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Conference ogopw::pcprod_info

Title:DECpc Product Information
Created:Mon Aug 16 1993
Last Modified:Tue May 06 1997
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:550
Total number of notes:1664
Number with bodies:16
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0.03--UnknownUser--Thu Jan 01 1970
1.02--UnknownUser--Mon Aug 16 1993Welcome
2.02STOWOA::CAPPELWed Aug 18 1993Current Sources of DECpc Information
3.052WKOL1Thu Aug 19 1993sign in here
4.0STOWOA::MADONIAThu Nov 04 1993***SYSTEMS***
5.08STOWOA::MADONIAThu Nov 04 1993DECpc LP (Tiger II)
6.019STOWOA::MADONIAThu Nov 04 1993DECpc LPv & LPv+ (Energy Star)
7.06STOWOA::MADONIAThu Nov 04 1993DECpc LPx series
8.04--UnknownUser--Thu Nov 04 1993Portable PC's - Ast Mfg.
9.0STOWOA::MADONIAThu Nov 04 1993DECPC MT (MicroTower w/ISA)
10.09STOWOA::MADONIAThu Nov 04 1993DECpc MTE (MicroTower w/EISA)
11.015STOWOA::MADONIAThu Nov 04 1993DECpc XL - Premium
12.06STOWOA::MADONIAThu Nov 04 1993Alpha AXP PC
13.02STOWOA::MADONIAThu Nov 04 1993DECpc 4xxST/5xxST
14.0STOWOA::MADONIAThu Nov 04 1993ApplicationDEC 4
15.01STOWOA::CAPPELMon Mar 21 1994DECpc XL Server
22.0STOWOA::MADONIAMon Nov 08 1993***OPTIONS***
23.02STOWOA::MADONIAMon Nov 08 1993Tape/CDROM options
24.06STOWOA::MADONIATue Nov 09 1993Hard Drives
26.02STOWOA::MADONIAMon Nov 08 1993Video options
33.0STOWOA::MADONIAFri Nov 05 1993
34.0STOWOA::MADONIAFri Nov 05 1993***SOFTWARE***
35.0STOWOA::MADONIAFri Nov 05 1993MS-DOS
36.02STOWOA::MADONIAFri Nov 05 1993OS/2 operating system
38.03STOWOA::MADONIAFri Nov 05 1993Windows NT
39.03STOWOA::MADONIAFri Nov 05 1993Novell Netware/Cert.
41.0STOWOA::MADONIAFri Nov 05 1993Windows For Workgroups
42.02STOWOA::MADONIAFri Nov 05 1993Banyan Vines
58.0STOWOA::MADONIAFri Nov 05 1993
61.02DPDMAI::JONESFri Aug 20 1993Press Clipping Service?
62.03WKOL1Sun Aug 22 1993where can we get new PC price list?
63.013STOWOA::CAPPELMon Aug 23 1993Press Clippings Service
64.02GRANMA::GHALSTEADMon Aug 23 1993Competition ????
65.05WKOL1Tue Aug 24 19933 year warranty for systems shipped after 7/5/93?
66.01GRANPA::RPHILLIPSFri Aug 27 1993Notebook References
67.07ANGLIN::MFORDFri Aug 27 1993upgrade to color later?
69.02DPDMAI::JONESMon Aug 30 1993Multiprocessor Products?
70.05ANGLIN::MFORDMon Aug 30 1993Blue Lightning vs Intel Inside?
71.06ANGLIN::MFORDTue Aug 31 1993425sl vs. Toshiba?
72.06FAILTE::MCERLANEVThu Sep 02 1993Help Video drivers under OS2 2.1
73.01ANGLIN::MFORDFri Sep 03 1993NIC on VESA?
74.01FAILTE::MCERLANEVMon Sep 06 1993BIOS on laptops
75.08DPDMAI::JONESTue Sep 07 1993NEC vs DEC Monitor?
76.0FAILTE::MCERLANEVTue Sep 07 1993Who writes the OS2 drivers us or IBM
77.02GRANPA::RPHILLIPSWed Sep 08 1993LP fails when using s3 video drivers
78.0FAILTE::MCERLANEVThu Sep 09 1993S3 924 OS2 2.1 video drivers palatte problem
79.01--UnknownUser--Mon Sep 13 1993Digital Screen Saver & Wallpaper
80.0GRANMA::GHALSTEADMon Sep 13 1993327
81.01MSDOA::JOHNSONMon Sep 13 1993OS2 Drivers with S38
82.04NZOMIS::WILSONRAYWed Sep 15 1993DECpc MT/MTE FDD face plate.
83.02STOWOA::CAPPELWed Sep 15 1993Options
84.04WKOL1Wed Sep 15 1993looking for DECpc promotional items for customers
85.03STOWOA::CAPPELThu Sep 16 1993Digital Ranks #1 on SYSmark92 Benchmark tests
86.01VNABRW::MOTAL_WFri Sep 17 1993DECpc SPECmark values
87.01WKOL1Fri Sep 17 1993Enrico's comments at Digital Strategy briefing?
88.02WKOL1Mon Sep 20 1993need help with electrical leakage specs for LPv
89.0GOONS::SOWTONMon Sep 27 1993"Know Your PC" - Computer-based training
90.03ANGLIN::MFORDMon Sep 27 1993Phoenix BIOS problem?
91.05MESTER::YOUNGTue Sep 28 1993PC too loud
92.01MROA::STENGERThu Sep 30 1993466d2MT - Tail of woe...
93.01GRANPA::RPHILLIPSFri Oct 01 1993Rep Locator Note
94.02ANGLIN::MFORDMon Oct 04 1993AXP Upgrades?
95.0WKOL1Wed Oct 06 1993IBM EDUQUEST INFO???
96.01ANGLIN::MFORDThu Oct 07 1993SCSI on VESA?
97.06FAILTE::MCERLANEVMon Oct 11 1993S3 OS2 2.1 drivers on the BBS
98.02DONVAN::REICHERTMon Oct 11 1993PC74M-AA - 4x9 or 36 bit?
99.07IAMOK::RUGGIEROWed Oct 13 1993Need Keyboard part # for DECstation 32
100.03DV78Wed Oct 13 1993OS/2 2.1 on MTE?
101.04MBALDY::LANGSTONThu Oct 14 1993new PC catalog is less functional
102.01WKOL1Thu Oct 14 199333MHz daughtercards for DECpc 425SL/SLC notebooks?
103.07HGOVC::MONTYWONGWed Oct 20 1993MTE+1742 can use 2GB/3GB HD?
104.01USWRSL::HARRIS_MAFri Oct 22 1993RE24L-E spec?
