apr 14 1986Rock Climbing Films in Boston
49.016DSSDEV::HEALYMon Apr 28 1986Climbing publications
50.020BPOVTue Apr 29 1986I need some gear, but don't know wht to get !
51.07BEORN::SANKARThu May 08 1986Need Info about NOLS..
52.06FORTY2::MERCHANTMon May 19 1986Mt Hood disaster
53.03TKTVThu May 29 1986What was that? in White mountain.
54.04TKTVFri Aug 08 1986Expeditions while working still?
55.010JAKE::WILDINGMon Aug 11 1986Maine Baxter Park & hike classes
56.09TKTVFri Aug 29 1986SOLO CLIMBING!
58.0CANYON::DAVISWed Sep 24 1986POEM
59.01TAHOE::HAYNESThu Sep 25 1986Climbing as art
60.0TAHOE::HAYNESWed Oct 22 1986Buildering at Stanford University
61.02APOLLO::BERKSONTue Nov 11 1986Boston indoor climbing?
62.0ECCGY4::KONRADTue Jan 13 1987Mt.Logan info needed
63.03ULTRA::GUGELWed Jan 21 1987Southwestern climbing?
64.04DEMOS1::MELLORWed Feb 25 1987MIlan Climbing
65.011VIKING::INGMANNWed Feb 25 1987Looking for a beginner's course
66.06BIRMVX::WIGLEYMon Mar 02 1987Reading area climbing walls?
67.014ULTRA::GUGELTue Mar 24 1987Women and climbing
68.04RETORT::GORDONThu Mar 26 1987Spring Beginner's Rock Clibing Course
69.05RETORT::GORDONMon Mar 30 1987A Henry Barber presentation
71.05DAMSEL::RENOMon Apr 06 1987Buying Climbing Shoes Can Be Pretty Sticky!
72.01DAMSEL::RENOMon Apr 06 1987EMS
73.02DAMSEL::RENOThu Apr 16 1987Roll Stone Hill?
74.010TKTVFri Apr 17 1987Denali Info Needed.
75.02ANOVAX::SMITHTue Apr 21 1987trekking in nepal need info
76.03RDGE21::MELLORFri Apr 24 1987Arizona climbing?
77.015BPOVMon Apr 27 1987Swing-Cleaning Article
78.02BARNES::RENOMon May 04 1987Mt. St. Helen's
79.014LEDS::WILDINGMon May 04 1987PBS show on climbing the Eiger (Monday May 4, 1987)
80.04STAR::HARRISThu May 14 1987Elementary Questions about Climbing
81.01SUSHI::KMACDONALDTue May 19 1987Springtime New England hint....
82.05BARNES::RENOWed May 27 1987Slip Sliding Away...
84.0SHEILA::LILESWed Jun 03 1987MT. COOK NZ , routes
85.02BARNES::RENOThu Jun 04 1987National Geographic special on Climbing
86.04BPOVMon Jun 08 1987Ron and The Old Man
87.01IOSG::MERCHANTMon Jun 22 1987Chamonix info needed
88.07FXADM::KLEINFri Jul 03 1987Bouldering Locations?
89.0VAXWRK::NORDLINGERTue Jul 14 1987Slide Show: Nuptse,Kantega and Para-sailing
90.08ORION::DONAHUETue Jul 14 1987Rainier Mountaineering, Inc.
92.01BARNES::RENOTue Aug 04 1987A Rose By Any Other Name...
93.08ULTRA::GUGELThu Aug 06 1987Climbing with your SO
94.01MEMORY::RAYMONDMon Aug 17 1987Climbing School Experience
95.04WHICH::BEAUDETTue Aug 18 1987shoes for sale
96.07MEMORY::RAYMONDTue Aug 18 1987Prescription Mountain Glasses
97.01MEMORY::RAYMONDThu Aug 20 1987How are new climbs determined??
98.01--UnknownUser--Thu Aug 20 1987Moderators on holiday ...
99.0RETORT::GORDONThu Aug 27 1987Lakeland Rock on cable TV
101.012DCC::FISHERThu Sep 03 1987climb ratings??
