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Conference peaks::colorado_bicycling

Title:Colorado Bicycling
Created:Wed Aug 19 1992
Last Modified:Wed Jun 04 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:236
Total number of notes:852
Number with bodies:6
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2.025BSS::RIGGENWed Mar 22 1989Introduction
3.017SSDEVO::ATKINSONThu Mar 23 1989Commuting to DEC
4.07NEXUS::GAULKEThu Mar 23 1989Favorite Local Rides
5.011CSC32::R_SMITHThu Mar 23 1989Colorado Springs Cycling Club
6.01--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 13 1990STRADA BICYCLING CLUB TOUR SCHED. & INFO.
7.022no::authorThu Mar 23 1989'FOR SALE' Items Only!
16.018TYFYS::DAVIDSONFri Mar 24 1989Favorite Mountain Trails
18.06COOKIE::WICKMon Mar 27 19892nd Annual Elephant Rock Ride
19.0CSC32::R_SMITHWed Mar 29 1989Mar 31, April 1 & 2 Bike Shop Sales
20.02SSDEVO::HOFFMANWed Mar 29 1989Info on local races
21.0CSC32::R_SMITHTue Apr 11 1989BIKE EXPO at the Citadel Mall Apr 21-23
22.01CSC32::T_DAWSONTue Apr 11 1989MTB riding pard wanted
23.0PEAKS::SAMPLEThu Apr 20 1989Weekly Bike Ride (mountain)
24.019CSC32::T_DAWSONFri Apr 21 1989Mail distribution list
25.06CSC32::R_SMITHTue Apr 25 1989BIKER.DIS please use another entry for replies
26.02CSC32::T_DAWSONTue Apr 25 1989Bike to work Day
27.06COOKIE::DEVINETue May 02 1989"Ride the Rockies" 1989
28.0SSDEVO::HOFFMANThu May 04 1989Another Rockies tour
29.0SSDEVO::FISHERRTue May 09 1989CXO Bike Rack Improvements
30.08FSTTOO::HANAUERWed May 10 1989Visiting, help requested
31.05NEXUS::DEUMBERTOWed May 24 1989AFA open?
32.0TYFYS::DAVIDSONTue Jun 06 1989Arvada Century Ride
33.01TYFYS::DAVIDSONTue Jun 06 1989FAT TIRE BIKE WEEK - Crested Butte
34.06TYFYS::DAVIDSONTue Jun 06 198914th Annual Pearl Pass Tour
35.01SSDEVO::MARKSMon Jun 19 1989Obtaining wheels - short term
36.012COOKIE::MUNNSWed Jun 21 1989Favorite Bike Shops
37.02BSS::ALMEIDAFri Jun 30 1989Steamboat MTB Trails
38.09COOKIE::WICKThu Aug 10 1989Century Rides for September
39.04DEC25::LITASIMon Aug 21 1989Wear your helmet!
40.077R7NET::BURTTFri Sep 08 1989Anyone done DOMEROCK???
41.03TYFYS::DAVIDSONFri Sep 15 1989Tour of the Aspens
42.01BSS::RSCOTTTue Sep 19 1989HARDSCRABBLE '89'
43.03AKOV88::LOCKHARTTue Sep 19 1989Bike Shops in Boulder?
44.08DASXPS::PAYNTERThu Oct 05 1989R.A.G.B.R.A.I. XVIII
45.03KAOFS::W_VIERHOUTTue Oct 10 1989Weather in March
46.01TOPTEN::PLEVATue Oct 10 1989Any scheduled rides 1
47.0CSC32::T_DAWSONMon Oct 16 1989Rides anybody?
48.02AD::KREIDERTue Nov 28 1989Denver Post Tour '9
49.05COOKIE::DEVINEWed Nov 29 1989199
50.01PEAKS::SAMPLETue Dec 05 1989Book at my desk CXO1-2/N27
51.02TYFYS::DAVIDSONMon Jan 15 1990Digital Jersey Note
52.04COOKIE::DEVINEWed Mar 07 1990199
53.0CSC32::DEUMBERTOWed Mar 14 1990bicycle mechanic
54.01BSS::MNELSONTue Mar 20 1990Colorado Springs bike shops
55.0TYFYS::DAVIDSONFri Apr 20 1990Mountain Bike Guide of CS
57.0PEAKS::PAPAZIANThu Apr 26 1990Let's go Biking!
58.05DENVER::DIGNANMon Apr 30 1990Elephant Rock Century
59.02BSS::RIGGENWed May 09 1990Academy Challenge
60.010BSS::T_DAWSONThu May 17 1990Trail work - Lets keep them open
61.07CXCAD::EDMONDSThu May 31 1990Long's Ranch
63.0CXCAD::EDMONDSFri Jun 01 1990Paul Intemann Trail
64.0CSC32::HOCKETTWed Jun 06 1990Looking for a used tandem bike
65.05COOKIE::DEVINEThu Jun 14 1990199
66.03COOKIE::DEVINEMon Jul 23 1990199
67.0BSS::PONDMon Jul 30 1990mt bike assembling/??