105.05MUNDIS::MHOFMANNWed Oct 27 1993CDROM Units - Product Info needed
106.03MSDOA::JOHNSONWed Oct 27 1993OS2 Install on LPx
108.06MONMON::NIALLFri Oct 29 1993LPx/Soundblaster Problem
109.0EEMELI::VETELAINENMon Nov 01 1993466LPv and Matrox MGA-VL
110.0MIMS::HUFFSTETLERMon Nov 01 1993MKMASTER and THANKS.BAT info anywhere?
112.01NWTIMA::BESSERSAWed Nov 03 1993425SL Notebook Documentation
115.0NYOSThu Nov 04 1993928/VRC16/128
116.01HGOVC::MONTYWONGFri Nov 05 1993Benchmark figure on LPv 486-25sx?
117.015TONKA::JOHNSTONMon Nov 08 1993DECpc XL series Online info available??
119.01SEAWLF::ROSSERTue Nov 09 1993Does Digital have a "Green PC"
120.01NWTIMA::BESSERSATue Nov 09 1993PCMCIA Tech Info Needed
121.01HEN::HALEYWed Nov 10 1993DECpc 56
122.04OSLACT::ARNEMon Nov 15 1993More info on the XL Diamon Viper card
123.0QCAVTue Nov 16 1993Clarfications on LP & MTE
124.02HGOVC::MONTYWONGTue Nov 16 1993PCI SCSI installation guide anyone?
125.03AEOENG::BOMMARTTue Nov 16 1993DECpc 4xxxx DT familly ?
126.01BSS::RONEYTue Nov 16 1993Node in 5.4 incorrect.
127.06SNOFS1::GERAGHTYWed Nov 17 1993Adaptec 174* SCSI controllers on MTE
128.01ISTWI1::YEGENTue Nov 23 1993In need of the system calls doc of the TIGA Card
129.02VAXRIO::CRISTue Nov 23 1993** LPv+ New PID on OPAL **
130.02FAILTE::MCERLANEVThu Nov 25 1993PCI SCSI adapter what and when?
131.01AEOENG::BOMMARTFri Nov 26 1993disks PCXAR-C* info ?
132.01MSDOA::JOHNSONMon Nov 29 1993Storage Array 11
133.0SWAM1::MCAFEE_MIMon Nov 29 1993"dual scan" STN Notebook ??????
134.02CAPNET::THIBAULTTue Nov 30 1993OS2 Boot problem with LPv - How to fix
135.03BRAT::BUKOWSKITue Nov 30 1993XL via EPP
136.02ANGLIN::MFORDTue Nov 30 1993NEXTstep supported platforms?
137.0NYOSTue Nov 30 1993proteon/decpc XL/SCO Unix
138.0KARHU::KILEYThu Dec 02 1993LPx 433sx and Gamecards fail.
140.02GRANMA::GHALSTEADFri Dec 03 1993XL 56
141.01WKOL1Mon Dec 06 1993where are 1994 Desktop Planner calendars?
142.01WKOL1Mon Dec 06 1993need updates to the Sysmark Benchmark list
143.04WKOL1Mon Dec 06 1993what is our current PC sales ranking?
144.04MSDOA::JOHNSONMon Dec 06 199332 bit Ethernet Cards
145.01VAXRIO::CRISMon Dec 06 1993** 2.
146.01ROMEOS::SHOMO_ROMon Dec 06 1993ECC or parity memory on DECpc ST?
147.01VAXRIO::CRISTue Dec 07 1993Does PCT73-AB come with keyboard ?
148.0CAPNET::THIBAULTWed Dec 08 1993Definitions
149.01GYDMO::DMThu Dec 09 1993URGENT: OS/2 Drivers for pcxcr-ba needed
150.02ISIDRO::BURGOSFri Dec 10 1993LPx & LPv AT Bus & System Clock speeds ?
151.01MSDOA::JOHNSONMon Dec 13 1993MultiMedia on the MTE/16 bit cards?
152.0HGOVC::MONTYWONGMon Dec 13 1993Cyrix CPU with DECpc 333sx?
153.01MIMS::HUFFSTETLERMon Dec 13 1993DOSCAM + EMM386 = system hang?
154.03VICKI::DODIERThu Dec 16 1993DECpc 466ST config. questions
155.04MRKTNG::SLATERFri Dec 17 1993LinkWorks V2.1.7 Interim Performance Report
156.0CAPNET::KUSNETZKYFri Dec 17 1993ODT V3.
157.0MRKTNG::SLATERFri Dec 17 1993U.S. Fall DECUS Performance Presentations
158.01CHEFS::LABRAMMWed Dec 22 1993MS-DOS v6.2 compatibility
160.010MDCRAB::STUARTWed Dec 29 1993Need 256 color video driver for DECstation 333
162.02LUXTue Jan 04 199432 bits token ring on DECpc XL ?
163.02LUXTue Jan 04 1994Third party VESA token ring board ?
164.07BRSTR2::SYSMANWed Jan 05 1994How to turn volume down?
165.01ANGLIN::MFORDWed Jan 05 1994Deskside LPx?
166.01RUNWAY::MILLERTue Jan 11 1994Forecast for EPP/Pricing?
167.02MSDOA::JOHNSONTue Jan 11 1994MTBF Data on DEC PC's?
168.01BRAT::BUKOWSKIThu Jan 13 1994DECpc XL desktop?
169.03BELFST::TAGGARTThu Jan 13 1994Rolling demo software
170.02GRANMA::GHALSTEADThu Jan 13 1994Notebook Carrying case
171.01GYDMO::DMFri Jan 14 1994URGENT: OS/2 Drivers for P9
172.04FAILTE::MCERLANEVFri Jan 14 1994OS2 2.1 driver for CDROM on XL?
173.01ANGLIN::DUNTONFri Jan 14 1994Backing up a PC
174.0POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAFri Jan 14 1994WINMARK test suite sources?
175.0VAXRIO::CRISTue Jan 18 1994DAT and CD-ROM for DEC 5
176.03VAXRIO::CRISTue Jan 18 1994DAT supported on DECpc MTE and ST ?
177.01USHSTue Jan 18 1994Several XL questions
178.01TAVSWS::EREZ_GWed Jan 19 1994MTE (dx2/66) S3 928 drivers and utilities locatio
180.0MUTTON::LAMBThu Jan 20 1994CPU & GRAPHICS Benchmarks MTE vs XL
181.01VAXRIO::CRISFri Jan 21 1994What is the unformatted capacity for 426 MB HD?
182.02WKOL1Sun Jan 23 1994password needed for Digital screensaver
183.01TROOA::ENGMon Jan 24 1994Sytos Backup Manager
184.01MSDOA::JOHNSONMon Jan 24 1994AutoCAD Anyone???
