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Conference proxy::laser

Created:Thu Jul 16 1992
Last Modified:Wed May 28 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:1267
Total number of notes:4891
Number with bodies:69
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1.0SASE::SYSTEMThu Jul 16 1992Welcome To LASER Conference..
2.0LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Jul 16 1992Introduction To Laser Notesfile
3.0113LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Jul 16 1992Introduce Yourself
4.01LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Jul 16 1992VAX 7
5.0LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Jul 16 1992VAX 7
6.08LANDO::DROBNERThu Jul 16 1992EPU - A manual method of calculating system power
7.0LANDO::DROBNERFri Jul 31 1992Updated VAX 7
8.02LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Jul 16 1992VAX 7
9.01LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Jul 16 1992VAX 1
10.014LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Jul 16 1992Laser Options and Part Numbers
11.03LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Jul 16 1992SOC article corrections
12.034LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Jul 16 1992Field Blitz Memos affecting the VAX/DEC 7
13.08LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Jul 16 1992Laser Console Release Notes
14.0LANDO::DROBNERFri Jan 15 1993Config rules - SCSI adapter/devices/cables
15.0LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Jul 16 1992This note is Reserved
16.013MIACT::ROWELLTue Jul 21 1992CIXCD
17.018SALSA::BLUNDELLTue Jul 21 1992Console connection details needed
18.05SUBWAY::BUONOMOTue Jul 21 1992Sync Devices for 7
20.02TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAThu Jul 23 1992Question about Load device
21.05HGTAI1::PRCSWSMon Jul 27 1992speed of laser bus?
22.02VNASWS::ERIKThu Jul 30 1992Ruby config update
23.01WARNUT::RENCONTREFri Jul 31 1992SOC diagrams please
24.04FLYSQD::FERJULIANFri Jul 31 1992Location of docs...
25.02BER::MENNINGENWed Aug 05 1992Has VAX 7
26.08BSS::G_HEDRICKWed Aug 05 1992Laser Diagnostics release yet to the world?
27.07TPOVC::HCLINMon Aug 10 1992What's difference between VAX 1
28.04TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KATue Aug 11 1992Warm swap questions(D-PIU and X-PIU)
29.04HSSWS1::GREGWed Aug 12 1992Modeling Laser/Blazer with DECps?
30.04HGOM25::SHANGHAISWSSun Aug 16 1992Management VAXstation details needed
31.032LANDO::DROBNERMon Aug 17 1992NEW Memory Interleave Rules for Neon & Ruby
32.0LANDO::DROBNERMon Aug 17 1992SCSI Configuration Rules for Ruby systems
33.03TKTVFS::ENDOH_KWed Aug 19 1992VAX7
34.01TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAWed Aug 19 1992LSB configuration questions. same as 31.1
35.06MRKTNG::SLATERSun Aug 23 1992ASE P&C Guide
36.01EZLCHZ::EZZELLThu Sep 03 1992I/O capacity of 7
37.07SASE::J_EVANSFri Sep 04 1992Neon FRS
38.010VICKI::PAHIGIANWed Sep 09 1992Powerfail recovery with expander cabs
39.01PTOVAX::PEARLMANThu Sep 10 19927k and 1
40.0ENTIAT::GORDONTue Sep 15 1992Laser/Blazer Systems Overview
41.08TROOA::LFUNGThu Sep 17 1992278
42.07LANDO::ROSENSTEINFri Sep 18 1992VAX 7
43.07BALMER::MUDGETTSun Sep 20 1992training available ???
44.013CSC32::MCLEANMon Sep 21 1992Need IPB (if available) or part number
45.04TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAWed Sep 23 1992Boot command for dual ported disk
46.02HGOVA::PAULCHOIWed Sep 23 1992AC Box Variant Query?
47.018BACHUS::HUWAERTTue Sep 29 1992INT54 when booting 761
48.05AIMHI::COLLINSMon Sep 28 1992InfoServer Network Kit Included?
49.04HGOVA::PAULCHOITue Sep 29 1992Any Online Service Documentation?
50.07CGOOA::POPOFFWed Sep 30 1992DEMFA in 761
51.02--UnknownUser--Wed Sep 30 1992SID from console??
52.01CSC32::MCLEANFri Oct 02 1992INT6
53.03CSC32::GULDENSat Oct 03 1992Any hidden console commands to prevent EEPROM writes
54.03CERN::HOBBSTue Oct 06 1992DRB32 support for VAX 7
55.01KAOFS::G_LEDUCTue Oct 06 1992System load media
56.011CLPRWed Oct 07 1992LAMB error packets in errorlog
57.07STKHLM::JUTEMARWed Oct 07 1992Shadow boot problem
59.07VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYFri Oct 09 1992Boot question...
60.04GLDOA::FULLERSun Oct 11 1992Need paint for side panel
61.07LANDO::R_ANDERSENMon Oct 12 1992HSC EDC Errors - VAX7
62.010LSNCSC::NEUWEILERWed Oct 14 1992CIXCD compatibility question
63.02WBC::DEADYWed Oct 14 1992NEMA #
64.02CLPRThu Oct 15 1992Diags in console mode
65.01UTRTSC::VANSENTENThu Oct 15 1992LFU Netkit available??
66.02VICKI::PAHIGIANThu Oct 15 1992KFMSA eng. support contact name?
68.06CLPRThu Oct 15 1992Problems booting LFU
70.010TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAFri Oct 16 1992How to analyze the diag_tdd entry ?
71.01BELFST::HILLISMon Oct 19 1992phase II shadow boot
72.05JGODCL::CENTENTue Oct 20 1992EEPROM memory module
73.04VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYTue Oct 20 1992LFU - boot media questions?
74.016GLDOA::FULLERTue Oct 20 1992Air flow fault on 762
75.06KERNEL::ANTHONYWed Oct 21 1992booting standalone VMS from cd-rom
76.04CLPRThu Oct 22 1992Strange problem on VAX7
77.03TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAFri Oct 23 1992Difference between V
78.03AIMHI::COLLINSFri Oct 23 1992MFLOP/Vector performance.
79.02NBOFS1::HAHNFri Oct 23 1992no boot-- error loading system file
80.07CLPRFri Oct 23 1992automatic reboot or not.......
81.0VCSESU::BIGELOWTue Oct 27 1992Number of Supported KDM7
82.03CGOOA::POPOFFTue Oct 27 1992SDD and Laser
83.03GIDDAY::KULHALLIWed Oct 28 1992SKIRT KIT PARTS Breakdown
84.01VICKI::LIBITZWed Oct 28 1992H7263-AA/blank cross-threading problem.
85.0LANDO::CLEMENCEWed Oct 28 1992Infoserver Tech Tip
86.03SOLVIT::ENGLANDERWed Oct 28 1992Real-time clock & other I/O?
88.01JGODCL::CRONINMon Nov 02 1992Just swap over the CPU?
89.09KAOFS::J_DALYMon Nov 02 1992whatsa vortex??
90.01JACOBI::JACOBITue Nov 03 1992VMS use of EEPROM
91.02PH4VAX::KRYSTOWed Nov 04 1992DSSI device go away after params are changed.
92.01NBOFS1::HAHNFri Nov 06 1992shutdown/reboot hangs console
93.04EAGLE1::GREENMANMon Nov 09 1992Laser - Storme Information
94.08TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KATue Nov 10 1992Different clock speed for DEC7
95.02TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAWed Nov 11 1992Unique parts for DEC 7
96.03TAVWed Nov 11 1992VME on VAX-7
97.02VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYThu Nov 12 1992Info on Laser expansion cab/RF35's needed.
98.01MILNER::D_JANSENThu Nov 12 1992Output on DEC7
99.04LABC::NGUYENFri Nov 13 1992Is KFMSB for Alpha only?
100.02TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_TOKTue Nov 17 1992DEC1
101.04--UnknownUser--Tue Nov 17 1992Adabas
102.010FINALY::BELLAMTETue Nov 17 1992763
103.04TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAWed Nov 18 1992Machine Check after test command
104.04CSC32::B_HIBBERTThu Nov 19 1992Why is a correctable cache error fatal?
105.0CLPRThu Nov 19 1992v2.
106.01LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Nov 19 1992Change in the number of supported KFMSAs and DEMFAs
107.01CSC32::C_MORLEYSun Nov 22 1992mcheck_code:5
108.02TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KATue Nov 24 1992Unexpected reboot the VMS
109.0RIPPLE::NOLLROTue Nov 24 1992Embedded DSSI length request
110.013WBC::DEADYWed Nov 25 1992Is the system a VAX 7
112.0TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KATue Dec 01 1992VAX7
113.04SMPVAX::SIMPSONTue Dec 01 1992Upgrading a VAX 652
114.07CSC32::S_RAYTue Dec 01 1992Battery cable routing
115.04SCAACT::HILDEBRANDTue Dec 01 1992Cheap 761
116.020UFRCS1::PIETERSONTue Dec 01 1992VAX 1
117.01CX3PT2::WSCTue Dec 01 1992Environment variable "EXPECTED_ENTRY" ???????
118.01SEDSWS::DAVIES_DWed Dec 02 1992TEST hangs.
119.02TRUCKS::KEMPSTERWed Dec 02 1992DEC 7
120.01EMASS::SCEPPAWed Dec 02 1992VAX 7
121.0CSC32::MCLEANWed Dec 02 1992realtime programable clock support
122.02CSC32::S_ROCHFORDWed Dec 02 1992Running VAX 7
123.02KISHOR::MITTALWed Dec 02 1992Fault Management on the LASER
124.01AYOV24::IZENUWAHThu Dec 03 1992electro-magnet
125.02COMICS::SIMMONETTThu Dec 03 1992%cnxman messages on bootup
126.07JGODCL::BRINKSFri Dec 04 1992environmental vars
127.01KAOOA::PINKERTONTue Dec 08 1992How many 7
128.08CSC32::K_SCHUMACHERTue Dec 08 1992dus does not contain member named to vmb
129.03GEM::KENNEDYFri Dec 11 1992Remote console access?
130.05GRANPA::TIRWINMon Dec 14 1992VAX 1
131.011CSC32::B_KETELSENMon Dec 14 1992764
132.02GIDDAY::PHELPSMon Dec 14 19926 CPU's and LEVI revision level
133.02TWISTD::VWONGWed Dec 16 1992Customer question...
134.02CSC32::MORTONWed Dec 16 1992UETP DEADLOCK under multiple passes
135.0TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAFri Dec 18 1992boot_osflag for OSF/1 boot
136.07CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Dec 18 1992Can you "Split" a Brick?
137.05ANGLIN::LAUERSDORFMon Dec 21 1992Fatal Bugcheck when other system at CI node
138.0PROXY::VERMETTETue Dec 22 1992LSB Memory performance Peak vs. Actual
139.04WETONE::LICATATue Dec 22 1992Memory CRD errors not scrubbed?
141.02SOS6::BERNARDWed Dec 23 1992TSZ
142.04TARKIN::HALLWed Dec 23 1992KZMSA - TLZ
143.01TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAThu Dec 24 1992V1.6/V1.7 firmware release notes for DEC7
144.01MR4MI2::HOPEWELLMon Dec 28 1992KZMSA SCSI Terminator part number?
145.04SMOGGY::CAROLLAMon Dec 28 1992Pressure switch on the Console i/f module
146.01MLNTSC::GROSSITue Dec 29 1992More on Doc
147.03GLDOA::ROBERTSWed Dec 30 1992Vaxsim and Spear
148.08CSC32::S_RAYMon Jan 04 1993What does V2.4 fix?
150.03KAAKAA::SEPPITue Jan 05 1993SCSI disk support?
151.01MANMTue Jan 05 1993Presentation Materials, Please?
152.03ARGUS::JENERESKIThu Jan 07 1993what rev should the kdm7
153.07TENNIS::KAMThu Jan 07 1993Why does the VAX7
154.03TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAMon Jan 11 1993SCSI configuration for DEC7
155.05SNOFS2::PHELPSMon Jan 11 1993INT6
156.02SOLVIT::SOLVIT::GROYMon Jan 11 1993Laser config. questions, please confirm...
157.02LABC::NGUYENMon Jan 11 1993VAX 1
158.02CSC32::R_SOMBERGTue Jan 12 19937
159.0LANDO::CUMMINSWed Jan 13 1993BUILD EEPROM change in V2.4 Neon console
161.03GIDDAY::PHELPSThu Jan 14 1993Memory interleaving and bandwidth
162.01CSC32::B_GRAHAMThu Jan 14 1993Booting 7
163.014CSC32::S_RAYThu Jan 14 1993Will the real halt PC please stand up?
164.04KERNEL::ADAMSFri Jan 15 1993SYSLOA ??
165.0SASE::J_EVANSFri Jan 15 1993SASE supports the LASER systems
166.02MQOOA::LECOMPTEFri Jan 15 1993Console problem?.
