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Conference quark::marketing

Created:Mon Jul 26 1993
Last Modified:Thu Mar 20 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:336
Total number of notes:2758
Number with bodies:3
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2.01MR4SRV::SCANLONMon Jul 26 1993Notices
11.0SIOG::OSULLIVAN_DWed Jul 28 1993Marketing Lesson No. 1
12.07ZENDIA::BONINWed Jul 28 1993Interactive Brochures
13.07ASIMOV::KENYONThu Jul 29 1993Marketing Archive is coming.
14.03SMAUG::GARRODThu Jul 29 1993What happened to the real note 13?
15.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Jul 29 1993What this conference is all about
16.01MADMAG::NORRISFri Jul 30 1993Engineering Office of Field Security Programs
17.05GLDOA::KATZFri Jul 30 1993Customer Advice
18.049SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Jul 30 1993How Pentium will crush Alpha
19.029SDSVAX::SWEENEYFri Jul 30 1993How to market "middleware"
20.015MRKTNG::SLATERSun Aug 08 1993Value of Performance Information
21.011CHEFS::BRIGGSRTue Aug 10 1993Customer's DON'T know best!
22.023DCOPST::TONYSC::SCOLAROTue Aug 10 1993"Open Client-Server Computing"
23.02FRUST::SPALTWed Aug 11 1993MS getting big in InteractiveTV
24.013DELNI::GOLDSTEINWed Aug 11 1993Is our Microsoft Windows relationship harmful?
25.04MEMIT::N_RICHWed Aug 11 1993market research on October Launch messages
26.014ELMAGO::JMORALESWed Aug 11 1993Alpha AXP Logo
27.014VANGA::KERRELLThu Aug 12 1993Industry Marketing
28.03WELCLU::SMITHMThu Aug 12 1993Books, Articles, Video, Audio
29.015SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Aug 12 1993Advertising in general
30.05FUEL::grahamThu Aug 12 1993Multimedia strategy and products?
32.025SDSVAX::SWEENEYThu Aug 12 1993DEC? An old, stale, hardware company
33.039FUEL::grahamThu Aug 12 1993NT...why it will/or not win...
34.08ADSERV::CONTIFri Aug 13 1993Reqts for Trademarks
36.017SDSVAX::SWEENEYMon Aug 16 1993DEC men can't innovate
37.02GLDOA::KATZMon Aug 16 1993IBM & the PGA
38.023FUEL::grahamMon Aug 16 1993Apple to 'open' up MacOS and PowerPC
39.014GLDOA::KATZTue Aug 17 1993What's DEC's Goal?
40.01MARVIN::RDAVIESWed Aug 18 1993Imagine campaign ad text?
41.0GLDOA::KATZWed Aug 18 1993Newsweek IBM AD
42.038TAVIS::LROSEWed Aug 18 1993Marketing PCs in a commodity world
43.07MSBCS::BROWN_LWed Aug 18 19933 year warranty?
45.08DRUMS::FEHSKENSTue Aug 24 1993Pricing
46.04SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Aug 25 1993Enterprise Technology Awards
47.05NWDThu Aug 26 1993Customer Sessions?
48.09MRKTNG::SLATERFri Aug 27 1993Application Performance and Configuration Guide
49.01SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Sep 01 1993Third Party Applications
50.010FUEL::grahamWed Sep 01 1993Chicago (Windows 4.
51.03GYADOC::KAMINSKIThu Sep 02 1993Virtual Reality in Marketing?
52.010DPDMAI::WISNIEWSKIMon Sep 06 1993Advertizing Even the Customers want it...
53.0GVATue Sep 07 1993The whole World turns (to) Digital!
55.04GUIDUK::TREMBLAYTue Sep 07 1993contact for voice & voice recognition
56.02LEDS::ZAYASTue Sep 07 1993Video on demand, anyone?
57.022SDSVAX::SWEENEYWed Sep 08 1993Pat Sweeney to leave Digital
58.03ESOA12::CURTINFri Sep 10 1993Contacts for Sales UPdate and Readers Choice
59.07LEDS::ZAYASSun Sep 12 1993DN&R of August 23rd, anyone?
