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Conference busy::dmsl_96

Title:DMSL 1996 Softball Conference
Created:Tue Nov 07 1995
Last Modified:Wed Feb 05 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:55
Total number of notes:1364
Number with bodies:4
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1.0+3QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995Welcome to DMSL 96!
2.01QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995Conference Policy
3.02QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995League Bylaws
4.09QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995League Finances
5.01QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995Official League Waiver Form
6.01QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995League Officers
7.01QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995Drinking on Digital Property
8.02QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995Parking Problems at the Fields
9.014QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 19951996 Meeting
10.0QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995Team Registration
11.04QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995Directions to the HLO & 2 MRO Fields
12.08QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995League Practice Schedule
13.07QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995League Season Schedule
14.0108QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995Unofficial A Division Scores
15.061QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995Unofficial B Division Scores
16.072QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995Unofficial C Division Scores
17.022QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995League Standings
18.018QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 1995Free Agent Registration
19.031QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Nov 07 19951996 DMSL Tournament
20.09BIGQ::SILVAThu Nov 30 1995WWW Hits the DMSL
21.0BIGQ::SILVAThu Jan 11 1996Archived DMSL Notesfiles
22.01NETCAD::OMALLEYTue Feb 27 1996ASA Softball Umpire Class
23.014LJSRV2::CORKUMMon Mar 04 1996BASEBALL anyone ?
24.010BIGQ::SILVAThu Mar 21 1996Tournament Committee Volunteers Sought
25.08WRKSYS::HESCHSat Mar 30 1996Schedule suggestion !
26.03CNTROL::WINGTue Apr 02 1996Team looking for a player
27.032BIGQ::SILVAWed Apr 03 1996League Announcements
28.01PASTA::MURATORITue Apr 09 1996League Configuration
29.01QUINCE::SOFTBALLWed Apr 24 1996Rules Committee
30.02BRAT::WALDMANMon Apr 29 1996Tshirt supplier?
31.0241BIGQ::MCKAYThu May 02 19961996 BALL TOPIC
32.028STRATA::BTOWERThu May 02 19961996 Field Topic
33.02BIGQ::SILVAThu May 02 1996System announcements
34.032BUSY::SLABOUNTYFri May 10 1996Rules discussions
35.072MOVMON::DAVISFri Jun 07 1996Rainout/forfeit discussion
36.031OGOPW2::MICHAELSONWed Jun 19 1996WHY did Grono Quit?
37.025BIGQ::SILVAThu Jun 20 1996What happens when a car is hit by a batted ball?
38.08PKHUB3::STJEANTue Jun 25 1996What happen to the standings?
39.010BIGQ::HOWLANDFri Jun 28 1996Lost and Found
40.023STRATA::FARINAWed Jul 10 1996TOURNEY '96
41.01BIGQ::SILVAFri Jul 12 1996We need to move again
42.012BIGQ::SILVAFri Jul 26 1996Impeach?
43.017akeem.hlo.dec.com::GRONOWSKIFri Jul 26 19961996 Official League Schedule issues
45.013STRATA::BETTIWed Aug 07 1996'Canes going to Georgia
46.08akeem.hlo.dec.com::GRONOWSKIWed Aug 07 1996Schedule update
47.0126BIGQ::SILVAMon Aug 12 1996Playoff schedule
48.033BIGQ::MCKAYThu Aug 15 1996Playoff problem
49.051QUINCE::SOFTBALLMon Aug 19 1996President of the DMSL for 1997
50.018QUINCE::SOFTBALLMon Aug 19 1996Vice-President of the DMSL for 1997
51.018QUINCE::SOFTBALLMon Aug 19 1996Secretary of the DMSL for 1997
52.032QUINCE::SOFTBALLMon Aug 19 1996Treasurer of the DMSL for 1997
53.05QUINCE::SOFTBALLTue Aug 20 1996Flag Football with Fidelity?????
54.0+37BUSY::SLABFri Aug 23 1996Issues to be discussed before 1997
55.05STRATA::FARINAThu Aug 29 1996Season '96 Frolics