167.01KERNEL::ADAMSMon Jan 18 1993Is this supported ??
168.02JGODCL::CRONINTue Jan 19 1993Old boards new ecos.
169.03DABBER::BETTROTue Jan 19 1993Lots of VUPS, limited balance set slots...
170.01DPDMAI::BERNALFri Jan 22 1993761
171.02ATHINA::PAGETue Jan 26 19939-Track support
172.02BEAGLE::JACQUEMOUDTue Jan 26 1993VAX7
173.03ANGLIN::MILLERTue Jan 26 19937xxx-F
174.08TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAWed Jan 27 1993Could not force crash by "crash" command
175.01--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 29 1993LN
176.010WIZZER::TRAVELLMon Feb 01 1993DEC7
177.05EMASS::SCEPPAMon Feb 01 1993VAX 7
178.04LNZTIA::PISWANGERWed Feb 03 1993Console Problem ?
179.05TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAFri Feb 05 1993Console output corruption by ^P
180.04TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAFri Feb 05 1993VAX1
181.03CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Feb 09 1993RZ73 jumpers for Alpha?
182.05SEDSWS::DAVIES_DTue Feb 09 1993INSQTI instruction causing Machine Checks
183.02WETONE::LICATATue Feb 09 1993VAX761
184.01VIVIAN::D_HICKEYWed Feb 10 1993Manuals?
185.02METMV4::DRGWed Feb 10 1993Are Infoservers Required??
186.01HGOVA::DLCHANThu Feb 11 1993VAX 761
187.06ELMAGO::BLUQUETTESat Feb 13 1993question on reading XMI error log entry
188.03AYOV1Mon Feb 15 1993VMS support
189.01JULIET::HATTRUP_JAMon Feb 15 1993XMI and Fbus+ DEC 76
190.01SIOG::M_CONNOLLYTue Feb 16 1993761
191.04JESDP5::KONDOHTue Feb 16 1993Related Documents
192.09LANDO::ROSENSTEINTue Feb 16 1993Documentation Pointers
193.06LIOSTue Feb 16 1993DEC7
194.01AYOV1Wed Feb 17 1993R4
195.0JGODCL::CRONINFri Feb 19 1993XZA diag listings and TM. required.
196.03CSC32::S_WASKEWICZFri Feb 19 1993Firmware rev of SCSI's online?
197.01TPOVC::AARONYANGSun Feb 21 1993System bus bandwith /Data Path of VAX1
198.01SOS6::BERNARDMon Feb 22 1993SCSI firmware for Ruby ?
199.0KETJE::BRH553::VANDENBROECKMon Feb 22 1993RdB performance on VAX 7
200.02AYOV1Tue Feb 23 1993Q: Alpha based SCSI config
201.014WETONE::LICATAWed Feb 24 19937
202.02WETONE::LICATAThu Feb 25 1993EH? on VAX7
204.06WETONE::LICATAThu Feb 25 1993VAX7
205.01WETONE::LICATAThu Feb 25 1993AXP7
206.02CSC32::S_WASKEWICZThu Feb 25 1993MOD OK for PIU? whatsitdo?
207.01SLOVAX::NEWMANMon Mar 01 1993Max CPU and MEMORY Question
208.011UFRCS2::NEUMAYRTue Mar 02 1993Adapter Error IOP
209.07KHAZAD::SAFFORDTue Mar 02 1993INSQTI issue on multiprocessor VAX7
210.06BACHUS::DUPLICYWed Mar 03 1993System restart / console crash
211.02HGOVA::DLCHANWed Mar 03 1993VAX/DEC/7
212.03TULA::BLUQUETTEThu Mar 04 1993TF85 error log packet
213.07VCSESU::JOHNSONThu Mar 04 1993CIXCD, uCode, and LASER Platforms
214.02EMASS1::OBRIENThu Mar 04 1993INCONSTATE, Inconsistent I/O data base
216.02SIOG::KILROYFri Mar 05 1993Reboot, NVR corrupt and history files.
217.01NBOFS1::HAHNMon Mar 08 1993DRB32 and BI-Bus on a VAX7
218.02TIMABS::VOLLMERMon Mar 08 1993VAX1
219.01AIMHI::COLLINSMon Mar 08 1993No. of DEMFA's Supported
220.0LANDO::ROSENSTEINMon Mar 08 1993RZ/RF disk drive uCode Loader programs.
221.0AYOV1Tue Mar 09 1993Is RF72B supported?
222.01WONDER::WILLARDTue Mar 09 1993BI & VME devices
223.02BACHUS::DUPLICYWed Mar 10 1993Neon console ucode location
224.04CSC32::J_SANDOVALWed Mar 10 1993761
225.02TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAThu Mar 11 1993SCSI tape and disk restriction
226.0TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAThu Mar 11 1993Release notes for OSF/1 BL1
227.010TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAThu Mar 11 1993WEI logged every boot time with CIXCD
228.02HGOVA::PAULCHOIThu Mar 11 1993Substitute T2
229.02MINNY::WALDISPUEHLFri Mar 12 1993positioning VAX 7
230.0SASE::J_EVANSFri Mar 12 1993DEC 1
231.0CSC32::B_HODGKINSFri Mar 12 1993vax 7
232.03AYOV1Mon Mar 15 1993Is the TSB
233.03SWAM2::MILLER_VIMon Mar 15 1993How to run RBDs on CIXCD
235.06COPCLU::BENNYTue Mar 16 1993XMI kdm7
236.03ZPOVC::MICHAELLEETue Mar 16 1993TPC-A, B docs for VAX 7
237.01GYTVOA::NAGATAWed Mar 17 1993TF8X problem on KFMSA with 25' DSSI cable
239.03AYOV1Wed Mar 17 1993backup on a DEC 7
240.02WIZZER::TRAVELLWed Mar 17 1993Console I/O load
241.04KAOFS::J_DALYWed Mar 17 1993console update question
242.09LANDO::ROSENSTEINWed Mar 17 1993DEC 7
243.09GIDDAY::PHELPSWed Mar 17 199348 Volt DC power distribution
244.04GRANMA::EHEROLDThu Mar 18 1993"Transparent CPU failover" ???
245.0TOPTEN::AVERBACHThu Mar 18 1993MTTR 7
246.0DPDMAI::BERNALThu Mar 18 1993761
247.01VNABRW::BAUERCFri Mar 19 1993"Port has closed virtual circuit" on DSSI disks
248.03SWAM2::MILLER_VIFri Mar 19 1993Console flow control problem?
249.0CSSE::LEFEBVREFri Mar 19 1993VAX 7
250.01TPOVC::AARONYANGSun Mar 21 1993How long will it take to boot the VAX1
251.01NBOFS1::HAHNMon Mar 22 1993some questions concerning the cab
252.03HTSC19::PAULCHOIMon Mar 22 1993How to configure 384MB memory?
253.03GIDDAY::PHELPSTue Mar 23 1993Hose cable signal bit positions in the IPCHST
254.04ETHRA::BEDINWed Mar 24 1993pb installing OSF/1 on a DEC 1
255.01TPOVC::AARONYANGThu Mar 25 1993RF74 in VAX1
256.03XEDOX::SAUNIERFri Mar 26 1993The Meaning of the SOC sentence ....
257.01XEDOX::SAUNIERFri Mar 26 1993Hardware Pointers
258.03SIOG::KILROYFri Mar 26 1993MSCPCLASS Bugcheck on boot.
259.06CSC32::C_MORLEYSun Mar 28 1993What is FRRC errors and how do you get out
260.01HGOVA::DLCHANMon Mar 29 1993Electromagnetic Susceptibility of LASER
261.05GSRC::TRAINERMon Mar 29 1993More than 4 DEMNA's/XMI?
262.05DABEAN::LEARYWed Mar 31 1993Init Failure after VMS shutdown
264.03GIDDAY::PHELPSTue Apr 06 1993Hose power down/up cycles
265.01LARVAE::CSOONE::BARKERWed Apr 07 1993Advantage Server Cluster Question
266.02TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAThu Apr 08 1993console connected other CPU after test command
267.02JGODCL::CRONINThu Apr 08 1993What to do with B etch Ruby CPUs..
268.01WARNUT::RENCONTREThu Apr 08 1993SZ1
269.02LASCPM::MIYAMOTOThu Apr 08 1993BI card cage part #
270.0WONDER::WILLARDFri Apr 09 1993XMI Options
271.08CSC32::M_ZAREMBAFri Apr 09 1993Set prompt on 7
272.01PRSSOS::MONZONTue Apr 13 1993VAX7
273.03LANDO::ROSENSTEINWed Apr 14 1993Pointer to Console Code
274.05VAOUWed Apr 14 1993on-line diagnostics for VAX 7
275.01HERON::LAFORGUEThu Apr 15 1993HELP! Error Parse: 66
276.0UKAOS::OVERMEYERThu Apr 15 1993Power monitor cable part number
277.06HTSC19::KWOKTSEYINFri Apr 16 1993DEC 761
278.02SMOGGY::CAROLLAFri Apr 16 1993console garbage and syntax errors
279.01DEKVC::GEUMJOONLEEMon Apr 19 1993Two VAX7
280.01TEXAS1::SOBECKYMon Apr 19 1993White stuff on memory module covers?
281.06JGODCL::CRONINThu Apr 22 1993Errorlogs wanted.Soft or Hard.....
282.02AYOV1Fri Apr 23 1993DEC1
283.07SIOG::M_CONNOLLYSat Apr 24 1993LFU causes continous reboots
284.02PASSES::D_JANSENMon Apr 26 1993ISL_LVAX_V
285.02UTRTSC::TIELEMANTue Apr 27 1993sho dev and $1$DUA32869
286.01LASCPM::MIYAMOTOWed Apr 28 1993DWLAA availability
287.03EISJAT::TEDESCOThu Apr 29 1993Laser memory restrictions lifted?
288.01GIDDAY::PHELPSThu Apr 29 1993DEC 7
289.03MEO34A::MCCORMACKMon May 03 1993uncorrectable data error
290.01EMASS1::OBRIENTue May 04 1993Trying to change VAX tick to 5 milliseconds.
291.0GIDDAY::PHELPSTue May 04 19937
292.01HGOVA::PAULCHOIWed May 05 1993How to change serial number?
293.03BEJVC::PRCSWSWed May 05 1993SCSI on VAX 7
294.05TOOIS1::MIRGHANEWed May 05 1993Max SCSI disk capacity for DEC 7
295.09EEMELI::AKOSTAMOWed May 05 1993self test failed after V2.6
296.01GVPROD::MSTEINERMon May 10 19935 KFMSA/XMI => 2
297.03DEKPS1::BYUNGHOONKANMon May 10 1993512Mb problem in VAX764
298.02KERNEL::BLANDTue May 11 1993WARM SWAPPING DSSI Disks Re-visited
299.02KAMPUS::NEIDECKERThu May 13 1993Second level cache questions
300.01LANDO::CUMMINSThu May 13 1993VET for OpenVMS VAX now available
301.05QCAVFri May 14 1993Help in answering an RFP
302.08ZPOVC::RICHARDTANMon May 17 1993KZMSA follow-on?
303.05PSTVX1::KENNEDYTue May 18 1993KA7AA-DB is a ?
304.03ZPOVC::RICHARDTANTue May 18 1993MS7BB question
305.01NRMACO::ROWELLFri May 21 1993KFMSA support on DEC7
306.03COMICS::ROBBFri May 21 1993Virtual Circuit Timeout on busy DSSI
308.01SOS6::THOMASTue May 25 1993Laser Control Panel Labels
309.01QCAVWed May 26 1993DSSI config. issue
310.04LANDO::RYANWed May 26 1993MOP loading of Console scripts
311.02GIDDAY::PACKHAMThu May 27 1993Errlog decode?
312.01TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAThu May 27 1993BTR(Remaining Battery Capacity) problem on VAX1
313.03FRAFS1::KHANThu May 27 1993DEC 7
314.01CRONIC::DAERON::CLARKEThu May 27 1993Memory board combination?
315.0LANDO::CLEMENCEThu May 27 1993DEC7
316.02WOTVAX::MELLINGASun May 30 1993Console Data Corruption
317.01GIDDAY::PHELPSSun May 30 1993Console 2.6 changes to boot_osflags and Shadowing
318.035Thu Jun 03 19939 track tape and VAX 7
319.025Thu Jun 03 1993Binary Compatible?
320.02ANGLIN::ALLERFri Jun 04 1993Update EEPROM and options on DEMNA
321.02SYORRK::krasSun Jun 06 1993NFS benchmarks?
322.04GIDDAY::PHELPSMon Jun 07 1993CIXCD verify failures
323.03DABEAN::LEARYTue Jun 08 1993? +15v amps in XMI
324.02DEKVC::NAMJINCHOWed Jun 09 1993question for DEC1
325.03GLDOA::STOUGHTONWed Jun 09 1993New console releases????