60.0ASABET::KNIPSTEINTue Sep 14 1993Computerworld/Smithsonian Awards Nominations Sought
61.013STAR::BOIKOWed Sep 15 1993NT/Alpha PC Mag and PC Computing - NOT GOOD!!
62.0MLTVAX::LEBLANCWed Sep 15 1993Standardization Workshop
63.06ALFA2::PEASLEEThu Sep 16 1993Looking for Beta Site Agreement
64.030BOOZER::LOWEYFri Sep 17 1993Product Naming revisited
65.0HOTWT1::THOMPSOKRTue Sep 21 1993Sales Notes Conference??
66.03GUCCI::HERBWed Sep 22 1993Is the "system" breaking?
67.05PASTIS::MONAHANThu Sep 23 1993Are we still in security?
68.02JESDP::GOTOTue Sep 28 1993Looking for AI application on Train Sys.
69.0NIBLET::COBBWed Sep 29 1993Forrester conference trip report...trends and trendiness...
70.02SOJU::SLATERWed Sep 29 1993Seeking CBU Info For OO Class Libs.
71.05STAR::BOIKOMon Oct 04 1993Info on: IBM's POWER2 Microprocessor..
72.028TALLIS::CHERNOFFTue Oct 05 1993Unix Expo Trip Report (9/19 - 9/23)
73.0124644::SOBECKYWed Oct 06 1993Contacts for AXP product info?
74.04YUPPY::CARTERWed Oct 06 1993Microsoft - A Marketing Success story...
75.039HGOVC::JOELBERMANThu Oct 07 1993Why only 1/4 of the important UNIX apps?
76.012EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIMon Oct 11 1993HP - "we don't consider Digital as competition anymore"?
77.08VANINE::LOVELLTue Oct 12 1993Oct. 12th Open Client Server Announcement - Feedback/Comments?
78.017MR4DEC::LROSETue Oct 12 1993Open Unix-Novell
79.01SAHQ::FLAHERTYThu Oct 14 1993Even Compaq does TV/Why can't we??
80.0GEMGRP::PW::WinalskiThu Oct 14 1993comments on the 12 October presentation
82.063DPDMAI::WISNIEWSKIMon Oct 18 1993So, what do we sell today?
83.03LARVAE::BRIGGS_RTue Oct 19 1993Operating System Strategy Presentation?
84.02MUSIK::ParkerTue Oct 19 1993TSAnet - anyone know anything?
85.0932956::grahamWed Oct 20 1993DECsoft....divorce hardware and software?
86.06EVMS::KILGALLENTue Oct 26 1993Imagine being the one without Alpha AXP
87.04ADSERV::CONTIFri Oct 29 1993Drucker's Five Deadly Business Sins
88.025OSLSat Oct 30 1993Market for Motif SDK on typical Windows platforms?
89.024CSOADM::ROTHSun Oct 31 1993VMS ---> Open VMS
90.01TENTO1::LEUNGFWed Nov 03 1993Features and Benefits
91.013OSLFri Nov 05 1993What do we want DECwrite to be?
92.031OSLSat Nov 06 1993Isn't it a bad idea to have two names for one product?
93.08PIKOFF::DERISEMon Nov 08 1993DEChub 9
94.021OSLTue Nov 09 1993Alpha PC vs. PowerPC
95.011FUEL::grahamTue Nov 09 1993Mac "Portable Toolbox" ported to RISC/Unix..
96.02BOOKS::HAMILTONTue Nov 09 1993request for pointer to some numbers
97.06ALFA2::PEASLEEWed Nov 10 1993Alpha 3 Page Ad in WSJ
98.0CVG::PETTENGILLWed Nov 10 1993Data format as a weapon
99.012STAR::PRAETORIUSWed Nov 10 1993Wonderful Ad for Sun on the Internet
100.019LEDS::ZAYASWed Nov 10 1993MIPS mind share
101.0AKOCOA::CORMANWed Nov 10 1993Convergence Forum (headed by Digital) PR
102.010MR4DEC::LROSEThu Nov 11 1993What is it?
103.05CSOA1::ECKFri Nov 12 1993OSF Applications
104.023OSLTue Nov 16 1993Easy access to product information?