185.01ANGLIN::MFORDTue Jan 25 1994DX support on notebooks?
186.01TRNWed Jan 26 1994PC ALPHA and PHASE V
187.01VAXRIO::CRISWed Jan 26 1994Is the LNXX-PC still available ?
188.01DELNI::NVSD7::COBBWed Jan 26 1994Slowing speed of DECpc 425LP for AS4
189.01BDOVAX::OVERTURFThu Jan 27 1994LPX memory question
190.01SPEZKO::SMITHThu Jan 27 1994DECpc XL memory SIMS
191.01MSDOA::JOHNSONThu Jan 27 1994Disable Ports on LPx?
192.0NOVA::BOIKOThu Jan 27 1994DECpc XL's now at 2
193.05SMAUG::GARRODSat Jan 29 1994Where's the online PC catalogue?
194.02ZPOVC::SEOWHURNMon Jan 31 1994Performance Figures for DECpc MTE anywhere ??
195.01XANADU::XANADU::MUDGETTMon Jan 31 1994"Improved" 425SL Notebook?
196.01MTVIEW::DEPLEDGETue Feb 01 1994PCXAR-CB/CD: 245MB IDE Hard Disk Drive.
197.01MIMS::LOKIETZ_SThu Feb 03 1994upgrading 425sx LPv processor
198.01MIMS::LOKIETZ_SThu Feb 03 1994Cyrillic output?
199.01COPCLU::GERTFri Feb 04 1994S3 Drivers for DECpc XL
200.02POBOX::TSUCHIYAMAFri Feb 04 1994ISA VESA PCI bus article?
201.03VNABRW::AUPMon Feb 07 1994PCI-Ethernetadapter for DECpc XL
202.03RT95::MCDONALDJMon Feb 07 1994Docs for the S3 chip?
203.0ABACUS::BUKOWSKIMon Feb 07 1994PCI chip set issues
204.03OTOOA::WEISSMon Feb 07 1994External storage on XL
205.02LUXTue Feb 08 1994Problem with token ring board on DECpc MTE 466
206.05SMAUG::GARRODWed Feb 09 1994What's the difference between LP and LPv?
207.0STOWOA::CAPPELThu Feb 10 1994A Great Europen Win
208.0POBOX::PATLAThu Feb 10 1994WINSTONE 94 Benchmarks Needed
209.03BAYES::VARGASFri Feb 11 1994Are VR29
210.02MIMS::LOKIETZ_SMon Feb 14 1994part# for lpv+ country kit?
211.01LUXTue Feb 15 1994RAM DMA error with DECpc MTE & OLICOM board
212.02YIELD::HARRISWed Feb 16 1994MTE and DE422-SA?
213.02CAADC::CGOOA::DANYLUKWed Feb 16 1994DECPC 45
214.0MARVIN::MORRELLThu Feb 17 1994Cost of Developing New PC products such as the XL.
215.03YUPPY::BRANDOMSThu Feb 17 1994LPv+ Energy saving issues - maybe
216.01MIMS::LOKIETZ_SFri Feb 18 1994?s re 525MB IDE; CDROM
217.01TPLAB::DACHSBECKMon Feb 21 1994How to setup an LPv to use S3 driver ?
218.01ODIXIE::WATSONPHMon Feb 21 1994DEC486/5
219.01EPS::CAETANOMon Feb 21 1994What mode for Stealth (pcxag-aj) and Digital Monitors????
220.04RCOCER::MICKOLMon Feb 21 1994Keep the answers in here!
221.0STOWOA::CAPPELTue Feb 22 1994How to sell XL or LPx56
222.0STOWOA::CAPPELTue Feb 22 1994NeXTStep
223.0STOWOA::CAPPELTue Feb 22 1994Benchmarks in PC Magazine
224.02MIMS::LOKIETZ_SWed Feb 23 1994details on AXP upgrade to XL?
225.06STOWOA::CAPPELFri Feb 25 1994New DECpc Literature
226.01STOWOA::CAPPELFri Feb 25 1994MTBF/MTTR Request Process
227.01HGOVC::GUSTAFSONMon Feb 28 1994Benchmarks for XL?
230.05GRANMA::EHEROLDSat Mar 05 1994ECC vs. PARITY memory ???
231.03WKOL1Sun Mar 06 1994Benchmark Tips & Tricks
232.01RCOJDS::SHOWALTERMon Mar 07 1994CCU.EXE and SSU.EXE on DECpc 425SL
233.01NLAMon Mar 07 1994P54C / DX4?
234.0HGOVC::GUSTAFSONTue Mar 08 1994Keytronics/Cherry keybds.?
235.01GRANMA::EHEROLDTue Mar 08 1994SpecInt92, etc... for RFP
236.06SNOCWed Mar 09 1994Does the XL support OS/2 version 1.3 (for running Pathworks for OS/2) ??
237.02HGOVC::MONTYWONGWed Mar 09 1994Display card to drive 2 monitors at the same time?
238.05VNABRW::AUPWed Mar 09 1994DECpc425SE Color: poor disk performance
239.02TONKA::JOHNSTONThu Mar 10 1994Reset, Pwr on/off, Ctrl-Alt-del
240.02PCOJCT::YOUNGFri Mar 11 1994XL beeps
241.03TORPSun Mar 13 1994LPV+ Upgradeable BIOS ???
242.01POBOX::PATLAWed Mar 16 1994MTE and 274
243.01MIMS::LOKIETZ_SFri Mar 18 1994scsi support on 425SL docking station?
244.0STOWOA::CAPPELMon Mar 21 1994New Discount Structure
245.03ABACUS::BUKOWSKIMon Mar 21 199432 bit disk access w/XL & NCR chipset
246.01VNABRW::AUPTue Mar 22 1994DECpc 425 SE longer battery life needed
247.01HGOVC::GUSTAFSONThu Mar 24 1994energy star interlaced monitor?
248.0JGODCL::BLOEMENDALThu Mar 24 1994looking for SIMM overview information for 29-class
249.01GRANMA::GHALSTEADThu Mar 24 1994Other Keyboards on our PC
250.0RCOCER::MICKOLFri Mar 25 1994Need PCP3F-AA Modem Adapter Cable Part #
251.01KAOU93::CARSONFri Mar 25 1994Help - BIOS mods for security
252.03FSAEUR::ROETue Mar 29 1994Monitor for Diamond Stealth PRO
253.0WKOL1Tue Mar 29 1994performance question: 433SLC vs. DX2/4
254.01MIMS::ALLERTON_SWed Mar 30 1994Memory configuration in PCP38-DA
255.01TNPUBS::BELLUSCIMon Apr 04 1994VESA support for 425SE?