102.011LOONMT::R_RAYMONDFri Sep 11 1987Sometimes the Rock Wins
103.01AIMHI::JSMITHMon Sep 14 1987Milionta Makes it to the Top
104.02RETORT::GORDONTue Sep 29 1987Attention Crow Hill Climbers! -- Trail Maintenance
105.03CHEFS::MELLORTue Oct 13 1987Mount Washington.
106.0FIDDLE::RENOTue Oct 13 1987Amazing Stories -- a la OUTSIDE
107.01ANRCHY::SUSSWEINFri Nov 06 1987Northface Slideshows
108.04TFH::TABURFri Nov 06 1987Shrewsbury Bouldering??
109.02CIMNET::LUISIThu Dec 03 1987Wanted: Used 12pt crampons?
110.010SCAVAX::RENOMon Jan 04 1988NOTE-able Nomenclature
111.05SCAVAX::RENOMon Jan 11 1988Are your biners going bonkers?
112.02SCAVAX::RENOMon Jan 18 1988American Alpine Institute
113.04SCAVAX::RENOThu Jan 21 1988A New Olympic Event?
114.03RDGCSS::BABERThu Jan 28 1988Grubby Rope ?
115.09MINDER::WIGLEYTue Feb 16 1988Anyone got experience of Asolo AFS?
116.03CHEFS::MELLORThu Feb 18 1988Guided Climbing Wall Problems
117.013--UnknownUser--Tue Feb 23 1988Ice Tools
118.03BASVAX::HAIGHTTue Feb 23 1988Handicapped Club?
119.06CIMNET::MORRISSEYFri Mar 11 1988Indoor Climbing Gym: VERTICAL CLUB
120.03AKOV12::MILLIOSFri Mar 18 1988Rocks lining I-495, Mass.?
121.03ORION::DONAHUEMon Mar 21 1988Wanted - used rock climbing shoes
122.07USMRM1::JBEAUDETTue Mar 29 1988Gunks closed????
123.0USMRM1::JBEAUDETMon Apr 18 1988First climb this year...
124.0THEBAY::COHENTue Apr 26 1988Anyone for a Mt. Shasta Ski Climb?
125.0CHEFS::MELLORWed Apr 27 1988Brussels Sprout.
126.015BORNES::MARINFri May 06 1988CHAMONIX
127.011ORION::DONAHUEThu May 19 1988Pawtuckaway climbing?
128.0BOXTOP::R_RAYMONDMon May 23 1988Prices skyrocket
129.02MINDER::WIGLEYMon May 23 1988Les Escalades Franglais
130.03MINDER::WIGLEYWed May 25 1988Matterhorn info?
131.0GUCCI::BURKEMon Jun 13 1988Climbing in Northwest India
132.0AKOV85::GRACEThu Jun 16 1988Dolomites
133.04--UnknownUser--Fri Jun 17 19882nd shift passdownn
135.0BOXTOP::R_RAYMONDMon Jun 27 1988Dixville Notch Climbs???
136.014HEYDEN::HODGETue Jul 05 1988DEC employee on K2?
137.03AITG::HUBERMANThu Jul 07 1988Climbing areas in France?
138.0SQUEKE::KOZIKOWSKIFri Jul 08 1988Directions to Rock Rimin
139.03MOSAIC::CURLESSMon Jul 11 1988Climbing around Joe English?
140.06ANRCHY::SUSSWEINWed Jul 13 1988Climbing Humor
141.019SSDEVO::MARKSFri Jul 15 1988ROPES
142.02STAR::KAPLANTue Jul 19 1988Wednesday night climbing
143.05VAXWRK::NORDLINGERMon Aug 22 1988Recall Notices
144.0SSDEVO::MARKSTue Aug 23 1988Colo. Sprgs ice climbing class
145.03SSDEVO::MARKSWed Sep 07 1988Climbing info on USENET
146.0DSSDEV::MUNYANFri Sep 09 1988DSSDEV will be going off the air for a few days
147.04STAR::GOLEMANMon Oct 17 1988Rock climbers killed on Cannon Mtn NH
148.01OPHION::HAYNESTue Oct 18 1988Beginner Climbing Trips
149.02SSDEVO::MARKSMon Oct 24 1988Mt. Everest in Nat'l. Geographic mag.