105.06RANGER::JCAMPBELLFri Nov 19 1993Software Cost Paradigm Shift
106.08ADSERV::CONTIMon Nov 22 1993How about a "Friends and Family" program?
107.02--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 02 1993Figures don't lie...
109.02MR4DEC::LROSEFri Dec 03 1993DECpc seen on TV
110.04CGOOA::BCOMEAUWed Dec 08 19931st Anniversary Promo Material??
111.0ACESMK::RLEEWed Dec 08 1993Market Price Analysis article
112.03MBALDY::LANGSTONFri Dec 10 1993'Alpha' for sale at local PC shop?
113.01CTHP12::M_MORINMon Dec 13 1993FY94 Corporate Marketing Campaign products
114.014GLDOA::KATZTue Dec 14 1993HP moves to 64 bits
115.022ADSERV::CONTITue Dec 14 1993Are we being blind-sided at the power of the pen?
116.08TALLIS::GORTONTue Dec 14 1993DECUS Fall 1993 trip report (12/6 - 12/1
117.08GLDOA::KATZTue Dec 14 1993Internet Services Package
118.02WLDBIL::KILGOREWed Dec 15 1993CBU Names and Contacts?
119.0DPDMAI::WISNIEWSKIWed Dec 15 1993PowerPC FAQ from the Internet...
120.01EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIWed Dec 15 1993Customer "Leave Behind" Calendars for 1994?
121.0MRKTNG::SLATERThu Dec 16 1993LinkWorks V2.1.7 Interim Performance Report
122.015GLDOA::KATZFri Dec 17 1993OSF/1 vs HP Marketing
123.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Dec 17 1993U.S. Fall DECUS Performance Presentations
124.05GIDDAY::QUODLINGSun Dec 19 1993Marketing History Fault...
125.03GLDOA::RAOMon Dec 20 1993Golden chance for our Printer Unit?
126.011GEMGRP::WINALSKIMon Dec 20 1993Flexware????
127.041ICELAN::SNOMAN::AaronTue Dec 28 1993Advertise free(ly) or die!
128.012YIELD::HARRISThu Dec 30 1993misleading advertising
129.09GLDOA::RAOThu Dec 30 1993DEC PCs thru QVC?
130.018GLDOA::KATZTue Jan 04 1994Market transition into the home
131.06FUEL::grahamTue Jan 04 1994Advertising or Market Presence...the Internet?
132.0HANNAH::VOBAMon Jan 10 1994Why HP Invested In Taligent...
133.0CSOADM::ROTHMon Jan 10 1994DECnet migration/customers leaving DEC?
134.0HANNAH::VOBAWed Jan 12 1994HP's "Gekko"
135.04ODIXIE::ROBINSONFri Jan 14 1994Product strategy presentation
136.01--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 20 1994who edits our ads?
137.020GLDOA::KATZThu Jan 20 1994SUN's earnings
138.02PKHUB2::VANKONYNENBUThu Jan 20 1994digital's advertising agency?
139.04WILBRY::BERNARDFri Jan 21 1994Improving Marketing
140.018MSBCS::BROWN_LMon Jan 24 1994Workstation market flounders
141.02MR3MI1::MREICHTue Jan 25 1994Intelligent Electronics?
142.017FUEL::grahamTue Jan 25 1994SYBASE on Alpha...CRISIS
144.0KACIE::JPORTERThu Jan 27 1994Downsizing Win- OSF/1 AXP replaces IBM Mainframe
145.0MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MMon Jan 31 1994Digital UNIX News
146.014GOYA::JULIANRMon Jan 31 1994Laws of marketing ??
147.04GLDOA::RAOWed Feb 02 1994Alpha AXP Servers = HP 9
148.013CSOA1::ECKThu Feb 03 1994.PPT and .PS
149.05POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAThu Feb 03 1994Info on AXP Fast Fax Service?
150.075FROM::FERJULIANFri Feb 04 1994BEYOND THE BOX accepted..?
151.09POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAMon Feb 07 1994Public Access Digital Information Sources?
152.028FUEL::grahamTue Feb 08 1994World Cup (Soccer) '94 on Sybase and Sun
153.010VNABRW::HERRMANN_CWed Feb 09 1994consultants opinion.....