256.02VIVIAN::JD_WARDTue Apr 05 1994PCPAZ - What type of PCMCIA is it?
257.0TROOA::MSCHNEIDERFri Apr 08 1994some SOC nitpicking
258.0GLDOA::CUTLERFri Apr 08 1994TLZ
259.01MISERY::CAN_BAFri Apr 08 1994OpenVMS and OSF on XL
260.01STOWOA::HOGANMon Apr 11 1994Drivers for PCXCR-AE
261.0NYOSMon Apr 11 1994486Test Benchmark
262.0STOWOA::SMACAULAYMon Apr 11 1994Digital Announcement on Windows for Workgroups
263.0STOWOA::SMACAULAYMon Apr 11 1994Benchmarks for LPX+ Power Test
264.0STOWOA::SMACAULAYMon Apr 11 1994Performance Information Repository established
265.01HGOVC::YIUHUNGPANTue Apr 12 1994SCSI HDD indicator for MTE
266.03BRAT::BUKOWSKITue Apr 12 1994CPU upgrade/trade-in for XL series- When?
267.0STOWOA::SMACAULAYWed Apr 13 1994INTEL - DX4 Comparison Information
268.0JMPSRV::MICKOLWed Apr 13 1994Need LCD Panel display
269.01AIMHI::COOLEWed Apr 13 1994
270.07AKOCOA::SAMOJLAWed Apr 20 1994DEClaser 1152 experience
271.02NYOSFri Apr 22 1994New PCI Diamond Viper drivers?
272.0NYOSMon Apr 25 1994Looking for Digital TV Commercials
273.03SIMESE::STARRTue Apr 26 1994LPv+/LPx config question
274.01FSAEUR::ROEThu Apr 28 1994Problems Ordering PCs
275.03ROCK::MUELLERFri Apr 29 1994Magnetic Field on top of DECPC 433ST with 3.5" Floppy drive ???
276.01RCOCER::MICKOLTue May 03 1994Need 433SLC with 34
277.0SWAM2::SIRBU_SUWed May 11 1994alpha upgrade for xl
278.0TKOV51::MATSUURAThu May 12 1994AiC787
279.02CIM2NI::GRAVELThu May 12 1994Alpha laptop ?
280.01ARRODS::63645::merrittiMon May 16 1994S3 928 PCI WIN NT Drivers
281.01HGOVC::GUSTAFSONTue May 17 1994Rugged PC's???
282.03HGOVC::GUSTAFSONTue May 17 1994Greenpc...just how green?
283.03DPDMAI::PAYETTEWed May 18 1994Parts lists, Pricing, and Config Guides?
284.04MEOCFri May 20 1994XL Server
285.02DC1Fri May 20 1994Memory managers for XL56
286.01MSE1::SULLIVANMon May 23 1994Pointers to PC Sales Channel/Vendor
287.09UKARC1::CHAMBERLINTue May 24 1994What are ecp/epp parallel ports?
288.0ANNECY::FARABETWed May 25 1994Looking for PCI boards
289.05WKOL1Wed May 25 1994need UL & FCC certifications for LPx+
291.02GIDDAY::SLADEThu May 26 1994Tape backup software info needed for FR-PCXDT-A*
292.0VAXSPO::JCOSTAThu May 26 1994MTE+QIC - Problems...
293.02NYOSS1::BENJAMINThu May 26 1994External SCSI on XL Server
294.01HGOVC::CHOWKINGWAHSat May 28 1994Request DE435 Information ?
295.02DEEIS1::DENAYERMon May 30 1994write back cache problem on XL56
296.02MOSCOW::KEPKETue May 31 1994CDROM with ULTRASTORE ???
297.01SRVPC::USTINOVWed Jun 01 1994Netware 4.
298.02MIMS::ALLERTON_SWed Jun 01 1994Transfer rates for low cost QIC tape drive
299.01SUBURB::HANDLEYIFri Jun 03 1994LPV+ With 2 Video Boards?
300.01SRVPC::USTINOVFri Jun 03 1994Driver for PCXCR-BA ?
301.0ROMEDU::NEBBIATue Jun 07 1994Mounting a second disk (HDU) on a DECpc 425i
302.0VAXRIO::CRISWed Jun 08 1994SCO driver for DAT ?
303.01VAXRIO::CRISWed Jun 08 1994WNT driver for DAT?
304.02NOVA::MICHONThu Jun 09 1994Help and feedback on MPC XL56
305.01CADSYS::CADSYS::KINMONTHFri Jun 10 1994CD-ROM drives - the details
306.01DABEAN::B_ROSEFri Jun 10 1994Keyboard bad on 466D2 LPV+
307.03ILBBAK::CASSMon Jun 13 1994DECstation/DECPC_ENG still around ????
308.01SIMESE::STARRTue Jun 14 1994Desktop PCMCIA Info
309.0XKOVFri Jun 17 1994Help needed in drawing up tender specs
310.0NYOSS1::BENJAMINFri Jun 17 1994WinBench performance ?
311.02ANGLIN::MFORDMon Jun 20 1994Are we in the notebook market?
312.01VAXRIO::CRISMon Jun 20 1994LPx+ Base Kernel part#?
313.04OTOOA::PONDMon Jun 20 19946
314.02DPDMAI::PAYETTETue Jun 21 1994Internal drive controller on 59
315.03YIELD::HARRISTue Jun 21 1994PC77M vs PC74M ?
316.01ZPOVC::MUICHOOThu Jun 23 1994Order number for LPv chasis ?
317.01HLFSMon Jun 27 1994Your second 3.5" drive.
318.01HLFSMon Jun 27 1994Install Software
319.04FAILTE::BRUCEAMon Jun 27 1994keys for pc's
320.0TORPTue Jun 28 1994Spec's on RAID controller ???
321.01VAXSPO::JCOSTATue Jun 28 1994DECpc keyboard layout
322.01LEMAN::MARTIN_AThu Jun 30 1994looking for LPv+ user's guide
323.0SWAMPD::ZIMMERMANNThu Jun 30 1994Viper/monitor problem (garbage display)
324.0BIS5::RUTTENSMon Jul 04 1994DECpc's in a LANServer environment
325.0TENNIS::KAMWed Sep 14 1994What's the diff betwen STOWOA::PCPROD_INFO?
326.0GIDDAY::STANISLAUSWed Oct 05 1994PCP3E Docking Station Voltage Setting
327.0STAR::MONTAGUEFri Nov 04 1994pct7u documentation
328.0FIREBL::LEEDSSat Nov 05 1994upgrading 466d2 to Pentium ???