326.04CSC32::M_FISHERWed Jun 09 1993Location of Cache ECC kit
327.0MRKTNG::FINOCCHIAROFri Jun 11 1993VMS V6.
328.04HDLITE::OBUCHONFri Jun 11 1993Vax761
329.03KAOFS::J_DALYMon Jun 14 1993no nuts here
330.02LANDO::MARCOUXMon Jun 14 1993OpenVMS AXP V1.5 SPDs
331.02TEVIOT::NAYLORTue Jun 15 1993VAX 7
332.01CSOA1::BSMITHFri Jun 18 1993Batteries and XMI's
334.01HTSCTue Jun 22 1993Cache kit OK for OpenVMS V5.52-HW??
335.02TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KATue Jun 22 1993firmware update by update -f command
336.011ZURTue Jun 22 1993No boot with FW V3.
337.07SEDSWS::JACKSONTue Jun 22 1993VAX-7
338.02HGOVA::CSCHANWed Jun 23 1993VAX 7
339.01GIDDAY::PHELPSWed Jun 23 1993IPB question
340.03KAOS::LAVELLEWed Jun 23 1993lfu, test, kdm devices missing at boot
341.07TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAFri Jun 25 1993Kernel-mode halt and HALT restart problem
344.0BSS::F_BLANDOMon Jun 28 1993No dump
345.01BUSHIE::WANTue Jul 06 1993Boot standalone from a TF857 on a 7
346.01KERNEL::LOANETue Jul 06 1993What (in SID) identifies a VAX 7k/1
347.02CSC32::J_MACGOWNTue Jul 06 1993SYSMAN IO show bus command
348.01GOYA::ACTECWed Jul 07 1993DEC 7
349.03MUTTON::LAMBThu Jul 08 1993SUN 2
350.01AIMHI::COLLINSThu Jul 08 1993KZMSA CNF Restrictions
351.010HGOVA::PAULCHOIFri Jul 09 1993VAX 7
352.01TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAMon Jul 12 1993Halt restart problem fixed by console V3.
353.04TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KATue Jul 13 1993New DEC7
354.01GOYA::ANATue Jul 13 1993No ADP for boot device with KDM7
355.0GSRC::TRAINERWed Jul 14 1993Need exact location of VAX 7
356.03UFRCS1::NEUMAYRThu Jul 15 1993Correctable ECC Error on MICB
357.04KERNEL::ROBBThu Jul 15 1993Corrupt boot block (not pointing to VMB)
358.01GLIND1::SDATZMANThu Jul 15 1993Performance Data.
359.0JANIX::jmhThu Jul 15 1993DEC 7
360.0LANDO::ROSENSTEINThu Jul 15 1993All Memory Restrictions are removed.
361.01DEKVC::JAEILLEEFri Jul 16 1993MTBF and MTTR for 1
362.05SNOFS2::OLEARYFri Jul 16 1993763
364.02KERNEL::ADAMSMon Jul 19 1993Fixed in Console V3 ????
365.01LARVAE::BARKER_CMon Jul 19 1993Noise Values for VAX7
366.02ROMTSS::MATTIANGELITue Jul 20 1993demna i/o bulkhead p.n.?
367.01SWAM2::ROMERO_CATue Jul 20 1993Problem running CIXCD RDBs on a DEC7
368.04WARXL1::FRECKNALLWed Jul 21 1993Probelm with console 3.
369.06WONDER::WILLARDWed Jul 21 1993HSJ Problems
370.07TROPPO::QUODLINGThu Jul 22 1993ups in the dec 7
371.010HGCSSun Jul 25 19931 GB VAX762
372.02TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAMon Jul 26 19936 CPU support on DEC7
373.01GIDDAY::PHELPSMon Jul 26 1993English control panel labels ?
374.0LANDO::CLEMENCEWed Jul 28 1993KCM44/KDM7
375.01MCIS2::POLLERTWed Jul 28 19935.5-2HW info
376.01WR1FOR::CABREIRA_ROWed Jul 28 1993INT54 help request
377.05KERNEL::BLANDThu Jul 29 1993POWER EVENT errorlog entry ?
379.02NBOFS1::HAHNThu Jul 29 1993VAX41
380.01CSC32::S_MARTINThu Jul 29 1993Whats the console rev?
381.07TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAMon Aug 02 1993Shutdown on DEC7
382.02CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Aug 03 1993KZMSA/StorageWorks format?
383.03CSC32::S_WASKEWICZTue Aug 03 1993761
384.01TRNWed Aug 04 1993VAX 76xx evolution: when?
385.0ISEQ::ROLEARYFri Aug 06 1993Console CI driver, "failed to open" boot problem.
386.0TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAMon Aug 09 1993V3.
387.0KAOFS::F_GUIBORDMon Aug 09 1993VAX76XX and failed HSC boot path
388.0JCRHOM::FOLEYMon Aug 09 1993
389.0KAMPUS::NEIDECKERTue Aug 10 1993Multiprocessor communication performance
390.02VIVIAN::P_MILNERWed Aug 11 1993planned maintenance ?????
391.06KAOFS::J_MCARAThu Aug 12 1993Need help with Dual Host DSSI Problem
392.0MACNAS::SHENEGHANMon Aug 16 1993ERF decodes WHAMI reg. incorrectly in V6.
393.01ARRODS::HARDINGMon Aug 16 1993Issues in downgrade from a DEC 761
394.0CSC32::S_WASKEWICZMon Aug 16 1993EF5X IPB for -LA variants?
395.02SEDSWS::HARDSTue Aug 17 1993Error notification in a two regulator configuratio
396.023CSC32::BRISSETTETue Aug 17 19937
397.01GVPROD::MSTEINERThu Aug 19 1993VAX 7
398.02TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAFri Aug 20 1993Power event error-log entry support ?
399.02VNABRW::SCHIESSERFri Aug 20 1993Missing Partnumber for KZMSA
400.0GLOWS::BRADYWed Aug 25 1993Slow Boot Dssi 7
401.04KERNEL::BLANDThu Aug 26 1993Problem with CD ROM VAX7
402.01MACNAS::SHENEGHANThu Aug 26 1993sysgen 'show/xmi' causes adap. error log entries
403.07PMAXPT::tanMon Aug 30 1993catastrophic failure!
404.01ZPOVC::ENGSOONTue Aug 31 1993Dedicated BUS for RRD42 Console Load Device
405.01ZURTue Aug 31 1993KA7AA-AA (Rev M
406.03UTRTSC::DERKSWed Sep 01 1993Adapter error IOP , System crash
407.01--UnknownUser--Thu Sep 02 1993Problem Setting the KEYBORD Language in CONSOLE MODE
408.01CALDEC::SCHMIDTFri Sep 03 1993Questions on booting a VAX 764
409.06HGOVA::CSCHANFri Sep 03 1993DEC7
410.04BEJVC::PRCSWSMon Sep 06 1993Daul-host DEC 7
411.02COMICS::DONNELLYMon Sep 06 1993Cache ECC errors again!!
412.02JGODCL::BRINKSWed Sep 08 1993which pal code in multi-proc
413.05LOOKIN::ROBBWed Sep 08 1993problem with CDP configuring disks?
414.02KETJE::SCHREURSWed Sep 08 1993KZMSA Support on VAX 7
415.016HAN::AHLBORNThu Sep 09 1993VAX7
416.022TKTVFS::NAKAMURA_YFri Sep 10 1993CRD error is INT6
417.02CX3PST::DFLPRD::M_DIFABIOFri Sep 10 1993BOOTDEV_DEF for Phase I shadowsets (Yes, again)
418.02KAOFS::G_LEDUCTue Sep 14 1993Problems downgrading firmware 3.
419.02ROMSLS::MCALINDINWed Sep 15 1993DEC 7
420.010CSC32::MORTONSat Sep 18 1993DMB32's allowed?
421.02PAPERS::CORNEMon Sep 20 1993MS7BB recharging ( for Prestoserve )
422.02SCOVAX::BARBERTue Sep 21 1993Emergency Power-Off
423.01SCOVAX::BARBERTue Sep 21 1993VAX to ALPHA upgrade
424.0VNABRW::WALDHERRWed Sep 22 1993DEC764
425.02ONOIS1::MENGUY_MWed Sep 22 1993CRASH command doesn't work console 3.
426.01BIGBLU::BSPWed Sep 22 1993Help on lamb (t2
427.03COPCLU::BENNYFri Sep 24 1993AXP761
428.05TILTS::LEWISWed Sep 29 1993DEC7
429.01STRWRS::KOCH_PWed Oct 06 1993"Class A", how is it defined, where do I get it?
430.0MQOU29::G_LEDUCWed Oct 06 1993RZ74 diaf failure on DEC 7
431.02NZOMIS::ROBBINSThu Oct 07 1993ATM and PCI for DEC 7
432.0SOLVIT::ENGLANDERMon Oct 11 1993DEC 7
433.04WETONE::LICATAMon Oct 11 1993DEC7
434.01VIVIAN::P_MILNERTue Oct 12 1993How many Kfmsa's
435.03TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAWed Oct 13 1993Please post new BLITZ
436.02KYOSS1::KELLERWed Oct 13 1993configuration file explanation
437.01DEKVC::GEUMJOONLEEThu Oct 14 1993SUPPORT??? one 512Mbyte module in OpenVMS5.5_2
438.03LEMAN::MBROWNFri Oct 15 1993Prestoserve on the DEC7
439.03JGODCL::CRONINFri Oct 15 1993Neon Field return repair report
440.03TAVSun Oct 17 1993Rack-mount DEC 7
441.01PROXY::GREENAWAYMon Oct 18 1993VAX 7
442.0116925::MIYAMOTOMon Oct 18 1993Any info on Turbo Laser or Sable?
443.0GYUPCC::SIEBOLDTue Oct 19 1993Investment protection with future laser based systems
444.02PSTVX1::KENNEDYTue Oct 19 1993DEC 7
446.01CSC32::J_KILLAWed Oct 20 1993Interrupt Stack Not Valid
447.03SOLVIT::ENGLANDERFri Oct 22 1993Can we Boot a VAX 7
448.03GIDDAY::TIGHESun Oct 24 1993FCO confusion
450.01TEXAS1::SOBECKYWed Oct 27 1993Question on UPDATE command
451.0DPDMAI::BERNALThu Oct 28 1993CPU E2
452.03PH4VAX::KRYSTOSat Oct 30 1993Need pinout definitions for IOP/HOSE cable.
453.04VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYMon Nov 01 1993EF51 recognition prob on VAX761
454.02TEXAS1::SOBECKYTue Nov 02 1993Power errorlog with OpenVms X2.
455.02DPDMAI::BERNALTue Nov 02 1993When do you use additional power supply ?
456.02GUIDUK::SOMERWed Nov 03 1993Are all the Multiprocessor CPU's the same ?
457.02EVTAI1::THOMASThu Nov 04 1993E2
458.03SWAMPD::ZIMMERMANNFri Nov 05 1993VAX 7
459.01SIOG::PKIRKTue Nov 09 1993Latest Console Reference Manual
460.0EISJAT::TEDESCOTue Nov 09 1993TF86 supported internal to VAX 7
461.01MACNAS::BNEVILLEThu Nov 11 1993LFU Version VAX7
463.02VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYSun Nov 14 1993Console 3.2 is only 3
464.02MLNTSC::BERETTACLAUDMon Nov 15 1993V 3.2 release notes
465.01GOVTWed Nov 17 1993T*867's connected to a DEC7
466.03AMCUCS::JOLLEYWed Nov 17 1993fast scsi?
467.06STRWRS::KOCH_PThu Nov 18 1993KZMSA details on DEC 7
468.06GLDOA::SISSOMThu Nov 18 1993VAX model 65
469.01MUNICH::KRNETAMon Nov 22 1993different CPUs in DEC 7
470.07SNOFS2::HASEGAWATue Nov 23 1993Power on Selftest
472.01CGOOA::DANYLUKTue Nov 23 1993More SID info needed
473.05MQOOA::PETRECCIAThu Nov 25 1993XMI to VME on DEC7
474.03VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYMon Nov 29 1993LFU boot methods...
475.09TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAMon Nov 29 1993RUBY console V3.
476.01STKHLM::JUTEMARTue Nov 30 1993INT6
477.07MORSE::jimWed Dec 01 1993Can't update firmware on a Ruby!
478.02HAN::AHLBORNFri Dec 03 1993RUBYs console sees KFMSA as unknown
479.02STUFri Dec 03 1993KZMSA + TLZ6L
480.01FREEBE::NEARYSun Dec 05 1993Need a pointer to Site Guides for newer machines
481.02STKHLM::ALMERLOVMon Dec 06 1993INT6
483.03KAOFS::C_MENENDEZTue Dec 07 1993NOTES?KFMSB availability...