154.0RDVAX::SRCHER::BREEDINGWed Feb 09 1994gatekeeper.dec.com has product info
155.04NYOSWed Feb 09 1994"Advanced Systems" (Sunworld) praises Alpha..
156.013MSBCS::HAIGHWed Feb 16 1994Want 64-bit Customers
157.05BIGUN::chmeee::MayneFri Feb 18 1994Imagine a Macintosh?
158.03MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MThu Feb 24 1994UNIFORUM'94 Show
159.012EPAVAX::EPAPC1::CARLOTTIMon Feb 28 1994Trade Rags save ink...stop mentioning Digital!
160.09GLDOA::KATZWed Mar 02 1994Alpha Video Server Win!
161.071CAPNET::LEFEBVREWed Mar 02 1994Why I'm Optimistic for NT on AXP
162.04CSOA1::ECKWed Mar 02 1994Questions for HP
163.04DIODE::CROWELLThu Mar 03 1994Comments: Life of DSSI? (EOL?)
164.0WKRP::GILBERTSun Mar 06 1994RoamAbout
165.05CALDEC::GOETZEMon Mar 07 1994The Digital ArtLibrary--a graphics resource for Digital employees
166.0GLDOA::KATZMon Mar 14 1994Internet and Cable TV
167.01GLDOA::KATZMon Mar 14 1994SUNWORLD Promotional item
168.04BONNET::WLODEKMon Mar 14 1994Market share .
169.05MUNSBE::CHEQUERTue Mar 15 1994Donnervan sp? ....
170.0MKOTS1::SKONETSKITue Mar 15 1994Networks Advertising
171.06SEND::PARODIFri Mar 18 1994Enterprise Object Software
172.01CGOOA::BONTJEFri Mar 18 1994Looking to Thank creators of Product Profile Dir.
173.07CVG::PETTENGILLWed Mar 23 1994Is COSE dead? Or just irrelevant?
174.010PHDVAX::LUSKThu Mar 24 1994One Man's Opinion
175.04--UnknownUser--Fri Mar 25 1994Data Communications Survey
176.05OOTOOL::HIGGSFri Mar 25 1994Who's in charge of ad quality?
177.011QUARK::LIONELFri Mar 25 1994Using The Internet As A Marketing and Communications Tool
178.0SKYE::MAURERThu Mar 31 1994Need competitive SW Business Practices info urgently
179.049MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MThu Mar 31 1994AlphaGeneration
180.0MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MThu Mar 31 1994Industry Marketing
181.0MEMIT::SILVERBERG_MThu Mar 31 1994Digital Software Products VP
182.01WHYNOW::NEWMANTue Apr 05 1994The April 1994 SOC Supplement is now On-line!
183.04GEMGRP::GLOSSOPFri Apr 08 1994Good work - ad in (and around) Microsoft Systems Journal
184.01GUIDUK::BERKUNMon Apr 11 1994April 12 Announcement materials?
185.03POBOX::TSUCHIYAMATue Apr 12 1994Any promotional items available besides IMPACT?
186.01AKOCOA::BELLEMARETue Apr 12 1994Software Merchandising
187.02EXCENT::MCCRAWFri Apr 15 1994Contact for RFP's in PCBU
188.025RANGER::JCAMPBELLTue Apr 19 1994Here's what we need to do, given losses...
189.0MRKTNG::SLATERThu Apr 21 1994Positioning, Sizing, and Optimizing Oracle Applications
190.0NYOSThu Apr 21 1994HOW CAN IT BE??
191.010SUBPAC::SAUBERThu Apr 21 1994Why doesn't DEC sell through large retail outlets?
192.0OZROCK::TAYLORFri Apr 22 1994AOSF vs AVMS sales
193.04--UnknownUser--Mon Apr 25 1994Why doesn't DIGITAL do ads like other companies?
194.03RHETT::KNORRTue Apr 26 1994Seeking IBM server (smp) information
195.02RANGER::JCAMPBELLWed Apr 27 1994An Open Letter to our Sales Force
196.0113D::SEARSThu Apr 28 1994Video-game Machines: Tomorrow's Supercomputers?
197.04RHETT::KNORRThu Apr 28 1994How to obtain Gartner/IDC reports
198.01GLDOA::KATZFri Apr 29 1994Available Businesses?