329.0GRANPA::BDOYLESun Nov 06 19943Com Says Celebris Has Noisy Bus
330.01TESA::EDWARDSThu Dec 08 1994LBA info required
331.01WRKSYS::LORDThu Dec 08 19943.5" disk in 5.25" cavity???
332.0FAILTE::KERRAYTue Dec 13 1994PC6XM-EA v PC74M-AA v ???
333.01GIDDAY::MORETTIWed Dec 14 1994IBM ISA token ring card in Venturis PC
334.0DECPRG::LUFTThu Dec 15 1994Two PCI VGA video boards in XL 59
335.0CX3MAN::AMBERFri Dec 23 1994HD access light stays on constantly
336.0UKARCX::CHAMBERLINTue Jan 03 1995LPX+ DEC Setup program?
337.0CSOA1::GLASSFORDMon Jan 09 1995help on replacing CD's
338.0NODEX::KIERSTEADTue Jan 10 1995color palette affected by refresh rate
339.01PCBUOA::GLAZThu Jan 19 1995Hard drive specs
340.0XSTACY::KFITZGERALDWed Jan 25 1995Revision control/configuration management software
341.0BAHTAT::HANNAN_SWed Feb 01 1995Rack mountable (19 inch) PC Server??
342.0BAHTAT::HANNAN_SWed Feb 01 1995RZ25L disk on PC SErver ??
343.02DRAC::DELGADOThu Feb 02 1995PC info source ??
344.01TLAWS5::AKKAMONSun Feb 05 1995DECpc5
345.0DMEICE::BRUCKMANWed Feb 08 1995IRMX support on Digital PCs?
346.0GECTue Feb 14 1995FTP Script
347.0HELIX::WELLCOMEThu Feb 16 1995Need updated pointer for online information
348.0STAR::HUSSAINMon Feb 20 1995Noisy CDROM drive.
349.02CUJO::TOBIASSENMon Feb 27 1995XL56
350.0HELIX::WELLCOMETue Feb 28 1995FR-PCXBV-KA engineering specs?
351.0TRIGG::VOGELThu Mar 09 1995adaptec 174
352.0SIOG::WALSH_PATFri Mar 10 1995Competitive info re ECC memory
353.0VAXSPO::CASTROFri Mar 10 1995New products ?
354.0BRADEC::AUGUSTINWed Mar 15 1995WNT 3.5 drivers for Celebris
355.0GLDOA::HOLBELFri Mar 31 1995Daughtercard penality on Celebris?
356.0ALBANY::PEPLOWSKIFri Mar 31 1995Manuals for Venturis PC"S
357.0VNABRW::SPITTERSBERGTue Apr 04 1995Powerswitch on CELEBRIS 59
358.01NEMAIL::CURTINThu Apr 20 1995Prioris servers - rackmountable?
359.0DPDMAI::GREINERThu Apr 20 1995DEC PC Outlet store?
360.0MAASUP::MUDGETTTue Apr 25 1995Starion Part number questions
362.0DECBAH::PATROTue May 02 1995XL upgrade to Alpha
363.0ISIDRO::MAMORENOWed May 03 1995IDE 84
364.0SHERM::SHERMANTue May 23 1995DECpc XL56
365.0XKOVWed May 24 1995PC Review Info required
366.0SNOCWed Jun 07 1995DECpc XL 566 and RZ28
367.0OPNDCE::FURNANZThu Jun 08 1995VGA monitor schematic diagram (?)
368.02MXOCThu Jun 08 19954XX MTE UPGRADE.
370.01DOGHUS::PULSTue Jun 20 1995Need 32
371.01AYOV22::GFITZSIMMONSWed Jun 21 1995DECpc 45
372.0OOYES::OCONNELLWed Jun 28 1995HiNte Ultra sound card?
373.01OOYES::OCONNELLWed Jul 05 1995ZIP program for VMS?
374.0AEOLUS::DAIGNEAULTThu Jul 06 1995VESA SCSI controler with floppy order #
375.0NETRIX::"frank.orlando@mro.mts.dec.com"Thu Jul 06 1995Help - booting LPv after dos/windows reload
376.02ISTWI1::ARIKANFri Jul 07 1995video driver for Decpc 45
377.0WOTVAX::DORANAMon Jul 10 1995RSM Info needed
378.0XKOVWed Jul 12 1995Unixware support for -PCXAT-AA? Help Reqd.
379.0DECBAH::BUSSERSat Jul 15 1995STARION PC 9
380.0MFRFMS::DIRKTue Jul 25 1995Problems with DECpc 32
381.0ASABET::JROGERSTue Aug 01 1995DECpc42
381.01MICROW::WIMBERGTue Sep 27 1994Termination on an Adaptec 274
382.02DONVAN::REICHERTThu Sep 29 1994433SLC-Can't boo from hard disk
382.01OOYES::OCONNELLWed Aug 02 1995528 Mb drive upgrade?
383.03OOYES::OCONNELLThu Aug 03 1995Eliminating PCMCIA beeps?
383.02MQOOA::LEWed Oct 05 1994Latest S3 driver for LP's serie ?
384.03CGOOA::BHARRISThu Oct 06 1994VRT19s as Monitors?
384.0QCAVThu Aug 24 1995VENT45
385.01JGODCL::NMGP29::Eric.HoflandFri Oct 07 1994Looking for DIAMOND SPEEDTAR PRO Drivers
385.0PASTA::SPEEDThu Aug 24 1995Digital monitors w/DDC support?
386.0STOWOA::S_HUTCHINSONThu Aug 24 1995DROMCan't get sound via headphone jack on CM 2
386.02GRANMA::GHALSTEADTue Oct 11 1994CD-ROM for Celebris
387.0NETRIX::"composer@crl.dec.com"Thu Aug 24 1995Celebris GL 133 ST -- misc. questions
387.01ASABET::ENGLISHTue Oct 18 1994multiple scsi disks
388.0FOUNDR::CRAIGTue Aug 29 1995Windows 95?
388.0QCAVWed Oct 19 1994Lpv/Lpv+ Motherboard failures
389.05KAOOA::DUNCANWed Oct 19 1994Serial Ports on LPx?
390.0TUXEDO::MAYBERRYFri Oct 21 1994SCSI vs IDE when adding disk to DECpc LPx
390.0COPCLU::TRIERMon Sep 04 1995Video RAM upgrade of a S3 928 PCI Adapter
391.0ZPOVC::PHILIPTANGWed Oct 26 1994Video Benchmarks for DECpc needed !!
391.01QCAVTue Sep 05 1995y
392.02HGOM11::JANELIThu Sep 07 1995HiNote Ultra CT475'
392.0FAILTE::BRUCEAWed Oct 26 1994decpc lpx+ problem??
