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Conference perfom::internal_perf_tools

Title:Internal Performance Tools
Created:Mon Jun 21 1993
Last Modified:Thu May 15 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:94
Total number of notes:284
Number with bodies:20
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1.04MSBCS::TARSAThu Jun 24 1993Welcome to the Internal Performance Tools conference
2.0MSBCS::TARSAThu Jun 24 1993Frequently Asked Questions note
3.0MSBCS::TARSAThu Jun 24 1993Conference Notices
4.06MSBCS::TARSAThu Jun 24 1993Meeting Minutes of Interest
5.02MSBCS::TARSAThu Nov 11 1993New Tool Announcements and Discoveries
6.0MSBCS::TARSAThu Jun 24 1993Reserved
7.0MSBCS::TARSAThu Jun 24 1993Reserved
8.0MSBCS::TARSAThu Jun 24 1993Reserved
9.0MSBCS::TARSAThu Jun 24 1993Reserved
11.01MSBCS::TARSAThu Jun 24 1993Introductions
12.0MRKTNG::SLATERMon Aug 02 1993Status
13.04AD::CRUZTue Aug 10 1993Suggestion on IPROBE's port to OSF
14.0MRKTNG::SLATERTue Aug 10 1993Proposal for Alpha perf tools in AVS
15.0MRKTNG::SLATERTue Aug 10 1993SPG Perf Tools Priorities
16.0TPSYS::BUTCHARTThu Aug 19 1993Proposal on Commercial Instruction/Address Tracing
17.021MSBCS::TARSAFri Aug 20 1993PMT Revised Requirments List and Voting Log
18.0AOSG::DUANEThu Aug 26 1993OSF/1 Performance Tools Released
19.02MRKTNG::SLATERWed Sep 08 1993WARTS
20.02AD::CRUZTue Sep 21 1993Meeting tomorrow?
21.0AD::CRUZWed Sep 22 1993Need OSF programs to be used as benchmarks
22.02MSBCS::WIBECANMon Oct 25 1993IPROBE and Performance Counter Support Work
23.0TPSYS::WONGTue Nov 02 1993Job Opening for Commercial Instruction Tracing
24.01MSBCS::WIBECANThu Nov 04 1993Tools under development
25.04MSBCS::WIBECANThu Nov 11 1993Windows-oriented performance tools
26.0MSBCS::TARSAThu Nov 11 1993ATOM
27.01MSBCS::TARSAThu Nov 11 1993etp
28.0MRKTNG::SLATERThu Nov 11 1993System Animation
29.0MRKTNG::SLATERSun Nov 28 1993Extended TET
30.0MRKTNG::SLATERSun Nov 28 1993Negev Software Industries (Possible Tools)
31.0MSBCS::WIBECANThu Dec 02 1993IPROBE for Epsilon FT3
32.0MRKTNG::SLATERSat Dec 11 1993ATOM V3 for OSF/1 V1.3 available
33.03MRKTNG::SLATERSat Dec 11 1993Alpha-trace available (freeware from the Inet)
34.01HDLITE::CHALTASMon Mar 07 1994Xubc -- Motif version
35.011MSBCS::WIBECANMon Mar 14 1994Preliminary new IPROBE kit available
36.02MSBCS::WIBECANMon Jun 06 1994IPROBE T
37.0MSBCS::WIBECANMon Jun 06 1994IPROBE for OSF/1 preliminary kit available
38.0MSBCS::BWATERSFri Jun 17 1994Tool to access the EV4 on-chip and PAL performance counters on Windows NT
39.01MSBCS::ANILMon Jun 20 1994Anouncement of IFT version
40.01MSBCS::WIBECANThu Jun 23 1994IPROBE T
41.02MSBCS::WIBECANFri Jul 15 1994IPROBE T
42.0MSBCS::WIBECANMon Jul 25 1994Final VMS V1.5 IPROBE kit
43.04MSBCS::ANILTue Aug 02 1994Anouncement of IPROBE kit for OSF1 ver 3.
44.0MUGGER::WHITHAMTue Aug 16 1994Crash due to modpme (OSF V2.
45.03MSBCS::WIBECANThu Aug 25 1994IPROBE T
46.02MSBCS::ANILMon Sep 26 1994Anouncement of IPROBE kit for OSF1 ver 4.
47.05CERN::HOBBSFri Sep 30 1994REP (VMS) - image name length restriction?
48.04MSBCS::ANILTue Oct 11 1994Feed-back on IPROBE ???