150.011UNIVSE::BAHLINTue Nov 01 1988Sailor needs advice
151.0JOKUR::PLOETZMon Nov 07 1988Indian Summer Climbing?
152.017GUIDUK::HALEFri Nov 11 1988Call for Denali (Spring '89) climbers
153.09BTO::GLADEMon Nov 21 1988BOOKS WANTED
154.02CSMADM::SCHWABEWed Nov 23 1988guided climb wanted in Cascades
155.0--UnknownUser--Tue Dec 27 1988"Yosemite Climbing" video for disposal
156.04RUTLND::ASANKARSun Jan 01 1989Address Request.
157.06SA1794::GLADUGTue Jan 10 1989Peru info wanted
158.017SSDEVO::MARKSWed Jan 11 1989Crampons and their use
160.01NAAD::NICHOLSWed Jan 18 1989Denali Info
162.08SCOMAN::PMORISSETTETue Jan 24 1989self belay systems
164.08--UnknownUser--Thu Feb 02 1989Expedition equipment needed
165.0COOKIE::ARMATYSThu Feb 23 1989Everest Expedition Needs Your Help!
166.02MINDER::WIGLEYFri Feb 24 1989Seasons in High Sierra
167.01CIMNET::KUKLAFri Feb 24 1989terrodactyls anyone?
168.03SSDEVO::MARKSMon Mar 13 19891988 Snowbird Climbing Competition
170.06TFH::TABURFri Mar 17 1989Matterhorn Info Sought
171.0NAAD::NICHOLSThu Mar 30 1989Request Mt Foracker Info
172.0MRMIKE::ROSENFri Apr 07 1989Suggestions for UK or Alps Climbing??
173.02USCTR1::JBEAUDETMon Apr 10 1989To The Limit!
174.02CIMNET::KUKLATue Apr 11 1989Leader Rescue Info
175.03SSDEVO::MARKSTue Apr 18 1989Why flip a biner??
176.0AKOV13::AGRACEThu Apr 20 1989Portugal?
177.02CSMADM::SCHWABEMon Apr 24 1989Koflach Ultra Boots for sale
178.03GILROY::haynesMon May 08 1989Chouinard Equipment in Chapter 11
179.013WAV12::LEAHYFri May 19 1989need a rock climbing course
180.0EXIT26::WILSONThu Jul 06 1989Expeditions offered by IMCS
181.01COOKIE::ARMATYSFri Jul 07 1989Anyone Out There?
182.08COOKIE::ARMATYSFri Jul 07 1989Everest Update, better late than....
183.0COOKIE::ARMATYSFri Jul 07 1989Good Article in Alaska Magazine
184.01COOKIE::ARMATYSFri Jul 07 1989Are we there yet?
185.019SSDEVO::MARKSWed Jul 12 1989Rapping on 11mm dynamic/8mm static
186.01JULIET::TEJA_DAThu Jul 20 1989Washington Rock Climbing?
187.06CURIE::HODGEFri Jul 21 1989Hugh Herr on NBC w/Tom Brokaw
188.07USCTR1::JBEAUDETThu Aug 03 1989Boston Rock Gym opening
189.06RTL::COWANWed Aug 09 1989
190.01VAXWRK::NORDLINGERThu Aug 24 1989APA needs pc+printer
191.07CONFG5::MSTAGMon Aug 28 1989Purgatory - Anyone been there?
192.01WOODRO::EARLYWed Sep 06 1989Does anyone know where to buy POL Boots from Italy??
193.01TLE::RENOThu Sep 07 1989Zion
194.025CRLVMS::BLACKMon Sep 25 1989Belay Systems
195.03CRLVMS::BLACKTue Oct 03 1989Hiking Boot Repairs
196.01JOCK::BENEFICETue Oct 03 1989bouldering in White Mountains ?
197.0OXNARD::HAYNESSat Oct 07 1989Half Dome Closures
198.03--UnknownUser--Mon Oct 16 1989Ice Crampons for Big Foot ...