484.01BACHUS::HUWAERTWed Dec 08 1993boot_osflags missing in V3.1 console
485.03JGODCL::BRINKSThu Dec 09 1993init nvr
486.09MLNTSC::BERETTACLAUDThu Dec 09 1993v3.2 & Shadow Phase I
487.02DEKVC::JAEILLEETue Dec 14 1993Error log analysis?
488.02UFHIS::PVILJANENTue Dec 14 1993Why Futurebus+ needs XMI bus ?
489.01KYOSS1::DEBARBAWed Dec 15 1993Need help w/ console msg
490.01FRAFS1::KHANMon Dec 20 1993MP tests failing with P
491.0FRAFS1::KHANMon Dec 20 1993Batteries and first power up
492.01FRAFS1::KHANMon Dec 20 1993Verify battery packs are disconnected
493.08CSC32::M_JILSONThu Dec 23 1993DUMPINCOMPL on a 7
494.03WELSWS::BAZLEYThu Dec 23 1993V3.* BOOTDEF_DEV restriction
495.04UTROP1::MIRCK_RMon Dec 27 1993update v3.
496.0GIDDAY::PHELPSTue Dec 28 1993E2
498.03HGODC1::HKGSYSMGRWed Jan 05 1994Dual host 762
499.03DEBUG::CROSBIEFri Jan 07 1994Inconsistant 7 Gig System Drive Boot
500.01SWAM2::SOTO_RUMon Jan 10 1994Is it RZ28 or RZ73
501.0NEWVAX::MURRAYTue Jan 11 1994Latest Marketing Info Online?
502.05PFSVAX::BABCOCKWed Jan 12 1994DEC7
503.03HLFSFri Jan 14 1994jumping to bootstrap at 125a
504.0TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAMon Jan 17 1994Unexpected error by "test dwlma*" on VAX7
505.01SEDSWS::DAVIES_DMon Jan 17 1994VAX7
506.01TBJVOA::SETOTue Jan 18 1994SCSI Tape on DEC7
508.06LSNCSC::NEUWEILERTue Jan 18 1994Strange console halt
509.03CUJO::PEREZFTue Jan 18 1994sho dev kfmsa console bugcheck
510.01TKOV51::ISHIBASHI_TThu Jan 20 1994Large overhead on OpenVMS SMP system ?
511.01CGOOA::DANYLUKFri Jan 21 1994V3.2, Boot Problem
512.01OTOOA::MEVANSMon Jan 24 1994lsb air flow??
513.0SIOG::KILROYTue Jan 25 1994Script to look at stack contents.
514.01HOO78C::RIETKERKWed Jan 26 1994Console HANG, No >>> !
515.03LANDO::LUQUETTEMon Jan 31 1994question on memory CRD error log entries
516.05UFHIS::PVILJANENTue Feb 01 1994Official DEC7
517.06SSDEVO::FROEHLINWed Feb 02 1994DEC7
519.01BACHUS::HUWAERTFri Feb 04 1994Memory controller error at boot time
520.01HLFSFri Feb 04 1994RUBY hang's due to CIXCD error??
521.03UFHIS::PVILJANENFri Feb 04 1994Infoserver support on AXP Firmware CD V2.6
522.04ZPOVC::RICHARDTANMon Feb 07 1994lamb error
523.03BBPPDR::ROWELLTue Feb 08 1994ISL booting from Infoserver
524.02MSDOA::PARKERJWed Feb 09 1994Additional Buses over Kill or not?
525.01KYOSS1::KELLERThu Feb 10 1994762
526.0EEMELI::HYVARIFri Feb 11 1994VAX761
527.03GVPROD::MSTEINERMon Feb 14 1994Equivalent to ">>> D/I 14 C" on a VAX 7
528.04SOS6::BERNARDWed Feb 16 1994KZMSA Support on VAX 7
529.03GIDDAY::PHELPSThu Feb 17 1994HSJ** boot support for DEC7
530.0CSC32::BRISSETTEMon Feb 21 1994AXP 7
531.03CVG::PANNETONMon Feb 21 1994multiple KZMSA wont run in XMI slot E
532.01ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBWed Feb 23 19947
533.03KERNEL::BLANDWed Feb 23 1994VAX762
534.01SCOVAX::BARBERWed Feb 23 1994Larger memory modules ?
535.01TENNIS::KAMWed Feb 23 1994KZBSA-xx SCSI tape/disk support for VAXBI?
536.01MIMS::ZURIK_EFri Feb 25 1994Services for the 1
538.01MIMS::ZURIK_ETue Mar 01 1994New DEC1
539.016MROA::FREITASWed Mar 02 1994HALT instruction in kernel mode problem
540.01KZOVAX::STOUGHTONThu Mar 03 1994TA9
541.02ALFAM7::GOSEJACOBFri Mar 04 1994KZMSA performace question
542.0SML1DR::VANWINKLEMon Mar 07 1994Exactly why do VAX 765
543.01ALFAM7::SIEBOLDTue Mar 08 1994Environment variable gone ??
544.01JGODCL::BRINKSWed Mar 09 1994set power -b question
545.01BPSOF::FAZEKASWed Mar 09 1994reboot hungs console
546.04MUCCS1::PIETERSONWed Mar 09 1994Firmware RUBY
547.02CGOOA::VAOP14::piperWed Mar 09 1994Latest CD Cosole?????
548.06TENNIS::KAMWed Mar 09 1994Who's the Product Manager for VAX 7
549.02KZOVAX::STOUGHTONThu Mar 10 1994Memory Question
550.02PADNOM::MONZONMon Mar 14 1994VAX7
551.07BOGUSS::BOSKLOPPERMon Mar 14 19942
552.0+6PFSVAX::WUENSCHELLTue Mar 15 19942
554.02DEKVC::SEUNGJOOSONThu Mar 17 1994can V3.
555.01TOPTEN::AVERBACHSun Mar 20 19947XXX-O
556.010SIOG::KILROYMon Mar 21 1994DEMFA upgrade to 2.
557.01MIMS::ZURIK_EMon Mar 21 1994Info on DECADVENT
558.06ALBANY::SARACINOWed Mar 23 1994WHEN/WHERE CD console 3.2
559.01KAOFS::D_SWITZERWed Mar 23 1994main breaker prob?
560.02GLDOA::MALOTTThu Mar 24 1994Console V3.* further boot_dev ?'s
561.0FIXSR2::RUGGIEROFri Mar 25 1994Problem Reading TK5
562.01CSC32::KOELLHOFFERFri Mar 25 1994Cookbook?
563.02TOPTEN::AVERBACHSun Mar 27 1994Demfa timeouts on boot
564.01DECLNE::PEACOCKTue Mar 29 1994TF85 Blank Bezel?
565.02HGOVC::THOMASLAWThu Mar 31 1994cover panel
566.01TOOHOT::LEEDSThu Mar 31 1994embedded controllers in VAX 7
567.02VAXRIO::VELASCOMon Apr 04 1994VAX 7
568.01SWAM2::SUKOVICH_ROMon Apr 04 1994CD distribution questions.
569.04AIMHI::COLLINSTue Apr 05 1994BA655 on VAX 7/1
570.01COLES1::LONZECKTue Apr 05 1994PATHFINDER for VAX7
571.01SIOG::KILROYWed Apr 06 1994Boot with only FDDI?
572.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANSun Apr 10 1994About Mandatory Cache ECC Error Handling Kit
573.02COLMon Apr 11 1994firmware for 7
574.01POBOX::CHRISMANMon Apr 11 1994T1
575.05DRAC::DEMATOSTue Apr 12 1994Dec1
576.03GIDDAY::PHELPSWed Apr 13 1994AXP7
577.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Apr 14 1994Re-visiting same SID on two machines
578.04WONDER::FEINThu Apr 14 1994Online Pocket Service Guide
579.03COLFri Apr 15 1994DEC7
580.01LABC::NGUYENFri Apr 15 1994Urgently need latest firmware for 7
581.02NLATue Apr 19 1994Power receptacle question
582.0DP2FS2::KLASINSKIWed Apr 20 1994LFU distribution
583.05TRUCKS::YOUNGWed Apr 20 19947
584.04CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Apr 20 19947
585.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Apr 20 1994About STB??
586.01SIOG::PKIRKFri Apr 22 1994Forcing Crashes on hung 7
587.01HERON::DELGIUDICESun Apr 24 19943 CIXCD and more on 764
588.02SHIPS::ELLIOTT_GTue May 03 1994HELP!! Yert another
589.02OSLLAV::TRONDOE_PWed May 04 1994console 3.2,phase 1 and shadow boot
590.02CSC32::S_RAYWed May 04 1994INT6
591.02DEMOAX::GLICKMANWed May 04 1994About CPUs
592.04STUThu May 05 1994Memory Errors and OSF/1
593.01GLDOA::STOUGHTONThu May 05 1994Is this a feature?????
594.01GIDDAY::PHELPSThu May 05 1994Asyncwrterr, Inconstate, INT6
595.01STUFri May 06 1994Fault Management Specs ?
596.02UFHIS::PVILJANENTue May 10 1994Pointer for DEC7
597.01SWAM2::ROMERO_CAWed May 11 1994DWMVA/T2
598.02KERNEL::PETTETFri May 13 1994IOP switch settings wrong
599.07CHOWDA::GLICKMANSat May 14 1994On boot device not found
600.013LINZMon May 16 1994Autoboot with HSD
601.06TOOHOT::LEEDSMon May 16 1994can't boot VAX 7
602.01CSC32::G_BORDERSMon May 16 1994Dual pathed SCSI
604.02HGCSWed May 18 1994DEC 7
605.03GLDOA::STOUGHTONWed May 18 1994Reboot issue
606.01CGOOA::DANYLUKThu May 19 1994Latest Firmware Rev?
607.01KERNEL::SCOTTFri May 27 1994MSCP_XACC usage
608.07UKAOS::OVERMEYERFri May 27 1994DEC7
609.0HGSW32::KKHAUMon May 30 1994VAX 77
610.06TPOVC::CLARKSUTue May 31 1994hardware revision
611.06SWAM2::NEELY_ALTue May 31 1994axp upgrade
612.044SMOGGY::CAROLLAThu Jun 02 1994pwer-e-bad w/ 6.1
613.06HOO78C::RIETKERKMon Jun 06 1994QUEUEMPTY bugcheck ??
614.01COPCLU::RENETue Jun 14 1994LArge System disk > 4GB required ASAP
616.03HGCSMon Jun 20 1994Service documentation for rackmountable systems?
617.04SMOGGY::CAROLLAMon Jun 20 1994CPU's > 4
618.03SIOG::KILROYTue Jun 21 1994StorageWorks with TLZ
619.04BACHUS::VANLOOCKWed Jun 22 1994KFMSA for VAX7
620.02RSNWed Jun 22 1994set host command on dec7
621.02JULIET::CABREIRA_ROWed Jun 22 1994System Configuration changed...
622.01HGOVC::XKOVThu Jun 23 1994Diags partnumbers required -- VAX 7
623.03KAOFS::J_MCARAThu Jun 23 1994Need help on reinit problem
624.02HGODCS::SUSANCHANFri Jun 24 1994upgrade to 761
625.02HEN::MEHTAFri Jun 24 1994Problem configuring tk5
626.04GIDDAY::ASHLEYSun Jun 26 19947
627.04DEBUG::GALLOMon Jun 27 1994pointer to V3.3 console firmware?
628.03COLTue Jun 28 1994EEPROM build failed && more questions
629.010HTSCFri Jul 01 1994VAX7
630.02ZURFri Jul 01 1994KZMSA,DWZZA,DWZZA,TZ877 - cables ?
631.02GSRC::TRAINERFri Jul 01 1994XMI = ?
632.02HAMSC3::JPULLERMon Jul 04 1994761
634.03HAMSUP::KLIMMECKTue Jul 05 1994help on console prompt
635.08COLTue Jul 05 1994T3.
636.01KERNEL::ROBBWed Jul 06 1994 SHUTDOWN Recursive bugcheck
637.01SWAM2::MILLER_VIMon Jul 11 1994MAX size of system disk
638.03MUCCS1::PIETERSONTue Jul 12 1994HYPERChannel Supported?????
639.0GIDDAY::PHELPSWed Jul 13 1994CPU revision in >>> show config
640.05KERNEL::PETTETWed Jul 13 1994booting CD-ROM problem
641.07GVPROD::MSTEINERWed Jul 13 1994bootdef_dev for hbvs on sysdisk ?