393.04CAPNET::PJOHNSONThu Oct 27 1994DECpc <-> codename request
394.0SNLVFri Oct 28 1994Specs' for the new IDE drives 27
395.0TOSUP1::ALBERTINFri Sep 08 1995 HiNote CS45
395.01TORPFri Oct 28 1994RRD43 Solution Help
396.0QCAVThu Sep 21 1995WINDOWS&VENTURIS 45
396.03CHOWDA::VARANESESat Oct 29 1994DECpc 433dxLP System Doc?
397.01QCAVMon Oct 31 1994PC77M-AE vs PC74M-BA
398.0MQOOA::LEMon Oct 31 1994P/N for CPU chips's extract tool.
398.01CGOOA::DANYLUKMon Oct 02 1995Decpc 45
399.03SUBSYS::BATTISTINIThu Oct 05 1995Starion pc questions
399.02NWDMon Oct 31 1994New monitors?
400.02EEMELI::BACKSTROMMon Nov 07 1994Celebris 56
400.02HGRDMon Oct 09 1995Phoenix BIOS upgrade for DECpc LPx 466d2??
401.0SNOFS1::HOMULOSALLANThu Oct 26 1995Video cable for 433w required
401.02ODIXIE::BAINEMon Nov 07 1994New PC Proposal Boilerplate
402.01QUARK::LIONELTue Nov 08 1994Conference "rolled back"
402.05NPSS::SWTCHN::trudeauWed Nov 01 1995Need !ADP
403.07LYOISA::GAUDIEZTue Nov 15 1994VENTURIS informations
403.0NETRIX::"@crista::blanchette.nio.dec.com"Tue Nov 07 1995333SX LP upgrade? Is it possible?
404.04QUARK::LIONELTue Nov 15 1994No LK45
404.0ACISThu Nov 09 1995Bridging anyone?
405.01LUXWed Nov 16 1994Help Me !!Decpc466d2mt Token Ring Option
406.0QCAVMon Nov 21 1994USL SVR 4.2 on XL Server,MTE,LPX+
406.0NEMAIL::KENTFri Nov 10 1995Prioris: Intel => Alpha?
407.012TUXEDO::LIMMon Nov 13 199545
407.03R2ME2::FOUNTASMon Nov 21 1994Info on the "full video" by Digital (MPEG/Sound card)??
408.01OSLLAV::TORKILD_PFri Nov 17 1995DECpc 433ST --> Pentium?
408.03HGODCS::NICHOLASHOTue Nov 22 1994Need info on Starion PC
409.0HAACK::HAACKThu Nov 30 1995
409.02UHUH::BEERMANWed Nov 23 1994Conner TapeStor 4
410.0HAACK::HAACKThu Nov 30 1995adaptec 154
410.02BREAKR::LOPEZWed Nov 23 1994minicam.sys
411.0HANDVC::STEVELIUThu Nov 24 1994portables with multimedia capability
411.0ANNECY::VATRYFri Dec 01 1995PCI SCSI board?
412.0MUNDIS::SKERSCHLFri Dec 01 1995Future of Notebooks
412.02MQOSWS::M_DESBIENSFri Nov 25 1994DECps XL configuration questions...
413.0NEOVWed Nov 30 1994XL Server and Windows NT
413.0MUNDIS::SKERSCHLFri Dec 01 1995Problems with Venturis
414.01STPThu Dec 01 1994CPUupgrade kit for DECpcXL and DEC XL SERV?
414.02FOUNDR::FOXFri Dec 01 1995Prioris XL59
415.03BIS1::BHP384::BICCLERThu Dec 01 1994multimedia options ?
415.01USCD::FREITASMon Dec 04 1995Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS)
416.02BIS1::BHP384::BICCLERThu Dec 01 1994plug-and-play and serverline
416.01DEKVC::JAEHUNGKIMFri Dec 15 19951
417.01RTOIC::JSEISSLERFri Dec 02 1994VRT19-HA detailed Specs wanted
417.0QCAVSat Dec 16 1995CELEBRIS 59
418.0NETRIX::"duerksen@grumpy.mko.dec.com"Thu Dec 21 1995W'95 video on DECpc 433
418.07PRIM18::LEARYTue Dec 06 1994Penitum Replacement Position ?
419.03WOTVAX::RANDEE::MorrisonTue Dec 06 1994Infor on PRIORIS Range, please ?
419.01LISVAX::RIBEIRO_NTue Dec 26 1995DECpc 433 LPx bios upgrade
420.0ANNECY::ROUIBAH_NWed Dec 27 1995Celebris XL upgradability ?
420.01CADSYS::LANEFri Dec 09 1994Token ring (ISA) card install on Venturis 56
421.01BRAT::BUKOWSKISun Dec 11 1994XL59
421.0ZURWed Dec 27 1995What DECpc's support DDC?
422.03COWPOK::SWITZERMon Dec 12 1994remote manager??
422.0NETRIX::"Lsears@granpa.enet.dec.com"Thu Dec 28 1995Starion 2
423.02KAOOA::DUNCANTue Dec 13 1994PCI performance on HX
424.01KAOOA::DUNCANTue Dec 13 19943 Chnl PCI RAID?
424.0HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGWed Jan 17 1996S3 8
425.0PONDA::pb.mso.dec.com::pbennettTue Jan 23 1996Problem with Celebris 5133 printing to 35
425.07GRANPA::MMARKHAMWed Dec 14 1994Starion PC "Cache" ?
426.0BROKE::SERRAFri Jan 26 1996is Pentium Upgradable?
427.03ANGLIN::GAINESTue Dec 20 1994help with max amount of disks/scsi capacity
427.0ANNECY::WHARMBY_MMon Jan 29 1996Prioris/Celebris performance
428.0QCAVTue Feb 06 1996intel etherexpress & prioris
428.03CRONIC::BURKEWed Dec 21 1994latest S3 video drivers for a Venturis 466.
429.0BREAKR::BUDZOWSKITue Feb 06 1996Prioris spiking to 1
429.05JBWed Dec 21 1994What is DP (Dual Processors)?
430.0VYGER::HAMMONDJWed Feb 07 1996AMI Diagnostics ?
431.0FRUST::UNGEHEUERWed Feb 07 1996Problem with CELBRIS XL 59
431.0GRANPA::JWOODThu Jan 05 1995HiNote, Celebris, and Prioris ref's needed
432.03BRAT::NESTORFri Jan 06 1995Trying to assist customer
432.0SHRMSG::SNIDERThu Feb 15 1996DECpc 433dxlp 64
433.01KAOOA::DUNCANFri Jan 06 1995Number for SCO?
433.01NETRIX::"Barillari@rio.mts.dec.com"Fri Feb 16 19968514 emulation on Venturis S3-764
434.03ANGLIN::GAINESFri Jan 06 1995XL and Celebris Video problem, Help!