199.0CURIE::HODGEWed Oct 25 1989Jeff Lowe tonight in Cambridge
200.0VMSDEV::KRIEGERMon Oct 30 1989Ice Crampons Wanted ...
201.0VAXWRK::NORDLINGERMon Oct 30 1989Paragliding Flyin on Cape Cod
202.01COOKIE::ARMATYSFri Nov 10 1989In Memorial - Jerzy Koskusko
203.03JUPITR::ALLISONMon Nov 13 1989Ice Condition Info Wanted. (NH)
204.016CURIE::HODGEMon Nov 27 1989Climbing Accidents of North America
205.07SLOVAX::SUSSWEINMon Nov 27 1989Hi John :-) :-) :-)
206.04HSKAPL::SIHVONENSat Dec 02 1989Benji
207.0XCELL::WOODMon Dec 04 1989announcing new climbing wall
208.01SHAPES::HUBBARDSTue Dec 12 1989come climbing
210.01CIMNET::KUKLAWed Dec 13 1989Current Ice Conditions?
211.03FROSTY::SCHOTT_RWed Dec 20 1989Lake Willoughby
212.05JULIET::TEJA_DAWed Dec 27 1989Touching The Void
213.02BSS::COLLUMTue Jan 09 1990Need info on climbing in Hungary
214.05SSDEVO::MARKSTue Jan 09 1990Ethics of taking dropped gear
215.02YODA::FERESWed Jan 10 1990looking for partner - new england
216.07CIMNET::KUKLAThu Jan 25 1990looking for info/Mountain Magazine
218.02MINDER::CARMICHAELPWed Feb 21 1990FYI - on Minder::Wigley
219.01VAXWRK::NORDLINGERThu Feb 22 1990Paragliding on Cape Cod
221.07LEDS::WITTBRODT_GTue Mar 06 1990looking for climbs in Utah
222.03TERRY::WIGLEYFri Mar 09 1990Who are 'Climbing Ltd, Carbondale'?
223.02STAR::NOVAKMon Mar 12 1990spelunking conference
224.01DNEAST::PFISTER_ROBWed Mar 21 1990Anyone been to Cathedral yet??
226.02YODA::FERESMon Apr 02 1990vermont climbing
227.0--UnknownUser--Tue Apr 03 1990A Climbing Course
228.02DNEAST::NEDIK_GARYFri Apr 06 1990ISABELLA ??????
229.01STKAI1::ARAKANGASTue Apr 10 1990Climbing boots for sale
230.01POETS::GORDONThu Apr 12 1990Mount Jefferson info needed
231.01COOKIE::ARMATYSTue May 08 1990Expedition & Trip Information
232.02SYSTEM::POADFri May 18 1990Climbing partner near Merrimack ?
233.0KERBER::GWYNWed May 23 1990climbing wall in Brussels
234.03PEKING::HASTONMTue May 29 1990Mt. Kilamanjaro
235.0DECLB2::FERESTue Jun 12 1990summer climbing
236.01BSS::J_HODGESFri Jun 15 1990Looking For Used Day Pack
237.07LUDWIG::BOUCHARDWed Jun 20 1990The answer to " why ??? "
238.03SCOT::GORDONWed Jun 20 1990Parking at Crow Hill
239.0MANENG::CARMICHAELPFri Jun 29 1990Modern Rock-boots
241.04SSDEVO::MARKSWed Jul 11 1990Base Note for Colo. Sprgs. Alpine Club
243.0SIOG::MURRAYFri Sep 28 1990Climbers in greenville.
245.023D::TOSIMon Oct 08 1990a$%^&*!'s at Crow Hill
246.05COOKIE::ARMATYSMon Oct 22 1990Any Information On Zermatt?
247.0SCOT::GORDONTue Oct 23 1990Tibet presentation Oct 24
248.04SCOT::GORDONFri Oct 26 1990Galen Rowell Nov 15
251.01OVAL::SUTTONJFri Nov 30 1990Boulding in S-W U.K.?