199.05LEDER1::PETTENGILLMon May 02 1994FAQ: `how much do we spend on advertising?'
200.01519687::TAMERWed May 04 1994DATAMATION article and Ads. May 1, 1994 issue
201.03BONNET::WLODEKThu May 05 1994Newsweek Int. May 9th edition.
202.03TNPUBS::J_GOLDSTEINThu May 05 1994Market research group for competitior's products?
203.04STAR::PRAETORIUSThu May 05 1994couldn't give away an Alpha to this guy(?)
204.010PIKOFF::DERISEFri May 06 1994SABLE: I'm a believer!!!
205.03GANTRY::SRINIVASAFri May 06 1994PC mag Risc server editor's choice.
206.0MRKTNG::SLATERSat May 07 1994TeamLinks/ALL-IN-1 Performance Update Presentation
207.016HLDESun May 08 1994IEEE Spectrum Workstation Focus Report
208.05PIKOFF::DERISEMon May 09 1994The Digital 21
210.02YIELD::CURHANTue May 10 1994"DEC Migration Seminar" (To HP only..)
211.0MRKTNG::SLATERTue May 10 1994LinkWorks Performance Update Presentation
212.024CONSLT::CHAMBERLAINWed May 11 1994HELP needed from:MKT/SALES/????
213.01ALFA2::PEASLEEWed May 11 1994Professional Organizations?
214.011SQGUK::BACOTThu May 12 1994Top 1
215.015CSCMA::BALICHFri May 13 1994Facts, figures about Alpha AXP systems business
216.02ODIXIE::KFOSTERFri May 13 1994Windows World / COMDEX
217.01DPDMAI::ROSESun May 15 1994WE NEED THIS FOR WNT!!!
218.011SMURF::STILLWAGGONTue May 17 1994How can UNIX Mkt. help sales?
219.0MRKTNG::SLATERWed May 18 1994Sizing and Tuning Oracle Applications on Digital Platforms Presentation
220.04VFOVAX::BRAMBLETTWed May 18 1994Infoworld Client/Server article?
221.05SIOG::OSULLIVAN_DThu May 19 1994Digital's Client/Server Strategy Presentation
222.08CSC32::R_HARVEYThu May 19 1994youth market...missing it
223.09MUMPS::ROODYFri May 20 1994biz.digital bashing - anyone watching?
224.019KELVIN::MCKINLEYMon May 23 1994The AXP lottery machine
225.013ALFAM7::URBANWed May 25 1994where is marketing????
226.03DPDMAI::ROSEFri May 27 1994S.O.S. SAVE OUR SALES!
227.02ROWDY::PAINTERTue May 31 1994America's Cup Support?? Should we help?
228.029LEDER1::PETTENGILLThu Jun 02 1994Marketing dilemma: positioning your own product against that of key ISVs
229.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Jun 03 1994PC Magazine on LinkWorks
230.07MSBCS::A_HARRISMon Jun 06 1994AlphaMan--Love Him or Hate Him?
231.052MSBCS::BROWN_LMon Jun 06 1994new Alpha chip prices
232.031MRKTNG::SLATERWed Jun 08 1994HP/Intel 64bit strategic announcement
233.04DPDMAI::ROSEThu Jun 09 1994Excellent HP gimmick
234.07MEOCFri Jun 10 1994Any good marketing books?
235.02DPDMAI::ROSEWed Jun 22 1994XEROX information pointer?
236.05SQIDLY::HENDERSONWed Jun 22 1994Byte Magazine Articles !!
237.06A1VAX::GUNNThu Jun 23 1994Channels?
238.09DPDMAI::ROSEMon Jun 27 1994IBM ships 1-millionth PowerPC chip
239.04AIMHI::LOWERYWed Jun 29 1994Marketing for Results Course????
241.020CSOA1::ECKThu Jul 07 1994OLD logo still used on National TV
242.05DPDMAI::ROSEThu Jul 07 1994MIPS marketing
243.01DPDMAI::ROSEThu Jul 07 1994NEC Marketing
244.06SWAM2::CLAY_KAMon Jul 11 1994Auto parts & Service applications wanted
245.03ODIXIE::BAINETue Jul 12 1994Customer Base Info Needed
246.0SWAM2::SOTO_RUTue Jul 12 1994Video on demand for education...