68.03TYFYS::DAVIDSONThu Aug 02 1990Gold Fever Bicycle Rides
70.0+207R7NET::BURTTFri Aug 17 1990Santa Fe Trail Extension
72.0COOKIE::DEVINEMon Aug 27 1990Trail Ridge Road (Rocky Mtn Park)
77.0COOKIE::DEVINEMon Sep 17 1990Calif biker's tour of Colorado
78.01SMOGGY::AMIRIFri Sep 28 1990Prices..What do you think ?
80.02COOKIE::DEVINEMon Feb 11 19911991 Denver Post "Ride the Rockies"
82.01TYFYS::DAVIDSONFri Mar 08 1991RAGBRAI '91
83.06COOKIE::DEVINETue Mar 19 19911991 Tours/rides
84.0SFCPMO::GARDNERWed Mar 20 1991Advise on ATB Child Seats
85.02TYFYS::DAVIDSONThu Mar 21 1991Trails
86.0CSC32::L_ALMEIDAFri Apr 05 1991Fat Tire Classic
87.0PEAKS::PAPAZIANMon Apr 22 1991Touring Bike for Sale
88.0TYFYS::DAVIDSONFri Apr 26 19911991 CS Bike Swap
89.0COLRDO::1738233Tue Apr 30 1991The Santa Fr Century, has anybody done it?
91.08LAVETA::J_LAWSONFri May 10 1991Request for info on Mt Evans highway ...
92.013CXCAD::EDMONDSMon May 13 1991Elephant Rock 1991
93.01TYFYS::DAVIDSONTue May 21 1991Medicine Wheel (Mtn Bike Service Organization)
94.01CXCAD::EDMONDSWed Jun 05 1991Chatfield Challenge
95.04COOKIE::DEVINEWed Jun 12 19911991 Jr World Championships in CS
97.0SSDEVO::YESSEFri Jun 21 1991Act now if you want an Apex
98.0COOKIE::FONTANAThu Jul 11 1991Mountain Bike WANTED...
99.09TYFYS::MUNNSFri Jul 12 1991Mountain Bike Mania ?
100.02RMDSRV::BURTTFri Jul 19 1991Pearl Pass Tour Question
101.01CXCAD::EDMONDSTue Jul 30 1991Boys' Ranch century
102.0CSC32::LEWISWed Aug 07 19911
103.08TYFYS::MUNNSWed Aug 07 1991Gravel Surface on Roads
104.03CSC32::LEWISMon Aug 19 1991any century rides this fall?
106.01RMDSRV::BURTTThu Aug 29 1991Pikes Peak tour info?
107.01HARPY::FULLERTONFri Sep 06 1991
108.01COOKIE::WICKTue Sep 24 1991Pueblo Century was a nice ride
109.01COLRDO::ALTHERFri Oct 25 1991Wanted: trainer
110.06COLRDO::1738233Mon Oct 28 1991Fall Riding in Colorado
111.01BSS::RSCOTTThu Nov 07 1991Arizona Cycling...
113.03COLRDO::1738233Thu Jan 16 1992Cycle Colorado
114.03COLRDO::1738233Wed Jan 22 1992Wanted Items
115.05TYFYS::DAVIDSONMon Jan 27 1992Traffic Ticket on HWY 24
116.03COLRDO::1738233Wed Jan 29 19921992 Pedal the Peaks
117.02COOKIE::DEVINEMon Feb 03 19921992 Ride the Rockies tour
118.010TYFYS::DAVIDSONTue Feb 04 1992Shock Absorbers on Mt Bikes
119.03PRSUD1::MERCIERMon Feb 17 1992Help...
120.07CHAUCR::REAVESFri Feb 21 1992Mtn Bike for beginner...
121.02COMET2::VOITLFri Feb 21 1992Clean it up
122.02SSDEVO::EDMONDSMon Mar 02 1992Colo. HeartCycle
123.011COLRDO::1738233Tue Mar 10 1992From local Mag, For those who don't read the other bike notes file
124.03CSC32::LEWISTue Apr 07 1992New Road Bike Time, any suggestions?
125.0DENVER::BERNARDWed Apr 08 1992Cannondale Touring bike for sale
126.029CX3COM::RSCOTTThu Apr 09 1992nightly trail rides anyone?