642.018SMOGGY::CAROLLAWed Jul 13 1994Cpu in INIT
643.02HAMSUP::KLIMMECKFri Jul 15 1994EEPROM bad checksum
644.01ODIXIE::CASASFri Jul 15 1994PIU air flow plates part numbers
646.01HGOVC::JIMMYWONGMon Jul 18 1994Can RM DEC7
647.03UFHIS::PVILJANENMon Jul 18 1994DEC7
648.02GLDOA::STOUGHTONTue Jul 19 1994Control Y problem on AXP
649.04TROOA::PBLANEYTue Jul 19 1994dmb32, sync port, OpenVMS 6.
650.01EZLCHZ::EZZELLWed Jul 20 1994Question on prestoserve option
651.05RMDSRV::KIRKWed Jul 20 1994Upgrade from 761
652.04NBOFS1::HAHNThu Jul 21 1994AXP-7
653.01VICKI::CRAIGFri Jul 22 1994>>>set cpu_enabled
654.04STKHLM::HOBBE::DAHLBERGTue Jul 26 1994KZMSA fw. rev. for DECsafe
655.05CMKRNL::WALLTue Jul 26 1994Console language /= DCL
656.05UKAOS::OVERMEYERTue Jul 26 1994Can a CIXCD coexist witn a CIBCA-A without errors????
657.02FRUST::FUKSWed Jul 27 1994Turbolaser + reflectiv memory
658.03CSC32::T_KNAPPWed Jul 27 1994Memory constraints, VAX 762
659.0STKHLM::HOBBE::DAHLBERGThu Jul 28 1994Revision of CPU-modules
660.02KERNEL::BLANDFri Jul 29 1994any side affects with BLITZ 1566 if not required?
661.06UNITED::MCDONNELLTue Aug 02 19941
662.012WOTVAX::MELLINGAWed Aug 03 1994vax 7
663.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Aug 03 1994About VAX 7
664.02KERNEL::BLANDThu Aug 04 1994B-MAP Parity error ?
665.01BACHUS::POTYFri Aug 05 1994vax 761
666.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Aug 05 1994??s about modifying root in boot symbols
667.0KERNEL::BLANDSun Aug 07 1994CRD followed by second CRD
668.02VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYMon Aug 08 1994CDP problems...
669.01DECLNE::FOLEYMon Aug 08 1994VMS V5.5-2&Vax77
670.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Aug 08 1994CRASH or DEPOSIT PSL, PC?? what works?
671.02SMURF::BLINNTue Aug 09 1994Eugene Chu at JPL/NASA seeks DEC 7
673.0+8LANDO::SADINThu Aug 11 1994REV MATRIX for AXP console
674.07LANDO::SADINThu Aug 11 1994REV MATRIX for VAX consoles
675.05FREEBE::MACLEANMon Aug 15 1994Performance with only one memory array?
676.0FREEBE::MACLEANMon Aug 15 1994Over 512 MByte VMS 5.5-2 testing Interleaving?
677.01TKTVFS::NAGAI_KTue Aug 16 1994how many kzsma support per XMI on OSF/1
678.01GIDDAY::SHAHWed Aug 17 1994VAX77
679.02AMCUCS::JOLLEYThu Aug 18 1994H7263
680.02XKOVThu Aug 18 1994OSF/1 shows DEC1
681.02XKOVThu Aug 18 1994Differeces among E2
682.0COLThu Aug 18 1994max # of netcontrollers
683.01LSNCSC::NEUWEILERMon Aug 22 1994Looking for VAX1
684.01VAXRIO::IVANWed Aug 24 1994RAID under OSF
685.0FAILTE::PATTERSONMThu Aug 25 1994TEST command revisited
686.04CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Aug 25 1994Vol Shad system disk w/ 7
687.01GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Aug 25 1994VAX7
688.01BPSOF::STEINERFri Aug 26 1994VAX7
689.01FAILTE::HUNKY::mackinnonpFri Aug 26 1994
690.09GIDDAY::STANISLAUSFri Aug 26 1994CIXCD self test failure with no star coupler
691.014FXODEV::ROBERGEWed Aug 31 1994cannot boot firmware update
692.0LANDO::CUMMINSWed Aug 31 1994VAX 7
693.02HLFSThu Sep 01 1994DEC761
694.01KERNEL::PETTETFri Sep 02 1994CPU
695.05PFSVAX::BABCOCKFri Sep 02 1994phantom vms reboot on 1
696.0ECCGY4::KRAFTTue Sep 06 1994AXP 7
697.0UFHIS::PVILJANENTue Sep 06 1994Getting Information on Power Regulator Status ???
698.01SDOCS1::LIBERTINITue Sep 06 1994VAX77
699.06HGOVC::CSCHANWed Sep 07 1994Rackmount DEC7
700.01SWAM2::BILYEU_MIThu Sep 08 1994NDU vs LFU
701.04GENIE::TANNERFri Sep 09 1994VAX 7
702.02QCAVMon Sep 12 1994Turbolaser+reflective memory PMs
703.03HGOVC::CSCHANMon Sep 12 1994VAX762
704.0CAPO::SUKOVICH_ROFri Sep 16 1994IPB or BOM ???
705.03FIREBL::LEEDSFri Sep 16 1994memory support on DEC 7
706.01QCAVMon Sep 19 1994Require Help on TurboLaser
707.06DECPRG::LUFTTue Sep 20 1994CIXCD /hsj4
708.01CSC32::GULDENSat Sep 24 1994Problem updating CIXCD firmware on a DEC7
709.01HAMSC3::JPULLERMon Sep 26 1994How to disable DWZZA Terminators?
710.01CAPO::ROMERO_CAMon Sep 26 1994>>>test kn7ab
711.02HAMSC3::JPULLERTue Sep 27 1994AXP 762
712.02LODGE::MARCHIONDOFri Sep 30 1994772
713.02CSC32::MCLEANSun Oct 02 1994%POWER-I-NOTIFY messages on VAX 77
714.01CSC32::BRISSETTETue Oct 04 1994POWER-E-DEAD, no power regulator answer received why ?
716.01FIREBL::LEEDSTue Oct 04 1994DEC7
717.01KERNEL::PETTETWed Oct 05 1994INT6
718.06ANGLIN::HUGHESDWed Oct 05 1994Vax 7
719.0ARGUS::JENERESKIWed Oct 05 1994AXP7
720.01SSDEVO::T_GONZALESThu Oct 06 1994kzmsa docs??
721.0KERNEL::ROBBThu Oct 06 1994Create bootable VMS disk on Infoserver RZ2
722.01DNEAST::DUVAL_GEORGESat Oct 08 1994Can anyone help me with a console problem?
724.01BACHUS::PIRLETMon Oct 10 1994both memory modul report CRD same time, same bit
725.0TROFS::LAMMon Oct 10 1994"DS" device with CMD CDI-424
726.02BPSOF::TORNYOSSYWed Oct 12 1994Crashes (2nd Uncorr ECC Err - with OVMS 1.5 SSB!)
727.01KERNEL::HORSNELLWed Oct 12 1994MAX CI's on 773
728.03HOO78C::HOVENWed Oct 12 1994KFMSB closing virtual circuit
729.01TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAThu Oct 13 1994Battery-PIU trouble on DEC761
730.01TOSSUB::SABBADINTue Oct 18 1994VAXft NOTES looking for pointer
731.011VESDAT::KENNEDYWed Oct 19 1994DEC 773
732.01HLFSThu Oct 20 1994APB-F-GETENV booting DEC 7
733.01CSC32::K_JOHNSONThu Oct 20 1994Excessive MPSYNC & KERNEL time on VAX 776
734.02HGOCS::TONYLIUThu Oct 20 1994Cant force crash
735.03MUCCS1::PIETERSONFri Oct 21 1994Revision problem???
736.01TPOVC::CLARKSUMon Oct 24 1994" show error" vs errorlog
737.01COMICS::SHELLEYMon Oct 24 1994VUP rating for 7
738.03TMANVO::DROBERTTue Oct 25 1994WANTED: VAX76
739.04ANGLIN::HUGHESDTue Oct 25 1994booting from an alternate hsj
740.0GIDDAY::MORETTIWed Oct 26 1994Part number for domed key and lock-down feet ?
741.06PRSSOS::MENGINWed Oct 26 1994
742.03CSC32::GULDENSun Oct 30 1994Unrecognized qualifier with -fl
743.09WELCLU::ALLENKThu Nov 03 1994Boot Fail on >4GByte System Disk
744.01NZOVThu Nov 03 1994SCSI on VAX 7
745.06ANGLIN::HUGHESDSun Nov 06 1994DWMBB XMI to BI interface fails self test
746.02KYOSS1::MONTEDONICOMon Nov 07 1994dec 7
747.01CALDEC::SCHMIDTTue Nov 08 1994hsj4
748.02SWAM2::NEELY_ALWed Nov 09 1994battery probs.
749.04BACHUS::PIRLETWed Nov 09 1994power bad messag, no entry in errlog.
750.06COMICS::TRAVELLThu Nov 10 1994CPU1 unexpected exception during init.
751.02FREEBE::MACLEANThu Nov 10 1994Can Alpha/Vax versions of CIXCD's Coexist?
752.02NBOFS1::KLEINFri Nov 11 1994VAX771
753.05QCAVTue Nov 15 1994fimware upgrade failing. similar to 691.
754.09SEDSWS::DAVIES_DTue Nov 15 1994Unexpected exception/interrupt, vector 8
755.05BACHUS::PIRLETTue Nov 15 1994E2
756.0VESDAT::JKAXP1::KennedyWed Nov 23 1994Has the 48V regulator EPU power rating changed?
757.03COLES1::LONZECKThu Nov 24 1994URGENT: LFU Bootproblems on AXP762
758.02SIOG::PKIRKMon Nov 28 1994Is VAX 7
759.04SIOG::PKIRKMon Nov 28 1994plastic decal part number
760.04CSC32::L_GAMBLETue Nov 29 1994CIXCD errors on DEC 7
761.0GLDOA::STOUGHTONWed Nov 30 1994PM Necessity???
762.01KERNEL::ADAMSTue Dec 06 1994>>>Test fails on KFMSA with RF74
763.03ZPAC2Tue Dec 06 1994panic: Non-recoverable hardware error
764.0SWAM2::MILLER_VIWed Dec 07 1994VAX 765
765.02JOBURG::HARRISThu Dec 08 1994Latest microcode for DEMNA & Release notes please?
766.01TOPTEN::KELLERThu Dec 08 1994LFU CD's for a 77XX
767.01HGCSSun Dec 11 1994VAX/DEC 77
768.06HLFSMon Dec 12 1994dec761
769.07SIOG::KILROYMon Dec 12 1994DEC 7
770.0SALEM::HARRIS_MTue Dec 13 1994771
771.0SEDOAS::CLIFFE_STue Dec 13 1994Will CSCPAT 1
772.01FIREBL::LEEDSWed Dec 14 1994console firmware, 7
773.02HERON::LAFORGUEThu Dec 15 1994memory compatibility Laser->TurboLaser?
774.08HAN::HALLEThu Dec 15 1994DEC 761
776.09SALEM::HARRIS_MThu Dec 15 1994KZMSA/HSZ4
777.04CSC32::GULDENSun Dec 18 1994SHOW DEVICE console command and dual CIXCD's
778.05BOSMNP::PICARDTue Dec 20 1994Upgrade Firmware from DISK
779.05KARHU::HALLWed Dec 21 1994VAX 77
780.03HGCSWed Dec 21 1994How do we disable memory under console mode?
781.01--UnknownUser--Thu Dec 22 1994DEC7
782.02UFHIS::JKRAFTThu Dec 22 1994DEC7
783.01BIS6::VERBEECKTue Dec 27 1994IOP switch setting
784.09ISIDRO::GEMMAThu Dec 29 1994DUMPINCOMPL on a 7
785.0MIMS::ZURIK_EThu Dec 29 1994Max memory support
786.01ISIDRO::GEMMAMon Jan 02 1995DUMPSTYLE & more than 768MB of memory
787.01HGCSTue Jan 03 1995HSD
788.02ANGLIN::HUGHESDWed Jan 04 199577xx Operations manual
789.0CSC32::COLTERThu Jan 05 1995SECURE/ENABLE switch determines what AUTO_ACTION does
790.0SALEM::HARRIS_MSat Jan 07 1995Cam errors on boot up of a DEC761
791.02CSC32::GULDENSun Jan 08 1995System time 1 year ahead after 1st boot of new year
792.03CSC32::M_BERNHARDTTue Jan 10 1995How to determine souce of CRDs??
793.01CGOOA::DANYLUKTue Jan 10 1995VAX7
794.01KERNEL::SCOTTTue Jan 10 1995SYS$CPU_ROUTINEs query
795.05FORAT::JLSWed Jan 11 1995power-i-notify..battery end of life?
796.07CSC32::ANASAZ::J_BECKERWed Jan 11 1995Problems mapping PFN's above physical pages on a vax 761
797.01GSGLXT::CHMURAThu Jan 12 1995VAX 761
798.0BBOVAX::STRINGFri Jan 13 1995Console Version 4.