247.06ENQUE::TAMERWed Jul 13 1994Is the announcement on for the 15th ?
248.016SSDEVO::PARRISThu Jul 14 1994Windows on Alternative Platforms article
249.01DPDMAI::ROSEFri Jul 15 1994DEXCON conference
250.019SSDEVO::CLAUSENWed Jul 20 1994Workstation Versus PC Article
251.01ODIXIE::BAINEThu Jul 21 1994DMTF? Sound familiar?
252.02DPDMAI::WISNIEWSKISun Jul 24 1994Once Upon a Time... In the WEB...
253.018KAMPUS::NEIDECKERWed Jul 27 1994Computer Speed No Longer Promises Success
254.0ASABET::SILVERBERGWed Aug 10 1994Carl Gustin resigns
255.011GRANMA::MMURRAYFri Aug 19 1994Unix Review - Buyers Guide ???
256.036OSLThu Sep 01 1994UNIX workstations vs. PC based market share?
257.0ASABET::SILVERBERGFri Sep 02 1994Oracle purchases Rdb & other DB products
258.0MBALDY::LANGSTONThu Sep 08 1994Digital sponsoring Tennis Tournament?
259.02CSTEAM::TURBETTThu Sep 08 1994List of System Integrators / Consultants
261.08WHYNOW::NEWMANThu Sep 15 1994inFORM - The News Magazine for VAX and Alpha Users
262.01POWDML::ARSENAULTMon Sep 19 1994PM&D Announced Meaning for Marketing?
263.08QCAVTue Sep 20 1994Clock speeds of new products
264.017--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 26 1994Sun ready to battle ALPHA ?
265.02MR4DEC::BMCWILLIAMSWed Sep 28 1994"Don't worry - we're planning a comeback"
267.08TURBY2::TurbettThu Oct 20 1994There must be some logic here...
268.05BLOFLY::SMITHPThu Nov 10 1994Status of product comparison tables document ?
269.04CADSYS::COOKMon Nov 14 1994Notebook product launch
270.02OLYMP::DALLMANNTue Nov 15 1994Promotion Video AlphaServer 21
271.01UNITY::PETTENGILLFri Nov 18 1994Admitting our mistakes: "WHAT FOUR LETTER WORD COMES TO MIND..."
272.0LEDER1::PETTENGILLFri Dec 02 1994Flattery? Versit ad style
273.015PARVAX::SCHUSTAKThu Dec 08 1994Hello?
274.03YIELD::HARRISFri Dec 09 1994advantages of 64-bit computing?
275.05LGP3Tue Feb 14 1995The avoidance of the Digital logo
276.0ASABET::SILVERBERGSat Mar 25 1995PM&D Marketing
278.0ASABET::SILVERBERGSat Mar 25 1995UNIX Marketing Director
279.03ASABET::SILVERBERGWed Mar 29 1995Butt-Kickin' UNIX ad
280.0STEVMS::PETTENGILLThu Mar 30 1995report:Whatever It Takes Mission Critical Attitude Survey
281.02STEVMS::PETTENGILLThu Mar 30 1995report:Whatever It Takes Mission Critical Attitude Survey
282.04ASABET::SILVERBERGThu Apr 13 1995TURBOLASER 4/11 Announcement
283.0ASABET::SILVERBERGWed Apr 26 1995Digital UNIX at DECUS
284.0ASABET::SILVERBERGMon May 01 1995Business Week Ad Awards
285.01LEMAN::WSMEDTue May 02 1995Direct Marketing Improvement Course - EUROPE
286.0ASABET::SILVERBERGThu May 04 1995Open UNIX Marketing Positions
287.0PCBUOA::LEFEBVREThu May 04 1995Farewell....
288.01LJSRV2::FEHSKENSFri May 12 1995The Sincerest Form of Flattery?
289.07ASABET::SILVERBERGWed May 17 1995Sun Translator Program rolls out
290.02LJSRV2::MAYERTue May 23 1995Sun's new ad
291.0ASABET::SILVERBERGWed Jun 14 1995UNIX Marketing Announcement
292.03VANGA::KERRELLMon Jun 26 1995AS/4
293.08POBOX::TSUCHIYAMATue Jun 27 1995Recommended Hardware Rental Companies?
