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Conference paxvax::mppnotes

Created:Mon Feb 10 1986
Last Modified:Thu Jun 01 1995
Last Successful Update:Fri Jun 06 1997
Number of topics:225
Total number of notes:752
Number with bodies:0
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1.05PAXVAX::SCHOTTWed Sep 19 1984Purpose of this file
2.0ZURFCC::MANDACHThu Mar 21 1985MP/P Notesfile on PRSTSC::SYS$N
3.01PYRITE::WEAVERTue Apr 02 1985Expressions in CONST
4.0PYRITE::WEAVERThu Apr 04 1985Other Language Support?
5.0PYRITE::WEAVERThu Apr 04 1985Request for MPPBUGS.NOT
6.016ZURFCC::MANDACHFri Jun 07 1985downloading mpp thru DECNET
7.01PRSTSC::MAILLARDMon Sep 02 1985MEM requirement for MPP-RT.
8.01PRSTSC::MAILLARDFri Sep 20 1985Kernel strct. for file access?
9.0PAXVAX::SYSTEMMon Sep 23 1985Restoration of MPPNOTES
10.0PAXVAX::NAYLORTue Oct 01 1985MICROPOWER$KIT logical
11.01PAXVAX::NAYLORWed Oct 02 1985Availability of Y
12.01USFHSL::HAFEZFri Oct 18 1985develope MPP on 86
13.0HTLANA::CZERNYThu Oct 24 1985Residency in Atlanta
14.01PRSTSC::VOUTERSTue Nov 12 1985DRV11-J and PROMmed FALCON+
15.01PRSTSC::VOUTERSTue Nov 12 1985MPP intended for sales ??
16.0PAXVAX::NAYLORFri Dec 06 1985Size of MP/P-VMS savesets
17.03ZURFCC::MANDACHTue Dec 10 1985V2.1/2.2 what's new in them ?
19.0PAXVAX::NAYLORWed Dec 11 1985MP/P-RT BIN RX5
20.03PAXVAX::NAYLORThu Dec 19 1985MP/P-RT internal compiler error
21.01DV78Fri Jan 03 1986Subsetting the OTS
22.02PRSTSC::VOUTERSMon Jan 13 1986compiler undocumented switches.
23.0PAXVAX::NAYLORFri Jan 24 1986Conversion to VAX Notes
24.01PAXVAX::NAYLORMon Jan 27 1986Availability of Y
26.05ZURWed Jan 29 1986Handler for IBV11-A (IEEE bus)
27.01ZURFCC::MANDACHThu Jan 30 1986KERMIT with MP/P
28.02ZURMon Feb 03 1986powerfail/restart with MPP V1.5
29.0PAXVAX::NAYLORTue Feb 11 1986MP/P Newsletter
30.01PAXVAX::OTOOLETue Feb 11 1986Converting from the XL to the TT driver
31.0PAXVAX::OTOOLETue Feb 11 1986Determining the bus address of a variable
32.0PAXVAX::NAYLORThu Feb 13 1986New procedure to check heap free space
33.03PAXVAX::OTOOLETue Feb 18 1986Terminal Driver ISR Buffering
34.0PYRITE::WEAVERWed Feb 19 1986KXT11 QD Driver DMA transfer limit
35.01TKTV2Wed Mar 26 1986OPEN & SQUEEZE problem in MPP/RT
36.0PAXVAX::OTOOLEMon Mar 31 1986Multiple TT drivers in an application
37.02OSAVTue Apr 01 1986RQDX2 and DZQ11 support ?
38.07EIGER::AMBUEHLERWed Apr 02 1986MPP article in SID/DSIN database
39.01EIGER::AMBUEHLERWed Apr 02 1986MicroPower/Pascal and X25
40.03EIGER::AMBUEHLERThu Apr 03 1986MPP-applications on a professional ?
41.05EIGER::AMBUEHLERTue Apr 08 1986V2.
42.01EIGER::AMBUEHLERFri Apr 18 1986MicroPower/Pascal on microVAX ?