799.02MLNCSC::BERETTACLAUDTue Jan 17 1995LSB corrected memory err
800.0GIDDAY::PHELPSWed Jan 18 1995EEprom failures on DEC7
801.0PROXY::JEANThu Jan 19 1995DEMNA firmware problem
802.02SALEM::HARRIS_MThu Jan 19 199548Vdc regulator testing..??
803.05SALEM::HARRIS_MTue Jan 24 1995FDDI DAS card
804.08SWAM2::MILLER_VITue Jan 24 1995VCS induced ^P halt
805.0CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Jan 25 1995Benchmarks for the VAX 7
806.012ZURA6::TANNERFri Jan 27 1995Documentation for TURBOLASER ??
807.04SWAM2::SUKOVICH_ROFri Jan 27 1995Sluggish ^P response
808.0ZURMon Jan 30 1995VAX 1
809.0TMAWKO::RMANDRYMon Jan 30 1995Weird Modules
810.03KERNEL::BLANDTue Jan 31 1995memory errolog entries at boot time/tenpercent of mem bad
811.0TLAVWed Feb 01 1995ESE2
812.01COLWed Feb 01 1995rt-clock modul for the 7
813.01CSC32::HUTMACHERWed Feb 01 1995dec762
814.01CSC32::M_MONDOZZIFri Feb 03 1995Can the DEC7
815.01DECPRG::KUPKAMon Feb 06 1995DEC772
816.07UKAOS::OVERMEYERMon Feb 06 1995VAX 761
817.02HDLITE::VANORDENTue Feb 07 1995TurboLaser:what version of DEC OSF/1?
818.03CSC32::WSC1Wed Feb 08 1995VAX 771
819.01ALEPPO::kb1gp.mse.tay.dec.com::BowkerThu Feb 09 1995What does EEPROM Area Key 32 not found mean
820.0UKAOS::OVERMEYERFri Feb 10 1995Min revisions to upgrade a DEC761
821.06HERON::LAFORGUETue Feb 14 1995please change prot of firmware directory
822.02OSLLAV::TRONDOE_PWed Feb 15 1995problems with AUTO_ACTION RESTART
823.02SVCRUS::ERBThu Feb 16 1995TLaser cache coherency-how is it done?
824.02BAHTAT::HILTONFri Feb 17 1995SPECrate performance
825.02HGCSThu Feb 23 1995Revision Matrix Please?
826.02LYOISA::BOIRINThu Feb 23 1995Ethernet controller name ??
827.0JGODCL::CRONINThu Feb 23 1995WANTED Harris thermo cycle.
828.03CGOOA::DANYLUKThu Feb 23 1995SYSboot XMI adapter message
830.03TOPTEN::AVERBACHMon Feb 27 1995Insufficient Dynamic Memory from show device
831.02CSC32::L_GAMBLEMon Feb 27 1995HSJ path B problems
832.01VNABRW::SPITTERSBERGWed Mar 01 1995CMgr Connect CPU
833.02CSC32::M_JILSONWed Mar 01 19956
834.01CSC32::B_KETELSENThu Mar 02 1995Bad SIMM on MS7AA-FA kept 7
835.05GIDDAY::PHELPSMon Mar 06 1995Control P handling - hang on VMS/AXP
836.01KZOVAX::STOUGHTONMon Mar 06 1995TZ87-VA/76xx problem
837.0KERNEL::BARTLEYMon Mar 06 1995How long to take a dump?
838.03HDLITE::CANUTEMon Mar 06 1995Wrong firmware loaded
839.04CSC32::J_GAINESMon Mar 06 1995DEC7
840.01KERNEL::SCOTTTue Mar 07 1995Does Cache Flush use Victim Buffer?
841.02BACHUS::HUWAERTWed Mar 08 1995Location for V.4 firmware
842.07PROXY::ALLENWed Mar 08 1995Console Firmware Release Announcements
843.07PROXY::ALLENWed Mar 08 1995Questions/comments on Console Firmware Release Announcements
844.0TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAFri Mar 10 1995cpu_primary environment variable
845.02DMAFSV::FRANKFri Mar 10 1995Need help decoding errorlog entry
847.06COLTue Mar 14 19952GB Mem,how to find SIMM
848.0TOPTEN::KELLERTue Mar 14 1995build eeprom, nvr revisited
849.03GLDOA::STOUGHTONThu Mar 16 1995ERRFMT/Shadow issues
850.0ZPOVC::PARRYCHUAFri Mar 17 1995OSF SMP MCHK need help
851.02CSC32::COLTERMon Mar 20 1995Does V4 of VAX762
852.05GIDDAY::PHELPSTue Mar 21 1995CIXCD - current version for VAX - V47 ?
853.0ALFAM7::URBANWed Mar 22 1995lamb broken????
854.04TOPTEN::KELLERMon Mar 27 1995Laser and DSSI
855.02GIDDAY::PUDIPEDDITue Mar 28 1995LFU for ver47 CIXCD
857.04FIREBL::LEEDSThu Mar 30 1995moving BI from 6
858.05ALBANY::PEPLOWSKIFri Mar 31 1995End of life batt prob on dec 7
859.0HGOM11::BRENDACAOMon Apr 03 1995dec 77
860.02KERNEL::BLANDMon Apr 03 1995POWER-I-NOTIFY event, Help required please
861.05LISVAX::ANSELMOTue Apr 04 1995Last version of VAX 76xx console firmware.
862.01SPACE2::HABERLANDWed Apr 05 1995XBIA different between VAX 6
866.02SIOG::DOYLEThu Apr 06 1995Dranetz power mains monitor
867.06NBOFS1::HABERLERFri Apr 07 1995dec7
868.02COLES1::LONZECKFri Apr 07 1995U: INT6
869.03SWAM2::SUKOVICH_ROFri Apr 07 19951
870.03VNABRW::637Mon Apr 10 1995UNKNOWN ENTRY VAX77
871.06GIDDAY::STANISLAUSTue Apr 11 1995Console CD-ROM update service
872.01NBOFS1::HABERLERTue Apr 11 1995Memory on Laser and Turbo Laser ??
873.03VNABRW::SPITTERSBERGTue Apr 11 1995unexpected exception/interrupt, vector 1
875.03VNABRW::637Wed Apr 12 1995LASER SYSTEM BUS ERROR Address Invalid
876.04ATYISA::JOUVELLIERWed Apr 12 1995VAX 7
877.0KERNEL::ODONNELLRWed Apr 12 1995TurboLaser Machine check
878.010GLDOA::COOKWed Apr 12 1995Memory configuration problem
879.09UTRTSC::DERKSThu Apr 13 1995%Power-E-Bad again
880.01COLES1::LONZECKThu Apr 13 1995Q: VAX7xxx connected to HSD
881.02HLFSFri Apr 14 1995Prevent a 761
882.0CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Apr 19 1995Typing beyond 8
883.0MKOTS3::COLLINS_AWed Apr 19 1995exit
885.01BSS::TETTERTONFri Apr 21 1995Will the RRD4
886.02JOBURG::HARRISWed Apr 26 1995IOP To XMI hose cable partnumber required.
887.03GIDDAY::HIRSHMANThu Apr 27 1995B-cache ECC errs: I need proof of their harmlessness
888.0HLFSFri Apr 28 1995Memory install problems
890.02VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYTue May 02 1995Urgent - Console command advice pls...
891.04CSC32::B_KETELSENWed May 03 1995Assistance with KFMSA error log entries?
892.02CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu May 04 1995VAX 7
893.03MIMS::ZURIK_EThu May 04 1995RZ29's supported internally
894.0SWAM2::SUKOVICH_ROFri May 05 1995exit
896.0JOBURG::HARRISSun May 07 1995E2
897.03JOBURG::HARRISSun May 07 1995Finger trouble with Update ka7aa
898.01JOBURG::HARRISMon May 08 1995Mixing of diff MS7AA Memory in AXP DEC 7
899.06KERNEL::WRIGHTONTue May 09 1995Not all HSJ's seen when cluster is busy.
900.013HGOVC::CSCHANWed May 10 1995Decode DEC773
901.01SNOFS2::OLEARYWed May 10 199577
902.01VLNVAX::BROCKELMANWed May 10 1995help with show device on console
903.03DPDMAI::BUENSUCESOWed May 10 1995DEC 77
904.01CSC32::BRISSETTEThu May 11 1995>>>set power main -b
905.0CSC32::BRISSETTEThu May 11 1995need enet pointer to kfmsb spec
906.02MAASUP::TURROSun May 14 1995PWR probs BA6
907.01SWAM2::SUKOVICH_ROMon May 15 1995^%$&^ BATTERY stuff
908.06MSAMTue May 16 1995Console halt at pSL
909.0MUCCS1::PIETERSONTue May 16 1995Again a INT6
910.02VFOFS::EMONDTue May 16 1995
911.03KEIKI::WHITEWed May 17 1995Exception loading/running LFU
912.01COPCLU::BENNYThu May 18 1995KZMSA 5.6 - SCSI Illegal request problem
913.04JOBURG::BARNESThu May 18 1995TL82
914.010JOBURG::HARRISThu May 18 1995Exhaustive VAX7
917.01DABEAN::MACLEANWed May 24 1995I happened to read the entry...
918.01HGOSPS::NORMANTSUIThu May 25 1995Meaning of 7K console halt code
919.0KERNEL::SCOTTThu May 25 1995Interrupt through vector 8
920.01DPDMAI::TURNERGFri May 26 1995Remote Access Question
921.02JOBURG::HARRISSat May 27 1995ECO TW
922.07CSOA1::WILLIAMSTue May 30 1995Corrupted EEPROMS going to V4.
923.02TROOA::CILIAWed May 31 1995Show Device problem for DSSI devices
925.01BELFST::LEETCHTue Jun 06 1995>>>TEST gives different error
927.015TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAWed Jun 07 1995machine check decode program
928.03JOBURG::HARRISWed Jun 07 1995VAX7
929.02SVCRUS::ERBWed Jun 07 1995What is lava_tst?
930.0VIVIAN::P_MILNERWed Jun 07 1995two vax 7
931.01TROOA::CILIAWed Jun 07 1995boot failure with CDI-4
932.0CSC32::GULDENFri Jun 09 1995BUILD SEEPROM caused machine check
933.0SWAM2::MILLER_VIFri Jun 09 1995VAX764
934.02JOBURG::HARRISSat Jun 10 1995Probelms verifying KA7AB
936.02CSC32::GULDENSun Jun 11 1995Do 7
937.0CSC32::GULDENSun Jun 11 1995Dec 773
938.0HLFSMon Jun 12 1995761
939.01UBOHUB::BEVIS_STue Jun 13 1995772
940.02GIDDAY::TRANFAThu Jun 15 1995Weird REGULATOR problem
941.05KAOFS::M_NAKAGAWAMon Jun 19 1995DEC7
942.0CSC32::BRISSETTETue Jun 20 1995LAMB Adapter Error XMI Parity Error AXP 6.1
943.06MLNCSC::BERETTACLAUDThu Jun 22 1995Shutdown recursive bugcheck again...
944.03MUNICH::KASERThu Jun 22 1995Memory interleaving of 1 & 2 GByte boards ?
945.0HLFSFri Jun 23 1995problems installing AXPBOOT
947.02KERNEL::BLANDSat Jun 24 1995CIMNA errorlog entry 16 secs before CPUSPINWAIT bugcheck
948.03BIS6::VERBEECKTue Jun 27 1995unknown boot device class
949.02CSC32::STRINGTue Jun 27 1995Test command & HSD controllers
950.01BELFST::LEETCHThu Jun 29 1995MLU V2.1 & TZ877 SUPPORT QUERY
951.01FREEBE::B_ROSEThu Jun 29 1995512MByte Module Info
952.01COLES1::LONZECKThu Jun 29 1995U:A: AXP 77
953.01COLES1::LONZECKThu Jun 29 1995U:A: Probl. to Boot LFU V4.1 from Disk on A77
954.02JOBURG::HARRISTue Jul 04 1995IOP Hose Node Specific error Vax 7
955.01SIOG::PKIRKThu Jul 06 1995SID for V4 VAX772
956.01JOBURG::HARRISFri Jul 07 1995VAX7
957.01KAOFS::V_LEDOUXFri Jul 07 1995VAXBI on Laser under 5.5-2?
958.02GRANPA::ATKINSMon Jul 10 1995Cross Architecture Cluster - with VAX 772
959.01GIDDAY::SHAHMon Jul 10 1995VAX 766
960.02WOTVAX::MELLINGATue Jul 11 1995EEPROM AREA 32.