127.05CX3COM::RSCOTTTue Apr 14 1992Fat Tire Races
128.021COMET::VOITLTue Apr 14 19922 things
129.02TYFYS::DAVIDSONFri Apr 24 1992CT Foundation Mountain Bike Trek
130.0CSC32::N_BIRMon Apr 27 19922nd ANNUAL FAT TIRE CLASSIC
132.01TYFYS::MUNNSWed Apr 29 1992Confessions of a road biker
133.0CX3COM::RSCOTTMon May 04 19921st UPFTS Meeting minutes....
134.07CSC32::LEWISTue May 12 1992any ladies that have converted from womens to mens
135.02GENRAL::CBROWNTue May 12 1992Recommended Tires for Mountain Bike
136.06CSC32::J_MORTONTue May 12 1992Ski slopes open for mountain biking
137.06COMET::VOITLFri May 15 1992IHBC
138.02SSDEVO::MARKSMon May 18 1992MTBing in Telluride
139.01SSDEVO::MARKSTue May 19 1992Bike repair/maintenance clinics
140.01SSDEVO::RICHARDTue Jun 02 1992Pulpit Rock Park entry from Nevada Ave.
141.0POLAR::NEUMANNTue Jun 02 1992looking for fun rides
142.0PBST::MUNNSThu Jun 04 1992Recent Bicycle Thefts in Town
143.08SSDEVO::WICKMon Jun 08 1992Elephant Rock - nice ride
144.02COMET::VOITLFri Jun 12 1992Eldora
145.0COLRDO::1738233Fri Jul 10 1992Our fine city
146.06CSC32::M_MURRAYThu Jul 23 19921992 "Pikes Peak Race To The Summit"
147.04SSDEVO::WICKSun Jul 26 1992Red River Century - Sunday, 9/13/92
148.03NOVA::FISHERMon Jul 27 1992Labor Day Weekend 1992
149.04SSDEVO::EDMONDSThu Jul 30 1992Peak Pass Out
150.01SPIELN::MANZANARESWed Aug 05 1992Any restrictions on Mt Herman road to Rampart Res??
151.02TYFYS::DAVIDSONThu Aug 13 1992Conference needs to be moved
152.0BSS::ANDERSONWed Sep 02 1992Colorado State Fair Century & Sante Fe
153.0SFCWed Sep 09 1992BikeToberFest '92
154.02SSDEVO::WICKWed Sep 09 1992Report on Mt. Evans ride
155.05ACETEK::TIMPSONTue Sep 22 1992Rampart Reservor
156.01SSDEVO::WICKFri Sep 25 1992How did Hardscrabble go?
157.04SSDEVO::EDMONDSMon Sep 28 1992Pedal the Peaks -- 1993!
158.0CX3COM::RSCOTTMon Dec 21 1992GREAT NEW SHOP...
159.0MADMXX::BETCHANMon Jan 25 1993? Want a day off work for/to ride
160.07SPECXN::MUNNSMon Feb 01 1993Dave's Clean Air Week 1993
161.01SFCMon Feb 01 1993Ride The Rockies '93
162.07SSDEVO::MARKSFri Mar 26 1993CO bicycle regulations summary
163.01SSDEVO::WICKMon Apr 19 1993Elephant Rock - June 6, 1993
165.08NOVA::FISHERTue Jun 01 1993Great Southwest Corner Tour
166.02NQOPS::THIBODEAUThu Jul 01 1993bicycle notes file
167.03CSC32::LEWISTue Jul 13 1993Frisco - Copper Mtn, which way better?
168.04SSDEVO::WICKFri Jul 16 1993Tour de Hardscrabble '93 - article in latest Bicycling magazine
169.01SSDEVO::WICKSun Jul 25 1993Peak Pass Out - August 8, 1993 - Frisco
170.01COOKIE::NORDBYTue Jul 27 1993Pikes Peak Race to the Summit
171.09SMURF::LARRYThu Jul 29 1993Advice need on upcoming bike tour
172.01SSDEVO::WICKFri Jul 30 1993Biking article in the Wall Street Journal
173.0219458::TRNADO::BREAUThu Sep 23 1993MOAB - trail recommendations?
174.01SSDEVO::WICKMon Oct 04 19931994 dates -looking ahead
175.0CSC32::J_FELDMANTue Oct 05 1993Boulder Bike Swap
176.0LEDS::GRAYMon Dec 13 1993Young Cyclist seeks Springs Place to Live
177.0SSDEVO::WICKMon Jan 03 19941994 Pedal the Peaks
178.0SSDEVO::WICKMon Jan 03 1994Exotic Tours for Summer 1994
179.02GENRAL::LAURENCEMon Jan 10 1994Bicycle Clubs?
180.0SSDEVO::WICKTue Mar 08 1994The Ultimate Tour?