43.0LISVAX::RAMOSTue Apr 22 1986X.25 on MPP/RT
45.02VIRGIN::AMBUEHLERFri Apr 25 1986automatic building of ROM/RAM/ROM application
46.0EIGER::AMBUEHLERMon Apr 28 1986PROMed application on FALCON PLUS with MAP 1
47.0ECCGY4::MAEHNERWed Apr 30 1986minimized TT_ACP for unmapped applications...
48.01ZURFCC::MANDACHWed May 07 1986KXT11C with RSX11S
49.0HTLANA::COOKThu May 08 1986Restart - the Final Word
50.02MUNICH::RETOMon May 12 1986BITBUS supported from MPP ?
51.03LISVAX::FRANCOTue May 13 1986Problems with V2.
53.01EIGER::AMBUEHLERTue May 20 1986ACCVIO from MPP compiler under VMS
54.06OSAVThu May 22 1986VAXBI processor support ?
55.05BELKER::KULLTue May 27 1986MPP RT-11 Logical to Physical block #'s
56.02PAXVAX::NAYLORFri May 30 1986comments please
57.03PAXVAX::NAYLORMon Jun 02 1986Availability of Y
58.0EIGER::AMBUEHLERTue Jun 24 1986DECprom: transfer-format / checksum
59.03EIGER::AMBUEHLERWed Jul 09 1986split into several compilation units
60.01ASHLND::SZEMPLINSKIMon Jul 21 1986Support for uVMS??
61.04CSSGY2::DORNIEDENWed Jul 23 1986MPP / DECprom problem
62.03LISVAX::FRANCOFri Jul 25 1986ERROR in MAP_WINDOW & access to a PACKED ARRAY
63.01ZURFCC::MANDACHWed Aug 06 1986where did the exception occur ?
64.02CGOOWed Aug 13 1986Decnet and MPP on RSX or RT
65.01PYRITE::WEAVERThu Aug 21 1986Help text say V2.
66.0JUNIPR::DMCLUREFri Aug 22 1986Announcing: Battle of the Languages
68.03MLNCSC::BELLENCHIAThu Aug 28 1986RLC-Text located in 'blank' program section
69.03MMOSun Aug 31 1986Storing and downline loading MPP from MVII.
70.03MLNFri Sep 05 1986MPP 1.5A on VMS 4.4
71.02EIGER::AMBUEHLERMon Sep 15 1986have you heard about DECserver 2
72.01EIGER::AMBUEHLERWed Sep 17 1986booting over ETHERNET
73.01EIGER::AMBUEHLERWed Sep 17 1986BREAK and FALCON PLUS (part 1 & 2)
74.0EIGER::AMBUEHLERFri Sep 19 1986PASDBG bug with I/DSPACE separation
75.01MINDER::ROXBURGHFri Sep 19 1986Low level Decnet access
76.02ZURFCC::MANDACHFri Sep 26 1986RESTART from within an application
77.01ZURFCC::MANDACHFri Sep 26 1986booting multiple mim-files
78.0TSCFri Sep 26 1986DRQ11-C driver available.
79.01SEDSWS::CURTISThu Oct 16 1986TK5
80.0ZURFCC::MANDACHMon Oct 20 1986DRV-11WA instead of DRV-11B
81.03MMOMon Oct 20 1986Misc. MPP questions
82.06DRFIX::PARISEAUWed Oct 22 1986Undef. globals: $SETDT $GETDT
83.01DRFIX::PARISEAUTue Oct 28 1986QNA drv source file
84.03STKTSC::GOLSSONFri Oct 31 1986MPP DECnet questions.
85.02EIGER::AMBUEHLERThu Nov 06 1986PASDBG and pointer-variables
86.06PRCSWS::ALEXCHUThu Nov 27 1986Is MP/P concurrent?
87.04TSCFri Nov 28 1986MPP V2.x performance evaluation ?