252.0LUGGER::HARRISWed Dec 12 1990Asolo 1
253.0521752::HODGEWed Dec 12 199011 1/2 Koflachs Boots for Sale
254.0COOKIE::ARMATYSThu Dec 20 1990Pat Sanns or Adventures Co.?
255.02CIMNET::KUKLAThu Dec 20 1990Looking for Info on Mt Hood Diaster circa 86
256.03SUSHI::KMACDONALDThu Dec 27 1990ICE climbing conditions 9
257.01SYSTEM::BABERTue Feb 12 1991Aconcagua advice
258.09YOSMTE::TEJA_DATue Mar 05 1991Oh No! I'm older & fatter!!!
259.01ODIXIE::RAMSEYThu Mar 07 1991Buying Carabiners
260.0PERFCT::ENSLEYMon Mar 18 1991Rowlandson Rock
262.03YOSMTE::TEJA_DAFri Mar 29 1991Joshua Tree Nat'l Monument?
263.0YOSMTE::TEJA_DAFri Mar 29 1991Yosemite (Tourist Style) Trip Report
264.0733972::RAMSEYMon Apr 01 1991Gear Indentification Marking Systems
265.0HOBBLE::NEFFFri Apr 05 1991Is that you?
266.0COOKIE::FREIWALDWed Apr 24 1991Wanted: Mens climbing harness (in Colo Spgs, CO)
267.0MLTVAX::FINANThu May 09 1991Wanted - women's climbing shoes, size 6 1/2-7
268.06IAMOK::GRACEMon May 13 1991The Unmentionable?
269.0YOSMTE::TEJA_DAThu May 16 1991Its been fun!
270.06UFHIS1::JBRADSHAWTue May 28 1991Local climbs around santa Clara, LA wanted
271.01SUBWAY::HOFFThu Jun 06 1991Mt Hood Question
272.0TYSON::MCCALLTue Jun 11 1991Liberty Ridge Info
273.0ODIXIE::RAMSEYMon Jun 17 1991Identifing Webbing Length by Color
274.03D::TOSITue Jun 18 1991A suggestion for a new approach at Crow Hill
275.0TYSON::MCCALLWed Jun 19 1991Mt. Baker Road Closure
276.0USCTR1::JBEAUDETThu Jun 20 1991Oregon info?
277.02ODIXIE::RAMSEYMon Jun 24 1991Helmets - Which Ones and Why?
278.03SUBWAY::HOFFSun Jun 30 1991Colorado climbing classes
279.04HDLITE::CONROYThu Jul 11 1991Cathedral Ledge & CLimbing Lessons??
281.0COOKIE::ARMATYSThu Jul 11 1991ABC Crampon Strap Alert!
283.01CSC32::JAGGERWed Jul 24 1991Trek in NEPAL to Kangchenjunga base camp anyone??
284.01ICS::DROBNISFri Jul 26 1991Looking for climbing partners NE area.
285.02CRLVMS::BLACKTue Sep 03 1991Where is Wiesner's Buttress (Cannon Mtn) ?
286.0SSAG::SUSSWEINMon Sep 09 1991Anyone want to go to Baja?
287.0OPHION::ARSLANWed Sep 11 1991Questions on the Nose.
288.02FRAYED::ADAMSSat Sep 14 1991Advise for a Novice???
289.02KEYWST::KUKLAMon Sep 23 1991Winter Equipment Questions
290.01TECRUS::FROMMTue Oct 08 1991looking for an outdoors club
292.01COOKIE::ARMATYSTue Nov 05 1991Anyone know Paul Pfau?
293.06WARNUT::BRYANMon Dec 02 1991Climbing walls in Reading/Basingstoke
294.01COOKIE::ARMATYSMon Dec 02 1991Makalu in the Spring!
295.01AIAG::SHAHANIFri Jan 03 1992Rock Gym. Somerville
296.0COOKIE::ARMATYSTue Jan 21 1992Member Notice: HA & BGD Club
297.01MOVIES::DAVIESTue Feb 11 1992Chorttle, Chorttle ...
298.0IAMOK::GRACEMon Mar 09 1992Mushing in Baffin?