49.03CERN::HOBBSThu Oct 13 1994LN-REDUCE - IPROBE to Fortran line numbers
50.0PERFOM::WIBECANTue Nov 22 1994FUGUE has moved
51.012PERFOM::BWATERSTue Dec 13 1994IPROBE T2-
52.02AMCUCS::PHEBERTMon Jan 23 1995Problems with IPROBE on NT v3.5
53.03UKARC1::WOOD_JThu Jan 26 1995Q. on IPROBE event counters
54.011PERFOM::DEMPSEYMon Mar 27 1995New IPROBE kit for OSF/1
55.04PERFOM::WIBECANFri Mar 31 1995IPROBE T2.
56.03PERFOM::TNNWed Apr 12 1995Problem in using IPROBE on an EV5 system
57.01PERFOM::TNNThu Apr 27 1995Core dump when testing "iprobe"
58.01TLE::TARSAThu Jul 13 1995Latest IPROBE kit crashing on V6.2
59.01WBC::STASSETue Aug 01 1995Help w/ IPROBE PC sampling
60.02I4GET::HENNINGWed Sep 20 1995Modpme blues - check for valid pid?
61.02I4GET::HENNINGThu Oct 26 1995How do I see palcode cycles on ev5?
62.02PERFOM::WIBECANThu Oct 26 1995IPROBE status update
63.04STAR::FENSTERFri Dec 22 1995IPROBE on Theta and 64 bits ?
64.03BGSDEV::DINTINOMon Jan 29 1996IPROBE for Platinum?
65.03PERFOM::NRAJANWed Feb 07 1996IPROBE kit for Digital Unix 4.
66.03MSBCS::SCHNEIDERTue Feb 13 1996beginner needs a clue
67.0BGSDEV::DINTINOWed Mar 20 1996aprof*.sh scripts??
68.02GEMGRP::PIEPERTue Apr 02 1996Iprobe output-smashing tools
69.0GALVIA::STONESTue May 14 1996Installation failure.
70.02GEMGRP::LIEBTue May 21 1996iprobe core dumping on ev56
71.01TAEC::MARTINThu Jun 13 1996do you know profiling tools on Digital UNIX ?
72.05TAEC::MARTINThu Jun 27 1996ipreduce core dumping
73.0EPS::SLATERFri Jul 26 1996Patent #5537541 assigned to Brian Wibecan
74.0+3TAEC::MARTINThu Aug 08 1996REP -p (OSF) - Cannot locate image for pid xxxx
75.01TAEC::MARTINThu Aug 08 1996REP (OSF) - image name length restriction? / Failed to read region info
76.01ALFAM7::URBANThu Sep 05 1996data collector for digital unix
77.03THESUN::TURPIENTue Sep 10 1996Problem install IProbe on Unix 3.2c, updating sysconfigtab
78.01COLThu Sep 12 1996-mode user and load_locked question
79.0PERFOM::NRAJANMon Sep 23 1996System FUGUE is gone
79.0PERFOM::NRAJANTue Oct 01 1996System FUGUE is gone
80.02PERFOM::NRAJANTue Oct 01 1996New location for IPROBE kits
81.01GALVIA::STONESWed Oct 09 1996What does "Missed samples" mean?
82.03NETRIX::"Jarkko.Hietaniemi@fno.mts.dec.com"Wed Oct 16 1996Why not round-robin?
83.03PERFOM::NRAJANFri Oct 25 1996Internal Perf Tools Web site
84.0PERFOM::NRAJANFri Nov 15 1996IPROBE for OpenVMS 7.1 kit available
85.02PERFOM::HENNINGFri Dec 13 1996Bug in rep with call_shared
86.0ROCK::BANNONFri Jan 10 1997PCA56 support?
87.0PERFOM::HENNINGMon Jan 20 1997Lack of ev5 support in ipreduce cache block
88.0 *+2HYDRA::SHENTue Feb 04 1997rep problem on wnt4.
89.0 *+3PERFOM::HENNINGFri Feb 07 1997Tool: event-annotated disassemblies
90.0 *+1PERFOM::HENNINGWed Mar 05 1997New tcp/ip address for kits
91.0 *+1MIASYS::ENGLANDWed Mar 05 1997which IPROBE is rite for me?
92.0 *+1PERFOM::HENNINGThu Mar 20 1997Unix: subsystem error (139) unknown
93.0 *+4HYDRA::SHENWed Apr 09 1997How to interpret bcache_miss events withou Bcache ?
94.0 *NCMAIL::LEFFLERMThu May 15 1997still chip not recognized problem