88.04PAXVAX::NAYLORMon Dec 01 1986MP/P-RT on-line kit
89.02NY1MM::MONASCHWed Dec 03 1986M/P RSX file structure
90.01EIGER::AMBUEHLERTue Dec 09 1986EXP failes when mantiassa of result is zero
91.0ZURFCC::MANDACHWed Dec 10 1986mxv11 select boot procedure
92.03PAXVAX::NAYLORMon Dec 15 1986MP/P-uRSX on-line kit
94.02PAXVAX::NAYLORWed Jan 21 1987MP/P Wishlist
95.01PAXVAX::NAYLORMon Jan 26 1987New MP/P-RT V2.3 compiler
96.05LISVAX::FRANCOTue Jan 27 1987problem with debugger
97.01PAXVAX::NAYLORMon Feb 02 1987T-shirts
98.03COLTue Feb 03 1987MicroVAX MPP Availability
99.03ZURFCC::MANDACHWed Feb 04 1987Working around the MicroVax Problem
100.01TENNIS::KAMFri Feb 13 198711/53 System Support ?
101.03DV78Fri Feb 13 1987Mpp internal structure questions
102.02PAXVAX::NAYLORThu Feb 26 1987Happy Birthday !
103.03PRCSWS::ALEXCHUThu Feb 26 1987Some question on MP/P on CMR21.
104.03GUEMUS::SHELTONPAThu Feb 26 198782
105.03ZUDEMO::MANDACHFri Feb 27 1987MP/P-uRSX V2.3 Compiler performance
107.01ZUDEMO::MANDACHFri Mar 06 1987problems with file-variable contention
108.09MUNCSS::DORNIEDENMon Mar 09 1987MPP application - is this realistic?
109.02NEWVAX::DOERINGTue Mar 17 1987MPP solution not for this ??
110.03OSAVWed Mar 18 1987MSV11-Q support
111.04JON::METZGERTue Mar 24 1987Bits Fields in MP/Pascal ???
112.06JON::METZGERWed Mar 25 1987pointer references (another c to pascal conversion problem)
113.03JON::METZGERFri Mar 27 1987variant record fields w/ POS()
114.06PAXVAX::NAYLORThu Apr 02 1987MP/P supported hardware list
115.03RQDX::WIGGINSFri Apr 03 1987Accessing PCB fields ???
116.01RQDX::WIGGINSFri Apr 03 1987DU Device driver sources ???
117.05PAXVAX::NAYLORThu Apr 09 1987Availability of Y
118.03ZURFCC::MANDACHTue May 12 1987booting MPP V1.5 from RQDX3s
119.02ZURFCC::MANDACHTue May 12 1987MPP on MicroVAXen...
120.02ZURA1::MANDACHFri May 29 1987user mode shared library - anyone ?
121.01MET73Mon Jun 01 1987Buy source code for KUI?
122.0EVE::NEDVINSTue Jun 09 1987PDP-11's - The Commitment Continues
123.06MUNCSS::MIKETTATue Jun 23 1987problem with WAIT_ANY?
124.04GOFFY::MANDACHFri Jul 10 1987Ed course for advanced users
125.02PAXVAX::NAYLORWed Jul 22 1987MP/P-RT V2.4 on-line kit
126.0PAXVAX::STLAURENTThu Jul 23 1987MP/P-RSX V2.4 on-line kit
127.09HELIX::COTHRANThu Aug 13 1987MicroPower/Pascal Phase
129.0PAXVAX::NAYLORMon Aug 17 1987Copying MP/P kits
130.03EIGER::AMBUEHLERMon Aug 17 1987MPP and MS/DOS floppies
131.06MUNCSS::MIKETTAFri Aug 21 1987KXT11 load problem
132.01EIGER::AMBUEHLERThu Aug 27 19873 questions about KXJ11-CA
133.03BASHER::BRADLEYFri Aug 28 1987DECNET low level file system access queries
134.0PAXVAX::KRUEGERThu Sep 03 1987V2.4 Micropower/Pascal for micro/RSX
135.01GUEMUS::SHELTONPAThu Sep 24 1987PROMs The Hard Way
136.02RDGCSS::BALLANTINEFri Sep 25 1987KXT11_A5 Obsolete ?
137.07TDCIS2::VOUTERSMon Nov 16 1987MPP V2.3 on 11/73 with RQDX3;any experience ?