181.01SSDEVO::WICKMon Mar 14 1994Santa Fe Century information
182.0SSDEVO::PHERSONTue Mar 15 1994Bridgestone Bikes
183.0SSDEVO::WICKMon Mar 28 1994Mt. Everest Bike Rally
184.01CSC32::BETCHANWed Apr 06 1994Colorado Trail ride advise sought
185.0SSDEVO::WICKMon May 02 1994the ultimate nerd bicycle book
186.0SSDEVO::EDMONDSThu May 05 1994bumper stickers
187.0SSDEVO::WICKMon May 23 1994TOARV '94 Report
188.03COOKIE::MUNNSMon Jun 06 1994'department store' mountain bikes
189.0CSC32::LEWISThu Jul 14 1994I would like to buy used 1
190.04SSDEVO::EDMONDSTue Jul 19 1994Gazette column
191.01COOKIE::MUNNSTue Aug 16 1994Winter Park, CO
192.0SSDEVO::WICKTue Aug 23 1994RAMROD article
194.0COMET::PISANO_MWed Aug 31 1994LET'S RIDE!!
195.0CUJO::TOBIASSENWed Sep 28 1994Commuter Bicyclist Killed
196.02CSC32::R_JACOBSMon Oct 24 1994Baby Carriers
197.01COOKIE::MUNNSWed Oct 26 19941994 End-o-Year 'Savings'
198.01CUJO::TOBIASSENThu Jan 05 1995Annual Overhaul
199.01CUJO::TOBIASSENFri Jan 13 1995Results of 1st Overhaul
200.0WELCLU::BRASTEDWed Jan 18 1995Catalogue/Shop Help
201.0SSDEVO::WICKWed Jan 18 1995mountain bike panel at next CSCC meeting
202.0TINCUP::SARFFMon Feb 06 1995Ride The Rockies - 95
203.01SSDEVO::WICKTue Feb 07 1995Pedal the Peaks 1995
205.01SSDEVO::WICKMon Feb 20 1995Colorado Cycling Triple Crown
206.01CSC32::BETCHANMon Mar 27 1995weeklong commercial ride info wanted
207.0CSC32::LEWISThu Apr 06 1995bike swap in C.S. April 29
208.02COOKIE::MUNNSThu May 11 1995Garden of the Gods Bicycle Trail
209.03TOPTEN::PLEVAThu Jun 15 1995Info on Colorado Springs mtn biking wanted.
210.01CSC32::LEWISTue Jun 27 1995Ideas for fun in Winter Park?
211.0BSS::BROPHYThu Jul 13 1995Rock Shox recalls Mag 2
214.04CUJO::TOBIASSENWed Sep 13 1995Tour de Hardscrabble '95
215.0CUJO::TOBIASSENMon Oct 09 1995VeloSwap - November 11th - 9am to 3pm
216.01COOKIE::MUNNSWed Nov 01 1995Colo Spgs City Park Trail Usage
217.0CUJO::TOBIASSENSun Jan 21 1996Colorado Senate bill 69 Bad for Bicycling
218.02SSDEVO::WICKMon Feb 05 19961996 Triple Crown
219.0CSC32::LEWISMon Mar 04 1996Bike swap at City Aud, March 3
220.0SSDEVO::MARKSThu Apr 25 1996recall on Scott Unishock
221.0SSDEVO::MARKSTue Apr 30 1996Manitou Mach 5 MTB fork recall
222.0CUJO::TOBIASSENWed Jun 12 1996Bike to Elitch's June 22nd
223.0CUJO::TOBIASSENMon Jun 17 1996Wanted: Road Bicycle 54 - 56 cm
224.0COOKIE::HOLSINGERMon Jul 15 1996MTB safety tip: Avoid large nostrils!
225.0SSDEVO::MARKSMon Jul 22 1996recall on Girvin forks
226.0COOKIE::MUNNSThu Aug 08 1996Traffic: Woodmen Rd/Mt Saint Francis
227.0ELBERT::TIMBERLAKEMon Aug 26 1996Wanted: Hitch receiver bike rack.
228.01SSDEVO::EDMONDSThu Sep 12 1996'96 Tour de Hardscrabble
229.05TOPTEN::PLEVAMon Oct 14 1996Bike rental needed
230.0COOKIE::LEWISTue Oct 22 1996bike swap in Denver Nov 9, 1996
231.0SSDEVO::EDMONDSMon Jan 13 1997Norm Alvis to speak at YMCA
232.0SSDEVO::WICKTue Jan 14 1997Triple Crown for 1997
233.0 *COOKIE::LEWISMon Jan 27 1997A study looking for senior masters mtn bike riders
234.0 *COOKIE::MUNNSWed Mar 05 1997Ketu Bike Shop closing
235.0 *CUJO::TOBIASSENMon Mar 31 1997Bike Swap Sunday April 6th
236.0 *CSC32::LYONMon May 19 1997Need regular pedals
236.0 *COOKIE::LEWISWed Jun 04 1997this year's (1997) RAGBRAI