299.02CSC32::M_STAFFORDWed Mar 11 1992Colorado Springs gets climbing gym.
300.06SA1794::GLADUGFri Mar 20 1992Alpine Climbing Schools?
302.01ALAMOS::ADAMSWed Apr 22 1992Canyonlands Natl. Park
303.01MINDER::WIGLEYAMon Apr 27 1992
304.01COSBY::TIBBERTTue Apr 28 1992Picture on rear cover of Putnam's (71) Guide to Interior Ranges,B.C
305.04MPGS::SCANNELLWed May 13 1992"New climber to the mountain"
306.02DEKVC::KINAMLEETue May 26 1992Urgent! We need freedom.
307.05NODEX::PRABHUTue Jun 09 1992Annapurna South face by Chris Bonington
308.0STUDIO::CROSWELLMon Jun 29 1992DRY Ropes Cheap
309.04SIOG::PHARRINGTONThu Jul 02 1992Chamonix CAF office & snow/ice conditions
310.0COOKIE::ARMATYSThu Jul 02 1992Gasherbrum II Expedition - FYI
311.01SCOT::GORDONThu Jul 09 1992Keeping your gear Your gear
312.0SIOG::PHARRINGTONFri Jul 10 1992Another climber in Atlanta !
313.0ALAMOS::ADAMSSun Jul 12 1992Climber's Social Circles
314.0MOVIES::DAVIESFri Jul 17 1992Dolomites advice required ...
315.01BTOVT::GLADEMon Jul 20 1992Books For Sale
316.02SIOG::PHARRINGTONThu Aug 13 1992Mummeey , Christ ee's on TV again...
317.06OREO::ARMATYSFri Aug 14 1992Storms Over Everest
318.0RANGER::TELSEYMon Aug 17 1992Vertical Rescue Course
319.04COSBY::TIBBERTTue Aug 18 1992Good Mountaineering & Rock Climbing magazines?
320.011COOKIE::ARMATYSFri Aug 28 1992Farewell:Keep it gin clear, and your down dry!
321.06CSC32::J_FORRESTThu Sep 03 1992Need climbing partner in NH
322.01KEYWST::KUKLAFri Sep 04 1992looking for climbing info/Australia
323.01SSAG::SUSSWEINFri Sep 18 1992COSTA RICA travel companions wanted
324.04CSC32::M_STAFFORDThu Sep 24 1992Wolfgang gone?
325.02HEARNS::MCCALLMon Sep 28 1992Looking for a partner in CO. Springs
326.02GUCCI::BURKEFri Oct 09 1992Gear Rental in Wash. DC Area?
327.01GUCCI::BURKEFri Oct 16 1992Climbing in Mexico
328.01SIOG::PHARRINGTONFri Nov 20 1992South-South America
329.02WOTVAX::GLASSUPBWed Nov 25 1992Salt Lake City (Utah? USA) Rock Climbing
330.03WOTVAX::GLASSUPBFri Dec 04 1992Anyone in NW U.K.
331.03MR4DEC::CKUKLAFri Dec 18 1992Ice Conditions Report
332.05CSC32::R_SWANSONMon Jan 04 1993Looking for a gore-tex/down bag
333.02MERIDN::LUSTENBERGERTue Feb 23 1993Huntington Central Gully
334.01AOSG::NORDLINGERTue Feb 23 1993Directions to Lake Placid?
335.02SMURF::ARSLANMon Mar 15 1993Climbing work out aroung Nashua ?
336.02MUNDIS::KSTEFLFri Mar 19 1993Carstenz Pyramide Information needed
337.02WOTVAX::GLASSUPBMon Mar 29 1993Indoor Wall in Wilmslow UK?
338.02SMURF::ARSLANTue Apr 06 1993Guide in the Moab area ?
339.02MERIDN::LUSTENBERGERWed May 12 1993Classifications: AMC vs Decimal
340.03WOTVAX::GLASSUPBTue Jun 01 1993South UK Training Walls?