138.0PAXVAX::KRUEGERMon Nov 30 1987Pasdbg V2.4a
139.02OSAVTue Dec 01 1987Support MicroPDP-11/53 as Host system ?
140.08RDGCSS::BALLANTINEFri Dec 04 1987Installation failure MPP-VAX V2.4
141.04ECAVAX::VALASEKTue Dec 22 1987Changing Hosts, Any issues ?
142.0HELIX::COTHRANWed Jan 06 1988Phase I for MP/P V2.5
143.02PAXVAX::WIDYONOWed Jan 06 1988Any opinions?
144.01OSLTue Jan 19 1988Support for MV3
145.01GVASA::LUGRINThu Jan 28 1988MPP 2.4 on uVAX
146.04GUIDUK::SOMERMon Feb 22 1988T11 Emulators ?
147.05MUNCSS::MIKETTAThu Mar 17 1988MPP 2.4 KXJ,KXT config file bug
148.04MUNCSS::MIKETTAThu Mar 17 1988Bus timeout with TPR on KXJ
149.02PRCSWS::PETERWANThu Mar 24 1988MPP supports MV2
150.02SKYWAY::MANDACHMon Mar 28 1988DEBUGGING over LAT lines ?
151.08IND::MONASCHWed Apr 06 1988DEBUG / NODEBUG Problem
152.01OSAVFri Apr 08 1988MPP-RT V2.4 Compiler don't generate object ?
153.0PAXVAX::WIDYONOFri Apr 08 1988MicroPower V2.4 on VMS V5.
154.03REGENT::DAILEYFri Apr 22 1988Workaround for checksums?
155.02EIGER::AMBUEHLERWed May 04 1988PASDBG does not like the VMS security patch
156.01PAXVAX::WILLCOXTue May 17 1988MP/P Y
157.03PAXVAX::STLAURENTWed May 18 1988Y2.5 MP/P-RSX Available
158.02PAXVAX::WIDYONOMon May 23 1988What is the equivalent of $FREEL?
159.04TSCMon Jun 13 198811/73 and RQDX3 (again)
160.01BRSDVP::ALLEMEERSCHFri Jul 01 1988CMR21 "Failure ? in EITHOR, status is 241" ???
162.01SWSCIM::KAIRYSTue Jul 19 1988Learning about and using the PPK...
163.01PRCSWS::ALEXCHUSat Jul 23 1988CMR21 port 1,2 driver in future?
164.01HTLANA::BODAFri Aug 05 1988JOB OPENING
165.03KERNEL::PROCTERWed Aug 10 1988VSV21 driver for MP/P?
166.01EIGER::AMBUEHLERTue Aug 16 1988LSE support for MPP ?
167.01TSCWed Aug 17 1988FPP or FPA ??
168.01TSCMon Aug 22 1988Use of WINDOWS.
169.02TSCWed Aug 24 1988Maximum number of procedures.
170.04TSCFri Aug 26 1988Changes with MPP-V2.4?
171.01LEDDEV::METZGERThu Sep 08 1988COPBOT problems
172.0THRUST::WILLCOXWed Sep 21 1988No Known Problems
173.03LUTECE::COSTEUXFri Sep 23 1988RAM base address
174.02TSCMon Sep 26 1988Readable time and date.
175.03TSCTue Oct 04 1988DECprom under RSX ??
177.01POTARU::NTAYLORThu Oct 06 1988ACP & NSP req/reply I/F needed
178.05LUTECE::COSTEUXThu Oct 13 1988RAM as a Virtual Memory Disk ??
179.02TRCUWed Nov 09 1988V1.5 SOURCE Needed
180.04TSCThu Nov 10 1988MIBCOM area information wanted.
181.0GUIDUK::SOMERFri Dec 02 1988KXJ11 and 5
182.01SUBURB::BODDINGTONATue Jan 03 1989Which Phase of DECnet MPP-RT
183.06NAAD::DEANWed Jan 18 1989KXJ Driver Questions
184.01MALLET::BATESMon Mar 06 1989Vaxstation 32
185.04TSCWed Mar 15 1989Use of HIROM=YES ?