961.05UFHIS::MDUTTON_COXWed Jul 12 19957
962.02TOPTEN::KELLERWed Jul 12 1995power problems on 2 7
963.01BRUNEL::COLLINSWed Jul 12 1995Urgent VAX 77
965.01CSC32::G_BURTTFri Jul 14 1995License Req for VAx 766
966.01CSC32::I_WALDOWed Jul 19 1995console test memory error
967.01CSC32::N_HENDERSONFri Jul 21 1995Serial port option?
968.05TOPTEN::AVERBACHSun Jul 23 1995Dec 762
969.03TOPTEN::COSTANZOMon Jul 24 1995corrupted eeproms revisited/v4.
970.01COLES1::LONZECKTue Jul 25 1995U: %POWER-E-BAD message on 776
971.02SIOG::DOYLETue Jul 25 1995LFU CD,s or on NETWORK V4.1 plus
972.06MKOTS3::ONETME::TAYLORThu Jul 27 1995VAX 7
973.01CSC32::MORTONTue Aug 01 1995HSD1
975.0FREEBE::MACLEANWed Aug 02 1995Help with CPU:
976.04CSC32::B_KETELSENWed Aug 02 19957
977.06CSC32::REIGELMANWed Aug 02 1995problem writing dump to hsj4
978.01DABEAN::B_ROSEMon Aug 07 1995772
979.02CSC32::B_HIBBERTTue Aug 08 1995Strange console prompt "_>"
980.04HGCSThu Aug 10 1995'Test CIXCD*' Fail Intermittently?
981.0STAR::ATOZFri Aug 11 1995Crash Dump testing ...
982.02SIOG::KILROYMon Aug 14 1995Max Number of modules in 77xx?
983.01TOPTEN::AVERBACHMon Aug 21 1995764
984.06TIMAMD::VAZQUEZWed Aug 23 1995VAX771
985.01GIDDAY::SHAHThu Aug 24 1995MS7AA-FA faulty - DEC772
987.04FAILTE::CLELANDFri Aug 25 1995Up Hose Parity Errors
988.011SUNLVR::CRANEMon Aug 28 1995OSF-BASE license pak tied to CPU
989.01BABAGI::TRANFri Sep 01 1995ITIOP and Tape/Medium Changer.
990.01ZPOTS1::JUSTINMon Sep 04 1995VAX761
991.08IJSAPL::RIETKERKWed Sep 06 1995DEC 76
992.02STAR::STOCKDALEWed Sep 06 1995DEMFA and brain-dead updates with the LFU?
993.03SMOGGY::CAROLLATue Sep 12 1995Help with adapter error log entries
994.02SIOG::KILROYThu Sep 14 1995KFMSB "error code" breakdown?
995.0JOBURG::HARRISThu Sep 14 1995PIU and TZ87-VA -> BEZEL with cutout??
996.03OAW::CHARGOISMon Sep 18 1995DEC761
997.01KAOFS::A_FOURNIERMon Sep 18 1995Test failure when diff ver used.
998.02TPOVC::SUNNYSOONGTue Sep 19 1995INT54,INT6
1000.03SWAM2::HICE_HEWed Sep 20 1995problem with document .PS file for TLASER
1001.0JOBURG::HARRISFri Sep 22 1995Dirty Environment & Filtered top cover assembly?
1002.05YUPPY::CUMMINGSDMon Sep 25 1995Auto-reboot problem 771
1003.02SNOFS2::OLEARYWed Sep 27 1995Console hang "Initialising.."
1004.02REMQHI::NICHOLSThu Sep 28 199566
1005.04CSC32::MORTONFri Sep 29 1995XENON 78
1006.0BOGUSS::BOSKLOPPERFri Sep 29 1995Boot from CD in BA35
1007.04CSC32::GULDENSun Oct 01 1995Invalid memory interleave with 4cpu and 1.5Gb mem
1008.03UTRTSC::DERKSTue Oct 03 1995Failing Simm problems with 2 Gb module and v4
1009.01DECBAH::PATROTue Oct 03 1995DWLMA and 84
1010.0DECLNE::FOLEYTue Oct 03 19951
1011.0DECLNE::FOLEYWed Oct 04 1995Replacement for INFOSERVER?
1012.03IJSAPL::RIETKERKFri Oct 06 1995What happened to KENT::TURBOLASER ?
1013.0DEKVC::GEUMJOONLEEWed Oct 11 1995KCM44 installation on VAX771
1014.07KYPROS::TOMISWed Oct 11 1995vax 7
1015.02CSC32::COLTERWed Oct 11 1995CPU
1016.0ROMTSS::DESIDERIThu Oct 12 1995LFU Console entry reason WCS SCB vector
1017.01MUCCS1::HARALDFri Oct 13 1995VAX761
1018.0CSC32::D_DONOVANMon Oct 16 1995OPA
1020.02KERNEL::ODONNELLRWed Oct 18 1995Test command on v4.3 fails on disk drives.
1021.0COLES1::SIEKMon Oct 23 1995UNEXPIOINT after show /XMI
1022.02CGOWGS::MCARATue Oct 24 1995Question on Isolating intermittant DBE on 2GB array
1024.03SIOG::PKIRKThu Oct 26 1995VAX764
1025.01CSC32::GULDENSat Oct 28 1995Problem adding a 2nd power regulator
1026.0SEDSWS::DAVIES_DWed Nov 01 1995Another POWER-I-NOTIFY question.
1027.03TRILLL::DARRENFri Nov 03 1995Vax7
1028.02GIDDAY::PUDIPEDDIWed Nov 08 1995dual host/kfmsa/node id
1029.01CSC32::B_KETELSENWed Nov 08 1995Show error:3, errorlog:
1030.01TENNIS::KAMThu Nov 09 1995New Model 8
1031.03MSBCS::KCAMPBELLThu Nov 09 1995VAX 78
1032.04HGCSThu Nov 09 1995CPU:
1034.05GIDDAY::PUDIPEDDITue Nov 14 1995mem_ex failures
1035.0FXODEV::CRANETue Nov 14 1995How do I set the system time from the console?
1036.0ROMTSS::DESIDERIMon Nov 20 1995cpu init state and new sysloa17
1037.01GIDDAY::PUDIPEDDITue Nov 21 1995dump bitmap/2gb/memex
1038.0JOBURG::HARRISTue Nov 21 1995Mailbox timeouts on hose
1039.03COLES1::SIEKWed Nov 22 1995Problem with AXP Console Version 4.3 ?
1040.03DP2FS2::KLASINSKIWed Nov 22 1995Release notes for VAX7
1041.0SEFIWed Nov 22 1995Another %POWER-E-BAD, bad R
1042.02CSC32::S_MARTINThu Nov 23 1995Release notes file protected in public directory
1043.0HGCSFri Nov 24 1995"bad MSCP status (2|
1044.02SNOFS2::OLEARYTue Nov 28 1995Update * destroys CPU
1045.03BACHUS::WILLEMSGTue Nov 28 1995D/I 14 C doesn't work on VAX 776
1046.0JOBURG::HARRISThu Nov 30 1995Post Reset SCSI bus on KZMSA on DEC7
1047.08MAASUP::MUDGETTThu Nov 30 1995hang at creating device, hsd
1048.03JOBURG::HARRISFri Dec 01 1995CPU incorrectly maped - Crash. VAX 7
1049.01DEKVC::JAEILLEEMon Dec 04 1995UNEXPIOINT and Error log
1050.03MKOTS1::FRATTURELLIMon Dec 04 1995TURBO channel
1051.0TMANVO::DROBERTMon Dec 04 1995Cnsl cmnds for updates, moves, etc.
1053.03GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Dec 06 1995VAX7
1054.03HGCSThu Dec 07 1995%SYSBOOT-F-Not enough non-paged pool to map VAXEMUL.EXE
1055.02SCASS1::BUENSUCESOThu Dec 07 1995Memory error limits
1056.03TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAFri Dec 08 1995show power command on VAX7
1057.018BSS::JSALEMon Dec 11 1995DMB32 BI in VAX762
1058.02JOBURG::HARRISWed Dec 13 1995XMI Config and module layout / position?
1059.0GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Dec 13 1995UETP and VMS ver 6.1 SSRVEXCEPT
1060.02CARECL::CASTIENWed Dec 13 1995Looking for BA651-AA FRU (7
1061.01KERNEL::SCOTTWed Dec 13 1995Catastrophic System Crash
1062.01BSS::JSALEThu Dec 14 1995need product managers name?
1064.0GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Dec 14 1995GBUS$HALT Examine
1065.0GIDDAY::STANISLAUSFri Dec 15 1995What happened to KENTL::TURBOLASER ?
1066.0GIDDAY::STANISLAUSFri Dec 15 1995Node number is 29.7
1067.0GIDDAY::STANISLAUSSun Dec 17 1995VAX 7
1068.01JOBURG::HARRISMon Dec 18 1995KFMSB's KFMSA's and Remote system conflicts with local system
1069.02PROXY::SADINMon Dec 18 1995boot action poll
1070.0631354::CHARGOISMon Dec 18 1995Problems adding another 763
1071.01BOGUSS::KYCANMon Dec 18 1995VAX763
1072.09JOBURG::SADLERTue Dec 19 1995POWER-E-BAD messages
1073.02SCASS1::BUENSUCESOTue Dec 19 1995secondary cpu timeouts
1074.05CSC32::M_JILSONThu Dec 21 1995PAL code machine check
1075.03CSC32::GULDENFri Dec 22 1995Help to determine bad SIMM on a 2GB memory module when MEM_EX doesn't fail
1076.02SCASS1::WARDThu Dec 28 1995Who builds LFU?
1077.02DECPRG::MRKVAFri Dec 29 1995 %sysboot-i-physicalpages limited to 511.5MB
1078.06HGCSTue Jan 02 1996CIXCD erroneous interrupt?
1079.01HGOVC::JAMBUWed Jan 03 1996PCI bus on 78
1080.03COLWed Jan 03 1996Help to find SIMM
1081.02CSC32::MORTONWed Jan 03 1996HSZ4
1082.012JGODCL::CRONINThu Jan 04 1996High NPF rate on Ceag 48volt regs..
1084.02SCASS1::BUENSUCESOSun Jan 14 1996batteries and the toy clock
1085.0CHEFS::MCCABEMon Jan 15 1996TPS Figures
1086.02XTINE::HARDINGThu Jan 25 1996Accurate VUP figure for VAX 7
1087.01SIOG::PKIRKFri Jan 26 1996Latest VAX766
1088.02COLES1::LONZECKFri Jan 26 1996?? supports VAX7
1090.02GIDDAY::STANISLAUSMon Jan 29 1996KFMSA and VAX 7
1091.02SCASS1::BERNALWed Jan 31 1996MS7AA DOA no Lights on LED's , well only once need to test
1092.03COPCLU::BENNYWed Jan 31 1996Strange halt on a DEC 772
1093.03SIOG::PKIRKThu Feb 01 1996V4.
1094.03ZPOVC::TECKLEESun Feb 04 1996DEC7
1095.0CSC32::COLTERMon Feb 05 1996are there any known problems with the DEC764
1096.06GIDDAY::MARSHALLMon Feb 05 1996OVMS support of VAX78
1097.02DIAS::SYSTEMFri Feb 09 1996Upgrade VAX7
1098.02TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAFri Feb 09 1996KZMSA support numbers for UNIX V3.2C
1099.04KARHU::HALLWed Feb 14 1996Another POWER-E-BAD msg
1100.0SIOG::MARTINWed Feb 14 1996kfmsb rev
1101.06HITEKS::SACCAFri Feb 16 1996766
1102.0SCASS1::BUENSUCESOMon Feb 19 1996Differences between CPU modules
1103.05TEXAS1::SOBECKYThu Feb 22 1996What happened to Turbolaser conference?
1104.02MSE1::MACLEANTue Feb 27 1996Machine Check ...DEC772
1105.0KYPROS::TOMISThu Feb 29 1996vax 763
1106.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Mar 04 1996ver 48 for the CIXCD?
1107.0+8VIVIAN::P_MILNERTue Mar 05 199678
1108.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANWed Mar 06 1996Using an Infoserver to do an upgrade of console
1109.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Mar 07 1996Trying to boot VAX7
1110.05MLNCSC::BERETTACLAUDFri Mar 08 1996UPU limit?
1111.02HGOVC::KITTYCHIMSun Mar 10 1996VAX 781
1112.0CSC32::D_DONOVANWed Mar 13 1996"-flags" revisted...
1113.01NABETH::alanThu Mar 14 1996Request for Contributions; Digital Hardware FAQ.
1114.01TIMAMD::VAZQUEZFri Mar 15 1996ls_eeprom_slave: Noack received from nxv = fffffc
1115.01WOTVAX::SPREADBURYTue Mar 19 1996VAX performance ??