341.07CSC32::M_STAFFORDTue Jun 01 1993Derek Hersey
342.0CSC32::G_ROGERSTue Jun 08 1993Rick Swanson, Denali Summiteer
343.0HEARNS::MCCALLThu Jun 10 1993Mark McCall signing off
344.03BRAT::PRIESTLEYTue Jun 15 1993Blind woman summits McKinley
345.01CRLVMS::BLACKWed Jun 23 1993Climbing in Southern Germany?
346.01DEKVC::KINAMLEEWed Jun 30 1993Need Equipment Shop Information
348.04IAMOK::PRESCOTTMon Jul 19 1993Boston area climbs?
349.0MERIDN::LUSTENBERGERSat Aug 07 1993Read Yankee Rock and Ice
351.015CSC32::M_STAFFORDTue Sep 14 1993Where are all the climbers?
352.02WOTVAX::GLASSUPBFri Sep 17 1993Locating Mallory's Pipe and Klettershue
353.01CSC32::J_ALLENMon Oct 18 1993better than sorel?
354.01AUSSIE::RICHARDSMon Oct 25 1993Mount Kenya
355.05MOVIES::DAVIESMon Dec 13 1993Info on Spanish Climbing Required
356.02HYLNDR::WARRINERTue Dec 14 1993Soloist by Rock Exotica
357.06MKOTS1::YARGERThu Dec 30 1993Indoor Climbing Gym
358.02PAKORA::AFORSYTHWed Jan 05 1994Any info on Jura Alps ?
359.01BLKPUD::LEDGERDMon Feb 07 1994Climbing Equipment for sale in UK
360.02GROOVE::DADDIECOMon Feb 21 1994Pulley System Needs a JUMAR or Jam Cleat?
361.04CSC32::G_ROGERSMon Feb 28 1994"Scottish Moutain Accidents" Study
363.09MERIDN::LUSTENBERGERFri Mar 04 1994Owen Spaulding route - Grand Teton
364.02SUBURB::STRANGEWAYSFri Mar 11 1994Climbing with kids; South UK
365.03COMET::VOITLRSat Mar 12 1994ex
366.0STOWOA::MORANDMon Apr 11 1994White Water Rafting in Maine
367.02QUOKKA::48133::DRUHENMon Jun 06 1994Froggies climbing in Australia ?
368.0QUOKKA::8269::LINDBERGFri Jun 10 1994Looking for Free Climbers
369.0QUOKKA::8269::LINDBERGFri Jun 10 1994Free Climbers!
370.02QUOKKA::43Tue Jun 14 1994Eastern Europe
371.01QUOKKA::427Mon Jun 27 1994Rocked Climbing Banned!
372.01QUOKKA::32959::WUWed Jun 29 1994Adirondack Recommendations
373.01QUOKKA::427Fri Jul 08 1994South America
374.02QUOKKA::8269::MAJEWSKISat Jul 16 1994Looking for Colorado climbers
375.04QUOKKA::427Mon Jul 18 1994France: Tarn & Meyreuis
376.03QUOKKA::43984::POADMon Jul 25 1994Climbing in southern Spain
377.05QUOKKA::38114::BOUCHARDThu Aug 04 1994Chimborazo Info. Needed
378.04QUOKKA::43945::POADSat Aug 06 1994Rock climbing in the Pyrenees
379.01QUOKKA::43945::POADSat Aug 06 1994French & Spanish rock climbing grades
380.06QUOKKA::35866::ROSCETTIMon Sep 19 1994Get me to Yosemite
381.0CSC32::G_ROGERSThu Sep 29 1994Messner/Bonnington, 11/94, Denver CO
383.02SSAG::SUSSWEINTue Oct 11 1994What are conditions in NE like at end of October?
384.015FILTON::WIGLEY_AThu Oct 27 1994Alaska info?
385.03MOVIES::DAVIESWed Nov 30 1994Sigg Firejet Stove
386.0429329::TEJAThu Dec 22 1994Long's Peak Information Requested
387.04FILTON::WIGLEY_ATue Jan 24 1995Cirque of the Unclimbables
388.01SMURF::ARSLANMon Feb 20 1995Climbs around Niagara Falls?