434.0JUGHED::FLATTERYMon Mar 04 1996Celebris replacing starions????
435.01MQOU18::M_DESBIENSThu Jan 12 1995Power Saving Option on NT
435.01MSAMWed Mar 13 1996upgrade lpx pc to 486dx1
436.0STOSS1::WIRTZFri Apr 19 1996Does NetWare 4.x Support Multi-Processors?
436.01PRIM18::LEARYFri Jan 13 1995We're (in)famous !!!
437.01JBMon Jan 16 1995LSI Logic's Hydra chip for SMP clustering?
437.0NAC::TRANFri Apr 19 1996VRT19-DA Monitor Driver?
438.0QCAVTue May 14 1996pb2ma-bd instead of pc74m-aa
438.02CFSCTC::PATILWed Jan 18 1995DECstation 425c PC documentation?
439.0COPCLU::TRIERThu May 16 1996OverDrive upgrade of DECpc XL 433dx - How?
439.05SNOFS1::63856::broughtonThu Jan 19 1995no reset button on Venturis / celebris
440.0QCAVThu Jan 19 1995Help needed on Lpv+
440.0MANMFri May 24 1996Hard Disk Drive De-activation on Prioris XL566 running Novell Netware
441.02MKOTS3::COOLEThu Jan 19 1995Banyan Vines help
441.025OSLThu May 30 1996DECpc 433WS Video driver W/NT?
442.03--UnknownUser--Fri Jan 20 1995Help needed on DECpc 466 MTE
443.01HGOVC::EDDIELEUNGTue Jun 11 1996LPv+ 433dx CPU upgrade ?
443.01QDOVFri Jan 20 1995dual SVGA on xl server
444.0NETRIX::"nelson@chessi.cop.dec.com"Wed Jun 19 1996NT, Prefmon and Prioris SMP Server
444.03TIMABC::SANCHEZFri Jan 20 1995Venturis and external cover help
445.0QCAVThu Jun 27 1996Venturis 512
445.0IJSAPL::JANSEN_GTue Jan 24 1995Info/Photo PCXBV-SA 14" SVGA Monitor?
446.0HAMER::VIDAWed Jan 25 1995DECpc XL Server master key?
446.0KOZY::SARKOZYThu Jun 27 199641
447.0NEMAIL::KENTWed Jul 03 1996?Where do you find the part number?>
447.01DEBUG::CROSBIEWed Jan 25 1995Install WNT Venturis Problem
448.04JGODCL::BLOEMENDALThu Jan 26 1995wanted: crossreference list PC77.. <--> ME.. nrs
448.01KUTIPS::ROBILLARDWed Jul 03 1996Memory upgrade problems.
449.0SNOFS2::GALLAGHERTue Jul 16 19961 Mbyte upgrade for MTE PCT7H-EA
449.03ANGLIN::GAINESMon Jan 30 1995Clipart/Diagrams/Pictures of PC Products?
450.02PRIM18::LEARYThu Feb 02 1995XL 59
450.0PARVAX::JANOCKMon Aug 05 1996disable graphics (lp45
451.03IPNG::CARSONTue Aug 13 199616 Meg SIMM on DECpc 3
451.0PCBUOA::YOUNGMon Feb 06 1995Driver for CD, SONY CDU31A, (PCXCR-BA)?
452.0SWAM1::HOLT_JOThu Aug 15 1996Year 2
453.0NETRIX::"chris Ley@tynanr.reo.dec.com"Mon Aug 19 1996
453.01CSLALL::GORMLEY_TJWed Feb 08 1995LPV+ Motherboard (54-227
454.0NETRIX::"Chris Ley@tynanr.reo.dec.com"Mon Aug 19 1996
454.03QUETIP::BENJAMINWed Feb 08 1995Noisy 1 GB Drives (RZ26L)
455.0NETRIX::"beat.muetsch@zuo.mts.dec.com"Wed Sep 04 1996Venturis Overdirve Processor
455.03ANGLIN::GAINESThu Feb 09 1995Manual Configure of Plug n Play?
456.01MQOU18::mqsp14.mqs.dec.com::S_CHARBONNEAWed Sep 04 1996HiNote CT475 Disk drive greater than 5
456.02ANGLIN::GAINESSun Feb 12 1995Digital PC's and ESD?
457.0SVCVAX::GAMBARDELLAWed Sep 25 1996"Upgrade" from an ALPHA XL 266 to a Pentium Pro?
457.04WELSWS::GRIFFINMon Feb 13 1995PCTAZ-BA or 3
458.0DEKVC::JAEHUNGKIMTue Oct 29 1996ex
458.01BRSTR2::SYSMANFri Feb 24 1995cooling venturis (+VIDEOLOGIC)
459.0DEKVC::JAEHUNGKIMTue Oct 29 1996Warranty for Prioris XL and its devices
459.01FSAEUR::ROETue Feb 28 1995MD4
460.0ZPOVC::MONTYWONGWed Mar 01 1995Missing 256K memory in LPx+?
461.02FOUNDR::BAUERWed Mar 01 1995Hinote battery Question
462.01LAPO::MONTANARO_RThu Mar 02 1995Unhandled exception in S3FLAT.DRV 2.24
463.01FSAEUR::ROEFri Mar 03 1995VRC16 Coral Draw Info Needed
464.01DEBUG::CROSBIEFri Mar 03 1995VRT17-HA (PCXAV-EC/ED/EE) Service Manual?
465.0BIGQ::WETHERELLTue Mar 07 199532
466.0442832::GORETue Mar 07 1995Sony CDU55E cdrom used in Venturis ?
467.01FAILTE::MCERLANEVTue Mar 07 1995Cross posted OS2 drivers issue on Venturis
468.0ZPOVC::MONTYWONGWed Mar 08 1995Celebris MTBF?
469.02CSLALL::GORMLEY_TJWed Mar 08 1995Pentium Upgrade for Starion PC's
470.06BRAT::BUKOWSKIWed Mar 08 1995new Pentium Celebris XL spec sheets?
471.01ANGLIN::GAINESThu Mar 09 1995DOS-Recorder/Playback anyone?
472.01PRIM18::LEARYWed Mar 15 1995XL Server BIOS rev ?
473.0SWAM2::SIRBU_SUMon Mar 27 199517" monitor specs
474.01SRVPC::USTINOVTue Mar 28 1995Celebris 5
475.01WRKSYS::DLEBLANCWed Mar 29 1995VRC16 failures on LPv+ 466 D2
476.02SUBSYS::HERLIHYWed Mar 29 1995Keyclick?