1116.02BSS::PEREZWed Mar 20 1996Bcache tag control parity error
1117.01TOPTEN::KELLERWed Mar 20 1996power problems on 3 nodes
1118.02CSC32::RG_WARRENMon Mar 25 1996Corrupted 78
1119.01TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAWed Mar 27 1996DEC7
1120.01SALEM::FORGUESWed Mar 27 1996DEC771
1121.06JGODCL::BRINKSFri Mar 29 1996SOC for DEC 7xxx
1122.01BBIVFri Mar 29 1996dec 7
1123.0PROXY::ALLENThu Apr 04 1996VAX78
1124.04SCASS1::SHOOKFri Apr 05 1996dump_dev questions
1125.0+2CSC32::TANTSWed Apr 10 1996OPA
1126.0BSS::PEREZWed Apr 10 1996Upgrade to V4.
1127.01CGOWGS::GIBBMon Apr 15 1996%POWER-I-PIU GBUS$HALT event, check errorlog
1128.03LATINA::MERCEDESMon Apr 22 1996phase II shadow boot
1129.02GIDDAY::BROOKSTue Apr 23 1996When will VAX7
1130.04HGOM22::CKCHEUNGTue Apr 23 1996DEC 771
1131.02SCASS1::DUNKERSONTue Apr 23 1996Licensing issue with VAX783
1132.0MQOOA::LAFERRIEREMon Apr 29 1996CIXCD erroneous interrupt?
1133.01CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu May 02 1996Diagonistics for the VAX 7
1134.01EJOULT::KRYSTOFri May 03 1996VAX7
1135.05TPOVC::JERRYYEHMon May 13 1996add memory rule on Ruby
1136.01ZPOVC::ENGSOONThu May 16 1996DEC 772
1138.03GLOWS::PEROSThu May 23 1996Booting DEC7
1139.03MQOOA::ORMAECHEAThu May 23 1996LFU V4.2 release notes please
1140.03SCASS1::BERNALFri May 31 1996sing existing hardware to run Windows-NT ???
1141.04ZPOVC::TECKLEETue Jun 04 1996Alpha FW CD version 3.5 OS support
1142.05WARFUT::NAEEMThu Jun 06 1996POWER-I-NOTIFY. Cabinet regulator event.
1143.0CSC32::S_HUSEMANSat Jun 08 1996VAX78
1144.02HGCSWed Jun 12 1996VAX 7
1145.02KERNEL::ADAMSWed Jun 19 1996Help with MS7AA-FA PLEASE.
1146.01CSC32::BSS::SAULWed Jun 19 1996SID of 7
1148.0PROXY::DEFELIPPITue Jun 25 19962GB modules for internal use
1149.0HGCSTue Jun 25 1996Power LED code in RM VAX781
1150.0BBIVWed Jun 26 1996wide disk support inside VAX 781
1151.01VIVIAN::P_MILNERWed Jun 26 199678
1152.01PRSSOS::THOMASMon Jul 01 1996DEC 77
1153.03CSC32::STRINGWed Jul 03 1996VAX 7
1154.01CSC32::COLTERWed Jul 03 1996Machine Check errors without errorlog entries
1155.02GIDDAY::STANISLAUSThu Jul 04 1996VAX 774
1156.0NABETH::alanFri Jul 05 1996Prestoserve module and OpenVMS
1157.01LNZALI::LNZPWO::PISWANGERMon Jul 08 1996Boot Problems
1158.03JOBURG::HARRISMon Jul 08 1996CIXCD V5.
1159.0WOTVAX::CLELANDFri Jul 12 1996PCM Scan Files for Alpha 84
1160.01GIDDAY::MARSHALLSun Jul 14 1996How to stop 7
1161.03SALEM::BROWNTTue Jul 16 1996DEC771
1162.03NCMAIL::RIBNERWed Jul 17 1996need SID actual number
1164.0ZPOVC::HINSIONGMon Jul 22 1996Memory errors
1165.0MSAMMon Jul 22 1996CPU
1166.01ITPDMon Jul 22 1996VAX7
1167.01JGO::ENGVENThu Jul 25 1996slow clock speed
1168.01ITPDFri Jul 26 1996vax77
1169.0STVWed Jul 31 1996KFMSA-AA on 761
1170.01BBIVFri Aug 02 1996Infoserver for VAX781
1171.04JOBURG::HARRISFri Aug 02 1996E2
1172.01NIOSS1::HICKS_GMon Aug 05 1996DEC7
1173.0CHOWDA::GLICKMANMon Aug 05 1996Question about licensing (VAX 7
1174.0JOBURG::HARRISWed Aug 07 1996MS7AA-FA in NIJMEGEN ???
1175.01TMANVO::DROBERTWed Aug 07 1996AXP7
1176.01VIVIAN::D_HICKEYFri Aug 09 1996PHASE 2 shadow boot
1177.02PROXY::ALLENMon Aug 12 1996Moving SIMMs from TURBO 2GB to LASER 2GB may fail
1178.04SWAM1::NEELY_ALTue Aug 13 1996VAX 1
1179.02KERNEL::BLANDWed Aug 14 1996DEMFA and the TEST command
1180.0JOBURG::HARRISFri Aug 23 1996Filter part# Urgently required
1181.01NCMAIL::SCHEIDMon Aug 26 1996xmi ATM or FUturebus+ ATM Adapter ???
1183.03ZPOTS1::JUSTINTue Aug 27 1996How to downgrade DEMFA on DEC772
1184.02CTHU59::D_STJEANWed Aug 28 1996INT6
1185.01WOTVAX::SPREADBURYThu Aug 29 1996YEAR 2
1186.0SIOG::T_CUNNINGHAMWed Sep 04 1996Vax772
1187.02CTHU59::D_STJEANFri Sep 06 1996SECOND CORRECTABLE DATA ERROR ... errlog entry?
1188.02KAOFS::J_DALYFri Sep 06 1996update eeprom and write error v4.2
1189.03CSC32::J_GAINESSat Sep 07 1996Dec77
1190.01JOBURG::HARRISThu Sep 12 1996Vup / Performance rating - A complete document.
1191.01JOBURG::HARRISSun Sep 15 1996VAX7
1192.01JOBURG::HARRISSun Sep 15 1996Shadow booting from Slave Shadow member.
1193.01JOBURG::HARRISSun Sep 15 1996MS7AA-FA in a VAX and BALSETCNT.
1194.01BBOVAX::SCHWARTZTue Sep 17 1996DEC774
1195.03CSC32::D_MAHDERSun Sep 22 1996DEC7
1196.0WOTVAX::MELLINGAMon Sep 23 1996INT VIA SCB 6
1197.03CSC32::REIGELMANTue Sep 24 1996help using secondary path
1198.01COLES1::SIEKWed Sep 25 1996Laser Power System
1199.02KERNEL::SCOTTThu Sep 26 1996VMS V6.2 Console V4.2 Power-e-bad again..)
1200.0CSC32::I_WALDOMon Sep 30 1996rack mount 764
1201.01MUCCS1::HARALDTue Oct 01 1996INT6
1202.01MSDOA::ROBERTTue Oct 01 1996LFU v14;KN7AB v4.8;CIXCD v7.
1203.03MSDOA::ROBERTWed Oct 02 1996Has TurboLaser conf moved?
1204.01ACISS2::WILLIAMSTue Oct 08 19961
1205.04JOBURG::HARRISSat Oct 26 1996Is DEMFA V2.1 FW good for VAX and DEC?
1207.0JOBURG::HARRISMon Nov 04 1996DEC v4.8 ...and "CPU 1 not in console mode"
1208.0JOBURG::HARRISTue Nov 05 1996DEMFA T2
1209.01KAOFS::E_BELANGERWed Nov 06 1996INT6
1210.0JOBURG::HARRISThu Nov 07 1996VAX7
1211.04POMPY::LESLIEFri Nov 08 1996TOY clock gaining 3
1212.04JOBURG::HARRISMon Nov 18 1996PKZ command timed out on DEC7
1213.04LIOVAX::COSTELLOMon Nov 18 1996show dev hangs with 4.2 firmware
1214.05LATINA::OTEROWed Nov 20 1996781
1215.02STOSS1::HUGHESDWed Nov 20 1996DEC/VAX 7
1216.04CHOWDA::GLICKMANThu Nov 21 1996VAX 7
1217.0NCMAIL::NAGYPFri Nov 22 1996Prestoserve batteries?
1218.010HTSC19::KENNETHThu Nov 28 1996IPC on VAX 7
1219.0LATINA::OTEROThu Nov 28 1996SOLUTION
1220.0JOBURG::HARRISFri Nov 29 1996DEMNA OSI Limited station buffers ? 14 ?
1221.0JOBURG::HARRISMon Dec 02 1996DEMNA and promiscuous Mode? What is the default
1222.01CHEFS::EVANSMITue Dec 03 1996adding 2nd CIXCD
1223.0MQOOA::VALOISTue Dec 03 1996High rate of CPU DOA on 7
1224.0CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Dec 03 1996ASYNCWRTER on a VAX 7
1225.0LATINA::JAGOMEZWed Dec 04 1996DEC7
1226.03CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Dec 06 1996How to install CIXCD_XEB.SYS on a VAX 774
1227.05JOBURG::HARRISFri Dec 06 1996XMI - DEMFA causes CIXCD errors
1228.01JOBURG::HARRISMon Dec 09 1996VAXcluster Software VBR VMS-5 <<<
1229.03VLNVAX::BROCKELMANMon Dec 09 1996help please
1230.0+3CHOWDA::GLICKMANFri Dec 13 1996Latest Firmware for the VAX 7
1231.01MSE1::ENOMon Dec 16 1996Do VAX 78
1234.01WOTVAX::LEETCHTue Jan 07 1997latest MOP loadable RUBY firmware
1235.03LNZALI::BACHNERThu Jan 09 1997maintenance timer expired ?
1236.02WOTVAX::FAIRBAIRNAThu Jan 09 1997Non standard clock speed
1237.0TOPTEN::AVERBACHMon Jan 13 19977xxx power problem?
1238.02AUSSIE::MCNAMARATue Jan 14 1997VAX 781
1239.03JOBURG::HARRISThu Jan 16 1997buggy DEMFA V2.1 ? T2
1240.02MUCCS1::HARALDMon Jan 20 1997CIXCD A84
1241.02NCMAIL::RIBNERMon Jan 20 1997762
1242.0JOBURG::HARRISThu Jan 23 1997VAX firmware with DEMFA V1.4 T2
1243.0+4TIMAST::HUGHESThu Jan 23 1997VAX 773
1244.0 *+1CSC32::MCLEANThu Jan 30 1997Need help breaking down 2GB module CRD
1245.0 *TKTVFS::YAMAGUCHI_KAFri Jan 31 1997Orderable parts number for the battery of the MS7BB ?
1246.0 *+1SCASS1::BUENSUCESOSat Feb 01 1997node name
1247.0 *+4CSC32::J_GAINESSat Feb 01 1997VAX782
1248.0 *+2LISTIM::MANOELFri Feb 14 1997VAX7XXX firmware update
1249.0 *+2COMICS::SHELLEYTue Feb 18 1997SYSBOOT-F-DOSD error
1250.0 *+3HGOSPS::PARESHTue Feb 25 1997VAX 761
1251.0 *+1VIVIAN::S_BEGLEYWed Feb 26 1997Max No of DEMFA supported?
1252.0 *+3ZPOVC::DAIVC::BENNYThu Feb 27 1997VAX761
1253.0 *+1CSC32::BULLIONThu Mar 13 1997Question on power supply H7263-AC
1254.0 *COPCLU::FTHOMSENTue Mar 18 1997VAX772
1255.0 *+1TOPTEN::KELLERMon Mar 31 1997VAX 77xx to VAX 78xx upgrade.
1256.0 *+1SCASS1::TURNERGWed Apr 02 1997We can't get rid of POWER-E-BAD
1257.0 *CSC32::GULDENFri Apr 04 1997DEC7
1258.0 *SIOG::KILROYMon Apr 07 1997KFMSA PORT TIMEOUT and Message Free Queue Empty?
1259.0 *+2CSC32::STRINGMon Apr 21 1997Console Error Message When Examining VMEM
1260.0 *+1CHOWDA::GLICKMANTue Apr 29 1997Question about CI & 4.3 firmware for 7
1261.0 *GIDDAY::BENBROOKFri May 02 1997DEC 761
1262.0 *+4OTOOA::JPONDMon May 05 1997V5.5-2 & VAX78
1263.0 *CSC32::J_GAINESMon May 05 1997Problem booting to MTI disk after upgrade to console 4.9
1264.0 *+3CSC32::I_WALDOTue May 06 1997missing path to HSJ4
1265.0 *TKTVFS::HAMADA_TThu May 15 1997DUMP can't be taken/VAX762
1266.0 *+1GLOWS::BANHOFri May 23 1997Unknown Vax7
1267.0 *GIDDAY::PUDIPEDDIMon May 26 1997bad checksum on regulator