390.05SUBSYS::WATSONFri Mar 24 1995Climbing Wall in So. NH?
391.027QUOKKA::38114::BOUCHARDFri Apr 21 1995Americans on Everest
392.01QUOKKA::57784::ISRAELITETue Apr 25 1995Mt. Ranier Climbers Anywhere?
393.09QUOKKA::25259::CONROYFri May 19 1995Crow Hill
394.010QUOKKA::56525::SPELLMANThu May 25 1995Just got back into it and having a ball!
395.05QUOKKA::56525::SPELLMANMon Jun 26 1995First big wall climb - Colsolation Prize - Cannon Mountain
396.03QUOKKA::56547::WARRINERTue Jun 27 1995Bondcliffs, New Hampshire
397.0QUOKKA::29Wed Jun 28 1995Conditions In CO (Longs Pk etc.) 6/95
398.0QUOKKA::29329::TEJAThu Aug 17 1995K2 (again)
399.08QUOKKA::57548::TIBBERTThu Aug 17 1995Summer holidays - 1995
400.0SSAG::SUSSWEINTue Aug 29 1995Killimanjaro
401.09QUOKKA::35866::ROSCETTITue Oct 03 1995 Info on easy gunks climbs??
402.01QUOKKA::15838::COTTERMon Oct 16 1995New for me....
403.06QUOKKA::45769::SWANN_MMon Nov 13 1995
404.01QUOKKA::6Mon Nov 27 1995South Africa climbs?
405.01QUOKKA::1Mon Dec 18 1995Looking for Instructors
406.012QUOKKA::18Mon Feb 05 1996Mill City Rock Gym, Dracut, Ma.
407.03QUOKKA::3581::SHORTTTue Feb 13 1996MWV Ice Festival 1996
408.0QUOKKA::3581::SHORTTTue Feb 13 1996The Rock Barn--Plymouth NH
409.0SSAG::SUSSWEINMon Feb 19 1996Ecuador - Partner wanted
410.01QUOKKA::32959::WUWed May 29 1996New River Gorge, W. VA
411.02QUOKKA::7Thu Jun 13 1996Acadia (and other) Climbing Access Issues
412.0+5QUOKKA::3Thu Jun 20 1996Spring-loaded camming devices - opinions ?
413.0+9QUOKKA::3Tue Jun 25 1996Wedges
414.0+3QUOKKA::56821::BRANAMFri Jun 28 1996New beginner looking for partners in central MA
415.06QUOKKA::56821::BRANAMTue Jul 16 1996Advice on toproping with kids?
416.02GENRAL::FIFETue Jul 23 1996Aconcagua
417.0+2QUOKKA::7Wed Aug 07 1996Owen's River Gorge Trip Report
418.0QUOKKA::3486Mon Sep 16 1996Japan Underestimated
419.0QUOKKA::56821::BRANAMFri Sep 27 1996WANTED: Harness and shoes for 12-year-old in central Mass.
420.03QUOKKA::32959::WUMon Oct 07 1996Rumney, NH
421.0+7QUOKKA::32959::WUWed Oct 30 1996Ice Climbing Equipment
422.0QUOKKA::3811Wed Nov 20 1996Outdoor Gear 4 Sale
423.09QUOKKA::58379::FERGUSONRThu Nov 28 1996Equipment advise for Newbie, plse
424.01QUOKKA::58379::FERGUSONRTue Dec 03 1996Guide to Eastern Ontario Climbing
425.0QUOKKA::44827::MCILEARMon Dec 09 1996Climber REgister
426.02QUOKKA::44827::MCILEARWed Jan 08 1997Ice Protection
427.0 *+1QUOKKA::58379::FERGUSONRTue Feb 25 1997CLIMBING # 16
428.0 *QUOKKA::65Thu Apr 03 1997Gunks snow report?
429.0 *QUOKKA::65Wed Apr 16 1997AMC Climbing Class
430.0 *+3QUOKKA::45862::jeagle.olo.dec.com::WOTVAX::gleadelljFri May 09 1997Can you help with information please?
431.0 *+2QUOKKA::43984::POADMon May 19 1997Buying a new harness