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Conference 3d::pex

Notice:PEXlib kits 3.0
Created:Tue May 28 1991
Last Modified:Wed Jun 28 1995
Last Successful Update:Sat Feb 01 1997
Number of topics:54
Total number of notes:183
Number with bodies:0
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1.023D::NISHIMOTOTue May 28 1991Welcome to PEX
2.023D::NISHIMOTOTue May 28 1991PEX Public Documents
3.02DIZZY::NISHIMOTOSun Jul 07 1991PEXlib Kits
4.0213D::NISHIMOTOSun Jul 07 1991Who's who
5.0213D::NISHIMOTOThu Nov 21 1991SWPEX Server Kits
6.03D::NISHIMOTOTue May 28 1991Reserved for Future Use
7.03D::NISHIMOTOTue May 28 1991Reserved for Future Use
8.03D::NISHIMOTOTue May 28 1991Reserved for Future Use
9.03D::NISHIMOTOTue May 28 1991Reserved for Future Use
10.03D::NISHIMOTOTue May 28 1991Reserved for Future Use
11.03LAIDBK::METZIDISFri Jun 28 1991Pexlib ?
12.01TKOV51::KAWANISHITue Jul 02 1991Window Manager has Hanged when TAV Animation
13.03BIGRED::DANIELSFri Jul 19 19915
14.02TKOV51::KAWANISHIThu Aug 22 1991Difference of PEX V4.
15.06PRSSOS::PRONIERWed Aug 28 1991Read the Z-buffer ?
16.02HSOMAI::PALOThu Sep 19 1991Digital, SGI to develop graphical environment
17.0ZSAZSA::READINGSThu Sep 26 1991Color approximation functions problem
18.0TENAYA::HEINEYWed Oct 09 1991PEXlib for PEX 5.
19.06SX4GTO::AUSTINMon Oct 28 1991Summary: PEX vs. GL
20.01SAAVAK::CHANDLERSat Nov 02 1991where are the software pex x-servers?
21.01KEPERA::GRBThu Nov 07 1991"cube" from dec-pexlib on X11R5
22.07NEEPS::GEDDESWed Nov 13 1991Non MIT PEX availability?
23.01LNGBCH::METZIDISThu Jan 09 1992starting a TrueColor pex server in PseudoColor
24.01ZSAZSA::READINGSTue Jan 14 1992Compatibility with Tektronix PEX terminal?
25.01TYSON::GERARDTue Feb 11 1992Are we planning on support PEX on the VXT terminals?
26.0YOSMTE::HATTRUP_JAWed Feb 19 1992PEXlib V5.
27.01HGTAI1::CANDYGAOFri Mar 06 1992set pad of color values?
28.04TKOV51::KAWANISHIMon Apr 06 1992PEXlib examples ?
29.01FORTSC::MAKMon Apr 27 1992pexlib v5.
30.04XLIB::EDWINWed Apr 29 1992Problems with PEX demos
31.01XLIB::EDWINWed Apr 29 1992PEXtk and PEXlib
32.0XLIB::EDWINThu May 21 1992Cannot boot Ultrix 4.2A with pexr4 server
33.05CCIIS1::KRZEWINAThu Jun 25 1992Why Workstation Object is wrong?
34.01SHAWB1::WILLOUGHBYDWed Jul 15 1992
35.03XLIB::EDWINTue Aug 04 1992PEX protocol specification
36.02RHETT::BONNEFri Aug 28 1992Additional PEX docs by Jeffrey Friedberg
37.0LYOISA::MONNETWed Sep 09 1992X server on VMS Problem
38.0LYOISA::MONNETWed Sep 09 1992PEX server on VMS problem
39.0BLKPUD::TAYLORJThu Oct 01 1992PEX version of xliddy or xscope ?
40.0PRSSUD::PRONIERTue Oct 13 1992PEXlib C++ header files
41.01DSSDEV::SHENMon Nov 09 1992Where is the "PEXwave" demo?
42.02ISIDRO::DELCURAMon Nov 23 1992Iris GL <--> DEC ?
43.06ZSAZSA::READINGSTue Jan 05 1993PEXlib User Guide?
44.01TYSON::KURATAThu Jan 21 1993PEX 5.1 for Alpha OSF ?
45.01TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 28 1993PEX Performance data?
46.03RHETT::BONNEThu Mar 11 1993PEX code showing 2 bugs
47.0TWYLA::LOEWWed Apr 07 1993Hoops, pex, DS5
48.01MIMS::HOOD_RThu Dec 23 1993Incorrect light placement for view
49.04GSRC::HENDERSONSun Jan 23 1994BadIDChoice Error
50.01TPOVC::RICHARDKUOMon Feb 28 1994How to conver calling sequence from MIT to OSF/1
51.01TPSPS1::TSC1MGRFri Jun 03 1994How to resolve the X Error when run PEX with MOTIF
52.01MXOCTue Jul 05 1994GKS training
53.0NWDFri Aug 12 1994Need PEX source code examples for ALpha OSF
54.02ALFAXP::MACEACHERNWed Jun 28 1995Problem with specular highlights on a sphere