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Conference pinion::usability

Title:IDC Usability Design
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Created:Mon Jan 04 1993
Last Modified:Thu Sep 29 1994
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:39
Total number of notes:232
Number with bodies:0
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1.01PINION::ILSLEYTue Jan 05 1993Purpose of this notes conference
2.0PINION::ILSLEYMon Jan 04 1993Reserved
3.0PINION::ILSLEYMon Jan 04 1993Reserved
4.01TIMBER::ILSLEYMon Feb 01 1993Classes
5.035PINION::ILSLEYTue Jan 05 1993Introductions
6.045MTWAIN::LEVYThu Jan 07 1993Definition?
7.04WEORG::SHEPARDMon Jan 11 1993SUE and HF groups -- effects on editing/usability?
8.03GOLUX::BOBBITTTue Jan 12 1993Conventions/Conferences of Interest
9.013GOLUX::BOBBITTTue Jan 12 1993References and Resources
10.04MTWAIN::LEVYWed Jan 13 1993Comments on the USABILITY_GUIDE
11.0CXDOCS::JOHNSTONFri Jan 22 1993Pointers: Usability Studies, Mapping Online
12.04ANNECY::HUMANMon Feb 08 1993questionnaire
13.01USABLE::GOODThu Feb 11 1993ACM SIGCHI
14.03USABLE::GOODThu Feb 11 1993Usability strategy
15.0221693::KUKLAThu Feb 11 1993@aGlance brief
16.02TIMBER::ILSLEYMon Feb 15 1993Internet for reader's comments?
17.08LEZAH::FLESSAThu Feb 18 1993Summary of Product Usability seminar at ZKO
18.012ROCKS::HOBBSThu Feb 18 1993Comments on note 14
19.011USABLE::GOODThu Feb 25 1993Affordances
20.0PINION::ZIMMERMANMon Mar 01 1993HP guidelines for user to complete a task
21.01USABLE::GOODTue Mar 02 1993VAXUUM::UDG: usability directory
22.04CFSCTC::KEDDYWed Mar 03 1993Notes from the Application of Usability Working Sessions, 3/2/93
23.05VAXUUM::MINETT::BEABESThu Mar 04 1993Notes from Tools discussions at Usability Strategy Event
24.02SHANE::PACIELLOThu Mar 04 1993IDC Usability Event: The Business of Usability Notes
25.01CUPMK::D_MURPHYFri Mar 05 1993IDC Usability Event: Training Issues
26.0USABLE::RAVENFri Mar 05 1993Strategy Event: Teamwork
27.014MTWAIN::LEVYFri Mar 05 1993VCR usability---myth or reality?
29.010HAM::SCHARNBERGTue Mar 23 1993Comments on this conference
30.01TIMBER::ILSLEYWed Jun 02 1993Accessing news groups on the USENET
31.0TIMBER::ILSLEYWed Sep 08 1993Articles on Quality in STC Journal (May, 1993)
32.02CLARID::STUARTMon Oct 11 1993Fagan's Inspection
33.0VAXUUM::MINETT::BEABESTue Oct 12 1993Multimedia Usability & Effectiveness---Call for users
34.01TIMBER::ILSLEYThu Nov 04 1993Product Reviews
35.0PSYLO::ILSLEYSat Nov 06 1993QuickCards for learning Windows programs
36.0FIGS::PRAETORIUSTue May 24 1994Notes from a Tufte lecture in Palo Alto
37.0HANNAH::ILSLEYFri Jun 03 1994HyperSAM user interface guidelines
38.0TLSEFri Jun 10 1994Ideas for USER GUIDE ?
39.0SMURF::WALTERSTue Sep 27 1994Usability metrics?