477.01ALBANY::PEPLOWSKITue Apr 04 1995Service manuals for Venturis PC's
478.0HGOVC::YIUHUNGPANWed Apr 05 1995HiNote Password Problem
479.03ALBANY::PEPLOWSKIThu Apr 06 1995Lost Mouse on Venturis
480.01ALBANY::TAYLORMon Apr 10 1995LA1
481.03ALBANY::PEPLOWSKITue Apr 11 1995PC Software updates How? to get them
483.04STEVMS::BEDARDWed Apr 26 1995upgrading DecPC 433
484.01BLAZER::MIKELISThu Apr 27 1995Help with BIOS upgrade
485.01MKOTS3::claptn.mko.dec.com::raymondMon May 01 1995Need more low end memory on 56
486.0ALBANY::TAYLORMon May 01 1995WFW Floppy Can't Write
487.0MKOTS3::claptn.mko.dec.com::raymondFri May 05 1995VRC2
488.0CSLALL::GORMLEY_TJTue May 09 1995Terminating Resistors for RRD43 CD-ROM...
490.03SMOGGY::EMERYMon May 15 1995Celebris 466, WFWg 3.11, SWAP file
491.02CSLALL::GORMLEY_TJTue May 16 1995Intel overdrive upgrade - error messages...
492.01RELYON::VARGASTue May 16 1995DECpc 316sx /Keyboard error... need help!
493.03DEBUG::CROSBIETue May 23 1995Bad Keyboard Ports on Venturis 466
494.03DPDMAI::CHILDRESSTue May 23 1995PC serial numbers?
496.0MUNICH::RICHTERWed May 31 1995FR-8
497.09ANGLIN::GAINESFri Jun 02 1995SMTR video @ 128
498.0PRIM18::LEARYWed Jun 07 1995PCXAG-AL on an XL Server ?
499.02MUNICH::RICHTERWed Jun 07 1995Venturis Frontpanel
500.02GRANPA::JWOODWed Jun 07 1995driver for WNT or Windows95
501.01GJOVAX::OSCMon Jun 12 1995DECpc 45
502.02ALBANY::TAYLORFri Jun 16 1995Celebris XL59
503.03MUNICH::RICHTERWed Jun 21 1995Bios 1.
504.02BSS::DSMITHThu Jun 29 1995RE36C-E won't partition the full disk!
505.0STPMon Jul 03 1995Venturis Security?
506.02VAXRIO::CRISThu Jul 13 1995SPECrateInt for Pentium 9
507.01HANDVG::STEVENWONGFri Sep 01 1995another SCSI disk on DECpc 433
508.03ANGLIN::GAINESFri Sep 01 199528.8 modem failure on non-pentium?
509.03MXOCTue Sep 05 1995where/how can I get my Venturis 486/@66Mhz MM fully operational again?
510.01KARHU::KILEYWed Sep 13 1995Prioris HX 5133 ???
511.03ABACUS::BUKOWSKISat Sep 23 1995Celebris GL??
512.01JBWed Sep 27 1995Looking for a Windows 3.1 driver for TZ87 in a StorageWorks
513.02POWDML::ROSENBERGThu Oct 05 1995Wait States???
514.04MLWS::LICHTFri Oct 27 1995prioris cpu/mem bw, 5V current ?
515.03GIDDAY::pcbu37.snl.dec.com::sladepeterTue Oct 31 19954GB hard disks in Celebris XL , GL ??
516.04ACISThu Nov 09 1995Bridging Anyone?
517.02--UnknownUser--Mon Nov 13 1995Notebooks and pagers....
518.01LUXTue Nov 14 1995Urg.PCXL466D2 Num-lock problems...
519.013STAR::jacobi.zko.dec.com::JACOBIFri Jan 05 1996Starion 15
520.01KICKER::N2ITIV::LEETue Jan 09 1996 Prioris & Video Card
521.0SWAM1::GEERS_LAThu Jan 11 1996Venturis configurations..
522.0SWAM1::GEERS_LAThu Jan 11 1996Celebris 515
523.0RTOIC::JSEISSLERWed Jan 17 19963
524.02ANNECY::AEO452::KENNEALY_RFri Jan 19 1996Autocad on Celebris GL ST 512
525.0ANNECY::FICHTERWed Jan 24 1996FR-PCXAG-AR Spec
527.01ASABET::pelkey.ogo.dec.com::pelkeyWed Mar 06 1996RZ29B Pinouts
528.01NWDTue Mar 19 1996Celebris Slim line PC fan #
529.01RDMCS3::STUARTThu Mar 21 1996scsi kit part number for celebris gl-st?
530.0RDMCS3::STUARTMon Mar 25 1996found it FR-PCCAZ-AA
531.01SHRCTR::PJOHNSONTue May 07 1996Expand Celebris XL 51
532.01TPOVC::MIKECHANGFri May 10 1996Only one CPU in Prioris HX 59
533.0UTROP1::ZWETMon May 13 1996ZLXp-L1 in Celebris XL 615
534.01WRKSYS::DLEBLANCMon Jun 10 1996Laptop power supplies/converters
535.02FSAEUR::ROEWed Jul 03 1996Venturis 51
536.0USCTR1:: Aug 22 1996
537.0JGODCL::BLOEMENDALWed Aug 28 1996looking for technical info on burst cache
538.01DABEAN::B_ROSEThu Sep 19 19963rd SCSI kills me
539.0NWDThu Sep 26 1996Reset SW on a *&%(!! Starion
540.0SUTRA::jahan.vbo.dec.com::JAHANThu Dec 12 1996The Digital PC TechnoCD - 2d edition
541.0+8NETRIX::"horn@kitche.zk3.dec.com"Mon Dec 23 1996DECpc XL BIOS Upgrades?
542.0 *+1SCASS1::DUNKERSONWed Feb 12 1997HX62
543.0 *SCOVAX::HUDAKWed Feb 19 1997PRIORIS XL 52
544.0 *+2NETRIX::"keith.given@oro.mts.dec.com"Wed Feb 26 1997Celebris Sound Driver for WNT 4.
545.0 *NETRIX::"keith.given@oro.mts.dec.com"Wed Feb 26 1997Prioris Server and RAID
546.0 *+1MQOOA::LEDOUXSat Mar 29 1997PBXWB-AA and PBXWT-BA specs anyone?
547.0 *+1NETRIX::"robin@mail.dec.com"Wed Apr 09 1997Venturis FX Power-up setup
548.0 *NNTPD::"luraschi@mail.dec.com"Wed Apr 16 1997Copy on floppy
549.0 *NNTPD::"luraschi@mail.dec.com"Thu Apr 17 1997Create Win95 kit
550.0 *+1PADC::KOLLINGThu Apr 17 1997cable extension? for PCXAL-FA