186.02LUTECE::COSTEUXTue Mar 21 1989Functions supported by the VM driver ?
187.0THRUST::WILLCOXFri May 05 1989MicroPower/Pascal Support
188.01KERNEL::PROCTERTue May 09 1989FILESIZE with FAL?
189.01OSAVTue Jun 13 1989RQDX3/RX33 Format ?
190.03STKHLM::AFORSBERGWed Aug 02 1989Any problems with the IVP in MP/P-VMS V2.5?
191.03MUNCSS::ZIEBARTHTue Aug 08 1989Problems installing MCRPWR V2.5 on VMS V5.2 SSB
192.0OTOUWed Aug 09 1989Performance questions
193.05MISFIT::EPSTEINJMon Sep 18 1989MPP Consulting Resource?
194.01MLNCSC::BELLENCHIAThu Oct 19 1989Use of Pointer in PASDBG and MACRO.
195.05MLNCSC::BELLENCHIAMon Nov 06 1989ISR mapping.
196.08MLNCSC::BELLENCHIATue Nov 14 1989MPP upgrading from 2.4 to 2.5 problem.
197.03LUTECE::COSTEUXFri Nov 17 1989MPP-V2.5 distribution ?
198.0MUDIS3::STEINMon Nov 20 1989"FOR x TO 65535" is infinite
199.03MLNThu Nov 30 1989MPP and 2 ETHERNET controllers ?
200.02LUTECE::COSTEUXFri Dec 01 1989MPP-V2.4 and RT11-V5.4D ??
201.01UTOPIE::ROBERTFri Jan 05 1990Is MPP sending MOP SYSID messages over the Ethernet LAN?
202.01SWTHOM::COSTEUXMon Feb 19 1990MPP-V2.5 Decnet vs. Decnet/VMS-V4.7
203.012SWTHOM::COSTEUXTue Feb 20 1990VMS supported commands by MPP-V2.5
204.06HTLANA::PEACOCKWed Feb 28 1990CFRKJM.MAC???
205.04GIDDAY::BRODRIBBTue Mar 13 1990NOSUCHOBJ error connecting to passive task
206.03COMICS::CROSBIEThu Mar 15 1990Installation problem with 9 KXTs
207.01MLNCSC::PORROTue May 29 1990Maintenance release for MPP V2.5 ?
208.03SWTHOM::COSTEUXThu Jun 14 1990Why "?corrupt exception stack" ??
209.01MLNCSC::PESSINAThu Jul 26 1990VMS4.7-->VMS5.3 application on Ethernet
210.01COMICS::HWILLIAMSWed Aug 29 1990DECnet multiple links????
211.0LUTECE::COSTEUXMon Sep 10 1990Spanning blocks problem.
212.04SOS6::VOUTERSThu Sep 13 1990Can someone give directory of floppies 9 and 1
213.02SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Oct 03 1990RX5
214.06ZYDECO::PEACOCKThu Oct 04 1990Bye Bye MPP
215.0KAOFS::S_BROOKTue Oct 30 1990MPP Cannot Retire ... the /93 Wants It!
216.01EICMFG::HARTMANNMon Jun 15 1992MPP under VMS 5.5
217.02MEO78B::MANDERSONTue Jul 07 1992Query on porting mpp to epascal/eln?
218.02CHEFS::WARWICKBThu Aug 20 1992SCSI ( RQZxx ) driver for MPP???
219.03ROTHKO::PROCTERTue Dec 08 1992MPP/RSX V2.5 kit on HELIX
220.01MLNFri Apr 09 1993Sources mpp v2.5/vms wanted
221.04SARRAZ::BLANCHUTWed Jul 07 1993exception code 44
222.06SUOSWS::GRAMMERMon Oct 11 1993write bootblock to RX33 under RT11?
223.0SWTHOM::VOUTERSThu Oct 14 1993DRQ11-C driver available in STARS/DSIN
224.0SWTHOM::COSTEUXWed Nov 10 1993Procedure to use.
225.0VNABRW::POPP_RThu Jun 01 1995Reference Manual, where ?