294.02VNASWS::ERIKTue Jul 11 1995Sun Translator program - experiences
295.0DECWET::WHITETue Jul 11 1995Palmer commercial....any plans?
296.09NWDWed Jul 26 1995Digital I can't hear you.
297.01ASABET::SILVERBERGSat Jul 29 1995UNIX EXPO '95
298.03STAR::S_SKONETSKIWed Aug 16 1995Customer Advisory Boards?
299.01PCBUOA::FEHSKENSMon Aug 21 1995Business Week Internet Address Directory
300.04MKOTS3::LONGLANDWed Aug 23 1995A Classic a Day..Digital in the Inmate Business?
301.010ATLANT::SCHMIDTThu Aug 24 1995"It's August 24th; Where do you want to go today?"
302.01ASABET::SILVERBERGWed Aug 30 1995Customer Testimonial Kiosk
303.01JULIET::FELKINS_KEWed Sep 06 1995Who needs to know about Visualization '95?
304.0ASABET::SILVERBERGFri Sep 15 1995Printing Alliance with Xerox and SunSoft
305.01CHEFS::CARTERCThu Sep 28 1995Looking for a first marketing position...
306.03STAR::S_SKONETSKIThu Oct 05 1995Customer Feedback ?
307.0ASABET::SILVERBERGThu Nov 02 1995Oracle TPC-C on Digital UNIX
308.0ASABET::SILVERBERGThu Nov 02 1995UNIX Marketing Newsletter
309.0ASABET::SILVERBERGThu Nov 02 1995TV Brand Ads
311.04STAR::ASWINThu Nov 16 1995soft copy of "DIGITAL Today"??
312.0UHUH::TALCOTTTue Nov 28 1995Survey: "Digital" on a PC is worth a $1
313.0ASABET::SILVERBERGWed Jan 03 1996UNIFORUM '96 Show Passes Available
314.0ASABET::SILVERBERGThu Jan 25 19961,
315.0ASABET::SILVERBERGMon Jan 29 1996Digital UNIX is UNIX95 Branded
316.02TALLIS::GORTONThu Feb 22 1996UniForum '96 Trip reports
317.02ASABET::SILVERBERGFri Mar 08 1996Digital UNIX V4 Press Release
318.02ACISS1::TSUCHIYAMAThu Mar 21 1996Grossly incorrect Business Week article 3/25/96 p. 18
319.04LGP3Fri Apr 12 1996AltaVista branding of Internet software
320.02JAHMAN::ELLISMon Apr 15 1996Digital & Tandem...
321.0NAMIX::jptMon Apr 15 1996WWW Search Engine: Competitive and Market data
322.0ASABET::SILVERBERGSat Apr 20 1996TruCluster Press Releasew
323.0GVPROD::FITZGERALDFri May 31 1996Package Purchase Behaviour
324.01DEKVC::YOUNGKIHONGTue Jun 04 1996Wintel-WinAlpha!!!!!
325.01MSE1::PCOTEFri Jun 07 1996I must have blinked
326.0ASABET::SILVERBERGMon Jul 01 1996Marketing Initiatives Update
327.06WRKSYS::SCHUMANNMon Jul 15 1996Are we pushing Alpha for WindowsNT??
328.01ASABET::SILVERBERGThu Aug 01 1996Expanded Marekting?
329.02ASABET::SILVERBERGMon Sep 09 1996Monkey Business Ads running
330.0ASABET::SILVERBERGThu Sep 26 1996AllConnect Program Announced
331.09LGP3Mon Oct 14 1996"go-to-market" -- do our competitors have to do this?
332.0RIXRAX::jptTue Oct 22 1996Use what you sell ???
333.05ACISS1::TSUCHIYAMAMon Oct 28 1996Incorrect article in today's WSJ!
334.01ACISS1::TSUCHIYAMATue Nov 12 1996Which VP's have left Compaq?
335.0 *ASABET::SILVERBERGWed Feb 12 1997UNIFORUM '97 Show
336.0 *+1NPSS::KILSDONKThu Mar 20 1997Motorola wants NT Workstations for PABX equipment